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  1. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Yeah, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    It was a Japanese video, on a French site, so between the two languages, I couldn't tell you what it was in aid off. But, yes.
  2. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Special thanks goes out to Jerjerrod-Lennox :). This is a continuation of a joint post between Jerjerrod-Lennox and myself.

    ~IC~ Rowan Halcyon and Feye Solkrest
    A long long time ago...
    Location: An ancient world far from 'civilised' space

    This was a turn up for the books, if he knew there was combat he would be concerned for my welfare, it warmed me to know that and even more now that he realised his heritage and bloodline. "I can handle a blade very well, although if it comes down to a melee, I will of course need more weapons"

    The thought had occurred to me that I really shouldn't be going into a combat situation at the moment, after all I had been recently coronated. But I felt I owed it to Rowan to help, then maybe I could drag him off this planet and back where he belonged.


    "We don't know if there will be a situation but I want to be prepared incase it comes down to that." I looked into her eyes. "I don't intend to put you in harms way but I want to make sure that you will be able to handle yourself incase something does go wrong."


    "Oh I know that dear cousin, but believe me, I can handle myself pretty well. Besides I have a little backup" I replied with a smile, knowing that my royal guards would be about someplace. Probably getting something to eat or drink at the moment


    Chuckling at her response, causing me to smile. "Always good to have a backup plan.... if you wish..." I pause. I was about to ask if she would be interested in having a few practice rounds with a sword but she had only got here. Maybe later. "..umm.. where are my manners? Would you care for refreshments?"


    "Yes, please do." I replied with a nod of my head. I was feeling more comfortable now than when we first started talking, it was like everything was open between us, well not quite as he hadn't explained everything just yet, but I felt more relaxed


    "I'll get us something to drink." I rise to my feet and with a tilt of my head, I gestured outside. "The midday meal will be starting soon. You are welcome to join us in the camp, but if you are more comfortable I can bring something in for you."


    I rose gracefully from my chair and glided towards him with a smile. "Perhaps I will join you in the camp, your men's morale may be boosted by my presence, knowing that a Head of State choses to sit with them instead of by herself means that she at least cares about these men."


    I offered her my hand. "Thank you. It would help boost our spirits... I have to warn you that they don't have knowledge of worlds beyond their own. I try to keep minimal impact on their culture by withholding the use of certain technologies and knowledge. However..." Smiling earnestly. " family, you are free to ask me about anything. I have kept myself so closely guarded from others that it be good to be able to confide in someone."


    I laughed a gentle laugh "No problem with that at all my dear Rowan. I must ask though, how did you come to lead your men?" I was curious as to how Rowan could suddenly become a leader of a band of men such as this in so short a time. Unless they were already his men beforehand


    "Oh... its a long story. My...I..." I tried to best explain it. "several years ago... I was asked by an old friend to take command of their navy. My officers here had served with me from that time and I had gained their loyalty. How I learnt to command..." taking in a deep breath. "Those skills I learnt during that Ruusan Campaign for the Republic."

    Opening the door to the carriage, I stepped down to the ground and gave Feye my hand to guide her down. "These things stick with you for a long time."


    The Republic? My brain had just let that sunk in, I wasn't aware that he went off to do the Republic's bidding, but I decided not to broach that with him just yet. I let him guide me out of the carriage, it was lucky I was wearing my cloak because the temperature had dropped somewhat during our talk.

    "I hope that these men could come with you when you return to Corellia, they could become part of Corellia's fighting force. They are loyal to you so perhaps they could help our family"


    I offer her my arm as any gentleman would do. "I cannot speak for them but I know that some would without hesitation. They might be needed to maintain the peace if we are successful here."

    For the first time since coming back here, I start to feel more positive about our situation. Before I had been focusing on survival and getting through each day. Feye's presence has altered my perspective and I feel confident looking to the future now. That there is a chance for peace... for others and myself.


    I took the proffered arm and smiled back knowing that I had gotten through to him. It was strange to realise that family was closer than I ever though possible, what with all that happened. "I appreciate that they may wish to remain with you until the end, however a force like yours could provide an extra boost for our soldiers as well"


    "Corellia will always be my home, I will give to protect it. I know some excellent... warriors that maybe willing to assist in strengthening our defences and train our forces to be more ready. Thought their past might be questionable." On my mind, I thought of those individuals who had helped me organise and brought about Corellia's liberation.


    "Myself and Corellia are thankful cousin," I said with confidence "I am sure they will give their lives to protect us and out citizens. The palace as you know has changed since your last visit."


    Smiling inside at being called cousin. I can't help but notice how her sky blue cloak and dress add colour and some life to the drab surroundings. "It would give me pleasure to look upon the palace again, to see it in it's splendour."


    I smiled and glided across the ground watching soldiers at work or at rest before the next battle came to them or they came to it. "Indeed it is splendid, we have made some repairs after it was damaged after the bombing runs on Coronet."


    Guiding her past the makeshift stables and towards the larger tents where the 'mess hall' and war room are located. The aroma of meat and herbs became more stronger now. The noises from the kitchens as food being prepared and served up for the entire camp.

    Nodding as I listen to Feye, I felt a pang in my heart at the memory of the incident. Too many losses... I didn't want to bring up the pain for both of us. "I hope to be able to visit soon." My voice sounding hopeful, looking to her for a moment before returning my gaze to ahead of us, we were close now. Gesturing to the octagonal tent on the right. "A brief stop for a minute before we dine. A quick update on our situation."

    TAG: Feye Solkrest
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Kate Lockley, Debgate, Secure Medical Ward, Huntress Interdictor
    Location: Imperial Centre orbit

    Kate looked up and gratefully accepted a cup of coffeine from one of the Imperial Intelligence guards, the hot beverage warming both of her hands as she cupped them round the polystyrene container.

    Beside her, the taller form of Debgate accepted the second cup, with the guard putting the now empty tray under his arm, and marching out of the ward.
    That still left ten Internal Security people inside, for the protection of their still sedated director, Ysanne Isard, who had a whole half off the ward.

    Kate and Deb were seated on chairs against one wall, within metres of Inquisitor Nelf?s bed. He had been taken out of the medical coccoon, and transferred under the covers, though his exposed hand and wrist, re-attached, was above the sheets, attached to wires, fluid tubes, and encases in a foil band.

    ?What?s he like?? Debgate asked at length, burning her mouth on the hot drink.

    Kate looked her way, plasteel plate groaning against plate as she moved. ?What?s who like??

    ?Yav?.? The shaman gestured with her cup towards the sedated half-elf. ?I haven?t seen him in more than forty years.?

    ?I would believe a smaller figure; you do not look old enough.? The red-armoured Galactic City cop countered.

    ?Thanks.? The far wall opposite her, like the others, was a sterile white, which made the place look very clean and professional, an image that was accentuated by the humourless IntSec guards, standing with chests puffed out, and arms crossed behind their backs.

    They looked easy to dismiss, but the cop thought she could see a vein of iron running through each of them.

    Tag: no-one
  4. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    Co-GM Notice

    I have been asked to inform you that the GM is currently moving transcontinental and will be return as soon as possible. Please, if possible, continue to see to your plots and keep them within the timeframe.

    If there are any queries, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for your patience and hope everyone has a safe and wonder time these holidays.
  5. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    OOC: My plots are tied to Pash so I can wait, the Alliance ones are not however, so feel free to tag up team. Omi
  6. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
  7. LadyZaraMarta

    LadyZaraMarta Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 21, 2004
    IC as Sabe Delba aka Queen Amidala II:

    "What is this Merry Christmas? Is it a day to be joyful? Is it a day when one wishes peace and happiness to all beings? If this is so, then I too wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Happy Life Day to one and all and may all know bliss and peace this day."
  8. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC/Co-GM Message~

    Happy New Year everyone!

    While the clock ticks towards 2011/Destruction of the Death Star for the rest of the world/galaxy, I hope everyone will have a wonderful send off to 2010 and welcomes 2011 without too much of a headache.

    I hope you and your families are safe and and having a great time. I look forward to seeing you all and how everyone's character arcs continues in this brand new year.
  9. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: Thanks once again to Corellian_Outrider for this joint post, always a pleasure.:)

    ~IC~ Feye Solkrest and Rowan Halcyon

    A long long time ago...

