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Saga - OT The Journal of the Former Emperor's Hand [L/M] Updated: 12/24/17

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    I think that is a forgone conclusion.

    She is more pragmatic. She doesn't want to start something she can't finish.
    You will just have to keep reading and find out.

    I want to apologize to my readers. Darth Real Life has been kicking my butt. I have final exams coming up, term papers that were due and my roommate has to come into my room hourly to excitedly tell me about some anime called "Your Name". He says it reminds him of a Studio Ghibli Film...whatever that is. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I haven't had much time to write. I want to thank my friend "ABW" for helping me with these last entries.


    Entry 54

    I saw Skywalker two more times before I returned to Epta Prime with General Iwanuk.

    We had enjoyed a dinner together and then on the last day on planet we attended the summit’s closing ceremony ball. Personally I thought it was in very bad taste to keep the dance on the schedule after the attack during the opening ceremonies resulted in guest injuries and in Prince Leia’s miscarriage.

    Han and Leia were nowhere to be found, but Luke attended, although his demeanor was somewhat subdued. He sidled up next to me as I order a drink from the bar and gave me a sad smile. “Our last day on planet.”

    I took a sip of my sparkling wine and nodded. “I return to my base tonight. You?”

    “Tonight.” He gave me a questioning look. “Unless you would like to stay a little longer. We can take in some of the sights. This is a beautiful planet.”

    “No,” I said with a shake of my head. “General Iwanuk expects me to accompany him back to base.”

    The Jedi’s hopeful expression did not fade. “Maybe I can come and visit you?”

    My brow rose. “On Epta Prime? You do realize it is an Imperial controlled world.”

    He shrugged. “We are at peace. Do you think I would be denied permission to land?”

    I laughed. “No, but you have to realize when you destroyed the Death Star you killed up to a million Imperials. You are not well liked on the planet…with the exception of Marta Darten, my commander’s wife. She is a Jedi groupie. She has a lot of questions that she’d like answered.”

    The Jedi chuckled as he ordered ale from the bartender. “Really, what type of questions?”

    I waited until he had taken a sip of his drink before I answered. “She wanted to know if you are going to train an Army of celibate Jedi warriors or will you allow your Jedi to have casual sex but forbid marriage.”

    As I expected, he almost choked on his drink. “What?”

    I gave him a coy look. “She wants to know if you are going to rebuild the Jedi to be sexless monks.” I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from laughing. Skywalker’s expression was almost comical.

    He regarded me quizzically. “Why would she ask that?”

    “According to her the Jedi of old were forbidden to marry or have families.” I stepped away from the bar and signaled for the Jedi to follow. When we were out of earshot I leaned in and whispered to him. “Maybe that’s why your father left the Jedi. He fell in love with your mother. That’s a somewhat romantic thought.” I mused that over for a while as I tried to imagine Vader wooing a woman by whispering sweet nothings through his booming voice synthesizer.

    Skywalker frowned. “I know nothing about my mother or my father when he was a Jedi. He appeared to know about my existence, but not my sister’s. That tells me he wasn’t around when my mother gave birth. It could be they didn’t have a romantic relationship. She might have been some woman he had a casual fling with.” He shook his head sadly. “There is so much that I will never know.”

    “I understand," I whispered softly. "I know nothing about my parents either.” I put my empty wine flute on an empty table and eyed Skywalker. “Would you like a dance before I head off planet tonight?”

    He placed his ale mug on the table before offering me his arm. “I would be delighted.”


    Entry 55

    Skywalker walked me to my room at the conclusion of the closing ceremonies. I was feeling genuinely happy and lighthearted. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing with the Jedi and I couldn’t remember laughing as much as I did than that day. Unfortunately, my companion didn’t share my upbeat mood now that the festivities were over. I could feel his genuine sadness and conflicted emotions as we reached the door to my room. He smiled sadly as he reached out and took my hands in his. “I don’t know how you feel, but I sense a connection between us. I wish we had a chance to be together long enough to figure out what that connection is.”

    I looked around nervously, uncomfortable with this public display of affection. The hallways were full of guests going to and from their rooms and the Jedi’s romantic gesture didn’t go unnoticed. “Not here.” I unlocked my door and pulled the Jedi inside. Once alone, I gave an exasperated sigh and a shake of my head. “Luke, why do you want to torture yourself? There are too many roadblocks preventing any relationship between the two of us. There is my job, long separations, two governments that could slip back into war at anytime.”

    He gave a disappointed nod of his head before a slight smile curled up at the corners of his mouth. “I noticed you didn’t mention anything about your feelings when you listed obstacles.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You never said the relationship wouldn’t work because you don’t have any romantic feelings for me… or that you’re not attracted to me or…or anything else related to us.”

    I closed my eyes and exhaled a long breath. “If we met under different circumstances…” I hesitated, not wanting to go down this path, but knowing he would sense the truth through the Force if I tried to lie. “I do like you and I enjoy your company. And, yes, we do have a connection through the Force. You can understand what its like having this ability. Non-Force users have no idea. They think it is some magical power that would make their life great.” I gazed at him intently. “But you know that’s not true. This power destroyed your father and it helped Palpatine rise to power. Even when we want to use the Force for good, who decides what is good or evil? The Inquisitorius was doing good deeds for the Empire. When you destroyed the Death Star you were doing it for the benefit for the Rebellion.” I paused in thought. “We are both Force adepts, and I have to confess, it is nice being around somebody who understands me…but that can’t be the bases for a relationship.”

    “It’s not,” Skywalker protested.

    I scoffed. “If it wasn’t for the Force we would have never met and without the Force we have nothing in common.”

    “You don’t know that. You haven’t given us a chance.”

    “There is no us,” I whispered softly.

    “Not yet.” He reached up hesitantly, cradling the side of my cheek with his warm palm. “But there could be an us.” He leaned in and gently brushed his lips against my ear. “There could be an us,” he whispered breathlessly.

    I felt a cracking of Force energy passing between us as a slow burn of desire curled through me. My eyes fluttered shut as I briefly imagined giving into my desires and making love to this man, staying together, and becoming a family. It was a beautiful dream.

    The Jedi must have sensed my stray thoughts because he rocked back on his heels to look at me expectantly, happily, only to have his hopes crushed when I came to my senses. I pulled back and turned away. “Luke, don’t do this. We have no future.”

    I could hear him sigh deeply. “The future is always in motion.”

    I whirled around to face him, becoming irritated with his persistence. “This is like one of those cliché romance holodramas about forbidden love. Two people from different warring clans secretly fall in love and run off together. Do you know what happens in those stories?” I paused for dramatic effect. “The young couple ends up dead or heartbroken.”

    He chuckled warmly as his mouth eased into a grin. “Litassa, we’re not in a holodrama…but it is true about me secretly falling in love.” He stepped forward and rested his hands on my hips as he gazed deeply into my eyes. “I know this is a scary proposition…and you might be right…the treaty can fail and we could be pulled apart by circumstances. We may not have a future together, but do you know what we do have?”

