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Beyond - Legends The Journal of Talon Tantiss (DDC 2013 ) Updated 22 Dec 2013--Complete.

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    Thanks Demendora, Briannakin, Hazel, Jade_eyes, and EmeraldJediFire for reading. I don't think anybody can prepare for real combat their first time out. All the simulations in the world can't put the same fear into a person. Freezing like that doesn't mean a person is a coward, it just means their senses are overloaded. I am sure Ben did the same thing as Talon his first day out. I have been shot at once and it took me a few seconds to understand what the heck was happening.


    ENTRY 17

    That was an awkward flight home. I spent most of the time meditating so I didn’t have to talk to my father or Ben. I am still terribly embarrassed by my performance and who knows how long I will be haunted by the memories of what I saw that day.

    I know I swore that I would become a better Jedi, but now I am wondering if I even want to be a Jedi at all. Is this going to be my life? Called in to horrible situations, rushing into danger and killing people?

    My parents often told me they didn’t care what I did for a living as long as it was honest work…and I know they meant it. I don’t think my father would be upset at all if I gave up being a Jedi to become a doctor, an engineer or even a chef like my mother.

    Still, I have been training to be a Jedi since I was a small child. It is hard to give up on something I've spent over a decade training to become.

    I need to think about this some more.

    ENTRY 18

    My brother came into my room to see me a few days after my return. I was lying on my bed with my eyes closed. Jaden’s pitten, Fuzzy, was sleeping on my chest making a rumbling noise that pittens make when they’re happy.

    “Hey, Talon. You awake?” he asked.

    “I’m meditating,” I lied.

    He scoffed. “Yeah right, you like meditating as much as Dad does.”

    I opened my eyes to look at him. “What do you want Jaden?”

    My brother came into the room and grabbed my desk chair. He spun it around and sat in it backwards with his arms propped top of the backrest. “Your Master and the Grand Master asked me to come and talk to you. They figured you would open up to your brother.”

    I had to laugh. “Why would they think that?”

    Jaden grinned. “Because neither of them grew up with a little brother. They are a bit clueless.”

    I rolled my eyes. “They have three sons and a daughter, you would think they would figure out siblings don’t always like each other.”

    He shrugged. “They have the twins with that creepy Force bond.” He gave me a wide smirk. “Maybe they think all brothers are that…chummy.”

    I chuckled. I love my cousins Jak and Owen, but their closeness is weird and it’s not just their tendency to finish each other’s sentences. They are always together and they gesture the same, have similar speech patterns, mannerisms and the same laugh. I am fairly certain those two communicate through the Force…either that or they are masters at picking up non-verbal clues from each other.

    “Talon, everybody is worried about you since you returned from your first mission. You have been withdrawn and you haven’t gotten into any trouble in days…so they know this is serious. If you don’t have a heart-to-heart talk with me they are going to make you see a Jedi trauma healer, also known as a psychiatrist…like they did with me after my first blood-filled mission.”

    I looked over to him while running my hands down Fuzzy’s soft fur. I like being around the pitten when I am nervous or upset…for some reason the animal calms me. “You had to see a counselor? I didn’t know that.”

    Jaden looked down at the ground. “Well, I did.” He looked back and gave me an amused look. “You really don’t want to see Jedi Healer Rogek…I don’t know what she learned at the University of Coruscanti about human behavior, but she was positive my anxiety and depression had something to do with an unknown trauma I endured during my childhood which stunted my psychosexual development. Apparently my toilet training was too harsh or something.” My brother laughed. “Of course, it couldn’t be that I saw twenty men die on my first mission, most of them burned and torn apart from an artillery barrage. Nah…it couldn’t be that.” He shook his head in disbelief. “So unless you want a long, deep discussion with a female Twi’lek about what’s going on in your subconscious mind…I suggest you talk to me…and then maybe we can go out and have a few ales before doing something really stupid to irritate the Grand Master.” He hesitated for a moment. “That’ll be the only way he’ll know you are back to normal. Maybe we can hide a crystal snake in Jacen’s bathroom again.”

    I smirked at that comment before I sighed dramatically. I know Jaden is right. The Jedi have recently started looking into anxiety and stress disorders within their ranks. A person can only slice so many people in half before it starts messing with their mind. If I don’t talk to him I will be talking to Jedi Rogek.

    “What do you want to talk about?”

    “What’s bothering you?” Jaden said. “It can’t be anything I haven’t experienced.”

