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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson(combo with @Adalia-Durron)

    Adrian leaned against the door of his and Jesse´s quarters and thought about how to best approach this situation. After his talk with Kate and Kara he had spend quite some time on the observation deck, thinking and calming himself down, eventually deciding that he had to appologize for what he had said to Jesse. They were all in a tense situation and so he shouldn't be judgmental of what the older man had said. But he wasn't sure if he should enter and wake him up again, so instead he had decided to wait on the outside until Coulson would come out.

    Having bathed and dressed in the new clothes, Jesse felt so much better. The garments weren't perfect but they were clean and comfortable so now he had to find Adrian and maybe together they could figure out what their part in all this was. He pulled the door open, and found Adrian out side the door. "Adrian! I was just coming to look for you, I apologise for my earlier outburst. The only excuse I have is exhaustion, and that's not really an excuse. You are entitled to support your family, of course."

    Adrian gave Jesse a weak smile, "as you are to follow Adalia, I´m sorry for what I said. I hope we can leave this behind us." He was surprised Jesse had apologized, usually older veterans barely took him seriously and saw him as nothing but a child.

    Reaching out he grabbed Adrian's shoulder. "No problem, consider it done." He glanced around. "Wanna explore this place with me and maybe find some food? Before we do that, I thought I saw something in the hangar, I'd like to check it out. How about I meet you in the Mess hall?" He'd seen StealthX's and desperately wanted a closer look.

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  2. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Adrian, Kate and Kara.
    Hawkbat Kitchen

    After his meeting with Jesse something had drawn Adrian to the kitchen. The dessert he had earlier had been good but not much and he wasn't sure when he has had the last full meal, probably not since Adalia had recruited him.


    Although the interaction with her friend was good, it drained Kate more than she thought. Grief at this level was just overwhelming to feel let alone acknowledge. She still felt like she was stuck in some sort of dream state. Kara looked like she was okay, but even now on this walk to the kitchen, she was being quite. Kate was running fast out of ideas and even the will to do much, she would have stopped altogether if it wasn't for Kara.

    As they got into the dining room, it was cold and dark, this base looked a little like no one had been here in a while. They made their way to the kitchen.

    "Mum, your not allowed to cook" she daughter offered quietly, but her voice echoing through the big empty kitchen. Kate looked around helplessly, she held back the comments she wanted to make, Kara was a child after all, she didn't mean anything by it.

    Even simple interactions were becoming hard. She stood there lost in what she could possibly do now. //How did the simple concept of getting food become so hard,// Kate swallowed hard trying to not let the feeling of helplessness consume her.


    Adrian had been quietly searching through the fridge at the other end of the kitchen, he had heard Kate and her daughter enter but wasn´t sure if they had noticed him yet. Gathering the ingredients he needed together on a tablet he approached them, with a smile. "Hey guys, was just about to make me finally something real to eat, do you want something as well? That is if you like goulash." He wasn´t sure if he would be able to get actual Eriaduan style goulash with the ingredients available but that might be for the better considering how spicy their version was.

    Kate was lost in her thoughts, dark and cold and incomprehensible until she heard a friendly male voice call out, and a male figure walked toward her. For a moment, just a moment she thought it was Eak her husband. Her heart leapt for joy only to be shattered when she heard Kara call out "Adrian!"

    "I don't even know what goulash is! Can I help make it" Kara left her mother's side and went up to Adrian.

    Kate took a step back and hit the bench behind her, she covered her face in her hands as her long hair fell forward. She let out a single sob. That hit to her heart was too soon, she was too strung out, too tried, too alone. She tried to pull herself together, but in all honesty, there was not much left to gather, and bearly anything to hold it.

    "Sure," Adrian told Kara while placing the tray on the kitchen counter. "It´s an old recipe from the early days of my homeworlds colonialization, mostly eaten by hunters during their long trips through the wilderness," he explained. Laying out the meat, onions and paprika necessary for it. "Can you help me cut those?" he asked while throwing a side glance at Kate if she was okay with her daughter using a sharp kitchen knife. It was only now that he realized that the older woman had her hands on her face and seemed to upset. Quickly he stepped closer to her, "Is everything alright? Can I do something for you?"

    Kara looked at her mum, and just kinda stood there, she wasn't really sure what she could do to help. She knew her mum had bad experiences in a kitchen, but her Dad was good at cooking and had been teaching Kara how. She looked at the raw food, it would take a bit, but it would be okay, Adrian seemed to know what he was doing.

    It took longer than Kate wanted it to, but she did respond, "No, its okay" she said quietly. She whipped her face with her hands as she slid down until she was sitting on the floor. Now was not the time, nor the place, and this poor man shouldn't get it, they didn't know each other, and it wouldn't be fair.

    She looked back at him, her weariness showing through, "Please, Keep going, Kara needs to learn to cook, and not from me." she tired a light laugh, trying to mask her pain. "She can use a knife, her Dad was teaching her."

    "Okay," Adrian tried his best to hide how much Kate´s mental state worried him, and how insecure he felt at it. He wasn´t good in things like this he felt, and so instead he concentrated on the task at hand and showed Kara how to cut the ingredients while he himself began preparing the other parts necessary.

    Kate leaned her head back against the cabinet, and closed her eyes, as she listened to the sound of Adrian talking clearly and carefully thought the steps necessary. Kara agreeing and asking questions throughout the process. She wasn't sure if she fell asleep or if it was her mind wandering to places it didn't remember visiting but she was sure she had missed some steps. She was grateful that someone was looking after Kara, and she seemed content even just for a moment. Soon she could smell the wonderful scents of the food, but found her self to tired to move just yet.

    "There we have it," Adrian announced as he put down the bowl with the goulash and had Kara place the one with the noodles next to it on the table. "Just help yourself," he told his two 'guests' with a smile, "Its definitely something that should be eaten while it's hot. Hope it isn´t too spicy for your taste."

    "Mum!" Kara called hoping to wake her. She went off searching for bowls and spoons and other utensils.

    Kate opened her eyes to see Adrian with a smile, she could tell he was a little proud of himself. Kate half returned the smile as she picked herself up off the floor. "Smells good"

    Kara came back with the bowls and scooped out some for her mum, like she used to, and well as some for herself. She took a bite and made a bit of a face, it was really yummy, and it made her feel warm, but it hurt her tongue.

    Kate took a bite and looked at Kara, it would be a bit spicy for her "Get some cream from the fridge, you could add that to the dish to make it less spicy, and maybe some milk to drink afterwards." Kate offered and watched Kara rush off to the fridge. Turning to Adrian "It is lovely, but we should take this into the dining room, sit and eat."

    Kara added some cream to her bowl and mixed it as she walked out with her mum "Is there some way we could tell the others food is ready?"

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aden Kya

    The shuttle returned, and Aden and Tracy had each other. Aden carefully opened Vua's suit and drew out the pulsating flesh creature, warming it enough that it writhed in his gloved palms. Blowing it carefully, it fluttered towards Vua's unconscious form and attached itself to his face, spreading down his collar and giving him the human features that he once had.

    As he sealed up the suit, he explained. "I was a Yuuzhan Vong slave once," he said, reaching to the back of his turquoise hair to brush it up and reveal a circular scar. They put a slave seed in me." Aden dropped the hair and shrugged. "So I became familiar with their biots. That was an ooglith masquer. It was hurt by the cold, so withdrew to its natural shape. But it's better now, and when Vua wakes he'll be himself again."

    The shuttle opened up, remotely accessed by the Anakin Solo's systems, dropping the ramp and a pair of stretcher bearing orderlies hefted Vua up. "They have instructions on his notes not to break his skin," Aden whispered. "As he has contagious blood." That was untrue, but it prevented investigations that would have proven problematic.

    He checked on the engagement, catching the wreck of Tracy's ship in the corner of his eye. "Tracy, you're not a terrible pilot by any stretch of the imagination. But the Wild Knights is not the place for you. I have a dead Wraith, so you're confirmed. I'll speak to Da'mina about joining the Dancers, and replacing Loriana... who seems to have gone rogue."

    Sure enough, Rhoen had managed to do something quite incredible; he'd anticipated and outdone the Sith pilot, a point-blank quad-burst destroying the shuttle - good shot, Aden thought. The rest of the squad outdid the Howlrunners, and the frigate listed badly.

    All in all, the record would show a Confederate stealth-equipped capital ship destroyed and twelve fighters destroyed, at a loss of one Wraith and one Dancer. Pretty good, actually, but it was yet another hard-fought engagement, on top of the skirmish at Commenor. It was time for them to have a debriefing, because what they had done was already setting off a reaction of events.

    Sending out a shuttle to support damaged fighters, he recalled them all - Keizar, Syal, Rhoen, Da'mina, the rest, and set himself up in the board room for a debrief.

    He transmitted a heartfelt well done message to them all, and a further, private message, to Keizar. I am sorry I put you in that position; I will write to the family, do not worry. Aden was referring to the dead Wraith, which genuinely could not have been helped.

    He waited for them to join him, and hoped they were in a good place.

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  4. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jesse Coulson

    Jesse found the hangar, there was activity there. He stood quietly and watched one of the Stealth X Wings being loaded into a freighter. He’d never seen one close up and he looked around to find a second. He was in luck and made his way over to it. A nearby mechanical looking droid made a protesting sound to which Jesse raised his hands. “Not touching it, promise, just wanted a look!” The droid made a threatening growling sound but back up allowing him to get closer. Tilting his head to the side he admired its sleek lines, dark colour and subtle hints at power. Slowly he began to circle it and rounding the nose he caught sight of a ship behind it. New, not Stealth he didn’t believe but its’ colours got his attention. He frowned walking over to it. Striping in a rich royal purple highlighted with a stunning gold paint work. He smiled, he knew the scheme, he knew who’s it was, then his smile faded. As far as he knew Adalia was still unaware of pretty much everything. He had no idea what happened to her, but was sure a Force user had a hand in it. Probably Aden Kya, she had no love for him, heck not a hint of like. No, it was more a biting hatred, one she controlled well. He approached the ship, walking along it and running his fingers down the side. When she recovered, and he hoped she would, he believed she would love this. Especially when they tell her what happened to her old ship. At that moment his stomach growled. “Yeah yeah.” He muttered, he could come back later and look at the ships now he knew the Stealth X was here. Right now, he needed food and drink. Slipping back around the Stealth he headed toward the Mess hall.


    IC Ebony Leong - Bounty Hunter
    On board Thunderchild (her ship)

    Ebony Leong settled into her pilots’ seat. It was custom made for her so every inch of her shapely body fitted perfectly. Leaning forward slightly she gazed at the message she’d received and a slightly amused and sinister smile graced her lips, her black eyes sparkled. A job and one with a challenge and she loved a challenge. Pursing her full red lips, she began to compose a response, one that would curry favour for her and give her the advantage over her potential employer and pray. Once done she sat back and smiled a cold smile, let the games begin.

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  5. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jesse Coulson - Adalia Tehanis
    Corridors - Hawkbat Base

    Adalia had left her quarters and was making her way back when she rounded a corner and almost bumped into someone. She’d not sense him coming due to her current focus and certainly wasn’t ready to face him. “Jesse.” She stated stepping backward.

