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Star Wars The Last Stand

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Cilghal
    Endor, Forest Moon

    The Forest Moon would teem in life at any and all who arrived in-system who sensed the Force. It was an oddity, and the Jedi Council had tasked the various Knights that were here - some sixty of them - to secure the area peaceably and dig into some of those mysteries.

    The Moddell Sector, where Endor was, had its various oddities. On Endor itself were dozens of separate species, many unique to the galaxy itself, creating the impression of a veritable capsule of life, perhaps as a bastion against some dark threat which has since faded into ancient history. Indeed, the Ewoks recorded a great Battle of Endor some thirty millennia ago, during what they called the Twilight Wars, where the great insect Goddess Gorog came with her Dark Wizards to end the resistance, and they defeated Gorog and the leader of her armies, Soros. They tell that Kuna took the body of Soros away, which matches the Ewok name for various star systems in the sector, each with names like Kuna's Eye or Kuna's Tail. So much of it was folklore, notwithstanding that a Nightsister known as Charal had crash-landed here before the Rebels arrived, and the Ewoks had managed to defeat her with the help of a stranded human girl by the name of Towani.

    Interesting stuff.

    There were also the cartographical issues that you had to navigate. The Endor Gate was a wormhole which was said to straddle this reality and another, and anything that fell within it could vanish to any part of the galaxy... indeed, some Death Star wreckage made it to Mon Calamari, would you believe. Of course, said Death Star wreckage is strewn out between the first and third moons of Endor, with Kef Bir, the third, hosting a sizeable chunk. Alliance ships protected the Forest Moon, but not Kef Bir...

    ... but that ignored the need to avoid, for Force users, a psychic bloodstain left by the death of Emperor Palpatine, an angry wound inflicted on the galaxy as a final scream against the inalienable light of the Force. His defeat had begun a cycle of violence that had seen the Jedi and their allies rally and defeat everything thrown at them; Iceheart, Thrawn, even Palpatine again, reborn and stopped some thirty years ago, his Second Imperium stillborn.

    These thoughts about the system were echoed by the Telos Holocron, the Palpatine Gatekeeper ruing on the system where his first Empire had fallen apart. Some thousand years.

    Many of these things Kyp would know; many of these things Corran would know; the Telos Holocron knew them all, and Cilghal had learned a great deal in the mere days since they had made planetfall. She had even visited the burnt spot in the forest that belonged to Darth Vader, which she knew, decades ago, Kyp had visited and found nothing but an area of the world which Endor seemed to have no interest in reclaiming.

    The corpse of Anakin Skywalker carried no memories of him, and indeed his mask wasn't even evident.

    All of these thoughts, and more, resonated within Clighal and she allowed them to fill her rather than worry about Luke and Ben.

    When she could sense them, she let these distracting thoughts fall away and she focused on her fellow Jedi Masters; and again bypassed her worries for the Skywalker men. It was good to see Kyp and Corran again, and Cilghal swept into the room and drew Kyp into a hug.

    "It is good to see you. You both have a lot to update me on, I gather."

    There were others present, but for the moment, it was between these three Masters, and their seniority meant that they had to speak first, before drawing everyone else in.

    These were trying times, after all.

    They were at war.

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider, @The Real Kyp Durron (combo between the three of us, please)
    IC: Aden Kya

    Aboard the Anakin Solo, Coruscant system, at the Line

    The fleets, the Second, Third and Fourth, gathered and marshalled their strength. Supplies were low and many ships were going into combat with minimal fuel and no ordnance. Rogue Wing was one of the few units that was fully armed and prepared, and indeed one of the few that had been afforded a few hours sleep before returning to the front.

    The surviving ships of the Fifth Fleet remained in their moors, though the Anakin Solo, its long-range turbolasers still completely blown, had slid from its berth to bring Rogue Wing to the point of the formation. The dozens of capital ships were gathered around the flagship, the Ocean, itself escorting the dreadnought Bounty, which was said to be low on gas for its turbolasers.

    Admiral Niathal had long range scans probing the distant Confederation fleet, which was half the size of hers, but more well supplied, rested, and prepared. Her forces had been losing battles and accruing damage for the past few days since the Battle of Kashyyyk, and some of them had not really recovered from the week-long and demoralising Battle of Kuat, especially the crews of the Fourth Fleet, where the First, Sixth and Seventh Fleets had been lost entirely, and the Megador, their other dreadnought, damaged to the point that it was lain up rather than assisting today.

    With the withdrawal of the Hapan Eight and Home Fleets, half the Galactic Alliance space navy had been lost, and if many, many squadrons and capital ship crews had lost someone they knew, or had trained with, or had served with. There was a great apathy building within the military, and Niathal knew they needed a win or the Alliance would fade away without much of a fight.

    Which was when she saw the data, she knew what to do.

    Analysts picked out the key, and fed it to the Supreme Commander - she passed to the Admiralty, and Admirals Bwua'tu, Limpan, Makin, Darklighter, Atoko. They had their objections, especially Darklighter, who had been a starfighter pilot before a Naval commander, and knew what Niathal was asking of Rogue Wing.

    She overruled them, and conveyed the mission to Aden Kya and his pilots.

    "Oh shavit," Aden said, as he read it. Keying his comms before he had fully read the mission, he finished as he spoke. "Rogue Wing; Wraiths, Blackmoons, Dancers, Rogues... we have our target." He fed them the hastily finished template he had been supplied.

    Confederate ships - three Corellian CC frigates adapted to minelayer duty.