    “What?” I asked huskily.

    “We have the present.” He nudged his hips closer before leaning in and capturing my mouth in a kiss that made my head reel.

    I remember stiffening in his embrace before I relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy the moment. I knew we had no future together. But he was right about one thing, we did have the present and maybe that was enough.
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    It's ironic, they were just wondering about the relationship between Luke's parents and Luke thinks he wants a relationship similar to what his parents had. Except Anakin and Padme weren't from warring clans or something of the like but they were not supposed to be a couple.
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    Glad that Mara and Luke are getting more personal.
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    Forbidden love is just much more interesting. We do know these two kids come together, but I can't make it easy on them.

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

    In my mind she's already in just she won't admit it yet. Their love is inevitable.

    Thanks everybody for reading. I had some free time today so I thought I would write.


    Entry 56

    Four hours later I was on an Imperial shuttle piloting back to my home base. General Iwanuk went to his cabin to relax leaving me alone on the flight deck. I stared blankly out of the shuttle viewport, deep in thought…dumbfounded at what occurred on Naboo. I couldn’t believe I kissed Skywalker.

    ‘Gods, if you didn’t come to your senses when you did…you might have done much, much more than kiss!’ I silently admonished myself.

    I tried to shake the memories out of my head, but it was no use. Those brief moments in the Jedi’s arms were seared into my brain. For the first time in my life I felt loved...truly loved. It was a wonderful feeling, but I knew it would never last.

    I ended up pushing him away. I could feel his disappointment through the Force but he nodded in understanding. “I guess we are moving a little fast,” he said quietly before he left my room.

    It was for the best. The relationship would only bring me pain. I needed to get back to my work and continue rebuilding my life—without distractions—especially any blond haired, blue-eyed distractions…distractions with the body a finely toned gymnast and a smile that could melt hearts.

    “Arrgggh,” I groaned in frustration before quickly glancing over my shoulder to make sure the general was still in his cabin. I didn’t need him interrogating me as to the cause of my flustered state.

    ‘No more daydreaming,’ I thought sadly, ‘Back to reality’.

    Entry 57

    I reported back to my unit upon arriving on Epta Prime. Commander Darten was pleased to see me. He ushered me into his office and gestured that I should take a seat before he leaned up against his desk. “Excellent job on Naboo. The general sent me copies of those security vids. Everybody was impressed with your staff fighting abilities.” He pantomimed using an imaginary staff while chuckling. “The general told me it was extremely fortunate that you had a Force user with you, otherwise you might not have been successful in liberating the princess.” He then gave me an insufferable grin indicating he knew full well that most of those impressive Force feats were probably done by me. “Yep, it is a good thing you had Skywalker there.”

    I scowled slightly. “I am one lucky Imperial,” I said in the most sarcastic tone I could muster.

    He burst out in laughter. When he was done snickering at my expense he took on a more somber tone. “I have some bad news.” He drew in a deep breath and blew it out. “Captain Clegg was investigating criminal incursions into Imperial territory, specifically the Black Sun crime syndicate on the planet Dunkrut. He came up missing while you were on Naboo and yesterday his disembodied head arrived at the Dunkrut Imperial magistrate office neatly packaged in a box.”

    My jaw went slack with the news. I didn’t know Captain Clegg personally, but he had a good reputation among the Intel community. “That’s a terrible loss for the unit.”

    Commander Darten nodded solemnly. “Yes it is, but this may be good news for your career. I need somebody to replace the Captain, therefore I arranged for you to be frocked to that rank. The promotion won’t be official until you have the required time in service, but you will have the rank and authority that comes with it.”

    “Thank you sir.” I was not as enthused as I probably should be. Frocking gives you the ability to wear the rank, but you don’t receive the corresponding pay and allowances that should come with the extra responsibility. It is more work for the same money…but it would look good on my record and guaranteed a placing on the early promotion list. “Does this mean I am going to Dunkrut?”

    “Yes, but not right away. I need to get you up to speed on the situation, but soon.”

    I leaned forward in my seat. “Is this mission to gather intelligence information only or do you want me to eliminate the problem?”

    He blinked in surprise. “Are you skilled enough to eliminate the problem? I don’t want to lose another officer.”

    I nodded. “I believe so. I need to see what I am up against first, but I am confident in my abilities.”

    He gave me a slow, appraising glance. “I will leave it to your discretion, but there is no need to put yourself at risk. You can simply call in a strike team once you locate the enemy.”

    “Yes sir.” I hesitated for a moment. “General Iwanuk mentioned sending me to Chandrila to spy on…the New Republic.”

    A sardonic snort emanated from my commander. “You mean spy on Skywalker?” He shook his head. “I think that is a waste of your talents…plus Skywalker knows you are Imperial Intelligence. He’s not going to slip up. I talked to the General and also Colonel Jakobs about that particular mission. They left the decision to me and I believe Specialist Tommins would be better suited for the job.”

    “Tommins?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Tommins was some big-breasted twit that couldn’t find her ass with two hands. “Sir, she is not the brightest of your recruits. Are you sure she’s qualified.”

    He rubbed his chin and looked up at the ceiling in thought. “Hmmm, does the curvaceous, coquettish and captivating Specialist Tommins have the qualifications needed to get close to Skywalker?” He counted on his fingers. “The number one qualification is she needs to be female. Check. Two she must be attractive. Check. Three…” He chewed on his bottom lip in thought. “There is no three. I guess she’s qualified.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Is there a reason you don’t want me to continue my association with Skywalker?”

    A wide grin spread across his face. “Is there a reason you wish to continue your association with Skywalker?”

    “No,” I said quickly.

    “It’s settled then. I will ship off Tommins immediately to Chandrila or wherever Skywalker is taking up residence. Straightaway and without delay.”

    I regarded my Commander for a long moment. “Why are you really sending her and not me? I can tell you are hiding something.”

    He made a ‘Who? Me?’ gesture before averting his eyes. “I don’t like it when you use your…abilities on me.”

    I dropped my head and gazed at the floor as a sign of contrition. Commander Darten has been very good to me and he deserved my respect. “Sorry, Sir.”

    I waited for dismissal, but he continued to stand, shifting his feet in agitated silence before speaking. “There are two reasons. First of all, Colonel Jakobs highly suggested that whomever I sent to spy on Skywalker should be willing to do ‘anything’ in her power to ingratiate herself to the Jedi. I knew you were not that type of woman.”

    I lifted one firmly arched eyebrow. “How do you know Tommins would be willing to do ‘anything’?”

    "That brings me to my second reason."He heaved a sigh before he pushed himself away from his desk to pace his office. “She ever so subtly propositioned me last week.”

    My eyes widened in surprise. “Oh,” was all I could think to say.

