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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jesse Coulson
    Hangar - Hawkbat.

    He'd gotten a flight suit and came back to Adam getting everyone's attention. Stopping he listened as he knew he wanted to be part of this group. Then Adam told them what 'his' mission was and who with. His mouth fell open slightly as he couldn't believe his rotten luck. He glanced at Briana beside him, he had no issue with her, but the other member of the team may be an issue. Jesse looked down at the flightsuit in his arms, he was almost sure Adalia had no idea how his admiration had developed further so quickly. He was as sure that her new fiance wouldn't be so ignorant to it. He'd heard Jedi had the ability to sense others feelings and emotions, how was he going to hide this? How far from Naboo were they and how long would he have to control his thoughts? He'd stopped listening to Adam and had no idea what the other missions were, but right now he didn't care. Attempting to control his mild panic he heard Adam ask 'Questions?' Jesse looked up. He had one but chose to save it for a less public moment.

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  2. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Rivoche Tarkin-Na'al, Ethan Malek (combo with @Sinrebirth)
    Later, after the sit-down with the Five Families

    The meeting with the Quintad had not gone amazingly well, but there were no surprises there. Two of the families wanted to join the Confederation, after all. Two wanted to stay independent from the war, and setup on their own. However, the fifth was undecided, but Rivoche knew they were really supportive of the Alliance... which was an unpopular opinion.

    As it was, she managed to leverage a stalemate, but they confirmed that not a single more Eriaduan civilian was allowed to be a member of either faction. About nonaligned parties? They wanted as much instability minimised as possible. Thus, Rivoche was headed to meet with an old friend at his residence. She had an appointment already, made in anticipation of the meeting going about well as she had expected.

    Sometimes, she wondered if her late uncles way of demanding respect by force was more effective.

    Nonetheless, here she was, ringing the doorbell of the residence.

    Here we go,

    She needed to speak to him about his son.

    Ethan looked up as the sound of the doorbell rung through his appartment. He didn´t expect any visitors, certianly not in this late hour. Seems whoever wants to visit me has it so important they couldn´t have waited for tomorrow. This was curious, or could it be that whoever was out there had news of Adrian? Since he had last spoken to Ilona more than 24 hours had passed and since then he had done little else than waiting for news.

    He knew he shouldn´t be here, he knew that with her contuing dementia Tanja needed her husband at her side more than ever, but so far he had stayed here, in their appartment in the captial city, hoping that like this he could be closer to any incoming news, be they politically or family related.

    Takeing a deep breath he stood up from his armchair next to the fireplace and blinked severeal times to at least somewhat weaken the fog that filled his eyesight. Some of his friends had suggested that he should take one of the cybernetic replacements to regain his sight but Ethan felt uncomfortable to turn himself into half a droid to fight the signs of his age. Using his comlink to mute the music he had playing in the background

    Ethan made his way towards the door, while allowing himself a weak smile at the thought that back in his youth he had been able to be at the door and back in the living room with whoever guest he had that he now needed to just get to the door.

    His appartment was locaed in one of the shining spires of the capital that was privarily a home for the rich and influential members of Eriadu´s society and so he expected to see a fellow noble on the other side.

    He smiled as his suspiscions where proven correct. "Rivoche, its been a while." Like himself the niece of his former mentor showed the signs of the last decades, several of wich they had spent working together to ensure Eriadu´s independence and good relations with the New Republic. A republic that Ethan had seen fall, like he had the one before.

    Rivoche said, drawing the man into a warm hug. It was a greeting, as they had long enough been associates to be friends. Yesterday’s Rebels had became today’s leaders, and their legacy was on the line; Ethan had seen it before the rest of them.

    “You get to say ‘I told you so’, if you like,” she said with a soft smile, “but I’d appreciate it over some tea, if at possible.”

    Of course, she referred to how the Alliance had too readily embraced the Empire as an ally and so absorbed its militarism and centrist view; laying the seeds for the rebellion that the Alliance looked likely to lose. The warning signs were all there, and Pellaeon resigning - or rather, retiring - in protest of the creation of the Galactic Alliance Guard should really have been a sign that they had gone too far.

    She didn’t want to mention Adrian in the doorway. People would be paying attention; associates of the selfsame Quintad she had just spoken to. Not spies, of course; just ‘concerned citizens’ keeping track of an eccentric politician who had a position of diplomat yet carefully, politely even, exerted herself like the Head of State.

    Rivoche´s hug had made Ethan slightly uncomfortable, she was an ally to him but he wasn´t sure if he truly considered her a friend. As a child of dirt poor workers he even now felt sometimes after their was a barrier between him and the nobles of the great houses.

    Her request for a tea though had his agreement, and so he gestured to Rivoche to take a seat walked over into the small kitchen to prepare it. In his years as a politican he had really come to apprechiate it, there had been nothing better to help him calm down after a long exsausting day in the senate than a nice cup of hot tea. Earlier in his life he would have taken a glass of liquor instead but since the battle of Hoth he had kept his descision to never drink alcohol again.

    With a the hot tea pot and two cups on a tray he returned into the living room. Placing the tray on the small table by the fire he sat down in his armchair. Takeing a sip of his tea he leaned back folded his hands and faced Rivoche´s gaze with his cloudy eyes.

    "Now what leads you here, to this late hour?" he asked directly, he had allways hated politicans who would talk endlessly through
    pleasantries before getting to the point.

    Rivoche secretly smiled at his hesitation beneath her hug, but felt relatively bad for making the man do the tea. She had assumed he would have help, but then she should have realised that Ethan would always prefer to do things himself.

    Nonetheless, the man leaped straight to business, and she refocused. "I am here to discuss your son. He has came up in conversation with the Quintad; it would seem he has gone rogue from the GA armed forces. Our latest Intelligence suggests that GA briefly bombarded Taris to get to him and the other pilots he fled with."

    She didn't know if this would be a bombshell; it was likely that Ethan was still well-connected and could find out things himself. But if he was surprised, she needed to take advantage. Lightly, her eyes unerringly meeting his, she asked. "When did you last hear from him?"

    Ethan said nothing to this for a moment, glad that his cloudy eyes probably gave away less than they had in his youth. "The last time I heard from him he was still serving at his post," he said sincerly and it wasn´t a lie, during their last conversation Adrian had still been loyal to the GA, it was only his own urgring for his son to leave if he could that Ethan left unsaid. "I believe he was worried about the possible sessesion of Eriadu and how it would affect his standing within the GA," he continued again chosing his words carefully. "I´m not sure about these other pilots, if he decided to leave he might have sought out help, or maybe they dragged him along without his consent," the last bit was purely speculative but given that Adrian hadn´t contacted him since it could be true. He tried to keep his voice calm and collected and not let Rivoche know how much the fate of his son worried him, how much he hoped for a message from either him or Ilona.

    Rivoche paused. It was a bit inconclusive, Ethan hadn’t given her a lot to work with. “That’s a possibility; that he was taken away.”

    She produced a datapad. “Colonel Adalia Tehanis was sprung from the brig by her squadmates. Tehanis was put there for striking a fellow officer. Adrian and the others fled, kidnapping a tech. It is possible that he has been kidnapped...” she didn’t believe that for a second; Ethan’s anti-GA stance was fairly well known. But she could still use it.

    “Do you have a way that you can reach out to him? That perhaps we could send our own forces to intervene; without GA or Confederate interference?”

    Ethan raised an eye brow, does she understand so little of what its like to have children that she assumes if I had an option to contact Adrian I wouldn´t have done so already? He had tried all he could, tried to reach R7 but the little droid was either beyond his reach or not answering his call for whatever reason. He had also attempted to contact Amber to find out if she could reach her cousin, but due to all the com interference caused by the war he wasn´t sure if his message had even reached her yet.

    "You say make this an Eriaduan affair?"
    he asked. That certianly would have its advantages, as he mistrusted both the Confederation nor the GA. And if that colonel had indeed kidnapped his son than an Eriaduan strikeforce would be more inclined to bring her to justice for that. But was that the case? Ethan strongly doubted it, he was almost certian that Adrian had left on his own volition. "I somehow doubt the Quintad would be intrested in that though, the second child of a minor noble? Hardly a reason for them to go to war." Not to mention an Eriaduan assault on a third party could easily lead to his homeworld being drawn into the war.

    Rivoche paused. His point was reasonable, and altogether too reasoned, keeping in mind he’d made the suggestion. But Ethan was erring on the side of caution when she would expected to outrage - at his son’s actions - or fear - for Adrian’s Fate, if not a co-mingling of both.

    More bluntness from her, then. She was nearly finished her tea anyway.

    “You’re not worried about Adrian. Why not?”

    For a second Ethan was just about to throw his remaining tea in Rivoche´s face for her last comment. He felt how anger rose inside him but tried his best to stay calm.
    "Of course I´m worried about him, but I don´t see how sending an Eriaduan strike force blinldy through the galaxy can help him in any way. Infact I think it might cause him and other Eriaduan´s out there trouble if we take a clear side," he said, more heated than he had intened, but Rivoche´s accusation had cut deep. And of course I already have a team seeking for him out there, but it was probably better if Rivoche didn´t know about Ilona who was just in this moment traveling with Adalia´s former squadmembers to find her and Adrian. They´ll defently be much quicker and more discreet than any Eriaduan strike force.

    Rivoche finished her tea with a sip, and replaced the cup. She went to stand. "Well then, Ethan, we seem to have exhausted all useful forms of discussion, have we not?" She paused, debating how far to go with this, because she had certain powers and she would use them.

    If she could just antagonise him enough, he'd reveal what else was going on.

    Taking a deep breath, she plowed on.

    "I could place you under house arrest, if I point out to the Quintad that you're making an effort to interfere with their ability to decide which side to join by deciding for them."

    She let that statement hang in the air between them.

    So that´s it, the war is declared, Ethan though. It sadned him that his friendship with Rivoche would end this way, but his choice in the matter was clear.

    "If you where to make an accusation like this," he said keeping his voice friendly, "I´m curious what evidence you would have for it. Other than contacting a few old friends and my own daughter I did nothing to decide something for them as you put it. Hardly a convincing evidence don´t you think? Especially when the accusation comes from a known GA sympahizers, who´s husband releases another GA praising 'historical work' every year, I´m sure they know just how much you care for our homeworld."

    He made a short pause, again regretting it had come to this, but he wouldn´t back down.

    "Your family is hardly the power they once where, your uncle sold our world to the empire and now it seem you are trying to sell it to the GA. Yes, I know of your contacts to them, and I warn you that if anything happens to my family because of your actions, the Quintad might recieve word of your duplicity from let say 'a concerned citizen'."