    They were hanging at the heart of the enemy fleets, near the flagship, the sole surviving Corellian Dreadnaught, the Sal-Solo. That ship was twice as powerful as an Imperial Star Destroyer, and designed to dig its way into an enemy formation and blow its way back out. Far too dangerous for them to risk capital ships chasing.


    The Interlocutor, Arach Web, and Netlayer

    "I am feeding you targets, which we are to hit and run from. These ships are to deployed by the enemy to cut off the last hyperlanes in and out of the Coruscant system; they are minelayers, and we should all be aware of how efficient the modern mines are - you give them a few minutes, and an entire network is up and running. Admiral Niathal needs us to blow them up."

    "Captain Saz, you are to lead the Blackmoons to engage the outer shell of fighters so that the rest of us can get through; Captain Lensi, you take the inner capital ship layer, so that the Wraith's and Dancer's can cut all the way into the heart of the enemy fleet - and destroy these minelayers. Then we pull out, and escape."

    He paused. It was a suicide mission. He reached out with the Force to Natalia, but didn't know if she would sense his affection - it was too early to call it love, but it echoed along similar lines, but not yet - but keeping his worry out of his voice was difficult.

    "This is a necessary mission. I am sure you can all read the data. Dozens of capital of ships - hundreds of frigates and corvettes, if not thousands of starfighters. But we're not fighting all of them. We're blowing our way through and out. Blackmoons, Rogues - once we're in, I expect you to disperse. You won't be able to help us by dying."

    There were fifty capital ships, but who was going to count that. He had 49 fighters. Three full squadrons of twelve, one of three, and himself, ostensibly Rogue Zero, the Wing Commander. Would Addie and the others have made that big of a difference? Aden thought so.

    "We jump in three minutes. Check you're hot and ready, and then we go for it; a micro-jump, and then we keep going. Wraiths, Dancers, remember to keep your s-foils closed until the Rogues get us through - speed will get us most of the way."

    Aden felt his mouth dry.

    "And may the Force be with you."

    Aden was giving them a few minutes to say their last words to their squadmates.

    Syal felt her knee go, and had a channel open to Tiom, on the Mawrunner, within seconds; Rhoen would be unable to reach her. Who would Tracy speak to? What of Da'mina, abandoned by his old squadmates so recently? What about Natalia?

    Aden answered the latter by opening a channel to her. "I want to be with you when we get back," he said breathlessly. "I have to be the bad guy... but you make me feel like I can be better." It all came tumbling out.

    Da'mina had a call from Rogue Leader; the Duros Lensi.

    "Here we go," he said, garrulous as ever.

    And, as a surprise, Syal's wingmate Zueb found himself opening a channel to Tracy. "Sorry for last night, roomie," he chittered, because that's what he was most sorry for right now. He was hardly going to speak to Loriana, was he? Or his den-mother? Or anyone else?

    Last call, as they used to say in the mess, ringing the bell.

    Last call.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @I_am_Kooky, @Adalia-Durron (individual combos)
    IC: Teren Rogriss


    It hadn't taken long for Admiral Babo to communicate how potentially important these newcomers were, and when the Perator heard, he needed to know, and that meant his aged and wizened advisor, the once Admiral Teren Rogriss, had to be there. Now the Supreme Commander of the United Adumari Forces, he had helped bring Adumar into the galactic community, in-time for it to be invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong, and eventually collapse into civil war.

    He and the once-young Perator had masterminded the attack on the Yuuzhan Vong bridgehead by Bilbringi, which had allowed the shipyards to hold out for another year - and swell the New Republic with hundreds of smaller frigates and corvettes - and even finish the famous Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, the prototype upgraded Star Destroyers which turned the tide of several battles against the aliens.

    They were heroes of the last war, and the one before that. This war? It wasn't clear, especially as the Corellians had been working on a superweapon and secret fleets... but then the GA threw civilians into internment camps, executed Bothans and burned down Kashyyyk... what was a hero, in that context?

    Rogriss had served the Empire; he knew how easy it was to dedicate to a cause and not see what it truly was.

    The near-octogenarian looked to the Perator, formerly a twenty-odd year old when they had met, now going strong in his late forties. They had made a great team defending Adumar from the repeated strikes of the Empire, even facing a Super Star Destroyer, the Reaper, once upon a time. Now, here they were, meeting with rebels who had defected from the GA yet hadn't dedicated to the Confederation... Babo was worried that if they kept going a full-blown third faction - a Jedi Coalition - would form, and the war between the GA and Confederation would end in stalemate, with everything they had sacrificed for nothing but a new status quo where nobody won.

    Rogriss grinned beneath his moustache; the result of almost every war ever fought, then.

    The former Imperial Admiral knew those coming by name, and reputation, especially Adam Lyons, an infamous Wraith - if you knew where to look, and as a former Imperial, Rogriss was intimately aware of how annoying the legendary Wraiths had been - but the others he would have to get to know. The others were either too new, like Loriana, or, he had suspected, had changed their names enough times that it was impossible to work out their true role in the war before the last one, let alone this one, and so learning their names were irrelevant.

    Was Tehanis coming? Durron? Was this the hoped-for connection between the Confederation and the Jedi, refused a few days ago in favour of a neutrality pact? Could Rogriss and the charismatic Perator weave this connection, here and now, into one where the Jedi would join up and overthrow Jacen Solo for them?

    Babo was en route, but Rogriss had every expectation that the Adumari ruler would have this all neatly dealt with before he arrived. As the rebels were escorted in by unarmed guards - the Perator had insisted on that point, and that the rebels could keep their weapons - notwithstanding that Rogriss still wore his Imperial issue Admiralty pistol - the ruler of Adumar, ornate and impressive, stepped forward with his arms spread open, turning the admittedly genuine charm on.