    I scratched behind the pitten’s ears and she happily started massaging her claws into my shirt. “I froze when I saw the dead hostages. Not only that but I had to watch my own father slice and dice terrorists with his lightsaber.” I paused for a long moment. “It creeped me out a bit. I knew dad had killed people while in combat, but I always pictured him with a blaster shooting people…something less personal than splitting a guy in half with his lightsaber.”

    Jaden gave me a look of understanding. “It’s disturbing to know someone you love is capable of such violence, but you know dad…he’s loving and caring. He kills people who are trying to murder him. And he doesn’t like it at all. He told me. He said he hates using the lightsaber, but when the higher-ups want Jedi going in for the shock-and-awe factor…nothing beats a lightsaber to scare the crap out of the enemy.”

    “I guess.”

    “Talon, you don’t need to become a Jedi. Or if you do, you don’t have to be a Guardian like Dad. You can be a healer, pilot, security expert, instructor, Consular, or slicer. The possibilities are endless.”

    “I want to be like Dad.” I told him. “I see how everybody respects him in the Temple. I saw how he interacted with the soldiers in the field. There was a camaraderie there that I liked.” I lifted Fuzzy off my chest as I swung my legs off the bed so I was in a sitting position. I kept the pitten in my lap, petting her. “I think I am mostly embarrassed about puking my guts out while Ben saved my sorry butt.”

    Jaden let out a loud laugh. “You puked! Nobody told me that. That’s funny.”

    I frowned and put the pitten down on the bed before I jumped up and punched Jaden on the shoulder.

    “Owww,” he laughed as he stood up and put distance between us. “Don’t get to upset brother. I don’t want you losing your lunch.”

    “That’s it, you’re dead.” I chased after Jaden getting him into a headlock.

    He was still laughing. “There’s the Talon Tantiss I know and don’t love.” He managed to break free and backed up holding his hands out defensively. “Talon, why don’t we go out and celebrate the return of my obnoxious brother. I’ll buy.”

    The anger drained away from me and I smiled at the thought of getting out of the Temple for a while. “Okay, as long a you’re buying.”
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    That+s what brothers are for. :)
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    Hehehehe. I love the brotherly love, or as I call it, brotherly I-put-up-with-you-because-we-came-from-the-same-parents
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    That was a nice heart to heart--and fun.
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    Bravo JL on striking the perfect tone for Jaden -- warm and teasing and confiding. =D= =D= @};-
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    The last thing Talon needs now to close up and cut his family away from himself. I think, having sibling is a good thing. Though my sister and I were never close. Talon is a blessed to have such family.
    Death and and role of killers. Jedi kids should have been prepared, but how to prepare them for such things?
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    Thanks Hazel, Briannakin, EmeraldJediFire, Jade_eyes, and Demendora for reading and taking the time to review. I purposely gave Mark and Kira two boys because I could base them off my two sons. Although my sons are not as nice to each other as Jaden and Talon. They claim to hate each other, but I can't keep them apart from each other or get them to stop talking to each other. It is like they love to harass each other. I am hoping this is a phase...or if it isn't they will be out of the house at 18 and I don't have to break up fights any more. o_O

    So now the boys are out on the town. I am sure they won't get in trouble...HA!

    ENTRY 19

    Jaden and I went out that night after swinging by the Skywalker quarters and getting Ben to come with us. I think Jaden thought it would be best that I spent time with Ben…so we could maybe talk about what happened on the mission. Jaden had some college friends that were going to a celebration at the lower levels of Coruscant called the Fashinfest. The Fashinfest is a religious festival, which is low on religion and heavy on debauchery. It is part of the Duken Religion. I was told the Dukenites were a small religious group who would spend one month each year meditating and daylight fasting during a time called the phase of purification. During this phase the Duken followers take a vow of silence, they abstain from sex and they don’t eat during the day with the exception of one small meal after sunset.

    Of course, the phase of purification is of NO interest to young men like us from the upper levels…not at all. We like the week prior, which is called the Fashinfest. During this festival the Dukenites get as drunk as possible, party on the streets and make out with just about any sentient being that moves. Anything goes that week. It’s such a popular event that probably seventy-five percent of the festival participants don’t even know what a Dukenite is or what their religion entails.

    I don’t think my parents would approve of us going to the fest, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. At least there will be three Jedi together, so we'll have somebody to watch our backs. It is best that upper level people go in groups because of pickpockets and hoodlums who like to rob drunken tourists.