    For a second Ethan asked himself if he had shoot to high, if he had gone too far, but now it was said and he would face the consequences.

    He had pushed her uncle button, which wasn’t entirely unexpected but she struggled not to respond in a knee-jerk manner, even forty years after the man’s death.

    Whiluff Tarkin.

    She growled to herself. The GA point wasn’t conjecture, it was a threat. Which was equal to hers.

    “I see.” Drawing herself to her full height, she was sure to meet his eyes. “I won’t order that arrest, but it’s something I have in mind, and I will do it, if I need to; for Eriadu’s sake I hope I don’t have to, Ethan.” She gestured to the tea. “I hope in a few years time we can sit down and laugh about the time we both threatened to destroy each other for our homeworld.”

    Biting her lip, Rivoche pressed on. “I also hope your son knows what he’s doing; this isn’t our war; there isn’t nearly as clear right side in all this - if he thinks he can find a third way, I’ll be all ears.”

    She held out her hand to say goodbye. It was a peace offering, but she hoped with all her heart that Ethan reached out for his wayward son before it was too late.

    Ethan was hestitant to take her hand for a moment, a part of him wanted to reject it, to remain bitter. But then he pushed himself to stand up and take her hand.

    "As much as I prefer the Confederacy over the Galatic Alliance I would prefer for Eriadu to remain neutral as well, and I hope my son does too. But its a large galaxy, and we can´t shut it out and pretend it doesn´t exsist."

    With that Rivoche left, leaving Ethan with his thoughts, and his worries.

    She took with her the resolution to move forward. As she left the estate, she held up her comlink to her chin. “Tap his comms.”

    And that, was that.

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Syal and his room

    He was riveted by the holo. Though he was somewhat distracted by Syal leaning against him. She was warm, soft for a moment he felt a little pain in his heart, but as he focused on her breathing, the rhythm of her. He let go of his feelings, relishing in getting to be close to her, even like this. Some time during the night they laid back on the bed falling asleep. They woke the next morning no awkwardness though it was just a little embarrassment. It wasn't like he had her arms around her that she rested her head on his chest. It was just they woke up looking at each other.

    "Good morning." He said with a slight smile on his face.

    They moved through their morning routines getting dressed in their uniforms or whatever they felt like putting on. Rhoen kept the jacket off, just pants tucked into boots a belt and a light shirt. They had a few hours before the next mission no since walking around ready to go.

    Mess Hall

    Rhoen sat next to Syal a cup of caff and some ration paste or something in front of him. He took in the sights the other pilots keeping their distance from him, from them, those that worked directly under Colonel Aden. Natalia, the woman, if the rumors were true was in a close relationship with the Colonel. Not that Rhoen had anything to say, he still caught himself gazing longingly at Syal as she looked over the messages from Toim. Closing his eyes he let out a breath, that familiar pain returning to his heart though he put on a smile as he turned back to the others.

    Looking to the young woman with orange hair it looked like she was looking between him and Syal.

    "Needa right?" He asked, having heard some stories about the 'new girl'. "I'm surprised you're still alive...not many pilots survive inverted landings." He asked smile on his face trying to get to know the new pilots.

    : @Sinrebirth @Adalia-Durron @I_am_Kooky
  4. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Sneaking around

    There was a chime in the ship comms and Bernael made his way to the bridge. When he got there he saw something that made the corner of his mouth quirk up for a moment. He looked for providence in getting close to Hawkbat and it seemed it was delivered. There, approaching at slow speed, was a bulk freighter. He made some quick calculations, determining how close to Hawkbat it would approach and what he must do to complete the remainder of his journey to the base, unnoticed.

    Calculations completed he gave orders to the pilot droid and sat back waiting while his commands were carried out. The Fury, still stealthed, used as little thrust as possible to move in next to the freighter, using ‘ground effect’ by maneuvering the Fury to within a meter of the freighter. Cutting his engines he let the other ship pull his along, sure the crew there would notice the extra power needed to get through this part of the system, but not enough to raise alarms.

    Watching the display now he waited for the ships trajectory to line up with the one he had plotted to finish his approach to Hawkbat. The two course lines converged, and like the mine dispenser he had employed at Taris, he used just enough thrust to break the ‘ground effect’ and drift, unpowered toward the base. Invisible, unpowered, the sensors wouldn’t register his ship approaching. A fraction of a second of thrust turned the Fury so that it was parallel to the surface and the landing legs extended. There was barely a thump as the ship set down outside the base.

    He retrieved a mask he rarely wore, as it was more specialized than his normal mask. Donning it he hit an activation stud and the mask extended until it encompassed his head and latched to the remainder of his armor, creating a seal against the vacuum. Before he left the ship, he used his natural camouflage to disappear from sight, then concentrated and slowly reduced his presence in the Force or any signs of life that could give him away to null. Opening the main hatch he took his sabers, kukri already strapped to his back, and exited. Stepping out he slowly made his way to the shields that guarded the entrance to the hangar.

    He waited a short time for the shields to cycle and slipped through before they reactivated. Entering the hangar he saw the ranks of fighters, shuttles, and other craft present and noticed a large group near one of the craft, two figures standing beside it. ‘Convenient’ he thought, ‘that what feels like the majority of the base is gathered in one spot.’ Using that to his advantage he began a silent, as rapid as possible reconnoiter of the base, to get a feel for it before the ‘officially’ arrived.

    Moving through various rooms, ignoring personal quarters, he studied the layout. His hands hovered over the consoles in what seemed to be a control or briefing room but did not touch as he was sure that would set off alarms all over the base. He walked through the stockrooms tallying supplies they had, ‘Enough to survive for a time, but will need covert resupply if they plan to carry the fight to anyone.’ he thought as his numbers came back with an estimate of what this group had.

    In the end he came back to the hangar, noting the various design of fighters, their configurations, and so forth. He managed to arrive before one of them, seeming to be one of the leaders, began giving orders to the others. His senses told him that many of those present had a tie to the Force, if not sensitivity. Two of them made his head cock for a moment because their presences triggered a memory of a pair of spikes about the time of the destruction on Kashyyyk. ‘Interesting that so many that have a role to play, their role or others, in the balance, seem to gather in one spot.’ he thought.

    Of course, the two, well three, by the fighter had very strong presences in the Force and he quickly tagged them as Colonel Tehanis and what must be the Jedi Master Durron. He knew, if anyone, those two might feel something, but the depth he’d gone to to mask his presence meant that even the powerful Jedi may feel a touch of unease, but nothing more.

    He headed back to the hangar shield and hunkered down out of sight, waiting. The orders and the display between Tehanis and Durron at the fighter meant that several groups would be flying out for training or departing soon so he only need to wait for them to do so and he could exit, and return to his ship. ‘The Jedi leaving must have been the sign I saw, to arrive here and complete what I need do as he would vehemently oppose anything I suggest.’

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  5. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Tracy Needa

    Zueb didn't snore per se, but she wasn't overly fond of the noises he did make during his deepest sleep cycle. She just put it down to his species, she wasn't sure if that was 'politicly' correct, but it will do. Getting dressed she put Ruby back in the sling if only to try and keep her from hurting herself further. As she walked to get breakfast, she felt a little weird that the ship had separate food areas for different groups of people, it wasn't nearly so segregated back on the Ocean. As she walked, in near full uniform, aside from the jacket, she stretched the last bits of sleep out from her muscles. Yesterday would have to be one of the most intense days of her life, and she had this weird confidence, that no matter what, she could handle anything now.

    That resolve immediately tested as she walked into the mess all to have all eyes on her, then obviously 'not' looking. Her self doubt instantaneously came back, as well as the fear of being isolated. She took a deep breath and kept on going anyway, projecting the air confidence she would one day like to actually feel. Gathering the most edible looking things, she went and sat with her new team. Might as well get to actually know them. She took a bite, and saw that both of them, the girl reading intently, and the boy, looking love-struck? hadn't noticed her yet. She took a bite of the fruit she picked up and studied them for a moment.

    Then he turned to her "Needa right? I'm surprised you're still alive...not many pilots survive inverted landings." He smiled.

    "Yeah," she said mouth still a little full, she finished eating before continuing "Tracy's fine." she smiled back, "Huumm, yeah well, no point dying, got to much stuff to do" she said with a wink, she remembered that her bio said she was a pilot, not a rookie so she better keep up with that. "Like fixing that mess I made, oof that's gonna take a bit." her mind already ticking away at a checklist of things to do.

    Focusing back, "Heard what you did out there, I'm sure your girl here was super impressed," she said gesturing to Syal with a cheeky smile, "I thought it was pretty wizard. . .ah. . .Actually I didn't get your name. . .you are?"

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  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Rhoen Aquilla
    Mess Hall

    His smile deepened as she gave her name, he nodded recalling the mess she'd felt behind and the mechanics that were a little miffed at the upside down X-wing. He'd had his own rushed landings and crash landings. Though he was never really asked to try and clean it up. Possibly because the techs were so steamed that if he did end up trying to help that would only make things worse.

    "Well, if you need I can find some time to help you." He said looking away for a second.

    "Heard what you did out there, I'm sure your girl here was super impressed," He looked away blushing, then suddenly his face became very warm, and a deep shade of red.

    "Um..she's...we're..we're not..." He was stammering. As much as he might of liked that, it wasn't true and likely wouldn't be true. He looked to Syal then back to Tracy waving his hand a little.

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  7. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Adam Lyons

    Adam waited a minute for questions, though it looked like Jesse had something to say, he was going to wait a few minutes, "Ok, for those of you going to Naboo, you have 30 minutes before you leave. The other two missions can get a night's sleep before you leave. Adrian, I'd like it if you could get in touch with your family to see if there's anything we need to watch out for. That is if you can through back-channel methods, I suspect they'd be happy to hear from you."

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  8. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Tracy
    Mess Hall

    "Um..she's...we're..we're not...", his face going red. Tracy tilted her head slightly she was about to ask 'why not' when she heard Ruby (her left arm) bash against the table. It took a moment to register what happened, then Tracy grabbed Ruby, faking slight pain with her face, and rubbed it in a subtle ploy to hold her down.

    "Oh my mistake, must have miss read the situation," she said as she tried to work out what Ruby was up to. She looked a the girl and back to the boy who had yet to have given his name. "So, then. . .ah. . .whats your backstory? what brings you here." She let go of Ruby and started to eat again, she was so hungry.

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  9. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Da'mina Shonest
    Mess Hall.

