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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by pashatemur, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    General Kaicus Cor, Sixes, Doc, Copper

    [blockquote]Orbit, Rodia

    The repainted Nu-class attack shuttle floated in orbit above the lush, jungle-swamp world of Rodia waiting silently for the moment when it would jump into hyperspace. Sixes adjusted a control on his panel before glancing out the viewport of the small, tight fitting cockpit. The gunner seat behind him was empty and would remain so while Doc tended to their charge. He was glad to be leaving the sweltering world and it's capital city behind. It worried him that a bounty hunter as inexperienced as the Rodian had been able to find and locate the General. If someone like the gray-skinned alien could track down the Jedi on Rodia then it was only a matter of time before the Empire came knocking with guns blazing.

    Bweep-oop? floated up over the speakers in his helmet.

    Sixes read the translation on the miniature screen inside the helmet and shook his head lightly even though the droid could not see him. "I'm not sure where we will be going next, Cops."


    "I'm certain it won't be a planet crawling with Imperials and Jedi hunters." The whine of the gunner seat's servos and the suction of a seal closing informed him that Doc had joined him in the cockpit. "How is he?"

    "Drunk," came the clipped reply. Sixes knew Doc disapproved of the state the General had fallen into but there was very little the two clones could do to change that. Even during the war they did not understand how Jedi thought and worked and only accepted the things that they could do as something natural to their kind. Sixes figured that when the time came, the General would wake up and be his former self again. "He's sleeping now. So, where are we going next?"

    "Not sure. I was thinking of some other planet along the Outer Rim, this time away from the busy hyperspace lanes." He heard his own voice sigh behind him and while he waited for Doc to speak, Sixes began preparing the attack shuttle for a hyperspace jump.

    "Maybe we should go search for Jedi? Surely there are others that have survived the purge, why else would the Empire send out bounty hunters looking for them?" Sixes furrowed his brow and thought about it before pointing out one little flaw in the suggestion.

    "Right and how do we find Jedi? It's not like they will have a temple out there somewhere."

    "I don't know. Maybe the General can help with that when he wakes up," suggested the clone medic.

    "In the meantime, lets just get as far away from civilization as possible. Cops, program the navigational computer to set course for Nar Shaddaa."

    "Nar Shaddaa? I thought we were trying to avoid trouble?"

    "We are but this rust bucket can only go so far before we have to refuel, Doc." Sixes explained as Copper gave an affirmative. "Besides the Empire won't be at Nar Shaddaa and its a good place to search for information as well."

    Bweep, tweedle-beep.

    "Alright. You better go make sure the General is secure. We'll be jumping in five minutes."

    Dreams often were too real to tell the difference between reality and a dream. This one was no different and the blind Jedi slept on unawares that he was dreaming an old memory.

    [I]The mountains loomed high above them and all around them. Katarr had once been a beautiful world before it had been destroyed by the Sith long ago. Even though the Miraluka and the Ithorians have spent the last several thousand years trying to restore the planet to what it once was, he could sense that it would never be the same again. When he had first began researching into the planet's history and geography for the coming battle against the Separatists, he had only known that the world had once been dead and had not known how it had died or why.[/I]

    [I]But now that he knew and now that he was on the surface, his feet touching the hard rock soil, he could feel a lingering darkness in the shadows and the very core of the planet and imagined that it had been much stronger long ago when Darth Nihilus had leeched it of every life force on its surface. But with the passing of time the Sith's presence had nearly faded away and Kaicus suspected it had more to do with the Miraluka and the Ithorians cleansing the world of the Sith's evil deed and returning life to the land than decay.[/I]

    [I]And now the Separatists were threatening that very precious life in their bid to take it over so they could launch an assault unhindered against Republic worlds. However the Miraluka and the Grand Army of the Republic were not going to let them succeed and so Kaicus Cor and his men and with the aide of Miraluka warriors, had dug into the mountains and spent the last several weeks fighting the droid army that continued to relentlessly assault their fortifications.[/I]

    [I]"It's strange how an entire race can move around with the same grace as someone who isn't blind," commented one of the clone troopers after a Miraluka warrior had passed them by in a hurry to reinforce a weakening part of their line.[/I]

    [I]"They use the Force to see, trooper," Kaicus explained and lowered the macro-binoculars. "Without it they are just as blind as any person." The sound of battle surrounded them and it took all of his own training and experience in the Force to remain aware of the situation. They were defending a pass to keep the droid army from gaining the valley beyond. Anti- air units had managed to keep the Separatists from coming in from above and it was those units that were their objectives now. Once they were gone, the Republic would lose the valley and the pass.[/I]

    [I][COLOR=red]So why don't you?[/COLOR] The Jedi General turned to stare at the clone and blinked in surprise as he stared at himself instead. But the man before him was in tattered robes and worn armor with a blindfold around his eyes. He had seen better days. [COLOR=red]You could learn something from them.[/COLOR][/I]

    [I]"The Force is no longer with me," he answered himself.[/I]

    [I][COLOR=red]Poppycock. The Force never left you, you left the Force.[/COLOR][/I]

    [I]"It doesn't matter anyway." He stubbornly turned away to study the battle but found that it was gone as was the entire Katarr environment. In its place was the interior of Sigma One , its lighting was dimmed, casting long shadows over the various seats lined on either side of the cabin and the silent thrum of its engines humming in the background filled the air. He was alone with himself, the blind version moving around with the ease of any man with sight. "Even if I were to open myself back up to the Force, what good could the last Jedi do in a galaxy out for his blood?"[/I]

    [I][COLOR=red]You are not the last, Kaicus. There are others and they have allies.[/COLOR][/I]


    [I][COLOR=red]Search amongst the temples of the Massassi.[/COLOR][/I]

    The blind Jedi awoke with a start and neatly banged the top of his head against the upper cot above him. He reached up and gently rubbed away the soreness and groaned in misery as it added to the hangover that was quickly forming in his skull. It also did not help matters when Copper began tweedling questions at him.

    Cor sat up and swung his legs over the edge, firmly planting his feet on the flooring. "No, I'm fine, Copper. Just a... strange dream." He could hear the thrum of the hyperspace engines in the background and knew that they had finally left Rodia behind them. But the question was, where were they going now? He had passed out before he could find out.

    "You wouldn't happen to know what our heading is, would you?"

    [I]Bwoop, tweedle-bweep.[/I]

    "Nar Shaddaa?! Ow!" He had stood up too quickly and in doing so he failed to clear the cot above him once more and found himself laying back on his own, nursing his abused cranium in misery. The astromech's concerned beep did not help.

    TAG: [B]Anyone[/B]>
  2. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OOC: I am reposting a set of joint posts from the end of GAW III to reorient the involved characters quoting Sith_I-5 and Pashatemur. More response posts to come...

    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, Detective Kate Lockley, Dak Trooper, and NRCs: Miss Soobie and Mercier
    LOCATION: Galactic Senate ? Executor?s Outer Office - evening of the Senate bombing

    Earlier in the evening….

    With Lockley walking alongside him, the maroon-robed Inquisitor had pushed through the semi-circular transparisteel doors separating the hallway from the Executor?s Office foyer, where a bronzed statue of someone who owned a boat, took centre stage.

    Didn't look like this portion of the Senate had been damaged in the blast, Nelf noted silently. And the predominantly red decor of the place was not lost on his GCPD companions.

    Angel commented, "Looks like we have finally found somewhere that our armour works as camouflage."

    "Cut the chatter. And stay sharp." Kate warned as she peeked over towards the sea of grey cubicles to the right, between themselves and the curving windows of the outer wall.

    "Coo-iee. Miss Soobie! Anyone home?"

    Soobie popped her blond head up above the maze of grey cubicles in the predominantly scarlet clad office, like a marsupial in the bush. She could have sworn that was the second sing-songy iteration of the query.

    "Hah hah hah! Very funny," She said, perching one fist on her tightly clad pale blue hip, and flicking a bang from before her equally pale blue eye.

    "Everyone's gone loopy," she huffed to herself before re-engaging the secretary over a set of lists she was compiling for Amidala.

    The rest of the 18 member skeleton staff looked around to see who the comedian was and with a few snickers went back to work.

    The blonde head popping up was enough for the Inquisitor, and he made a beeline for her.

    The dark- haired aid, Mercier looked out into the foyer. The bronze maritime sailor stood muscled and adamant against the waves of stars as always, the transparisteel doors unmoved, still in the open position in which Sabe had left them as she stormed back through the office.

    "Uh, can I help you?" he asked as the visitor in the rich maroon robes strode past.

    The half-elf caught a glimpse of the skyline outside as he halted between the cubicles, and turned to the young man. The sky was dark above now, and ruddy with light outside the curving bank of windows.

    "Yes, could you make up a contract for this bounty hunter's services? He can give you the particulars."

    "Uh," The aide glanced aside at where Yav had seen the woman's head pop up. "I'll need authorisation."

    The pointy-eared humanoid marched straight up to the cubicle where a petite blonde in a tight, body-hugging pale blue jumpsuit which emphasized her narrow waist and round posterior, leaned towards an administrative worker of some type, discussing data on sheaves of flimsi.

    "Now that is a slap-able arse." Officer Angel put in, behind him.

    The half-elf waited till he sensed a break in their conversation, noticing how her hair, though the same shade of gold as Lockley's, was straight and swingy compared to the detective?s, which had a bit of curve and bounce to it. He knew which he preferred.
    After a few seconds had passed, he coughed meaningfully.

    As Soobie straightened to look at him, he first noticed how large her eyes were, in comparison to the rest of her face, reminiscent of his shuttle pilot?s. Perhaps he would enquire from what planet she hailed.

    "Miss Soobie, I believe? I am Inquisitor Nelf, here on the authority of the Emperor…" Looking down at her, his voice trailed as his gaze was drawn to the white bandage tied round her upper arm, level with her ample chest, and like with Admiral Salenger up on the Golan II, Rescue Ranger protocols began to sideline his orders. "...ooh, you're hurt. I'll get that."

    He looked aside at his team. "Mister Trooper."

    "Inquisitor?" The rookie bounty-hunter responded immediately, of all the newcomers, his TIE pilots' uniform and helmet looking most out-of-place in the luxurious surroundings.

    Yavinelf nodded to the skeleton staff. “Check and triage the rest of them for injuries. Divide into those I can simply heal: bruising, scrapes, burns and the like; and those who need contemporary medical attention. Then see what you can do.”

    And I can help too! The hoojib telepathed brightly, gambolling over the thick red carpet up to the sheer stockinged legs of one of the seated staff.

    Un-observed, the bandage unraveled [sic] seemingly of its own] from Soobie’s arm, and fell away, revealing a large splinter embedded into the flesh.

    “Hold still, please.” Nelf asked, as he held Soobie’s wounded arm rigid with one application of the Force, whilst another wiggled the splinter minutely to pull it free. “Goood girl,” he soothed, eyes narrowed as he concentrated on the shard. “you’ll get a lollipop for this.”

    The splinter came free, stretching the epidermis slightly as it unhooked itself, so Nelf took a pace backwards, and still holding the blue-clad assistant still, accessed Light Healing, a flurry of light blue glowing particles appearing out of thin air and descending slowly over her, the angry red inflammation around her wound seemed to melt away into its normal colour as he watched.

    “Dak!” He called over the grey cubicle walls, to where the former fire-fighter was introducing himself to another worker. “Lollipop.”

    “Oh what?” The man complained, removing his dented helmet to present a less frightening image, and sitting it on the surface of one of the un-manned desks. He obediently pulled the treat from a bulging pouch on his thigh, and underarm tossed it towards the Inquisitor, who in turn caught it back-handed. “Spent my last milli-cred on that.” Dak griped aloud.

    “The Empire will re-imburse you.”

    “For a millicred? I don’t think.”

    “If it’s that big a deal, have this one.” Angel produced another one, from the same vending machine on the skyhook, and passed it to the bounty-hunter.

    “Oh! Thanks!”

    “Don’t mention it.”

    Yavinelf brought it up before Soobie’s large cartoon character eyes with a flourish. It had the usual thin white stick, with the sphere of boiled sweet, wrapped in a glossy protective wrapper, bearing a blue on yellow HNN logo.
    “Yours. For being such a good patient.” He would have tousled the petite Senate aide’s hair too, but the jealousy in Lockley’s voice stayed his hand.

    “I didn’t get a lollipop, and I got shot in the leg.”

    “Well, you’re a big girl, Katie.” He told her whilst still looking into Soobie’s eyes, and waiting for her to take the proffered treat.

    Thinking about it, he realised he had unconsciously accepted the detective’s presence as, if not an equal, but someone else in a position of authority, and as someone he could rely on. But at the end of the day, these were standard humans, with standard human feelings. He relented partially.

    “Though, if you want, I’ll have Corporal Billings go out for one as soon as he recovers the use of his legs.”

    She remained silent, but the Inquisitor ‘heard’ her thinking that it would not be the same.

    He realised then, if he was going to be maintaining a close staff, he would have to take note of their feelings. Or run rough-shod over them, like Wayland did. He wondered which was easier.

    “Thank you for the lollipop, Dak.”

    “Quite alright, Inquisitor.”

    Gone all warm and floopy, Soobie’s lower lip drooped in a slight pout as she looked up at the otherwise intimidating Inquisitor with half-closed eyes. “How ... Thank you... Sir! How’d you...” she looked down at her still healing wound and then back up shaking her head and feeling suddenly like she’d emerged from a hot shower. Her chest swelling, the aide inhaled deeply. “Ummmm...You uh, didn’t come to dispense lollipops, did you?”

    Nelf nodded sagely, taking back the treat, since the aide showed no sign of wanting to claim it. He knew better than to give it straight to Lockley, and his initial idea was to hold on to it until she either impressed him, or got shot in the leg again.

    “Your insight serves you well,” He told the blue-clad female before him, all the while, thinking, You patronising old git, Yav’. “My masters have instructed me to gain entry to the Executor’s Office, and signal them from within.”

    The Inquisitor could feel the petite personal assistant struggling with something, though he was unsure what.

    “ I’m ...ah... I beg your pardon,” said Soobie taken aback by the Inquistor’s request. Her eyes flicked past Nelf to the dark haired aide that he had just passed on entering the cubicles, and then further up into the hallway of the inner sanctum. “Obtain access to Lord Vader’s office?”

    Though intent on the young being’s face, the Inquisitor sensed no hostility through the Force, so he ignored her subtle stretching behind herself, whilst putting a finger to her quite small lips. He did wonder, though, if she had to take small bites to eat her food.

    “Inquisitor,” She said, inhaling and trying to stand taller, as if to impress him. In fact, it just melted his heart; it was like witnessing a youngling clop-clopping about in her mother’s shoes.

    She continued, “I guess I’m not going to get that lollipop back but...I received no word from Lord Vader about this … ”

    Yavinelf was surprised just how pleased he was that she was interested in the lollipop after all, and in unconscious response, started smiling broadly. “The two matters are mutually exclusive,” he assured her, bringing her lollipop back out, pinched between the thumb and forefinger of his good hand, and putting it before her again. He released it physically, but used a negligent display of telekinesis to keep it afloat, spinning on its stick, whilst he reached over to pat her indulgently on her head, “the lollipop was for being such a brave girl while I treated your nasty injury.” He lifted his hand, and drew back slightly but kept his voice low enough so that only she could hear.

