BTS The Hermit's Journey by SF Debris: Star Wars during the Prequels, before and after

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    Star Wars always has been intertwined with George Lucas' life, not just on a professional level, but personal as well.
    In a series of videos SF Debris has covered his creative process throughout the creation and completion of the classic trilogy, which I promoted in a previous thread. " The Hero's Journey and the Shadows' Journey: Behind the Scenes of the Trilogy by SF Debris"

    Now he continues his series to cover George Lucas and Star Wars's histories during the period post classic trilogy, focusing mainly at the realization of the prequel trilogy but also covering the Special Editions until the controversial selling to Disney.
    What I liked the most are his in-depth analysis of Lucas' creative choices, the difficulties of the storytelling process and yet his fair, well balanced (and respectful) criticism of the result.

    All these informations already were available, but his research and narrative work are highly commendable. They are a very nice series of fanmade documentaries. Once again I'd like to share his work and recommend it to all.

    The adress to the latest 6 part documentary:
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