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    Author’s Note: This is a continuation of last year’s Dear Diary Challenge titled: The Journal of a Very Married Talon Tantiss. I am going to attempt to write this year’s diary so everybody can understand it, but now that I have written five stories leading up to this diary, I don’t know how successful I will be in doing so.

    If you are interested in reading the previous stories, the first book in this series is called Second To None. That was a L/M love story, but it also explained the origin of Talon’s father Mark Tantiss. After that fanfic I wrote The Journal of Mark Tantiss. This covers the time from Wayland, Byss, and the discovery of the Eye of Palpatine. This was followed by the fanfic Second to None: Sacrifices. This story has Talon as a young man and details Jacen’s brush with the darkside. The Journal of Talon Tantiss followed and then The Journal of a Very Married Talon Tantiss.

    If you haven’t read all the stories leading up to this journal you may be hopelessly lost. To help new readers my first diary entry is usually a short recap of what has happened to the Tantiss family. You can find the links to these stories in my signature. I have them archived at FFN.

    46.8 ABY

    Entry 1

    It is the beginning of a New Standard Year and therefore the start of a new journal. I assume this diary will be read far in the future by my great, grandchildren or some historian wanting to write an unauthorized biography of one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known. Ha! That would be Luke Skywalker and I do mention him often in my journals.

    In case my other journals have been lost to time I will give a brief synopsis of my life and my family up to this point.

    My name is Talon Tantiss—the son of retired Jedi Master Mark Tantiss and Kira Starkos Tantiss. I am married to Zylie Karrde, the daughter of Talon Karrde and Zara Maru. I work closely with my best friend and cousin, Ben Skywalker, who is married to Zylie’s older sister Valla. The Karrde sisters work in the family trade business and fly a huge Wayfarer-class medium transport cargo ship for their father’s company. Over the last year Ben and I have been acting as a roving Jedi. We have our StealthX fighters stored on the freighter and are given Jedi missions in the areas we travel. Having us on the ship lets us to spend time with our wives while allowing us the freedom to work as Jedi.

    Most of the galaxy believes my connection to the Skywalker family is by marriage and that my father, a redheaded giant of a man, is the brother of Mara Jade. In reality, my father was a mutated clone created by the Dark Jedi Joruus C’baoth. When my father was pulled out of a stasis chamber on Wayland back in 9 ABY he looked just like Luke Skywalker. Over the next few months he grew taller and more muscular. My Aunt Mara believes he was intended to become an Imperial Sentinel—a giant, muted and chemically lobotomized warrior completely subservient to the will a Dark Side Adept. Lately I have wondered about this theory. If Dad was supposed to be a brain dead sentinel then why did he get military flash training? Why did C’baoth create him and then not use my dad in defense his secret base on Wayland? I guess I may never know the answer to these questions.

    My father decided he didn’t want people asking him if he was related to Skywalker so he died his hair red and his irises green, the same as my Aunt Mara. He then claimed he was her long lost brother. He was one of Luke Skywalker’s first Jedi students.

    My father met my mother while on a mission to Byss. He rescued her from the Emperor Reborn’s citadel shortly before the destruction of the Imperial planet. They have been together for thirty-five years now.

    I have an older brother named Jaden who is a Jedi healer at the Temple on Coruscant. He is married to Jysella Horn, another Jedi healer, and they have a daughter named Jessa.

    I don’t have any children with Zylie, but I did father a child almost thirteen years ago while on a Jedi Mission. Ben and I were assigned to guard Queen Kaie of Indubar and her identical twin sister (and body double) Ema Aiti. The King of Indupar died when the queen was a two weeks pregnant. Since she was not of royal blood her child would be eventually crowned. She feared her husband’s relatives might want to kill her or the baby, so she fled with her sister to Coruscant and requested the protection of the Jedi Knights. While guarding the ladies I had a brief affair with the Queen’s sister, Ema. I didn’t know she was pregnant when they returned to Indupar. I also didn’t know the queen miscarried on the way back to their planet or that Ema traded places with her identical twin in order to put my son, Marcus, on the throne. At first I was furious at the duplicity, but I was later convinced it was in the best interest of the Indupar Crown Worlds. It wasn’t until the last year or two that I have had any relationship with my son. He was officially crowned as King on his twelfth birthday. Hopefully I will now have more freedom to visit my son.