    “I also received no word from Lord Vader, Miss Soobie.” He admitted, almost losing himself in her large eyes. “But, I am an agent of the Force, young lady, and I do not sense the Executor inside that office. So, on whose authority do you deny me access?”

    “,” said Soobie dipping her little chin, “I can’t just let anyone into the Executo....oh...I mean the Emperor’s office, can I ... unless My Lord ...” she smiled by way of excuse, “His Majesty permits... I’m sure you have an important office, too,” she said looking warmly up into the strangely magnetic man’s eyes, hoping the Inquisitor’s kindness extended to his forgiving her pointing this out to him, her finger still depressing the com button behind her.

    Mercier’s mouth opened as he watched the exchange, brow furrowing, he stood motionless, trying to grasp just what Soobie wanted of him, suddenly raising his eyebrows in realization. As chance would have it, he stood next to the very office in question, and backing up tapped the chime with his elbow, not entirely sure why he needed to signal the Naboo Queen or the Senator inside.

    TAG: Nelf, Kate, Dak, hoojib et al and Sabe Amidala II and Senator Bail Organa
  3. OrrionCarn

    OrrionCarn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2010
    GM Approved

    Name: Sara Soto [So-toe]
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Home world: Nar Shaddaa
    Affiliation: None

    -Strong willed, though sometimes turning out to be a downturn than an upturn.
    -Curious at times -- Curiosity killed the cat.
    ---Likes: Staying low if possible.
    ---Dislikes: Becoming a target, which she is currently one.
    ---Habits: Tends to reach for her blaster if she?s feeling that something is going wrong.

    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Hair Color: Red
    ---Eye Color: Green

    Weapons: Model 434 blaster pistol

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Yes
    ---Force Abilities: Minute, basically largely unknown of her abilities.

    ---Personal History: Sara was born on Nar Shaddaa to Darik Soto and Salina Thegas-Soto, and at age nine was orphaned when Darik had stepped into the wrong street and got on the bad side of a Hutt. Her family, including her older brother Ganner Soto were killed and she is now hunted by Mela?drog the Hutt. She managed to get off the planet and lived from place to place in the galaxy, staying away from conflicts and living amongst refugees of various worlds. She hardened quickly, and was spared several calamities thanks to Good Samaritans who took pity on her and helped her in various situations. One of which would have scarred her.

    On Tatooine, at age sixteen, she had to learn to stay low until she could muster enough credits to get to another world. With the amount of bounty hunters and hutts on that world she had to learn quick.

    She finally achieved enough credits where she could arrive on Coruscant a year later where she would stay. Until the hutts catch up to her at least.

    ---Military History: None
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Her family murdered and several precarious situations. Living alone and without guidance.


    Sara walked the streets of Coruscant, making sure her face was hidden beneath her eyes - in the least - were covered by her goggles to insure she wasn't recognized. At least not instantly. She hated being out in the open with that frakking outstanding bounty on her head. Fifty-thousand credits, all so the sleemo slug Mela'drog could finish off every last bit of the Sotos. How her father miffed the hutt off so much that he wanted every single Soto of the line to be wiped out she would never know. She'd never want to find out either since the only person alive who knew about it would be the one she?s running from - and she was not going to go chasing after that slug to find out.

    Cover your own skin, Sara thought to herself. That's all that matters now. Lay low and hope he doesn't find you. She didn't think she had it in her to go off world anymore, running wasn't what she was meant to do. Neither was fighting too, until she had to defend herself. She touched the hilt to her 434, making sure it was still there. She had picked it up on Carratos, sacrificing the credits for protection instead of another trip to run immediately. She had to wait another month to get off world again, but the blaster had saved her life more times than the people who helped her when she was little. The thing those men were going to do to her--she still quivered at the thought of what that outcome could have been if that man hadn't stepped in.

    Sara shook her head. All in the past. She was far better off now than she was then. More dangerous now too.

    She looked ahead of herself, the world tinted yellow from her goggles. Traffic overhead was as busy as ever, traffic on the ground was just as crowded. She could blend in, but that hadn?t helped her on Denon or her brief, foolish return to Nar Shaddaa.

    Sara heard screams up ahead. Her gut told her to turn away since it was likely a bounty hunter in too public a place. But she was too curious. Cautiously and knowingly she stepped through the emptying streets towards a café. It was obvious this was where things were happening since screams from inside could be heard. She could see the café more clearly now, she was a ways off but she could see it. She stopped to look around, the streets around her were close to abandoned, but the skies overhead still roared with normal traffic and noise. Amongst it she could hear growing panting, almost frantic. When she looked towards the source, the entrance to the café, where she saw a boy about her age rushing towards her. He wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings except running.
    Then she saw the vibroblade in his hand with splotches of blood on it. She instantly began to reach for her 434.

    She was on the ground before she knew it, a weight on top of her and the yellow tinted world vanished as her goggles slipped off. She looked up to see the boy on top of her with shocked eyes, matching hers. She quickly pushed him off with a loud Frak! and rolled over to see her goggles. Shattered and in pieces.

    A simple trip to the market, get some food and then get out of there before anyone got a good look at her. Now she was in trouble and thanks to the boy she had rolled off of her she was exposed and would likely need to get off the planet.

    She began to scurry to her feet to leave before she was noticed. Looking at the boy once before deciding to freeze for a moment. To glare at him. Sending a simple message to tell him to watch where he was going next time. Though with the angered screams beginning to erupt from the entrance to the café... She was likely out of time.

    Tag: Solo29
  4. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Streets, Slums outside of the Senate District, Coruscant

    The rain pelted his face as he ran, coming down in heavy sheets and stinging his flesh as if he was being assaulted by thousands of needles. He couldn't help but see the correlation and think of it as revenge - as if the gods were frowning upon the act he had just committed and were returning the favor in force and in the only way they knew how. He knew he was crazy to start his thoughts down that path and to believe in supernatural elements that controlled everything in this galaxy, but after lashing out against another man with a knife, you tend to start losing your sanity. And the real crux of it? He was given no choice.

    Garris Shrike was a hard and angry man. What sounded like a compromise on the surface was really an elaborate plan to lure the unsuspecting victim into a further life of suffering. Han had sailed on that ship once and he had no intentions of doing so again. In fact, he may have even figured out what Shrike's underlying plan for him had been all along. He was after new crew members and Han had finally proven himself to be a worthy candidate by standing up for his beliefs and roughing the old man up a bit. If it were another place and time, Han may have considered, but any hope of that was dashed as soon as Shrike mentioned the slave trade and his thirst for more credits as a result of it. That's when Han decided to finally pull the plug and allowed his instincts to take over by lashing out with force. If not for himself and everything Shrike had put him through as a child, then for those who were still seeking their freedom and were denied that opportunity because of people out there like Shrike. It was time for change. But as he was beginning to find out, change had a price and that brought him to his current predicament.

    "I-I can see ya, boy!" the gruff and angry voice of Shrike echoed between the buildings behind him. "You can't keep runnin'!"

    Despite the old man's claim of being within his line of sight, Han dared to glance behind him, blinking back the rain as it dripped down into his eyes and gawked at the figure bearing down on him. In the garish light of the Coruscant evening, Shrike's silhouette resembled a monster directly from an ancient Corellian myth as he lumbered down the street, holding out one hand for balance. It was clear that he was struggling with his sight and Han mentally winced at the damage he must have caused.

    With his body shaking from both fear and the cold rain, his thumb slipped on the vibroblade's handle and accidentally toggled the switch to reactivate the blade. Han visibly jumped as the blade sprang back to vibrant life before his eyes. Even then, he didn't stop to get a better look at the monster behind him - he continued onward.

    And that's when he hit a roadblock...literally.

    While his attention was focused behind him, a young woman somehow managed to ease her way directly into his path. She hadn't been there before and so, it came as a real surprise when the two inadvertently collided. Han's breath escaped his lungs in a rush of air as he tumbled forward and landed on top of the girl, the blade launching from his grip and skittering across the wet pavement. He immediately tried to reach out to grab it, but his motion was halted as the girl recovered first and deposited him to the pavement with a forceful shove. An expletive followed that didn't quite match the delicate features now staring at him.

    Han winced and turned over onto his side, minding his right hip as he wiped the wet hair from his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but he found he had not fully recovered his breath from the fall and all that came forth was a pitiful groan. But as he stared back into the face of his assailant, he surmised that he probably wouldn't be able to form words even if he could speak. She was pretty and he would be lying to himself if he said otherwise.

    "There! I saw him go that way!"

    Any introduction he was about to spew forth was cut short as Shrike's voice echoed up from the alleyway. One glance in that direction confirmed his worst fears and he took note that Shrike now had help. Several other shapes could be seen milling around Shrike's central form and the old man could clearly be seen gesturing and giving orders to these men. Han had to keep moving if he wanted to live through the night.

    With adrenaline pumping through his veins, Han lunged forward and hastily grabbed the vibroblade from where it landed on the pavement before springing back to his feet. He started to run, but then something in the back of his mind reminded him of the young woman and he hesitated, slowing to a near stop as he glanced back over his shoulder.

    He looked longingly on her frame for several tense seconds before the words began to tumble out of his mouth. "Go," he ordered with urgency, his brows knit together with desperation and worry. "GO! Get outta here!"

    The sound of his voice alerted Shrike and his cronies to his position and soon, the sound of pounding footsteps could be heard approaching through the rain. Han cursed at what he had done and began to inwardly chide himself for allowing his emotions to run rampant, but it was too late now. With one final glance to the girl, he turned to run.

    TAG: OrrionCarn
  5. OrrionCarn

    OrrionCarn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Sara Soto

    Sara heard the man shout with his cohorts. She saw the boy jump to his feet but give her a warning to run. The thought hadn?t slipped her mind, but when she looked around and then behind her to see the charging men. She had no choice but to run after the boy who had ran into her.
    First my goggles, then the boy, now I have to leave the planet. She would be sure if she and the boy were able to hide from the men, she?d smack him upside the head for causing all of this. Because with the blood she had glimpsed on his vibroblade it was going to be likely his fault.

    She turned on her heels and finally brought her 434 out of it?s holster, keeping it in her hand as she ran after the fading figure who had toppled her body and stealth. She managed to glance back to see the lead man, or perhaps one of his men, raise a blaster and she didn?t hesitate to react. She aimed her 434 at them and fired blindly. Maybe if she was lucky she?d hit one or detour them from following.
    Her shots however didn?t cause that effect. They were too wild, not even a threat or a notch in their direction. She grimaced and yelped as a far more accurate shot whizzed past her ear and nearly took hair near it, and her head clean off.

    Sara let out various expletives as she trotted for a brief flash in response to the shot before regaining her footing and running with even more haste after the boy. Following him at every turn he made, keeping him as a focal point to keep track of where she was going.

    She thought she lost him in a crowd at one point to partial relief, but then the whizzing blaster bolts separated the crowds and revealed him. Starting the chase over again that she was now forced into.
    One meal. That?s all I wanted. She kept reminding herself, Get to the market and put these credits to good use-"Frak!"

    She couldn?t think with all this fire going on around her as another bolt soared past her and the smell of burnt ozone made her grimace.

    She wasn?t going to smack this boy behind the head like some parent. She was going to punch his face in for the trouble he had caused.

    Tag: HanSolo29
  6. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OOC: A joint post with Ominous who is controlling Tarkin.

    IC: Grand Moff Tarkin
    Location: Trachta?s office overlooking one of the Senate plazas, Coruscant

    Trachta spoke at the other end of the room via holo from his front office while Kadir slunk in the back ground. The man was insufferably awkward. There was not a bar out of place or a broken crease, but his manner was far inferior to that befitting a man with the title of ?Moff.? He was a Security man ? they attracted the strangest lot.

    Tarkin watched Kadir?s pasty countenance and thin form slink in the background through the reflection in the transparent wall of the room-length aquarium in Grand Moff Trachta?s office. The cybernetic remains of a once elegant cut of a man winked red in the transparasteel. It was all Tarkin could do not to smirk in disgust. He could admire the will, but really, after a point, was the life really worth salvaging!?

    Tarkin regarded his own aspect in the cool reflection and could not help but notice the Senate dome lit. It was an odd little moment. It had been years since it had been lit.

    Just as soon as he noted the bronzium dome glowing gold in the reflection, a rather large, sleek predator fish slipped into view. Tarkin appreciated the power and beauty of its cool and calculated pursuit of its prey. Though large, the tank did not afford the sleek creature much maneuverability, but the predator was clever, waiting for the more agile smaller fish to be lulled into a sense of security. Seconds later, the monster fish, with its razor sharp teeth and black eyes devoid of any emotion, tore into the flesh of the smaller fish and did not let go. It thrashed its head, shredding tissue and bone until the pretty agile fish was lifeless in its jaw.

    The same would have to be done here on Coruscant with Vader. The pretty boy wizard, as Tarkin saw him, was not fit to run the Empire. He was not a true military man unlike himself. He?d been born a slave and there was definitely a lack of breeding in him for all his vaunted power. Tarkin had tolerated Vader while Palpatine lived. The old man?s obsession with the ex-Jedi was actually a most glaring and distasteful weakness. Now he was gone, and likely at the hand of his protégé. How fittingly ironic!

    Tracta?s conversation was taking much to much of his precious time. Tarkin coldly challenged the predator with an ingratiating smile.

    But he found his shoulder raised and the hair on his neck standing as Trachta?s third eye shone brightly in the reflection and the Grand Moff?s gravely electronic voice menaced, ?I don?t care who ordered it. I'm in a meeting and will not be disturbed again.? There was venom in his tone. Tarkin turned around with a raised eyebrow.

    ?Where were we?? said Trachta regarding Tarkin now with his red photo-receptors. There was little or no expression in what was left of the man?s face.
    ?Fascinating creatures aren?t they,? said Trachta, hands clasped at his back. ?Very difficult to keep them in food?They are voracious. So? not a day after battle and here you are, back in Coruscant instead of home in Eredea, you must be exhausted.? Trachta seemed to sniff or smirk at something he found amusing.

    Tarkin really despised this half-human, half-machine but hid his distaste well. Years of training on his home-world allowed him to act as though he genuinely cared for others in their presence. ?I am here because the Emperor is dead and because there is a shift in our leadership.? Tarkin stepped away from the aquarium and over to the window that looked out across the cityscape of Coruscant.

    One hand was behind his back, while the other was under his chin, as though he were in deep thought. ?Should we be so rash as to replace one Force-user with another??

    Trachta still faced his fish, if he could be said to face any direction, yet he regarded Tarkin with the singled red photoreceptor at the back of his head. "Do we know the Emperor is indeed departed this ... mortal coil?" said Trachta carefully.

