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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Jun 4, 2017.

  1. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Sabe Amidala of Naboo
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Sabe mentally rolled her eyes as the Duchess pretended detachment. With her machinations and gloat, quite plainly on view, yet, the Atreides tried unsuccessfully to secrete them from others’ notice, while gracelessly essaying currying favor with the walking ‘skeleton’ that was Grand Moff Tarkin-sadistic self-aggrandizer!

    What a relief, the Colonel’s decision to quit this ghouls’ charade! She could swear she smelled carrion in the presence of the Union contingent and the poor besotted Captain! When the gong rang, even he seemed eager to absent himself from the Union company!

    Sabe nodded to the Colonel and as they glided away, she sang a little ditty, “All houses built on shifting sand, obsessing fast and greedy bands. Gain with all daggers’ errant plans, the day of reckoning, swift at hand!...hum, hum,hum...” and smiled, raising her brows at Yularen.

    TAG: Yularen @Corellian_Outrider
  2. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OCC: Thank you TA, for working with me on this joint post. Much obliged!

    IC: Grand Moff Tarkin,Duchess Jori Atreides Corrino, Imperial Ursean Capt. Viggo Magnusson, Count Leijonhufvud och Magnusson af Gripsholm
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Arhinda raised her brows somewhat and wondered what the Grand Moff made of the exchange between the Queen of Naboo and the Duchess.

    Wearing an enigmatic expression,Tarkin nodded toward the Duchess, a gesture seeming so ordinary, but one which Arhinda took in subtly. Without movement, she glanced first to Tarkin, then to the Duchess.

    "Oh, my dear Duchess,” said Tarkin, I'm terribly interested in what you have to say on a number of things." He raised his glass to the Union leader and finished his bubbly and left his emptied glass on the tray of a passing droid.

    Jori tilted her head slightly studying him "I hope that I can reply."

    "I'm certain you can, and I know-you will," he said with a slow smile, his steely gaze holding hers.

    Jori was not sure how to take this, but her smile did not waver. "With what can I be of service?"

    "A great deal many doubt," he enunciated gravely. "We'll be in touch. -Well, that's our signal, young Captain. I'll see you at the foot of the dais. - Duchess, Admiral, ...Princess..." he said, lingering on Dennii for a moment. Tarkin inclined his head, but little, clicked his heels crisply, and led Governor Pryce off, the crowd milling to find their tables, parting and then closing behind the Grand Moff.

    Oh yes, that man was a real political animal. That made him extra dangerous, but also meant that some sort of a deal could be reached. She needed to find something that he wanted and something that she could offer him. It was not a pleasant experience per se, but a necessary one. It surely was better than having to deal with the Queen. Though, her narrow-mindedness made things more predictable. One step back, a couple left, one forward, then back again... the road to achieving your goals was rarely straight.

    Viggo felt a chill go up his spine and he furrowed his brow as he watched the Governor and Moff disappear into the crowd. Turning to the beautiful Duchess he bowed politely remaining somewhat lowered to speak to the petite woman. "I beg pardon, Your Grace, but I am called and must humbly ask your leave. I hope we shall meet again and that you are happy, safe, and content till then.” He offered his hand, as he bowed to brush a kiss above the delicate skin that lay as silk upon the back of her hand.

    Jori almost flinched from the touch. Back in the Union, that would have been considered a grave offense, to take the hand of the head of the ruling House without asking for permission first was unthinkable. She hoped that she did not show her discomfort as he caught her off-guard. "Thank you, I am sure that we will meet again." she smiled.

    Viggo felt the sudden tension emanate from the Duchesse. He needn't have been in contact to sense her retraction. He stood and gave a more formal bow, having let go of her hand. "My apologies, Your Grace," he said sincerely, though, this time, he too retracted and formally withdrew. Though he gave her a slight, but genuine smile before, curtly bowing and saluting both the Princess and then, the Lord Admiral. Drawing up to his full height, the Captained count, too, made his way through the dissipating crowd. He had much to mull over, but all that would have to wait, for now.

    TAG: Jori, Dennii, Lord Admiral @TheAdmiral, Tarkin, and Gov. Pryce @pashatemur
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  3. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Riyo Chuchi
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    “You are right about avoiding the lower levels...” Riyo smiled to Ms Varik. "And I agree that food certainly helps one get through a long gruelling day at the office." She glanced to Ahsoka, who might jump at the chance to speak about food though the two Togruta were in their own discussion with Jayden. “I am glad to hear you are settling well.”

    TAG: Ms. Varik
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Rahara now sought to allay a bit of curiosity. It wasn't necessarily from a professional motivation, but it never hurt to know as much about the ones who crossed your path.

    "How do you and Ms. Tano & Queen Zaa come to be acquainted? I have the impression your acquaintance goes beyond the strictly political."

    Tag for @ Riyo Chuchi
  5. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~Special thanks to @Adalia-Durron and @pashatemur for this joint post.

    ~IC~ Lux Bonteri - Senator of Onderon + Kristine - Queen of Bakura and Anakin Skywalker - Emperor of the Galactic Empire
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Grand Senate Atrium

    Kirstine surveyed the man, not to her taste but the night was young. "That would be divine thank you." She forced a smile.

    Lux inclined his head respectfully and then lead her to the tables. They were starting to fill up quickly and moved to one of the emptier ones.

    "Would this one do?" He asked, at the ready to pull out a chair for her, or to take her to another.

    Kirstine had seen her wayward husband as they'd passed and was more than pleased to be away from him and miffed he'd managed to secure the attention of the Togruta. He'd pay for that later. "This is fine thank you." She stepped forward awaiting the chair to be pulled.

    Lux pulled back the chair for her to take her place and gently seated her at the table

    Studying the table she was not overly impressed with what was considered finery at this event. She'd been raised with things held at a much higher standard and those around her should be grateful she was so accepting of this lower standard. She watched silently as her escort took his seat.

    Lux gave a faint smile. He opened his mouth to say something though thought better of what he was going to say. He quickly glanced about, recognising some of the guests taking their seats at a table nearby... a Falleen fashion designer, several holostars...
    He turned back to Kirstine. "Do you have any retainers or aides with you, tonight?"

    Turning she looked at the man. "I do not require them here. they await me outside." She glanced behind her. "I am not in need of aides. Do you have them?"

    "No, I..." his cheeks warmed a fraction. "I forgo having my aide accompany me tonight. I was noticing that some have chosen to have them with them and some have chose not to."

    "I find them constricting most the time, I know my place and do not need some fool telling me what I should do or should not do." In Kirstine's mind she was beneath her place, but tolerating it.

    Lux arched his brow. “Speaking of places, I am curious as to how things are on Bakura...”

    Kirstine snorted softly. "They're there, and despite the new leadership they are still behaving.....shall we say badly?"

    He gave a quizzical look as he searched her eyes. “Did your people suffer under the influence of the Confederacy?”

    "Somewhat, yes. As has my leadership. I do hope I will regain my power now." she said in a haughty tone. She was Royalty and therefore expected to lead her people her way.

    “With the war over and Confederacy finally defeated, I’m sure it won’t be too long before the clean up process happens.” Lux smiled. “I’m sure your loyal subjects would be pleased with that.”

    Kirstine smiled, a fake smile she'd mastered many years ago. "Loyal, of course." She gave a nod. Right now she was not popular on Bakura, her wayward and rogue like husband had claimed that title. No matter where he went or what he did, he was admired. "I hope that time is soon, Bakura has been robbed of so much."

    “I am sorry to hear that. What was Bakura like before the war?”

    She gave him an almost carnivorous smile. "Free and all mine."

    “I see...” he said gently. “How were the relations with the Galactic Republic?”

    She waved her hand dismissively. "I had little to do with that. I have Ministers for that and that man I am married to generally handles anything else. I have little or no time for the complications of government and policies." She sighed, "My home is a beautiful place. My Palace is outside the main city, Salis D'aar, with the nearby mountains over shadowing it, those are the things I prefer to think about." *And other things* she mused.

    "Senator Bonteri?"

    Lux turned his gaze away from the Queen of Bakura to the voice that called his name.

    The thinning crowd parted before the approach of a tall Ursean officer who turned momentarily to wave back two scarlet clothed Imperial guards. Returning a deep blue gaze to the Senator and the lady, he furthered to Bonteri, after a slight bow, "I thought it was you! You look a bit less scruffy than last I saw you," he said, while acknowledging the lady with a slight smile.

    “Ah, Thank-thank you...” Lux glanced to Kirstine then back. He rose up from his chair. “It’s amazing what one can do with time and practice...” Lux said as he inclined his head, he noted the Ursean uniform the other was wearing. “May I introduce Her Majesty, Kirstine of Bakura...”

    To this point Kirstine had been disinterested and was looking across with venom in her eyes at her husband. She heard her name and turned back, another male. “Charmed I’m sure.” She said evenly.

    Lux's introduction elicited another half-bow from the tall man. "Madam Majesty." In a softly modulated and darkly smooth voice the man queried, "Charmed? One can hope."

    Kirstine raised her perfectly shaped eyebrow. "You can continue to hope, good Sir."