    Jaden is navigating via his small datapad. He was told a good place to go is a tavern called the Shrill Veermok. What a sweet name. A veermok is a large, mean primate that was native to Naboo, but some of the exotic creatures were brought to Coruscant for zoos and exotic pets and later escaped. Rumor has it there is a population of these predators roaming the lower levels of Coruscant.

    “There it is,” Ben said as he pointed down the walkway. We moved toward the tavern, jostling our way down a street that was wall-to-wall people. Most of the beings in attendance were clutching drinks in one hand and throwing credit chips at the ladies in exchange for them flashing their breasts. That’s illegal during Fashinfest and Law Enforcement will arrest women doing it and often the guys urging them on. Although there is a temptation to stop and watch the strip show we don’t need a run in with the law so we kept moving.

    We each had bought a low-alcohol drink from a tavern down the street. It was some blue concoction in a clear polymer mug that had little lights underneath that made the drink pulsate in color. It tasted good and it allowed us to party and remain relatively sober.

    We finally made it to the Shrill Veermok and elbowed our way to the rear of the tavern where there was a dance floor and intense nightclub laser lights that probably caused more than one patron to have seizures. Most of the crowd was up in the front of the establishment because walking to tavern-to-tavern was the mainstay during the fest. We found a table and sat down and nursed our drinks.

    “Grab three more chairs,” my brother insisted.

    “Why?” I asked.

    He rolled his eyes and looked at me like I was stupid. “For the girls. That’s what we came here for…to meet the ladies.”

    I grabbed a couple chairs from the empty table next to us. I am not inexperienced when it comes to dating. I dated a few female Jedi in the past few years, but I wasn’t really confident when it came to picking up strangers and I can’t see Ben or my shy brother Jaden doing any better.

    “So when are these elusive women going to materialize?” Ben asked with a chuckle.

    I looked over to Ben and cringed. The red laserlight was shining over him making his reddish-gold hair look bright flaming red…and the light actually brought out the freckles on his face. Oh boy, this is going to be a rough night for my cousin.

    “We go up and invite some ladies to sit with us.” Jaden said.

    Ben laughed. “Yeah, that’s going to happen.”

    To my surprise Jaden stood. “Well, I didn’t come here to sit in the back room polishing my lightsaber. I’ll go get some girls.”

    He walks off to the bar. Ben and I look at each other amused. This is going to be fun to see my big brother get shot down.

    “Oh Force,” Ben mumbled a few minutes later as he pointed in the direction Jaden had went.

    I look up and there is my brother returning with three lovely ladies. Two humans and one very well proportioned red Twi’lek in tight, tight clothing. “Oh wow,” I gasped.

    My brother had his arm around a petite brunette so I figured the other human and Twi’lek would be our dates. “Which one you want?” I whispered to Ben.

    He gave me a smile that looked just like a Han Solo grin. “Red is my favorite color.”

    Jaden arrived and started introducing the ladies. He gestured with his head to the woman he had an arm around. “This is Kelli.” He motioned to a tall, buxom blond. “This is Sara. And the beautiful Twi’lek is Niki.”

    Ben did not hesitate. He put his hand out to the Twi’lek and smiled. “Nice to meet you Niki. I’m Ben. Would you like a seat?” He guided her to the chair next to him and Sara came around to where I sat.

    “Hello Sara,” I said with a smile. “I’m Jaden’s brother Talon.”

    She smiled and sat next to me. I signaled for the waiter and ordered drinks for the ladies. The music changed from a hard beat to an exotic dance tune. One that was more conducive to provocative dances like daggering or Kriff dancing. To my surprise Jaden grabs Kelli’s hand and pulls her to the dance floor. Ben and I stared at him slack jawed as he busted out his dance moves.

    “What the hell is he doing?” Ben asked and even in the red laser light I can tell he was blushing.

    I looked at Jaden and Kelli on the dance floor. “If it wasn't for the fact that their clothes are on I would have sworn they were having sex standing up.”

    “Where did he learn to dance like that?” Ben asked sounding bemused.

    The red Twi’lek turned to Ben. “In dance class, silly.”

    “My brother goes to dance class?” I couldn’t take my eyes off the dance floor I was so astonished.

    “It is an extracurricular club at the college.” Sara spoke up. “We are all students there and take dance lessons together.”

    Okay, now things were starting to add up. My brother didn’t become the biggest pick-up artist in the galaxy, he knew these women from the University he attended.

    “Jaden is the most popular dancer,” Niki said. “There are not many men in the club and the women fight over him.”

    “Really!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

    “Really,” Sara said as she stood and pulled me out of my seat. “Come on I’ll teach you.”