    Tarkin turned back around and found his movements tracked by the photo-receptor in the back of Trachta’s head. How disgusting! thought Tarkin. “We don’t.” Was his short answer but he followed up, “Our only evidence is Vader’s word, and whether I want to trust the word of a Force-user is still up in the air. Perhaps there is evidence yet to be found.” He walked back to where Trachta stood, “What do you believe?” He wanted answers from the cyborg, not to be playing games. Tarkin wished sometimes he could have the whole lot shot in the back for giving him the run around.

    Trachta laughed outwardly, a sort of coughing cackle. "Perhaps, you should have led with your winning card, Wilhuf. You can confide in me. We are all comrades. Shall I complete your thoughts, my friend?" Trachta used the term friend with keen irony and turning about he regard Tarkin with both forward receptors. "What happens when or if that rotting puss sack is found, eh? Do you comply? I doubt that the Emperor has just wandered off during battle and gotten himself lost," said Trachta with further sarcasm.

    Tarkin furrowed his brow; he hated games but maintained his demeanor. "There is no need to complete my thoughts old friend. At the moment, not everyone can be trusted.” He stressed everyone. “I know you are not fond of the Emperor, and I have never told the Emperor either.”

    He stopped for a moment and watched another predator fish, within the confines of his world, prey upon another helpless prey. “Will I comply with Vader? I really think we're at a crucial crossroads.” He paused dramatically and turned to say, “I wonder if I might count on your counsel. If Vader molds the Empire to his ideals rather than continue down the path that was set by Palpatine, then we must stop him.” He looked at Trachta, “Do I have your cooperation?”

    If Trachta was capable of smiling, the smile would have disappeared. At this moment a loud clatter could be heard at the other end of the room. Kadir could be seen standing a small metal statue upright.

    There was an awkward moment of silence and Trachta stared silently at Kadir before responding. "You have my counsel, Tarkin. I suppose you must have my gratitude...for keeping my confidences," said Trachta much to Kadir surprise.

    "But you'll pardon me, I never back a race blindly. Show me the resources Grand Moff, and then we can talk about cooperation," said Trachta archly. “What”resources” do you have behind you? I know you’ll want to consider that before you speak... I’m quite interested in what you have to say.”

    Trachta fumed inside. If he did not give himself to show interest, to be at least partially committed, no telling who might be sent to dispatch him for having too much knowledge of this powerful Moff’s intentions, but further, Trachta was not one for handing his sense of priority over to Tarkin. In any case, Tarkin might not have the support he inferred he had.

    Out in the corridor noise erupted as troopers clattered through the halls along with Imperil Guard, and the door chimed several quick times, the doors hissing open. An worried aid stood in the doorway, “Oh forgive me, but we are being forced, forced to evacuate the building.”

    Trachta was ready to unleash his wrath when the aid was summarily pushed into the room and a trooper behind him announced that all occupants were ordered off premises until further notice.

    Trachta looked to Tarkin.

    The aide hurriedly spat out, “and Sir, a notice just came in from the Senate. They’re going to be called back into session tomorrow.”

    Trachta turned his receptor on the hapless man, “The Senate is still being cleaned up. I don’t even know that the engineers have cleared it for security and stability!”

    The aid looked wide-eyed and shrugged as they were herded from the room.

    Soon they found themselves shouldering with the lower echelons and other government officers on the many landing pads of the elegant office tower.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, Dak Trooper, Detective Kate Lockley,
    LOCATION: Galactic Senate ? Executor?s Outer Office - evening of the Senate bombing

    The Executor?s staff were stalling, and the Inquisitor had orders to contact his own masters from within Anakin Skywalker?s offices.

    ?We are getting nowhere here fast,? he surmised aloud, turning from the delectable Miss Soobie to the bounty-hunter. ?Mr Trooper. Blow the door, please.?

    The man clad in the black semi-armoured flightsuit, looked round from the flirtatious chrome-skirted secretary that he had been treating, a bacta-gel dispenser gripped between gloved thumb and forefinger, and joined the three Galactic City PD cops in looking at the Inquisitor in surprise.

    ?Are you sure, Inquisitor?? He queried, forgetting in the moment, that he had just seen this Imperial agent cleave an Emperor?s Hand in half, up on the HNN Skyhook. ?I mean, what about the-? He was about to say ?mess?, then remembered why every emergency vehicle in five districts was in the Square outside, and why there was a million-plus credit reward out. ?Right you are then.?

    Trooper put the dispenser down, and gave the secretary a wan smile, while she looked back with scared eyes now, a sea-change from her earlier flirtations.

    The bounty hunter made his way out from the maze of grey cubicles, and went to stand on the wide strip of carpet that led to the ornate wooden doors.

    He raised and aimed the arm bearing the wrist-rocket system that had seen a fair bit of work that day.

    The red-armoured Kate looked from the Inquisitor, to the bounty hunter, then hobbled in a circle to view the sealed door to the Executor?s office. ?Everyone, take cover!? She looked meaningfully at the aide. ?Miss Soobie, you can stop this.?

    Nelf looked at the blonde-haired Detective approvingly, and waited for a reaction from Skywalker?s executive assistant, or whatever she was to the former jedi.

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    Colonel Odious Parvil
    Doctor Sanna Parvil
    Captain Etana Oss

    08:19 Local Time
    Office of the Wolatarian Imperial Military Attaché

    [blockquote]As the door opened, the applause began. It wasn't a major fanfare, but eight clapping hands warmed the Colonel's hearts as he walked into his new office with his wife.

    The office was spacious for what it was; the theme of rich hardwoods and a central water fountain in black rock continued the decor found in his residence. Immediately entering, there was the receptionist, and the room had various benches for waiting parties. Frosted transpisteel doors lead into meeting and office rooms, which made the area look larger and the rooms less closed off, yet still afforded privacy to the discussions behind them.

    Odious raised his hands to quell the welcome. “Thank you, all—wow, I was not expecting-- I really appreciate the enthusiasm from you all, thank you.” He said, trying to choose words. “As I said earlier, this is going to be a real ground breaking effort here; we’re going to accomplish a lot over the next year and I’m very proud to be apart of this with you. I’ve gotten reports on everything that has been done in the last few months to prepare for this. Sanna, do you have anything?”

    “I just want to echo your sentiments. I’ve never done this before, I’m a medical professional, I’ve done- various consulting work for the government, and I've studied political theory, but this is brand new to me, as it is to Odious and Etana." She said gesturing towards the only Wolatarian in a flight suit. "So, I'm very grateful for the work of the staff and- let's get to work, let's reconnect with the galaxy. It's time for us to get back out here and ensure the prosperity of our worlds continues." She finished looking back to Odious.

    “We’re all going to do great. Now, if we could, I’d like to take this to the meeting room and I need an update on what is going on—I heard one of the major government buildings got bombed?”

    “Yes, sir,” said a female Wolatarian, Po’ada Santis, who was the director of the office, as well as a member of the civilian intelligence ministry. “If you would, this way.” She said, leading the entire group through one of the frosted doors, keying for entry. On the other side, a second solid door required a key card and palm print for entry.

    An engraved sign on the door read:

    [blockquote]SENSITIVE DATA FACILITY, RESTRICTED ACCESS[/blockquote] The door opened and the group walked into the room. A large dark wood table was surrounded by sofas deigned only for the caterpillar-like Wolatarians. The table had three carafes of steaming caf and traditional Wolatarian fruit pastries. The group took various seats around the table, with the exception of three. These were the security officers, charged with providing security for the facility, the ambassadors and their craft outside. A large job for the three of them, and Odious had already planned to address it.

    “So, what happened?” Parvil said, taking a seat and leaning forward to pour a cup of caf.

    “It was either a missile or a suicide attack. Something with an explosive struck the Senate Building here on Coruscant. Lots of dead, the building on the holonet was belching smoke. Most the data is inconclusive, but the media is saying it was most likely a terrorist strike. We don’t have any better information than that.” Po’ada said.

    “Alright, and how far are we from the Senate building here?” Odious asked.

    “About six hundred and fifty klicks; depending on how you go, it takes anywhere from thirty-five minutes to two hours to get over there. The latter is speeder traffic.” She said.

    “Alright, that’s the first thing I want to address: security.” Odious began. “Now, against my recommendation, we have only three officers here to provide security. And if we relied on them for everything, then they would get no rest. I know everyone here has been issued the eights’ right?” He asked referring to the needle-guns. His question was met with a series of nods from around the room.

    Needle-guns were hypersonic projectile weapons, using electromagnets and a gelled chemical propellant to throw a shaped sabot at several times the speed of sound. This particular weapon fired an eight millimeter round and was often refer to as an ‘eight’ in slang. Dampeners reduced the weapon’s recoil, but the kinetic energy of the projectile could penetrate most body armor at close ranges, or at least knock a subject off their feet even if it didn’t break through.

    “‘kay,” he continued. “Everyone here is responsible for security. I know you have established an emergency plan and we’ll be familiarizing ourselves with that. You have diplomatic immunity, so I expect you to carry your weapon with you at all times. If anything looks amiss, report it to the team at once. I know we’ve all sat through the military anti- terrorism training programs; I’m not going to bore you with a recap. Just check your surroundings, be alert and let’s keep each other safe. Sanna, floor is yours.” He concluded, sipping at his caf.

    “Thank you. Let’s focus on what we want to accomplish. Establishing treaties with the various worlds and with the Galactic Empire is our primary goal. We want trade agreements that will allow us to export our raw goods without tariffs. That’s been the president’s primary objective for us. We also want to work on currency exchange rates with the central banks, so that we don’t get under cut by the lower value of the Imperial Credit. Now, the Empire is not going to let us import past the outer rim without a comprehensive treaty, but what we want to ensure is that we don’t allow them to encroach on our sovereignty in such a treaty. I know that a lot of calls have been made, what is the response we’re getting?” Sanna asked the rest of the staff.

    “Mostly that things are too hectic right now for them to consider. We’ve had two meetings with senate financier committees and they were really dismissive,” said Kol Norma, a representative from the Ministry of the Treasury. “They were impressed by the resources, but they didn’t want to deal with a non-standard currency. I mean, they—the Empire is ruled mostly by humans, and their very— I hate to say xenophobic, but they are. There was also.. Well, they apparently are worried that we might support one of their separatist groups.”

    “It is a long established fact that the Galactic Empire is an Empire of humans. It’s like our own Skadi neighbors. By separatist, you mean the Rebel Alliance, correct?” Odious asked.

    “Yes, sir. Obviously, we’ve kept tabs on that group for the last couple years. I mean, well—everyone is cleared here, right?”

    “Yes, everyone is.” Said Po’ada said, who also handled the clearances for the staff personnel.

    “I specifically had everyone on this assignment cleared for Level Four information.” Odious interjected. “There will be no secrets within this team.”

    “Alright, we’re watching the Alliance closely. Have been for a while, but with a couple exceptions, they don’t get near the A’care cluster and so we aren’t worried about them. We’ve tactually tracked some of their supporters in the outer rim, follow a few trade lanes; but, they aren’t a high interest to us in the security community.” Said Kol, as he poured a cup of caf for himself and a picked up a couple pastries; the rest of the group of eating as well, the simple Wolatarian breakfast had been laid out just prior to the Colonel’s arrival.

    “So, we need a way to alleviate those fears from the Empire, that we have no interest in backing an insurgency or taking any territories from them. I mean, push comes to shove; we wouldn’t win against their military power. We just need the trade into the core worlds to boost our economy.” Odious said.

    “Okay, so what can we offer?” Sanna asked. “I mean, we need a lead-in.”

    “Given that everyone is cleared.” Etana said, speaking for the first time. He leaned forward on the table. “Why don’t you get approval to share intelligence? We kept some damn good tabs on those guys—the Alliance, that is. I mean, we’ve got plenty on outer rim Imperial activity, but when I was running recon flights. I swear, the Imperials were blind out there. We’d watch small rebel groups and piracy run circles around them and, I don’t think the rebels ever cared that we were there. I remember taking a ride on a frigate into one system-- out of sector patrol, mostly anti piracy; and we ran across a small fleet by accident. They just ignored us.” He said taking a sip of water, instead of the caf most the others were drinking.

    “What system was that?” Odious asked.

    “Dantooine, if I recall correctly. I mean, that is just a rag-tag group of pirates, terrorist and disillusioned politicos. It was probably them who bombed the Senate. If I had a say, get approval to release files on what we know about them to the Empire. Take that to them.”

    Sanna turned to Odious and then to Po’ada. “Could we? I don’t work in intel, I’m in healthcare.”

    “That requires...Well, we could go through several entities to secure approval for releasing sensitive resources. I mean, they’d get a cut down version, but if we had anything actionable that they could use—sure I say that would be something. I don’t know how they’ll take it, though.”

    “What economic options do we have on the table?” Sanna asked, considering what Po’ada said.

    “In extremely rare elements, our region has enough to supply hi-tech industries for a few decades without removing the crust of some of the worlds. I mean, you just look at what have coming out of the Antar Nebula. They need minerals, we’ve got them. We just don’t have a market anymore, We can’t use all of it, and most the outer rim is so chaotic, you don’t have the mass industrial base you need to keep our mining operations profitable.” Said Lei Malvin, also with the Ministry of the Treasury and headed several partnerships with mining tycoons in the Wolatarian worlds.

    “Well, obviously. But how do you sell that if everything we say falls on deaf ears?” Sanna asked.

    “You talk to someone who will listen.” Lei replied, pausing for a second after stating the obvious. “We have set-up an opportunity for you. It looks like the Senate, despite the bombing wants to convene tomorrow. We’ve got diplomatic passes for five of us. We can go there, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of speeches and grab someone afterwards.”

    “We’ve talked with a senator named Organa.” Po’ada said. “He seemed interested— kinda flaky but, he said before the bombing that he would meet with us. That was the nineteen hundred meeting. Afterwards— no response from his office. Catch him after the senate convenes, maybe. Other being we do have locked down is one of the directors of the banks from Muunilist; tomorrow at thirteen. We can’t get any of the Moffs to even return calls.”

    Odious brush his hand over his head. This was going to be a slow start. He slowly chewed on a yellow-fruit pastry.

    “Well, we have to start somewhere.” Sanna said. “We’ll try to catch the senator, keep calling anyone on their economic committees. Now, our other charge is to make sure our citizens who are within the Galactic Empire are protected. What numbers do we have on that?”

    “There’s only about sixteen hundred citizens that we know are inside the territories of the Empire,” said Kol. “Most of those are traders and have travel visas. We know of at least fifteen Wolatarians who are currently in Imperial prisons, but unless we have diplomatic ties established can’t do anything about that.”

    “Most of those are violent criminals, there is only a few cases we’re worried the individuals maybe innocent.” Po’ada said, establishing the situation. “We know of two that are political prisoners that may have been providing support to the Rebel Alliance. Obviously, we have nothing to do with them and aren’t going to argue for their release.”

    “Right, and our clandestine agents within the Empire?” Odious asked.

