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    Hello, everyone and

    Welcome / Velkommen /καλωσήρθατε / خوش آمدید / Välkommen / Kaabo / Bienvenida / Wilkommen / Benvenuto /स्वागत हे / Karibu / أهلاً وسهلاً / Bem-vindos /환영 / Dobrodošli /欢迎 / Nabata/ Добродошли / Bienvenue / Добро пожаловать / Hoşgeldiniz /¡Bienvenido! / ようこそ !!!

    It is a pleasure to restart this thread that was started by the wonderful @Pensivia . This thread is to talk about your past experiences in different countries and what happened there. It is a social thread so you are welcome to talk about your experiences

    This is Version 2.0 and the link to the first one is: the international exchange version 1-0 closing.
    The info that is in this thread is mainly from the 1st version because it is really only to reopen the thread or i just had nothing on my mind :)
    Yep okay i had nothing on my mind so here are the rules:
    • I will be posting a bunch of topics with a few questions (every week to a month)
    • The questions will be open to anyone to address, and commenting on/responding to others' responses (even if the current topic/question set itself doesn't apply to you) is encouraged.
    • Discussion will progress naturally from initial responses to the question, so just jumping in with wherever the conversation is at the moment is always fine, of course!

      • When the discussion for a particular topic/question set seems to have run its course, I’ll post a new topic (and I will try to keep the thread title updated with each new topic as we go)

      • I also encourage anyone who has a topic/question set/question they’d like to see asked in the future to PM me with your suggestion. I will keep a running list and will use the suggestions in the order I receive them.

      Hopefully, as the thread develops, we can address a broad range of topics, from the sublime to the just plain silly. I would love this place an area than you can have fun talking about what you have experienced
    @Skiara is it okay if I double post for this
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    I'll answer Tari, if you still have questions you'd like to post :)
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