    I saw Niki pull a grinning Ben Skywalker out of his chair as they moved to the dance floor.

    It would take too long for me to write all the crazy stuff that happened in the club that night, but I would like to point out a couple things. First of all, I really, really suck at dancing…and Ben is actually good. That Twi’lek was guiding him around the dance floor like they were attached at the hips…which they were half the time. She was a little shorter than Ben and her head would rest against his shoulder, her lekku twitching in pleasure, as Ben’s hands clasped her backside.

    I still can’t believe my redheaded, freckled faced cousin had his hands all over the most beautiful female in the club! And she was loving it! What the hell! I felt like I was in ‘Opposite World’ where Ben and my shy brother became sex symbols and I was the Dug of the group.

    Near the end of the evening I look over to Sara and Kelli and they are smashed. Which was odd since none of us had more than two or three drinks all night. Niki was still amiably chatting with Ben and looking completely sober. Either Twi’leks can really hold their liquor or she didn’t drink as much as her friends.

    Sara and Kelli announced they had to go to the ‘fresher. I don’t know why women go in groups, but they do. Either their bladders synchronize with each other when they are in close proximity or maybe they just want to talk about us guys. I can visualize Sara complaining about how that heavy-footed blond Jedi had busted two of her toes from repeatedly stepping on them while dancing.

    “Hey Niki,” I called out to Ben’s date who was practically sitting on his lap. “How much did Sara and Kelli drink before we got here?”

    She turned around and smiled. “Only one, but they’re lightweights. I’ve only seen them drink once before and they were tipsy after one drink.”

    “Oh boy.” I hate dealing with drunks. They either hate you or you’re their ‘very best friend in the galaxy’ and often those two opposite views can alternate within a matter of minutes.

    Finally the two women returned and as they moved across the dance floor Sara starts slurring out the infamous Coruscanti mating call, known to all males galaxy-wide.

    “I am soooooo drunk.”

    That caught the attention of two leering males that intercepted them before they reached our table. Jaden groaned as he got up. “Come on Talon. It’s time to get the ladies home. They live in the school dorms.”

    So I stood and we walk over to these guys. They are lower-level locals from the looks of it. They are large, muscular men with tattoos all over their arms and greasy slicked back hair.

    We came up along side of the ladies and reached out, putting our hands around their waists possessively. “The ladies are with us gentlemen,” my brother said with a tight smile.

    The local brutes didn’t smile back. They gave us the most evil look I have seen since the last time I irritated Jacen. “Kriff off you two bluemilk-drinking, chunder-heads.”

    Now, that wasn’t a nice thing to say.

    “You kriff off, you mopak-eating di’kuts,” Jaden shot back.

    HA! What are they teaching my brother at that University?!

    I noticed Ben wandered up while grinning. The last time we got to punch nerfherders like this was during Anakin’s bachelor party.

    The bigger of the two men hauled off to sock my brother, but Jaden quickly brought his hand up and grabbed the man’s fist midswing, halting it a couple centimeters short from his face. The guy looks down at his fist in shock. Jaden is a big guy, but normally it would be physically impossible for somebody to do that…without the Force. Apparently, Jaden doesn’t shy away from using the Force when he needs to.

    “Go away,” Ben said to the two men. The two brutes backed up a step looking confused before they wandered off in a stupor.

    And...obviously my cousin has mastered the Jedi mind trick.

    Kelli looked at Jaden and gave him a seductive smile as she felt his biceps. “Wow, you are strong.”

    That’s what she said, but it came out somewhat slurred. We decided it was time to get these young ladies back home safely.

    We took an airtaxi and guided our two overly intoxicated ladies friends up to their room. It turns out the two humans were roommates. I look over to Niki who was snuggled up to Ben as they walked together. His hand was around her waist and she had her hand tucked into Ben’s back pocket. I noticed the top two buttons of her skimpy outfit were now undone giving Ben a clear view down her cleavage. They were chatting away happily. There wasn’t so much as a slur to her voice, so she must have not had much to drink. Lucky Ben. Jaden and I get the two lushes.

    We bring Sara and Kelli to their room. Ben says he will see us a little later; he was going to escort Niki to her room. We got the girls on their beds, but immediately Sara jumps up and rushes to the ‘fresher. I then heard the sound of gagging and the young lady purging herself of her night’s drinks.

    “That’s attractive,” I said to Jaden. “Where did you meet her? At an Alcoholics Recovery meeting.”