    “Colonel, I don’t know if that’s an appropriate—“

    “There are ten I know of. I have their files. In fact, those agents are in the room.” He replied to Po’ada who had responded to his rhetorical question. Changing the subject briefly, he continued on a tangent that had bothered him for a while. “Look, I know the Civil Intel Bureau considers us their agents out here and you’re the ring leader; and I realize that’s part of our directive as the attaché to Coruscant. But I don’t want it to become a focus of this office. No sleuthing around, trying to chase spies or leads-- let’s just function as diplomats and when we learn things, we pass them home.”

    “Obviously, sir.” She said. “I don’t think the Bureau expects anymore.”

    “Right, just laying that out. I’m not dumb, I know there are clandestine handlers out there, and I’m not privy to that information. That’s not our focus here and I don’t want it to become. Not only do I have my kids here, we have too much to loose politically. Good?”

    “Check, sir.” Po’ada said.

    “Right, anything else we need to go over?” Sanna asked. There was a murmur of ‘no’s and head shaking, as the members of the group looked one to another. “Alright, well I need sleep; I’ve been up since yesterday morning. At thirteen hundred we’ll reconvene. I know the night security watch, you need rest as well. So, everyone is dismissed.”


    For the next several hours, the office continued making calls, trying to reach out the the massive bureaucracy of the Empire. All they needed was an in, a contact who they could sell their pitch and try to establish relations with the wider galaxy.[/blockquote]

    Bancor Hill
    1112 Local Time
    Government Sector, Mizara Bristo

    [blockquote]A glass of four decade old brandy from Corellia, a vast seafood platter from Naboo and dotting near-human escort in a fine silk outfit that did not fail to highlight any of her assets; this was the banking director’s late- morning meal, sitting at an outside table just twenty-kilometers from the senate building. Across the table from him was a heavy-set human in typical business attire. The human did most the talking, his small group of assistance laughing at the jokes he made, that barely brought a smirk from the Muun. The human steered the conversation from sports, to business and then alcohol and various claimed ‘conquest’. It was too typical of a businessman trying to prove himself to the banker who could sell that industry tycoon’s entire fortune in a moment.

    Bancor went between brushing off the attention of the female when he was interested in something being said, to fading his attention back to her whenever the conversation became dry. He really only paid attention about quarter of the time; this was just a social meeting, to keep the ties between the industry giants and the money masters tight. Bancor found such meetings a bore, but unfortunately necessary.

    His staff was nearby. Several armed security guards mulled around fairly discreetly and his personal secretary sat to the right of him, taking notes. The other directors were having dinner inside. As long as he had a fine drink and food in front of him, and an exotic female or two, he would sit through just about anything.

    He was still following the bombing at the Senate on his mini-datapad, which he continuously checked during the conversation. He wanted to make sure he was at the convening of the Senate the following day. What he wasn’t sure of was the report of a new constitutional convention. If anything like that was proposed, the IGBC would need to have a guiding hand. The small nuisances inside such documents could make or break economies. He liked the current level of state influence in the market. Any less, and things could run out of control, any more and the economy might cease to function at a profitable level.

    The meal concluded at forty-five after the hour, the banker picking up the entire meal as a gesture, digitally signing the tab with a finger print to a grand total of 1,651.22 credits. Two stretched speeders, with dark mirrored windows hovered down the brick street, and security moved to open the rear passenger doors. Usually the other directors and his secretary rode with him, and the rest of the staff would take the second speeder; however he gestured for them all to take the rear speeder. He could debrief them later on the outcome of the meeting, for now he politely assisted the woman into the speeder, stepping into the speeder himself, while the security guard shut the door before returning to their own speeder.

    He had to owe it to his human secretary; he knew how to find fine companions. Though he was sure some were paid for, when you controlled part of the galaxy’s major bank, legality was hardly ever a question.


    Twenty minutes later the group of three dark speeders flew up to the base of one of the diplomatic residence towers in the government sector. They stopped and the security speeder rolled up between the two luxury transports, the security team disembarking and making sure the area was secure before the directors departed the transports. It was a fluid movement from checking the area to opening the speeder doors for the banking moguls.

    Bancor coolly stepped from the speeder, adjusting the cravat and collar, and then repositioning one of his rings on his right hand. He nodded to the rest of the directors and began to walk towards them as the security guard helped the escort from the speeder who adjusted the shoulder of her bodice that was sliding down her arm.

    “How did that go?” The Nubian bank director asked as he approached.

    “..and I’ve always said not to inquire about that, correct?” He said in a jest.

    “Pish, pish. Not the—her... I meant with old Deep Core Minerals.”

    “It was the same as always, really. As we suspected the raw metal sector wants diversification. They’re tired of just having the arms industry take their products at reduced cost. They need to open up other markets to start seeing growth.” He said, checking his cufflinks. “We need the Empire to stop taking so much from them. They need to pay market prices; and we need the consumer markets to open up again.”

    “Well, let’s get cracking on that. This human Empire needs to start doing what humans do best: coveting everything their neighbor has.”

    “Some cultures call that a sin.” Bancor said with a smirk as the group walked through the front doors to the three-hundred story penthouse tower., opened to them by waiting attendants.

    “..and we call it good business.”

    “As always; what is the situation with Lord Vader?” He asked, shifting his attention back to his human secretary.

    “Spotty media reporting, but the Emperor is dead. Vader will take the throne and I’m hearing talk of change to the formation of the government,” said his secretary, taping at his datapad, reviewing notes he took regarding the recent events.

    “That’s what I have seen. Vader can do as he likes with his Empire, but I don’t think he understands our finer world of economics. He was always just muscle for Palpatine and we need to educate him on how the galaxy really works.” Bancor said, the woman joining at his side again. He acknowledged her briefly, turning back to his entourage.

    “Do you want a meeting?”

    “I will have a meeting by the end of this week. We need to have a sit- down with him.” Bancor said smugly.

    “Have you ever met him, sir?” The Nubian banker said, a bit concerned by the lead director’s casual dismissal of the powerful former Jedi.

    “Not personally. Are you suggesting I should be afraid?” He asked, as the group entered the lift that would take him to the first of his five floors he owned in the tower.

    “With all due respect, you might.” He replied.

    Bancor dismissed the fellow director’s comment. “Give a man all the military power in the universe and he still won’t harm the source of his credits.”[/blockquote]

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    IC: Miss Soobie and Mr. Mercier
    LOCATION: Galactic Senate ? Executor?s Outer Office - evening of the Senate bombing

    The sea of grey cubicles suddenly resembled a prairie after a lone blaster shot and like a community of prairie dogs, the 30 some odd staff still remaining stood at once and turned toward the door to the Executor?s office as they watched the DAK Trooper take up position before the doors, his arm raised.

    The office environmentals hummed quietly?..

    ?There goes that lolli!? murmured Mercier, under his breath as he stood data pad held clenched to his chest right looking at the wrong end of a wrist rocket.

    Genuinely hurt in the change of the Inquisitor?sdemeanor, Soobie looked down for a moment, the smooth brow beneath her straight blond strands beading with perspiration. Apparently, the Inquisitor?s patience did not extend to being informed he should remember the ?Golden Rule.?

    What would Mr. di Toli do? What would Mr. di Toli do?..

    ?Inquisitor?? this was not going at all well, in fact far south of well. ?If you would tell me why it is you need to gain access?.? said Soobie, attempting to pass by him to stand before the doors with Mercier herself.

    She?d already considered calling the Imperial or Senate Guard, but she?d hoped not to draw attention to the office.

    Reaching the Inquisitor?s good arm, she pulled herself before him, but upon seeing his determination, was convinced he would not bow out and she was running out of options.

    ?I?m going to have to ask you to leave, now?? she mustered, slowly drawing her small blaster. 27 other safeties softly clicked off over the tops of the cubicles.

    Mercier, with nothing much more between him and heaven, rolled his eyes. It looked like a comic shoot out in a ?B? list holo-flick only his smile faded fast when a discrete hiss sounded behind him and a rush of air blew up his neck?

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    OOC: Due to a family emergency I am turning over Sabe Amidala and any other characters I control over to Pashatemur until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. A million thanks to Pashatemur !

    Welcome new players!

    May the Force Be With 'You All'!
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    OOC: Thanks to LZM/MOO for her contributions to this post and to GenOochy for graciously taking over the role of Bail Organa. As LZM stated, I will be running her characters until such time as she is able to step back in.

    IC: Sabe Amidala, Queen of Naboo, Senator Bail Organa, and Artoo
    LOCATION: Office of the Executor, Imperial Senate

    Fifteen minutes before the Inquisitor’s arrival, Bail Organa had had a change of heart and nabbing a warm “take away” from one of the crew serving the clean up and rescue crews, he found his way back into the Office of the Executor, holding the bag aloft, he greeted Soobie. “Someone order dinner for Her Highness?”

    “BAIL!” exclaimed Sabe as she opened the door to reenter Anakin’s office from the small interior corridor. The Senator sauntered forward and ceremoniously placed a dark, steaming cup of kaf on the desk and a bag covered tray beside it.

    Recognizing that Bail was offering them a chance to start anew, she let go the tug of war in her head.

    “Hello, Miss Delba!” he said using a less formal address than he might have. “I’d heard you might be hungry.”

    “Is this a bribe Senator?” Sabe asked dryly.

    Bail gestured to the food, “Yes, it is a blatant lobbyist incentive.” He stuck his hands behind him and watched the shiny, ebonied surface of the desk fog with the heat of the bagged dinner. Flashing a quick smile he answered, “...Live amongst the lobbyists, you learn a thing or two.” He straightened somberly. “We should both start over!” he stated firmly.

    Sabe pursed her lips and gestured for Bail to have a seat. He looked around the office and was surprised at its spare interior. Clearly, care had been taken putting the large room together: there was a seating area whose plump chairs and sofa looked so unused as to be new, with the exception of a depression in the middle of the sofa, where someone had recently sat or rather lain. This desk and another area with a console against an end wall were coordinated, but aside from a few personal items, a caliper, an antique portable tool kit in bronzium, the place was humble.

    He wasn't sure what he expected, but he returned his gaze to Sabe and indicating he'd wait for her to sit first, he shrugged.

    "I thank you for the meal, Senator. I've been on a forced fast since entering this office. We've been under siege with the announcement of Palpatine's death and then the bombing. In my haste I?m afraid I left my cannonade at home," she jested, again, dryly.

    "I happened to be at hand to hold the office," she offered, gesturing to the sofa. "As you well know, there are many who would take advantage of the situation... Please, let us be seated. As I explained earlier at the elevator bank, I'm here to keep that from happening."

    Bail smiled and chuckled, listening to the words of this diminutive near replica of his old friend Padme. "You? All by yourself? You weren't exactly showing much of a spirit of cooperation earlier." Still, he complied with her gesture and moved toward the sofa.

    "You do know how this looks, don't you Sabe? These people here chew up more political lives in an afternoon than you will ever eat meals in a day! Vader put you in this position?" he asked looking about and noting the presence of the little blue domed astro-mech, concern nagging him who had for long been in the company of his Master. "Well, some things never change! Hello, there, Artoo."

    Artoo bleeted and whirred anxiously where he stood still keyed into the desk console, rocking back and forth, but to no avail, but sadly, unlike his Master, Senator Organa did not speak droid.

    "He seems a bit agitated about something." said Bail looking back to Sabe, more concerned with her response to his statements than to the droid?s anxiety.

    Sabe watched Artoo as well. He seemed extraordinarily busy, disturbed - if a droid could be considered so. She moved beyond the desk, oblivious to the reasons for Artoo's signals as he responded to the call from the Ursean Embassy.

    Sabe shrugged and leaning down, asking, “What is it, Artoo?” However the rapid-fire bleeps and whistles meant nothing to Sabe, who frustrated, furrowed her brow and gave a conciliatory pat to his dome. “I’m sorry. I wish I could understand you...”

    She looked up to Bail and smiled graciously, standing and preceding him to the sofa, giving Artoo another concerned glance before sitting.

    "Ms Soobie is holding the front line, and in my skirt I have a blaster if it comes to that..." Sabe joked. "I am aware my position is precarious. Lord Vader commanded I stay in his stead to hold things together and in the interest of preventing any possible escalations,” she said, “I remain. It was unavoidable.”

    “So, his injuries were worse than reported...” said Bail in measured tone.

    Sabe did not say anything, but sat stiffly as she lowered her eyes for a moment.

    “His presence ...was required... at the ...” said Sabe, her voice firm.

    “Oh, Sabe, I saw him, he was laboring for breath for crying out loud and I know he didn’t just hand this over to you lightly...” said Bail. “You’ll need help. Let me help you.”

    “I assure you, Senator, I’m more than capable of holding my own.” Sabe broiled at his seeming presumption. “Besides, I’m not alone, I have Admiral Colton and ...I WILL do what is necessary,” she affirmed in a less warm tone. Gesturing outward through the dimming blinds in the transparasteel plating, she continued, anticipating what she felt his next response to be. “I have ordered the dome of the Senate to be lit - it is symbolic I know - but it is important. I’ve already called the Senate back into session for tomorrow.”

    Bail steepled his fingers and leaned his chin to them and nodded, blinking as he thought. What a position he found himself in! He could take a tremendous risk and notify the Alliance of this crucial moment, but even if they managed to take the fleets, politically, there wasn’t a cohesive set of like minded leadership across systems that could stand against the might of the Moffs. This was a matter of great debate. If he did nothing and allowed a destabilization, a civil war might ensue.

    “A symbolic gesture, but a potent one, to be sure and yes, a session would at least provide the forum...well, it’s been called you say...” he sighed. His mind raced. This could be the opportunity the ARR needed! But communications were heavily monitored; the planet had been in lock down. "Perhaps, if you'd consider it, you'd permit me to assist you."

    Why would Vader trust her this implicitly? Bail did not know Sabe well but he knew her to be outspoken against many Imperial policies, a fact of which Vader was most certainly aware.

    "I...I do have some sway in the Senate. We might call the session immediately and make a show of strength and union."

    "You’d be putting yourself in harms way, Bail,” said Sabe, softening. “You’ve been about as shy and retiring as I have,” Sabe jested sarcastically and then became more serious, “I couldn’t ask you...”

    Bail glanced from Sabe to Artoo.

    Sabe’s eyes followed Bail’s and she smirked at what he had to have been thinking. Only an hour earlier, Anakin’s recorded voice had sounded from his desk console as she tried to access secured files. Sabe looked away for a moment in consternation at the memory. "Do not worry about Artoo. We go back a long way we two."

    "It's not Artoo that concerns me," said Bail before he could stop himself.

    "Oh?" queried Sabe.

    " didn’t ask. I offered," said Bail slapping the arm of the sofa softly, "It could be a feeding frenzy ere long. It was apparent that Lord Vader was injured at Kalee. Whatever our philosophy,” he said enigmatically, “you are right, we don't want to see more blood shed. I am a part of this government, so command me then! I can't simply stand by. I know Imperial Center politics, Sabe. Give me a directive, then."