    Meanwhile I have been working as a Jedi Guardian and trained Void Jumper. Most of the time I take on missions ordered by the Grand Master, but often I am loaned out to the Galactic Alliance military as a ‘Jedi Asset’. In these cases I work for the military. When I am not doing Guardian details I help out my cousin Ben in his Sentinel duties. A Jedi Sentinel is similar to a law enforcement officer. Ben loves dragging me along on difficult cases because I possess a rare Jedi talent. I am a post-cognitive. I can touch objects and tell who last held it or events tied to the object. Unfortunately, when he asks me to use this talent, he is usually handing me a weapon used to torture and kill some poor soul. I really don’t like having visions of such sadistic brutality.

    I think I will cut this entry short. We (Ben, Valla, Zylie and me) are going to a New Years Day party on the planet Kuat. I have been told the Kuati people know how to party. Hopefully my next entry doesn’t have me complaining about a hangover.
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    The earlier fics have been on my to-read list for a while, but I'll get in on the ground floor with this one!

    Thanks for the summary and I'm looking forward to Talon's adventures.
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    I'm amazed at all the storylines you've crafted and woven together. UGH, READING LIST, JUST STAHP GETTING LONGER ALREADY. [face_laugh]
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    Yes, Talon has started his diary. Tags please. I will be following his hilarious adventures
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    Great and very easy to follow recap for those who haven't dug into the Tantiss-verse yet LOL And whew, that is one fun title for the diary overall. Makes me think Talon's gonna try to get crafty and unload Princess and her litter [face_laugh] [face_mischief]
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    Looking forward to the continuation of the story.
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    Yay, more Talon and company!
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    I predict this is going to be the best Talon diary yet, from the title alone! :D
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    Thanks. Talon is a good OC to work with because he hangs with Ben and there are a lot of Ben fans. Mark Tantiss was popular because he hung out with Luke and Mara. I think the way to a successful OC is to pair them with a popular canon character. At least at first. Thanks for reading.

    I sometimes have to go back and reread my stories because I am not very organized and I will start wondering, "What's the name of Talon's mother-in-law." It gets confusing to me.

    You are tagged. I hope this diary doesn't disappoint.

    I think you will be surprised at what happens. ;)

    Thank you! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    Thanks for reading.

    Don't jinx me! :p I hope I can continue to come up with weird situations. I watch a lot of TV, so I should be okay. [face_laugh]

    Okay, this is the first real entry for Talon. It is the New Year and he is going to party like it is 1999 ABY.

    Ack! So far I found a lot of typos. I haven't been on top of my game today. :(

    Entry 2

    The New Year has been very, very interesting so far.

    Ben, Valla, Zylie and I decided to attend a New Year’s celebration held at an upscale hotel convention hall on Kuat. It was expensive, but we hoped the hefty cover charge would keep out the riffraff. Unfortunately, this was a costume party so the ladies dragged us men to a costume shop. Ugh. I hate shopping.

    We went to a warehouse store that sold costumes, uniforms and party supplies. Ben and I walked the rows and rows of costumes like two men on a bored-to-death march. I guess the ladies got tired of our whining because they pulled us to the dressing room area and had us sit down while they picked out costumes for us to try on.

    Zylie was the first to return with a outfit. “This looks so sexy,” she purred as she held up a package. “It is a Savage costume. We have to purchase a fake sword separately, but it is sooo perfect.” She hands me a very small plasto bag with a small piece of fabric inside. I tentatively reached in and pulled out a small loincloth.

    “Stang!” Ben started laughing until his face was as red as his hair.

    “Really, Zylie?” I stood, legs apart in a warrior stance, as I held the loincloth up in front of my crotch. I gave her a sidelong glance. “Be serious. First off, if I went to the party dressed like this I would be swarmed by women and second this is not enough fabric to contain my manly assets.”

    Ben snorted and began laughing again. I turned and threw the costume at him. “But it may fit my little cousin.”

    Before he could give a scathing retort, Valla showed up with a much larger costume. “It’s a Hapan Prince!” She says excitedly.

