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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by pashatemur, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OCC: We join our voices with so many others to mourn the loss and celebrate the lives of mother and daughter, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher-"unsinkable," indomitable, and enduring role models as citizens of the world, but more particularly for women, as models of strength and spirit. Life dished out difficulties for both and both not only "made lemonade", but "stirred it up" with a healthy dose of humor. Creative, fiesty, exuberant, dry-witted, and yet vulnerable - these words are too small to sum up these two women who leave us with their indelible marks on our imaginations and memories. RIP Debbie and Carrie. You will be missed. - Pashatemur
  2. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: This is a joint post by myself, Corellian Outrider and TheAdmiral, many thanks gents:)

    IC: Captain Rickard Dorja, Commander Sam Gerard, Master Eddard Dondarion
    Location: Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless, Chommell Sector, En route to Naboo

    Eddard was deep in thought after Ingrid left him. He had not touched much of the food, he did not have much appetite. He was thinking about what happened to him recently. Why he was brought back? Why did Master Fay reveal the identity of his parentage after so many years? Why no one noticed it, even though he did not hide his family name? So many questions and no answer in sight. Now when he thought about all this he remembered that his Master, Fay, mentioned something about her race being interested in the Union. It was something to do with an ancient race called … Rakata? He had fragmented memories about them since they have been extinct for millennia. Was anyone in the Union aware of this interest and what did it entail? It seems he had wasted his time with them, maybe his come back was a way of putting him in the right direction. Though his prospects of ever returning to Kaladan were slim, even if Jori wanted him back. Probably she would stonewall his attempts of unraveling the mystery as she could be quite vindictive. A trait that his Padawan Dennii seem not to notice. If he ever sees her again he would have to try to separate her from Jori as it is an unhealthy relationship.

    A sudden knock on the door brought him back to reality. He did not sense the approach of the Imperials that were standing in front of his cabin.

    “Yes, come in...” he said loudly so that the man could hear him.Captain Dorja spared a glance to Commander Gerard before entering the cabin assigned to the Ambassador from the Union and subconsciously folded his arms behind his back.

    “Ambassador.” The Captain’s greeting was crisp. “I trust your quarters are satisfactory?”

    Eddard stood up to greet the officers.

    “Captain, Commander.” he nodded to each of the men separately “The accommodations are excellent… considering the circumstances.” “I am pleased to hear that.” Dorja smiled. “We came by to check on how you are. You might have already guessed by the vibration of the deck that we have just left the system and will arrive at Naboo shortly.”

    Eddard smiled nervously as he tried to conceal his wincing.

    “I guess I cannot seem to be able to leave that planet.” then he looked at the set table “Where are my manners, care to join me for a meal?”Dorja frowned slightly. “I do not know of which you speak of regarding Naboo but rest assured that you are a guest of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s now and will be treated as such.” He paused as he considered the offer and gave a tight smile. “I do appreciate the offer however I am afraid that my duties prevent me from doing so at this point in time. Thank you, all the same.” “Sadly I will have to decline as well” said Gerard “ Unfortunately the mission took a lot out of me, so I enjoyed a quick bite before resting”

    Eddard nodded concealing his confusion, who is that Grand Admiral Thrawn? Either way he was going to find out soon enough, hopefully he would be more reasonable than the Naboo Queen.

    “I understand gentlemen, I will not delay you any further. I will right here.” as if he could go anywhere else, though he omitted that last part.

    Dorja gave a sharp nod. “I bid you adieu. We will keep you appraised if anything transpires. If you need anything, be sure to let us know.”

    “I will, thank you, until we meet again.”* * * *

    Dorja and Gerard walked back to the turbolift in silence. The Stormtrooper sentries saluted smartly as they passed them by and entered the lift. Once the doors closed and the lift started moving did Dorja let out a sigh and turned to Gerard. “Thank you for coming with me. What was your take on it all?”

    “Short and sweet at least” Gerard frowned “Maybe he wasn't too pleased about us turning down his dinner invitation”

    “Perhaps. Or the fact that we are heading to Naboo…” Dorja frowned as well. “Did you catch his reaction when we gave the news?”

    “Indeed” replied Sam “ Looks like he may have had some history there, possibly not the good kind. Anything you are aware of?”

    “Yes, well, partially.” Dorja explained. “It was briefly relayed to me that there had been an incident over Naboo’s orbit. The Naboo, Panthera Squadron and another party were involved and had targeted the Ambassador’s shuttle which brought them to us. However, judging by some of the details that had come out of Panthera Squadron’s ‘debriefing’, I am lead to believe that there had been previous incidents which lead up to that point but the details are sketchy at best.”