    "You are a stabilizing factor within the Senate, Bail. You are much respected for your wisdom and so many know you. Talk to those senators, representatives and impress upon them the need to make a strong showing tomorrow. Above All, the Senate should seize this opportunity to renew its standing,” said Sabe emphatically

    He nodded, believing he understood her meaning, but what about Vader’s return? What lay ahead? In the meeting and Senate address, the Executor had talked about a quorum and a constitution. Bail wasn’t sure he’d heard correctly. The entire day he’d had the feeling he walked in a dream.

    He shook his head as he thought. Bail of all people knew what Lord Vader was capable of and he did not trust his memory of the Executor’s words or even the holo reports which showed him tend the injured at the Senate and aiding the rescue crews.

    Bail rubbed his eyes and was about to speak when the com on the desk consol crackled suddenly and voices from the exterior office could be heard transmitting through the device, causing both Bail and Sabe to sit up and look at one another.

    Miss Soobie's voice spoke...“ I’m ...ah... I beg your pardon ...."

    Sabe walked toward the device, hand extended, but Bail waved his hand and put a finger to his lips. That was not how an aide interrupted a leader at work in his or her office.

    Soobie’s voice continued. ..“Obtain access to Lord Vader’s office?...Inquisitor... I guess I’m not going to get that lollipop back...I received no word from Lord Vader about this...”

    A smooth warm male voice replied, “The two matters are mutually exclusive, the lollipop was for being such a brave girl while I treated your nasty injury....I also received no word from Lord Vader, Miss Soobie...But, I am an agent of the Force, young lady, and I do not sense the Executor inside that office. So, on whose authority do you deny me access?”

    “An Inquisitor?!” said Bail, shaking his head.

    “Bail, Anak... I mean Lord Vader used another exit when he left earlier...” said Sabe quickly.

    “What sort of guest would I be if I left you standing here-” He began, but Sabe interrupted.

    “You have a daughter,” she said.

    He sighed, “This Inquisitor is probably just posturing, Sabe; and you have a System.”

    “Well, so do you...” she protested.

    “Then we’re even... smile pretty,” Bail encouraged, masking his concern and putting his Senatorial face on. Sabe saw Bail was adamant and Bail lamented not seeing this alternate exit Vader had taken earlier.

    Stepping to the desk, Sabe chimed security and sent silent call to the Senate Guard, depressing the button three time with some little anxiety and then she released the door lock and the doors opened with a discrete hiss revealing Mercier’s thin back to the interior and a sort of alarming stand off with a trooper aiming a ordinance at the door.

    "What seems to be the issue, Inquisitor?" demanded Sabe firmly, in monotone.

    Bail stood slowly, hands folded in front of him, while the Queen took charge of the Inquisitor Yavinelf.

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    IC: Lieutenant Estaban Corel, bridge crew, Executor Super Star Destroyer.
    Location: Imperial Centre orbit

    Esteban had been in the uncomfortable position of being an undercover Imperial Intelligence operative manning the ComScan station aboard the Super Star Destroyer, and have Lord Vader stand over him and tell him that he knew exactly what he was.

    He listened closely to the report being relayed up from one of the agencies that he had called at Galactic City, and one had returned his call with some news.

    ?Thank you, Major; I owe you one.? Esteban tore off the page of flimsi that he had been jotting notes on, and stood up from his console to report to Admiral Ozzel.

    Shuffling through the the cramped crew pit to the front, the final barrier to the steps leading up to the command walkway, was his Pit Lieutenant, who regarded him with arms crossed, and made no move to get out of the way.
    ?Oh, you are as smooth as the surface of a neutron star.? The black-uniformed officer regarded Corel critically, but there was a betrayed look in his eyes, and Corel realised that this was over him being a covert operative, rather than a regular junior officer.

    Corel said nothing, waiting out his counterpart. Finally, the man jerked his head sharply, and stepped aside.

    Released, the ComScan officer bounded up the steps and walked quickly towards Ozzel.

    ?Admiral, we have found him. We know where Grand Moff Tarkin is!?

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    IC: Officer Angel, Inquisitor Nelf, Corporal Billings, 'H' the Hoojib, and da rest
    Location: Galactic Senate, Executor?s Outer Offices

    "Inquisitor? If you would tell me why it is you need to gain access?. " Ms Soobie asked, clearly planning to stall a bit longer.

    Intent on seeing how she dealt with his escalation, the Inquisitor decided to give the impression that she did not concern him quite as much now, and glanced over her at Angel as he raised his armoured hand to the side of his red Imperial Guard helmet, so that he could better hear the report coming over the Galactic City Police Department channel.

    "Report of a clambake near the outskirts of the Senate District, Detective." He relayed, wishing he was there rather than watching the bounty hunter set up to "hit" the door.

    "Clambake?" Nelf echoed as the blue-clad Soobie grabbed his good arm. "Sounds yummy."

    "It's street-slang for a 'firefight', Inquisitor. Where you been?"

    "Me?" Nelf raised amused eyebrows at the cop. "In the Deep Core, on the Emperor's business."

    Bleep-bleep-du-deep Several of the Blue Guards clustered on the strip of carpet to the rear of the bounty hunter, probed distractedly under luxurious robes for the source of the alarms.

    The corporal spoke into his comlink. "Control? Yeah, we?re outside the Executor's office now." Billings glanced up at the Inquisitor. "An alarm got triggered from inside the room, you say? Okay, we'll handle it." And with that, the call for the Senate Guard had been dealt with. "Inquisitor?"

    "I heard." Nelf acknowledged.

    H had been laying back on the cloth hammock formed by the fabric stretched of the secretary's ample lap, perfectly happy with the way his day was ending - he was wedged securely between Ingrid's thighs, and her chest; getting his tummy tickled with a manicured fingernail, and 'fat' with the absorbed power from that ownerless light sabre earlier, and a shiny and cute Q2 holdout blaster that he had felt under her skirt, which had initially given him a bit of a start.

    " I'm going to have to ask you to leave, now..." Someone said, then the hoojib's hammock fell away as Ingrid joined with her colleagues, drawing her holdout and joining the 27 other clicks as safeties were taken off. If H thought about it at all as he bounced off her knees and thudded into a wastebasket, he would have taken consolation that at least one of the weapons aimed at the Inquisitor was all gun and no trousers.

    Angel, Kate and Doakes found themselves in the line of fire, and similarly drew sidearms, severely outnumbered but covering the civilians with their R-88s.

    "Okay, everybody just take it easy." The normally reticent Doakes implored, cocking his head to sight along his blaster rifle at the five nearest. On either side, but slightly behind him, Kate and Angel exchanged concerned glances, though the latter?s was concealed by the reflective X-visor on his faceplate.

    The three had faced down jedi that day, and regardless of who was in the right here, it was not the Inquisitor pointing a gun at them. “No-one do anything stupid.”

    Behind them, the Most Important Door in the Galaxy hissed slightly as it opened behind Mercier’s back, revealing an all too familiar form and face in a form-hugging catsuit, though doubtless, only the nervous aide and Dak noticed it.

    What seems to be the issue, Inquisitor?” Sabe Amidala enquired in a monotone.

    At first, the Inquisitor grinned like an idiot, self-pleased with how perfectly he had played this, then signalled his allies. “Stand down, Mister Trooper.

    Oya,” Dak breathed in relieved Mando’a, dropping his weapon arm.

    Stand down, stand down.

    Corporal Billings bustled past the rookie bounty hunter, and stood next to Nelf: “Senator Amidala! I must ask you to come out of there at once, Your Majesty, that is not your office.

    Nelf raised a finger, intending to move Mercier, Soobie and the Queen gently but firmly aside with the Force, so that he might enter the Executor’s office, and contact his superiors from inside, thus completing his mission to the letter.

    However, he hesitated. He himself had just berated an Emperor’s Hand, Jacen Wayland for riding roughshod over people. Nelf was better than that. Wasn’t he?

    Your Majesty.” He inclined his head in deference to her. All in the Inquisitorious were aware of Palpatine’s post-humous plans for the Naboo capital, so their Queen being here, held extra intrigue. “The continued security of our Empire is the issue, Madam. And in the name of the Emperor, I am instructed to gain entry to the Executor’s Office, and contact my superiors from there.

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    [blockquote][No tag in this post.][/blockquote]

    Nar Shaddaa [The Smuggler's Moon][blockquote]Earyn, with two callused hands, flipped up the collar of his brown synth-leather coat to keep his neck warm then stuffed his hands into his outer pockets, shuffling his coat atop his body a little closer to his navel as to keep warm. Cold air, perhaps as cold as the ice fields of Hoth, blasted through the vents lining the ceiling of the small, dimly-lit establishment creating a certain sense of foreboding for the light-hearted folk. Of course, it was the absolute perfect locale for people of Earyn's ilk to negotiate and chart out grisly and gruesome plans that might scare off the average person.

    The smuggler lightly collapsed into a booth near the back end of the cantina, one hand perched on the table, his fingers gently rasping the hard surface in an attempt to gain the attention of the humanoid sitting across from him, who had taken interest in the attractive Twi'lek waitress; a blue-skinned female with pouting ruby-red lips and a hand on her hip, the other holding an empty tray. The humanoid, at the sound of Earyn's rasping fingers, turned to the smuggler and smiled, his feral teeth bared in a fashionable mixture of joy and the look someone gives when they are about to eat a tasty meal.

    "Earyn, my friend!" The Anzat exclaimed, his hand rising dramatically in the air in excitement and his voice heavy and thick. "'Tis a pleasure to see you again, yes indeed. A drink for ze fine gentleman, my dear, would be well appreciated. Something to whet your appetite, Earyn?"

    Earyn swung his legs up onto the left edge of the table; head craning slightly over his shoulder to look toward the waitress. "A glass of your finest Vasarian brandy, the most expensive you have," he said with a smile tugging at the right side of his lips, "as my friend here is paying, aren't you?"

    The expression on the Anzat's face morphed from joy to surprise to disgust in the span of only a few seconds, but he straightened and nodded with a charismatic smile at the waitress as she stalked off to gather the drinks. He spun around quickly, his face now a mask of minor anger. "Last time I offer to buy ze the drinks, young Earyn!" He exclaimed, shaking his head.

    "Like that really matters to you, Sellan," the smuggler retorted smugly, peering at the fingernails of his left hand before looking toward the Anzat, his eyes rising upward to watch the return of the Twi'lek, "because we all know what you are really going for."

    The waitress returned, setting the glass of Vasarian brandy down on the durasteel table with a small tinkle before returning to service the other customers. Sellan watched her with a hunger in his right eye, a small twitch here and there, his small "nose tentacles" nearly rolling out in an unconscious effort before he retracted them. The Anzat merely shrugged, leaning back lazily on his side of the booth, his hand now grasping a slender glass of foreign wine. "Ze soup that runs through that one is quite... tasty, now that you admit it," he said in a somewhat defeated fashion, "though you are often the first to stop me from such tantalizing thoughts."

    The Bryar pistol was on the table now, its barrel resting next to the slender glass of brandy, pointed straight at the Anzat. "And that is why the firearm is here, Sellan," Earyn said, his voice a bit menacing in the cold atmosphere of the establishment, "so don't get any ideas. You're here for a job."

    Sellan sighed, defeated once again as though he were a child denied some sweet, and lazily offered a hand, fingers motioning backwards in a give-me fashion. Earyn reached into one of the coat's inner pockets and produced a small credit chip, which he dropped gently into the Anzat's hand. The miniscule item gleamed ever so slightly in the mood lighting of the cantina as it lay there, but was gone within seconds, disappearing into the folds of the Anzat's own jet-black coat.

    "Two-hundred thousand for the information," the Anzat asked, "as we agreed upon?"

    "Two-hundred thousand," Earyn responded, "and I wouldn't lie about such. I don't lie to my clients or associates."

    "And I presume ze Black Sun sympathizer made that very mistake?" Sellan asked, his eyes obviously peering down at the barrel of the Bryar pistol then back up at Earyn. His tentacles shivered slightly in the cold atmosphere, his left bare hand grasping the glass now, fingers interlocking with that of his right hand. "News has gotten out that he experienced things the... hard way."

    "Three blaster bolts later," Earyn said with a unsympathetic glance and shrug, "and he received the message. Details, details, Sellan. If you tell me one thing is going to happen and something else happens, I'm not going to be too happy. Besides, he put me on a deadline, which I would have accomplished had he supplied the information that some of his other friends decided to show up to gather the package."

    "And what exactly was ze package, Earyn?" Sellan asked.

    Earyn reached his belt with a hand and produced the package - a slender, circular, and silvery-metallic item that he placed on the table gently. The item had a large, red button where a thumb would go and was quite polished, a jet-black handgrip covering the lower half. It appeared quite new, as though it had not seen much action. Earyn peered up at Sellan and could tell the look in his eyes, which was a mixture of bemusement and surprise, was saying only one thing: He had been right to pay Sellan those two hundred thousand credits.

    "Ze package," Sellan began, grasping the weapon and holding it gently between the index fingers of both hands, "was a lightsaber. Why would Black Sun want such an elegant weapon?"

    "Seems more like a useless weapon to me." Earyn responded, shrugging in a nonchalant fashion but quietly. "I'd much rather use a blaster pistol over some old, ineffective laser sword."

    "Useless in ze wrong hands, Earyn." The Anzat said, his gaze still transfixed upon the weapon held between his hands. "In the hand of a Jedi, or a Sith, this is perhaps one of the most dangerous weapons in the known galaxy."

    "And why would that be?" Earyn asked, now interested. He swung his legs off of the table, elbows now on the cold surface, hands clasped, his chin resting on his thumbs.

    "What do you know of the Force?" The Anzat asked, peering at the smuggler from behind the weapon. He set it down on the table, the item rolling into the middle of the surface, near Earyn's glass of brandy.

    "Some hokey, old religion the Jedi used to look to, right?" The smuggler asked.

    Sellan let out a hearty laugh, his lips spread in a smile. "In a way, yes, but to the Jedi, and Sith, it is everything. To the Jedi, it is an ally not to be used, but to be worked with in an attempt to gain a greater peace. To the Sith, it is merely a tool to crush and destroy their enemies, to further their goals in their own names," the Anzat historian explained sagely, taking a small sip of his wine in between sentences. His eyes still were transfixed on the weapon, which was now grasped in Earyn's open right hand.

    "And you know this, how?" Earyn asked with a hint of skepticism.

    "I am nearly a hundred years old." The Anzat retorted with a sigh of disbelief. "I am a historian. You put two and two together, Earyn."

    Earyn shrugged, accepting this. He took a sip of the brandy, the stem of the slender glass resting between his index and middle fingers. "So," he asked after a slight pause, "what now?"

    Sellan considered this, leaning back a little bit more in the plush, black leather cushions of his side of the booth. "Well," he began, "you could just give to me."

    "Not happening, not happening." Earyn interjected, the weapon disappearing into the folds of his synth-leather coat.

    "Of course not, of course not," Sellan repeated, then continued, "but I do have a friend who might be able to take it off your hands. He is a... collector of such trinkets, Jedi and Sith, and he would be more than happy to reward you for your time and travels."

    Earyn peered interestingly at Sellan between sips of his obviously well tasting brandy, his legs swinging back up onto the table. "And where would your friend be?" The smuggler asked.