    “Valla, I hate to break it to you, but your husband is not handsome enough to be a Hapan.” I grabbed the costume with a smirk and checked out the sample image on the package. It showed a male model wearing tight, bun hugging purple pants, an effeminate white puffy shirt, along with a vinyl black belt and a toy blaster. I grinned at Ben. “This is perfect for you. It emphasizes your manly qualities…or lack of.”

    He folded his arms across his chest and glared at me. “Funny Talon. Perhaps the ladies can find something to fit your personality. Maybe you can go as a feminine hygiene product because you can be such a d…”

    “Ben!” Valla warned her husband. “Be nice. We’ll get you boys something you’ll like instead of something we want to see you in.”

    “Thank you!” I said sarcastically as I picked up the tiny loincloth and shoved it back into its package. When the ladies were out of earshot I said to Ben, “We should go as Jedi.”

    Ben crooked a smile. “We could. That would save us a lot of money and embarrassment.”

    The women returned with two other costumes. Zylie handed me a light plasteel set of mandalorian armor. I liked it for a second, but then I shuddered as a horrifying childhood memory surfaced. I was eight-years-old when I woke up late one night from a bad dream. I remember rushing into my parents' bedroom only to find my father wearing boxer-briefs, a Mandalorian helmet and cape. Yuck. I don’t want anything that reminds me of my parents’ weird dress-up fetishes.

    Ben’s costume wasn’t much better. It was a Wookiee get-up. I’m sure he really doesn’t want to walk around in a suffocating full body costume all night. He shook his head as he handed it back to Valla. “Talon and I decided to go as Jedi Knights.”

    They gave us their best pouty faces, but they didn’t argue. I think they were just happy that we agreed to go to the party in the first place. I turned to Ben and grinned. “Now we get to pick their costumes.”

    Ben’s face lit up. “Oh yeah.”

    Zylie held up her hand. “Stop. I don’t trust Talon to pick out my costume. Ben, you do it.” She looked at me. “And you pick one out for my sister. This way we’ll know it’ll be modest.”

    I laughed. “Are you assuming I wouldn’t want to see your sister in a sexy costume?”

    Opps! That was the wrong thing to say. All three of them glared at me. “I was joking!” I turned and quickly walked down the store aisle. “I’m off to find a modest outfit. Maybe I’ll find a Boushh the bounty hunter costume. That worked for Aunt Leia when she snuck into Jabba’s palace. There is nothing more modest than that.”

    I looked through the costumes and found something perfect…perfectly inappropriate, that is. I brought it back just as Ben was returning with a costume for my wife.

    Ben held out what looked like Stormtrooper armor, minus the helmet. It was basically a big-breasted white plasteel armor push-up chest piece. The lower part of the costume was knee-length skintight shorts with a small piece of white armor over the front thighs. He handed it to Zylie. “I thought you might like this. It’s modest, but I think Talon will like it also.”

    “I love it!” Zylie snatched it up and then looked to see what I brought for her sister.

    I bit my lower lip trying to contain my laugher as I pulled the costume out from behind my back. “Look what they had. A metal bikini!”

    Both the ladies groaned and rolled their eyes. Ben tried to look mad but eventually started laughing. “She can wear it, but only if you pay for my therapy afterwards.”

    “Put it back, Talon,” Valla insisted. “Get something appropriate that doesn’t remind my husband of his Aunt Leia. And that means no Boushh the bounty hunter, no princess outfits and definitely no metal bikinis.”

    They’re no fun! I eventually got Valla a sexy female Imperial officer costume that she and Ben liked.

    So we are set to party tonight!

    By the way, I did buy that Savage costume…but that is for later when I get Zylie in our cabin alone. HA!
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    “Funny Talon. Perhaps the ladies can find something to fit your personality. Maybe you can go as a feminine hygiene product because you can be such a d…”

    [face_laugh] Talk about a comeback, Ben really does take after Mara :D

    Looking forward to more
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    [face_rofl] Snarking and oh the mental images! =D=
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    Great banter!
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    Oh, that was funny! Loved the banter [face_laugh]
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    Fun and banter, they are at it again
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    Costume parties are always fun... [face_laugh]
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    Hee! Talon, I don't think you have quite escaped from the land of awkward with your choices. [face_laugh] But at least nobody's reminded of their Aunt Leia. :p
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    Any snarky comments are usually based on what my two teenage sons say to each other. Ben and Talon are like brothers.


    I appreciate you reading!

