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ST The Interrogation Room -- 7SA Member Interview Thread -- Current: EHT

Discussion in 'Sequel Trilogy' started by The Hellhammer, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. The Hellhammer

    The Hellhammer Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2012
    Welcome to the 7SA Interview thread!

    As the title suggests, here you will get a chance to read lengthy, in-depth interviews with many of the great folks we have hanging around here. The future of Star Wars has just begun and, let's face it, we're kind of stuck here for the next decade or two - so we might as well get to know each other ;)

    Special thanks go out to Circular Logic who originally suggested in the [link=]GIL[/link] that it might be interesting to have a 7SA Interview thread and also gave some very helpful advice along the way. Sometime later, after careful consideration with A Chorus of Disapproval ("Hey, what about that Interview thread?" "You go and host it." "...yeah, alright.") it was decided that we should give this a go. You should also check out the great interview threads in [link=]SWC[/link] and [link=★☆★-kkruhk-★☆★.50003399/]Star Wars TV[/link] forums, maintained by Jedi Gunny and Todd the Jedi - threads that served as a great help and inspiration in creating this one.

    How's this gonna work?
    It's rather simple. I will send out a list of basic 26 questions to the person I wish to interview. You are free to take your time and reply in as much detail as you wish. In some cases, if I see an opportunity for it, I will ask additional follow-up questions based on previous replies. This way, every interview will be somewhat unique and provide a bit of variety. In some cases, the replies may be comprehensive enough not to require additional questions.

    How often will new interviews be published?
    I plan to have a new one published every 10 to 15 days. To be honest, we'll see which rythm works best as we go along. As I said, they will be lengthy reads, so 10-15 days should be quite enough for everyone to stay up to date while at the same time providing a steady flow of new interviews.

    I would like to be interviewed. Who do I have to bribe?
    You will be provided with details for an account in Switzerland once you send me a PM stating you wish to participate. Seriously though, you can either send me a PM asking about getting an interview or I will send you one asking if you're interested. Both is alright.
    Please do not ask for interviews in this thread, PM me if you are interested.
    You should also keep in mind, in order to maintain a steady pace of publishing these little talks I have started a bit early. There is a schedule in place already and it may even take weeks before your interview is published. So please be patient.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to either send me a PM or post it in the thread below.

    Things to keep in mind:
    - Discussions in this thread should relate to the interviews being conducted and topics discussed herein. For casual random discussion, we have the [link=]Get In Line thread.[/link]

    - All rules that apply to the rest of the Forum apply to this place as well, of course. Be civil, respect other people's answers and opinions.

    - Discussion is encouraged, but do not let it stray too much in the direction covered by any of our [link=k-here-before-posting-a-new-thread.50014436/]many existing threads.[/link]

    - Any and all suggestions are welcome, either in the thread or via PM to me.

    - Please use the PM to arrange an interview.

    - Have fun and enjoy getting to know your fellow 7SA members.

    Interview dates:

    1. Circular Logic -- February 13th, 2014 -- LINK
    2. Darth Chiznuk -- February 20th, 2014 -- LINK
    3. Dra--- -- February 27th, 2014 -- LINK
    4. HL&S -- March 6th, 2014 -- LINK
    5. Ganger -- March 13th, 2014 -- LINK
    6. KED12345 -- March 20th, 2014 -- LINK
    7. DarthTunick -- March 27th, 2014 -- LINK
    8. The Hellhammer -- April 3rd, 2014 -- LINK
    9. StoneRiver -- April 10th, 2014 -- LINK
    10. LunarMoth -- April 17th, 2014 -- LINK
    11. Darth_Articulate -- April 24, 2014 -- LINK
    12. TiniTinyTony -- May 9th, 2014 -- LINK
    13. HanSolo29 -- May 23rd, 2014 -- LINK
    14. dolphin -- June 6th, 2014 -- LINK
    15. Pfluegermeister -- July 20th, 2014 -- LINK
    16. TheBBP -- October 1st, 2014 -- LINK
    17. DarthBreezy -- October 10th, 2014 -- LINK
    18. A Chorus of Disapproval -- October 23rd, 2014 -- LINK
    19. Jedsithor -- November 16th, 2014 -- LINK
    20. Ridley Solo -- December 2nd, 2014 -- LINK
    21. EHT -- December 12th, 2014 -- LINK
  2. The Hellhammer