    "Good? I'm rising in measure by the second it would seem! How 'good' of you to tear yourself away from distant Bakura to Coruscant on such short notice," he said, with a slight study of the Queen. "I'm certain it was an imposition tolerated for purposes we shall soon know?"

    The man glanced to Senator Bonteri quizzically and then back to the Bakuran Queen.

    Kirstine was bored already. "I do enjoy a good party, so many new people to meet. "She glanced around. “T'was no imposition."

    "And I am certain, Madam, that it was so, and that you are bearing up. We'd like to hear more. However, tonight you should glean whatever enjoyments you are capable and you may make known to me your impositions tomorrow. I insist. It would be a shame to return to Bakura burdened with complaints and crocodile tears!"

    Kirstine gave a single nod, she had every intention of the first part, the second she had none at all. "Thank you."

    He turned to Lux and smiled. "I do need to speak with you as early as you can arrange it. Do so in the morning. In the meantime, you know Ahsoka is here? She's seated at Senator Organa's table." He suggested, motioning in Ahsoka's direction with his chin.

    Lux pursed his lips to hold his tongue as he curiously watching the exchange between the two Royalty. He was surprised when the focus came back to him. “I am at your service. I’m sure I can arrange for the morning.” He answered dutifully. “I had some inkling but I haven’t a moment to be reacquainted with Ahsoka.” He glanced over to Senator Organa’s table. It took a moment to see her sitting between Senator Chuchi and the Queen of Shili, appearing to be in discussion with Kirstine’s husband. His gaze lingered on them a little longer.

    The man stuck a thumb in the top edge of a low slung belt, the dark grey of his long coat swept under his arm, barely revealing a metallic cylinder on one hip. He looked knowingly at Lux briefly and then stood to his full height before saying, "Good! You'll excuse me, then. I have some duties to which I must attend." The man inclined his head to both,"Your Majesty, Queen Kirstine, Senator-Lux, I look forward to tomorrow."

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano - Commissar, Riyo Chuchi - Senator of Pantora + Jayden - Prince of Bakura
    Location: A few tables over

    "Yes, I am a pilot, learned to fly when I was a teenager." He smiled warmly, "That is where I feel at home, I tend to travel a bit as my loving wife has a bad habit of leaving me behind." He winked, "I'm not a fighter pilot, my station now doesn't allow that sadly, but I was pretty good back in my time at target work. What about you? Why don't you fly now?"

    Ahsoka brow arched a fraction at Jayden’s remark about his ‘loving wife’, “I have flown in combat situations against the Confederacy... with the Aethersprite Delta 7B and a brief time with the Actis ETA-2 Interceptor.” She gave a tight smile. “I had to step away from my position and follow a different path... which did not allow much access to crafts to pilot, just the occasional transport or freighter... given circumstances.”

    "That's .....disappointing. Do you miss it?"

    “I do. There is something relaxing about piloting... when you aren’t in a combat situation.” Ahsoka added with a smirk. “That kept popping when you least expect it.”

    "That's very true. It's freedom, for me at least. Just me and craft." he said ruefully.

    “That is something to look forward to.” Ahsoka murmured softly, “do you get much free reign?”

    "Someone." he whispered back. "Stolen moments, so no." He looked around attempting to smile. He did not want anyone to hear what he'd just confessed.

    Ahsoka pursed her lips and nodded in understanding. Her eyes shifted to Zaa and back to Jayden. “Anyone we...” she thought better of asking if it was someone she knew and shook her head. “Hopefully there be years of happiness to come.”

    He gave his head a brief shake. "No, and I doubt that, thank you." his tone was soft and almost defeatist.

    “What I’ve learnt during the last several years... against all odds,” Ahsoka said gently. “There is always hope.”

    She tilted her head a fraction as she heard Ms. Varik’s question to Riyo about how they knew each other. Ahsoka gave a curious glance to Riyo as the Pantoran spoke.

    “I’ve only met the Queen this evening.” Riyo answered. “As for Ahsoka, we’ve known each other since the early years of the war... we met through a mutual friend and got along well straight away. Very... irrepressible.”

    Ahsoka smiled, her blue eyes shifted to Varik and caught Bail and Ms Weiss-Hexe looking back at her, giving an enigmatic smile. Ahsoka smiled back though curious as to what the hidden meaning meant.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @pashatemur, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    *~Rahara Varik, at the Organa Table*~

    Rahara smiled in amused acknowledgement of the Pantorin Senator's reply.

    She mused aloud: "With the new Emperor, I have a feeling there will be momentous changes ahead, welcome ones I am sure to the worlds of Alderaan and Bakura, well known for pursuing peace. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the coming weeks and months."

    Tag for @pashatemur \ @Adalia-Durron \ @Corellian_Outrider
  7. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC - Crown Prince Jayden of Bakura

    Jayden heard the woman speak and turned to face her. "One can only hope. It's not been the best situation for sometime now."
  8. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    ~IC~ Bail Organa,Regina Weiss-Hexa Mon Mothma
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Bail gave a tight quick smile and nodded his head politely. He blinked as Mon Mothma/Ms. Weiss-Hexe seemed to move nearly imperceptibly at Organa's side before she spoke to Ms. Varik’s comment.

    "Yes, there are sure to be... many changes. The question will be how fluidly they are implemented and, of course, what they portend!" said Regina/Mon. "The galaxy holds so many with competing and closely held agendas and there will be resistance to change. It's how the new monarchy responds to that resistance that will be telling. It's sure to be a true test to stability and this new regime’s acumen-a test to all, really."

    Bail, who had been tapping a “hole” through the table, raised his eyes and flattened both hands on the surface beneath them. "I've no doubt that some will be enthusiastic about changes, but to what end?" He looked expectantly across the table to the young and interesting young woman. However, past Ms. Varik, the Senator glimpsed a coordinated assembling of military officers on and about the dais. There seemed to be ordered movement and it was clear that they were preparing for some ceremonial event.

    Repeating his last words quietly, the Prince-Senator returned focus to the table guests, lifted his chin and regarded Ms. Varik, with a knowing smile.

    "I'd imagine some very momentous changes are to come given Lady Tano's return to Coruscant,” he said as he turned his eyes to the newly named Commissar.

    “So, Ahsoka, it's been...what, 7...8 years?" he continued, turning his gaze to meet that of the blue-eyed Togruta, "...we were surprised to see you the new Emperor's side today. In fact, surprised to see you at all! I’d been given to believe, by a reliable source, that you had engaged the Si... a criminal on Mandalore, and would be returning him to Coruscant. It was easy to assume you'd perished in the effort. It was a chaotic day, that day." Bail’s face had been quiet, his expression neutral with the exception of his signature quick smile. Yet, now, just for a second, there was a glassy look in his eye, and his forehead seemed disturbed by a passing storm.

    Ms. Weiss-Hexe’s face seemed to tighten the least bit and she glanced to Organa. Even the little Princess looked at her father, baffled and taken aback.

    TAG: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @Corellian_Outrider, @Adalia-Durron
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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Rahara Varik
    (Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium)

    Rahara took in the astute comments and undertones in reaction to her observation and filed them away for future consideration as events played out in the coming days - as to allegiances and affiliations.

    It appeared that some ceremony was abot to begin as military types were gathering on the dais. She only hoped they would not prove to be long-winded.
  10. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Imperial Deck Commander Bond of the ISD, Hidden Dagger, and Imperial Commander Burro attached to Imperial Nebulon 2b, Zandra
    Location: aboard the foundering ISD, Hidden Dagger at an Imperial weigh point - a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    Neither Burro nor Bond took their eyes off this giant of a man. Burro lifted his chin and nodded slowly with a slight sigh. “Sergeant, tell your men to remove their helmets.” The stormtrooper standing at the ready to Burro’s right shifted his balance slightly, his armor clattering slightly in protest, though he didn’t wait for the order to be repeated, slowly removed his own helmet, and turned slightly to signal to the rest of the troopers to do the same. His scowl was mirrored on some of the older troopers, those who, like the Sergeant, were graying and who bore a strong resemblance to him. A couple shifted slightly and kept their eyes trained on the rebel leader. They exchanged a knowing glance and seemed keenly interested in the General, but after the initial exchange, their faces resumed a stoic and neutral posture.

    Burro turned to the Hidden Dagger’s main hangar bay deck commander, “Let’s assume regulation protocols and clear those not needed for essential duty.”

    Bond blew out a collected breath before responding quickly, “ And if the bridge reestablishes their “all ship’s” comm connection?”

    “Captain Malcovich is the Commanding Officer of the Convoy and is conducting this rescue. Without command of the ship’s systems, Captain Wilform and the bridge might as well be parsecs away. I’ll answer to the Captain if and when connection is established, but let’s not keep the General...” Suddenly, the deck vibrated with a rhythmic wobble and the ship groaned and listed further to port, tipping the hangar entrance outward by a meter, everyone scrambling to keep their footing. Burro continued, as he steadied himself, “and all waiting.”

    Bond saluted and gave a quick nod to Torian, stepped away and started issuing orders, fielding questions, and silencing others, the hangar stirring quickly as groups started forming out of the mayhem and disorder.

    “General, mind if we tie some luggage to the hood?” Said Burro, gesturing to the two alien corpses.

