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Beyond - Legends The Infinite Drabbles Collection (Legends Cast, EU, AU, drama, humour, angst & mush drabbles!)

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Title: The Infinite Drabbles Collection

    Author(s): mayo_durron_666 (aka used to be called SITH_MAYO)

    Timeframe: Any, Legends (old school EU timelines) and AU of course!

    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Anakin Solo, Jagged Fel, Kyp Durron, Corran Horn, Ben Skywalker and many more..

    Genre: Mixed! Romance, drama, comedy, angst and action etc..

    Keywords: AU, old EU cast, old EU stories etc

    Summary: This whole thread will have multiple one-shot stories, clips/moments and drabbles specifically focusing on the old EU timelines, characters and stories!

    Notes: Just playing with some SW toys. Comments welcome. [face_peace]

    Quick thanks: Cheers to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha for the inspiration to do a drabble thread like this! :) Appreciate your ideas and support!


    Drabble 1

    Basic Info: One-shot, Han/Leia, happy Endor memory & current angst..


    That Night & Tonight

    He recalled that night like it was yesterday.

    Fireworks in a starry sky. Fires lighting up the giant trees. Music floating along the cold evening breeze.

    At the time it hadn’t felt real.

    Old and new friends had embraced in triumph. Merriment had echoed out into the vast forest. Drinks were shared. Feasts had ensued. And dancing of course. Flickering flames had illuminated them and stretched their moving shadows. Brining the quiet forest to life for one brilliant night. No living creature, wild or civilised, rested. There had been simply too much to rejoice about.

    That night on Endor had been an end. So much strife had finished. That night’s atmosphere had been thick with immense joy and celebration. And rightfully so.

    Vividly, Han remembered it all.

    The relief he felt when Luke had returned, strolling up so confidently to embrace them. He could still hear Lando’s infectious laughter as they had clasped hands and hugged. And the complete contentment he felt when he had held Leia close as they watched the party unfold.

    At one point she had caught him staring. With one raised eyebrow she’d grinned up at him and asked curiously,
    “What is it, flyboy?”

    He’d studied her beautiful face a moment longer before replying,
    “Just this night, I guess. It feels infinite.”

    Every smile that lit Leia’s expression was burned into his memory. As was the way the flames had reflected and danced in her dark eyes. Those precious moments were forever kept within him.

    And at times like these, he needed those memories close. That night they had all felt invincible, so young and full of hope. It seemed a million years away now.

    Together, Han sat with Leia in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. Stars glittered through the window, winking at them gently with their constant presence. A familiar electric hum played in the background. Nothing else sounded apart from the engines and life support systems which whirred a continuous tune. It was completely silent.

    They hadn’t spoken in quite some time. Not since the horrific news had hit them.

    Despite the quiet and their separate chairs, they held hands. Leia’s left hand grasped Han’s right. Fingers entwined their linked hands swayed between the seats.

    Han glanced at his wife. There was no smile. And all the stars shining through their cockpit window couldn’t hope to light up her dark eyes. Not this time. Not when they had just lost their youngest child.

    Looking back to the stars, Han cleared his throat and murmured thoughtfully,
    “It’s strange.. these stars feel familiar.”

    Leia didn’t reply for a while.

    Eventually, she forced her mind out of its deep trance to focus on the stars mentioned.

    Leia had not been paying attention to anything since they had sat down. She had simply gone deep into herself. Emotions coursed through her, powerful in their depth and weight, swallowing her up to a point where she thought she couldn’t breathe.

    She knew this grief would be everlasting. Regret blackened her soul. Anger threatened to break everything. Inside she raged at fate’s cruel design. But on the outside, she stayed perfectly still fearful of the demons rising within.

    Finally, Leia responded,
    “Perhaps.. we’ve seen these constellations before.”

    At the tug on her hand, Leia looked over at Han.

    Wearing a sorrowful expression, he asked softly,
    “Do you remember that night? In the forest?”

    Tears burned Leia’s eyes as she kept his gaze. There was no hiding the melancholy darkening his expression. The hopelessness, guilt and heartache were all there plain to see. He hid nothing and expected nothing. Like her, Han was overwhelmed by his feelings and knew better than to fight them.

    Glimpsing away, Leia nodded and spoke sadly,
    “Yes. Though I must admit I do not recall it so clearly anymore.”

    For the longest period of time, Han and Leia gazed out at the stars in silence. Neither needed to talk. They were just there in the moment trying to accept everything that had recently happened. Attempting to live with an unhappy truth neither could undo.

    “I wish we could go back to that night.” Han said earnestly, expecting no reply.

    Leia squeezed his fingers tighter as she whispered,
    “So do I. Maybe.. one day we will have another night like that.”

    “But not tonight..”

    “No. Not tonight.”

    Together, they stayed that way for hours just watching the stars. Hands linked. Hearts broken.

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    I am so happy to see this up, and what a debut! The jubilant emotions and hopeful outlook juxtaposed and poignantly contrasted with the second scene, one of inexpressible heartache. I am happy though they can share and soothe one another's grief. So much wiser and sweeter than shutting the other out. [face_thinking]
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    Oct 11, 2005
    Just lovely, mayo_durron_666!
    You set the scene so well. There is a peaceful joy in it all. [:D]
    The contrast of the hope and celebration at the end of the war with the pain and sorrow of a child's death in a later war really well done. Han and Leia have each other even in grief. Very well written. =D=
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    Gah!! You had me at the cast! I'm looking forward to seeing more Legends characters and classic EU moments. It's like coming home to old friends. I'm slow to commenting sometimes because of DRL, but you better believe I'll be here for all of these! (And I'm happily catching up on your oldbie but goodie long-fic, too. It's one of my bookmarks and I'm enjoying catching up! [face_love])

    As for this one, I loved the juxtaposition of that perfect, happy time between the celebration on Endor to the loss of Anakin. What Han reflexted about that night feeling infinite - look who's going soft, our dear scoundrel here [face_love] - proved to be all too true. Those same stars are shining on them, even in their tragedy and hour of need. But they're drawing solace from each other, just as a loving husband and wife who have been through so much together should. That's the Han and Leia of my heart - Disney you can never convince me otherwise! Eugh.

