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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Adam Lyons, Kael Swiftflight, Briana Odan, Kate and Kara Leeash

    As the group drew closer to the hanger, it was clear to Kate that Briana and Kael were in the hanger next to hers. This made sense after all if Adam was the one who organized the whole field trip. She was enjoying hanging out with them, like seeing an alternate path she and Eak could have taken.

    "Mum, did you really do those things?" Kara was amazed and amused at the same time. "Well, look being a pilot can get boring some times, and you need to help your friends by keeping them on their toes" was the best Kate tried to rationalize it for her daughter, she was already worried for the possible repercussions of these stories on someone so young and impressionable. "But I made sure they never hurt anyone,... .permanently. Everything could be cleaned up and apologized for." except for that one prank, that went just a bit too far, it wasn't on the records, Addie had cleaned that one up. They agreed never to speak of it.

    As they entered, Kara started heading for their ship "Wait" Kate called to her, she wasn't sure how their 'other passenger', was going "You have the food, wait for Briana to tell you what to do with it"

    She was looking for the boys, she had their clothing, but didn't see them. She did see the girl talking to someone in one of the X-wings. She didn't remember her name, otherwise, she would have called out.

    Briana smiled at Kara, "I don't know if we're going to have time to eat in the hanger," she glanced at Adam who looked like he was giving hand signals to Kael for what he was needing for the X-wings, "It might actually be best to split what we got into three for each ship we're using so everyone will get a chance to eat before we land at the base. Maybe even going around to see if anyone wants something to eat right now for a temporary snack would be a good idea also." She looked at Kate, "Whichever you think might work better. I imagine some of your guests would be hungrier than our group."

    Adam saw his friends enter the hanger and he was pleased to see them. While he was sure they chose well for food, there was work to be done, he hand-signaled Kael to get his explosives and to plant them near the engines, also to get the supplies he and Briana bought onboard the freighters' cargo bays. He decided to wait until after Briana finished talking to Kate and her daughter to give her instructions.

    Kael immediately nodded and started over towards the hanger that they had landed in.

    "Yeah yeah, that sounds good" Kate absently said looking around for the boys and Addie, but was confused at the lack of all of them. Turning her attention back to Briana "Ah, we can just put some in these bags." she held up the clothing bags, "and hand them out that way. Kael has run away with the pizza so not sure if we are getting that back" she smiled.

    "Mum, Mum, Can I give Adrian his! I picked it special for him! I wanna see his face!" Kara said bouncing a little. Kate was glad to see whatever happened before didn't hurt Kara long term. But she was concerned, she would run that past Kyp if she saw him, and had a moment.

    "Oh course!" Kate bent down, and the two of them started putting in sweets in the bags, Addie, Adrian, Jesse, the woman, and the other 'man'. Then giving the rest to Briana to take with her on her ship. "I'm coming with you, remember. . ." Kate warned Kara, they were not safe yet, as she stood back up.

    "Yes Mum," Kara said slightly annoyed, she felt a lot safer, she couldn't see any danger or anyone really for that matter.

    Kate seeing the woman first decided it was the logical place to start, they needed to head out quickly so, she started walking over, Kara following behind her.

    Kael belatedly realized that he had left with the hanger, so he initially checked the freighter that he and Briana had landed in to see no one was in there so he checked the other freighter. He saw Kyp and a few other people in there and he raised his voice, "Hey pizza's here, try not to eat all of it." He put the box down in an open place, ran back to the other freighter to grab his tools and ran back.

    Kael opened the box, grabbed a slice, put it in his mouth and said while gripping the slice, "Meh! Eeezzuh's ere!" and left.

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  2. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jesse, Ariadne, Kyp, Kara
    Both Hangars?

    Kyp looked over to the food delivery. Hungry was not a feeling he had right now, in fact nothing could make him eat. "I'll pass." he said waving his hand dismissively. His mind was full of things that he considered more important than food. He looked to Jesse who was hovering nearby. "You should eat." he suggested, an over tone of the Force with it. He wanted this man away from Adalia. Jesse had just returned to the ship and had a small bag with him, but little more. He looked tired and drained. "You look like you need it."

    Jesse didn't move, "Not really hungry, tired, but not hungry." he said evenly. He was hungry but if the Jedi didn't need food, neither did he. Yeah, OK, it was his ego talking and he knew that, but right now he was running on it. "Water, could use a drink." he added, hoping he'd be pointed to some, "And a refresher? Could REALLY use that." he added. He was almost sure he'd done permanent damage to himself by holding this long.

    The Jedi Master did not look up. He simply pointed toward the on board refresher. "Can get water there too." he said distractedly as he gently caressed Adalia's hair. He had to help her find her way back. She had to come back.


    As they got closer to the ship, where Ariadne and Adam were, Kate had given Kara the bag of clothing, with the pastry to give to the woman. Kara held it out as she stood next to her. "Here you go, Mum hopes it will fit, you look like you would like a 'Namana twist' so that's what I picked for you!" Kara said holding out the bag to the woman with a big smile on her face.

    "Well that's lovely, thank you. I'm sure it'll be perfect." Ariadne accepted the bag with a smile, unsure that she was that a child should be with them. Nevertheless, sweets were appreciated no matter the situation, though she might have to wait to find somewhere to change.

    TAG @Sinrebirth @Rebecca_Daniels @The Real Kyp Durron @I_am_Kooky
    Thank you to Becca, Kyp and Kooks for this!
  3. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Orbiting Taris

    Bernael had expected action after that wave of Force energy had passed, some quick escape or, at least, an attempt at such but several hours later he still had seen no evidence of motion, of what he was tracking moving more than from one hangar to another. He’d seen the wanted posters, seen the quite detailed descriptions of the craft those he was following were flying in so he knew their time was limited before people started asking questions or got greedy.

    He’d been scanning the holonet, classified and declassified alike, for information about those listed. So far he’d discovered that most were part of Colonel Tenahis’s squadron from the Ocean, or had close ties with her currently and in the past. Some had some talent for the Force, some did not. It was an eclectic group and one with many diverse talents. He thought such a group would be able to readily and easily get themselves from one point to another and realize a heavily populated world was not one to find themselves stuck on for a long period.

    He began pondering what he could do. He did not want to give away his presence, especially considering that fourth spike of Force energy he’d felt was in close proximity to Adalia. A Jedi would probably be loathe to associate with an unknown being, especially one who seemed interested in the group who had recently joined him. Likewise, he couldn’t just fly down there anyway, he had no reason to be visiting Taris and even if he did, there were probably no available, private, hangars near where that group was and he would be wasting time searching for them, on foot, which could lead to them departing before he either reached them or got back to his ship to track them. Adalia was unconscious so she couldn’t vouch for him and none of the others even knew of him so there also wouldn’t be anyone who could, even remotely, vouch for him if he appeared and he did not want to have to fight any of them while trying to prove himself.

    He searched his inventory, trying to see if there was anything that would help. He dug for a time, before he decided to change his focus. “A surgical strike? No. A strafing run? Also no, don’t want them to see the ship and decide if they see it again that I’m a foe. Ahhh….” The last was said as he realized he had exactly what would aid him. Headed to the weapons storage he came upon a slightly oblong and bulging missile. It wasn’t a standard missile at all.

    Opening a panel on the side of the missile he scrolled through the options listed. “What would kick over the ant mound the most? Hmmmm, there it is!” He had found what he thought would work best. This missile was a spoofing one, designed to cruise around an area imitating a vessel, from a starfighter up to a capital ship. What he had found in the options was a setting to appear as a GA battlecruiser. While it wouldn’t fool the Jedi, perhaps it would give him the impetus to get the others moving, if he played along with the idea there was a cruiser headed directly for Taris. Finishing the work, he closed the panel and had the missile loaded.

    He exited the weapons bay and headed to the bridge. Once there he considered what he knew of what was going on and when the best time would be to launch the drone, it did need time to get to the hyper entry point, after all, before it could activate. Deciding that when it was nightside over the hangars would be most effective, he sat back, waiting for Taris to rotate on its axis enough for that time to pass.

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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Luka d'al' Gargan
    Taris Ground Control

    It was not often you saw Askajian’s away from their homeworld, but it did happen, and Luka was one such Askajian. Named after Luke Skywalker, much as his sister was named after Leia, he and his family had rolled around the Outer Rim when the Empire subjugated Askaj, though by the time the New Republic caught up with Grand Moff Wilkadon, it was just before the Thrawn Crisis, and nobody was settling down while the Empire was recapturing whole sectors each and every day.

    By the time the resurrected Emperor had been defeated, Luka had no desire to return home, and he wandered around, once reaching as far Coreward as Gyndine, would you believe. But now, he was settled down on Taris, and running the spaceport. It was a small job, but it allowed him to remain seated and he was on the rotund side even for an Askajian. What can you do?

    To compensate, he had thrown himself into his job and made himself indispensable to the running of the spaceport, and, for all his absent loneliness, he was contented, as long as he continued to give his all to his career. Which is why he was staring at a list of arrivals and frowning. Taris was not a busy world; it had a consistent flow of traffic and monitored some on the Hydian Way for the Galactic Alliance, but it had not been a resort vacation spot for four millennia. Ravaged by Darth Malak and exchanged back and forth during the subsequent Galactic Wars between the Old Republic and True Sith Empire, it had never recovered, which was altogether fine for the occupants, who had no intention of getting involved in galactic affairs ever again, even inadvertently.


    The motley wave of arrivals and indeed three X-wings was enough for the studious Luka to send off a report to the local GA enforcers…

    … and that was enough to warrant a double deployment from the Core, taking advantage of the Hydian Way to make a quick trip. Quick because the Hapans and Confederation were near, and they needed these ships back at the retreating front – though Colonel Solo had ordered them to hold firm at Anaxes now; a suicidal move but one that had given the Confederation pause.

    One, an aged Belarus-class cruiser which was a handful of years away from being decommissioned, was about as slow and ponderous as you expected for a medium cruiser that was nearly three decades old… but the other was a ten year old Ranger-class gunship, with twenty anti-starfighter cannons – a pocket version of the terrifying Lancer-class frigate that the Empire had created after the Battle of Yavin to shred Rebel fighter squadrons.

    The Glorious

    They were en route…

    … the Force would warn the motley crew gathered at Taris, let alone whatever Kirney and the others managed to pick up on their wide net of data. Taris Ground Control was not the Aargau National Bank – it could sliced with ease, after all.

    Time was pressing them, now. Their short recuperation and necessary reunions were about to hit a finale point.

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    IC: Count Dooku

    Serenno, HoloNet

    Enough was enough. He needed to do something and even if it had been mere hours since the two communiques, he needed to engage with these… interested parties. It was a Sith Holocron. He had expected the Jedi to turn up, not every other cult and party. If it wasn’t the Sith themselves…

    … but the Sith were dead! Lumiya was dead!

    Dooku had had enough. He picked on of the letters and reached out. Not via intermediaries, not via sneaky channels, nor layered screens of code.

    He simply called one of them.

    Bernael’s comlink would activate, probably at the least opportune moment.

    TAG: @darthbernael (directly)
    IC: Syal Antilles

    Edge of the Coruscant system, near Nabatu

    It was not often remembered that Coruscant was more than just Coruscant. There were other worlds, even a habitable one – Vandor, closer to the sun. Vandor was usually the placement of the governments military bases, as much as Coruscant’s moons were handed a shipyard, and the Galactic Alliance was no different.

    General Thaal ran the Galactic Alliance army training grounds there, though the army was the least important of the Starfighter and Navy Corps due to the general lack of ground occupations and deployments by the Alliance – though with a war on the important of the army had increased… and would do, the longer the war went on.

    These thoughts were in Syal’s mind as they completed the brief jump to the edge of the system. Loriana had not been especially communicative, which was fine, because Syal didn’t need Zueb getting all emotional. Rhoen was as steadfast and reliable as ever; a great friend, and she was grateful for him.

    She briefly called up the specifications for the frigate again, ensured everyone had them. Stealth equipped, with turbolasers and proton torpedoes? At 150 metres in length, it was a decent threat to starfighters, and to be honest three fighters would have issues with it. But they were about to arrive, and this was all the Wraith’s could spare.


    They decanted immediately, and as much as there was no frigate visible, sensors immediately pegged a location that was blocking the stars out. Turbolaser fire lanced out within moments of their arrival – an incredibly quick reaction.

    “Dancer Squadron, scatter.”

    Syal threw the Aleph to the side, and the frigate became visible, diverting power to shields and not to the stealth countermeasures. It also made to activate engines, and Syal bit down. “Focus fire on the engines, and watch out for -”

    A launcher in the middle of the frigate spat a torpedo, reaching for Rhoen. “TWO!”

    Of course, in all this chaos, it was the perfect moment for Loriana to do whatever she considered necessary… to leave, even. Or, to stay long enough to help…

    TAG: @galactic_vagabond422, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @adaml83
    IC: Vua

    En route, and then, Commenor

    A trio of XJ7-wings arriving in Confederate space was prone to make a scene. Commenor had fielded a fleet of twenty Empire-era Star Destroyers to the Confederation, half of which had been lost at the Battle of Balmorra. The remaining ten had been battered by the Battle of Kuat, but were continuing to support the Confederation offensive.

    As such all Commenor had was its planetary shields and ample fighter squadron defenses. Long range weapons also existed, so it would be a tough world to crack even if the GA fielded a full fleet to the world. But for three fighters? There was nothing apart from the fighters to worry about.

    But sensors did trouble them with a trio of TIE fighters escorting a single almost-as-old K-wing, launched from a moon base. They were heading their way, having immediately detected the XJ7s of the Wild Knights Squadron, which had no stealth gear.



    Them using older fighter craft echoed the analysis Adam had made, but Vua had not heard it, of course – the Confederation was running low on ships and ordanance and was pushing the Core offensive as hard as they could because they had to. Thus; old, old designs.