    The Hellhammer Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2012
    Our first victim--erm, guest... is Circular Logic

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all the questions in such great detail. It was a very fun read and I hope you folks enjoy it as well. ;)

    1. How did you first come across the Jedi Council forums?

    I actually first came across the Jedi Council Forums when I searched for a place to discuss episodes of The Clone Wars. That was back in early January of last year. I lurked in the SWTV board, then known as LACWAC, for a couple of months before deciding to join the ranks of the Jedi Council forums, incidentally right after the end of Season 5, the final full season of TCW. I actually spent the majority of my time at LACWAC/SWTV during my first few months until resolving to branch out to the Episode VII forums and elsewhere during the long offseason.

    2. What is your fondest Star Wars related memory?

    Hmmmm, that’s tough to say, honestly. I have so many fond memories of one of my favorite franchises. I remember how as a small child my dad let me and my brother watch the original OT on VHS, and that moment where Darth Vader tells Luke he was his father definitely stuck out to me the first time… And of course, Vader’s redemption at the end of RotJ was most memorable. I’m sure these memories stuck out to most Star Wars fans. In truth, I have many good memories of Star Wars, including watching RotS for the first time in cinemas, or eagerly awaiting the release of TPM, the first Star Wars movie that would hit theaters during my lifetime. Also, discovering the Expanded Universe and deciding to watch TCW from start to finish, years after I had dismissed it because of the bad impression the 2008 theatrical film left on me, were definitely good, and far more recent, memories.

    3. What is your favorite Star Wars possession? (toy, poster, costume, books, comics, various merchandise, etc.)

    To be quite honest, I don’t have that much Star Wars memorabilia. I guess you can say I’m not as hardcore a fan as I appear to be on these forums, or perhaps I’m just very frugal (I was raised that way). However, I do own several Star Wars books, being the big EU fan I am, and I have to say the Revenge of the Sith novelization and Darth Plagueis are easily my two favorite SW novels—I like to quote from them quite often.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As soon as I have the petty cash to spend, I intend to purchase the entire 5 seasons of TCW on DVD or BluRay. I’m sure it would be my most cherished SW possession then, outside the OT VHS/DVD and PT DVDs.

    4. So. A Sequel Trilogy, who would’ve thought. Before the announcement, did you actually expect this to ever happen?

    Honestly, no. I always thought that George Lucas had intended to end the Star Wars saga at six films, per his own words following the release of RotS. Obviously not counting the TCW film, of course. Indeed, after RotS, my interest in SW really waned for a little while, but the EU (books, videogames, and the occasional comic), TCW, and the announcement of the ST definitely revitalized it for me. This is definitely an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan.

    5. What was your initial reaction to the news of the sale to Disney and the upcoming Sequel Trilogy?

    My reaction to the news, initially, was actually rather muted because around that time my interest in Star Wars was still pretty low, as that was shortly before I decided to give TCW a go. I hadn’t really gone into too much EU at the time, but as I returned to the universe I hadn’t seen much of since playing Knights of the Old Republic II, I really got excited for the idea of new Star Wars films, not just the three-film Sequel Trilogy, but the character-focused spinoff films as well. I didn’t really care that it was Disney that purchases Lucasfilm, considering they really know what they’re doing with large franchises like Marvel. While I admit their obsession with milking sequels does bother me a bit, I’m not concerned about that issue with regard to SW. Who would have thought, after RotS opened in theaters back in 2005, that within a decade we would have news of more Star Wars films in the near future? George Lucas had always been adamant about the fact that the prequel films completed the saga, which he dubbed the “Story of Anakin Skywalker.” Now, however, the story would continue, presumably with a focus on the next generation, presumably the children of Han and Leia Organa Solo, and Luke Skywalker. Something I look forward to in part because unlike the prequels, we really have no idea where they will go with the ST’s story, considering we don’t know the ending like we did for RotS. Plus, we can likely expect many new characters to grace the screen of SW for the first time. It bears mentioning that Star Wars is first and foremost a film saga. The continuation of the saga and other stories onscreen makes sense to engage the general audience and attract new legions of fans.

