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Saga - ST Beyond the Saga The Great Poldopalooza | Post-TLJ AU, Poe/Holdo | A collaborative series by Team Pentasweets

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Thank you to everyone who stopped by to read! This thread has evolved into something very different from the original one-shot/crack!ship it started out to be, and I'm amazed at where brodiew is taking this story. It's my turn to update today and I owe a lot of replies to a lot of people about The Wooing of a Flyboy; for the sake of not turning this into a dissertation I'll try to keep it short.

    @brodiew I am so, so happy that you enjoyed my story, because writing a fic-gift is always a pleasure but realising that it was what *you* wanted is much, much better! I told you already in private how elated I am that it has spurred your muse into action and I'm saying it again here. Like many others said, you ran away with this and made it work. I loved how, in your latest entry, you had Poe and Holdo talk through their awkwardness without losing the snark and the gazillion unsaid things that pass between them, and the idea that, once this is out of the way, they would choose a "normal dating activity" such as dancing, even without music, fits what they are so, so much!

    @Briannakin Thank you! Given the song prompt you gave me for the Sea Shanty Challenge, I know that you were expecting a good humour fic when you came here to read, and I'm glad I didn't disappoint. I agree with you that the ST (heck, all of SW, even Legends) is particularly tough on Leia. She's the ultimate survivor, but that also makes her the person who always has to overcome loss. I guess this is what makes her such a strong character, but it's indeed very sad.

    @gizkaspice Thanks! I imagine that you've read Leia: Princess of Alderaan too, and, indeed, Holdo being an oddball was one of the elements I really enjoyed in that book. I liked her in TLJ as well, but I do wish we'd got to see more of her quirky personality on-screen. As for Finn hating the mushy stuff (“Holdo has a crush!? HOLDO has a CRUSH?! EWW!!!” [face_rofl] ) well, you know who gave me that idea :D

    @Mistress_Renata Thank you for reviewing and thanks for beta-reading this! Your reaction to Poe going "okay, challenge accepted" made me laugh. You know where I got the idea for that bit, and that particular story of yours is referenced in the next update!

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Thanks!! I'm completely with you on the Leia/Amilyn friendship. It wasn't the subject of TLJ of course and it wasn't much developed on screen, but we definitely need more stories about it and I know that you already started to work on it.

    @Mira_Jade Thank you so much for the detailed review! I'm particularly happy that you caught the reference to TESB. Han and Leia's argument in the Hoth corridor has to be one of my favourite scenes in SW, and the exchange "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee – I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss!" takes the cake for me. As for the bigger picture in your comments, one thing I liked about the final Falcon scene in TLJ is this uplifting starwarsy ending where we see the cast celebrating (in this case, celebrating their own survival) and this was certainly the mood I picked up from when I started writing this story.

    @Flyboy240 Thanks for reading! I knew from the moment I started working on this story that the endgame would be C-3PO turning up at the most inopportune moment, because when does he not? [face_laugh]

    @Sith-I-5 Thanks! To be honest, I also feel that the heart-to-heart between Finn and Rey was cut short; I'd originally written more for that section but it was really taking me on a tangent and the LOL!party was a lot more fun to write ;) and I'm glad you enjoyed it. On an unrelated note, I didn't really write this and the SAT word story in the same month; the SAT story was a spur-of-the-moment flash of inspiration whereas this one had already been in the works for several weeks by the time I actually sat down and wrote it. I do wish I could improvise both just like that though!

    @Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Thanks for reading! I'll say it for the umpteenth time, I'm as amazed as you are about the direction in which brodiew took this story. Welcome to the ranks of the Poldo-shippers!

    @NobodyIX Thank you! *rubs hands gleefully* Yet another victim that we caught in our nets [face_devil] You should know that singing the song aloud is a pre-requisite to being accepted among the Poldo-shippers, so I recommend you explain the situation to your cat and get to it [face_laugh]

    Thank you all again for the reviews, and thanks to the lurkers out there who are Poldified! And now, on with the show...
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Title: <<Courtship>>
    Timeframe: Shortly after TLJ
    Continuity: New Canon AU
    Length: One-shot
    Genre: Humour
    Characters: BB-8
    Notes: This story takes place concurrently with The Wooing of a Flyboy, Short of Breath and What Is This, Really? (further up this thread) which are definitely required reading in order to understand what happens here. It also features a reference to Mistress_Renata’s Hobbie’s Law, which isn’t required reading but you’d be missing an awesome story if you didn’t have a look.

