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Star Wars CLOSED The Labour of Darth Erebus

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Observing with intent

    The two apprentices were nearly done ‘showcasing’ themselves to each other. Soon, the real battle would begin. They were playing to their strengths as expected, but that could only last for so long. The real contest would take place once their ‘various tools’ became depleted.

    Still, it was good to see their individual prowess in combat. Both Darth Azathoth and Darth Erebus were learning from this encounter, as it was meant to be.

    As he continued to gauge and observe from his high perch, Lord Manticore sensed a familiar dark presence. He understood the only reason he’d felt, it was because he was meant to.

    The High Lord offered a respectful nod of acknowledgement to the Sith Emperor, but otherwise, he did not disturb his viewing.

    Returning his attention back to the duel in progress, Manticore did notice the changes in tactics adopted by both combatants.

    It was quite educational.

    And so, he would continue to observe, before…well, they would just have to wait and see.

    It wouldn't be long now.

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  2. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Darth Azathoth

    Azathoth could feel himself getting slower, the frustration flowing through him. He was getting to the tail end of his reserves, the sweat dripping past his eyes, his mind, as well as his body, exhausted. He reasoned Erebus was likely the side, accept that in a Lightsaber duel that gave him the advantage. He saw his opponent was on the defensive, Azathoth used that, his eyes narrowing in anger.

    "You think you can win by defending!?!"

    He poured his intent into his next few strikes, dueling with a single hand as his other remained free. With a flick of his other hand, he sent a small bolt of lightning towards Erebus's gut, assuming it would force him to drop his guard, even for a moment.

    In that moment he jumped over Erebus, so even if he deflected the bolt Azathoth would use the equally tired and now distracted Erebus to his advantage. A spare needle loosed itself from within Azathoth's sleeve as he took it to physically plunge into the Zabrak's back. At least that's how he imagined it to happen.

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  3. Quinlan Vos

    Quinlan Vos Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Darth Erebus

    Even as Erebus waited for his opponent to tire out, he knew his own power was dwindling. Despite his defensive stance, his already depleted store of energy continued to drop, though he knew he would be able to outlast the constant barrage of Azathoth if he could continue to hold out.

    It was his vigilant observation of each of his opponents movements that helped him to notice the ever so subtle change in Azathoth's strategy. He wasn't caught off guard by the bolt of lightning sent towards his abdomen, but he was slightly surprised by the following leap over him by his opponent. In a split second, he needed to make a decision. He could move away, avoiding any follow up attacks by Azathoth and resetting his defensive posture.

    Or he could pull a devious little trick he had learned as a young orphan.

    In the blink of an eye, Erebus dropped to a crouch, narrowly avoiding the unexpected needle that flew inches above his head, and pivoted his weight, swinging his leg around his body in a wide, arcing motion, hoping to catch the unsuspecting Azathoth at the ankle as he landed, using the momentum of his leap to knock him to the ground, giving the assassin a chance to flip the attack back onto his opponent.

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  4. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Darth Azathoth

    Azathoth saw the Erebus resist his spark enough to drop down and avoid Azathoth's other needle. This caught the Emperor's Apprentice by surprise he thought the depleted Erebus would not be able to react so quickly and resist in the manner that he did. The leg came round hitting neatly into Azathoth's leg as he dropped to the ground, his body falling.

    He laid there for a moment, sweat billowing from his forehead, panting deeply as he looked up at Erebus, hatred in Azathoth's eyes. He had been too cocky, too arrogant and he had paid the price for it, despite his opponent's defensive nature it was his final attack that left Azathoth realizing there was no point continuing.

    The duel had run its course and Azathoth was exhausted, as was likely Erebus as well.

    Dropping his lightsaber to the ground he stared deeply at Erebus, a deep-seated frown on his face.

    "I yield"

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  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Labour’s commencement

    “I yield”

    The word which was the ‘key’ was spoken, and the gate was 'opened' as a result. The present ‘vacuum’ begged to be filled- and so, it would be.

    Once the boastful winds died down, the abundance of bravado were spent, and the showcase came to an end, only then was the true core revealed- and what then was there to be seen?

    From his perch did he leap, becoming a shadow in motion, swift and feral, promising certain death. The sound of twin vermillion blades igniting simultaneously spoke for him, even as he landed between the two Apprentices.

    Fire had come to purify.