    Vua chimed in. “Wild Knights Two, this is One, go head off those TIE fighters. Stay clear of the K-wing – it usually has concussion missiles.” One fighter against four was a hard sell, but the XO only had to distract, not kill them.

    Three, with me – target upcoming.” The HUD painted an armoured shuttle pushing for the edge of the gravity well. As they approached, a rear gun opened fire, to Vua’s surprise. He kicked the X-wing up and away, and lost track of Three.

    Trip screamed at Tracy to move, but the shuttle was also nearing range to jump. This was a strange mission, and they didn’t have a lot of fuel to play around with.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @I_am_Kooky
    IC: Palpatine, Telos Holocron

    Holocron, with the Horns

    "I'll take that as a compliment. I suppose that it runs in the family. However, I was unaware that there had been friction between you and my grandfather." Corran was feigning interest, as ever.

    The image of Palpatine laughed slightly. “He accused me of murdering a fellow student. But, I was in-fact entirely innocent! You would love to hear the perpetrators true identity. It was such a surprise. To think… what happened a century ago to you, reverberating even now. But I suppose the Far Outsiders and the Nagai are no more so how is it relevant, I wonder. The Presence though? Who knows – but the Professor who had mastery over the class; he was a curiosity. I never really knew all that much about him, or, rather, them… but your grandfather had some opinions, of course...”

    The so-called Telos Holocron

    The Telos Holocron seemed to glimmer for a moment, and Palpatine looked to the cockpit controls. There it was, a communique from Endor, sent along a particularly encrypted channel that only Kyp and Corran would have access to, beyond the Jedi Council members already on Endor.

    Return to the Old Folk’s Home. Time to decide what to do about the Dark Man. The Son is pushing for us to move forward.

    One referenced Endor… the other, it referenced Jacen Solo. The son…? That was Ben Skywalker, who had not left his fathers side since they returned from Kashyyyk.

    “Does our time have to end?

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  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Loriana at the Edge of Coruscant System

    They emerged from hyperspace,
    "Hmm," Loriana remarked, "Where is it?"

    The display indicated the location of where the stars were being obscured.

    "Well, they were waiting for us, and no doubt!" She exclaimed, as turbolaser fire lanced out.

    “Dancer Squadron, scatter.” came the urgent instruction over the squad frequency.

    Rubi siphoned power to the shields and also to the engines, as S-foils came into combat alignment.

    Another directive came over the speakers:
    “Focus fire on the engines, and watch out for -”

    Loriana noticed that Rhoen was straight in the target lock of a torpedo.

    It appeared that Syal was in a strategic position to help, but Loriana moved closer in order to provide covering fire and also targeting the engines on the frigate closer to her.

    RubiJay was great at multi-tasking, Loriana was relieved to notice; Rubi was covertly watching/monitoring the frequencies on the datapadd/commlink Loriana had been provided. Rubi would give Loriana a subtle ping when something of interest arose.

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  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Aden Kya, Natalia Keizar
    In bed

    He awoke with a start, and found himself, fully clothed, asleep beside Natalia. Seemingly his efforts had taken a lot from him. To be fair, moving from ship-to-ship was not a good way to regulate your internal chrono. Brushing aside her hair, he was conscious that he would wake her but he wanted to see her face.

    Aden resolved to tell her the truth when she awoke.

    If he was to build himself anew, he needed true allies. He would start with trusting Natalia... after all, she was not a Force user, so she was a good start. Vua... he would balk sooner or later and run back to Korriban. Natalia, though, she was solid. Or, so he thought.

    She hummed a little reaching out for him, pulling him close. A giggle left her chest as she felt his fingers brush her hair away. Part of her didn't want to wake up not yet, but she wanted to see him, see a smile that he gave sparingly, that kind look in his eyes. Slowly she started to open her eyes looking up with a tried, but happy smile.

    "Good morning." she said in a soft voice snuggling into his chest. "Sleep well?"

    “Very well,” Aden said, smiling back at her. “Did you?”

    How do I causally drop into conversation that I’m a Sith?

    "Yeah...needed that." She let out a contented sigh enjoying the feeling of him next to her. "Best sleep I've had in a while. I could turn off at least for a little while. You ever have that problem. You think about a problem so much it robs you of sleep?"

    “Oh yes,” he said, laughing somewhat. “I always have that. In-fact, I have one right now. The problem of how to tell you something... about my religious beliefs.”

    If she said ‘Jensaarai, right?’ it was going to take all his willpower not to say, ‘that’s right,’ and leave it at that. He’d not lied to her yet, after all. But to do reply that way would indeed be a lie.

    "Jensaarai, right?" She said not know that the words were already floating in his head. These words came to her not through the Force or something like that, just looking though his records, and finding something intriguing. A footnote in a footnote something one would have to be looking for, or just going through an obsession and needing to know everything about a person. "They're Force tradition right? Between the Jedi and the Sith?"

    Damn it she knew more than he had hoped. He could hardly shade things... by maybe.... “Between, yeah. They discovered the Sith traditions but not the hooks to make them megalomaniacs, and they acted like Jedi. Protectors, first and foremost, but on a very narrow almost selfish level; looming after their own at the expense of others.”

    Aden paused. “I don’t see what’s especially wrong with that personally, so I eschew the Sith ways over the Jedi... and simply narrow what I consider ‘their own’ to specific goals and people, which I follow without stopping.” He was a little quiet.

    “I even have a Sith name... and a second, red lightsaber.” He began to marshal the Force to erase her memory of what he had said.

    Jacen still had a green lightsaber; if he was Sith, he was playing it quietly for now. But a red lightsaber was always associated with the Sith, regardless of their intentions.

    She looked up at him her brow a little furrowed. He could feel her nervousness at the words he was saying. It was ingrained red blades meant danger, meant evil. Darth Vader carried a red saber, the embodiment of evil held a crimson blade.

    "But..." She started, "You're not one of them right...Sith?"

    “Does it matter if I am? My religious beliefs are private, and they don’t guide me to want to rule the galaxy like a megalomaniac. I just want to defend the GA and save my squadmates. The Confederation are assassinating children, creating secret fleets and preparing superweapons. Do philosophical nuances matter when it comes to saving the galaxy from that?

    He was tensing up. It was hard not to.

    She could feel his muscles tightening up becoming more defensive. She didn't know what more to say, they're were bigger issues at stake than what someone believed in their hearts. The galaxy was at war, both sides doing what was necessary to keep their side in the fight. Though the Confederation was going too far. Her arms held tight around him.

    "I'm sorry...I'm sorry." She said burring her face into his chest. "I...I guess I don't really understand...Sith...Sith are like Boogymen, monsters that come in the night. I...I just don't want to lose you. whatever would try and take you away..." she stopped herself, her words getting away from her, her heart speaking where her mind would temper her words.

    Aden felt her fear... and he managed to turn it with a smile, finding his angle and footing for once. “So you don’t want me to come for you in the night?”

    She blushed furiously looking up at him with wide eyes. She'd never considered what her words meant. "No...Um" Now she didn't know what she was saying getting a little flustered. "What I think...What I wanted to say is..." Again she hid her face not really sure what she had meant. "I just...I don't know what you mean...but I fear, Sith are always killed...destroyed in the end. I don't want to lose you. But, you're not're not right?"

    “I’m a Sith, Natalia,” he said, looking into her eyes. “And as much as Sith appear to lose, they really only step back once their job is done; once Order has been restored. There is no need for a Sith to step in and do the messy work of reunifying the galaxy.”

    He narrowed his eyes. “At the end of the day; democracies need an enemy to not collapse into civil war. The Sith are simply all too happy to be that boogeyman to save the galaxy from itself.” He paused... “I think Jacen has realised that, too. But at the same time, I don’t know.”

    Aden refocused. “Does what I’m saying make sense?”

    She was quiet for a long moment head down trying to put everything he was saying into order. Sith choose to be the enemy, they choose to be monsters that need to be slain so that order can reign. It made sense...a painful, crazy kind of sense, but it did. And it scared her. While her mind told her it was necessary her heart was pained.

    "No...yes...why? Why does it have to be you?"

    “Because there’s nobody else willing to do it. The corrupt Sith hide from the truth. They become monsters.” He sighed. “Maybe I won’t need to go that far. Maybe the galaxy will sort itself out.”

    “But in my lifetime I have been abandoned to slavery, kidnapped by Yuuzhan Vong, and imprisoned for trying to prevent this civil war happening ten years ago.” Aden shrugged. “And while I was locked away, the Confederation happened.”

    “I don’t want it to happen, Natalia.”

    Her lip quivered, she'd just found him, just started whatever this was and she was faced with the very real possibility that it would end. It was always one of those thoughts, this was a war, but now it felt like a certainty. That he was sacrificing himself for the good of all...for her.

    It hurt, hurt more than she could know, a hurt that could be felt by him.

    "I don't want that either..." Tears started to sting her eyes, "What can I do...Is there anything I can do save you?"

    “You already have, Natalia,” he said, kissing her nose. “You already have.”

    “I have someone to fight for now, and not just principles and things. You’ll make me strong enough to survive anything... and I’ll promise to come back to you every time.”

    Aden Kya smiled, warmly. “That’s assuming Jacen Solo doesn’t make himself the villain forever. Then we’ll only have to step in to keep him in power long enough for him to reunify the galaxy... against him... and then you and I can vanish into the quiet corners of the galaxy... like Sith always do when the galaxy has been saved from itself.”

    He kissed her lightly. “Promise you’ll stay with me until Jacen does that?”

    "I promise." She said without any hesitation. It was all for the good for the galaxy, all to save it from itself. Though now she longed for the end, for when they could just disappear, but that could come later. Right now they had a galaxy to save.

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  7. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Briana Odan, Adam Lyons, Kael Swiftflight, Ariadne Stark, Kate, and Kara Leeash

    Briana walked over to the X-wing Adam was in, and climbed up to the side of the cockpit, "Stealth, what do you need from me?" She knew that he had a list of things in his head that needed to be done.

    Adam nodded, "Well what I'd like to you would be to have the navigation of the three X-wings patched into one of your datapads. Then I'd also like for it to be given to Ariadne, she might be able to use that, Beka has mine. Could work for them since they might be another group to try to find Wedge."

    Briana shook her head, "So that's partially why you had us get electronic equipment."

    Adam grinned, "Yeah, though we can always use more. Also if you see the two younger men, you can tell them that they're going to be traveling with you."

    Adam let Briana climb down and heard Kate say something in his general direction, "Yep, Kooky, it's me." He looked in one of the mirrors that would allow him to see partially behind him, "You've got a beautiful daughter there Kate, you must be proud."

    Kael reentered the hanger with his explosives and quickly got to work planting his explosives in the fighters and instructing them to go off from a signal from the cockpit.

    Kate smiled and looked back at Kara. "Thanks, Stealth. I'm assuming you got everything planned out, and if I just head back to my ship, we will all get where we need to go?"

    Adam smiled over at Kate and proceeded to get out of the fighter. It was the last one that needed to accept instructions from Briana's datapad. He could see that she had come back in and was programming a route for the X-wings in her datapad. "Yeah, in fact," he pulled a data chip out and handed it to Kate, "that's so you know where we're going. We should get there soon, so you might want to start your pre-flight procedures."

    Kael had finished with planting the explosives and was coordinating with Briana, "Where should they be sent?"

    Briana shrugged, "As long as it isn't the same vector as ours it doesn't matter. Could pick from one of the dummy flight plans, though not Telos."

    Kael nodded, "Alright, ok the same vector as one of the plans but once they reach a certain point they'll hit the end of the flight plan and they'd blow up then."

    Adam's commlink went off, he answered it, "All we need to do now is run final checks. I need you to file the flight plans with traffic control. Also, need to load the supplies quickly but it won't take long."

    Kate took the chip, her friend looked a lot older than she remembered. She turned to look for Sparks, but he must have wandered off looking for Addie. She turned back to Adam, "Last I checked I had an injured teammate, Beka been seen to? Also, there was an unconscious fellow on my ship. Much as I'd love to help," she twisted a bit awkwardly "I'd rather not have some fella wake up, and be angry while I'm going somewhere, with my kid... .I'm sure Beka could deal with it, but... .it's been a verrrry long day for us, and I wouldn't want to push it. . .can he go with you lot?" Thinking back, did Beka even get any sleep?

    Adam nodded, "I checked on Beka and she's received some treatment for her throat. I would like for her and Addie to be checked out more once we reach the base. Beka told me that she had sedated him, so I guess I have to trust her that she knows what she's doing," He paused, he wasn't sure that Kate was going to like this,"...and I'm not sure how wise it would be to try to move them now. We need to get out of here soon so everyone can get some sleep."

    He could look and see that Kael had already left the hanger so he could load their cargo and that Briana was walking over to where Ariadne was, looked like somewhere near the freighter, she handed the datapad with this, "Careful with this, you could start a war with it." She gave Ariadne a wink.

    She twitched her nose, not overly happy about it, but they did need to move, they had been here too long. "Fine, but I would like Adrian back, or I'll the other woman,... really should get her name . . . or even Jesse was it?...actually anyone, just an extra hand...I know it's not far. . . but should anything happen to Kara, Force help me..." She looked down at her daughter, who was trying to sneak into the bag to eat one of the desserts. She just raised her eyebrow, and Kara just looked back with a cheeky grin.

    "Oh, that reminds me" Kate bent down and pulled the bag of mint cookies out and gently tossed them at Adam. "These are for you, from me," she said with a big grin. "Un-tampered."

    Adam nodded sympathetically, "You'll have Ariadne in there with you. Probably best to have at least one healthy person amongst your passengers. I've got a feeling that she can cause enough trouble for them if she needs to."

