Beyond - Legends The hunt for the holocron. Olympics Pentathlon. Kyp Durron and friends

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    The hunt for the holocron. Olympics Pentathlon


    Timeframe: Legends: Beyond the Saga
    Genre: A variety.

    Characters: Kyp Durron, Ben Skywalker, Seha Dorvald, Valin Horn, Jysella Horn, Jono Bel Hana (OC) and Sith.

    Timeframe 51 ABY

    Note: Inspired by real events with some real devious characters. I hope everyone can escape

    110 Word Hurdle: 110 words in which the name or names of your character, family, friendship or couple aren’t mentioned

    “Are the Sith to be trusted?”

    “No, that's why we are making this fake holocron.”

    “The real one is very scary.”

    “It was for the mentor of Rostek Horn. That's why Rostek had it hidden in his greenhouse cellar. You saw what it did to the CorSec investigator.”

    “We have to make our plans. The Sith in the Cormond ale factory outnumbered us five to one.”

    “14 were Sith clones and one a real bastard.”

    “We don't know what the Sith has in store for us.”

    “We can beat them. The investigator has amazing powers. He can be a void in the Force.”
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    400 Word Cross Country: 400 words about your character, couple, family or friendship with any theme

    Ben, Seha, Valin and Jysella had taken the powerboat to the old quay, had hiked to the training facility and had placed some Sith-traps before going into hiding.

    “This will work Jono,” Kyp Durron assured. “I will present the satchel with the holocron to the Sith. They will want proof when they don’t sense the genuine article.”

    “And I will act very frightened.” Jono was saying when fallen leaves began to swirl. “The Sith are arriving.”

    Kyp – busy eyes observing the menacing black infiltrator that could contain a large contingent of troopers – saw a ramp descending and a single woman coming into view. He sensed only one more Sith – the pilot – aboard and muttered under his breath “devious Sith” before exiting the airspeeder with Jono.

    “No,” Jono – dropping his shields – cried. “I don’t feel Arina and Jeb.”

    “Probably still shielding.”

    “Ah a second Force-user. Give me the holocron and I will tell you. For now they are safe with my warriors but if you don’t I will turn your beloved ones into Sith warriors.”

    “You tell me where my wife and son are. Give it to her master Durron.”

    “You can give the satchel.” Kyp gave the satchel but kept glued to Jono’s side.

    “Take them.”

    “They want all!”

    Six armed men came rushing from behind the CorSec building.

    “Don’t take them,” Ben came forward swaying with a satchel. “We suspected treason and have the genuine holocron.”

    “That’s Ben Skywalker. I will take Durron and this pathetic man. Get him!”

    ‘Arina, Jeb, respond and drop your shields. Tell me where you are.’ Jono felt a soft but powerful push floating him back into the CorSec airspeeder and saw Kyp activating his lightsaber. He wasted no time, grabbed and activated the flight-controls and reached with his right hand to the switch that gave him access to the twin blasters in the front and back of the speeder.



    “I am coming,” Jono cried and guided the CorSec airspeeder up and began to target the Sith.

    “Great shooting Jono,” Kyp Durron used his lightsaber to redirect the energy bolts from the CorSec blasters towards the six Sith and rushed towards Ben. He admired the accurate shooting of Jono, now guided by the Force after he had dropped his shields.

    Single Sentence Shot Put: A story told in a single sentence about your character, family, friendship or couple.

    The man was a natural Force-user and would have made an unwilling prey for the Sith and he would do the ultimate to save his beloved wife, their unborn child and son.
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    Prime Time Coverage: 500+ words of action, adventure, or excitement with your chosen character, friendship, family or couple as the star.

    “More Sith-clones,” Ben Skywalker parried a strike from one of the clones with his lightsaber and Force-pushed a second clone in the hail of energy bolts coming from Seha Dorvald. She was rapidly descending from the tree where she had been hiding. That clone went down, twitched once and dropped dead.

    “Follow me if you dare,” Seha spurted towards the ruins of the farm where Valin and Jysella Horn were in an intense fight with more clones led by two Sith.

    One clone followed her.

    “Only three left for us,” Ben engaged once more his Sith.

    “But this is their master!” Kyp barely managed to jump clear when a dual-bladed red lightsaber swirled in midair before returning to the hands of a striking beautiful male with black and red tattoos on a pale face. He landed on his left leg and felt a slight twitch in his shin. He gasped and had his lightsaber in a defensive position when a directed stab brushed against his shoulder.