    They tease each other but they are best friends.


    Yeah, I went to one costume party and one toga party when I was in the Army. Now partying to me means napping.

    Talon is a lot like his father. Mark loved to tease Mara and Luke. Talon is carrying on the Tantiss tradition of teasing a Skywalker.

    Thanks everybody for reading and taking the time to comment. This is a short little post while I try to think of a plot. [face_laugh]


    Entry 3

    Party! You know, Ben and I really haven’t partied much since we left Coruscant. Nowadays we are either cooped up in a freighter or on Jedi missions. We should go out on the town with our ladies more often.

    Ben and I wore full Jedi robes with lightsabers while our wives were dressed like sexy Imperials. Ha! I love it. We had ID10T take a holo of us before we left. The ladies did look enticing. I told Zylie, “Aren’t you a little sexy for a Stormtrooper.”

    As we entered the party our ears were immediately assaulted by loud techno music. Its high-energy rhythmic beats were synchronized to dazzling strobe lights that filled the darkened room with a fantastic light show. There was a large dance floor at the center of the room where dozens of partygoers danced; most wore glowing gloves or self-illuminating body gel and little else. I suddenly felt over dressed among the scantily clothed attendees.

    Zylie turned to me and shouted over the music. “See, the Savage outfit would have been fine here.”

    I watched a group of young ladies dressed as pleasure slaves walk past me clad in sheer Lashaa silk and Jerba leather. “I see that.”

    Zylie punched my shoulder and I had to smile. “Admit it, you’re glad I didn’t wear the loincloth.”

    Her face pinched together trying to hid a smile. Eventually she laughed. “You’re right. I don’t want other women ogling over you while we dance.”

    “Speaking of dancing,” Valla shouted to be heard. “Lets find a table and then get on the dance floor.”

    We elbowed our way to one of the few available tables located far from the MC's sound amplification system. That was fine with me. At least we could hear each other without screaming. We sat down and ordered drinks from the table’s computerized menu touchpad.

    “Shall we dance?” Ben smiled as he offered Valla his hand. She stood, her eyes never leaving his as she leaned in and kissed him softly on the mouth. It wasn’t a lingering kiss, but it was long enough to get my cousin blushing.

    “Get a room!” I joked.

    Ben flashed me the smuggest grin. “We probably will before the night is over.” He wrapped his arm around his wife and guided her to the dance floor.

    Zylie looked to me. “Aren’t we going to dance?”

    I shrugged. “Let’s get a drink into me first. You know I dance like See-Threepio when I’m not relaxed.”

    “Fine.” She gave a slight roll of her eyes before she changed the drink order to add a Flame-out—the strongest alcoholic drink that a licensed establishment could sell.

    I gave her a shake of my head. “Zylie, that has spice in it.”

    She grinned. “I know, I am hoping to get you drunk and get lucky tonight.”

    “You don’t have to get me drunk for that.” I smirked. “You’re always lucky to have me.”

    “Ohhh,” she moaned with a hint of teasing in her voice. “You are so vain.”

    I chuckled. “Zylie, I only have eyes for you.” Ironically, at that very moment three young ladies caught my eye. I gave Zylie a nudge. “We have more Jedi Knights.”

    Zylie looked in the direction I indicated and burst out laughing. “Are you sure those aren’t Jedi Lap Dancers.”

    I had to grin at their costumes. All three women wore Jedi tunics, but it appeared they either forgot the trousers or they could only afford half a costume. The tunics didn't even reach mid-thigh and barely concealed their thong-covered bottoms. They also had strange looking lightsaber replicas hanging from leather black belts. I stared at the bogus weapons, trying to focus in the dim light. “Those are toy lightsabers they are wearing, right?”

    Zylie gazed at the women for a moment before she blushed. “Those are toys, but not lightsabers.” She burst out in hysterical laughter before she started coughing and hyperventilating. Unfortunately she only brought attention to us. The ladies looked over to me and then whispered something to each other before bouncing over in my direction. “Kriff! They must have heard us, Zylie. They’re coming over here.”

    “Oh my stars!” One buxom blond said to me while pointing at my Jedi robes. “We must have shopped at the same place.” She turned to her equally blond friends. “We’re Jedi too!”