    =(( :_|

    This! That's just how I like my angst: heavy hitting and heart twisting, but with an edge of hope. They're going to heal and be okay, but not now. Not yet. But, in the meantime, they have each other to lean on and grieve with. Beautiful. [face_love]

    Thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to read more. :D =D=
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: So happy you like this thread! :D Really interested in what you think of it as it progresses! Thanks for your feedback on drabble 1, I really wanted to capture two very different scenes and explore the highs/lows of each. More coming on the other fic Blackened Faith too btw, just getting next few posts ready and smoothed out, really want to conclude that story properly so not rushing it atm. ;) Thanks for reading! [face_peace]

    brodiew: Thank you for reading and enjoying the different contrasting scenes! :) It was tricky but interesting to play with the very different emotions of each moment.

    Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting! :) It's always so much fun to find someone else who enjoys the old Legends characters and classic EU moments. ;) Cheers for telling me what you liked about the two juxtaposing scenes, they were difficult to balance but a good challenge. And that's great to hear you're enjoying the longer fic Blackened Faith! :D I'll be updating that soon, I want to conclude that fic and so really taking time to end it in a way that will be satisfying. Hope you like how it eventually ends. Cheers again! [face_peace]
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    Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and lurked on this thread so far. [:D]

    Next drabble is here (see below) and I decided to keep it line-by-line simple in this one. It was fun to write. :D Hope you enjoy!

    PS: Blackened Faith will be updated later this week for those interested. [face_peace] ;)


    Drabble 2

    Basic Info: Luke/Mara, Leia/Han, humour, mush


    Surprising, For Some

    “You’re what?” Leia asked, slightly dumbfounded.

    Meanwhile, Han just sat back and grinned knowingly.

    “Engaged.” Luke answered calmly.

    He practically beamed with joy. And the Force around them swirled with gleeful excitement.

    Still stunned, Leia plonked herself onto the sofa next to her husband.

    Opposite her, Luke and Mara reclined on their own couch.

    Mara straightened a little but kept her hand in Luke’s for support.

    “We understand that this might be a bit of a surprise.” She spoke carefully.

    “Yes!” Leia expressed louder than she intended.

    “No!” Han chuckled simultaneously.

    “But Luke and I have never been so certain about anything.” Mara attempted to reassure.

    Seeing the sincerity in the other woman’s emerald eyes made Leia rethink her next response.

    “I always knew you two were friends, close friends.” She conceded, “I just never anticipated.. this.”

    “I did.” Han winked.

    Ignoring his brother-in-law, Luke sat up taller beside Mara to show a united front.

    “Is this really so bad?” He questioned tentatively.

    “No, of course not.” Leia gave them both a brilliant smile, “I think it’s wonderful.”

    “But?” Mara probed softly.

    “It’s just a little unexpected.” Leia admitted, “I mean you did want to kill him originally, years ago.”

    “Tried to a couple times too.” Added her husband observantly.

    “Yes, thank you Han,” Leia interrupted, “I’m sure they recall that.”

    “Well, despite the unusual start,” Luke turned his concentrated gaze to Mara, “I believe I’m safe now.”

    As the words hung in the air, Mara stared into his rich blue eyes with a cool expression that gave little away.

    For a moment it seemed like the pair might kiss.

    Though close, they didn’t make such a move.

    Eventually, Mara’s eyes warmed and her mouth softened into a small smile.

    Looking back at her future sister-in-law, Mara blushed a little and cleared her throat.

    “Please rest assured Leia.. I do not intend to kill Luke.” She replied, simply and clearly.

    “Very funny.” Leia commented, half thinking she was being teased.

    “I wasn’t joking.”

    No longer looking at Leia or Han, Mara gazed at Luke.

    For once she hid nothing.

    The truth of her feelings was in her face this time.

    Unable to resist any longer, Luke ducked forward to plant a sweet lingering kiss on her lips.

    Mara’s free hand cupped the back of his neck as she closed her eyes and returned his affection.

    When the pair finally parted for air, they found the Solos sat opposite them smirking widely.

    “Well surprise or not,” Leia spoke, finally breaking the quiet, “this calls for a celebration.”

    Whilst Leia and Mara got up to fetch some glasses and champagne to enjoy, Han studied Luke silently.

    “What is it Han?” The younger man asked curiously.

    “Nothing.” But then Solo smiled cockily, “Just thinking how Karrde owes me five hundred credits that’s all.”

    Luke gave a disapproving look.

    Laughing, Han shrugged and faked an innocent demeanour.

  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    [face_laugh] :D [face_mischief] No, Han was probably the only one who was NOT surprised. [face_love] I adored the L/M tenderness. Mara's softer side is brought out by Luke, and he deserves to enjoy it. Delicious moment to share.
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  8. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    I agree with Nyota. I enjoyed Han chiming in every so often absolutely not surprised. Everyone else seems to be taking the situation seriously and Han is just enjoying himself. Nicely done. :han:
  9. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_rofl] [face_love]!!!! Bwahaha!

    I actually chortled out loud to read this one! What a fun ficlet! Honestly I'm pretty much certain that this is one hundred percent canon - you can't tell me otherwise. Like brodie and Nyota, I just loved how Leia's very vocal surprise juxtaposed her husband's more smug sort of knowing. The comedic timing was gold, here!

    [face_laugh] [face_rofl] [face_love]!!!

    And there my chortling turned to outright wheezing. I just adore how Han and Leia complement each other here. It takes a lot to rattle Leia like this, but this is her brother. She needs to be convinced. Understandably so!

