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Star Wars The Last Stand

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    OOC: Combo with @adaml83

    IC Bernael and Adam
    Onboard the Fury

    Bernael gestured up the ramp, "We can walk together, the main lounge is just inside the entrance here. And you are correct, I did track her and those with her, through all the systems they traveled, and I suspect I know what you are hoping I may have."

    He tapped a couple commands on his wrist pad, authorizing the male human with him for one visit, for now.

    Adam nodded, "Alright, and yes I imagine you do. Though we did get some footage, but I'm hoping you have better." He pulled out a datapad to show the guest once they settled.

    Bernael waved and the holo table lit up, most feeds silent right now, but a large, multipart file labelled "Taris" was prominent. He looked at Adam's pad, seeing what footage they already had. "Yes I have much better footage. I hope that datapad has a high capacity memory as I have several hours worth of footage from various angles, including the aftermath of not just the surface but what the immediate aftermath was for the GA."

    Adam grinned, "This isn't a normal datapad, it's more suited for Intelligence operations..." his attention was distracted by the footage on the holotable, "Yes, the galaxy needs to see this, all of this."

    Behind his mask Bernael quirked a crooked grin. "I thought there may be someone who could use it. And was provided with just the person I needed to get it to. They certainly do not seem to be enjoying trying to figure a way out of that minefield, do they?"

    Adam grinned, "One you deployed. Did you happen to get the names of those ships? If so, I'll know which one they are and that those ships and their captains are marked." That knowledge wouldn't be as spread, but people would know.

    Bernael consulted the files that he had for a couple moments. "The two ships are a Belarus-class cruiser, the Glorious, captained by one Captain Shula I found in their files, and a Ranger-class gunship I could not identify." He did not say but did agree that anyone willing to carry out such orders should be marked, no matter what side they served.

    Adam nodded Glorious under Shula tends to travel with a ship under a Captain Garch, "Ok I'll see what else I can look up. Once I get a data package together, would you be willing to spread it as well?"

    He did enjoy moments with those who did work like this, sometimes, it was refreshing. "Yes I do have faculties to be able to get it disseminated through various sources. Such things should not be condoned and the GA certainly would not put out information that they were bombarding their own worlds."

    Adam smiled, "I'll need to forward something to my person who's going to try to get footage in the hands of Naboo's leadership, and I'm sure this will galvanize the Jedi Order and the Confederation. If I can even get this in the hands of various Imperial factions, they may just think twice about joining the GA."

    Bernael touched a couple buttons on the holo table and enabled the Taris file to be sent to the datapad Adam held. "My work does mean I work with both the Light and Dark but often I have to play a very close game so that neither side truly gains prominence, but as I said, things like this can never be allowed, close off too many lines of souls that could have influence on future events, innocent souls."

    Adam handed the datapad over to Bernael, "I don't know if I have any information on things you might need, but..." a thought occured to him, "I do consult for a company that mainly modifies ships, if you have time and would like to see if that would be something you'd want in exchange for this..."

    Bernael took the pad, and authorized the transfer of information. As it downloaded he turned back to Adam, "I have a feeling we might both like to stay in touch, I'm sure we both have resources the other doesn't. I'm also sure we won't always share everything we know, but enough of what is needed to accomplish things. As to the modifications I will consider it, thank you. This here is not something I would accept recompense for, given what it shows. But if you don't mind, once we're done I would appreciate seeing some of your supplies, see what I might be able to add or if there is anything I can trade for in that realm, before I have to depart."

    Adam nodded, "We would, I'm sure. That said I'm not the main person gathering the information for all this, that's an old friend of mine, but I'm more than willing to share anything that would be relevant to what you'd need." He shrugged about the modifications, "It's hard to do something like what's normally done especially when you need to travel. The situation will need to be less...chaotic I imagine to allow you to stay in a place. Though I also doubt they know about this class of ship so they'd need to do some research before trying anything. And naturally you will have access to our supplies, and you might want to allow the crew here to refuel the ship and see if anything external needs work. I'll see if Cubber can send a crew to take a look and...I guess they won't be harmed if they try repairing anything with your ship?

    Passive defenses and all?"

    Bernael nodded, "Yes they are usually set to passive when in what could be considered a safe harbor. I will ensure they would not affect external inspections and possible work, after all I do seem to recall several X-Wing fighters and the like exploding somewhere in the vicinity, while I was at Taris and that will need to be looked at."

    Adam gave him a nod, "Sorry, given the circumstances, we didn't know you were there, and those ships were tainted if you know what I mean given that they had been spotted with GAG operatives climbing all over them."

    Bernael grinned momentarily behind his mask, "No you did not, and yes the circumstances did dictate trying to change the focus of the GAG away from where your people truly went. And, as such, as a shadow so to speak, I'm sure you will not see it as entirely rude that I have my security do an inspection before I leave to be sure I don't have my own unwanted visitors attached to the exterior."

    Adam snorted, "We have enough on our plate, honestly. Deliberately antagonizing one of the strongest people in the galaxy is enough."

    A flat, dry chuckle sounded, "I take it you mean the extremely powerful Sith running the GA and not the one that Tehanis worked alongside. I have heard he's disappeared, but someone had tracked down one of my suppliers and i suspect one of the two of them."

    Adam raised an eyebrow, he didn't know Aden as well as Addie but... he revealed with a grin, "Jacen certainly, the ideal goal is to make Aden appear so incompetent that his life is threatened, then...we'll see what happens from there."

    Bernael's eyebrow was the one to quirk now. "Interesting, although I have a feeling Jacen, if he still calls himself that, isn't going to sit still while you try to get him focused on Aden. As it is, I know that it is late, and i'm sure you were either close to bed or already in it as she was, when I arrived. And now have even more to absorb and distribute. While you do so, I'll look at the supplies you have and let you know what I might wish to trade for or be able to provide." His hand waved again and the holotable shut down. As they headed for the hatch he said "I have your comm code now and she has a secure one with me so either way, as long as she's amenable to it, we can communicate."

    Adam nodded in agreement, "It has been a long day and most of us could use some rest, quite a few of us have to leave for missions in the near future anyways. Send me a list, though I doubt there'll be any protest."

    As they reached the bottom of the ramp, Bernael sent a command to the supply droid on board to accompany him, "I will send the list as soon as it is written up." he said then nodded to Adam, reset the security into passive mode, and headed toward the tunnels, where he was sure the supplies were located.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Kate and Kara.
    Hawkbat Base.


    Kara could hear her mother softly breathing in her sleep. Try as she might, she struggled to fall asleep like her mother. She wondered what time it was, like back on Kashyyyk, was it even bedtime yet? It had only been two days ago that she was on Kashyyyk, and 7 days ago that life stopped being normal. She wanted to talk about it, but she wasn’t sure if her mum was up for talking about it, but Kara didn't really even know what she would say. Mum was keeping pretty quiet around the others, even though they were her friends.

    Hearing the stress in her mother’s voice, she tried to behave to help her mum be less stressed but mum had been acting not quite right. Kara had reasoned with herself, that she(kara) was acting normal, she felt like she was acting normal, but was that in itself normal? Her brain understood that she was not going home. She had the knowledge that her school and village was burnt, and not many would have survived. She knew that Liam was . . . dead. . .but she didn’t know if her Dad was, her grandparents, her aunts and uncles.

    She sighed, she felt like she should be feeling different, like she should be sad or upset like her mum. But for her, it was just like a holiday, it was new and exciting and if she didn't think about why she was on holiday, then it didn't really bother her, she was seeing so much, learning so much, it was awesome. Did this make her a bad person? did this mean she didn't care about all those people that died, her bother? her dad? She wasn't sure.

    She did try to sleep, she was sure she got some sleep in, maybe a short rest. But she couldn't stand it anymore, she had to move, she had to explore, this place was fascinating. It was like how her mum and dad described their life as pilots and their ‘base of operations’, and her mum said she could go explore. She loved having this unbroken time by her side, but now she just wanted to explore and she wanted her mum to sleep and feel better.

    So she carefully climbed down off the bed, using the ladder so she would be extra quiet. It was dark, but her eyes had adjusted enough that she could make her way out of the room. Kara was so excited to check out the place that she forgot to bring her comm with her.


    Kara was exploring her soundings //stay on the compound// she reminded herself. She saw that the lights were dim, that it was nighttime outside so she should be sleeping, but she was just feeling so awake. She didn’t run into anyone, she didn’t see anyone, and that made it all the more exciting. She didn’t want any grownups stopping her, asking her questions. She just wanted to explore. So many buildings and ships, so few trees. . . actually no trees at all.

    It had been an hour or so when she came across a big odd-looking black ship. The door of the ship was open and a bright light was on inside. She was curious, because that ship wasn't there before, and it was really big and cool looking, there was something. . .interesting about it, something that caught her attention, even though she couldn't explain it

    “Well, It IS inside the compound” she quietly told herself “so technically, I'm allowed to explore that too.” she convinced herself as she drew closer to the ship.


    <Kate> an eerie male voice spoke.

    Kate woke with a start and sat up, her heart was pounding and her breath was short. “Eak?” she called out, her groggy voice echoed back at her as she panicked, unsure of where she was or why she was here. She waited a moment, then she remembered all she needed to know to calm down. She felt something was off, but couldn’t work it out. Nothing in her world was right, she felt lost and adrift, no husband, no son, no family, no world, she had lost her connections to practically everything she held dear. Everything but Kara. She moved to get off the bed, her whole body aching with the effort. A bone-weary tiredness that could not be satisfied with whatever sleep she had just gotten.

    She stood up and looked for Kara on her bed, but she was gone. Panic gripped her heart for a moment until she reasoned with herself that Kara had not been kidnapped or harmed, she was just going to the fresher or exploring. She remembered she had told Kara she could if she took. . .Kate looked at the small pile of stuff next to the bed,. . . Kara had forgotten comm. Kate sighed as she pulled her boots back on. She wasn’t going to be mad, she just needed to know where Kara had gone to, if only to settle the mother guilt she got the moment Kara was born.


    Kate had spent the past 10 minutes looking for her daughter, calling out her name. She knew she had given Kara permission to go, but now she just needed to check on her, she didn't think she could get into all that much trouble, but then again, trouble could find her.

    She was starting to get worried, then out of the corner of her eye, she saw Liam waving. She turned to look, but he was gone. Thinking not much of it, other than she needed more sleep, she continued on her search. She approached a big black ship, of unusual design, it looked like it was quite a nice ride, highly customised, must have cost a small planet to get it to this level. She didn’t remember it here before, but if it was here that meant that Adam had allowed it to be here so she didn’t gave it much more thought.

    She was about to continue on, as she turned to continue her search, again out of the corner of her eye she saw Liam, walking up the ramp into his ship. Curiosity getting the better of her this time, she went up to the ship’s ramp, but not on it. . .she tried to peer inside to see if there was a more logical explanation for her ‘vision’. Then she heard something fall inside the ship. . .followed by a small little voice say "Oh no".

    "KARA?" she called out, but didn't hear a response, looking left and right, she felt a little unsure of what she had heard but didn't want to risk it. She walked up the ramp to the top and hesitated at the entrance of the ship, "Kara? Was that you?” She called out, then from deeper within the ship and from what sounded like behind a wall, Kate heard a voice "MUM? I’m stuck!” Kate rushed in, "KARA!" and went up to she thought she heard it. “Kara?”. . .”Mum”. . . Kate looked around for a door or other entry to where Kars voice was coming from. "How? What? how did you get in there?"

    "The door was locked so I went into the vent system and then I fell and now I can't reach it now and I'm a bit stuck in here" Kara responded sounding a little scared and very guilty.

    "WHAT?! IF THE DOOR. . . ARGH" Kate raged, //had I not taught you better than this?// she sighed, //okay, solve one problem at a time//. She didn't even think to ask for the owner of the ship, she had but one focus, to get Kara out. She eventually found the door into the area she hoped Kara was in. Sure enough, it was locked. She knelt down, pulled out one of her ‘hairpins’ that was actually a sophisticated electronic spike for just this kinda work. She tried to bypass security locks to get the door open //Now its useful, Eak!// she taunted the memory of her husband being confused as to why she was learning security hacks and lock picking on a plant with no doors.

    "Kara you better be on the other side of this door when it opens or so help me" . . ."I'm here mum" Kara said in that sheepish tone. After a bit of work, the door suddenly opened, and Kara jumped into her mum's arms. Kate wrapped her arms around her daughter tight, and pulled away from the door, just in case she might have triggered some internal defence of some time, but nothing happened.

    As Kate held Kara tighter for a moment, not realising how much it had hurt to be separated from her. She was going to say something, going to get off this ship before. . .

    Suddenly the ship hummed to life and the door they were next to closed. Kate felt a cold lump of fear appear in her gut, she knew the ship was taking off, and that it was too late to get off.


    The ship secured for takeoff, Bernael moved to the cockpit to finalize the routing and prepare for the trip. He had a feeling something was off so he extended his senses as the pilot smoothly left the deck and headed out into free space. As it departed he discovered why his senses tingled, two stowaways. He toggled a button and the internal comm hissed then a low voice spoke, "I hadn't planned on passengers this trip but it's a little late to change that."


    Kate held Kara tight and looked around for any type of security device, she was trying to decide if he knew that they were here because of cameras, or the bad door hack, not that it really mattered anymore. That voice didn't sound pleased.

    In the cockpit, Bernael finished with the pilot droid, the course was set, and the hyperdrive engaged.

    The ship took off at such a speed that it actually knocked Kate from her kneeling position to the ground and against the wall, still holding her daughter. "I'm sorry mum, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Kara muffled in tears into her mother's clothing.


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    IC: Tawg

    Tawg received instructions from Adam to update the videos with information that Bernael had provided and then send the updated videos out. It appeared that Adam was now asleep because he hadn’t noticed a somewhat recent message from Kirney that said, “We’re here! Hurry up old man!” It caused a minor astromech snicker from Tawg.

    Tawg was familiar with how Briana edited videos, he added the video, the new information and added the method that Briana edited into the computer, with instructions to send the finalized video along with the raw information out to the following recipients, Kirney, Briana, Bernael, and Kyp. There would also be copies saved onto datapads, with the raw information on another datapad for those still on Hawkbat to take to their various destinations.

    This was causing trouble on a massive scale, Tawg was sure Whistler would be jealous.

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    OOC Continuing the adventures of Kate, Kara, and Bernael

    IC Bernael, Kate, and Kara
    Bernael's Fury

    The comm hissed again, "We are now on "our" way so it is time to truly meet. Main lounge, straight up the hallway you are in. I will be there momentarily."


    Kate tried to calm Kara down, “it’s gonna be okay” she reaped over again, softly as she mind was a hive of activity. Trying to desperately calculate the next course of action. The voice sounded very displeased, but not threatening, a difficult line to talk.

    Kate was debating whether it was best to use the truth in what happened and hope this person would be less angry at a curious child, or whether Kate should take the blame and protect her child form whatever this person might do. Would he even believe the truth? she would be pissed if someone tried this on her ship. "Come on then," she said gently to Kara as they got up. "I don't want to lick his ship clean," Kara whimpered. Kate gave a half smiled on the inside, such innocence.

    "I don't know what will happen, this is his property, and you. . we trespassed. He has all right to be angry." Kara was trying to stop her sobs. "I won't let him hurt you Kara, let me try and sort this out." Kate just had to hope he would understand.


