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Beyond - Legends The Journal of Talon Tantiss (DDC 2013 ) Updated 22 Dec 2013--Complete.

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    Lol. Ben is going to have it in for Talon once he finds out about this coversation
  2. Demendora

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    Apr 9, 2010
    Oh come on, Mara! Remember how Benny was conceived and calm down.
  3. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Since my boys are still young I am not sure how a mother would react to her young adult son being obviously sexually active. I would think if anything she would worry about him getting his heart broken and maybe a little sad that her baby may soon marry and leave home. Of course, ten years later when he's thirty I am sure she'll say "Get married and give me a grandchild! Hurry up!" [face_waiting]
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    hahahahaahaa poor Bennie. I don't think he'll be very happy with Talon, either. Talon does have a propensity to get himself into trouble!! [face_rofl]
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    Probably not. I think you are the only one who got my 'Jacen has an acrotomophilia fetish' joke. I thought that was a funny that might upset a mod type of joke. ;) [Sigh] It's like nobody understood my Hutt Apophallation joke in my fanfic Choices. :(
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks EmeraldJediFire, Hazel, Briannakin, Demendora and ginchy for reading and taking the time to review. Talon doesn't think before he talks...sort of like my sons.

    I appreciate you all reading and taking the time to review.



    ENTRY 22

    The DNA results came back and I AM NOT THE FATHER!

    ‘In your face Sara!’

    Okay, I didn’t say that to her while I was in court, but I wanted to…until she started crying. Also I think every Force-user in the room could feel her tremendous surprise and shock. Obviously Sara really thought I was her baby's daddy. Her parents were yelling at her asking how she could not know the identity of the father. Her dad addressed the Judge saying I obviously used the Force to change my DNA to falsify the results. Luckily Uncle Luke was there with me and he assured the judge that Jedi couldn’t change their genetic code.

    I don’t know why I feel like I did something wrong. I guess I don’t like to see a young lady in such a predicament.

    I am staying away from college girls. In fact the only female that is going to be in my bed for a long while is Jaden’s pitten, Fuzzy.

    Hopefully this is the last of my bad luck with women…but I have a feeling I won’t be that lucky.

    ENTRY 23

    Ben should have been knighted after his last mission, but he said he didn’t want that horrific situation with the hostages to be the mission that culminates in his knighthood. He wanted to end his apprenticeship on a more positive note.

    He requested that I accompany him again on a mission as back up. I think he also wanted me to have a more positive experience when it came to missions. Ben’s a pretty good guy. This time my Master—Mara Jade Skywalker—would accompany me along with my dad who is Ben’s Master.

    We travelled to the planet Seylott. It is an outer rim jungle planet and home to a sentient bipedal, mammalian species named after its planet. They are tall, muscular humanoid beings with long arms, large stomachs and whiskered flat faces made them look like Klepthian rock otters. The Seylott people use their elongated arms to swing on branches and vines on the forest world. Although they spend a lot of time in the trees in the past they had built massive temples and stone monuments on the ground. Once they had a great peaceful society, but for some unknown reason there was a big decline in their culture sometime during the Clone Wars. Now their massive monuments are in ruins and all that remained of their thriving culture were pockets of primitive tribes living throughout the rainforest.

    What was really interesting about the Seylott species is almost all were Force-sensitive. They didn’t understand the Force like the Jedi do. Instead they interpreted the Force as a god called Shaa, which was a deity that consisted of the mother and infant. It was a duality where the two were part of the one. Or that is what I was told. I was never a student of religion. I know there are thousands of worshiped gods throughout the galaxy. The Jedi believe these are all interpretations of the Force, but we are told not to discuss this conviction with people who believe in a god or gods or other variations of a higher power. It is not polite to do so and it could cause a political and cultural backlash. We are taught to respect all religions.

    I look forward to meeting a Seylott native. I have never even seen this species in holoreports. They are very wary of outsiders and are never seen off planet.

    The reason we were on Seylott was because we were investigating reports of excavating companies illegally setting up Phrik mines on the planet. The mining companies claim they have permission from the Seylott shamans who act as leaders of the various clans. Unfortunately, nobody could find the elusive Seylott people to verify the story and that made the Galactic Alliance wonder if these indigenous tribes may have been slaughtered by some of the disreputable mining companies in order to maintain their claims.