    He’d left the hangar scowling at his growling stomach when he almost ran into his former Leader. “Colonel! You’re …! I mean you’re up and about. Are you ok?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

    Adalia could feel his discomfort. “I’m fine Jesse, and I’m not a Colonel anymore, I’m just Adalia.” She shook her head whilst speaking. “And I owe you a massive apology.” She returned her gaze to his lovely Silver-grey eyes.

    He shrugged and gave his head a shake. “Its’s fine, you weren’t well, I know that now. I’m guessing you had no idea what you were doing, let alone what you were thinking.” He explained.

    Adalia smiled. “None. I recall cuffing you to your ship, did I really do that?” she asked, unsure as to if the memory was real.

    “You did.” He said with a smile. “Don’t worry about it, bugged me at the time, but it’s fine now. Wasn’t the first time I’d had a set of them on, probably won’t be the last.” He winked at her.

    Adalia grinned and laughed openly. “Good to know.” She said with a devious smirk. “We good?” she asked.

    “We’re more than good. You’re all here now?” he asked honestly.

    “I’m never all anywhere mate.” She said with a good deal of amusement, “But I am back to as good as I was before I boarded The Ocean. Things went down hill from there. Aden, the mission, Jacen…….” She shook her head, “That was a total mess and complete balls up. Messed me up good.” She glanced behind her, “I have a lot of apologies to deliver. You seen Adrian?”

    “He was heading to the Mess hall, I’m on my way there now. Care to join me?” He invited. Having dinner with her was so appealing to him right now, she had a certain glow in her cheeks. It was nice she was feeling good again and he wondered if she knew about her ship, or the new one. Or if she even knew Master Durron was on base.

    "Thank you, I have eaten but I do need to find Adam so sure.” She stepped aside, Kyp wasn’t going till Adam approved it, so she had a bit of time and maybe, just maybe Adam had chocolate. She needed that kind of courage! “Lead the way.”

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  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Some time later Bernael received a message on his datapad.

    *Dear, Bernael

    It has been some time, since our last communication. Do excuse the lateness of this reply, it has been a trying time for me and I have been wrapped up in my work. I have heard rumors of this item, though I have little interest in it. That was more my Cousin's domain, I will not question your judgment on acquiring it. I does not surprise me that your former letter of introduction is from a time that feels so long past. I believe I can have one for you, when you arrive. You know how to contact me when you arrive.

    Is there a Ball, it must have slipped my mind. Yes it is to honor the founding of one of the great houses. I haven't had much time to worry about such events given my station and responsibilities. Handling domestic affairs for all of Serenno is a taxing job, I'm sure you understand. Seeing an old friend might do me some good.

    I thank you for the offer of a call, but there is a vote amongst the great houses, and I scarcely have time to write this missive much less get lost in talking about things of the past.

    I hope to speak to you soon under less stressful times.

    Claugh Malvern, 10th count of Estabul.

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  7. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis, Jesse Coulson
    Corridor Hawkbat base.

    As they began to walk, Adalia slowed, she felt dizzy and duly reach out to the nearby wall to steady herself. She’d had a couple minor spells since recovering but this one was significant.

    Jesse turned to see her fall against the wall and lower her head, he surged forward to her. “Are you ok?” he asked with concern.

    “Yeah……no.” It was getting worse and she closed her eyes to stop the spinning.

    He could see she was struggling with balance or something similar and reached out to grab her before she fell.

    “I’m just dizzy, it’s happened a couple……times already. This is the worst one.” She put her hand to her head as the spell began to fade. Opening her eyes, she realised his arms were around her waist holding her up.

    This was the closest he’d gotten and he wasn’t ready to let go. Looking down at her his heart was racing, maybe she’d notice how he’d been there for her, maybe notice him?

    Placing her hand on his chest she pushed his back a bit. “I’m good.” She stated as she gained her balance. She didn’t know if these spells were due to what had happened to her or her condition. It didn’t matter, he was too close. She took a step backward. “You can let go now.” She added.

    And just like that it was over, she was pulling away and standing, stepping back and asking to be released. So he did. It was a moment in time and it was gone. Jesse stepped back as well, “I’m sorry, just trying to help.”

    She smiled. “I’m fine, thank you.” She’d known back on The Ocean he had some sort of attraction to her; she’d felt it. Things were very different now, and distance was essential. She straightened up and draw a deep breath. “Been a busy few days, I probably need more rest, and water. Come on, let’s go.” She brushed past him.

    Jesse gave slow nod, before turning to follow her. His time would come he hoped, but he’d had a moment. He smiled to himself as he sped up to walk beside her. “You sure you’re alright?”

    “I am, let’s get something to eat.”

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  8. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    (Fun Combo as always, Thank you so much for all your help!)
    IC: Kael Swiftflight, Adam Lyons, Kate and Kara Leeash, Adrian Malek

    Kael walked in, “Food? Well, it runs right close to the Trench, at least that’s what Face said it was called back when they used this as a base. Who would want to run up and down it yelling that food’s ready?” He grinned, “Or if you want to be boring, we could comm someone.”

    Kara looked confused at Kael as she put her bowl down. "Trench?... How many people are there? We have a lot of food… maybe" she looked back to Adrian.

    Kael shrugged, “Well there’s the people who escaped with you and your mum, then the people who joined you on Taris...and some message referencing a disco ball looking for a pink ewok...whatever that means.”

    Kate started sniggering into her food causing Kara to change her focus once again. "Mum?"

    "Oooh, Dangerous people who reference disco balls and Ewoks," she said in a mock warning tone. The food already helping her to feel better. "So, all the Shadow Sabers coming out of their hidey holes huh?" She took another bite of her food.

    Kael nodded, “I guess, the message didn’t reference how many people there were. Some people in that squadron went into some pretty obscure directions didn’t they?” Not that he knew any of the stories, only their reputations of the squadrons.

    "I wouldn't know, I only ever really maintained contact with Addie, I lost contact with Adam and Beka a while back, and yeah, life moves on…" she hoped she could get a good night's sleep before the rest of the Sabers rocked in. She watched Kara eat her adjusted meal and smiled, at least it wasn't sugar-based.

    Kael considered for a moment, thinking about how he lost contact with Adam some point after he was formally deployed on Oracle Base, then again they were all busy for a while, “Probably should come up with a way to fix that. Then again I’m demolitions, not communications, so I wouldn’t know how to set something like that up. That said most of the Intel Wraiths have something to keep in contact with each other through back’ll come in handy for now, what do you think?”

    "Anything is possible, but only if there is a will. We are work friends after all. Sure we might be closer than you average office rat, but without work, what are we really?" She didn't intend it to sound bad or defeatist, but it was just her experience in the past years.

    "Sometimes we all have our own demons, but how much effort does it take to talk to each other? Then again we're all guilty for not doing so..." Adam walked in from the Trench, "And you're right, we are closer, at some point soon I'd like to prove it. That said, how are you and Kara?" He winced a bit, "I know this isn't really a good place for a child, you know with wild pilots and mechanics everywhere."

    Kael grinned, "Don't forget Wraiths..."

    Adam snickered, "Especially them, particularly the women."

    Kara puffed up her chest a little "I'm not a child! I can hunt and cook food! I'm responsible, I won't get hurt!" She had been over most of the base with mum, it didn't look that dangerous, nothing she couldn't handle.

    Kate looked at Adam and in a warm tone "Women Kind look after their own" she nodded to Kara "Especially ones in training" she turned to Kara "Can you take these to the kitchen sweetheart? and grab me a glass of water please?"

    Kara nodded and glared a little at Adam as she picked up the bowls with deliberate purpose, as if to prove how responsible she was, then headed off to the kitchen.

    Kate watched as she headed turned back to face Adam, her exhaustion and tiredness evident in her voice "I know, I know. . . but I have literally nothing else, I have no other choice, Liam is gone, and Eak...I can't prove it, but I know he’s gone too. My family, our home, all gone, all I have is that ship and Kara. I...I don't even have a plan. One doesn't have plans for this kinda. . ." she sighed.

    "Sorry for interrupting you," Adrian said politely. He noticed the sadness in Kate's voice and hoped his suggestion wouldn't be inappropriate. "If you want to have Kara out of here we could bring her to my parents, Eriadu is safe and the two would surely be happy to take care of her during the war." And it would also be an excellent opportunity for me to see my family again, he added in his thoughts.

    Adam looked at Kael and he shrugged back, "It's fine. Eriadu, huh? You're Adrian Malek, right? If that's the case, we need you, and a couple of other people to go to Eriadu for a couple of reasons. One, we're trying to get footage of Taris's bombardment out to as many places as possible. Two, Beka's X-wing has been impounded there and I'd like to get that back for her. What do you think? It's a chance to visit your family."

    He then looked at Kate, "I'm sorry for Liam, I really am. That said there's a couple of things we can do. We, and by 'we' I mean Kirney, can send a request to the groups on Kashyyyk to look for Y. It might help for confirmation either way." Adam shrugged, "That said, it might not be a bad idea to relocate somewhere safer. I did ask Kirney to look for squadron members and their families. We might be able to come up with a list of safer places for you and Kara to go. That and when in that safer place, Kara can get her education and we could find a way for you to fight back in a different way."

    "If it fits in with your plans as well, it’s even better I guess," Adrian said giving Adam a nod. Returning to Eriadu could also give him the opportunity to sit out the rest of the war with his family and leave this group of strangers behind. But he didn´t say that and as he thought about it felt guilty about his selfishness.

    Then he turned to Kate, "my condolences for your loss. If I understood this correctly and one of your family members might still be alive... well my father is an influential man, or at least he was for a time and still has many contacts throughout the galaxy. It might be a longshot but maybe he has heard something.”

    Kate turned to face Adrian, and listened to his offer, she didn't know anything about Eriadu, and she vaguely remembered he offered her something like this before...was that yesterday? so much had happened. Adam spoke up, and he mentioned looking for Eak, but she didn't hear much else he said, as the sounds of the fires, the smell of the smoke drowned out his words. He wouldn't find him, no one would, there is nothing but ash.

    "Mum?" her thoughts were broken as Kara put the glass of water down in front of her. "Thanks, sweetheart," Kate said taking a sip of the water, bring her back to the present.

    "I don't want to school, I don't want you to fight," Said meekly, and looked up at her mother worried. Kate was trying to work out what any of the men said to make Kara worry.

    "Don't worry Kara, we aren't going anywhere for a week, or two" she said pulling Kara into a hug. She looked up at Adam and back to Adrian.

    "Thank you, Adrian, your offer is sweet, but you should check with your family first before I rock up, and I need time . . .to work out what I . . .we want from our life now. . . We can stay here?" she said looking back to Adam "We can do our part, something, clean or study or something, but we have been for a lap of the base, it looks secure and like no one would get on-site without your knowledge and we just. . .we need somewhere safe for a bit, to recharge, to re-group."

    Kara had yet to pull away from the hug, so Kate just held her gently, giving her what she wanted, reassurance or maybe she was finally getting sleepy.

