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P.Rico The Jedi Arudoushi Society (PRJO Role Playing Game Thread)

Discussion in 'Latin America General Discussion' started by Corran_Horn_, Aug 9, 2002.

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  1. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    The Jedi Arudoushi Society
    A PRJO RPG Organization


    A millenia ago a group of Jedi Knights, led by Jedi Master Onaa Ichibun, united under one basic principle: Glory through the Force and honor above everything else. For these Jedi agression brought power. Power brought glory. Glory brought honor.

    These Jedi called themselves The Jedi Arudoushi Society. This society has stood throught the ages through honor, strength, glory and dignity. The Jedi Arudoushi Society are led by the Jedi Veneratio a position handed down through the centuries. The Jedi Veneratio has the power to designate his succesor, giving him the title of Jedi Praetor. The right hand of the Veneratio and the Praetor is the Arudoushi Bastone, a position of great power and honor. The next in power are the Arudoushi Caporegime , Jedi of great power and dignity.

    Proven members of the Jedi Arudoushi Society become Arudoushi Sgarrista, the honored foot soldier who carry out day to day business of the Arudoushi. They are the "made" member of the Arudoushi. People of this rank and above are granted power within the politics of the Society.

    Persons wishing to become members become Arudoushi Piciotto until they have proven their worth to the Society. They have no power of decition and no power in the politics of the Society. They are NOT TRULY CONSIDEDED SOCIETY MEMBERS until they have proven their honor and their dedication to the Society.

    Arudoushi D'Honore are people outside the Society who by their honor and dignity are given special status of kin by the Arudoushi.

    The Jedi Arudoushi Society seeks glory in honor, power through the Force and strength in their bond. The Jedi Arudoushi use their inner agressions and instincts but never give in to hatred or the Dark Side. It is a difficult path to thread and only the best Jedi are capable to use the "grey" side of the Force.

    The Jedi Arudoushi Society takes "jobs" much like bounty hunters, but they only take those who fit with their concept of honor. And asking the Jedi Jedi Veneratio for a favor usually brings immediate action and solution to any problem. . .for a price.

    If you think you are capable of mastering the arts of the Jedi Arudoushi, reply to this thread or PM any member.

    From The Jedi Arudoushi Code
    by Jedi Master Onaa Ichibun

    [li]A Jedi Arudoushi is neither part of the Light Side or part of the Dark Side. [/li]
    [li]A Jedi Arudoushi uses his Jedi skills for honor.[/li]
    [li]A Jedi Arudoushi values honor above anything else. [/li]
    [li]A Jedi Arudoushi seeks glory for himself/herself and his kin.[/li]
    [li]A Jedi Arudoushi shall always take care of his kin at all cost. Without question, without reservation.[/li]
    [li]If a Jedi Arudoushi is threatened, all the Society is threatened. [/li]
    [li]There is no greater dishonor than to fail a fellow Jedi Arudoushi.[/li]
    [li]There is power in agression. [/li]
    [li]There is dishonor in hatred.[/li]
    [li]There is honor in glory.[/li]
    [li]There is no honor in the Dark Side of the Force.[/li]


    The Jedi Arudoushi Society

    Jedi Veneratio

    Jedi Praetor

    Arudoushi Bastone

    Arudoushi Caporegime

    Arudoushi Sgarrista

    Arudoushi Piciotto

    Arudoushi D'Honore Honorary Jedi Arudoushi


    Arudoushi Honor (Missions Completed)

    [li]Xanatos_nwo[/li] 122,000 creds Honor Points I
    [li]Ktulu_Terumo[/li] 239,000 creds
  2. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    *A strong presence is felt. Fellow members of the Arudoushi Society can feel how powerfull and strong in the Force this Sgarrista Jedi is.

    But he is too proud. He have a high thinking of himself. Sometimes, this flaws make fellow society members to feel anger towards him, others feel pity. But to date, no one has dare to face him while he's training.
    Not even the great Veneratio has accepted his request.

    As he continue his walk in the palace, he removes his hood. A Nautolan, born in Glee Anselm. Padawan to an unknown Master. Deserter of the Jedi order, although many say he was rather expeled.