    The two of them would come out of the dark room, come down the hallway, and into the main lounge, where a pair of long couches flanked a holo table. The room was low lit but if anyone had been present they would have seen them. However it seemed the room was still empty. Until, starting from his feet, a figure would begin to come into view. He was leaning against the holo table, facing directly at the two of them. Black boots, pants, and shirt were mostly covered by a black cape, hood up, with a black mask covering his face. All that could be seen of him were two silver eyes and the hand holding a fluid container, down by his waist.

    Behind the mask an eyebrow arched, “Two humans, both Force sensitive, child and woman alike. How or why did you end up here, when clearly you were meant to be where I just left?”

    Kate looked the humanoid figure up and down, she didn't get any bad vibes, but she uncomfortable nonetheless. //Force-sensitive? What? Only people like Addie or Jedi get that kind of description// she had thought up her reply but was thrown by the description of her and Kara. She shook her head to clear it, and continued with her planned speech.

    “Hello, I'm Kate, this is Kara.” she gestured respectively, “I am very sorry for boarding your ship and getting my daughter caught up in this. I have recently made some bad decisions, and this looks like another one. I did not intend to harm, or steal, I was just curious about its design, it looks like a ship from before the republic? Thus I ended up letting my curiosity get the better of me and for that, I'm sorry” Kate had found the best way to tell a lie was to sprinkle as many truths in it as possible.

    “We will sit where requested, and if you can't return us to where we were from, please drop us at your at whatever your next destination is. I don't want to cause you any more trouble,” she took a small step in front of Kara in a protective gesture. “please do not harm my daughter.”

    “I achieved what I set out to do there, so I was leaving, perhaps for good, and your presence has affected that course of action. What sort of curiosity is there that would have you board another being’s ship without permission? I don't appreciate that now I have to change all that must be done to accommodate you two.”

    “But you don’t? You just. . .” Kate started before Kara cut her off. “It was me! I’m Sorry” She stepped in front of her mother, looking terrified. “I . . .I was the one that was curious, I got and I . . .I didn't mean any harm, I'm sorry” Kate put her hand on her daughter protectively.

    “I understand the curiosity of the young but this is my ship. Many spaces on it are off limits so do not test that. Otherwise, if you remain honest with me we can, perhaps, become friends.”

    The man had softened his tone when he spoke to Kara, Kate was glad that this situation appeared that it wouldn't end in violence. “We shall.” She decided that it may be best not to speak further in case she did something to change his mind. To let him take the conversation further if he wished, after all this was his place and not hers and she wasn't about to give up any information that wasn't relevant if she didn't have too.

    Bernael turned to look at the holo table for a moment, thinking about the course he was on and where a good place would be to let his stowaways off. As he did so he went back through the conversation so far and something wasn't quite right and then it hit him. "I am pleased your daughter takes responsibility for her own actions, otherwise this conversation may have taken a different turn."

    The comment felt like a slap in the face to Kate, and it left residue of fear in her heart. //Was that a veiled threat? who was this man? Why was he on Base? How did he know Adam. . .did. . .did Adam let him on base? She was doubting her actions, question and fears started to circle, as Kate felt herself become lost to the fog that was her brain space at the moment, the grief that was clouding, inhibiting all judgment. She gently squeezed Kara's shoulders, if for no other reason than to anchor herself back to the reason she had to stay focused.

    He moved a quarter of the way around the holo table so he could continue to study it but also keep the duo in view. Finally he came across a system that seemed to fit the parameters he was looking for.

    “My first destination, of this trip, is Selaggis IV. It has a spaceport and facilities that you could use, to be able to return to your friends on Hawkbat.”

    "If that's least inconvenient for you, that will suit us fine." Kate said racking her brain if she had ever heard of it, and just hoped it wouldn't be too far to get back. "Where do you want us to stay until then and if I may, how long till we reach there?" Trying to be extra courteous, and trying to keep calm.

    Thinking for a moment, "There are several spare cabins, the one just off this space is the main one, mine, so is one of those private spaces I mentioned a minute ago. However the others would be suited to your needs. There is a kitchen, with a droid programmed to make any meal you could probably think of, several freshers, most attached to cabins. As to how long…." He checked the display, “we will be there in the morning.”

    A chime sounded on his data pad, he looked down. "For now, I leave you to figure out what arrangements you will make, I have other, more pressing concerns." One last look at the two humans, a sigh, and he strode out of the Main lounge, in the direction they had emerged from.

    Kate watched him leave and breathed out the breath she didn't realize she was holding. She didn’t know what to do now, except for one thing. She looked around the room, and then pointed to the chair “Sit.” she said as she gathered her thoughts. She hated to be the one yelling at her kids, but this. . needed to be addressed. . .

    “Karashhiki Leeash-Schyler, WHAT were YOU THINKING?! You . . You. . .Got on someone else ship! that's like breaking into someone's home, no, no not like, it IS breaking into someone else's home!"

    She stopped, "I have no comms, I have no credits, I have no idea where we are actually going and if we CAN get home from there. What will the others think? What if they think we were kidnapped by Him!” She waved her arms as she paced back and forth, she knew she shouldn't be this angry, but she couldn't stop herself, with each word she felt more guilty.

    “They might come after him for a crime he did not commit! Your Father and I taught you better than this, I know we did. . .So, What do you have to say?" Kate finished as the realization that she shouldn't have yelled in someone else's ship hit her. . .but again, it was too late now.

    "I saw Liam" Kara whispered look down at her hands. Kate’s heart stopped, //For the love of the force, will this week never end//. Kate wasn't ready for that one, her hands were shaking, she was so worked up, and the emotional whiplash of that commented caused physical pain.

    “Oh, Kara,” Kate’s voice softened and lowered as she knelt down in front of Kara.

    “I. . .I did look inside the ship first, I got carried away exploring, but I was just going to look inside, and then leave. . .I was almost out the door when I saw Liam climb into the vent into the locked room . . . I needed to help him, to get him out. . .so when I couldn't open the door, I climbed in the vent too and it was dark and I fell and I couldn't find my way back, but then you called.” Kara meekly explained, so sure of what happened, but it sounded so wrong when she heard it out loud.

    Kate put her hands over her daughter's hands and bent down further to look up at Kara’s face. “Sweetheart, Liam is gone. And he won't, . . .he can't come back. I'm so sorry, I know it's really hard, but you can't just following . . .into places you shouldn't be.” she said as softly and gently as she could.

    Bernael stalked down the corridor, considering his options. The woman, Kate, if he recalled what she had said, was certainly Force sensitive and the child seemed equally so, but there was something around the daughter, shielding her from much probing. And, truth be told, he preferred not "reading" people if he didn't have to, it was just too noisy otherwise.

    As he walked the chime his datapad had given returned to his memory. Pulling it out he checked it, seeing that it was a data dump, the information he’d given Adam mixed with what he knew. He knew that Adam would want it disseminated as widely and through as many channels as he could so he sent it along to a contact, someone who had access to a great many channels of information. His simple note said *This needs widest dispersal possible.*

    He made it to the cargo hold, checking the vent before he slipped in the door. 'I must have some words with the security company I last used for overlooking such a simple but easy entry into such a secure area.' Entering, one would be able to see why he thought so. There were cabinets in all directions with labels such as "Detonators", "Armor", "Identity Kits", "Edged Weapons", "Ranges Weapons", "Interrogation Tools", and so forth.

    He went by each cabinet verifying the security of each, sure the child had not tampered with anything but he had not lived this long without being cautious. `How, why, did the child choose this ship of them all to explore? What drew her here?' There would be answers but he couldn't ask the child directly. No matter what he was, an innocent child did not deserve such treatment.

    'The mother, I can feel she's been through some deep, recent trauma, but that doesn't excuse them here. I was able to fulfill my purpose at Hawkbat, even had more occur, that looks to be a good thing. But leaving the base with a human and their child, that could alter how I am seen or whether Adalia will wish to continue as my partner.'

    He worked through the gear he was sure he would need for the next phase of work. Pausing for a moment, his head tilted as though considering something. When his head came back up, 'It appears there is much more I need to consider as this goes along.'

    He returned to the cockpit, triggering the channel he'd set to send messages to Adalia. Thinking it would be some time before he needed it he was unsure if she would be prepared to acknowledge immediately or not.


    I suspect you, and others, are looking for two humans, Kate and Kara are the names, if I recall correctly. Apparently Kara snuck inside exploring while I was preparing to depart and her mother also boarded to retrieve her. I did not know they were onboard when I departed but I will drop them at the first planetside opportunity to return. I swear, by the balance I had no part in them disappearing but I will ensure their protection while with me.


    Message sent he awaited any reply. A half hour passed but he received no reply. He keyed the internal com.

    "Kate,I have informed Colonel Tehanis of the circumstances of your departure. I have not received a reply but she must be aware, considering the channel used is a dedicated one, direct to her."

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    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Hawkbat Base.

    She stretched slightly before rolling to her back and continuing to arch her back and extend all her muscles. She was alone, but she had grown accustomed to that of late, the only difference was the size of the bed. Turning her head to look at the empty space beside her she picked up the pillow and hugged it to her chest, breathing deeply as she did so. “Miss you already.” She murmured softly as his scent wafted up from the pillow. She closed her eyes and reached to the light inside, he was sleeping still, growing was hard work she thought with a smile. She sighed softly; this was a journey she’d wanted for so long, silently wishing her body would give her what she wanted. Just when she’d given up all hope, it seemed the Force had other ideas and her deepest wish was being granted but the timing was all wrong. “Wish you’d tell me why now?” she said to the empty room. She was speaking the Force, but she knew there was no actual voice to answer her. “Maybe you can tell me sometime?” she put Kyp’s pillow back and rolled to sit up on the side of the bed when a huge wave of nausea washed over her. “Oh wow,……” Seconds later she was in the refresher as the feeling became reality.

    Ten minutes later she emerged, she felt marginally better as she removed her sleepwear and pulled on the same outfit, she’d worn the day before as she had little else. Moving to the small desk she picked up her data pad, there was a message from Adam, just letting her know he was off base for a while and she had guests. She smiled, that meant Rooty and who ever he’d bought along were here and she hoped Jem had come, she wanted to share her news with him, he was going to be an Uncle! She noted the other data pad that had been given to her the previous night, she frowned slightly. She’d thought it was a dream or a vision maybe? But clearly the evidence was before her. Putting her pad down she carefully picked up the new on and activated it. Immediately a message appeared.


    I suspect you, and others, are looking for two humans, Kate and Kara are the names, if I recall correctly. Apparently, Kara snuck inside exploring while I was preparing to depart and her mother also boarded to retrieve her. I did not know they were onboard when I departed but I will drop them at the first planetside opportunity to return. I swear, by the balance I had no part in them disappearing but I will ensure their protection while with me.


    She widened her eyes. “What?!” she said with exasperation rolling her eyes. Did she trust is words? What choice did she have? She closed the pad down and scowled, she was concerned, but there wasn’t a single thing she could do. She gave her head a shake and decided to wait to hear from Kate, she’d arrange pick up as soon as she heard but till then all she could do was wait. Now, she was in charge, well as best a she could be with Adam off base, so she wanted to see who she was working with.

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  6. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Rooty Aran, Erbas Hawcron, Marie Firestone, Jem Vercetti, Ilona Malek, Emaline Mashibo, Adrian Malek, Adalia Durron(combo with @Adalia-Durron )
    Mess Hall

    “I’m coming!” Emaline took one last look in the reflector, she was about to meet someone she’d heard Jem talk about many times, someone her knowledge told her was someone to aspire too, someone many considered a hero. She wanted to look perfect but she looked pale! Pinching her cheeks hard causing them to look a little pink, she was more satisfied so she rushed to the common area on the small room she and Jem had shared the night before in. This was as exciting as her life had ever been and if her mother even had an inkling of where she was and who she was with she was sure she’d be dragged home by her ear. Jem stood in the open door way, he glanced at his chrono a moment before he looked up to see her. “Come on! The others are waiting!” he said with frustration. She stepped into the corridor to see Erbas, Rooty and Marie talking quietly, she frowned. “Where’s the new lady, Ilona was it?”

    “She’s not in her room, guessing she is back in the Mess hall already. Only got a brief moment there last night and I gotta tell you, I’m hungry!” Rooty said turning to Erbas. “Some of us didn’t steal the cookie jar last night.”

    “I was hungry! I offered you one!” Erbas defended himself. “And I offered him one too!” he pointed to Jem. Emaline frowned.

    “You were with them last night?” she asked with confusion.

    Jem shrugged. “You were asleep, I couldn’t sleep. You didn’t even notice I was gone. “

    Emaline pouted. “You left me alone in a strange place.”

    Marie laughed. “Come on everyone, I think I just heard Rooty’s stomach growl, and you might have been alone.” She put her arm over the young woman’s shoulder “But you were on the safest place in the galaxy.”

    The group made their way to the Mess hall, talking, teasing and laughing in a very relaxed manner.

    Adrian sat alone in the mess hall over the breakfast he had made for himself, eggs with bacon. The others where still sleeping it seems, they probably had turned off their alarm clocks now here where they had no duties to attend but Adrian had decided to keep himself and his daily routine disciplined. Also it was probably better this way, so he could avoid being once again conered by Adam for not worshipping Wedge Antilles enough. Maybe he should simply leave he thought, bt with what ship? They had left his X-wing behind. He turned to R7 who silently stood next to him and gave the little droid a pat on the dome.

    "We´ve gotten ourself into something, little friend." R7 gave him an agreeing bleep.

    Adrian was just about to turn back to his food as R7 bleeped excitedly. The young man looked up and a confused smile appeared on his face as he rushed towards the person who had just entered the mess hall.

    Ilona had barely time to react as her brother threw himself at her and hugged her. She returned the gesture, a smile on her face and glad that she had made the leap of faith to trust these people. Then she pushed Adrian gently away from herself, "wow, easy brother." Then after a pause she added, "good to see you are okay."

    "You too," Adrian replied a bit suprised by his own reaction to seeing his sister. Due to their age difference they had never been as close as many other siblings he knew and later on he had left Eriadu to join the GA to find his own path rather than follow in his sisters footsteps. But now he was happier than he had been in a long time seeing her again.

    "Ilona? Looks like you found what you were looking for." Erbas said with a grin as the group entered the Mess hall.

    "So this is the little brother?" Marie asked as she approached the pair. She looked him up and down in her Dathomirian style and smirked. "Not bad." She winked at Ilona, "Good breeding stock."

    "He might be a bit too uptight for that," Ilona gave Marie a grin. "But if you can make a good price..."

    Adrian was confused on who these people where but got the subtext of their conversation. He blushed and said nothing, having never been confident in matters like this.

    Rooty wandered up. "You made him blush Sweets, Nice work!" He extended his hand. "Rooty Aran."

    Adrian took the offered hand, "Major Adrian Malek, well guess I lost that title when I left the GA."

    Adalia appeared in the doorway silently, watching. No one had noticed her and she felt a warmth as she watched a member of her new 'team' connecting with her old 'team'.

    Erbas slapped him on the shoulder, "From what I hear, that was the best move you ever made Adrian, Erbas Hawcron." he rounded him walked over to the table. "Big mistake here, you didn't make enough!" he gave the young man a exaggerated scowl before his expression changed to disbelief and then a huge grin. "Well, about time you turned up Vixen."

    Jem spun at his words to face his older sister who was leaning in the door way smiling. "Sis!" he closed the gap between them and embraced her.

    Adalia held Jem before leaning back to look at him. "You got older, and wiser I hope?"