    6. Were you around for the PT speculation? If so, what’s your favorite moment from that period?

    Alas, no. I was merely a pre-teen when TPM first came out in cinemas, and I didn’t really partake in much speculation at the time with friends. I suppose the furthest I went was getting my hands on a few TPM picture guidebooks by DK at a swap meet. I still remember when Ki-Adi-Mundi was considered the only Jedi Knight on the Jedi Council—but they later decided to change him to a Jedi Master, like all the other members. For the most part, I totally came in unspoiled, though, particularly with regards to AotC and RotS. I guess I just didn’t have the same passion for the SW saga back then as I do now, and thus didn’t bother much with following Star Wars news. For example, I didn’t even watch the Clone Wars micro-series until about two years ago, so General Grievous was a perfectly new character to me when I first saw RotS. Still, there were great moments. I remember wondering how Anakin’s fall in RotS would turn out, and envisioned an epic battle with Obi-Wan that would ultimately force him to wear the iconic life-sustaining suit. That part of the film (some dialogue aside) certainly didn’t disappoint!

    7. Just how spoiled do you plan to be for Episode 7?

    Probably gonna be fairly spoiled. I’m one of those people that just can’t look away. I’ve spoiled myself for plenty of films, games, and books over the years, but I’m one of those folks that like to emphasize the journey over the destination. So long as not every little detail is spoiled, I’d say I’m pretty good. That being said, I’ll try to avoid spoilers of key plot points whenever I’m able, and focus primarily on characters and very general plot synopses. If I can resist, that is… I haven’t even signed up for posting in the 7NSA board yet, and I’m not sure I ever will!

    8. What is your favorite theory concerning Episode 7 from these boards?

    Darth Plagueis as the villain of the ST, hands down. :cool: Initially I was against the idea, but after reading the extensive and compelling arguments for his inclusion in the new trilogy as the Big Bad, I was sold. It certainly helped that once I finished reading the Darth Plagueis novel, I really liked the Plagueis, and how he was portrayed as having such a masterful role in setting up the Sith to achieve the final stages of the Grand Plan, which is apprentice Sidious would of course complete during RotS. Just an absolutely Muunificent character. Plagueis’ obsession with achieving immortality via midi-chlorian manipulation really gave a new wrinkle to Lucas’ idea that many found distasteful in the PT. I really learned to appreciate the role of the midi-chlorians in better understanding the Force. Plagueis’ archetype of mad scientist, I feel is something distinct from the other villains of the saga thus far, and with good execution I really feel they can easily explain that he’d achieved some level of mastery over death, thereby giving our heroes a truly devastating adversary. How will they destroy him? And I really feel Plagueis’ return could have implications for our Jedi friends who exist as Force ghosts, communicating from beyond the Netherworld of the Force. It’s a cool theory, and even if there’s only a small chance of him actually being the ST’s major villain, I think it would definitely make sense.

    9. And the least favorite?

    This is a difficult one for me, as I generally haven’t seen any prevalent, serious theory that I utterly despise, given that I’m always one to accept even the most bizarre concepts if they are executed well (think Darth Maul’s resurrection in TCW, which I didn’t mind largely because of what they chose to do with his character, which I found awesome). That being said, I really don’t want a repeat of Dark Empire where Palpatine returns in various clone bodies and lures Luke to the dark side, because somehow Luke thinks that’s the only way he could possibly defeat the Emperor. I can absolutely accept an enervated spirit Palps, but I don’t want to see a return to the flesh Palpatine right from the get-go. In this case, I do feel Palpatine returning more powerful than ever would undermine Anakin’s sacrifice at the end of RotJ. Sidious’ legacy can live on, but I am hoping it won’t be him returning in the flesh to orchestrate some Master Plan that’s a rehash of DE.

