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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Jun 4, 2017.

  1. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Captain Malcovich of the Nebulon b,
    , his second, Mr. Ailes, Commander Aten Buro of the supply convoy’s rescue teams, Captain M’rissa Braun of the Galleon, Fortunata,Captain Wilform of the ISD Hidden Dagger, acting CO of Hidden Dagger’s main hangar bay, Commander Bond

    Location: a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    Chin poised on his upturned index finger, Malcovich blinked repeatedly with a brief, slightly bemused smile listening to “Prof. Skolnik’s” theatrical mispronunciation of his name. If circumstances had been different, he might even have given one of his short and dry laughs. He began to correct her, “That’s Malcov-”, but there was an audible click as the “research” vessel closed communication.

    “They’ve ended the connectio-” the communications officer announced anxiously.

    “Ya, think?!” countered Malcovich, testily.

    “Sir, that’s no research vessel, I think we have some leads on a possible ident-”

    Not bothering to turn to the XO, Malkovich ended the “discussion” on the bridge, “At this point, Mr. Ailes, it doesn’t matter. We are dealing with two sets of hostiles and we have our own men away on rescue of “Dagger’s” survivors. We’re outgunned as far as our “friends” believe. I’m advising we all start thinking otherwise -Communications, can you still reach our rescue units?”

    “Yes, Captain, though there is a lot of interference from radiation-”

    “Open a channel to all teams.” interrupted Malcovich.

    “Aye, Captain.”

    “Braun, Babbit?”

    Both captains answered, though they too were having difficulty transmitting as well. “These aliens do not seem, as yet, to be intercepting or understanding our transmissions. Or they have chosen to ignore our warnings. We’ve no idea of their capabilities, however, we do know those of our “researcher” convoy. Currently, we’ve no reason to believe the Aliens and “researchers” are collaborating. Professor Skolnik and company are packing quite too much heat for “bone diggers.” No, they’re here because of the galleon-no need or time to test the theory,” said Malcovich, waving a dismissive hand as he spoke in deliberate and patrician tone. “Babbit, you will protect the “Fortunata”, Braun, coordinate with the Soubise, Zandra, and your own staff to prepare to receive the survivors and the injured. You have administrators, engineers, and critical equipment necessary for reestablishing civil order on board, not to mention munitions and fuel. Stay out of the fray until and unless I order you in.” Both Babbit and Braun were clearly reluctant.

    “Sir, permission to speak, sir!” said Braun, her image leaning to her transceiver.

    Malcovich shook his head. “You are to deliver your supplies as ordered, Captain. Lives depend on your completing your task.”

    “But, sir, you just indicated that we need to be creative with our capabilities! We have the capacity to lend our own considerable sto-” protested Braun.

    “NO! You both have your orders.” said Malcovich resolutely. “In the case that you are needed, you may make preparation, but will hold back for now.”

    Reluctantly, Captains Braun and Babbit acknowledged and saluting, turned to dispatch their tasks as ordered.

    The rescue teams reported their arrival, finding the main hangar bay eerily quiet, though not for lack of survivors. The shields were operational enough to permit rescuers through, but not without nipping the last of the six shuttles responsible for ferrying the survivors off the Hidden Dagger as it rose into the the unusually dimly lit hangar bay.

    “The shields, including the magnetic containment field are showing signs of instability, but for now they are holding,” said Commander Aten Buro as he hoped down to the deck of the hangar and silently swore as the static all but obliterated Captain Malcovich’s questioning reply. As if to emphasize the verity of the Commander’s report, the shields at Hidden Dagger’s hangar bay shimmered and crackled as the energy producing them was momentarily interrupted.

    Looking up from his com and directing his personnel to gather information from the deck officer, if they could locate him or her, the leader of the rescue teams watched several officers approach, crossing the flight deck with nervous alertness and the fierce attention of those urging themselves out of shock, lines of tension etched either side of their mouths, eyes intense, and brows furrowed. They spoke quickly. Troopers surrounded them, weapons ready, though they were waved to stand down as the greeting party made contact with their would be rescuers.

    Above them, the iconic TIE fighters could be seen lined neatly in their racks, swaying subtly and squeaking lightly, but their cranes were silent. In fact, much of the machinery that habitually hummed in an ISD’s hangar was shut down. On the deck, the survivors seemed to have organized themselves into divisions of labor and were trying to access power, while others were already reaching out to other parts of the ship, assessing the damage and state of Dagger’s systems and crew.

    After exchanging perfunctory salutes and a brief summation of what had transpired and the status of crew and ship, Buro signaled he was reporting back to his Captain. Scanning the bay as he continued to speak over his comlink, the Commander relaid to Malcovich, “They have communicated with a small group of officers in the bridge tower, but the transmission was very weak and there is confusion about the status of the main bridge.” Apparently, the bridge had been compromised with an explosion and while the officers would not confirm it, it was rumored that Captain Wilform and nearly all on the Bridge might be lost.

    “Have you been able to determine what happened to the Dagger?” asked Captain Malcovich.

    “We cannot seem to find anyone who knows what exactly took place. There was a series of internal explosions that disabled communications, damaged environmental systems, and made the ship’s mainframe erratic. They still have partial shields-Sir, they wish to know what’s happening outside? What do we tell them?”

    Malcovich blinked as he looked out of the viewport. “Tell them that we are facing two hostile groups: one of unknown capabilities and intents and the other, a particularly well armed group of rebels. They need to organize, assess weapons, and bring them online, manned and ready for orders.”

    “Aye, sir,” said the Commander and then he asked, “Sir?”

    “Yes, Commander Buro?” The war had taken a lot of the experienced staff and Buro was like many-young and inexperienced.

    “I’ve just been told, there was no alert to general quarters before the first explosions.”

    The holos of Babbit and Braun flickered on the small transceiver held next to Malcovich. Babbit made to speak but was silenced as Malcovich began to put some of this puzzle into place in his mind. “Prep your second, Commander,” said Malcovich, somberly, get your command center online ASAP. You’ve been sent coordinates for any craft with hyperspace capabilities that you can make operational and load with survivors. We have limited cover to provide. You’ll need to scramble fighters from the Dagger to give additional support while survivors make the jump to Brentaal IV’s Tavuu Base on Rahdi.

    “Aye, Captain, sir! Much of the power is off-line in the main Hangar bay, but we’re already working on it, sir. Flight Commander Bond-he’s acting CO in the bay. He’s organized survivors and they have a hacker whose been working on rerouting communications and reaching controls for environmental, shield, gunnery, and general engineering, but she’s run into some dead ends. Apparently, the communications array has been damaged.”

    Malcovich peered intently into the dark, “Dagger shows no signs of damage to the array on the exterior! There are no credible theories as to what happened?”

    “No sir, beyond the series of explosions within the ship, no one knows.” said Commander Atten Buro. “However, there’s been a measure of success using the MSE-6 droids in locating other survivors and routing commands to the ship’s mainframe. The CAG was on the bridge and her second was joining her when the explosions occurred, that’s when Flight Commander Bond stepped up and began coraling those in the main hangar bay. As more are able to report, we should get more information. Apparently, we arrived not long after the explosions occurred. The Hidden Dagger was under weigh, just before when they decanted unexpectedly from hyperspace and made it to the waypoint using subluminals...Pardon, Sir...Bond tells me, Lord Vader...his Majesty, the Emperor was aboard Hidden Dagger before she saw combat at Muunilist and there is tale of an enemy agent discovered and taken out aboard the “Dagger.”

    The Captain lifted his brow and quickly glanced around his bridge and then asked in a low voice, “Anything to substantiate that?”

    The Commander could be heard speaking with someone briefly before answering, “There is a sealed capsule in the hold, and the ship’s logs will verify that Lor-his Majesty was aboard.”

    Malcovich nodded and responded,”The explosions were all internal, I gather....poorly timed, they were detonated late. Hidden Dagger did not have the means to avoid collision with that alien rock-ship. There were no escape pods deployed previous to our arrival-there should have been a debris field if there had been a significant confrontation, but there isn’t. Commander Buro, their escape pods have not yet launched and I believe there are enemy agents aboard the smaller alien vessel attached to the bow. Look sharp! Send a coded alert, shipwide. Dagger is being boarded- ”

    Just as the words left Malcovich’s lips, point-light flashes emanated from the Hidden Dagger’s forward surface. Small bullet-shaped pods began to deploy, as if plugs bursting out of a fermenting sack of berries.

    Zandra’s communications officer called excitedly, “Captain, sir, we seem to be receiving a distress call from aboard the Hidden Dagger!”

    “Play it!” said Malcovich watching the pods align to a particular vector. “Sensors, take note of the vector on those escape pods. Research possible destinations and bring tractors online, prepare to pull those that founder in the “drink” aboard the Zan-”

    Just then, a meteoric ball of bright molten light intercepted one of the pods and immediately seemed to sizzle it’s way into the small escape vehicle and intrigued and shocked, the Captain watched the pod flicker as it stopped forward motion and hung in the dark of space for a brief second before exploding as the internal systems caused the solar ion engines fuel accelerator to malfunction. Soon a hail of bright molten balls streaked from the larger alien ship towards the pods.

    “Inform Commander Buro we've been contacted by survivors -specifically Stormtrooper Lance Corporal Jo Owen's. We haven't been able to detect whence he's transmitting. Further, escape pods were launched from Hidden Dagger’s forward-most compartments. All have been destroyed by enemy fire. They have not fired on the Dagger. I suspect because the enemy craft stuck in the bow is disabled as well. You and Bond need to get weapons up and ready. Those responsible for the explosions may yet be among the survivors and will soon be joined by more of their ilk, if my hunch is correct. The Dagger is being boarded....”

    “Sir, that larger ship appears to be targeting the Zandra...”

    Navigation reported, “Moving out of range...”

    “Assuming we know what that range is.” said Malcovich, under his breath to his second, “Mr. Ailes, have Braun and Babbit, move as per the coordinates we are sending them...”

    Meanwhile, on the command bridge of the Hidden Dagger...

    “Captain Wilform! Sir?”

    “I’m able, Lieutenant.” said the Captain with a cough and pushing himself up from the deck and, with the aid of the young navigator, Wilform stood himself up, blood obscuring his vision.

    “Sir, you’ve a bad gash. The Captain’s injured; we need a medic,” called the young officer.

    Wilform coughed again and waved at the acrid smoke that hung in a thick veil all around.

    The Captain of the Hidden Dagger barely had time to ask for a status report, when he realized just how badly damaged the bridge was from the explosion. Many of the stations’ consoles were dark, some were nothing but melted metal and sparking conduits.

    “One at a time,” said Wilform as all spoke at once to inform their Captain of the new arrivals, the convoy, the aliens, and another group of armed ships and he preceded to grasp their situation. Leaning on the navigator’s shoulders, Wilform stepped toward the viewport. The rock-like ship glowed still and was lodged securely in the bow were Wilform recalled it has stuck just as they decanted.

    “We have some functions back. Engineering was able to reroute power to critical systems, but communications are patchy at best...” said the young navigator.

    “Gunnery, are systems responding?” growled the Captain.

    The answer was a partial positive, but targeting was not quite reliable.

    “Do we have tractors?” shouted Wilform.

    “No, sir! Well, ventril, midships...yes, main hangar” came the faltering answer.

    “Look sharp! Tractor that “space trash” off my bow!”