    Marie, Erbas and Rooty all approached and each hugged her briefly. She looked past them. "Who's this then Adrian?" She asked looking at the woman beside him, then she looked to the young woman who now stood staring at her twisting her fingers together, she raised an eyebrow. "And you are?"

    "I´m Ilona Malek, colonel of the ORSF," Ilona said, the later part in a mocking voice to ridicule her brother and his correctness. "But I´m currently not on active duty. Had a run in with your friends who where just a little bit too loud when they spoke about finding you."

    Adalia glanced around at her team members. "You lot mouthing off? Typical. How about you get on the comm and invite Aden over for a drink?" she rolled her eyes. "I supposed I should be grateful you were the only one who heard Ilona." She turned back to the young woman who'd looked nervous. "Sorry, you?"

    Jem stepped over to her. "This is Emaline Addie."

    "Oh! So this is the one!" she closed the gap. "I am sorry."

    Emaline was surprised. "for what?"

    Adalia flicked her head in Jem's direction. "For him." she winked before turning to the table. "So who cooked?"

    "I did," Adrian said.

    "But only for yourself it seems," Ilona said with a grin. "Selfish little brother. Why don't you let all of us have a piece of your cooking skills."

    "Edible food takes its time, dear sister. Not like last time you cooked and everyone who ate it had to have their stomachs' pumped out," Adrian fired back but stood up quickly counting the people in the room.

    "Anyone here to lend the chef a hand?"

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  7. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adrian Malek, Marie Firestone
    Kitchen - Hawkbat base.

    Marie eyed the younger man and gave him a half smile. "Yeah, I'll bite." She glanced at Ilona, "Gotta make sure he's worth the credits." She added with a good deal of amusement. "Lead the way Ilona's little brother."

    Adrian made his way back to the kitchen while wondering what to make of this woman. What had she called him? 'Good breeding stock', was that a compliment or a tease? Probably a bit of both.

    When they entered the kitchen Adrian turned around to her again and studied her, this time with different eyes than before. It made him blush again, this strong attractive woman had given him a compliment? After a few seconds of staring he realized again why they were here and scolded himself. "Do you want to cut the bacon while I.... prepare ...the eggs?" he asked his voice stumbling over the words.

    Marie glanced around the kitchen before turning her attention back to the young man, he was staring at her. She smiled and raised and eyebrow as he stumbled over his words. "Sure, bacon. Got it." She moved to stand beside him, close beside him as it was very clear to her it made him uncomfortable. "Name's Marie Firestone." She picked the knife up and checked the blades edge. "So how long'd serve under Addie before you got here?" she asked.

    Adrian felt a bit uncomfortable at Marie as she stood so close to him. He had never been good with this, talking to girls, with the exception of Ilona of course. So instead he began to break the eggs and scramble them in the bowl, while answering her question. "Today is the fourth, no fifth day according to my calculation. Since she showed up on the door of my apartment my life has become considerably more dangerous, and exciting. I was just a normal soldier and now I've managed to turn an entire government against me."

    Marie laughed lightly. "Yep, that sounds like our Addie." she said as she dug around for a lager pan. "She's really good at finding trouble." she put the pan on the hot plates "or it finds her." She snorted. "Then you add Adam and you have a perfect storm." She heated the pan. "So she wanted you on her team back on The Ocean?" She asked as she put the bacon in. "And what did she offer you?" In the back of her mind Marie was cursing herself for not answering the original call Adalia had sent out.

    Adrian was taken aback a bit by this question, but tried his best to answer it while he lined up the spice jars in front of him. "Offered me? A position as her XO though I guess that´s gone with the wind by now. She said it would be different from other squadrons I served in before, that if I would have her back she'd always have mine." For a moment he struggled with himself whether he should continue but then he decided to do it. "Didn't have a great time in my previous squad, all the bias against my homeworld you know, so I saw it as a chance to get out of that."

    She frowned, "Yeah, Addie wouldn't judge you and when she says that, she means it. You're safe here." She looked at the spices. "Might want to go easy on that lot, we're not all from Eriadu you know. You wanna make friends here, that way we all got your back." She shrugged. "It's the Saber way."

    "Too spicy for you? I thought you where tough," Adrian replied with a grin resolving to give her at least some teasing back. But he followed her request and only put slightly less than the normal standard of spices into the scrambled eggs. Moving to the pan he checked the heat before pouring the mixture into it.

    Marie stopped and looked at him, he was fighting back. "Hmmm, Looks like Addie saw that spark in you, I didn't! Shot down!" She dramatically clutched at her chest with her free hand. "Wounded! I may die you know." She chuckled. "You keep that up and you will fit in just fine."

    Adrian grinned at Marie´s dramatic performance. "Hope so, Ilona and I have been doing this for our entire lives now." He moved the wooden spoon through the pan and then lowered the heat. Taking a bit of the finished scrambled eggs on a spoon her held it up to Marie. "Brave enough to test it?"

    She eyed him, "Not going to poison me?" She allowed him to let her taste it and she smiled. "Not bad." She nodded, "Sure they will be very grateful." She pulled the now cooked bacon out and drained it. "We doing toast or just this? Forget it, let them make their own."

    "Don't think they need someone for that as well, but who knows maybe they do." Adrian felt a weird sense of pride at Marie liking his cooking. He picked up the bowl with the eggs and the one with the bacon. "Thanks for the help," he said trying his best not to blush again.

    "No Probs. Maybe....we can...." She gave him a smile with a flick of her eyebrows "work together again?" She picked up some plates and cutlery before turning back to the Hall where the others were talking.

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  8. adaml83

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    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Adam Lyons
    Hyperspace en route to Adumar

    Adam sighed, somewhat contentedly, he’d started his part of the mission. He’d sent one person on a mission to find an old friend, left a message for one of the newcomers, and taken care of a couple of … personnel problems all in the space of a couple of hours. That and he knew that Tawg had sent the updated videos and accompanying information along with it out to the Naboo mission. He was hoping that Kyp and Jesse wouldn’t cause too much trouble, but he knew Briana would handle it.

    He’d talked with Beka and was surprised when she mentioned the conclusion he’d been working on, that she needed to take her captive elsewhere. He also mentioned that she could start tracking down Wedge and his family, which would send her in the direction of the Errant Venture. Ariadne had shown up towards the end of that conversation to check in on Beka and conversation moved on to her future. The conversation was somewhat muddled until Ariadne’s callsign was brought up, which led to Adam asking her if she wanted to learn some more tricks, which led him to have one more passenger on this trip to Adumar than expected. Beka had assured him that she’d also leave somewhat later in the day also.

    Before Adam had left he’d left a note with Kael to give to Illona and had a quick conversation with him about why he’d mentioned her specifically. Now though, was time to cause some chaos for Aden and Jacen.

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  9. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Briana 'HG /Angel' Odan, Jesse 'Blaze' Coulson, Kyp Durron. (Excellent Combination post!)
    On Board Freighter to Naboo.

    Kyp sat in the co-pilot seat, by design. He was sure Briana knew the craft better than himself, she'd said so. It mattered little; he had a lot on his mind. Not least of all the man who was further back in the ship. The moment he'd met Jesse Coulson he'd felt it, sensed it. He'd not had to look far to see where all the unrequited attention was aimed. Staring into the swirl of hyperspace he wondered if she knew, or if she'd even entertained it for a moment or two. A slight twist of a smile turned up one side of his lips as he imagined the ways she may have tormented him. He had no doubt she'd not have taken his attention seriously. Turning sideways he looked to Briana as she piloted the freighter. This one liked to tease too, he'd picked that very quickly. She'd set her sights on Jesse as well. He almost pitied the poor man. Almost.

    Briana was waiting for the moment they left hyperspace. She was wanting to see if there was any update on what she'd be sending to Naboo's government. She'd also spent some time checking out the ship to see if there was a smuggling hold large enough when the inevitable argument started. She hadn't seen everything yet, but was hoping for some potential spots.

    Jesse was keeping his distance for a few reasons; Briana was one of them. She'd tormented him in the Mess hall with a new nick name of 'Kinky Boy' and he did not like that one bit. He hadn't asked to be cuffed to his ship, in fact he'd protested and had been pretty ticked off by it, but somehow, she'd latched onto that and was milking it. Sitting at the table in the crafts common area he picked at a plate of dried fruits he'd made for himself, as it was breakfast time or sort of at least. Not for the first time he wondered what the hell he'd gotten himself into and what was the eventual outcome of it all. Would he ever be able to just settle down somewhere when this war was over or by being where he was and who he was with signing his own bounty? Only time would answer that question, but right now his concerns were more immediate as he glanced toward the cockpit. Up there was what in another time line he'd consider his nemesis, but the truth was he was the winner. Jesse hadn't really had a chance; it'd taken him a while to realise it but he knew it now. Dropping a dried morsel, he sat back, at least he could try and make a difference in this stupid war and in his mind, it was a very stupid war. Family opposing family, friends against friends, it truly was the definition of insanity. He hoped this trip would end soon so he could get back to Hawkbat where there was at least Adrian to talk too.

    Sensing they were close Kyp sat up and turned to Briana “Time to get this moving.” He said evenly, “I’ll contact the storage facility where The Dawn is. Get it’s extraction approved.” He turned back too look aft. “Call me when you need me. I think I’d like a word with our companion.” He got up and began to make is way back to Jesse.

    Having cleared up his uneaten food, and put all the utensils away after washing Jesse sat staring at the table. He was fiddling with his necklace, more over his mother’s wedding ring that hung from it. She’d been gone a good 30 standard years now but he still held her close to his heart. She’d died saving his and his father’s lives, a worthy sacrifice she’d told him as she’d left this world, ‘To die for love it the ultimate sacrifice for love she’d told him. He never forgot that, kind of hard to forget that, he was still a teenager when it happened and he wondered what she’d say to him now. He heard someone heading back and he closed his eyes hoping beyond all hope it was the lesser of the evils he been forced to face. Briana was only a thorn in his side, he imagined the Jedi Master could be a dagger if he chose to be.

    Moving swiftly, Kyp took the seat opposite the man, placing his forearms on the table top. “Like red heads huh?” He drawled cocking his head to the side. “Playing with Fire?” He was being cryptic on purpose as he knew the man was aware of what he meant.

    Jesse opened his steel grey eyes and looked directly at the Jedi Master, there was no point in cowering to him, and he had no intention of doing so. If he was going to go down, it was going to be in a blaze of glory. “Yes, …on both counts.” He spoke in a cool tone that made his intentions clear.

    Kyp sat back slightly as he gave a nod. “I get that.” He gave a soft snort and looked to the side briefly. “Makes you feel alive.” He leaned forward again. “But sometimes, you can get burnt.” He raised a single eyebrow. “And there are times it’s best to look the other way.” It was an extremely veiled threat.

    The younger man gave a wry smile as he leaned forward. “I’m a lot of things Master Jedi, but stupid isn’t one of them. Winner takes it all, and you won. Bad timing I guess, given another month…..” he allowed the sentence to trail off.

    Kyp could feel his nerves. The man was attempting to scare him but it was scaring himself more than Kyp. He still had his pride and that was something Kyp understood. He’d let him have that. “I guess I consider myself lucky then.” He conceded. Scratching at something invisible on the table he added “And I will be watching my back.” Kyp looked directly into Jesse’s eyes. “You’d best watch yours too.”

    Briana rolled her eyes when she heard Kyp leave, she knew that he was going to stir up trouble, so she looked at the navicomputer and could see that they had a few minutes left. She could hear some sort of conversation back there, so she decided to... intervene... "You know I was given permission to stun the both of you and stuff you into a smuggling compartment if you didn't behave." She gave them a humourless smile, "Besides, not like this situation will matter for very long. That is if you use that thing between your ears."

    Jesse turned away, he was 100% sure she'd do it and he had no way of stopping her. "Behaving here." he muttered rolling his eyes.

    Kyp stood. "Nice threat. There’s no problem at all here." he stood and brushed past her to return to the cockpit. "Wouldn't want to try it though." He added, another veiled threat.

    Briana walked over to face Jesse, "You know there's other ways to deal with Magic Boy, I talk to Stealth, he talks to Adalia, suddenly he has to deal with an annoyed pregnant woman." Wouldn't be the first time using someone else's significant other to get some change in behavior.

    Jesse gave a sad smile. "Naw, he's warranted in his feelings." He looked to the cockpit. "And I don't think telling Adam to tell Addie to get him to back off on the man who's in love with her will do any good at all." He'd decided to lay his cards on the table, he's lost this battle and it mattered little if anyone knew. He might even get Briana to lay off him if she knew.

    Now wasn't the time to torment the guy, "Look, he's telling you something that you've already known for several hours. He's a Jedi Master on the Council, he should be smart enough to know that you know your position. Who knows, maybe some noble will come to sweep you off your feet." Well maybe Briana would torment him just a little, "Besides I hear their women can be pretty strong to do so." She offered him a wink.

    Jesse chuckled. “Who knows?” He asked with a shake of his head. “I may well find someone who’ll take me on.” He looked at her decided to put her on the back foot. “You looking?” he asked with a good deal of amusement.

    Briana smirked, "You couldn't handle me." She turned and headed towards the cockpit, though left him with a parting gift, "Not that there's many who could..."

    Sitting back in the co-pilots seat Kyp scanned the read outs. "We'll be there soon. You're on." He said to Briana as she entered.

    Briana glanced at Kyp, "Well, yeah. I could have used the intercom if I had to." She sat in the pilot's chair and glanced in Kyp's direction, "Get out of my head Magic Boy, it's more trouble than you'd want." She didn't know, but was making assumptions. There were times in her past where a Jedi would take liberties like that.

    He chuckled lightly. "I wouldn't waste my time." He responded dryly. "No reason too."

    Briana smirked, "Good, she trained you fairly well. Could work on saying things to people that they already know, though."

    Kyp turned to her. "Trained? " He queried. He knew many believed him to be her pet. One she trained well. Truth was much deeper and more intimate than most could comprehend. "Mutual respect more like. As for saying what I’m up too, that'd be telling." He smiled. "Not my style." He looked back to the controls. "Coming out in ..."

    Briana kept an eye on the instruments while the display gave her the countdown as they were coming out of hyperspace. Nothing much was expected in this direction, Naboo hadn't been as important since the Clone Wars, but who knows sometimes. That was said about Taris.

    Kyp keyed in a code and numbers along with it. "Naboo Central Maintenance Control, this is Jezeric Dodson. Looking to retrieve my ship, The Royal Dawn from storage." He looked to Briana briefly. The ship had never been under its real name, and she'd never used her real name when delivering it. "Control to Dodson, The Royal Dawn is here. Will you be paying the outstanding fees required to retrieve her?" the female voice asked coldly. "Of course, plus a bonus for your efforts." Kyp responded. "Then we will be happy to hand her over to you. Please land on platform 17 south. A tech will await you there, co-ordinates on their way." The channel close abruptly. "To the point I guess." He sent the co-ordinates over to Briana. "Let's get this done."

    Briana nodded, they were getting close enough to get updates from what they missed in hyperspace, and one had to do with her mission. "Looks like Stealth managed to get some more footage...and in detail." Looking at some of the data she glanced in Kyp's direction, "I may need you to land this while I get this sorted. You got a copy also."

    He nodded. "Good." He said with bitterness. This war was becoming personal and that didn't sit well with him. "I'll be back as soon as I can once we land." He needed to get back to Endor.

    Briana flipped a switch for the intercom, "Jesse? Need you to come up to the cockpit, there's something on the display here you need to see...and I have a mission for you."