    “I pretended to be totally oblivious to her proposal, but I know her type. They flirt, but if they think they may get in trouble they try to get ahead of the story. If I acknowledged her proposition and turned her down outright she would tell people I propositioned her, and then I have an investigation on my hands, a ‘he said, she said’ problem.” He ran a hand through his hair in frustration. “I told Marta I would ship her out immediately.”

    “You told your wife?”

    He looked at me incredulously. “Of course I did. I want to get ahead of the story myself in case Tommins starts telling lies.”

    “If you want to get rid of her, why don’t you send her to Dunkrut?"

    He shook his head. “I don’t want to send her to her death. You’re right, she is not my best and brightest. If she went to investigate Black Sun she’d probably end up abducted and sold to Kuat pleasure-slave traders.”

    I had to chuckle at that remark. “You’re probably right.” I sighed inwardly. I know I said I wanted Skywalker out of my life…but it irritates me that some licentious bimbo would be soon be fawning all over the Jedi. Under normal circumstances I doubt he would take her up on her offer, but he's now brokenhearted. He was rejected and on the rebound.

    Still…I don’t know why that bothers me so much.

    I think Commander Darten noticed my change in mood. “Is there something between you and Skywalker? I don’t want to…”

    I glared at him. “Don’t want to what?”

    He shrugged. “Break up a blossoming friendship.”

    “Don’t worry,” I said tersely. “You aren’t.”

    His eyes narrowed and I knew he didn’t believe me, but he simply nodded and sat down behind his desk. “Don’t worry, Colay. I don’t expect Tommins to be successful. The Jedi will probably identify her as a spy immediately. She will fail miserably and I will have a reason to ship her off to some rimworld Imperial outpost in disgrace. I wager she won’t last a week.”

    I quietly nodded, not knowing what else to say. I rose from my seat and stood at attention. “Sir, if there is nothing else, I would like to get started researching my Black Sun mission.”

    "Of course." He dismissed me with a wave of his hand. “Good luck, Captain Colay.”
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    It is great that Mara got a promotion, but she needs to guard her feelings for Luke, who she obviously loves, and I think Darten knows that she did indeed get too close to Skywalker, which is why he is sending the new girl.
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    Mara is in a strange position.

    Some people can be really vindictive but I don't think I blame Darten for assigning Tommins to what could be an impossible and easily bungled mission if she was thinking about accusing him of improper behavior.
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    In my mind Darten knows she is in love with the Jedi but believes she is actively suppressing her desires. I think he wanted to give Mara a reason to make a move. But he also wanted Tommins away from him. He knows false accusations can destroy his chance of retiring. Perhaps he could kill two birds with one stone. Of course, if Luke gives in to Tommins' charms then his plan could backfire.

    He is so close to retirement that he doesn't need any stress. The woman sexually propositioned him and he is afraid if he reprimands her she will lie and say he pursued her and is now punishing her for turning down his advances. He had to look like he was giving her a great assignment so she would not get vindictive on him. Then when she fails to provide intelligence he would have an excuse to move her to a different military post.

    Thanks everybody for reading. These next posts are just a set up for getting my two favorite Force-users back together.


    Entry 58

    I spend two weeks going over intelligence gathered by Captain Clegg before his untimely demise. It appears Black Sun operatives were trying to get a foothold on Dunkrut in order to subject the planet to an assortment of sinister crimes, such as spice dealing, slave trading, counterfeiting, prostitution, arms trafficking, murder-for-hire, armed robbery and illegal drug manufacturing.

    The alleged leader of the Dunkrut crime group was a member of the Yaka species named Gofdar. I have dealt with Yakas in the past. They have a very interesting history. Tens-of-thousands of years ago they were once large framed, brutish and unintelligent near-humans from the Yaka system. Approximately one thousand years ago geneticist from the nearby planet of Arkania decided to use the Yaka people as one giant science experiment. They would perform genetic testing on the hapless species and eventually they started installing cybernetic brain implants into the Yaka people in order to make them more ‘civilized’.

    The result was large, brutish, hyper-intelligent humans. The modified Yakans instituted a tradition of implanting cybernetic brains into their children soon after birth. The end result was a species of geniuses, but they also lacked normal human emotions and empathy. Yakas who did run afoul of the law proved themselves to be extremely treacherous and devious criminals…as Captain Clegg unfortunately discovered too late.

    During my remaining days on Epta Prime, I kept an eye out for Tommin’s ignominious return to base, but so far, that has not happened. She is still out in the field supposedly seducing Skywalker…probably while wearing some black leather skirt and studded pushup bustier.

    I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the situation. I turned Skywalker down. I wanted my freedom and I got what I wished for.


    Entry 59

    I am currently on Dunkrut. I don’t know why the Empire wants to keep this cesspool of a planet. It is a semi-arid world with low moisture and high plains covered with scrub or prairie grass. There are a few lakes, but no oceans, no trees, and, in my opinion, no real civilization. What it did have was huge deposits of natural gas and petroleum. Mining and drilling towns dotted the planet in areas where natural aquifers existed.

    I traveled to the capital city of Hofma in a small Imperial shuttle and took up residence in hotel in the center of the city. My job was to find Gofdar and his gang and then call in a strike team. Of course it is never that easy. Rarely do crime operations place all of their gang members in one location. There were probably dozens of locations were the various members took residence. I would have to find these various locales so that a coordinated Imperial attack could take place. That would take time…but that is something I have in abundance.

    Entry 60

    The Imperial Magistrate of Dunkrut gave me access to the public surveillance system. It allows me to scrutinize every intersection in the city along with security cameras in public buildings and parks. The magistrate also provided me with an alias and occupation that would allow me to travel to all parts of the city without raising suspicion. I have gone undercover as an Imperial parking enforcement officer (PEO). I know it sounds humiliating but it does allow me free movement and a reason to inspect vehicles closely. I have been issued a dull gray uniform with the initials PEO emblazed on the back. I was also supplied with a small parking attendant vehicle with an on board computer and visual scanner capable of identifying speeder registrations. Real PEOs would use the device to find vehicles subject of seizure for parking violations...and that is what I am going to have to do, so not to arouse suspicion. I also need to go slow and let the public (and the gang members) get accustomed to my presence. Captain Clegg had been intent on getting his information quickly. He had questioned people around town about illegal activity and that got him killed.

    Gofdar or his accomplices are expecting Captain Clegg to be replaced. They will be looking out for a stranger asking questions and trying to cultivate informants. Fortunately for me, I don’t need informants…I can sense a Yaka through the Force. I have interacted with them before and they have a distinct Force signature. It is hard to describe…but the energy projected from a Yaka seems…fuzzy. I believe their cybernetic brains causes interference with the Force giving it a static sensation.