    The Nautolan reaches the far side of the temple. The training room. Where members of the great Arudoushi Society come to hone their skills. He then removes his robe. He sits on the floor, and enters a Jedi trance. A high meditate state. Some say that this particular Nautolan was expeled from the Jedi Order because of a forgiven habit of him. He test the darkside. Sometimes to the limit. Dangerous habit this Nautolan have.
    And as much as he likes to think, he haven't mastered it yet. For the darkside is strong and powerfull and one can easily be embrace by it. Ktulu_Terumo, former Jedi Knigth, member of the Arudoushi Society, as a Sgarrista, is constantly sicking power.
    His dream, to master the ways of the Force, but it's dangerous side as well, the darkside.

    Ktulu_Terumo stay sitten. Quietly, seeking an opponent. Always waiting the oportunity to become stronger, to adquire more knowledge, and to become the fear of many.
  3. Xanatos_nwo

    Xanatos_nwo Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 5, 2002
    [Starts Holo]

    "Greetings fellow members of the Jedi Arudoushi Society.As you've seen already, our clan has been through some changes which are for the better. Soon will be our time. Honor. Pride. Glory. they can all be yours if you fight hard for them. Be wearyand be mindful of the living Force."

    "May the FORCE be with you..."

    [Ends Holo]
  4. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu is a strong believer of meditation. He atempts to conquer his deepest fears, by controling them from their source, where they where born, in his mind. Sometimes he's lost in time. Spending days in total seclusion. A journey through his mind, his deepest thougths and his dearest memories.
    Memories. Some of them will hunt him forever.
    His failures, his victories, his sacrifices.

    Memories from when he was a respected Jedi Knigth. Proud he was, to be respected by others. To be entrusted as a keeper of the peace. That was then. When only the ligthside of the Force flowed through him.
    Before he discover the truth. He denied, until forced to admit it.

    Ktulu begins to sweat. This memories troubles him. He lost focused.
    He lost control. And his eyes suddenly are open.

    He calms himself. "Use the Force, don't let the past get the best of you" he thinks.
    "you can't let this happen, if true power you seek to achieve" he continues to himself.

    Then he take a moment to obserev the chamber.
    There are numerous reasons why he likes to spend time in this particular place.
    Here he truly feels alive. Here he can exploit his figthing skills, to the limit.
    Here he finds solitude, which he likes.
    But must of all, here he finds knowlege.

    He calmly looks around the chamber, contemplating the numerous holograms and artifacts. Things that spoke of the Arudoushi greatness. And then his sigth is stoped, motionless. He petrefies by the piece of art reflected in his complete, mirror like eyes.

    A ligth saber.
    But not any ligthsaber. This masterfully created weapon of the Jedi, was the property of the great Onna Ichibun.
    "Our father, founder of the Arudoushi Society, great swordsman , possessor of a river of knowledge, a truly Master in the Jedi arts"
    Ktulu couldn't contain his words. They erupted out from his very soul. The esence of the Temple, of the society, of they way of life, simbolize by this unique ligthsaber.

    Ktulu the stares at his own saber. Common design. Not heavy nor ligth. Created from an mistique material. Scarce material found only in Ktulu's home planet, Glee Anselm.
    But something strange about it.
    Marks, seven marks. Hand maded, as if counting something. Seven marks, representing
    Ktulu's most deadly preys. A crude smile can be seen in his face. Then he close his eyes again. Trying to focus, to continue his meditation.

    "I felt a tremor in the Force earlier. It distrubed me. Never felt anything like it before. I must try and find focus. Balance between the Force. Balance between the darkside and the ligth side. I must concentrate, before begin today's training"
    He thinks to himself as he place his saber in his belt, and continue his morning meditation
  5. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu finish his meditation. He has achieve what he desire from it. Control, of himself and his fears. Control over his agressive feelings.