    “Prepare to die Durron-fly. You are no match for me Nadav Surrat.”

    “You are,” Kyp grunted and had a fleeting smile on his face when he saw what was coming.

    The Sith saw the smile, managed to turn his head and had his lightsaber coming in to deflect the energy bolts streaming from the CorSec speeder but was too slow. Bolts ripped open his right arm, his lightsaber went flying and the next thing he saw was the blade of the Jedi lightsaber emerging from his chest. “Khi…” What he wanted to say more was unheard when he dropped dead.

    - - -

    Jono knew. He gave an anguished cry when a loud explosion was heard in the distance.

    “Arina Jeb!”

    Kyp knew when he saw the Sith-woman rushing up the ramp into the rising infiltrator. She escaped after sending a signal to the shaped charges that turned the former shop of Keara into a pile of rubble.

    Arina and Jeb were there.

    “Devious Sith,” Kyp saw why the Sith-infiltrator was leaving. Tendrils of a fiery bolt of lightning hit the infiltrator and descended towards a swaying tree. A second bolt brushed the erratic descending CorSec airspeeder and had it spiralling towards the trees where a flash of blue and red indicated a heated fight between Ben and a Sith. He had to act. He felt Jono’s fear and anguish. The man was connected to his wife and son and not very aware of the danger he was in. With a Force enhanced voice he shouted “Jono get control. Try to land on the lawn!”

    The airspeeder wobbled.

    Kyp felt and saw.

    Valin, Jysella and Seha pushed the airspeeder using their combined Force powers. Ben added his after throwing his lightsaber towards the Sith and impaling him to a tree.

    The combined power had the airspeeder veering away at the split second before it crashed against the trees. It came into a hard landing on the lawn.

    Kyp rushed to the airspeeder and was there before the four young Jedi joined him and saw through the cracked transparisteel window the slumped form of Jono.

    “We have to get him out and go into hiding,” Valin shouted. “There’s a storm coming and knowing what dad told me it can be one of those terrible Corellian thunderstorms. That building will protect us.” He pushed the release, opened the door and saw. The man had a deep gash on his forehead and bruised and bloodied hands. The right hand was at an awkward angle. He touched Jono’s shoulder and felt him stirring back to consciousness. “He is alive. I will get him out.”

    “Hold on Arina,” Jono cried softly and began to struggle when he felt hands grabbing him by his left arm. “Jeb don’t move. I will come.”

    “We will get Arina and Jeb out and are helping you Jono but first you have to come with us,” Valin soothed. “A Corellian storm is beginning.”

    “A what,” Jono wiped his eyes with a limp right hand. “Shelter yes,” he sobbed. “Arina and Jeb are in need but protected from the storm.” He stopped his struggling when he felt the grating of bones in his right arm. “Help me to the CorSec building. I have the door-code.”

    Valin and Kyp eased Jono out of the airspeeder and carried him as fast as they could to the building.

    “You have to help me. My hand isn’t very cooperative. Input nine, seven, three, zero, one, seven and we are in.”

    Valin did and pushed the door open. “Move!”

    The Jedi carried Jono inside and lowered him on the floor.

    Valin closed the door with a relieved sigh. They were safe.

    “Lie down Jono and let us care for you,” Kyp saw a big orange box on a shelf.

    “I have the first-aid supplies.” Seha walked to that shelf and came back. She opened it and threw a package to Valin “gloves Valin. I will cut the sleeve away.”

    Kyp held Jono secure when Valin and Seha began to work. And he felt Jono cooperating and even using some of his powers to dull the pain when Valin used swabs to clean the bruises. A bandage was secured around the head. The hands were bandaged. He saw Jysella readying a vacuum-splint and Ben getting ready. “Use the Force Jono. Arina and Jeb will understand. You can connect again after we are done. This might hurt a bit more. We have to set the bones.”

    “Alright,” Jono closed his eyes and gave a loud cry when bones were aligned and the vacuum-splint was applied.

    Kyp felt Jono relaxing after Seha secured the arm with a sling. And yes the man was again in contact with his beloved ones.

    “This storm won’t last long,” Valin was gazing out of the window when he began to remove the bloodstained gloves. “And one positive aspect, the storm helped us to defeat some of the clones. And there was more. Ten clones walked into Ben’s traps and were easy to subdue.”

    “But all clones are dead,” Seha muttered. “Those clones have a self-destruct and the ones who didn’t react immediately were destroyed by the Sith fighting with me and Ben.”