    It took weeks of driving around the city, but eventually I sensed the Yaka. He was located somewhere in a large four-story apartment building. Now I needed to identify his accomplices. I had the magistrate install a security camera on a light post across the street from the building’s entrance. I kept track of all visitors and ran their faces through facial recognition software. I didn’t get a hit on any known Black Sun syndicate members, but I was able to identify three men who did not live in the building, but would visit weekly, usually carrying bags of food and toiletries. They would run in, stay about twenty minutes and then leave. I was sure they were bringing supplies to the Yaka who had holed himself up in the building and I am fairly certain which apartment he was located. Twice I observed the silhouette of a large framed human in a top-floor corner window. I also recorded the speeder identification numbers driven by Yaka’s associates and tracked them back to other buildings that possibly harbored Black Sun thugs.

    Once I gathered all my evidence I had to decide what to do. I could go in and kill the Yaka, but that might tip off his men at the other locations. What I needed was simultaneous attacks on all the locations…and that is something I wasn’t capable of doing alone. I needed to bring in an Imperial strike team.

    This mission would soon be over, and I am thankful. I have been away from Epta Prime for seven weeks and it has been nine weeks since I heard anything about Skywalker. I hate to admit it, but I miss him.

    I am still doubtful about a relationship between us…doubtful…but I am positive I have zero chance of having a successful long-term relationship with anyone else. I was the Emperor’s Hand. I am a Force strong assassin. I can’t imagine keeping my Force powers secret from a lover and I can’t fathom letting anybody else know about my abilities. Too many people know as it is.

    Maybe I should have given the relationship a chance. I don’t know. The concept is so foreign to me.

    I can think about that later. For now, I will call in the Imperial strike team…and then I can go home. Maybe I will give Skywalker a call, one friend to another, to see how he is doing.

    Entry 61

    The strike team set up and assaulted the various Black Sun locations simultaneously. The crime syndicate didn’t know what hit them. The mission was a success. I stayed long enough to make sure all of the crime members I had identified were accounted for, and then I left this awful planet behind.

    Entry 62

    I returned to Epta Prime a hero. My comrades crowded around and congratulated me on a job well done. I noticed Tommins was nowhere to be seen, so I assumed she was now on some rimworld desert planet conducting a comprehensive inventory of sand grains.

    I reported to Commander Darten who was pleased by my work. “Congratulations Captain Colay. You did an outstanding job. I am glad you decided to share the fun and called in the strike team. There is no need for you to take unnecessary risks.” He gestured for me to take a seat in his office as he moved around his desk and sat down. “You broke the back of Black Sun on Dunkrut. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

    “Thank you sir.” I shifted in my chair before I broached the subject on my mind. “I assume Tommins is no longer here to bother you.”

    He nodded. “Thankfully she’s still gone, but I do have to say, she surprised me. She’s still on Chandrila.”

    My jaw went slack. “Really?”

    He nodded slowly. “It appears she has maintained contact with Skywalker for the last few weeks, but don’t worry, I doubt she will return to Epta Prime. She will probably fall into the category of ‘Screw up and move up’. She’ll get promoted to sergeant and I will ship her off to a more desirable Imperial post where she will be free to sleep her way up the ranks without bothering me.”

    I blew out a long, slow breath before forcing myself to smile. “I’m glad she won’t be troubling you anymore.”

    “Marta’s happy Tommins is gone, but she is upset that I sent her to spy on Skywalker.”

    I cocked my head to the side in confusion. “Why is that, sir?”

    He smiled. “Because she is certain you and the Jedi are meant for each other.”

    I gave a contemptuous snort. “Please.”

    That smug smile remained on his face. “Don’t be so dismissive. She has an uncanny ability to read people. I sometimes wonder if she is a Force sensitive. She can always pick up on my emotions, even when I’m trying to hide my feelings.”

    “She’s wrong,” I assured him.

    He leaned back in his chair, the smile never leaving his face. “Okay, then I guess you don’t want to go to Chandrila as an Imperial Emissary. My superiors want me to send an agent to represent the Intelligence Corps at an upcoming ceremony dedicating Chandrila as the capital of the New Republic.”

    I glared at my superior. If I said I would attend then I was basically admitting I wanted to see Skywalker. If I said no, that I didn’t want to go…well, then that would be a boldface lie and I would be irritated with myself for being so damn stubborn. I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh. “I would be honored to represent the Intelligence Corps.”

    He chuckled. “I thought you’d want to go.”

    “What about Tommins?”

    “What about her? She’s undercover. She can’t represent the Empire.”

    I shook my head in frustration. He knew exactly what I meant. “What if Skywalker wants to talk to me. That might upset her mission.”

    Commander Darten rolled his eyes. “She may have stayed in contact with the Jedi but she hasn’t provided us with any usable intelligence.” He smiled warmly. “I say let the best woman win…after all, I have it on good authority that you and the Jedi are meant for each other.”

    I looked away as I struggled to suppress a smile. “When do I leave?”

    “The ceremony is in three days, so you can leave right away. You need some vacation time after that last mission. You deserve it.”

    A momentarily lost my composure allowing a slight smile to grace my lips. “Thank you sir. I look forward to seeing…Chandrila.”

    He gave me a mocking smile. “I’m sure you do…want to see Chandrila that is.” He waved me off. “Get out of here Captain. Start your leave today; just don’t be late for the dedication ceremony. Dismissed.”

    I wanted to scowl at my commander for teasing me, but I knew I couldn’t pull off that deception. I was happy and I couldn’t hide it.

    Entry 63

    I arrived to Chandrila piloting a sleek Imperial Shuttle and garbed in a brand new military full dress uniform with my newly frocked rank of Captain. I have to admit I look pretty good in the ankle length black skirt and white waist length coat over frilled shirt. I looked professional. It didn’t hurt that I now have the braided epaulets of a captain along with gold braid around the cuffs of the jacket.

    I considered contacting Skywalker but decided to surprise him instead. Who am I kidding…I wanted to see if he really was with Tommins. I don’t know what I will do if he was. I suppose I would avoid him, detach, and try to get the Jedi out of my thoughts. Or maybe I would slip a vibroblade between Tommin’s ribs. Just kidding…I would have to make it look like an accident.

    Of course, I'm jesting.
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    Oh yeah, she's got it bad, alright.
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    What she said ^

    Once again Mara is in a hard place and she will have to decide what she wants, how badly does she want it and is it worth it.
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    I am beginning to wonder if Mara will soon defect with Luke considering her feelings for him are growing stronger.
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    Jul 25, 2013
    Yes she does, but who can blame her?

    In this entry she makes a decision.

    If you read the short story "Reunion" (the link is in my signature) you can find out what she did. This story is the prequel to that short story.

    Thanks everybody for reading!


    Entry 64

    I went straight from my shuttle to the dedication ceremony's meet-and-greet. There I joined the other honored guests in a large assembly area where waiters handed out sparkling wine and finger food. I was masking my Force presence, unlike Skywalker who shone like a beacon. He was at the back of the room mingling with a number of military men in New Republic formal uniforms. Skywalker was also wearing his uniform with his retired rank of General, but I did notice his lightsaber hanging on his black leather belt. I wondered when he was going to break down and start wearing those ridiculous Jedi robes? Never, I hope. He looks dashing in a military uniform.