    “...we’re getting all sorts of chatter, Sir,,,we’ve been boarded-support from supply convoy...wait...there’s ...weapons fire, level 3, general stores, sir...”

    The general alarm lights stopped and there was a squeal and a mounting throm as lights around the bridge came on. The crew collectively began to give vent to their relief, but the Captain cautioned all to quiet. ”Dim these lights!” he snapped, turning to his Tactical Officer, Wilform asked, “We lay as we are. Let them think we are ‘dead in the drink?”

    As the TO was about to reply in the affirmative, a hollow metal groan and a slight shudder passed through the decking. Then, came a distant scuffling. It passed momentarily, only to be replaced by the quiet and next to Wilform, the XO turned to look quizzically at the Captain. “That sounds uncomfortably like vrelts...”

    Wilform smirked at the Corellian XO’s comment and added, “With a penchant for travel? This is a clean ship, Commander, but they might have stowed away some were in stores and were driven out by the explosions...” said Wilform quietly, shaking his head and seeming to stop himself as a small rodent did run out of a hole in the port side pit and on towards the back of the bridge.

    “My gut tells me that that alien carcass in the hold is not all there is to the enemy.”

    Reaching into his pocket, Wilform fished out a data card. “Ailes, I want you personally to get the contents of this card to whomever’s in command of the supply convoy. It’s encrypted and directed to Lord Vader. Tell them to transmit it to his Majesty, immediately.”

    The XO acknowledged and saluting turned to find what, if any transmission could be made, Wilform called, “Com ops!”

    “Aye, Captain. We’ve reached someone in the main hangar ba-”

    “Sir, forward escape pods have deployed!”

    All stopped in surprise to watch the forward escape pods deploy and one by one just as quickly, the pods were all subsumed by enemy fire, the like of which they had never before seen. Stunned, the bridge strobed in a red, for some of the sensors had come back on line. Flashes of fiery light reflected on the bulkheads as the uninjured among the bridge crew witnessed in silent shock the swift decimation of all the escape pods.

    Tag: @Ominous, @Corellian_Outrider
  2. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    General Praetorian Darkeyes - Supreme Commander of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Captain Galen of the Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser Storm’s Eye, the Dreadnaught’s escort of four CR90 Corvettes and two MC30c frigates, Titan’s Fist and Destroyer’s Nightmare

    The CIC aboard the Storm’s Eye lit up brightly as if someone had increased the lighting ten-fold in the room. The intense light came from outside the ship’s view-port causing Torian and Captain Galen to squint.

    “What the hell was that?!?” Torian asked with surprise.

    Captain Galen went over to the main board that tracked all external visuals. She watched the screen intently as she had the technician replay the video of the anomaly.

    She looked up from the screen, “General it would seem that the damaged ISD attempted to launch escape pods but they were destroyed by the larger organic ship. It looks like we are now facing two hostile, I repeat two hostile groups.”

    She walked back over to him and quietly stated, “I believe we should go to battle stations and end this ruse with the Imperials. No doubt they will believe that we are a research group with this much fire-power.”

    He nodded his agreement.

    “Captain!” the technician excitedly yelled. “It appears that the larger organic anomaly is going after one of the Imperial escort ships!”

    Galen turned back to her ship’s crew. “Battle stations! Shields up. Notify the rest of the fleet we are at condition RED. Have the CR90s fly in Delta pattern. Launch a fighter squadron but keep them reeled in around the fleet. I don’t want to provoke the Imperials or these new hostiles.

    Torian sat back and watched his Captain execute her job with precision and poise. Looking at her, he pointed to a place in the CIC where he would be out of the way. She nodded her agreement and went back to her duties.

    “Comms, get me an open channel to Captain Malcovich.”

    “Aye Captain, opening comms now.” He nodded to his captain that it was done.

    Galen took a deep breath. “Captain Malcovich. This is Captain Galen of the of the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Storm’s Eye. I am speaking on behalf of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.”

    Torian leaned forward in his chair and listened intently. Don’t FUBAR this Captain? He thought in his head. Captain Galen looked back at the Supreme Commander and nodded, almost as if she knew what he was thinking. The General was taken aback by the gesture and even grunted a laugh. You got balls Captain! Big ones!

    She continued, “With all due respect, I’d like to inform you that I upgraded our condition to RED due to the attack on your escape pods. We do not wish to engage you in hostilities.” At this time. She said in her mind. “I suggest we communicate further over a secure line as no doubt there are others listening in.”

    She motioned to the comm. officer to shut off the open line. “Is it offline?”

    “Yes Captain.”

    Torian spoke first, “Think this will work?”

    She turned back to the General and coolly stated. “We just witnessed what these hostiles can do to the Empire. There is no doubt that the same could happen to us. However, if we combine our strength, we have a better chance of defeating this unknown threat. More importantly there are no known records of this hostile in the Imperial or Republican databases. We may have just discovered a bigger and more aggressive threat than the Empire. Hopefully this Captain Malcovich is not so arrogant that he gets his whole crew killed.” Then we came out here for nothing.

    Her tone changed to a more friendly tone. “If they agree to allow us to assist them and we defeat this threat and save their skins, maybe, just maybe they give us what we want for helping them out.”

    Torian uncrossed his arms, “And what if they don’t agree to give up the contents of the galleon?”

    She didn’t hesitate, “Then we’ll have to just forcibly take it.” That is if we're all still alive.

    TAG: Captain Malcovich, Captain M’rissa Braun, Captain Babbit and crews of the Zandra - EF76 Nebulon B escort, Fortunata - Star Galleon freighter, and Soubise - EF76 Nebulon B escort, Jerrod-Lennox: Commander Xi Lian of the Roi’k chuun m’arh frigate, Flames of Death and Commander Cha’Gara of the Yorik stronha, Sacrificial Honour; Corellian_Outrider: Survivors of the Hidden Dagger
  3. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    ~IC~ Colonel Wullf Yularen, Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    “Your pardon, Lord Vader, Colonel, it seems there is a matter requiring my immediate attention. I will ensure my return is momentary.” Thrawn had asked to be excused.

    The Emperor paused for a moment his gaze shifting, as he searched Thrawn’s image, still finding the piercing red gaze enigmatic, cool, and utterly closed to discovery. Anakin sighed, not bothering with the obvious omission on the Grand Admiral’s part and he nodded in assent while he wrestled with his anger at Sabe and the HNN debacle.

    Really?, he thought, as his ire began to peek, There IS emotion, yet there is peace. Ignorance-oh yes! Yet, there is knowledge. There is and must be passion, yet serenity is the stillness beyond joy and anger I seek. In stillness, there is the harmony which is boundless and unfettered by the smallness of our chaos, unclaimed by death. Let the will of the Force pervade my instance.... Anakin had closed his eyes to focus, but the holo from the Chimaera flickered briefly, catching his attention and he opened his eyes to see Thrawn’s image beginning to striate and replace the ISD’s famous emblem.

    “Regarding the patrol craft carrying the Naboo leadership,” Yularen started. “Shall we accept them-” He was interrupted by the holo.

    That certainly was momentary and true to his word, as always, Thrawn had returned!

    The image flickered back, Thrawn’s presence had returned. “Forgive the disruption. There has been a development at Naboo in which I believe you gentlemen should be privy. If you don’t mind, I’ll have Captain Dorja fill you in.”

    “Yes, Grand Admiral. Please! Have him patched in. Let’s hear what the Captain has to say,” replied Anakin glancing to Yularen and then back to Thrawn’s image in the holo. The light flickered and then began to shimmer as another figure appeared, posture straight, arms folded behind his back, impeccable as always-Captain Dorja. His eyes widened a fraction as he regarded the new Emperor and the Colonel. He awaited to be addressed.

    “Captain Dorja, Colonel Yularen, Director of ISB is privy to much of the matters concerning the Naboo and you may speak freely as per Grand Admiral Thrawn’s direction. We do not have time for all the etiquette protocol requires. Grand Admiral,” prompted the Emperor, gesturing toward Thrawn and Dorja’s images.

    Thrawn gave a subtle nod and Colonel Yularen acknowledged Dorja with a brief gesture.

    Dorja’s posture became even more rigid, bracing himself as he addressed everyone. “My Lord, Colonel, Grand Admiral, I’ll keep to the keynotes. Shortly after the departure of the Chimaera from the Naboo System. An evacuation alert was given to the population by the Governor and Naboo’s planetary shields were activated. Concurrently, we had intercepted partial transmission with the Capital regarding the Imperial assets in orbit. Concerned as to their intentions, I issued a planetary wide jamming to prevent further escalation.”

    The Captain kept his voice crisp and clear. “While we attempted to get a secure line to our forces on the planet, we maintain jamming of transmissions. Then we received contact from Defence Minister Nacluv. It was regarding the planetary shields and the call for evacuation. He claims that he was in the dark about the situation, that he had been deliberately excluded from matters regarding the defence of the planet. He had requested communications with the Queen, hoping she was in possession of a copy of a dossier belonging to the… late-emperor…a dossier, taken from his retreat on Naboo by agents of Naboo Secret Service by order of the NSS Director Deesch. Minister Nacluv says that he believes in order to correct the course of misguided and what he considers provocative actions taken by Governor Eicester and the Council, he requested the dossier in Eicester’s possession be released to Nacluv and those outside of the Council to resolve this matter peacefully. The Council are too “hot” to represent calmly as they believe we are present over destroy the planet!”

    Anakin turned to Colonel Yularen, who stood with datapad in hand, taking notes as he listened to the Captain of the Relentless

    Wetting his bottom lip, Anakin could feel a cool burn flood his irises. Something about being the heart...the crystal...He extended into the Force and felt the frame of that chair he’d wanted to kick earlier, now, in his grasp. It was as fragile as a dried leaf in his mind’s grasp and it was with satisfaction that he felt it give and begin to crumple. Yet, eyes widening, he felt that cool burn seep alarmingly easily further, and finding the chair levitated before him, he set it down, now looking less a functional piece of furniture than a work of whimsical art. Blinking, he expelled a pent-up breath.

    His back to the holo images, for a moment, shoulders flexing and unflexing, Anakin expelled a heavy sigh and ran a hand through his hair before turning to calmly address Dorja and Thrawn. ”Nacluv should have been the one to inform the Governor if there was any need for these actions. They claim superior knowledge with this dossier...yet, even if it proves to be Palpatines’ “voice beyond the grave, he is dead and “I” am Emperor, now!

    Colonel Yularen lowered his datapad and interjected into the tense silence, “Ahem...So our suspicions may very well prove true! Eicester and possibly Director Deetsch, as well as members of the Naboo Council are acting on their own accord. Not only did they not consult the military advisor, but it would appear they suppressed information and gag-ordered his staff. That is, of course, if Nacluv is to be believed,” said the Colonel, his patrician voice inflected up along with one silver-white brow.

    “I noted during the conversation that one of the Council had been protesting with the discussion between us… who was he… Councilman Poliforous. Nacluv wanted the person as a witness… whether it was staged or not… I try to keep objective with the facts, I cannot attest to Nacluv’s intentions or determine whether it was in fact the Defense Minister with whom I spoke- the communication was via audio alone.” Dorja added. “It could be a stall, a ploy to distract. However, if it was Nacluv and he is to be believed, he desired a peaceful close to matter and no need expending valuable resources over a matter which can be solved through better communication!”

