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Beyond - Legends The Infinite Drabbles Collection (Legends Cast, EU, AU, drama, humour, angst & mush drabbles!)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, May 19, 2019.

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    Incoherent SQUEE! :) [face_sigh] You have never, will never, lose the mushy sizzly style! ;)
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Aww! [face_blush] Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the mush! :D
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    Nicely done, mayo_durron66!

    Ah, I never pass up a good on J/K. Though I shipped J/Z back in the day, I've dabbled with both. This was fun starting with Jaina banging on the door, hating Kyp, and ending with her accepting her attracting in way. The banter was excellent. A good shouting match or hurt feelings is fantastic lead in to lustful abandon. :D
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    brodiew: Cheers! :D I love J/K, I've missed them. Glad you enjoyed the banter, shouting match and of course the must have attraction! [face_batting]

    Author Note: Been a lil distracted lately but will update more drabbles this week. ;)
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    Oooh, I had fallen a few behind here without even realizing it! My appologies! Let me fix that now. :D

    Oh I loved this one!! Just so sweet and heartwarming and full of love in a way that I couldn't help but smiling along to. [face_love]

    Because no matter how much he's Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Master and vetetan warrior and a man who's suffered so much personal loss, he's still just this dorky farmboy with so much joy and boyish optimism for life. Especially with the love of his life! [face_love]

    Gah!!! I couldn't stop smiling here. Perfect mush was perfect! [face_love]

    This ficlet made my shipper heart so happy to read!! Such indulgent Legends goodness is a treat to be savored these days. [face_love]

    Because no matter how much they're emperor and empress by necessity, they are still just Jag and Jaina too! I loved the Corellian snark here. :p

    I adored how much of a great team they were throughout this piece, supporting each other through better or worse. Quite litterally! It's no different than them flying together, even if turning lasers on this lot may be easier in theory. :p

    This. It doesn't get any better than this for me, thanks but no thanks, Disney. ;) [face_love]

    [face_rofl] You had me at the summary!

    [face_rofl] :oops: [face_devil]

    Kyp, much as I love him, deserved every drop of that icy water! ;)

    Can't say that I could blame Jaina at all here. Who of us wouldn't be distracted? :p But they got the temperature juuust right in the end! [face_mischief] [face_love] What a fun, delightfully sizzling vignettte this was!

    Thank you so much for sharing these gems with us! I can't wait to read more. [face_love] =D=
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    Mira_Jade: Thanks so much for reading! So glad you've enjoyed the mush in the recent few posts, there seems to be a theme in these drabbled hehe.. [face_love][face_blush] I just can't help myself, especially to some Jaina/Jag or Jaina/Kyp fun! [face_batting][face_laugh] I've missed them!
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    Finally have an update!

    Hope you all enjoy. :) Comments welcome.


    Drabble 7

    Basic Info: On a midnight walk, Tahiri gets to enjoy the stars, a secluded beach and maybe even some romance with her new man. This Tahiri/OC are from my Blackened Faith fic. This scene is set before the war in that fic.


    One Starry Midnight

    “I guess we should head back to the hotel.”

    “But this place is deserted, Tahiri.” A deep voice encouraged, “For one night only, this beach is entirely ours. Let’s enjoy it.”

    “Alright, it is our night after all.”

    Barefoot, wearing a simple cream coloured dress, Tahiri strolled leisurely down a beach.

    She leaned into the man as her side. Totally relaxed she followed his lead. He too wore no shoes and was in smart attire. His tie was undone, as if they’d just come from a fancy event.

    Holding his hand, they walked along the coastline in a comfortable silence.

    Stars glistened overhead.

    Calm waves rolled up the sand, then retreated only to wander back, in an unceasing rhythm. All was quiet. No one else was around for miles.

    This was going well, she thought, too well.

    Tahiri expected it to implode at any second.

    Relationships didn’t seem to last. Not with her anyway.