    I looked around and spotted Tommins wearing a civilian ball gown and looking extremely bored. She wasn’t standing next to the Jedi, but she kept him in her sight. I heard music start up in the adjacent ballroom prompting Specialist Tommins to force a smile on her face, sauntering up to Skywalker to converse while pointing to the ballroom. Luke shook his head and said something to one of his military buddies who offered Tommins his arm. She hesitated before taking up the soldier’s offer. I noticed she looked back and the Jedi a number of times in frustration before she disappeared into the other room.

    I had to smile. It looks like Skywalker is barely tolerating her. Perhaps things are not all cozy between the two. I decided to drop my Force cloaking and let him know I was in the room. His head immediately jerked up and he began searching the room. When he found me a huge smile blossomed across his face as he quickly made his way through the crowd.

    When he caught up to me he reached out and grasped my hands. “I am so happy to see you. I’ve missed you.”

    “I missed you too,” I said honestly.

    “I tried contacting you, repeatedly. I thought you were avoiding me. I was beginning to panic, but eventually I discovered you were on an undercover mission.”

    I raised an eyebrow. “Who leaked confidential information?”

    He chuckled. “We have people spying on the Empire, just like you have agents spying on us.”

    My eyes narrowed suspiciously. “I really doubt you have somebody spying on me. I would be able to identify an infiltrator.”

    He laughed. “You’re right. I had my sister contact your supervisor a few weeks ago and request your presence at this ceremony…you know…seeing that you saved her life. She was told you were on a mission, but he would give you the message if you returned in time. I’m glad you were able to attend.”

    My ire rose with my commander. He made it sound like he was doing me a favor by sending me and now I find out I had a personal invitation.

    Luke held onto one of my hands and pulled me toward the ballroom. “Come on, I want to dance.”

    I didn’t resist. We entered the expansive ballroom and quickly fell in step to a slow romantic tune. I had my arms up around his neck while his hands caressed the line of my back before coming to rest just above the curve of my derrière. We swayed to the music, pressed tightly together, my head resting on his shoulder as he dipped his head down to brush his lips against my ear. “I really missed you.”

    I could sense his eagerness through the Force as I leaned into his embrace. “I can tell.”

    It was then that I felt a spike of dangerous jealousy emanating from one of the guests. I tried to pull away to assess the situation but Luke tightened his grip on me. “Don’t worry that is just Candi Steele.”


    He chuckled softly. “You probably know her by another name. I truly doubt that’s her given name, unless her parents like naming their kids after exotic dancers.” He turned on the dance floor. “You can probably see her now. She is the one glaring at you. It looks could kill you would be dead, Litassa. I assume she’s Imperial.”

    I glanced up and noticed Tommins glowering at me murderously. I laughed softly. “Why do you think she’s Imperial?”

    “She mumbles Imperial running cadences in her sleep.”

    I pulled away indignantly only to find Luke grinning from ear to ear. “I’m joking,” he chuckled as he pulled me back into his embrace. “I’ve kept her at arm’s length since she got here. I would have sent her packing, but…”

    “But what?”

    “Don’t take this the wrong way…but I thought sending her away would put her life in danger.”

    My brow furrowed in confusion. “Why is that?”

    He blushed slightly. “When we first met she claimed to be the daughter of some elusive diplomat, but I knew she was lying. I figured she was either a spy or a scam artist. I had our intel look into her background and although we didn’t find anything we did determine she arrived from a shuttle originating from Imperial territory, so I assumed she was Imperial.”

    “And why did you think she would be in danger if you sent her away?”

    He gave a slight shrug of his shoulder. “She threw herself at me with such wanton fervor that it was almost like her life depended on seducing me. So much so, that I started to wonder if her life actually did depend on it. I know the Empire doesn’t tolerate failure. I didn’t want her shot for failing to complete her mission…so I let her hang around.”

    “She wouldn’t have been shot.” I leaned back into his arms and sighed. “What have you two been doing all these weeks?”


    I looked up to him. “Meditating?”

    He grinned. “She kept bugging me to spend time together so I offered to teach her meditation. She claims she enjoys the solace and serenity of meditation but I can sense through the Force her intense boredom. She fell asleep twice and toppled over. Luckily she was sitting on the mats at the gym, so she didn’t have far to fall.” The song ended and the Jedi led me away from the dance area and back to the room with refreshments. “Come on. Let’s ditch my Imperial stalker.”

    We weaved through the crowded room around waiters with trays and patrons sipping drinks. I could sense Tommins following us at a respectful distance. Skywalker must have sensed her also because he did a wave of his hand and I heard a scream from behind me. I turned and saw Specialist Tommins covered in somebody’s fruity alcohol drink while a second woman was apologizing profusely for being so clumsy and ruining Tommins’ gown.

    I looked over to Luke and smirked. “Nice use of the Force.”

    He chuckled as we quickly moved down the adjoining corridor. “It is not as effective as knocking over a cage of blubberbirds…but it will give us enough time to make our escape.”

    We dashed up a flight of stairs and down a second corridor until we reached his room. He slid his pass-card into the lock and guided me into the room, shutting the door behind.

    I had to laugh at all the cloak and dagger theatrics Luke was willing to go through to evade one incompetent imperial. “Stang Luke, she couldn’t have been that bad.”

    He leaned against the back of the door while shaking his head. “You have no idea. She is very persistent.” He locked the door and then made his way to the small kitchenette. “Do you want a drink? The New Republic is paying the tab.”

    “Sure.” I sat down in his suite’s small sitting area. “So how did you manage to maintain your chastity with young buxom Candi Steele pursuing you?”

    He handed me a drink and sat down next to me. “I told her that I have embraced the Jedi doctrine of no attachment and plan to build an order of sexless Jedi monks.”

    “Oh, Force!” I laughed. “I love it. I am going to have to tell my Commander’s wife you said that.” I put my drink down on the small side table and turned to him. “Well, in that case, I guess I should go. I don’t want to spoil your plans of living a life of everlasting sexual frustration.”

    I began to stand but he reached around my waist with his free arm and pulled me back down. “Oh no you don’t. I’m not going to let you run off.” He put down his glass and wrapped both arms around my waist.

    I struggled for a few seconds before settling down next to him. I gazed in his eyes for a long moment before I leaned in and kissed the man. He hesitated slightly before returning my kiss with strong gentle lips. Eventually he pulled away and drew in a ragged breath. “Litassa,” he moaned. “We can’t do this if you are going to leave. I can’t take the heartache.”

    “I don’t plan on running away.” I leaned my head on his shoulder. “I want to see if there can be an ‘us’.”

    “Really? What changed?” he asked worriedly and I could sense his fear of being rejected again.

    “I got a promotion. My career was on track. I should be happy and satisfied, but something was missing.” I reached out and clasped his hand in mine. “I missed your friendship and I regretted pushing you away.”