    “Understandable,” commented Thrawn, who stood arms crossed, brow gathered in thought. ”If I may, my Lord, whether his intentions may be gleaned or not, at present, authenticating Nacluv's voice is easily done-he is a public figure. I took the liberty of having the recording Captain Dorja made compared with archived samples in Chimaera’s database. As to motives and agency, that will have to be tested out later. For now, he is the least inflammatory means of reaching our Imperial forces behind that shield.

    Thrawn stood waiting. It was so silent in the office, the distant sound of the eternal traffic grid around the Senate complex could be heard as a quiet hiss. “Consider: If, as you point out, Eicester and the Council are acting independently, it is likely that in addition to their agenda, they hope to discredit the Defense Minister in the eyes of the Naboo. But given the actions taken and halted on Coruscant by the Naboo and the HNN commentator, it is hardly a stretch to say that our maneuvers were construed toward generating unrest-a subversive tactic which effects were meant to be felt far beyond whatever internal struggles are definitely being waged on Naboo.”

    Interrupting himself, Thrawn's glistening red eyes glanced down momentarily before he stated adjunctly, ”There is a 93% match with an acceptable 7 % margin of error. The error was due to distortion caused by the poor quality of the transmission. It was, indeed, Yomen Nacluv and not an impersonator, human or droid. The inflections and expressiveness of the voice are not easily replicated by droids.”

    “Well and good it is to have positive confirmation that we are indeed dealing with the Defence Minister. However, we are overlooking a key factor; there is the matter of his request! What is this dossier of which he speaks? Why or how should that be given to him and what are the ramifications?” concluded Thrawn, the soft inflections of his well modulated voice hanging in the air like the knell of a warning bell.

    TAG: to be continued
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  4. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Yes, the dossier, which contents were purported to have convinced the Naboo Council that the 7th fleet was ordered to exact a base delta zero strike to their planet, it was stated as being at the core of the decision to raise planetary shields by Governor Eicester and the Council. However, it was hardly “reaching” for Anakin to infer, this yet unseen “dossier” was also behind the attempt to force the Emperor to “confess” the alleged standing order to the public! Sabé’s words would certainly confirm some part of the conjecture. However, as Thrawn pointed out, as yet, the authenticity of the dossier’s contents or, indeed, it’s existence were in question.

    Anakin’s mind raced. /Sabé could not have launched this plot, much less conceived it to be anything but disastrous. She didn’t board that ship, as she knew that "escape" was bound to fail horribly; the ship might hide for a time, but its registration and essential information would be gleaned and the errant ship destroyed or captured before ever again leaving Coruscant. Did Sabé have no prior knowledge of the Flarestar? She had to know of the intended use for the altered tower. A ship was meant to be hidden in the space and why hidden? The ship departed without her. A decoy? For what? No! Those crewing the ship were not Naboo! But someone had to know. And if the accusation is correct that there was or is a standing order, why and how was it directed? Am I looking at the person to whom it was directed?/, he thought, brow furrowed in frustration and concern. Slowly lifting slimming eyes to Thrawn, Anakin spoke aloud, letting go the tension in his face and in his voice, “The timing is you said, Grand Admiral, someone “inside” had to know and facilitate, had to be ready. Yet, with regard to the Flarestar, how could they...” Anakin’s voice trailed off as the kernel of a thought occurred to him, making him pause briefly before completing the question, “anticipate your fleet movements...or was it a matter of opportunity...?” Then to Yularen, the Emperor said, “I rely on you, Colonel, to speed this investigation forward.”

    TAG: Thrawn, Dorja, Yularen
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  5. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @pashatemur for these series of posts. There is more content on the way so stay tuned.

    ~IC~ Colonel Wullf Yularen, Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Yularen’s gaze moved from the crumpled chair and back to the young Emperor’s face. “Of course, your Majesty.” He said without skipping a beat, his expression impassive.

    The holographic form of the Grand Admiral blinked and tilted his head in a subtle nod to Anakin. “Indeed! And, have the Naboo anticipated the endgame of the manoeuvres? Or are they merely witnessing and construing it, as they will, to dramatic effect?” He quietly queried, hands at his back, giving what closely approximated a sigh, and appearing to tuck his chin slightly.

    "A pattern does seem to reveal itself in the dealings of the Naboo in the recent weeks, that rather suggests a duplicity. What was to be gained by disclosing Dondarian for a Jedi over an unsecured channel, one of several reasons that brought the Seventh fleet to Naboo in the first place? It did create rather a distraction in the subsequent feeding frenzy and served to thrust a public and deleterious light upon the Admiralty, and thus, the Empire.”

    “However, if I may ask...” Thrawn inclined his head “In order to resolve the matter taking place on Naboo, what do you propose should be done? What should Captain Dorja be enabled to do in the name of the Emperor?”

    TAG: Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa
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  6. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OCC: Thanks are due to Corellian_Outrider, for so much, and mostly your kindness and ever ready assistance and advice. Thank you for your finely wrought characters, talent, and art...consideration... It's a rather long list!

    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Captain Dorja of the ISD, Relentless

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    “Nacluv must have loyalty amongst the Naboo Defense Force. However, to pit his force against the civil government would not be in line with the Naboo identity, thus, I believe he would avoid that course. The Council and Governor would find his attempts at diplomacy, an abuse of authority, a misappropriation of power-as well they should. This very moment, they are likely putting together the necessary means to have Nacluv arrested and effectively silenced.-and all this is known to Nacluv. Those planetary shields are likely to remain up unless the Queen issues a fiat overruling the Council. Even then, with the public, including the Governor and Council, effectively shut off from outside news and revelations,they could be easily manipulated and remain under the sway of this misguided Governor, and the Imperial forces there, at the mercy of the Governor’s will. The longer Naboo “holds its breath,” the more likely, this event is to spread new discord, and pressing Imperial will toward extreme prejudice and therefore undermining my reforms and ultimately, my authority.” said the young Emperor with grave restraint, his summation coming out in cool, quiet but, for Anakin, quick syllables.

    “Therefore, Captain Dorja, time is of the essence, contact Nacluv immediately-he is our only means of turning this impasse around and getting those shields down before this matter escalates further. We must reach Imperial agents on Naboo. Direct Defence Minister Nacluv to contact Imperial Administration and allow them access to you. He’ll want some tangible assurance of our intentions. For now, I see no other choice, but to accept Nacluv, and indeed the Governor and Council at face value. Nacluv may retain his witness during all communications. Imperial Consul is to be assisted by the Naboo Defence in acquiring the dossier and it is to be transmitted to me directly. The Minister and Consul will have viewing privileges after I have reviewed it. The shield must come down and civil order restored. The general alarm is to be ended. There will be no arrests, pending investigation. Have all but your ship withdraw to geosynchronous orbit out of range of Naboo.”

    Dorja took a second before responding. “All our ships are still maintaining their flight path, which is within the parameters for a geosynchronous distance from the planet.”

    “Well out of strike range!”-a statement on the Emperor’s part, but testing and Anakin looked to the Grand Admiral expectantly.

    TAG: Thrawn, Dorja, Yularen
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    Game Masters Approved.

    Name: Queen Kirstine of Bakura
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28 Species: Human
    Home world: Bakura
    Affiliation: None yet but her distaste for the Empire and the rule of her world that was taken from her grows.
    Personality ---Traits: cold, regal, believes she is better that those around her
    Likes: to be pampered and feared, power
    Dislikes: People who are not royal blood, she finds non blue bloods distasteful.
    Habits: Drinks when stressed, clicks her nails together.
    Skin Color: fair
    Hair Color: blonde
    Eye Color: blue
    Clothing: Gowns - expensive
    Other Attributes: Long nails and wears lots of gold. Big sapphire necklace.
    Weapons: none Starship: Royal Transport
    Name: Bakuran Pride
    Class: IR-3F-class light frigate
    Hyper drive Class: 1
    Weapon(s): 4 turbolaser turrets
    Shields: yes ---Crew: 11
    Passenger(s): 10
    Max Cargo (kg): 180 metric tons
    Interior Description: Includes the luxuries for the Bakuran Royal Family to travel safely and in comfort.
    Other Details: Silver with gold trim exterior. Modified to have a hyperdrive installed.
    The Force ---Sensitivity: nope Biography
    Personal History: Arranged marriage, Parents alive but in retirement - she was supposed to have an heir to the throne, but that is never going to happen. She has lost her power and rule to the Empire's new rule.
    Military History: none
    Traumatic Experiences: Forced to marry a man, when she prefers women
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    OCC: Tora! Tora! Tora! And Thank you to those of you who beta-ed and advised.

    IC: Captain Malcovich of the Nebulon b, Zandra, his second, Mr. Ailes, Commander Aten Buro of the supply convoy’s rescue teams and the acting CO of Hidden Dagger’s main hangar bay deck, Commander Bond

    Location: a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    Molten balls of fire streaked across the blackness of space toward the Zandra.

    Sensors tripped alarms as the command to raise shields vied with navigation and communications, and Lance Corporal Owens’ plea sounded thinly under the thromb and hew of the strobing call to general quarters: "CQ CQ, This is L..ce Corp.... Jol Owens, of the ...... Dagger, seeking anyone out there, ..peat, Lance Corp-----s of the ---- .eeking anyone out there. ----- reading this, --- suffered severe casualties, . survivors -- mortal danger. ---- send ..scue immediately… location are at the..."

    Then there was a brief quiet before the plasma splashed the energy shields of the Nebulon-b, bursting like toxic flowers in orange, red, and white-hot yellow.

    Report sounded from Sensors, "Shields holding," and opened a conflagration of reports and activity on Zandra's bridge.

    Malcovich shot commands all around the bridge and had the plasma emitting tubules from the larger alien "rock-ship" targeted and gunnery to take them out. If they could destroy the alien craft's weapons and keep them distracted for a while, the rescue teams had a chance. For unlike the Nebulon-B frigates, the rescue transports did not have the same shielding capabilities.

    "Comm!" said Malcovich, raising his voice above the ambient noise of combat and the general alarm, "Try to reconnect with the Lance Corporal and keep trying Hidden Dagger's bridge. Sensors?"

    "Aye, Captain, sir!"

    "Can you get a fix on Owens' location?" Malcovich asked.

    "Not yet, sir!"

    Malcovich breathed out hard, although to those nearest, it sounded like a nice round curse. “Keep at it!”

    "Sir, communication from the "research" vessel."

    "Put them through!" said Malcovich in irritation, as report of shield status warned that the barrage of plasma balls was wearing them down and he wondered to Mr. Ailes, how long the aliens could keep this up and noted that they did not seem to be targeting the Hidden Dagger or the more distant newcomers, the “research team.” Were they out of range?

    “Captain Malcovich. This is Captain Galen of the of the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Storm’s Eye. I am speaking on behalf of the Alliance to Restore the Republic...With all due respect, I’d like to inform you that I upgraded our condition to RED due to the attack on your escape pods. We do not wish to engage you in hostilities...I suggest we communicate further over a secure line as no doubt there are others listening in.”

    "Agreed, Professor," said Malcovich with a small rye smile, ",” said Malcovich silencing his side of communication with the rebel Captain. He turned to the waiting communications officer and nodded, commanding, "Secure Channel," not bothering to suggest to Galen, his hunch that the aliens did not seem particularly well versed in basic, thus far.

    Ailes spoke up quickly beside the Captain, "Sir, the research ves...Storm's Eye, and attending ships have released fighters."

    Malcovich exchanged a dark look with his second, as he reopened the line to say to Galen, "Yes, Professor, I see you are indeed gone to condition RED. You have something to relate?"