    Location: An ancient world far from 'civilised' space

    The food smelled delicious, and I felt hungry all of a sudden. I wasn't expecting a feast like I was used to on Corellia but anything would do. I caught the slightly wistful look on Rowan's face as some sort of memory pierced him but I let it slide. "I hope that we will not be interrupted whilst dining as I didn't exactly bring an army with me, but I am ready to fight if needs be with my guards"


    Her words brought a smile to my face. "We should be protected for the time being." I held the flap of the tent open for Feye to enter first, stepping inside and closed it behind us. The warmth coming from the hearth at the centre of the tent felt cosy and inviting. Arranged around the hearth were four vertical posts, connected by criss-crossing poles at the top as it gave interior support to the roof. There was some chairs placed near the fire and a table at the far side of the tent. Automatically my eyes were drawn to three other people at the other side of the tent; two men and a woman.

    Standing about the table, they looked in our direction. The two men, garbed in scouting attire, placed a closed hand over their chests and bowed their head as a sign of respect to us. The woman stood more relaxed, her arms folded in front of her chest.

    "Warrick, Julius, leave us for a moment." She asked them without turning her gaze from us.

    The two men bowed again and left silently. Once they were gone, an gentle smile played out on the woman's soft, round face as she approached us. Her honey-blonde tresses mostly kept back in a pony tail, a few locks of hair had strayed and been pushed back behind her ears.

    "Feye, may I introduce to you: Kaylee, my second in command." I gesture to the woman before us. "Also one of us."

    Kaylee's gaze switched between Feye and me and back to Feye before genuflecting. "Your Majesty..." She greeted Feye."It is an honour and surprise to see you here."


    News travels around fast I thought. "A pleaseure to meet you, I see you are of great help to Rowan here."


    Tilting her head up, she smiled. "Thank you, it is no small task..." She stood up and gave me look. "... though it is useful to know how he works."

    Shaking my head, I felt my cheeks go warm. "You do have my utmost appreciation for what you have to put up with." I responded to that.


    I caught the glowing of Rowan's face out of the corner of my eye. I smiled warmly inside, it was nice to know that Rowan had other women to care for him besides me. "So, inform me what you have here and if there are any unpleasent surprises that could be coming our way."


    Kaylee's face grew more serious as she nodded and gestured for us head to the table. Parchments were laid out on the table, maps showing the region.

    "Rumour is that there is an legion of the enemy passing through this forest. The nature of this movement is unknown... we can only guess is that they have discovered us or that they are to reinforce the region."

    "...Or that they are escorting something of importance." I added.

    Kaylee blinked for a second before continuing. "Official record is that we have received no words from our scouts." Her tone indicating that she had more to say. "However... I have had contact from Kal... he estimates that if they keep to their current heading, they will miss the camp by half a klick... I mean kilometre. There is still a large risk of being discovered."

    Nodding my head, it's nice to know that Kal is keeping an eye on things from 'Valhalla'.


    It wasn't good news, and unfortunately I didn't bring an army along with me, just my royal bodyguards. "Is there any way you can distract them to prevent being discovered?" I asked although somehow I knew the answer to probably be a negative.


    Rubbing the back of my neck as I studied the geography on the map. East of their clearing the terrain slopes down to the lake. Having fresh water nearby had proven beneficial but it could turn out to be a curse if we become trapped. The enemy might need that water source to resupply their army. Looking to the northern section laid the Woolnoughs, a series of knolls that could be a good place to set up an ambush... but our numbers are too few.

    "How much time did Kal give us?"

    "If they don't stop or alter course... they will arrive at dusk." Kaylee answered.

    "We don't have the resources for a frontal attack." Sighing, I pointed to our camp then to the enemy's possible location. Looking to Feye. "A distraction is a good idea, if we could divert their course... we might be safe."


    This indeed was not looking good. "Perhaps you could use say, 10 or 20 soldiers to distract them, perhaps move them away from your camp, because if not, you are going to have to evacuate either way."


    Kaylee pointed to above the Woolnoughs on the map. "What if we have them set up a false encampment around here? We have some spare tents left and equipment."


    "Exactly." I replied smiling. "It will draw them away and give them a false destination, however there is a risk they will come here as well, they may not be easily fooled. So it may be best to evacuate to another area or altogether"

    It wasn't easy saying the last part but the last thing she needed was blood on her hands and her cousin dying on her.

    TAG: Rowan
  10. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Commander Bobby Stark, Yoyo Cop, Neb-B escort frigate, Bank of L.A.
    Location: Hyperspace from Moonus Mandel

    Sitting in his ready room off the compact bridge, Stark could hear his bridge crew, as long as they did not whisper.

    On smaller vessels, their masters and operators liked to boast that they knew every sound and noise of their ship, but with a three hundred metre vessel like the 'L.A., listening to the beings that manned the command deck, was the next best thing.

    So, his first clue that he was getting pre-occupied with this jedi business, was when he realised he had no idea what had prompted them to run through their collection of Bantha one-liners.

    "What's brown and not there? No Banthas."

    "What do you get if you take a Bantha into work? Sole use of the lift!"

    "Why did the Bantha cross the road. It was the hawkbat's day off."

    And then. They stopped.


    Stark got up from behind his desk, and stepped out into the bridge proper, to see Ramirez and the visitors coming from the turbolift at the back of the bridge. All eyes in the pits were on them.

    Crewman Serre, Technician First Class, stood from where he had been working on the under-panel cabling, and found his gaze travelling up the black kneesocks of the female arrival, catching his first sight of a female leg (unless you counted Kaminoan, and he did not), for almost a year, then a canine head interceded between him and the rapidly improving view, and eyed him threateningly.

    The vornsk bared wicked-looking teeth, and growled.

    Serre paled.

    Stark glared at the six-legged animal, as it?s diamond-hard claws clattered against his deck, and a pungent smell easily overpowered the recycled air.

    "Ramirez. What is this thing doing on my bridge?"

    "Nadgebiter was in carbonite, Captain." The woman supplied. "Which your men insisted on unfreezing."

    "Standard procedure. We can't scan carbonite effectively." Stark returned. "Alright, inside. But if it ruins my carpet, I am spacing you both."

    The contractor stopped before him, the top of her head coming up to the commander's chin. He looked unsmiling down into her eyes, although she was rather pleasant-looking.

    She appeared to be a dark-haired human, wearing a loose, long-sleeved black top, with gathered-in wrists; a black pleated skirt that allowed several inches of pale flesh to be visible between the hem, and the top of her socks.

    "Really, Captain?" She asked sweetly, meeting his gaze. "And what would you do about your jedi?"

    "Drop a bridge on him. And by bridge, I mean, shuttle." He nodded to his ready room, the open door of which, was now directly behind her. "Again. Inside."

    He followed the three inside, and went to stand behind his desk. The surface was pretty cluttered, with several closed datapads gathered at the left end nearest the door.
    The commander selected one and pulled it open as he looked across at the woman.

    The way her reddish mouth turned down, it looked like a family pet had been run over.

    "File says you are Clawdite."

    "Surely you know that with practice, we can learn to shapeshift?."

    "And you couldn't manage someone with a smile? You' got a face like a slapped arse."

    "Is THIS better?"

    "Eeeh!" The edge of his seat hit the back of his knees as he stepped back involuntarily, and fell heavily into the chair.

    Her face had turned into a shark-like smiling V of glistening triangular teeth, her head changing shape and colour (cerulean blue) to match!

    "N-no, no, you were fine before. Defel you know and all that." He visibly calmed as her face changed back to that of a mopey teenage girl. "C?Boath on a bike!"

    The contractor smiled inside. Every shape that a clawdite took, had to be practised and practised before it was just right. The shark-face had been something she had deliberately trained herself to do, to cope with clients telling her to look happier.

    Humans, and others sometimes, were so sentimental, it made her sick.

    Stark ran his eyes down her form. “You look great, don’t get me wrong, but were you planning to face our jedi like that?”

    My armour-weave is with my gear, downstairs. All this is just to make an impression on your crew.” She indicated her outfit.

    Ramirez chuckled.

    “Oh, I think you made an impression, alright.”

    Perhaps you could create an opening-

    Excuse me?”

    Stark studiously ignored his Flight Lieutenant, who was now openly choking, and looking desperately in need of a glass of water.

    A position as Morale Officer?

    “Ship’s bike, perhaps. Okay, look, Ramirez will get you settled into a cabin, then we can meet back here in an hour to discuss our plan of attack. Alright? Dismissed.” The commander rounded to desk to see if his pilot had spluttered over any of his fittings. “And take the animal with you!”