    Adam caught the bag, looked at it dubiously, pulled out a cookie and tossed it to Kara and grinned at Kate, "Sure it is..." He looked around to see that Briana had left, then looked back at Kate, "We should get back to our ships. There'll be plenty of time for us to talk once we get back to base."


    Briana had just finished pre-flight and sent a message over to the other freighter, "Did you send all of the flight plans? If not send all of them." The idea is that all of them weren't real and that since people would be investigating sending the GA across the galaxy would be helpful for the getaway.

    Kara caught the cookie and bit into it "URHG, IT TASTES LIKE TOOTHPASTE!" and she held the cookie in her outstretched hand making a serious of unpleasant noises and faces to match. Kate sniggered and took the offending cookie and ate it herself, two funny faces for the price of one cookie, a very good deal indeed.

    "Ariadne. . ." she repeated committing the name to memory. "Okay then, well only thing left now is. . ." she raised her eyebrow and bit her lip " race ya there" She swooped up the bags again and started to walk off at a brisk pass, Kara following still making dissatisfied noises.

    As they got back in the ship, Kate dropped the bags carefully by the door and pulled out a drink. She stepped over her still unconscious passenger and handed the drink to Beka. "Might help a bit, I like it when I get a sore throat" Kate smiled, she knew it wasn't that kind of pain, but, there wasn't much more she could do.

    "Wheels up as soon as Ariadne get in here, we have places to be. . ." she sat back down and inserted the chip, and watched as the navicomp got its information, and started to warm the ship back up for take-off. Hoping the noise would bring in Ariadne and that everyone else was where they were meant to be, she didn't have their coms to check, so she was just trusting Adam and the team. "Kara, sit down, and Beks, check this" Kate threw her the datapad with all the 'wanted' posters on it at her. "Seems you can take a good photo"

    Kara with a mouth half full of another dessert she had picked, climbed back into her seat, put her belt on and headphones this time, and returned to watching Star Trek.

    Adam jogged over to Ariadne quickly, “Go ahead and start up the fighters now on your datapad,” He watched her press the button on the touchscreen, “And run the nav program once we start to take off. We’ll talk more at the base.” He ran off hearing the X-wings going through their startup sequences as he also saw Ariadne head back into the freighter

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    May 6, 2018
    IC Jesse, Adrian, Kyp, Adalia, Briana
    Freighter, hangar two.

    Returning from the refresher, Jesse felt a little better, having drunk a good deal of water. Dehydration was never good and had drained him. He sat in a nearby bench seat, leaning arms across the back and putting his head on them. He was tired, dog tired, but determined. He watched as the Jedi Master across the room seemed to be doing something, he didn't have any idea what as he held the Colonels head. He blinked slowly, it was just a blink. Then again, and this time his eyes were slow to open again. Slowly his eyelids drooped, and his eyes closed. That was it, he was out like a light.

    Briana walked into their hanger and grabbed her datapad, she looked into the other freighter, and offered up a rich curse, "Master Durron, that man sleeping there needs to be in the other freighter, could you possibly deposit him there, I don't really care how, or where as long it's not in the cockpit area."

    Kyp turned to look at Jesse, the man was exhausted that was obvious and had fallen asleep. The possibilities were endless. He grunted and turned to Adrian. "Do me a favour please? Get him and yourself to the next freighter?" He wanted to be petty, wanted to knocked his arms out from under him. Push him off the seat. All of these reactions were somewhat childish, and probably a little primal. Best option was to ignore them. He was turning back when something pricked the back of his mind. He looked up at nothing and attempted to focus. A quick scan had him spot Adalia's droid. "Sparks? With me." he turned to Adrian, "Wake him and watch her." he ordered. Things were suddenly feeling tense.

    He went to the cockpit, Sparks in tow. "Hook into the ships systems, see if you can access the Traffic Control, tell me what's in orbit." He was all business now, the feeling was getting stronger. Sparks did as he was asked and after a minute the droid started to scroll information on a nearby screen. Kyp narrowed his eyes slightly as he scanned. "Freighters, passenger craft.....nothing ....big ..............yet." he muttered. "It's coming Sparks," he stood up, "Something big and threatening is coming." He pulled out his comlink. "Stealth, we're gonna get company real soon, need to move." he said sharply. He needed to get the two men to their ship and secure Adalia.

    Adrian noticed the droid watching him and sighted. If they mistrust me so much, why was I even invited to come with them. It reminded him of his previous service where his commanding officer and even the other squad members had treated him like a potential traitor just for being from Eriadu. This time it seemed to be less about his home world, at least he hoped so, and more about being an outsider. These people had fought in war´s together before, they knew each other completely, and he was new, a young senators son in a group of veteran pilots.

    R7 was still at his side glaring at the other droid, obviously not much happier with the situation than Adrian himself was. At least this time though he wasn't alone, there was another outside here, someone similar to him. He gently placed a hand on Jesse´s shoulder and tried to wake the older man up. "Time for us to get moving again soldier." he muttered silently enough only Jesse and R7 could hear him.

    "Huh....?" Jesse wasn't sleeping, he couldn't have been. Just resting his eyes, yeah that was it. He forced them open an looked up at Adrain. "Where we moving too?" he lifted his head, and stretched his back before looking around. "Where's the Jedi gone?" he asked as he stood and crossed the deck, he wanted to check on her.

    "He sends us away," Adrian said, slowly as he followed Jesse, "again. Doesn't seem to trust us at all if you ask me."

    He looked down at her, she was still unconscious, so he looked to Adrian as he turned around. "We're the outsiders here. They've all known each other for years......we've been around five minutes....." he rolled his neck and rubbed the back of it. "I'm hoping when we get where ever the heck we're going that we will get a chance to prove ourselves."

    The sound of someone talking could be heard, beside or behind or above, she wasn't sure. Where was she? She was laying down, and something over her to keep her warm, a pillow beneath her head. Opening her eyes slightly she looked around, someone was beside her, standing she guessed. Where were they taking her? Why? She felt a rush of terror run though her. Not only did she not know where she was, but who she was was a now a mystery. She had to get away. She didn't want to be hurt anymore, she'd been hurt she knew that, but no more! She started to struggle to get up.

    "Lets hope so," the younger man replied. "But if we want to earn their trust we should do as they ask of us," Adrian said, knowing that Jesse would prefer to seek Adalia instead.

    Jesse sighed, "We'd best do as we are told, as soon as he gets back." He looked around the ship. A standard freighter, not old, but not new by any stretch of the imagination. Reasonably clean too, an oddity. Suddenly he felt movement behind him and he spun to find her struggling to get up. "Hey! Hey!! " He turned to her. "It's ok!!"

    She looked to the man in front of her. 'Who was he?' "NO! LET ME GO!!!" She began to push him away, fight him. "DON'T HURT ME!!" she pleaded, panic was taking over.

    She was terrified, he could see it in her eyes. "No one's going to hurt you!" He took her hands in his. "It's ok, you're safe, I promise no one will hurt you again." They were words he meant, if he had it in his power, no one would hurt her again. "Lay down again, you need to rest, trust me please?" He tried to calm her.

    She stared back at the man, she couldn't remember him, but his silver grey eyes were kind, they seemed honest and genuine. She stopped fighting and gripped one of his hands with both of hers, "You promise?" she whimpered.

    "I swear on my life." Jesse answered gently as he helped her lay back down brushing over her forehead and hair with his free hand.

    "Will do." He sat down and programmed the fake flight plans he and Adam had agreed on and submitted it. Moments later he got approval. He gave a sideways smile. Once confirmed he got up to head back out, and heard raised voices, sensed panic. He recognised Adalia and quickened his step.

    Kyp stood in the doorway to the cockpit for a moment and watched. Adalia had woken and was in a panic. His gut feeling had been right. This 'Jesse' was way more interested in her than he should be as a fellow Officer. Logically he knew he had no right to call Adalia his anymore, she'd been alone for months now. He felt the ugly monster in his gut and pushed it away. Jealousy was not attractive nor would it be suitable for a Master. There was the primal part of him that wanted to go across and shove the other man aside. He knew better than that. His mind and training stopped that instinct in its tracks. Calming himself he closed the gap. "Hey you, good to see you awake." He said leaning over her and gently pushing Jesse back slightly. He took her hands from him and held them. Kyp could see the confusion and terror in her emerald green eyes. He could feel her fear. "It's ok. No one here is going to hurt you. You're safe now." He spoke gently. "Everyone here is on your side." He pushed his words to her through the Force, she needed to feel them. Inside he was feeling sick, the look on her face told him she had no idea who he was.

    Adalia looked up at him and startled by his presence, she moved away. She didn't recognise him either, although he was more familiar than the other man. She seemed to know him, but didn't somehow. A sense of calm washed over her and giving him a nod she noted the other man had released her hands and this one was now holding them. She didn't resist, she didn't know why, but this man with is dark graying long hair felt safe and familiar. His dark green eyes with the gold flecks in them were somehow warm and tender, and it frustrated her, she felt she should know them well, but nothing was registering. She did however have a sudden feeling of security. "Who are you?" she asked quietly and she began to lay back down. She glanced around. "Where am I?" She turned back. "Who am I?"

    Sparks had managed to find his Adalia, but was very concerned for her condition. Rolling onto the ship he was relieved to see her human with her, he always made it right. When he ordered him to the cockpit, Sparks obliged, he'd never had to question her human. So once he'd assisted him with the tasks the droid found himself still tapped into the ship. So when the question of if they flight plans came in, he knew the answer. He'd been able to assist in registering three four flight plans, none of which the droid believed were real. He knew this human and the other humans Adalia trusted. So he responded to request. "All flight plans logged and approved." He was sure they'd be happy to hear this.

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    IC: Kirney Slane

    Kirney was monitoring various comm signals, and an interesting one had popped up near Coruscant. It was a slightly older system for keeping up with Wraiths, but one that worked very well, and now it appeared to be moving near the edge of that same system. She had checked through various sources and found out that Face had been on the Anakin Solo.

    He’s good at cooking up trouble...even when supposedly amongst friends...

    Kirney briefly checked to see who Face had been seen with and one of the people he was seen with was one of the fliers for the new Dancer Squadron. “Hmm, seems he found someone else that’s inclined to leave.” She typed an instruction though her computer and got up and left. She needed to get somewhere, quick.

    The message itself was very simple, something short in-text and coordinates. Routed through a series of satellites, it ended up on a certain frequency, in a certain system, on the display of a certain X-wing starfighter, it said, “Sounds like you need some 'rec-re-a-tion', will meet you there with Falsehood. Should go better than last time.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Loriana -- Poised for Action...

    Rubi gave Loriana a 'nudge' when an interesting message came up.

    "Whatcha got?" Loriana asked, and Rubi supplied the message from Kirney. Loriana smiled. Things were indeed moving with speed! To be discreet, she sent back an acknowledgement of receipt with only, "It's a go. LS."

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Edge of the Coruscant system

    Rhoen checked over the schematics of their target sent over by Syal. Making sure they were ready for the conflict, like a good leader. He sent confirmation that he had received them, even as his brow furrowed. It was long, and had teeth, along with stealth systems...wonder how it got spotted? The main thing he was worried about were the proton torpedoes. He could dance around the slow turbo lasers, but torps could keep up with him, not as well as concussion missiles, but it only took one to take you out. Though he wasn't too worried...he'd had some experience in such matters.

    Dropping from hyperspace automatically balanced his shields and set his canons to single fire. Good thing these actions were ingrained into him from hours and hours in the sim, because he didn't have time to think. As soon as sensors pinged, bolts of deadly energy lanced out cutting through the black. He didn't need to be told twice to scatter.

    "Understood, breaking starboard." He snapped his fighter over to that side keeping the now visible frigate in his sight. Almost as soon as he broke warning lights flashed and serins started blaring. They had a lock and their bird was away. That made things difficult. Instantly he went full throttle.

    "Don't worry I got this." He said confidently, over the comms, "Ace turn off the sirens keep red light on." He needed to concentrate...he needed quiet. His mind started falling back, back to his first squadron, his first commander.

    She was a tough older woman, a devaronian nicknamed Iron Arezzo. She gave no breaks and expected the best out of everyone...she'd also served with his mom. That put him up for special attention, put him under her microscope. He worked hard, harder than ever before. He'd seen her pull a trick, he'd never learned the name of it, but he knew what it was. Bringing a torp back around to the thing that shot it.

    It only really worked against bigger craft like say a frigate, and it took a lot of practice. Practice was something Rhoen had a lot of. He checked the distance between him and the torp slowing down letting it get just a little closer.

    "It's like a dance." Iron Arezzo's voice called from his past, his hair matted and darkened with sweat, his helmet in his lap as he looked up to her sitting on the edge of the simulator he'd spent by this point half a day in. "You've got to match their moves, can't be too fast and you can't be too slow. Have to stay with them until the exact right moment to do the big finish." It came out of its initial curve falling in behind him. He jammed his throttle full again though it was still gaining. Again he looked for the trajectories, the line he would have to take to get behind this monster and keep his hanger on. It was going to be tight but he could do this.

    Banking, but not too hard a gentle curve that would bring him right behind the frigate.

    "You dropped this." He said letting off a quick burst of laser fire before pulling up hard and letting the torpedo that was chasing him sail into the back of the ship that fired it.

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    ooc - Thanks for the Fun, and the edumecation in flying ;)

    IC Tracy, Vua, and Da'mina.

    Three, with me – target upcoming.” The HUD painted an armoured shuttle pushing for the edge of the gravity well. As they approached, a rear gun opened fire, to Vua’s surprise. He kicked the X-wing up and away, and lost track of Three.

    Trip screamed at Tracy to move, but the shuttle was also nearing range to jump. This was a strange mission, and they didn’t have a lot of fuel to play around with.