    Aw! And I love how simply and sincerely Mara was able to assure Leia that she has only Luke's very best interests at heart. What else is there to say after a kiss like that but to celebrate? :D

    [face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh] I'm surprised Karrde took that bet. Very, very well done, Han! :D [face_mischief]

    This was another awesome ficlet! Thanks for sharing! =D=
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Very nice. I love the interaction between my favorite characters. Great story.
  11. mayo_durron_666

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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Glad you enjoyed the L/M mush and H/L interactions! :) Han doesn't need the Force to know what's going on and I love writing him all-knowing and smug. [face_rofl]

    brodiew: So happy to liked Han's moments, he was so much fun to write! :D

    Very happy to hear this made you laugh! ;) Thanks, I had a blast writing Han and Leia's opposing comments of conversation. Glad you liked the bet added at the end. Cheers for reading! :D

    Thanks, so glad you loved the interactions! :)
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    Okay sorry it's been a while but whilst I've been away I've actually been writing loads and I can't wait to share more one-shots and stories with you all.

    Hope you enjoy the next drabble! :)


    Drabble 3

    Basic Info: Kyp Durron, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Valin Horn, tension, calamity, humour, something else?


    In Trouble

    “A little help here!”

    Jaina rolled her dark eyes, glanced over her shoulder at the old X-Wing Kyp Durron was working on and huffed in irritation.

    It was the sixth time he had called her over to assist. And it was getting old.

    “Jaina?” Durron yelled again, though it was muffled on account of the fact that his top half was buried in the engine.

    A hydraulic raising platform stood at the side of the X-Wing. Kyp lay on it positioned half-in and half-out of the belly of the vessel. Only his legs, twisting and shifting him into a better stance, were visible on the platform table.

    Turning back to the busted A-Wing starfighter she was labouring on, Jaina ignored his cries.

    “Jaina?” His deep voice rang again.

    Sat on top of her vessel with tools dotted all around, Jaina bent back down to the open panel she was concentrating on.

    Brunette bangs fell into her eyes, Jaina blew them away as she focused on solving a wiring problem.

    I know you are there. Frustrated, Kyp spoke to her directly through the Force. I could use some help.

    If I come over again, I will hit you with something heavy. She responded bluntly.

    What? Why?

    You know why. Jaina poured annoyance into her words. You’re in a foul mood. And I’m done trying to help.

    There was a moment’s pause.

    This engine is kriffing me off. Begrudgingly, Durron admitted.

    No, really? Her answer teemed with sarcasm. I couldn’t tell.

    I want to smash it to pieces.

    Now, now, Master Durron. Jaina reprimanded. Perhaps you should go cool off before you blow a fuse.

    He didn’t banter back and their connection cut off.

    Finally, the hangar was soundless.

    Jaina took a long breath and revelled in the simple task of tinkering with an engine. This kind of work was therapeutic for her. Something she could lose herself in. All pressures on her shoulders vanished. It was just Jaina and the starfighter.

    The quiet didn’t last though.

    A loud metallic clang broke the silence.

    “Oww! Son of a ..!” Durron shouted.

    Several sharp electrical hisses snapped.

    “Tsk! Arhh!” Kyp swore in pain, “Kriff it!”

    And then a concluding bang.

    Jaina smirked to herself.

    At first, she was amused by Kyp’s lack of success with his repairs.

    But then everything went awfully still. And noiseless.

    A niggling sense of trouble tickled down her spine.

    This time when Jaina glanced over smoke was starting to billow from the X-Wing. And Durron’s legs were slumped motionless.

    Jaina bolted to her feet.

    Using the Force, she jumped from the top of the A-Wing to the platform. Swiftly checking his vitals via the Force, she grabbed his feet and yanked him out of the engine. Several pieces of metal came out along with him, scattering in all directions.

    With her worried gaze stuck on Kyp’s unconscious features, Jaina hit a button on the controls and the stand they were on began to descend.

    Once at ground level, she dragged Durron away from the smouldering starfighter.

    Luckily, two nearby astromech droids were already approaching the ship to deal with the fire. Using boosters they rose into the air and released a liquid over the flames. Promptly the fire and smoke began to subside.

    Panting from her efforts, Jaina sat on the concrete shaking her head at the scene in disbelief.

    Lying beside her, Kyp moaned groggily.

    Jaina knelt up over him, inspecting the growing bump on his forehead and the scratches up his arms.

    He’d taken a bad knock when he’d displaced something in the engine. Whatever he’d done had immediately triggered an electrical fire. He was lucky the fire had not reached his skin.

    Tentatively, Jaina brushed away some unruly curls from his forehead. Two bruises were forming fast on his brow and temple. He was likely going to be concussed.

    Pulling a communicator from her pocket, Jaina asked for assistance. Someone replied confirming they were on their way.

    When she turned back to her unconscious friend, Jaina couldn’t help leaning close to trace his cheek with the back of her fingers, wordlessly willing him to wake up.

    Slowly his vibrant green eyes fluttered open.

    Frowning Kyp mumbled,
    “Jay? What the .. what happened?”

    “You had a little accident.” She spoke softly, “And your head took a hit.” Inspecting the lumps again, she chuckled under her breath and corrected, “Make that two or three hits.”

    Mutely Durron watched her incline closer.

    He studied her beautiful features, seeing past the humour to the anxiety she hid underneath. That was Jaina, caring yet tough, able to handle distressing circumstances. In the worse of scenarios, she persisted to function and be there for others. Above all things, he admired that about her.

    Face-to-face, hovering over him still, Jaina noticed his observant expression. There was something in that steady gaze that she had never seen before.

    In a gesture meant to comfort him, she ran her fingers through his jet-black hair and cupped his cheek in her other hand. He didn’t say anything. No jesting remarks or teasing comments. And that made Jaina worry.

    He’s definitely got a concussion. Jaina concluded to herself as she continued to stroke his hair.

    Quirking an inquisitive eyebrow, she joked,
    “You know, Durron there are other ways to get attention.”

    He tilted his head a bit and queried innocently,
    “There is?”

    Jaina bit her lip to stop from laughing. Master Durron was totally out of it now. And it was funny to witness him so passive and unguarded. A very rare sight.

    His dazed eyes blinked, once, twice and a third time. It didn’t help clear his vision. Instinctively, he lifted his right hand and attempted to rub his eyes. Jaina stopped him. He pulled a puzzled face and waited.

    Carefully holding onto his wrist, Jaina lowered his injured hand and explained,
    “You’ll get blood in your eyes.”