    The planet’s thick jungles and large amount of wildlife made it almost impossible to locate the small pockets of Seylott tribes and that’s why the Jedi were on planet. Since the Seylott species are almost all Force sensitive it is hoped that they could be located by other Force sensitives.

    We got planet side at night and were waiting for sunrise before we began the search. It’s been raining since we got here. I really hope it stops before we have to leave base camp.

    We are with a Galactic Alliance company of ground troopers. My Dad, Ben and I were sleeping in a medium size troop tent with a couple GA officers. My Master was in a small troop tent with another woman in the field. I wish we could have stayed together, but the company commander didn’t want any sexual harassment charges…which was stupid if just the four of us had a shelter together. We are all related to each other, after all. But I guess they didn’t have enough tents. My dad said it might be better that my aunt is in an all female tent away from the men. He was sure my aunt would have killed most of the young and stupid soldiers that can’t censor their thoughts while around a beautiful woman. My Aunt Mara is almost fifty years old, but she doesn’t look it and I noticed she turned a number of heads when she came into the camp. I heard a couple guys about Ben’s age calling her a milk. I was told that meant a ‘mother I’d like to kriff’. Ben was furious when he heard that.

    A Galactic Alliance officer came into our tent with camouflage coveralls bundled up in his arms. He was a tall muscular man with a nasty scar running from his hairline to his jaw. I have noticed that many of the men had foregone reconstructive surgery or bacta immersions and instead decided to exhibit their scars as badges of honor.

    “This is the rainy season,” The officer said. “You can expect to be wet day and night.” He started handing out the clothing. “These are durawick coveralls. They are waterproof, but they are vented and made of a fabric that wicks moisture away from your body.”

    He handed out one to Ben and me. When he came to my father he gave an apologetic look. “I couldn’t find one to fit you that was made for a human, but I was able to get a Wookiee durawick suit. It’s been washed.”

    My dad made a face when he reached into the suit and pulled out hair.

    The officer handed a smaller uniform to my father. “This is a small men’s coverall. It should fit your female.”

    It was funny when all of us chuckled at the same time. My father smiled. “She’s not our female. It’s more like we’re her males.”

    The officer’s eyebrows rose slightly. “Okay…well, ummm…there is a special way to wear these…”

    “I know how they’re worn,” my father interrupted.

    The officer nodded his head. “Fine,” he said before leaving us in the tent alone.

    My father tossed the small coveralls to me. “Give this to your aunt and tell her not to wear anything underneath---no underwear.”

    I caught the outfit midair and then looked at my father stunned. “What?”

    My father opened up the coveralls to show me the interior. “These coveralls have built in underwear netting...mainly for male support. Even though they are waterproof you will probably sweat despite the venting. If you wear regular underwear it will cause your skin to be constantly wet and you will end up with a raging case of prickly heat.”

    “Why do I have to tell Aunt Mara she needs to go commando under these coveralls?”

    My father shrugged. “Because I said so.”

    I hate that answer. I get it from Mom, Dad and my Master. “Fine,” I grumbled as I pulled on my raincoat I brought from Coruscant and ran over to my Aunt Mara’s tent with the coveralls. When I got there I yelled for her. “Aunt Mara! Are you in there? Can I come in?”

    She pulled back the door flap and motioned me to enter. The tent had two cots, but my aunt was the only person present at the time. I handed her the durawick coveralls. “Dad wanted me to give you these. And ummm…well, there is a certain way you are supposed to wear them.” I hoped she would say she knew how to wear them so I could avoid embarrassment.

    She stared at me curiously. “And that is?”

    I felt my face heat up. “You are supposed to go without underwear when wearing them.”

    She raised an eyebrow. “No bra?”


    “No panties?”

    “I uh…I guess.” I stammer.

    “How about a lace teddy?”

    My jaw dropped. I am fairly certain she’s joking, but I don’t like the images that just popped into my head.

    My aunt laughed. “I know how to wear durawick coveralls.” She smirked. “In fact I was the one that taught your father how to wear them. I think your Dad wanted to embarrass you.” She chuckled as she held the outfit out in front of her. “This should fit. I’ll have it on tomorrow.”

    “Thanks,” I sputter before I exited her tent and went back to the shelter I shared with my dad and cousin. When I entered the tent both Ben and Dad started laughing.