    Behind Burro, members of the original rescue teams began leading groups towards the rebel vessel. The ragged lines of Imperials looked dubiously to their rebel “rescuers” loading the shuttle, Renegade1. Around the hangar, troopers were assembling various groups, hitching their helmets to their belts. But for the acoustics of the large hangar and the number of people moving, it was unusually quiet, everyone listening to the low groaning and odd rhythmic beat of the ship’s engines.

    TAG: ARR General Torian Darkeyes @Ominous
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  11. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Duchess Jori Atreides-Corrion, Princess Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker-Atreides, Lord Admiral James Xavier
    Location: Senate Atrium, Coruscant

    The trio were left alone at last, discounting the thousands of guests around them, but nevertheless no one was bothering them. Dennii was still fidgety and angry. The whole situation was keeping her anxious. Yes, there was an element of amusement from the exchange but that did not last long. She headed towards the table and sat behind it with a sigh. There was another bout of anger and desperation, but this time she managed to bottle it up.

    Jori sat opposite her and uncle James on the right. Her sister smiled at her warmly and the Lord Admiral was unusually distracted. Probably had other things on his mind than to pay any attention them. Besides she knew how much he hated being surrounded by politicians and by potential enemies.

    The duchess tilted her head slightly “I think we should talk… in private.” Dennii knew what she meant, it was the so called “mental castle.” That was an ancient skill almost lost to the Galaxy. Loraine, the founder of the Bene Gesserits, had discovered the ancient manuscripts and the Sisterhood had preserved them, even expanded them with their research. Jori had them copied and given to Dennii when they were teenagers. She did not tell her Master as she knew that it was an extremely risky thing to try. It involved projecting one’s mind in the mind of another. It sounded innocent enough, but the danger was that it could lead to the swift and painless death of the practitioner.

    Dennii had to study Jori’s mental pathways to navigate her mind before they could even try to communicate. Originally it was meant to find the source of her seizures and to try to cure them as there was no physical reason that she should have them, so it must be a trigger in her mind. The former Padawan had found the rot in her soul, but it was too much for her to untangle right away. The tendrils were too deep and if she tried to sever them it would cause massive brain damage to Jori. So she started gradually healing her, but then the Clone Wars and the subsequent tragedies stopped the process.

    She was not sure how much of the progress had been lost, but that was something for another time. Jori wanted to speak with her in private. Drakoniss sent a warning, but she ignored him. Dennii closed her eyes for a second and focused on Jori’s mind. A lot of people thought that the Jedi could easily read the minds of others, but that was a misconception. Yes, it was possible, but it involved a certain amount of torture and coercion, that went against the Jedi teachings. Of course they can pick up on certain things and can potentially dig deeper without hurting the other, but still.

    This skill though was somewhat different. The problem was that it would not work on anyone, but Jori. Not because she was special, just Dennii had spent a lot of time learning how to navigate her mind. Even then the risks were high as there were so many unexplored areas. That meant that Jori had to actively participate and focus when they were talking. For the healing Dennii had embedded a trigger word that only she could utilize to immediately stop the seizures and put her to sleep. She then used what the Bene Gesserits tried to use on her and could enter her mind and dreams, that too was very dangerous, even more so given that Jori could not control her mind then.

    Dennii looked for a doorway to Jori’s mind. There it was. She projected her image of her opening it. It felt familiar yet was different. That put her a bit on edge, being alert was the only way to minimize the risk of being destroyed by the mind of the partner. Dennii could sense that the rot had spread more, which did not surprise her, but that was a matter for another day. The “mental castle” was a representation of Castle Kaladan, they had agreed on it as it was a place they both knew very well.

    The Princess could sense where Jori was. She was in the Throne Room. Dennii snorted mentally, that was very tongue-in-cheek of her. She made her way there, the features were constantly changing, they were very rusty at this. It was all a bit hazy, but she finally reached her. Dennii crossed her hands in front of her chest.

    “This whole altercation made me realize that I was not fair towards you.” Jori started and Dennii gestured for her to continue “I understand you are angry and hurt. I am sorry for hitting you. I should have supported you and to help you deal with it.”

    Dennii frowned, but still remained silent.

    “First, do you trust me?” Jori tilted her head.

    Dennii shook hers, no, she did not trust her. She could sense the sadness coming from Jori at that.

    “Good, you must not trust me. In our line of business trust is a potentially dangerous commodity. You must be forever vigilant as usually the people who will betray and hurt you are the closest to you.” Jori sighed “It hurts me that you don’t, it really does, but our positions do not allow for such things. Friendships, family, loved ones, they are potential weapons used against you.”

    “Like what the Bene Gesserits tried to with me, they were trying to hurt you through me.” Dennii’s voice croaked.

    Jori nodded “Yes and no. I am not entirely convinced that they were behind this.”

    “But… your reaction?” Dennii was puzzled.

    “Oh, I just needed the opportunity to strike at them and put them in their place. Remind them that if they pull a stunt like that will lead to repercussions.” Jori smirked “That leads to the reason I called you here.” she sighed “I understand you are angry and hurt. You probably want revenge, to lash out against the ones who hurt you.” she paused “It is understandable. You have been taught to let go of your anger and hatred, but you are no longer a Jedi. Learn to use that anger, learn as much as possible about your enemies. You find a way to strike them where it hurts. Violence and heated passion are the worst advisers...”

    “Like you and the Queen of Naboo? I could sense your anger...” Dennii interrupted her.

    Jori chuckled “You are right, if nothing else that proves that I am fallible, that I am human...”

    “Or a hypocrite?” Dennii asked bitterly.

    “That too.” Jori grinned “You must know by now that in our position truth and honesty are also very rare commodities. Do you think that all of them like each other?” Jori snorted in derision “Come on, you are not that naive. You must learn to cover your true feelings, you want to feel angry, fine, but use the energy that the anger provides, do not let it consume you. And yes, I felt furious at the Naboo...” she used a nasty expletive “... and I admit I would like to take revenge, but now when I am calmer I can see that I don’t need to do anything, she is more than capable to get into trouble all by herself. Though it would be nice to twist a dagger in her...” Jori smirked again.

    “What about Tarkin?” Dennii was puzzled.

    “I admit, my first idea was to curry favor from him against the Naboo. But...” Jori tapped her lips thoughtfully “Will see… Either way I need to find contact with the real powers behind the Empire. Me, the Emperor, the Senate, we are all figureheads. There are powerful families, companies and groups who are really in charge. We are just spokespeople to them, I suppose Palpatine knew that and used it to his advantage. It remains to be seen whether Lord Vader will go the same way. If not… that could be very problematic for him. Being the strongest Force user is not the same way as being the strongest Emperor...” she smiled enigmatically. “But let us return to reality, don’t want to strain you too much.”

    To this Dennii nodded and turned to leave. It took her several more seconds to get out of Jori’s mind. She blinked trying to focus, it was nauseating coming back so she reached for a glass of water. Jori too was pale a bit, it took some effort from her as well. The duchess smiled tiredly at her and nodded. “We should eat, gather our strength, the night is still young...” Jori grinned.

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  12. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: General Torian, Captain Galen, Storm’s Eye
    Location: Imperial weigh point - a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    As the stormtroopers were ordered to take off their helmets, Torian looked around the hangar at all the destruction. They put up one hell of a fight, he thought. Looking back at the troopers he noticed that many of them were older like him and looked like clones of each other. They gave the General looks up and down as if they knew him from the past Republican Era. Torian immediately looked down at the belt of the trooper expecting to see a doll’s head attached to it. Strangely, his blood pressure did not spike and the urge to lunge at the clones and tear them apart like an enraged Wookie did not overcome him. He turned his gaze back to the older clone and just stared back until it stopped staring at him.

    Suddenly the ship rocked and listed knocking over debris and supplies on the flight deck. Everyone held their footing as the ship sunk deeper into its death throes. The deck commander turned to Torian and saluted him and went to work.

    “General, mind if we tie some luggage to the hood?” Said Burro, gesturing to the two alien corpses.

    Torian saluted back like a General, the kind of salute that was not exactly crisp but none the less acknowledged the lower-ranking man. “You may Commander. We have some extra baggage back on our ship as well.”

    The silence was deafening inside the hangar. The Rebel soldiers under Torian’s command kept their weapons close to their chest and their gazes on the Imperials. There was no love lost between the two enemies, Torian thought to himself as he looked around the hangar.

    Enemies? He continued his thoughts. I don’t think that will last now with the emergence of this new threat. He lessened his tense muscles under his chest rig. “Are we almost ready Commander Burro?”

    To be continued...

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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Imperial Deck Commander Bond of the ISD, Hidden Dagger; Imperial Commander Buro attached to Imperial EF76 Nebulon B frigate, Zandra; Senior Lieutenant Kos, the Executive Officer and Second in Command of the ISD Hidden Dagger; and Lieutenant Eichardt also of the ISD Hidden Dagger

    Location: Imperial weigh point - a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist aboard the crippled ISD, Hidden Dagger

    Buro acknowledged the General’s query and contacted the younger deck commander, Bond. Standing across the wide expanse of the main bay’s entry ramp, Bond held up a hand and answered into his comm that they had loaded all non-essential personnel in the hangar. It was dismaying to see how many remained, enough that the reduction in numbers seemed hardly to make a dent and it was clear from the looks on faces nearby, that everyone was preparing themselves for the worst case scenario.

