The JC Lit Comic Reviews Special: Knights of the Old Republic: FLASHPOINT

Discussion in 'Literature' started by 000, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. 000

    000 Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 18, 2005
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    Attack of the Mandies: today's review thread is for "Flashpoint," the second [i]Knights[/i] arc. Next will be "Homecoming," which takes place concurrent with this one.

    Comprised of:

    [link=]Knights of the Old Republic #7 - Flashpoint, part 1[/link]
    [link=]Knights of the Old Republic #8 - Flashpoint, part 2[/link]
    [link=]Knights of the Old Republic #10 - Flashpoint, part 3[/link]

    Some rules: rate "Flashpoint" on a scale of [b]1 to 5[/b], supplementing your rating with a review, if you want to (it's not necessary but is highly encouraged). Please do not rate or review the story until after you've read the whole thing, and remember to review the entire story, not just a single issue. Re-reading the arc in its entirety is recommended, although obviously not required. Thanks. [face_happy]>
  2. SephyCloneNo15

    SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 9, 2005
    3/5 Not terrible, but not spectacular either.

    The main thing that elevates this story among some of the others you would find filed under M for Mediocrity is the sheer amount of stuff that Flashpoint set up. Demagol, Rohlan, Alek, Jarael, the numerous threads of stories that could fray out from Flashpoint is impressive to say the least.

    Oh, and I guess there's some Mandos, if, y'know, you're into that.
  3. Amon_Amarth

    Amon_Amarth Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 27, 2005
    Pretty nice development of the story. A Mandalorian 'deserter', Squint's origins, Dr Demagol... it all really intrigued me. This series show that there is much more to the Mandalorian wars than we had thought, and with a good humor and excellent space battle scenes there is also a doze of mystery. Flashpoint is a must-read, IMO. And it is the best part of KOTOR comics, thus far.
  4. Kaje

    Kaje Jedi Master star 4

    May 29, 2005
    Part 1 was decent. Seeing Gryph and Co's first caper was pretty cool, though by now they've really gotten old to me. Though both are good, I prefer Weaver's art to Ching's; looks more dynamic, and he has the ability to make the characters look different from eachother. The couple spreads we saw of the massive Mandalorian invasion was amazing.

    Part 2 was freaking perfect. The pages full of Mandalore and huge Mando fleets are the most beautiful yet in this series. Rohlan was an awesome character, and I'm disappointed we haven't seen more of him yet. Demagol was also really interesting and creepy.

    Part 3 was decent. After the awesomeosity of part 2, it was a bit of a let-down, but still good. To be honest, the constant red herrings and hints in this series kinda bug me, so having Squint be named Alek was a little annoying (though not as annoying as discovering the names of Zayne's parent a few issues later - come on, there is no possible way that Zayne is Revan). And I was disappointed we didn't get to see what Demagol looked like under his armor. Speaking of which, it seems "Rohlan's" been hiding in that crate for waaaaaay too long now. Do something with that!

    Anyway, I give it 4/5.
  5. DarthMane2

    DarthMane2 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 20, 2003
    I give it about a 3 out of 5. I would say 2, but I'm being nice. For some reason it didn't catch me like I thought. IT started off slow, and involved one of the many grand cliche's in Star Wars as a whole, the captured ally to the hero. And there was nothing different about it. It was an interesting set up, but something I could go without reading.

    The Mandalorian War stuff was great, and the fleet spreads and such were beautiful. But even when that was getting good it ended. The 3rd issue most of all was the biggest disappointment.

    Flashpoint didn't help me like these characters anymore then before, and left me wanting more Mando War then I did,"the next adventure of Zayne Carrick."
  6. Mayor_Adam_West

    Mayor_Adam_West Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 22, 2006
    Very good arc. Part 3 with the escape from flashpoint was very well done. And Rohlan was a cool mandalorian, but they really do need to get him out of that crate. I'd like to see more of him.