    I hope the boards don’t mess up the formatting for readers; I tried to choose fonts that are fairly common and will display properly on any browser.

    << Courtship>>

    BB-8 had been around organic beings long enough to know that sometimes they just didn’t compute, thank you very much. Despite what R2-D2 [vintage pre-Clone Wars R2 series astromech – serial number R2-SAVETHEDAY-1138] liked to think, he wasn’t a young, inexperienced droid fresh off the assembly line anymore, and he’d put up with his fair share of irrational actions throughout his partnership with Poe Dameron [Human male – age 32 standard years – catalogued under identifier 3615-TOPGUN]. The catalogue of Poe’s aberrant plugins and processes occupied a full 12% of BB-8’s memory banks in addition to the 6% of records pertaining to other members of the Resistance [including Humans, Mon Calamari, Sullustans, Abednedos and others] and the 2% dedicated to denizens of the galaxy at large [ref. list of miscellaneous sentient species]. However, in these particular circumstances, it seemed that no amount of cross-referencing the data he had gathered over the years would enable him to comprehend what in the name of the Great Electronic Maker™ was going on.

    It was the first time that the multitude of logical operations available to him failed in such a way. He had tried induction, deduction, conjunction, disjunction, definition, quantification, negation, contradiction, tautology and a combination thereof, all of it to no avail. For a brief moment, it had appeared that equivalence might be the way to go. Some of the physiological markers identified by his sensors [including, but not limited to: a rise in the temperature of Poe’s outer casing accompanied by a subtle change of colour, an abrupt acceleration and mild disruption of his pulse, and an unusual increase of the blood flow to the area between his lower appendages] matched those listed in an archived file from BB-8’s memory banks titled <<Copulation/Mating>>. However, an advanced analysis of available data revealed glaring differences between the two events.

    BB-8 had developed <<Copulation/Mating>> three years ago. The file was built around information gathered during a one-time encounter between Poe and a fellow pilot [Human female – further details unknown – catalogued under identifier 999-FLING] in the location known as ‘Twelve’ [catalogued as: Bar/Entertainment Facility on Coruscant] where a loud, boisterous assembly of organics was celebrating Fleet Week. In addition to the aforementioned physiological markers, a behavioural component common to both situations was the decision to retreat to an area somewhat isolated from the rest of the sentients present in the vicinity who were partaking in the activity known as ‘partying’. The similarities, however, ended there. Once a suitable location had been identified, the activities listed under <<Copulation/Mating>> had involved close physical contact, erratic gesticulation, heavy breathing and a number of sounds that BB-8 didn’t know Poe was capable of emitting.

    The current situation, on the other hand, entailed none of that. What BB-8 could observe now was physical proximity rather than physical contact between Poe and Vice-Admiral Holdo [Human female – age 54 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-HAIRDYE], and, most importantly, talking. There had been no talking involved in <<Copulation/Mating>>. But here, there was lots and lots of talking, and talking that didn’t make sense. The two organics seemed to be jumping from one topic to another whenever they engaged in a conversation, and even when they stayed on the same topic for more than a few minutes at a time their choice of words made BB-8 wonder if there was a glitch in his Basic language programming. What in the name of the Great Electronic Maker™ were they talking about? He ran his self-diagnostics several times, but he couldn’t find anything faulty in his software or hardware. This left only one possible conclusion: BB-8 needed to create a new file to record the specifics of what he was seeing for future reference. The problem was, he didn’t have the foggiest idea what the file should be named.

    The answer to that particular question came from C-3PO [antique 3PO series protocol droid – serial number 3PO-PRISSY-42]. Now, BB-8 didn’t entirely trust the gold-plated mechanical. C-3PO had likely been cobbled together from spare parts in times immemorial; his squeaky servomotors belonged at best in a museum and his approach to organic-mechanical relations was as obsolete as his circuits. Oftentimes, his behaviour made BB-8 suspect that he had fried a chip. However, he was an authority on the software malfunctions of human beings, and he was categorical: what was happening between Poe and Vice-Admiral Holdo was called a ‘courtship’. BB-8 dutifully created the file and began to record his findings from the survivors’ party.