    "Coruscant." The Anzat said with a smile.

    Earyn sighed, finishing off the brandy.
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    ~OOC~ LZM, I am sorry to hear that, sending you my regards.

    Name: Cale Lawson
    -Rank: Captain
    --Age: 26
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Hazel
    ------Hair Color and Style: light brown, cut short, neat and tidy.
    -------Skin Complexion: Usually fair. Slightly tanned from the time he had on leave.
    --------Clothing: (Off Duty) Loose fitting shirt, trousers, black leather shoes. (On Duty) Dark grey Imperial Starfleet uniform, Captain rank insignia plaque on chest, Imperial Coding Cylinder clipped next to the plaque, Black leather belt with the Officer's disc attached to the buckle. Black leather boots.
    ---------Physique: 181 cm tall, walks with a slight limp in his left leg, broad shouldered, keeps his posture straight.
    ----------Personality: Respects others. Looks out for other's well being. Looks on the brighter side of life. Puts a positive spin on everything.
    -----------Quirks: Loves flying, but only if he is the pilot. Model building and playing games.
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    -Brief History: Father was a bulk freighter pilot before the war broke out. During some of his deep space runs he sometimes brought Cale and his brother along on and teach them ways among the stars. When they are not with their father, they grew up with their mother on Chandrila. With the rising raids of pirates, his father purchased a couple of small starfighters to help protect them. Without their father's permission, Cale and his brother practised on the fighters when they accompany their father on his runs.

    During the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Cale went off to assist as a freelance pilot to help support his family in those dark times before getting caught up with the military.

    --Military History: Was a young freelance starfighter pilot during the early stages of the Clone Wars, after suffering a leg injury, he was forced to quit flying. He joined the Galactic Republic Fleet and served onboard the cruiser Reliance as an officer. Following the 'Rise of the New Order', Cale was stationed on the Imperial Strike Cruiser, Kraken then later became the trusted Second In Command of the vessel.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of Kraken, while holding back the enemy for reinforcements to arrived.

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Ulysses
    --Class: Victory Mark 1 Class Star Destroyer
    ---Exterior Description: [​IMG]
    *Image from Wookieepedia
    ----Interior Description: Once factory default grey, the crew decorated each section they deem fit to make it more suitable to work and live in.
    -----Weapon Systems: 10 Quad turbolaser batteries, 40 Double turbolaser batteries, 20 Assault concussion missile tubes, 10 Tractor beam projectors
    ------Crew Compliment: recommended: 5,200. minimal: 1,785
    -------Noted Officers: First Lieutenant Taryn Haywood (2IC), Lieutenant Beri Tulon(Army),
    --------Hyperspace Capability: DeLuxFlux hyperdrive motivator. Class 1 rating.
    ---------Misc. Specs.:
    Dimensions: Length; 900 m Width; 564 m Height; 289 m.
    Defence: Shield Power - 3200 SBD. Shield Recharge - 115. Hull - 1520 RU.
    Manoeuvrability: Engine: Alderaan Royal Engineers LF9 ion engines. Speed (Atmosphere) - 800 km/h. Speed (Space) - 8 MGLT.
    Complement: (Air/Space) 2 TIE Squadrons, 4 Shuttles, 6 Landing barges. (Ground) 10 AT-AT walkers, 15 AT-ST walkers

    Crew 5,200
    Officers (610)
    Enlisted (4,590)
    Gunners (402)
    Minimum crew 1,785
    Passengers 2,040 (troops)
    Cargo capacity 8,100 metric tons
    Consumables 4 years

    [B]~IC~[/B] Captain Cale Lawson, First Lieutenant Taryn Haywood (X.O), Jon Harris.
    [B]Region:[/B] Fondor
    Location: Victory-class Star Destroyer, [I]Ulysses[/I] - Captain Lawson's Quarters

    Cale didn't know how long he sat there staring at the glowing terminal screen. His report was completed and attached to a letter he had finished typing directed to his friend in Imperial Intelligence. His finger hovering over the send option, unsure whether to send or not. In his head, he was reliving the events, questioning if he had done the right thing:

    [i]Arriving early at Fondor, he and half his crew had prematurely performed a shake down on their new 'home' before they were even ready. Escorted by an Interdictor, they performed a few exercises to find and remove any kinks from the systems. The Interdictor unintentionally blocked the way for a Confederate Strike Force forcing an encounter.

    Shortly they were fighting for their lives. Taking the platoon of Stormtroopers with him, he defied logic and common sense in an attempt to storm the enemy vessel to capture the enemy Commander and also gather Intel. The Ulysses took heavy damage protecting the Interdictor Incarcerator while holding back the enemy. They successfully destroyed three of the enemy Recusant cruisers before Imperial reinforcements showed up from Fondor and also Sullust to help take on the Lucrehulk battleship.

    With the aid of Commodore Valentine, his team were extracted from the Lucrehulk before the environment was destroyed around them. The enemy vessel crippled and leaderless, the a salvage team sent from Fondor to recover the vessel while the prisoners were taken from the [/i]Ulysses'[/i] brig to a secure location. Badly damaged, the [/i]Ulysses[i] limped back to Fondor awaiting extensive repairs.[/i]

    He cupped his hands over his eyes, he was worn out. The warm cup of caf by the terminal couldn't remove the sour taste in his mouth from the recent discussion with his Executive Officer.


    [i]"Permission to speak frankly sir." Taryn asked while stepping closer.

    "Of course. My rank is off so you don't have to-ooph!"

    Taryn whacked him hard in the face with the palm of her hand, leaving a glowing red mark on Cale's cheek. "What is wrong with you?" She growled.

    "Excuse me?" Cale asked and rubbed his cheek.

    She whacked him again. "What the hell do you think you were doing? How dare you recklessly put your life in jeopardy like that. You are an 'Officer of the Imperial Starfleet', not some 'gunslinger' from the Rim!"

    "I was doing what I thought was best for everyone." Cale reasoned.

    "Best? You almost got our troops killed by storming into the enemy ship. Some are in a critical condition and we lost two shuttles and personnel! You are not a pilot anymore. Get that into your head. You can't go around flying into a situation with guns blazing!"

    "Don't tell me what I can and can't do!" Cale raised his voice. Taryn went silent, surprised by his sudden outburst and then scowled at him. "Look, I am sorry. I didn't mean to shout and I certainly didn't mean to upset you all by going off like that." He apologised. "Look at if from my perspective. If we didn't engage them and ran, we wouldn't know what they were doing. If we destroyed them and picked up the remains of the computer core in the wreckage, we would have fragments of information and that is not nearly enough to go by. Yes what I did was a big risk but the payoff would be even bigger once it has been passed onto Intelligence."

    Taryn nodded. "Now look at if from mine. The Commandeering officer goes AWOL and joins the fray. The ship dumped into my hands along with everybody's lives that are on this ship. Not to mention being outnumbered by an enemy force in an untested vessel! For you this might be a game, but I am not laughing." She held her glare for a moment before it wavered and she had to look away. "I'm glad that you are okay, but I am not happy with you right now. Think before you do something stupid like that again."

    She turned around and walked to the door leaving Cale to his thoughts. He just stared at the wall. When Taryn opened the door, a crowd of people were waiting outside eavesdropping.

    "There is nothing to see here. Go back to your stations." She said to them as she left.[/i]


    Grounded is not a good feeling for a pilot, even a retired pilot. If it weren't for his injury during the early days of the war, he would still be flying. Things were much more simpler when your responsibility was for your own life and that of your squadron. Its it a whole different game when you are in charge of a starship.

    It would take a month or so for the Ulysses to be service ready again. Even longer to be in peak condition. Chief Engineer Arno had promised that she would do what she can to speed the process up, though Cale could not help but wonder if she will be successful convincing her superiors to redirect resources their way.

    The Neimodians have refused to talk so far. From what information they deciphered from the Lucrehulk Haka'tak, the Confederate forces were planning to strike at Derra IV or Kira. A notification should have been sent to them by now to be alert.

    While they came out of the situation at Bestine with more than they could hope for, Cale can't help but note that things would of gone terribly. He shook his head and took one last sip of his caf as he read over the letter one more time:

    [blockquote][Dear Madeline Mearas.

    It has been too long since the last time we talked. But I believe it might be longer still for the next time we do. Though I have enjoyed our rivalry over the years, I kinda expected that it would continue for many years to come. What I am trying to say is that I guess this means you win.

    I regret to inform you that enclosed with this message is my official report of the incident and also my resignation. I believe that I am not ready to take this command and my behaviour was unbecoming of an officer. My previous actions had been rash and endangered the lives of my crew and the lives of others.

    While I will miss my crew, they are like a family to me. I believe that is for the best that they be given a competent Commander. And I strongly recommend that I be relieved of my command and taken off duty. Effective and immediately.

    Your sincerely
    Cale Lawson.

    P.S. I know this should go through the proper Military channels but I wanted you to hear it from my own words. Once the prisoners are taken out of our hands, I will forward this message to Command.][/blockquote]

    To tired to think any further, he saved and closed the letter down without sending it and shut down the terminal.

    "The report can wait for another few hours."


    Location: Victory-class Star Destroyer, [i]Ulysses[/i] - Bridge

    Walking along the command walkway, Jon Harris gave criticism and input to the technicians as he oversaw the repairs on the Bridge. Air tight panels had been fitted over the viewports to enable the damaged transparisteel to be safely removed and new ones put in place. The damage to the bridge was mostly contained on the exterior after the vulture droid fighters assault. Satisfied with the progress at the end of his lap, he headed back to the foyer to find Lieutenant Haywood.

    He found her alone at the holoprojection pod, her back to him as she leaned over the schematics of the Ulysses. Her eyes strained as she stared at the real-time repair status on the numerous red highlighted damaged sections, watching for some to gradually change into orange, some orange into yellow. She didn't bother looking up as he came around to stand at the opposite side of the pod.

    "Hello Jon." Her detached tone told him something was disturbing her.

    Exhaling loudly, the large man leaned down to match her eyeline. He saw her bloodshot eyes shift focus away from the schematics to his.

    "What is it?"

    "Something is eating at you." He stated, the warmth in his tone conveying concern for her.

    "No." Her tone crisp to cut off any further discussion. Her expression became unreadable as she returned her attention the the holo.

    Taking no heed to her brush-off, he continued. "You have been there for hours on end. You should give it rest. The longer you stare, the longer it will take. Missy."

    Ignoring him, she slowly flicked through the multiple decks of the holographic cutaway. The image zoomed into the region of the Star Destroyer tracking the selected decks situated on the ship.

    Keying in instructions on the console, a line path from the hanger to the crews quarters appeared. Sections of that line were blocked by locations marked in red. Entering in a few more commands, the path altered to weave around the damaged sections of the ship.

    "Missy?" Jon asked.

    The clop from a pair of boots coming down the main corridor made her look past Jon to see who was approaching. Without saying a word, Taryn stood up straight, she turned off the projection and walked to the turbolift.

    Sighing out loud, Jon shook his head, baffled by her behaviour and turned to see Cale entering the foyer of the bridge. Cale looked as though he had too much on his mind to notice Taryn's abrupt departure as he strode up to the communications console and started placing a call. Watching him for a moment, Jon shook his head again.

    "In due time." Jon muttered to himself and headed back to the bridge to check on the technician's progress.

    [b]TAG:[/b] To Be Continued>
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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Streets, Outside the Senate District, Coruscant

    Things turned nasty as soon as the girl foolishly made the decision to follow him. The circumstances would have been different if he were by himself - he was capable of slipping in and out of crowds without notice and essentially rendering himself nonexistent in such a dreary setting. The girl, on the other hand, had been taken by surprise by the events unfolding around her and despite her efforts to make the most of it, was failing miserably. It showed through her erratic breathing and frantic footsteps as she struggled to keep pace. That was the state of things when the blaster bolts began to fly.

    Han's first reaction was to duck and hide behind other passerbys, but realization soon dawned that he was not the sole target within Shrike's crosshairs. The girl was out in the open and trailing helplessly behind him...or so he thought.
    Han whipped about just in time to see her reach for a blaster from within the folds of her jacket and take aim. A single bolt of deadly crimson shot forth from the barrel of the weapon and lit up the darkness rapidly descending upon them. Shrike and his goons, however, did not react. The shot went wide and fizzled out against the side of a display case that housed a neon sign.

    A curse was quick to escape from Han's mouth as he twisted around to face forward once more. That was the wrong thing to do to an imperious person like Shrike. He would interpret that single blaster shot, no matter how off course it was, as a challenge. And for those people that had the nerve to challenge Shrike often didn't walk away from the fight. They were too busy nursing fractured limbs, bruises, scrapes...or worse. Shrike would not step away from this one lightly.

    Even as Han made a split second decision to bolt down a side alleyway, he heard the telltale sound of more blaster fire and the screaming of the innocent that accompanied it. Eventually the smell of ozone reached his nostrils as he mounted garbage disposal units and pushed aside vermin to reach the opposite end of the alley and the warm light that was shining forth through the rapid raindrops.

    The light engulfed him as he pushed onward until the alley dumped him out in the middle of a sprawling marketplace. Even with some vendors packing up their stalls due to the rain, the crowds were still fairly heavy and it proved easy for Han to blend in and disappear. That was the only benefit of taking up temporary residence on Coruscant - the tourists kept the place hopping no matter the circumstances and on this particular night, that kind of mentality may just save his life.

    Backing further into the crowd, Han made a passing glance at the alleyway before turning his attention to a table in front of him selling exotic meats from around the galaxy. He casually slipped the vibroblade into the folds of his jacket as he pretended to browse, but he found his decision to be around food had been a mistake. He was reminded of the fact that he had failed to eat since breakfast and that he was famished, his stomach in that instant deciding to growl loudly.

    Giving into the desires of his stomach, he reached forward to grab a bundle of jerky on the table when a massive Chevin decided to shift its weight at that exact moment and bumped into him. Being a mere wimp compared to the Chevin's mass, Han was thrown forward against the table and upset several of the meat packets, sending them bouncing to the ground. The Chevin unleashed a sickening grunt, a cross between anger and pain, which caught the attention of the stall owner and brought him forward to investigate.

    Han didn't wait for the inevitable scolding and the aftermath that would follow. Shrike would surely catch on to the incident and then that would no doubt be the end for him. Lowering himself to the ground, he quickly gathered up several of the fallen packets of meat, holding his jacket out like a pouch to collect them, and rolled to the side to slip beneath the table of a neighboring stall.

    There, he waited and watched as the voices of the Chevin and the stall owner began to escalate.

    TAG: OrrionCarn
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    OOC: LZM, I hope your emergency works out okay, very soon. Vasarian, I do like your character, and the turn that his subplot has taken; very nice.
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    GM approved


    Name: Antan Azzameen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Race: Human
    Personality: Looks out to preserve the family business at all cost from outside and within the company.
    Ship: Big Score
    Class: Corellian Action VI Transport
    Bio: Co-head of the independently owned Twin Suns Transport Services with his brother, Tomaas Azzameen.