    Anakin Solo. Her first love had been a tragedy. Heart-breaking. Soul crushing. The loneliest time of her life. And during the biggest conflict the galaxy had ever seen, there had not been a great deal of time to help her process the loss.

    It had taken a while to try again. There had been a few good guys. None, however, could ever replace the memory of the first.

    A close one though had been Jacen Solo.

    He had always been a good friend.

    There was a long history between them. Jacen understood, probably more than anyone, what she had gone through. Naturally their relationship had grown into something deeper over time. It had been some of the best years. But like all the others it had ended.

    However, from this relationship had come a child, a son called Ethan.

    He was her entire universe. Since becoming a mother, Tahiri saw the galaxy much more clearly. She found decisions far easier to make now that she had her own little boy to love and protect.

    The galaxy was growing more dangerous with every passing day. And with the recent anti-Jedi movement gaining popularity, calling for harsh laws to be placed on Force-sensitive beings, Tahiri knew a difficult decision would be looming soon.

    Though the galactic situation felt helpless lately, Tahiri comforted herself with the simple thought that she would not have to face it all alone.

    “What are you thinking?” Her companion asked softly.

    Resting her head on his arm, Tahiri replied,
    “How lucky I am.”

    The man stopped in his tracks and turned to her.

    Jered Harison was an intimidating guy. He towered over most people with his wide shoulders, beefy arms and muscular body, honed after years of military service.

    Many thought him a bit brutish looking. Scars dotted his skin. And he’d broken his nose too many times to be considered typically handsome. But Tahiri didn’t care. It was his eyes that always caught her attention. Bright ocean blue eyes. Their usual intensity only softened for her and Ethan.

    Tonight, Ethan was with a babysitter whilst they indulged in a romantic evening alone.

    And right now, Jered’s striking eyes were focused solely on her face.

    Earnestly he whispered to her,
    “I was thinking the same thing.”

    He opened his mouth to say something else but stopped himself.

    “Jered?” Tahiri frowned, “What is it?”

    Still holding her hand, Jered swallowed hard and glanced down at their joint hands. Hers was so small compared to his. Delicate but strong, just like her. He knew her painful past, the physical marks left behind on her body and the internal wounds that would never fully heal. Despite it all, she held herself with dignity and so much confidence, it made Jered fall for her over and over again.

    When he glimpsed back up to her lush green eyes, Jered suddenly found his mouth dry and his lungs empty.

    Sensing his discomfort, Tahiri smiled and leaned in closer to tease lightly,
    “Jered, breathe. It’s only me. Why are you so nervous?”

    “I think I might pass out.” Jered joked back as he focused on inhaling and exhaling for a moment.

    Perplexed by his behaviour, Tahiri gave him another brilliant smile. He swore that that smile could have illuminated the entire night sky, it shone with such adoration and warmth. Then, on tiptoes, she closed the distance between them with a perfect kiss and all worry vanished.

    Jered closed his eyes to savour the feel of her soft lips. Sweet. Hot. Delicious. All at once the kiss deepened. He pulled her into his arms and poured himself into their kiss.

    Paradise was her, Tahiri. He couldn’t get enough. Never would. She was the only one who made him lose control. And right then, a complete jumble of nerves, he needed her more than air. Starving for her, his mouth turned rough, demanding her unique taste again and again.

    Tahiri gasped in pleasure. Every kiss robbed her of breath and made her pulse jolt to a racing thump. She needed more. Immediately she snaked her arms around his neck and clung to him, making demands of her own.

    It was always thrilling with Jered. Fiery. Intense. Every touch full of devotion. It was as if he saw no one else but her. That was irresistible. With his tender gaze, unbreakable embrace and endless show of affection, Jered made her fall deeper each day.

    When they broke for air Jered found himself holding Tahiri off the ground, her beautiful face inches from his and her arms wrapped firmly around his shoulders.

    This was it, he thought.

    The moment.