    Adam smiled at Kate and Kara, "You won't be flying in a starfighter, besides this is more of a fight about information. At least then you'd be safe for Kara. Also before I left Corellia, I asked Kirney to look into various members of the squadrons and their families, so we might be able to come up with some options there."

    He looked back to Adrian, "There's also a chance we might need to look for another base, so we might need you to ask if it'd be ok if we get a base there. There's also a chance the company I consult for might want to have another place, but I won't know the answer until I get back from their secondary HQ."

    "Not sure if we can go this far," Adrian replied to Adam´s latest suggestion. "Eriadu will likely join the Confederacy soon if they haven´t already. Could get my family branded as traitors if this would be discovered."

    Adam shrugged, "It'd also create long supply lines, so it might not be ideal in that circumstance. That said, if and when you talk to your father, tell him to keep a wary eye on the Corellian leadership, they're up to something and it might destabilize the Confederation if allowed to run unchecked."

    "My godfather is a Corellian," Adrian said. "Guess my father has at least some insight into what is going on there." He made a pause, thinking. "Supply routes would be a problem no matter where we made our base though, from what my father told me the best idea for us would be to mobilize as many friends and acquaintances around the galaxy as we can so we have a steady supply and support in most regions. That´s at least how the rebellion did it." The best idea for us? Adrian wondered for a moment when exactly had begun to count himself a part of Adam´s and Adalia´s war instead of his family’s, but he was here now and so he decided to push that decision a bit further back. When we come to Eriadu I´ll see how things are going there, then I can still make a choice as to where to go.

    Kael and Adam looked at each other and Adam smirked knowingly. Kael looked at Adrian, "Well he is Corellian, and when he's warning you about their government's decisions, he's getting that from Wedge Antilles."

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  9. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Waiting for a sign

    The mapping of the system around Hawkbat was almost complete, he’d found all the sensor buoys and tracking stations and roving patrol routes and was now collating the data into a cohesive whole, noting areas where the defenses needed improvement. His datapad chimed and he checked it.

    An eyebrow raised at the message from Count Malvern, the man was busy, no doubt but he was sure there would be some conversation about such when he was on Serenno. The needs of a planet were trivial to him, after all, but to a now eldery noble they could be seen as the driving factor for their life. But, then again the Count was human and didn’t see the universe as he did, especially when it came to long term.

    He was contemplating that and that he would have the documentation that he needed to produce for Count Dooku when his reconnaissance program flared the holo table to life. “Ser, there is an interesting item for your perusal.” the program stated in its flat, droid voice. He set aside thoughts of things to come as he stood and moved over to the display.

    Once again an eyebrow raised. The item displayed must have been found while the program was going through and seeking anything that could be related to the present conflict or affect the balance of the conflict itself. ‘Interesting, vague, yet definite in its scope. And not only that specific as to who is the intended recipient of the bounty, who is to do the hunting.’ he thought. A quick series of commands and he backtracked the posting. When he did a grim smile touched his face. ‘That explains who and why they requested this bounty, interesting target, I ought to keep track of it.’ his musings continued.

    He then processed the information and tracked forward to search for the hunter this bounty had been intended for. It was not one he was familiar with, so he studied their history. Another smile touched his face, ‘A new piece has been placed on the chess board, now the question is, how do they see themselves, a pawn, a rook, or a queen?’ he thought. He flagged the bounty and sent commands to delve into the routing system of the hyper lanes to find this bounty hunter and observe as she tracked her prey. He had a feeling that her hunt would make for an interesting flow to the tides of the balance and could affect the overall outcome, but that was, for now, only a passing interest while he waited for the sign he needed to be able to move forward in the path he had chosen.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Aden, Rhoen, Sal, Tracy, Natalia and Da'mina
    De-briefing room.

    He'd not enjoy the tangle and knowing the Vong had been rescued grated his nerves. His service during the war had built up a strong resentment toward his race and despite the peace now, he still had deep-seated dark feelings. Making his way to the debrief he hoped he could keep these feelings from all others around him.

    Rhoen hung around in the engagement zone making sure Syal could make it back safely. What he'd done was a gamble, a big one, but he succeeded, the ship was cooling wreckage right now. The Confederates were down a frigate and a squadron of howlrunners, that was something. Though the GA was down teo fighters when they really couldn't afford to lose any. He shook his head leaning back in his flight chair. It wasn't his place to control the larger picture, all he could do was follow orders and make sure his comrades made it out. Syal was still alive so he'd succeeded.

    After the stunt he just pulled coming in for a landing was nearly automatic for him. Slow speed stay in the pipe, flare repulsors. Even with a damaged engine he made it look easy. As he landed and exited he looked out into space watching Syal make her approach. He waited until she landed moving up to her as she got out.

    "You two alright, looked like you got a little banged up out there."

    Her Sullustan wingmate looked pale, as if having faced death, and was led away by a medic. Syal looked a bit drained, but not to that extent. "Zueb froze up; not sure if he blames himself for driving away Loriana, too."

    Syal leaned into Rhoen, sighing, drawing him to hug her. "Are we doing something wrong?"

    The other Wraith's that had survived the mission were already heading to debrief, as well as Da'mina, of the Wild Knights. Syal sighed. "We need to catch up."

    She looked around for Tracy, for Keizar. "I hear Wild Knights Three made it back with Vua." She squeezed his waist; come on, let's go. "I hope Thirteen is alright; she lost a pilot for us."

    He didn't fight the hug, his mind still a little fuzzy from the victory. Her question hung in the air quietly between them. It hit like a hammer, were they right, were they wrong, did it matter. His heart sunk a little then he remembered his promise. That they would watch each other's backs.

    "She made her choice. Right and wrong can be sorted out later. Right now." He held her close, closer than he should. "Right now we watch each other's backs." There was a bit of anger in his heart, Loriana leaving him and Syal. Sure she might have her reasons, but she was turning her back on them, abandoning her post and her comrades. He turned with her walking towards the briefing room. The war never stopped, not until it was ended. He walked with her arm over her shoulder.

    "Yeah, I hope she's ok too."

    Keizar remained in her cockpit after landing, taking breaths. She was still coming down from combat from the adrenaline rush, the dread and the fear. Her hands were still shaking her eyes still wide. It was her first combat, the first time she had to take life, or have it taken from her. The loss of Cavanaugh still weighed heavy on her, she still felt like there was something she could have done, have them scatter quicker, put their shields double front. Something.

    Then she got the message.

    I am sorry I put you in that position; I will write to the family, do not worry.

    It was from Aden, of course it was. She let out a final breath a little guilt lifting from her shoulders. Though she didn't feel up to taking command again. Coming down the ladder she caught up with the others.
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    Jun 28, 2004
    Tracy followed the medical stuff back to the medical bay. She enjoyed sliding along the smooth floors in her socks, although it was getting rather cold in her current outfit.

    They scanned Ruby and nothing was broken, much to Tracy's delight, but a few muscles where sprained. They had applied a Bacta treatment to lessen the visibility of the bruises and some glue for the cuts on Ruby. She was given a sling to wear for a day to help with the healing. Tracy smiled knowing Ruby would do what she wanted, regardless. With that, she was released and headed back to her locker, she was slightly miffed she didn't have a room yet.

    She looked at the locker, sighed then gently hit her head against the locker in frustration as she had forgotten the combination to get in, given the days events. She heard her buzzer, go off, but she couldn't get it, still in her locker.

    "Oi Ginger," a woman called out to her. "Don't be damaging the locker or you gotta fix that to" she had a subtle humour in her voice. Tracy looked up to see some tall, well-built woman with black hair, tattoo's in a mechanics jumpsuit. "Ain't you pilots meant to be getting yelled at for damaging my ships?"

    "I wouldn't know where can't get my stuff"

    "And here I thought you chose this outfit" the woman returned, but then dropped into a serious tone. "Look, Ginger, go anyway, check the console for the location and run for it, Boss is a pretty strict guy, don't need to be pissin' him off, not after the stunt you pulled with the ship"

    Tracy knew that tone, nodded and just went on out to the console in the hall, she was gonna be really late, but she took what little joy she could, by sliding most of the way there in her socks.

    He entered the room, he was first there. That was a good thing as Da'mina wanted Lead and being first was all part of that. Looking over he was Colonel Kya and duly saluted and stood to attention. "Reporting as ordered Sir." he stated before adopting the 'at ease' position with his finger clasped behind his back. He felt tension, but he was sure it was just him and without him being aware of it, his lekku began to twitch slightly. He hoped that his latest display of bravery and courage would afford him the position he so desired.

    Aden nodded absently at them all. He had called only those who were on the mission, and he nodded again, shifting in his hoverchair.

    “Well done to you all. Two key Confederate Intelligence targets were destroyed, and that cut away a spy ship in the very Coruscant system. I know this was another hard thought victory; but it is one.” Aden smiled warmly at them.

    He gestured, a holographic map appearing above them showing blue territories shoving into Alliance red, curving around the Core. “I’ve already had reports of Commenori ships pulling back from the front to defend their homeworld; they’re concerned that we’re going to follow up our actions with an offensive.” This had a perceptible impact upon the Confederate thrust into Core on the map, as there were now less units assembled against the outnumbered GA fleets; the margin of their defeat was smaller.

    “So we’ll be giving them one. In the next few days we shall prepare a major strike at Commenor; the units of Wraith and Dancer Squadrons - before the Confederates can deploy another ship to spy on our movements.” He regarded them all. “You need to rest up, and get your affairs in order, because we’ll need to move out in twelve hours time - this window you opened, that we’ve opened with the death of a fellow Wraith, in the face of the treachery we’ve personally faced from Tehanis and her scum...”

    His eyes hardened. “We need to take this chance, for Coruscant, and the billions of civilians trusting us to keep the chaos of the Confederation at bay.”
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    Jun 28, 2004
    Rhoen remained stone faced, but Syal's words rang in his head. Were they doing something wrong? He couldn't let it show, couldn't sow that doubt into his leader's mind. They needed to stay sharp, needed to stay focused if they were going to survive this war. Though he couldn't deny the fact that he was starting to question. Ever since he was ordered to destroy that freighter. He wouldn't turn his back on those that needed him. Though deep down he knew that if Syal made the choice to leave, he would follow her.

    Putting these thoughts out of his head he nodded to Colonel Kya. This war wouldn't stop until it did. Until then they needed to persevere, to keep their heads up and eyes out. That was all they could do the alternative was unpleasant.

    Natalia taking the seat closest to Aden fixed him with a slightly sour look. He knew exactly why, being out in a shuttle when he should be resting. He was good at giving orders, bad at taking them. She would have to have another talk with him. Until then she returned her focus to the holo projection. Finally they were no longer on the back foot they could strike out, maybe gain some ground after losing so much of it, for so long. They were weakened, but pressure if properly applied could change everything.

    her gaze moved to Rhoen and Syal, he was still close to her their shoulders touching, a reminder that he was still there.