    * * *​


    TIMESTAMP: Three hours after prior observations under this heading.

    LOCATION: Millennium Falcon, main hold.

    SITUATION: The activity known as ‘partying’ has ceased. Poe Dameron [Human male – age 32 standard years – catalogued under identifier 3615-TOPGUN] is currently sitting on crate #43279435 and resting his back against the bulkhead.


    Vice-Admiral Holdo [Human female – age 54 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-HAIRDYE] approaches Poe and whispers in his ear.

    Poe inhales deeply.

    A discussion about dressing up and down ensues. [Action: Schedule advanced search in language databases for possible alternative meanings of these words.]

    Physical contact is noted between Vice-Admiral Holdo’s fingertips and Poe’s lower appendage. This is interrupted by the substitution of ‘toning down’ for ‘dressing down’. [Action: To be added to search parametres.]

    Further physical contact is noted between Vice-Admiral Holdo’s hand and Poe’s chin, as well as close proximity of their faces. Once distance is re-established, physiological markers listed under <<Copulation/Mating>> can be observed. Previously noted differences persist.


    General Leia Organa [Human female – age 53 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-BIGBOSS] and Rey [Human female – age 19 standard years – catalogued under identifier 1-800-JEDI] are engaging in the facial expression known as ‘smiling’.

    Finn [Human male – age 23 standard years – catalogued under identifier FN-2187-TR8R] is engaging in the facial expression known as ‘I’m appalled’.


    * * *​


    TIMESTAMP: Five hours after prior observations under this heading.

    LOCATION: New quarters of Poe Dameron [Human male – age 32 standard years – catalogued under identifier 3615-TOPGUN], Resistance temporary base, Outer Rim.

    SITUATION: After 42 minutes and 36 seconds of the activity variously known as ‘meditation’, ‘contemplation’ and ‘pensiveness’, Poe calls Vice-Admiral Holdo [Human female – age 54 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-HAIRDYE] on his comm unit. The call is voice-only.


    The discussion focuses on the correct articulation of the Vice-Admiral’s surname. Descriptors used for this purpose include ‘repressed’, ‘cold’ and ‘pizzazz’ (or lack thereof). A wing of TIE fighters and the core of stars are also mentioned. [Action: Cross-reference the latter with the file <<Common Metaphors in the Basic Language>>]

    An agreement is reached to meet at 18:15 for dinner. [Action: Investigate the meaning of the word ‘date’ before listing it as a synonym for dinner.] A further agreement is reached to replace lavender with green.


    BB-8 saved the file as Poe deactivated his comm unit. He rotated his head and invoked the Great Electronic Maker™ once more. This didn’t compute. None of it computed at all.

    * * *​


    TIMESTAMP: Two hours after prior observations under this heading.

    LOCATION: Hallways of the Resistance temporary base, Outer Rim.

    SITUATION: At 18:01 hours Poe Dameron [Human male – age 32 standard years – catalogued under identifier 3615-TOPGUN] exits his private quarters to proceed to his scheduled meeting with Vice-Admiral Holdo [Human female – age 54 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-HAIRDYE]. Sensors are fully activated.


    Physiological markers detected during the walk to the Vice-Admiral’s quarters match those listed in the file <<Mission Excitement/Pre-Flight Jitters>>. [Action: Schedule cross-referencing of this file and <<Copulation/Mating>> before final conclusions regarding ‘courtship’ are established.]

    At 18:07 Poe shakes his head and appears to be talking to himself. [Action: Request full psychological evaluation from PH-32 – MD series therapist droid – serial number MD-SHRINK-99.]

    Poe arrives in front of the Vice-Admiral’s door and checks his chronometre. The realisation that it is three minutes past the scheduled time for this encounter elicits the exclamation ‘stang’ [as noted in the file <<Reasons Frequently Observed for the Use of Improper Language in Sentient Beings>>].

    Poe knocks on the Vice-Admiral’s door. After a delay of 31 seconds, the door opens. At this point it can be established with certainty that the decision to replace lavender with green pertained to the Vice-Admiral’s hair.

    The use of the word ‘fantastic’ prompts the Vice-Admiral to engage in the activity known as ‘smiling’ together with Poe [as noted in the file <<Irrational Human Responses to the Use of Positive Concepts>>].