    Whilst one strong arm still circled her waist, his free hand dug into his trouser pocket and brought out a small band. It was a white gold ring with a stunning emerald as it’s centre piece and two sparkling diamonds on either side of the stone.

    He held it up in the small space between their faces.

    Completely speechless, Tahiri stared at the elegant ring.

    Gently, Jered asked the most important question he would ever utter,
    “Tahiri Veila will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

    Watery green eyes met ocean blue, as she answered in a rush of joy and emotion,
    “Yes! Of course I will!”

    They shared another passionate kiss. It was pure fire. Making electricity arc between them both anew. Tahiri couldn’t think straight. Nor did she want to. She just wanted to embrace this. This blissful moment. Completely and hopelessly in love with the man in her arms.

    There was only Jered. His mouth taking over hers, his arms flushing her flat against him and the cool feeling of his ring on her finger.

    Delighted beyond words, Jered spun Tahiri around on the sand.

    Together under the stars they laughed.

    More kisses followed.

    Then, eventually, came the sun.

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    What a lovely setting. Tahiri's reflections on her troubled romantic history contrasts with the joy she's found. Jered loves and appreciates her and takes her past into account, being gentle and yet fully accepting. A wonderful back-story and missing scene.
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    Oh this was breathtakingly beautiful! Jared is exactly the kind of future I want for Tahiri. She's such a strong woman to have endured through all she's been through, and she deserves to find love and happiness again rather than letting her grief eat her away to nothing. *side eyes post NJO writing*

    Exactly!! Dignity and confidence - I loved those descriptors, and loved that Jared loves them too! They seem like a wonderful fit together.

    Thank you for sharing! [face_love] =D=
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: So happy to hear you enjoyed this Tahiri/OC scene. :) I really wish Tahiri had had more joy in the old books. This was a scene I wanted in other fic Blackened Faith but there was no space for it to fit really but wanted to share it anyways. Thanks for reading! ;)

    Mira_Jade: Thank you! :D I really wish Tahiri had had this kind of happy future with a decent partner in the old books too. So not fair! But that's what fanfic is for, am I right? [face_batting] Cheers for clicking!
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    It's been a while but here's another drabble. Enjoy! :D


    Drabble 8

    Basic Info: Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker have family time with the Solos. Worry/Mush/Humour/AU.


    Better Than Expected

    It was odd to be part of a family.

    The gentle teasing, ridiculous arguments and displays of affection all felt alien to Mara Jade.

    It was not easy for her.

    None of this had been in her training.

    No plan had ever included this.

    But then she was not living her Imperial life anymore. She had broken previous rules, gone against old allegiances and struggled past tainted teachings that had once formed her sense of self. And each challenge, change or defiance had led her here.

    Now she sat beside a man she had once swore to kill.

    In the home of those she had once called enemies, Mara ate food, shared conversation and even engaged with the small children running around.

    How strange this life is, Mara dwelled, not at all what I had expected.

    Better than expected, Luke Skywalker whispered to her through their Force bond, I hope?

    Taken aback by his soft words as they echoed in her mind, Mara gave him a look of warning and took her hand away from his.

    Get out of my head, Farmboy.

    The withdrawal was instinctive. She knew that and couldn’t stop herself. It was a conditioned behaviour she was finding most difficult to break.

    I’m sorry, Mara. Luke looked at her sincerely. Your barriers dropped for a moment. I couldn’t help but overhear your thoughts. I didn’t mean to pry. But my hope for your happiness was genuine.

    Mara cursed silently.

    She would have to work on her Force skills and barriers. It wouldn’t do her any good to find happiness only to go soft now. Such a lack of focus would get her killed. Or worse it could get others she cared for hurt.

    That drew her up short suddenly.

    She had never really thought about the risks to those closest to her.

    Obviously, she had experienced protectiveness towards fellow comrades in battle before. But this seemed different, primitive, reflexive.

    On the opposite sofa the little girl, Jaina Solo, giggled as Han playfully tickled her. Innocent and carefree joy emanated from the child. Her dark curls were a mess from trying to hide amongst the pillows, those dark eyes glittered with great merriment and her chubby face was completely devoid of strife.