    "What I . . .AHHHH!" Tracy screamed as the ship suddenly pulled left violently as if someone had pulled the yoke. She could barely register that they were under attack, it was all so sudden, she wrenched back control, as she realised Ruby had done that, and Tracy stabilised herself out of her spin. The HUD still had a lock on the shuttle, but she couldn't see were Lead went and was really unsure now, so she sped off after the shuttle, setting shields to forward, and doing her best dodge fire, "Do I shoot it? Disable it? What Trip?"

    Trip squealed for her to not die for now! A bolt creased the front of her shields, and Vua realised she hadn’t moved enough yet to draw out of range. He inverted, flicked his lasers to quad fire and spat a shot at the point where the shuttle was firing from - “One reports heavy defended on the shuttle.” - shields had completely caught the shot.

    The shuttle nonetheless paused; before returning to firing upon Tracy.
    The K-Wing, however, drove forward and all of a sudden Tracy had a target painted on her; for a brief moment - and then a missile shot out after her.

    "As ordered." Da'mina responded crisply. 'Four TIE's' he mused, 'Piece of Cake'. He scanned his screens, they were dividing before him, he couldn't take them all but he could take two and distract the other two. "Droid, target the two port TIE's with Protons" he snapped, moments later he was informed the job was done. He waited till they were closer, another 5 seconds, before firing both and pulling sharply to the starboard side and down between the two TIEs on that side. He was rewarded with explosions behind him showing on his screen. He pulled around a hard 180 degrees to find himself on the tail on one of the TIE's, out of range, but he'd fix that.

    The two remaining TIEs split, coming at alternate directions of the pilot who had torpedoed their squadmates, but than found Da’mina in pursuit of one, having inverted. His comrade, heading towards where Da’mina was expected to be, accelerated, shooting under the TIE that Two was pursuing, popping up to fire at Da’mina - head on.

    Vua went to intervene, but the shuttle activated a tractor beam, which while not sufficient to stop him, caught him at an angle and sent his X-Wing off course!

    A dark smile touched the Twi'leks lips, he'd played this game as a teenager back on Ryloth. He knew the rules. Behind him his droid was frantically warning him to change course, but that was never going to happen. This was a dangerous game of split seconds, and as the TIE got ever closer Da'mina could almost see the pilots expression, a mix of fear and determination. The difference between he and the other pilot was he didn't have the fear, just the determination. So when he had full locked and flicked to quads and let them rip, tearing a massive hole in the port side of the cockpit of the TIE, sending it spinning for a moment before exploding. "Shields full front!" he yelled and the droid obeyed as they burst through the debris. "One more to go" he muttered.

    The surviving TIE dove, but the K-Wing, turning ponderously, had a turret in its upper cockpit and that spat fire at Da’mina, a single bolt scoring his nose - as it came from the side his front shields didn’t reach.

    The K-Wing, when fully armed, had a stunning 18 weapons, with a turret atop the cockpit and under the chin - if the chin quad-laser caught Da’mina, it would punch through even shields...

    Let alone the other spots for missiles; but it only had one hardpoint armed at the moment so in-theory they were in a better spot than if the K-Wing was fully armed. K-Wings had earned their reputation in the Fifth Fleet, triumphing during the Black Fleet Crisis. The Commenori had turned to the older design to complement their scrawny TIEs, giving them a punch.

    Da'mina cursed in his native language and he pulled his craft up 90 degrees, the chassis of the ship groaned at the move. He took the ship into a spin as he ordered "Shields all over, power from lasers to them as well!!!" he needed to get clear of the K Wing. They were formidable and he'd let it slip under his radar. Once he got distance he'd come around and take another look, there had to be way to get the TIE and hurt the K Wing.

    Tracy was doing her best not to panic, she moved out of the way of the shots, but then she heard the missile warning noise. "I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!" Tracy hauled the ship to port, spinning as she went and the missile missed. Trying to remember any other tricks she saw on the holo-net or what the pilots would talk about. "Trip, shields, double front" she didn't quite get a chance to read his response but trusted the droid to follow her.

    She flew down and then angled back up, coming back around doing a 180 she was now flying directly at the K-wing it seemed to be focused on Lead and Two. Getting closer, she shot aiming for the turret on the top, mindful of its shields. She fired her torps, right, then left, a second after each other and they hit, weakening the shields. Tracy was already firing quad, something she had read earlier, it might just be enough to break through the shields, She saw that her shots hit their mark disabling the top turret, and she flew by the K wing as fast as she could, firing where she could.

    The K-wing's shields vanished; its top turret was sheered off, and the ship dove off, trying to shake the XJ7. Vua managed to get his XJ7 back on course and dumb-fired a pair of torpedoes into the shuttle, but its shields took it, even though it slowed a bit by diverting the energy.

    There was a single TIE left, and the K-wing made to quit the field; narrowly dodging the missile which was still chasing Tracy. Trip hooted, letting her know that it was still following them. Da'mina was freed up, though, and the TIE managed one of their typical incredible turns to shift, but was firing at his front-shields.

    A call went out, and Vua detected it but couldn't decrypt it - but two more K-wings and eight TIE fighters lifted up from Commenor's moon to intercept them. They had a good ten minutes, though the shuttle would escape the gravity well in five.

    The surviving K-wing began to ponderously turn, clearly intending to return to the fight.

    "Two; finish that TIE off; Three; come back towards the shuttle - I'll cover you. If you can pull it off - lead the missile into the shuttle's shields." Suiting action to words, Vua turned to face the shuttle - where most of its weapons were - and headed on a head-on course.

    Vua was determined to bring this to the finish.

    "As Ordered Sir." the last word was bitter on his tongue, but he tried very hard to keep that particular feeling from his tone. Turning sharply and rolling over he was able to catch sight of the final TIE fighter. "Take from shields, give me speed for 10 seconds" he ordered his droid, who quickly capitulated. He found himself gaining on the TIE and in a very short time he had the craft in his sights. It was twisting and jerking all over attempting to shake him, but Da'mina was sharp and not letting it go. He had tone and let four shots going individually, in quick succession, to be rewarded with a Port wing hurtling off and the cockpit exploding microseconds later. "Two reports Task Completed." he told his Lead.

    "Copy That." Tracy signalled back to Lead. "Well, it appears spinning wasn't a good trick after all! How close is that missile Trip?" she glanced at the screen, "Oh Boy, that is too close for our comfort!" Tracy at least had a clear objective now, that was always useful to keep her nerves down. Looking at where the shuttle was in correlation to her and the K-wing just how close the missile was.

    She pulled as hard to the right as possible and down, hoping that the missile wouldn't get that much closer, Tracy flicked the shields back to all around her, and she pushed straight for the shuttle, going back over the top of the K-wing, "Just like parking a ship. . . in the back of the hanger. . . at full speed" She nervously told her self as the ship was rapidly approaching. Lead had her back, so she was just gonna focus on getting close, she wasn't even going to fire, she needed her shields if something went wrong.

    She dipped lower than the shuttle, looking like she was going to come at it from the bottom, alarms sounded as the missile got closer. At as close as she thought she could possibly be to the shuttle, she hualled her craft 90degrees straight up went over the top of the shuttle, hoping the missile would follow her up just in time to hit the shuttle. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Tracy screamed as she passed the shuttle, eyes closed.


    The missile rammed home, and Vua’s frontal assault broke through, blowing apart the front weapons even as his shields gave out. He lost an s-foil, but managed to avoid exploding.

    “AAHHH!!..... I'm not Dead! YES!" Tracys yelled triumphantly, breathing quickly as the adrenalin high surged still. She was really good at not scratching ships, be never tired it at high speeds before, and like her life depended on it.

    “Well done, Three!”

    Vua struggled to maintain control, but the shield was releasing a plume of damage. It gunned all power to its engines, still rushing towards the edge of the gravity well. “Three; finish them!”

    Tracy was already turning back around, "What?" she asked Trip. She saw the smoke coming from the shuttle, and saw the Lead had some damage too, she saw two coming back into range having taken out the TIEs. She faltered, she was still flying back, and out of range for the moment, she didn't want to kill people, that wasn't her job. Trip had something to say and Tracy responded, "I know, but. . ."

    She was heading back and had both ships in sight, she knew she had to stop the shuttle, she was looking for its engines, //maybe if I just took them out, then I wouldn't need to damage. . .//, then suddenly her ship starting firing, she saw the shots hit the K-wing, she saw it explode, and then she saw more shots aiming for the shuttle.

    She tried to figure out why her ship was shooting, she wasn't shooting. Then she saw her hand, it was Ruby holding down the fire. "RUBY" she cried, and tried to move her hand, this caused the ship to rock violently to the side, sending shots out wild, headed toward the shuttle, Lead and Two.

    All of a sudden Three shifted from a kill-shot to firing everywhere, and while Vua was initially surprised by the shot, she did manage to take out the K-wing with a difficult shot through the cockpit - precision shooting.

    No, wait, she was spinning. Vua growled. "Three; get yourself under control."

    The shuttle took the opportunity - its tail gun opened fire, hammering at her shields and causing Trip to scream at her. Vua swung across her path, taking shuttle fire on what remained of his shields to protect her. "Take the shot!"

    Da'mina had dived down out of the line of fire and was coming around behind Three, when he saw what he considered a ship out of control. Over the comm her hear Vua giving the pilot orders, but she wasn't responding. He gave his head a shake. "Full power to engines' he ordered his droid and pushed the control yoke forward hard. He knew the target and was going to take it if she wouldn't.

    Tracy could hardly hear the order, but she let go and watched Ruby righted the ship. Trip was screaming at her, but she didn't have the heart to look at what he was saying. Did she just kill those people?, she saw that Lead was taking fire for her while she was arguing with herself. She didn't want to kill, but it seems Ruby has no such worries, and was terrifyingly a good shot, or maybe just lucky? Ruby took the ship and got ready to aim, as Tracy saw Two come in.

    Da'mina shot past her and over the top of the 'Vong' who'd moved into take fire for her, his shields would fail soon. "Transfer power out evenly" he ordered as he neared the shuttle and pushed fire. Four Lasers danced out and struck the Shuttle causing explosions, to which he pulled up hard and banked to port. "We're clear One, can we go home?"

    The shuttle exploded, and Vua released a sigh of relief. “Yes, Two, we can.”

    The Confederate reinforcements were arriving, seeking to avenge their Intelligence operatives - for they knew not that the One Sith were among them - and the lead K-Wing would have missile locks within a minute.

    “Launch, Wild Knights - and well done.” Vua held back for a moment to be sure they all jumped back to Coruscant - and then threw back his stick to make the leap to lightspeed.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adam, Kate, Ariadne, Adrian, Kyp, Briana, Adalia, Jesse
    Two Hangars on Taris.

    Adam quickly trotted into their hanger. It looked like whatever cargo Kael and Briana had brought had already been stored in the two freighters, he trotted by the landing ramp of the freighter Briana was in, they both grinned at each other, he tossed the "mint" cookies at Briana and received a return toss of what looked like a box. Adam offered her a mock salute and received an evil smirk in return.

    Adam jogged up the landing ramp of his own freighter, he could see that Sparks was keeping an eye on Addie, so he decided to let her rest, and went up into the cockpit. He settled in the seat and opened his box, it was the mint fudge, he offered a piece to Kyp, "You sent all of the flight plans?" It was something of an evil smirk, he wasn't sure how many flight plans Tawg, Whistler and even Sparks came up with, he did know that at least a half dozen went into the Unknown Regions though.

    He'd secured her to the medical bed. She was awake, but not there. Covering her a little better, he bent down to caress her hair as she lay there staring to the side. Her eyes dull and empty, her presence in the force faltered. One minute she was asking questions and terrified, then suddenly she was like this. She was there, but wasn't. He'd then spent a bit of time going through her mind, repairing what he could in the short time he'd had. Replicating the earlier repairs and creating his own. He'd done all he could, it was up to her now. In moments she was asleep. Kyp decided it was best and safe to leave her for a while. So he did, and took the co-pilots seat. He was deep in thought when Adam came in opening a box as he sat down. He offered him the contents.

    "Thanks but no." he wasn't able to consider eating. Adam's question brought him into focus. "I did." he glanced back. "Sparks tells me he logged a few too, I'm guessing he had a chat to Whistler and Tawg back there. We set?" he asked almost in a dead pan tone.

    Jesse knew when he was not needed, and clearly not wanted by the other man. He'd turned to Adrian and shrugged before leaving the ship and making his way to the second freighter, there he found a similar place to what he'd found before and promptly lay down. He looked to Adrian, who'd followed him. "You might wanna do the same, I don't know how long we have and it can't hurt to catch a few winks." There was nothing more he could do now and sleep was an excellent option. He put his arms over his eyes. "Who knows where we're going and if we will get a chance like this again?"

    Having relaxed himself on the flight here while watching Kara´s holo-series Adrian wasn't half as tired as Jesse was and so he decided to stay awake, at least for now. There was still a certain worry inside him, that if both he and Jesse went to sleep the others might leave them behind, it was probably just his paranoia but better to be safe than sorry. Standing up again he began quietly looking around the ship, not wanting to disturb his sleeping companion. He found a blanket in the cockpit and as he returned placed it over Jesse to keep him warm. Then Adrian returned to the open ramp to have a look out for the others and wait for their return.

    Adam shrugged, "At the very least Sparks talked to the computer and saw how many flight plans were on there and their objective." He grinned, "I also think he knows a couple of people it would likely annoy. Beyond that, we're ready here." He sent a text over to Kael and Briana's freighter, "Bird of prey ready,"

    Briana saw the message and typed, "Flying mammal ready," she looked over at Kael, "Swift, go ahead and start her up." She got up and went back to the bay, she could see one of the passengers sleeping. She walked around to the open landing ramp and saw the other passenger, "Hey, you'll probably want to find yourself a seat." Briana popped button for the ramp and it started closing, "If you aren't tired like the other guys is, then I know Kooky left some food for you, and we have stuff to drink so you can at least take care of yourself that way." She smirked, "You know that the GA still controls this world, so if someone comes to ask questions, you really don't want to be here. By the way, you can call me Angel or HQ for now, probably safer than names for now."