    They all knew what that scenario was. In line with the strict military codes of the Empire, the academies prepared recruits for such dire situations as the one in which the Hidden Dagger found herself. If a ship was lost, no piece of equipment, no scrap, no officer or crewman was to be left for which an enemy could make use. Thus, to survive at the hands of the rebels was a treason for which many knew they would be marked and hunted, but one for which they devoutly hoped. It was a miserably cold comfort to uphold the honor and secrets of the Imperial Navy and of the Emperor.

    The Hidden Dagger's “Second” had stepped out into another dead corridor. An acrid scent burning his nose, the smoke swirled in odd currents and turned the pulsing red emergency lights to slithering shadows that had him peering hard into the dimness and his mind questing to every corner. He'd been gripping his weapon so tightly, it slipped in his sweaty palms and all concerted with the strange and intermittent buzzing and knocking to try his usual calm.

    The main hangar was around the next junction and down the larger cargo corridor by a few hundred meters. Yet, the unidentifiable noises aside, it was eerily quiet. Normally, one could hear the various cranes and vehicle maintenance from where he stood listening.

    The whoosh of the lift doors opposite the officer did not spill the expected bluish shaft of light from the car's interior, but rather, spilled a shadowy figure onto the corridor floor. The ‘Ex-O’ stood stock still.

    "Senior Lt. Eichardt!" He exclaimed and he hurried across to her crumpled form and knelt. "Eichardt-" he repeated as he supported her torso against his knee.

    She lifted her head and trembled and the ' Second' inhaled a sharp breath. The left side of the young Senior Lieutenant's face and shoulder seemed to have been melted away.

    "What happened-" he whispered.

    "G...g...go!" She rasped, trying to rise. Wild of eye, she pleaded. "We...go!"

    "Can you walk-" he queried, but stopped as a shadow flitted past them and disappeared in the corridor behind them.

    Clutching his arms, Eichardt pulled herself up with surprising strength, urging the man to move. "Nnnnn..NOW!"

    The two limped hurriedly away, turned the corner and increased speed toward the wide open safety doors of the main Hangar bay, as more loudly buzzing shadows flew down the intersecting corridor.

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    IC: Captain Galen, General Torian Darkeyes of the ARR ship, Storm’s Eye
    Location: Imperial weigh point - a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    The Storm’s Eye banked around the Acclamator which was coming apart. Some of the debris from the Imperial ship scraped along the hull of the dreadnaught. “Concentrate all fire on that enemy ship!” She barked out the order.

    A flurry of laser blasts were emitted from the Storm’s Eye. The Corvettes were also engaging the threat while staying clear of friendly fire. Captain Galen looked out through the bridge viewport. Part of the organic ship was coming apart but it wasn’t enough to stop it. The captain’s mind raced for a moment as she watched the battle from the comforts of the bridge. “Concentrate all fire on that opening!” She was going for the damaged section of the enemy ship. If she could somehow deepen the hole within it, it may back off. Another flurry of turbolaser fire was concentrated on the enemy ship yet this time more specifically on the damaged section. Fires raged from the gaping hole in the organic craft. The opening was getting wider but it still felt like it wasn’t enough.

    Her mind scrambled for other tactics and then it hit her in the head like a concussion! “That’s it!”

    “Weapons? This is the Con. Do we still have those two concussion missiles aboard the Storm’s Eye?”

    A crackle came over the speakers. “Con, this is Weapons. Aye Captain.”

    She breathed a sigh of relief. “Weapons, I need you to load both in the tubes. We’re going to swing around this enemy. I want you to put those missiles in that large hole we created in the enemy vessel. Can you do that for me?”

    “Con! Aye Captain!” There was confidence in the response from the weapons officer. The speaker cracked once more. “Do it then.” She ordered. “Con, give me five minutes and they’ll be ready.”

    She yelled into the squawk box, “WEAPONS! WE DON’T HAVE FIVE MINUTES!”

    “Aye Captain!” As the speaker shut down, you could hear the weapons officer start barking out the orders.Time was ticking and the hull of the Storm’s Eye was starting to take damage. “Come on baby, hold together.” She whispered.

    “Captain? Our shields are depleting fast!” The excitement in the officer’s voice was noticeable.

    Two minutes passed by and finally the speaker cracked. “Con, Weapons. We are ready!”

    “Weapons aye! She turned to the ship drivers, “Bring her around. Concentrate the shield on the bow.”

    The Dreadnaught lumbered around to face the enemy ship. The hole they created was on fire and raging but it wasn’t enough. “Almost there, almost there.”

    “Weapons? Do you have the targeting coordinates? She asked with urgency.

    “Aye Captain!”

    “FIRE!” She yelled. The Dreadnaught shook as she released her payload towards the enemy ship. The first concussion missile entered the hole followed by the other. “Maximum speed. Pull up and hard to port.”

    “Hard to port aye!” The Storm’s Eye shook as she climbed and fired her engines to move away from the enemy. The first concussion missile detonated inside. It was obvious because the organic ship swayed back and forth. Galen watched intently on the monitors. “Come on!” Just then the second missile detonated but with much more success. The enemy ship began to tear apart into halves. Cheers could be heard throughout the bridge.

    She straightened up. “We’re not out of this yet.” She reminded them. “Contact General Torian. Tell him we need to get out of here.”

    “Aye Captain.”

    TAG: to be continue...
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    May 17, 2004
    Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian, Admiral Jakin Poulo, Senator Claudius Carthaginian, Captain Leonides Peii
    Dinner, Senate Rotunda, Coruscant; Sector Zero, Coruscant Space


    The aged fist of Senator of Coruscant Claudius Carthaginian struck the table twice - rattling glasses, dinnerware, and perhaps a few nerves with its veracity.

    “There I have you! Ha! I have you there, Admiral,” he guffawed at the uniformed officer across the table from him. “Don’t you know that in His Majesty’s Service you’re supposed to choose the lesser of two weevils. Ha-HA!”

    Magnus smirked and shook his head. The joke was an old favorite of his Uncle’s. Growing up, he’d visit the elder Carthaginian here in the Government Center, and it was never a successful gathering in his mind until he’d been able to try it on somebody. Poor Admiral Jakin Poulo of the Onslaught sub-fleet (and direct report of Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian) had been his Uncle’s latest victim. He smiled back good-naturedly and nodded to Claudius.

    “I concede to you, Senator,” he rumbled in his deep baritone, raising his glass.

    “Come now, Magnus, you’re up,” the Senator said, ribbing his nephew.

    “Oh, Uncle,” he chided back. “I could never ascend to your wit.”

    Claudius winked at Paulo.

    “He never was much fun at parties,” he said.

    It was clear that the Senator was enjoying himself. The Carthaginians were not a House family but had been around and in places of power for eons. Claudius had been a Senator for as long as Magnus could remember and his grandfather was a magistrate here on Coruscant. Throughout the Empire, many in their family had holdings, estates, and positions of power - governors, business moguls, etc. His uncle’s wife was a famous socialite and supporter of the arts. Together they’d been benefactors of numerous charities, opera companies and houses, and artists.

    Claudius loved the Republic and now he loved the Empire. Even as the war raged on, he’d always talked about preserving that which made the collation of systems of government whole - the greater good theory that held the government together.

    In a parallel universe, where the CIS had been defeated long ago perhaps he would not feel so, but when it was the CIS that had created a planet killer, bombings here on Coruscant were still happening (just a few days ago, in fact, at the Senate) - the Empire had been painted as the totalitarian regime. But the simple truth was that it was a galaxy ravaged by a too-long war.

    With the Emperor just recently deceased and Anakin Skywalker filling the void quickly, there hadn’t even been a power vacuum. Though, repercussions were forthcoming, no doubt.

    Looking about the room, Magnus noted that this had been almost exactly the kind of evening he’d expected. Sycophants fawning over the new Empress and Emperor. Tarkin and his cronies made the rounds - of which, no doubt Moff Chadwick Thorley was one. He had arrived late and was redder in the face than even when Magnus had left him earlier in the day - round, sweaty and drunk. Disgraceful. But then again, when a man was a Demon unto himself and others, why would he care what anyone thought of him?

    Certainly of Tarkin’s ilk.

    “There is an exception to every rule, my boy,” Claudius had continued talking, though Magnus had missed the context in his reverie. “Like with our new Emperor. A Jedi unlike the rest.”

    “Tsk tsk, Uncle,” Magnus said, noticing the head whip of a party guest into their conversation with interest.

    “Oh, come now, Mag,” Claudius said, “with Ms. Tano serving as a Commissar, old Master Vos with the ISB, and the Emperor’s new looks, any rumors of their demise is long since extinguished. But good riddance with the Order being disbanded, but as I say, exceptions to a rule.”

    The Senator always did like to debate and pick a fight when there was one to be had.

    “We stand at a turning point in history, Gentleman. Every new leader will leave a mark on the office, and change reveals character,” he said, nodding in the general direction of Senator Bail Organa and Senator Riyo Chuchi.

    During their private visit earlier in the day, his Uncle had given Magnus something that would prove interesting to Bail Organa and he’d offered to show it to him at his earlier convenience.