    He'd slept deeply, he'd achieved his goal. Lead. But as he pushed the reconstituted whatever this was around his plate he began to realise that Leadership had it's down side. He had to actually 'Lead', and suddenly the idea of calling the shots wasn't as appealing as it had been the day before. He'd been listening to scuttlebutt as well and that was never a good thing, he'd learned that early in his career, but somehow this time his mind was susceptible to it. The title 'A Team' was being bandied about and he knew that meant 'Aden's' Team. Right now he was not sure that was a good or a bad thing. He'd seen some of the calls Aden as a Leader had made and if was honest with himself his conscience had been wrestling with some of them, but he knew his duty came first. Ones' personal beliefs had to be pushed aside, he did wonder what Jesse, Adrian and Adalia were doing now. Their departure had been an upheaval, and he knew there were those who were calling them traitors, but as they'd not acted on anything other than running he had to wonder if it was more 'cowardice' than 'traitorous'. Finally giving up on the slop in front of him he pushed it aside and watched as a droid collected the plate and totted away. Looking over he watched the new team he'd be leading, and still the young woman with orange hair was his biggest concern. Reckless was a word he'd use to describe her, and he wanted her as far from him as possible. Now, he needed to work out the moves for the next mission, he needed to learn this 'Leadership' role and learn it fast.

    TAG @Sinrebirth


    IC Jesse Coulson
    Hawbat Base.

    What question would he ask? 'Can I not go with him cause I'm in love with his new fiance' - that didn't really cut it. Jesse bit the inside of his cheek, he had no choice. All he could do was follow orders and try damn hard to keep his emotions buried. He turned to Briana. "Thirty minutes huh? Ok, I'm ready now. Can we get on board?"

    TAG @Sinrebirth
  10. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Adalia Tehanis - Kyp Durron - (always fun [face_love] )
    Hangar - 45 mins later.

    "When?" He asked. "You can't stay here forever." Kyp knew he had to go, the Council had called. He'd delayed it as long as he could. Holding his new fiancé he closed his eyes and felt the life within.

    "I know that, I'll come soon." She said curled against his chest. "I just need to make sure Aden doesn't get away with what he's done, help Adam where I can." There was a part of her that wanted to head to Endor, where she now knew he was going, and hide. Just hide away with the protection of the Jedi, hide her unborn son and hide from conflict. She felt like she'd spent altogether to much of her life fighting one war or another, but now she had a reason to not fight. The only fight her heart wanted was to fight for her sons future, the one the GA was threatening to take away. "I only hope Jacen never saw him, never figured out what was going on inside me." she confessed.

    He opened his eyes. "If he knows, you're in more danger than you know. He will see him as his to take." he spoke quietly. "Promise me you won't take any foolish risks." He pulled back narrowing his eyes. "I know you, I know you want to fly, you want to fight. You can't, promise me you won't. Its too much to gamble."

    "I won't, I promise." She meant it, she didn't want to risk this child anymore than he did. "But if Jacen doesn't know, or Aden, they will expect to see me out there, they will be looking for the purple and gold XJ X Wing." She explained. "I need to get it out there again, someone needs to be 'me' out there." She thought if someone could fly her X Wing, someone could be seen out there as 'Vixen' even if they'd figured out she was pregnant they'd believe she'd either lost it again or was willing to risk it. "I need them to feel me harassing them." She gave a little smile, the idea of tormenting Jacen into a rage somehow appealed to her, maybe just maybe, he'd take his anger out on his pet Aden. A win/win situation in her mind.

    Kyp bit his lip, no one had told her about her ship yet. "Um, about your ship."

    "What about it? Is it ok?" She asked earnestly, "That ships been with me for 12 years, I've modified her within a centimeter of her life!!"

    "Don't be angry Certainly not with me. It wasn't my call. But your X Wing and the others..." he paused. Might as well come out and say it. "They were blown up just before we jumped out of Taris system. Your ship is gone."

    Adalia stared in disbelief. "Who ordered that?" Her eyes were wide, anyone who knew her knew her two ships were her life, well not totally but they were very important to her. "Was that to make them think I'm dead, cause I'm not buying it, I doubt anyone else did!" she was upset now, her ship had been blown up!

    "Ads, settle down. It's not good for the baby. He got you a new one! Trust me you are going to love it. We're getting the Dawn as well, so they can't touch it. You need to trust me. You need to trust us." He pulled her close again. "I trust Adam, you have to trust him too. Get him to show it to you."

    She was still upset, but he was right about Adam. He'd never have done what he'd done so far for no good reason, Adam always had a bigger picture in mind, a bigger plan. "I trust you both, you know that." She leaned back and gave him a glare. "This new ship better be kriffin good, or I will make him suffer like he's never suffered before!" she threatened, "then I'll turn on you for letting him blow mine!"

    Kyp chuckled, he knew she meant it. He wasn't afraid of her much these days. "I accept those terms." He glanced over his shoulder. "I need to go, they're waiting for me." Cupping her face he looked deep into her eyes. "I love you, remember that. Don't stay here too long." He looked down toward her belly. "We need to get married real soon." He leaned and an kissed her deeply. It was a goodbye till next time kiss. One he hoped she'd not forget in a hurry.

    She closed her eyes reaching up and clutching at his shoulders as he kissed her. When it was done she didn't open her eyes right way, she wanted the moment to last longer and savour the feeling. "I won't, I don't want to unmarried when he's born! I love you too, please be careful out there?" She opened her eyes and gazed lovingly at him, a softer side few ever got to see. "No more games?" she asked hoping he'd understand what she meant.

    He shook his head. "Not right now, no more games. Can't promise that after this is over." He winked as he stepped backward. He needed to go. He turned and jogged toward the waiting freighter without looking back.

    She smiled and shook her head as she called out. "After this?! All bets are off!!" she challenged knowing their lives would be boring if they never challenged each other with mind games, it was how they worked, how they'd always worked.

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    IC: Adam Lyons, Briana Odan

    Briana nodded in Jesse’s direction, “Go ahead,” she glanced at Adam, “I’ll be there in a minute.” She walked over towards Adam, “You’re crazy you know.

    Adam laughed, “And that might be the millionth time you’ve told me that, HQ. Hey, did you get a chance to get footage from the bombardment of Taris?

    Briana frowned, “Stealth, I’ve got something from a couple of satellites, but it shows either the ships firing or bombardment from space hitting the surface, not both. However, I have made videos from what I can find, and have made enough copies for all of our trips.

    Adam sighed, “I guess that’ll do for now, HQ, though I will try to get more footage if possible. Some weird things happened there, after we left.” He glanced at the freighter and then over at where Kyp and Adalia were, “Probably better get going, you’ll have to make them behave you know.” he grinned.

    Briana gave him the evil eye, “That or I’ll space the both of them.

    Adam shook his head, “Smuggling compartment might work better, get going HQ.

    Briana nodded and made a mental note to look for smuggling compartments, and went off to the freighter. She glanced and saw that Adam was headed over in Addie’s direction.

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    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Hangar Deck.

    With her arms folded over her chest she watched quietly as Briana got on board and not long after the freighters engines came up and it lifted gently, before turning and exiting the hangar. Adalia closed her eyes, she felt him reach out once more to her, a 'see you soon' message was coming through in a wave, no words. She had never allowed him to do that, she hated anyone in her head, it was invasive to her. The feeling was enveloping, wrapping and supportive and gave her a sense of strength as it slow pulled from her matching the freighters departure. She sensed Adam approaching and as he reached she allowed him to stand quietly as the freighter disappeared from sight. She drew in a deep breath, before letting it out slowly and opening her eyes without turning to him. "So tell me Adam. Where's my ship?" Then and only then did she turn slowly with a raised eyebrow.

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    OOC: Two days behind because of some DRL, sadly, but here ye go.

    IC: Admiral Bao

    En route

    Reviewing matters as he went, he was conscious of the freighters that holding beside his Bothan Assault Cruiser as they jumped to Adumar. It was a half-day turnaround, but removing one of the cruisers from the frontline was the best way to ensure the freighters were re-stocked with missiles for the Corellian and Bothan Fleets. Indeed, his cruiser was completely lacking in fighter craft, all the ships aboard having been transferred to the other ships; he would instead pick up four squadrons of Blade-40 spaceworthy Adumari fighters to refill his complement.

    But Admiral Bao was doing a quick sit-rep. By the time he was back, Alsakan would be engaged, and after a brief resupply (when the battle was won) he would lead the charge on Coruscant with Confederate Supreme Commander Phennir and his fellow Bothan Admiral Kre'frey and the Corellian Admiral Delpin.

    Galactic Alliance Vice Admiral Bwua'tu had masterfully delayed them - which was of course because he was a Bothan - but now they had reached Anaxes, it was a straight-line assault on Coruscant through Alsakan.

    Everything was going according to plan.

    Bao was simply being sure.

    He had ensured that the neutrality pact between the Confederation, Jedi, Wookiees and Hapans had disseminated through the galaxy, tweaking the language to imply that the Confederates had the tacit approval of the neutral states to overthrow Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal's military dictatorship. Simple enough.

    He had tasked Bothan Intelligence with confirming when the Megador was due to be repaired, and when the re-provision of the Bounty would be complete.

    Similarly, he was aware that the GA were attempting to find out the exact time-frames for when Centerpoint was repaired, and also the state of Confederate reinforcements and production from Fondor, Bothawui and indeed Corellia, whose shipyards remained intact. Within a handful of months the Confederation would have likely raised a new fleet group, positioning them perfectly to bring the blockade of Coruscant to an end.

    Victory was within their grasp.

    Which is why Bao was so frantically reviewing Intelligence reports on Tehanis and her rogues, indeed many factions were, wondering if the group would do something off-script and save the Galactic Alliance; as unlikely as that was. He would love to speak to Tehanis or indeed Lyons, who seemed likely, from Bao's in-depth reading of the notes the Bothans had on the Wraiths, a mastermind of the rogues swift disappearance... being as Tehanis was in the brig (or medbay) when the plan kicked off. Word was swiftly circulated that either would be welcome to the upcoming conference of allied and neutral groups, before the Confederates advanced on Coruscant.

    But even then, Bao had another worry.

    Indeed, the most important person of all was entirely missing.

    Where was Jacen Solo?

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    IC: Aden Kya


    It seemed appropriate enough. He wandered in, mostly recovered with a healing trance, looking for Keizar, but ostensibly also making sure his crew knew he was well. They had things to do, and he needed to sit down with them and be normal for five minutes. He couldn't always act as if he had this incredible Sith destiny before him twenty-four seven. He was still a half-decent pilot, and brilliant tactician; abusing his Sith contacts to take out Confederate-aligned Sith was his duty.