    Tag: no-one
  11. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Fan Art Mod & Curator star 7 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: Hey all! It's been awhile, but I finally got through all my major deadlines, the holidays and I just recently got back from vacation. That means I'm back to my full capacity and I'm really looking forward to get back into the game. So, without further delay, here we go:

    IC: Han Solo
    Sara's Apartment, Lower Sah'c District, Coruscant

    By the time they had arrived at the apartment building the girl had mentioned in her angry tirade, Han felt as if every muscle in his body was burning with protest. He barely had enough strength to climb the dilapidated staircase and shuffle down the long, dark corridor to the door the girl had called home. Then again, he hadn't anticipated to carry the girl's unconscious form in his arms the entire way. It didn't help that they had a psychopath bounty hunter on their trail for reasons Han couldn't even begin to imagine or understand. All he knew was the girl had done something - something bad enough that she was unwilling to talk about the details and to ensure that Han remained in the dark. In normal circumstances, that kind of trouble would be enough for him to keep his distance and to not get involved, but as it were, he owed this girl a favor of sorts. He had destroyed her property in his haste to get away from Shrike and as a result, it had been his fault that she hadn't been able to outsmart that bounty hunter in the first place. He felt compelled to right what he had wronged and so, he found himself fumbling with the lock to the girl's apartment with all of her weight resting upon his left shoulder. His face was twisted into a combination of determination, exhaustion and pain as the lock finally gave free and the door creaked open.

    A wave of stale air smacked him in the face as he edged his way into the interior of the apartment and he frowned at the sights and smells that assaulted him. The girl hadn't been kidding when she said the place had been little more than a place to hide and to get her off of the streets. An overhead light fixture hanging by one support beam and dialed all the way down, washing the room in an eerie amber light set the mood of the entire place. There was very little in the form of furniture except for an old nerf-hide sofa that had seen better days and sagged so low to the wooden floor that Han feared that it wouldn't support any weight, a makeshift bed with a nightstand off to one corner and a small holo unit that was perched on top of several stacked crates that the girl must have collected out of the trash receptacles at the local spaceport. Loose flimsi was strewn on the floor at various points and as Han pushed further inside, he noticed another side room that he guessed contained the small kitchen unit that was standard to places like this.

    Rolling the girl off of his shoulder, Han grunted as he dumped her on the sofa - and thankfully, the thing did not collapse under her weight - and headed in the direction of where he thought the food was. He still had not been given the chance to quench his appetite and he had reached the point where he could no longer ignore the demands of his stomach.

    Giving the girl a final glance to ensure that she was resting peacefully, Han crossed over to the second room and felt exhilaration rise within his chest to find that his instincts had been correct - the room not only housed a small kitchen, but it also provided a spectacular view of the Coruscant skyline in the form of an adequately placed viewport. Wasting no time, he headed straight for the goods and began to raid the fridge, all the while keeping tabs on the girl in the other room and trying to determine what he was going to do - or how he was going to explain the mess he was creating - once she awoke from her slumber. Or better yet, how was he going to explain to her why he was still here after delivering her safely to her home?

    He stopped chewing after taking a bite out of a reddish fruit and stared at the wide array of food arranged before him for a long moment. That was a good question and he found it worrisome that he couldn't even provide an answer for himself...not even an excuse. What was going on? What was happening to him?

    Flicking his eyes back down to the bite he had taken out of the fruit, he shrugged and continued chewing. It couldn't be too important and even it if was, he'd worry about it later. Right now, all that mattered was his ravaged appetite and ensuring that he brought it back under control.

    TAG: OrrionCarn
  12. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Welcome back HanSolo29 :).
    Character sheet has been GM approved and in the library thread. Special thanks to Sithy for allowing me to move things along for Dash and to my friends for their long support of the character.

    Name: Dash Rendar
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Colour: Green
    ------Hair Colour and Style: short reddish brown; all around, messy
    -------Skin Complexion: white, slighty tanned. Sometimes grimy
    --------Clothing: Navy blue coveralls, blue shirt, brown utility belt with holster on his right side. Carries a Blast Tech DL-44 Blaster.
    ---------Physique: strong, well built, keeps in shape.
    ----------Personality: Confident in his skills, may appear cocky on the surface but deep down knows what he is doing. Good-natured rogue.
    -----------Quirks: Excellent pilot, not always serious.
    ------------Force Sensitive: No need

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Outrider
    --Class: Corellian YT-2400 light stock freighter
    ---Exterior Description: Saucer-shaped main hull (famous characteristic for most YT light Corellian freighters), Cockpit on starboard side with escape pod located to the rear of the cockpit tube. Cockpit tube attached to the main hull by two bracing arms. Engine block located at the rear of the main hull with three vent plates above. Twin-Laser cannons mounted to the central dorsal and ventral turret section of the ship. Concussion Missile Launchers are located just underneath the Cockpit tube. Titanium alloy armour plating gives the ship a dark chrome appearance.

    ----Interior Description:
    'Cockpit' contains the control consoles, two padded chairs with swivel feature (For pilot and copilot). Cockpit door leads into the 'Cockpit Tube' with the primary escape pod at the far end. Access door from the cockpit tube opens up to a corridor, situated inside the front most bracing arm, that connects the cockpit to the main hold.
    'Main Hold' is semi-circle in shape. Located next to the bracing arm corridor entrance is a lounge with a dejarik table, on the other side of that corridor entrance is the Landing Ramp. On the other side of the main hold is the storage lockers and access to the docking ring and secondary escape pod. Central wall of the main hold has access to the gunner hallway.
    'Gunner Hallway' is circular in design with a vertical tunnel access to the dorsal and ventral turrets. Around the tunnel is doorways to the Engine Room, Sleeping quarters, Galley, Cargo Hold, Main Hold and the Docking Ring.
    'Sleeping Quarters' contains a bunk, storage spaces, refresher. Spartan in appearance and design.
    'Galley' is the ship's kitchen. Food and supplies are kept in the cupboards and refrigerator with oven and stove in the corner.
    'Cargo Hold' is a large room that can hold up to seventy five metric tons of cargo. A small platform can drop down for cargo to be loaded on and be brought up. Doorway access to the engine room and to the gunner hallway.
    'Engine Room' allows room for maintenance checks on the hyperdrive and the engines.

    -----Weapon Systems: 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (Capacity: 6), 2 Dymek Twin-Laser Cannons. Countermeasures: 10
    ------Crew Compliment: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 4 passengers.
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Class .75 modified Sorosuub Griffyn/Y2TG Hyperdrive.
    --------Misc. Specs.:
    Dimensions: Length; 22 m, Width; 26.7 m
    Defence: Shield Power - 248 SBD. Shield Recharge - 60. Hull - 102 RU
    Manoeuvrability: Engine: KonGar KGDefender military grade.
    Speed - 102 MGLT. Acceleration - 13 MGLT/s. Deceleration - 18 MGLT/s.
    Advance sensor and stealth packages
    Cargo capacity: 75 metric tons

    -Brief History: Corellian born, Dash was the youngest of two sons and his parents owned a successful shipping company called RenTrans. He got along well with his older brother Stanton, who worked for their parents as a freighter pilot, until he died.

    While making a delivery on Coruscant, Stanton's freighter lost control and crashed into a building, killing him instantly. The building that was destroyed belonged to Palpatine, it was his private museum. Outraged, Palpatine forced the mourning Rendar family from the Core Worlds. Their company was seized from them and their names were blacklisted. Prince Xizor stepped in and claimed RenTrans for himself and merged it with his Xizor Transport Systems (XTS) Company. When news of that reached the Rendars, they suspected sabotage from Xizor's part but no proof was ever found.

    Years passed and Dash struggled to make a living to help his family. He was fired from every job he got once the employers learnt of his surname, to avoid ramification by the Empire. After a string of failures, Dash turned to smuggling. Shortly he was taken in by Rackus. Under Rackus' employment Dash met Jula Selmur and they teamed up on jobs together. Her ship was the Outrider.

    Complications arose when a Jedi named Eme-ma Himou showed up. Jula and Dash's employer Rackus ended up dead. Thus terminating their contracts and Dash and Jula went their separate ways. The Outrider then passed onto him.

    In need of a co-pilot, Dash found one in a LE series repair droid that was owned by a Rodian comedian. Goes by the name of LE-BO2D9, the droid was given to Dash as payment for a job. From time to time the droid's dry sense of humour got on Dash's nerves but deep down Dash knows that he will not find a more fitting co-pilot than Leebo. The two of them scratch a living by doing odd and completely random jobs to just about anyone that can pay them and his loyalty is to those that can pay him the most.

    --Military History: Gain his piloting skill from working in his family's business before it was taken away by Xizor.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of his brother Stanton. The ill treatment and banishment from the Core Worlds, that was placed upon him and his family by Emperor Palpatine and his 'New Order'.