    10. Describe your ideal Villain in the ST and who would you cast to play him?

    My ideal villain would be someone who is crafty, intelligent, charismatic, and unafraid of getting down and dirty if need be. But most of all, s/he needs to be wise and able to outsmart our heroes with regularity, someone capable of learning from the mistakes of his/her villainous predecessors. Someone Dangerously Genre-Savvy with wisdom. To this end, as I mentioned earlier, my ideal villain would be none other than Darth Plagueis the Wise. He always was one with some grandiose plans for himself and the galaxy (although the latter less so than Sidious, naturally). A villain seeking eternal life in the physical world is a nice contrast to the Jedi Force Ghosts, and I feel really raises the stakes for the ST. He’ll probably have to be mostly in the background in the beginning, before taking a larger role in later episodes, possibly even first being seen in Episode VIII. I’d love for someone like Benedict Cumberbatch to play him, although if they choose to keep him as a Muun, he probably needs to be Mo-Cap’ed. Still, I think Cumberbatch can provide the necessary gravitas and menace for this role.

    11. And the Hero?

    The hero should be a son or a daughter of Luke Skywalker, to continue the Skywalker legacy of the parent-child relationship. I can’t seem to decide whether the main protagonist should be male or female, and frankly, I don’t have a preference, so long as the character is good and worth of the Skywalker name. If they borrow from the EU, I wouldn’t mind a character similar to Ben Skywalker. But really, I want to see our protagonist go through struggles, both external and internal, such as whether or not s/he can live up to the Skywalker name, and maybe even struggling to accept the duty associated with being the son or daughter of the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi. S/he must be relatable, trying to uphold his or her Jedi ideals while also balancing duty with feelings. S/he should also be powerful, but not so much so in the beginning, so that s/he might have doubts whether s/he can ever live up to his/her father.

    12. Every Star Wars movie needs awesome supporting characters. Any ideas for those?

    I’d love to see an ensemble cast with a Solo child or two, with at least one of them being of the opposite gender to the Skywalker protagonist. There also needs to be a trusty alien sidekick (in the vein of Chewbacca), so that it’s not entirely humanocentric. Hopefully these new characters will be distinct from any of the sidekick characters in the OT and PT, so you don’t necessarily need another smuggler or politician-type. There needs to be a love interest for at least one of the protagonists. I’d love to see more Jedi than in the OT, but fewer than the PT, as Luke struggles to rebuild the Jedi Order with a new and improved one. And of course, it wouldn’t be part of the saga without the two iconic droid sidekicks, R2-D2 and C3PO. Gotta have both of them, and both need to survive the entire trilogy.
  3. The Hellhammer

    The Hellhammer Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2012
    13. Any special cameos or easter eggs you’d like to see in Episode 7?

    An appearance by Lobot, as some futuristic disco DJ. Cloud City baby!

    14. This one’s a bit tougher than it seems at first glance. We don’t have any facts so let’s just go by gut feeling. How good do you think Episode 7 will be? Are you optimistic? Pessimistic? Reserved? Will it be great? Abominable? Average?

    My gut tells me that Episode VII will be very enjoyable, if not outright great. I anticipate that it will at least find itself in my top three or four favorite Star Wars films, in fact. As you can see, I’m quite optimistic about it, especially since they were willing to buck tradition by pushing the release date a few months to December 2015 rather than keeping it in May. I’d rather they take their time to make a great movie rather than rush it to meet the normal release date for Star Was. So yes, basically, I think the movie will be great.

    15. Is there a particular, weirdly specific scene that you’ve come up with in great detail that you’d love to see in the ST, regardless of how plausible that is?

    A small starship lands on the orange sands of a long-dead planet. A figure steps outside, throwing up a hood to protect his face from the sand-blasted winds. He steps toward a large and bizarre-looking rock formation. It is shaped like an Egyptian obelisk. The cloaked figure chants an incantation in a harsh-sounding, long-forgotten tongue (think Darth Nihilus’ speech in KOTOR II). Suddenly, ancient-looking markings appear in the stone before him, and they start to glow. With a sudden whoosh, an ingress opens before him.

    Without hesitation the man steps into the dark, dank hallway. As he traverses the steps leading downward, torches suddenly light up around him. Soon, he finds himself in a large antechamber, and in the center sits a large stone slab. An inscription is carved upon the stone—a nearly perfect circle, canted at an angle such that it appeared more like an ellipsoid…the symbol of the Canted Circle.