    Tracy ran for it, and got lost again. The temptations to not go was getting stronger again. "Why did it have to be a different room?" She muttered to Ruby, "I remember where the last one was" her distance she was sliding on her socks was getting impressive. She laughed at the faces of the other officers she zoomed by, totally worth it.

    She came up on the room and slammed into the door with her right shoulder, as stopping wasn't as easy as it looked. The door then opened for her and she heard the Colonel say something about someone and their scum. She had a moment of panic as she doubted her life choices, her being dressed the way she was, and being this late, but then just decided to own it.

    Her head held high, she walked in still in her white tank top and shorts. The sling holding Ruby down she suddenly realised just emphasized her chest as her arm was held just below it. She bowed her head in apology and took a seat. She listened to the rest, to her it sounded like she got there just in time for the end.

    Aden narrowed his eyes at Tracy, but accepted it as the cost of her membership. He tapped, showing Commenor. "Our target will be a factory producing TIE fighters in the northern hemisphere. I intend to send a warning when we arrive in-system to let the factory owner know to evacuate the workers, but it shouldn't allow the enemy enough time to respond."

    "Any other target will merely be one of opportunity, but I do not want anyone taking risks. We need to launch another surgical strike, encourage the Commenori to pull more and more ships from the frontline; Dancer Flight will be on rearguard, to defend our exit point, while the Wraiths launch. The Wild Knights will be folded into the Wraiths and Dancer Flight to compensate for our losses today."

    He sounded somewhat grim. It was what it was.

    "I can't fly yet, and I doubt that Vua will be ship-ready by tomorrow." His eyes caught Tracy, but only with their shared knowledge. They slid by Keizar, conscious that she wasn't ready to command and it had only been circumstances which resulted in it. "As such I will likely appoint Da'mina to command the mission."

    He allowed that thought to percolate, and the ethical element he was pushing. Aden wanted to dispel the notion that he was a monster... he needed to be free to act as necessary, and to go through a mission without a comrade leaving would be a start.

    Tracy thought about it, all seemed good to her. She didn't catch when that would all go down but sounded soon. She looked to the others for their reactions. If 'Two' gave a reaction she had missed it. He seemed like the good army type so may not have given on. He seemed a bit cold toward her, but then again she knew she had been all sorts of unorthodox today, and army people hated that. She reminded herself to give him a chance.

    She looked at the woman, she got a bit more from her, but didn't really get what she thought about the situation. She seemed to Tracy like someone she wanted to know, she would have to introduce herself later.

    She then studied the man and woman opposite her, the 'Dancers' that she was now part of. Given how close they were sitting to each other they seemed to be a couple. She groaned internally and did her best to not roll her eyes. She had lived with being a third wheel all her life with her twin siblings. She was not looking forward to being in between these two. Then her frustration turned into mischievousness as she was an expert at getting under her sibling's skin. She then winced ever so slightly as she reminded herself that those two were NOT her siblings, and she should get to know them. . .//so I could torment them better. . .No, Bad Tracy, you're better than this//

    She then turned back to the Colonel, she hoped this would be over soon, she was getting cold again in her outfit. She needed her bedroom to be assigned to her, and her clothing on... And lunch.

    Da'mina snapped to attention. "Thank you Sir, I will do my utmost to do my very best." he said evenly. Finally, he'd gotten the recognition he felt he deserved.

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    IC: Aden Kya
    Aboard the Anakin Solo, night-time rotation, Coruscant dock-bay

    Heading back to the medics before Keizar told him off, Aden settled into the medbay, giving Keizar run of the room with a message. I have checked myself in, rest up, please. I will be back before the mission. Well done today, Natalia. I appreciate the support.

    Aden mused in his room, as the hours slid by. He was intrigued, because Jacen had left Coruscant on an unspecified mission, and all Aden could discover in terms of departures was a GA diplomats shuttle which headed to Hapes... which was unlikely to have much to do with Jacen, and was all to do with Niathal... who was ever present as the public co-Chief of State, keeping everyone reassured that the war was going well.

    A lie, of course, because the GA was losing, but Aden's information suggested the Confederates were spread exceptionally thin... and if he could cut the One Sith support out from under the enemy, then the GA would have a better chance. Which was essentially his plan.

    But that would prove difficult if Addie interfered, let alone Skywalker. Aden pouted. The two ships he had sent to Taris had reported in, still entangled in the minefield web. The tech was esoteric, and the main supplier of such mines was still a GA loyalist company... so it was less likely that the mines had been handed to the Confederation... and even less likely Addie had access... though if Adam had hooked up with them, he was more well connected than even Aden now...

    ... but no, a minefield would have been active before, somehow. Not after his ships showed up. It was masterful, but it was reactionary. There was only a minor amount of foresight involved. Adam was a lot more methodical than that...

    ... but the Intruder, he was following his instinct... clearly following something or other, some sense that he didn't entirely know... thus him intervening so... not haphazardly, but... anticipating, it seemed. An agent, perhaps. He hadn’t stepped in to stop Jacen nearly killing him… but he had to stop him dying. Thus, reactionary.

    The officers aboard the Ocean had put together a profile, and indeed managed to pick out some of the details of the ship which had been moored on the hull, discovered during their dig into the escape of Addie and the others… and the tech’s death had potentially been a kidnapping, it was believed, what with the connection between Becka and the tech. Curious.

    But he focused more on the Intruder. He was an… irritant. They didn’t need an equaliser between him and Addie. He needed to have the sureness that if he made a move, a hidden faction wouldn’t intervene. Now… he couldn’t sic a bounty hunter on Addie and the others, because that would be an official GA deployment, and it would have scrutiny. But on the Intruder? He was trying to stay off the radar, and so he was fair game.

    In short order, the bounty went out, and reached out to the underworld.

    Unknown third party intervening with my personal affairs; I require him to delivered to me, alive or dead. Use extreme caution; believed to be a Force user, possibly an Anzati or Sephi, from the physiological and psychological profile that has been assembled. What information is available is attached; he may be associated with Galactic Alliance defectors, who are not to be targeted.

    He shrugged. Dead or alive was a bit dramatic, but it might even incite the individual to head back and confront Aden… which was fine.

    Aden Kya slept, drawing upon the Force to rest.

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    In Aden's room

    The message was what it was, but the day had been a long one, and indeed, only three days ago Rogue Wing was gathering aboard the Ocean, preparing for the war.

    Natalia was welcome to the entirety of the suite, which was the most comfortable of those aboard, but her rest was not as peaceful. The door alarm would ring, indicating that someone sought her attention. The comlink chimed. "General Loran here. I need to speak to Colonel Kya."

    Rank spoken, indicating that it was being pulled on Aden.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422
    In Rhoen and Syal's room

    Another day, another battle, another skirmish won at the expense of their squadron cohesion.

    It wasn't the easiest of points to be made, but it was what it was. Rhoen and Syal had their room, but at very least they had their peace. Syal moved into comfortable rest clothes - shorts and a nightdress, though she retained undergarments, because, well, she wasn't a fan of going without, and now she shared a room with a boy.

    A soft snort, and she checked her comlinks for any messages from her fiance, Tiom. None, but that didn't mean he wouldn't message. The Second Fleet was out at the front, after all, and the Mawrunner was usually assigned to escort the Blue Diver, the flagship, so it would be in the action.

    Syal decided to put it aside by focusing on Rhoen; she pulled out the largest of her datapads, sitting on her bed cross-legged. "Movie?"

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422
    In Zueb's room, now Zueb and Tracy's room

    The Sullustan who had only 24 hours ago professed his undying love for Loriana, now had his den-mother upset with him, and he had to wonder if he had driven her to leave. He hoped now, but Zueb had nothing to go on - she hadn't left any messages to indicate why she had left, and nobody knew.

    She had just gone, though at least she had helped in the fight.

    Zueb folded his arms, and didn't even notice Tracy moving into her room. Zueb looked at her, and warbled in Sullustan, though the door display translated.

    Can you sleep somewhere else tonight? I need some space. Sorry, Tracy. I hear Da'mina has a free bed.

    Da'mina had been billeted with Vua, but he was unconscious in the medbay with Aden, which left Da'mina as acting Wraith Leader, and with an empty room, though most pilots would prefer the space. Indeed, most people preferred their peace and quiet.

    But at his door he had a visitor, as much as Keizar had for Aden, but this was actually someone coming to see Da'mina. "Captain's Saz and Lensi to see you," came a gruff Duros voice; Lensi. Blackmoon and Rogue Leader, respectively. One didn't usually have visitors like that in the night, but here they were.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, @I_am_Kooky (combo)
    IC: Admiral Bao
    En route to Adumar

    The Bothan fleet was bruised, but had successfully brushed the Galactic Alliance off Ixtlar and Wukkar. The Commenori withdrawing a Star Destroyer from the frontline had given the GA time to consolidate at Anaxes, but that wasn't going to delay them for long.

    Admiral Bao continued to turn the datacard through his fingers, debating what it meant. He had dedicated considerable Confederate Intelligence assets to working out what the Jedi, Tehanis and her rogues, Karrde, Terrik, and Antilles were up to. and they were not much further forward. They were all wild cards, capable of tremendous harm if they focused on a target. The Confederation could hardly ignore them; they would not harm them, but perhaps they could co-opt them.

    The Admiral was sure of this, and it was proving distracting. Until he knew, he was unable to focus... especially as the Confederation didn't have any reserves. Not at the moment, anyway. When Fondor delivered more Star Destroyers, or Corellia resurrected the assets drew from the scrapyards of Bracca... who knew. The GA had lost Kuat, but it would take months before the Confederation could use that...

    He couldn't keep any assets aside in-case any of them appeared and caused issues. Adalia, Adrian, Becka, Jesse, Loriana, now she had reportedly fled, probably Adam... let alone Kyp, who had personal ties to at least some of the others...

    Even this deployment was fraught with risk; elements of the main Bothan fleet had headed to Adumar to re-provision their missile supplies and starfighter numbers as the Adumari contributed mainly that, having found that their factories could be retooled to create Howlrunners. As they went, they were strewing the hyperlanes with mines, but that meant slowing the offensive on Anaxes even more.

    Within half a day they would be back, and they would rout the GA Second and Third Fleets, driving them Coreward again, to Alsakan.

    Then Coruscant the day after that.

    Then they merely needed to besiege the capital, and it was all done.

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    IC Ebony Leong
    On board her craft Thunderchild

    Ebony narrowed her black eyes, she'd spent the better part of the last few hours studying Anzati and Sephi, they were dangerous beings at best. Going back to her notes she read the descriptions sent by her employer again. She had come to understand she was not hunting a Sephi, no, it was a lot darker, older and probably more sinister that that. Her knowledge of Anzati was increasing and she had come to realise this hunt would be difficult at best. Sitting back from the screen she reached for her glass of deep fortified wine, bringing it to her lips and sipping before swirling the dark red liquid around in the glass. There was much to consider, and much more to plan.

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Syal and his room

    The fight was over, they had their orders it was time to relax and unwind for the next mission. It was late, he was a little tired worn out from flying glad to finally get some rest. He gave Syal her space as she got ready for bed. He gave her a smirk as he walked past her in her sleeping dress. All he had was some light sleep pants and a thin shirt, something easy to put on under his flightsuit or, step out of if there was time. It felt nice to just let go for a bit.