    "Friends of Adumar, I welcome you, as the Perator of Cartann and Adumar."

    Rogriss adopted his stoic old man face, watching to see how the newcomers would react to the ruler of a whole world being so forthcoming. It was usually a treat, and Rogriss knew that being overly friendly was likely to put Adam off-balance... Intelligence-types always looked for a threat, and indeed an angle.

    He wouldn't find one, Rogriss grimaced.

    Either they came together now; or they died.

    They were this close to saving the galaxy from the GA and its mad Jedi and Admiral thug show.

    The aftermath was for the younger generation to sort out.

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    IC Adalia Tehanis, Marie Firestone, Adrian and Ilona Malek (combo with @Adalia-Durron)

    Adalia sat and watched as they all moved out, she was content this morning to spend some time alone. She'd had a very busy week indeed and the idea of doing nothing for a while appealed to her.

    Pushing her chair back Marie stood and popped a bit of bacon in her mouth before downing a glass of water. Glancing side ways she gave Adrian a nod. "You ready?"

    "Yeah, think so," he with a smile. He was excited that they would finally be making their way back to Eriadu, but also worried what would happen once they got there and how their arrival might pull his home world into this war.

    She leaned a little closer. "Can I give you and her" she indicated toward Ilona, "Some advice?"

    "Sure," Adrian said, a bit confused. He placed his hand on Ilona's shoulder and indicated her to listen. "Marie has something to tell us."

    That surprised her, Marie was only expecting to have one, not two sets of ears. "Oh, ok. Here's the thing. I've worked with Addie for like years. Do yourself a favour, don't challenge her. You will lose, and it won't be pretty."

    "I wasn't..." Ilona attempted to say and it was true. She had no desire to takeover this unit, but then again, she also didn't feel comfortable at just taking orders from someone she had barely met. "Just don´t worry," she said instead, hurt of being accused like this. "I will accompany you back to Eriadu and afterwards won´t be your guys problem anymore." She had come here to bring her brother back home, when that was done there was no reason to stay.

    Through her Force connection Marie felt the woman's confusion. "Good, just checking and watching out for you both." She moved around Adrian to stand between them both. "Don't get me wrong, Addie's awesome, but piss her off........Force help you." She glanced at the group as most of it was out of the room and she noted the woman in question hadn't moved from her seat at the other end of the table. "Go on with out me, I'll catch up." Marie stepped back and bee-lined for her former Lead, pulling out the chair beside her and sitting down. "You good Lead?"

    Adalia had noted the quiet conversation and smiled to herself as she was sure she knew what had just transpired. "I'm fine Marie. Thank you." she looked to her, "I think I know what you just did, but maybe its time I backed off a bit. Not my base after all."

    Marie shrugged, "She might be similarly ranked, but you know us better and Adam way better. Best she know the deal here." She waited till the last two had left before leaning closer. "You both happy about this kid?"

    Adalia chuckled. "Yes, Both of us. Been rough, and you know what he did?"

    Marie sat back. "Oh do tell, he's so good at Kriffin up!"

    The older woman gave a serine smile. "Accuse me of being unfaithful."

    Marie's jaw dropped. "And he's still alive?"

    Adalia sighed. "Maybe I've mellowed, but yeah."

    "So where is he? Been years, would love to give him a great big kiss." Marie teased.

    "Yeah, that'd go down well. He's off base, rejoining the Jedi, can't tell you where." Adalia said sadly. "He had to go, he was called back." she placed her hands on her stomach, it felt strange. "I proposed you know."

    Marie grinned. "Had to be you." She glanced over her shoulder. "Best catch up with that good looking piece and his body guard." She winked as she stood. "We'll catch up later, yeah?"

    "Will do, go!"

    Marie broke into a run, "Adrian, wait up!"

    Adrian turned around and smiled as he saw Marie following him. Then his face turned serious again, "sorry for Ilona. She's been taught to lead and stand up for herself her entire life. Isn't easy for her to submit and follow along, especially with people she doesn't know very well."

    Marie smiled as she slowed to walk with him. "Its fine, it was just more of a 'heads up' but if your sisters not staying it won't be an issue. You have no issues with Addie?" She wanted to know his thoughts on her, Marie had kind of looked up the woman as a mother figure. Her own mother was no prize, so steeped in the old ways and willing to sacrifice the love of her daughter to uphold them.

    "Not really, my previous Commander used to abuse me for being from Eriadu. She was from Alderaan you know, that both my parents had fought the Empire didn't seem to matter to her, she just saw me as another little Tarkin. Adalia is unusual as a Commander but I can trust her and she doesn't judge me by my heritage." Adrian responded as they made their way towards the hangar.

    Marie smiled. "Yeah, she's like that, doesn't care where you're from so long as you do your best job and follow her orders." She gave a quick shrug. '"It's one of the things I like about her. She never judged me being from Dathomir, the backward world of Witches"

    Adrian had heard stories about Dathomir before, mostly ghost stories his sister had told him, but it seemed at least for Marie the stories didn't seem to hold much truth. "I promised her I would have her back," he said after a moment of silence. "And I intend to keep that promise."

    Marie reached over and gripped his shoulder. "A man of his word. You just keep winning points." She winked. "Keep it up, you might be worth the credits I have to negotiate with your sister for you."

    Adrian's smile grew a bit as Marie again joked about trying to buy him. He liked her and was glad that she was coming with them to Eriadu. "You will be surprised on how high that sum might turn out to be." he said with a twinkle as they entered the hangar.