    "Lance Corporal Owens - we had him, but there’s too much chatter. " said communications, even as they switched to secure channel with the rebel captain.

    Zandra’s Sensors officer spoke, as well, "We have Owens’ location on the Hidden Dagger-starboard bow, level 20, in general stores. "

    "Excuse me, Captain, " said Malcovich. "Get that info to Commander Buro and to Hidden Dagger's bridge when you make contact.” Then, he returned his attention back to Captain Galen. "Profess-Captain? You were saying?"

    Aboard Hidden Dagger there was a subtle squeal and quiet drumming that could be heard over the business of gaining control and power in the vast hangar. Suddenly the dimness and strobing emergency lights were replaced by a blinding brightness, as lights in the bay came back on line and the TIE cranes groaned, now flush with power.

    “Sir, starboard hangar port tractor’s been engaged,” came a call from across the landing deck.

    The acting Deck Commander looked up in surprise at Commander Buro, both wondering what was being tractored.

    “I can’t imagine, but if power is going to the tractor and it is receiving commands, then we can follow that route back to the bridge and get communication through that way,” said Commander Bond.

    Buro and Bond turned to reach communications in the deck’s control room, weaving quickly through the increasing number of Hidden Dagger’s survivors that had made their way to the main hangar, some, clearly survivors of the explosions that had knocked systems off line as the Dagger decanted from hyperspace.

    Pilots were beginning to make it to the TIEs and transports which were now being loaded with survivors, Buro having issued Malcovich’s command that survivor’s be directed to the relatively nearby Brentaal IV’s Tavuu Base on Rahdi.

    A young communication’s officer pushed after the two to call,“Commander Buro, we received communication from the Zandra, sir. Captain says they can’t yet reach Dagger’s bridge, but to tell them that survivors on 20 deck general stores, starboard bow have made contact with Zandra. There seems to be active armed melee there.”

    Meanwhile, on Hidden Dagger’s bridge...

    The crew had pulled the casing off of many of the control consoles and were working quickly to regain control of ship’s systems. Lights dimmed and occasionally flickering, it was hard going. However, the Captain encourage the crew and having regained some power and control, they worked diligently.

    Wilform patted the console where he stood. “C’mon old girl, pull yourself together!”

    Excitedly, communications called,“Captain, sir, we’re getting report from main hangar....”

    The grutchin capsules having been deployed, there would be scarce time to gather the two spies’ compiled data. Clearly, that would be all to analyze once the grutchins had consumed this mechanical ship. Each warrior knew, it would not be the infidel alone against which they must fend; soon enough, they would have to battle their own weapons.

    As quickly as the front guard squeezed through the rift in the abomination that was the infidel’s ship, the remaining four of the Yorik Strohna’s crew pressed forward against those ahead, for their ship suddenly rocked in its death throes. The atmosphere inside was rapidly being expended and the conduit by which they were crossing over was rapidly losing its connection to the hull of the infidels’ ship, sloughing away, as the life seeped from their own ship.

    Too late, for the last two large crew members, made all the more so by their crab-like armour to make it through to the Hidden Dagger, the Sacrificial Honour lurched backward and self-sealed as it was pull from the hull of the ISD. The two remaining warriors realized, all too well, they were now sealed within the sarcophagus the Honour was becoming, its dovin basal wilting, and the light greying, the ship faltering and acutely upended, as some force was pulling it out and down from the infidel ship’s bow. Struggling as the environmental conditions deteriorate, trying to hold onto whatever “handle” they could, and conserving their breath, their blood would soon begin to yield to the depressurization. Fluids would be drawn from their bodies and boil on their tongues. The telltale pinpricks of bursting capillaries began to increase, each seeing in the other’s eyes, the resulting spreading black stain, as surface vessels began to seep blood.

    TAG: @Ominous, @Corellian_Outrider

    General Praetorian Darkeyes - Supreme Commander of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Captain Galen of the Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser Storm’s Eye, the Dreadnaught’s escort of four CR90 Corvettes and two MC30c frigates, Titan’s Fist and Destroyer’s Nightmare, Lance Corporal Owens on Hidden Dagger
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    ~IC~ Riyo Chuchi
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Ms Regina Weiss-Hexa seemed like a pleasant person. A former or current associate to the Prince of Alderaan, though there was something about the eyes which felt familiar to Riyo. Maybe it was the colour… or the kindness.

    “Yes, Bail and I go way back,” Weiss-Hexa had said. “We have some catching up to do about old friends, one of whom I think I am seeing and I’m not sure I can trust my eyes-but tell me about your work, Senator.”

    Riyo kept her focus on Weiss-Hexa though noted how the lady was looking to Bail. Whenever she caught Bail's gaze, there was a twinkle in his eye. ’Oh, keep your secrets!’ Riyo mused to herself as she knew there was something more than meets the eye. She learnt to trust his reasonings for things, even though sometimes they do clash on some minor details but they always work things out.

    Riyo moistened her lips and set to respond when a gong rang out and silenced discussions to barely a murmur. The timing was a bit convenient. She looked to the sound and the wash of red fabrics from the clad Ursean dancers that streamed out and intersected the guests as the percussion and chanting started. Chuchi smiled as Bail lifted his daughter up to watch the graceful display. It was endearing how the young Princess was enthralled by it all.

    Riyo found herself studying the young Princess. The way her eyes concentrated in taking it all in, the delight on her face as she enjoyed the proceedings. Riyo found herself wondering if Breha was still here, what the Alderaanian Queen would think of all this. She felt a pang of guilt that Leia would not know her mother. Ever a gracious host at the parties she held, no doubt that Breha would be enjoying herself at this very moment with her family.

    Movement up on that dias commanded attention. Riyo's golden gaze focused on the figure entering the spotlight, garbed in silvery blue. The Empress has taken the stage. It was not hard for the Pantoran to see the figure not far off from the Empress’s side, a Togruta.

    Riyo’s teeth scraped over her bottom lip and glanced to her hands, clasped together over her abdomen. As much as she wanted to find out the true identity of the Togruta… there was always a chance of mistaken identity and she did not want to build up expectations and have them dashed by making a fool of herself when the time comes to meet.

    A soft voice quieted the atrium, and her gaze lifted back up and focused on the Empress as she addressed them all.

    TAG: Bail Organa, Leia Organa, Regina Weiss-Hexa, others nearby.
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    OOC: Thank you again, C_O for your help.

    IC: Regina Weiss-Hexa, Empress Marie-Celeste, quoted, Bail Organa, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Governor Arhinda Pryce
    Location: Senate Atrium

    Ms. Weiss-Hexa looked toward the stage, seemingly studying hard. Without turning to address Riyo, she nodded her head sideways and asked in a whisper, “There, on the dais. Is that the Jedi Padawan ....Ahsoka Tano?”

    Overhearing, Bail turned slightly to peer at both Weiss-Hexa and Riyo, looking to Riyo in particular, as if to say, “You see! It’s got to be her!” However, if it was Tano, he was clearly confused as to why she was there. However, the Empress began to address the crowd and the Atrium went from vociferous “aviary” to a stilled house. All looked to the single shimmer-clad figure standing at the lip of the dias, curious dark eyes surveying the crowd and though an Empress, hesitant at first and gesting to overcome her reticence.

    What could the ward of Palpatine have to say that was anything of difference? Yet, though Bail smirked, he listened and he could feel his daughter on his shoulder listening, perched as she was, above the general crowd.

    Regina Weiss-Hexa whispered to Bail, “Where’s Vader?”

    Bail shook his head and took in the expressions of those about their small group, and looked in the directions that some were looking. Clearly others were searching for the new Emperor, but there was no sign of the”monster,’ though his Empress was now launched into her speech. Her words were generally well chosen, but what a politician said and what a politician meant, were two different things. Though he could not deny that not everyone in the hall was the easy market for the recurring themes of her address-”unity,” “the good of all,”and “working together.” Yes, you people work together as slaves for the good of us who hold the power, he thought, but, in truth, he did not “feel” that sort of duplicity in the Ursean Empress. But then, successful liars were capable of appearing truthful. Hadn’t Palpatine been successful in that regard? Why wouldn’t his ward be so?

    Someone nearby scoffed quietly, “Celebrate the enemy’s sacrifices! It’s an insult!” Bail didn’t turn about, but Leia did and shushed whoever it was that spoke and Bail patted her legs.

    Ms Weiss-Hexa harrumphed as the Empress spoke of change, but then with knitted brow, pursed her lips and cast her eyes downward in thought. The soft-spoken Empress’ words turning round in her mind, “...change is the handmaid of time and time yields to none... When compared to the uncertainty of time to come, our former riches seem always to surpass the promises of the future. Who has not held fast to the ephemeral past as investment in a phantom... future...Let us not be like the miser at sea, grasping the weighted, painted and bass bouillon to our chests, never facing the reality of it’s fatal cost!...”

    “Change is the handmaid of time...” Weiss-Hexa repeated under her breath.

    Bail heard “Regina Weiss-Hexa” murmur something, but just then, another several voices spoke in low tones behind him, a woman’s cautious interjection, ”Interesting...I’m not familiar with this “miser at sea,” and then a very familiar male voice with the clipped and hard cultured sound of an Eriadu, “Really? Interesting? I suppose it was alright for an address to the Military Spouses’ Charitable Fund.” The Ursean was spinning wheels till Vader makes his appearance and the “Miser at sea”-a character of classical literature-a fool who clings to a chest of valuables for life raft and thus is dragged to a watery grave for his greed-look it up! Holes in your education betray your parochial upbringing. You want to go far? You had better improve upon your deficiencies, Arhinda!”

    Bail did not turn to get a look at this “Arhinda” who responded somewhat deflated in the affirmative to the man Bail knew to be Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

    “What was that?” asked Bail, looking round to the tall Weiss-Hexa and noting Orson Krennic to the right of their party. In fact, Bail and Krennac met eyes. Suddenly, Bail felt they were truly in a nest of vipers and he tried to neutralize the worry that threatened to creep across his brow with a quick smile.

    TAG: Chuchi, Weiss-Hexa, Leia, Krennec
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    IC Queen Kirstine of Bakura
    Location: Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium
    Thank you to Corellian Outrider for the guidance.

    Queen Kirstine of Bakura hated these functions, being forced to mingle with those who considered themselves of importance and those who had risen to power through good grace or in many cases, underhanded dealings. Turning from the Empress she began to scan the room for some kind of refreshment, preferably with alcoholic content. Something to wash away the distaste in her mouth and to soothe the anger in her soul.

    Spying a droid with a tray of drinks she raised her jeweled hand and snapped her fingers to get its attention. "Droid, here." she called, adding "Before I lose my decorum and speak words I may regret." in a muttered tone.

    Taking the nearest glass of something faintly blue and bubbling she almost downed it in one gulp. It did little to quell the rising frustration she felt at even being there, alone. Her husband, Kayden had sent word he would not make it, he was unduly detained. Another bitter pill she had to swallow. He'd told her before she'd left that he would be on the next transport, but she knew in her heart he'd find a way to avoid that, find a way to stay on Bakura, with her. She downed the remained liquid and began scanning for the droid again. In the last 10 standard years of this wretched war, she'd lost her title, her power and the affection of her husband although she suspected they never had the last. Arranged marriages tended to run that risk, not to matter really, she found the female form more appealing and that never suited her fathers plans. Finding the same droid she replaced the glass and took a second of similar content, this time sipping it, she had to retain some level of decorum in her surroundings. Numbing the disappointment and disbelief would wait for later in her chambers.