    He nodded and smiled softly. “What about all those roadblocks?”

    “They're still there.” I thought about it for a moment. “I don’t want to leave my job…but I don’t want to spy on you. If my government knew we were in a relationship they would press me to gather intelligence data from you, your family and your government. I don’t want to do that. I’d rather they didn’t know…at least for now.”

    He leaned back in his seat and sighed deeply. “So you want to hide our relationship and sneak around only to meet sporadically for romantic clandestine rendezvous?”

    I looked away. “I guess that sounds awful.”

    He reached up and caressed my cheek, turning my head to face him. “No, that sounds…wonderful.” He lowered his mouth gently to mine and planted a searing kiss on my lips.

    I pulled away and looked at him questioningly. “I thought you would want more.”

    He thought about it. “It is more than I have now.” He heaved a sigh. “Litassa, I would love to be with you full time, but I know that probably won’t happen. I can handle a long distance relationship…if it is exclusive…monogamous. Do you think that’s possible?”

    I smiled. “Yes. I’d like that.”

    “Good.” His voice was deep and husky with desire as he leaned in and kissed me on the lips before moving along my jawline and down my neck. Things were getting a little hot and heavy when we were interrupted by the buzzing of the door indicator.

    “Kriff!” Luke whispered. “My stalker is here.”

    I shrugged. “Ignore her. She’ll go away.”

    And that is what I thought, but Luke was right, she was persistent. I sighed in frustration as I stood. “Luke, do you know any single handsome officers on planet that are friends of yours?”

    He gave me a curious look. “You are not thinking about leaving me already are you?”

    I gave a mischievous smile. “No, but I have an idea.”
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    Really glad that Luke and Mara are exclusive now.
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    Whoo hooo!!!
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    Hi, after a hiatus I returned and had to finish this delightful diary! Oh your Luke and Mara were terrific, and I will not ever get that image of Han saying I'm a pretty hoojib out of my head. [face_laugh] Bravo on completing this fun romp!
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    Finally I had the time to give this fan fic here my full attention, courtesy of my inflamed larynx.

    Writing a good Mara is difficult, but you did her justice even though she is far away from the person that Timothy Zahn describes in his novels. Less broken, but not any less dangerous and sexy.

    I also like her dynamics with Luke, who is a really decent and sweet guy. 39 chapters until the first real kiss.

    Your characterisation of other known canon figures is great, too. Your Han is hilarious and your Leia very regal.

    I can not promise to be a regular reader once I am healthy again, but I will do my best.
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    All caught up! I'm sorry I don't review as regularly as I should, but on the other hand I get the pleasure of long, fat updates, and these last few entries didn't disappoint. I can see now how this budding relationship between Luke and Mara is going to lead to Reunion.

    I have to say that my favourite characters in this story are two people who don't get much screen time: Commander Darten and his wife. Every time Darten appears, things get better, every time he mentions his wife, things get hilarious. The way he tricked Mara into going to Chandrila without telling her that she was personally invited had me laughing out loud. I'm very curious to see of they (or General Iwanuk) will somehow be involved in the change in Mara's career path that I know is coming.
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    Yeah, I am a L/M 'shipper, so I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Thank you.

    Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

    I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for reading.
    Thank you. I had a boss who was like Darten. He was very laid back, but excellent at his job. Darten has a love/hate relationship with the Empire because of the heartache it has caused his he is not a typical Imperial.

    Thanks everybody for reading. I just read that the new movie will come out in December, so I want to finish this before it comes out and ruins my canon. Right now, I could be right. lol! If I see or hear of Mara in the movies I will freak. I would love that.


    Entry 65

    After about ten minutes of “Candi” ringing the doorbell, pacing the hallways, returning and buzzing again we finally sensed the arrival of another person outside Luke’s room. Luke and I were leaning against our side of the door with our ears pressed against the cool metal in an attempt to hear what was said. After a few knocks we heard ‘Candi’ (AKA Specialist Tommins) interact with the new arrival.

    He’s not in. I tried buzzing him a few minutes ago.” [pause] “I’m Candi Steel. Are you a friend of Luke’s?”

    “Yes. My name is Major Wes Janson.” [pause] “I’m in charge of giving Jedi Skywalker his daily security briefing, but I guess he is going to miss today’s intel. Oh well.” [pause] I hope you don’t mind me saying, you look beautiful in that dress. Would you like to go down stairs and join the festivities?”

    There wasn’t even a pause before she answered, “Yes!”

    I chuckled as I leaned against the door. “I think you have successfully transferred your stalker to your unlucky friend.”

    “I think my unlucky friend is going to get lucky fairly quickly.” Luke laughed. “Wes is probably the biggest lady’s man I know and a huge practical joker. I can’t imagine what bogus stories he is going to tell your agent.”

    I gave a snort. “And I can’t imagine what ‘Candi’ will do to get that false information.”

    He reached over and took my hand in his. “Although I would like to continue what we started here, I have to be at the official ceremony that is swiftly approaching.”

    “Same here.”

    He smiled widely. “Let’s go together then…and see how things go from there.”

    I nodded. “That sounds perfect.”

    Entry 66

    The official ceremony was long and boring with various key speakers spouting New Republic propaganda about ‘this is a new era of peace, civility and social justice. It is a time of freedom from fear and the end of weapons of planetary destruction’. I could sense Luke was worried about my reaction. After all, the speeches were basically denouncing the Imperial regime. We were the evil empire and the New Republic is the savior of the galaxy.

    We were in a large auditorium filled with every sentient species imaginable. Luke had an assigned seat in the dignitary balcony, but he opted to sit next to me in the general seating area. He looked over nervously as his hand reached out and grasped mine. He smiled apologetically as the current speaker did little to hide the fact that he hated the Empire. Of course, this was a former leader from Alderaan. I can’t really blame him. Luke leaned toward me and whispered in my ear.

    “Sorry, I thought things would a little more cordial with the treaty in effect.”

    I shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve said some really offensive things about the rebels in my day.”

    He raised an eyebrow. “Present company excluded I hope.”

    That got a chuckle out of me. “You blew up our battle station. No, you’re not excluded.”

    He pretended to pout. “I’m sorry that I blew up your weapon of planetary destruction,” he said sarcastically.

    I was about to jam my elbow into his side when the audience erupted into cheers and applause. Luke and I stood when the rest of the audience rose to their feet. I looked over to the Jedi. “Is it over?”

    He nodded. “That was the last speaker.”

    We shuffled out of the audience seating and back to the ballroom. There we spotted Han Solo, drink in hand, and a wide grin on his face. The former smuggler slapped a hand down on Luke's shoulder. “Hey Junior. I’m glad to see you found Litassa.” He gave me a wink. “Luke had Leia contacting Imperial intelligence to get an invitation out to you. I’m glad you got the invite.”

    I smiled broadly. “Thank you for thinking of me.”