    “And the storm had the last Sith leaving and unable to go after the holocron,” Ben said. “Jono and his family are now our priority.”

    - - -

    The building where Arina and Jeb had been imprisoned by the Sith was now a pile of rubble. Kyp Durron was directing Ben, Seha, Jysella and Valin and using his Force powers to lift pieces of the wrecked building. He had the holocron but at what cost. He had been the first to start the rescue. He had found tools and had contacted Jono’s superior. Captain Sanders had replied that she would come with a rescue squad as soon as the storm abated and had told him to stay at the training facility. Kyp didn’t want to wait that long. The storm had hit Firwood first and was going towards Coronet city. Arina and Jeb needed rescue as soon as possible. He was out of the CorSec building and supporting Jono to the old shop when the pouring rain slowed down to a drizzle.

    Jono was sitting with glazed eyes on a piece of wood that had been once a support-beam. His broken right arm prevented him from helping. He sure wanted but Kyp had assured him that he was helping by staying in contact with his wife and son. He felt the anguish and fear of his son and was trying to comfort him with mindtalk. He didn’t know where his son was but the boy had assured him that he had found food and water in the place where he was imprisoned. Arina was in great distress. She too tried to comfort her son, separated from her when she was taken by the Sith and put in a cellar under the store-room. She had used mindtalk to tell what she was experiencing and where she felt pain being trapped under a heap of bricks and wood mixed with soft cloth. But where was Jeb? She didn’t know.

    “You are still in contact with Arina and Jeb?” Kyp turned to Jono.

    “Arina, I have figured out that she is in a cellar under what’s left of the store-room.”

    “Jysella, Seha, did you hear that?” Kyp was lifting a support-beam.

    “We did,” Jysella replied. “We have to be careful. We are in a place with wooden boxes. Some are intact and others not. The explosion shifted the floorboards of the main room. We can see garments and will head that way.”

    “Arina needs help,” Jono pleaded. “Go to her first.”

    Hearing the pleading and feeling the urgency the girls, helped by Ben, Valin and Kyp attacked the rubble with more speed and less caution to their own safety.

    “Jeb, where are you? Talk to me,” Jono voiced aloud and felt his son replying in the Force.

    ‘All is wood daddy. There are holes. I can see blue through the holes.’

    “They put him in a box. He is safe for the moment.”

    “Ben careful,” Kyp cautioned when he saw the young man leaping over a pile of wrecked wood.

    But Ben landed in the one spot that could support him and reached with the Force to the pile. Some wooden planks atop of the pile went flying. He had a very determined look on his face. Someone alive and frightened was near. “I will get you Jeb.” But he had to take caution. Large pieces of bricks and mortar were forming an intricate maze.

    All Jedi felt the urgency.

    “Arina oh nooh,” Jono began to cry.

    “Mommy nooh! I need you.” The cry of the boy pierced through the noise of falling bricks and rubble lifted by the Jedi and flung away to get to the imprisoned woman.

    “Jeb,” Seha rushed to Ben.

    “Jeb,” Jono slumped down from the support-beam and fell in the muddy rubble and cried. His wife was gone. But was she?

    ‘Be there for Jeb my love. I will wait for you.’

    “Arina,” Jono cried. His wife and unborn child were one with the eternity.

    ‘You know. Go to Jeb. He needs you.’

    Shuddering and steadying himself awkward with his left hand Jono stood up. Arina was right. Now he had to be there for his son. Jeb needed him. And at that moment he heard Ben shouting.

    “Steady… yes Seha … I have found him.”

    Jono saw Ben going down in the rubble and rushed towards him. “Jeb!”

    “Got you,” Ben ignited his lightsaber and used it to cut away the lid of the large box. There curled up between packages and bottles was Jeb sporting some bruises. He put away his lightsaber and lifted the boy.

    “You can take him,” Seha soothed when she saw Jono reaching with his left hand. “I will be there to help. Come with me.”

    Ben saw Seha leading Jono to a place out of the rubble and followed with the softly whimpering boy secure in his arms. He waited until he saw Jono sitting down and gave the boy.

    “Daddy,” Jeb cried when he was in the safe arms of his father.

    “The Jedi will get mommy Jeb,” Jono murmured. “You know where she is.”

    ‘You know my son.’

    “Hmhm but I miss her,” Jeb sniffed. He too heard the comforting words of Arina. “And now I will never see my brother.”

    ‘I will explain.’