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    IC - Tracy and Rohen. (Cheers for the Combo @galactic-vagabond422 )
    Location - Hanger Bay.

    Tracy sat in her craft, adjusting all the little things she liked and needed to feel comfortable. Listening to Colonel Kya's message, it didn't give them long. She half-smiled as Zueb made his apology "It's okay, stuff happens, I forgive you." She thought for a moment more "I know you got my back, good hunting!" She then sent a text message to Venessa "I make no promises about getting your ship back in one piece. . .but I do promise to fix whatever I do bring back." She had a system set up for her family, that if she didn't respond to message sent each her each week, it would automatically send a message to her family, telling them she loved them and something had happened. She wasn't sure why she thought about that this moment, probably just the dread of flying again after yesterday. But her dad would always go on about getting back on the speeder when you fall off... Something about don't let your fear hold you back.

    Then Rohen's jab came back at her, she knew it was a lighthearted tease, shouldn't be left unchallenged. She switched to him, hoping his comm was free. But as it was ringing she couldn't think of what to say. . .

    Rhoen took a few deep breaths calming his heart. He knew what was at stake and what he was being asked to do. His gaze couldn't help but fall on her craft, Syal. He made a promise, he would uphold it, even in the face of suicide. Reaching out to her he tried to coordinate something, a plan of attack something so it wouldn't be a slaughter. Unfortunately, there was no reply, he couldn't even reach her. "...Just know I will always watch your back."

    He said into the empty space. He felt like he should have said more, 'I love you' or something similar. Something so she knew how he felt. But she didn't need the distraction, didn't need him filling her head. Looking out into the fleet he could see the Mawrunner, Toim's ship. She might have been waiting on him saying something before they threw themselves into the teeth of it again. Rhoen let out another breath popping his neck slightly getting himself loose for the coming conflict.

    Ace, his astromech told him of an open channel...Needa... "Needa, you want to talk to me?" He asked looking toward the new woman's fighter.

    "ahh, . . . Is your cooler running?" The words tumbled out quickly, and before he could respond . . ." You better catch it. . . " She winced as she gently rested her head on the console. //Really? A schoolyard comm prank? . . . and you did it wrong!!// She chided herself, feeling equal parts stupid and embarrassed, while still somehow finding it funny in its absurdity. Giggling slightly to herself.

    Rhoen had to hold in a laugh, even in this the tensest of moments, he couldn't help but chuckle. Maybe it was the situation that made it all the more so, something to break the tension. He couldn't hold back his laughter much longer before shooting back. "Do you have the Emperor in a can..." He didn't wait either... "Well you'd better let him out then."

    Tracy couldn't hold in her laughter now. But after a few deep breaths, "Did you hear what Tracy says to Rohan?" She waited the three seconds, "Good Hunting" she said with a warmth she wasn't sure she could convey. She was gonna offer to watch his back but decided he would be safer if she wasn't.

    He smiled a little letting out a breath himself. "Good hunting to you...stay safe."

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Bernael, Renn, Kate, Kara (Thanks for the Continued combo @darthbernael )
    Location - The Fury

    Renn, followed by Bernael, helped the girls inside the Medbay area. Once inside, Bernael spoke briefly with the medical droid, explaining what had happened to the pair. He leaned back against the wall while the droid scanned both Kate and Kara. As he waited, he consulted the information that had already come in from his sources on Eriadu. The likelihood that he would have to involve himself was rising every day.

    "What is going to happen to them now?" asked Renn while they waited.

    Bernael put down the datapad he’d been studying and considered what had already transpired. "They stay on board until our next stop, at least. We have one or two more before we reach where we need to go, so in that time, I can decide which of those worlds they are least likely to get attacked again when they are dropped off so they can get back to wherever they wish to go."

    "Are you sure, vampire? I mean they didn't even make it an hour on Selaggis before slavers took them."

    "They ended up on my ship somehow. And I know the people they are associated with. Without a response from Colonel Tehanis I do not know whether her people blame me or not for the disappearance so I cannot go back there, and they do not desire to remain here. So the only solution is to allow them to leave." Bernael said in a low tone.

    Minutes passed and the droid finished its scans. Bernael had picked up the datapad again, now studying information it was displaying about the ongoing battles between the Confederation and the GA. Eventually, the med droid came over to Bernael and gave its assessment.

    "The child is in better shape than the woman. Based on usual practices of slavers, and the observable data, they were hit by something that stunned them. She has abrasions on her wrists from the bonds and bruises and contusions from being knocked around during your chase of the slaver’s ship.

    The mother, on the other hand, took the full blast of whatever knocked them out to secure them. Her head was already in a delicate state due to that but with the chase, she was injured more, a concussion, as well as contusions and abrasions from the same and the bonds. Also, there are micro-tears in some of the muscles of her shoulders that indicate she had her arms secured behind her but at some point managed to move them in front of her."

    "Clean and bandage their wounds and treat the woman for the concussion. There is an unused cabin where they may be placed to rest and recuperate. I will be planning the next step. Inform me of any complications." Bernael turned to depart.

    Renn looked at the two, "I'll keep an eye out outside their cabin, haven't truly met them but I'm sure they'll be disoriented when they wake and having someone, even a tree, willing to assist may calm them."


    Kara watched the medical droids work on her mum and kept quiet. //This all happened because of me// Her mum wasn't responding how she would have liked her too. The droids finished putting a bandage on her mum's head for the cut she got. The man in black, whose name she had forgotten, had collected them again. Mum was still covered in dust and cuts, but none of them bleeding. Kara looked at her own clothing and wondered why she hadn't been in the dirt too.