    “How’s that possible?” He slurred, “I’ve got you in my eyes.”

    Grinning at his nonsense, Jaina nodded along,
    “Sure, Durron, you’ve got me in your eyes.”

    “Ahem!” A male voice interrupted the scene.

    An amused Jacen Solo stood above them with a smirk, “He’s got what now?”

    Looking up at her twin and a snickering Valin Horn, Jaina tried hard to contain her amusement and replied,
    “He’s got a concussion. Come on, help me get him to medical.

    Tucked in bed, Kyp heaved a long sigh and roused.

    First, he registered the ache in his head. Then the itching radiating from several cuts along his arms. And last of all, the throbbing coming from his right hand. Reluctantly he forced himself to accept the hurt and to wake fully.

    Arms crossed, wearing a small reassuring smile, Jaina stood by the entrance watching him closely. This was a welcomed sight. Though Kyp would never admit such a thought.

    “Welcome back.”

    Clearing his throat, Kyp croaked,
    “Thanks. What happened?”

    Moving closer to the bed, Jaina explained,
    “You fought with an X-Wing engine. And I’m sorry to tell you this .. but you lost.”

    “Well,” Kyp looked slightly disheartened, “that’s embarrassing.”

    Resting her slim hand on top of his unharmed one, Jaina consoled,
    “Don’t dwell on it, Kyp. It was just an accident.”

    He nodded at her words and quickly regretted it. Kyp grimaced and closed his eyes.

    Dizzyingly, his head swam with a pounding pain. But before it could overwhelm him, he felt the light touch of fingertips as they caressed his forehead and swept back his hair from his face.

    A healing warmth from the Force, calming and pure, swept through his mind.

    As the uncomfortable sensations disappeared, Kyp relaxed and stared back up at Jaina with thanks.

    “You’re welcome.” She whispered knowingly.

    For the first time since awakening, he quipped,
    “I should get hurt more often.”

    “I believe you get in enough trouble as it is.” She teased back, “We don’t want to tempt fate now, do we?”

    All mirth fell from his roguish features as he challenged quietly,
    “.. Don’t we?”

    Her fingers paused their comforting touch. And Jaina stared down into his unwavering gaze. All humour gone.

    Kyp’s heart began to thump wildly. He was an idiot. Why had he said that? It had to be the concussion. It was making him act like a damn fool.

    A part of him wanted her answer. More than anything. But the thought of hers not matching his made his gut twist. A ‘no’ would destroy him. Suddenly he felt sick at the thought.

    Cowardly, embracing his own disappointment, he decided to shattered the moment.

    With a smile that didn’t quite reach his green eyes, he playful bantered,
    “Afterall, how else am I going to get you to fuss over me?”

    Not buying his act for a second, Jaina mused wistfully,
    “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

    “Jay, I ..” Kyp swallowed hard and lost all thought as she returned to stroking his brow.

    Jaina couldn’t stop herself. It was like she was compelled to ease his discomfort. The trivial contact meant more to her than she could express. Maybe someday soon she would be able to articulate it.

    The room was silent as they regarded each other.

    Emerald eyes met chocolate ones and the pair simply lost themselves in each other.

    Jaina was about to say something when the door whooshed open.

    Cheerily Jacen entered,
    “How’s the patient?”

    Hastily, with notable remorse, Jaina dropped her hand from Kyp’s face as she replied,
    “He seems to be on the mend.”

    As Jacen stepped forward he spotted his sister’s hand still holding Durron’s.

    For both their sakes Jacen decided not to pry.
    “Is he making more sense than before? You were jabbering all sorts when we found you, Kyp.”

    Unable to recall the accident very well, Kyp’s brow furrowed,
    “Was I? I guess I hit my head harder than I thought.”

    Glancing from Durron to his sister, Jacen added,
    “I guess you did. Lucky Jaina was there.”

    Before the conversation went on any further, Jaina faked a smile she didn't really feel and let go of Kyp’s hand.

    “He owes me, big time.” Jaina said as she moved away towards the exit, “I’ve got to go. Try not to set the med bay on fire while I’m gone, Durron.”

    Both men watched her leave.

    And when Jacen turned back to Kyp, he could see the Master was still focused on the now closed door. He was a goner. Completely smitten.

    Uncomfortable under Jacen’s perceptive eyes, Kyp fidgeted a little and said guardedly,
    “It’s not what you think, Solo.”

    “Isn’t it?”


    Smirking down at him, Jacen laughed softly,
    “Oh, Durron, you are in so much trouble.”

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    So in character and delicious K/J. It's been AGES... even though J/J is a lovely pairing, K/J is also scrumptious, there's so much snark and edge of something sweet. The interruptions don't help [face_laugh] [face_love]
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  14. Mira_Jade

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    Bwaha!! [face_rofl] [face_love] [face_rofl]

    Oh poor Kyp. Talk about a no good, really bad day. For an already bad mood, and then nothing going right with his repairs, and then a concussion. I laughed out loud for that "I've got you in my eyes." Smooth, Durron. :p

    But Kyp has a good friend in Jaina - and perhaps even more [face_mischief] - and he's on the way to mending, even if his pride may take a little longer to heal! I loved the ending with Jacen's line. Yep, Kyp is in deep! Poor guy! [face_laugh] [face_love]

    This was a wonderful ficlet! Thanks for sharing; I can't wait to see what else you've been working on! =D=
  15. mayo_durron_666

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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: So glad you enjoyed some K/J. :D I miss writing them so much! [face_love] Haha, I was cruel with the interruptions wasn't I. [face_mischief] Thanks for reading!

    Mira_Jade: Kyp was having a seriously bad day and I just had to share! [face_rofl] So happy to hear this made you chuckle! ;) And that you enjoyed Jacen putting in his two cents in at the end. Jacen definitely had my favourite line. [face_mischief] Cheers for reading!
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    Now.. some mush from a different fav couple of mine.. Luke and Mara. [face_love]


    Drabble 4

    Basic Info: Newlyweds Mara and Luke, prepare to jet off somewhere. Mush!