    But that was true of the room as a whole. The Naboo Queen had arrived, coming from more intrigue and drama. He’d had word that Thrawn was incoming shortly, and the Naboo theatre itself was descending into chaos as the dinner reception unfolded. His contact in the Bormea sector had also missed a check-in.

    A quick look at his Aide-de-Camp Sinjir who had been hovering nearby let him know that there was no update. USF Grand Admiral Leitman seemed to catch his eye as well. This had been a very busy evening for the both of them. Since his government was heavily represented with the Re and Reina, he had been fielding logistical questions all evening.

    “I tell you, Admiral,” Claudius said pointing to Paulo “You navy types may think you’re done fighting your war, but ours is just about to begin here on the Coruscant. Mark my words, sir. Momentous times ahead.”


    As if on the end of a whip, the newly minted Imperial Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer Ultimos popped back into real space. Simple inertia kept it slowly gliding forward into Sector Zero of Coruscant.

    Even at the height of the war, Captain Leonides Peii had never seen this many ships over Coruscant. With the sector fleets in, a mass parade having been all over the HoloNets with the funeral of the Emperor as he lay in rest, and the Ultimos own assignment as part of the Emperor’s Sub-fleet Onslaught - it was crowded, to say the least.

    “Right, Commander, coordinate with Sector Zero control and find us a parking spot. I’ll inform the Grand Admiral of our arrival in the station.”

    “Incoming transmission from Captain Brigitta Kerg of the ISD The Forge sends regards from the Onslaught and the Third Fleet regrets to inform that the Grand Admiral and Admiral are on the surface as a political ceremony. Requests we make ourselves at home.”

    Kerg, Peii ran the name through his head…Ursean, new captain, field promoted after her commander was lost at Mygeeto or Muunilist. He couldn’t remember which.

    “Very well,” he said. “Then, uh, get to it. I’ll be in my office. Tell Chief we’re still listing to port.”


    A buzz from his pocket code cylinder alerted Magnus to a low-priority message. He would disregard it for now. Wouldn’t do to be checking messages at the dinner table, particularly with so many eyes around.

    The Grand Admiral made eye contact with Moff Chadwick Thorley finally, raising his glass of Toniray wine in his direction and recalling their conversation from just a few hours ago.

    “We shouldn't remain strangers in these trying times,” Magnus had said.

    "Are they trying," Thorley asked, downing his next glass of whiskey.

    "Positively judicial, Chaddy."

    Festivities aside, this evening had been a play by the players. Some more subtle, some more overt - Yularen had barely sat still this whole evening.

    Yet, Magnus hadn’t found himself as mired as he’d expected - which was fine. It had allowed him more time to survey the playing field. The Emperor would no doubt be Coruscant more, meaning Magnus would likely be spending more time here. He held no political clout, besides by association. While politics in government wasn’t something he was looking for, he was aware that whereas he commanded a fleet in space he was just another face on Coruscant - something he intended to change.

    With the rumors of Tarkin’s thirst for power, of Chadwicks’ bad deeds, and the previous Emperor’s sycophants no doubt looking to stay in the graces of the office - Coruscant would become the new battlefield for the Grand Admiral as the oncoming Tempest would no doubt show.

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    From earlier in the game - thanks to the GMS for letting me get at him again:

    Original Post - November 2017 (but in-game only a couple of hours ago)

    ISB Officer Fouche
    Hyperpace - Inner Core
    Cargo Freighter Modesta

    The point of his blade pulled out from the flesh of his victim with a soft thek. It had gone in without a sound into the Dug’s hide, but the leathery skin hadn’t been as willing to release it as easily. Fouche slowly dropped the mercenary’s lifeless body to the ground and kept moving.

    As he came to a corner, he paused. Footsteps were coming from down the hall, two sets. One of them was something big, the other likely humanoid by the bipedal rhythm he could feel against the wall.

    Thankfully, the ship was in night-mode and running lights were all that lit the halls. He wasn’t complaining.

    The footsteps passed on. They must have kept going down the hall.

    Fouche crouched, placing the blade back into his boot, and peaked around the corner.


    He peeled around the edge of the bulkhead and down the hall, walking on the balls of his feet to reduce the sound.


    A Mouse droid chirped as brushed by his ankles, clearly as surprised to see the human as Fouche was to see the droid. He smirked at his own reaction, loosed grip on the handle of his blade and turned the next corner, only to walk straight into the chest of a large Houk.


    Fouche didn’t wait. Keeping his head down, he ripped for his blade and thrust it into abdomen of the Houk. Surprised, it let out a grunt before grabbing his arm and wrenching the blade out. Fouche lost his grip and it fell to the ground. The Houk’s other hand grabbed Fouche by the neck and lifted him high off the ground so that his polished boots hung a good meter from the deck.

    This wasn’t what he’d planned. It was supposed to be in and out.

    The Houk didn't seem to care what the plan was as he tossed Fouche’s head against the bulkhead. Stars started forming in his eyes, and his head starting to pulse. After a second forced contact with the wall, Fouche braced for the third blow.

    The Houk grunted again, loosed his grip and fell forward. It took every ounce of Fouche’s strength to hurl himself backwards to avoid being crushed by the large creature. It landed with a thud, blood pooling from the wound in his abdomen.

    Took long enough.

    Fouche attempted standing, using the bulkhead to steady himself. He still saw stars, and the brass band that had taken residence in his head from that last blow seemed to decide it was time to up the tempo. Looking for his small blade, he ducked and continued forward, scooping it up as he passed.

    The mission had been simple recon of Confederacy resources leaking into the Core Worlds. There were rumors of insurgents working with the Confederacy - partisan groups was the term - to unsettle the Empire. ISB Agent Fouche had been placed on the freighter as a merchant, hoping to get in with the suppliers but had stumbled across something larger.

    The freighter had slipped into a communications blackout. Every message he sent couldn’t go out, and he couldn’t reach his handler. The HoloNet was being blocked and every channel was being scrambled.

    Fouche stopped short as he came nearest the Captain’s cabin. He’d eaten dinner there the night before, and found her pleasant enough. Neimodians weren’t known for their hospitality, but CIS collaborators could be generous when hoping to turn a mark in their favor.

    He slipped his data-encoder over the door, and it started beeping softly. What seemed like an eternity passed and the ISB agent was finally rewarded with a green light on the display and the door hissed open.


    The crew was smaller than Fouche had recollected. Having subdued the Neimodian captain in her own cabin, he locked down the rest of the ship and moved to the bridge. His body count was increasing, but with each kill came one less surprise.

    He hadn't tried to hide the bodies. There wasn't time, and he didn't intend to be here long after he'd finished.

    Before him was a display, and he plunged the hilt of his knife into the console so that the decoder concealed inside could get to work. Communiques from around the Outer Rim flooded the screen. What ISB had figured was a simple merchant ship that supplied the CIS, or at least carted around some of its insurgent members, was in fact a courier ship.

    The messages were all encoded and in ancient Mon Calamari script - if he was reading that correctly. His was rusty.

    Was the war over? If so, why the communications blackout? Where were they headed?

    He opened another database, and attempted to access hyperdrive control. It looked like the system was slaved to a navcomputer outside the ship. A recall subroutine had been activated, but the destination wasn't visible. A shame he'd already dispatched the captain, but his rendezvous hadn't allowed for prisoner transport.

    Another few strokes of the console, and he could at least see that he was still in the Inner Core and two hours from his destination. What awaited him there was another challenge. More Separatist forces? A port of call? Or was the courier ship on a self destruct path if the CIS had finally been defeated was in fact dead? The Droid General was known to fanatical, and the ISB and the Admiralty had all expected a contingency plan by the CIS to destroy their own forces in the event of a massive defeat.

    No one believed it would actually happen, though. Even if the war was won, there would be mop-up work to be done for a while yet.

    Nevertheless, this was all speculation. With the hyperdrive locked to its destination, the ISB agent had few options.

    The next two hours would answer some of his questions - either with his own destruction or arrival at wherever the navcomputer was taking them.


    The Modesta punched out of hyperspace and immediately started to list on the port side. The inertia from hyperspace propelling it forward.

    In the last two hours, Fouche had managed to unlock the communication system, but had blasted helm control to pieces. Whatever link brought him here, wasn't able to keep his ship on the tether after he'd arrived. This could be a problem, if another jump was supposed to happen. For all he knew, the initial jump to hyperspace was just one in a series of jumps to their destination.

    A dull thud hit the blast door leading to the bridge. The remaining crew had finally appeared.

    They'd been at it for about a half hour.

    “Now who is going to clean up this mess,” Fouche asked aloud, looking at the maze of wires and blinking lights in front of him.

    He keyed his blade to finish downloading the content of the communiques. He’d have time to decode them later. Right now, guests wanted in, so he might as well let them in.


    “Sonofanerfhearder,” Fouche yelled, whipping his hand back high over his shoulder.

    His hand burned instantly, and it felt like the pain was crawling up his entire arm. Snarling, the ISB agent brought his hand in close for inspection. The blaster bolt had missed him, but had come close enough to his hand to sear the skin. His fingers naturally recoiled into a half-fist and the skin at the back of his hand was already starting to blister. That would make escape a little more difficult.