    She watched the tree help Kate back to her room while Kara followed closely behind. Mum was placed carefully in the bed the Tree looked at her "She will be okay." he said in a deep comforting tone. Kara wanted to say something back, but kept quiet, he smiled back at her, and then the tree left.

    This was the same room they were in this morning, talking about what they would get up today. Kara sat on the bed and listened to her mum sleep for a bit. She tried not to cry, she was trying to be strong but . . . "It’s okay Kara" Kate said in a drowsy tone. "Really." and Kate lifted up an arm. By now Kara's eyes had adjusted to the dark, and she saw the gesture and felt relieved and carefully and gently crawled up and rested her head on her mum's chest, listening to her breath and she started to relax.


    Renn had left the cabin, but true to his word he took a station, seated on the floor of the hallway, near the door to their room. As he waited for any response or exit of them he thought about being back working with the vampire.

    'What does he have going on now? What makes it so important he almost broke his own code and made him ignore the plight of these two who he had brought with him? And yet, once committed he acted like they were the most important two beings in the nearby systems. His methods tend to be unique but some has changed since last I saw him.'

    He sat there pondering, his whole bulk taking up the majority of the hallway, trying to decide what it was that had made Bernael change his mind, and how to keep him on that track.


    Kara woke up after a bit, she wasn't sure how long. Mum was still sleeping but seemed to be more relaxed now. "I love you Mummy, and I'm so sorry" she whispered. But she was getting bored, and maybe she was allowed to wonder again. . .if not at least meet the talking tree.

    That thought excited her, a tree that can talk! It had been so long since she had seen even a normal tree! She now had to find him, and ask him all the questions. She stumbled for the door in the dark. She opened it and winced at the light, but as her eyes adjusted, she saw the tree! right there! in front of her! Trying to contain her excitement, she remembered her manners.

    "Hello, I'm Kara!" she said closing the door behind her, so as not to wake up mum.

    Renn was broken from his musings by the door opening. The child came out, and he saw her broad smile as she saw him. He grinned back as she introduced herself.

    "Hello, I'm Renn, Renn Turon. It is nice to meet you Kara."

    "EEEEEEE!!" she squealed, it was even more exciting than she realised. "Are you really a tree? How old are you? How tall are you? How can you talk? Where do you come from? you were not here yesterday were you? What do you eat? Can I touch you?"

    Renn's grin broadened into a huge smile. "Let's see if I can remember all the questions, Miss Curious. First, I'm a Neti, which is technically a sentient, mobile plant but a tree is the closest to what I am. I'm 4750 years old but I've only been awake for 437 years. I'm a shapeshifter so my height can change but as I am now I'm over 9 feet tall. I can talk because I have vocal cords like other sentient beings. I'm from....well it doesn't exist anymore but it was a beautiful world named Ryyk which is where the Ryyk Nebula is now. Bernael had come to the world he dropped you off on to find me so no I wasn't here yesterday. I only really need a breathable atmosphere, sunlight, and a little water to eat but I can eat almost anything. And lastly, yes you may touch me. I think I got them all. Did I?"

    Kara was starstruck, so much information, she didn't even know where to start! She walked up closer to him, she looked at him, then as she reached out her hand. . .so close to him she looked him in the eyes, asking. Renn just smiled and Kara touched his 'arm', and it really did feel like wood, but a little warmer than she thought, or it had just been that long!

    "Im only 10" she said absently and now both her hands ran up and down his bark gently, she even loved that he had leaves! Then other bits of the information came back to her. she stopped and looked at him with sadness "we don't really have a home anymore either, it was set on fire, all the forests were burning. . . .Mum saved me, but . . . .It was called Kashyyyk, it's the home of the Wookiee species. Mum was raised by Wookiees." she was overcome with the sudden need to hug him, so she did.

    Renn wrapped his arms around Kara, enjoying the hug. 'Such a sweet thing, to have seen so much already. It's good she can still smile.' he thought.

    "Kashyyyk, I've been there, years ago. It was a beautiful world. And I am sure I would have loved visiting again. But now we both get to travel. And I'll be here with you as long as possible."

    Kara felt so comforted by those words, she felt like nothing could hurt her wrapped up in a tree, it was almost as comforting as her mother's arms. Just as powerful and strong, and a new best friend, //How how Liam would have loved this// she thought.

    Renn just held her, enjoying the company of this young human. She would enjoy it when he decided to have fun, at Bernael's expense, often.

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    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Mess Hall - a moment in time.

    She listened as Marie departed, they'd catch up later but it was very clear both in the young woman's expression and through the Force she'd been instantly attracted to her former XO. A smile was on her lips till she turned and looked at the mess that had been left behind. "I guess this is why they call it the Mess." She muttered wondering if there were droids to do this stuff. She hated dishes, hated cooking hated all things domesticated. She was about to stand and seek out mechanical assistance when something stirred. Her hand went to her stomach as she sat back down, her eyes widening. She'd felt a flutter, like the wings of a butterfly moving within her. It did it again and a feeling of 'woosh' followed it. If she didn't know better she'd swear her heart skipped a beat. "Is that you?" she whispered reaching inwards with her abilities. "Is that you moving?" she asked again. Nothing happened, "If you're moving, can you do it again?" she whispered. Moments later the fluttering feeling followed by the woosh. She put both her hands on her tummy as tears welled up in her eyes. Her son was moving, he was hearing her and he was moving. She closed her eyes and a wayward joyous tear escaped. She couldn't stay here much longer, it wasn't going to take long before even flying in the Dawn would become an issue.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aden Kya
    Ready to launch, ready to die

    Aden keyed the channel again to Natalia, having been distracted by others.