    The Vice-Admiral invites Poe to enter her quarters. They close the door in my face.

    // END

    Now alone in the corridor, BB-8 computed through his options. The fact that Poe had chosen to leave him outside may have been an indication that he sought what was known as ‘privacy’, but he had issued no instructions to this effect. Furthermore, the droid determined that completion of the file <<Courtship>> was a priority if the incoherence of the past several hours were to be rationalised into a standard set of behaviours. A closed door was no true obstacle for him, particularly an old-fashioned one whose mechanical activation required external action to swing it on its hinges. Such outdated models involved a gap at ground level, and this one was no exception. BB-8 rolled over to bring the adequate section of his body to face the slit, opened the relevant compartment and slid his audio sensor extension under the door.


    It is agreed that Poe and Vice-Admiral Holdo will remain indoors and ingest fruit and bread in the activity known as ‘gastric processing and digestion’.

    A conversation follows on the correct articulation of the word ‘salacious’. [Note: This term is also referenced in the file <<Copulation/Mating>> although the importance of its correct articulation is unspecified.]

    Further discussion focuses on childhood, games and playing. [Note: This section doesn’t compute at all.]

    An agreement is reached that proximity between Poe and the Vice-Admiral is an acceptable perspective for the long-term future. [Note: The sentences “I want to touch you (...) I want to hold you” seem to refer to the type of activity listed under <<Copulation/Mating>> whereas the exact meaning of “a man I want to be near, a man I want to be part of” remains to be determined as fusion of organic beings is unheard of in mammalian species.] [At any rate, Action: Inform Poe that proximity with the Vice-Admiral within the cockpit of his X-wing is achievable but will impede efficient conduct of the activity known as ‘piloting’.]

    Poe proposes that a possible activity for the immediate future is to dance. [Note: The activity known as ‘dancing’ is listed as a precursor to the activity ‘copulation/mating’ in the relevant file.] The Vice-Admiral objects that this activity requires the series of sounds known as ‘music’, which is currently absent. Poe replies that it is available. [Action: Make it available immediately.]


    BB-8 hastened to withdraw his audio sensor from the gap under the door and rolled over once more to insert the miniaturised loudspeaker outlet in its stead. He ran quickly through his memory banks to identify a suitable piece of music to match Poe’s request. The files that Poe had uploaded to his core bore no reference to their adequacy for dancing. There was, however, that very last recording where he had seen Commander D’Acy [Human female – age 51 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-SERENITY] and Major Ematt [Human male – age 55 standard years – catalogued under identifier 001-WHITEBEARD] waddle to the sound of their own singing. Yes, this one would do. As soon as the loudspeaker’s driver had finished booting, he raised the volume to maximum and began to play The Rebels Who Don’t Do Anything.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]
    Hilarious and wonderfully analytical and categorizing of behaviors, verbal and otherwise, reactions before, during, and after pertinent interactions. [face_mischief]
    [:D] for the multitalented @Chyntuck for this INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING read. =D=
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    Oct 11, 2005
    @Chyntuck, This is so cool and original and well thought out and well executed. BB'-8's designations for the characters are a highlight in themselves. Love TOPGUN, HARDEYES, 1-800-JEDI, PRISSY, AND BIGBOSS, are brilliant. Wait, FN-2187-TR8R. I can't forget the TR8R! [face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh]

    Good thing droids can't be emotionally traumatized, I think.[face_thinking]


    :xwing: ^:)^ Clever, BB-8. Very Clever!

    Because, he said so...[face_rofl]

    It's not that kind of dancing, BB-8! [face_shame_on_you] [face_waiting] [face_whistling] [face_devil]

    This was so much fun and even better see the bits of my fics through BB-8's eyes. What a treat! =D==D==D=
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Oh, man, I'd already read the first part and laughed so hard and the continuation was no different! [face_rofl] Just so funny, but also so sweet. I'm a Poe/Holdo convert [face_love]

    All the "Identifiers" just made me laugh so hard everytime a new one came up. I can't even pick a favourite! I loved them all!

    Oh man. This made me laugh so hard my housemate texted me from upstairs: "are you okay?"