  7. Sikon

    Sikon Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2006
    It may be a hint that Revan came from the same world as Zayne's parents.
  8. Carnage04

    Carnage04 Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 8, 2005

    So the Flashpoint interlude isn't formally considered part of this arc I take it?

    I loved this arc. It has humor, a feeling of being epic in scale, a true sense of danger, and a few more things to make you wonder about future events.

    It furthered my feelings that Gryph is one of the greatest Sidekicks (Or as been pointed out....Zayne is a great sidekick to Gryph) in Star Wars history. A few of my favorites... "What am I going to do, sell it to them? I think they are covered when it comes to blasters!" (Arms Flailing) "My Charges! Look you idiots, that isn't junk Rolling around. That's my product!" "Admiral Gryph of the Glomkettle!" That guy is a riot.

    The first issue was a tad plain....but it did need to set things up. The plan to get supplies was sound, and Jarael was awesome in her "Padwannabe" imitation of Q'nalia. The spread of the Mandos attacking was sweet. It was nice to start to set things up.

    Issue two was fantastic. Some of the battle shots are amazing. We get some insight as to why Carth would be such a big fan of Karath. "I guess this isn't a good time to suggest to Captain Karath that there might be some openings soon at Admiral" "Defeat is not a career opportunity Morvins, it's just defeat. The last soldier alive is always the Supreme Commander of his own forces. Hardly worth a Parade." It shows him with a real sense of being a good and noble guy. Onboard the last resort, the conversation with Rohlan was golden. "Do you know WHY the mandalorians are attacking the Republic?" Good question. It seems there is a little more to this than we know. The bit about him telling Zayne and friends that they attacked Taris because some Jedi killed the next class of Jedi was cool. When Zayne announced he had a "Plan" I was very intrigued and curious as to how they would pull it off. The first glimpse of Demagol's office was chilling.

    Issue Three's first item of interest was Demagol's fascination with Jarael. The later "Jarael" "What happened you had him" "I..I heard something" also leaves a world of possiblities open. I'm very curious about those items. The knocking out of Demagol and the attack by the Glomkettle was brilliant and the bits of discussion between Zayne/Squint and Jarael/Squint were excellent. The seeming juxtoposition of Rohlan and Demegol was a cool twist.

    Things I didn't like...

    Camper being too sane the entire arc. The guy is a run down old man that floats between reality and...whatever goes on in his head. Yet, he's able to fight a pretty good Mandalorian in hand to hand combat. After that he "Eyeballs" Jarael's bracelet and is able to track the Mandos. He also set up the entire communications scam in the first one...all without a single "spell".

    The fact that there were about as many Jedi as Mandolorians in the bunker and they did not manage to free themselves. Granted some of them seemed worn down by Demagol's procedures....but they had nothing to lose! It was unlikely that they would be rescued...but they sat there all defeated.

    I'll give it a 3.5/5, 5/5, 4.5/5 for a 4.33..(Make it a 4.25/5) for the series. Very Very enjoyable.

  9. 000

    000 Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 18, 2005
    I'll give it a 4.

    27.5 / 7 = 3.9285714285714285714285714285714 = ~ [b]3.9[/b]

  10. 000

    000 Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 18, 2005
    Bumping for the TPB: remember, this thread is only for the "Flashpoint" arc; the two other stories included in the TPB should be reviewed in their own threads.
  11. SuperWatto

    SuperWatto Manager Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 19, 2000
    Covers included. Got my Ithorian with a gun, I'm happy.
  12. Havac

    Havac Former Moderator star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 29, 2005
    Hmm. This arc just didn't grip me like Commencement and Homecoming did. I don't hold that against it, though, because it was all about setting up the characters for the next set of events, and it was still a fun ride. I get the feeling that the plot threads from this are going to be a big factor going on. The art, though, was fantastic. Great stuff.

  13. ThrawnRocks

    ThrawnRocks Jedi Master star 6

    Apr 10, 2004
    4.3 out of 5

    This arc was very impressive, but did have a few weak points, and like Havac, it didn't draw me in as much as Commencement did.