    Jaden looked at Kelli who was lying on the bed looking very unconscious. “No, they are pre-med students like me. They didn’t drink that much. I don’t think they are used to drinking at all.”

    I moved toward the door. “Come on lets go.”

    Jaden shook his head. “I don’t want to leave them like this. They could die. There is nothing worse than choking on your own vomit.”

    “Sure there is,” I said.

    He gave me a puzzled look. “And what would that be?”

    “Choking on somebody else’s vomit.” I laughed. I guess Kelli wasn’t completely unconscious because she started dry gagging at my comment. She bolted out of bed and ran to the bathroom and threw up in a trashcan since Sara was occupying the toilet.

    My brother gave me an nasty look. “You’re gross Talon.”

    “I just want to leave. It is starting to smell funky in here. If they are really that drunk we should call a medic.”

    Jaden made a face. “We should, but they are here on a religious scholarship. Kelli told me about it. I don’t know if their religion allows excessive drunkeness.”

    “What?” I looked over to the puking pair. “They are obviously not Duken.”

    Jaden shook his head. “No they belong to a small spiritual order from the planet Axum called the Sisters of the Sacred Way.”

    I shook my head in disbelief. “You mean the spew sisters are really ‘Sisters’ in the religious way?”

    “No, they are believers, not spiritual teachers or clergy.” My brother gave me a pleading look. “Let’s just stay for a little while to make sure they’re safe.”


    That was just great. We have to wait until they purged enough alcohol from their system before we could take off. I pulled a chair way from a desk and sat down. After an hour of hearing the ladies lying on the cool ‘fresher floor sobbing, ‘I will never, ever drink again’ there was a light rap on the door. I really hoped it wasn’t the dorm attendant. I opened the door and found Ben outside with a concerned look on his face.

    “What are you guys doing?” he pushed his way past me and looked around. “I hope you two don’t intend on staying the night.” His voice lowered to a whisper. “Talon, they’re too drunk to consent to anything.”

    I made a disgusted face at my cousin. “Ben, I assure you I have no intention of taking a ride on the vomit comet.” I pointed to the girls lying on the floor in the ‘fresher. “What kind of sleemo do you think I am?”

    “Ben, we just wanted to make sure they are alright before we left.” Jaden clarified our intentions. He looked back at the girls. “They look okay now. Let’s get them into bed, but put then on their stomach just to be safe.”

    “Okay,” I sighed as I went and picked up my date. Her eyes opened halfway and she smiled.

    “There’s my sexy Jedi. Can I see your lightsaber?”

    Oh Force. She smelled like vomit and her hands were everywhere. I dump her on a bed as fast as I could and backed away. Jaden did the same.

    “Let’s go,” Jaden said. We walked out of their dorm room, closing the door behind us.

    I turned to Ben. “I thought you went back to the Temple. What have you been doing for the last hour?”

    Ben’s face turned redder than his hair. “Just talking,” he said softly.


    Jaden grinned at our cousin. “By talking do you mean, ‘Oh Niki, Niki! Spank me with your lekkus’?”

    Ben blushed a deeper red as he gave my brother a punch on the shoulder. “I thought you were pre-med. Everybody knows Twi’lek head-tails are very sensitive. It would cause her intense pain to use them as a whip.”

    I let out a loud laugh. “Since when did you become an expert in Twi’lek biology? Did you take an in depth crash course in the last hour?”

    “Like I said, we talked for a while.” He gave me a smug smile. “She found my red hair exotic. She said she rarely sees that color in human males.”

    “She found you exotic.” I started laughing. “Details! I want details!”

    Ben shook his head. “We were just talking. That is the only detail you are getting from me.”

    Shavit! My cousin is no fun.

    We made it back to the Temple without any problems. Despite the disappointing end of the evening it was good to get out and have fun with Ben and Jaden. It did cheer me up and it helped me temporarily forget about my horrible first mission.

    And three weeks later I had another big distraction. I was served with a court order to appear at a DNA testing site for a paternity test. It seems Sara, the lady with the religious scholarship, was pregnant.

    Unless you can get pregnant from dancing badly…I am not the father.

    Stang! My Mom and Dad were yelling at me, and now I was being summoned to see the Grand Master and my Master (Aunt Mara).

    Why does stuff like this always happen to me?