    So, so funny and so very BB-8:bb8:
  6. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    I am so glad I waited until I was home to read this. [face_rofl][face_rofl][face_rofl] They would've sent the men in white coats to take me off the train. On the plus side, no one would have wanted to sit next to me. Dear, sweet, BB-8; trying so hard to understand & interpret his own particular organic.[face_love] I loved, loved the identifiers. I think the little guy needs to take a closer look at the file on "Partying" --somewhere under the subfile "Dancing," he'd surely have found a playlist more suitable to what Poe was hoping for. [face_dancing]

    You are so good at getting into the minds of the "other" -- first Wookiees, now droids! ^:)^ Another slam dunk!
  7. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    I love BB-8's nicknames for everybody, and his choice of music is hilarious.
  8. NobodyIX

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    Feb 19, 2018
    Brilliant, the POV is unexpected and hilarious! BB-8 is trying so hard to understand, and it's fun to watch him process the unusual phenomenon. [face_laugh] Love the nicknames he's given everything and his cataloguing everything. [face_laugh]
    Good thing he has the perfect music selection for them.[face_devil]
    This is so much fun!.=D=
    I do want to point out that my cat has CLAWS... but we Poldo shippers do what we must.[face_laugh]
  9. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    I was once watching a video of a Handel's Messiah flash mob and singing along... and something pounded my ankle. I looked down to see my previous cat glaring at me. When I started singing again, she swatted me again and yowled at me, clearly saying, "What the hell is that noise you're making? Stop it at once!"
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Title: The Upside of Official Functions
    by WarmNyota


    Poe was happy to be escorting the glamorous and uniquely styled Amilyn Holdo to an official reception. The Hall where it was being held was festooned with brightly vibrant signage celebrating the most recent victory. But she was more vibrant still. He liked her in green, but lavender was definitely her.

    They got more than their fair share of stares.

    Was it the age thing, Poe wondered. Nah couldn't be.

    For her part, Amilyn was very happy to be accompanied by the very handsome Mr. Dameron instead of having to make chitchat with dullards who could improve their looks if they came in the room with a bag on their heads.

    As they danced, he hummed along. He can carry a tune too, she thought, instead of reminding her of an ancient speeder gears grinding together.


    During a break, they took their fizzledazzle drinks to the balcony and Amilyn smiled secretly at how snugly she fit against his side.

    "Where's BB8?" She asked with all seriousness.

    "Getting a long-overdue oil bath with 3PO."

    "Not a memory wipe?"

    Poe laughed.

    "I made sure he was good and occupied this particular evening." He said and leaned in to nibble her ear and then gave her a wink.

    Amilyn smirked and kissed him firm and sound before he could quite get away.

    Yes, she thought, definitely something sparked.


    This lady can light up the Coruscanti night skyline and that is a fact. Poe thought. I'm not letting her get away, if I can help it.



    Balcony scenes are totally uber-sweet. [face_mischief]

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    Oct 11, 2005
    Very Sweet, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha! I love these two in public. I was amused by Amilyn's observations about the dullards (great word) and the poor saps who can't carry a tune. Amilyn is privileged to be with a handsome man who can sing.[face_dancing]

    Lavender is definitely her.
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    Yikes, is this one of the stories I'm so late in reviewing? :eek: I need to fix that immediately, no less because I'd read your contribution on the spot.

    I love the idea of these two going to official functions together and attracting stares. Nah, it can't be the age thing. It surely has to be the lavender, because it's so definitely her :D

    Another aspect that made me go awwww was the moments when each one of them is telling him/herself that they're in love with the other. That's what true couples are made of.

    And, of course, I loved this:
    You got Holdo's quirky voice perfectly here. I can just imagine the running commentary going on inside that lavender head of hers!

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    Oct 11, 2005
    A/N: This interconnected bit of drabble and ficlet takes place shortly after Poe is elevated to Resistance leader. I also play around with the time line of the event at the start, but it's pretty linear after that. I hope you enjoy this Poldo tiff and make up.


    Poe Dameron slammed his fist on the plasteel desk hard enough to make it hurt. While rubbing the inflamed knuckles, he cursed himself and how much of a jerk he'd been to Amilyn. She was very attentive and, sometimes, she chose the wrong moment to be intimate. His failure to recruit Gar Skylder of the planet Nydham had gotten the better of him and Poe had rebuffed her attempts to sooth him. He was so hot he had told her to go dye her hair. She had stormed from the room in a flash of lavender leaving the scent of Kallow petals in her wake.