    The sight made Mara’s heart ache.

    What was happening?

    How had these people become so important to her?

    When had she got so sentimental?

    Unconsciously, Mara lifted a hand to her throat defensively as alarm crept in. Her pulse raced and breathing changed subtly. And for a moment she was so lost in reflection that she didn’t see the concern in Leia and Han’s gazes.

    Mara. Luke spoke intimately mind-to-mind. My love, just breathe, everything is alright.

    With great care Luke removed her hand from her throat and held it in his.

    There is no need to fear. These feelings are natural. Luke’s voice was full of warmth and support. It’s a wonderful blessing to care for others. To be protective of them is completely reasonable.

    What if I fail them? One day? Mara turned her glassy emerald eyes to him and whispered her new deep-rooted fear. I could never forgive myself if something happened to them. Or to you. I need to be stronger than ever before. But I can’t even focus on a simple Force skill.

    Mara you don’t need to be strong and focused every single moment of the day. Luke reassured her. You are allowed to rest, to enjoy yourself, to let your guard down with those you care about and to take pleasure in the simple things. We will always face threats. But we are a family which means we will face them together. You are family, Mara. You are not alone anymore.

    His voice, full of such love and encouragement, quenched the anxiety that had been building up inside.

    Slowly Mara’s beautiful features relaxed as she gazed up at him and absorbed his words.

    I find that both reassuring and terrifying all at once. She admitted. I’m sorry for my withdrawal before. I’m still learning to let my guard down, though it seems to drop around you when I least expect it. I actually like this. Us. Our bond. I’m just taking a while adjusting to it is all.

    I understand. Luke replied. Just talk to me, tell me if something is wrong or upsetting you. We will figure it out together.

    Though she loathed to admit it, Skywalker was right about everything.

    And she had just freaked out about her growing feelings for him, his family and friends.

    Already her calm, cool, confident image was under threat. Only this time when she thought of it, she wasn’t scared of her changing persona. This was just the next evolution of Mara Jade. Soon to be Mara Jade Skywalker.

    She knew people would make jokes about her increasing softness. But right then, she didn’t care what anyone else thought.

    Quietly, Mara uttered aloud,
    “Thank you.”

    Luke smiled innocently,
    “For what?”

    Leaning across the space between them, Mara confessed,
    “For giving me this strange new life.”

    Almost lip to lip, Luke murmured back distractedly,
    “Is it better than you expected?”

    Wordlessly, Mara nodded and captured his mouth in a hot kiss.

    Fire flared between them. She couldn’t help herself but deepen the contact and lift a hand to cup his jaw. His taste was addictive. And she wanted more. She always would. For there was no other man who would understand and love her like him. Skywalker showed her love in every sentence, every look and every touch.

    Eagerly Luke returned the kiss. Not shy about showing her how he felt. His lips moved over hers like a man obsessed, craving more with each caress and pressing closer to feel the warmth of her body against his. Totally distracted, Luke’s hands began to slid up into Mara’s fiery curls as his mouth duelled passionately with hers.


    A loud fake cough interrupted.

    With great regret, Mara and Luke pulled apart for air.

    When they came back to reality both of them had to blush.

    They found Han and Leia on the other couch wearing mock frowns that held no real animosity. If anything, there was barely contained humour glistening in their steadfast stares. Neither Solo could stop themselves from breaking. Han’s famous grin tugged at the corner of his mouth, threatening to crack out completely at any moment. And Leia had to bite down on her lower lip to stop from laughing.

    In their laps, Han and Leia held their three children and attempted to cover their naïve little eyes with their hands. It didn’t work very well.

    Innocent little Anakin kept peeking through Leia’s fingers. Jaina managed to slip her father’s hand off her face several times, she gasped, then chuckled and pointed at her uncle and future aunt. Meanwhile, Jacen wriggled out of reach of Leia’s other hand. The boy blushed at the sight of his uncle kissing Mara Jade so enthusiastically. Having decided that was enough for him, Jacen then covered his own face with a pillow to avoid the spectacle all together.

