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Historical Earth The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Spaghetti Western RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Ramza, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Note: Sorry about that, DRL hit me hard.

    [link=]Paseo Del Oeste - In Time With The Ugly[/link]

    The professor didn't know what he was up against. The man seated across from Quincy Borden was a talented gunman, quick at the draw. He had never lost a match.

    Borden would be dead before he hit the floor. No problem. A few quick shots and the man would end it. Blood everywhere, but they would get over that. His ears were pounding, in his mind he could already hear the gun go off. A pain in his chest didn't distract him from...

    Pain in the chest? He looked down - he was bleeding.

    It then occurred to him that he had been so preoccupied on his eminent victory he hadn't noticed that Borden had pulled his gun out from under the table and literally shot the man through the glass that had been falling to the ground. But that was impossible, no one was that fast.

    The man hit the ground with a thud, dead as a Dickensian doornail. Quincy Borden was that fast. The other patrons stared in stunned silence.

    The boy, meanwhile, was living in absolute terror of one Layne Burns. Too much terror, and the gunfire hadn't helped. Youth put him on edge, the alcohol steeled his self-confidence, and the fear propelled his actions. The bottled hurtled to the ground with a crash as the lad grabbed his revolver. "Alright old man, I didn't want to do this, but..."

    He would be faster. He had to be faster. Speed was life. Sloth was...

    "Wh-what you going to do now?" He laughed nervously.

    TAG: Peng, Bassil

    [link=][i][b]Flagstone[/b] - The Bad Don't Miss[/i][/link]

    Now, it's important to understand that Johnny Wild was considered by many a force to be reckoned with. A high-ranking member of El Indio's game, Wild had earned a reputation early on as a quick draw with an aim that didn't give you a second chance. Messing with him was akin to spitting in death's face.

    So everyone was a bit surprised when [b]Tommy Lidge[/b]'s bullet when straight through his eyeball before Wild even had a chance to fire. Maybe age had gotten to him. Maybe drink had made him soft.

    Maybe Tommy Lidge was a force to be reckoned with. Regardless, the other men fled out the side door of the bar as a general pandemonium broke out amongst the patrons. In the back of the room, the man in black nodded slowly while glancing at a partially rolled up piece of paper.

    [b]TAG: Solo, (Nuke)[/b]


    [link=][i][b]Flagstone[/b] - Keep Your Loving Brother Happy[/i][/link]

    "The sheriff won't help you," came a voice from behind Madame Rose. The speaker, a tall, tan fellow clad in an array of browns with a dirty, battered harmonica hanging from his neck, strolled over by John. His expression seemed to indicate that he wanted to try his hand at it. John obliged, backing away from the door.

    "Get down," he instructed, withdrawing a revolver from a holster beneath his coat. He fired several times in rapid succession at the door hinges, and backed over to the side as the door fell to the ground, revealing a dresser that had stood behind it. A gunshot rang out from somewhere in the room, hitting the wall in the hallway.

    "You let me go and you don't have to die," called a voice from within the room. The Man with the Harmonica and John both stared at Rose, wondering what they should do next. It was, after all, her establishment.

    Which made it a bit odd that the fellow with the harmonica had shot open the door, but then, he wasn't prone to worrying about contradictions.

    [b]TAG: Sey[/b]>
  2. ma_petite

    ma_petite Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 26, 2006
    OOC: Sey again!

    IC: Rose

    "The sheriff won't help you," came a voice from behind Rose. She jumped slightly, not expecting anyone else to be out in the hallway.

    She eyed the tall man as he stepped beside her and then in front of her towards the danger. Rose had reached out a hand to stop him, but instead stopped herself from doing so. She knew that she couldn't do anything without a gun, so she let the man continue on. John stepped aside as well, taking a cue from Rose.

    "Get down," the handsomely tan man instructed. Rose crouched down where she was hoping that she was far enough out of the way and clapped her hands over her ears as she saw the man pull out his gun. Several gunshots rang out and Rose couldn't hear anything. She watched as the door crashed to the ground, making a surprisingly small sound to her own ears, but probably a large crash to the ears of others who hadn't just been right next to gunshots going off.

    "You let me go and you don't have to die," she heard as her hearing started to come back.

    The two men looked at her. Rose was not accustomed to this. Men made decisions, not women. Sure she owned her own business and was able to make decisions there, but deep down she always knew she was at the mercy of whatever man came in with a loaded weapon. She felt the steel of the knife she carried strapped to her leg. It wouldn't do her any good against a bullet.

    "If you killed one of my girls, I can't let you leave here." Her eyes on the man with the harmonica. Pleading with him to make this disturbance go away.

    Then a thought hit her. "Unless you can replace her. If you bring me a willing female to take over her job, promise to never return to this place again you might get out of this alive. You are out gunned and trapped. I don't think you should be making demands."

    Rose tried to put firmness in her voice even though her legs were shaking from staying in a crouched position. "If you dare to double cross me you will never be able to show your face anywhere again because everyone uses my business and no one likes to be disturbed in the throws of passion. You will have every able body in this town and countryside looking for you." Her voice definitely got stronger as she spoke and realized how many resources she had available to her. She was in control, not this stupid man who thought he could disrupt her business.

    Tag: Ramza
  3. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Note: Okay, we've had no replies for a really long time, so, in my usual tradition of games that end before their time, we'll be wrapping things up as implausibly as possible.:D

    Flagstone - Who's In Charge Here, Anyway?

    It was not long after El Indio had made his way out of Madam Rose's establishment that a rather odd fellow came walking into the town of Flagstone from the desert. Clad in green from head to foot (Although his clothes were, understandably, quite covered in sand and grime), his hair black as ebony, he walked with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face. He seemed like the sort who ought to be wearing a large hat, but for whatever reason he was without any sort of cap whatsoever. At his side hung several heavy looking bags that jangled as he walked. He paused for a moment to look at the note in his hand.

    "So this all belongs to 'Bill Carson'?" he thought aloud, wiping the sweat off of his brow. "Then how did I get it?" He looked around for a brief while. "And how did I get here? I certainly don't seem to recall any deserts in any direction out of the inn."

    He shrugged - he was an entertainer, not a cartographer - and headed into town. The various folks along the street were giving him odd looks, which was strange, seeing as they were the ones dressed so oddly. And just what were those metal things hanging at their hips? They didn't look like any daggers he'd ever seen, that was for sure.

    He sighed loudly. Clearly, he needed a drink - and a strong one at that. He stopped into the closest building he could find ("Madame Rose's," whoever that was), dropped the money off on the counter - after all, he was a bard, and maybe an imaginary one at that. What use was financial gain to him?

    [link=]Whistling a tune he had heard somewhere before[/link], although he could no longer remember where, he strolled off towards the saloon.

    Rose, who discovered nearly $200,000 in gold sitting on her desk without any proper claim attached to it, was able to retire into a life of luxury.

    As for everyone else? They simply vanished from history.


    But to where?

    Ramza closed his book, deciding that trying to integrate the appendix back into the main narrative was not worth the effort right at this moment. Those folks would all show up in the story proper in due time, anyway.

    He sipped his tea, and turned back to the chapter he had been reading. Only a few pages left to go.

    [b]GM's Final Note:[/b] So Sey wins the game, and everyone else's characters have vanished. I like to think I've left enough clues to hint at where they've gone.

    I suppose this one was a bit of a flub, but then, you've got to take some risks, and sometimes you fail. C'est la vie.

    Until next time, true believers.[face_peace] >
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