    His last words to her hung in his mind.

    "I want to be with you when we get back," he said breathlessly. "I have to be the bad guy... but you make me feel like I can be better." It had all came tumbling out.


    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 (combo)

    could almost hear Syal chatting to Tiom, and he looked over Tracy's last reply. There was a lot hanging on this mission, but she hadn't so much brushed him off as she had her own things to reminisce about. "It's okay, stuff happens, I forgive you. I know you got my back, good hunting!"

    "Definitely," the Sullustan said to the empty air.

    Rhoen had been left at a loose end, and then so had Tracy. Syal finished up; she had left a message for Tiom, because she couldn't reach him - there was no reason for him to be available, he wouldn't have known that they were about to go on this mission. She opened a channel to Rhoen before she even knew how to feel about that.

    But she knew she felt bad that she hadn't spoken to Rhoen first.

    Come on, sister.

    She spoke haltingly.

    "Rhoen? Sorry, I couldn't reach Tiom, but I still wanted to talk to you - "

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 (combo)

    That left Tracy at a loose end now, because she had reached out to Rhoen, and the conversations had lasted as long as they do before they become awkward in these dying moments before, well, the imminent.

    She had a call; it was an anonymous one.

    "Pilot," came a guttural voice.

    It was Vua.

    "I owe you an apology... and my life, I understand."

    TAG: @I_am_Kooky (combo with a Vong!)
    IC: Jacen Solo


    He had made it.

    Now he would have his revenge.

    Beneath the smirk of Jacen Solo, was the leer of Darth Caedus.

    He made his final decision.

    TAG: @no-one
    IC: The Lady in the Mists

    In Her Timeless Prison

    A writhing.

    A pulsing.

    A grin, stretching her face to the point of splitting.

    Eyes, glaring with pinpricks that could pierce the soul.

    The future was changed, and now, the ripples were flowing.

    Little Jacen Solo had done it; become the Dark Man.

    This time, it would be different.

    Her final escape, it would be now.

    She had no family to put her back in.

    This time, she would break her chains.

    TAG: @no-one
    IC: Irek Garronin

    Sneaking in

    Three Sith, two ships, one target, as a definite, and another, as a likely.

    A Malek and a Tarkin.

    It was child's play to pass the network of defences the ORSF had deployed; to co-opted pirates and have them be destroyed - some of which were on the One Sith's payroll anyway. The plants, they had killed as a preamble to their treachery.

    Nyss and Syll, the unpleasant Umbaran's, would be in place soon.

    Irek had his place to be.

    But every step they made triggered irregularities, and these things were noticed.

    Especially aboard a ship passing through the Seswenna sector, piloted by one Wedge Antilles, with its incredible analyst, Iella, wondering aloud what was going on. All the action was supposed to be by Coruscant; pirates and mercenaries should be poking at underdefended GA or Confederate worlds... not presently independent and decently defended worlds.

    The pirates were dying for what... nothing?



    Iella fed her data into the Jedi network, as she knew it.

    Some would reach Kirney in due course; other data, to Booster, though the Errant Venture was on the move again after having touched base with Corran and Mirax. It would filter around, and eventually, there would be a prod at Adalia Tehanis and her motley crew, and indeed, the Eriaduan authorities considered to be friendly would have some anonymous help... and inevitably that would travel via the network behind the Malek family...

    ... would it touch upon the Society that served Bernael? Oh yes.

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    TAG: @Anedon, please reply to our Eriaduan TAG (assuming I haven't missed one)

    TAG: @adaml83, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, please post what we have so far, then I will continue on the combo

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    OOC: Combo post with @Sinrebirth \ @adaml83


    IC: Loriana Starskimmer \ Kirney Slane

    Loriana looked at the Perator after his genial introduction. She looked to Kirney, deferring to her to make any introductions and set the level of transparency of information. Loriana did not want to give anything away that should be kept in abeyance, just in case.

    Kirney smiled inwardly, she knew the story about the Perator and what he thought of Wedge so they were likely to get a warm reception given that the recently escaped pilots had just recently joined with Adam and that very recent event had included some rumblings coming from Naboo about some footage about Taris. She smiled genuinely to introduce themselves even though she was equally certain that the Adumari knew exactly who they were. "I'm Kirney Slane, and this young woman here is Loriana Starskimmer."


    IC: Adam Lyons, Trec ke Mattino

    Adam landed at a spaceport near where he knew Kirney and Loriana said they were staying. Looking out the viewport he saw a young man with very dark hair, maybe just out of his teens waiting for them. He glanced at his co-pilot, Ariadne, "You might want to see which ship Kirney brought and have the cargo swapped. I'll go see what he wants." He got up, went to the ramp and opened it up, an old story that Wedge told came to his mind about the Adumari, he was trying to remember it when the young man spoke up.

    "The Perator would like you at the palace as soon as possible."

    Adam could only hope that the Perator still thought fondly of Wedge, and casually wondered if the former Admiral Rogriss was still around. He nodded, "Lead the way..."

    Trec indicated to a repulsorlift transport and sent a coded signal to both the Perator and Supreme Commander Rogriss indicating that Adam Lyons had arrived and was on his way.


    IC: The Perator
    Adumari antechamber to the Palace itself

    The ruler of Adumar allowed his smile to freeze as he processed the names and then pressed on. Lara Nostil, that was a name he might have heard of, in his Wedge heroic obsessive research stage of his youth, but not Kirney Slane, no. With a smile, he reached for her hand, and for Loriana's.