    It’s You

    He couldn’t believe it.

    Luck must have played a part.

    A big part.

    He was sure of that much.

    Luke studied her as she typed in the coordinates.

    A fleck of gold glittered from her hand.

    The ring.

    His gift and promise to her.

    It was official now.

    The incredible Mara Jade was his wife.

    A younger Luke would have scoffed at the notion.

    But then secretly he would have been thrilled.

    It had always been Mara.

    Her spirit, fire and truth.

    Yes, those emerald eyes and fiery curls had appealed too.

    However, she was so much more than a beauty.

    Right now though, Luke could indulge the view.

    She worked and made decisions confidently.

    That independence and self-assuredness had always been attractive.

    And Luke was fairly certain she didn’t realise it.

    Finishing the preparations, Mara looked up from the ship controls.

    Her observant gaze caught his.

    With a small frown she queried,

    “What is it?”

    Lost in a sea of gorgeous green, Luke simply shook his head and smiled.

    His heart had never been so full and he didn’t know how to express it.

    Grinning like a fool, he answered,

    “It’s just .. you.”

    For him, and only him, her expression softened.

    Leaning across, she cupped his face in her hands.

    Her gold ring was cool against his skin, whilst her fingers warmed him.

    Besotted, Mara caressed his handsome jawline.

    It had been a long journey to this point.

    And Luke still had to pinch himself.

    Such deep affection swirled in her gaze.

    It humbled him all over again.

    “No.” Mara uttered into the quiet.

    “No?” Luke’s brow creased with confusion.

    “It’s not me.” She explained.

    “I have to disagree.” Luke teased.

    Slowly, Mara closed the distance between them.

    Lip to lip there was electricity.

    The taste, heat, passion, tenderness and trust, all grew with their own intensity.

    Kissing Mara was heavenly yet sinful, calming and exciting, overwhelming in so many ways.

    Reluctantly she pulled away.

    Luke was sure the temperature in their compartment had risen dramatically.

    With one last stroke of his cheek, Mara whispered her clarification,

    “It’s not me, Skywalker. It’s just .. you.”

    The engines started up.

    Soon they would be away amongst the stars on their new adventure.

    Luke couldn’t wait and began unbuckling from his chair.

    The moment they were at lightspeed he had her in his arms.

    Chuckling under her breath, Mara mumured between hot kisses,

    “We should at least try to make it to a bed.”

    Laughing along with her, Luke confessed,

    “I can’t help myself. It’s you, Mara .. you’re completely irresistible.”

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    Aug 31, 2004
    I absolutely agree with this:

    It had always been Mara. Her spirit, fire and truth.
    Yes, those emerald eyes and fiery curls had appealed too.
    However, she was so much more than a beauty. That independence and self-assuredness had always been attractive.

    True - every word! [face_love]

    For him, and only him, her expression softened.
    Yes, Luke is the only one who sees that particular softness. :*

    Such deep affection swirled in her gaze.
    It humbled him all over again.


    Lip to lip there was electricity. The taste, heat, passion, tenderness and trust, all grew with their own intensity.

    Delicious! As always! [face_dancing]
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Loved the last two Drabbles. I was always a J/J fan, but I did like Kyp and wouldn't have minded if he ended up with Jaina. They would have made a good couple.

    Of course, I always loved Luke/Mara. I don't care what Disney says...Luke and Mara will forever be my canon.

    Great stories!
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Glad you enjoyed the Luke/Mara mush! [face_love] It's always so much fun to write! :D Thanks for reading!

    Jedi_Lover: So happy to hear you've enjoyed the last few drabbles. :) I completely agree, for me Luke and Mara are canon forever! [face_love][face_batting]
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    Next drabble is here.. enjoy! :)


    Drabble 5

    Basic Info: A self-conscious Jagged Fel, uneasy Jaina Solo, as Emperor and Empress at a special event. Some song inspiration mixed in with scenes.

    Song lyrics it italics are from Ed Sheeran’s Beautiful People.


    We Are Us

    The party's on, so they're headin' downtown
    ('Round here) everybody's lookin' for a come up
    And they wanna know what you're about
    Me in the middle with the one I love and
    We're just tryna figure everything out

    Uncomfortable did not quite cover it.

    Tugging at his tight collar, Jagged swallowed back his concerns and straightened to his full height. Every tick and move were subtle. No one noticed. Almost no one that is.

    Uncomfortable, he glimpsed over his shoulder.

    Two Imperial guards stood silently behind him. Their expressions were blank. They simply observed. But he knew they were ready to spring into action should anything go wrong.

    Their presence should have assured him. It didn’t.

    Again, Jagged fiddled with the top button of his immaculate black suit.

    Beside him, Jaina teased,
    “They’re just diplomats, Jag. I’m sure they won’t bite.”

    Stood in a private elevator, elegantly dressed, the couple descended down.

    Many floors flashed by as they made their way towards a main banquet hall. A unique gala was prepared for leaders from all over the galaxy to meet, socialise and make connections. And the new royals, the Fels, were expected to do the same.

    “I know that.” Jagged replied quietly, “Part of me wishes they did bite though.”

    Adjusting her stylish red gown, Jaina snorted,
    “So you could have a legitimate reason to run away from them?”

    “Perhaps.” Jagged flashed her a small private grin, “Maybe even use a blaster or two on the way out.”

    Pausing her alterations, Jaina gazed up at him and laughed.

    The joyous sound was rich and gave Jagged a sense of home, when they were nowhere near it and would not be for a while. Only Jaina could do that. She was his home. She could put him at ease with a simple look. Through all the madness, difficulties and endless travel, Jaina was his constant.

    It was always her presence that soothed him.

    As their elevator neared its stop, Jaina returned to scrutinizing her reflection. All humour vanished from her face as she focused. She shifted the fabric of the dress around her legs and toyed with several stray coils of brunette hair behind her ear.

    When once again, Jaina’s hand returned to tugging at the garment, Jagged artfully slipped his hand into hers and halted anymore fiddling.

    She let him stop her. Even squeezed his hand back in thanks.

    It was just nerves. At least that was what she kept telling herself.