    TAG anyone.
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    OCC: A joint post between The Admiral and Pashatemur with mutual appreciation.

    IC: Jori, Duchess Atreides Corrino, Dennii, Lord Admiral James Xavier, and USF Captain Viggo Magnusson, Count Leijonhufvud och Magnusson af Gripsholm

    LOCATION: Coruscant, Senate Atrium, reception

    Viggo jerked as he saw the blond goddess give a perfunctory slap to her equally beautiful comrade. He'd seen how the one was now wobbly in her heels and he had come behind and in chivalry caught Dennii as she seemed to slip. That's when the slap came.

    He still supported Dennii's arm, but looked at the two, a little embarrassed to be accidentally included in the intimate drama.

    "I'm...I beg your pardon, miladies. I ...didn't mean to intrude. You..." he said to Dennii, "seemed to be having difficulty and I only meant to give you a hand."

    Jori managed to smile, though her blue eyes remained steely. Dennii murmured some form of thank you, but did not smile. She flinched from the touch.

    "Oh, don't worry, just some family drama." Jori said.

    "Of ...course," he said cocking his head to one side to meet Dennii's gaze, still gently supporting her arm, "Perhaps you'd like to sit and have some water."

    "No, no, please... I am fine, I am fine..."
    She wanted to get away fast.

    "Yes, well, then, have a lovely evening. I remain, your servant. I am Captain Viggo Magnusson, Ursean Security Forces, should you require assistance..." he doffed his tricorn hat and bowed cripsly to both with a click of his heels and saluted the Lord Admiral.

    "Pleasure making your acquaintance, I am duchess Jori Atreides Corrino, this bad mannered girl is my sister, Dennii, and this is Lord Admiral James Xavier."

    "Ah," said Viggo with a slight smile, though his whole aspect was reserved. "Dear Lady, I have intruded and I ask your pardon," he said to Dennii with a slight bow of his head, "Ms....Corrino." He tucked his hat under his left arm, and addressed the Lord Admiral. "Ah yes, Lord Admiral Xavier, so good to meet you. Much has been mentioned of your tactical suggestions and assistance. You were aboard one of the Imperial ships during the last battle. Good to make you acquaintance, sir." Then turning to the Duchess he said, "Your Grace," he bowed deeply now, "your beauty eclipses your repute."

    Jori saw the Lord Admiral open his mouth to say something in reply and she offered, before he could speak, "Thank you. You are most kind." She could see Dennii looking away.

    The moment continued to be an awkward one. People were recollecting into conversation groups and the orchestra could be heard in the hum of voices, to be tuning their instruments. He again tried excusing himself with a modicum of grace, "Not at all, I speak plain truth, Your Grace, but I am keeping you...."


    "Well, I’ll leave you to your own company and perhaps, you both can spare a dance..."

    "I would like to, unfortunately my sister needs some rest. So you will have to be satisfied only by my company."

    “Hardly, a grave sacrifice, Madame, Duchess, however, I shall sadly accept my loss of Ms. Corrino’s dance and happily look forward to Your Grace’s. Until later, then, milady,” said the Count bowing once more to take his leave for the time being, and likewise taking courtly leave of Dennii and Xavier, “Sad Miss, Lord Admiral.”

    Jori chuckled “Just to avoid confusion, Dennii is not a Corrino, she is an Atreides Sunwalker. I won’t bore you with the details about the Union families.” she walked with him rather than release him so easily.

    The Captain looked once more to the slapped girl and realized, she was a force sensitive. He lingered a moment and sensed a duality in her or nearby, as there seemed to exist another and distinctly different force signature, as if there was another force being there as well. He raised a brow, but was careful not to let his gaze be obvious. This Dennii was a morose and seemingly “lost” soul whose pain and grief seemed endless. It was wrenching, but he took his eyes away, again nodded in respect to the Lord Admiral and gave Jori his attention, giving a small smile to the disarmingly beautiful but diminutive Duchesse who stood several heads shorter than Magnusson.

    “Her Majesty has yet to take the floor,” said the Captain, leading the way. He gave a quick salute to a superior office of the USF and looking to Jori, he asked, “Did you enjoy the Kavalad?”

    Jori looked at him "Yes, very much, though my two stays were rather short, so was not able to see much."

    He chuckled and tossed his tricorn hat before him. “ meant tonight, and what did you think of the Reina’s address? I mean, of her Majesty, the Empress’ address?”

    The duchess smiled "Ah, I guess I am not that good at Basic then." she paused for a moment thinking about how to phrase her thoughts without offending "The address was suitable for the occasion."

    Viggo raised his brows and stuck his hat on a potted plant behind a bevy of Imperial officers who stood close by the lip of the dias. "Ohhh? How would you typify, dear...and most charming Grace?

    "The end of the long war and the restoration of peace."

    He laughed aloud and gestured, poking the air, "You, milady, are quite elusive. Life has been difficult for you, for it is clear, avoiding commitment and hiding your intent is something at which you are well practiced. I hope you will show me a portion of the face behind the mask! Come...I’d be surprised if the Empress does not choose an Ursean dance,” he commented with verve. “Are you game, Your Grace?”

    The duchess simply smiled enigmatically and said nothing. Being elusive was a second nature of the Union nobles. Some practiced doubletalk and even tripletalk, which meant to cover your true meaning in layers.

    Jori was well versed in most of the dance types common in the Republic, but was not familiar with the Ursean ones. That could prove … problematic as it can go either way. She can make a fool out of herself or learn it as she went. There would be mistakes for sure, but she had to find a way to present it in a positive way. “To be honest, I am not familiar with the Ursean ones, I guess you will have to lead me. I will try not to step on your toes… much.” she smiled sweetly.

    “Oh! Your Grace, I shall strive to teach you well, just step lightly. I would not want to have to end my dancing career due to an accident of leisure!” he teased with a dry smile.

    “At least it will be a pleasurable way to end it.” she teased back. Jori tried to hide her discomfort at the prospect, not that she did not enjoy dancing, just her position in the Union did not allow for much physical contact. Despite her nightly escapades, she was in character and the leader of the Union may not be touched. She stifled a sigh, there were things that she had to get used to. ‘Think about the other Jori, the normal girl.’ she thought.

    The speech ended and the Empress taking refreshment, the Atrium began to echo with the attendees exchanged opinions and refreshed greetings and Viggo looked about as the movement around them increased. “How are you finding your accommodations at the embassy, I hope hospitality has served our Ursean reputation?” he said trying to make a bit of small talk to bridge another silence between them as conversation was swallowed by the growing decibels.

    Jori at first did not register that he had been talking to her. She was observing the other guests, noting with whom she should exchange pleasantries and try to arrange a meeting, after all she was there for work, not pleasure. She also tried to gauge the mood of the attendees, every bit of information could prove useful. Maybe not now but in the long run. The duchess blinked as she turned to the man “Yes, it is well deserved, though I had been on Ursa twice. So not my first time.”

    “Ah, yes, I think I remember that. I was away both times or should have seen you. I make court functions regularly. My family are involved at Kavala. I have an Uncle in the Duma and my father is highly placed in the military council,” he volunteered, his grey-blue eyes cool though smiling. He made note of the Duchess’ panning gaze. “I wondered though, given the circumstances under which you were “invited” to Coruscant, how you were tolerating your “guided stay”,” he offered in deference to her semi-prescribed position as a mandated “guest.”

    The Empress was approaching the steps at the edge of the dais and a runner had gone to confer with the orchestra. Viggo pointed to the orchestra. “Looks like we are soon to commence the dance.”

    Jori chuckled “Having guided visits is something I am familiar with and under the circumstances is understandable.” She took note of what he had told her about his position, though she was not sure how this would help her.

    “Then you are prepared to answer to the Senate committee?” said Viggo leaning a bit closer.

    “Well since all of that is one big misunderstanding. I think it should go well.” She was not sure what to make of his leaning towards her.

    His smile still apparent, he nodded. “It’s good you are confident,” he said encouragingly. “On another subject entirely, you are a very beautiful woman-I hope my compliment does not make you uncomfortable. And I’m certain not to be the first to say so.”

    Jori didn't bat an eye “Well we are all rational beings and I am sure that we will reach an agreement.” Then smiled sweetly “Thank you, I appreciate your directness.”

    Viggo again raised a brow. “The political is the nature of more than one. To contain all within the realm of reason is like coraling Loth cats-but I don’t mean to tell you something with which you must already be familiar, Your Grace, and I’m relieved you appreciate my directness. If you’ll allow, you need no ...cosmetic embellishments. No need to hide behind the veil of disguise.”

    Jori chuckled softly. She wanted to tell him that he should check the Union politics. The appeal to reason was a simple platitude that she liked to use. Of course she was worried about what the Senate will decide and that was why she was looking for any friends and potential allies so that she could at least try to shore up some defense. But she was in a weak position and she did not want to reveal that, hence she tried to look as confident as possible. “Directness is a quality I appreciate as it is something I rarely see.” which was an understatement given the duplicitous nature of the Union politics. There was a saying that if a head of a House tells you good day you should check whether it is raining. “As for the use of cosmetics, I agree, but my position requires it.” or was there a subtext to what he told her? Her face kept its smiling visage but underneath she was observing for telltale signs.

    As the Duchess seemed to be absorbed in thought, he noted a flaxen-haired human, a noble woman who stood at the periphery drinking a Bubbly. Her expression gave her aspect an air of both impatience and sadness. Strange the preponderance of sadness and anger amongst so many beings of wealth and privilege. The lady’s features, smooth as polished alabaster, though held in a near scowl, showed determination and will, but his observations were overlong as it seemed she caught his gaze, reminding him he again had intruded. He smiled and returned his attentions to the Duchess as a chorus of Ursean folk instruments could be heard strumming in unison, a subtle vamp.

    “I believe I know the dance to come. Here,” he said to Jori, gesturing with his free hand for her to take a place to his right.

    TAG: Her Majesty, Queen of Bakura, Ursean USF Officer, Bail Organa and company and Imperial officers, anyone else
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to Pashatemur and Qi’ra for overseeing this post. The latter part references events from the final elements of GAW III.

    ~IC~ Lux Bonteri - Senator of Onderon
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    This was an event for an age, Senator Lux Bontari mused to himself as he sipped his glass of wine. All these people in one place was enough to be star struck… awestruck, depending on the individual. He took a deep breath and tried to forget the nervousness he was feeling. The brief words he had with the Senator from Pantora earlier had gotten his hopes up and in turn, expectations, regarding a mutual old friend. Everything was still up in the air and he wondered how much had changed, if at all, or whether things had fallen to the wayside.

    The crowd parted briefly and a flash of colour caught his eye. Was it her? He pressed further into the crowd, overhearing snippets of whispers.

    “Don’t you think she looks beautiful-”
    “-the Emperor should be here-”
    “-stunning, I wonder who she really-”
    “-do you think it is true?”
    “ -but mama, I’m hungry.”
    “...this bad mannered girl is my sister...”
    “-much do you think this all cost?”

    He excused himself past a mismatched couple - an older man in dress uniform while the blond haired lady, in a two tone blue white gown wearing an unhappy expression. He averted his eyes as he saw a handprint on her cheek, that’s one quarrel to keep clear of he thought as he continued past a few others. He then paused to gather his thoughts as he found who he was searching for. In the less crowded section of the grand atrium, two Togruta, a female and male, stood in whispered discussion. They kept to themselves for the most part as their eyes swept about their area.