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  10. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Corran Horn and Mirax Terrik-Horn
    Location: Hyperspace - Pulsar Skate

    The cabin was dark save for the faintest of illumination from console controls and the shimmering realm of hyperspace beyond the 'shrouded' viewport. The viewports could be completely blocked out yet there was something reassuring to have some sense of the outside.

    As far as dreams go, they couldn't get any more puzzling and distressing. As he laid there, staring up at the ceiling, pondering over the interpretations of some far off tropical world, a rescue mission and a race against time before oblivion. Corran didn't doubt that the reference to the original Death Star implied a connection to Palpatine's reign… There was some relevancy… was it an indication of Jacen's rule… or the holocron? Yet the strangers who had helped… some familiar in archetype even though different. The smuggler, the pilots. He'll have to double check on the Tehanis angle, whether Amber is real or manifestation of someone else, Seha Dorvald? The battle of Scarif, the urgency he felt… the danger…

    "Go to sleep."

    "I am asleep." Corran murmured softly.

    There came the rustling of the sheets. He felt the warmth of Mirax against his side as she turned over to face him. In the faint light, he could see her eyes gazing at him.

    "I can hear you thinking…" Her voice weary.

    "Mmmhmmm." Corran smiled wistfully to himself. "I'll have to do that more quietly."

    More rustling as she sat up and the bed side light gave off a warm gentle glow. The silhouette of her hair gave a dishevelled impression under the low light yet he was always felt awestruck by her natural beauty. He felt a shiver as her lips kissed his shoulder.

    "Whatever it is, it can wait." She said softly. "You are worrying needlessly."

    Corran was about to protest though caught himself from answering with a reactionary remark. He considered for a few seconds, his eyes to hers before nodding in agreement. "Too many variables."

    "Driving yourself crazy with the unknown."

    He smirked at that and reached for her hand. His thumb brushed over the ring on her finger. "Just threads woven, connecting to a larger picture."

    "Is this your way of asking for a loom?"

    Corran chuckled.

    "I can set you up right over there." She inclined her head in the direction of the ship's bow. Her lips purse and gave a wink. "And on weekends we can go to the markets and sell some of your creations. We can start up a clothing label."

    "Well that's a pretty picture you've painted." Corran lightly brushed his fingers over her forearm, tickling.

    "Painting?" Mirax tsked as she looked up to him, her lips twitching, fighting to keep a straight face. "Changing mediums on me, Master Jedi?"

    "Why not? We split the profits between us."

    "Goes without saying." She pulled her arm away, her nose crinkled. "I get the larger cut. Marketing expenses"

    "Naturally." Corran chuckled. "Wouldn't have it any other way."

    "Because you know what would happen if you did."

    They stared at each other before the bedroom silence was broken with lighthearted laughter.

    Corran said softly. "I needed that."

    "My pleasure." Her hand reached up to his face and brushed back some hair, her fingers combing through. "The weight of the galaxy is not squarely on your shoulders… and you are not alone."

    "Thank you."

    Mirax smiled and gave him a kiss. "We still have a few hours before we arrive. Nothing more to be done until we're there."

    He nodded gently and returned the kiss. "Already forgotten."

    "Good." She whispered and curled to his side. "Now, go to sleep."

    Endor. The gas giant glowed from the diffused light of the binary suns. It was a pretty sight to behold.

    "Forest moon is on the far side." Mirax announced to Corran as he came into the cockpit. She toggled a few switches on the console above and looked to him as he sat down in the co-pilot's seat. There was a small object, a token in his hand. His fingers was rolling it along each one and back again. The markings look strangely familiar to the one she mysteriously got with a note from her last run. For a brief moment she wondered if they both had shared the same dream.

    "I suppose I should get set up to send along our credentials." Corran said as he glanced to the displays. He noticed how Mirax had angled the Pulsar Skate towards Endor, no doubt as a means to use the planet's atmosphere as a shortcut to the other side.

    She flashed him an impish look. "Already taken care of… I didn't want to wake you."

    "How thoughtful." He smirked. "I've got caf brewing as we speak. Let's hope Whistler's message has been reviewed and acknowledged by Kyp."

    The view outside grew misty blue as pierced through Endor's atmosphere, vapour tails streaked on the viewport, blurring the swirl of clouds and thunderstorms.

    "You know he will." Mirax stated matter of factly. "Just a matter of when. You better hope the council as a whole can agree on a course of action for once."

    "Yeah…" Corran sighed and then chuckled softly. "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough."

    The ship shuddered, several alerts flashed up on the console. Turbulence. Mirax hands worked their magic as she made minor adjustments to their flight path to keep them from being dragged into the gas giant and crushed. After a few minutes, the turbulence eased up and they were coming out the clouds.

    "Just like skipping a stone." Corran complimented her.

    "All too easy." Mirax flashed a smile. "I'll signal Cilghal to let her know we're inbound, you go check on our caf."

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: The continuing adventures of Bernael and @I_am_Kooky as Kate and Kara

    IC Bernael, Kate, Kara
    On the Fury, Headed to Selaggis IV

    Kate and Kara stayed in one of the rooms that was vaguely pointed out to them. They didn't hear from their host again.

    Kate had many questions, but she had no answers. She wanted to seek them out, but also wasn't willing to risk a confrontation with the man in black. This was His territory, and she didn't even have the moral backing. She looked at Kara who was being uncharacteristically quiet sitting on the other bed in the room, swinging her legs slightly.

    "It's going to be okay" Kate tried to reassure Kara. "I was so sure" Kara whispered back. "I know" Kate patted the spot on the bed next to her. Kara looked up and came over and sat next to her mum and snuggled slightly. "If he wasn't real, then why was he there? why did he seem so real? Why didn't I even question it?"

    Kate had no good answers, she had seen him too, but knew it wasn't him. Did Kara see him so differently? She thought back to earlier that day, on Taris and Kara's sudden reaction, and then the dark man saying something about them being force sensitive. That was a world she was unprepared to enter at this stage. "The Force moves in mysterious ways I suppose. It's looked after Aunty Addie, and Uncle Kyp, I'm sure it will look after us too." She smiled down at Kara. "After all, the Force wouldn't want to be on the bad side of Aunty Addie" she offered with a cheeky grin. Kara offered a half smile and snuggled back. Kate gently stroked her hair until she fell asleep.

    Kara slept, but Kate struggled, not because the bed wasn’t comfortable, it was. Not because she wasn't tired, she was, but just plans of how to get home and lists and how she was going to explain this to Addie and the crew. She was going to ask the dark man if she could use the comm, but then again, really didn’t want to push her luck. If they got off alive she would be happy, but on the other hand, she didn't get any bad vibes from him, so her brain was probably overreacting.

    The comms’ hissed again - “We land in an hour, be ready.” the voice said, in a flat monotone. It was hard to tell if it was angry or not.

    “Not that there is much to get ready,” Kate said quietly. But some food would be nice, and that was offered, so the two women made their way down to the kitchen.


    Upon them entering the chef droid approached, "What would you ladies like, that I can make in the time available?" It waited, in silence, for their response.

    Bernael was in the cockpit now, checking clearances and ensuring the contact he had made was available on short notice to finish his preparations. He could feel the two others moving around after the announcement and he knew they were making their own preparations.

    Kara rubbed her arms together it felt chilly on this ship or maybe it was the little bit of guilt she still felt for dragging her mother into this mess. She had made her apologies, had explained herself, but it still hurt. Following her mother they entered into the kitchen to be greeted by a chef droid, such a novelty. Though it wasn't hard to beat her mother's cooking.

    "Mum, can I have cake...or pancakes, or cupcakes...or just a cake..." She wanted something sweet, something to drown out the little bubble of guilt in her stomach. "Or...or maybe hot chocolate." She looked up with her big eyes asking permission, trying to be a good girl for once at least.

    Kate looked back down at her daughter, "hhmmmmm" she thought about it, it was going to be a long long day, and she couldn't think of when the next meal might be. "Yes, but you must have some protein as well, something filling. . .I think it will be a long day" She turned to the droid, "I'll have whatever she orders" and she sat down at the table.

    With a bright smile she turned around rushing up to the droid, "I want pancakes, and nerf sausage, lots of both, and hot chocolate. Ooo, oooo and Roba bacon." She turned back to her mum bouncing her way back across the room jumping into her lap. "So where are we going mum?"

    "Ooof, your nearly getting too big for this lap thing! We are going to the spaceport and bargain our way onto another ship, that will get us back to a more habited location. Where before we leave, I hope, I can let Aunty Addie or Aunty Beka or even Adam know to come get us, so all in all, it should be a good day" she smiled back, and rubbed Kara's nose with her own, a small little gesture that she hadn't done for a while.

    Bernael left the cockpit, all clearances arranged, and headed to the kitchen, being polite to his "guests" wouldn't harm anything. He strode in just in time to see the child make her choices, and the moment between mother and daughter, considering the differences between their species, not a sight he had often seen.

    Kara giggled snuggling close to her mother, it felt like things were going to be okay after all. She thought she heard someone and turned to look and see the owner of the ship. "Did You want to join us?." She called out to the man in dark clothes entering.

    He hesitated, knowing these two knew nothing of his kind, then heard Kara invite him. "Yes I will join you" he said as he walked into the kitchen and toward the table where the two of them sat. "It sounds like you have ordered all your favorite breakfast foods."

    "It's breakfast time isn't it?" She asked innocently looking up with a little smirk.

    Kate eyed the owner of the ship as he walked in and interacted with Kara. He seemed human, but not quite. His skin a grey tone. Long black hair pulled up in a ponytail, his eyes a silver, but black where most humans had white. He had scars on his cheeks, joining back in the conversation,"What do you eat?" Kate offered noting this man hadn't ordered food.

    Bernael looked over at the chef droid, nodded, then looked back. "Today I'll be trying what you have ordered. It does sound good. And yes, young lady, it is breakfast time. Did you forget any of your favorite breakfast food as I know there is still time to add to your requests."

    "No," She said confidently, then with a moment's thought she remembered, "OOO, and scrambled Nuna eggs."

    Kate smiled that 'don't do that smile' to the man. She didn't like him offering Kara stuff. fighting and internal battle between 'being offered extra food isn't bad' and 'overly protective mum instinct' that have been in full force for a while now. Knowing she couldn't tell him off in his own ship ,and not that he did anything wrong at all. . .So she changed the subject, "So what are you up to today, aside from removing stow-aways"

    "It is good I recently restocked." Bernael told her after looking to the droid and receiving a note on his wrist pad that everything was indeed in stock. "So your breakfast wishes will be fulfilled." He looked down at the girl, smart enough to get herself onto his ship and into a secure space but more than innocent enough to be treated kindly.

    The question made him pause, his eyes lifted from the young human to her mother, knowing the look he saw. "First, it's her only meal here, so why not allow her to choose. And second, well, that is more complicated. Many things need to be done in the galaxy and some of us have to do them when others are too concerned with their business to do so, and I am one of those some of us."

    //did he just read my mind? . . . .no no. . . its okay, you made your face pretty clear// she felt like she had done the wrong action again. "Oh" was her only response, his answer was vague and her mind really wasn't running on all cylinders yet so felt like she didn't understand him.

    Soon enough the mountain of food order, was placed before them, Kate was surprised the table didn't groan. Kara moved to her own chair, as the three of them ate.

    In an instant Kara forgot all the table manners her mother had taught her disappeared when presented with stacks of pancakes, a pile of sausages, and a mound of scrambled eggs. Her eyes might have been too big for her stomach but she was going to do her best. With her elbows on the table she dove in a little grease was rolling from the corner of her mouth, but she paid it little heed. This food was so good

    "Kara" Kate glared at her daughter, hoping it would be enough to remind her. She looked back to their host. "I'm so sorry, honestly we are much better behaved than this" emphasizing the last word looking back at Kara.

    A low laugh at Kate's comment sounded, "She's hungry, very hungry it seems. And, I must confess, my chef is programmed to produce the highest quality foods so it can be very tempting." He took some of everything, slowly picking through what he had taken, eating small bites each time.

    Kara made herself smaller under her mother's gaze. Taking a napkin she dantaly dapped her chin wiping away the grease. After the reprimand she brought her elbows in and off the table. She took smaller bites taking time to chew rather than shoveling it in. She looked sheepishly to her mother.

    "Sorry mum..." She looked up with a smile to the man in dark clothes, "Thank you sir for the food, it's really yummy."

    He looked over at the child, "You're welcome, enjoy the food, if it's not eaten I usually have to donate a good amount of it on a world that needs it."

    Kate tilted her head, sure sounded like a good gesture. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name and did Colonel Tehanis get back to you?" She thought for a moment whether he even left a note, but then again why would he lie? She wanted to trust him, and she did, but there was something off, she couldn't place it.

    “She has not responded, but I did not expect a reply either way. You are free to contact her before we land, should you desire to do so. And I am Bernael.”

    Kate nodded, while she continued to eat. Working out what she would say. "Yeah should do that.” The food was good, it was going to be another long day, she could feel it.

    The three of them finished breakfast in relative silence. Kate was given a chance to leave a message as Adaila didn't pick up.

    Hey Addie,

    Seems I'm making up for all that peace and quiet I had for the past few years. I'm not sure what he said, but Kara and I are ligit stowaways, and Barneal honestly had nothing to do with it.

    A small voice added "Aunty Addie I'm sorry!"

    He is dropping us off on Selaggis IV from memory, we will get a lift back to Taris or somewhere like that. Someone might want to get us from there. Will find a way to get hold of you then. Tell the Ewok crew I'm sorry I couldn't be there to valet the parking, I miss placed my disco ball.

    Kooky. *

    Kate smiled a bit and looked at the confused face Kara was making. She looked back at Barneal and nodded.

    Once the ship landed on Selaggis IV, Kate and Kara offered their farewells and parted ways with Bernael.

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    Rhoen Aquilla, Natalia Keizar
    Mess Hall

    Rhoen was chatting with Needa being somewhat personable though his hand remained close to Syal. Consciously or not he kept it there in hopes of her taking it for support. It seemed things while calm on the surface, just beneath they were not. Still waters running deep and all that. He could feel the tension in the air even as he did his best to assuage fears and keep spirits up. They all knew the war was turning against them, that things were going to be done that many of them wouldn't be comfortable with. Many had already done things that would be crimes had either side cared about such things.

    History is written by the victors, or so the old saying goes. Would the blood they spilt, be washed clean in the waters of victory? Would they even win with all odds stacked against them?

    Aden rose from his chair, wishing his pilots a good meal, and wanting to see them at the briefing. He could feel something was off, something was different. He looked to Syal looking into her eyes noticing that she felt the same thing.

    "Somethings up right?" He whispered, right before something slightly warm and squishy strike the side of his face. He turned eyes somewhat glaring at Needa. The woman in question just turned away playing innocent even though the 'scrambled' eggs she had was suspiciously missing a spoon full of contents.

    Keizar didn't notice, she was too busy watching Aden walk away. She could feel his tension, the way he moved was too forthright, too stilted. She waited for only a moment longer before excusing herself and chasing after Aden.

    (OOC: Tracy and Rhoen interaction approved by @I_am_Kooky )

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    OOC: Thank you again @Adalia-Durron for the wonderful combo!
    IC: Briana Odan, Jesse Coulson

    Once they landed Briana gave a short 'follow me' signal and waited in a small room just outside the cargo bay.

    Curious, Jesse got up and followed the woman. He was cautious as she'd already stated she was more than he could handle. "Yes?" he asked in a hushed tone for no apparent reason.