    From the depths of his cloak the man takes out a small, dark-colored rectangular object marked with arcane symbols. A holocron—but not just any holocron, a Sith holocron.

    “At long last, I have found the final resting place of one of the last great Sith Lords,” the hooded figure said in a baritone voice.

    He then sat cross-legged on the hard stone ground and closed his eyes, striking a pose of meditation. The holocron levitated in the air in front of him, and slowly its crystal structure began to unravel itself. Within the now-opened holocron was a small crystal, the color of obsidian. The man gently let the crystal slip between his thumb and index finger, and gazed at it admiringly. Knowing what he had to do, he walked toward the Canted Circle at the center of the stone slab. A small indentation could be seen at the exact center of the circle. It was the exact same size and shape as the crystal the man now held.

    The man eagerly but gently placed the crystal into the form-fitting crevice, then stepped back as a brilliant blue-green glow engulfed the room from the center of the slab. The Canted Circle began to glow an eerie sea-green color. Slowly, the slab began to form fissures and broke apart, revealing what was within: the perfectly preserved cadaver of a tall Muun with mottled, pale skin. What appeared to be a respirator adorned the lower half of his face. The obsidian crystal now made contact with the Muun’s chest, just above his folded arms. The body suddenly achieved a healthier-looking color. Slowly, the Muun opened his eyes, a pair of yellow orbs rimmed with crimson around their diameter.

    The hooded figure, threw back his cloak, revealing dark, jet-black hair, complete with a beard, and piercing green eyes. He prostrated himself before the Muun, who took his first steps gingerly towards the man.

    “I am at your service, my Master.”

    The Muun now towered above him, casting a long shadow through the dimly lit cavern. “You have done exceptionally well, Lord Malignus. Now that I am reborn, the final stages of my Grand Plan are now at hand. You may rise.”

    “Yes, Lord Plagueis. I am forever in your debt.”

    16. Congratulations. You’ve been contacted by The Powers That Be to create a ten episode Star Wars series. Live action, animated, CGI, filmed muppets… it’s up to you. Give us a short synopsis.

    I’d set this live action series (it’s only ten episodes) sometime during the Old Republic era, but rather than some three to four-thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, I’d set it about 2000 years, during the time after Jedi Master Phanius forsook the Order, becoming the first of the Lost Twenty, and took the title of Darth Ruin, rebuilding the Sith Order that had been all but vanquished after the fall of Vitiate’s Empire. The show will cover the brewing conflict between the Jedi and the revitalized Sith under Ruin. A full scale war erupts, and each episode involves a timeskip covering several major events with the war finally ending at Ruusan a thousand years before the events of the film. This series will really be more of a documentary style coverage of events, from a historical perspective, but I think it can still be quite riveting. Plus it would help us get a better perspective on the PT-era Jedi Order, who were entrenched in the old ways from more than a millennium before when they fought the Sith…as the RotS novel put it, they had spent the past thousand years preparing to fight the same war with the Sith, where both sides fought in overt conflicts, when in reality the Sith had evolved and in doing so, were able to bring down the Jedi Order essentially from within.

    17. Episodes X, XI and XII - yea or nay? Why?

    I say “nay”. The reason being, I think from what George Lucas has said in the past, that his films would be nine movies, a “trilogy of trilogies”, so to speak, it would make sense for Episode IX to conclude the Skywalker Saga. As to why, basically what I said in the Poll thread asking whether the ST is the conclusion of the saga:

    I too love the idea of a trilogy of sagas, each one being three parts. There's a definite symmetry there, and Star Wars has always emphasized symmetries. With the ST, we can conclude the nine-episode Skywalker Saga, and then the franchise would be free to move on in different directions, like the idea of a prequel saga set thousands of years in the past and a sequel saga set sometime in the future, both featuring different sets of characters than the Skywalker Saga, with only subtle relationships outside of being set in the same galaxy, but in different points of history. The Star Wars universe is a living entity, constantly evolving, with its history being filled out by numerous writers, authors, and storytellers. That's also why I love a great deal of the pre-PT EU so much. They focus on areas of the SW universe apart from the Skywalkers, so that it doesn't look like the whole galaxy revolves around the Skywalkers, such that it seems like the Skywalker story is the only one that really matters. We have more than 25k years of history prior to the OT, and endless story possibilities for a prequel saga. The same can be said about a sequel saga, set perhaps hundreds of years after the ST.