    The female was certainly distinguished-looking and square of shoulder, her white markings fairly glowed over her burnt-orange pigmented skin and her cream-colored montrals and lekku were rung with moderately wide striations of blue. She was clothed in an elegant gown of white, yet, the edges of the dress bore embroidery of gold in tribal geometry and were overlaid with a light teal organic design-symbols of harmony and nature. About her waist, the Togruta was gird with a gold-gilded cord.

    Clearly someone of importance, she wore armbands and a headdress of gold in a similar style of interwoven “leaves” of fern and jade-studded flowers in a sunburst pattern. One flower fanned out along the top edge of her headdress to surmount the middle of her brow and another flower lay fully open below it but, upon her brow. The diadem continued to her temples in “fern fronds.” Around each of her Lekku were similar stylized fern “bands” that coiled down her tapered head-tails. and bangles coiled about her upper arms.

    He was transfixed, noting the way her hand clasped the midlength of her right lek, the tilt of the head, these nuances felt familiar to him. That jittering feeling started again and he took a deep breath to suppress it. It had to be her. He closed in and paused as she had turned her head and looked straight at him. Their eyes met, those blue eyes locked onto his… it felt as though the metres between them were nothing… and then contact was broken. She had looked away, the turn of her head and sway of her lekku... something else had taken her attention.

    He paused mid-stride, observing how the two Togruta hushed their conversation and their attention shifted to the human female with golden hair, dressed in a regal gown… the one who had snapped her fingers to get the attention of the automated wait staff. There was something familiar about her as well, he recalled seeing her before... he remembered she was Bakuran... A few questions arose though he filed them away for later. Lux finished his step, as the female Togruta spoke quietly to the male Togruta, who then took a step back as she turned and approached the regal beauty.

    Lux followed, eyes watching as he closed the distance and overheard the Togruta:
    “I am Queen Zaa Vashee of Shili,” she offered amiably, as she approached the Bakuran Queen, her lekku swaying gracefully as she inclined her head in a welcoming gesture. The inflection of her tone showing some concern for the other’s wellbeing. Continuing, the togruta inquired politely, “Is everything alright? Is that drink to your liking? Or are you in need of something stronger?”

    He bit his bottom lip and paused. Was it a mistake? But she looked just like her… He was so sure he was right. Was this a rouse… undercover or real? He willed his legs to move so he didn’t look dumbfounded before them and awkwardly moved a few steps away and looked over to the exchange. Cringing to himself about how foolish he probably looked, wondering if they had noticed him. He was unsure what to do.

    TAG: Kirstine, Queen of Bakura, those in attendance

    Location: Meanwhile on Ursa
    ~IC~ Lando Calrissian (GM Controlled)

    His costly shimmer silk cape strategical set, one open edge folded back over his shoulder, the Soccorian was ensconced at his table, as he inhabited any space he occupied-like the suave and debonair man of substance and weight he believe himself to be. Dressed and coiffed immaculately, wearing a modest amount of “bling,” he was awaiting his order to arrive, as he sat slowly observing the denizens within the cafe. His Wookiee friend, Wynni, had stepped out to contact her family back home and check up on them. Lando's ever appraising gaze continued about the eatery, noting that the place was unusually quiet for this time of day. Their attentions were mostly transfixed to their individual holo displays.

    Glancing up at one of the huge displays above the long dining counter to one side, he noted that the holo was showing a live broadcast of some ceremony. Must be important, he mused as he slowly paid attention to what was being said by the richly garbed female on the display. It was the Reina of Ursa in the spotlight, she was addressing the guests and no doubt, the whole galaxy, judging by the network logo at the bottom corner. The camera shifted about the location of the ceremony, at the enormous crowd in attendance, zooming in on a lot of familiar celebrities from all walks of life and professions. His brow perked up on one side when the point of view of the camera slowly fell upon a familiar Togruta situated by the Reina.

    "Wait a minute........" Lando leaned closer. "Well, well, well. Clearly, you had the pure Sabacc hand all this time, ‘Mechanic’." He slowly leaned back in his seat, shaking his head in surprise as he appraised the image on the display. "Look at could have fooled me in that get up! Grease monkey? My left foot!"

    She was wearing a dress made up of layers of different shades of blue, gold trimming accentuated her form. Judging by what he could make out on the display, the weave of the material was no doubt made from the finest of fabrics…shimmersilk. It would have cost a lot to procure and tailor. Not to mention the jewels that adorn her headdress and lekku bands, the estimated worth would be more than a luxury yacht… he resisted the urge to whistle. It was definitely a far cry from the last time he saw her in person, when she was wearing the black leather jacket over the tatty clothes she was sporting. He couldn't but help admire this new look of hers.

    "Could have fooled me, Togruta...." He said once more to himself. “ did!”

    “Ahem... Smooth hot choc to go, sir?" A voice interrupted his attention.

    He slowly gazed upon the waitress. "Very smooth indeed, to go."

    He gave her a wink and she gave him a playful smirk. Purposefully, slowly, she leaned down over the table and gave him ample time to see what she was carrying. "For that, here's my tip." He said coyly, sliding a pair of credits across the table top.

    "Keep it-it’s on the house, “Sweet-Talk!" She said in a sultry and heavily accented voice that would melt stone, turning to go and giving him a small salute from over her shoulder, slowly walking out of view, her hips swaying as she locomoted to her next customers.

    He heard a low growl and saw that Wynni was standing outside indicating to him it was time to leave. Lando nodded and rising, grabbed his hot choc to go and gave the display a once over. A full shot of Ahsoka filled the holo. She looked, herself, to be a queen.

    "A Togruta with a guy like me.......nahhh" He said grinning to himself and stepped out to greet the Wookiee, but she had already moved on and was ahead of him. He quickened his pace to catch up with her large strides.

    “Is everything alright, Wyn?” He asked soothingly, worried about his companion, as he could see she was tense. Something troubled her.

    She started explaining in quickly and he nodded as he took it all in. Lando was silent for a moment before speaking again.

    “Take this. It will get you passage back home. You need to go and help them, Wyn. I’ll catch up with you later, once I get my bearings and figure out where my next job will come from.” He said as he gave her more than enough credits for passage back to Kashyyyk.

    She only nodded in understanding-no words were needed-and hugged him as he scratched her neck.

    “Watch your back, Wyn. I’ll contact you when I can.”

    She started to move away. Lando stood and watched until he could no longer spot her in the crowds. With a sip of his drink, he turned quickly, his cape whipping about him, and vanished into the madding crowds...

    TAG: No one... for now
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @pashatemur as we continue this arc.

    ~IC~ Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Dorja

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Thrawn inclined his head in agreement to the young Emperor of his assessment of the Imperial forces over Naboo, that they indeed out of strike distance from the planetary defences. His focus shifted to Captain Dorja. “You have been authorised to see this through, you have your instructions.”

    “Yes, sir…Thank you, sir.” Dorja bowed his head to both the Emperor and the Grand Admiral. “I shall keep you apprised of our developments.”

    “Of course.” Thrawn responded, dismissing him. The holographic figure of Captain Dorja winked out and the glowing gaze returned to the young Emperor. “The good Captain is tending to the situation on Naboo, the Ledaren, to the renegade craft from the Naboo embassy, while the ISB are tending to the scene of the incident in the Embassy's rotunda tower. You both have the instigators enroute while the culprits in the HNN crew are under questioning. You don’t need me to point out that with the number of assets involved and the longer they are in play, the higher the risks are of upsetting other departments.”

    TAG: Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa
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    OOC: The next few posts in this arc were through the efforts, contributions, and advice of Corellian_Outrider, without whom this could not have been concerted so effectively. Thank you!

    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Anakin had nodded to Dorja before his holo image dissipated into the cool darkness. The young Emperor returned his attentions to the Grand Admiral, silently acknowledging Thrawn’s concerns and implications with a nod and then commanded Yularen, “Colonel, we do not want this to be a Planetary Defense matter nor for the Admiralty to become involved, both have political agendas which would limit their effectiveness-too many means for subverting the needed institutional changes I outlined earlier. This project is yours and you will provide resources where Ledaren Vos needs them. He knows that ship cannot leave Coruscant and he will work to keep it, preferably, all in one piece.”

    Looking to Thrawn's image, the Emperor said, "Yes, what you say is true and it is unlike Sabé...Amidala to put her trust in unknown variables. Whatever the plan was, and given the type of ship, it was surely meant to take passengers off planet and the plan went astray before our agents arrived. Otherwise, Her Majesty would have been on the ship already. Wouldn't you say, Grand Admiral?"

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    ~IC~ Grand Admiral Thrawn, Colonel Wullf Yularen

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    The holographic form of Thrawn nodded slightly and replied,"It was fortunate the agents had secured her highness before she could escape via that method. If possible, make sure the site of the hangar is undisturbed till I arrive."

    Though he’d already instructed the ISB agents to secure the site, Yularen assented, “I shall see to that immediately, Grand Admiral.” Yularen glanced to his pad and smiled seeing the site was already being secured and guard units assigned. The Naboo would be raising a stink about this. He’d better put his best liaisons on the matter. He would pay a visit himself as soon as he was certain all had been wrapped up at the reception.

    “Thank you, Colonel Yularen.” said Thrawn before addressing the Emperor again, “Your Majesty, might I suggest, in order to avoid compromising the safety of the reception and the authority of Imperial governance, another two patrol ships can be pulled from elsewhere to coordinate with the Ledaren, special security teams already in place, and municipal police presumably already have their assets in play. I’m sure we can all agree, we should avoid the use of emergency vehicles. Make a preliminary analysis and document it, Colonel, do what you can to seal the tower from view with a construction screen in order to keep this quiet."

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    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Colonel Wullf Yularen

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    “Agreed,” said Anakin.

    Yularen's moustache twitched. Some things don't change. "It shall be done."

    Shoulders rising and falling with a sigh, Anakin peered into the blue haze of the dark room and puzzled at the situation. "And we don't want whoever else is involved in this plan to know what we may know.”

    Yularen interjected, “We may yet gain some answers in the next few minutes! The transport has just landed, Your Majesty, bearing the Naboo here!” said the Colonel, his voice inflected upward. “Their guard escort have conveyed them to the outer office, as per Your Majesty’s orders.”

    The Emperor looked to Thrawn. “We’ve no time to construct a prisoner’s dilemma. Have them installed individually at the Embassy as my guests under guard. However, I want Her Majesty, Amidala II to make an appearance at the reception, though, then, she too can be transferred under guard to the Embassy-” He shook his head thinking ironically of how Sabé would be sharing a floor with the Duchess, between whom, there was no love lost and he muttered close after his order, “-more a prison than a palace now.”

    Folding and unfolding his arms, Anakin paced the low lit office. Coming to a stop and throwing a hand out, in frustration, Anakin turned around to face both Yularen and Thrawn. “This reception is to serve other purposes aside from introducing a new regime and the Imperial family, it is to remember the efforts of both the living and dead in bringing the war to a close and a first essay toward demonstrating to the public, a united and positive positioning of the renewed government. The stability of the Empire is paramount and yes, my absence from the reception undermines the stability I’d hoped to secure.”

