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Beyond - Legends The Journal of Cera Terlon - End of Deception through RFE - for the Diary challenge - 1/31

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by InyriForge, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. InyriForge

    InyriForge Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 24, 2002
    Note: Takes place between the end of X-wing: Deception and goes through the events of X-wing: Rules for Engagement. Written for the Diary Challenge.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars.

    Journal of Cera Terlon

    January 6th

    So yesterday Wedge got married. I was actually surprised with my colleagues. After the past six months, I was expecting them to do something far more insane than they usually do. With the exception of booking a trip under the name of a fictional Ewok, they really didn?t do anything. I spent a few minutes trying to determine what stopped them. Originally I thought it might be guilt ? they have put Antilles through a lot after all ? but then decided that guilt has never stopped them before. I don?t think it?s because they ran out of ideas, either. I know I?ve yet to see the depths of Wes Janson?s prankster side. I also have a feeling my professors could have spent their entire lives studying him and would still not get to the bottom of his personality. I?m not even going to try. Tycho said Janson was behaving because of Inyri, but that hasn?t been a factor before today, so I have to say Tycho?s probably wrong. Basically, this means I?m really left with no clue. I?m not going to jinx it. I was just glad Antilles got a peaceful wedding.

    Today?s been pretty calm. Janine spent the night at Pash?s so I had the room to myself. It?s not that Janine?s a bad roommate; she?s actually pretty easy to live with. I look at the constant drama Inyri and Kora start with each other and am thankful my roommate is normal. Still, I enjoy having some time to myself. Reflection is always good, and I have so little time for it these days.

    Anyway, it?s been peaceful in my room and on the floor in general. I think everyone is still sleeping off the festivities from yesterday. I was the only person in the cafeteria this morning who attended the wedding. This is particularly shocking as Rogue pilots seem to be very fond of eating. A lot. So I figure they?re all really hung over. Kora did come into the room about thirty minutes ago to return a purse she borrowed from Janine. Sometimes I worry that Kora looks up to Janine a bit too much. I suppose it?s because Inyri doesn?t get along with her, so she thrives on the praise and/or acceptance of the rest of the women in the squadron.

    Tycho said that we?re going to get new pilots next month. I know one of them will be replacing Janine, so I hope whoever I end up rooming with is normal. I suppose if she?s horrible, Kora or Inyri would be willing to switch with me. I?d rather room with Kora, but that?s just because she isn?t dating Wes Janson.

    Well, I suppose that?s about it for now. I have a holonovel I borrowed from Inyri that I plan to read. She said it reminds her a lot of Corran?s life ? the main character has a lot of drama in his past - a lot of people died, and he feels guilty about it - and now he?s trying to save the world single-handedly while dealing with that. Oh, and he has super powers. This should be an enjoyable read. More later.

  2. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    Interesting start
  3. talkingbanana

    talkingbanana Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 4, 2003
    Bwahaha I'm glad you're stuck in this with me. :p I love the allusion to that conversation about the holonovel in, was it Deception? I can't remember, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

    Keep up the great work! ;)
  4. InyriForge

    InyriForge Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 24, 2002
    January 20th

    So things have been pretty boring with Antilles gone. Tycho?s had us running sims a few times, but we have a lot of down time. I have a feeling this means that we?re going to be working really hard when Antilles returns, so I?m enjoying the time I do have.

    I had a date with a guy I met from one of the other squadrons. He was definitely attractive, but when I talked with him?it was like having a conversation with a wall. I?m not an intellectual snob, but it?d be nice to date someone who can actually converse in Basic. I?m not seeing a second date in the future. Oh well.

    I bought a new holovid yesterday that?s about zombies who eat Coruscant. It looks like a good way to spend an evening. Janine doesn?t believe in purchasing holovids, but if I?m going to pay five credits to rent one, I might as well pay ten credits and own it. If I watch it twice, I?ve gotten my money out of it. Besides, zombie movies with no plot and poor acting are great for making fun of; I doubt it will ever get old.

    Gavin had an argument with his wife and came to ask for advice. I suppose Corran was spending time with his son and Inyri is constantly with Janson, so he had to find someone else to talk to and I was free. Unfortunately, I had to inform him that when a woman gets angry, it?s usually because her husband didn?t put his dirty pants in the hamper for the fifth night in a row, she?s spent the whole day dealing with her job and their kids, and it wouldn?t hurt for the man to do a little bit around the house. He didn?t seem to thrilled with my advice, but he tried not to show it. Sometimes, I think Gavin is too nice for his own good. How he survives in this squadron without being walked all over is beyond me.

    Hobbie seems to be pretty hot and heavy with his no-longer-secret girlfriend. We hardly ever see him when we aren?t at work. We?re all going out for a bit of squadron bonding this weekend and we?ve suggested that he bring her along. He still refuses to let us meet her. I think he?s worried we?ll scare her away. I suppose his fears are justified. With these pilots?yeah. Enough said.

    Ah, there?s the door. I?m playing cards with Ooryl, Corran, Tycho, and Myn tonight. I will be broke within the hour. More later.


    February 3rd

    Wow, what a hectic week. I think the quiet time officially ended when a woman drove her speeder into the bar we were at a few days ago. She was on spice and lost control of the vehicle. No one in the squadron was injured, but we?ve all been shook up a good deal. Add to that the media blowing the whole thing out of proportion ? one reporter even went so far as to suggest that the New Republic was covering up the whole thing because us Rogues were around ? and it was a lot of drama. To make things even more interesting, Janson used to date the woman who crashed the speeder. Someone once said that everyone?s connected to everyone else, but sometimes it seems that someone in the squadron has met everyone we come into contact with. I haven?t heard anything else about the speeder crash, but I doubt it?ll turn into anything big. People do stupid things on Coruscant all the time, especially in the districts where there?s a lot of partying occurring.

    In other news, Janine and Myn have left the squadron. I don?t know where Myn has gone. He seems to have just vanished. I have heard he?s going to marry Lara (is she still calling herself that?) and they have probably planned this vanishing act for some time. I can?t really blame them; they don?t have a chance for a normal life if they stay here and keep their true identities. I hope they get to live the rest of their lives as normal people, far away from all the craziness that seems to be surrounding the New Republic these days.

    Janine has taken a new job and I think her and Pash have started talking about marriage. I know I should be supportive, but I think it?s a mistake. They?ve only been together for a few months, and they?re still in love with the people they were almost ten years ago, and not who they are no
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