    Ktulu stands. He stayed there focused. He moves slowly his left arm, reaching the comlink on his belt. He turns it on an replies.
    A voice through the comlink answers. A shattered voice. As if heard underwater.
    "Can I be of assistense sir?"
    Labuna, headmaster of the servants from the temple. And personal assistant to the high members of it.
    Ktulu replies "Like always. Send the remotes please". Labuna asks sarcastic "The usual amount?" Ktulu smiles, nod his head and replies "please, double the numbers"
    Labuna is quiet for a second then answers "Are you sure sir, the last time..."
    Ktulu abruptly interuptes him "Just send them Labuna, and set them to kill ,please, and I won't argue on the matter"
    Labuna is quiet again, then replies" As you wish"
    Ktulu turns off the comlink.

    The Nautolan steps in the meddle of the chamber. The floor opens in a circle, a elevator type of device can be noticed in the floor. Then movement starts. Ktulu is sent to a lower level. The Training Center.

    Ktulu begins to talk to himself, waiting for the remotes to appear.
    " Remeber, focus. Seek to strike without extreme anger. Use it, let it be your ally, but don't be consume by it. There is no fear. There is no honor in fear. And when Ktulu is holding his ligthsaber, there shouldn't be fear in your mind, instead, in your opponent's".
    Finishing the words the remotes appear.
    Twelve of them, suspended at eye level, chrome circle robots with tiny holes, wich are blasters. Deadly if set to kill, wich they are. They hover towards Ktulu, and begin the onslaught.

    Ktulu flipbacks to safety, takes the ligthsaber from his belt, but not ignites it.
    "Remember, a Jedi uses the Force to defend, never to attack" Ktulu is no longer a Jedi. At least not one that would follow they thousands years old code. But he had a great teacher. Ktulu learned the ways of the Force quite well.
    Six of the remots take a "V" formation, while the other seek to ambush Ktulu from the back. They start blasting. Ktulu lowers a bit and waits for the rigth moment, then Force pushes the "V" formation into a wall, destroying one of
    them. He skillfuly avoids the others blasts. The remotes regroup. They come in a second strike altogheter. They start blasting, and Ktulu is forced to ignites his ligthsaber, silver colored blade, and deflects every single blast intended to penetrate his skin.
    Must of the remotes got destroy in the process. Three survived, hovering slowly towards Ktulu. He jumps, avoids some blasts, gestures with his deadly weapon.
    He got to the ground, while turning his saber off , as well as tiny little pieces of what used to be good and expensive remotes. The training is over.
    Ktulu removes the sweat from his head, puts his ligthsaber on his belt, and force grabs the comlink.
    "Labuna, you may lower the elevator"
    Labuna answers, some kind of relief can be sense from his words "At once sir"

    Ktulu exits the Training Center and is back to the Chamber of Onaa Ichibun, where Labuna is expecting him. "Sir, Ktulu, if you continue this madness training ,someday it will become the death of you"
    Ktulu gently put his rigth hand on Labuna's left shoulder "Perhaps my friend, but it's the only way I can achieve perfection"
    Labuna crumbles "Sir remember that your figthing skills are being recorded for the next remotes, as you requested. Some day, they will read your very thougths. Some day, they will eventually win"
    Ktulu smiles again and nods at Labuna "Well that's the whole purpose isn't it my friend?
    If those remotes still can say my moves, even though every training is being recorded and processed into they memory sistems, no enemy will"
    Labuna lower his head, then nods in a negative manner "You still have to compensate for the remotes destroyed"
    Ktulu give a stare to him, then smiles, "Of course, haven't I done it, every single day?"
    Ktulu stands firmly, lower his head in sign of respect, and walks s
  6. Skalderan

    Skalderan Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 10, 2002
    Woah how did i get here?

    ....somebody please explain cause ive had a couple corelian ales!
  7. Obi-Ian-Kenobi

    Obi-Ian-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 23, 2002
    Is it safe????
  8. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    **Steps into the foreroom of the temple**

    Obi-Ian, welcome.

    What is your business here?

    I would assume you come here on business, thus I see no other reason why you would wish to come here.

    **SKALDERAN** This is Wampa's Claw with a new name, basically. . .to make things interesting. . .
  9. Xanatos_nwo

    Xanatos_nwo Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 5, 2002
    [Looks at Obi-Ian.]