    Plans rarely go off without a hitch. Dash's time on Ryloth originally started off as an attempt to follow up on a plea for help from a person from his past. Exhausting all options to find her, he winds up mascarading as a slave to infiltrate a slave cartel. While he didn't find a Julia Selmur, he did stumble upon a mysterious lady without an identity encased in a cryopod. Freeing her from her frozen slumber, they made a daring escape on a skiff with a foul double crossing 'scum' in tow.

    Imperial forces arrived in system, unbeknown to Dash, also hunting for Julia. Leebo broke the Outrider from cover and breached spaceport lockdown in order to recover Dash. After a successful attempt of an air-to-air transfer, they try to lose the TIE's tailgating his ship by piloting through a ravine. Turbolaser and warhead explosions triggered a landslide which chased the Outrider along the ravine that runs through the mountain ranges. Holing up inside an opening in the steep walls, the ship became partially buried. With the shields holding back the weight of the rocks, Dash sets out to explore a network of passages for an alternate way out only to stumble upon an abandoned underground outpost guarded by 'devilish' creatures.

    ~IC~ Dash Rendar

    "I guess this is the end of the line." Dash commented as the spluttering combustion motor of the decrepit service lift had wheezed its last breath and seized up. Their upward motion stopped, the cage stuck suspended over the dark abyss. The loose chains rattled and clanked, and the lift swayed precariously on its mount with an ominous squeak of metal.

    It was worth a shot. During the construction of underground facilities, it did make sense that they would have emergency escape shafts and vents to the surface. Deeper facilities had lift systems installed powered by motors that ran independent of the main power grid. By luck, they had discovered a shaft in the midst of the Doashim territory and Dash, fortunate that this woman had come to help him, otherwise those beasts would be fighting over his shredded and bloodied carcass, rather than over of one of their own kind.

    Studying her face under the dim lighting, he saw her expression was calm as her blue eyes focus was directed upward. Following her gaze through the roof of the lift's mesh cage, a faint pocket of light could be seen a hundred or so metres above them.

    "Just out of reach." She whispered. "If only we could ..."

    Dash's eyes went to the framing of the cage. There were hinges on one edge that swung inward, rusted and no doubt, difficult to open. On the opposite side, a lock was fastening the frame in place. Taking a step towards the lock, the cage shifted sideways from the displacement of weight.

    "Oh bother..." He froze and with his hand motioned for her to move to the other side of the cage. It started to balance out little by little. "I'm going to try and open the top of this lift..." He explained to her as he stepped to the centre again. "...see if you can reach through the gaps and hold onto the mount to keep us steady."

    Nodding, she carefully moved to the back of the lift, attempting to reach through the mesh. Dash drew the blaster he and checked the energy settings. Raising the weapon, the lift shook with each shot he fired at the hinges and then the lock, the heat of the energy discharge made the rusted frame more brittle. Flipping the blaster in his hand, Dash hit the frame next to the lock with the butt of the blaster, loosening it.

    Holstering the blaster, he reached up and hooking his fingers around the rods of the roof’s mesh and yanked down. A metal screech rang out as it moved a few centimetres, flakes of rust and dirt sprinkled down. Giving it another yank, the frame swung down more freely. Holding it steady, Dash motioned for his 'companion' to fit under before crouching under himself. Easing it down, it rattled against the back of the cage.

    "After you..." Dash gestured with his hand.

    With a nod, blonde haired woman used the mesh as a ladder and climbed up onto the roof. Carefully Dash followed behind her as the lift swinging to and fro on it's mount from their movement.

    Quickly taking in their surroundings in the low illumination, he could see a rocky surface crudely carved to accommodate the lift and its mechanisms. The lift itself was attached to a track embedded into the rocks, ‘teeth’ protruding out at evenly spaced intervals indicated a cog system. ‘With the decrepit state of the lift, it would not do us any good to take advantage of the track as a ladder.’ The risk of tetanus was not the main concern on his mind, the thought of the ‘rungs’ breaking off, on the other hand, was.

    Dash’s gaze followed along the rocky surface beside the track, spotting points in the uneven surfaces that would make good hand and footholds. Reaching out, he tested with his weight before reaching up to the next rock. Looking back to face the woman, he saw she was taking his lead on the other side of the track.

    * * * * * * * * *

    A deep rumble came from within the ’Outrider’. The engines groaned as a wash of white and blue emitted from the sublight drives. The repulsorlifts gently pushed the ship up and against the rocks that had buried over the hull. The shields protested with the additional strain.

    Scarlet fire erupted from the barrels of the twin-laser cannon of the ventral turret as it swivelled on its axis. The super charged lasers blasts the underside of the rubble, the spread of the arc kept small, repeatedly unleashing a salvo at a concentrated area. The intensity turning the rocks into slag.

    The engine wash from the sublight engines emit a force of energy and radiation, dislodging and flinging out chunks of rocks and dirt outwards. More and more slid down over the ship only to be thrown out more by the powerful KG Defender engines kicking up to form a cloud of grit, dirt and rubble.

    Nudging against the rocks, the ’Outrider’'s port side forcefully pushed at the cover cave entrance. A electronic screech cried out as it ripped itself violent reverse sideways from the cave.

    A 'whoosh' funnelled along the tubing under the cockpit as a single concussion missile was launched. It's short lived flight ended with it slamming into the inner cave wall. The outside wall of the cave blasted outwards, showering the area with igneous chucks. Inside, the tunnel network sealed shut by the ceiling collapsing and buried over by a rock slide.

    Another screech of protest, the hull of the 'Outrider' flashed blue as it wheeled sideways out into the gorge. Both cannons firing wildly as they swivel about their hemispherical ranges, shooting down large rocks and what not.

    It hovered there for a few seconds as it twist on its axis before the ship barrelled up and over the lip of the gorge. The rest of the vast mountain range before it.

    * * * * * * * * *

    A shower of dirt rained on top of their heads, dislodged from a distant tremor, as they reached the top of the shaft. Closing his eyes briefly to avoid it getting in his eyes, Dash reached up to find a hand taking his in return. Looking up, surprised to see her already at the opening and now reaching to pull him up. ’She is nimble...’ Dash commented silently as he took her hand.

    Darkness fading, yielding to light, as they found themselves in short passage. At the end of the passage a hatch blocked their way. ’The elements must not have been kind to it.’ Dash thought as he inspected the rusted surface. Light bleeding from holes eaten into the worn in surface, cracks in places, a lock that had been installed was fused. Trailing his hand a fraction over the surface, he could feel air passing through the gaps in the metal. Bracing himself against it, he tested it before slamming his weight into it a few times, knocking it off it's hinges followed by a loud clank to the ground.


    Overlooking the slope of the mountains, three of the five moons of Ryloth hung above. It’s combined reflected light illuminated the jagged vista around them, a contrast of shadow defined certain elements. The strong wind brought cooling relief to their grimy faces. Where they stood was a small levelled part, two narrow paths, one winding up to the summit of the mountain, the other trails down the slope.

    Wasting no time, Dash took out his com to briefly inform Leebo of their situation.

    ["I am inbound, sir."] Leebo’s mechanised voice came through.

    Dash refrained from asking how Leebo got the ship out, that can wait until they were safely on board. His gaze overlooking the precipice, ignoring the gut feeling that was telling him he would not be happy with the state of his ship might be in.

    He could see a disc-shaped vessel coming in. The familiar roar of sublight engines getting louder, reverbing off the rocky walls. It was not alone either as the noise of other mechanised contraptions coming from a distance. Not doubt Imperial activity which meant it only be a matter of time before they too will be discovered too.

    The familiar characteristics of the YT-2400 materialised rapidly as it approached. Grabbing his companion's arm as the 'Outrider' abruptly came to a halt before then. 'The ship is too large to land.'

    As though reading his mind, the ship lowered away from the edge of the precipice until the top was in level with them. Pulling her arm, together they jumped the gap and onto the hull of the freighter. The ship veered off gently as they opened the dorsal access hatch.

    Taking the service lift down inside, above them the hatch closing like an iris.
    “We’re in, Go!” Dash yelled.

    They felt the ship jolt from the abrupt acceleration, as it leapt forward. Racing to the cockpit, keeping an arm out to grab hold of the bulkhead along the way with each sharp turn the ’Outrider’ made. Entering the cockpit, his gaze locked onto the faintly illuminated landscape beyond the viewport and sat down in the pilot’s chair.

    “Take us to the southern pole. Put everything we can to the engines. We can out run them.” Dash instructed as he reached to part of the flight console to route power from non essential systems to the engines.