    “Did you really tell Mom to make sure she doesn’t wear anything underneath?” Ben was cracking up.

    I just scowled at the two.

    “Think of it as payback for discussing my love life with my mother,” Ben said with a feigned look of anger, but then started laughing again.

    “At least you don’t have to wear an itchy Wookiee suit,” my dad pointed out as he pulled more hair out of the garment. “Why don’t you guys go talk to some of the younger soldiers in camp. You may want to get in some military training in the future. Ask them what training they’ve done and what missions they have been on.” When we didn’t move my dad motioned with his head for us to go. “That’s an order. Both of you.”

    Ben and I gave each other puzzled looks, but did as we were told. I have a feeling that Dad isn’t telling us everything about this mission.
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    Poor poor Talon. Even Mara was merciless lol

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    “She’s not our female. It’s more like we’re her males.”

    Hehehe. How true.

    Great update.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Hahahaha! No breaks for Talon.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Talon sure can't catch a break. I bet Mara wishes Luke were along, now ;) So they could both go commando [face_laugh] [face_mischief]

    Very intriguing society context for this mission =D=
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    Thanks Jade_eyes, Hazel, Briannakin, EmeraldJediFire for reading. I know I have mentioned prickly heat in a couple fanfics and it is because I got probably the worse case of the rash while I was at Airborne School in Georgia. The instructors didn't want us to get heat stroke during the training so they would keep us wet constantly. Once we got dry we would have to run under this outdoor shower (like the ones seen at 10K or half marathon races in hot climates) and get wet again. After a week or so of constantly being wet I got the worse case of prickly heat ever. It is basically the same as diaper rash. It was the most miserable rash I have ever had. It made poison ivy look like nothing. I have never been so miserable. I guess that just stuck in my head and I don't want my OC's to have to suffer. :p When I went to Jungle School in Panama we were told 'no underwear'...unless you like Prickly Heat. We all went commando in Panama...but it worked.

    The monthly challenge for the Diary Challenge was April Showers, so that is why I have it raining in this month's entries.

    Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment.


    Entry 24

    We’ve been slowly traveling through the jungle in the pouring rain all morning. I hate being out in a deluge. On Coruscant the weather is controlled so we are never surprised by a storm. Once a month it would rain on the city world…mainly to clean off the dust and dirt deposited by vehicles or industry.

    I have to admit the durawick coveralls do work. Despite the intense downpour and the constant sticky humidity my skin stayed dry. Dad said he wished he had this type of coverall when he went to Dagobah with Uncle Luke. He spent a week on the jungle world and he ended up with a wicked heat rash. He said couldn’t wait to get back to civilization so he could put a specialized bacta salve on the infected area…which was everywhere his underwear touched. Ouch! He said it was like a million needles stabbing his groin. Double ouch!

    I hope I don't ever to have to go to Dagobah. It doesn't sound like a fun place. Dad went there to train with Uncle Luke. This was shortly after I was born when Dad was just an apprentice. While on the planet Dad went into what he called the cave of underground cavern full of darkside energy. He was told Jedi going into the cave often had visions. Uncle Luke said the first time he was on the planet he had a vision of him killing Vader only to find out it was himself within the armor. Five years after Yoda died Uncle Luke returned and he saw a possible future where my Aunt Mara actually killed him while on Tatooine. Luckily that future did not come to pass.

    My father went in and when he came out my Uncle Luke said he was shaken and pale…but my father refused to tell anyone what he saw. I asked him once but he wouldn’t even tell me. Whatever it was it must have been awful. I have a feeling it might be something to do with him or his family…otherwise why wouldn’t he tell Luke?

    Anyway, getting back to my story. Dad said he was glad he had the coveralls even though the castoff Wookiee hair that remained in the outfit was making him itch. Dad said he hoped the Wookiee that last wore the outfit didn’t have Wroshyr Lice.

    Uncle Han once told us all about Wroshyr lice that are found on the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk. He said that female Wookiees would drop a Wroshyr louse on a male she was interested in. She would then apologize for accidently (meaning on purpose) dropping a louse in his fur. She would then take the next hour to groom the male’s fur to extract the louse. In other words, it was just a stupid excuse for the female to put her furry hands all over the male’s body. The males don’t seem to mind though.

    I am so glad that humans don’t have that custom. I could just see some lady infecting me with Kaon Crotch Crabs just so she would paw over my body. That wouldn’t be fun…well, I guess it would depend on how hot looking the woman was. Ha!