    Gerard raised an eyebrow “ Well let’s make sure this mystery guest doesn't turn up again or that’s really going to make the Ambassador’s day”.

    “Agreed. I am sure with both the ‘Chimaera’ and the ‘Relentless’ we should dissuade anyone from trying anything.”

    Gerard smiled “No doubts there. Do you want me and the kids on standby, just in case?”

    Dorja thought it over for a moment then nodded. “That is probably a good idea. It does not hurt to be prepared for the unexpected.”

    “No problem, anything else you need?”“I cannot think of anything else, Thank you.” Dorja smiled to his friend. “If I do, I will let you know.”

    “Of course, meanwhile I think I will catch some more z’s, need to be ready and fighting fit in case anything happens”
    “Good idea.” Dorja nodded as the turbolift doors opened. “Rest well Commander. I’ll notify you before we revert to our destination.”

    Gerard gave him a salute and a smile as he exited the lift “Yes sir, we will be ready”

    TAG: Open
  3. Kalio_Dynkos

    Kalio_Dynkos Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    OOC: Just stepping in to wish all the current players a greeting. It's nice to see GAW still going, albeit at a slower pace than it used to. You are all excellent people and writers. Bravo for keeping your stories alive year after year, and never letting us forget the wonderful stories that made GAW amazing.
  4. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC Message~ Thank you Kalio_Dynkos for your kind words! It is great to see your presence here :) GAW has such a rich history and there are so many great memories and interactions and friendships that had been made because of this series. I also want to say thank you to everyone for being a part of this.

    There is a new instalment launching soon. There will not be a time jump, all threads continue from this current point in time (when the new Emperor does his first session at the Senate Building on Coruscant). Time to dust off the CS to be updated and a brief summary of the current events happening to them. You are welcome to submit them early to me via PM to get approval before GAW V is launched. Until then, there is still time to bring characters up to this point in time to be in sync if they are not already. Here's to more stories to come :)

    ~IC~ Rowan Halcyon with Kaylee
    Location: Fifth planet of an ‘unknown’ system
    1 cycle before the incident at Coruscant


    I’ve always liked the rain. There are times when it can be soothing and refreshing and there are times when it can be relentless. I guess the same could be said about the ocean too. As Kaylee and I trekked through the thick jungle, the winds had picked up and the sky had gotten dark suddenly before the heavens decided to open up. And rain it did.

    That is to be expected on an island in a tropical zone. It tore through the jungle canopy, a torrential downpour. Branches, leaves and ferns rustled and snapped about by the invisible force. The ground became mush beneath our feet and felt the sucking grip of mud at the soles of our boots. There was the sensation of water spill inside my tunic and the occasional frond slapping me in the face. Oh, how I wish for my lightsaber to be in my hand to carving a path through this labyrinth of dense foliage.

    The rain did bring some relief from the heat and it also masked the sound of us moving through the underbrush. However, as quickly as it came, the rain had eased off and the sound of water and wind was soon replaced by the drone and cries of the local wildlife and insects. The humidity came back to its insufferable levels and yet we pushed on. Guided only a presence in the Force. Coming and going at the edge of my mind.

    So where are we going? How long will it take to get there? I have not the faintest… Just have to place my trust with the Force.

    The Force. It connects all living things. As a trained force sensitive, once a “Jedi”... still am I guess since the Corellian Order has accepted me again… Not that I care about that either way… I prefer to be in the field and left alone to get things done than debating philosophy and who knows what at council meetings. Who knows, I would have probably driven them around the bend, butt heads and cause friction amongst some of them. Something I will have to check with Feye if my new duties require me to consul with them. Maybe they want to and would consider it an insult if I avoided them but that can be their bad luck. Play it by ear… Oh, where was I?

    The Force.

    I can sense a large cluster of life and the cluster of thoughts are of sentient beings. A blend of alien, yet familiar.... Could only surmise that there is a colony or settlement nearby. A settlement means information, could also mean transportation and more. I know which direction they are, just not how far away. There is also the risk of focusing too hard and being blind to all else that moves about us. After all, a jungle is a dangerous place with weird and wild things about. There is something else though, weaving in and out of my senses… always on the edge… I cannot quite place…

    Kaylee’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

    I paused as I considered for a second about what she had said and saw the canteen in her outstretched hand.