    “I have no love for the Empire,” Skylder said. “But I also know how the First Order deals with traitors. I’m sorry, Poe, Nydham cannot afford to join the Resistance.”

    With that he left the office.

    “How can you afford not to!” Poe barked at the closed door.

    He turned back toward his desk and Amilyn had moved from the couch, at the rear of the room, to his side. He had almost forgotten she was there. Her closeness in that moment was off-putting. Skylder wasn’t thinking clearly. The Imps would crush them whether they joined or not.

    “Poe,” Amily began soothingly.

    “What!” he snapped. “Are you going to tell me that didn’t go as badly as I thought?”

    He face hardened at his tone. “No, that was a disaster. You basically gave him and ultimatum, Poe. Not the best way to recruit a world on the fence.”

    “Don’t you think I know that?” He replied, the edge in his voice rising. “Where were you while I was going down in flames? In the fresher dying your hair?”

    Amilyn blinked. Her face shaded from pink to purple in seconds. Her mouth was a hard line and her eyes burned with fury, but she remained still. Pivoting, gracefully indignant, she exited the office.


    She should have slapped him. She should have slapped him hard enough to leave an impression that would last. She should have kneed him in the jewels and left him whimpering on the floor. She should have done something unexpected, something distinctly Holdo! The very nerve of accusing her of dying her hair. Of course she did! Perhaps, she should dye his hair and see how he likes it. But, she wouldn’t. Or, would she? His words stung, but he was overwhelmed. She would wait or his apology. If I didn’t come quickly, she had a certain shade of Sunglow that would be suitably humbling.


    An hour later, he went to her quarters. The door was locked and the password had been changed. He was in trouble. He fished his com unit from his trousers and thumbed it on.

    Flyboy Numbskull to Hard Eyes? Do you copy?”


    Flyboy Jackass?”


    Flyboy Blockhead to Radiant Astral Lover?”

    Keep going,”Amilyn replied, with a self-satisfied cadence. “You’re getting closer, Numbskull.”

    Poe smirked, relieved that she was receptive.

    Repentant Selfish Jerk to Resplendent Soulful-

    Ooh Resplendent,” she said. “Who knew space jockeys knew such big words?”

    The door clicked and he lightly pushed it open. He her warming herself near the heating unit. No fires or even fake fires in this war. She had pulled a hand knit blanket around her which was a surprisingly innocent contrast to her perfectly styled hair and elegant earrings. The blue of her dress peeked from under the edge of the rust colored coverlet.

    He quietly sat next to her, their faces bathed in the warmth and glow of the heating unit. He touched her shoulder causing her to turn her gaze to him. Her expression was neutral which scared him a bit. She was neither sad nor happy, angry or peaceful. She simply looked at him.

    “What I said to you was out of line,” Poe said, quietly, to match the mood. “You didn’t deserve it. I let my frustration get the better of me and you paid the price. I’m sorry.”

    The hard eyes softened and the glee that he was used to returned.

    “You better be,” she said, opening covert and offer to have him join her inside. He scooted closer until they touched. She draped it over his shoulder and slid her open hand across his back returning it to her lap. She leaned and kissed him. “I know all too well how stubborn you can be when you are not getting what you want. And, you ought to know that I can take it. I know you were angry at Skylder’s refusal. Angry at yourself for not being able to convince him. Let’s hope it won’t be too late when he finally sees he we are better together.”

    “We are better together,” he said. “You and me.”

    “That’s not exact-”

    “Exactly what you meant. I know. But, it’s still the truth. Me, you, your hair. Which looks great by the way. Although, it could have been a deal breaker for Skylder.”

    She punched his arm before nuzzling in and kissing his neck. He sucked in an excited breath and leaned into the lavender waves. She smelled wonderful. She came up from his neck and met his eyes again. Her eyes had shifted from tender to amorous. He laid her down gently returning her lusty stare.

    “Don’t worry about my hair, Flyboy,” She breathed. “Disheveled is another of my best looks.”

    “Copy that,” was his only reply.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Yes that would be frustrating and of course it's understandable that Poe would lash out. [face_thinking] He knows what button to push though doesn't he? :rolleyes: LOL I loved the way he initiated an apology. Calling a lady resplendent will soften any mood that is for sure!