    He walked out of the fresher, remembering to put on his shirt this time. They didn't need more tension in this room, there was a war to fight and he couldn't keep making things worse. Though he couldn't deny the slight lift in his heart seeing her crosslegged on the bed looking at her datapad. Given that she wasn't on her comlink Toim hadn't called. Not that he would have minded...though the thought did make him a little guilty.

    He was getting better and quashing it and just being normal around her.

    "Movie?" She asked looking up.

    "Sure," He sat next to her, keeping a little distance between him and her, at least at the start. As he settled back her finding something to watch, he leaned into her just a little getting a better view. His heart still pained him, but he was too tired to care, and he just wanted to be there for her. "What you thinking?" He asked.

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    IC Adrian Malek, Adam Lyons, Kate & Kara Leeash, Jesse Coulson, Adalia Tehanis, Briana Odan, Kael Swiftflight (thanks you lot, was fun as always! Let the rollercoast ride begin!)
    Mess Hall - Hawkbat Base.

    "The rebellion never talked about the Black Sheep," Adrian said, now getting a bit heated at Adam's words. "And you know why? Because they did some terrible things, things the rebellion isn't proud of, but things that needed to be done. So they choose outcasts and expendables for these missions so our Mr Antilles could keep his hands clean." The words came out harsher than he had intended then, so he took a deep breath before adding. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to insult anyone but you have to forgive me when I rely more on the sources of a family friend than the undoubtedly biased opinions of a leading members of the Confederacy." He sat down, knowing that he likely had made himself a few new enemies but after the condescending words of the two older pilots he had just lost control over his emotions for a moment.

    Adalia needed to get with people, being alone with this man was becoming uncomfortable. She could 'feel' his intentions and she did not need that so when she entered the Mess hall she was very relieved to see several familiar faces. Crossing the room unnoticed she leaned down over Adam shoulder, draping her around over him and reaching over to grab a slice of fresh buttered bread from the tables center. "So what are we plotting here?" she asked before taking a bite of the bread.

    Jesse tried to keep up, she was increasing her pace, why was she doing that? Once she'd entered the Mess hall he stopped and watched as she acted very familiar with Adam. He knew they were close back it their day, like a brother and sister who caused trouble as a team, and it looked to Jesse that nothing was about to change in that respect. Despite they'd not been close in years it seemed neither had noticed that time. Looking around the table he saw Adrian and he seemed to be fitting in well, he hoped he was so lucky.

    Adam grinned, "Haven't really started plotting yet. Though you know the targets."

    Briana walked up over to Jesse and grinned wickedly, "What's up Kinky Boy."

    Kate saw Addie walk in and she breathed a sigh of relief as she saw how playfully she draped herself over Adam. In that action, she knew Addie was alright now, whatever was ailing her was gone.

    Kara still relaxed in her mother's hug, felt the shift in her mother's mood and she looked up. "Auntie Addie!" she pulled out from her mother and ran around the table and gently gave Addie a huge hug. Subtly putting herself between Addie and Adam. She pulls back from the hug just enough to be able to look Addie in the eyes "We are not plotting anything!. . .unless we can plot names for you baby!"

    Jesse cringed, "I think that's enough of that one thanks" He muttered attempting to get past her. He watched as the girl ran toward Adalia and after a hug dropped a bomb.

    Adalia's eyes widened as she glanced up at Kate and then to Adam and biting her lip. "" the lothcat was out of it's cage now and she had to come clean. "Well Kara, I'm not really at that stage yet. I only found out a few days ago myself and only told your Uncle a little while ago, " She turned and gave Adam a meaningful look, "He's still in shock I think." She winked at the girl. "But when we come up with a name for him, you will among the first to know, ok?" Nearby she felt a strange reaction to the news from someone, she glanced over to Jesse. His smile was long gone.

    Jesse reached for a chair and sat quietly in it. She was expecting and he knew then there was only one possibility of the father. He remained silent and sat quietly to watch this all unfold.

    Adrian wasn't sure how to react to these news, he hadn't known Adalia for very long and during that time she had shown him several times that she did not trust him. So he felt once again like an outsider as the others congratulated her, but this time it seemed Jesse was in the same position as the older pilot said nothing as well. Not wanting to come of as even more uncaring and to make up for his earlier outburst Adrian said: "Congratulations, I guess." And gave Adalia a smile.

    Adalia turned to Adrian when he spoke. "Thank you, and I owe you and Jesse an apology. I wasn't well when we made our break from The Ocean, and I behaved badly. I'm sorry. If I didn't trust you both, you'd not be here. I hope we can move on and leave it where it belongs, in the past." She spoke with genuine honesty as she glanced between the two of them. Jesse looked like someone had hit him, and she could feel he'd been more than a little surprised by her condition.

    Jesse gave a slow nod. "Forgotten already." he glanced over to the young woman who'd given him the new nickname. "Wish others would do the same. Oh, Congratulations are in order. The father should be pleased." He tried very hard to now sound bitter.

    Adalia smiled. "He will be." She walked to Kate and draped her arms around the young woman's neck. "Glad to see you relaxing a bit Kooks." she said quietly, "You need time." She stood up. "And right now, I need witnesses!" She turned to Adam with a wicked smile. "I need to do something and I need and audience to do it. Who's up for it?"

    Kate relaxed into Addie's hug half hug for the moment she had it. Although she was her superior at one point, their time together outside of work had definitely put a stop to that.

    Kara bounced "ohhhh me, me, me!.... What are we witnessing"

    Adam kept part of his attention on Adrian, while part of him was wanting to set him straight, Adam had a feeling that he may be feeling too defensive to listen right now. He looked at Kael and could see similar thoughts in his head, that and he was never the one who usually had to do something like that.

    Briana looked at the situation, she'd want to talk to him, but had a mission to get ready for. Irritated, she shook her head, "Adam, go ahead and get this show going." She said quietly to him.

    "Alright..." Adam could tell that she wasn't happy with him, and he'd pay for that later, he cleared his throat, "Everyone, part of the plan is going to start now in the hanger if everyone wants to see. Jesse? I assume you're ready also..."

    Jesse looked to him, and gave a nod. "Rested and ready for whatever you need from me." He needed a distraction now.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jem, Rooty, Marie, Erbas, Ilona - TEAM TWO!
    Just out of reach - oh so close but so far.......

    Rooty had slowed his A Wing to crawling pace, along with all the others, no sense in going anywhere till they knew where to go. His comm crackled.

    “We just gonna sit here till that sun over there goes nova?” Jem asked, “Or do you have a plan?”

    Rooty rolled his eyes. “Patience my young Padawan. These things take time.”

    “Padawan?!?” Jem questioned indignantly.

    Ilona rolled her eyes at their bickering. It reminded her of long patrols along the trade routes in the outer rim where boredom would eventually overcome any com disciplined lead to similar banter like this. But as a trained officer Ilona was less inclined to join in. Someone had to keep a clear head she reasoned.

    “Padawan. Hee hee.” Erbas was amused by that one. “You must learn Patience young one.” He added with a smirk.

    Marie sat back in her ship and grinned. She had missed this kind of torment and fun from this lot. Suddenly her open comm opened up and an outside message came in, seemed to be broadcasting over all their channels.

    “Office filled with foam, with a pink Ewok handing out demotions if the disco ball is in the wrong place…”

    She chuckled and spoke to the group. “Well there it is! We found what we were looking for.”

    Rooty openly laughed. “Looks like I’m already in her sights, this is gonna be such fun!”

    "Can someone please explain that to me?" Ilona asked not wanting to be left out of the loop again.

    "It goes back to our days on Oracle, code as such. Only a true Saber would understand. Encrypted co-ordinates with it. We've found what we need and it's time to move out." Rooty explained. He was a little excited. It'd been years since he'd seen Adalia or Adam, he was looking forward to this.

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    Ic Adalia Tehanis, Kyp Durron
    Hangar bay -Hawkbat - this was fun...……

    She had a purpose and her step showed that as she entered the hangar and headed directly toward the ramp of the freighter that Adam mentioned was being loaded. Glancing behind her she was pleased her ‘witnesses’ had come to see what she was up too. She turned and held her hand up, asking them to stop where they were. She could see him, this was it, this moment in time was the make or break. It was now or never.

    He’d completed helping put Corran’s X Wing into the freighter for transport. His new StealthX was already there. Kyp let his breath out slowly. He'd really messed up and coming back from this one was going to be close to impossible. He'd gotten the call to return to Endor en route back and had no excuse not to go now. He wished he did. The time to fix this was about to slip away. He couldn't stay and argue with her but didn't have the time. Nor did he have the ammunition or the energy either. He knew as soon as the words had left his mouth, he was wrong. He knew he'd wounded her so badly at a point in her life when he should have known better. It was going to take a lot more than 'sorry' to fix this. Just what was the question. Looking over to Whistler who was now sitting quietly beside him he asked "We set to go on board buddy?" The little droid gave a cheerful positive sounding chirp. "At least one of us is happy." He muttered. Then it struck him, she was here. She was on her way to him with determination. She exuded courage and was on a mission. This couldn't go well, there was no way it would end well for him. Turning he watched as she crossed the hangar bay toward him. Whatever she dished out; he'd take it. He deserved it.

    She didn't show any expression and kept her intentions close to her heart as she stopped about a meter from him. "Glad I caught you. Something I need to sort out with you before you go." she said coolly, her expression not betraying her intentions.

    He looked at her, long thick hair silken and falling around her shoulders in soft curls. She was wearing his sweatshirt and it had slipped off to one side revealing her creamy shoulder. He had to admit it, she was almost 'glowing' with her current condition and he suppressed the thought of how beautiful she currently looked to him. "I'm listening." he said with a good deal of defeat.

    Adalia squeezed her hand shut over the ring, a boost of courage as he could still mess this up with his arrogance. She pursed her lips in determination before making her move and hoping others were about to witness her do this. Drawing a deep breath, she dropped to one knee and pulled the ring to her right hand holding it as an offering. "Kyp Durron, would you do me the honour of marrying me?" her voice trembled slightly as after everything they'd been through this was a huge thing for her.

    He could feel her, she was building up to something big. It didn’t feel bad and that confused him. What could be bigger than what he'd learned earlier? It was clear enough to him finding out his impending fatherhood was the biggest news he'd ever had. What could be bigger? Then she dropped to her knee. The words she spoke were like a bucket of iced water on him. He stared at her in disbelief for a few seconds. 'THREE TIMES I ASKED!! THREE KRIFFING TIMES I PROPOSED!' his mind screamed. He looked to his boots. 'Get it together'. This was a huge move, he knew that. The answer he gave would decide not only her future but his. If he said no, he may never see his child. If he said yes, would she let his mistake go? Did he do to her what she'd done to him, three times? Was that even fair? Would she even tolerate that? All these questions raced through his mind, then the answer was clear. He looked up and smile forming on his lips. "Yes.”