    Briana grinned and kept the hushed tone, "Good thinking. I want to tell you two things. One, for your clothes, I want you to this location," she handed Jesse the location, "and when trouble is mentioned, I need you to say, 'No, trouble found me all on its own.'," she smirked, "They'll know I sent you and that particular phrase should hopefully get to the people we want."

    He looked down at the locator and back to her repeating the line. "No, trouble found me on its own, yes?" he wanted to be sure. Even this far from the war, he couldn't be sure he was safe.

    Briana nodded, "That's it, you're probably not surprised I have that reputation in the Intelligence community. What I'm hoping is that that exchange will get to Iella, if we do that, we'll get closer to safety...relatively." she shrugged, Briana knew that safety was a relative word around the Antilles family.

    Jesse nodded. "Understood, I'll be back as soon as I can. I know we're far from the war, but let's keep our heads down huh?" he suggested to her quietly.

    Briana grinned, "One second. The second thing is this, keep to your role in this, maybe he'll lighten up on you a bit. If not, I'll back you up, ok? C'mon, we have stuff to do and I have some trouble to stir up." she gave Jesse a wink at the last remark.

    He had his orders from Briana now and he knew his place, so once the coast was clear, he turned and made his way out of the ship, the docking port and to the streets. Hands dug deep into the pockets of the black jacket Kate had gotten him he wrapped his hand around the credit chip Briana had given him. Clothes, for himself and Adrian mostly but in the back of his mind, it occurred to him there was a lady who probably didn’t have much that fitted her right now. He allowed himself a wry smile, the Jedi might have won the battle, but the war was far from over in his mind. Passing beings in the street, he hardly noticed them, keeping his head down as he was aware there was ‘wanted posters’ as such out for his arrest. There was no point in inviting attention. Pulling the locator out he studied it and looked at the nearby street signs, following the locator's directions, soon enough he found himself outside a store and he entered.

    A young female greeter who appeared to be barely out of her teens walked up and asked the young man who had just entered the store, “How are you doing sir, is there anything you need?” she smiled, it tended to help for tips.

    Jesse smiled at the girl, he felt so old sometimes when he saw such young people around him. “Yeah, looking for some new clothes for me and my friend. Lost ours recently in an….accident.

    The young woman looked concerned, “Did you find trouble?

    Jesse was looking at the garments nearby and was surprised she’d gotten to the point so quickly. He turned to her as he tried to recall the exact words he was supposed to say. “Um...yeah...No, trouble found me….on it’s own.” he stumbled slightly as he’d never played the spy/intelligence game before. He was a fighter pilot only.

    The young woman changed from someone who appeared to just be an employee, to someone more… enigmatic. She smiled, “She always picks the newbies to do things like this. Don’t worry this place is regularly swept.

    He nodded. “Yeah, I’m a ‘newbie’ I guess.” he looked around. “So what happens now?” He had no idea what was supposed to occur.

    The woman smiled, “This is a clothing store, one that offers fitted clothing. I just need you to step in here,” she motioned to an alcove, “and stand still. I’ll also get a coded message off to friends while it gets your measurements.

    Fitted Clothes? He thought, he’d never had anything that was fitted to him, but then his size was a pretty average most the time. “Sure.” he followed the girl's orders and wondered how one so young had gotten into this game.

    It should only take a couple of minutes for the measurements and depending on what all you get, maybe half an hour for the clothes themselves.” She sent a coded signal to Briana to say that Jesse was here and that for their ongoing bet, this one was a wash. She also sent a coded signal out through back channels that a couple more people were getting ready to join the information war. Generally, those who paid amazing attention to detail would notice the message, along with a former actor who likes to play scams within scams.

    Jesse stood still as a scanner skimmed over his body, it felt strange to him. When it was done he left the room and began to look at colours and styles. Jesse was colourblind and tended to go for grey’s, olive greens and blacks as the other colours just seemed slightly coloured variations on those colours. He found a suit that, as Briana described, caught attention, with gold embellishments and a cape. He smiled as he held it up, who really wore capes anymore? He also found some simple garments he thought Adrian might like, the man seemed to like a particular colour he did not, but then again he knew it wasn’t what the galaxy saw, just him. He chose several shirts, vest, and pants for him and then did the same for himself as he waited for the girl to return. Looking around he was pleased to find a ladies' area and began to scowl, the colour she liked wasn’t one he could see. So he’d have to find the style and ask for help with colours as he knew from what he’d learned about Adalia, colours were her signature. Once he picked a few styles he stood quietly and waited, he’d never really liked shopping.

    The young woman looked at him, “You can call me Luna, and you want to be noticeable, not necessarily memorable. You can have a cloak, if where you’re going has a lot of cloaks, but you don’t want someone to be able to completely describe what you’re wearing.

    Never been one for cloaks or capes, but I guess in this business you do what you have too.” he shrugged. “I have a problem, I’m ……” he hesitated, as his disability wasn’t mentioned much to anyone, he’d hidden it well enough to become a pilot, “Colorblind in the red/blue spectrum. I struggle with purples.” he paused. “And I wanted to help a friend who is with child and get some ladies garments in that colour.” He was careful not to mention names, as he felt this was a secret that the ones they opposed would love to know.

    Luna nodded, “Is she going to be doing all that much? At least actively? Certainly, she can get some looser flowing clothing. Something so she can be comfortable.

    Jesse thought for a moment, he had no idea how involved Adalia planned to be or if she would even risk her child for anything. It hit him at that moment that he might know the woman and her reputation but he didn’t really know her. It then occurred to him that her new fiance had left her on base, not taken her back to where he was going to make sure she was safe. To him that meant she planned to fight or at least be actively involved, and he had to be honest, that didn’t sit well with him. “I think she would want it to be a little loose, judging by what she’s wearing currently,” he paused a moment before adding “But I expect her to be active.

    Luna nodded, “I imagine so, given her reputation, but her current situation with her face being shown all over the galaxy…” she showed him one of her wanted holos, “though I’m sure she’d appreciate the gift. I can set the system to find something in her style.

    Jesse stopped and stared at the girl. ‘How’d she know who he was talking about? How’d she even know the situation with that particular woman?’ It boggled his mind how intensive this ‘knowledge’ network Adam was running was. He chose to say nothing more than, “Thank you.”.

    Luna eyed Jesse, clearly he knew nothing about Intelligence gathering, and possibly even the speed that the Alliance media would move to portray a former hero as a traitor. They did it for Luke Skywalker, they were going to do so for Adalia Tehanis. She was mentally debating informing him on some of it when the system pinged, Jesse’s clothes were ready. His friends’ clothes, the man’s clothing was ready also, some styled as if it was from Eriadu, others more generic. For the woman, the same idea was managed, some clothes from her homeworld, and some generic styling. She looked back at Jesse, “Think you’ll be able to carry all of this?

    He was stunned. Not having shopped for clothes of any sort for a long time he couldn’t believe how fast things were made and to fit. He gave his head a dismayed shake. “I doubt it, but don’t have much choice… I?” he questioned.

    Luna gave Jesse a small smirk, “Well you could make more than one trip, or you could bring Kyp Durron.” she held her hand up to forestall any question, “He’s well known in this galaxy, and did nothing to conceal his appearance here. That and he did pick up a unique Nubian ship.

    Jesse gave his head another shake, he doubted he’d ever get used to people knowing things way before he’d even considered them. This ‘intel’ business was clearly beyond him. “Thank you but I’d rather make two trips.” he said evenly, “The Jedi and I have ……..” he paused to find the right words. “Differing points of view on certain subjects.

    Luna smiled, “They can be a little weird like that.

    Weird, that’s one word for it,Jesse muttered. “So I will return in a bit when I get this lot sorted.” He picked a large parcel and a second before heading to the door.

    Luna grinned, “I’ll keep an eye on the rest until you return, it’s bad for business to let some random person take it.” She waited patiently for Jesse to return for the rest of the order, and as he was about to leave with the last of it, she asked one question, “Did the woman you travel with ever hook up with that one guy she worked with all those years ago? Not the one who wears goggles?

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    OOC: From a fun combo with @adaml83

    IC: Loriana Starskimmer, Kirney Slane

    Kirney had gotten up early, she needed to check in on any messages, and figure out what sort of changes to their plans when there was a knock on the door of the large suite that she and Loriana were sharing. A quick glance at the camera showed a young man with very dark hair, if not black, standing at the door. It appeared he was Adumari, and that he had a message so it wasn't from Corraidhin, so it appeared someone knew they were here. She opened the door, looking at the young man.

    He handed Kirney the message and simply said, "From the Perator of Cartann."

    Kirney looked at the message, it was a request to show up at the palace for some questions, all she could think of was to ask a simple question, "When?"

    "As soon as you can."

    Kirney nodded, his accent wasn't as strong as how she'd heard it from other people, "We'll be there soon. Thank you."

    He gave her a small smile and left. All Kirney could do was wonder how the Adumari had figured out that they had known where they'd be.

    Loriana luxuriated in the very comfortable bed with the thick pillows and fluffy coverlet when she heard a knock and quiet voices in the main room. Who could be calling this early?

    Curious, she got out of bed and picked up a pink over-robe and slipped it on.

    "Good morning," she addressed Kirney, "Who was that calling so early? Is it whom you were expecting to hear from?"

    "A message from the ruler of the most powerful country that takes part in the world government, he wants to ask us questions." She moved more to the center of the room, "It's certainly not who I was expecting, it might be better, much better, but it could also be worse." She gave Loriana a helpless shrug, "I don't know entirely, but we need to get ready."

    "Wow!" Loriana exclaimed. "One of the top rulers... I don't know what the etiquette is in such situations but I guess the best strategy is always to be up-front ... don't divulge too much but don't trip yourself up with a lot of detailed lies, either." She chuckled. "If we need to be inventive, I'll follow your lead."

    Kirney considered a minute, "It's a bit different here, they tend to be former pilots, and you being an active pilot grant you a lot of privilege in Adumari society. I imagine they'll appreciate honesty, though they love playing shadow games, so I don't completely know what to expect."

    "Thanks for the honesty," Loriana answered. "Any advantage we can have going in is always a good thing." Knowing that Adumarians valued pilots made Lori feel more at ease and like there was already solid, common ground.

    Kirney sighed though, "The messenger did want us there as soon as possible though, so we should get ready."

    "I'll get changed," Loriana said and headed back into her sleep chamber and selected an outfit that was serviceable and not casual.

    Kirney nodded and she went to her own room to see if she had something better than what she was currently wearing.

    Perator Balass watched as the young man returned from his errand, “Is it them?”

    He nodded, “Some of them Perator, though I think one more is on his way, in hyperspace as we speak.”

    Balass smiled, “Good, maybe we can figure out what all is going on, and why they decided to come here.”

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    IC: Briana Odan

    Briana was waiting at the agreed location for her contact. She had seen the message from the woman in the store and grinned. It was only part of the game that the woman that Briana knew only as Luna, would play. Briana hoped she wouldn’t, but it’d happen almost certainly.

    At that moment a closed top speeder appeared and one of its windows rolled down, and a man that appeared to be a bit older than Stealth spoke, “So angel, what’s the news?”

    Briana sighed, “It’s about the grandson and something repeating history.

    The man eyed her, “Get in.” Briana got in the passenger seat and the man spoke, “This isn’t following the usual schedule, so it must be serious.”

    Briana nodded grimly, “When was the last time you heard something from Taris?

    “That’s not a place we communicate with all too often, it’s probably been a week at least.”

    It’ll be a while longer,” Briana handed the data chit over to the man, “I suspect your government’s leaders will be interested in seeing this.

    The man raised an eyebrow, “Really? What is it?”

    Briana smirked, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Open the files and look at the data streams.” She nodded with satisfaction when he did as she told and the shock on his face as he looked over the data.

    “What do you want me to do with this?”

    Briana sat back a little bit, “As I said, take it to your leaders, if they need to, they can make some government advisory about it. Some of this can be shared with the news outlets, and more importantly, other worlds’ governments will be interested in seeing it.

    He shook his head, “And then?”

    Briana smirked, “Share it. Everywhere.

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    IC: Darth Wyyrlok
    It was time

    The three assassins were prepared, and it was time to move forward.

    Two of them were siblings; the Umbaran twins, Nyss and Syll Nenn. They were powerful Force sensitives, and able to create a field in which the Force was suppressed around a specific target; even Darth Wyyrlok had been subjected to it, to his irritation. They didn't use lightsabers, preferring vibroshiv's and consuming their victims fear as they bled out.

    The third was the human Irek Garronin, the son of one of the founders of the Sith Order that Lord Krayt had usurped. Irek was named for a claimant to the Imperial throne, who had in-fact been a child of two Emperor Hands. His father had been duped into nearly exposing his Sith nature, and named his son to remind him of caution, and patience - Sith qualities in short supply.

    Irek himself was a preening callous fool, but he was eager to step up and do what needed to be done.

    Wyyrlok and White Eyes had mused at these deployments, most of the One Sith returning because of Aden Kya's treachery; a betrayal that at least half the Order respected and approved of...

    They had been briefed. Now... it was time for them to depart, and pursue the weak link in it all.

    A Confederate ally, or potential ally, had to be destabilised to restore the parity in the war; the ally had to lure out Tehanis and her rogues; they would lure out Aden Kya... or Jacen Solo, of course, or even the Jedi between either of those two.


    Adrian Malek's father had to go.

    Probably Paige-Tarkin, too.

    Either, or.

    Word would be painstakingly released into the galaxy; of unknown parties that were seeking data on the private residences of various parties on Eriadu; on officers to bribe; on codes for the planetary defence grid; for patrol routes through the Seswenna sector; for any pirate groups that worked within the sector or nearby that might be encouraged to relocate.

    Separately? Concerning. Taken together? The targeted party would become apparent.

    If Kirney didn't pick it up... if Adam didn't pick it up... if Bernael didn't pick it up...

    Well, a politician would die either way.

    TAG: @Anedon, @adaml83, @darthbernael, an old friend of the Tarkin clan
    IC: Aden Kya

    Suiting up

    Taking advantage of the few minutes extra that Niathal had afforded him with his early briefing, he sent Da'mina to prep for take-off, as well as Lensi and Saz. Wraith, Blackmoon, and Rogue Squadrons leads were all in-place. Dancer One, Syal, would have to suit up on the go; he'd forgotten about the Dancers.

    When he was settled into his newly requisitioned TIE Blur, he gave a thumbs-up to Da'mina, and keyed the comms. Tracy's new X-wing was ready, and so he had plenty of fighters to hand. Without much else to add, he keyed the comlinks of all the pilots, including Rhoen, Syal, Zueb, Natalia and so on.

    "This is Rogue Wing Commander Kya. The Confederation fleet is due to advance on Coruscant itself. The Second and Third Fleets are prepared; the Bounty has point, commanded by Admiral Niathal. This is it, people."

    He took a deep breath. "All pilots to your ships." The techs began to swarm, rushing to finalise everything.

    "Repeat; all pilots to your ship."

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    IC: Admiral Bao

    Adumar orbit

    The supply fleet was present, and the Bothan Assault Cruiser had arrived. Reports had it that the GA had assembled its Coruscant fleets in anticipation of the grand finale. The supply ships began heading into low orbit, joining a stream of arriving ships; Adumar was a key location between the Remnant and Unknown Regions so it was hardly a surprise. Kirney and Loriana had already taken advantage of that, and Adam would arrive just as Bao and the cruiser did...

    ... another was here, too, but we could hardly comment on him.