    The tone here was jocular and then candid; the speed with which he sought to make amends is encouraging. :)

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    Feb 19, 2018
    You guys are amazing!
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Holdo and Poe's thoughts at the function together are beautiful. So in love and that balcony scene!=(( Glad BB-8 was getting an oil bath, he can be a little too 'helpful!'[face_laugh]

    @brodiew I love how you touch on all the senses and the descriptions bring me right there!

    How they both deal with his outburst of anger is touching and also with some great humor from our couple! 'Sunglow would be particularly humbling' [face_laugh]
    :D Resplendent works and they are better together!. Great job with the Poldo you guys!
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    This. Was. Perfect. Perfectly Poldo. And again, it's all about her hair – even the arguments about strategy! [face_laugh]
    Your typical Poldo argument in a nutshell. No, seriously, what does it say about me that I find that the sentence above makes perfect sense, in-universe and out-of-universe? [face_hypnotized]
    Oh dear. What could that possibly be?
    And here we are! This is what it could be.

    Joke aside, though, I do like the fact that having a fight with Poe throws her sufficiently off-balance that she can't come up with a proper Holdo retort on the spot. It says something about them [face_love]
    And after the typical Poldo argument, here comes the typical Poldo picking-up-the-pieces. It obviously can't just be "may I please come in and apologise" between them, can it?
    So I was going all squee-y and awww-y and melty-melt until he said "me, you, your hair". And now I know that squeeing and roaring with laughter at the same time is dangerous business.

    Fantastic story! I wish I could combine humour and romance the way you do @};-
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    Special Thanks to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @NobodyIX, and the inimitable @Chyntuck for you kind review of the my last installment. I am hoping @Mira_Jade may have some Poldo for us shortly. Given a certain insistent request, I give you what follows.
    A/N: This fic was request to be part of the present Newlywed Game challenge in the OTP thread. I think it will qualify.

    The Newlywed Shame


    “Absolutely not,” said Poe Dameron, the newly minted Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance.

    “Come on, Poe,” replied Finn, his best friend, who could sometimes be irritating and naive as well as irritatingly naive. “It'll be great public relations for the new First Couple. As much as your war record speaks for itself, the people need to see that you're one of them.”

    The former pilot shook his head emphatically. “No they don't. Not like that! It's cheap theatrics, Finn. Not quality exposure.”

    Finn put his hands on his hips, tilted is head at his friend, and said: “Is there really that much difference between them?”

    “Plenty as far as I'm concerned,” Poe said. “It's a second rate game show for people who don't have anything better to do. Does that word inane mean anything to you?”

    “Listen to me, Poe,” pointing one hand at his friend in a gesture of 'hear me out'. “That second rate game show is one of the most popular shows of it's kind. Granted, it's a little silly, but come on, isn't your marriage a little silly, too.”

    Poe threw up his hands in frustration. “Not this again! I thought we were done with your 'gag reflex' when it came to Amilyn and I.”

    Finn shook his head tightly. “No, Poe. I'm past that. Old news. I'm talking about the novelty of you and Holdo's romance. The near death experience, the wildly inappropriate displays of affection on the Millennium Falcon, the shameless flaunting of your love affair at diplomatic events, and dancing cheek to cheek for all to see. The public wants to hear your story as well as get to know you better. What have you got to lose?”

    “My kriffing dignity, Buddy? Pure and simple. The answer is no and that is that? What else is on your mind?”

    Finn's shoulders sagged and his boyish excitement faded. “I hear you, Poe. And, I get where you're coming from. It's not something you would expect the CoS to do, but I just thought...Listen, do me one favor: Ask Holdo. See what she thinks of the idea. It could be more fun that you think and the galactic goodwill would be of he charts.”

    Poe crossed the office to his friend and placed his hand on both shoulders. He looked Finn squarely in the eye. “I know exactly what she'll think of it. She'll love it! Which is why I am not going to let her know about it.”

    Finn narrowed his eyes and a mischievous grin dawned on his lips. “Poe, I love you like a brother, but if you don't tell her I will and you will be in double poodoo.”

    Poe released his friend's shoulders and turned back toward his desk. “What's in this for you, Finn? You seem mighty persistent about this pipe dream of a game show appearance.”