    “Thank you.” I smiled as I took it from her and had a sip.

    It brought some relief. I had not realised that my body needed it. We had been walking for a solid few hours through thick jungle. Progress had slowed down at times either due to impassable sections of foliage or the sporadic showers that produce mud and swift rivers where there once was none. Not to mention the humidity was becoming more and more insufferable.

    I passed the canteen back to her and she clipped it to her belt.

    “How do you think Kal’s team is going?” She asked.

    “If they had the same obstacles as us then their progress would have been delay-”

    A small chirp rang out from my pouch which incited the ‘kooooowaaakakakakakakakaaa’ call of a bird. The jungle came alive as more several more birds joined in with a response of their own. I grimaced as I pulled out my comlink to answer it. “Halcyon.”

    “Outy, Kal here. We made progress. We’ve found something at the site… Wait, are you having a party?”

    The birds were still calling to one another, it sounded like they were laughing. “Just the local wildlife.” I answered.

    “Sure. Anyhow, we had to dig to uncover that safehouse of yours. Like some small wartime bunker. Door had rusted over. Sure didn’t make it easy.”

    I frowned. Rusted over? They should never be like that. “Did you get inside?”

    “Yeah yeah, inside now. Code worked too. Just the door was a-” the connection crackled. Possible interference from the bunker. “-design matches your people’s style for flair and function.”

    I couldn’t help but smile. Finally something going right for once. “Look for supplies and learn whatever you can.”

    “No problem. How are you guys going?”

    “Getting there but not there yet. Keep in touch.”

    “Right, same here. Over and out.”

    I clicked off the com and returned it to my pouch.

    “Good news?” Kaylee asked.

    "It seems that way…" I answered. "For once we are on track." So there was an old safe house… that checks out. The old keyword worked which means CorSec or CorDef commissioned the building. "The evidence suggest we are within the borders of the Corellian kingdom.."

    "If that is the case…" Kaylee murmured. "...then why had our attempts to contact the Palace fallen on deaf ears or ignored? Do you think something has happened to Feye? That the steward had placed the system into lockdown?"

    "I honestly don't know." I shook my head. "I would feel it if something had happened to her. I hope beyond hope that she is safe. None of our situation is adding up… feels only now our fortune has changed…"

    * * * * * *

    It was another hour of stumbling through the jungle, at one point I thought I could hear waves crashing and smell the sea. But the sensations in the force grew stronger and to a point where we were almost on top of it. I touched Kaylee’s arm to let her know to stop. There was a clearing up ahead and I could sense them before the noise filtered through the jungle. The bustle of everyday life belonging to a settlement of some sorts and the chirping of some bird above it all.

    Subconsciously I reached down to check my belt and found my saber was not there. I then remembered that I had disguised the hilt as part of Kaylee’s equipment in her pouch and the kyber crystal removed and placed as one of the jewels that adorn her.

    “Do you wish for your saber?” She asked. She must have noted my hand movement.

    I pursed my lips and shook my head. “No. Keep it safe until absolutely necessary. Do not want to give who or what we are just yet. Besides, I love where it’s heart now lies.”

    The beam on her face heightened her elfin features as her fingers traced around where the crystal rested. I could not resist giving her a smile.

    “How do you want to play this?” She nodded out to the noise beyond the jungle’s edge.

    “Hmm… maybe like… Rathalay” I answered. It brought up memories of what happened to us there.

    “You and me and that bay on Rathalay?” Kaylee pursed her lips and then smirked.

    “Well…” I felt my cheeks warm and I couldn’t help but smile.

    “Yes, dear.” She hooked her arm with mine. Her voice altered pitch as she fell into character as a distressed noble on holiday. “How careless of you to have lost some of our valued belongings to the surf while we were swimming. Whatever are we to do?”

    I chuckled inwardly as we proceeded out of the jungle. “I must confess it was an error on my part, darling. I had thought it was high tide when we got there and we lost track of the time… what with having fun and all. I suppose someone would be able to point us in the right direction.”

    Arm in arm we walked out of the wilderness and onto cultivated lands. A worn pathway wound along and we followed that to a paved road just outside the settlement. Small buildings, made from stone or wood. Lush tropical gardens livened up the scenery. Making their way along the road were mount driven carts carrying wares and produce. So there is agriculture, there there be markets and hotspots of information. The people we could see were a mix of species from human, Ithorians, Rodians, Twi’leks, a couple of Selkath, Selonians and a few I am not familiar with before.