    "Welcome to Adumar, both of you. Admiral Babo of the Confederation is en route, but allow me to introduce Supreme Commander Teren Rogriss, of the Adumari Union." The Perator nodded to the older man.


    IC: Admiral Babo
    Landing, but not quick enough

    The shuttle was moving all too slowly, and Babo spent the time focusing on logistics, rather than frittering away the minutes with worry that Lyons and the others would vanish before he reached the meeting. Missiles, space-capable Blades, all being stocked. There were no missing orders, and indeed he had more Adumari volunteers than Blades coming up the well, it turned out.

    Clicking again, he directed a command speeder to meet him and the landing crew to dispense with pleasantries. He also took the opportunity to warn his flagship to have tractor beams ready, should they need to apply more forceful measures. The Captain acknowledged as much.

    With a brief flick of a claw on his datapad, he checked in with Admiral Kre'frey and the Bothan fleet. Fifty capital ships were assembled, a decent enough force to prevent the GA from advancing, but not large enough to win the Battle of Coruscant outright. Phennir was present, with the depleted forces of the Hutts and Commenori, though some capital ships had been rotated to Commenor after the attack there... they would be back, no doubt. Aden Kya was merely delaying the inevitable, and Phennir had admonished Babo for overly focusing on Tehanis and her renegades, but Babo knew they would need the Jedi to finish off Jacen Solo.

    This meeting was the first link in the chain connecting Babo to the Jedi.

    He settled himself for the remaining handful of minutes he had to wait.


    IC: Kirney \ Loriana

    Kirney smiled as she shook the Perator's hand and nodded in the direction of the Supreme Commander, "It's a pleasure to meet the both of you as well."

    Loriana returned the Perator's grip with a warm smile. He seemed open, and the older gentleman, Rogriss, was possessed of a wise, keenly watchful gaze.

    "I am pleased to meet you both," Loriana said.

    Kirney stood back, "I imagine you'd like to know why we're here. One part is only for personnel exchange, one is to check on a recently arrived company from Corellia, and the last is to cause trouble for a mutual enemy. Though for the last bit, we'd need a holoprojector if you'd like to see what it is." She needed Adam for a good bit of the rest since he was the one that knew more in this situation.

    The Perator merely glanced at Rogriss, "I don't see how it could hurt. Though the good Admiral Babo shouldn't miss it."


    IC: Adam Lyons, Trec ke Mattino

    The young man wouldn't reveal anything, he was just quiet on their ride over to the Perator's palace.

    "We're here, I'll lead you to where your friends are with the Perator and the Supreme Commander. They're speaking to the Perator as we speak."

    Adam nodded politely, "Lead the way." Casually wondering if Terenn Rogriss was still around, and it would be unwise to underestimate either.


    IC: Rogriss

    The ex-Imperial, almost as long an Adumari now, eyed Kirney and Loriana. In that instant, a few more arrivals joined them. He knew their names. Adam Lyons, Trec ke Mattino, and then Babo.

    The Bothan Admiral's fur was slightly raised, indicating that he had rushed to get to them, but after another round of introductions it was what it was. Rogriss finally spoke. "What is it you have for us, and what do you want?"

    Babo bared his fangs slightly at Rogriss, but the older man ignored him. He'd eaten Bothan Admiral's up during the war - the last war. This would be no different. Babo nonetheless continued the question. "The war is about to be won, after all. What can we do for you?"

    Rogriss was pushing things along, as that was where they were.


    IC: Kirney Slane \ Adam Lyons

    Kirney glanced at Adam who gave her a nod, "What we have is footage of two Alliance ships bombarding Taris, let us show all of you." She plugged the card into the holo table that had just been brought in. "We suspect that the Confederation would love to get their hands on this footage."

    What the footage showed was footage from a couple of orbital satellites and a ship whose identity only Adam knew amongst this group of people. There were videos that showed two ships, the larger one identified at the Glorious and the smaller one the Furious bombarding Taris. There was also a video of the aftermath of the bombardment and imagery of the devastation caused by just those two ships.

    Adam was pleased with the video he knew of the editors that it would work well in news coverage, and it would play well to the enemies of the Alliance. There was also data to verify the legitimacy of the videos. He waited for people's reactions to see what they thought.
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    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Hawkbat base - around.

    Once the Mess hall had been set to be cleaned by droids, as there was no way Adalia was going to do it, she headed out to the hangar. She was just in time to see Adrian, Ilona and Marie discussing their departure. Their ships were going taken and Adrian had yet to see what he was flying. She decided they could sort it out themselves and duly returned to her quarters. She was a little concerned about Kate and Kara.

    Picking up the data pad she re read the message from Bernael. It astounded her that they’d managed to get on board the ship undetected, and survived that act. As judging by what she’d heard Bernael tell Adam, few did so and lived to tell the tale. It’d been 12 hours and she’d heard nothing, and despite the fact she’d not actually be a mother as yet, her instincts kicked in. She just had a feeling something was wrong as she stared at the message. Sitting down on the end of her bed, she formulated a message.


    I believe you would take care of my wayward former pilot and her daughter but my instincts are telling me I need to check on them. Please let me know if I can help in having them return and, for want of a better description, out of your hair.


    She bit her bottom lip and smiled as she recalled his long black hair, she re read it before sending it. That should let him know she’d come and get them if she needed too. Truth was she was restless already, being grounded was not something she was enjoying in the slightest. Placing the data pad back in the drawer beside her bed she wondered how far away the Crystal Dawn was. She’d not seen her personal ship in nearly 7 months, it was being refurbished, repaired and upgraded internally and externally. She was looking forward to the new paint job even. Standing she decided it was time to do something constructive. She’d speak to the deck officer and get Adrian a ship if he needed it, then get them moving. The sooner they were on their way to Eriadu the better their father would feel, he was elderly after all.