    Adrian gave the woman, Angel, an exhausted nod. Once again it seemed nobody trusted him. What am I doing here? Maybe he should leave, this wasn't his war anymore, his old life in the GA was gone, the only thing left to him was his family. He sat down, resting his head again the back of the seat, closing his eyes, trying to calm himself down a bit. He needed some rest, maybe talk to his parents, think about all of this again.

    Kate checked her comms, seems that the chip also had the frequencies to talk to the other guys. "This is Kooky calling from Sasha, Looking for Stealth or whoever is flying the other ships? I've got all on board? Everyone accounted for, cause I'm taking off, and ya'll can follow me." she said raising her ramp and moving off. She had the co-coordinates, and she was sick of sitting here.

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    OOC: Thank you to, @Anedon, @Adalia-Durron, @The Real Kyp Durron, @Rebecca_Daniels, and last but not least @I_am_Kooky for this collaboration with this post.

    IC: Adam Lyons, Kyp Durron

    Adam looked over at Kyp during the start-up sequence and noticed he was just staring at the display, Adam decided that Kyp was thinking about something that had happened while Adam had been in the other hanger.

    She didn’t recognize me…. She...didn’t….RECOGNIZE….ME

    That thought, that constant thought was running through Kyp’s mind and it was the dominant thing running through is his mind, along with a resolution to fix it.

    Adam shook his head and sent a message to Ariadne’s datapad, “Chaos time.” He hoped that she’d like that part. He started the take-off procedures.


    IC: Briana Odan, Adrian Malek

    Why am I even here? They don’t seem to even trust me, should I just leave once we go wherever we’re going to go? What are we even doing?

    Adrian was confused, uncertain, and wondering if this...thing...was even worth it. All he really did know at the moment was that he didn’t like being yelled at by complete strangers.

    Briana looked back through the cockpit, “Hey kid? You want to come back here and watch the show?

    Adrian offered a mental shrug to himself, it was better than sitting there doing nothing. By this point, all the ships were leaving their respective hangers.

    Briana reacted once Adrian reached the cockpit, “At least this way you’ll be able to see the show and I can answer some questions of yours that I bet you have.

    Adrian sat down and Briana looked back again,Quick the other guy strapped in where he’s sleeping?

    No….why?” All Adrian could see was a look exchanged between Kael and Briana and a sinister smirk on her face.

    No reason...though you might want to strap in. Could be bumpy at some point.


    IC: Kate and Kara Leeash, Ariadne Stark

    Kate took off, enjoying the feeling of control again, everything else might suck, but she could still fly. She was worried about the captive waking but reminded herself that Beka knew what she was doing and that she could handle it if anything went wrong.

    It was a good episode, Kara had grabbed some more food, with the hope of fooling her mother with a sandwich while she really wanted the sweet stuff long as she didn’t run into any more toothpaste stuff that that weird guy...Adam liked…

    Ariadne had executed the plan on the datapad and then found a place to change her clothes, it was nice to be out of that uniform into something more comfortable. She picked it up and could see they were getting to the breakoff point for the X-wings, fortunately, it was all programmed so she didn’t have to do anything. It looked like Beka was finally resting a bit...Ariadne couldn’t remember the last time Beka slept...or herself for that matter, though the fun part was coming up soon.


    IC: Briana Odan

    Alright kid, you can see on the monitor that the break-off for the X-wings just happened and once they reach a certain point they’ll just explode.” She was giving Adrian the chance to watch, and participate more in the process. It had been pretty clear to Briana, that he had been left out of the loop for a while...maybe it was time to start fixing that.

    She looked at the sensors, “Hey Swift, we’re a bit out of position, we should fix that soon. Better be strapped in, kid.” If he wasn’t there wasn’t much time as Kael brought the freighter back into position with starfighter-like precision. There was a somewhat loud, muffled thump, and it sounded a bit like Jesse rolled a little bit on the floor.

    He’d been in a deep sleep, exhaustion having consumed him. So when the ship banked hard, his sleeping form reacted the only way it could. It fell. It fell hard and hit the deck with a resounding ‘thud’. Jesse let out a gasp of shock, sucking his breath in hard. He’d fallen around the base of the table, legs one side, torso the other and the leg of the table wedge firmly into his stomach. He groaned and wondered if staying there was safer, if the floor was as far as he would fall, then he should probably stay there. Rolling to his back he looked up and saw the blanket, grabbing it he rolled it up and put it under his head muttering. “Can’t fall any further here I guess.” His stomach was empty and it duly grumbled, he sighed. “Should have eaten.

    Adrian turned around to see what had just happened behind them. He could see Jesse on the floor and for a moment he was worried about what had happened but when he saw that Jesse was alright he couldn't help but allow himself a weak smile at his teammate's rough awakening. Then he turned his attention back to the woman next to him, she had been more open than the others, at least somewhat and he was thankful for that.

    TAG: @adaml83, @Anedon, @Adalia-Durron (For further conversations, possibly about trust)

    IC: Adam Lyons

    Adam noticed the maneuver on his friends’ ship and almost knew immediately it was a prank. He looked at Kyp and grinned, “Someone got an involuntary ride.” He was hoping that would distract Kyp a bit. “Only a few minutes from hyperspace, and shouldn’t be more than an hour or so until we’re back at most. I’ll check on Addie once we’ve jumped, you’re welcome to come if you want to.

    Kyp turned and eyed him. “I’m welcome?” He drawled in a slightly intimidating tone. “I hardly think I need your invitation my friend.” he smirked.

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    Three remotely piloted X-wings were hurtling through space they were on a course to eventually reach Jedha, should they ever make it there. They wouldn’t, once they got to the jump point all three of them exploded brilliantly. While it was a brilliant show for the ones who set up the plan, it probably wasn’t for anyone who was following.

    For anyone else who wasn't already in position in the system, all they would see would be floating debris of X-wings, for the three freighters had already jumped towards their next destination.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: This includes a fun little combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC Bernael
    Orbit of Taris

    Just as Bernael was preparing the missile to launch he felt two ships inbound, ‘Hmmm, this should speed things up.’ he thought. He was preparing the ship to follow whatever launched from Taris that held what he was following when suddenly his communicator chimed.

    He left the bridge, leaving orders to be prepared to depart as soon as he felt them escaping or there was movement from the surface to show such. Entering the lounge he waved the holo table on and accepted the call. As the form came into view, and he checked the com codes, he realized it was none other than the Count of Serenno.

    Bowing his head in respect, “I am Bernael. I appreciate the call, Count. To what do I owe the pleasure of such a swift response?”

    "Your intentions towards the Holocron - what are they?" Count Dooku cut straight to the question. "I have another party from the Horuset system expressing interest in it, and they have a letter of introduction from the era of the Clone Wars - from a House that aligned with the Republic and not the Separatists..."

    "... meanwhile your letter is older, from decades before that, Lord Bernael." Count Dooku knew how to speak to a Sith cultist, even if they didn't have the Force - which of course, an active Sith Lord was very unlikely. "I assume your... university knows that the last Sith is dead?"

    A tight smile flitted across Bernael's face, behind the mask. Bluntness and the attempt to draw information from him were both appreciated and slightly humorous.

    "It is Bernael, simply Bernael. And the last Sith is presumed dead, may they stay that way, but we both know how slippery that group is, as is their ability to resurface. My purpose with the holocron, that is simple, remove it from the galactic stage. I suspect you have tried to access it and know the threat it poses."

    Another smile crossed his face, sides in a conflict, even the last major one, meant little to him. "As to my Letter, Count Malvern, the living Count Malvern is also able to vouch for me, and will do so."

    “Oh will he?” Count Dooku paused, conscious that as glacial and calm Bernael was being, a lesser being would have not suffered the affront of his tact.

    “Then it behooves me to request a more recent letter of recommendation, as I shall be of the other interested party. With competing claims, one can only rely upon the words of my present colleagues against each other. If you have equal weight, than I shall arbitrate then...” Dooku paused.

    “But yes, the Holocron of Heresies - the Holocron of Darth Andeddu - it is most unsettling. If it were to be removed from the galaxy I would be very pleased. I had hoped the Jedi would intervene... but finding them has proven difficult, thanks to the current Galactic situation.” Dooku managed to sound suitably neutral, though he was anything but.

    Bernael smiled a tight smile once more, behind his mask. The man was unsettled and was unsure of everyone that seemed to be competing to claim the holocron.

    "That is understandable, Count. Also perfectly acceptable. I am aware that there are upcoming celebrations and will be on-planet during them. I will acquire a current Letter from Count Malvern and hand deliver it to you."

    He thought slightly further on the holocron and what the Count had called it, that particular one would certain benefit being in his care, away from those who would use it in ways that would cause the balance to destabilize.

    "The Jedi are undergoing their own.....crisis, of sorts. As you said the current Galactic situation has made many matters difficult. That holocron, should it become readily available to some that are out there, would only destabilize it further hence my desire to remove it from ready circulation."

    The Count was pleased to discover this. "Very well, Lord Bernael. I appreciate your honesty. I will liaise with the other party, of course, and look forward to meeting you in person."

    He closed down the channel, relatively pleased that the polite call had gone so very well. Magnanimous even though Dooku was clearly perturbed, Bernael had not pressed the advantage. The Count hoped the other parties were less pleasant, so he could pick without moral qualms.

    The largest takeaways from the call were that the count was willing to work with him in good faith and unsurprisingly that another party was also after the Holocron.

    However he had little time to be able to digest the call itself as he'd felt the ship begin to move as he spoke with the Count which meant that those he was following had finally made their move to leave Taris.

    He moved from the lounge to the bridge in a small hurry. When he arrived he saw several X-wings streaking toward the jump point as well as several other craft lumbering up from Taris toward jump. He was close enough to the jump point to keep track of them all.

    Extending his senses as passively as possible, knowing the Jedi was onboard one of the craft he searched until he found what he was tracking. A miniscule smile touched his face as he realized what they had to be up to, and then a slight frown when he checked his distance from the craft and the jump point.

    "Move the Fury a fe……" he got out before the X-wings began exploding. His Fury shook for just a moment in the aftermath.

    "Hmmm, interesting tactic, destroying the ships the GA, or rather those who would send them, knows the pilots value so much, may throw off the tracking of them." He continued musing, "but when I land and check over my ship, if there are dents or the paint is scratched, whoever came up with that plan is fixing it, by hand."

    The waiting was almost done and soon he could "coincidentally" run into them so he could move forward with his mission.

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    Interlude I with abridged scenes from Legacy of the Force: Fury


    It had once been an unbroken vista of soaring wroshyr trees and other foliage. But a few days earlier, the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo, at the order of Jacen Solo, had directed its long range turbolasers at the surface of Kashyyyk, concentrating fire to cause square-kilometers patches of forest to explode into flames. These strikes were intended to punish the Wookiee’s for harbouring Jedi and for dragging their feet before committing their forces to Jacen’s Galactic Alliance.

    A Confederation cruiser in low planetary orbit would soon fire its turbolaser batteries down at the forests, setting portions of them ablaze. But this strike would be survival, precisely following the kilometres-long line of beacons Leia had planted. Once that line was drawn, the turbolasers would broaden it toward the east... and the Millennium Falcon, other freighters carrying fire-snuffing foam, and Wookiee fire-fighting teams would control it along its western perimeter. The controlled burn once extinguished, would leave only char for the advancing wildfire to meet - and that char would be too broad for windborne sparks to jump.

    The fire would end here.

    Finally, it’s food all consumed, the firestorm, the Beast, would die of starvation.

    Leaving behind millions of burned acres and a scarred, smoke-shrouded world.

    Chief of State’s briefing office, Coruscant

    “In conclusion, Colonel Solo -“

    Caedus gestured to interrupt her. “In conclusion, the withdrawal of the entire Hapan fleet from Alliance forces removes at least twenty percent of our naval strength and puts us in the game of withdrawal and entrenchment if we are to keep the Confederation from overrunning us. And the treachery of the Jedi in abandoning us at Kuat is further causing a loss of hope among the segments of the population who believe that their involvement means something.”

    “You do not look well.”

    Caedus hurt everywhere. Mere days before, he had waged the most ferocious, most terrible lightsaber duel of his life. In a secret chamber aboard his Star Destroyer, the Anakin Solo, he had been torturing Ben Skywalker to harden the young man’s spirit, to better prepare Ben for life as a Sith. But he had been caught by Ben’s father, Luke Skywalker.

    So when Niathal said that he did not look well, she was correct. He keenly felt his worst injury. Not the vibroblade wound, not the scalp tear, not the kidney damage - all three were healing. All three were the kind of pain that strengthened him.

    It was the wound to his heart which plagued him. Tenel Ka had turned on him. Tenel Ka, the love of his life, the mother of his daughter Allana, had forsaken him.

    Niathal’s severe expression didn’t waive. You could fix this mess by resigning. “You are sure the Hapans will rejoin us.”

    “I guarantee it. I have an operation in motion that will ensure it.”

    “What resources do you need to carry it out?”

    “Only those I already have.”

    “Bimmisaari and some of her allied worlds in the Halla sector just announced they were defecting to the Confederation.”

    “Also irrelevant.” Caedus felt a flash of irritation. Yes, these were matters that the joint Chiefs of State needed to address, but they would all be resolved when the Hapes Consortium came back into the fold. “Anything else?”



    TAG: No-One Whatsoever
    IC: Syal Antilles

    Skirmishing at Coruscant system edge

    Syal watched as Rhoen expertly nudged the torpedo into the frigate, which had to have taxed the shields. Turning the Aleph to focus on that point, Zan opened fire with all weapons, scoring a handful of hits on the hull before the shields recovered.