    He saw them all, wandering over. Syal seemed to be trying not to put her foot into saying something she shouldn't, intently focusing on her food around a blush. The newer additions to his dynamic, Da'mina and Tracy, one was integrating and one wasn't, but Da'mina was an old hand and Aden was likely a threat in the man's eyes. But while Vua was out, Da'mina was a key component in his Rogue Wing, and Lensi and Saz would need to be close to him. Rhoen seemed an embarrassed mess, and Aden smiled lightly at his discomfort, in an amused fashion.

    Syal saw him first, starting. "Colonel on deck!"

    "At ease," Aden said, lifting a hand to stop them standing, or, more likely, making a mess of themselves.

    He sat down with Keizar, but turned to speak to Syal. He gave Keizar;s hand a squeeze under the table, but his eyes nudged her to speak to someone else. Relationships aside, they needed a casual moment, not a dramatic one. Nerves were high, after all, and these Dancers and Wraith's needed to get closer - to prevent another Loriana happening.

    The split in the table caused by his presence left Keizar to speak to Da'mina, and Tracy to continue her discussion with Rhoen. Aden spoke to Syal, who seemed to have her bouncing leg once again. "Antilles," he said, softly.

    "Kya," she replied.

    "Is Zueb alright? I was tempted to head to his room to check on him but I didn't want to come across too overbearing."

    "I think he needs some time is all, um, sir, that's all."

    "But you're keeping an eye on?" He poured some caf from the jug at the centre of the table, and accepted a tray with the same food as theirs on it. He nudged a pastry to Keizar's tray, because he didn't want to overeat, palming a note he placed under it.

    I promise I'll rest up more later, but I wanted you to know that I appreciate all you're doing. Let me make it up to you? Aden x

    Syal replied, wishing Rhoen would interject. "Yes, sir."

    "Aden, please," he said, mixing milk. For Force sake, Syal, you're so awkward. He kept a smile on his face, and remained softly spoken, but hopefully the social interaction wouldn't stay this stuffy.

    TAG: @I_am_Kooky, @galactic-vagabond422 (x2), @Adalia-Durron (this is a free-form week. Post as much as you like, and I will reply as much as I can)
    IC: Rivoche Tarkin-Na'al


    There were no communications - not yet, with Ethan, but she kept a watch on him. The Quintad were getting jumpy, and it was taking all her political skill to stop them declaring for the Confederation. Phennir and the other Admirals of the Confederation were about to call the allied sectors and other neutral worlds to a conference before they invaded Coruscant, and there was talk of replacing her with Ethan before it happened.

    She'd overplayed her hand, and there were very long memories on Eriadu, of when the sector was independent from even the New Republic, deciding its own fate. The GA promised a return to the status quo; the Confederation was happy to negotiate with a new Eriadu Authority, content to bestow the Sluis Van shipyards on the Quintad.

    There wasn't much she could do to answer that; she'd not told them about the comm-tap for her own reasons, but inevitably one of her staff would leak the information. Inevitably so.

    Sure enough, one of the Quintad reached out to Ethan, obvious not House Tarkin, but that was only one of the five - Mosbree, Snopps, Omonda, Harro were the others. The elderly Eris Harro-Shublin, former Imperial reporter, head of the Harro family and wife of the late war hero Shea Hublin, she was not a woman to be trifled with, and a holocam transmission from her Estate to Ethan's occurred. She was an Imperial through and through, but she hated Rivoche, so it was tempting to reach out to Ethan,

    Of course, it was as likely Ethan would be engaged - reaching out to Adrian or his family.

    Politics on Eriadu were at full speed pelt.

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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @Sinrebirth for this joint post.

    ~IC~ Mirax Terrik-Horn and Corran Horn + Booster Terrik and Nawara Ven
    Location: Cabin aboard the Errant Venture

    The cabin dimmed as the projection of Palpatine from the holocron had faded just as quickly as it had appeared and just as unexpectedly. The interruption from the com and Booster's tone of voice on the other hand was the usual.

    "That was… something." Mirax had a puzzled look as she gazed at the holocron.

    "Tell me about it." Corran shook his head. It knew too much and about more current things. There was a lot to process though enough for now. "Never thought I'd witness your father's voice spooking the apparition of the late Emperor Palpatine."

    "Be nice," Mirax remarked and jokingly pinched his arm. "Its father's way of saying that you are needed."

    "I suppose he'll add something more backhanded under his breath if he heard it put like that."

    Mirax shot a glare to warn him to behave then answered the channel as the image of her father flickered into view. "Corran is right here."

    Booster glared. "Good. I'm getting chased by Cilghal to get you and Kyp home. Apparently there's a big discussion due about whatever you're doing next."

    "Lots of folks asking me what to do. I've feelers out for Wedge and Tehanis and her crew, but everyone is in the wind at the mo. Jacen's isolating people quicker than I can handle. Can't he slow down for a few?"

    Nawara Ven, Corran's old squadmate, stepped into the image. "Doubtful, Booster. Hi Mirax, do you have any idea where everyone is? Bit of pressure forming here; unless Luke starts doing something, all these contacts will just bury themselves and we'll miss our chance to bring everyone together."

    "Shouldn't you be wherever he is, pushing him to do something, Horn?" Booster sniped. Nawara gave him a rebuke of a glance.

    Mirax and Corran exchanged glances. Kyp had not reported in since parting ways at Kuat, nor had he been in contact with the others yet. Unorthodox during these distressing times, yet Kyp was never one to stick to protocol.

    Corran held back from remarking to Booster's jab with how well Kyp handles directions. There could be numerous reasons why there had been no contact. No doubt Booster was venting his frustrations out on him. With the speed of Jacen's advance in take control, that would account for the disruption and confusion between their contacts and other parts of the galaxy. One wonders how long Jacen's forces can sustain their momentum before they have overstretched themselves. At the back of his mind he wondered about the holocron, how unsettling it was to know what it knew. If it was any consolation, both holocrons were safe… for the moment.

    "Father, Nawara," Mirax addressed them both. "I'm afraid that we don't know where they are at the moment. If they have scattered to the wind, they would have their reasons. We might have to step up and prepare for the worse. Are your contacts also reporting back on the opposition?"

    Corran cupped his chin and lifted his gaze from the holocron and back on the discussion. "However, knowing Kyp and the other's location might not matter just yet. Whistler is currently with Kyp. As for Wedge, Iella and I have a history and I am sure she has some inkling as to his whereabouts." He pursed his lips and gave a tight smile. "For whatever reason they are incommunicado, we don't want to compromise them without knowing their situation. I might have to go old fashioned and craft a message that only they would know how to receive."

    Booster huffed. “The Confederation is advancing on Anaxes. Niathal is on Coruscant tightening the defences, while the Second and Third try to stall the Bothans and Corellians. Jacen’s vanished, which makes-"

    "I’ll find Antilles, eventually.”
    He shrugged. “That Colonel Kya has already made a name for himself sending Squadrons to take out Confederate Intelligence operatives on Commenor and in the outer Coruscant system, mind you. I hear Adalia Tehanis fled with some pilots, injuring Kya and kidnapping a tech, so I bet Durron is there.”

    “I did hear a rumour from a GA medical droid that Tehanis was pregnant though…”
    Terrik narrowed his eye. “It could even be Kyp’s... should I forward that to Luke and the others in my ‘collection of info’ package?”

    Corran's brow furrowed, he was curious to know what Booster was leading with regarding Jacen vanishing. He made a mental note of the tidbit regarding the Coruscant sector and Tehanis's group then nodded at Booster's assessment that Kyp wouldn't be far behind Tehanis-

    He found his jaw had dropped slightly at the rumour that followed regard Tehanis. Corran knew Kyp and if all that was all true… the man's world would be turned on its head.

    "That's a lot to take in. Out of respect for Adalia's privacy, you'll do no such thing." Mirax gave a stern look. "It is a rumour and speaking as a mother, I would rather let the news out in my own terms. If the rumour turns out to be false, we might have put Tehanis in an awkward position. That's something I'll have to speak with her about."

    Booster held up a hand, forestalling further comment. “Why do you think I asked, Mirax?” His tone was conciliatory, not cutting, for once. Ven took over.

    “But, seriously, we know how divided the Council was during the Dark Nest Crisis. If there is any question about its ability to act while Luke is down, it needs to be silenced by a quick reply; Kashyyyk is still burning and the Jedi need to do something about it before the Confederation take all that outrage and trick the people into accepting Corellia and the others carving the galaxy into fiefdoms,” the Twi’lek lawyer said. “We’ve heard that the Confederation offered territory to Eriadu and the Corporate Sector as the prize of membership; the Hutts are definitely eyeing up their real estate on Balmorra and have moved some assets to hold Kuat ‘for the cause’.”

    Nawara paused. “And I have no doubt Kyp will need a friend right now. Wherever you’re hiding; it can’t wait, but it can wait if we don’t have all of you on-board.” Ven was careful not to mention the bases location via open channel, no matter how encrypted.

    Kashyyyk. Corran nodded gently to his former Squadron member. The Galactic Alliance's attack on Kashyyyk should not have happened. The Jedi were a neutral entity in regards to the friction between the Confederation and the Galactic Alliance. Because of that neutrality, they struck at Ossus, at Kashyyyk. It was a clear demonstration as to how far the Galactic Alliance had fallen, their principles stripped of honour while under Jacen's leadership. The man was not the Jacen he knew anymore. How far the man would go in order to force the Jedi into a compromising position? To bow to his will?

    "It was all to force us into reacting and dancing to their will, one form or another. Cast us in unfavourable light." Corran said softly, almost to himself before his voice raise a fraction louder. "I agree, we cannot stand idle nor can we remain neutral when the galaxy is at war… The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances… and Corellia of old is long gone. Going forward…" He inclined his head to Nawara. "…we have to be as one. I can send word to Cilghal and Whistler…"
    There was no need to reiterate that Whistler is with Kyp and the possibility that Tehanis' group should be in proximity.
    "...Booster, if you are confident, then I trust you for Antillies."

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    OOC: Thank you @Adalia-Durron for the fun combo!

    IC: Adam Lyons, Adalia Tehanis

    Adam looked at Addie curiously, "You mean you haven't seen it?" He nodded in the direction of her replacement.

    "My old ship? No. Care to explain?" She was using that menacing tone she used to pull on subordinates. She also made a point of not following his indication.

    Adam raised an eyebrow, he knew the tone of her voice, "That depends, I have several reasons, most of them revolve around preventing a certain former friend coming here and doing what he did to you again."

    She eyed him. "What exactly did he do that you're trying to avoid?" She wanted specifics, as there was so much and a lot he didn't know about.