    Honestly these events weren’t her thing. Give her a cockpit or a greasy engine any day. This occasion was way out of her comfort zone.

    Sure, Jaina had dressed up and gone to many balls in the past. This was different though. She would not be able to mingle so easily. And slipping away would be tricky, if not impossible. Especially now all attention would be directed at her and Jagged, there would be no escape from prying eyes or the pressure to impress.

    Jaina knew when she married Jagged that their lives would change. That they would not have the luxury of privacy often or the ability to speak so candidly in public. She thought she could handle it. But with each public event, Jaina felt more and more like a fish out of water, lost in a world of politics, fancy dinners and the ridiculously rich. None of which interested her.

    Supporting her husband was the only thing that appealed to Jaina. He needed her. Having a partner in this strange high society calmed Jaina immensely. Plus, between the scheduled festivities, they could catch time alone and that was worth any price.

    A beep interrupted Jaina’s musings and signalled that the elevator was at their destination.

    Giving her an affectionate look, Jagged asked,

    Faking confidence, Jaina replied,
    “Let’s do this.”

    We don't fit in well
    'Cause we are just ourselves
    I could use some help
    Gettin' out of this conversation, yeah
    You look stunning, dear
    So don't ask that question here
    This is my only fear, that we become

    Beautiful people
    Drop top, designer clothes
    Front row at fashion shows
    "What d'you do?" And, "Who d'you know?"
    Inside the world of beautiful people
    Champagne and rolled-up notes
    Prenups and broken homes
    Surrounded, but still alone
    Let's leave the party

    “I can’t do this much longer.” Jagged grumbled to his security guard as he sipped some champagne.

    “Dinner went quickly enough.” The sentry replied, “A few more speeches to go and you’re free.”

    The party was in full swing but Jagged and Jaina had practically been mobbed from the moment they stepped out of the elevator. So many people, shaking hands, offering compliments, engaging in political chat and enquiring about them or their views on everything current happening in the galaxy.

    For a while, Jagged had thought himself prepared. And he had tried to be. But soon the new Emperor realised he was not one hundred percent confident in his knowledge or his point of view on every single subject raised. And it took great care on his part to steer conversations to his advantage so he didn’t end up looking a fool.

    Across the ballroom, talking and smiling in all the right places, his charming wife continued to captivate an enthusiastic group of politicians. Their names escaped Jagged. It mattered little. For the time being his attention, like a lot of others, was completely focused on Jaina.

    Appearing genuinely invested in the chatter, Jaina spoke with poise, each sentence was carefully placed and when she listened to their replies, she would give the speaker her undivided attention.

    Every time she dazzled a smile two more diplomats would join the group. It was turning into a bit of a crowd. Jagged felt nothing but pride at the sight of her, so in control, owning the room. She wasn’t wearing a tiara but she may have well of been, she was truly regal and entrancing.

    But then, Jaina caught his gaze.

    Those stunningly dark eyes called to him. Haunting in their beauty.

    Though her expression gave nothing away to those closest to her. To him they said everything. She wanted space, a reprieve from the strangers and comfort only he could provide.

    He could not deny her. They had done their time here. And Jagged wanted to spend the rest of the evening enjoying his new wife’s company, alone, somewhere they could be themselves.

    To his guard Jagged spoke distractedly,
    “We’re leaving.”


    “And once we do,” The Emperor continued, “you and the other bodyguards are not to follow us. Understood?”

    “Your Highness, I can’t let th-”

    It was too late, Jagged was already putting down his glass and heading over to help his wife with the pack of officials vying for her attention. Though it was amusing to watch them make idiots of themselves, Jaina seemed to want back-up and Jagged was happy to oblige.

    Mesmerised, Jaina watched as her husband made his way across the hall to her. He didn’t need the Force to read her. Nor did she have to say anything. A simple look was all it took. She loved him for noticing the smallest details. Especially in these kinds of situations.

    Technically she did not need saving. Jaina though was grateful for Jagged’s support and presence. It was exhausting engaging with everyone and feigning interest.

    With an air of boldness, Jagged strolled straight into the crowd, right up to Jaina, took her hand and explained smoothly to the group,
    “Forgive the intrusion but Jaina and I have some important business to attend to.”

    No one challenged him. There was no question. He was saving his wife from these curious individuals and not looking back.

    That's not who we are
    (We are, we are, we are)
    We are not beautiful
    Yeah, that's not who we are
    (We are, we are, we are)
    We are not beautiful

    Drove for hours last night and we made it nowhere (nowhere, nowhere)
    I see stars in your eyes when we're halfway there (all night)
    I'm not fazed by all them lights and flashin' cameras (uh)
    'Cause with my arms around you, there's no need to care

    Curled up on her husband’s lap, Jaina sighed,
    “So, this was the ‘important business’, huh?”

    Wrapping his arms tighter around her waist, Jagged chuckled guilty,
    “I think it’s very important business.”

    Together they relaxed in a luxury open-roofed airspeeder.

    Still in their fine attire the royals lounged on the long seat at the back of vehicle. Out in the warm evening air they took pleasure in the simple things.

    The couple watched the world go by around them.

    They were parked in a quieter part of the city. From here they could see the whole urban horizon, alight and vibrant. Traffic danced in the skyline. All the while giant HoloScreens or projectors lit up the buildings from every angle. It was a beautiful view.

    Better though, was the company, Jagged thought happily.

    Resting her head back on his sternum, with her dark locks of hair now freely falling past her shoulders, Jaina sighed again. This sigh was full of contentment. And she allowed herself to rest completely in Jagged’s embrace.

    When they were back to reality his security team would again remind her that this was a dangerous idea. But right now, with him, she felt entirely safe. There was no judgement, no pressure and no one to scrutinise. There was just the city. It’s lights. And his love.

    “We should go back to the hotel.” Jagged murmured.

    “Yes. We should.” Jaina agreed.

    Neither moved to start the airspeeder.

    “I wish we could escape more often.” Jagged whispered into her hair as he planted a kiss on top of her head.