    Okay...I know the sign is in English and not Basic. I had the artist translate the tavern sign from Basic into English just so it would be understandable. So don't bother pointing that out. :p And yes, this festival is based on Mardi Gras and the German Fasching Celebration.
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    You attract trouble that's why.its part of the Skywalker DNA which technically... you have. I liked this very much!
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    [face_laugh] Like Emerald said, they're trouble magnets [face_laugh] :rolleyes:
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    Emerald took the words right out of my finger-tips. [face_laugh]
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    Yup. Trouble follows Skywalkers (and Tantisses) around mercilessly. The males anyways.
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    What a wonderful night!!! Those girls have broken bad, or what? Lol! What a shame-to puke while somebody are near! Especially guys! Especially strangers! I would have burn alive there with a shame!

    Benny is finally got lucky, I see))))
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    Demendora -- It is shameful to party till you puke, but it happens a lot in college. Ben doesn't kiss and tell, but I think he met a friend. ;)

    Briannakin, EmeraldJediFire, Hazel, & Jade_eyes -- Talon's middle name should be "Trouble" (it's really Marcus). I had to work in the paternity tests because in Sacrifices his father had mused that the boy had a handful of paternity tests under his belt. Thanks guys for reading. Nobody mentioned the art. I thought Ben looked pretty hot. I told the artist to make him look like a buff Prince Harry with good teeth. :D

    Anyway, I really appreciate everybody who is reading. I know Original Characters are hard to get into. Thanks! [:D]


    ENTRY 20

    I just came back from seeing the Grand Master and my Master today. It was awful. My parents were there also.

    I was called into Uncle Luke’s office and was told to sit in a chair across from his desk. The Grand Master was sitting at his desk in full Jedi regalia and looking really irritated.

    He held up the paternity test court order. “Do you know how bad this looks? I have the University President and Dean of Students calling me up and asking me what type of organization I am running. The Department Chair of the Medical School even went so far as to ask me if you used the Force to ‘influence’ this girl into bed!” My uncle’s voice rose angrily as he spoke.

    I have gotten into a lot of trouble before, but I honestly have never seen my Uncle Luke this upset. This is worse than the lovechild fiasco.

    He forcefully tossed the court order on his desk. “This incident is bringing dishonor to the Jedi Order. What do you have to say for yourself?”

    I remember swallowing hard and having problems talking. “I never had sex with her. The test will show I am not the father. I’ll be exonerated. I just assisted her back to her dorm. I was never with her alone. Jaden was with me in her room the entire time.”

    “What!” my mother yelled as she grabbed her comlink. “Jaden get to the Grand Master’s office NOW!”

    “Ben was there also!” I pointed out.

    “Ben!” my Aunt Mara yelled and she pulled out her comlink and ordered Ben to get to the office.

    My brother and cousin show up a few minutes later looking nervous. Jaden tells them the whole sorted story and how I was never alone with the women and we were just trying to help them. Jaden is good at making a terrible situation sound reasonable.

    My uncle calmed down a bit, but he ran his hands through his hair looking frustrated. “Talon, we will discuss this after the paternity results come back. Until then you are restricted to the Temple. I don’t need the media getting a hold of you. You're all dismissed.” We prepared to leave, but Uncle Luke stopped us. “Wait! Ben, Jaden…go with him to the testing center. I want you all tested. I want to put this issue to bed.”

    I couldn’t help but give an amused snort; he could have phrased that better. The Grand Master gave me a withering glare, which stamped out any amusement I felt at that moment.

    “It’s bad enough that one Jedi is accused of impregnating a drunk college girl,” Uncle Luke pointed to his son and Jaden. “I don’t want her to start looking at you two as a possible father of her child when Talon is exonerated.”

    A small smiled graced my face. I felt a little better that the Grand Master believed I would be exonerated.

    As I left the office my father came up beside me. “You better be telling the truth, Talon.” He regarded me contemplatively. “I taught you to respect women. I hope that was a lesson you took to heart.”

    “Yes, Dad,” I said softly.

    He looked at me for a long pause before he smiled. “I believe you.” He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I’m glad things are getting back to normal for you since the mission.”

    I had to laugh. Things getting back to normal for me meant I was in trouble. Why is that? Stang! First I have women gossiping on the HoloNet about my supposedly sexual prowess and now I am slammed with a paternity suit.