    Fouche pushed away the urge to cradle his hand, and instead slowly tried to extend his fingers. The skin was tightening from the burn, making it unbearably painful.

    His recon mission hadn't gone according to plan. What Imperial Security supposed to be a cargo ship with CIS sympathies that would lead to "bigger fish", had in fact turned out to be a courier ship operating deep in Imperial space. Just hours before, the ship went communications dark and the ship had jumped to hyperspace. Coming here to the bridge, Fouche had found the ship slaved to another, and completely out of his control. In getting here, he had dispatched a number of the crew, including the captain. His quick "in and out" job had turned into something much larger.

    At this very moment, the remainder of the crew had found the their dead crewmates. Fouche hadn't had time to hide the bodies. He'd been able to seal the blast door but the crew had managed to manually override it enough to put a blaster through, hence the blaster bolts.

    In his own attempts to figure out what the hyperdrive was doing, Fouche had fried communications and overall helm control. The ship had been listing to port for the past three hours, with no way of calling for help. Unfortunately, destroying helm control had also disconnected whatever tether had pulled the ship into hyperdrive in the first place. So, he was still unsure why the ship had gone to hyperspace and what their destination was.

    At least, he was sure, it something to do with the CIS. The communiques he'd been able to retrieve from the computer showed that this ship was a courier. It would take high-level messages from the CIS, and transport them by ship. It was safer than using the Holonets or any other communication system that could be hacked. Additionally, Imperial security wouldn't allow for military ships to travel through space, but a simple cargo vessel could carry a simple message past a patrol.

    The blaster started firing again, sending crimson blades overhead as Fouche stayed pinned by the console. Anything he hadn't fried in his clumsy attempts at decrypting the computer, the thugs outside would surely destroy for him. Thankfully, he'd downloaded the computer core and communiques into the blade of his knife, which doubled as a mass storage device. If he ever got out of here, it would be worth seeing what other secrets the Modesta held.

    Fouche stole a glance back at the viewport. If those moons were what he thought they were, they'd jumped into the Brentaal System of the Bormea Sector. This made sense. His initial thought was that the ship was supposed to make a series of microjumps, changing course erratically to avoid detection. They were probably traveling along on the Hydian Way and making a course change to the Perlemian Way when they dropped out of Hyperspace. Whether the source of the slave subroutine in the navcomputer had realized the Modesta was missing or not, and would come back, would be another possibility for his doom.

    It had been that kind of day.

    One good thing was that this close to the Core, there were thousands of Imperial ships in every sector. There was a reason the CIS only came to Coruscant once, and it was during the Age of the Republic. The Empire had a tight grip on security throughout the Core and Inner Core, making an assault near impossible. He was bound to be found by someone.

    The blaster fire had stopped, most likely because they were trying to decide if was he dead. There were four of them - two Dugs, a Hukk, and another humanoid species that he hadn't been able to see before they started firing.

    "I don't suppose we can talk about this," he yelled over his shoulder. "It's not like the war is over or anything, but maybe we can wo-.”

    Another volley warmed the air above him.

    "Ok. Ok. Maybe war was a bad topic. How about money? Women?"

    Fouche flinched. What did Dug women look like anyway? Or Hukk for that matter? Maybe they were women out there.

    "Or..."he paused. "Men. I'm available."

    Another volley blaster over his head. Didn't really settle his question, but, hey, this was a dialogue. He talked, they shot.

    Fouche crouched around the console to move back to the hyperdrive console and stretched his good hand over the controls.

    "I think we're a little lost. Maybe we can get back on course if you guys cool the fraggin cover fire."

    Nope. Definitely fried. He still had access to the system, it just wasn't going anywhere. Must have hit a relay somewhere.

    "Gotta be a relay," he repeated out loud. "Maybe a flux capacitor. You know, I hear they make some good ones on...Commenor."

    It was the only system he could see showing up on the cracked display. Still no go for the thugs outside.

    "At least tell me your name! Always hate to have a conversation where I don't know someone's name. I could call you Star...hey now.”

    The entire room suddenly went dark. Not from a power failure…just dark. He craned his neck back at the view screen, but before he could get a glimpse, the room filled with light and the ship shook violently. The cargo ship had been hit, presumably shot at. With no comms, navigation, they were sitting ducks. He also had no way to activate the defenses, even polarizing shields. Hopefully the ship would hold together on grit alone. As if on cue to his thought, another series of blasts rocked the ship, knocking loose hoses from the ceiling of the bridge, filling the bridge with smoke and the klaxons of the warning system.

    Fouche had to get out of here.

    “Hey, guys, that wasn’t me,” he said over his shoulder, only to be shot at again with blaster fire.

    Fouche looked around the room, his eyes starting to burn from the smoke. He could see the light shining into the bridge from the blast door. The Hukk had an arm wedged through it, and a blaster at the other end shooting widely. Fouche rolled onto his knees and crawled to the door and against the wall, careful to avoid the crackling power cable that hung from the ceiling. He grabbed the cable’s insulated middle and thrust the crackling bits into the door.

    The roar of pain that came from the other side showed he’d made paydirt. At least one being had been pushed up against the door, and were now a little shocked.

    With a hiss, the doors released fully, and a Dug from the other side moved faster than Fouche had planned. It used its hind legs to tripod itself around the smoking mass of its comrade, and vaulted into the room, grabbing Fouche’s arm as it went by. The speed with which it moved surprised Fouche, and pain shot up his arm. The Dug had grabbed his burned hand. It rolled and vaulted back over his other shoulder, pulling his arm over his head. Fouche felt the pop of his arm dislocating, but the pain was numbed by the burning in his hand.

    The Dug landed deftly, but let slip its grip on his hand. Looking down briefly, Fouche saw that the blisters had burst and his hand was a bright red mess of blood and flesh that had been peeled off.

    The ship shook violently again, knocking them both off center, and Fouche on top of the Dug. He took the extra momentum to thrust his knee up as hard as he could, making contact with the Dug’s chin. Its head snapped back violently, stunned, but it came at him again. The Dug grabbed Fouche’s other hand and attempted the same rolling attack over Fouche’s shoulder, but was caught square in the middle with a shard of durasteel that Fouche had scooped up from the ground. He thrust the metal into the Dug’s chest deeper, feeling the life go out of it and let it fall to the floor with a thud.

    Fouche smirked at his success and moved into the hall, his hand still screaming for attention, only to find himself face to face with a human and another Dug. The Dug held a blaster pointed at Fouche.

    “Listen, guys, he had it -“

    And then his whole world lit up in a flash of light.

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    ~OOC~ Technical issues had gotten in the way of things and delayed progress. I hope everyone is keeping safe. More content is on the way.

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano- Commissar , Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili
    Location: Coruscant- Senate Building - Grand Atrium

    The conversation at the table became focused in smaller groups, amongst each other and gave Ahsoka a moment to observe.

    She looked over to see Anakin move away from greeting someone and making his way back to the dais. He looked at her and she smiled. Reaching out in the rekindled mental bond they share, she sent assuring wave of emotion. Her gaze flickered back to see whom he had spoken to and found a set of eyes gazing back at her. She froze as she recognised Lux Bonteri. A wave of self consciousness threatened to disrupt her confidence and she looked away. Don’t think. He was seated next to some importantly dressed figure. Maybe that would just be it, she told herself.

    Further back she saw Colonel Yularen, escorting the Queen of Naboo to the tables. Catching Ahsoka’s gaze, Yularen gave a nod in return and... was that a wink? She smiled inwardly.

    Ahsoka’s eyes surveyed the other faces, hoping for a chance to spot Captain Terric amongst the other guests, she had not forgotten the promise made about sharing the first dance. She could not see him, nor any other member of the All-Stars she had seen at the debriefing from that morning. She did see a couple of red skinned Twi’leks though one reminded her of the one she had met on Rendili, Nyll. Impossible as the last she heard, Nyll was to be involved in some rescue mission over at the other side of the galaxy. She turned her head to Zaa, just between the Queen’s montrals she saw another familiar figure. The Ursean Admiral Leitman. She wanted to touch base with the Admiral before she lose sight of him.

    “I’ll be one moment.” Ahsoka whispered to Zaa just as Jayden directed his focus to Ms Varik.

    She heard him say: “One can only hope. It's not been the best situation for sometime now."

    “You will be back?” Zaa asked Ahsoka, concern underlay her tone.

    “Of course,” Ahsoka assured her. “If not, you can fill in for me.”

    “Shouldn’t that be the other way around for us?” Zaa remarked, a private joke between themselves. “Go, but don’t be long.”

    "... given Lady Tano's return to Coruscant,”

    Hearing Bail say her name and brought the focus to herself had caught Ahsoka off guard. She was about to excuse herself from the table. She glanced to the other faces at the table to work out the context. What did I miss?

    “So, Ahsoka, it's been...what, 7...8 years?" Bail continued.

    The Alderaanian Prince was staring at her and she tilted her head a fraction as her azure eyes matched his gaze. Hoping she had not missed anything significant.

    “...we were surprised to see you the new Emperor's side today. In fact, surprised to see you at all! I’d been given to believe, by a reliable source, that you had engaged the Si... a criminal on Mandalore, and would be returning him to Coruscant. It was easy to assume you'd perished in the effort. It was a chaotic day, that day." Bail’s face was a composed mask...