    Hearing a particular note in his voice, Jaina turned her face up slightly to see his expression. He gazed down at her with tenderness, his green eyes a mixture of affection and gratitude. And something else. Apprehension perhaps. Seeing something was wrong, Jaina lifted a hand to caress his cheek and gifted him with a smile.

    “What’s the matter, flyboy?” She teased, “Worried I might outshine you at the next event?”

    Capturing her hand in his, Jagged shook his head and replied,
    “No. You do that already. Which I am fine with by the way.” He kissed her hand as he uttered more delicately, “I just .. I fear I’ve tramped you in this strange bubble of mine. In a life neither of us wanted.”

    For a second or so, the words hung in the air between.

    Jaina understood his concern. She sometimes thought about it too. At times she wondered what it would be like in another life, in another choice, she would likely be a Jedi Master or a pilot commander. There would be adventures, different friends and perhaps even other love interests. But when these thoughts drifted into Jaina’s mind, all of them immediately lost their appeal because of one main problem. None of them included Jagged.

    Silently Jaina sat up. In his lap she turned to face him and snaked her arms around his neck. As she did so, she leaned in close and whispered earnestly,
    “I want you Jag. In any life we are dealt. It’s always us I choose. It’s always you.”

    With that she planted her mouth on his and kissed him passionately.

    Lost in her words, her love and affection, Jagged returned the kiss. Her lips were addictive. He would never get enough of her. Caught in a spell of their own making, Jaina and Jagged embraced each other.

    The night was theirs. Tomorrow would bring new pressures and obligations. But right then, in an airspeeder overlooking a city, they were simply a man and woman very much in love.

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    Superb thoughts from Jag and Jaina, as they each grapple with feeling out of their element; at the event itself, however, they engage and mingle with all the poise and approachableness that the situation demands, although of course it takes a lot out of them.
    Beautiful exchange and nice getaway there at the end. It is very natural that he would wonder if she felt trapped in a circumstance neither relishes. But her answer is everything sweet and marvelous. [face_love] =D=
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you so much! [face_blush] So glad you enjoyed this drabble about Jaina and Jagged trying to get comfortable with their new positions of power. I found it interesting to explore. Cheers for clicking! [:D]
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    Awesome. I love Jaina and Jag. They were great characters. So much better than anything that the ST has brought us. I think that is what bothers me the most about the loss of the EU. If we got something as good or better in the ST it probably wouldn't sting as much. It is hard to lose Jaina, Jag, Kyp, Talon, Mara, Horn and so many more.

    Thankfully we have beautiful fanfiction like yours to keep their memory alive.

  24. mayo_durron_666

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    Jedi_Lover: Thank you for reading! :) So glad you liked my snapshot of Jaina and Jag embracing the Imperial life. That is total what I miss from the Star Wars reboot too.. good characters left behind in the EU! :_| So many! It's not fair. But at least we get to play with them here. ;) Thank you so much! [:D]
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    Okay apologies for no update on here for a while but I'm back with some much needed fun.. :D;)

    Hope you enjoy!


    Drabble 6

    Basic Info: Anger, frustration, teasing, attraction? It can only be Kyp and Jaina.[face_mischief]


    Shower Time

    “I’m going to kill you, Durron!”

    “I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you! I’m in the shower!”

    Jaina growled and kicked the fresher door,
    “Get out you frakkin’ jerk!”

    Kyp laughed loudly,
    “Patience, Jay! You’ll get your turn!”

    Oh, she was so going to kill him! Jaina mused as she hit the door again.

    She was still caked in mud after pursuing a group of criminals into a dense part of jungle.

    Her and Kyp had tracked down the convicts that had managed to escape a secluded prison.

    All escapees were now back where they belonged.

    Their mission was complete and they were on board their ship currently on route to Yavin 4.

    And Kyp was taking liberties.

    Durron didn’t deserve the fresher.

    He had not fallen off his speeder bike.

    She, however, had.

    But it had been for self-preservation.

    Some of those criminals had had great aim with a blaster.

    “Kyp! Get! Out! Now!”

    Her words echoed rage.

    “Calm down Jaina,” Kyp could be heard gurgling some water cheerfully, “don’t go Dark Side on me.”

    “You knew I wanted the shower!”

    “And I didn’t want it after you.” Kyp answered, “All that mud was going to ruin my shower!”

    Jaina breathed deeply, trying to contain her fury, when an idea dawned on her.

    Reaching out with the Force she tampered with the shower controls.

    And she changed them .. to freezing cold.

    “Ow!” Kyp yelped in shock, “Frakkin’ hell!”

    She could hear him swearing as he hit the shower wall in an effort to avoid the water.


    Laughing, Jaina leaned on the door and listened to Kyp’s reactions as she continued to change the temperature.

    “Serves you right!” She yelled smugly.

    There was a lot of commotion in the fresher.

    And more swear words.

    Jaina could almost picture Kyp falling out of the shower, shampoo and wash gels flying everywhere.

    She wondered if he managed to grab a towel on the way to hitting the floor.

    Doubtful, she snickered to herself.

    Abruptly the fresher door opened and Jaina had to steady herself.

    Dripping wet, breathing heavily, with only a towel wrapped around his waist, Kyp stared at her furiously.

    “That was cruel!”

    It took all Jaina’s self-discipline not to get distracted by the nearly-naked man in front of her.

    “I don’t think so.” She answered haughtily, “I think it was more than fair.”

    Several drops of water rolled off his wide shoulders and traced down his toned torso.

    Jaina tried to ignore the sight and focus on the argument at hand.

    “Fair?!” Kyp all but shouted, “You couldn’t just let me enjoy my shower in peace?”

    “And sit around like this?!” Jaina indicated her incredibly dirty state.

    Muddy hair, filthy clothes and grimy shoes.

    “I wouldn’t have taken long.”

    Irritated, Kyp ruffled his damp dark hair, briefly causing a group of muscles to flex as he did so.

    It was not fair.

    He was so appealing right then.

    “Liar.” Jaina pushed past him, ignoring the heat of his skin and ordered bluntly, “Get out.”

    “With pleasure.”

    The door closed.