    This arc started out slooooww. For the first issue, and a little bit of the second issue not much grabbed me. The deal on the planet was not too interesting, but allowed for set up for later in the arc, what with Gryph finding the charges and everything. However, there was a nice little scene with Jarael, showing her in awe of the natural beauty around her after living for years in the Lower City. Something I hadn't thought of before, and helped add to her character after what we saw in Commencement. Honestly, I found the chase scene with the Mandies just after somewhat dull, but it allowed us to see more of Elbee, who got very little page time in Commencement, so it was great to see this quirky droid with and obsessive hate of Master Lucien. Also, Zayne learining to take advantage of this was hilarious.

    In the second issue we have some beautiful battle spreads, though they add very little to the story. There was a cute little set up for Mand'alor, though it really just ammounted to a cameo set up for future arcs. Great character design for Mand'alor, I must say though. The explination of the Mandie's strategy on the Courageous was a bit confusing to me, but Rohlan's explination later cleared that up for me. Courageous was a great ship design, and the scene allowed for a good character moment for Saul Karath, showing both his noble fleet commander side, then immediately after his vicious side when they run into Zayne, and showing his mistrust for Jedi. IMO, this arc really picks up once Zayne and Elbee have Rohlan trapped in the box. The humor and intrigue of the series flood right back in. Once Rohlan gets out he poses some very interesting questions about the war, and shows a new kind of Mandalorian, not just the brutish fighter we're used to. He is a very intelligent and interesting character, and I look forward to seeing him again in the future. I was also surprised and happy to see a slow hyperdrive being a good thing forprobably the first time in the Star Wars universe :p We then feature the return of Squint and really getting him in a major role for the first time. I don't know if he's Malak, but I like the guy a lot. We also get the introduction of the psychotic Doctor Demagol who is a great villain with an appropriate laboratory decorated with human skulls. With Demagol and Mand'alor, we get two nice additions to Zayne's Rogues Gallery so to speak, and begin expanding his enemies to more than just the Jedi Covenant, which I find is a nice touch. Having more than one group of villains prevents one group from getting old fast and can allow for interesting situations when one enemy meets the other, as it looks like is happening or will soon happen in more recent issues.

    Zayne's plan and the execution of it is brilliant. First, it is nice to see Rohlan as their inside man, working against his fellow Mandies. Second, knocking out and dressing up as Demagol is great and so very, very Star Wars. It is great seeing Rohlan and Zayne socializing with and distracting the Mandies while Zayne sets up the charges with great little hand motions. Oh, and more Elbee! :D For his part, I think Rolhan was actually being a bit to aggressive in taking the lead, but I guess it was needed, and it wouldn't look too strange to the others around. Gryph as a Republic Admiral, and naming the ship after Ma Hierogryph was classic [face_laugh] Though I do have to wonder where the crew got an Admiral's uniform :p Gryph's taunting attitude was brilliant. And in the end, the plan was able to get the other Mandie's cleanly off the planet and cover Rohlan in the future, presuming him dead. The ending was good with a nice chat between Squint and Zayne, and a nice discussion between Squint and Jarael with the possible setup for a future love triangle. :p Also possible foreboding wth Alek wearing the Sith Spacesuit. Finally, I really like the implied switcheroo bet
  14. cbagmjg

    cbagmjg Jedi Knight star 3

    Jul 12, 2006
    If Homecoming was apart of this arc then I would say 5/5, since it's my favorite issue by far. But I'll have to take it down a notch and say 4/5. The art was great, especially the spaceships. It bugs me just a little that one arc Zayne looks like Anakin and the next he looks like Christian Slater, but that doesn't make me like it less. To see Mandalore the Ultimate for the first time, at least as Mandalore, was cool. And even though that I believe to some degree that Jarael mistook Squint for saying Alek instead of Malak and believe without a doubt that Demagol and Rohlan have switched places, it's still a cool thing to have people discuss the issues in a mostly civilized manner, even though they might disagree.
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