    Han leaned forward to jest with the now red-faced couple,
    “You guys might want to save something for the wedding night and stop traumatizing my kids.”

    “Umm, yeah, we kind of got carried away,” Luke managed to respond, “sorry about that.”

    There was a long pregnant pause.

    Not entirely awkward. Just not absolutely comfortable either.

    “Well,” Leia cleared her throat, “I think it’s bedtime.”

    Han hopped up with Jaina in his arms and agreed,
    “You heard your mother, kids. Now say good night to uncle Luke and aunt Mara.”

    In unison the troublesome three giggled as they made their way to their rooms,
    “Good night uncle Luke and aunt Mara!”

    An amused Han followed them to make sure they brushed their teeth and went to bed promptly, leaving Leia alone with her brother and his fiancée.

    “Leia, we didn’t mean to scar your children with .. well by .. you know ..” Mara began, “We just got caught up in the moment.”

    With an easy chuckle, Leia replied,
    “Don’t apologise. My children, and Han, found it very funny. As did I.”

    Smiling back, Luke commented,
    “I fear Jacen might have been worse affected though.”

    “I’ll speak with him.” Leia grabbed her glass of wine off the side table and added between sips, “I must admit I’m glad I coughed when I did. For a moment I thought clothes were going to come off. Now, I love you both dearly but that is not an image I will ever want to see.”

    When Luke and Mara blushed again, Leia just laughed and Han strolled in.

    Smirking, he plumped himself down next to his wife. To Luke and Mara, he joked,
    “You guys keep this up and we won’t be the only ones with kids.”

    We are not going to live this down for a while, are we? Mara sighed, half entertained, half embarrassed.

    I’m afraid not. Luke answered honestly, squeezing her hand in solidarity and giving her a big smile. Welcome to the family, Mara.

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    SQUEE! SQUEE! and [face_rofl] A beautifully in-character bit of couple and family deliciousness! I hope these never stop coming!!! :* [face_love]
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Loved writing the Luke/Mara sweetness along with the Solo clan family, so happy to hear you liked it! :) More mush-filled posts coming soon. ;)
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    Yea! Love Luke and Mara at this stage of life! Wonderful story!
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: So happy to hear you enjoyed the Solos and Luke/Mara moment in the last post. ;) Thanks for reading and supporting this thread, hope you enjoy the next posts coming soon!

    @Jedi_Lover: Glad you liked the previous Mara/Luke clip! Thanks for clicking. :)

    Okay, sorry it's been awhile since I've updated this thread.. [face_whistling] My drabble writing inspiration hit a wall. But my muse is back and I can't wait to share some more drabble clips/scenes/short fics. [face_idea]:D

    Hope you enjoy the next one..


    Drabble 9

    Basic Info: Jaina watches a precious moment involving her brother Jacen. Sibling love. Expanding family.



    Sneaking a peep, Jaina watched from the empty doorway.

    The tentativeness. The careful placement of his hands. The bated breath.

    It was all new. Strange. Wonderful.

    Was that fear in his eyes?

    Of course!

    Though not in the same situation, Jaina understood completely. She would be scared too. Terrified even.

    However, fear wasn’t alone.

    Something else shimmered in his gaze. Fiercer than any trepidation or worry. Brighter than most stars could burn.

    Brown eyes aglow with fresh perspective, devotion and purpose. Settling deeper into the chair, he finally breathed out all the earlier tension and paused. Then he smiled.

    In all their years together Jaina had never seen such a smile on his face before. It was wide. Bright. Pure. Relaxed. Unabashedly expressive. Reserved for those close and trusted.

    Jaina had received similar grins and smirks from him. She had returned them too.

    With expressions alone they could communicate. They had practiced.