    Once again I am off topic. Our travels through the mucky jungle of Seylott was a pain in the butt. The vegetation was so thick that speeder bikes couldn’t be used, so we had to walk. The troops would climb three steps up a muddy hill and then slip down two. Which wouldn’t be too bad if the hillsides weren't covered with a strange, black barked tree that had spikes sticking out all along the trunk. The natural human response to sliding down a muddy hill is to grab onto something to slow your decent. Unfortunately, this tree—which I nicknamed ‘Black Palm’ because the black spikes usually ended up embedded in your palm—was always there when a trooper reached out to grab something. The Jedi didn’t really have this problem keeping our balance, but the soldiers were slipping and sliding all over the place. We ended up using the Force to assist the soldiers up and down some of the rougher terrain.

    After a while we could sense sentient beings in the distance, probably six kilometers away. They didn’t feel completely human, but we knew we weren’t sensing animals. We were fairly certain it a group of Seylott tribesmen, so we kept moving.

    I got to meet my Master’s tent-mate during the walk. It was the only other female in the group. Her name is Captain Lodi Nisda. She is a thirty-something human female with short-cropped hair and a stern look. I was told she works for GA Intelligence. That in itself wasn’t odd—what was strange was my Aunt’s behavior around her. Mara had suddenly become very outgoing and talkative with Captain Nisda. It’s not that Mara Jade Skywalker wasn’t friendly, but usually it took time for her to warm up to people.

    The fact that she was acting all chummy indicated to me that she was trying to coax information out of the Captain. So now I have my Master and my father both acting a little strange. I wish they let me or Ben in on what’s is going on. Both denied that they were acting weird, but I am pretty sure they are keeping something from us.


    Author Note: The description of the Seylott people in the previous post is pretty much canon and the Wookiee mating habits are also canon. I think they are both from the comics. The tree I described is not canon, but they have it in Panama and I slid into more than one of those miserable trees.
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    Cool update =D= LOL Yes, I never would describe Mara as immediately bubbly or outgoing :p Looking forward to further events.
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    Hm..I am wondering what Mara and Mark are up to.
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    Lol. Great update. One should be worried if Mara is acting 'chummy'.
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    Loved all the details with the Wookiee's and the lice and the rest. I too am wondering what Mara and Mark are doing.
  16. EmeraldJediFire

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    questions questions. so many questions. I am enjoying this as always!
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    Thanks EmeraldJediFire, Hazel, Briannakin, Jade_eyes, Demendora for reading and taking the time to comment. I am going to alternate between humorous and serious entries. I am considering writing another Second To None story for NaNoWriMo in November so I may put in some background information for that story using this Journal. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a plot yet, but I think by the time November rolls around I may think of something.



    Entry 25

    After sloshing through mud in the pouring rain for five hours we finally found a group of Seylott natives. They were impressive looking beings—tall and muscular with very long arms. Their necks were so thick and that they are often described as neck-less. They speak crude Basic, but it is understandable. It was determined that the mining companies did not get permission to set up operation in the area. In fact when the natives protested the company’s appearance on their hunting grounds they were run off by the mining camp’s security.

    As soon as it was determined the miners did not have a legitimate claim, the GA Intelligence Captain appeared to be very anxious to get rid of us Jedi. She sent out a signal to the base camp and had a troop transport locate the closest clearing that could be used as a landing zone. We were thanked for our assistance and then we were quickly escorted to the LZ. From there we boarded a transport ship to be whisked back to the base camp and then to our shuttle.

    It wasn’t until we were away from the troopers that I asked my Master what was going on.

    “Didn’t you read the brief on the planet?” she asked.

    “Yeah.” Which was true.

    “Did you bother researching what Phrik ore is used for?” my aunt asked.

    I shook my head. My aunt looked at Ben. “How about you?”

    “No,” Ben admitted.

    She gave us a severe look. “That is part of being a Jedi. You’re not privates in the Army who simply have to show up to formation. You research your mission!”

    My face burned from the rebuke. She was right, though. I just showed up and did what I was told. That’s not really the mark of a true leader.

    “Phrik is one of the few metals that is resistant to lightsabers,” My father pointed out.

    My Aunt Mara smirked. “We were requested to help find the Seylott people, but while we were in hyperspace that request was countermanded by GA Intelligence.”