    These women were young, probably just over the eighteen-year-old drinking age. “Yep, we’re all Jedi. ” I somehow managed to say that with a straight face while their phallic shaped lightsabers practically swung in my face.

    One of the women with a plunging neckline leaned closer to me, scrutinizing my face before she hopped up and down with a shriek. “I know you!” She turned to her friends. “Do you remember that boring holonet news report our professor had us watch about the fighting on Treemar?” She pointed to me. “This is the Jedi in that story!”

    “A real Jedi!” the other Jedi impersonators squealed. One woman with platinum blond hair looked at me earnestly. “We are the biggest Jedi fangirls in the galaxy!”

    “Thank you,” I muttered while stealing a glance to Zylie. Her eyes narrowed and I could feel her irritation through the Force. “Well, uh, have fun at the party,” I said with a dismissive wave of my hand.

    “Before we go, can you answer a couple questions we have about the Jedi?”

    I groaned inwardly. Usually these questions involved Force-enhanced sex or Force-enhanced foreplay. I shook my head. “I really want to get up on the dance floor with my wife.” I emphasized my marital status hoping these women would take a hint and go away…of course, they didn’t.

    “Pleasssseee!” The three women begged in unison.

    I blew out a frustrated breath. “Okay, one question.”

    There was another squeak of delight before the women huddled together to come up with the one Jedi question that their curious Jedi Fangirl brains absolutely needed answering. They turned back to me and said, “Do you know Ben Skywalker?”

    My jaw dropped and I could see Zylie struggling to keep a straight face. I was going to lie and tell them no, but Zylie chimed in. “Yes he knows him. They used to be roommates at the Jedi Temple.”

    That announcement was rewarded with more ethusiastic shouts and then a steady barrage of questions.

    “Oh my stars, is it true that he is one of the strongest Jedi?”
    “I heard he has a great sense of humor!”
    “And that he has the highest Intelligent Quota of all the Knights!”
    “He can see the future.”
    “And the past!”
    “He’s really fun to be around.”
    “He’s unbeaten with a lightsaber and is a master of hand-to-hand combat.”
    “And he’s a generous lover.”
    “And soooo incredibly sexy,” another added.

    Zylie had her hand covering her face as she tried, but failed, to hide her amusement.

    “I wouldn’t know about the last two,” I commented dryly. “That you would have to ask his wife.”

    The three women gave pouty expressions. “We heard he was married.”

    “We were crushed,” one of them moaned while holding her hands over her broken heart.

    “I could have been the next Mrs. Skywalker,” the platinum blond said dreamily.

    “I just wanted to meet him.” The woman with the cleavage whispered.

    I grinned. “Well, you are in luck ladies. He’s here!”

    Zylie gave me a warning glare that I completely ignored. I pointed to the dance floor. The song had ended and my cousin was now headed towards the bar while Valla walked to the ladies’ ‘fresher. “He’s right there at the bar. You should go up and say hello. He loves meeting his fans.”

    The three women sent out another earsplitting squeal before they ran across the dance floor towards Ben.

    “Get jealous much?” Zylie asked.

    I chuckled. “Please, this is payback for letting his parents know we got stuck in the cockpit of my StealthX during our impromptu romantic rendezvous.”

    A slight smile tugged on her lips. “They did tease us unmercifully about that one.”

    “Anyway, how bad can it be meeting three fangirls?” I looked over to where the three women had surrounded Ben. One of the ladies pulled out a permanent marker from her pocket and it looked like they wanted Ben to autograph their tunics. At least, that is what I thought they were going to ask until they pulled down their tunics to expose the top of their breasts. “Oh kriff! They want him to sign their breasts.”

    Zylie shook her head and squeezed the bridge of her nose. “And here comes my sister out of the ‘fresher.”

    I grimaced as I saw my sister-in-law glare at Ben and his little entourage of fangirl groupies. My cousin didn’t miss a beat. He took the hand of one of the women and signed his name on the inside of her forearm and offered to do the same for the other ladies.

    I blew out a breath. “See, emergency averted. We won’t get blamed. He’ll just think they spotted him like they spotted me.”

    Zylie sighed deeply. “Think again Jedi-boy.”

    I looked back to find the ladies talking to Ben before pointing in my direction. I flinched before I realized ducking under the table was not a viable option. I instead gave Ben a sheepish smile as he glared at me.