    She grinned, but had to turn aside as the frigate moved, looking to slam its bulk into her. Tucking under, her topside shield was sheered away and Syal had to take a straight course away before diving down - turbolaser fire bursting through where she had just been. Then Zan chimed in - new contacts.

    "Two, above you - twelve fighters, jumping in."

    They were Howlrunners, of the kind that they had faced at Kuat nearly two days ago now. They immediately headed to assist the frigate, and turned on them. In the confusion, Syal lost track of Loriana behind the frigates engines, which were soaking up any damage she threw at them; the frigate had reinforced the rear of the ship.

    "Three, where are you?"

    In a moment however, three more contacts sounded out. Syal knew they were already in trouble, so this would get worse -

    "Wild Knights! We need some help here!"

    Indeed, it was the trio - Vua, Da'mina, Tracy - fresh from their raid to Commenor, having left earlier than Dancer Squadron. "This is Dancer One requesting urgent assistance." The frigate was powering towards the edge of the system, and the Howlrunners, only having had a moment to fire on Rhoen, split into three flights of four - one headed for Rhoen, and two turned to face the Wild Knights.

    Vua grimaced. He was damaged, and the trio would be low on fuel. They didn't have enough to have a long dogfight. He went to issue orders to Two and Three, and reply to One, when jamming cut across the channel.

    The enemy had cut them all off from each other - Syal, Rhoen and Loriana, Vua, Da'mina, and Tracy - they were completely cut-off.


    Six fighters, with half of them low on fuel, and one of those missing an s-foil, against a damaged frigate and twelve Howlrunners, it wasn't easy.

    Aboard the Anakin Solo, drydock, Coruscant orbit

    Aden suddenly jumped free of their kiss, surprise flooding his senses. "Natalia," he said, "The Dancers, and Wild Knights - they're in danger at the systems edge." He rushed to stand, and suddenly felt pain flood him. "Sithspit," he said, falling to one knee.

    "Take the Wraiths out - whomever is in the hangar. They need support; micro-jump." He winced and folded up over his pain. "Please. I can't afford to lose anyone else -"

    There were in-fact three Wraith's in the hangar at present, though only because sitting and stewing in their room or enforced socialising in the lounge with the GAG was not ideal. Aden pulled out a comlink. "I'll clear it with Captain Nevil. Go!"

    His eyes stung with tears, but they had to move.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @WarmAyesha_SweetNyota, @I_am_Kooky, @Galactic_vagabond422 (twice)
    IC: Captain Shula

    Captain of the Ranger-class gunship, Taris orbit

    One GA ship being diverted to deal with rogue pilots was one thing; two, that was maddening. Whatever Intelligence risk the members of Rogue Wing were, they were hardly worth two. But then again, Captain Shula’s gunship was bit precisely equipped to take on a group of highly trained veterans; if she did, they’d likely try and take over the frigate.

    But a four hundred and metre long Belarus-class cruiser, the Glorious, that could handle them.

    An update of the Imperial Strike-class, it had a limited New Republic circulation due to Loronar Corporation assisting the Antemeridian Sector in a failed bid to seize control of the Meridian Sector - a grab for advanced crystal-based technology using the Death Seed plague. Then-Chief of State Leia Organa crushed the company for its involvement in the crisis, and no more cruisers had been ordered. Now the few remaining ships added ballast to the Fifth and Ninth Fleets, which were primarily made up of older New Republic ships.

    Which meant that all Captain Shula had to do was use her twenty quad-laser batteries to kill the traitors. Which suited her fine.

    The two GA ships arrived but there were already hits in orbit; ships heading up the well. An Askajian in Flight Control did the legwork for the GA captains and flagged up that at least one of the ships had arrived with the X-Wings, and that at least one of the ships popped up from a location the others had landed. Shula didn’t need anything else and she went for it.

    Guilt by association was the call of the GA of Jacen Solo.

    Shula snapped orders, warbling as a Rodian was want to do. “Full speed, now.” They were nowhere near at present but Shula had paired with Captain Garch of the Glorious before and he’d do the necessary -

    “Pilots formerly of Rogue Wing - the former members of the Phoenix, Twin Suns and Wild Knightz Squadrons. You are under arrest. Please surrender yourself and approach with shields and weapons down. Any resistance will considered as hostile action.”

    So now they either had to surrender or judge whether they would clear the gravity well of Taris before Shula blew them out of the sky; she wasn’t in-range yet, and she knew Garch would not launch fighters without provocation.

    The distance ticked down, and Shula settled in to wait for their response.

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    IC: Kirney Slane, Adam Lyons
    Kidriff Five orbit

    This place brings back memories...

    Kidriff Five, Kirney’s last official mission as a Wraith still partially haunted her. Not as vivid as they would have 10 or 20 years ago but...

    She cleared her head, Kirney had received a message from Loriana, so all she needed to do now was find a place and wait. Kirney also realized that she’d need to find a way to dispose of the X-wing, maybe...she contacted Corraidhin Inc for a pickup on the planet to be refurbished, it could come in handy later.

    Kirney sent off a message to Adam, “Might have another passenger for your adventure. Not sure about methods of a certain government.

    She didn’t know it at the time Adam, his friends, and the escapees had just been ambushed at Taris before they had reached their jump point, and he was...irritable.

    Who is she?Adam was wishing he was in a K-wing right now, it’d take care of those ships fairly quickly.

    Kirney sent Loriana’s file, “A current pilot in Rogue Wing, currently assigned to Dancer Squadron.Kirney wasn’t sure how a flight of three could be a squadron, but many things in this conflict didn’t.

    Kirney waited a moment, sent Loriana a message saying she would be at their meeting spot in less than an hour or so. Not to rush Loriana, but Kirney didn’t necessarily know where they’d meet up with Adam.

    Talk to her, if she’s who she says she is and believes in the cause bring her to the meeting point. Confusion to your enemies.

    Kirney smiled a bit, she knew the story and knew that Adam did as well, she typed in, “Frothing disease to yours.” Now all she needed to do was to find a place to land and wait.

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    IC Adam Lyons, Kyp Durron. (Adalia sort of)
    On board Freighter one.

    Kyp listened to the 'order' over the comm and raised his eyebrow. "That was rather general." He turned to look at Adam. "But I don't think we need to respond. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it time to go?"

    Adam nodded, looked at his screen in a little bit of an irritable mood, he had received a message from Kirney, "You fly, I'll coordinate and give the others new jump points." He wanted a set of coordinates that would plant themselves on the far side of the asteroid fields and possibly Rogue Moon and set those coordinates to update as the GA pursued them. "I learned this trick from someone who also was at Borleias..."

    He also forwarded those coordinates and the formula used so the other nav computers could update as necessary.

    "As Ordered," Kyp responded with a good deal of sarcasm as he took the controls. Looking at the GA ship he screwed his nose up. "Someone down on Taris reported us," he said absently. He'd felt deception planetside, but it had been vague and distant. "No one in our group. Someone else."

    Adam sighed, "That part isn't too much of a surprise, there's probably informants of some sort everywhere. The surprise is the extent that the GA Navy is willing to kill without any investigation." He looked at Kyp, "Am I crazy or are they becoming even more restrictive than the Empire at its height?"

    "About the same, maybe a little darker." He knew Jacen was in charge and his gut feelings told him he made Palpatine look good in all this. "Shoot first, ask questions later."

    Adam snorted, "If we even had blasters, these freighters are for speed and sneaking."

    Glancing sideways at Adam he posed the question. "So how soon till we can sneakily speed out of here?" His eyes were drawn to the bigger ship. "Don't think they are in a patient mood."

    He looked at his sensors, "Maybe a minute," he sent the sensor readout to Kyp's HUD, "Get there first and we're good."

    "On it." Kyp quipped as he gunned the engines, "Always love going fast."

    Adam nodded, and grinned, "I don't know how, but I'd love to see if there was a way to transfer the sensor package and all the cool toys that the Stealth X has and move them to smaller freighters...don't know if it's even possible, but..." he gave Kyp a shrug.

    "Its a project at some point." He banked the ship slightly to port as he sensed something. "I think it's about to get busy." he said absently.

    Adam looked over at Kyp, "Outrun it, outmaneuver it, but we have to escape or it's over. You heard how that Captain reacted..." he looked back at his data, "She's gone on the list..." he almost muttered.

    Laser bolts dance out from the GA Ship and Kyp sighed as he dived slightly to have it skim over head. He knew he could avoid them for another 45 seconds. "You have a list? Must be long."

    Adam shook his head absently, "No...not this list, it's a short one. A list of people in this war who deserve no quarter. It takes proof to make it on the list..." he looked at his sensors, "Try to see if you can get either some asteroids or Rogue Moon in between us and them."

    Kyp looked up and saw a group of Asteroids drifting. "Up there, on it" he muttered pulling back on the controls. They were big enough to shield more than the three ships they had. Then again, he knew the other two pilots were not amateurs.

    Adam smirked, "There we go, we'll make a proper Wraith out of you yet."

    Kyp rolled his eyes. "Like I need that added to me resume."

    Adam laughed, "You'd be just about the only Jedi proficient with explosives. I believe Corran just guesses."

    Kyp laughed at that. "Not going to argue."

    With that they were in a good position and only seconds from their jump point and Kyp and Adam's freighter were possibly the first to jump into hyperspace with the others quickly behind them.


    Adam nodded with minor happiness when the stars turned into the swirl of hyperspace, he then looked at Kyp, "Probably should check on Addie, shouldn't we?" With that he got up and headed to where Addie was resting.

    Kyp made sure the controls were set and got up to join Adam. He knew what state she was in and knew that them hovering wasn't going to help her much at all. She may not even know they are there.

    Adam waited outside the doorway, he didn't know what sort of condition she was in and needed to know what all was going on, "I don't know if there's much we can do here, but how is Addie?" He tried to keep his voice quiet, he didn't know if she was awake, or even if she was aware they were outside her room.

    Stopping in the doorway Kyp looked toward her and gave his head a shake. "She's been messed with, by a Force user." he turned to Adam. "You know on a cold morning, the frost settles on the ground?" he looked away wistfully. "My brother and I used to take great pride in messing with that. Leaving footprints and snake like lines." He snorted softly before his expression returned to serious. "Someone’s done that in her mind. Someone has gone through searching for something and crushed the sparkling parts into dark furrows."

    Adam winced at the description, "Is there something you can do to fix that? Or if you can't will you have to take her with you whenever you have to leave for the Jedi Council?" He paused about who would do that to her, it was a pretty short list all things considered and only one person was powerful enough to do that, "And that list I mentioned earlier? He was already on it, but he's out of my league."

    Kyp looked to his boots, they were filthy. "I've done all I can, it’s up to her now." he shrugged. "And I'm not sure dragging her across the galaxy is a smart move." he turned to Adam. "I think we're close to the same page as to the culprit." He folded his arms. "He was looking for me." he confessed.

    Adam sighed, "Of course he was, they've already messed with Luke to some extent, anything to get the Jedi Order even more off balance." He paused some of his frustration was coming back, but he knew the cause of it and pushed it into future plans, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to see what the doc says to see if we need to do something as drastic as more travel for her." He looked at Kyp, "If necessary we can make arrangements."

    Right now Kyp felt helpless. "You know, doesn't matter how powerful or strong or whatever you get." he looked to her sleeping form. "If you can't keep the ones you care about safe, it means nothing."

    Adam put his hand on Kyp's shoulder, "That's why you rely on friends when you can." He smiled, "Besides you tend to know that Addie is usually at the center of anywhere from the third to the fifth largest explosion in the galaxy." He left unsaid who was usually in the first two positions, but it was also fairly obvious.

    Kyp smiled and shook his head. He needed that, he needed friends. He had few on the Council, his ability to put others off side was legendary. He stepped forward and approached Adalia, pulling up the covers. She'd rolled to her side and was in a fetal position now, sleeping soundly. He caressed her tangled hair. "She said you're name first you know. Trusts you with her life." It wouldn't have taken much for him to be jealous of the younger man, but he knew better. "Suspect she expected you to save her this time."

    Adam shrugged, and stood in the doorway, "She knows me fairly well, and knows my methods, who I know and what I'd likely think about certain things." He smiled, "Besides why I don't have a list of contacts as extensive as Wedge, I do have quite a list as you've seen some of it. Some of whom I didn't even know I had." Then again it could be his ability to fix things, or to think things through, he couldn't be sure what Addie's motivations were, even if they were anything beyond the thought that Adam would make things better possibly. He didn't know really, guessing what went on in women's minds tended to go disastrously for him when he tried in the past.

    "Sounds like she needed a 'hero'." He chuckled. "You fitted that bill this time." he looked up to him. "This time." he winked. "My turn next time."

    Adam chuckled, "We'll all confirm that we're heroes on a certain level by the time this thing's done." He considered, "Stay in contact, I think it'll mutually help if you did." Adam knew Kyp would have to leave soon enough, he hoped Addie would be awake by then though.

    “Not going anywhere yet.” At that moment the cockpit sounded a warning that a subspace message was coming in. He frowned and headed back there, he had a feeling. Looking down at the description he knew he was right. “It’s for me, I have the encryption. Can I have a moment please?” He turned to Sparks who sat quietly nearby. “Can you listen in buddy?”

    Adam nodded and moved out of the doorway, "Go ahead."

    He sat down and got to work. After a few minutes he sat back and pursed his lips. The message had gone out generally, but only his encryption would decode it, and they had. He understood the message, he didn't like it. He was being 'summoned' back to Endor, and the timing could not be worse. While the fate of the galaxy was at stake, so was his future. He had a choice to make. The chair had the ability to spin, and he did so to turn and face Sparks who stood silently behind him. "What do you think buddy? Do I stay here and make sure Ads is ok, or do I do as I'm told?" he leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees.