    “We retrieved the message when we reverted to real space, but we pretended we didn’t receive the second message,” my father said. “We hoped we wouldn’t be sent away. That would probably make what they were doing look suspicious. We wanted to see what was going on.”

    “What do you think the GA is doing?” I asked.

    My Master shrugged. “Probably nothing nefarious. Phrik is one of the most resistant metals in the galaxy and would be useful in most military applications. They probably wanted to kick the civilian contractors out and nationalize the mines for the GA military.”

    “Or the anti-Jedi segments of the GA might want to stockpile the metal to make Jedi resistant armor or battle droids,” my father continued.

    Ben shook his head. “Why would they want to do that?”

    Aunt Mara gave us an unsympathetic look. “Why would Palpatine want to purge the universe of thousands of Jedi?”

    My father frowned sadly. “Sometimes Jedi just get in the way.”

    I can’t imagine any scenario where the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi would be enemies, but maybe I just don’t have a good enough imagination.

    I felt a cold shiver run down my spine at the very thought. Hopefully, my dad and Master are just being paranoid, but now I understand why they wanted us to chat up the soldiers and why my aunt suddenly became gregarious. We were spying on the GA.

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    Feb 23, 2012
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    Ekkkk. I have a bad feeling about this.
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    Spying on the GA sounds like a galaxy of trouble.
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    I agree with the earlier posters. :( None of those scenarios sound pleasant for the Jedi. Bravo on the thickening plot. =D=
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    And once again Jedi are guilty in all galaxy's problems.
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    Thanks Demendora, Hazel, Briannakin, Jade_eyes, and EmeraldJediFire for reading and taking the time to review. The last two chapters might be nothing or they may be foreshadowing for my NaNoWriMo in November. I am trying to come up with a plot. Because you read Sacrifices we know that an attack had not come by 45 ABY, but after that we may have a major problem. ;)

    This month's mini challenge was to go to Wookieepedia and click on RANDOM ARTICLE and then try to work that subject into the story. I came up with the Krayt Cult of Tatooine. So that is what I am doing with this entry.


    ENTRY 26

    Ben came over to my quarters yesterday to hang out. In a couple weeks he will be knighted. After that happens he knows he’ll probably won’t have the time to play holo games, watch holovids or go out to clubs like he could as an apprentice. Therefore, he’s been taking advantage of any free time he has to relax with his friends.

    He wanted to go out to a nightclub with me and my brother, but Jaden wasn’t back from school yet. So we decided to kill some time until his return by watching a holodrama or mystery. Jaden and I pay to have streaming holovid programming in our room, so Ben and I were scrolling through the titles when one holofilm caught my eye.

    Luke Skywalker and the Krayt Cult of Tatooine?” I looked over to Ben. “Have you seen that one?”

    He shook his head. “What year was it made?”

    I checked the holo information for its release date. “1 ABY.”

    Ben snickered. “I bet this is one of those films that Uncle Han had a hand in making. Dad said a slew of badly made action holos came out after the Battle of Yavin. He eventually discovered Han and Chewie were making up completely false stories about him and selling the movie rights.”

    “Yeah, like‘Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor’?”

    “Actually, that holo is based on true events. “ He shook his head. “No, that one Uncle Han wasn’t involved in. Mom and I watched it once. Mom then asked Dad, ‘Who’s this Aeona Cantor woman?’

    I was puzzled. “Who was she?”

    Ben shrugged. “Dad said it was the girlfriend of his friend Nick Rostu, but the writer who created the screenplay heavily hinted that she was in love with my dad.”

    I chuckled. “You know what they say, once you go Jedi you never go back.”

    Ben shook his head. “You do realize you’re the only person who actually says that.”

    “I know,” I said with a smirk. “Let’s watch it. You have to admit it will be fun seeing how your dad was portrayed when he was young.”

    So that is what we did for the next two hours. Force! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. The holofilm starts and we see a man walking out of the desert. He was wearing the distinctive orange Rogue pilot flight suit. The camera zooms in and we can finally see the man clearly. He has some of the features of Uncle Luke; there is the cleft chin, blue eyes and badly cut blond hair…but that’s about it. This guy was a monster of a man. He was over two meters tall with broad shoulders and huge biceps bulging under his uniform. If my dad didn’t dye his hair and irises this is what I imagine he would look like.