    It would be a shame if the franchise always chose to focus on following the Skywalker family indefinitely at the expense of other characters. It's a huge galaxy, with a limitless number of stories to tell. Please take advantage of this, Disney!

    18. Let’s talk about the Saga in general. A classic question - favorite movie and why?

    Revenge of the Sith, albeit very narrowly over The Empire Strikes Back. RotS contains all of the elements of onscreen SW that most appeal to me: a focus on the darker side of the Force, a brief but brilliant space battle, and of course, plenty of lightsaber duels. Its story was the culmination of a classic Greek tragedy in space. Through his actions, and the circumstances that propelled him toward those actions, Anakin Skywalker, one of the great heroes of the Clone Wars, completed his fall from grace and in his place would walk the fearsome and iconic Darth Vader. I’m well aware of the film’s faults, such as the feeling that it was quite rushed (Anakin’s dissatisfaction with the Jedi Council is kind of glossed over), and then there’s Count Dooku being killed off very early on—such as wasted opportunity to establish his character over the course of the films. Dooku I felt would have made for a more interesting antagonist leading the CIS than did General Grievous, who only really looked cool but unlike the EU and the micro-series, he had more bark than actual bite. Nevertheless, they were ultimately side players behind the real narrative—that is, how Anakin was seduced to the Dark Side by Palpatine. Some of the best scenes were between the two, including the opera scene where Palpatine relates the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise; a tale that would spawn one of my favorite EU novels. Speaking of Palpatine, Ian McDiarmid was wonderful in his oft-hammy performance of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Finally bringing his full powers to bear, Sidious was truly a treat to watch onscreen as he basked in the revelry of seeing his Grand Plan come to fruition with Order 66 and the establishment of the Galactic Empire. RotS provided an excellent visual spectacle that was easily the darkest SW film in the saga, and I really did feel sorry for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé, and even Anakin himself in the end. The final duel, over-choreography aside, between the two former friends the so-called “Battle of Heroes” provided great drama and was probably the most dramatic fight in the entire saga, even though we knew how it would end. The ending also seamlessly set up ANH, so that one can watch a marathon of the entire six-film saga without skipping a beat. A powerful story whose tragic nature I can really appreciate; the novelization of the film was even better, rightfully considered one of the best novels in the EU.

    19. Which scene from the Saga did have the strongest emotional impact on you?

    I’d have to say Vader’s redemption; his seemingly spur-of-the-moment decision to save his son and in doing so, fulfill the prophecy of the Chosen One by destroying the Sith. That’s some powerful stuff right there, and in the context of the prequels, this scene is really amplified in its emotional impact. It was love, Luke’s compassion and love for his father, that ultimately allowed Anakin to finally fulfill his destiny and destroy the Sith. The final passage of the Revenge of the Sith novelization states this most brilliantly: “The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always win—but in the heart of its strength lies weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back. Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars.” There’s something poetic about this scene as well: for all his power and the triumphs he accomplished, the Emperor was finally brought down by the man he had seduced to darkness and emotionally tormented for decades, successfully burying Anakin Skywalker so that only Vader remained. But Luke’s compassion brought out that candle of light that had long been suppressed in Vader, allowing for the “Return of the Jedi.”

    20. If there was one thing you could change about anything in the Saga - what would it be?

    One thing only? I’d make Jar Jar less of a complete bumbling fool and a far more competent character. In TPM, he’s basically just there for comic relief even if his presence advanced the plot. All the silliness he was a part of were generally things I really did not like about the prequels, and if they could make him a more serious character, than I feel it would have certainly improved the film.