    The droid gave a curious whistle before a series of beeps and a blurting sound.

    Kyp smirked. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

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  19. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Natalia Keizar
    Shared Quarters.

    He broke their kiss eyes snapping open as he seemed to look through her. "Natalia," he said, yes wide "The Dancers, and Wild Knights - they're in danger at the systems edge." She tried to stop him as he attempted to get to his feet.

    "You're still injured,"

    "Sithspit," She tried to stop his fall but, ended up going down with him, looking at him with fear. "Take the Wraiths out - whomever is in the hangar. They need support; micro-jump." As he folded in half she put a hand on his shoulder. Her breath was a little short. What, he was expecting her to lead the team out? Her a lieutenant, just transferred to this Squadron. "Please. I can't afford to lose anyone else -"

    "I...I…" She put an arm around his shoulder, worry written across her face.

    "I'll clear it with Captain Nevil. Go!" She nodded her head, his voice sending a shiver down her spine. Her heart beat fast in her chest. She didn't feel up to doing this, afraid of taking command, but she could see it in his eyes. He didn't want to lose anyone else, he'd already lost so many, to desertion, and to death. She couldn't fail him, part of her just wouldn't let her stand to the side, to reject what he asked even if it was out of her purview, out of her skillset. Somewhere deep in her she felt his belief in her. He wouldn't turn to her if he didn't think she could do it. Though there was still doubt, but he needed her.

    "Ok," she got up moving towards the door, she felt a slight suggestion. Looking back she saw him pointing towards a locker. Opening it she found flightsuits, two of them. One of them was clearly Aden's, tall, broader in the shoulders, the other was not a secondary or a backup. Just from sight she could tell it was her size. She couldn't help herself looking over her shoulder at him with a slight smile. She pulled it off the hook and disappeared into the fresher, a little too shy to be changing in front of him.

    Pulling it up she found it to be nearly perfect for her. It fit well and was comfortable. If it was tailored or just her size that he found she couldn't be sure, but the thought did make her feel just a little warm inside. Stepping out she grabbed the helmet and other attachments off the shelf looking at him with a sad look as he lay in bed.

    "I won't let you down." She said before picking her head up and marching down to the hangar. There she found three pilots, they would have to do. Drojan a devaronian male, Cavanaugh a human woman from Carratos, and a Sullustan man named Teb. They were gathered here likely hanging out or getting some downtime before this sudden call came in.

    "Get to your fighters our comrades need help on the edge of the system. Follow me out." She had lowered her voice just a little, her words forthright and direct, as close to Aden as she could get it. Walking up she knew she didn't have a fighter yet, but there were still some X-Wings she could borrow. She pointed to one and the crew started getting it prepared. Climbing up the ladder she dropped into her seat pulling her helmet on. Her heart was going a mile a minute as she ran through her checks as quickly as possible.

    "This is Wraith 13, ready to launch." She said looking out into the blackness of space. In short order she launched with her flight behind her, and made the jump to the edge of the system.

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  20. adaml83

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    Dec 8, 2004

    IC: Kael Swiftflight, Briana Odan, Jesse Coulson, Adrian Malek
    Got a Rogue Moon rising

    "Sithspawn! Get us moving Swift!"

    Kael didn't need to be told twice and started moving in the general direction that Kyp was moving.

    Briana could see in the sensors that Kate had her freighter moving with them and also they were receiving coordinates from Adam in their freighter. She smirked, Adam tended to learn his lessons well.

    " he trying to pull a Voort?" Kael was more than a little confused and impressed.

    The engines were roaring and not helping Jesse to sleep. He rolled to his back and gazed at the roof listening. Was that laser fire? he wondered. Tossing the blanket back onto the seat he attempted to stand, cracking his head on the table."OWW!" cried out as he stood holding his head. "Days getting better and better. Are we under fire now?" He made his way to the cockpit. "Is someone shooting at us?"

    Adrian tried his best to force his eyes to stay open, his eyelids felt as if they were made out of lead, too heavy to keep them up for long. After he had sat down tiredness had overcome him more and more and now he fought his own body to stay awake for at least a little bit longer. "We are under fire, yeah," he replied to Jesse’s question, wishing he could give more information.

    Briana turned her head back to see the new arrival, "Ahh, it's sleeping beauty. No, we won't be under fire for too long, we're getting asteroids and the rather infamous moon in the way now." She could also see that Kate was following their freighter.

    Kael leaned back once they were more behind cover since they wouldn't have to actively maneuver as much, "Shouldn't be long now until we jump. How angry do you think Stealth is now?"

    Briana shook her head, "Do you even think they know who Stealth is? And yes, very, probably plotting that idiotic Captain's demise. I don't even know if she has enough brain matter for explaining that this is a Wraith operation would even compute in her tiny tiny little mind."

    "So do we have things to fire back with?" he asked the younger woman in front of Adrian. He glanced at his counterpart, it looked like he'd hit the wall and was about to fall asleep. It seemed the ten minutes he'd gotten had made a difference.

    Briana shook her head, "Nope firepower tends to attract attention, we don't want to do that until it's too late for them." She offered a wicked grin in their direction.

    "Asteroids?" Adrian asked, worried. It didn’t sound as if they would stay in this place for long but still. It was risky to fly through asteroid fields, especially with any ships larger than small starfighters. Really hope Adalia’s old friends are as good as Jesse claims they are.

    Briana looked back, "Don't worry we're going around, not through We'd only be going in if Swift here wanted to blow up one of those asteroids with his explosives." She looked at Kael, "No..."

    Kael slumped a bit, "Aww, looks like only about 15 seconds now..."

    "Stealth, Callsign. " Jesse stated as he took the final seat. "Is that Adam? The guy with the Jedi?" He didn't want to say his name, as somewhere in Jesse's mind, he was the competition.

    Again Adrian wished he had Jesse’s knowledge about all these callsigns and people, it made him feel even more like an outsider that he didn’t know anything about them, had never heard of their famous deeds.

    Jesse looked at Adrian. "You look like you're about to pass out, I think we can both catch some sleep soon ...." he smirked. "Youngblood". He figured if they were playing callsigns they might as well play along.

    Briana looked at Kael and shook her head. It almost seemed at that guy was lovesick or something.

    "Jumping now..." Kael nodded with a little satisfaction, "Yeah that's his callsign, HQ here, gave it to him while we were on a mission to annoy the Peace Brigade."

    Briana could also see that Kate had reached her point and would be jumping soon also. They'd be in relative safety soon enough. She looked at the man addressed as '
    Youngblood', "Not bad, though we might come up with a better one for you in time." She offered him a wink.

    Jesse smiled. "Before you do, take it up with Vixen, she gave it to him. They call me Blaze by the way."

    Briana's grin turned wicked, "Sure thing Kinky Boy, Wraiths tend to have other names when it has to. I heard you like cuffs."

    Jesse stared in disbelief before dropping his head forward. "Nooo.." he groaned. "That was her not me!!! I'd rather I was remembered for setting a kitchen on fire!" He ran his fingers through his hair. At least this lot had a sense of humour.

    "Would appreciate that," Adrian muttered at the suggestion of changing his callsign, though Jesse was probably right that it wouldn't be easy.

    "Don't let them choose one! Look what I got!" He said with a semi faked horror. "And don't fall asleep!! They use that!!"

    "Like writing something on my face with a marker?" His sister had once done that to him when he was younger.

    Jesse laughed. "Something like that."

    Kael chuckled, Briana tended to pick weaknesses out in people and use it against them.

    Briana grinned at the younger pilot, "See? It could be worse...and I haven't even said it in front of everyone!"

    Jesse watched the starlines and swirls, they were somewhat hypnotic. "Look forward, that'll put you to sleep." he got up, "We got time to catch some sleep now? Without the free rides?" he asked looking at the woman.

    Briana nodded, "Though I wouldn't completely pass out, we won't have to go too far even if we are taking a slightly indirect route." She shrugged, "But go ahead and get a little sleep now, and completely pass out once we're on base. I think several of you need it."

    Adrian didn´t respond to her anymore, his head leaned on his left shoulder he had fallen asleep in his seat.

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  21. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Taris Space

    As the GA ships had moved in system, Bernael had slowly, stealthily, flown his ship even further outsystem and closer to the jump points. He had his pilot AI continue making small corrections so that he stays out from between the GA ships and the ones attempting to escape.

    Tapped into the general frequencies, he’d caught the order from the GA Captain, and knew they’d come to either capture or destroy the escapees. And since the escaping ships showed no signs of slowing their departures the turbolaser bolts that started being sent in their direction showed the determination of said Captain to ensure they did not escape.

    As much as helping them directly would have been satisfying only one of them knew him, had met him, and the others, especially the Jedi, would probably object to his aid, even in this situation. It also did not help that he was certain the one he’d met before was unconscious and could not vouch for him even if they desired to do so.

    All three craft were under fire, dodging and weaving, attempting to stay out of the crosshairs of the larger craft. He sat in the captain’s chair, dispassionately observing the encounter. His only concern was what he was following and it was in the lead escaping craft, furthest from the GA ships. He was certain that his quarry would be angered should the others not make the escape as well but it was not his concern in this time or place, only what he followed was.

    However, he had to prepare a response should the GA ships actually damage or destroy the other ships beside the first. He already had a pod he’d dropped nearer the jump point to appear to have come from there, to fish any souls out of the vacuum of space, if needed.

    He set other similar pods, all equipped with apparatus to record all that was happening in the system for further dissection or dissemination. Depending on what happened here and how the war turned, such data could be necessary to let slip onto the Galactic datastream to ensure the balance endured.

    He also descended to his weapons bay and prepared a special device. He double checked the specifications and loaded equipment in the device. Once it was fully prepped he had it loaded into a tube and ready for release. He returned to the bridge.

    Returning to the captain’s chair he sat and watched the escape play out. All those piloting the craft seemed skilled which came as no surprise but it was still an enjoyable exercise attempting to discern what maneuvers they would make and how that affected those chasing them.

    Soon enough the most distant was almost upon the threshold of the jump point. He tapped the pad on his chair and commands were sent to the pilot to bring them close and prepare to jump as well. He looked at the release button, then back to the GA ships. So much now depended on the next few minutes of action and he sat observing it all.

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  22. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Tracy, Loriana, Vua, Syal, Rhoen, Da'mina
    Somewhere near the middle of Nowhere!

    The Comm was static, nothing, meaning there were no orders coming anytime soon. Da'mina scanned his screens and the area. This wasn't a good situation. No way to communicate, and their Lead was damaged. The Twi'lek smiled, odds against him was just how he liked it. Diving he pulled up again hard so he would come up under the incoming enemy ships. He hoped the others would follow.

    Tracy was staring at her hands on the hyperjump, she was coming down off her high, and was considering the moral implications of what just happened. Ruby killed those people, but if Ruby was her, did she kill those people? they were trying to kill her, so was it self defence? The war suddenly became very real and she wasn't sure she liked it one bit.

    Trip gave a warning they were about to come out of hyperspace. She was looking forward to landing back on base and sorting this out in her mind. Realspace returned she saw ships and fighting. "TRIP!" She squealed.

    She rushed to make sure her shields here fine, and she saw that her fuel was low as well. She heard something on her intercom, but it was faint and probably coming through on her left ear, she was deaf and couldn't hear. "Trip What was that?" he chirped that 'Dancer Squadron' needed help, and now comms where jammed, and perhaps she should follow 'Two' as 'Lead' was damaged from the previous fight. "ok" she said meekly, as she started to follow Two in his maneuvers, seeing the danger incoming.

    Rhoen looked up seeing a dozen Howlrunners appear right above him. His heart began to sink three of them against twelve, the odds were not in their favor. 4 to 1 was not an easy advantage to overcome. Setting his jaw he turned hard avoiding a few blasts sent his way. More support came in doubling their numbers in the system...making it only 2 to 1, much more manageable.

    "Lead, I'll try and draw them into chasing me." He got only static as a reply. Well, he was in it now, four fighters on him and his shields were weakening as he shunted more power to it. Part of him hoped that Syal would see what he was doing and assist...or Loriana, though he'd lost track of her.

    Things had looked more or less ... if not even, at least doable. But then, 12 Howlrunners came zooming into the fray.

    Loriana tuned out the calls for assistance; it was dicey if help would come in time.

    She strafed the nearest 2 Howlrunners with green bolts of energy and felt her fighter rock beneath an answering assault.

    Rubi's assessment scrolled across the display: shields holding but power down a bit. And that might lead to issues down the road ...

    "Thanks for the assist Three." Rhoen looked back numbers chasing him now cut in half, and now worrying about Loriana. This gave him an opening turning hard around and falling in behind the one that was chasing him. A quick burst of laser fire and he picked apart the Howlrunner.

    With a moment to breathe and recover his shields he chased after the one on Loriana's tail. "Keep steady three, I'll return the favor."

    The odds were not in their favour this time, no torps, no comms, low fuel and out numbered. If Da'mina was going to die for a cause, let it be in a blaze of glory. He accelerated and began firing single fire at the incoming Howlrunners. "Shields front now!" he ordered remembering how his former Lead had told him these craft like to fight one on one and up close and personal. With no torpedoes, taking them out from distance with rapid fire was a good start. He couldn't believe advice Adalia had given was paying off now.

    Several of his shots hit targets and the shields on those things didn't handle it well so when one shot got through and the craft exploded he smiled. "We can do this!" he muttered as he glance to his port, he could see the new girl and she seemed to be copying his technique.

    Getting her mind back in the action, putting aside her freak out for later. Tracy followed 'Two' in his actions, quite close behind she didn't want to lose him, and didn't know what else to do. She flipped her to shields front as it look like he was gonna swoop right in. "He knows what he is doing right?" Tracy nervously asked Trip, and then chuckled at his response "well, that's fair." She took one more moment, swapped hands and was gonna trust Ruby to drive. Ruby was a better shot, and maybe she could keep her moral distance. . .