    "What do you mean?"

    [Then Xanatos meditates on this athis chamber.]

    "That's it. jejeje Now everything is in place...soon."
  10. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    Basic Code

    bptn, ocdn dn mzvggt nomvibz. d yji'o gdfz do vo vgg.

    wz xvmzapg viy ozgg hz da oczt yj vitocdib npnkdxdjpn.

    Xanatos, C1

    slj lwrz bfp xp bftpcld opntc? nzxz, bfp cljzd pdel aldlyoz?

    pdezj xpotz apcotoz pd!

  11. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    A disturbance in the Force. Felt by many Force adepts, specialy the ones close to it's sourse. The ones at the Arudoushi Temple. Many Jedi Sgarrista and Piciotto are attending errands and fullfilng tasks, they felt the disturbance. And echo from the darkside, getting near.

    The Ancient Temple's doors opens, revealing a shadow figure. A precense engulfed with agony, with despair. The many beings at the temple felt it. The figure steps in, removing his robe, revealing his identity, already felt by some, but clouded to others by his skills.

    Ktulu_Terumo stands as he meticulously serches the Temple, examining every single presence. "He is here" he mention with a vague tone. Then he walks towards the main hall, contemplating the precious walls of the temple, beautifully decorated with art from ancient times. The great and glorious time of the Arudoushi. Many Jedi artifacts and ancient weapons coverd the walls.

    As he walks, a dark aura can be felt. And indeed Ktulu reflects it. He's been figthing a struggle within for weeks. A shadow from the past. An evil terror, came to haunt him.
    Giving place for the darkside to embrace his tired mind.

    In his quest for power, Ktulu has dangerously venture through the darkside, seeking it's deepest secrets. Always carefull as to not let be seduce by it.
    But he understimated the power of the darkside. In time, and without he noticeing it, he was consume.
    Madness has become him, as he seeks to be release from the darkpath.

    Others felt this as he slowly walks his path to the elevator. The only elevator in the Temple. All the rooms and chambers in the Temple are aproched by stairs, except for the training facility, only accesed by high members, and the Supreme Chamber, Ktulu's destination.
    He stands in fron of it, his path halted by two Jedi Sgarristas guardians. Ktulu gives a glance, then stares at them, a menace look deep reaching they must deepest fears. "If you value your existence, let me pass".
    The two Jedi ignore this, but they fear can be felt by Ktulu, they know who they're dealing with. His reputation and actions are well known in the society.
    Ktulu steps back, as if prepating a strike, whe suddemly the elevators doors opens.
    The Arudoushi Veneratio himself walks out.
    "Ktulu, I've felt your arrogance, your hatred as well, what is the meaning of this?
    What do you seek to acomplish?"
    Ktulu gives an evil smile and replies... " Corran, you will figth me. Power will be mine, you won't be able to stop me. Figth me NOW or be destroyed"
  12. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002

    That is very arrogant. Very dishonorable. It is also very foolish.

    Is that really what you wish to do?
  13. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Corran can feel something's wrong with Ktulu.
    He's being arrogant and stubborn like always, but there's something more, something elusive, an alter presence pulling the strings.
    Ktulu won't hesitate to strike, he steps back and studies the background, as if calculating his first strike and Corran possibles counter attacks
    "Corran, you will die"
  14. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    *Pulls forward slowly*

    I can sense your feelings. Your thoughts betray you. You are afraid. Afraid and confused. You want power but you know this will bring you nothing but dishonor and pain.

    *Looks into his eyes*

    You are looking for a weak spot aren't you? Processing in your mind. . ."where should I hit him?" "Where is he vulnerable?"

    Well, take your best shot. . .It is somewhat fultile, but indulge yourself. . .
  15. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu Force grabs his saber but not ignites it, he walks towards Corran
    "Afarid you say, I will show you fear, fear is my ally, fear has made me powerfull, and embraced by fear, you will die"
    Finishing those words he Force jumps towards Corran, while Force levitating some katana blades that where decorating the walls. All single striking at the great Veneratio
  16. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    *With a wave of his hands he deflects the katanas with the Force.*

    Why do you use toys? Do you not have the Force as your ally?