    That was a good sign. Selonians are native to the Corellian System. They are usually a social creature and their loyalty is tied to their den. While not so rare to see them about the galaxy in solidarity, they are known to not stray far from social clusters.

    They gave us no further attention other than a brief glance when we passed them by. We continued towards the centre of town. That is usually where you find out the local news and rumours not to mention where the crowds would be and could provide excellent cover to lose one’s self in. The buildings were getting more clustered together, forming laneways and streets in which you’ll find in most cities.

    Glancing about, I’ve noticed a distinction amongst the populace. A mixture of native and foreign elements that seemed to be a little jarring. Half the stands seemed to be tailored to selling flashy small trinkets with some oceanic flair. This place is a tourist destination? Well, who could blame them as it seems idyllic on the surface.

    There was a tang to the air, salty, mixed with the aromas of meats grilling and other delicacies from open air markets and cafes. Enough to make one’s mouth salivate though sadly we cannot indulge… I noticed Kaylee paused briefly to look at some savory pastries. Well, at least not indulge just yet.

    “See anything you like?” I whispered in Kaylee’s ear.

    “Yes- oh, no. It can keep till next time. We need to sort ourselves out first.”

    I nodded in agreement while trying to note what it was that caught her eye.

    “There, at your two.” Kaylee whispered.

    I glanced in that direction and it took a moment before I saw a pair of dirty white armoured figures. I have not seen those helmet designs before yet elements are familiar. I cannot quite place what group it could be from.

    “They would know the layout of this place.” Kaylee continued. “I’ll go ask for directions.”

    “Got your six.” I responded and felt her kiss my cheek as she let go of my arm and approached the troopers.

    I followed slowly, circling through the crowd as I kept an eye on her. She caught their attention with a wave and then asked something. One of them stood to attention and looked about while the other paused and then gestured further along down the road. Kaylee pointed along with them and the trooper nodded. She flashed them a smile and nodded back before starting off in that direction. The troopers remained standing, the helms turned to watch her leave. I could hear their muffled voice remark about her accent and how pretty before they decided to be on their way.

    My pace quickened to catch up with Kaylee and then fell into step with her.

    “Visitor Information Services and so forth are over in that cluster of buildings there. They should at least provide us with a map and whatever we need to know.”

    “Good work.” I jerked my head back to where we left the troopers. “How did they seem?”

    “Oh, calm.” She shrugged. “They seem fine… seems like they are just doing their rounds. Bored and more than willing to be helpful to take me there themselves.”

    “That sounds promising. Less chance that we are in a contested zone.”

    “Curious about that armour though. Definitely looks military grade… I suspect mass produced but the material is not as durable as what we are used to… probably budgetary issues.”

    “Does not seem like one of those smaller outfits that some places hire.” I added.

    Kaylee frown. “It is a hybrid design from both the Republic and Imperial forces. Maybe there is something in that and I wonder it is who for.”

    We arrived at the building and went to one of the droid operated information kiosks. The tarnished chrome protocol droid was complaining to its counterpart about how corrosive the sea air is to its parts when we approached it.

    “Good afternoon, gentle beings. How may I be of service?”

    “First,” I started. “We would like a map of the region-”

    “We were thinking of travelling to the capital.” Kaylee added almost giddily. Slipping into the roles we practiced outside of town as she slid her arm around my waist. Capital was a vague term with how it could be interpreted. “We want to know the best way to get there!”

    “I see, Mistress.” The droid’s response was deadpan and almost came across as comical. “I presume you did not mean the Hunchuzuc Archipelagos.”

    I frowned inwardly, that name was familiar yet I’ve never heard of an island chain named after them. I tapped on of the information displays at the counter. “No, no. Where is the map on this thing?”

    “Coming right up, sir.” The display showed the region of islands. I noted quickly where we are in relation to where our ship, the Icarus, had landed in the jungles.

    “Coronet City, Corellia, then?” The droid offered.

    My jaw dropped as I glanced up at the droid. I did my best to hide a grin. “The one and true capital.”

    Kaylee’s hand found mine and squeezed it. “Oh, what is the best way to get there?”

    The droid entered a few commands. "Let me show you…"

    TAG: Open, to be continued.

    EDIT: ~OOC~ Co-GM Message:

    This thread has been locked as the new instalment, THE GALAXY AT WAR: Episode V: Emergence, has officially been launched. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side. Any questions or anything, please send me a PM and let me know.

    Cheers and take care
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