    To dredge up those events... the betrayal of her friends... burying the dead...

    She took a breath.

    There was something about his smile which evoke there was something more to his asking. To bring up how she survived the clones turning on her, at a venue like this amongst the company within earshot. It was not very tactful.

    “You’ll find that I can be full of surprises...” Ahsoka responded cooly in regards to Mandalore, her brow raised a fraction. “I believe such topic is best served for a more appropriate time.”

    Why was he baiting her? If not for the rank bestowed upon her this morning, she would not be surprised if half in the room would have her executed with no questions asked.

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    ~IC~ Lux Bonteri- Senator of Onderon
    Location: A few tables over

    Their eyes had met. Lux held his breath as he watched a flicker of recognition on Ahsoka’s face before her expression froze. He counted the seconds before her gaze averted. What did that mean? He thought he saw a hue shift to the Togruta’s cheeks but hard to Properly tell from their distance. He could not help but feel-

    “Isn’t this a wonderful sight.” A man remarked.

    It interrupted Lux’s thoughts as he turned his his head to see a man in a crisp white uniform and dark cape. The man stood at the opposite end of the table where Lux Bonteri and Kirstine of Bakura were seated. The Officer seemed younger than others who sport that uniform and flashed a charismatic smile as he pulled out a seat.

    “I hope you don’t mind.” The Officer said casually to Kirstine and Lux as he sat down without waiting for a response.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name.” Lux said. There was something about the man’s voice. It did not sound like the usual nobility or high born that claimed titles as a birth right.

    “Forgive me, where are my manners?” He remarked cheerfully. “Director Orsen Krennic. At your service, Senator Bonteri.”

    “I see, Director.” Lux arched a brow. “Forgive me. You seem to know of me yet I have not heard of you.”

    “That’s because our paths had yet to cross.” Krennic flashed a tight smile before turning to regard the Queen. “I trust the ‘Senator’ has been demonstrating an exceptional display of Imperial hospitality to her Royal Majesty of Bakura?”

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    OCC: Thank you C_O for your encouraging help, patience. and generosity with this post. Thank you, to others for their patience, as well.

    IC: Senator Bail Organa, Ahsoka Tano- Commissar, Regina Weiss-Hexa Mon Mothma, the sisters Organa: Rouge and Tia
    Coruscant- Senate Building - Grand Atrium

    Bail cleared his throat as those at the table who had overheard, looked from Bail to Ahsoka and back in the awkward silence after Bail’s obvious pointed and aggressive questioning. His sisters, Rouge, Celly, and Tia exchanged concerned glances and Tia interjected, "Oh, I believe the goma appetizers contain lutus bulb-you know how that upsets your...”

    “Shush!” said Rouge to Tia in reprove, while patting Celly’s hand. Yet, she understood Tia meant well. Bail was not his usual composed self. He could be quite passionate in private, but always collected and appropriate in mixed company. As worrying as this outburst of his was, Rouge remained poised and elegant while still managing to wag a warning and nimble finger at Leia. The princess too, was somewhat astonished at her father’s behaviour towards the intriguing and entrancing Lady Ahsoka.

    Mon Mothma bit her lip, then smiled, not certain whether she wanted to laugh or cajole. They needed rapport, not an impasse. If the Alliance was to gain better information and perspective on what exactly was actually going on with Vader and the Empire, their best course was to keep communication open with Ahsoka!

    Bail sighed, left his seat and gestured to Ahsoka to leave the table with him, turning to his guests to apologize and say he'd return in a moment.

    Ahsoka's eyes didn’t leave Bail’s as she nodded and rose to her feet. Her hand gently brushed Riyo’s shoulder and her lekku tips curled as she moved around to join Bail.

    Wordlessly, Bail led them out Into the Great Hall which stretched from the monumental entrance off the plaza to the bottom of the rotunda where Palpatine's pieced-remains lay in gruesome state. The guards in their scarlet garb stood silent sentinel and the vast mosaiced-floor room lay in gloom and relative quiet.

    In a sidelong glance, Bail took in Ahsoka’s aspect as they paid their “respects.” How much did she know about Palpatine? For that matter, how much did he himself know? All was shifting sand, now. Who to believe? The government was destabilized with Palpatine’s demise and Vader..Skywalker did not mitigate the destabilization with his announcement of sweeping changes to policy and the structure of Imperial government.

    The energy was frenetic and with many who might make a play for the seat of power, the galaxy threatened to explode with strife! The Alliance needed to take advantage of the disarray and they needed someone on the inside. In spite of Bail’s concerns for civilian collateral, he was leaning towards strategic strikes and he did not like it. The object was to liberate the galaxy from tyranny, not throw them into more war and injustice. There were so many variables and many lives hung in the balance.

    He had to discover Ahsoka’s position, find out if she had been lured or coerced into the toxic Imperial mindset. As absurd as the thought seemed, he’d seen others act against their own interests. Case in point, Anakin Skywalker, a committed Jedi before the Jedi were “outed” for treason, had allied himself to the Empire and Palpatine commanded Anakin’s loyalty cementing the lie about the Jedi, making it public “truth.” So, had Ahsoka too, been somehow brought into the “fold?” Regardless, Bail had put her on the spot in public and risked losing the connection that might provide him and the Alliance with crucial information, but his thoughts were interrupted as Ahsoka spoke. Perhaps in the presence of Palpatine’s remains, something might surface.

    “I didn’t realise it’d be so close,” said Ahsoka, in a hushed tone to Bail who stopped at the edge of the colonnaded room and nodded to the sarcophagus.

    “The abrupt end to an insane era," he mused quietly. "So many decisions, plans, strategies...all come to this. A dura-steel casket in a room of echoes!"

    Ahsoka felt a moment of pity to whomever had the role of making the body of the late Emperor Palpatine presentable for display. Thankfully, there was a death mask in place to hide the true extent of the blunt trauma to the head. There was something... perverse about all this, though Bail’s quiet words held a lot of meaning.

    “That is one sure way to ensure eternity...” She whispered. “...just not in the way one might intend.”

    Bail checked an ironic smile that threatened to curl on his lips. "Yes, and the question is, what were his intentions? He never did anything by chance. He surely did not go off to battle intending to die."

    The Alderaanian Senator gave a half-hearted salute to one of the Imperial guards who seemed to have made a very slight movement at Bail's last comments.

    “No one really intends to die.” Ahsoka said absently as though to herself. She looked away and to Bail, who bowed his head, as if in respect.

    He nodded in agreement to her words and murmured, " wish to apologize for my demeanor, Lady Tano. I had...hoped we might renew our acquaintance..."

    “This war has taken its toll on everyone.” Ahsoka whispered softly. “I’m sure you had the best intentions at heart.”

    Bail, nodded. “I have, like most of us in the Senate, had to twist and turn just to keep my footing, much less get any policy enacted. Senatorial numbers have dwindled. Dare we hope this riddance,” he tossed a glance at the sarcophagus, “is good ....and done? " He smiled with irony and stuck out his hand in gesture. "Look I promise, if we keep our appointment, I will keep a better humor. You can hold me to it."

    Ahsoka pursed her lips as she gauged Bail’s expression.

    Bail took Ahsoka's silence as reticence. And decided the place wasn't having a positive affect. "Shall we?” He asked, gesturing back towards the Great Hall.

    Ahsoka nodded and moved to his side to return together. “I know that there are many questions... All I can say is to please have patience. I am not out of the woods yet.”

    Bail raised his brows. "Ah, well, perhaps we can have a more relaxed exchange tomorrow? Say early afternoon, if you are free?" he continued, hoping he’d bridged the divide he’d probably made at the table, earlier. What did she mean by ‘out of the woods?’

    “Schedule permitting...” Ahsoka returned, the corner of her lip tucked back to an awkward smirk. “I would love for a chance to catch up, yes... maybe. Truth be told, I have no idea what is in store for me after tonight, though I’ll do what I can to be flexible.”

    For a moment, the Senator from Alderaan remained silent. "Yes, schedule permitting, of course." He smiled curtly and bowed, "Lady...Tano."

    “Senator Organa.” She inclined her head. The decorative bands that adorn her lekku sparkled under the light as the lekku swayed. “Thank you. I appreciate the time you’ve given me.”

    The Commissar and the Senator returned to the table in better spirits and arrived as Mon Mothma rose. "I'll be right back." Mon as Regina Weiss Hexa said to Leia and Senator Chuchi and then to Ahsoka, “You’ve worked some magic, Lady Tano! Senator Organa looks much improved from earlier.”

    “Well...” A flicker of a smile on Ahsoka’s lips at the remark Regina gave. “I am not sure about magic, though I am glad to have somewhat eased a troubled mind. These have been stressful times, for everyone.”

    Leia waved to the two women and Bail bowed and sat while his sisters nodded politely, glad for Regina's intercessions on Bail's behalf.

    "So, shipbuilding, Ms. Varick, is it? Were you ever interested in engineering?" Asked Tia, trying to put some verbal distance from Bail's awkwardness. The two other sisters tried to hide their concern. Bail was so unlike himself tonight.