    Adam shook his head, “Where would you like me to start? What Jacen did to you? The bombardment of Kashyyyk and Taris? The investigation skills,” Adam made air quotes when he said skills, “of that freighter at Kuat, and for not even bothering looking at the amount of information, essentially useless, that we gave Taris traffic control? How about the GAG and that I know they messed around your ships? Do you really think I’d want to invite that here?” He pointed directly at Addie’s new fighter, “Especially when I knew that was something I would have to do, and arranged for replacements for everyone?

    She slowly turned to him. “I know about Kashyyyk, but what happened at Taris, what information?” She had no idea at this point due to not being conscious and was confused, “And what has Kashyyyk got to do with me? I mean yeah, it was really bad, like pure evil, but it wasn’t because of me. I get you didn’t want them here, I’m not stupid, but did you have to destroy my ship?” She was still making a point of not acknowledging what he was pointing at, how would he feel if she blew his E Wing up? She was being a little confrontational, but she wanted answers and she purposely avoided what Jacen had done, she was still coming to terms with it.

    Adam sighed, “Three points. One, at Taris, Whistler and Tawg made a bunch of flight plans, none of which would have been anywhere near us. Also, it appeared that the other droids created some, so we sent Taris Authority 72 separate flight plans. The only other option would have been to signal for a pickup, but within an hour after we jumped from Taris, two ships that demanded our immediate surrender, initiated a bombardment of Taris, so it would have likely been destroyed anyway.

    She was more confused now. “But what happened at Taris? I wasn’t there…..well I was, but I wasn’t.” What had Jacen done there, or was it Aden? She had no idea.

    Two, Kashyyyk, the investigation,” Adam added air quotes to the word investigation, “behind what happened at Kuat and the hanger after that mission, and Taris all lead to a complete lack of judicial thinking amongst senior officers. Three, had the roles been reversed, I’d be as mad as you are now if you hadn’t destroyed my fighter. This is all about misdirection we need to spread them out as much as possible.” He looked straight in her eye, “They bombarded Taris because they didn’t deliver all of us in stun cuffs or body bags.

    She stared in disbelief. “They bombed Taris……...because …….I made the others run?” Her voice had become weak now, shock had taken over.

    Not because of you, because of the way Aden and Jacen think. They want to eliminate dissent throughout the galaxy. That blood is on their hands, not yours.Adam gave Addie a bitter smile, “All things considered, those ships are marked now. Good thing I know how to fly a K-wing also.

    He could point the blame wherever he liked, but she felt it in her soul. Wrapping her arms around herself she turned and as she tried not to imagine the innocent men, women and children who’d just perished for no good reason. “Fear.” She turned back, “He’s using fear like the Emperor did back in the day. Fear and terror.

    Adam nodded, “Exactly, they don’t have a Death Star, but I believe their tactics are worse than the Empire’s ever was.” He moved over to embrace her in a hug, “I’m glad you’re back Vixen.

    She allowed him to hug her. “How did I let this happen? How did I drag so many innocent people in my mess?” Her heart was pounding yet aching at the same time. “How do I fix this? They're going to be blaming me, the entire galaxy is going to think it was all my fault!

    Adam gave her a curious look, “Are they? I’m not sure they would.

    She nodded. “You said yourself, spin. They are spinning it.

    Well, fair enough.” He considered, “There’s so much spin out there that I tend to eliminate it. Then again it also helps that I have some former spies as good friends...and current ones. One just left with Kyp. You want to know what she’s going to do?

    I’m not sure I do. I feel like I’m overloaded with intel and I’ve missed so much in the last few days.” She sighed deeply and put her head on his shoulder. “Ok, show me this … toy.”

    Adam grinned, “It’s pretty simple really, she’s going to give someone in Naboo’s government a video of Taris’s bombardment. Kyp will take a copy to the Jedi Order, I’m taking one to Adumar. Adrian will take a copy to Eriadu. But enough with that, let’s walk over to your new X-wing.” He tried to orient in that direction, best to not make a pregnant woman fall over and head in that direction. “I tried to have them base the paint job of it on what it was when we were on the run from Aden’s last series of antics.

    She looked up and swallowed hard. “Wow.” she breathed as she took the craft in with her widened eyes. A brand new XJ7 X Wing stood before her, the paint job was almost exactly the same as her previous ship, but this was better. The gold wasn’t just gold paint, it looked more like gold leaf! “She’s………..beautiful.” She turned to him, “Ok, you’re forgiven.

    Adam grinned, “Kyp got a Stealth X. I’m much better at giving gifts than some people.” He was referencing Aden, even left an image of him in his mind to see if Addie would get it. “Want to get in?

    She glanced at him. “Now?” she said staring back at the ship, it’d been so long since she’d had anything new and this was almost ‘shiny’. She got a flash of Aden causing pain, but as she knew Adam had cut himself off from the Force, she dismissed it.

    Adam grinned, “Yeah, it’s about time that you get a series of things that you get to enjoy.” He had known that Cubber would leave the ladder there for her. He’d save the tormenting for someone else. “I’ll even climb up and show you what’s different in the cockpit.”

    She felt like a child in a sweet shop as she grinned and began to climb the ladder two at a time. She popped the cockpit and the smell of ‘new ship’ wafted out causing her to smirk in an almost childlike manner. Once open she climbed in, dropping herself into the new seat, was it leather? Felt soft and accommodating as she squirmed to get comfortable. Looking across the console she turned to see if Adam had joined her, this was all similar but this was his gift to introduce to her.

    Adam climbed up and smiled at her, “This is the main thing that’s different from what most people are used to. It’s actually an upgrade from mine, where you could actually set up your ship to fire training lasers if you just wanted to play tag. I don’t know if they added the ability to send information that way also, so if you wanted to do what I did at Kuat…” he gave her a wink. “Also it can take data from the simulators and post it on your display to even give you a flight path to fly if you need it to.” He looked at Addie, “It’s come in handy before. Also, your fighter is going to be a bit faster, agile, and accelerate better, nothing like being faster than an A-wing, but you won’t be much slower, probably as fast as a TIE Interceptor now...maybe a bit faster.

    This was all overwhelming but something popped to the front of her mind. “Not that I’m going to need it for the next 6 months at least…….if not more.” she turned and gave him a wry smile, “Someone grounded me.”

    Adam nodded, “Yeah…” he patted the fighter, “but nothing will mess with Aden more than seeing this fighter, or another one painted like it, flying around causing more and more resistance to them. Then again we can hook them up so you could see what we’re seeing...if you’re interested.” He nodded in the direction of his fighter, “Not that they could easily see mine, especially since I don’t use running lights at all.Adam finished with a mischievous grin.

    Stealth to the core.” She said looking back at the controls. “Thank you.” She turned back to him and smiled warmly. “Really, thank you. I was in a dark place when I went to ‘The Ocean’, had given up practically on everything I loved and dreamed of.” She looked down. “Then I saw your ship.” She looked back. “You gave me hope, you gave me a focus, a reason. I cannot thank you enough for that……..” she looked around and raised her hands, “And now this.” She shook her head, “I will never be able to repay you, Adam.

    Adam grinned, “You don’t have to...though I do need to think of a wedding present for you and Kyp.

    She shook her head, “No, no….won’t be a big wedding. More of a means to an end kinda thing. I was raised that good girls don’t have babies without baby daddys.” She smirked, “That sounds so strange coming from me.” She sighed again. “So much is going to change in the next few months, so much is out of my control. And you know what a control freak I am. I guess I have to let go, let it happen.” She turned to him with a stern expression. “But we do not need wedding gifts!

    Adam composed himself from laughing silently at what Addie was saying, though his face was still red, “I still maintain you two deserve something, could always have Kate come up with some input for it. Maybe just for a reception or something amongst close friends. Especially if they were old squadmates.

    She frowned. “Speaking of such. That was Rooty, wasn’t it? I mean, is he coming in? Is he close?” she asked noting his flushed cheeks and sensing his amusement but choosing to let that go too.

    Adam looked around, “Maybe, I don’t know how close they were when we sent them our signal. Though I do know for certain they’re coming, I just don’t know when. How do you think he’ll react when he sees all the explosives that Kael’s made?

    She chuckled. “He’ll have a new best friend?” She started to get up and sat on the back of the seat. “Might be an idea to check on that.” She yawned. “I need to get some sleep, seems growing another human is exhausting work!” She smiled. “I need to get to bed.

    Adam nodded, “We all do, need to be well-rested overthrowing a tyrannical leader...or heckle Face Loran.

    She smirked. “You have several irons in the fire I see.” She winked.

    Adam shook his head wearily, “If you only knew Addie, if you only knew…

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    IC Bernael
    Hawkbat Base

    Hunkered down by the hangar exit, Bernael watched the interplay as various groups dispersed to their missions. Soon enough, he saw the freighter carrying the Jedi and others moving toward the exit. Standing, he waited until the shield opened to allow the ship to depart and he slipped through, beginning the trek back to his Fury.

    'Hmmm, they are well organised, but given what groups they've drawn from that's not a surprise.' he thought as he walked along, eyes half on the freighter as it headed out system. He let the headsup display track its path, predicting it's flight and what its possible destinations were. A half smile crossed his face as several intriguing ones were displayed. 'Not as hidden as they thought they were.'

    He entered his ship and let the blowers and vacuum remove the dust and grit his garments had picked up on both the walk to and from the base. Touching a spot on the mask he wore the helmet portion retracted and folded into the mask itself. He detached it as he strode to the flight deck. Setting the mask by the navigation console he connected it to the nav system so the data he'd acquired could be downloaded.

    Turning to the pilot he commanded it to execute a minimum thrust approach to the hangar and, keeping in stealth, wait for another ship to approach or depart so it could slip inside unnoticed. Sitting in the command chair he thought deeply about what he needed done here before he departed to continue his mission. He felt the slight push as his Fury lifted and let the rock's own rotation swing the entrance closer.

    The ship took up station in a northern orientation to the base's entrance and hung there, an invisible raptor waiting for its prey to make a move so it could swoop in and make itself known. 'This group changes the dynamic a little, but I will make my own changes and fulfill my mission.' he thought, as he waited patiently.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Rhoen Aquilla, Natalia Keizar
    Mess Hall

    "So, then. . .ah. . .whats your backstory? what brings you here." Tracy asked it took Rhoen a breath, giving a quick look to Syal as she kept her focus on the food in front of her rather than trying to get involved with dispelling what Tracy thought. Looking up with a smile he opened his mouth to speak as Colonel Kya entered. It interrupted whatever he was about it say as he moved to stand.

    Given the order to stand at ease he returned to his chair looking across it at the new pilot.