    But Adumar was a world of knowns, and more than not. Since a terror incident involving Nom Anor, the Adumari had elevated their warrior culture to paranoia levels, and as the whole world was geared towards conflict, it had sent replete pilots and soldiers to the Confederation, many of which had fought hard at the Battle of Sturges and other locales. Many of Corellia's colonies, and indeed populated moons, such as Shadow, had contributed as much as Adumar had alone. But it also meant that the Perator Balass ke Teldan had run of information, a state which he had encouraged since the New Republic overthrew his Imperial-leaning father nearly thirty years ago.

    It was inevitable that Cartann Court would notice the new arrivals, and the Perator's needed to know.

    A message was placed on an old Wraith channel; the Adumari had access to older codes, but not the most modern Galactic Alliance ones. Indeed, they had more access to Imperial protocols due to the Adumari Supreme Commander Rogriss as an actual ex-Imperial. It was a short and simple message...

    The Perator of Adumar welcomes all enemies of the Galactic Alliance. Admiral Bao is here, and he wishes to invite you and your allies to the Court, in whatever manner you wish; hologram or in person. We shall give you access to a conference celebrating the imminent fall of Coruscant... if that is your desire.

    It was to the point. The Perator had no need to mince words.

    The list of politicians, admirals and heads of state due to attend the conference by hologram was appended.

    It was a long list.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Jacen Solo
    Seven years earlier, during the tale end of his Sojourn

    He had to undo what he had seen.

    The Dark Man, on the Throne of Balance.

    The woman in the mist? He cared not for her temptations.

    He had no desire to become a Celestial.

    But it was impossible not to recognise who had stood with the Dark Man.

    But who was the Dark Man? He had wandered the galaxy, trying to find the answer in the past.

    Inevitably, that meant Jacen had to peer back at him.

    At the last Dark Lord, Darth Sidious.

    It was merely a matter of flow-walking to correct point. The Emperor was dead; even if he saw Jacen, he would not remember him.

    Still, there was no point in not being cautious.


    Thirty years ago, Byss system

    You! Somehow, I knew... but I saw you die!" Luke exclaimed.

    "Yes, you knew... didn't you... you've grown very
    strong in the Force since we last met..." Palpatine said, trailing of before grinning. "But then again, so have I!" That smile grew. "It was not the first time that I died.... nor will it be the last!" Such are the mysteries of the dark side of the Force!"

    He leaned back in his throne. "You see my friend, flesh does not easily support this great power! For many years I have been under a dire necessity! My body has decayed again and again... and each time I have needed to take another. A humble clone of the man I once was..."

    Clones! Then it's true!"

    He lifted a hand. "Yes, young Skywalker. The dying is painful... the transition is not an enjoyable experience. But the suffering is a small price to pay... for eternal life!" That grin again. "After all... I live primarily as energy... formlessness... and power!"

    His voice grew grim. "And now, my young apprentice.... your father is dead. Have you come to join me? Will you take the place that is rightfully belongs to you... at my side?"

    It is a moment of terrible conflict for Luke Skywalker... the Emperor's arguments have not touched him... but can he use the Force to defend the freedom of billions... by slaying the old man?

    "Is it so difficult to decide, my son? Surely you know that if you strike me down in anger, I will live again! Perhaps I will even live as

    The Emperor is a master strategist... he has foreseen this moment... now, unexpectedly, he offers Luke the only, the inevitable, solution to his dilemma.

    "I see you have grown in the ways of the Force... you have achieved control. You are no longer the impulsive youth, at war with your own anger.... but you can still conquer me... by learning the secrets of the dark side. We both know that there is no other way for you."

    The Emperor's words blaze like lightning across Luke's mind... the dark side has spoken... and for once it speaks
    truth. A moment of greatest peril has arrived... but it is the moment for which Luke was born. He must challenge the dark side from within... he must penetrate the power of the dark side, and he must learn its secrets.

    There is no other way.

    He bows, on one knee.

    "Yes. My fathers destiny is my own."

    Palpatine stands. "Very good! It is done! My friend, let us celebrate our conquest of a galaxy."

    Dark Empire
    by Kevin J Anderson

    And so Jacen knew what he had to do.

    Become the Dark Man.

    It was the only way.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Bernael, Kate, Kara
    Selaggis IV

    Kate looked around disheartened. This most definitely was an outer rim area. . .difficult to explain, but it just had that feel. On the other hand, that means it probably didn't really have any allegiance to anyone but itself or the hutts, but that might mean a longer trip home. "Kara, stay really close, and talk to no one,. . .at all. . .for anything. . ." Kate was glad she had changed into something less conspicuous back at the compound rather than her GA uniform.

    She looked around, many species she didn't recognise, but she wasn't here so sight-seeing. She thought about going to the bar, that's where most pilots would hang out, but decided for a different tacit. Holding Kara's hand, she observed what ships were parked at the spaceport and decided she would ask the ones that looked like they would be safe enough to travel . . .anywhere. . .


    On the windswept plains of the planet, two beings noted the new arrivals. Off in the distance, dark clouds began to mass, the winds of a storm gathering up the dust and blowing around.

    "Storm is coming." A female Weequay muttered to the nearby Balosar male though a face-concealing bandana. They waited for the black ship to take off and be well away before looking around.

    "That might be to our advantage." He replied, "Looks like we got two looking for a connection."

    "How do you know?"

    "They're looking at ships not heading to the bar." He gestured to the other ships parked along with theirs, a busted up YT-1300. "Usually if you’re staying awhile you look for lodgings. You don't start looking at ships."

    "Kid could just be curious."

    "Maybe but, we have to check first." The balosar smiled making his way over with a flutter of his coat that concealed stun grenades, a sonic blaster, and an electrified net. "Hello," he said coming close to them. "I'm Barrin, Barrin Mar'Dak."

    "Hello" she eyed him up and down noting he was probably armed, but then again, who wouldn't be out this way. Quickly deciding whether or not to use her real name, she just went with being charming instead. "Im Kate, this is Kara" she gestured to her daughter whom was moving away a bit from the newcomer. "How can we help you?" She gently offered, attempting to be swarve.

    "Well I think it might be me that can help you." Barrin replied, waving to the little one. He kept the smile on his face as they moved ever so slightly away from him. "If I'm not mistaken, you two are looking for a way off this rock." He pointed to the dark clouds off in the distance. The wind picked up causing his coat to bellow slightly. "And with that storm coming in, you need to make a quick decision. And I can offer you something these other captain's can't...a ride anywhere you want to go."

    Kate looked at the storm, it was gonna be bad. But the moment he said it 'anywhere' the hair on the back of her neck stood she gripped Kara's hand a bit tighter, and smiled anyway. "Oh, that is a very interesting offer" she smiled, taking half a step back and was ready to grab her small pocket knife. "But I really couldn't accept, I don't have anything to offer in return for such a gesture."

    "Well," Barrin stroked his chin seeming to think about it. "That does put a damper on things. Makes it difficult to keep a ship space worthy when you take trips for no profit." He hummed again looking over his shoulder to his partner. "We don't want to stick around here much ourselves either. Though maybe we could work out some kind of arrangement." There was an easy smile on his face.

    "Oh no, no it's really alright. My husband is actually coming to get us, We just had trouble with our previous ride and had to make a detour, he was just held up finishing a military exercise" Not sure if he would get the hint, knowing that she was expected somewhere by someone was often enough to deter most people. "I actually need to go call him back, as we were cut off by the ship troubles, so if you will excuse us." Kate took another step back, eyeing the other crew member. "But thank you, thank you so much for your offer, truly nice to see such kindness out this far"



    Bernael had seen off the two stowaways from just inside the main hatch, then disappeared back into the depths of his ship. When he returned his appearance was slightly different, a mask covered his face and a cloak was draped over his shoulders obscuring his shape. Both cloak and mask seemed to blend into the background. Underneath the cloak he was prepared for such a planet, such a spaceport.

    Stepping off the ramp, he keyed a sequence, allowing the tiny needle to take a current genetic sample as it locked down the ship completely. Looking across the field he saw the woman and child looking at the ships around them, looking for crew to speak to to find a ride back to where they had come. Nodding to himself, he turned, strode across the field, and into the spaceport corridors.

    Navigating them he avoided the buskers, gave pickpockets warning glances, and nodded at fellow hunters. He cleared the exit and paused, sending a message to his contact, a lean, squirrelly man who had been on the wrong side of a conflict and ended up owing him many favors.

    - You have five minutes to make it to the spaceport before I will hunt you down. -

    This man had sent a response on the coded channels when he had sent out feelers to his contacts that he was looking for a particular being. This one usually was good for his word but he wasn't going to stick around here longer than he must, the itch to truly clean it up was almost physical.


    Barrin's antennapalps twitched the curious organs picking up on emotions. They weren't a perfect lie detector and could be fooled if the person was good enough. Kate seemed to be, but Kara had not had her mother's life experience, hadn't had time to develop a Sabbacc face like her.

    "Now Kate what kind of example are you setting for Kara here? Lying to a man that is just trying to help." He shook his head in disappointment. "Remember they are always watching, learning from you." He looked up again. "That storm is coming quick, you might want to take shelter. I can suggest the Wandering Star just down the way. You might not be going anywhere for a while and anyone coming to pick you up won't be able to land. Though my offer still stands." He lingered there though behind him the Weequay moved up just a little.

    On the outside, the offer was fine, nothing would seem wrong, and she really wanted to take his offer, but knew better than to not trust her instincts. "Thank you for your advice, we shall be going now, safe travels" She said nodding her head and walking off, keeping them in the corner of her eye.

    "Of course." Barrin replied letting them walk away. He walked to his partner and waited for them to leave his eye line, smiling and waving to Kara as they moved away from him. "Follow them, when they're alone scoop them up."

    "On it." The weequay moved forward disappearing into the crowd moving towards were mother and daughter had gone. Barrin for his part made his way to the Wandering Star. Hoping to find them there, if they took his advice. If not his partner would find them.


    Kate wondering what this planet even did, that warrant all people being here. She felt she was being followed, and warned Kara. Kate kept a lookout, for something, anything that would be helpful. She ducked and weaved through the people, keeping a tight grip on Kara. she saw her chance. she suddenly turned down a small alley, "UP" she said to Kara as she climbed the side of the building, Kara keeping pace. They kept low ran to the other side of the roof. Kate surveyed the small town, trying to find her stalker, but nothing obvious.

    They leapt and few roofs over after a minute or two, and jumped back down another small alleyway and went into the back entrance of the bar. Not the best hiding place, she was a female with a child, but it would be a start.


    "Reqat, attempting to sneak up on me is a spectacularly bad idea." Bernal stated flatly as he turned, looking at the small man.

    "Ser, I made your deadline. I swear I have the information you requested." One could almost hear the wringing of hands, the sweating of a nervous being, in his words.

    "It had best be accurate or I will return and you will never owe another favor to anyone." Bernael waited while the data was transferred to his pad, scanned for corruption or trackers, then a route planned to where his objective should currently be engaged in whatever business he had.

    "Now go, if I need you again this day you will immediately be aware of such." Waving a dismissal, Bernael turned and headed into the town, senses on alert for anyone following, anyone attempting to divert him from his business.


    It was a few minutes of waiting in the bar before Barrin showed up again. His partner having lost track of them. The balosar kept his head down, though with his shock white hair and antennapalps it was hard to hide, though in a crowd as diverse as the Wandering Star it was easy to get lost. Many were hunkering down here due to the storm, travellers with nowhere to go much like the pair that entered minutes before.

    He scanned the room looking for them, the same crowd that hid his arrival also made finding them difficult.

    "Come around the back," he commed to this partner. "I'll watch the front." He took a chair near the front exit with his back to a wall, no one was entering or exiting from there without his noticing it.

    Kate hated the smell of bars, the smoke, the body odor, the drinks and lack of ventilation. She saw what appeared to be a bar worker closing the windows, because of the storm, and this idea made her nauseous. But she just needed a lift of this rock, and one that didn't make her skin crawl. Looking in the crowd she spotted him, that guy from before, didn't remember his name, but remembered hair. "For Kriff's sake, is this a one bar town?" she muttered, she didn't see any signs on the back of the bar for its name, why would she.

    Still holding Kara she started to back out, and knocked into someone that yelled something fowl at her. She ducked low to avoid eyes being she was taller than most, and she made her way for the door again.


    A shadow where none should have been slipped through a guarded door as a pair of patrons entered the underground fighting arena. It slid along, avoiding those two and other patrons as it made its way toward the ring area.

    Pausing by a wall, it observed the match in progress. 'Well it seems Reqat's information was correct after all.' In the ring was a tall, broad, greenish looking humanoid surrounded by a half dozen fighters. Its multiple arms were keeping them all at bay, almost as if it were toying with them.

    The shadow sent a thought toward the giant 'Time to go, tree, we have work to do.' The large being paused for a moment head snapping around. There was a nod and suddenly it burst into motion. Within moments all six of its foes were down, breathing heavily. Announced the winner it disappeared down a tunnel.

    The shadow waited where it was. As it did a buzz of it’s datapad announced a message. While it waited it read through the information it had been sent. Frowning, it replied to the message, requesting as much data about what it had received that could be sent. ‘A potential distraction, but those are always going to happen. And I owe it to Tarkin to investigate.’ Ten minutes later the giant appeared, leaning against the wall near the shadow. "Vampire, been a while, what are we up to now?"

    "The balance, as always, needs correcting. Your talents will be very handy and I am sure there will be opportunities of chaos to come." The shadow turned, sure the giant would follow, and made his way back to the spaceport.


    The Weequay held post outside the door leaning against it with a bored expression. She watched the people hurry through the streets seeking shelter, she would have to as well. Though hopefully with a prize in tow. Hearing the door open she turned her head sonic blaster drawn and hidden under her jacket. The pair she'd been hunting stepped out and she didn't hesitate pulling the trigger and sending a blast of sonic energy against them. It would be enough to disorient though if it was enough to knock them out was another story.

    Kate was so focused on keeping Kara close and untangled from the bar patrons, when she felt the warning, it was too late. The Blast hit them a pretty close range, it knocked them both down, but Kara being closest it knocked her out. Kate struggled back to her feet, "YOU B. . ." but Weequay pulled the trigger again and now Kate was out.

    Over the noise of the bar it was hard to hear the sound of the sonic blaster going off. Even harder for Barrin far away from it. He didn't know anything happened until his com chirpped in his hand. "Yes?" he answered.

    "They're down. Now come help me move them. The woman looks heavy." He got up excusing himself as he did so. In longer than he would have liked he made it to the back entrance.

    "We need to move quick storm's coming in." Taking out his stun net he wrapped the woman in it making it easier to drag her across the ground. With his other arm, he wrapped it around the child setting her on his shoulder. Together they dragged and carried their prizes on to their ship, everyone around them too worried about the approaching weather to worry about them. Once inside the placed them, together, in a cell that was retrofitted into the aging freighter. "Alright, let's get out of here."

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Tracy Needa
    Hanger Bay.

    Tracy was aware she had a different ship to fly should something come up, and it felt like something would be happening soon, but she was still under orders to help fix the one she had broken. As if it was to help her be a better pilot. "Sim time would be better training" she muttered as she was fiddling with some of the wires to get them back into the right spot.

    "Who you muttering too now, Ginger?" the woman from the change room yesterday, asked from the other side of the ship. Turns out she was head of Tech crew here on the Anakin Solo, Vanessa something, something. Tracy had forgotten, but not like last names were important or anything. "No one, Boss" Tracy teased back. Over the past 6 or 8 hours they had been working on her ship, they had become a good team, based on respect and light teasing, a solid foundation for most friendships, or at least working relationships.