    Father and son were comforted, knowing the ways of the Dunai elder and were unaware of the approaching sirens, landing of the rescue-craft and conversation between Jedi and CorSec agents and rescuers until paramedics guided them to a waiting medevac.

    - - -

    Ben was exhausted. He was tossing and turning in his bunk on the Azure Angel. After finding the body of Arina and some arguing with CorSec and Kyp he had guided the powerboat back to Firwood. He had agreed to Kyp’s suggestion and Captain Sanders request to guide the Azure Angel to the safety of a CorSec hangar. Seha and he had done that. And a discussion between the Jedi had started.

    Should they give Jono and his son Jeb a transport to go to Moniron? Jono mentioned Moniron when he was guided into the medevac. The two are Force sensitives and can attract the Sith. Take them with us to Shedu Maad. They can become Jedi like us. What does Jono want? And his son? Where is Moniron? Do we want to know? We know and the Sith will know.

    The discussion had ended unresolved. Kyp had sent the four exhausted young Jedi to their bunks with ‘tomorrow we will ask Jono what he wants.’

    Ben had made it to his bunk and had crawled under the covers but had been unable to find the much needed rest.

    ‘Moniron my son. Give Jono and Jeb a transport. They will know. The Sheir irel will help and guide.’

    “Mom,” Ben stopped his tossing and turning and opened his eyes. Had he been dreaming? Was the moving done in a dream? But there had been the light and the words had been very clear. Mara Jade Skywalker had been so real. His mother – youthful looking and shining – was there with a shining being. He knew. He flung away his covers and jumped out of his bunk. “Master Durron, we have to purchase a transport.” He didn’t know if Kyp had heard his shout but he didn’t mind. He used the fresher, changed his clothes, headed to the galley and began to make breakfast.

    - - -

    Jono was exhausted. Eyes opened very slowly and were only a little busy when they saw. He knew where he was. He was in a room in the university hospital in Coronet city. In a bed but how he had ended up in that bed was unclear. And where were his clothes? He felt the sling against his bare chest. He felt the crisp clean sheets and the soft covers and stretched. He explored. Yes he had his underwear and there, his clothes neatly folded on a chair. And Jeb, he was in the second bed and sleeping. He remembered.

    After having to leave his son in a treatment room for examination he had gone with a nurse to another treatment room. The nurse had taken a picture of his right arm encased in the vacuum splint. The arriving doctor ordering a bacta-cast had him cautioning that bacta and Dunai didn’t agree at all. He had rushed as soon as the hardplast cast and sling were applied to the room where his son was. He heard that the now sleeping child had to stay a night for observation. He had been very relieved. No serious harm had come to his son. The bruises were treated with salve. The paramedics had known being informed about bacta-allergy during the flight to the hospital by Jono. He had trailed after the nurse guiding his son to a room, had slumped in a chair and had rested his head on the covers. And now?

    Jono listened and heard the regular breathing of his son. Sheets rustled and there were more sounds coming nearer.

    “We are going to Moniron dad.”

    “What?” Jono turned his head to see his son sitting up.

    “Moniron,” Jeb grinned. “The Jedi will give us a transport.” He swung his legs over the side and started to leave his bed.

    “You know,” Jono began to smile. “But you have to wait. First breakfast is coming and the nurses don’t want you running around or in my bed. And after that we have to wait for the doctor to release us.”

    “We will wait for breakfast, doctors and the Jedi,” Jeb was half way between his bed and Jono’s.

    “That we will son,” Jono laughed when he saw Jeb rushing back to his bed when a cart was guided in by a nurse.

    “Good morning Jeb and Jono.”
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    This pentathlon is completed with

    Water Polo Poetry: a piece of poetry written in any style about your character, couple, family, friendship, etc.

    Devious Sith
    Wanting to rule the galaxy
    In search of the ultimate power

    Saying this
    Writing this
    But doing no

    Wanting all

    But loosing
    And taking revenge
    Trapping the woman and her unborn child
    And her son

    Galant Jedi
    Never trusting a Sith
    But also
    Wanting the holocron

    Securing it and
    Helping the man
    Who lost his wife and unborn child
    With a transport that will guide him to Moniron

    Aided by the Sheir-Irel
    Beings of light
    One with the Force
    Urging Mara Jade Skywalker to contact her son Ben

    Helpful Jedi
    Getting the transport
    Seeing Jono and Jeb leaving

    Eager Jedi
    Returning to Shedu Maad with the dangerous holocron
    What will it bring?
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    Excellent action and teamwork and touching with Jono and Jeb @};-
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