    Fear has clouded your vision. Fear has made you blind. Your fear has made you weak and foolish.

    If you were not terrified you would have unsheathed your Jedi weapon already and not use mere trinkets to attack me.
  17. Xanatos_nwo

    Xanatos_nwo Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 5, 2002
    [Xanatos enters the Arudoushi HQ's. He senses that something is going on so he gets deeper into the chambers. Once there, he notices that there seems to be a duel. Jedi Knight Ktulu is challenging Master Corran himself. However, instead of joining in the dight he makes an appearance and takes off his hood. He watches closely and stealthily as the two other Jedi continue to duel each other.]
  18. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu flipbacks an landed at Corran's back, the Katana's where a mere distraction, allowing Ktulu to proceed with his real attack, as Corran turns to face his oponent, Ktulu Force pushes him towards the suddenly opened elevator doors. While Corran was deflecting the katana blades, Ktulu Force called the elevator from the Supreme Chamber.

    Corran is slamed into the elevator while Ktulu enters it. While the doors closed , the migthy Nautolan screams at Xanatos..
    "Don't think I haven't felt your precense.
    You ar a mere pawn, not to my interest. I seek to defeat someone with real power, you are nothing but Corran's puppet, can't make desicions on your own. DO not interfere, or I will not hesitate to end you pattetic life."

    Corran stands as they reach the Supreme Chamber, Ktulu flipbacks to the Room.
    Corran walks back from the elevator and stands in front of Ktulu "Do you think you will have some kind of advantage by bringin me to MY quarters?"
    Ktulu smiles, presses the Force, and the two Onaa Ichibun statues beside the elevators door crumble, falling and sealing the only exit.
    "Your silly pawn won't attempt to rescue you now, you are at my mercy. You will learn the true power of the darkside"

    Corran stands, not showing any kind of expresions "You will learn Why I am the current Veneratio. You have failed Ktulu, there is not honor in your style, you are lost and confused"

    Ktulu glance him, a devilish stare, a crazied smile, then he ignites his ligthsaber
    "Let it begin then"
  19. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Corran doesn't want to give into this.
    He feels something IS wrong. He is not quite certain at the time, but it seems that Ktulu either is not himself, or is being manipulated somehow.
    "But how" he asks to himself? "the great proud Ktulu being controled? Squeming with someone else? this is rather unusual in him. he's always been the lone wolf"

    Ktulu is engulfed with hatred, whatching the motionless Corran, lost in his thougths. Then he presess the darkside, and suddenly the Chamber is crumbling, as if millions beings entered the room. As if a thousand nigthmares crawled towards Ktulu's body.
    "Corran, face me coward" he screams as receving this inmence power, the call from the darkside.
    "Ktulu, try to snap out of it, you can't do this. You had let your emotions controled you completely. You are an Arudoushi. Let the spirit off past Jedi Masters help you, I call upon thee Master Onaa Ichibun"

    Ktulu gives a deadly smile, that will chill even a dead corps. He is being controled by the darkside, by a strong and powerfull being, but how? Ktulu stands in attacking possition, gives Corran a final stare and Force moves towards him. Corran is forced to do what he was trying to evade, he grabs his saber and ignites it, in orther to defend himself.
    Ktulu strikes, with great hate, powerfull agressive blows, forcing Corran to the edge, Ktulu is releasing every hidden power he had inside of him, released by the darkside.
    "What's wrong Corran? where is the power of the great Veneratio now?"
    Ktulu slashes at his chest as Corran made him missed by half an inch. Corran Force pushes Ktulu back. He realy don't want to battle Ktulu, he senses somethings wrong.

    "Corran...." Ktulu shouts in anger "when are you going to stop playing and figth me?"
    Corran stands, he knows Ktulu's rigth.
    The migthy Nautolan is attacking witheverything he has. Sooner or later, he will have to realy duel Ktulu, if he whishes to walk out of here victor, or this chambers, the Veneratio Supreme Chamber, center of operation of the Arudoushi Society, where he has spend so many time, will eventually becomes his crypt
  20. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    Very well. If a battle is what you wish for, so be it. . .Jedi.