    "Um...Not really much to say. My mom served and I followed in her footsteps. Not that she really wanted that, but I wanted to fly among the stars." He looked away chuckling a little. "I guess that makes me somewhat sentimental, but I believe there's no better feeling than cutting through the stars in the best craft credits can buy...made even better with someone you trust by your side." He gave a small glance to Syal as she talked with the Colonel. He could almost feel her leg bouncing as she talked with the wing commander.

    In that moment he thought about taking her hand, holding it lending some of his strength to her. But, that would be crossing a line. Instead he just smiled turning to Colonel Kya.

    "It is good to see you up and about sir...Aden." He corrected himself. It felt odd, and just a little wrong. A Colonel requesting that his subordinates use his given name and not his rank. He guessed it might lend some feeling of camaraderie. Though deep in his heart all Rhoen could see was the man that ordered the death of a freighter of innocences. But, he put on a smile anyway leaving his hand on his thigh close to Syal...for no reason really. "You must have taken a hard hit when Tehanis and her crew blew the Ocean."

    Natalia had to fight her smile, and blush when she read the note that came along with the pastry that just appeared on her tray. Aden was occupied with Syal and it wouldn't do for them to just talk to each other. Unit cohesion was important, making sure everyone knew what they were doing and that they felt like part of a larger whole. While she wasn't the best at making small talk she could do something.

    "Da'mina," she started addressing the Twi'lek. "I didn't get the chance to say earlier, but congratulations on being selected as Lead for this next mission. If you need anything just ask." She was trying to be supportive, though her grip tightened just a little on Aden's hand, unsure is what she was saying was right.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Tracy.
    Mess Hall.

    Tracy nodded as he talked, still hadn't got his name, but now she would just have find out via other means. His story sounded pretty standard from she knew of pilots. She was going to replay to his story, but he changed focus, first to the girl, then to Adan. So she kept eating her meal, eyeing off the pastry that Adan have given that other woman. She would really have to get the names of people. She used to be the life of most parties but had become more self-conscious since Ruby liked to ruin peoples day. But it had given her a new appreciation of trying to work out the dynamics of groups, she still sucked at it, but she was learning.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    OOC: Belated catch-up between the co-GMs birthed this.

    IC: Admiral Cha Niathal
    Aboard the Ocean, holding at Coruscant

    The Mediator-class battlecruiser held position as Niathal regarded the report. While Jacen was... elsewhere, she had to defend the Alliance, and try and keep the bad news from filtering out to Coruscant. Especially as she was in-charge, and Jacen would otherwise sweep in as the Hero again and she would be undermined.

    Two fleets of Galactic Alliance Fleets had been staging a fighting retreat against nearly three Confederate fleets from Kuat, Wukkar, Ixtlar and Anaxes, and had been poised to hold Alsakan before a retreat to Coruscant. A fleet and a dreadnought held Coruscant, with another half fleet and a dreadnought under repair... it wasn't enough to both defend Coruscant and fight the war, which is why, in the days since Kashyyyk had been burned by Jacen, the Confederation had pressed their advantage so hard.

    Missions by Aden Kya and Rogue Wing had cleared surveillance vessels from the outer Coruscant system, and convinced the Commenori to withdraws some vessels from the front, but it had brought them hours rather than days. Especially now Niathal had this report from Alsakan.

    The world, the only stop between Anaxes and Coruscant - it had voted to leave the Galactic Alliance and requested both factions leave them be. It was a terrible blow; Niathal had to choose whether to invade a world which had been a member or retreat... and if she did attack Alsakan, the Confederates would sweep in and rout her forces in the middle of landings; thousands of soldiers would die for nothing.


    She simply abandoned Alsakan.

    Three fleets and a dreadnought, and the ample defences of Coruscant; it is all she had left.

    The Confederates didn't have the fleets to attack Coruscant wholesale; not yet. But they needed only mine the hyperlanes and wait for Coruscant to starve. It was ironic, that a blockade had began the war and now, it would end it.

    Sixty Star Destroyers and Star Cruisers assembled in-system, and Niathal knew what she had to do.

    It was time for their Last Stand.

    She keyed the comms, and send the messages.


    The datapad's of Aden, Da'mina, Saz and Lensi chimed, and a message was supplied.

    All outgoing missions are cancelled; bring all squadrons to battle-ready and prepare to launch. The combined fleets have withdrawn to Coruscant and the Confederation will not be far behind. The final battle is upon us.

    Aden looked to Da'mina, and then to the others, keeping a smile plastered on his face. He didn't know if Da'mina would manage it. Saz and Lensi weren't present, Aden would need to find then. He stood, keeping that smile on his face.

    "I will have to catch up later. Enjoy the food, and get ready for the morning briefing."

    Syal could see Aden's tightness of expression, and looked to Rhoen, while Tracy politely chatted away. She glanced back to Keizar, searching for whether her happy bubble had collapsed and in that moment she would be able to read more into the situation.

    Something had clearly happened.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @I_am_Kooky, @Adalia-Durron
    Endor, Forest Moon

    They were about to arrive.

    Corran, Mirax, Seha and the Telos Holocron; Kyp, in his freighter.

    Clighal knew they were both coming, and waited for them both.

    It was about time.

    TAG: @The Real Kyp Durron, @Corellian_Outrider

    It was going a lot quicker than expected, and Bao ended up ordering the freighters on to the surface to refuel. The GA had folded back to Coruscant, which meant the war was all-but over.

    The Bothan grimaced and opened channels to the allied, nonaligned and even some enemy states.

    He also handed out invites to GA officers; Face Loran being among them. He dutifully handed, through his circuitous means, the invite on to Adam as well in the vague hope that he had connected the dots to Wedge, Iella, Booster and maybe even the Jedi by now - but he was conscious the GA collapse had gone quicker than anyone else had expected. Pellaeon, Head of State of the Imperial Remnant, had his invite, as did Tenel Ka, Queen Mother of the still-neutral Hapes Cluster. The Corporate Sector, and even Eriadu, they too had an invite to the HoloNet gathering, which was proposed for within a handful of hours from know.

    This was a final speech and summit before the end of the GA. There was no Intelligence to discuss; no scheme and plot. The Confederation was about to win; they would merely get to watch - they could even make it easier - the Remnant could also recall its ships from the GA fleet, making Coruscant's fall all that less bloody.

    The overall problem was the same as it had been since Jacen burned down Kashyyyk; with Hapes neutral, and the Remnant too far away to assist, the Confederates had no need to maintain a rearguard; they could invade wholesale, while the GA had to defend and fight - which they could not.

    The problem was unsolved; now the GA would fall.

    TAG: @adaml83, @Anedon (other TAG pending), @darthbernael - the Galactic Affairs group, it could be said.
    IC: Darth Caedus

    Disguised; somewhere

    The Dark Lord of Sith hid. He hid in plain sight, as he always did, behind the visage of Jacen Solo, the weak and pathetic man that he had killed to become what he was now. But today, even Jacen was disguised, pursuing his goal relentlessly. For a time, Caedus reflected on that, on how the true self was hidden beneath layers, and they would be eternally unpeeled by the galaxy that looked upon his face.

    Silently, Caedus wondered whether he would ever be able to tell the truth behind why he was doing what he did.

    What he had seen, it would come to pass.

    He would undo it.

    By taking it all.

    Caedus was already Darth Caedus. What more steps did he need to take to ensure the change was permanent? To take the mantle of Dark Man forever? He had done so many things Jacen Solo would never have done; he had killed democracy; killed his aunt; tortured to death Boba Fett's daughter; burned Kashyyyk to the ground and ripped at the mind of Adalia Tehanis.

    His mind turned away from his inner musings to wonder how it would be the next time he met her.

    Would she have recovered? If so, he would know that she had met with the Jedi, and he would rip her mind apart permanently to find where they were.

    As soon as he had won the war, he would turn to all traitors.

    The trial would be short; the execution, merciful.

    It was more than traitors deserved.

    Caedus was no fool; things had been moving too slow, Aden was not irritating enough. Ordering the execution of Adalia had pushed things along quite nicely, exposing a whole rat's nest of treachery. Aden was himself busy waging his delightful personal war against whomever he had been working for while ostensibly in prison; Caedus didn't care. It was inevitable that other darksiders were active in the galaxy - Caedus did not feel beholden to the Rule of Two to the degree that he needed to hunt down and erase every Sith pretender.

    Later, after the Jedi were undone.

    But when he exposed his identity, they would have some fun yet.

    Caedus stroked his chin... perhaps things needed a nudge. He had reviewed the data from Taris; the mines were high-grade, and GA Intelligence had a listing of the sales on and off the books. He knew about Aden's little bounty-hunter, and sent, via circuitous means, a breakdown of the names of the customers of said mines to her. It would turn up anonymously in her inbox; her profile suggested that she would hate that.

    But Caedus would turn up where they least wished for it.

    For now, though, he may as well have more than one machination afoot.

    He opened the channel to his apprentice, and updated her mission to hunt the Jedi by giving her the details of his plans involving Adalia Tehanis and the other traitors.

    A Sith apprentice would thus turn her resources to hunting them down too.

    Darth Caedus grinned.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Hawkbat Base


    Bernael had seen the ships departing and warming up. Directing his Fury, it sailed through the entrance as another ship departed below him. The engine noises in the hangar masked the sound of his ship approaching. Locating an empty patch of ground, he had the Fury land, as quietly as possible. Keeping it stealthed he waited.

    The sounds in the hangar began to settle, ‘night’ on the base was coming up and it was time, finally, to make his presence known. He headed to the cargo bay, ensuring his gear was all in place. Holding his mask in one hand, he walked back to the holo table. He studied the dossiers he had on those he knew for certain were on the base, so he would know the people he could possibly run into.

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    OOC: Thank you to @Anedon and @Adalia-Durron for the combo, it was fun!
    IC: Rooty Aran, Erbas Hawcron, Marie Firestone, Jem Vercetti, Ilona Malek, Emaline Mashibo, Adam Lyons

    Bringing his A-Wing to level out Rooty could make out running lights, he opened his comm to the group. “I think we’re there. Follow me.” He slowed his craft to enter the well-hidden hangar as he opened to the base. “Disco ball has arrived, tell Pink Ewok he's ready to dance.” He smirked as he wondered who else would be here.

    So they hid in a rock?” Erbas asked the team.

    So it seems, kinda ‘Stealthy’ don’t you think?” Marie responded with a smirk.

    I see what you did there.” Jem laughed, “Coming in behind, bigger ship and all.

    No, just youngest and last, make sense you’re back there,” Rooty said with a good deal of amusement.

    Emiline frowned. “Do they always tease you like that Jem?” She asked.

    He smiled. “When they don’t, I’ll know I’m in trouble! It means they love me, or at least like me” he said as he slowed their ship. His heart was pounding, he’d not seen his half-sister in over 5 standard years. He’d missed her and was looking forward to seeing her.