    What next?
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    [face_laugh] It's good that Jaden was there to explain ;) and substantiate the story and it is a good precaution to have all the dudes tested :p Hee! Talon, I'm sure, was glad to hear his dad believed him. And [face_laugh] it is pretty bad when "normal" is big-time trouble :rolleyes:
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    What next indeed? Everyone knows that girl is a liar...she probably think the Jedi have a ton of money and she can extort it from them...little does she know that's not the case

    Also even if Ben had had sex with the other girl..A Twi'lek i believe.. it couldn't have gotten her pregnant. Twi'elk's and humans aren't compatible that way unless their is gene manipulation
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    Luke doesn't even know about Niki the Twi'lek (although that point is going to be discussed in a later chapter :p) ...Luke just heard that Jaden and Ben were in the room with Sara. So he is being proactive. If Sara thinks Talon had sex with her while she was knocked out...then when he is ruled out she might look at the other men she spent time with that night at the club. Also in later chapters (much later) we will find out why Sara is doing this. ;)
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    Great update. Talon must get dragged into his uncle's office a lot!

    Actually, yes they are. In the first season of the clone Wars, you see two children of a human/Twi'lek paring. I don"t exactly agree with the science of it, but it is canon.
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    You are both right. In the book Republic Commando: True Colors it said they are not breed-compatible. Then the Clone Wars had hybrid Twi'lek/Human kids, but according to Wookieepedia "It has not yet been clarified if this is possible naturally, or if Twi'lek/Human pregnancies require some level of genetic engineering before being viable".

    I would think they are different enough to be incompatible without the help of a fertility clinic. Otherwise why isn't the universe swarming with hybrid Twi'lek/Human individuals? I mean there are so many human guys that are hot for Twi'leks. o_O
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    I'm sure this 'getting in trouble after doing the right thing' thing happens a lot to Talon. [face_laugh]
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    Hmm Interesting.
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    Well, Skywalkers, Solos and Tantisses have no choice, but to blame themselves. It's their genes after all))):D
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    hahahaahaha poor Talon. He does have the Skywalker bad luck in spades!! That girl should have realized he'd get tested. I guess she was just hoping the scandal would rock the Jedi enough to make them hush.

    And I'm sorry I haven't been around. March sucked. I'm glad it's April.
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    Jade_eyes - thanks for reading. I figure Talon would be a worse trouble maker than his dad because Mark met Kira when he was a three month old clone and she kept him out of trouble a lot.

    EmeraldJediFire - thank you for taking the time to comment. We will find out later on what Sara is up to. The Clone Wars with the Twi' lek hybrids counter the book, but TV canon supposedly trumps book canon...but as it is said in Wookieepedia it wasn't clarified if the children's conception was natural or helped in a fertility clinic. I would think it was helped since the hybrids on TV are the only ones I know of. Twi'leks may be near humans, but their headtails are so different I would have a hard time believing they have a canon classification as near-human.

    In this story, I am going to assume the galaxy is not crawling with human/Twi'lek hybrids because there is a genetic barrier to overcome because there doesn't seem to be any anatomical or behavioral barrier to mating. I'm thinking the male sperm might have the correct number of chromosomes, but perhaps the sperm does not have the proper enzymes to penetrate the egg. That perhaps could be overcome some way in a clinic. When researching this I was overwhelmed at the abundance of information out there on hybrids, cybrids and chimeras created in the laboratory. Anyway, I am going with the notion that the hybrid kids were conceived with the help of a fertility clinic.

    Briannakin - I think Talon spends more time with Uncle Luke than his own father...and that is not a good thing in this case.

    Hazel - Thanks for reading. Talon is loosely based on my older son who I get calls about all the time from school. :( I once had a police officer show up at my house and asked to talk to my son. It turns out a female student accused her teacher of hitting her (my son was in the same class). My son said the teacher simply confiscated a water bottle the girl had threw at another kid. And I told the police officer. "If that teacher was going to hit anyone it would have been my son for his behavior...and she never so much as raised her voice to him, so that girl is telling lies." o_O

    Demendora - Being related to "The Chosen One" must mean trouble follows you.

    ginchy -- Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great month of April!


    ENTRY 21

    I can’t wait until the paternity results are in so things can get back to normal. I have no idea why Sara is accusing me of such a thing. Jaden talked to Kelli and she said Sara doesn’t remember having sex with anyone and that night was the only night she was drunk. She hadn’t had any alcohol to drink after that night and since she remembered me being in her dorm room…she naturally assumed I did the deed.

    I had asked Jaden “Why didn’t she suspect you!”

    My brother blushed. “I have a reputation as being the good guy and…well, according to the holonet, you have a reputation as a smooth talking womanizer who likes bedroom roleplaying games and spanking women with toy lightsabers.”