    Afterall, they had been best friends since birth. Though they drifted apart in adulthood, one word or a simple look could bring them back together without much effort

    Like their unique bond, his new smile was a rarity. It was for a new addition to the family. A new connection. And only for them.

    Smiling to herself, Jaina wiped her glassy eyes and folded her arms over her chest. Emotions bubbled up. Confusing and overwhelming. An odd mixture of joy, sadness and envy.

    Joy for her twin brother, Jacen, becoming a father. Sad that their younger brother, Anakin, couldn’t be there to witness this moment. And envy that she herself was not starting her own family anytime soon.

    It was hard not to feel jealous but Jacen’s infectious smile and immeasurable delight through the Force helped ease the sting.

    In his arms, Jacen held his new-born daughter close. His gaze full of awe. His child. He was a father. It would take awhile to adjust to this. Her brother with a baby. Jacen the dad.

    A beautiful scene though, Jaina mused, we could use more like these.


    He spotted her at last.

    Both visually and in the Force, he discovered, greeted and signalled for her to enter.

    Quietly, Jaina approached.
    “I didn’t want to intrude.”

    Softly Jacen chuckled,
    “How long were you there watching?”

    “I’d rather not say.”

    As Jacen stood up he replied knowingly,
    “That long huh.” Stopping just before her, clutching his precious bundle, he whispered, “Jay, you big softy.”

    Shamelessly, Jaina smiled,
    “Stop stalling and introduce us.”

    Jacen laughed and gently transferred the baby into her waiting arms.

    Wrapping an arm around his sister’s shoulders, Jacen held them both close and announced affectionately,
    “Jaina this is Allana your niece..”

    There the Solo twins stayed a while. Both of them doting on the infant, promising fun adventures in future, reassuring the little one of their constant protection and love. So much love.

    The baby girl stared up at them mesmerized.

    She didn’t know it yet. The extent of their love. Not fully. But she felt it. And soon she was smiling with them.

    A Solo smile.

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    A gorgeously transcendent moment to share and to bask in for all concerned. [face_love]
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    Excuse me, canon, what canon? Because this so totally and a hundred percent completely happened instead! What a beautiful moment to capture! The emotions were so strong in this piece, both between Jaina and Jacen and the depth of their bond as twins, and that bond growing to encompass Allana. Just:

    Gah!!! I absolutely melted there, I can't even tell you how much that last little bit just completely evaporated me - to borrow a line from Nyota! Lovely! [face_love] =D=

    Thanks for sharing this gem with us! It's good to see more of these wonderful ficlets from you, as always! [face_dancing] [:D]
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    This is the way it should have happened. The profics got way too dark. Nicely written!
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Aww thanks, glad you liked it! [face_blush]

    @Mira_Jade: Cheers! :D So happy to hear you enjoyed this ficlet, I miss Jaina and Jacen. I wish it could have been different when their story was written. And that they had been better portrayed as siblings united instead. This scene was for my own wishfulness regarding the Solo twins. Thank goodness for fanfiction!

    @Jedi_Lover: Thank you, I totally agree! :)
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    Here is a new drabble. :D
    It's not so happy but full of emotions.
    Hope you enjoy! Thanks to anyone who clicks, reads or comments. [face_peace]


    Drabble 10

    Basic Info: A visitor at the Jedi Temple upsets a certain Jedi Master Durron. Angst.


    Unrequited Limits

    They were on planet.

    Knowledge of their presence darkened his mood.

    He had done his best to avoid them.

    That included not responding to their dinner invitation.

    Instead he had kept busy.

    Back-to-back classes all week. Individual padawan tutoring wedged into every spare afternoon. Any other free hours were spent tinkering with the new Jedi starfighters.

    Lunches spent alone, either in his office or on an empty balcony overlooking Coruscant’s chaotic scenery. The sight of ceaseless traffic zipping through the skyline did little to ease his racing thoughts.