    The ship veered a few degrees to starboard, Leebo hugged the ship close to the slope of the mountain, his photoreceptors gave him a clear view of the terrain darkened by the shadow of the mountain.

    Feeling a warm hand on his shoulder, he glanced back to see the woman standing behind him, her face staring intently out through the viewport. Somehow he will find out who exactly she is, ‘if we get out of this mess.’ He thought and pushed aside the thought.

    Sensors showed multiple contacts arranging to catch up with them. Keeping throttle to maximum output, slowly the contacts crept further away. The roar of the engines was deafening in the cockpit. Keeping alert for any complications with the engines.

    The chrono ticked along as the distance between them grew but there was still the threat of the Destroyer that was tracking them earlier and the blockade beyond. Leebo kept the craft close to the ground as maintain the shortest possible distance to cover. Outside, the terrain had changed from one seemingly 'wasteland' to another. From the arid to the tundra. The wind had picked up, buffering the craft. Droplets of water splashed against the viewport as the weather outside grew worse.

    The heat of the engines kept it hot inside the ship as outside the temperature dropped. Condensation started to fog up the inside of the viewport as the power to that system to prevent that had been diverted to the engines.

    "It'll get warmer the higher we go. Watch we don't burn out the engines." Dash spoke out loud, knowing his copilot was well aware of that. Through the smear of water and ice on the viewport the expanse of the polar ice cap stretched out. Dark clouds is considered an omen that their journey will become alot more rougher.
    "I'll start up the nav and set about plotting a course out of here." Dash glanced over his shoulder to the woman behind him. "Better find a secure place to sit in the Main Hold, it is going to get bumpy."

    A small alert chimed from the console several minutes later, taking the control of the light stock freighter from Leebo, Dash eased the ship into an upward arc. Angling up into the clouds, the more turbulent the wind became. With the dampeners turned lower in the cockpit, the more pronounced the rattling was felt as the ship got became battered by the elements. Gritting his teeth as he kept the ship as steady as possible, training his sights on an imaginary spot beyond the viewport to keep on course.

    Minutes felt like it dragged on for hours before at long last they broke through the clouds and starry heavens above. Letting out a sigh, he flicked on the ships intercom to inform their new friend of their progress. Easing on the throttle slightly, he nodded to Leebo.

    "Now about that company..." They were still within the planet's atmosphere and climbing but they still need to clear the blockade beyond.

    "Several warships are in the vicinity." Leebo announced.

    "Ah, I see them on our scopes. Trying to close in the net. Gonna be close."

    Checking the ship's systems, their shields generators were damaged, all power from the cannons were directed to the engines. Their best option is to run and hope they don't get hit.

    A chime rang through from the com board.
    "Sir, they are hailing us."

    "If their recent activity is anything to go by then I don't think they are interested in talking." Dash muttered and turned off the noise.

    Checking the data from the sensors with the navi computer, there looked like a possibility that they might not make it. "Desperate times calls for desperate measures." Dash muttered as he relinquish the controls to Leebo. Keeping an eye on the sensors, he set about bypassing safety protocols in place for the navicomputer and hyperdrive, there is a huge risk doing that but could very well be the only chance they have.

    The 'Outrider' climbed out of Ryloth's atmosphere and racing away from the planet. The ship's computer was still refining the calculations for the jump to hyperspace. Counting under his breath, Dash watched the numbers ticked down. The distance to the edge of the gravitational influence, the distance till they are within optimal weapons range of the destroyers. A Star Destroyer loomed closer on the rear sensors, more smaller contacts spew forth from beneath it.

    The numbers ticked down to an alert from the flight console alerting them that they are within range of the destroyers.

    "We’re out of time," Dash called. "'Thread the needle' and GO!"

    Leebo angled the ship and aimed for a clear point in space. There was a groan from the engines as the levers were pulled. The ship bucked, the lines of stars streak to infinite before vanishing under a wave of blue and purple. Hyperspace.

    His eyes remained on the chrono, Dash allowed for several minutes to pass before reverting the ship back into realspace. Easing on the controls, the starfield spun as he changed the 'Outrider's vector dramatically. Making another blind jump, the groan of the drives was louder this time.

    Grimacing, it was clear they hadn't escaped unscathed judging by the deep vibrations and rattling coming from the ship. It was unknown the extent of the damage to the ship from the incident on Ryloth and jumping too close to the gravitational influence of the planet. It wasn't the clean getaway that he had wanted but it was still something. Dash reverted the ship out of hyperspace again after several minutes transit.

    “We gonna need a place to set down and do repairs.” Dash sighed as stood up and allowed Leebo to work with the navi computer to find out their bearings. “Make sure it is safe.”

    Walking slowly down the corridor to the Main Hold, his feet felt heavy and his energy drained. Upon entering the hold, he found her on the lounge by the dejarik board. Her long blonde hair splayed about her neck and shoulders as her head leaned against her shoulder and her eyes closed.

    Moving to the opposite end of the lounge, he sat down and leaned his head back against the headrest. Glancing to her, he saw she was fast asleep. Feeling the ship rumble as it made another transition to hyperspace, Dash sighed with relief and closed his eyes. He should head back out there but it won’t hurt to allow himself a moment of respite.

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  13. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Sara Soto
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    Sara?s vision shifted in and out. Her head throbbed as a poison or some other toxin worked it?s way through her system. She didn?t know if she was still in the arms of the boy who caught her - that much she remembered - or in the armored arms of Jinn-Tu. Her mind reeled at the thought of being captured again, and if she had been poisoned, Tu must be desperate to settle for a Dead price than an Alive price.
    No. She thought. He doesn?t kill, he likes seeing people suffer. He must be using the same kind of dart he used on me on Atzerri. How Jinn-Tu was stupid enough to leave those binders unlocked, I won?t know. She felt a quick dropping sensation and landed on something soft. Her mind was so fogged that she couldn?t make heads or tails on where she was, what time it was or if she was in Jinn-Tu?s grasp again or not. Her senses were coming back to her, her mind clearing after who knows how long. She heard the slight sounds of movement in a room near her? Sofa?

    Sara?s eyes slowly opened and she saw the dimly lit living room that made up part of her apartment. Flimsi scattered in random corners, the contents of which she forgot. Her head scanned the room curiously, it was her apartment alright, and nothing seemed out of place. Had it been a dream? Running into that boy and running from her worst nightmare? It had felt so real. She shook it off. It was just a dream and she let out a slight moan as the toxin dissolved in her system and became nothing to her.

    A noise struck her like a durasteel nail down her spine. Freezing her in place while her head turned to the place of the noise. A cabinet door closing shut in the kitchen. The back of a man was turned to her, a vibrosword strapped to his hip, left hand pressed to the counter and his right hand up to his mouth. No doubt either scratching whatever hairs he had on his chin, or eating something of hers.
    She silently took her shoes and socks off, set them on the floor quietly and reached under the cushion near her head. She felt the dull hilt of her retractable vibroknife, and pulled it out. With a click of a button, the blade shot forth with no more than a mute hiss. Sara had yet to activate the vibro-function on it. The hum would give her away.
    Her bare feet were silent against the floor as she snuck up on her intruder. She got to the doorframe of the kitchen, when she realized a throbbing pain in her neck and out of curiosity, stopped for a moment and felt it. A crusted bud of blood plucked off her neck and she quickly remember that?s where her dream had ended. A dart hitting her neck. It wasn?t a dream. Then who could that be?

    She peered around slightly and noticed the closed eyes of the boy taking a bite out of one of her muja fruits. A slow smirk came over her face and she leaned against the doorframe. She forcefully made herself look stern, to see what kind of reaction she could get out of him. She crossed her arms and made sure her vibroknife was clearly in view.
    ?Enjoying my muja fruit?? Then she realized she still didn?t know his name. ?Mister???

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    IC: Han Solo
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    The sound of the girl's voice brought him out of his momentary reprieve and he felt himself involuntarily jump as his fist clenched, causing his fingers to sink into the soft skin of the muja fruit. He whipped around to face her, muja juice now dripping down his arm as he tried to keep the alarm and disappointment from his face. There was no reason for him to be this jumpy and yet, here he was acting like a foolish schoolboy.

    Then again, she was holding a vibroblade in her grasp. Maybe that was reason enough to be concerned...

    "Um, it's good--uh, I mean, hi," he winced at the waver and uncertainty in his voice and tried to cover it up with a half-contrived smile. He was floundering miserably and there was no doubt she would enjoy this. She had him just where she wanted him and Han hated himself for it.