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    ~IC~ Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Thrawn’s gaze followed the Emperor as he paced slowly and then to Colonel Yularen, keeping up, while checking his pad for more incoming information, still awaiting a yes or no to the query of bringing the Naboo into the room for questioning. Chin in hand, looking from one to the other, the Grand Admiral leaned forward slightly to interject. "If I may... you are currently at the Reception and yet you are absent from it, overseeing this issue to do with the Naboo. Wouldn't that give the impression as to what is to be deemed most important to those who have travelled all this way to meet the royal family? The design of this incident could be a trap to keep you away from your purpose, to lead away and distract from the matters of importance? This reception, though entertaining as some may find, is an event of grave significance and you need to be in the spotlight."

    TAG: Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa
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    OOC: This is a joint post with Corellian_Outrider. Thank you, C_O, for your time and effort.

    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Colonel Wullf Yularen

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Casting a slimming glance at Thrawn, Anakin lifted his head. The Chiss was certainly more polished than he had been, but he was every bit as prodding and it had not escaped Anakin’s notice that Thrawn had foregone the appropriate address of “Your Majesty.” So, he had not yet been deemed capable, by the Chiss, it seemed. “Yes, Grand Admiral, you again prove your wisdom to me...I am keenly aware of the damage this may have already done-Still, as I say, I believe that if any of the Naboo was at the origin of this plan, they could do with the proper motivation to providing significant and valid information-Colonel,” said Anakin, turning again to the ISB director, I believe your Agent Kallus will need some more assistance when interviewing the Naboo, the Ledaren being occupied. They’ll be kept separate to prevent them from agreeing on a "story”, if they haven’t already, and put a lid on this-a poorly operated remote station that overtaxed the system, something that can be verified and supported if and when the time comes-and it likely will, soon. We can’t have the details becoming public knowledge or we’ll lose whatever advantage we have in uncovering the agents of this disaster!”

    The Colonel bowed by half and with deference, saying, “You can count on discretion, your Majesty.”

    With a quick nod, Anakin acknowledged, “You and the Grand Admiral will remain in communication.” He turned to the Chiss and looked to him, as if studying Thrawn for several long seconds before saying, “I’m confident, Grand Admiral Thrawn may be of particular assistance to you, even removed by a few parsecs.”

    "It would be a pleasure" returned Thrawn, with an Incline of his head, the glow of his eyes seeming to intensify.

    Anakin cocked his head slightly, in the discomfort of recognizing the strong allure of the dark side, alarmed at how insidiously it came suddenly rolling back, like an inexorable tide. He was going to have to trust Thrawn, a mind whose order Anakin could perceive, but which yet remained opaque, the firm shell of subtle emotions blocking attempts to discover more. Like Grand Visere, Pestage, Thrawn had knowledge that Sidious had shared with the Grand Admiral, and only him. Furthermore, Thrawn had to be aware that this being the case, Anakin was irritated and suspicious. With a sharp inhale, the Emperor lifted his chin, the blue light creating a cool, lone sphere in the otherwise dark room and spilling over Anakin, accenting his features, revealing his imposing height and arresting figure as he moved toward the glow of Thrawn’s holo image.

    Yet, Anakin and Thrawn knew something of each other. Was it enough to compel a renewed alliance? Anakin peered through the dark at the holo. That neutral, unwavering red gaze! Anakin was keenly aware of how Thrawn watched his approach into the light. Then, the Grand Admiral’s facial posture gave way to a near imperceptible smile and he asked pardon for interjecting, “I would suggest that...the Naboo be detained here with the others, during the reception, and leave off questioning them for morning. Give them time in solitude, checking on them in a few random intervals. With the absence of clear patterns, they should be kept on edge and unsure of what will happen next. The unknown can be a powerful motivator.

    The office flickered and Thrawn’s holo image broke briefly into striations as away on the distant system star, a large solar flare leaped. The Emperor thought he saw the Grand Admiral shift slightly with a light pursing of the lips. Anakin knew that look!

    “All due respect, my...Lord, I strongly caution further, that any questions Agent Kallus may ask the Naboo, no matter how brief the interview, may lead them in directions to inspire their thoughts overnight. Thus, they’d have time to gain some bearing and harden a resistant attitude. The Naboo are famously loyal, it seems, to the degree they brook little variance in thought from their beloved Queen-Curious! Naboo humans and Gungans, alike, behave as though possessing “hive mind,” much like Kiliks or Geonosians,” said Thrawn softly, but it seemed the Grand Admiral indulged a bit of irony in his interjection.

    With a deep breath Anakin gazed darkly at Thrawn. “I’m not sure I like your line of thought, Admiral!”

    With a small smile, Thrawn continued, “Of course, being all of one mind, perhaps Gungan and humans of Naboo are Changlings-an interesting supposition-”

    “They are NOT, changlings!” growled Anakin, tightly.

    Yet, unperturbed, Thrawn continued, "Had the notion occured to me sooner, I should have brought one of each for preliminary testing, but it seems you've captured a nest of them yourselves."

    Standing straighter. Anakin spoke stiffly, looking to both Thrawn and Yularen, “We’ll speak briefly with the Queen before we end transmission with the Grand Admiral and then descend to the Atrium. Be sure to keep the handmaids, manicled. The freer they are to act upon their poorly inform initiatives, the deeper into trouble they’ll get. She will object, but have Amidala brought here, Colonel.

    Thrawn’s image was over the Emperor’s right shoulder as Yularen acknowledged Anakin’s command and let himself out of the office to acquit his duty. Anakin did not give the Admiral time to countermand this order and knew he’d meet Thrawn’s maddeningly unreadable, not quite a blank canvas of composure, inner thoughts and feelings,nearly a mystery . This had frustrated Anakin since their first encounter almost a decade past, a past he had tried to expunge from memory not that long ago, when he thought the absence of it would free him.

    TAG: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Colonel Wullf Yularen, and Her Majesty, Sabé Amidalla II, Queen of Naboo.
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    IC Queen Kirstine of Bakura

    Kirstine turned to face the woman, a Togruta who Identified as a Queen. “Stronger would be perfect, I believe this entire gathering could use something stronger to help them digest this ….” She broke off. She had to bite her tongue in mixed company, she didn’t know a soul here and making enemies might not be a good way to be introduced. “I apologise, my thoughts often overwhelm my ability to control them.” She inclined her head. “Queen Kirstine of Bakura.” Friends were much more beneficial than enemies, and at this point of the gathering she needed to gauge the reactions of the other guests. “Can you suggest something ‘stronger?’ your Highness?”

    TAG @pashatemur @Corellian_Outrider

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    OOC: This is a joint post between @pashatemur and myself, with Sabé, game controlled.

    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Her Majesty, Sabé Amidalla II, Queen of Naboo., Colonel Wullf Yularen

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    Sabé ambled into the office, her hair not too terribly mussed and the rest, she straightened as she entered, smoothing her hands over her bust and sleeves,and down the front of her green satin skirts, looking about the office before finally gracing those already in it with a playful smile, a blink, the only sign of her surprise at seeing Thrawn in the holo.

    She nearly faltered for a moment, but through shear force of will remained poised in spite of the sleep-stun with which she’d been felled in her office. Brushing a hair from her brow, she looked sideways at Colonel Yularen and then swept past to give Anakin a kiss and draw back from his stiffened frame saying breezily, anger held boiling just below the surface, "We're off to a fabulous start!"

    Anakin breathed in and lifted his chin. "Not this time," he muttered between clenched teeth.

    Sabé, picking a loose thread from her bodice, looked down and catching Anakin’s words, said pointedly, "Oh, I'm none too happy either, Your Majesty. So I see some of your joint chiefs are assembled. Am I to be grilled or filleted?"

    Over Sabé’s shoulder, Anakin caught a slight movement from Thrawn’s holo. Though the Grand Admiral remained as neutral and non-committal as ever, the faintest pressure seemed to reveal itself at the corner of Thrawn’s lips. He could almost imagine the Chiss saying in his quiet and even tones, “It depends on the menu!”

    Yularen folded his arms behind his back. Watching the interactions between the two, it was not his place just yet to offer any voice, until and unless the Emperor explicitly deemed it.

    "Let's dispense with the preamble, Majesty. Don't toy with me now." said Anakin, lowering his voice.

    "I'm in no mood to be played an idiot while you destroy my home world! Don’t you think we should consider, who's playing whom?" shot Sabé, turning her eyes on Thrawn's image.

    Thrawn's glowing eyes stared back at her, no indication of any reaction to her words.

    "Answer me!" said Sabé, not holding back, keeping her eyes steady, her voice gone icily neutral in that manner taught the Naboo monarchs.

    A still and tense quiet blanketed the room.

    "I believe it is you, who owe us an explanation." Thrawn's quiet voice broke the silence.

    Anakin furrowed his brow as it was telling where Sabé deemed the authority lay in the room. He raised a brow and set the knuckles of his right hand upon his hip.

    "Interesting you think I OWE anything, Grand Admiral. Naboo was experiencing suspicious advances from the Union, We apprised Imperial authorities that this was the case. While Imperial forces arrived, all manner of incidents occurred. As subjects of the Empire, we acquitted ourselves appropriately and have every right to receive protection. Instead, we are questioned and met with no answers to our own provoked queries. Now the Seventh fleet surrounds our planet when those who posed a threat have fled-after the fact. You are not being forthcoming Grand Admiral. So again, who is playing whom?"

    "Are you sure you wish to address this now?" Thrawn's eyes narrowed.

    Anakin looked from Sabé to Thrawn and back. However, he did not intervene, interested himself as to how this would be handled.

    "If you can answer now, that would be none too soon!" said Sabé maintaining her position.

    "Very well," Thrawn inclined his head. "You are the one responsible for compromising the safety and security of the system. Without going through proper protocol, you misled the leader of the Union into a diplomatic meeting. Opened up more threats to your people by declaring the Union Ambassador as a Jedi, turning the system into hunting grounds. Claiming leadership of the Chommell Sector, which is outside your authority. You refused to meet with me regarding concerns for the safety of your realm by passing the matter off to your Governor, who stonewalled every effort to collaborate on the same agenda. All while you promised a lunch to discuss said matters before going undercover and slipping away from Naboo in transport with medical supplies... need I go further?"

    Anakin raised a brow and set his knuckles to his lips..

    "The Union Ambassador gave every impression that he meant nothing but ill. He was erratic and dissembling, we had reason to believe that his intentions were hidden and that he was being dishonest. The Union was bringing an armada. We had no idea they would approach in such an aggressive way. We certainly did not wish to advocate for their breech or the show of force. If outing the Ambassador as an outlaw brought Imperial resources to bear, so much the better!
    ”As to claiming leadership, Chommell looks to Naboo. We carry a good deal of weight in the Sector and we take care and concern for all in our region.”
    ”And with regard to the lunch, I regret the lapse in etiquette Grand Admiral, I apologize. Had I known how very much you looked forward to it, I would have sent you a basket.”
    ”My leaving under cover was a precaution for His Imperial Majesty's behalf”.
    ”It is well known that Lord Vader and ...His Majesty and I ...share a particular regard for one another and had I left for Coruscant announced, it would most certainly have drawn attention to his imminent arrival which I assumed was unplanned and needed to occur without much fanfare or note for...strategic reasons.”

    Anakin sighed and almost snorted at that last of Sabé's assertions.

    A small smile played on Thrawn's lips. "That does not hide the fact you abandoned your responsibility to ensure the safety to your people. You asked for my assistance in protecting your world and yet, you and your staff refuse to collaborate together. What suggests to you that the threat to Naboo is over?"