    She grinned, she felt genuine joy as her heart was pounding. She offered the ring again with raised eyebrows, before reaching out and taking his left hand and slipping it onto his third finger. "Till it we can do it will this do as an engagement ring?" She looked up at him.

    He watched her put the ring on. Where had she gotten a ring out here? Had she planned this? He'd ask later. "Yes." He reached down and took her hands pulling her up to him and enveloping her in his arms. "I'm so sorry Ads, so very sorry for earlier. I love you." He hugged her into his neck. She smelled so good.

    "I know." she said quietly hugging back before kissing him lightly. "Do you have to go right now?" She asked softly.

    He didn't. An hour or two wouldn't make any difference. "No, I have about an hour or so."

    Adalia smirked. "What will we do with the other 45 minutes" Her emerald green eyes sparkled with mischief.

    He was used to her torment and smiled. "Oh, I don't know, discuss how large you are going to get? Hutt? Whaledon?"

    Adalia burst out laughing. Kyp was one of the few who she knew could lock verbal swords with her and potentially win. He could have her livid with rage and seconds later loving and affectionate. She lay her head on his shoulder and sighed deeply. "You were right." She pulled back to look him in the eyes. "You were right about Jacen. He did this to me," She pointed to her head, "it was him. I know it now and I was ......." These words were harder than the proposal, "Wrong."

    He gazed at her for a long time. She'd just said she was wrong and he would have to savour this moment as it was a rare and precious one. "Wrong huh?" He smiled and pulled her close "There's a word you don't say often." He murmered suggestively.

    She narrowed her eyes. "Let it go. You weren't exactly correct in your mad assumptions. I call it even now."

    He sighed. "Agreed, we're even." He conceeded, before went to kiss her.

    She pulled away. "Nope."

    "Huh?" He was confused now.

    She tugged at the goatee beard. "Choices’ Jediboy, me or this. Can't have both." She wore a mischievous and almost devilish smile.

    "Are you serious?" He asked in disbelief.

    She pulled out of his arms, "Try me." She winked and turned to walk away.

    He snaked his hand out and grabbed hers. "Ok, ok. You win. Took me four months to grow it you know." He said turning her to face him.

    Adalia smiled. "Isn't that ironic, will probably take you four minutes to lose it."

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    OOC: Thank you @Adalia-Durron for the combo, it was quite a bit of fun to cause some trouble for others.

    IC: Briana Odan, Jesse Coulton

    Jesse followed the group, he felt somewhat dejected. He'd admired her for so long and had even held out a slim hope she'd give him a sideways glance but not now. She was carrying another man's child and she looked happy. He couldn't help his own feelings, couldn't help still looking at her long hair sway as she walked and wonder what it felt like to run his fingers through it. He shook his head to clear those thoughts, there were too many around him right now that would figure him out. Young Kara seemed excited, but he got the impression the girl was excitable at the best or worst of times. He hoped the young woman who'd given him a rather annoying nickname would ignore him.

    Briana already had her stuff in the freighter that they were leaving in, it was kind of obvious with a Stealth X and a mostly green X-wing in it. She glanced at Jesse, "Got your stuff?"

    He frowned. "Stuff? What stuff do I need?" He had no idea what they had planned for him, for all he knew he was about to pull down the engine of a speeder! "I got here with nothing but the clothes on my back," he admitted.

    Briana raised an eyebrow, "Nothing? You might want some clothes, that stuff might get quite stinky before too long."

    He shrugged. "Unless the stuff I came in is washed, this is all I have." He wished he'd had more time to get things, all he had was on his back and in a hamper basket in their room. The bag he'd retrieved had underwear and toiletries, but little more. "Don't suppose there's more stashed on base here?"

    "Flight suits won't be a problem, civilian clothes probably not so much. Might want to find something while we're picking up the freighter, besides Swift's style is a bit weird. Everything involves goggles." She snickered a bit, and heard a bit of a 'Hey' from Kael.

    Jesse half-smiled, he'd noted the man had goggles on, he had no idea why. "Well, a flight suit’s better than nothing. I might be able to access my credits, but I have a feeling the GA may have frozen my accounts and attempting to access would alert them to where I was." he said, "So unless someone's rich enough to help there, don't even know who paid for what I have now. I think Kate may have gotten them."

    Briana looked at Jesse and grinned wickedly, "The GA can, we're using an Intelligence account, so... well at least Swift and myself are." She pointed out Addie's new X-wing, "By the way, that's how you give a woman a present, not by trying to kill them and sending them halfway across the galaxy."

    Jesse looked over. "I saw it, it’s her for sure, has she seen it yet? Who gave that to her and has that many credits?"

    He asked curiously, "And Aden wins no prizes for being a gentleman. In the short time I knew him, I got that. Arrogance is his calling card."

    Briana grinned, "Stealth did, the company he consults for is so happy with him for creating a ton of business for them that they decided to build fighters for everyone who joined. That and much of the transport is done through Kirney's company." She shrugged about Aden, "I only know of his reputation, and if what's heard is true, he's also a war criminal."

    "He is, but that'd be one of those 'points of view' things I suspect." Jesse turned to watch what was going on and saw Adalia crossing the deck toward the freighter, the object of her approach now clear. It was 'him'. Jesse suppressed a feeling of bitterness. "I wonder why she wanted...." he stopped as he watched her do something he'd never seen a woman do in his time. She looked like she was proposing! "Is she doing what I think she is?"

    Briana shook her head, "No killing civilians without real proof, pretty much hits war criminal pretty well." She looked at where Jesse was looking, she smirked, "Yep, though I suspect it's the public one. Magic Boy wasn't here when I dropped off my stuff around 45 minutes ago." She looked at Jesse, "Find someone else, you're not going to win. At least not romantically, though there are other ways to earn her trust."

    Jesse spun to face Briana, a look of disbelief and shame on his face. "Am I that transparent?" he hissed in shock. He thought he'd been hiding his thoughts and feelings well. He looked back and the couple was hugging, clearly, the Jedi has said yes to her question. "Doesn't matter now does it?" he sighed.

    Briana grinned, "A bit, then again I am a Wraith we're good at spotting things." She elbowed him a bit, "Hey, just keep your visual sensors up, you never know what might happen."

    He shook his head. "Wanna tell me what he has planned for me?" he indicated his head toward Adam. "Never said, and maybe help me find me a spare flight suit in case?" He glanced over to Adalia. "Nothing I want to see here any more."

    Briana shrugged, "Unless your parents are ruling members of a planet or have unique skills, I don't know if he has specific plans for many of us." She considered for a moment running off what she knew of Adam, "Well I suspect there will be some simulator time for most if not all of us that are staying. No offense, but he's not much of a fan of how the GA trains its pilots right now. Beyond that, I don't know how much he has planned in any sort of detail. That's sort of why he's looking for information and wanting me to try to get footage of the bombardment into the hands of the rulers of Naboo. The kid will have similar footage to give to his parents on Eriadu." Briana shook her head and whispered, "Visual sensors, remember?" She returned to slightly quieter than her normal voice, but made sure to be close enough for Adam to hear, "Come on this way, besides, you never know if you get caught with a female mechanic that's caught in your ways and decides to jump you." She knew she'd catch a glance from Adam for that.

    Jesse clearly missed the reference, he saw Adam give her a cursory glance and figured it was an inside dig. He considered himself a good pilot but knew that Adam, Addie, and others were more like Wedge when it came to being unorthodox. He figured he probably had a lot to learn especially if he took what he'd seen Adalia do the last time he flew with her was anything to go by. "Lead the way." He said quietly, "And do I need goggles for that?" he glanced at the other man with a smirk.

    Briana grinned, "Not if you want to lose your chance with women."

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    IC Bernael
    Observing Hawkbat Base

    More information came in about the bounty hunter, she was good, but he doubted she had come up against one of his kind, let alone what he was. Smiling, he set the program to keep track of her and her travels, just to ensure she didn’t sneak up too much. That taken care of, he turned his attention back to Hawkbat.

    Sensing that things were moving apace, he decided it was time to begin his approach to the facility. The Fury was still stealthed so he had it slowly make its way in system. As it approached, he let the ship drift close to different sensors, just to see what their field of effect was. Soon enough he had registered how effective each was and had such information logged.

    The Fury moved closer and closer to Hawkbat, but he still hadn’t decided on the best approach to the base. Flying straight in would be too much of an explosive entrance. He hadn’t been doing what he had, for so long, if he made his presence known from kilometers away. So he searched the system, waiting for the opportunity he needed to make as quiet an approach as possible.

    While he waited he did a final review of those he knew to be there. There was the group from the Oracle, each of which had their own skills and abilities, there was the fourth major spike, the Jedi, there were other sources he had yet to meet, and lastly there were the two minor spikes he’d felt from Kashyyyk that were there. Well almost finally, the last truly was the one he’d spent the time waiting to meet, again.

    He got the sense her mind was restored so he knew this time would be different and that she probably would only vaguely remember their first meeting, if she remembered at all. No issue with that, he’d dealt with missing memories, even had caused a few, in his time. His plan, his path, would still be followed. The only real question that remained was how she would react to, deal with what he had in mind.

    That question nagged at his mind as the Fury kept its station relative to the base and he waited for the right opportunity to land and take care of his business there.

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    (A combo post with our gm @Sinrebirth )

    Natalia Keizar
    Aden's room

    Taking her time she started to put things into order. The day was over the the mission a success even with the loss. Though Aden assured her that he would handle the letter to the next of kin. But she couldn't help herself from looking up her records. Cayleigh Cavanugh leaves behind a mother, father, and a brother back on Carratos, her home. She knew it didn't help anyone to look over this stuff, to only cause herself pain. Putting her datapad away she sat on the bed, laying back a little just breathing calming herself everything would be fine Aden would a way, they would find a way.

    The door chimed.

    "Who could that be?" She asked herself as she answered the call, General Loran on the other end. He started with his rank, clear that this wasn't a social call.

    ""General Loran here. I need to speak to Colonel Kya."

    It took her a moment to answer taking breaths to calm herself before speaking.

    "Unfortunately I must inform you General that Colonel Kya is in medical at the moment and shouldn't be disturbed." She said summoning her courage. Aden was injured and needed his rest, having a general descend upon him would not be good.

    General Loran huffed over the comlink. "And who is this? Keizar? Open up; I need to speak to you too." Again, that authoritative tone. He was certainly on the prowl today.

    "Yes sir." She replied, her heart beating a little faster. The tone in the General's voice was felt and heard something was going on, something that needed someone's attention. Moving to the door she opened it and stood to the side allowing Loran to enter. "Natalia Keizar sir logistics officer for Wraith Wing."

    "And temporary Flight leader in the last skirmish with Confederate Intelligence resources, I gather," Loran said as he swept into the room. "The engagement which Dancer Three fled." An engagement which a Wraith died in, was unsaid, but Loran felt it, notwithstanding that the Wraiths in Starfighter Command were separate from the Intelligence branch.

    "I am investigating those that fled with Adalia Tehanis. We find it likely that there was a connection between them and Loriana; her escape was too close in time to the Tehanis group's escape. But at the same time, Colonel Kya authorised a bombardment of Taris while pursuing them... hundreds of civilians died, and as this is my investigation, I don't need someone blowing up my evidence trail."