    Then let’s hope my brother is indeed here. Ilona thought, she needed to be careful, the whole thing could still be a giant trap she was moving into. Maybe the others surrounding her were in on it or fooled like she was, everything was possible. For a moment she chided herself for being so paranoid but it was better to be safe rather than sorry.

    Adam smiled and keyed his commlink, "Hey Speed, you'll need to reorient your fighter for someone to hang it properly. That said I think most everyone has gone to bed, though some have left for one mission already. Come on in."

    Rooty chuckled. "On our way in Stealth and I hope you got a soft bed for me, it's been a long haul," he responded as he angled his A-Wing toward the hangar opening, moments later he brought it though the mag field. Glancing either side he smiles as the ragtag group joined him. All touching down lightly in various locations on the flight deck. He popped his canopy and looked around, this place was impressive. He looked over to see Erbas doing something similar before standing and sliding out of his midnight blue A-Wing. Where was Adam? “Hey! Better have somewhere for us to sleep!

    Adam grinned and trotted over to Rooty's A-wing, "Yeah we've got plenty, this used to have enough space for a company to mine out minerals in this place...oh around 100 years ago. It should be a bit rough for sensors to get in here." He looked around and saw Erbas, "So who is coming?"

    Rooty wrapped his arms about Adam briefly. “Good to see you Lead, I got Sweets, Kid, and Hotshot with me. Picked up a few more along the way. It’s been a long trip.

    Within a few minutes the rest of the group showed up by Rooty’s A-wing, Jem and what appeared to be his girlfriend introduced briefly as Emiline and a woman that looked strangely familiar to Adam, though he couldn’t remember where. Adam smiled at the assembly, “I imagine that you’re all tired and ready for bed so we can meet up in the morning. Though at that time, Kara might reserve the right to tackle hug all of you.” He showed them to their rooms, and soon after that, all was quiet on base.

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    OOC A multi-part combo with @Adalia-Durron, @adaml83, and Bernael; Broken into Parts for ease of posting
    Part I
    IC Bernael, Adalia, and Adam
    Hawkbat Base Hangar


    The intercom clicked and the AI’s ‘voice’ sounded. “Ser, the base has gone silent.”

    Bernael walked to the bridge, reviewed the sensors, and sure enough, most of the people on the base had entered their sleep cycles and the base was quiet, no ships entering or exiting.

    “It’s time.” he said. He settled his mask over his head, walking to the main entrance to the ship. Keying the intercom, “Take us out of stealth.”

    As the Fury slowly faded into view, he pressed the stud and the main ramp descended. The hatch opened and he slowly began descending, his presence in the Force slowly filtering out from the concealment he had put it under. The time had come, time to do what he’d come here to do…..

    The ship had appeared in the middle of the night and Adalia had woken, somehow alerted to its presence. Something around her felt strangely familiar, or someone maybe? She slipped out of bed, and pulled on her purple sweat shirt and pants leaving her feet bare. As she passed the table near the door, she picked up the blaster Adam had given her and strapped it low around her waist before making her way to the hangar.

    Emerging she saw a new ship; one she'd not seen before. How did a ship land without the security systems being alerted to it? A figure was leaning against the strut of the crafts down ramp. She approached slowly he hand on the blaster as she lifted his chin slightly. "Who are you?" She could feel this creature was mixed with dark Force power.

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    OOC: Something of a combo post where I wanted to add some thought, along with a continuation of the combo between @darthbernael, @Adalia-Durron, and myself

    IC: Adam Lyons
    Hakwbat Base CO’s office

    Adam set the base’s passive sensors to notify him at this desk. Things were going maybe a bit better than expected. They had gained some of the Shadow Sabers, gained at least one if not both of the people that Addie had compelled to come along with her, however, there were three problems and a question.

    First were Beka and her prisoner. It was apparent to Adam that he didn’t come along willingly, and that his presence here would only increase the danger to the people here at this base. Potentially even worse is that given the Alliance response to the people of Taris, the people on Halmad would be at risk, and he wanted to avoid that at all costs. So that meant that they had to leave, but Beka was one of the best finders that he had ever met. Maybe if she could find Wedge or at least a member of their family, maybe… He looked at his records, and their last sighting had been on the Errant Venture.

    The second was Ariadne, it appeared she was ready to buy into the cause, but she seemed confused as if plans had been disrupted. A quick glance at her records showed her callsign which gave Adam an idea. Maybe if she wanted to add some tricks to what she already had, and to coordinate with Kirney and Beka...he’d need to talk to her in the morning.

    The third was Kate and Kara. He had no idea what to do with her. Adam’s first instinct was to find a safe place for them to lay low and heal, but where and how was a big question for him. Hopefully, a list of families would offer a solution to him as Kate and Kara had suffered enough.

    Finally, there was a question of who that woman who had jogged his memory was. He could eliminate many right off the bat, so he concentrated on the family members of the people he didn’t know who had escaped the Alliance. It wasn’t Amber, she was on the other side of the galaxy and had a family, besides the two didn’t really talk much. His next search brought him to Adrian’s family and his older sister brought a little smile to his face, “Why hello Illona, come to check on your little brother? You're most welcome to do so.” He was impressed by her initiative, maybe she’d join also.

    It was late and with a direction most of his more immediate problems on the way to being solved, he could sleep. Not in his room, but there was a cot in the back that might work, though that thought was interrupted by a notification on his desk. A couple of the passive sensors had been temporarily obscured from its partners. Adam turned on the screens to see what the security holocams had to offer. Information was the order of the day, maybe it was someone who knew about the events of Taris if that was the case…

    TAG: @I_am_Kooky, @Anedon, @Rebecca_Daniels (all mentions only, sleeeeeeeeeeep)

    IC: Bernael, Adalia Tehanis, Adam Lyons

    Tilting his head, looks at her, "I figured out your purpose in this. Which requires me to be more visible here than I prefer, to demonstrate why, to you." "Purpose? I'm sorry, have we met?" He seemed familiar, but she couldn't place him.

    It seemed pretty clear to Adam that the person wasn't hostile...necessarily, but he was dangerous. Part of him wanted to go there, but he didn't have enough information. Also, there was a thought he could be useful, he needed to watch.

    "How'd you even get in here?"

    He looked her over, and could feel that the wall he'd created had finally been breached, that she seemed more whole than before. Which was good as he'd only been able to repair her mind enough to enable her to escape. "We have met, Colonel Adalia Tehanis. Once. And you were in extremely poor shape when we did meet. As to how I got in here, I have my ways.

    She scowled as she searched her memory. Things were still a little fuzzy in there. Then something came forward as she looked away for a moment. "Were you on The Ocean?" She asked, “In my Medbay?"

    A smile touched the corner of one lip, behind his mask. "I was. And also, the reason why you were able to get out of the Medbay without issue."

    She gave her head a quick shake. "I think I remember; things are still not all back yet." she muttered before regaining her composure. "Purpose? What purpose?" She put her hand on the butt of her blaster for emphasis.

    The smile remained where it was and an eyebrow raised. "Your purpose in the overall picture of the galaxy. The whole reason I came here was to discuss that with you."

    Adalia gave a sarcastic smile. "I think you have the wrong person. I'm grateful for your help, and if its credits you need, you only have to ask. But I have no purpose other than to do what I'm doing, and right now that's not much."

    A low, dark, humorless chuckle sounded. "Oh, you will soon find that you have much more purpose in this galaxy than you think." He ignored the quip about credits, as he knew it was made in jest.

    "No, pretty sure you got the wrong woman." She glanced around the hangar. "And I think you should go before others see you, they won't be as.......welcoming." She knew if Adam or anyone else found him, they'd probably shoot first and ask questions later.

    "Not until I have done what I came to do. As for others, they are welcome to try. It would be an....amusing diversion. And I am quite certain I have the right person, Adalia Tehanis, hero of the Yuuzhan Vong War, woman who makes decisions based on her instincts of right and wrong, who stood up to Jacen Solo even though it almost broke her. Should I go on?"

    She didn't want to respond to his words. She hated it when people pointed out her strengths, in her mind it was her being her. "I'm no hero," she muttered. "And I didn't stand up to him, I just tried to talk to him."

    His head cocked to the side for a moment before straightening. "A hero is not what you yourself determine, but others do so for you, whether you wish it or not. And just your actions showed that you could stand up to him, even in the slightest. But neither of those are why I came." he said, as subtle in his meaning as he intended to be.

    She sighed knowing he was right but it didn't mean she had to like it. "So, what's the reason?"

    He thought for a moment, deciding how much to tell her for now. "As you don't remember, my name is Bernael. I am not human, as you may have surmised. I have walked this galaxy, its core, its inner systems, its fringes, for over two millennia. In that time my purpose has been to ensure the overall balance of the galaxy, between the forces that wish to tip it one way or another. From time to time, especially in times of conflict, it is necessary to seek a partner, someone closely involved in the conflict who can assist in ensuring things in regard to that conflict resolve in a way that means the balance can remain. And, it seems, you have what is required of such a partner. The balance requests, needs, your aid."

    She put her hands up, palms out. "Wait, wait...Partner? Balance?" She shook her head. "You're thousands of years old?" This was all too much to take in. "I can't be anyone's partner in anything right now."

    Another humorless chuckle sounded. "Yes, I am thousands of years old. And yes, a partner. Did you think I came out here, away from other things that I could affect in pursuit of my mission, on a pleasure cruise to a heavily armed base? And you miss the important point, what would be required of such a partner."

    She folded her arms and popped a hip. "Enlighten me."

    The half-smile returned, behind the mask. "Just be who you are, make the choices you normally would. Except now you'd be aware of the balance and understand more, being able to make choices that you would know would influence the balance one way or another. I know you are neither light nor dark but tend to live and make choices that are lighter side oriented." His head tilted again, for a moment, eyes slightly out of focus, and a low, almost inaudible, whisper sounded from his lips. "Hmm, perhaps, but you have not revealed yourself to more than a handful in all my millennia."

    She frowned. "Who are you talking to? Doesn't matter. " Clearly, he was nuts, she decided to play along. "Ok, so I just keep being me and then I'm doing my job? Piece of cake." She smirked. "So, I do nothing and stop talking to yourself?"

    It seemed that he had been looking for Addie. His mind had been rushing through possibilities, it seemed he had been looking for her, which meant that somehow that person had tracked her lightyears across the galaxy to find her here. Something about that person screamed in Adam's mind that he was a Force user of some sort, but if that person was at Taris... he might be interested... If that person has footage of that bombardment...I need it. I need it so we can show the galaxy...