    "I did not believe it was over Grand Admiral, I expected you to do your job!"

    Anakin's eyes lifted from Sabé to Thrawn at this last salvo.

    "Indeed, considering you have flouted the responsibility of yours." softly retorted the Chiss.

    "Enough!" said Anakin stepping forward.

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    OOC: This is a joint post with Corellian_Outrider, Pash, and LadyZaraMarta, with Sabé co-authored by Pash and LZM. Thanks to all!

    ~IC~ Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, , Her Majesty, Sabé Amidala II, Queen of Naboo., Colonel Wullf Yularen

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    "Your Majesty Sabé Amidala. There is far more to be sorted and said. However, it will not be done tonight. Your actions and that of those who represent Naboo, as well as those involved in hijacking the networks are going to be questioned. And let me state, if Naboo suffers one small glance of any sort of weapon, then there will be a final moment for those responsible. For as of now, Naboo is evidence in Imperial investigations,” said Anakin, emphatically, looking to Thrawn and Yularen.

    Returning his gaze to the Naboo Queen, he continued, “And Your Majesty, your safety, whether you are aware or no, may have been under attack this evening. You would do well to realize that the Grand Admiral is in fact doing his job. So, I will not discuss with you the actions of your Senator Owney or attempts at blackmailing me into giving false report, but it will all be dealt with. As for now, you will attend the reception and make a good show of it."

    "I will not!" shot Sabe.

    "You will require an escort," continued Anakin, looking to Colonel Yularen. "You will dance, you will toast and take your leave. You will be guests of Ursa this night.


    "Sabé," he said turning her about to face him, " I'm working to preserve what I can of your life," speaking very low and quietly."Do what you can to cooperate this evening, there's more than you know at work behind your actions. Trust me!", with those words he glanced over Sabé's head to Thrawn, those very words playing out from his memory.

    Yularen watched at the corner of his eyes

    "Your hurting me," gritted Sabé, looking to his hands gripping her arms.

    He looked up and let go and nodded to Colonel Yularen. Tucking his chin to his right shoulder, he pursed his lips, a dark look in his eyes. "I am trying to help you Sabé."

    Now, it was Sabé who grasped Anakin’s arms.”Then look to my world. It is in danger,”

    ”Which is why the 7th fleet is surrounding Naboo.”

    “I will find out why our Embassy shields were down. We must have a mole. I will find the person out and they will regret the day they were born-if my Embassy can be infiltrated-dangerous times on Coruscant.”

    ”Dangerous times all around, Your Majesty, and you do have a mole and the matter is already under investigation” said Anakin, confirming. ”However, there are other truths-”

    ”There certainly are-

    Anakin smiled, ”You look very fetching in green!

    The Queen looked on him coldly, ”You are changing the subject and as soon as this farce of a ball is over, I am departing for Naboo.”

    ”You will indeed be needed in Naboo. But this ball is no farce. It is a necessary measure.”.

    ”-so all the pond scum will float to the top?

    In part, yes, Anakin confirmed softly, and sighing, said wearily If you have more bile to expel in my general direction, let's dispense with it now, Otherwise, let’s depart-”

    The Queen folded her hands at her waist. ”I will not move from this place without my handmaidens and Dr Senob!”

    Colonel Yularen, stepped forward a bit and excusing the interruption, offered, ”Dr. Senob is attending Senator Owney’s injury. The Doctor insisted that if the Senator hopes to recover use of his hand, it must be properly prepared and reattachment to be performed immediately. The handmaids are sequestered.”

    Anakin acknowledged the Colonel’s attempt to soothe the Queen and then counseled Sabé, “There is much that requires analysis and inquiry here and on Naboo-”

    Sabé spoke in low tones,“Butt out of Naboo!”

    Speaking firmly but softly still, Anakin replied,“This is an Imperial matter. Naboo is a member of the Empire, you are a leader of standing and someone for whom I care deeply. However, this matter involves the late Emperor and is therefore an Imperial matter in which the ISB will take lead in investigating. This IS NOT an option.”

    Sabé, laughed, “Of course, you’re in everyone’s business. That diseased old perversion was sadly a Naboo. The late poodoo-head had a home on Naboo which Naboo security have been monitoring for some time. There is a gardener remaining there who appears to be tending more than the roses.

    I recall and so does the ISB. Very interesting. We’ll talk more on this tomorrow, but let me state, if there has been mishandling of Palpatine's effects your safety is at risk. We will insure you are properly protected,” assured the young Emperor.

    "You are being made the fool, Ani. Why can't you see it?! You look out for yourself!" she said tearing away.

    For a moment, the pair stared at one another, one in contempt, and the other, sadly, before requesting in his deepening voice, “Colonel Yularen, would you do me the great favor of escorting Her Majesty to the reception. Her party has dwindled to one, her escort is unable to give her his hand, having managed to lose it earlier in the hour.”

    Yularen's moustache twitched as he looked to the Nabooian Queen and then back to the Emperor. "Of course, my lord." He proffered his arm for the Queen to take. "Your Majesty?.

    Something in Sabé seemed to recognize that her combat would be needed more so later and conserving her energy was paramount, this was no longer between her and Ani, it had gone well beyond the constraints he usually manage to keep around her. Much had changed in the space of 48 standard hours. She looked to Anakin . He seemed a long way away. She looked to Thrawn for a good long moment, but she could not get beyond the veil of those eyes. Sabé wanted the Grand Admiral to know she was not fooled and she wanted him to feel the stamp of her gaze long after she left. Finally she looked to Colonel Yularen and down to his arm and lifting her chin, straightening, she laid her hand upon his arm , and without making eye contact, she nodded and face forward, gliding along with the Colonel, regally challenging anyone who looked upon her.

    "The sooner we go, the sooner it will be over." Yularen assured her, sadly remembering Senator Amidala and a much younger Sabé.

    Sabé looked down to the corner just ahead of Yularen, just to see his arm and then forward as they passed the staff who had unceremoniously searched her and removed her hidden weapons, repelling pistol and last resort capsule, forward in escort with 10 Black Guard.

    "Yes!" she answered the Colonel with her official voice.

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    OOC: Anakin remains in his office and in communication with Thrawn, while Colonel Yularen and Sabe are on their way to the Grand Atrium to attend the Reception.
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    ~OOC~ This post is to cap end the last one. Thank you again Pashatemur for this joint post.

    ~IC~ Grand Admiral Thrawn, Emperor Anakin Skywalker - Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa,

    Location: Office of the Executor in the Senate building

    “All that is left now is to trust those we have in place to follow through with their directives, to perform at the best of their abilities.”

    Anakin was still gazing out of the open doors of his old office, watching Yularen and Miss Sabé Delba, half-sister to Padme, once handmaid and now, elected Queen of Naboo, Amidala II. They entered the lift and turning about, Sabé’s features showed a stoic mask, her jaw set. She was stunningly beautiful and wherever she went, left a trail of admirers in her wake. However, he could no longer deny, there was much more flotsam that ebbed on that wake as well.

    “Trust!” said Anakin palming the door pad. He leaned into it for a moment. “Yes, to trust those in place. I’ll speak plainly, Thrawn, I wish to trust, but who. Trust is a luxury, a commodity I’ve spent long ago. You have asked me in the past to trust you, many times when the data seemed against you. I did. You proved true. Yet, you and I were pitted, strategically, by Palpatine. He is no longer here, having left the fabric of this Empire rent. You told me there was evil out there,” and Anakin gesturing out toward the Quadrant relative to his position on Coruscant where he knew the Unknown Regions to lie. “I met with evil on Kalee. Palpatine did as well.” He paused. “One of us returned and this one needs to know...everything,” he said turning around to face Thrawn, his deep blue eyes peering into the holo’s projected image of Thrawn. “I have many reasons to forgo trust, in so many. I want to trust you and I’m asking that you show me, I can.”

    Thrawn gazed at the young Emperor for a few heartbeats. “There is much to discuss, though now is not the right time nor method to do so. As proof of trust…” His voice lingered for a moment before a small smile and incline of his head. ”... all shall be revealed upon my arrival.”

    What choice had he! A necessary risk? Anakin looked down for a moment and then again met Thrawn’s gaze. In the quiet, he studied the holo. Why was the Chiss so integral to his life and yet, such a mystery? Why a rival once and now, an anchor in a sea of deceit?

    “Huh!” said Anakin, with a slow smile, “Shades of Batuu-trust you!” The air was tense. “Trust you....” He turned to look out between the slats of the window blinds, seeing only that which the window and then the blinds allowed him to see. That perspective could be very deceiving. “Trust...” Turning his head to look again to Thrawn, Anakin took a long breath. Three times, the Grand Admiral had asked Anakin to extend it and had yet to fail him. “Don’t betray this trust, Mittrawn-nurodo!” said Anakin, knowing he’d butchered the prononciation.

    “Mitth’raw’nuruodo,” Thrawn gently corrected.

    “Mi..thra....THRAWN!” Anakin said in irritation and muttered under his breath, “Mitth’raw’nurodo....gih!”

    “Go! Enjoy your function. Again, I regret that I won’t be there in person, though with this current course and speed, the Chimaera shall arrive in the morning, at approximately 0500, Coruscant time. If anything develops that requires your attention, I can reach you via Colonel Yularen.” Thrawn's head inclined then the hologram winked out.

    The young Emperor was alone, the eternal lights of Coruscant glowing in the distance. He gestured at the place where Thrawn’s holo had been and said with a smirk, “You may go!”

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    IC: Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Zaa did not know what to make of the young man who seemed to have fumbled and tripped over himself when he passed them by. It was an impressive display and a smooth recovery, maybe he was awestruck by them? As she turned to remark to Kirstine, the humour of it all, she noted her new acquaintance had not even batted an eye nor acknowledge the incident. Maybe such slip of formalities is frowned upon and so, she held back the comment.

    “A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Queen Kirstine of Bakura.” Zaa said in her accented basic, with all due etiquette, breaking with protocol to allow a small smile. Then she diplomatically added “I am certain, there is some concoction here designed for everyone.”

    She half-turned her head and sensed her majordomo was still close by. The tip of her rear lek swished and flicked against her back before Zaa returned her gaze to the Bakuran Queen. “So a suggestion for something… stronger...”

    “How may I be of service, your Majesty?” A voice whispered close to Zaa’s shoulder.

    She glanced to the older Togruta, his montrals curving outwards and upward like gnarled branches. His golden-yellow skin was weathered and wrinkled, yet his eyes shone and conveyed a kind and gentle soul. He was dressed formally in royal blues and white to compliment his yellow pigmentation and carried himself with dignity.

    “Her Majesty of Bakura is in need of a more suitable refreshment.” Zaa said to her majordomo as she looked back to the dazzling Bakuran Queen. Her eyes shifted as she caught sight of that young man again, just beyond Kirstine’s shoulder but she then locked her azure gaze upon Kirstine’s eyes. “I believe she would be partial to something containing Namana fruit. Would that be to your liking?”

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    IC HRH Kirstine of Bakura

    This woman knew her etiquette. "That would be utterly devine. Do you think they would have something as such here, being as Bakura is so far from the Core?" she asked noting the woman's glance over her shoulder. She'd ignored the antics around her in a vane attempt to not be a part of the event as a whole. She did not want to be there. "So tell me Your Highness, what brings you to this.......event?" She wanted to say 'farce' but controlled her thoughts.

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