    Following two, firing consistently, trying her hardest not to close her eyes and have faith that her shields would be alright. They where not that close to them, and what little knowledge she had of that ship was that their laser cannons where not that strong anyway. Flying a little more erratically than she would have liked, but Ruby was a good aim and managed to knock out one and damage another as she swooped over head.

    The enemy ships dove under them and he was pleased to see three staying close. He banked hard to starboard and pulled up, he wanted to come down on top of them, at speed.

    Tracy made confused noises and grunts as she tried to keep up with Two. "This would be so much easier if we could TALK!" she said out loud to make herself feel better.

    Diving hard Da'mina was behind them now and he continued to pour fire into the running enemy. His droid let out a squeal to which a translation scrolled over his screen. 'Getting too hot'. He checked his temperatures, the droid was right, he was going to over heat his lasers and engines. He needed distance between him and the Howlrunners, time to cool his 'jets' as it were.

    Tracy continued to follow, trying hard to keep him in her sights, he wasn't dead yet, so she might have a chance, but her fuel was getting lower, she knew what the ship could take and tried to remember how far she was from base, and the calculations where not looking good.

    Da'mina turned sharply to port and pulled up hard, he needed to get distance between him and the enemy to allow his engines and lasers to cool. A quick look told him fuel was going to become an issue very soon.

    Following behind him suddenly she veered off, and headed back toward the fray. "RUBY" She wailed and tired to correct it, but this made the flight more erratic causing Tracy to feel sick, so she let go and just hoped for the best now. She felt the ship firing as she watched another Howlrunner explode, she felt not much more than trapped passenger. "please don't let me die, please don't let me die."

    "How many?" Da'mina ordered his droid who'd been trying to tell him they had picked up tails. "Two? Wonderful." he muttered. Laser fire raced past him, and he knew if he kept going they'd catch him. He needed cover and he needed it now.

    In short order, five of the Howlrunners were done, with Loriana's shots impacting on shields, but confirmed kills for Rhoen, Da'mina and Tracy - two each for the latter. Vua didn't manage to get one, and Syal was focusing on firing on the enemy to keep them from gathering...

    ... at which point the frigate turned, seemingly sensing that the GA raid was turning against them, and deciding to have a go. On analysis, the frigate had not taken an immense deal of damage, and all it need do was zero in one target and go for it. The frigate captain grinned, and tapped the display.

    "That one."

    The frigate completed its turn and headed towards Syal's Aleph, a frustratingly correct action to reflect that she had the slowest of the five ships gathered. Vua saw the move and went to speak, about half a second before his fighter was shredded by a Howlrunner and he went extravehicular. Unconsciousness swept the Yuuzhan Vong up, and he reached for his beacon - and he - he -

    He blacked out.

    Syal swore. "Wild Knights One is down! Someone ping his beacon!"

    She hadn't noticed the frigate were done, and she forgot that nobody could hear her because of the jamming. Two were following Da'mina and Tracy, and one was on Loriana's tail - though Rhoen had that in his sights - that left four looping around, forming a tight group intending to run at Da'mina and Tracy. This was not going poorly; it was going really poorly.

    Diving and pulling up sharply Da'mina turned sharply to port, he had to let things cool a little and this was helping, but the pair on his tail was not. As he came around he noticed their Lead wasn't fighting back then suddenly his ship wasn't there. With no Communications and ability to find out for sure, it was impossible to know if he'd survived that. He dove down hard and turned to cover the debris, he needed to confirm and check he'd pinged if he'd made it. If not he'd have to protect him, and that galled him but he knew his duty.

    Rhoen pulled the trigger picking apart the 'runner on Loriana's back, sending it careening off into space. "You're clear three..." He called out again...his comm still silent. Had they been jammed this whole time? That wasn't good. He had to reorient himself. On his sensors he did a head count, three was still in front of him, Wild Knights one Vua was out, and two Da'mina was still up, three the new girl was also still flying. In a moment of panic he looked for her, for Syal, even as four fighters banked heading towards the Wild Knights...Finding her his eyes widen.

    "Dancer One get out of there. SYAL!" He shouted throwing his throttle to full as he ran towards her. The frigate was closing in on her, getting ready to lock on. She had told him it wasn't fast, wasn't maneuverable, it would be easy pickings for a torp. With grim determination he dived down looking to interpose himself between it and her. Pulling down on the trigger he let off a sustained burst of fire raking across the shields, maybe he could get their attention.

    The four enemies close on Knights two and three didn't enter his mind...he'd made a promise to keep her safe. He would not fail that promise.

    Loriana saw that Syal was in difficulty. She sped to the vicinity in time to see Rhoen coming to her assistance.

    Loriana asked Rubi to bring up a schematic of the frigate when 2 Howlrunners came zooming to her tail.

    She took out one with a torpedo and disabled the other with lasers.

    Rubi reported that comm silence was in force so there was no way to check on anyone.

    Loriana decided to move to the periphery and do a diagnostic on her systems status.

    Tracy watched in horror as Leads ship breaks up, "NOOO!" she wrenching back control to fly toward him, barely remembering that there was nothing she could do for him, hoping he wasn't dead. But Ruby had other plans and kept trying to steer Tracy away from him. This kept the ship pretty erratic as Ruby tried to fire on some Howlrunners to her right and away from Lead that appeared to be chasing someone, she didn't know who.

    Trip reminded her of the two on her tail as well, and asked her what exactly was she doing? "I dont know" She squeaked as Rudy and her kept fighting. Tracy desperately wanting to be in control, not trusting Ruby despite pervious actions to the contrary.

    Ruby pulled hard, to the right, forcing the ship to pull a near 180 so that Rudy could fire at the two that where on her tail. She caught one, and would have gotten the other had not Tracy pulled back. This Howlrunner got close making Tracy's shields almost fail as it swooped by. Ruby let go and Slapped Tracy before taking back control of the ship. "FRACK THAT HURT!"

    Then the low fuel alarm started to blare, Tracy's heart sank, she wouldn't make it back to base now with out help. This was not how she wanted to die. She let go, and this suited Ruby just fine as she, swung the ship back around again.

    Tracy checking, saw four more come in toward her, she shields low, her fuel lower. "Might as well make it hard for them, Sorry Trip, I hope you make it" she felt the ship heading towards the pack. "Blaze of Glory!" She said, all fear leaving her now, accepting her fate. "Let's do this Rubs" a small smile of defiance on her face.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Vua
    Skirmish, edge of Coruscant system

    Four Howlrunners were left, but the frigate was bearing down on Rhoen and Syal. In short order, his shields were battered away, and Syal screamed, pushing her ship forward to catch up; she had no shields left, in the short time it had taken before Rhoen stepped between her and the frigate. She angled the impact and bumped his tail, causing the two of them to separate, Rhoen's smaller ship spinning, damage to the rear but intact, and Syal with a horrifying spider-crack running up her screen.

    But the action was successful; the barrage that would have killed Rhoen fell between the two of then, and not through him; diagnostics would tell him that he had lost an engine, thus the spin. The frigate went to re-orient -

    A chime rang out in the ships of Da'mina and Tracy; they were dangerously low on fuel and their speed was cut by safeties. Either they fought on, and become sitting ducks, or bug-out right now and jump. The remaining four Howlrunners were regrouping, working out that only Loriana was in a good condition, turned to head towards her -

    Then Keizar, Wraith Thirteen, arrived with Drojan, Cavanaugh and Teb, Wraith's Six, Seven, and Eight respectively. The Howlrunners, having opened fire with a single coordinated attack on Loriana, scattered, diving beneath the frigate to form up again. The frigate turned, seeding the new arrivals with fire. Before Keizar could even say a word, Wraith Seven exploded, even as the frigate abandoned its attempt at jamming and boosted the energy to its shields as it turned -

    Vua, still conscious, activated his comlink. "Rogue Wing pilots; tighten up and stop that frigate escaping."

    The odds were more in their favour but not entirely; they still needed to complete their mission.

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    IC: Aden Kya

    Aboard the Anakin Solo, his room

    Watching the hologram of the engagement, Aden seethed when they lost Cavanaugh. The Confederates had killed him; notwithstanding the frigate was a secret One Sith asset, it was flying a Confederate flag and so the Confederation was to blame.

    "Sir," a voice interrupted him.

    "What?" Aden snapped.

    It was Captain Nevil. "We have a report from the Glorious that the Rogue Wing traitors escaped from Taris."

    Aden saw the world go red, and objects in his room vibrated as he lost control. Taking a breath, banking that rage to throw at the enemy when he saw them next, he spoke back. "Any assistance from the Tarisian authorities? Any data from them?"

    "None, sir. We only had assistance from a single Flight Controller. I have ordered a shuttle be sent to pick him up for debriefing. The government has ignored our requests." The Captain sounded annoyed.

    "But they are GA members, yes?"

    "Full members, Colonel."

    He didn't hesitate. "Order the government district destroyed."

    The Captain seemed to pause. "Sir?"

    Aden leaned forward, towards the small image of the Quarren. "You heard me. Taris assisted traitors; they refused to divert local forces to the pursuit of the rebels. As such, they were clearly colluding. Colonel Solo's view on this is very clear; we saw that at Kashyyyk. Blow up the capital, and offer to assist the successor government with disaster control."

    "Sir, I will need to check with -"

    "No, you will not," Aden said, firmly. "Colonel Solo is out of contact, yes? We need to act before more systems neglect their responsibilities. Give the order now, Captain."

    Another pause. "Yes, sir." He signed off, and Aden thumbed the display over to that of Taris City.

    In short order, as a GA shuttle returned to the Ranger-class gunship in orbit, the Glorious opened fire on the planet, repeating what had happened to Taris four millennia ago. Aden couldn't feel anything in the Force, but he was maddened by the need to do this. As he watched, he spoke softly. "Damn you, Addie. You made me do this. If I don't, other systems will turn a blind-eye to whatever you are doing. Sedition, and chaos, it will spread. You will spread it. I can't have that."

    As Aden watched, he felt tears roll down his cheeks. It seemed banal to pay attention to the Wraiths, Dancers and Wild Knights in their engagement while he killed thousands.

    So he continued to watch.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Corran Horn
    Location: - Cabin aboard the Errant Venture

    Corran cupped his chin as he regarded the holocron. A murder investigation... a professor and a student are accessories to the case along with the late Emperor. His grandfather was the investigator? He mentally calculated that a century ago would make it more than likely that Palpatine was either a senator or one in training.

    Of course his grandfather would have opinions... for a brief moment he wondered if Rostek Horn was there along side Nejaa Halcyon, working the case. Who was 'him'? Who was 'them'? The way the wording suggest that the case had already been solved. Or was there something missing?

    References to more recent events with the far outsiders was something else. It was speculation about how much was known then before the invasion. How much could have been prepared for if that was known, and how much destruction could have been avoided. However, deep down, it was clear ineffective leadership of the Chief of State at the time, the late Borsk Fey'lya - martyr to the New Republic, had done more harm than good during the early stages of that war.

    “Does our time have to end?" The holographic asked as an alert indicated an incoming transmission. It had pulled Corran back to the present.

    "Who could resist a good mystery? There might be more than meets the eye and perspective with time." Corran responded carefully. It was like wrangling a nexu kitten, playful on the surface but you don't quite know when this all can turn deadly. "Who knows what lays ahead on this current path… but for now, what can you tell me of this incident before it becomes time to say good night?"

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    IC: Bernael
    Observing the bombardment of Taris

    Bernael had observed as the quarry of ships eluded the GA vessels and escaped through hyper. The various pods he’d deployed saved all the data, visual or otherwise, for posterity, but what came next was what he’d suspected would be the response of the GA, especially after Kashyyyk, to such action.

    He sat, and observed as a shuttle docked with the GA gunship. He saw as its guns turned from firing off their last shots at the escapees and pointed them at the planet. He sat, calmly but inwardly annoyed that he’d been correct in his assessment. And then he felt the release of thousands of souls as those guns turned the capital to ash. His eyes darkened to jet black as it occurred both because he could sense so many souls lost that could have sustained him for decades, but also because of the annoyance he felt. There was nothing he could do directly to keep the bombardment from happening, so he settled for ensuring the entire affair was captured and saved in the datastream so that it could be given to those who could use it best.

    He returned one last time to his weapons bay, double checked the load of the pod he’d loaded for deployment then headed back to the bridge. He reached out in the Force and felt for what he was following, easier since the fourth spike that had drawn him back from the Unknown Regions was quite closeby. Once he’d determined the direction they were heading he turned to the pilot AI and commanded it to follow, at a slightly slower velocity than the ships he was trailing, so he would just appear another ship plying the hyperspace lanes and not pursuit.

    The Fury began slowly moving toward the jump point and he watched the track as it crept closer to a track line that he needed. Once the two matched up, he hit the launch button and the pod in it's launcher slipped free, on a ballistic track toward Taris. The ship continued on its slow departure, pausing for a moment at the jump point so he could follow the timer that was counting down.

    As it reached zero he saw, on the feed from one pod that was close to Taris, a blacked out floating body drift close between the two ships, and a quick flash then nothing more. Bernael felt satisfaction that his reply had been accomplished even though the GA would not know he'd ever done so, most likely the fleeing pilots would have more blame of destruction added to their tally because of this. The ships may have been doing their jobs but he had to rectify the balance of so many lives lost. The aftermath would be determined by the GA captains, free will and all meant they decided the outcome of responding. As his Fury leapt into hyper, he knew that his surprise would cause consternation among the crews of the two ships. But that is what happens when you suddenly find your craft are now immersed completely in a field of limpet mines, just waiting for the smallest motion to come to life and dig themselves into your ship before exploding.

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