    The Lord of Hate stabbed backwards at Darth Erebus’ abdomen, intent on impaling him. Hate’s black boot rose, a front kick streaked swiftly, with enough force to shatter bones in Darth Azathoth’s chest.

    The moment was here.

    Strength was not besting someone weaker or just as strong. No, that was not the measure of TRUE strength.

    The answer:

    …it was close….so very close….

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  6. Quinlan Vos

    Quinlan Vos Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Darth Erebus

    The sudden attack from the heavens shocked Erebus, as he had been fully focused on Azathoth up until that point and didn't notice the Sith lord falling between the two until he had landed. His focus on the battle was now used against him, as just hearing Azathoth yield had caused Erebus to relex, letting down his guard in hopes that the duel was complete.

    It was not.

    Reaching deep into his reserves, the young assassin lunged backward, attempting to avoid the blade. Reigniting his own saber, he swung it to the side, intent on parrying the jab if he couldn't escape its reach.

    But he was slow. His force reserves were fully depleted, and the young Erebus was running on fumes.

    So slow...

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  7. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Darth Azathoth
    Torment Unbound

    It seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, Azathoth was barely able to bring his arms up in guard to soften the blow from Manticore as he was sent backwards several feet. He could feel the bones fracture and if not break in his arms from the sudden explosion of power.

    The Emperor's Apprentice grunted as he felt the pain flow through him, a maddening eye opening up with his mind as he looked to the Lord of Hate. His battered and bruised hand gripped the handle of his crimson blade tightly as eyes of hatred made their way to Manticore.

    Azathoth took a quiet breath, focusing on the pain. The anger and the frustration building within him. Oh how he had come to despise his overlords, a deep residual hatred lurked in Azathoth's heart. One that was tired of waiting and wanted to take what was rightfully theirs.

    In the brief moment Manticore was focused on Erebus Azathoth leaped with all his mighty over to the Sith Lord, his crimson blade ignited as swung along in a deep gash.

    This was not Azathoth the Sorcerer. This was Azathoth the Warrior. One that was fully committed to sharpening his own strength against the harder metal that was Mantciore.

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  8. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lord Manticore
    Blacksmith of Hatred

    The zabrak blacksmith endeavored to work on the two weapons for the Sith Order. At the right moment, he had applied heat and hammer, seeking to reshape and reform. Of the two, it seemed only one had responded favorably.

    But there was still hope for a full bounty.

    Darth Manticore had attacked the Emperor’s Apprentice last, and his own first, so it was Azathoth which he was facing when the Sith Sorcerer, transitioned from yielding combatant, to rekindled warrior.

    Manticore felt how Azathoth’s fatigue was burned away by purpose, by focus, and by hate.

    Hatred of weakness, of inferiority.

    ’good.’ ,The zabrak rasped favorably, as Azathoth took his first steps into the state where Manticore lived.

    Oh, how he wished to clash blades with the Emperor’s Apprentice then, but this was not that time. This was a lesson in progress.

    Manticore met Azathoth’s glare with a fiery gaze of his own, almost taunting him, and was inwardly pleased to witness the Apprentice’s quick response.

    Azathoth leaped with all his mighty over to the Sith Lord, his crimson blade ignited as swung along in a deep gash.

    Manticore did not break eye contact, as he purposely pivoted out of the way by the narrowest margin, painfully aware that by missing him, Azathoth’s attack would strike Darth Erebus instead.

    Manticore’s Apprentice would find the brutal reality of the situation clear.

    That, being ‘slow’ right now would lead to his death. That being complacent, would lead to his death, that being naive about the reality of sith strength and power, would lead to his death. It was time to lift all illusions, dispell all misconceptions.

    The riddle of Sith strength was not to be found in what they were capable of at the height of their vaunted strength. No, that was the easy and obvious answer.

    The truth was far deeper than this.

    As Sith Blacksmith of Warriors, the stage was set.

    Would Erebus rise to the occasion? Would Azathoth falter or commit to his attack? The Lord of Hate was in a favorable position to deal a fatal blow to either, should he deemed them unworthy.

    These two were on the cusp of becoming Sith Lords and Darth Manticore was the Gate between death and ascension.

    The Circle of Lords would not suffer a weak link.

    Not as long as the Lord of Hate drew breath and remained a High Lord of the Order.

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