    Loran was practising irritation about the latter half of his sentence... but the first half provoked enough real outrage to allow him to summon the adequate annoyance. The attack on Taris was being hushed up by the GA, of course it was; but that didn't mean he wouldn't dig into it... while testing out for more pilots who wanted out.

    She looked away at the mention of the skirmish though she was put in command she didn't feel it. The general was not pulling any punches or even trying to hide his annoyance, or maybe he was playing it up. She was aware for some of Wraith Squadron', the original one, antics. However the attack on Taris did seem to hit a nerve with the intelligence officer. She hadn't heard of the attack, but she was sure if Aden ordered it he had a good reason.

    "Colonel Tehanis and her ilk are dangerous criminals and enemies of the Alliance if A...Colonel Kya ordered a bombardment it was justified." She retorted giving a small defense of her commander's actions. "As to Starskimmer yes I do believe that she has abandoned her post to join them."

    Loran peered at Keizar as if the first time he'd seen her. "Justified, eh? Much like Kashyyyk being attacked, perhaps?" Loran looked into her eyes.

    "Did you have any concerns about Dancer Three before she defected? Are you aware of any interpersonal problems in the Wing?"

    "This is war General." She replied not wavering from his gaze. As to Dancer Three I didn't notice much, I have only been with the squadron for a day. She seemed competent if a little withdrawn. With the war like it is I am not surprise that her loyalties were in question. A Corellian serving in the Alliance. It couldn't have been easy, though I will not suspect her reasons for abandoning her post. Though the Laws are clear on desertion."

    “Yes,” Loran said. “It is,” not daring to wonder if she meant him; not that his face would show his concern. He felt no guilt about doing the right thing.

    “Well then,” he looked around absently. “I’ve all I need to know, Keizar. I’m sure Colonel Kya will recover and lead our forces to glorious victory soon enough.”

    He produced a datapad. “This is a transcript of the latest Joint Chief’s meeting. It seems Solo has a plan to turn the entire war around. But he’d vanished, and the Confederation will reach Coruscant in two days. The fighting isn’t even over on Ixtlar and Wukkar and the Corellians and Bothans have moved onto Anaxes... and Colonel Kya is harassing Commenor? Curious priorities, no?”

    He whirled to leave. “Can you be trusted with this?” Face raised an eyebrow. “I have other places to be, and don’t have time to track down Colonel Kya.”

    Keizar kept her cool not giving anything away as the General seemed to question Kya's movements. "I can be intursted with anything you would give to him." She replied though she did not doubt his strategy she would ask him about it. Though she couldn't deny a part of her that was annoyed, he was fighting to win your war, they should just keep out of it. "Have a good day sir."

    “Thank you, Keizar.” Loran smiled warmly. Maybe she was just a slightly brainwashed woman. That didn’t make her harmless; but as least she had some durasteel to that last comment - she’d get there on her own.

    “May the Force be with you.” He saluted, and turned away, leaving the datapad with her.

    Of course; it was unlocked.

    Natalia took the datapad, and looked it over, curious and worried as to what the Joint Chief's were saying how the war was going on all fronts. She planned to condese it for Aden, to give him a simple summary so that he could recuperate. If he was well enough.

    The datapad clarified it all; that 20% of the GA military had left with the Hapans; that they were in the retreat until Jacen's mysterious plan to bring the Hapans back into the fold materialised; the secession of the entire Halla Sector to the Confederation; with an addendum that the Confederation were increasing recruitment efforts to the Corporate Sector, Imperial Remnant and Eriadu Authority.

    Those three entities represented nearly forty sectors; if they swapped sides the GA would be utterly finished.

    The Corporate Sector and Eriadu were independent at the moment, having seceded but not joined the Confederation; the Remnant remained an ally of the GA, having donated a Super Star Destroyer to the war effort; the Megador. There wasn't much else to add at present.

    All the clarification that the datapad had was the uncertainty about whether the three of them had reached out to the Confederation of vice-versa. If the latter, it was an entirely different consideration, as the Remnant Moffs were just as likely to ignore an effort as they were to consider it, especially as the recently ascended Imperial Head of State Pellaeon was staunchly pro-GA.

    A lot of strategic information was thus held on the datapad.

    She had to take a breath, a deep one. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. More and more planets were slipping from their grasp, and more and more people were joining the otherside. Was it up to them to try and shore up this faltering systems, to try and keep them in the Alliance. The Remnant was well in hand though what else could they do than give the Alliance what ships they could. What was more worrying was the Corporate Sector, and Eriadu Authority. Neutrality was never permanent, at any moment they would turn against the Alliance. It was getting harder to find friends or find a way out.

    Taking some time she started to condense the information making it easier to read rather than the many paragraphs she was handed. It didn't help, it was still worrying everything she was seeing, everything that was going on. She was not a general, she was not a leader or a strategist she could organize, she could schedule, keep things running, but making the decision on where troops should go....

    She had no idea...she could only hope that Aden did.

    Loran walked back into the room; the door was not entirely shut. He grinned a her, and the datapad she had been reading. "Well hello there; having a peak were you?"

    He reached for the pad and in a moment it was in his hand, held above her. "This is classified, you know."

    "This information could be useful to Colonel Kya? Should he not be privy to this information?" She asked still holding on to the datapad. Her steel trap memory had it all, but there could be more, something overlooked.

    “For him,” Loran said, conscious her hand was still on it. “But I don’t recall you having authority to deal with the same.”

    “I am a General; I could have you arrested, of course.” Loran let go. “Or perhaps I’ll just remember this conversation. I might need a favour later, after all.”

    With a wave of his hand, he turned to leave, and was sure to shut the door as he went.

    She held the datapad close, feeling a sense of victory. Yes it might have been in breach of secrecy, but Kya needed to see this needed to know what was happening out there. She would give him that.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Zueb and Tracy

    Zueb folded his arms and didn't even notice Tracy moving into the room. Zueb looked at her, and warbled in Sullustan, though the door display translated.
    "Can you sleep somewhere else tonight? I need some space. Sorry, Tracy. I hear Da'mina has a free bed."

    Tracy was picking through her stuff looking for her headphones. She wasn't sure if Zueb would be a snorer but she was gonna hedge her bets, and he might be less offended if she 'always' had headphones. She had come back from fixing what she could on 'her' ship. She was still revelling a little in the joy of impressing that mechanic chic she met earlier, by doing an awful lot despite Ruby being in a sling. But now her shoulder was really sore, and she was so tired from the adrenaline-filled day, topped on top of that with a nice relaxing shower, she wasn't even gonna change into her night gear, just fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

    She looked back at Zueb, raised her eyebrow. "Look, I'm sorry for what ever happened, but no, I won't" she pointed to her bed, the lower bunk. "That's my bed, and I have had a long day too. I'm happy to put my headphones on and face the wall and be quiet while you work through.... whatever....but, I'm sleeping in my assigned bed." She tried to sound pleasant, but she was determined to stay, she wanted to sleep.

    Zueb looked at her. "Fine," he muttered, rolled over, and pulled a cover over his head. "It's not as if you understand whats really going on." The Sullustan said. "Do whatever you want."

    She rolled her eyes and quietly sighed. "Do you wanna talk about it?" she wouldn't be able to offer much help with whatever ever his issue was, but she didn't want to seem rude. She recognised the tone as she used similarly when she was coming to grips with her new life paradigm. She eventually sought professional help, and it helped her more than she thought it would, and sometimes, just the act of talking it out was good.

    Zueb paused, and sat up. "I thought Loriana was interested; I offered her a family heirloom as a sign of my returned interest... she rejected it, my Den-Mother found out and is livid, and then Loriana leaves." He peered at her with his round eyes. "Not sure what there is to talk about."

    "Ooof" Tracy sighed, as she crawled into her own bed, suppressing a sigh of relief. Mulling over what he had said, but as she expected, she didn't really have much to offer this poor soul. She might have even left and given him space had she not had a big day herself.

    "I'm sorry that sucks, not sure what to say.... today, as my first day as a pilot, I was nearly dead twice, landed my ship upside down, the got..... Injured on a rescue, .....and now I have to fix my own ship as well,.... Granted not as painful as a broken heart, disappointed family and the feeling of abandonment. I don't have any good words to offer, you have my sympathies. "

    Zueb didn't expect her to. He paused. "I am sorry for your first day as a pilot, Tracy."

    He swayed his head slightly in thought. "Thank you for staying, it's appreciated. Hopefully your second day will be better..."

    "Heh, well, we can only go up from here, the both of us! I look forward to living another day, it's all gonna be okay, Good night." Tracy offered in a genuine heartfelt tone.

    “Me too, Tracy.” He sniffed. "I appreciate what you’ve said, Good night, then."

    He clapped his hands and shut off the lights. Bedtime, at last.

    Tracy didn't even have time to put her headphones on, as she was asleep just before her head hit the pillow.

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    IC Kate and Kara

    Kara was walking close with Aunty Addie as they made their way to the hanger. Kate caught the look in Addie's eyes, that 'im on a mission' look and saw the determination directed at the individual at the end of the hanger, Kyp. Even in her brain fogged state, she made the connection, and she gently reached out for Kara and pulled her back close to her. Kara looked back her mum, confused and slightly indignant //I was walking with my aunty, I was safe, why are you being sooo overprotective!// She wanted to say but kept quiet.

    They stood with the others and watched the whole scene play out.

    Kara only recognising what was going on when she saw Aunty Addie bend on her knee. Her arms raised in little excited fists near her face, she held her breath as she waited for Uncle Kyp to say something. It took wwwaaaay longer than she would have expected, she felt her heart almost breaking at the silence, then he said 'yes'. "WOOO!" and she leapt into the air, hands raised, she couldn't contain her joy! She started to run up so she could give them both a hug, but her mother stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. She looked back to see her mother with tears in her eyes, but a smile on her face. She gave her mum a hug instead. She was just so excited, she just hoped she could be at the wedding!

    Kate watched as the moment unfolded, she quietly laughed to herself, //bout time// she wasn't sure if they would ever go through with it, both being independent and strong-willed, she knew what this meant to Addie, and she was glad that Kyp could see it too. The whole thing just warmed her heart, the first person she wanted to tell was Eak, he had to know about this! He was sure it was never going to happen. She even subconsciously reached for her belt to call him, but as she couldn't find her comm, she remembered and knew he wouldn't be there anyway. She saw Kara start to rush off, and she was so happy for her friend, she wanted to follow but saw that these two would need some time together without their interference and so she stopped her daughter. She knew she was in no state to truly convey just how happy she was, even though she wanted to.

    She looked at the others, as she whipped away her tears. She nodded at Adam, and the others, and turned and walked away taking Kara with her. Kate was going to bed, she needed sleep, she needed to stop being 'on', she just needed to disappear for a while, and whether Kara wanted to or not, she was coming with.