    “You are so dead,” Zylie said with a chuckle.

    “You are so right,” I groaned.
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    Yikes. Poor Ben. Valla so would've murdered him. [face_laugh]
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    [face_rofl] Oh this just went over the edge into serious, unending pranking wars. =D=
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    Talon and his Ben pranking war. He is hilarious
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    [face_rofl] Talon is so dead. Can't wait to see what Ben says to Talon. so funny
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    Let the Pranking Wars continue [face_laugh] :p
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    Poor Ben...and things are going to get worse.

    Those two are going to end up driving each other to the darkside.

    Thanks! Those two are are bad as my sons.

    Talon is in trouble, but Ben is going to have some problems also.

    Those two will get back to pranking soon. I thought I would throw in a mission for them to do for the next few entries. I hope to get Luke and Mara into the situation.

    Thanks everybody for reading!

    Entry 4

    After Ben signed the ladies’ forearms they skipped off happily. I overheard one of them saying, “I’m going to a tattoo parlor and have his signature permanently etched on my body!” That was followed with enthusiastic howl of approval from her friends.

    Valla looked a bit pissed when she walked up to Ben. My cousin said a few words to his wife before he pointed to me. She then turned and glared in my direction.

    “Dead, dead, dead,” I heard Zylie whisper and then chuckle.

    My cousin and sister-in-law stalked over to our table and sat down across from me. I was expecting Ben to start yelling but he just shook his head sadly and said to Zylie. “You have my deepest condolences for the future death of your husband.”

    Zylie grinned as she pretended to wipe fake tears from her face. “Thank you Ben, but the title ‘The widow Tantiss’ does have an exotic ring to it. I’m sure I’ll find love again and move on.” She then burst out laughing as I just sat there with a forced smile on my face.

    Ben gave me a disapproving scowl. “Talon, sometimes I think you are trying to turn me to the darkside.”

    “Sorry,” I said lamely.

    “Ben, don’t be mad,” Zylie said with a smirk. “Talon got the short end of the deal in this situation.”

    I groaned knowing Zylie was going to reveal all. I reached over and put my hand on her arm signaling for her to stop talking. “Zylie, there’s no need to go into details.” I looked back to Ben and gave him my best apologetic look. “I’m sorry for sending those women over to see you. I apologize and will do anything to make amends.”

    Ben’s lips curled up at the corners. “Okay, when we get back you need to give Princess a bath.”

    I made a face. “Please, anything but that. You know that vornskr hates me.”

    Ben shook his head. “No, a bath and I’ll call us even.”

    I sighed deeply. “Fine.”

    “Good.” He turned to Zylie. “Now how about those details?”

    “Hey! Not having the details was part of the deal!

    Ben raised an eyebrow inquisitively. “I don’t remember making that promise.” He turned to Zylie and smiled. “Go ahead Zylie, how exactly did Talon come out on the short end of the deal?”

    And so the whole story came out. I forgot that Zylie has a very, very good memory. She recalled almost exactly what those women said verbatim. At the end of the story both Valla and Ben were in near hysterics.

    Valla caught her breath and put a hand out to pat her sister’s arm in a consoling manner. “I hope you don’t feel too jealous that I got the sexist warrior within the Jedi order.”

    Zylie was trying not to laugh but wasn’t succeeding. “I’m getting used to slumming.”

    “Ha, ha! Funny guys.” I looked around the table. “Where are our drinks?” I punched at the touch screen built into the tabletop and ended up getting an error message. “The damn ordering system is malfunctioning.”

    Ben stood. “I’ll go up to the bar and order.” He gave me a wink. “It’s a female bartender, maybe she’ll give me the drinks for free due to my incredible sexiness.” He then laughed and strutted off.

    I turned to Zylie. “You just had to tell him. Now he’s going to get a big head over this.”

    She rolled her eyes. “Vanity is not one of Ben’s many virtues.” She smirked. “Besides, you deserved to be embarrassed. That was mean what you did.”

    Valla grinned at me. “Payback is a pain in the rear.”

    “Since I already got my payback, I shouldn’t have to give Princess a bath.” I folded my arms across my chest defiantly. “She just got a bath last week. Why does she need another one?”

    “She sick. We think she got into the trash and ate some rotten food,” Zylie explained. “She threw up.”