    (Thank you Corellian_Outrider for letting me to take control over Antan and Areon! I hope my representation of them is good enough!)


    Name: Jax Pavan
    Gender: Male
    Age: Early 30s
    Race: Human
    Personality: WIP
    Ship: None
    Bio: Jax's father worked at the Jedi Temple until the Jedi realized the Force potential in his two-year-old son. However, after agreeing to let the Jedi train Jax, Lorn was requested to leave the Temple, as Jedi trainees were seldom allowed contact with their parents. Lorn acquiesced, but missed his son terribly, and became extremely hostile towards the Jedi.

    Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, Lorn and his partner I-5YQ were chased by Darth Maul, who sought a holocube Lorn had obtained from Hath Monchar which detailed the planned blockade of Naboo. Lorn shut I-Five down for his own safety and entrusted him to an acquaintance with instruction to take the droid to the Jedi Temple. The acquaintance, however, saw the value in the modified droid and wiped his memory. Lorn was ultimately killed by Maul, who would in turn be killed by then-Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, when he cut the Sith Lord in half during the Duel in Theed.
    As Kenobi's Padawan, Anakin Skywalker befriended Jax Pavan and confided in him. Anakin gave Jax a gift, a Pyronium crystal. Jax was knighted three months before the Clone Wars ended.
    During the Clone Wars, I-Five found himself attached to a Republic Mobile Surgical Unit, with Sullustan Den Dhur and Padawan Barriss Offee. He worked at reconstructing his memories, and finally recalled Lorn's final request to him?to watch over his son. I-Five returned to Coruscant to find Jax and fulfill this request.

    Jax survived Order 66 living as a private investigator in the Blackpit Slums. During this time he discarded his Jedi robes for "a nondescript vest of black bantha leather, threadbare gray trousers, and black boots, with an ankle-length, gunmetal-colored greatcoat over it all," cut his dark brown hair and dyed it black, and permanently depilated his beard, in order to disguise himself, so he wouldn't be recognized as a Jedi. He worked with the underground organization Whiplash, who worked to create the "Underground Mag-Lev" to ferry politicians and others, including Jedi, who had incurred the Empire's wrath, off of Coruscant. Jax would eventually be reunited with his fellow freedom fighter Nick Rostu, who told him that Jax's Jedi Master, Even Piell, had before his death told Jax to find the protocol droid Bug-Eyes, who held information crucial to the burgeoning rebellion. Jax would also ally with Laranth Tarak, I-5YQ and Den Dhur. Later during one of his investigation he was joined by a Nediji, former operative in the Black Sun crime syndicate, called Kaird whom he befriended and helped leave Coruscant. Also were joined by Haninum Tyk Rhinann, a former aide in the Imperial Senate, who is a male Elomin ? a punctual being that was obsessed with cleanliness and presentation. He joined Pavan?s rag-tag group because of his fear of punishment by the Empire as he tried to steal a holocron due to his interest in the matters of the Force.

    Jax and his group of friends became a part of the Whiplash movement on Coruscant, helping beings to escape offworld. One of their missions was to help the Zeltron Dejah Duare leave the planet. Her partner, however, the famous Caamasi artist Ves Volette, was murdered shortly after she came to them for help. They agreed to help her find Volette's killer.

    IC:Antan Azzameen, Aeron Azzameen (NPC), Jax Pavan, I-5YQ (NPC), Den Dhur (NPC)


    It had been a long journey from Ursa to Coruscant. Antan sighed as he sat in his rotating chair and put his legs on the table trying to relax at last. They couldn't afford right now to take a room in one of the hotels on the surface, as he didn't want to bring his nephew and niece to the lower levels, after all it is a dangerous place for kids to dwell. So he decided to stay on-board the ship. Finally the unloading of the goods had been unloaded and the payment sent to the account of the company.

    Antan slowly massaged his forehead, things were going well so far in some years they will be rich enough for a bigger expansion in the market. Then the Azzameens will be able to affords more luxuries and the kids will get a better education. Antan's face twitched, he remembered that he will be having a meeting with an individual called Jax Pavan in the tapcaf near the spaceport in half an hour. So Antan stood up slowly, his datapad caught his attention it was still showing the list of people he will be meeting while staying on Coruscant. Tomorrow he'll have to meet a certain individual "Octavian Magnus" who claimed to having a very tempting offer for him. They will have to meet in an expensive restaurant for lunch... Antan shook his head, "Concentrate one thing at a time..." he muttered to himself. And left his cabin...

    The ship was half-empty most of the crew had left to the local cantinas, despite that they were good employees so he just met this with a frown. Not that they will return drunken back on-board the ship... Antan decided to leave the things as they were. So he moved towards the cabin where Ace and Aeron were sleeping. A protocol droid bearing the family crest on its chassis, an old 3PO model, it told him that the children were sleeping and he ought not disturb them. Antan nodded and said that he will be having a meeting and will be back soon.

    As he exited "Big Score" a lightning flashed in the sky followed by a thunder and soon after that rain started to fall. "Great..."


    A human male, an old 5YQ protocol droid and a Sullustan arrived in the tapcaf near the spaceport. No-one paid much attention to them as the patrons were used to seeing odd groups hanging around. Jax could hear Den muttering something that it was a stupid idea coming at this hour there. The former-Jedi-now-investigator smiled, everything was back to the usual state. Still it was hard for him to wear "civilian" clothes not the traditional Jedi Robes...but times had changed so he switched to casual Corellian style.

    Pavan looked around the tapcaf, he tried to conceal his nervousness, something had occurred in the Force, something that he could not identify. The whole Galaxy had turned upside down...his friend from the Temple - Anakin Skywalker had become a Sith Lord then an Emperor... Jax needed more time to think about all this. But the Whiplash business was more important for him now...they needed to secure a passage for a Bothan who feared Imperial repression...soon. Most of the dissidents they were shipping off Coruscant were only paranoid which made them want to leave the system.

    The odd group chose a table near one of the large windows looking at the spaceport. He could feel the Sullustan's fear for being discovered who they are. I-Five was pretending to being a regular protocol droid and restrained itself from making an ironic comment on his friend's concerns. Jax was still uneasy about the droid and its self- awareness but it carried information for his father...Lorn Pavan. Information which I- Five was still hesitant to share...

    The droid remained standing while the two "organics" sat opposite each other and ordered a couple of glasses of Corellian ale. "I still feel uncomfortable leaving Rhinnan alone in the safe-house Kaird gave us before he left. I don't trust the Elomin, he had been with the Empire for too long and the explanation he gave us for leaving it was a bit...murky, to say the least..." the former journalist Den Dhur started complaining. Pavan grinned "I won't worry for him, after all Laranth remained with him, to keep an eye..." this was true, the Grey Paladin didn't trust the Elomin too so she decided to stay behind. The Sullustan exhaled slowly to compose himself. They had come for Whiplash business, not for pleasure.

    Someone patted Jax on his shoulder, he looked up and saw I-Five looking at the door, there was a medium-sized human male in clothing revealing him as spacer soaked with water. Jax had seen the water dripping from the window they were sitting next to. This must be the man, so Jax waved at him to join them. The man seemed a bit startled at first but anyway he came. He introduced himself as Antan Azzameen..."I am Jax Pavan, this is Den Dhur and the droid is I-Five...". The former Jedi watched the Sullustan's tension growing for revealing their true identities, but something told him that he could trust the man...

    The beginning of the conversation was interrupted by the pretty Twi'Lek waitress, waiting for orders. Antan also took a Corellian ale, like the rest on the table. When the waitress moved away Jax smiled "Our employer, a Bothan who wished to remain anonymous wishes to leave the planet, so he sent us to find a suitable mean of transportation for him. A friend suggested you and that is how we found you. I am glad that you agreed. Of course you will be paid..."

    Antan remained silent listening to the young man. His guts telling him that something was not right with this, but he had a principle in such situations. "the less you know, the sounder you sleep". There were some other details they will have to discuss...


    Aeron was pretending to be asleep when the droid checked them out. She didn't know whether the automaton was fooled, anyway she hoped for it. She had overheard her uncle telling the droid that he is going outside for a meeting at the tapcaf. This caught her attention, she was curious and she wanted to see more of the spaceport, but she couldn't leave her little brother alone. He might wake up and be scared if she was not there. So Aeron slipped from her bunk, her tiny bare feet silently stepping on the cold metal floor to the bed where Ace was sleeping.

    She gently nudged him so that he would wake up. The girl leaned to her brother's ear "Hey, Ace do you want to go to an adventure?" she whispered.

    TAG: Ace Azameen, and for the Antan Part to be continued
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    IC: Captain Ewlla Iillor, Rating Dinah, Huntress Interdictor
    Location: Imperial Centre orbit

    The two women were ascending the plastiglaze and metal spiral staircase leading up to the Bridge Deck, with the captain leading, holding a white datapad between thumb and forefinger, the small screen showing an old recording of the correspondent Hgubmil, reporting on the attack on the Galactic Senate.

    Behind him were various emergency vehicles, debris falling out of the lower part of the structure, including a sealed turbolift, that crashed out of it?s shaft, when the vertical tunnel suddenly ended prematurely.

    She shook her head silently at the carnage.

    Dinah, bringing up the rear, was reading from another of the devices, ?We lost the Light of Corellia, the Obdurate, the <oof>.? The rating groaned as she ran into the suddenly halted captain.

    ?For now, let?s worry about the survivors.? Ewlla snapped, half turning to look down at her new aide. ?See if you can reach Ensign Charios; I need to ask him if it is okay sending his Major Injuries? down to hospitals on the surface.?

    ?Yes, Ma?am. We are going to the Bridge, right?? She started speaking into her comlink, as Iillor proceeded up the staircase.

    Moments later, the public address was calling for the Obdurate liaison, and asking him to report to the bridge.

    Tag: Ensign Charios
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    General Kaicus Cor, Sixes, Doc, Copper

    [blockquote]Sigma One, enroute to Nar Shaddaa

    "Temples of the Massassi?" echoed the clone medic as they sat around in the main cabin trying to enjoy the rations that the attack shuttle had on board. They could not have anything else for a meal since the ship was not equipped with a cooking facility. The two clones hoped to fix that if they were going to keep the shuttle for themselves. They might as well make the darn thing as comfortable for living as possible. One of the changes they had made was ripping out one wall of seats and replacing them with bunked cots for all three of them.

    "What are Massassi?" Sixes inquired. Kaicus ran a hand through his hair as he thought about the question and how best to answer it.

    "From what I know of Jedi history, I believe they were warriors of the ancient Sith. Unfortunately I know not where the species exists, if at all, and where to find their temples. All of that information would have been in the libraries of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant."

    Kaicus heard Sixes snort derisively before replying. "Which is in the very center of the Empire that wiped out the Jedi. So how do we learn about the whereabouts of the Jedi if we cannot figure out where these temples are?"

    The Jedi General stroked his bearded chin slowly in thought. "The only other way I can think of is to find either one of the smaller temples or seek a civilian library and hope that either one has references on the Massassi. We are heading to Nar Shaddaa, correct?"

    Sixes nodded. "Yes, sir."

    "As much as I disapprove of the choice, the planet is a natural hub of information. Even if we do not learn anything about the Massassi, we can probably learn about any other Jedi that might have survived."

    "My thoughts exactly, sir."

    "What about the bounty hunters there though?" Doc pointed out and gestured to the blind general. "The last few had been able to find him easily. We go into that nest, we'll be dealing with a whole lot of them. Not to mention the Hutts too."

    The clone commander glanced to his superior as the man sat hunched over in his chair with his pack of rations in his hand. "How are the bounty hunters finding us anyway, sir?"

    Kaicus was quiet for several long minutes as he thought about it. There was the chance that Copper was telling the Empire where they were and they relaying that information to hunters under their employ, but no, Sixes had made sure that program was removed from the droid and the little astromech has been loyal to them ever since.

    Then it dawned on him and he cursed himself for not remembering it sooner.

    "The locator beacon," he breathed.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Anyone
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    IC: Ensign Kim Charios (NPC)
    Location: Interdictor Huntress, Coruscant

    When the call came over the PA system, Ensign Charios was talking to Lieutenant Ellis, his immediate superior from his side of the crew pits.

    The Lieutenant looked terrible and was not speaking very strongly; he could just about speak a sentence. He was badly injured and wouldn?t be seeing service for a while. As he was doing with all the other Obdurate patients he was offering support as much as he could offer. He knew it was probably not enough, but he wanted to show that Captain Ivanov had not forgotten them.

    ?I?ll be back as soon as I can sir? he said to Lieutenant Ellis, not sure if he could hear the young Ensign as he was so stocked up on medicine to ease the pain.

    He left the infirmary, nodding to the other doctors on duty which included some of Doctor Ashri?s team. The good doctor himself was having a rest break at the moment, leaving the rounds to his junior assistants.

    As he walked along the corridors to the bridge, Charios was thankful that he had gotten some rest himself. After making sure that everything was alright with the patients he had decided to take some rest in a spare room he had kindly been given. The Ensign?s duty was to keep an eye on things for Captain Ivanov, to make sure everyone was treated well and that nothing dodgy would happen whilst he was on board. Everything would be reported back to the Captain, Charios had an excellent memory.

    It was what made him noticeable in the Academy, being Kuati Kim Charios was more associated with being snobby and saying what he meant, which was not always a good idea. But his excellent memory skills made him a target for several ships, but he was picked up by Captain Ivanov, who, noticing his potential decided to put him under the tutelage of Lieutenant Ellis. Now his mentor was gravely injured, and he wished him a speedy recovery.

    He answered the nods and salutes from passing crew members and eventually made it on to the bridge. The female Captain Illior was there, ready and waiting for him. He walked up to her, saluted smartly and stood as rigidly to attention as he could.

    ?Ensign Charios reporting as requested sir. You wished to speak to me??

    TAG: Captain Illior
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    OOC: A joint post with Pashatemur and Sith-I-5.

    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, Det. Kate Lockley, Dak Trooper, et al, Sabe Amidala II, Senator Bail Organa
    LOCATION: Office of the Executor

    Amidala smiled quickly from where she stood behind Anakin's desk. The Blue Guard called her "Senator." It had been 8 years since the end of the Republic and still her resemblance evoked in so many, this particular response. "Inquisitor, I am here by ORDER of the Emperor and should you have difficulty the Grand Vizier can attest it. You are here by order of a department head. It's been a trying day for everyone, and I see you've an injury yourself," she added, her voice warming slightly.

    Amidala looked up at the room and weapons. "Put your weapons away and Inquisitor, come in please. If you need to make a call, by all means, come," Sabe looked up meaningfully to Soobie. "Ms. Soobie, please inform Gen. Colton, I am in conference with a representative of the Inquisitorious, but certainly, he is welcome to call." Soobie stood with her weapon arm wilting a bit as Amidala spoke, big blue eyes blinking, lips parting.

    "Mericier,? quipped Soobie, "Call Gen. Colton, deliver her Majesty?s message and inform him as directed.?

    Mercier looked about quickly before seeing a cubicle at the end of the room and comm-ing the Ursean Embassy.

