The Great "Why?": Four Objections to Christianity...

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    I wanted to put this in its own thread, so people could find it later. As such, I'm asking all the mods to please refrain from moving it.

    A few years ago, my church in Garland did a 4-part sermon series called "Why?", each one dedicated to a specific often-cited area of objection. Given all the recent talk of genocide and hell in other threads, I thought this was a good time to post these. Each is an MP3 audio file, around 40 minutes long (160 in total). Here's a list of each part's title, and the download link as well.

    Part 1 - Why Does Suffering Exist in the World? (associate pastor Bob Bickford)
    Part 2 - Why Would God Command Genocide? (senior pastor Keith Stewart)
    Part 3 - Why Would God Create Hell? (senior pastor Keith Stewart)
    Part 4 - Why is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? (senior pastor Keith Stewart)
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    Nah, this really does belong in the Christianity thread.
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