    I start cracking up. “Wow, your dad was really buff when he was younger!”

    Ben grinned. “Yeah, Dad really let himself go since his rebellion days.”

    We could see the actor portraying Luke Skywalker walk into a small desert town.

    “So why did your dad decide to park his X-Wing five kilometers out of town?”

    He shrugged. “Dad always liked to saunter into towns sunburned and dehydrated.”

    I snickered. The Luke Skywalker actor goes into a tavern and orders a Rodian Ale which he swigs back in one gulp. I started dry gagging. Rodian Ale has a hideous taste and I was fairly sure the real Luke Skywalker would have spewed that drink halfway across the bar once that foul liquid hit his tongue. The man then had two shots of Vosh…which is a one hundred percent pure alcohol drink!

    “Ben, your dad could really hold down his booze back then. Nowadays he gets tipsy with one ale with Uncle Han.”

    Ben was about to respond but then his eyes went wide as a half dressed blue Twi’lek came up to the performer and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Are you Luke Skywalker?” the buxom twi’lek asked as she rubbed up against the actor. The Luke Skywalker character gave her a very uncharacteristic leer as he moved his hands down her body until they rested on her backside.

    “It depends.” The large blond man responded. “Who wants to know?”

    The sexy twi’lek tells him she was looking for somebody to help free her friends who were being held prisoner by members of the evil Krayt Cult—which is an actual group of people who worship Krayt dragons on Tatooine. The cult members had abducted the most beautiful women on Tatooine and were planning on sacrificing them to a Krayt Dragon.

    Of course the holofilm Luke Skywalker agrees to help, but not before he goes back to the Twi’lek’s room and has hot interspecies sex with her. I look over to Ben who has his hand covering his eyes and was turning red.

    “Ben, he really isn’t your Dad on screen…and you got to see this hot Twi’lek flesh.”

    “I love seeing hot Twi’lek flesh, but not when somebody who is supposed to be my father is currently on top of that flesh.”

    I laughed out loud at my cousin’s discomfort. “At least they’re not too explicit. I’m glad we didn’t have to see your dad’s lightsaber.”

    The rest of the movie was awful. Luke Skywalker fights off the cult members and then a krayt dragon and then he frees a dozen scantily clad Twi’lek women who suddenly decide the best way to thank their hero is by having group sex. At least that is what I assume. The holofilm mercifully pans away from the frenzied groping before things went too far along. As the credits rolled I gave Ben a wide smirk. “Wow Ben, your dad got a lot of Twi’lek action for a man with a horrible bowl haircut.”

    Ben snorted. “A bad haircut can’t overcome the fact that all Skywalkers are extremely charming, debonair and have the classic hero good looks. Twi’leks fall for it every time.”

    “Oh yeah.” My grin grew wider. “Are you still dating Niki?”

    Ben blushed. “Sure, we go out as friends.”

    I scoffed. “Yeah, friends with benefits.” I was surprised when Ben didn’t make a snappy comeback to that comment. “Are you guys getting serious?”

    He shook his head. “No, we’re just dating for fun. She wants to one day marry somebody of her own species and have kids of her own.” He shrugged. “It wouldn’t work anyway. She wants to return to Ryloth and start her own medical practice and I want to stay on Coruscant to be near my family.” He hesitated for a moment. “Anyway, I would like to have kids one day also.”

    “Jaden told me he read about human/twi’lek hybrids.”

    Ben shook his head. “We’re just having fun together. It’s nothing serious. We’re friends.” He gave me a slight smile. “As for benefits… it’s true. She does enjoy occasional benefits from me.”

    “She benefits from you?” I started laughing so hard I thought I would crack a rib. “You are so full of yourself!”

    “Hey,” he laughed. “It’s not like this planet is crawling with the exotic redheaded freckled face men that she so desires.”

    I started laughing again. Ben can have a self-deprecating sense of humor sometimes.

    Jaden came back from school an hour later and we decided to go out on the town. This time we didn’t get into any trouble, which is amazing. A good time was had by all.
  24. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Whew! Glad there were no shocking consequences to the guys on the town ;) Hee! Enjoyed the teasing about Niki. Just friends, famous last words [face_laugh]
  25. Hazel

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    I think I've seen that movie, or at least a couple of versions of it. [face_laugh] Fun chapter!