    A peeved Kyp went to his quarters to get dry and changed.

    Annoyed by him still, Jaina muttered a string of curses as she stripped and got into the shower.

    She took her time enjoying the warm water.

    Washing her hair was a luxury.

    No more did she smell like boggy jungle.

    Finally, she felt human again as she finished rinsing her hair and started soaping her body.

    The shower was perfect, so refreshing and hot.

    Perhaps too hot?

    She turned the temperature down slightly.

    It did nothing.

    Instead it grew steadily hotter.

    Through the spray she shouted,
    “Durron! Stop it!”

    There was no answer.

    So Jaina tried a different path.

    Durron, stop messing with my shower! She sent him, mind to mind, in the Force.

    I didn’t do anything. He replied innocently and with some hesitation. At least, not deliberately.

    Well stop it! Jaina demanded. Or fix it! Either way!

    There was a pause as his words set in.

    Wait. What do you mean ‘not deliberately’? She questioned.

    He didn’t respond via their mind link.

    Instead there was a knock at the fresher door.

    From the very steamy shower, Jaina yelled,
    “I’m not opening the door, Durron!”

    “Jaina please,” Kyp responded, “let me fix it for you!”

    She rolled her eyes and tried to adjust the shower controls again.

    Nothing changed.

    Sighing in defeat, she grabbed a towel and went to the door.

    When it whooshed open, still in a towel Kyp shifted uncomfortably and had the good sense to look guilty.

    “Well?” She tightened her own towel around her and waited.

    “I’m sorry Jaina.” Kyp took a step closer and spoke earnestly, “I should have been more considerate. Let me take a look at the controls.”

    After a long moment of green eyes staring into brown, pleading for forgiveness, Jaina finally allowed him in.

    She was a sucker for his emerald eyes.

    Especially when they were so focused on her.

    Kyp got to work quickly on the controls and reset the shower temperature.

    “There, all done.”

    Sheepishly he came out the shower cubicle and tried to make his way out of the fresher room.

    Jaina crossed her arms and blocked his escape.

    “Hold on.” She asked curiously, “What did you mean ‘not deliberately’? Did you fiddle with it?”

    “I’d rather not say.” Kyp swallowed hard, his throat going dry all of a sudden.

    When he tried to move past her, Jaina stepped right in front of him toe-to-toe.

    Was it her imagination or was Kyp sweating?

    The pressure was on and she didn’t plan on letting up.

    “I think you owe me an explanation.” She whispered softly.

    The words came out in a sultry ‘come here’ tone Jaina knew she had never used before.

    Clearly close proximity to Durron, barely clothed and wet from the shower, was affecting her good sense.

    Kyp heard the sexy pitch in each word and found himself enthralled by her.

    He was supposed to be dressed by now, on another part of the ship, far away from her.

    So much for being a gentleman.

    “Kyp? What did you do?”

    “I turned up the heat.”


    Staring down at her beautiful face, trying hard not to gawk or ogle her lush curves, Kyp explained carefully,
    “With the Force I tuned the shower to my mood. I thought it would disconnect after I left the shower. But .. I guess not.”

    “What were you thinking about when I was in the ..?” Jaina’s words fell away as she looked up at him.

    His emerald eyes burned hotly over her face.

    Tracing skin without touching.

    Taking in every detail, feature and expression.

    That look of his was full of passion, possession, and dare she think it tenderness.

    Breathing raggedly, Kyp confessed,
    “It’s difficult not to think of you, Jaina.”

    Begrudgingly, he stepped back to put distance between them,
    “I should go.”

    Suddenly the lack of closeness made Jaina ache.

    That was new.

    And she had never expected that response to apply to Kyp Durron.

    It should have felt strange.

    Instead it felt right.

    And it gave her courage.

    “What if I didn’t want you to go?”

    Kyp’s gaze darkened with hunger before he could control it.

    “Jaina.” He spoke hoarsely, “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”

    Maybe she needed to communicate more clearly.

    “I mean every word, Durron. Stay. Stay with me.”

    “And do what?”

    Slowly, entranced by him and their attraction, Jaina inched towards him one small step at a time.

    Till finally there was barely a hair’s width between them.

    Unable to resist, Jaina placed her hands on his bare stomach.

    His skin was so hot and the muscles underneath tensed at touch.

    Oh, how long had she wanted to explore this man.

    She couldn’t deny herself anymore.

    As her hands roamed, she lifted her face to his and breathed,
    “Let’s share the shower from now on.”

    Unconsciously, Kyp slipped a hand into her damp brunette hair, his thumb caressing her cheek as he stared down at her, completely lost in her dark eyes.

    “I like the sound of that.” He murmured absentmindedly.

    On tiptoes Jaina rose as Kyp leant down.

    His lips met hers.

    At first the kiss was sweet, tender and slow.

    But then the fire started.

    It was like someone had lit them up, the passion burned fiercely and the craving grew never ending.

    Kyp’s mouth turned demanding, kissing her rougher, making her breathless.

    She loved it.

    Jaina responded by circling her arms around his neck, embracing him, her body flush against his.

    This was getting out of hand, Kyp thought helplessly, he should really leave, court her slowly.

    But with her hot body pushing up against him and their kiss growing out of control, Kyp knew he couldn’t stop this.

    Her hands in his hair, her nails raking down his back, her lips driving him insane with need, Kyp knew it would never be enough.

    Jaina Solo was all he had ever wanted and if this was his only chance to show her how much he loved her, then he was not going to waste it.

    Blindly still kissing, Kyp dragged her to the shower cubicle and hit the controls.

    Water poured over them both.

    For a split second they parted for air.

    Totally besotted, they smiled at each other and then laughed.

    Nothing else matter in that moment.

    Just the joy, excitement and exploration.

    “How’s the temperature?” Kyp teased.

    “Shut up, Durron.” Jaina chuckled as she pulled him back into a lusty kiss.

    Towels hit the floor.

    Skin met skin.

    Hands caressed.

    Pulses raced.

    Moans echoed from the cubicle.

    And all arguments were forgotten.

    Well, for that night at least.

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