    *Corran slowly raises from where he is seated. He does it calmly, in a fluid move. He raises both of his hands to a mid position and Force grabs twin lightsabers from his belt. They slowly ignite. He crosses his arms and slowly walks towards Ktulu. The green hues of the lightsabers glow on his expressionless face. He really doesn't want to fight Ktulu, he is one of his brothers, but through the Force he knows this is the only way to bring him back.

    Very slowly, with great care, he moves into a fighting stance.*
  21. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu is not impresed by the current situation, in fact he belives for some reason he has the advantage.
    Perhaps Corran doesn't know about Ktulu's hidden saber on his left boot. Or the fact that, that particular leg is a prostertic one. A scar from war, many years old.

    Ktulu embraces as he stands in front of Corran, readying his saber for battle, searching with his feelings, in order to achieve maximun combat capabilyties.

    " I have long mourn this Corran, our great Veneratio. I well vanquish you, then your postion and power will be mine for the taking. The Arudoushi shall be mine, and with it...." He pauses, realizing his giving too much away " I didn't came to chitchat, now you shall die"

    Ktulu Force jumps towards Corran, who is especting him, battle ready both sabers in hand, and it begins. Their slashes acurately and powerfull, but none of them seems to land a strike to harm the other.
    Corran makes a styling guard, as if dancing with his swords. Ktulu skillfully avoids them, counter attacking one sword with his own, and evadeing the other with the Force.

    Suddelny they are cougth in a single stroke.
    The three sabers crouching togheter, as if they where one. Ktulu makes a single gesture, Corran stare him in the eye.
    They still figth this strike. None of them will concede to the other, but they where pushing hard, and Corran wins it, making Ktulu retrats from him , embraced by the strength of his adversary.

    "Very well Corran, impresive. I expect no less from the Veneratio, of course"
    As he finished those words, he Force call his hidden saber, and ignites them.
    "Let's even this, shal whe?"

    Corran noticed something strange. Something is not quite rigth about Ktulu. Corran examines Ktulu's saber and noticed there are no marks in it. The seven marks on Ktulu's ligthsaber are not there.
    But Corran is force to leave his tougths, as Ktulu crouch for battle, and it continues
    "Round two Veneratio...."
  22. Corran_Horn_

    Corran_Horn_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 7, 2002
    Ktulu hacks with his sabers fast and strong. Corran blocks easily, his mind swept by what is going on.

    "Something is not right," he mutters to himself, "something is not right."

    He feels a flutter in the Force. Something very strange. Like a ripple in the living flesh of the energy field.

    "Something is not right."

    He Force leaps over Ktulu, impossibly twisting in the air.

    Ktulu swings around, blocking Corran's slashes.

    Ktulu is sweating.

    So is Corran.

    But it is not from the battle that beads of sweat form in Corran's forehead. It is the strange feeling that the solution of this problem is somewhere in the back of his head.

  23. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu is well aware of Corran's migth, he is indeed the Veneratio from their nonorable society. But he will not give up. Not until he achieves his ultimate goal.
    Power. He's quest for power had turned him against his own. Against his honor, his pride. He has failed his Honor, the code he has sworn his life to, but must important he has failed his kin. He has betray himself.
    None of that matters any longer.
    No , there is no place for Pride and Honor in his quest for POWER.

    "Corran, stop this silly gambling and figth me for one. Are you afarid to figth me?
    Are you afraid to unleash your true power, and learn for certain that it's not enough to defeat me?"

    Ktulu Force speeds towards Corran, quick and powerfull strike after another, making Corran realize he must figth. He can't deny how powerfull Ktulu has become. Corran makes a skillfull fence with his saber and caugth Ktulu momentarily off balance. The split second necesary forn Corran to attacks.