    As Mon came ‘round to where the Commissar stood, she asked Ahsoka for direction to a com station and if she would be taking her seat again.

    “Umm... I remember seeing one just over there, its by the left...” Ahsoka directed, her gaze continued to see where Admiral Leitman had moved too, then turned to Ms. Weiss Hexa, “I won’t be stopping just yet, there is someone I need to see, though I’ll do my best to be back shortly.”

    Ahsoka politely excused herself and with a half skip and some bounce to her step, she reached Leitman before he sat down. “Admiral. I hope that you are well and... I hope it was not too much of an inconvenience earlier regarding your uniform and the fountain.”

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    Rahara took note of the abrupt departure of the Senator and the Commissar and their demeanor upon their return. She filed that away for future reference. "As to that," Rahara answered the polite foray, "No. Not so much ... the logistics side of engineering made my brain hurt."
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to Qi’ra and pashatemur for your input and populating the table

    ~IC~ Agent Alexandr Kallus
    Location: Coruscant- Galactic Senate Building - En route to the Grand Atrium

    “Making my way onto the floor now.” Alexandr Kallus said quietly into the two-way to Colonel Yularen. He knew the Colonel was unable to respond due to his ‘escort’ duties though it best to keep the Colonel in the loop as he took to the ‘field’. “There’s someone I want to inspect closer.”

    He used the reflection from the shiny surfaces of the lifts interior to help adjust the dinner jacket and then conceal his blaster on himself. The switch from his ISB uniform into less conspicuous attire would allow him to mingle and obscure his role... however, that did not necessarily mean he did not have to look his best. The tailored suit he wore was impeccable by most standards.

    He passed one of the vases on display as he stepped from the lifts. Without a thought, he took a flower from it and threaded the stem through the eyelet of his dinner jacket lapel while continuing towards the grand atrium.

    The space opened up before him. Gentle music from the orchestra greeted his ears as the guests were in the process of seating as the wait staff brought about food to the tables

    Kallus threaded his way through. At the corner of his eye, he spied Agent Varik at one of the tables. He gave a smile in her direction as he passed by. Along the way, he murmured into the com to the Colonel.

    “Looks like Krennic is at it again.”

    Passing that table, he caught Yularen’s eye who passed him, the Queen of Naboo, frostily staring ahead, her hand on the Colonel’s arm.

    Kallus continued to a large table that sat many of the Ruling Council, though there were a few empty seats.

    “Is this seat taken?” He asked a lady, dark hair, creamy skin and supple features.

    “I don’t know?” She said cooly and smirked. “Is it taken?”

    “It is now.” He gave a wiry smile in return and sat down. At the table were quite a few recognisable people, the Vizier Sate Pestage, the entrepreneur Elwis Bontraar, the alabaster hued Umbaran, Sly Moore... yet there were a few he did not recognise from the official guest list, an elderly gentleman with a toothy smile, a young red skinned Twi’lek woman seated next to him, a lady who might be a few years older than himself... and the young lady next to him.

    Kallus noted the tattoo marking on her wrist, a symbol of half circles- her arms quickly went under the table. There was an exchange of looks between her and the older gentleman at the table.

    “What brings you to this table Mister...” She queried

    “Kallus, Alexandr Kallus. Ms?”

    “Kathie, Kathie Golightly” There was some hesitation to her voice.

    “A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms Golightly.”

    She gave him a rundown from top to bottom and back to the man's eyes and gave him an inviting smile.
    "The pleasure could potentially be all mine, Mr.Kallus." With more of an alluring confidence.

    “Charmed.” Kallus flashed a smile, his gaze lingered on hers for a moment.

    “Tell me, Mr Kallus.” the lady next to Ms Golightly waved her hand, tendrils of smoke drifted in a pattern from the cigarra at the end of a long thin smoking stick between her index and mid fingers. “What do you do for a living?”

    “You might say I am a freelance troubleshooter.” Kallus answered casually. “Mainly for construction firms.”

    Golightly looked between her handler and Mr.Kallus. She kept a mental note of all at the table. He could be a man we can use in a situation in future. This pleases her which will please her employer.

    "So what brings you here to this event, troubleshooter?" She said with an innocent almost curious wonder in the slight shine in her eyes. She smirked ever so slightly.

    “A client was pleased with my particular... skill set and I was invited as a means of thanks.” Kallus nodded a thanks to the wait staff that came bearing food to the table, he returned his attention back to her gaze. “It would have been improper of me not to take them up on this once in a lifetime opportunity, wouldn’t you say?”

    Kathie quickly eyed a waiter carrying a tray of drinks. She called for him as he was walking by and she promptly took two glasses and passed it across to Kallus as she grabbed her own. "Indeed. Those opportunities are rare to come by." She took a sip of her drink. " So you being at this table is an opportunity..." She said coyly. *take the bait*. She kept repeating to herself. She wants to know what are his intentions for being at the table.

    “Thank you.” Kallus took the offered glass. “That is one way at looking at it. How about yourself? What bring you here this evening?”

    "I'm here, like you, given an opportunity by my employer to come to Coruscant for business on his behalf. You know, networking with various and potential clients. The dull work life you know?" She said with a uninterested flair.

    “One we live and breathe...” Kallus remarked as he raised his glass to her. “Have you been having a successful evening?”

    "Fairly. The night is still young." She said. She took another sip of her drink, eyeing the others at her table.

    Kallus caught the movement of her eyes and leaned close for his whisper to be heard just for her. “While on the subject of networking... would you care to do the honours of who is who?”

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    OCC: A nod to Gwendolyne and Cecily

    IC: the sisters Organa: Tia, Celly, and Rouge
    Coruscant- Senate Building - Grand Atrium

    Bail whisked his napkin back onto his lap and tucked a fork into his plate to take a bite of the entree that now sat in front of him.

    With Regina Weiss Hexa stepping away, Leia scooted close to her father and took a bite from his plate. The two exchanged a private set of smiles and Bail put his arm around the little princess as he heard a conversation light between his sisters and Ms.Varik who answered a query from Tia.

    Tia nodded in agreement, "Yes, quite! Too many 'tangents', 'loads', and 'angles of displacement.'

    Celly and Rouge chimed their ascent too, the three sounding like a set of pigeons-"The CooCoo sisters" was Bail and Leia's pet name for her aunts. A hand over her mouth and head bent, Leia giggled while Bail choked down the remains of a bite.

    Rouge, ever vigilant over protocol and etiquette, looked across the table at her brother and niece, again, disapprovingly, but turned once more to Ms. Varik and asked, "Are you here un-escorted Ms. Varik? Such a lovely face and so young!"

    Celly blushed, "Oh, Ms. Varik, you must excuse my sister Rouge, she's a bit...old fashioned."

    "No! A young lady, comely, well educated at such a momentous event, alone!,"
    retorted Rouge. "Imperial Center is...a fast paced sort of place. How awkward to get stuck in a lift with a stranger and all on your own...! Is your uncle in attendance?"

    Tia and Celly remonstrated and cooed apologies to Varik, eliciting a cough from Bail and more silent giggles from Leia.

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    Rahara laughed softly and said: "He's not fond of all the pomp and circumstance, but he's probably around here somewhere. I am unescorted, but I am sure my colleagues are also in attendance."

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    IC: Rouge Organa and Bail Organa
    LOCATION: Coruscant- Senate Building - Grand Atrium

    “Hum,” said Rouge with a regal smile,”if you see any of your colleagues, you must invite them to the table,” enjoined the eldest Organa sister. Without moving her head she offered Bail a pointed gaze.

    The Senator furrowed his brow and then sat up, a bit more interested in the "casual" banter. “Yes, of course, Ms. invite them, if the opportunity arises. You know, I worked pretty closely with Senator Giddean Danu, oh....about 4 years running, ending about 8 years ago. Since then, I don’t really work much with Kuat. We are generally, the Senator and I, on different committees.”

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    Rahara answered Senator Organa: "What committee interests draw your attention?"
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    IC: Bail Organa

    LOCATION: Coruscant- Senate Building - Grand Atrium

    The Alderaanian Prince and Senator thought he heard a gong’s low ring and noted that there was a definite movement of uniform-ed individuals towards the dais of the Atrium. There was another ceremony to come. He’d seen it in the “invitation” to the evening’s event, but for now, he slimmed his eyes a bit, returning his gaze to the Kuati Senate staffer, Ms. Varik, and responded to her query.

    “Ah! Good question! Sounds like you might like to move from staff to legislation some day. Either that,” said Bail, lifting his wine glass to swirl the liquid around once, before sipping, then continuing, “... or you’re doing a little...research. Your Uncle would be able to tell you. Both of us have had much to do with the Military Oversight Commission!” Bail smiled at Varik. “I sat on that commission up to the end of the Empire’s 4th year after inception.”

    He cleared his throat, looking down to his wine glass, which he still held by the base of its stem and added, “Though, my interests are broad, but as you work here in Imperial Center, you know I sit on Appropriations. I’ve bounced around between both Budgetary and Ways and Means committees. I’m infamous in certain circles! This is all a matter of public record! I’d think you should know My interests! So where do they keep you in the Kuat office-buried under a pile of mechanical specifications and ledgers?” He tried not to look too obvious as he studied her face.

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