    Another low chuckle. "I was not talking to myself, but there is an introduction that could be made. And I did not say you do nothing; I believe you are quite incapable of doing nothing at all."

    She suppressed a smirk, he was right about that. "Who are you hiding under those robes? An Ewok?" This was amusing now.

    He let his senses flow outward. She'd influenced one of the two beings that had been in the area to leave. The other obviously had a stronger will and had resisted the compulsion. That one was near, but far enough away that they wouldn't easily hear or see what was about to be revealed to Adalia. He gave a slight nod and spoke.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC A multi-part combo with @Adalia-Durron, @adaml83, and Bernael
    Part III

    IC Bernael, Adalia, and Adam
    Hawkbat Base Hangar

    "Nothing is hidden under my robes, not a being in any case. And no, no Ewoks are present. However, there is another presence nearby, well it is always nearby everything."

    As he finished talking a swirl of black, white, and every shade of grey appeared just behind and to one side of him. A voice sounded in both their minds. 'Bernael, yes this one. Adalia Tehanis, you have been given a choice, assist in the balance or not, the choice is yours.'

    She stepped back, unfolding her arms as she stared in disbelief. "What the Frack?? Who or what is that? And get it out of my head!!!"

    "Adalia Tehanis, the balance. Or rather what it chooses to show those it appears to. And it doesn't speak any other way."

    This was confusing. "So, ......the Balance is ..........that?" She pointed, "and it’s in my head?" She hated that as even Kyp wasn't allowed in there without permission. She watched the grey swirl, move and twist, it was fascinating.

    Bernael watched her try to cope with what she saw. "It's a manifestation of the balance. The balance itself is everywhere, as the Force is, but this is what it shows when it decides to communicate directly with someone, when they need to see it. Otherwise you just hear it in your mind. In everyone's mind, as our personal balances in life are just lesser portions of the overarching balance."

    She was still looking confused, but his words made a little sense now. "So, we all hear ...him? Her? Them? and our choices affect" She wasn't sure what to call the Balance. "Why me? Surely there are others out there making good choices all over the place." She ran her fingers through her hair and looked away for a moment before biting her lip and considering his words. "Jedi make the best choices.......I'm not one you know."

    "Yes, I am quite aware you are no Jedi, Adalia. I did my research after someone," the last said with a glance at the swirl of light, "pointed out to my why it was important to have this discussion. I, it, does not need someone, no matter how caring, as hide bound as a Jedi to work toward the balance. Besides, their purpose is to champion the Light, only one of the sides of the balance. It chose you, and I, as its agent, was dispatched to make its request known."

    The voice in their minds sounded once more 'Bernael, you know why she was the one, and knew it before I told you, otherwise you wouldn't have already been following her.' It sounded almost like an exasperated parent as it mentally spoke to him.

    'Adalia, you were chosen because of who you are, not to mention you are already intimately involved in the conflict that needs your skills as Bernael's partner, to affect the outcome.'

    She put her hands to her temples, hearing this in her head was not to her liking, but if it was the only way she had to tolerate it. 'The one'. Those words resonated with her for some reason, she'd never been 'the one' to anyone, well maybe one person. "I don't want to fight this conflict; I just want it to stop. It's too personal, it's too close. Friends killing friends, family on opposite sides. I just want to make fighting really tough for them both, I want to be the faulty fire button, the vibro that cuts the fuse, the distraction they both cannot ignore." She tried to explain she didn't want to fight any war.

    Adam decided, that he must have information and if he needed to sneak in that direction, so be it, but now he was almost hyper-alert, he could almost feel it, this was like when Addie let out her emotions through the Force on Taris where she unleashed raw power, even through the barriers that Adam had, in anguish, put up to shut off the Force in his mind had broken through. He needed to wait a tiny bit.

    Bernael's head tilted to one side then he nodded. The voice returned to Adalia's head 'That is why you were chosen. To Bernael this is merely one conflict among thousands he has had to be involved with. To you this is personal and you have a massive stake in why it needs to end. As well, as you may suspect once you think about it, given his age and how much longer it will last, he concentrates on the long-term balance. So, a partner is needed when the short-term balance has a possibility of affecting the long term one. He must ensure the balance remains for as long as he lives, you will ensure that the immediate balance stays balanced, if you choose to follow that path.'

    This was overwhelming and, on some level, gave her cause to feel a touch of pride. 'They don't want a Jedi' she thought with amusement. She took a deep breath. "So, Balance? You're saying, there is no right or wrong, it's just what I do that counts and that will make it ......balanced?" She paused for a moment. "I can do that; I've been doing that."

    There was a, now, amused snort from Bernael. "Every action that is taken affects the balance. Even if it is a small adjustment. And yes, how you act, what you do, is what affects the balance. There may be times where you need call on me to assist or times when I see something that needs adjusting that you would be more able to accomplish than I and I will notify you. But the gist is be who you are and that will assist the immediate balance."

    She nodded slowly, she understood. What did she have to lose? She sensed his darkness, that was her only question. "What stops you from using that Darkness, and yes, I feel it, to kill me?" There was no way she was going to risk her baby for anything.

    Adam nodded to himself now, now was the time to move towards the hanger, while he wouldn't be completely silent, he'd expect that the person would detect him at some point, but Addie...she wasn't focused...maybe.

    He knew her concern, the true concern. "Of course, you felt it. I let it be felt as I needed to know if you would still accept knowing that a being born of darkness was what you would be partners with. But I give my word, my unbroken word, that your true fear will remain unfounded." In those words, he acknowledged that he knew of her condition but would ensure she was not harmed by him.

    Adalia studied his mask, and glanced at the black and grey mist. She'd read between the lines, as she knew a darksider would sense her child, probably knew about it back on The Ocean. She subconsciously placed her hands on her stomach and wished her fiancé was her to help her make this choice, then again, he'd only say what he always said. 'It's your call love'. He was right. "I accept." she said evenly.

    He nodded. "I am......grateful you chose to accept. With your leave, partner, I will remain here a couple days while I finish some research and make a plan for the task, I have been given next. But first, here is a com with an encrypted channel I recommend you not allow be meddled with. It is a direct line to me, anywhere in the galaxy. Also, this is an encrypted data pad that can access the search resources to find data on whatever you need. Do not allow anyone to tamper with either, they will, quite literally, melt down after notifying me." He handed her both items with a respectful nod.

    Adalia thought for a moment. "Leave staying to me, it won't go easily, but I need to talk to the base Commander, and that's not me." She smiled to herself. "I'll do it now, please stay on your craft." She turned and wondered as she walked away if she'd conceded to this too easily, could she have been influenced? Was it her condition? Didn't matter, it was too late now.

    Adam snuck around towards the stranger's ship, he wasn't entirely sure if he should enter the ship, though if there was a distraction he would, if not nearby in the shadows would work for now. He needed to see this person alone...whoever they were.

    Bernael nodded, turned and walked up the ramp, pausing at the hatch. He could have easily ignored her request but trust was earned and this group would not be pleased to know he could wander their base at will.

    She rounded the ramp and looked to the shadows. "Gonna keep sneaking around or gonna just come out and talk to me...?" she asked the shadows. She was sure their guest knew he was there.

    Adam rolled his eyes, Force users ruin sneaking sometimes..., he smirked to himself with an idea, he pushed a thought to the forefront of his mind, Go to bed, Addie. I just want to talk to our new arrival. Get some rest.

    She raised an eyebrow, "Really Adam, like that'd work on me. An introduction might be in order..... he wants to stay overnight I believe." She glanced up the ramp. "He saved my life on The Ocean." Adalia hoped that would be all the clearance Adam needed, she doubted he'd understand the rest.

    Bernael descended the ramp, seeing Adalia and one he'd not met yet, in the shadows nearby. "Better that I could hear his most recent thoughts as clearly as if he were speaking them Adalia. And caught your reply."

    He turned toward Adam, "Yes, onboard would be the most private but while she hinted at doing so, without my permission to my security she would have been scraping up a fried....." He paused, waiting for a moment to see if the man supplied a name.

    Adam looked between the new arrival and Addie. He sighed and stepped out of the shadows. "My name's Adam." He looked at Addie first, "Seriously, get some sleep, Addie. It hasn't been all that terribly long since you were unconscious, you need some time to absorb all of the information since you've been awake." He motioned towards his belt, "Besides," he looked at Addie and the new guest in turn, "I'm here unarmed, I only want some information." He looked at the guest, "It's also pretty clear that you followed the escapees from the Ocean so if you stopped at Taris, you might have something I'd very much want to see."

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  25. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Erbas Hawcron, Rooty Aran, Jem Vercetti.
    Private Quarters Hawkbat base.

    “This is……..nice.”
    Erbas commented looking at the ceiling from the bed he now occupied, before popping a cookie he’d taken from the kitchen before bed. “Food, a bed, its warm and quiet. What more could we ask for?”

    “One of them Stealth X’s I saw in the hangar would be real nice.” Rooty muttered, “But just for laughs, would never switch to one.” He said absently as he fluffed his pillow before sitting on the bed. “But you’re right, this would be a nice place to hide out till this stupid war is over.”

    Erbas turned to him. “Yeah, we’re older and wiser, but do we really want to hide?”

    Rooty shook his head slowly. “You know there is a part of me thinking ‘what the kriff are you doing here, why didn’t you just keep your head down and wait it out? but there is a bigger part that misses the old days.” He lay down on his back. “Maybe I’m having a midlife crisis?”

    Erbas laughed openly and he rolled toward Rooty. “Yep, that’s it!! We are both having a midlife crisis! So we are about to take on the Alliance, and possibly the Confederation by ourselves to fix that!” He rolled back and shook his head. “That’ll make us feel young……or get us killed.” There was a knock at the door. “Come!” Erbas called.

    Jem opened the door and leaned his head in. “Can’t sleep guys, you?”

    “Where’s that pretty thing of yours Kid?” Rooty asked curiously, he’d noted Emaline was pretty in a geeky sort of way.

    Jem came in and closed the door quickly. “Shhh, she’s sleeping.” He crossed the room and sat on Rooty’s bed. “Kinda thought I’d see my sister by now.” He said sounding disappointed.

    “Adam said she was asleep; said she’d been through a bit and needed rest.” Erbas said, he’d somehow managed to find a second cookie. “Wonder what he meant?”

    Rooty shrugged. “She was on The Ocean with Aden, and we all know there is no love lost there. Who knows what he did to her?” He looked over as he heard crunching. “Did you take the entire jar there?”

    Erbas grinned and held up a container. “Yup, want some?”

    Rooty shook his head, somethings never changed and he watched as Jem joined Erbas. He lay down, he was tired, but somehow, he was currently content to just be.

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