    21. What was your least appropriate use of a Star Wars quote in real life?

    Tough to think of one off the top of my head, as I almost never use Star Wars quotes in real life (when is it ever really appropriate to use one, other than fan conventions, etc.?). “Boring conversation anyway.” I suppose, after hanging up on a particularly annoying infomercial phone call (thankfully, I very rarely get any of these). But I say this more to myself than anyone! :p

    22. If you lived in GFFA, what would be your ideal occupation?

    Mandalorian mad scientist. Only not so ruthless and cruel…hopefully. [face_skull]

    23. Favorite Force ability?

    Force healing. I’d be able to heal myself and others. Not the coolest ability, and not necessarily the one I’d want if I can only have one power, but probably the most helpful for real-world purposes. I've had some experience with clinicians, so this power would be great to have IRL.

    24. Let’s move away from Star Wars for a bit. Have any hobbies or interesting pastimes?

    Truth be told, I’m not a very interesting IRL. Most of my hobbies are typical of most ‘nerds’, I love gaming (in my spare time), spending wasting time on the InterWebz, etc. I do like numbers and one of my pastimes includes running statistical analysis on virtually any kind of numbers I get a hold of (or simple number-crunching), and I’ve found a great use for this when I play fantasy basketball. Outside of the computer stuff, I like going out on the occasional hike, especially when traveling, doodling for fun (never did practice enough to put anything worth showing in the Fanart thread), and discussing nerdy things with friends; I especially like to talk about astronomy and the latest advances in biotechnology.

    25. Any other favorite franchises, besides Star Wars?

    There are a number of franchises outside of SW that interests me. For literature and film, the most prominent ones are Lord of the Rings (the trilogy and The Hobbit) and Harry Potter. These franchises have transcended the written page to entertain generations onscreen, and I have to say I am happy to hear that new films are coming out for both franchises. I do enjoy a good comedy now and then, and occasionally catch episodes of The Big Bang Theory, a very enjoyable comedy for a nerd such as me, since there are times that I can relate to the characters quite well, having spent time as a graduate student at a university.

    I am probably more passionate about a few game franchises than film and television; games offer an interactive medium that I tend to find more stimulating than the simple, passive enjoyment of movies and television. I’ve always been a PC gamer since I was very young (I’ve actually never owned any other game console), and the franchises that I am most fond of are those titles created by Blizzard Entertainment (Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft), the Age of Empires series of games, and my most recent favorite franchise of all, Mass Effect. As you can see, I like both role-playing games (RPG) and real-time strategy (RTS) games best.

    My favorite videogame franchise of all has to be Mass Effect. Despite the fact that I only started playing the game about a year after Mass Effect 2 was released, it really drew my interest with its story-based gameplay and natural-sounding conversations and character interactions. Despite my limited exposure to RPGs, I felt Mass Effect was well the pinnacle of story-based role playing games. The first game started with a very engaging and promising storyline, which admittedly degraded a bit as the series went on, with the developers seemingly focused on appealing to more casual gamers than the first one did, as they went for the almost-generic action hero shtick. Yet from Mass Effect 2 onward character development was really emphasized, and the game really did make you care for the characters if you took the time to speak with them. It all comes full circle in Mass Effect 3, which, despite its much-maligned and controversial ending, really did bring a solid conclusion to a series that really engaged the gamer in myself. A game that I felt truly transported you into another world, to the point where it felt like more than just a game—it captured that feeling I had when I first delved in the vastness of the Star Wars universe, that you were truly in a place where you can spend a lot of time exploring and learning from the various inhabitants of this imaginary world. Anyway, I’m done raving. I could write a far more extensive wall of text on the subject of Mass Effect if I wanted to, but it seems I’ve already written way too much.