    "Well then, can you have Ruby pass me the part I need for the thing, you know" her voice a little muffled as she was head deep inside a hatch. Tracy rolled her eyes, and grabbed both parts she would need, and ducked under the ship to place them just inside the hatch, and went back to her bit. She was happy that Ruby was being helpful and was happy to be out of the sling. Vanessa learnt about Ruby when as Tracy was walking by, Ruby grabbed the arm of the overalls that Vanessa wore tied around her waist instead of on correctly, and Tracy had to explain herself while trying to un-curl Ruby. Vanessa thought it was a little hilarious, but also had a little sympathy for the woman. Perhaps that's why she was hanging out and paying close attention to Tracy and her work instead of the other techs.

    "all pilots to your ships, Repeat; all pilots to your ships."

    Tracy was focused on her wires, that she didn't hear the announcement, or more likely wasn't paying attention. "Ginger" Vanessa called, but go no response. "Ginger!" Vanessa sighed "TRACY" she tried again.


    "They mean you Ginger"

    "Mean me, what?"
    Tracy said putting the small hatch back on the ship after finishing the wiring in this section and securing it.

    "You're a pilot, go to your ship,"
    Vanessa said rubbing some grease off her hands onto a rag as she walked around to look at Tracy.

    "Oh . . .oh yeah. . .I forgot" she looked around to see all the people running about. She looked down the hanger to her new ship and suddenly felt very apprehensive, last time did not go so well for her. She looked back at Venessa who just had a knowing look and a raised eyebrow. Tracy puffed out her chest a bit, and tried to look as confident as she thought she should be, and then nodded her head, "Right, let's do this!" she said before jogging off to get her suit. Venessa rolled her eyes and bit and went off to supervise the prep teams.

    As Tracy got to her new ship, she saw trip being loaded in "Good to see ya up and running, Trip" she said to the droid, who whisted cheerfully back. She saw some of the others, and just people everywhere. She stood at the base of the ladder, looking at them all, was she really going to do this all again?

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Rhoen Aquilla, Natalia Keizar
    Mess Hall

    Rhoen finished his breakfast as he watched all the others file out. He kept close to Syal chatting back and forth keeping each other company. He could feel something coming he didn't need the force to feel the tension in the air. He chose to keep it in the back of his mind as he went about his day. Some training in the sim, working with Syal to plan out a few attack strategies coordinating her heavier hitting, but slower moving fighter with his more maneuverable X-Wing. It would be important in the coming conflicts, he could have her getting hit again, leaving her drifting in space.

    He was still in the middle of working out a strategy of a mixed attack of fighters and bombers. When the call came in.

    "This is Rogue Wing Commander Kya. The Confederation fleet is due to advance on Coruscant itself. The Second and Third Fleets are prepared; the Bounty has point, commanded by Admiral Niathal. This is it, people."

    Rhoen looked up, third fleet, that was Toim's fleet. They would be fighting together. It still hurt, his heart twinging with pain, at the thought of seeing Syal and him together again. He knew it was wrong to feel this way that he had no right to her, she had made her choice, but this felt like the end. He should say something.

    "All pilots to your ships. Repeat; all pilots to your ship." They both moved to their ready room, to get suited up for combat. Rhoen reached out grabbing Syal's wrist, he should say it now, right now, no one was around, this could be the last time they would see each other. He should say it, have the words out into the galaxy. He knew how it would end, but maybe it would relieve the weight in his chest. However when he looked into her eyes, his words were stopped in his throat.

    Why? Why was he freezing up now...He should just say it.

    His mouth moves, but no sound came out.

    "Uh…" He stammered...realizing that he'd been holding on for too long now. "Umm….Be careful…" Was all he was able to get out before moving just as quickly out the door to get into his flightsuit. As he was moving he gave a slight nod to Needa.

    "Hope you're as good with your lasers as you are your eggs." He quipped moving to his X-wing. As he climbed up he looked to Syal letting out a long breath.

    Watch her back.

    Natalia was very deliberate in her movements heading back to her and Aden's room and looking over all the requests coming in. It was a lot of information but she was handling it well. It was her job after all. As the order came in she looked to 'her' closet in the room, her flightsuit waiting for her. It had been a short amount of time since she wore it last and it was the most joyous occasion. However she was being called upon again.

    With calm simple motions she pulled it on, slipping into her boots as well. As the others scrambled around her she kept a serene pace, moving like a swan on the surface of the water. Making it to the hangar she climbed into the cockpit of the TIE Blur that Aden was piloting. She smiled feeling his presence near her. They would get through this, that had to.

    "Wraith 13, ready to launch." She said quietly.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Da'mina Shonest
    Flight Deck, The Anakin Solo.

    He watched as Aden boarded his brand new craft, a TIE Blue, something he had little or no time for. The ship was inferior in his mind and he fulled expected to have to mark the mans location with a beacon. He watched as he was given the thumbs up from the cockpit and he forced a smile before turning and making his way to his own X Wing, the only reliable ship he ever trusted. His comm activated.

    "This is Rogue Wing Commander Kya. The Confederation fleet is due to advance on Coruscant itself. The Second and Third Fleets are prepared; the Bounty has point, commanded by Admiral Niathal. This is it, people. All pilots to your ships. Repeat; all pilots to your ship."

    He listened as he climbed into this craft, dropping to the seat and pulling his helmet on. This was it, this was his moment to show Aden what he could do as a leader. It seemed Jesse Coulson had done him a favour. He opened the ship comm to his Squadron.

    "Wraiths, check in, Lead set." One by one in quick succession the squadron gave him their responses and all were set to go giving him confidence in his leadership despite the fact he'd not whipped them into this shape. He chose to ignore the previous Leads hard work. He smiled a Twi'lek toothy smile as he opened to Aden.

    "The Wraiths are lit and ready to go."

    It was Game on.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis, Kael Swiftflight,, Rooty Aran, Adrian Malek, Ilona Malek, Marie Firestone, Jem Vercetti, Mention of Emaline, Erbas.

    Mess Hall - Hawkbat base

    Since Kael was the only one left with Intelligence training, it meant that he had to do the other jobs that needed to be done. There appeared to be some rumblings from Naboo which meant that Briana had done her job. Strangely there were some rumblings Eriadu, ones that didn't make much sense. He was wondering where to go when he smelled bacon and decided to head towards the mess, maybe one of the Eriadians would be there to make sense of it.

    Ilona looked up as someone new entered the mess hall. She didn't know him but assumed he was a part of his squadron as well. Apparently the first to notice him she stood up and gestured for the stranger to come to them. "Still have some of it let. If you hurry you can still get a hot meal."

    Adalia turned to where Ilona was looking and saw the young man she'd seen around but not met yet as far as she could remember. She knew he was one of Adam's 'associates' and therefore untrustworthy in the realms of pranking, but beyond reproach in the real game they were playing. She stood and extended her hand. "Adalia, and you are?"

    Kael walked over to the group, smiled at the two women and then the group. He shook Adalia's hand, "I'm Kael, tend to be responsible for demolitions when everyone's here, however." He shrugged, "I get to keep an eye on everything for now." He glanced in the direction of the kitchen, sighed and looked at Illona, "I'd love to, but work first. First, who all is going to Eriadu?"

    Ilona raised her hand and gave Adrian who was still focused on Marie her elbow in the ribs. "My brother and I will, as soon as possible. I worry the longer we stay hidden the more worried about this whole thing our parents will get." She smiled as she realized how that sounded. "They are getting old, father can barely see anymore and mother, well she is loosing more and more of her memory, of herself."

    Adalia looked sympathetically at the pair, then back to Kael. "Why are we heading there, you know, so I'm in the loop?" She then turned to Rooty. "Look Rooty, someone else who likes things to go boom, bet he's says, 'it's beautiful ' as well at the point of explosion."

    Rooty looked up still chewing a mouthful of something and allowed a grin as he swallowed. "You and me gonna get on just fine Kael! Wait till Beka hears!" he turned to Adalia and scowled. "Speaking of such, where is she? I thought I heard a rumour she was on The Ocean as well."

    Adalia wasn't sure herself to be dead honest and turned back to Kael. "I'm sorry, I have no idea what happened to her, I know where Kate and Kara are, and that's complicated, but Beka's here isn't she?"

    Kael looked at Adalia, "Well the list for Eriadu seems to get longer. One was to get Beka's X-wing out of impound and get it modified like yours Adalia. The second was once Taris happened and," he looked at Illona, "Adam would appreciate it if you could take the footage and show it to your father so it can be spread around there." Kael looked at the rest of the group, "The third thing is that something weird is happening there, and I'm not quite sure what it is. I think I might like to go and bring some explosives. I think we might need a team to go."

    Kael then grinned at Rooty, "Oh there's plenty and though Beka did leave this morning for a mission that Adam assigned her, she did take some of what I made with her, you know just in case."

    Rooty laughed openly, "Just in case? Love that!! More like just for fun!!" Although he and Beka had been 'lovers' long ago, he held no bitterness toward her. She was a kindred spirit and he was only disappointed he'd missed her, there was time later for catching up.

    Adalia frowned, she'd have thought Beka would have spoken to her at least before she left, but she also understood time was an enemy at this point and she'd be back in a good amount of it. She turned to Adrian. "Ready to go home to visit your family Youngblood?" she asked using the call sign she'd given him.

    Jem looked up from his juice. "Youngblood?" He grinned "I'm Kid! Be grateful she got to me first!"

    Marie leaned close to Adrian. "Youngblood huh? I'm Sweets, gotta a sweet tooth." she nudged him with her shoulder.

    Adrian shivered at Marie´s contact for a second. Than he tried to manage a half decent smile. "Guess there are worse nicknames out there." He said to both her and Jem. "Speaking of which in the ORSF they call my sister...."

    "Not a word!" Ilona cut her brother off trying her best to not look him or any of the other in the eye.

    Marie leaned close to his ear. "Tell me later." she whispered softly.

    Again Marie´s whispered send a shiver down Adrian´s spine. "I will," he said with a smile avoiding the stern look Ilona gave him and Marie.

    She noted Marie's mannerisms, sensed her intentions and narrowed her eyes slightly as she'd seen them before. The woman was aggressive in the hunt and she'd picked a target now and Adalia's only decision was whether to warn Adrian his heart may be on the line or not. 'Later' she thought as she turned back to Kael. "So when you say something weird, what do you mean? I've not sensed anything per say."

    Kael shrugged, "It's all supposed to be anonymous, but someone or several someones are trying to contact pirates around Eriadu, among other things, but it's not making sense." he looked apologetic, "I'm the person that usually blows them up, not figures out their intentions."

    "There aren't many pirates around Eriadu usually," Ilona explained biting her lip. "The ORSF keeps them at bay, with pretty cruel methods occasionally. But now that you mention it, we also noticed a few strange patterns in their behavior since the war started. We didn't put much thought into it though."

    Adalia nodded with a smile. "I get that, working outside your comfort zone." She gave a soft snort. "I hate it when Adam makes me do the thinking too." She smirked, "He tells me what to shoot, and points at it, and I do what I do best. Team work" she winked.

    Ilona returned Adalia´s smile a bit embarrassed. "I wasn't saying..."

    "What my sister wants to say is that the Eriaduan´s don´t worry that much about pirates these days," Adrian intervened trying to help out his sister. "Have been keeping them at bay for a long time."

    "Oh I have no doubt! Wasn't questioning you at all." Adalia explained. "So who, and when is this mission getting off the flight deck?" she asked Kael.

    Kael grinned at the ongoing commentary, it was a lot like life in the Intel Wraiths, "As soon as we've completed the team, and the gear is gathered."

    Adalia folded her arms. "Well pick your team and get your gear. What are we waiting for?" she shot a lopsided smile at Kael with a raised eyebrow. "While you're at it, why don't you go check out the death traps some of these old pilots brought with them." She turned to her former squad mates with a tormenting challenging smile.

    "Oi! Careful how you address my Classic Ship!" Rooty said putting his hands firmly on his hips. "She has feelings!"

    Adalia rolled her eyes and returned to Kael. "Just get the techs to check them over and gently, something might fall off."

    "Don't touch mine," Ilona said a bit too harshly. It was uncomfortable enough to let her brother fly her ship for a while but for now she didn't trust anybody else with it.

    Turning to face the woman Adalia eyed her coldly. "Cool your jets, no one said anything about your ship." she said in her authoritative tone. At this point she didn't care who she was or who she worked for, she was on this base now and the others knew who was in charge rank wise and Ilona needed to know that and tone it down.

    Ilona was just about to give a snappy response when she felt her brothers hand on her shoulder. Seeing the warning in his eyes she took a breath to calm herself down. "Of course," she said politely. "Your base, your rules."

    She'd have to watch this one, she was happy to challenge authority and Adalia would not tolerate that under her leadership. While Adam was away, she assumed she was the ranking officer, despite the past. She was used to leading and she would not tolerate someone she'd known a full ten minutes challenging that. Without taking her eyes off the woman she spoke evenly. "Kael, take them out and organise yourself and get the ships checked, the older ones, for integrity."

    Erbas turned to Rooty and Jem with an eyebrow raised, he'd been on the receiving end of Adalia's wrath, he didn't want to ever be there again.

    Marie was looking at Adrian as he touched his older sisters shoulder, she intended to have a word with him regarding her behavior, for her own good. Marie was strong but she knew who was tougher and if her intentions were to be seen through, she needed this older sister to keep the peace.

    Emaline sunk down in her seat slightly, she'd read and heard about the way this particular woman operated, but hearing the tone, seeing the look, she was more than uncomfortable as the air in the room was suddenly thick with tension.

    "Any questions people?" Adalia gazed around at them all, internally feeling the thrill as she'd been transported mentally back ten years, her 'glory days' as such. No one said a thing. "Good, maybe you get going now." she wanted them to work as a team and if complaining about her did that, so be it.

    Kael smiled, "Nah, lets figure this out here, now." he looked at Adalia, then to Adrian and Illona, "In terms of who's in charge for that mission, Adam thinks that one of the people who are from that planet should at least appear in charge since they know the planet and have legitimate power there. During the Vong War the Wraiths would tend to run with either a group of three or four if they intended to sneak, or larger if the idea is for combat. I'm volunteering, and maybe we could use a couple more. I don't know how proficient everyone is in this line of work." Kael looked Addie, "You know them better, you could pick which ones. Oh, and in terms of looking at the fighters, you can talk to Cubber about those. These are only my suggestions along with some thoughts from Adam before he left, it's ultimately up to you Addie."

    She gave Kael and cursory glance as she returned her attention to Ilona. "She should lead, I suspect she is more than capable. Adrian should go with her, I am sure your family will be pleased to see you both. Having said that, lay really low Adrian, disguise even. The GA has warrants out and the last thing we need is attention." She pursed her lips for a moment, before going on. "Sweets, you're my eyes and ears, you up for it?"

    Marie leaned back in her seat. "I am primed and set Vixen, just give me the orders." she drawled.

    Adalia gave a slight smile and nod. "Good. Is that a good enough team?" She asked turning back to Kael.

    Kael nodded, "I believe so. We might need to get a couple more, but all of this depends on the situation and we might be able to find a couple of people on Eriadu, either in their enforcement or intelligence division to help us out. Not that I plan things like that, so many things usually go wrong to some degree. Also, I'd encourage you Adalia, to have everyone take a look at our communications gear, our datapads, and the explosives we have. There are instructions for the communications, computers, and explosives we have." he grinned at Adalia, "I've heard stories about this group and explosives, think we should make them even better?"