    Clearing his throat, he tried his best to collect his bearings and held the fruit up for her to clearly see. "Look, I didn't think--I mean, I was hungry, so I thought..." He trailed off with a simple shrug and flashed her another nervous grin. "Sorry."

    When she failed to acknowledge him or even give a reaction to his line of gibberish, Han tensed and gingerly set the piece of fruit back down on the counter. She was proving to be more difficult than he anticipated and she certainly wasn't making things easier by holding that vibroblade in clear view. If she was truly angry with him, there was no telling what she would be willing to do to him. At the moment, she didn't seem to particularly care that he had saved her life from a crazy bounty hunter. She was more worried about him raiding her stash.

    And then it hit him.

    In his desperate plight to appear calm and collected in front of her, he had completely missed the simple question she had asked of him. She wanted a name and now Han felt more than a little stupid for being this paranoid and awkward in front of her. And of course, that begged the question of what he would tell her. He didn't trust her enough to reveal his true identity and if she was in a tangled mess with the law, he especially didn't want to give himself away only to be caught up in that as well. Besides, Shrike was still after him. He had to play it cool and try to coax her into a false sense of security. That meant lying to her.

    The silence was starting to grow awkward between them and if he didn't answer soon, she would become suspicious. It didn't help that every time she shifted position, the edge of the blade glinted in the light streaming in through the window, reminding Han of how thin a line he was walking with her.

    His mind was racing as he tried to come up with a clever solution, eyes darting about the room until they came to rest on a piece of flimsi lying forgotten on the countertop. It contained a section of classified ads that the girl had no doubt set there to sop up a liquid mess she had spilled earlier in the day. But that wasn't important. What was important were the two names that had jumped out at him in the jumbled mess of text. One belonged to a business man in Westport selling rare herbs and spices to the public and the other seemed to be part of a tag line for a local caf shop. He put the two together and he had his alias.

    "Draygo," he said evenly and with an air of confidence as he pushed himself back and adopted a more casual stance with his elbows resting on the edge of the counter. "Vykk Draygo." Trying the name out for the first time, he couldn't help but smile. It worked.

    "How 'bout you," he inquired with narrowed eyes, challenging her to answer. "Or are you still sore about me eating all your fruit?"

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    IC: Sara Soto
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    Draygo. Sara mused. Something seemed familiar about that name. Vykk?s first name threw her off though and let the thought wash away. She eased, depressed the extension button once more and the blade retracted back into the knife?s hilt. She clipped it to her belt, brought her hand up to her forehead and rubbed gently while the throbbing slowly came to an end. Vykk Draygo. Didn?t seem to fit the features, but she wasn?t his mother.
    Sara turned to the cabinet to grab another muja, turning to Vykk while she did to answer his question.
    ?You already know, Vykk.? Sara said, ?Remember? Before I socked you in the chin I told you my name was Sara??

    She grabbed the red fruit in her slender fingers and closed her eyes to enjoy flavor. ?Sara Soto.?What was the harm of Vykk knowing her full name? She could seek sympathy from him if he chose to collect. At worst all she had to do was get rid of him. She was more dangerous than she looked, wasn?t she? Certainly.

    She bit into the bitter fruit, to others without much taste saw it as bitter. But to her, who had been shown how to pick the ripe, less bitter ones, it was delicious. And most in her apartment were the good ones.
    ?Running makes everyone hungry. I don?t blame you.? Sara opened her eyes and concentrated on Vykk. ?But it would help if you ask next time.?With another, more superior thinking-ish looking expression she bit again into her muja fruit and went to her bed. Whether Vykk followed or stayed and ate some more she didn?t care. Though she?d prefer him to stay for a few moments.

    She opened a drawer in her nightstand and quickly reached in to find what she had put away in there. A locket given to her by her late parents. She gently pulled it out with her left hand while she brushed her red hair behind her ears with her right.
    Sara settled the locket in her palms and gingerly opened it with care. She smiled.

    A blue tinted holophoto flickered to life and in it there was a picture of a thirteen year old, fire-redhead girl with a grin that stretched across the stars. Her cautious and laughably paranoid father, Darik, with grayed out red hair, squinted against the holocamera?s flash over her left shoulder. Sara?s loving, caring mother, Salina, with dark hair and green eyes that glistened as bright as Sara?s once had.

    All that remained of that family was Sara. And since then she had lost the brightness in her eyes as the shadows of the galaxy revealed themselves to her and she saw what it really was. A slum controlled by an Empire whom was becoming more ruthless with every passing day. The shadows were getting darker as well, crime was fluent in the Outer Rim. It was a lifestyle in Hutt Space. In the dark corners of the Core and Inner Rim, it was just as bad.

    Sara closed her eyes and heard the lock on the locket snap shut. She sighed and returned it to the drawer and gently closed it. She stood and went to the window and watched the streaming airspeeders zip by.

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    IC: Han Solo
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    ?You already know, Vykk," she said softly, cocking her head a bit as if she was insulted that he hadn't bothered to remember. ?Remember? Before I socked you in the chin I told you my name was Sara??

    Han stared at her stupidly for a long moment and then like a blaster bolt ripping through his midsection, it hit him. He bent over slightly at the revelation and he diverted his gaze away from her as his lips formed an "O" with realization. How could he have been so stupid as to forget that? To his credit, she had just socked him in the face and they had been running for their lives, but that was no excuse. He had exposed a weakness to her and any sign of weakness that could be readily exploited was a deadly thing.

    "Uh, yeah, I guess you did, Sara," he stammered in an effort to cover up his carelessness. He flashed her a lopsided grin to try and lighten the mood, but somehow, he didn't think it was going to work.

    "Sara Soto," she repeated with an edge to her voice that he hadn't detected before. She stepped forward and for a moment, Han thought this was it - that she had had enough of his stalling and she was going to end it here and now. He eyed the tip of the vibroblade warily as he took a precautionary step backward, but only managed to bump into the edge of the countertop. He had run out of room. Swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat, he glanced back up to her face and was astonished to see that her features had softened and even a hint of a smile was visible as she flicked her thumb and deactivated the weapon.

    Blowing out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding, Han slumped back against the counter and resumed eating the fruit still cradled in his hand. Maybe her tough exterior wasn't everything she made it up to be. He had to admit, she wasn't that bad.

    ?Running makes everyone hungry. I don?t blame you,? she remarked after a moment, reaching into a nearby cabinet and producing her own muja fruit. She took a hefty bite out of the juicy morsel and with her mouth still full, continued to speak. ?But it would help if you ask next time.?

    His brow shot up with both curiosity and surprise as he quickly forced himself to swallow what he had been chewing. Was she actually being nice to him? If so, this could be a big development. Maybe he would get the recognition he deserved for saving her life after all. "Yeah, sure," he muttered instead, brushing it off with a casual wave of his hand. "I'll remember that the next time I happen to drop off an unconscious woman at her apartment after carrying her in my arms for two miles."

    It had been the wrong thing to say and he had known it as soon as it had left his lips. He watched with regret as Sara's expression turned inward and without another word, she turned away from him and began to walk away into the adjoining room. Han winced at his lack of understanding and cursed under his breath. He was certainly making an impression on her, but not the kind of impression he intended. He couldn't explain why he felt the way he did; he just knew he had to set things straight before they reached the point of no return.

    Inhaling deeply, Han found that he couldn't finish the rest of the muja fruit in his current state and ended up discarding it as he slowly made his way into the other room to follow Sara. When he reached the makeshift bedroom, he found her standing against the opposite wall from him, staring out the window at the spectacular view of Coruscant stretched out before them. He could tell even with her back turned to him that she was lost in her thoughts.

    Rubbing the toe of his boot against the hardwood floor panels, Han glanced down at the distraction long enough to gather enough strength to confront her. "Hey, you alright?"[/c
  17. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Sara Soto
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    A yellow XJ-6 zipping too close to Sara?s apartment window, it was a blanket of yellow and a flash of tan for little more than a millisecond. Enough to snap Sara back to reality. Two seconds later a CorSec police speeder followed in pursuit.
    She had dimly heard Vykk?s question. Was she alright? She had been without a family for nine years now, without friendship for half that. She wondered when she would finally end the running. Was she just holding on hoping that the bounty would disappear and she could live without fear? There must have been some hope still inside her, she just couldn?t find it. Or in the least identify it clearly.
    ?I can go if you want to, you know?be alone?? Vykk said.
    Mela?drog kills whoever gets in his way of dealing with the last Soto. He?s killed all who sacrificed themselves for her. Darael. Nirea. Brand?