    “Not a big deal at all,” Finn replied. “I met a holonet producer at one of the Galas recently. He happened to be on the Newlywed Game. He and I got to talking and I pitched a program idea. He was very excited by the idea, but there is always quid quo pro. He asked if I could land you for his show.”

    “You're cashing in on our friendship? Getting me on the Net so you can get your foot in the door?”

    Finn's face and voice hardened momentarily. “You haven't asked about my show idea, Buddy? Let's just say that it's close to my heart and something that has a lot more depth and potential impact that answering a few dumb questions about your relationship.”

    Duly chastened, Poe smiled and, in genuine interest, asked: “Well, what is it?”

    “I can't tell you,” Finn said, that mischievous smile smile returning.

    “You can't tell me,” Poe deadpanned. “So, let me get this straight. You want Amilyn and I to go one a second rate holonet game show and expose elements of out personal relationship and risk ultimate humiliation simply because you asked me to?”

    Finn pinned him with an earnest stare. “You're my best friend. I'm asking you to trust me and to do me this very important favor. If you can't find your way to saying yes, I'm sure Holdo would be happy to do it for you.”

    “Okay, Finn,” Poe said, nodding. “I'll aske her.”


    “We're doing it,” Amily Holdo declared almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth. “It'll be fun!”

    “No, we're not and no it will not,” Poe adamantly responded. “It's ridiculous and I prefer to refrain from embarrassing myself in front of the entire galaxy."

    Amilyn stared at him as if he's grown a second head. “Who are you and what have you done with my husband?”

    “I'm Chief of State,” he replied, facetiously. “I left Reckless Flyboy in my coat closet. He's dangerous.”

    “Dangerous, for sure,” Amily replied with an amorous wink. “You better go get him right away. And, this time leave the stuffed tunic on a hanger and bring your flight jacket back with you."

    “Ah, ha, stuffed tunic,” he answered, pointing at her and returning her wink. “I see what you did there.”

    “Hurry along, Darling,” Holdo said. “The flight jacket. You should be wearing it when you contact Finn with our acceptance.”

    “Just like that? No discussion?”

    Putting her hand on his chest and kissing him lightly on the lips, Amilyn said: “I've been at this a lot longer than you have, Poe. I realize your reservations, but I also see that advantages. It won't be our fist public appearance. It's not even our first holonet interview. You are getting better and better all the time with your public speaking and diplomatic skills. I think this will be an opportunity for you to shake off the pressure of who you think you should be and simply be the man I love. Courageous Flyboy.”

    He knit his eyebrows at monicker. “I'm not sure that will stick, but we can go with it for now. Finn asked me to trust him. I do. I trust you, too.”

    He drew her into a passionate embrace and kissed her hard.

    She returned his force with her own and moments later they were breathlessly forehead to forehead. “You really want to do this?” he breathed.

    “You really do,” she replied, caressing his cheek. “It's going to be fun.”
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    Loved the banter between friends :D and the way Amilyn has Poe so wrapped around her finger [face_laugh] [face_mischief] Yes, this will be a fun experience for them, and for the reader. It's a delight to see how much, or little, couples really know about one another and how they react to matching/not matching one another's answers. [face_laugh]
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    SQUEEEEE! @brodiew You're a real buddy, you know that? The story of Poldo on a silly TV show just begged to be written, and to be written by you, and I am so, so grateful that you decided to go ahead with it! Plus, judging from Finn's hints at an idea for a different show, I suspect that there will be a lot more to this fic than a bit of humour while Poe and Holdo are live on the HoloNet.

    But until we get there...

    I love, love, LOVE this devious version of a grown-up Finn who blackmails Poe into going on the show. And he just uses every trick in the book, a bit of guilt-tripping over here, a bit of mystery over there, and of course the almighty argument of suggesting the idea to Holdo himself. Now that was a low blow, albeit a very efficient one :p Meanwhile, of course Holdo would want to go all in! What would there be to stop her anyway? And she's her usual, eccentric self in her conversation with Poe, up to and including the demand that he wears his flight jacket to call back Finn – because obviously, the flight jacket would have to be a indispensible prerequisite for such an important call, let alone the show. We don't know yet what she'll be wearing, but a little bird is telling me it will be spectacular.

    Can't wait to see where this goes!