    She smiled and looked down, she knew the rumours, she'd heard the stories, she knew the truth. "Sure, I won't argue, about the group that is." She looked up the the original members and the newer ones in front of her. "Well you heard the man! Eat up and get moving."

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    Ic Kyp Durron
    Un named Freighter in Hyperspace

    Things had gone fast. Having paid the allotted fee, the ‘Royal Dawn’ was now in the hands of Jesse and Briana. Sitting in the cockpit of the freighter with no name Kyp snorted. He did not like handing ‘The Dawn’ over to Jesse, he did not trust the man. The veiled threat he’d made had clearly has disturbed Jesse, but not scared him off. That fact was eating at him, and he was on his way back to her. He smiled, she was carrying his baby, his son. Jesse was right, he’d won and that weird fact amused him. He knew it shouldn't, Adalia was no one's prize. If she knew, well he didn't want to consider that. Yet somehow he was amused.

    His hands moved over the controls of the freighter’s console; it was automatic. Flying was second nature these days and he was about to come out of hyperspace. Having taken an indirect route, it’d taken him a longer to get there. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t followed. Starlines appeared before reverting to real space the green world of Endor appeared in front of him. He glanced behind him; the purple domed Squirt sat silently as the green domed droid warbled. “Yes Whistler, we’re home. Or at least it’s home for now.” He smiled and added. “Wait till Corran gets his eyes on my new ship.” It was time to dig back at the man, he'd spent the last trip taking Corran's torment. He was there now, and the party could get started.

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    OOC: Of course Bernael wasn't going to leave those two to the slavers. With @galactic-vagabond422 being the slavers.

    IC Bernael, Kate, Kara, and Renn
    Selaggis IV

    Bernael had just reached his Fury when his senses warned him something was off, but not focused on him. It also had nothing to do with Renn the giant tree, or Reqat, so that left the woman and child as the only two he knew here.

    He scanned the area, moving a few times until he pinpointed the ship they seemed to be onboard. Looking to Renn, "Does that look like a ship that would safely bring someone somewhere?"

    Renn looked at it, then grabbed a passing porter "That ship", pointing at the one Bernael had mentioned, "good, bad, or neutral?" The shorter being shuddered, "Slaver!"

    Bernael sighed, but he'd only promised to bring them here. He turned but his advance on his ship was halted by Renn, "Why did you ask, vampire?"

    "Because I brought two people here, stowaways, and they went looking for a ride back where they came from, and it seems they are there."

    "Didn't you once tell me you had a code, old Anzat? Do they not fall under it still?"

    Bernael sighed, "You are quite correct and I cannot abandon it now. Get the ship going, do not lose them. Once airborne, target their engine nacelle."


    Well that was simple. Barrin thought to himself, Maybe this whole trip won't be such a bust. They had come here on a tip that someone was looking to off load some goods. By the time Barrin and his partner got there the contact was dead and the seller was picked up by Alliance in transit. It was getting harder and harder to make a decent living. That was a lie with the war raging the pockets of criminality expanded. With fewer patrols pirates thrived, he'd even heard the Legendary Arcadia had made an appearance in the Inner Rim. It was a criminal's paradise. With a smirk he started to lift off just as the rain started to fall, thunder sounding in the distance.


    Bernael had just joined Renn in the cockpit when the freighter he'd felt held his stowaways lifted off. Renn turned to him "Demand they power down and land?"

    "No, better let them get outside the populated area, if even by a mile, and then disable their ship. You were right, tree, I brought them here, I cannot let them be made into slaves."

    The Fury lifted just after the freighter, stealth systems keeping it off the others sensors and waited.

    "Now Renn." Bernael said calmly. And then the heavy battery cycled into action, firing precise bolts at one engine.

    The ship rocked with the hit an engine starting to fail though it kept up for now. The heavy blast had done damage, had slowed it, but not enough to kill the engine. "Get on a gun now!" Barrin ordered. He banked hard looking at his sensors and finding nothing. Nothing didn't just try to take away his engine, only barely operable thanks to the thicker than normal armor over the freighter. They weren't going to weather another one but they were airborne for now. Dropping into the ventral gunwale the Weequay scanned the skies as the pilot dipped and juked to evade targeting. There wasn't much to see other than the fading port in the background. There were some distant mountains, but those were too far away to reach not with a ghost on their tail.

    A predatory grin crossed Bernael's face. "Of course slavers have better shielding. Two shots, medium turrets one and two, one takes out the guns, the other slow, continuous, fire at the engine. You may broadcast that this will continue until they land." Another smile, this time of something from the depths of the Dark Side. "Tell them Colonel Aden Kya wants his people back."


    Kate felt her head hit something hard, she went to rub it, but found her hands bound behind her back. She opened her eyes, her ears ringing with a high pitched tune. She saw that her feet were bound, and that she was covered in dirt, scratches, blood and her clothing was slightly torn. She looked and found Kara, un-harmed on top of her lap.


    The ship banked violently, Kate tried to brace herself, but there was only so much she could do as she and Kara were slammed into the side of the cage.


    "Who the frack is that?" Barrin shot back dipping down at just the right time for only the dorsal gun to be lost, the other medium shot hitting the armor around the gunport. The steady stream of fire was hard to keep going with the freighter banking hard and erratically difficult to predict. "You think I care? You want them back alive. You'll stop what you're doing."

    "OK, the hard way. Bring us in over the ship. Magnetize the feet of the landing struts. And prepare the ventral hatch." He said to Renn, Bernael reached down and set his boots to maximum grip, then before heading down keyed the com himself. "I bring them back dead or alive, the question is whether I also bring back slavers dead bodies to present to Colonel Kya or his boss Jacen Solo. Last chance." went out, his low, monotone voice devoid of any emotion one way or another. That done he headed below deck.


    Hitting the cage hard again, Kate felt nauseous as the ringing in her ears got worse, and her vision blurred a bit. Kara still was out cold. She was feeling overwhelming regret, //I should have tried harder to bargain with the first ship captain, at least there we warn't in an actual prison.// She felt that nearly every decision she had made since Kashyyyk had felt like a mistake, //I knew they were trouble, did I not try hard enough to escape them? but like where was I going to go?// She heard Kara moan and she breathed a sigh of relief. This was a side adventure she hadn't counted on. She had to get her head in the game, re-acclimate to the galaxy and not her little corner of the world. Their lives depended on it, but for now she was tasting blood in her mouth.

    Trying to get free while the ship rumbled, she contorted herself until her arms went from tied behind her back, to now just tied in front of her. Her wrists bleeding a little from the effort. With more effort, she managed to pull her daughter so that she was inside her arms, and Kate could hold her tight. With another sudden lurch, they were thrown to the other side of the cage, and Kate lost consciousness.


    The ship shuddered and lost altitude as if a new significant weight was added to the vessel. "Firefreck." Barrin said, "And now that you're on our ship what assurances do we have you won't just kill us outright?" As he spoke he turned upside down angling towards the ground. There was nothing on the dorsal side of the ship anyway, thanks to their new friend. He could scrape it against the ground and not lose much more than he has already lost.

    On the internal com, Bernael heard "Hold on!" from Renn then heard the forward attitude jets ignite at full thrust, as the main engines went to max atmospheric thrust as well. He could feel the two ships fighting for position, and that his was inverted.

    Shaking his head, donning the sealed helmet he rarely wore with his armor, activating its displays, he opened the ventral hatch, climbing through, boots clamping to the hull of his. He keyed the ships com "A slaver who has a pair of someone's higher ups in the GA want alive and is continuing to run is asking about assurances. I give you this assurance, you flip your ship over, land and turn those two over to me to return and I assure you I won't kill you. But if this goes further there's only one assurance and you know what that is."

    "Yeah," Barrin said weighing his options, "I don't have much to go on really. Though if I land right now, and let them go, you let us leave. I have your word on that?"

    "Yes, you have my word I will let you leave. All I am after are those two."

    Bernael held his position until he was sure the other ship would land.

    "Well since I have your word." Not that Barrin had much faith in the man's word, he just didn't have much choice. This man was crazy enough to latch onto a speeding freighter and had shown a willingness to go above and beyond to save these nobodies. They were just being trouble for trouble's sake. He didn't need that in his life. Also even if his plan did work, it would damage his ship even more. There was a time to cut and run. Now was that time.

    Bernael felt and saw the ships rotate until he was hanging from the base of his ship, by his boots. Sending a message to Renn he felt his Fury's engines return to a normal hum, the slavers lowering in pitch as they began to set down. The Fury let loose of that ship as its pads touched down and moved to land behind it, engines still ready to fly at a moment's notice.

    Bernael entered the ship, reset his boots, gathered his cloak, mask, and dark swords. Leaving the pilot with instructions to give chase at the slightest provocation, he descended the ramp, Renn by his side, the Neti lumbering along.

    He waited near the hatch, one hand prepared to shield himself from treachery, otherwise calmly standing there waiting for the slavers to open and descend their own ramp.


    Barrin got up from his seat moving over to the cells. Seeing Kara awake but nestled in her mother’s arms, he came in and shook Kate, “Wake up, Get out” he glared at the girl. He then pulled a holdout blaster from the small of his back.

    Kate regained something close to consciousness. She heard Kara, her voice shaking, "Mum, muum, we can go." Kate found her hands unbound, and she reached for her and felt a lump, and some dried blood, but was happy to move her arms again.

    "Get out" a voice yelled, annoyed and agitated. Kara helped her mum to her feet, Kate did her best to glare at the man and walk off with whatever dignity she could muster.

    Kara whispered "sorry" to her mother as she helped keep her steady as they walked outside. Although it was dark because of the Storm, the light was still too bright and it made Kate feel dizzy.

    Bernael saw the hatch open, Renn by his side seeing the two humans in front of the slaver and a hiss from him before Bernael saw them, at their obvious discomfort. "Calmly old friend, they seem twitchy enough."

    The mask turned toward the hatch "Bring them down to me and our business is concluded.”

    Barrin shoved them forward, but didn't walk with them, his partner was even further back, a blaster rifle leveled down the boarding ramp.

    Bernael felt Renn's thought, which meant he was meant to 'Both armed and both with weapons pointed at the humans and us.'

    Even without the Neti's thought he could feel them both inside the ship. "It would be a spectacularly bad idea if either of your fingers twitched."

    "Just keeping you to your word."

    Behind the mask a tiny smile appeared and disappeared "Of course."

    The woman and child reached the bottom of the ramp and Renn gathered them up and shuffled them behind himself and Bernael.

    Kate heard Barnel speak, but struggled to understand. Then a . . .tree? Walked toward them and guided them gently back to the old ship. She held onto Kara tightly, she wasn't sure what was really going on but she felt like it would be okay.

    Bernael watched until they were in cover then turned back to the other's ship. "I gave my word, you kept yours, now go."

    Barrin's partner hit the ramp and it started going up, the Balosar didn't move from his spot watching the others while the ramp closed. He still didn't trust this man as far as he could throw him.

    As the hatch of the other ship cycled closed he sent a thought to the slaver, whether the other could shield his thoughts or not mattered not to him, the gesture alone did. 'Not a man, but I am being of my word. I gave it, this time. But next circumstances will be different. Pray we not meet again.'

    With that he turned, knowing any action would be met with all the batteries of his ship. Renn took the lead, the woman and child between, and he the trail position as they reentered his ship. The ramp retreated, hatch closed, and the Fury leapt into the sky, arrowing out of the atmosphere rapidly.

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    IC: Jesse Coulson, Briana Odan
    On board the Crystal Dawn.

    Jesse had decided to have the second lot of garments delivered and arranged that they'd arrive soon after himself. So when he began to climb the ramp he wasn't surprised by the arrival of a delivery droid behind him. He indicated up the ramp and he also began to climb it, slowing down as he did so. The inside of this craft was plush, clean, white with royal purple trim, some surfaces even had a hint of sparkles to it. The delivery droid had dropped it parcel and was already departing past him as he approached the first bulkhead, his eyes widened. Tiny crystals were actually embedded in the parasteel. That amazed him, a quick look inside and he saw a reflection, not of himself but of the owner of the craft. This ship was plush, it was elegant, and yet it was practical. The central table had what looked to be a projection system in it, but it still maintained that image of class. Putting the parcels down beside the first lot he slowly turned and took it all in. This wasn't just a ship, this was Adalia, this was who she was, not just her ship. He was seeing a very personal side of her, and he liked it. He could hear someone ahead. "Briana? Is that you?" he called out knowing the Jedi was already gone.

    Briana nodded, "That's me. She has great taste in ships. You get everything you needed?"

    He began to walk toward the cockpit, it was broad and well appointed. "Yeah and I did, and she certainly does. Never seen anything like this!"

    Briana grinned, "It's a Nubian design, but customized. Also word should be getting out soon enough about Taris."

    Slipping into the co pilots seat his eyes were still taking it in. "Good, the galaxy needs to know what is really going on." He muttered absently as he reached forward and ran his fingers along the edge of the shiny console. "Custom is an understatement."

    Briana gave him a mischievous look, "Think he was in trouble when this ship was customized? This is one great 'I'm sorry' gift if he was."

    He turned to her. "She's the one with wealth, owns an estate and shares in her cousins Namana plantation." He stopped, his knowledge might be considered strange, if not bordering on stalking. He looked back. "Think she paid for it." he muttered trying to distract her. Something came back to him. 'Might be time to go fishing' he mused. He turned back to her. "Do you have anyone to apologise too?"

    She laughed as she sat down in the pilots seat, "Nah anyone I might have reason to apologize to did something to deserve whatever I did to them." Not that she could remember a specific incident, she was almost equally certain that various Wraiths had apologized in her name in the past, Kael was the one who did it the most frequently.

    Jesse turned to her, "Heard a rumour, there was someone, but maybe .....just out of your reach?"

    Briana put her head in her hands once she realized who Jesse talked to, she couldn't keep a rueful look off her face, "She played the second part of our game...yeah I told her something back during the Vong War when I was recovering after a mission. It's a long story."

    Jesse gave a slight smile as he leaned toward her. "It’s a long trip back, I got time."

    Briana gave him a look, "Contact the tower for liftoff. Unless you want to walk back that is."

    Jesse suppressed a smirk, he'd hit a nerve. "As ordered." he responded with a sarcastic tone. He opened a channel and requested permission for the Royal (aka Crystal) Dawn to depart, seconds later approval was given.

    Briana muttered, "Good boy..." as she powered up the repulsorlifts and got ready to take off. She knew the story would come out, though whether it was all that important right now was another question. He knew about it and they were still good friends.

    He chuckled. "I can be when I want to be." he glanced at her tormentingly, "I'll get it out of you........eventually."

    Briana shook her head while taking off, "Maybe....maybe you'll be the last one who'll know. I can see to that, you know."

    He laughed openly, he suspected many of her threats were empty, but he liked that. She was going to be fun. "I'll take my chances." He got up, "If you don't need me, I'm going to check this place out and maybe sort through the parcels I brought back."

    Briana gave him a smile full of teeth, "Are you sure, I think the atmosphere might get bumpy? You know how that goes."

    He chuckled. They were going to get on just fine.

    Briana sighed, and juked the ship around a little bit, "Just checking..." she mentioned towards the back of the ship, though she was impressed with the maneuverability, she resolved to tell Adalia first, just so Jesse wouldn't be the next to know.

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