    She smiled inwardly, remembering them. Her once living friends who had helped her out. Darael, a black man who had a ship, she paid for her first flight, but he found out she was in trouble and flew her around a little longer and they became friends. Until ?drog? She subtly shook at what he did to Darael.
    Nirea, a blue twi?lek, showed Sara how to steal if needed, how to get her features to do the talking. How to talk with her body, though Nirea never sold herself and didn?t pass that on to Sara. She showed Sara how a simple sway of the hip could get a few men to lower their prices, or to look away long enough for her to grab something of value. Nirea?
    Brand was the one she looked to the most. Saving her in that alley after seeing what those men had in store for her. She looked to the others as friends and mentors, but she looked to Brand as a Hero. He always thought, always thinking of plans and maneuvers and paths of escape. Showed Sara how to look at something not as it is, but what it can be used as, how to lay low from people looking for you. Brand would always come up with the most ingenious plans that seemed crazy. But they always worked.
    Now that she looked at Vykk from the corner of her eye, he looked a little like Brand. But he wasn?t Brand. She could just tell that Vykk would never do what Brand did?

    Five years earlier[/I]

    Sara and Brand were cornered. Mela?drog had tracked her down again and his thugs were closing in. It was late and a homeless man?s oilcan fire lit the alley in a gloom yellow light. She could see the shadows of twi?leks, humans, weequays all moving through the alley searching for them.
    If they stayed, they were dead. If they moved, they were dead. There was no escape this time and Sara?s heart pounded. She looked to Brand for what to do. His dark hair highlighted yellow from the light, his features hard and thinking. His eyes and head scanning the alley fruitlessly--to Sara.
    With every pump of her heart she could feel it leaping into her throat, her eyes swelling and she wondered if they?d fall out.

    She was terrified.

    Brand ceased her arm and pulled her to face him. He looked at her solemnly, scanning her features. For what she wouldn?t know. He swept her up in his arms and the thirteen year old was stuffed in a dumpster. Garbage tangled themselves in Sara?s hair, darkening and discoloring her red hair to a dark red-ish green.
    ?It?ll be alright, Sara.? The lid shut and Sara quietly shuffled around in the dumpster for some sort of opening so she could see Brand. When she couldn?t she held her garbage smelling breath and gently opened the lid.

    "Ah'chu apenkee? [Who are you?]" The twi?lek asked, and the three raised their blasters to Brand.
    ?My name?s Brand Mills. Mind telling me why you?re pointing blasters at me??
    "Tee jee-jee, [I]Mills[/I]. Konchee jah cheeka? Mo panwe. [Tell us, [I]Mills[/I]. Where?s the girl? Or else]? The weequay continued.
    ?What girl?? Brand cocked his head.
    The three looked at each other, then to Brand.
    ?Fa. [Fine]? The rodian said, ?Crispo jah stupa. [Fly the idiot.]?

  18. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Ewlla Iillor, Kate Lockley, Debgate, Ny Brun, Interdictor-class fleet medical frigate, Huntress
    Location: Imperial Centre orbit

    Ewlla was on the bridge talking quietly with the woman from the missing capital ship, while the ensign from Obdurate conducted his business elsewhere along the command deck.

    A voice called from the Communication Station. ?Captain. Shuttle Stealf requesting permission to dock.?

    Iillor looked over curiously. ?Name sounds familiar. They were here before, weren?t they??

    The uniformed operator nodded, his cap bobbing. ?She is the Inquisitor?s personal shuttle. She returned to Galactic City on an errand.?

    The captain nodded her permission. ?Scan the ship and passengers. In case they hope to bring something onboard. Too much intrigue going round the fleet these days.?

    ?Yes, Ma?am.?

    ?I will be in my ready room if anyone needs me.?

    * * * *

    Ready Room

    Ewlla sealed and locked the door, then sat behind her desk in the dark, leaning back into the massaging pads of her chair, hoping to let them rub the tension out of her back.

    She had managed to get by quite well without her Uncle Mitch. To be fair though, that was de riguer for the Imperial military; you had to learn to cope with little or no contact with family members.

    Her childhood and young adulthood had been carefree, worry-free, and most importantly, Uncle Mitch, then at age 22, post-graduatiion holiday on Tatooine of all places.

    She remembered a time...

    ///One of the silhouettes stepped forward to join the droid, putting a hand on its shoulder, revealing himself to be a young human male. He looked kind of paramilitary. ?Actually, we?ve got a little situation down there.? He nodded back towards the homestead. ?It?s not safe down there.?

    ?We can help.? Ewlla found herself blurting, then felt her face getting hot as the twi?lek looked sharply towards her. Don?t go calling yourself the ?God of Cops? if you are not willing to help people. She thought to herself caustically.

    ?I can help.? Nifesta ground out, and she had the feeling he was directing the comment to both her and the militia-men. ?You can stay up here and keep a lookout.?

    ?But, the Last Bolt can do that!? She protested, indicating the ship; noticing, but unable to stop herself, that she actually was slipping into the young girl persona. She dropped her arm, ending the impression of a teapot, ?-short and stout.?.

    ?Wait a minute.? A female voice broke into the tiff.

    Both Mitch and Ewlla looked towards Michelle, though they did not yet know.

    ?You said there?s ?droid trouble? at a farm nearby? What exactly did this ?droid? look like??

    With one hand holding the E-5 down by her right hip, the young Corellian only had one hand with which to demonstrate the sheer size of the huge Harvester. ?It was fra-? She had started to say with real feeling.


    Though spoken quietly, the use of her Judicial Forces rank had caught her attention, and she stopped, hand over her head, and looked over at the twi?lek.

    ?Report properly. And show them what we have on the ship.? Eyes hidden by the smoked welding goggles, Mitch Nifesta had looked into the face of the closest human to him, Dunlop, and jabbed a forefinger in her direction. ?She stays out here.? Head down, Uncle Mitch had side-stepped the battered protocol droid and walked to the homestead like he owned the place. ?Show me what you?ve got.?

    To her own surprise, as he descended into the moisture farm, Ewlla felt safer with the twi?lek taking charge, and didn?t feel so shown up by his ordering her about.

    She looked towards the young woman who had spoken, and brought her arm down.
    ?Fifty metres high, black metal. Four grasping telescopic arms, and a shoulder mounted energy weapon of some type. Oh yes, and after we put it down, two speeder-bikes launched from its feet.?

    Ewlla was relieved at the presence of another female, although she reminded her of her friend Tilly,
  19. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    Sithy, Nope. They're canon Huttese.

    Fa, is a Canon Huttese word for Final. Since it's close enough to Fine, and since there's no word for Fine in Huttese to date, I used Fa because it is as close as I can get to it.
    I try and stick as close to Canon as possible as far as languages go, and I use this dictionary for my Huttese words.
    I don't make stuff up, but if I have to, I find something that's as close as I can to it, and go with it.

    Thanks though, Sithy!
  20. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    The hurt and regret of what she had been reminiscing about was evident in her emerald eyes as she turned to face him. That look sent a shiver down his spine and it almost succeeded in making him feel sorry for her. It also had him second guessing his decision to stick around after his debt had been paid. It wasn't simply that he had been looking for a free meal and he feared it had more to do with her. Despite his best efforts to think otherwise, he found her fascinating and she was playing right into his emotions by becoming all sentimental on him.

    Damn her!

    And just like a flip of a coin, his interest and curiosity over her was beginning to steep into anger and frustration. Her lapse into silence told Han that she was indecisive and he knew enough about women to know that he didn't want someone like her around. They were trouble and he no longer needed her to provide him with an answer - he would make up his mind for her.

    Pressing his lips into a thin line, he inclined his head slightly and started to turn away, making no effort to hide his disappointment by thrusting his hands deep within his pockets.

    His actions, however, had the complete opposite effect on her. "I?ve been alone for too long, Vykk, she called in a small, desperate voice. "I do owe you for getting me off the streets, so I guess you get to decide.?

    And there it was as clear as the azure skies back on Corellia - the recognition he had been looking for. She had been appreciative of everything he had done for her after all. That was all he wanted to hear. If he turned her back on her now, he would come across as nothing more than an ungrateful fool. It was his turn to offer her some kind of response in reciprocation.

    His shoulders slumped as he blew out a sigh and he turned on his heel to face her, making a point to keep his gaze lowered as he spoke. "Look, I was kidding about what I said earlier," he began evenly, referring to his comment he made in the kitchen about carrying her two miles. "It was nothing and I don't expect you to go out of your way to repay me for it. I broke your goggles and you fell unconscious in my arms. How 'bout we just call it even, huh?"