    Han looked at my uniform for a long pause before pointing to the blue and red rank insignia on my dress uniform. “You got promoted to Captain.” He blew out a whistle. “You are moving up the ranks.” He gave Skywalker a sidelong glance. “I hope the kid isn’t divulging government secrets.”

    I linked arms with Luke. “No, never… and I tried everything in my power to get him to crack.”

    Solo gave a sarcastic snort. “Sure you did.”

    Luke frowned at that comment. “What is that supposed to mean?”

    Han rolled his eyes and I started to wonder exactly how many drinks he had today. “It means she is very good at her job. If she can make me hop around like a hoojib she could probably convince you to do just about anything.” He gazed around the crowded room. “I better find Leia.” He pointed to the far wall. “I’m going to check around the open bar, and see if she’s there.”

    Luke chuckled. “She’s not there Han. I would sense her if she was.”

    He gave a lopsided grin. “I’m going to double check. You can never be too sure.”

    The Jedi waved him off and turned back to me. “Do you want a drink.”

    “No, I am going to go back to my shuttle.”

    His expression became troubled. “You’re not leaving are you?”

    I shook my head. “I would like to get out of this uniform.”

    He smiled with pleasure. “I’d like that also.”

    I looked at him amused. “Oh, really.”

    It took him a second to realize what he said and how it could be misconstrued. “No, I mean I can’t wait to get out of my uniform.” He gestured towards me. “I guess we can both get out of our uniforms and then get together.” He paused for a second as a blush crossed his face. “In comfortable clothing.”

    I chuckled. “I know what you mean.” I nodded toward the exit. “Come with me. Have you ever been inside a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle?”

    He grinned. “A couple times. Once when I was captured on Endor and brought to the second Death Star and then I stole one so I could escape the Death Star’s destruction."

    “I can’t believe you escaped from both battle stations.” I turned and started walking. “Imperial security really needs an overhaul.”

    Skywalker fell into step next to me. “It may not be as bad as you think. I think we were allowed to escape the first time and my escape from the second battle station was fairly easy. I guess Stormtroopers don’t want to detain a person who is dragging a Sith Lord behind them.”

    I stopped and stared at him. “Palpatine?”

    He shook his head. “No, my father. I brought him down to Endor. I wanted to give him a proper goodbye. I had a funeral pyre.”

    I shook my head. “You are something else, Skywalker. Darth Vader was a brutal murderer who tortured your sister.” I pointed to his cybernetic hand. “And he maimed you…but you honor him in death.”

    He shrugged. “He saved my life. He turned back to the light at the end and became one with the Force. I saw his Force ghost afterwards.” He paused. “At least I think it was him. He was young and not the old man that I saw under his mask. It was him as a Jedi…not as a Sith. And I saw my old Masters, Ben Kenobi and Yoda.”

    I gave him a sidelong glance. I heard rumors that some people could maintain their form after death, but I have never witnessed it. “Are you sure it was them and not some alcohol induced hallucination?”

    “I was sober.”

    I had no reason to disbelieve the Jedi, so I let the subject drop. We were outside and walking toward the docking facility. It was a nice day with a cloudless sky and comfortable temperature. I needed to check the computer and see if there are any attractions nearby. My commander gave me a week off and I could use some rest and recreation. I pointed to my shuttle. “That’s my ride.”

    I lowered the ramp as we approached. I wasn’t ever at the top of the ramp when I pealed off my stiff collared jacket and threw it on a passenger chair. “I am so glad I didn’t have to fight off some terrorists again in a dress uniform and heels.” I pulled out a travel bag from the cargo compartment. I glanced over to the Jedi. “There isn’t a cabin in this shuttle, so if you don’t mind turning around while I dress.”

    “Oh sure.” The Jedi turned his back to me. I am fairly certain he could see my reflection off the durasteel bulkhead, but I really didn’t care. I changed into casual shorts and tunic and soft-soled shoes.

    “Done.” I grabbed my bag by the strap and threw it over my shoulder. “Lets get you back to your hotel room and out of those clothes.”

    His brow rose and I think the Jedi expected me to back peddle that comment and explain exactly what I meant, but I decided I would leave the meaning up in the air.

    “Okay,” he said with a smile as he walked down the ramp. “Let’s get to it.”
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    LOL about Wes and the banter about getting out of uniforms ;) Luke is just so himself [face_love]
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    Dress uniforms are never comfortable.
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    Hahaha. The strategy to get rid of Candi had me in stitches, and I loved the banter about getting out of uniforms :p But I sense that you're trying to lure us into a false sense of security here. It can't be *that* easy for Luke and Mara to be in a proper relationship, so I'm expecting that something will go wrong sooner rather than later.
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    Mar 21, 2007
    While the Empire was evil there's no doubt in my mind that the New Republic was a weak organization that, at least at one point, had the best interests of the people It governed at heart but early choices in It's existence fatally crippled it.

    Well it looks like some people will get lucky.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I am glad this continues and that you described how Luke felt during the cremation of his dad. @};-
  24. Carlos Danger

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    Jul 25, 2013
    Thank you. I'm glad you like my characterization of Luke.
    They don't look comfortable. My brother was in the marching band in school and he hated his uniform. What was worse was he had to wear had some weird hat that looked like the hats the Queen's guards wear. LOL!
    Since you read the short story that this is a prequel to, you know there is no traditional happily ever after. But with that said, Luke and Mara seemed to have a good relationship in the story with Luke teasing her about cuffing him. It is obvious that they maintained their friendship through the decades. I am just not sure what the blow back will be for Mara at the end of that story. Luke would have to be upset about her hiding a daughter from him. For her to do such a thing there has to be a really good reason...which I hope to get to before December.
    Wes is definitely going to get lucky.
    Thanks. I got busy with work and school but my summer session is over and I have some time to write.

    Thanks everybody for reading.


    Entry 67

    We went back to his room and I allowed him to change in privacy. He came out of the ‘fresher wearing tan cargo shorts and an untucked button up tunic. I looked him up and down and smiled. “You look nice.”

    He grinned happily. “So what do you want to do today?”

    I sat down on his sitting area couch and patted the seat next to me, inviting him over. He sat down next to me and leaned in for a kiss, but I stopped him. “Before we start this relationship experiment I think we need some ground rules.”

    He looked disappointed, but he nodded in agreement.

    “First of all,” I said adamantly. “Don’t tell me any actionable intelligence that you don’t want the Empire to know about. I don’t want to find myself in a position where I have to choose between loyalty to my government and my friendship to you.” I gestured toward him. “And I will do the same. I am not going to tell you any Imperial secrets.”

    He nodded. “Okay. That sounds reasonable.”

    I gave a slight shake of my head. “Before you agree you need to realize this means there will always be secrets between us…always. There are things about my job and about me that I can never tell you. Can you handle that? Most people in relationships want total transparency and you are never going to have that as long as I work for the Empire and you are with the New Republic. This can put a strain on the relationship. Can you cope with the secrecy?”