    "Oh! Thank you." Nelf raised a surprised eyebrow, caught off-guard by how gracious and accommodating the Naboo queen was being. He stepped through the doorway, and into the short, dark antechamber.

    Behind him, Detective Lockley heard the words, but noted that the admin staff were still drawing down on them.

    "Alright, we'll holster our weapons as you do, okay? On three."

    Sabe gestured to Bail, "Senator Organa, this is Inquisitor-" she was going to say the man?s name, but realized it had not been given. Interrupting her introduction for a moment, she asked, "I'm sorry, what is your name?"

    "Inquisitor Nelf, Your Majesty. Do you have anything proving that you have authority to occupy this office, Your Majesty? It is by Emperor Palpatine's authority that I stand here."

    Sabe lifted her chin slightly at the mention of Palpatine and bit her tongue against her nature. "Yes, I have His Imperial Majesty's Sabre," said Sabe, putting her hand upon the sleek black and silver cylinder on the desk to her right.

    Nelf looked pointedly over Amidala's shoulder at the expansive, and more importantly, intact windows and drapes. "So," he wondered aloud, "what was all that about being blown out of a window, then?"

    Sabe looked to Bail in confusion for a moment before her eyes opened with realization. "Ah, His Majesty was then in the old office of the Supreme Chancellor. The office was entirely destroyed."

    "Aha." Nelf nodded. That explained a lot. He followed her gaze to the corner of the room, and noticed Bail Organa. "Oh, I'm sorry. I did not realise you had company. Senator Organa, isn't it?"

    Bail relaxed slightly and gave a curt bow in return to Nelf?s acknowledgement, keeping his thoughts and words to himself, still watchful, but it was clear that all things remaining the same, this was going to be a bloodless exchange.

    ?Yes,? said Sabe, biting the inside of her cheek, ?Senator Organa brought me some dinner. I?ve not eaten all day with all that?s gone on.?

    It seemed a rather calculated moment to her. Bail was not a small man and rather a fixture around the Coruscant. The Inquisitor could hardly have missed him.

    "The Senator from Alderaan is truly a being amongst beings." Nelf turned back towards the wooden desk, his gaze finally acknowledging the lightsabre hilt that the woman was fondling on the desk. She had said it belonged to His Imperial Majesty.

    The half-elf harrumphed. "Skywalker's would have been easier to accept, Your Majesty. At least we could verify that against various public news holos, as the Executor was given to wearing it. His Imperial Majesty Palpatine, however, was not, and that," He nodded to the illegal weapon, "could be anybody's."

    Again Sabe was confused for a moment before realizing the difficulty, and lifting the sabre and holding it before her, she said, "This IS Anakin, Lord Vader's sabre, His Imperial Majesty."

    The irony of the moment did not escape her. Defending Anakin's authority as Emperor was not a thing she thought she'd ever be doing and she found it more than confounding.

    "Oh, is it?" The reveal earned two surprised eyebrows, as Nelf paid more attention to the deadly work-of-art, bringing up his wrist-communicator so that he could call in. He tried to delay the acknowledgement that he had no available digits to hit 'redial'. The Inquisitor looked speculatively towards the respective senators, then turned to call out into the exterior offices. "Katie?"

    "I'm a little busy!" She called back, still engaged in a standoff with the clerical staff.

    Sabe looked beyond the Inquisitor in his flowing cape to the oddly poised room beyond, and nodded to Soobie who, in turn, nodded to her staff. 14 safeties clicked off in unison, those members of the Executor's staff relaxing slightly and lowering their weapons. Some others needed more convincing.

    Katie and her Special Tactics And Nuff Guns cohorts covered the remainder. "Okay, that's good. Now, just so we are all on the same screen; GCPD, it is bad to shoot us." She straightened, safetied her R-88 riot gun, and holstered it into the scabard at her uninjured thigh. "Officers, give 'em five to disarm, then heavy stun the drokking lot of them; I'm tired of this voodoo."

    Soobie rolled her eyes and blew her smooth bangs from in front of her eye. "I think that’ll be enough. Let’s end the evening on a high note. Lower ‘em...go on!” she encouraged.

    Mercier returned and passed his datapad to Soobie as the rest of the staff lowered their assorted weapons, followed seconds later by the crimson-armoured STANG cops.

    Soobie acknowledged the information. She was tired of the veritable “poodoo” as well, but for one thing and she unwrapped her lollipop and popped it in her mouth as she held her datapad to her chest and passed Lockley with a "Hum!

    "Might I be of assistance" said Sabe inside the office, gliding confidently from around the desk, the rustle of soft folds of silk parting over her close fitting slacks and boots.

    It was hard to miss the Inquisitor's dilemma.

    Nelf sighed and concentrated on the 'link's miniature control panel, when the Queen's skirted features moved into his peripheral sight. He felt like a youngling getting his food cut up into sizeable portions, He held out the wrist-com towards her. "Just tap the green one for me. I, uh, I did not like to ask."

    "Right," asked Sabe, taking the Inquisitor's wrist her hands gently, sultry glance tracing from green button to the Inquisitor’s face to see he'd confirmed.

    "Yes, that one." Nelf confirmed, embarassment giving way to testiness. "The only green button on the entire panel. Please."

    I’m here to see there are no escalations, she reminded herself. She'd smack him for that one and could easily snap the remaining good hand back, her temperature rising, but instead she smiled, "And so it is." She depressed the button and held his wrist as she raised her eyes slowly and glanced up through her thick lashes.

    A second pair of female hands closed over and under Nelf's wrist-link, gently separating it from Sabe's grasp. "I've got this, Your Highness." Detective Lockley murmured.

    Sabe glanced to the Detective and smiled, "I can see that," said Sabe relinquishing the man's wrist and stepping to return to the desk. Through the doorway, she could see the room remained in a tense state. Turning round, Sabe casually opened the bagged dinner and let the savory scent rise to her nose, inhaling longingly. Her stomach growled beneath her rough woven brown silk cut away skirted coat.

    As she faced away from the others, she looked out across the plaza to the towers in the distance and then stole a quick glance to Senator Organa before turning about to observe the Inquisitor with an air of noble obligation.

    A three-inch flickering holograph grew out of the Inquisitor's wrist-link. A whitish robe, head to toe, cowl concealing much of the face.
    "How do you fare, Brother Nelf?"

    "Could be better.” Nelf admitted with a barely noticeable shrug, "I call from inside the Executor's office, as you commanded.

    "You were instructed to gain access to the Supreme Chancellor's office."

    "Destroyed in the attack, Brother. The Executor, Lord Vader, has installed himself as interim Emperor, however, Lord Vader was...injured in the attack, and is receiving treatment. Queen Amidala II of Naboo has secured the office against any that would seek to take advantage of the power vacuum."

    The robed figure said nothing, prompting Nelf to elaborate, "Unlikely, I know. However, she does have the Executor's lightsabre, as a sign of his authority."

    "Probably rolled him for it. Did he check her for a Merr-Sonn stun baton?" An unseen cynic chimed in, drawing a quiet smirk from the detective, followed by a whispered promise to explain later.

    "Inquisitor. It is the will of the Emperor, that the Executor take charge in his absence. Advise Queen Amidala, and through her, the Executor, that the Inquisitorious expects to be provided with evidence of Palpatine's demise within five Standard Days, but in the meantime, the Inquisitorious recognises Vader's authority and pledges it's support." The holograph dissipated.

    Nelf glanced over his wrist at the Naboo. "I believe that she heard that, Brother."

    "Find your hand, get yourself sorted out, and then make yourself available to the Executor." The holograph dissipated.

    "Your Majesty. Senator Organa." The Inquisitor bowed to Sabe, then the zeyd cape swirled around him as he turned for the door, nodding also to the Alderaanian viceroy, and exited the office. "Mister Trooper, signal the medical frigate. I am on my way."

    “Inquisitor Nelf...” called Sabe as the man stepped beyond the door, “Fare you well and when our paths cross again and perhaps you may make your acquaintance with a little less ... bombast!” Sabe offered with a slight flourish of her hand as her words were scattered like leaves in Nelf’s wake. The Naboo Queen exhaled in an exasperated puff as she gave Bail a wide-eyed look.

    Bail shook his head, noticing the man’s lack of farewell address. For all the bluster, it seemed the Inquisitor’s charge had been in the wrong direction!

    “Soobie,” called Sabe.

    Soobie looked wistfully after the Inquisitor. Nelf move too quickly to pursue with decorum and now, duty called. With an apologetic look to Amidala, Soobie turned about - lolli in mid-lick - stepping into the office, datapad to her chest and the brightly colored lollipop now in the other.

    Sabe exhaled. “There is obviously a miscommunication with Security and GCPD. Call General... What’s the man’s name,” she asked frustrated.

    Sabe searched mentally for the name of the man whom Anakin had mentioned headed his Black Guard and now was charged with overseeing all security branches.

    "Lekhauf, Your Highness?” asked Soobie

    “Yes, Lekauf,” replied Amidala, “And see why it is the Senatorial and Imperial Guard seem to be ignorant of their duty? This is the Office of the Emperor, not some ... cantina in the Outer Rim! Every damnable tourist with an ID and weapon can claim to be on errand by decree! This is ridiculous! If they don’t have an appointmen, put their name in the DAMNED circular file and have them escorted to the “pokey, post haste!” said Sabe before slamming her fist on the door lock after Soobie’s exit.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: This is a re-post from GAW III, amended to cope with a change of jedi

    IC: Yavscout, City of Theed.
    Location: Naboo

    Down in the private basement that he had rented and outfitted for his most private activities, the shopkeeper bit back his annoyance that the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service had contacted him right there, while he was in the middle of listening to the received recordings from the customised jewellery that he had sold to those two Imperials who had brought the queen back to Naboo.

    He had three HoloComm images before him, throwing light blue into his face and across the bare brickwork of the vault.

    There was Lim herself, with the familiar background of the agency?s Forward Control Ship that had ferried him to Naboo that first time, forty plus years ago.
    Then there was a twi?lek?s face, filling the image, and looking like he was lying with his cheek on the deck ? Yav? wondered what the heck he had been up to when Lim had called.
    And finally, two faces, right-side up this time, a rodian and a bearded human.

    The elf recognised neither.

    ?What do you mean by calling me like this? I am retired, you know!? He raged at length, after squelching the playback of the Imperial voices.

    ?Hey, you called us! You rattled our cage!? The uniformed Lim countered hotly, understandably. ?What did you think would happen??

    ?I thought you needed to know that there was a jed-, uh, a Code J in trouble out this way.? He referred to his listening antennae picking up bounty hunter chatter, about a jedi's locator beacon from out Rodia way.

    ?And the galaxy thanks you.? Lim assured him. ?But we need you to do more. We need you to get there first. Consider yourself re-activated, Agent Yavscout.?

    ?Re-activated!? He sputtered, face starting to redden from it?s natural light olive. ?I was never one of your agents; and if you were the real Lim, you would know that!?

    ?Hey, show some respect!? Demanded one of the other contacts; the rodian, it looked like.

    Yavscout ignored him, and in any case, Lim had put up a palm to placate her supporter. ?And another thing. If we have all these ties into Double-I, why the hell don?t we know what they did with her??

    ?Actually, that is rather a good point.? The holo? of the twi?lek mused aloud.

    Yavscout ignored him too. He had noticeably calmed, thinking what Lim had asked off him.
    He looked off to his right blankly, as coincidentally, the female synthdroid looked off to hers. ?You pulled field pay during the Naboo mission, according to my records.? She relayed, clearly not believing his idea that he was not an operative.

    ?I was a Combat Medtech,? he revealed absently, flapping a hand at the screen. ?A lot of our guys were going down that day. I arrived on the very ship that you are on now, Mission Supervisor.?

    ?Medtech? Well, we-?

    ?Look, shut up. I?m thinking.? The former medtech leaned over and killed the link, casting his mind to the problem of finding where this lost jedi was now, and how he, she, or it, was faring.

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    IC: Sara Soto, Han Solo

    Streets, Outside the Senate District, Coruscant

    Sara managed to get her 434 back in it?s holster and abandoned firing back at the pursuers. She needed to concentrate on running, not shooting at the same time. She kept her sights glued to the boy and noticed they were entering a market. As soon as she turned a corner in following the boy she overturned several carts as she passed by, scattering crowds and product to make it harder to follow. She looked forward and saw the boy dart under a table as a repulsive Chevin and a green twi?lek bickered at a neighboring booth. Without much time, or thought she dove under the table with the boy and before he could say a word, act or protest she hissed at him a snakelike Shh!.

    The men came by but passed, curious where they had gone so they could kill them. Making it apparent in their speech as well.

    Sara?s breathing slowed with the rate of her heart to it?s normal beat and rhythm. She looked at the boy next to her, his attention was elsewhere as he trailed the last signs of their pursuers.
    ?My name?s Sara.? She calmly let out. That certainly caught his attention. He turned to face her and was greeted with her fist to his jaw line. ?Argh-OW!? he let out and began to rub the pain in his jaw away.

    ?That? she hissed while she retracted her fist and gently shook her fingers loose from the impact, ?is for getting me into this bantha poodoo of yours.?

    He turned to her and said, ?It's your own fault for following me! I told you to run, remember?!?

    ?If you hadn't noticed, I was between you and those karkers,? she pointed in the direction they had left in to make her point, ?Not much room to run and I certainly wasn't going to be running in their direction!?

    His scowl deepened along with her?s, and his voice lowered to keep from raising it in case those karkers came back, something she should be taking note of as well, ?Well, that was a real brilliant idea of yours to whip out your blaster and start shooting instead...that's a sure way to hide?? He leaned in close. For effect, to keep quiet or for sentimentalism she wouldn?t know, ?They weren't after had a chance and you pissed it away!?

    ?For one,? she lifted her forefinger to count it off, ?I saw them raising their blasters first. But I was too busy trying to run after you I didn't get a very accurate shot.
    ?Second,? she lifted her index finger, ?I had to get back at you for blowing my cover and possibly putting my life in danger anyways.
    ?And three,? she held up her ring finger to finish, ?I was still between you two and do you really think he'd let me go after seeing us together??

    He sneered for a long moment and she thought for the same moment that she had caught him in the open, ?You don?t understand anything?? He began to gather his items, the meats from the vender still bickering with the Chevin. Pushing her away so he could make his escape. But she followed.

    ?Oh really? Well how about you help me understand so I don't don't understand anymore? Because you're doing a heck of a job making me understand at this point.?

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    IC: Tarkin
    Location: Coruscant

    Soon they found themselves shouldering with the lower echelons and other government officers on the many landing pads of the elegant office tower. Tarkin found himself in all the commotion, thinking about his next move within the Empire. He would have to prove to Trachta, as much as he despised the cyborg, that he had all the resources necessary to overthrow the new Emperor and take control of the Empire. He had worked too hard to see his chances of control slip between his fingers. Perhaps there were alternatives but those were further down the road. For now he would play along with the new boy leader and trip it him up at every turn.

    Tarkin looked around at the damage done with the terrorist attack. What a shame it has come to this, he thought to himself.

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