    Taking a gamble, he finally dared to look up into her eyes to gauge her reaction and he felt his jaw become unhinged at what he saw. She was toying with him again, adopting a more sensual stance and allowing her curves to show at all the right places. It was maddening and he felt his heart rate quicken with each pass his eyes made over her body.

    "I'll, um...stay, I mean, how's your neck?" he stuttered and pointed to his own neck to indicate the spot where she had been hit by the stun bolt, still obviously struggling to come to terms with his conflicting emotions. "You don't feel dizzy or anything, do you?"

    He was nearly certain that she was going to be alright....

    ...he just wasn't sure about himself.

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  21. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Sara Soto
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    Sara waited to see if what Nirea had taught her years ago still worked. She certainly caught his attention with her owing him. Vykk turned on his heels, but kept his gaze low as he spoke. "Look, I was kidding about what I said earlier," obviously he was trying to downplay it and get away. She knew the distance he carried her. He knew it, and she had said it just before Jinn-Tu fired that dart at her. "It was nothing and I don't expect you to go out of your way to repay me for it. I broke your goggles and you fell unconscious in my arms. How 'bout we just call it even, huh?"

    ?I think I might have hit your jaw line harder than I thought. It was two miles, Vykk. I had said it myself.? She didn?t let him reply, instead making her shape more noticeable than before. Closing her eyes for just a moment, sighing and continuing. ?And I was mad. Goggles aren?t that expensive, and they?re nothing compared to a life. So what?ll it be? Stay or go?? She finished bluntly.

    Vykk looked up into her eyes, the first time since she had turned from the window. His mouth opened just a hair, enough for her to see it, but he was trying to keep it hidden for sure.
    "I'll, um?stay, I mean, how's your neck?" he stuttered. Sara couldn?t lie about feeling something when Vykk said the word stay. She couldn?t pin it down, but it was something, an uplifting emotion she could tell. Though, she kept it under wraps. She didn?t want Vykk to catch on that she wanted him to stay.

    Vykk pointed to his own neck to indicate the spot where she had been hit by the dart, "You don't feel dizzy or anything, do you?"

    He sounded sincere. Expecting a sort of comeback, as his personality was continually showing, Sara was caught off guard in a sorts. She straightened and stopped tormenting Vykk?s body with hers. At least he seemed effected on the outside. Sara did put a hand to her head while the residual toxin hit her mind at hyper speed. She thought for a moment it was going to knock her down, but it passed and she answered Vykk?s question.
    ?I?m fine. Just a few side effects from the dart. That wouldn?t be the first time that Kel-Dor fired one of those darts at me.?
    She moved back to the kitchen, and not knowing if Vykk was following or staying in her bedroom and called back, ?So who was that guy we were running from first? If we?re going to be sticking together, I might as well know about your enemies too.?

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    Jul 30, 2004
    OOC: The illustrious GM should now be on the West Coast. This means that all characters controlled by Pash will now talk like Valley girls. For instance, instead of "I have a bad feeling about this." it will be replaced by "Like fer sure" Instead of "Don't underestimate the Force." Anakin will say "Your such a poser" "Bite Me!"

    "Sir the Rebels are retreating." will be responded with "That is totally boss"

    Thank you for your time.

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  23. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    Han quirked a brow at her curiously, obviously surprised at the revelation that she had been attacked before, but not trying to outwardly show it. For someone with such a small frame and looks that were irresistible, she was proving to be one tough customer. In this case, looks could definitely be deceiving and Han was beginning to wonder if he wasn't in danger himself. Maybe this had been her plan all along - lure in young, unsuspecting men and make them comfortable enough to lower their defenses. Only then would she strike with her venom...

    Shaking his head, Han pushed that crazy idea from his mind and turned to watch as Sara strode out of the room and made her way back toward the kitchen. Although Han truly believed her to be a young woman in distress, experience told him that it would be wise to remain cautious. It was hard to act rational when you were under pressure and would do anything to stay alive. That was the perfect setup for unfortunate events and maybe even a few betrayals. Han had been there before and he knew better than anyone what Sara had to be going through. He could see it shining in her eyes and it made his heart ache for her.

    "So who was that guy we were running from first?" she asked casually over her shoulder as Han began to follow behind her like a lost vornskr. She knew exactly what she was doing and it gave him pause. He halted his forward motion and simply stared at her as if she was speaking an alien language he hadn't quite mastered.

    When he failed to take the bait, she decided to push even further, determined to get answers. "If we?re going to be sticking together, I might as well know about your enemies too.?

    It was a likely story and it sounded innocent enough, but Han recognized the tactic and it set off little warning bells within his head. He was instantly reminded of his earlier concerns over her intentions and he turned wary as he put his Sabacc face firmly in place to confront her.

    "It's nobody," he said evenly, making sure to maintain eye contact with her to gloss over the lie. "Just some scumbag from the diner who didn't agree with my decision to withhold his tip money." He dipped his chin slightly before allowing a hint of a smile to tug playfully at the corner of his mouth. "The guy turned desperate and that's when things got nasty. I was able to hold my own, though..."

    He patted the vibroblade attached to his hip and narrowed his eyes as he returned his gaze to her. "Before you decided to show up, anyway."

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  24. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Sara Soto
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    Sara reached for a few sheets of flimsi on the kitchen counters, preferably the wadded up ones that sagged with purified Coruscanti water. She knew she had read something about Vykk on the pages, maybe something about his last name. Vykk entered, following her into the kitchen and robbed her of the opportunity to search through them. Though, she?d look at them for sure when she got the chance.
    She paid attention to Vykk?s description of the man who got angry over not getting a tip. That didn?t add up, how did he get a small goon going quickly? Why would a man working there get violent and threaten to kill Vykk? Why did the man even have a blaster on him if he was working there? Unless Vykk wasn?t telling the truth.
    Sara pushed the thought out of her mind, for now. She was starting to get fumed, first Vykk could be an excellent liar and second he was starting to blame her for his troubles. Again. She made it clear in her eyes she wasn?t impressed with taking this criticism in her own home.
    ?Yeah.? She bit her lip, she didn?t need another fight with him.

    Sara grabbed a bottle of water, and the flimsi that was in reach of Vykk when he told her his name a few minutes ago and strode out of the kitchen.
    She began to flip through the pages, making it look casual while she made her way towards the trash receptacle. That?s when two names stuck out to her.

    Draygo Spices - ?Best herbs and seasonings on this sector of Coruscant!?
    She flipped a little further through the pages, and she found the last piece of the puzzle.
    Vykk?s Corellian Dishes - ?Get a piece of home here!?

    So she was right. Unless Vykk really is that man?s name and it?s just a coincidence, or that man still in the kitchen is lying to her. What was he afraid of? She owed him her life. If it weren?t for him she?d be held captive by Jinn-Tu again. She sighed and threw the flimsi away.
    She broke the seal on the cap of her water bottle and took a tip. Though purified, something about Coruscanti water always tasted funny from other worlds.
    Sara returned to the kitchen and confirmed, ?So let me get this straight. A man gets upset about not getting a tip and pulls a blaster? Then chases you--us through the streets for a few minutes before giving up? And losing his job??
    In her mind, she had just nailed the lie.

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  25. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Sara?s Apartment, Lower Sah?c District, Coruscant

    Judging by the dark and serious expression etched on Sara's face as she voiced the question, things were starting to spiral dangerously out of control. Han had been counting on his white lie to sustain him a while longer, but he had obviously underestimated Sara's abilities. She was a real sleuth and it hadn't taken her long at all to see right through his words. In a sense, it was terrifying and it really had Han reeling to find some sort of excuse to put himself back into good standing. It was too soon to reveal himself to be nothing more than a liar and if he ever wanted to gain her trust...

    He stiffened as the thought rolled through his mind. Trust. Why was he even trying to gain her trust in the first place? This had all started as a distraction in order to throw Shrike from the hunt. What had once been intended as a cheap means of escape was turning into something Han couldn't control or even begin to explain. He was not acting on what he knew and instead, he was allowing his emotions to run wild. Vos would have his head if he could see him now. He just needed to go with the flow and relax a little bit - an opportunity was sure to present itself.

    Or in this case, a plan would come to mind.

    "Hey, I only know what I saw," he replied coolly, nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders as he turned towards the window. "The guy was obviously down on his luck and having a bad day - my little maneuver just happened to be the last straw. No telling what a guy will do when he's in that kind of situation and then--BAM--something just snaps up here." He paused and tapped his index finger to the side of his head, glancing at her under lowered brow as if his words had meant to be a threat.

    "If I were you, sweetheart, I'd be careful who I went around and made friends with." He flashed her a cocky, lopsided grin. "You just never know."

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