    Physical training barely offered respite from his own cloudy disposition. Exercise killed time but did not gift him with enough exhaustion to rest fitfully. He couldn’t sleep. Food was a necessary but it gave him little enjoyment.

    In truth he was barely there. His body was moving and speaking at all the right moments but his mind was elsewhere, awash with hurt and wistfulness.

    Fate was cruel and his luck ran out.

    It happened at the end of the week as he was heading to a meeting.

    Down the end of a corridor she stood talking with her uncle.

    Oblivious to the attention she was getting from passing students, she laughed and conversed casually with the famous Grand Master Skywalker. Their chat was without ceremony. Afterall they were family.

    Judging from their ready smiles and relaxed manners, this visit was social instead of diplomatic. That didn’t mean she wasn’t magnificently clothed.

    There must be a formal dinner or embassy event held later on tonight.

    Intricately plaited tresses wove around her ears, joined at the back of her head and fell with the rest of her brunette hair in tight coils down her back. Amongst the rich chocolate curls small jewels of different colours were clipped into place and glistened under the lights.

    Draped over her slim shoulders was a long black cloak with fur trimming at the collar. From any angle it gave her a regal silhouette. Beautiful and imposing. She wore a rich navy dress made of a light floaty material that glided hypnotically and shiny shoes with modest heels to compete the picture.

    It was Jaina Solo Fel, the Empress, her Imperial Highness.

    He tried to control his reaction. She had always been stunning. But this time it was worse for him for another reason.

    He had heard the news. Of course, everyone had, it was all over the HoloNews.

    As he approached closer Jaina turned slightly. Such movement made her cloak part further at the front. Through the gap in the material her extended stomach emerged.

    Seeing the reality of her pregnancy was more challenging than he had anticipated.

    He swallowed hard, his throat tight with emotions he could not express in public and bitter words he could never speak. Inside, the last remains of his heart crumbled and the knife already piercing the pit of his stomach twisted its last deadly blow.

    His usually steady feet came to a halt several metres away. And he watched as Jaina’s left hand came up to rest upon the delicate baby bump.

    It was too much when the wedding ring on her finger glinted triumphantly in his direction. Jagged Fel’s ring. Thankfully the new Imperial Emperor wasn’t present. Durron was grateful their paths hadn’t crossed. He wasn’t sure he could control his emotions if they did.

    That glorious gold ring was the final strike.

    Salt was now firmly in the wound.

    “Durron.” Someone clasped his shoulder briefly, breaking the spell, “Aren’t you coming?”

    Snapping out of his tunnel vision, Kyp stumbled,
    “What? Where?”

    Jedi Master Corran Horn answered,
    “The meeting, remember. You coming? I’m heading there now.”

    Horn indicated the direction with a nod of his head. The way to the meeting was straight ahead. Towards Jaina and Luke. It meant going past them.

    The thought of getting any closer churned Kyp’s stomach.

    “You alright, Durron?” Corran sounded concerned, “You look pale.”

    Unconsciously Kyp took a step back.

    “Please make my apologies.” He stammered, “I won’t be attending the meeting. I’m not well.”

    Frowning, Horn asked,
    “Do you need help? I could take you to medical –”

    “- No.” Kyp cut him off curtly, “Thank you. I just need to go home.”

    Without another word he started off in the opposite direction, weaving through the busy hallways as fast as his shaky legs could take him, knowing that there was no solace waiting for him in his empty apartment.

    There was no cure for his broken heart.

    Only time, a quiet space and a stiff drink.


    Perplexed, Corran watched Kyp disappear into the crowd.

    His thoughtful gaze returned to the path ahead as he began walking again.

    Then he saw Jaina Solo Fel. Something instantly clicked. And the realisation gave Horn pause.

    Ah, Corran sadly now understood, well that explains Durron’s behaviour.

    He glimpsed back to where Kyp had escaped and made a mental note to check in on the heartsick Jedi when he was done with the meeting.

    There was only so much a man could take.

    And it appeared that Kyp had reached his limits.


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