    Once back in their room, "Kara you need to rest as well" Kate said too tried to hide how tired she was. "MMuuuummmm" Kara whined, as Kate just fell ungracefully onto the lower bunk bed, kicking off her shoes but nothing more. "You lay down in your bed, and just be still, no star trek, no light, just rest your body. We have had a very, very long week already and we need to gather our strength for the future, whatever it holds." She heard Kara turn off the light, then climb up on to the top bunk, deliberately not using the ladder, and it made Kate smile. "You are safe enough on this base, you are allowed to wander about, but just have comm on you so I can call. Do not leave the confines of this base. Bekka and Aunty Addie will protect you, so will Adam and Adrian. The others here Adam trusts, so I do as well" she felt sleep taking her. "Just, be sensible like I know you can be, and have your comm. . .I love you" she said as sleep overcame her and she didn't hear Kara respond "Love you too, Mum"

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    IC: Syal Antilles
    Room of Rhoen and Syal, aboard the Anakin Solo

    The Corellian woman nudged Rhoen to sit with her, and smiled. "I don't mind too much. I'm sure we can figure it out." Of course, they spent some time looking for a movie, and Syal nodded off, leaning on Rhoen. She had intended to discuss matters further with the man, but instead, everything was calm and relaxed and she just fell to sleep on the man.

    He made her feel safe in a world gone mad.

    The Morning, Coruscant time

    The day after saw the squadrons filter into the mess. The pilots had their own one, as much as the officers and bridge crew did, and the gunnery and engineers crews did. But even then, many of the pilots abounded on their own routines, and ways. The ones who had been aboard the longest had their own cliques and intents, and kept to their rooms or had food from home.

    That left Tracy, Da'mina, Rhoen, Syal and Keizar to the mess, a small group in the comparatively large room, when it came to the allotted time for the Wraiths and Dancers to go in. The Wild Knights had been disbanded, largely due to the loss of Loriana and another Wraith. Already they were being whispered as the 'A Team' and everyone else was staying away from them.

    A was for Aden.

    stayed asleep, clearly sleeping off his recent stress, trauma, and heartbreak, mind you.

    But Syal woke refreshed, and was even happier because she had messages from Tiom, which she was entirely focused on. "The Second and Third Fleets managed to withdraw to Alaskan, and apparently there were a lot less Commenori ships there than when they fought at Ixtlar and Wukkar; we're definitely having an impact!"

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    IC: Senator Doe

    Halmad, Halmad system

    The war continued, and so, too, did business. The worst thing to do was lose yourself to fear, and the Senator refused to allow that to happen. So while he encouraged vigilance in accordance with Galactic Alliance regulations, organising some raids on suspected criminal locations, and of course reporting back to Coruscant, Doe also paid attention to commerce.

    Today was a big day, as there was a sizeable freighter arriving. An elderly Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser, the Stalwart, was delivering supplies and the like, and Doe had poured some of his personal finances into have some luxuries included in the cargo, to spread around as much as possible to the less fortunate.


    That meant two Y-wings were presently escorting it in, the two-seater rear-firing ion cannon variant; the best for guarding cargos, in Doe's experience - he himself had flown a Y-wing during the Rebellion... oh so many years ago, after he defected from the Empire with his TIE Bomber. Memories; ancient ones, now, forty years prior - the moment Doe heard the Declaration of Rebellion he had set-off, after bribing a tech to fit a hyperdrive and shields to his Bomber... and convert the bomber chute to a liveable space.

    So many, many, many years ago.

    He missed that Bomber, but it had been destroyed during the Vong War.

    Blasted scarheads.

    Either way, he watched the arriving ship on the sensors of the main spaceport tower, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible to the crew running the actual arrival. An overbearing Senator was just going to be annoying, and especially an old man like him. First the bulk cruiser would filter through the outer system, having decanted early to pass by sub-light power through the asteroid belt, and then head to Halmad proper. If the planet was closer to the sun, there would be space to micro-jump from the belt, but this time of year, the gap was too small, so there was a longer period at sublight for the crew and cruiser.

    Back in the day, this was the most dangerous portion of the mission, as clearing raiders out of the asteroid belt was almost impossible, but that hadn't been an issue for some thirty years. To think he was living through his fourth galactic war...

    What a galaxy.

    But of course, that was a big enough ship to carry with it trouble... and indeed attract it.

    Or, in the case of Bernael, perhaps hide it.

    But it would be a welcome cover to enter the system proper... maybe even to leave it.

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    IC: Darth Wyyrlok I

    Korriban, Cloister of Xoxaan

    The Chagrian with the broken horn swept into the audience room. It was empty, though a conclave was planned for later this week between the One Sith. Today, it was just him and the self-proclaimed White Eyes, and Wyyrlok was narrow-eyed in frustration.

    "We have lost two assets to the Galactic Alliance. Sith are dead."

    "Yes, my lord," White Eyes said, chagrined.

    "The Master sleeps, and he has noticed the loss. He is displeased, especially as we seem to be supporting the Confederation at the expense of the Galactic Alliance, when it is the conflict we require."

    "My lord," White Eyes began, but Wyyrlok cut him off.

    "Therefore, we must arrange an assassination."

    "Yes, my lord," he said, eyes flittering. "The target?"

    "Pick one of the independent worlds, and kill one of the politicians speaking up for renewed dedication to the Alliance. It will create a backlash, as they will think that the Confederates killed them. Use one of the Bothans we have on retainer, if need be, to sell the act."

    "Eriadu, perhaps?"

    "The Master does not care; he simply wishes for the scales to shift towards the Alliance more, before Solo loses."

    "We cannot find Solo, my lord."

    "The Master knows; he is seeking him with his sight in his dreams... but there are too many... vagaries. Swirls of possibility unaligned with the Alliance and Confederation abound; a third faction is forming, which may expand the war all the more, or end it. The war is supposed to be a distraction; not undo our influence nor numbers."

    White Eyes was silent; he already had a very good idea who was responsible for the loss of their two Confederate-based assets; he was already aware that many of the One Sith had erred from involving themselves with the Alliance because of Jacen - the threat of discovery was too much, and Jacen was that powerful; he was aware that a very different assassination may need to be planned.

    "Therefore, if another Sith dies, the Master will awaken, intervene personally, and you will pay for interrupting his slumber."

    He nodded to Wyyrlok. Of course. A threat. "Of course, Darth Wyyrlok."


    TAG: No-One
    IC: Rivoche Tarkin-Na'al

    Eriadu, Seswenna Sector, Eriadu Authority


    As Lord Protector of Eriadu, Rivoche Tarkin-Na'al frowned at the galactic map. The niece of Grand Moff Tarkin, she had been a secret Rebel operative for years, and, after the Battle of Yavin, had been extracted by General Cracken. Since Eriadu had eventually joined the New Republic (and by eventually, she meant after the Bastion Accords), she had been able to return home, but suspicion remained a thing.

    That didn't stop her leveraging a position between the notoriously Imperial humanocentric Quintad, trading ironically in on her name as a Tarkin to act as a liaison between the five families that ruled Eriadu and the New Repubic, even becoming their Senator. Of course, Eriadu retained its independent streak, and its Imperial one, so it hadn't taken much for them to secede from the Galactic Alliance...

    ... and even less to have them consider the Confederate cause as the newest cause, especially with promises that Eriadu could take a chunk of the southern quadrant as its own.

    Tarkin-Na'al had managed to stop them so far, and was happy to provide clemency for any family that sent men and women to support either side. Eriadu had plenty of defences of their own; reconditioned Dreadnaught-class cruisers and more modern Nebula-class Star Destroyers.


    Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser


    Nebula-class Star Destroyer


    Nebulon C frigates

    Not precisely many of them; enough to field a quartet of task forces made up of one Destroyer, two Heavy Cruiser and four Nebulon-C frigates. Nothing to the twenty-Destroyer fleets the GA, Confederates, Imperial Remnant, Hapans and so forth. But more than enough to protect Eriaduan interests.

    But what was an issue was Eriaduans which were neither GA, Confederate nor Eriaduan in focus. Which meant that the Malek family was coming up in conversations with the Five Families. At some point, she would need to send assets after him, but that would not look good on her.

    For now, though, she had to wait for him to resurface. The Confederation wanted them to join, but Rivoche was more worried about isolating Eriaduans within either faction. Independence and neutrality was one thing, but commitment was another.

    Crossing her fingers again, she took a breath and watched as the five family heads filed in.

    By the end of this meeting, she would end up showing her Alliance colours; she always did... it was a terrible habit, but she had turned on her entire family out of principle.


    It had to be done.

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    IC: Adam Lyons

    Adam was pleased with Adalia’s proposal between herself and Kyp. Adam looked around and he could see most everyone there. Beka wasn’t there as she was recovering in the med bay, nor was her ‘guest’ however, Ariadne was here, or at least in the background. Briana was walking off with Jesse, Adam's memory was jogging something about him mentioning a lack of clothes. He shrugged and gave himself a mental note.

    Adam walked forward a few paces, cleared his throat and turned around. “Most of you know me, a couple may only know of me, and others are wonder who can be so crazy to jump into a fleet engagement, fly a solo mission to send a message to an old friend and bring several of them here.” He smiled, “Then again some of you know me very well and still wonder about me.Adam glanced at Kael, Kyp, and Adalia, and could certainly see Kael’s grin, and beyond the crowd could see an evil smirk from Briana.

    To go through my record would take too long, trust me. During the Vong War, I was a Wraith, though I did fly missions with either the Wraiths or the Twin Suns. That said, the Wraiths had very few rules, if any when dealing with the enemy.” He could see Kael’s grin, “Later when Addie and I combined our squadrons, we had about as many rules as the Intel Wraiths do.” He took a breath, “That’s my proposal on what we do here now. That’s why you see starfighters here just for those of you who’ll stay. If you can’t stay, we can come up with missions for you, even if it’s just digging up information in a safe place so you can pass it along to our allies.

    He saw an impatient glare from Briana and could see some fidgeting from Kara, “So short term, there’ll be three operations. One, we get Addie’s ship out of storage on Naboo. Kyp is kind enough to take us there, so long as we bring Addie’s ship back undamaged. Those who risk crossing a member of the Jedi Council and much worse Addie will be Briana and Jesse.” He could see Briana roll her eyes and mouth, “Thanks Stealth...Adam smirked, “You’re welcome HQ. Two will be a mission to Eriadu. Beka’s X-wing is impounded there for some reason,” He could see Ariadne’s grin, “So I would like Adrian and a team to go there and get it out of there...legally...and have it ready to be picked up.” He glanced around, “Third, I will be going to Adumar, partially so I can do my consulting job to an extent, and partially to be meeting with a friend of mine.

    He gazed at everyone, “I’m not saying everything that we’ll be doing, partially for your safety, partially because things are developing quickly so things might be added quickly. That said, I do believe that we need to get information about Taris out to more people without any spin,” He looked at Adrian, “so I want Adrian to take a video we’re working on to your parents. I want that everywhere, so the next time they do that, Jacen and Aden will face nothing but angry blasters pointed at them.

    That’s short term, longer-term is connecting with the Jedi Order, Wedge and others who will give fits to the GA. Maybe it’ll allow the Confederation to survive.” He shrugged, “Questions?

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