    “And then she rolled around in her own vomit,” Valla continued.

    “Oh, hell no!” I shook my head. “No, no, no way!”

    Valla grinned ear-to-ear. “Someone has to do it, Talon.”

    I grimaced at the thought of bathing a spew-covered vornskr…especially one that hates me and will take any chance to bite me in the groin. I needed a drink.

    “Where’s Ben with our drinks?” I looked down the bar but didn’t see him. After a few seconds I spied someone in Jedi robes out on the dance floor. It was Ben dancing with a young woman. My jaw dropped in surprise. It was not odd for women to ask my cousin to dance, but since he and Valla became an item he has steadfastly refused all dance offers. I now started to wonder if he really did get a touch of egotism over how those three young girls gushed over him. I guess the ladies saw me gawking at the dance floor and turned to see what I was staring at.

    I heard Valla gasp when she saw Ben slow dancing with a sexy brunette. “Is that Ben?”

    I was about to respond, but was rendered silent when Ben leaned in and gave the woman in his arms a long, sensual kiss.

    What the hell?

    I stood and stared at my cousin slack jawed, unable to believe what I was seeing. I felt like I had dropped into some bizarre alternate dimension where my best friend had just turned into some evil, cheating, sleemo clone. I was vaguely aware of Valla crying while Zylie reassured her sister that it must be a mistake. I found myself incapable of looking away. I wanted to comfort my sister-in-law or rush over and punch Ben, but all I could do was stand there shocked and overwhelmed by a sick, sinking pain in my gut. Eventually Zylie punched my shoulder pulling me out of my stupor. “I’m going to follow Valla. You get Ben.”

    “What?” I muttered hoarsely before I turned and spotted Valla leaving the club with Zylie following close behind. I stared at Ben for a few more seconds before I pushed my way onto the dance floor. When I got to my cousin he was in a full lip lock with this strange woman. I wedged my hands between the two and pulled them apart. I turned to Ben. “What the hell are you doing?”

    He looked at me strangely before laughing. “What does it look like I’m doing?”

    “What is wrong with you?” I hissed through clenched teeth. “Why are you doing this?”

    Ben’s voice took on a mocking tone. “Talon, I didn’t know you would get so upset about public displays of affection.” He grinned smugly before turning to the woman and winking at her. “Perhaps Talon’s right. We should take this somewhere private.” He turned back to me. “Earlier you told me to get a room. I guess I should do that.”

    I glared at him as I felt the anger building up inside me. “There is no way I’m going to let you leave here with a Temple-yummy!” Ben’s eyes narrowed at my use of that derogatory term. It was a word Valin Horn often used to describe female Jedi groupies who hung outside the temple hoping to hook up with Jedi Knights.

    Before Ben could respond the young lady grabbed his hand and tried to pull him off the dance floor. “Come on lover. Let’s get out of here.”

    I stepped between the two and unlinked their hands forcefully, that’s when I had a vision…possibly a post-cognitive vision of things that already happened. I saw this woman luring men, one at a time, into her apartment. The men looked happy, even euphoric while in her company, but they also experienced premature aging. Within weeks their hair went gray, wrinkles developed, and the ravages of aged wracked their body until they died as fragile old men.

    I gasped audibly as I gazed at her wide-eyed. “Mind-witch!” I whispered. I have heard of them, but I never thought I would ever meet one of these life-force sucking leaches.

    “Let me go!” She screamed in near hysterics. “You’re hurting me.” She pulled her arm out of my grip and tried to flee, but there was no way I was going to let somebody so dangerous get away. I lunged after her, reaching for her shoulder but only succeeded in snatching a fist full of her shoulder length hair. She screamed as I pulled her back roughly, preventing her from leaving.

    “Get this maniac off me!” A few people on the dance floor turned in our direction but the music had changed to a loud, pounding beat drowning out her screams. Still we were attracting attention and I hoped nobody jumped in to help her. She grabbed her own hair in her hand and tried to yank it out of my grip, but I held tight. Ben was pulling at my shoulder while demanding that I leave her alone. The woman whipped her head around and gazed into my eyes. At that moment she morphed into an image of Zylie. It was so realistic I almost let her go…almost. I instead tightened my grip. “You’re not going anywhere!”