    26. We’ve barely stepped into the year 2014. Any specific goals you hope to achieve in the next 11 months?

    I need to find myself a permanent job, first of all. I’m still stuck in that in-between state where I've basically finished all the research I need for my degree, so I will get in the summer, but I’ve been working on trying to get a paper published as well. So these are the top two goals on my priority list at the moment. Also, learn more programming languages to make me more competitive in the engineering job market. Beyond that, I’m hoping that with a stable job I can afford to purchase a few videogames, Star Wars novels and comic books, and the full seasons of The Clone Wars on DVD or BluRay during the year. Especially with Dark Horse Comics’ license expiring, I’m thinking of getting some omnibuses. I suppose getting into better shape should also be a standard goal, so I’ll include that on my list. Also, for more trivial goals, on this forum I’ll hopefully have more than 2,000 posts by the end of the year, and with any luck over 6,000 ‘likes’. So I’ll keep posting around here! Also, getting permanent colors like Darth Chiznuk…kidding, but that would be awesome!
  4. A Chorus of Disapproval

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    Brilliant first go, there. Worthwhile read due to good questions and replies. Although, you could have just quoted this:
    It is rather verbatim. :p

    Great start.
  5. The Hellhammer

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    Nov 4, 2012
    Thanks :)

    Could you just please switch it so it's tagged as a Social thread? For some reason, that option wasn't open to me when creating the thread.
  6. A Chorus of Disapproval

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    You got it, sir.
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  7. Pfluegermeister

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    I don't think this point is emphasized nearly enough on these boards, but it stands as paramount to why I also would conclude the main Saga at nine episodes: SYMMETRY MATTERS.
  8. T-R-

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    Great idea guys, and great execution.

    Thanks @Circular Logic for the in depth replies, it was a great read.
  9. Pfluegermeister

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    This really IS a good idea for a thread. Think I'll partake...
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    Hellhammer for mod 2014! [face_party]
  12. T-R-

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    As long as he promises to bring Peace and Prosperity to the Forums.
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  13. SuperPersch

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    Yea, this isn't at all what I thought it was going to be like. And I mean that in a good way. Really interesting stuff!
  14. Mystery Roach

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    Cool thread and excellent interview! An honor to see some of my ideas make it into a response too. ;)
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    This is great, and I would love to partake in it.
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  16. Pfluegermeister

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    Frankly, something like this thread desperately needed to happen, and soon. The utter lack of any news for more than a year is something modern Star Wars fans simply aren't used to - even I, who lived through the REALLY lean years of 1983-1999, still find myself having to reaccustom myself to the silence. But this silence, utterly deafening to us fans, has truly generated a sense of general testiness here - and I say that in the full knowledge that I'm every bit as guilty of adding to that sense as any other, and more than some. The need was clear for a time-out and a get-to-know-you session here; it becomes a lot harder for me or anyone else to take shots at another when you now KNOW the inside of that other.

    Everyone give Hellhammer a well-deserved thumbs-up. =D=
  17. The Hellhammer

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    Very glad to see all the positive feedback this is getting, thanks folks :)

    Next interview coming out February 23rd, stay tuned ;)
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    Thanks Hellhammer! I've added the name of the current victim interviewee to the thread title. When you post a new interview, we'll update the title. :cool:
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    Great job The Hellhammer and Circular Logic I really enjoyed reading your answers. It's going to be very cool to get to know everyone around here that I've enjoyed talking SW with for over a year now!
  20. mavjade

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    Great interview, in both questions and answers! =D=

    I loved this answer, and I completely agree! It would certainly be great in real world application... though it would probably put me out of a job. ;)
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    Hopefully the interview isn't circular in nature...
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    Hey everybody! Thank you for all the compliments! ^:)^

    Like I said at the end of the interview, I really enjoyed it! I'd love to extend my thanks to The Hellhammer for asking some great questions (looks like he got his colors a day after Chiznuk!), and I found the interview unique enough that I generally didn't have to regurgitate any of the same responses I made for my SWTV interview (if anyone is interested in reading that super-long one for the sake of comparison, it's right here). I agree with Pfluegermeister that this thread will be an excellent way to pass the time and get to know one another during the wait for Episode VII to arrive in cinemas. We still have roughly 22 months to go! I'm looking forward to the next interview, whenever that may be, and I'm sure everyone that signs up will have a rewarding experience as I have! Just keep in mind that responses generally don't have to be as long as mine, concision isn't exactly my strongest point. ;)
  24. Dra---

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    Hopefully the interview isn't circular in nature...
  25. Pfluegermeister

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    Hopefully the interview isn't circular in nature...
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