    Corran Force pushes him, with great precision.
    Ktulu is hard slam into a wall and slowly lands in the ground, stunned from the impact, as many artifacts and relics that where placed in the wall hits him.
    Corran didn't hesitate to strike, taking advantage of Ktulu's partial confision.
    As Corran makes a strike, Ktulu manage to restabilish enough control in order to swing his saber in time, keeping Corran's from inflicting a lethal strike.
    "At last.." Ktulu stares him " decided to figth me, very well"

    TUMBARK_WOOKIE Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 1, 2002
    *amongst the broken things and the rubble that lay on the floor a holo transmitter emitted a message. The wampa appeared* "Cowards.......The cantina has been taken over........if you want it back come and claim it........"*The holo message focuses on the wampas face* "It is sad that your whole world.....Corran......falls because of the foolishness of your aprentice....." *end of holo message*
  25. Ktulu_Terumo

    Ktulu_Terumo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2002
    Ktulu_Terumo didn't care much for the message, but Corran did. The Veneratio is caught with his mind elsewhere for a split second, thinking of the grave consequenses of TUMBARK actions. A split second Ktulu is not willing to waste. The migthy Nautolan stands and place his saber throughout Corran's neck.

    "You will face, me. I don't care what business you have at that silly Cantina. Only one of us is going to walk out of here alive"

    Corran placed his mind back on the moment, and regain control. Whatever TUMBARK is squeming, it takes priority than a figth with Ktulu to satisfy his greed.

    Ktulu then steps back, asuming figthing position. Corran lower his saber, and stares at him.
    "Very well Ktulu. I will not fall for this any longer. If you want to strike, go ahead.
    Kill me if you must. I will not figth you"

    Ktulu is enraged by those words.
    "Raise your weapon.....and figth me"
    Corran smiles at him.
    "Pittyfull you have become, Ktulu. You are not even the shadow of the Nautolan you used to be. Where has your honor go?
    I wonder how CeCe would look at you now?
    She will be as dishonored and offended as I am"

    Then Corran felt something. The mention of CeCe always makes the presence of Ktulu crumbles. The Veneratio called upon her, to try and reach out why Ktulu is acting so strange. But the reaction intended wasn't there. In fact Corran can't be more satiesfied by the outcome.

    "You are not Ktulu"

    Saying those words, Corran strikes.
    There is no reason to hold back any longer.
    He must end this now, in order to take more important matters. TUMBARK for instance.

    Ktulu defend himself, but his quickly and skillfully placed on the edge by the Veneratio. Corran keeps striking, while the nautolan is runing out of options. Every single slash from him has been to defend his life. Corran is not giving room to strike back.
    In his last efort, Ktulu tries and Force pushes Corran, but the Veneratio skillfully avoids the blast by jumping , fencing back at Ktulu, and taking his rigth hand.
    As Ktulu's ligthsaber lands in the ground, the nautolan looks impresed and enraged. He's been defeated. There is no more skills he can come up with, Corran hasn't already counter. He is finished.

    "Never....I will never failed"

    But Corran turns off his saber

    "It is over, don't make me destroy you, whoever you are"

    Suddenly, Corran feels the presence of a well known being. The walls of the Supreme Chamber begins to crumble, as the debris that was bloking the way begins to chater, by the Force.
    With the path clear, the figure enter the chamber. When dust is clear from Corran's vision, he can see what he aleady has felt.
    The indiscutible presence of Kulu_Terumo.

    Ktulu nods at Corran, than takes a look at his mirror, crumbling in the floor.
    Ktulu charges, gets close to "Ktulu" and cho his head off.

    "Ktulu, what have you done?"

    "Corran, as you can tell by now, this creature wasn't me. It was an assasin, sent to kill you. It's a creature called a dopplegang. It doesn't appear on the files, I've already checked. Somebody, somehow, manage to get a sample from by blood, wich is necesary to the dopplegang's process.
    I sense whoever is behind this, is in control of a whole Doppelgang race, and is willing to used them."

    Corran takes some time to analize this. A grand squeme indeed. Perhaps TUMBARK stike at the Cantina has something to do with it.

    "Ktulu, you killed him, now I won't be able to interrogate him"

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