    He sighed deeply. “That does sound difficult.” He gave me an uneasy look. “Can we make one exception in that rule?”

    My eyes narrowed. “What?”

    “If the treaty fails, would you tell me if me or my family were in danger?”

    I raised an eyebrow. “You mean from me?”

    A sad smile crossed his face. “I would hope you wouldn’t accept an assignment to kill me. I mean if the empire decided to assassinate me or my family?”

    I thought about it for a long pause. “Would you do that same for me?”

    “Yes, of course.”

    I blew out a long breath. “Yes, I would give you a warning.” I smiled tenderly. “And you’re right, I wouldn’t accept an assignment to kill you…unless I find out you had been playing hide the lightsaber with Specialist Tommins all along.”

    He let out a soft husky laugh before leaning in to kiss me soundly. “No need to assassinate me, then,” he said as he pulled away for a breath. “You are the only person I allow to handle my lightsaber.”

    I was going to say that was the worst pickup line I have ever heard, but he pressed his lips against mine, ending all conversation.

    Entry 68

    The remainder of the day was fantastic. We did some sightseeing, had dinner and then went dancing. I had intended on getting a room at the hotel, but I was informed that all the hotel rooms in a one hundred kilometer radius were booked minutes after the date and location of the New Republic Capital dedication ceremony was released.

    Of course, Skywalker was the consummate gentleman and offered me his bed stating he would sleep on the couch. Since I consider myself a courteous guest, I offered to sleep on the couch. After a few drinks and more intimate conversation we decided it was a pointless discussion…we all knew where we would end up sleeping at the end of the day.

    Entry 69

    I woke up the next morning exhausted from the night’s activities, but feeling warm and more content that I can ever remember. I rolled over in bed and admired the sleeping Jedi next to me. He was curved beside me, facing away, his sheets disheveled and barely concealing the most perfect backside I have ever seen on a man. The sight of him made my heart pound and my mind dizzy with emotions.

    Last night was special…very special. It wasn’t the sex…although that was great, but it was this incredible feeling of emotional closeness. I was sure it was something to do with the Force. I have heard of bonding between Force users before, but I never thought I would ever experience it. It was almost frightening in its intensity. I was certain he could see into my soul and I actively worked to compartmentalize and hide away my previous life. I trust Luke not to tell people I’m really Mara Jade, the Emperor’s Hand…but what if somebody captured him…someone like General Iwanuk? The General could possibly tear that information out of Skywalker’s mind. No, it was too dangerous. The Moffs would kill me for sure. That is one detail of my life that I am determined to keep secret.

    I began to worry about what Skywalker could have possibly gleaned from me during our emotional and spiritual bonding. The Emperor did awful things to him. If he discovered my past close association with the Sith Lord would he leave me in disgust? He accepts that I was an Inquisitor, but if he knew that Palpatine himself could pop into my head at any time and give me commands would that skew his perception of me? Was that more than he could tolerate?

    The Jedi must have sensed my anxious musings. He stirred and then rolled over to gaze as me with a worried expression. “You aren’t having second thoughts, are you?”

    I gave him a reassuring smile. “No. I was worried about you reconsidering the relationship.”

    He reached out and pulled me into his arms. “Never. I never knew I could feel so much passion.” He cupped my cheek with his palm before leaning in and pressing a kiss against the pulse of my neck. “I love you.”

    His admission caught me by surprise. I had intense feelings for him, but I wasn’t ready to make declarations of love.

    “Hey,” he whispered as he brushed a lock of hair away from my eyes. “I don’t expect you to say the words yet. I know you are conflicted. We have plenty of time to work on this relationship.”

    I relaxed with a smile. “Thank you.”

    I leaned in to return the kiss but was interrupted by the buzzing of his comlink. Skywalker looked at the wall chrono and sighed. “It’s mid-morning. I guess I can’t expect to sleep in to noon.” He reached to the bedside table and grabbed his comlink. “It’s probably my sister wanting me to meet some dignitary.”

    “Say hi to her for me,” I said sarcastically knowing my shy farmboy would be mortified if his sister knew I was lying in bed next to him.

    He gave me a mock look of warning before he keyed the microphone. “Skywalker here.”

    “Hey Luke,” said a very male and slightly familiar voice. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

    “Hello Wes,” the Jedi said as he rolled over on his back. “No, I’m just lying in bed. What can I do for you?”

    “You have already done for me more than you can possibly image,” the man said with a chuckle. “Damn that Candi Steel is one Imperial vixen. She had me up all night pumping me for information…if you know what I mean.” I imagined the man thrusting his hips and winking at his comlink while made that comment. “I can see why you are hot for that Imperial Captain. If I knew Imperial women were so frisky in the sack I would have defected years ago.”

    Luke blushed deeply as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. “That’s nice Wes…um…just remember not to give her any real intelligence.”

    “Of course not. Playing women and telling fanciful stories are my specialty. Just like Candi’s bedroom specialty is…”

    “Stop!” Skywalker shouted out. “Please Wes, I don’t need to hear the salacious details.”

    “That’s your loss because I have some red hot indecent details. Hell, I told Hobbie about last night and he thinks I’m exaggerating. It was that kriff’n unbelievably hot!”

    “That’s great,” Luke said curtly. “I’m signing off now.”

    “Wait! Wait,” Wes interjected. “Just tell me if one thing Candi said is true. According to Candi, you two never hooked up because you're going to be a celibate Jedi Master. Is that true?”

    I couldn’t help it. I laughed at that remark.

    Skywalker turned to me and frowned.

    There was a long pause before Wes spoke again. “Sorry Luke…you’re not alone, are you?”

    “No,” the Jedi admitted.

    When Wes spoke again I could hear the mirth in his voice. “I guess that answers my question about celibacy.”

    “Goodbye Wes,” Luke said while turning off his comlink. He heaved a deep sigh before smiling apologetically. “Sorry about his comments.”

    I turned to my side and ran a finger down his chest. “Are you apologizing for him saying you are hot for an Imperial Captain or his assumption that all Imperial women are awesome in bed?”

    He reached over and placed a hand on my hip. “I’m sorry about all the sexual conquest talk. I’m not one to participate in that nonsense and the only reason Wes contacted me was because I arranged for him to meet Candi.” A smirk crossed his face. “Who is obviously a very dedicated and extremely hypersexual Imperial spy.” He pulled me closer until I was pressed against his chest. “How long before you have to head back home?”

    “Six more days,” I whispered in his ear.

    He looked sad as he caressed me tenderly. “Then I guess we shouldn’t waste time talking.” He ran his warm smooth hands down my back as he molded his rock hard body to mine.

    “Yes,” I whispered hoarsely. “No more talking.”
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    Thank you. For the hilarity with Wes :p and the absolute yummy SQUEEliciousness of L/M, particularly her reactions/reflections. :) [face_sigh] The talk Luke and Litassa had about secrecy was candid and perfectly timed. [face_thinking]
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