    I rolled my eyes. I wish I were a smooth talking womanizer—that would mean I was getting some action. As for the rest of those rumors…I think they got the wrong Tantiss. I’ll always remember finding a box of costumes in my father’s closet when I was seven or eight years old. My dad never explained why he had a clone trooper helmet, an Imperial Admiral uniform, a Boba Fett outfit and fur-lined stuncuffs crammed in a box in the back of his closet. I still shudder at the implications. Ewww!

    “That’s just great,” I grumbled to my brother.

    Jaden shrugged. “It could be worse. I heard weird rumors that Raynar Thul suffers from species dysphoria and Jacen has an acrotomophilia fetish.”

    I frown at my pre-med brother. “I hate physician jokes. I end up having to look these things up online before I understand the humor.”

    My brother just laughed and, once again, didn’t explain his comments. I guess I'll be on the holonet tonight doing a definition search.

    Shavit! I can’t believe all the screwed up poodoo that has been happening in my life lately. I am very close to giving up and start living up to my bad boy holonet persona. If I am going to get in trouble for things I might as well have fun doing the deeds.

    I decided that the way to get my mind off of the entire situation was to concentrate on my training. I had asked Master Corran Horn to help me with my hand-to-hand instruction and my Master Mara Jade Skywalker to assist me with the lightsaber.

    Today I worked with my Aunt Mara on lightsaber techniques. We were using the practice sabers again so we wouldn’t need to hold back. I did fairly well, but I really doubt if I will ever be able to beat my Master.

    She was still a little irritated with me for involving her son in my nocturnal activities. “I can’t believe you brought my son down to the Fashinfest!” Aunt Mara almost snarled at me while we sparred. Her green eyes glared at me intensely as she tried to put as many welts on my body as possible. Damn she’s good with the lightsaber.

    “He is a grown man,” I pointed out to her. “He’s older than me or my brother.” I blocked a series of intense lightsaber attacks barely avoiding what would have been a fatal blow to my head if we weren’t using practice weapons.

    “Still, he wouldn’t have been on the lower levels of Coruscant at that depraved festival if it wasn’t for you.”

    I parried her attack and countered which she blocked easily. “You’re right Aunt Mara. It’s entirely my fault. Ben was minding his own business when Jaden and I pulled up in our speeder and lured him into the vehicle with the promise of candy.” I then lowered my voice in an attempt to sound menacing. “Hey little boy, do you want some candy?” I then went to my normal voice. “Once we had him under our control we used a Jedi mind trick to coerce him to the lower levels. We then forced him to dance all night with the most beautiful female in the club. My brother and I are pure evil!”

    I saw Mara’s lips twitch as she tried to suppress a smile. “He was dancing with a beautiful woman all night?”

    “Yes and the young lady appeared quite infatuated with him.” I gave her a grin. “According to Ben, she found red hair on human males very exotic.”

    “Human males?” my Aunt Mara looked confused. “What species was this female?”


    I see my aunt roll her eyes before she swings her lightsaber trying to take me out at the knees. I jumped and rolled out of danger. “What’s wrong? You don’t like Twi’leks?”

    She shook her head. “It’s not that. When Luke and I started dating I heard rumors from some of his Rogue buddies about him having an eye for the Twi’leks.” She blocked my lightsaber attack and countered with one of her own. “It must be something genetic.” She signaled for a break and we deactivated our lightsabers. “Was she a dancer working there?”

    I shook my head. “No, she’s a pre-med student the same as Jaden.”

    “Nice,” She nodded as she grabbed a water bottle. “Hopefully Ben’s college girl won’t get him in trouble like yours did.”

    “Sara is not my girlfriend," I protested. "And I don’t think you have to worry. Jaden told me that Twi’lek and humans can only conceived through in vitro fertilization. He said something about gametic incompatibility. So there’s no way Ben could have gotten his Twi’lek lady friend pregnant that night”

    My Aunt Mara choked on her water. “What? I thought he was with you the entire time.”

    Stang! Ben is going to kill me for discussing his love life with his mother.

    “Umm…he was with me for some of the time.” I looked at my wristchrono. “Wow! It's getting late. I have a meditation class to go to.” I then ran to the exit. “See you Aunt Mara!”

    As I moved out of the training room I could feel my aunt’s eyes boring into my back. Oh well…Ben is twenty-one-years-old. His mother can't expect him to be a virgin all his life. And Ben said he was just talking…Ha! Yeah right.

    Still…I don’t think Ben is going to be happy with me for mentioning anything.
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    Talon...*shakes head* Have you ever heard of the saying loose lips sink ships?
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    Oh great! Now Talon has gotten Ben in trouble. :p [face_laugh]