    I turned back to Ben to explain to him what was going on when I felt intense jolting pain in my jaw. I lost my grip of the woman as I fell to the ground. The dance participants pulled away from us, some gasped in shock while others encouraged Ben to hit me again. The music ceased and someone could be heard calling for security. I reached my hand up to cup my jaw. It was quickly swelling and I could taste blood from a split lip. I knew Ben could throw a punch, but I have never before been a recipient of his anger. “Talon! Stop! Have you gone insane!” He looked up to the woman. “Valla, get out of here!”

    “Valla?” I tried to stand, but my head was still spinning from being coldcocked by my irate cousin. “That’s not Valla, Ben!” I searched the dance floor and caught a glimpse of her as she escaped out the emergency exit. I scrambled to my feet and gave chase. I heard Ben call out to me as I burst through the door and ran down a dark alley. The woman was up ahead running at a speed I didn’t think possible in heels. I almost caught up to her when I was tackled from behind. I landed on the ground hard and whacking the side of my head on the duracrete. Ben scrambled up to my shoulders and pressed his knee between my shoulder blades to restrain me.

    “What the kriff is wrong with you Talon! Are you on spice!”

    I lifted my head enough to see the woman reached the main thoroughfare and hail a taxi. I wasn’t going to catch her tonight. I lowered my head down to the pavement and sighed. “Ben, that wasn’t Valla.”

    “Talon, I think I know my own wife.”

    “ I know you think that was Valla, but it wasn’t. It was a mind-witch. Valla left the club with Zylie after she saw you kissing that woman. You saw an illusion!”

    “What?” Ben shook his head. “Mind-witches are extinct.”

    “That’s what your dad thought before he was nearly killed by one.” I squirmed under my cousin’s weight. “Ben, can you let me up? I surrender.” When he didn’t move I tried to reason with him. “Ben, either I am telling the truth or I have gone completely barvy. Either way you can verify it by contacting Valla on your comlink. If she said I attacked her on the dance floor I will voluntarily check myself into the local psychiatric ward for evaluation.”

    Ben got off my back and stood. I turned over and motioned to his pocket. “Go ahead call Valla. She’ll tell you she wasn’t the one sucking your face on the dance floor.”

    Ben stared at me for a long moment before he reached into his Jedi robes and pulled out his comlink. He keyed it and listened for a moment. “She’s not answering.”

    “Call Zylie, then!”

    He hesitated for a moment before keying my wife’s comlink number. “Zylie? It’s Ben. Is Valla…” That was all he got out before I heard Zylie shouting at him over the line. The blood drained from his face as his expression went from confusion to one of sheer panic. “Zylie…wait…I know…let me…just let me talk to her…I…no, no. No Zylie, I…” He then stopped and gazed down at his comlink. “She hung up. “ His voice was shaky as he ran a hand over his face . “Oh kriff!” He reached down and pulled me to my feet. “Let’s get back to the Vazy Princess.”

    I shook my head. “We have to go after the Mind-Witch before she hurts somebody else. She’s dangerous.”

    “No, we have to go,” Ben insisted. “Zylie said Valla is threatening to leave when they got to the ship!”

    “Oh no.” I tried to keep up with Ben as we rushed down the alley, but the pain in my head was incredible. I reached up and realized I was bleeding from a cut above my eye, which I probably got when my head made contact with the duracrete.“Damn Ben, I guess you have earned your reputation as the best Jedi at hand-to-hand combat.”

    Ben slowed down and waited for me to catch up “Sorry Talon. I didn’t…I didn’t know what was happening. I thought you were attacking Valla. I was confused. I had to stop you.”

    “Don’t worry about me. You’ve got bigger problems. We need to get to Valla.” We flagged down an airtaxi and climbed inside. I kept trying to get ahold of Zylie on my comlink but she wasn’t answering. I felt so sorry for Ben. Until we clear up this confusion he is going to have to face two very irate Karrde women…and those are two ladies I would never want to piss off.
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    Oops, I forgot to comment in Entry 3 - I remember reading it on my phone at work and was going to post when I got home but it must have slipped my mind and I thought I'd already done it. Loved the Jedi fangirls and their assumptions about Ben! [face_laugh]

    [face_laugh] Aw, these kids are so fun together. But mind-witch, ack! Ben's got some splainin' to do!
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