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    IC: Lensi, Da'mina Shonest. - combo with our GM
    Rogue Leader to Wraith Leader Hangar Anakin Solo.

    The Duros tapped his mike, looking to see if the new Wraith Leader had heard him.

    "Da'mina?" Lensi frowned. "I wanted to make sure you knew I had your back... and to be sure you had mine." Suspicion was cutting through the starfighter squadrons of Rogue Wing after all the departures and losses. This mission was also a suicide one.

    Undoubtedly there was a lot of chatter across the comms, after all. Everyone having their final things to say. Lensi didn't have anyone to speak to, and here he was.

    Da'mina looked down at his comm. "Thank you, and of course you can be sure I will do my utmost to protect you." he responded. He wanted to keep this all formal and above bored, it was not his style to be loose and open.

    Lensi nodded at that. "I wanted to speak to you before because... you're the last one of Tehanis' personal squadrons. Why have you stayed? I want to hear it from you."

    The Duros was direct and to the point as ever - something Jaina had drilled into him.

    He didn't know how to answer that other than with the truth. "Duty, I have a sense of Duty Lensi. I signed on to the Galactic Alliance, and as long as I have that agreement, I will serve them to the best of my ability. Duty and loyalty." It was as honest an answer he could give.

    Lensi seemed to consider that. "I have had to accept that I will inevitably end up facing former Rogues. It's even more likely you'll be facing those who left you here..." This was the question he was really building to. "Will your duty be enough to let you do that?"

    Da'mina allowed a smile to spread over his face. "Yes, they are traitors, pure and simple. I'd shoot them down in a heartbeat. Remember that if you are considering joining them." he said evenly. He needed those under his command to know that he followed the rules, and to the letter."

    Lensi grinned. "Consider the promise reciprocated. May the Force be with you, Wraith Leader."

    He wasn't big on the Force. Da'mina had seen things, heard things but never really believed there was one all powerful energy that controlled all our destiny's, but he understood other did. "And with you Rogue One." he said although not meaning it in the slightest and amusing himself with the designation from another time, another war.

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    OOC: The continuing adventures of Bernael, Kate, Kara, and now Renn

    IC Bernael, Kate, Kara
    The Fury

    Bernael was on the bridge when a pair of messages came in. One from his contact, from the Society, on Eriadu, and one from Adalia. The first he let wait for a moment while he read the second and decided what needed to be said in reply to it.


    I believe you would take care of my wayward former pilot and her daughter but my instincts are telling me I need to check on them. Please let me know if I can help in having them return and, for want of a better description, out of your hair.


    A small smile creased his lips upon reading it. He could read between the lines slightly, she seemed restless, stuck on the base as she grew more and more pregnant. And that was on top of her concern for her former squadron mate and their daughter. Thinking for a moment, he composed a reply.


    Your two wayward stowaways definitely have chaos following them everywhere. Kate was quite adamant that I put her off at the first available stop and I did so while I made contact with a compatriot of mine. No sooner had I gotten them off of the ship did they get themselves captured by slavers. With my compatriot’s aid, they were rescued with no more than scrapes on Kara’s part, but a concussion and quite a few abrasions and bruises on Kate’s part. I sense that my compatriot will be able to keep them amused and in good spirits until I can get them to a ship, with a Captain I trust, to get them returned to you. I will advise when they are on their way back to you.


    That accomplished and sent, he turned his attention to the communique from his contact on Eriadu. A frown crossed his face as he read. It seemed the One Sith were making their move and Rivoche Paige-Tarkin was square in their crosshairs. He considered what was going on now, in his travels, as well as who else might be concerned with the potential targets. He owed it to his old friend, even given what his son had done, to attempt to protect the family.

    First he crafted a message to Adam, as he’d promised to share information.


    I have very good information in my possession that the One Sith are stirring and they have decided to make a move. My information states that they are going to attempt a pair of assassinations, one of Rivoche Paige-Tarkin and one of Adrian Malek’s father, Ethan. I have assets in place on Eriadu that will do what they can for the Tarkin, but as an unknown to the Maleks that may fall to you or someone you know to warn or protect them.


    After sending that one, he began crafting the last message he needed to send, that could be used to deal with this issue without him stepping in personally yet.

    *Erris Harro-Hublin

    The Society does know of the ties between the Tarkin family and myself. I have read the dossier you sent about what is stirring there. As I am currently involved in something I cannot easily stray from I would ask those Society assets in position to do what they can to warn and protect Rivoche Paige-Tarkin. I do owe it to my old compatriot to protect his niece. Be warned, the assassins coming for her are Sith so it will be no simple solution.


    Those small tasks accomplished, he turned back to the controls and focused on reaching their next destination.


    Kate woke, head throbbing in pain, but it was bearable. The room was gratefully dark and smelled . . . familiar. She reached out and touched where she thought a light would be, and successfully found it as she had accidentally whacked it on. "TIiiiiiiisssss" she actually hissed at the brightness of the light.

    Waiting a short while, as her eyes adjusted, she remembered the room from . . .this morning? Flashes of memories appeared and disappeared before she could catch what was happening in them . . . "Kara?" she asked out weakly. . .but heard no response. She tried to listen harder, and then could actually hear her daughter laughing joyfully somewhere in the distance, and she wasn't worried, which concerned her. She had been worried for so long, she forgot what it felt like to not be.

    ~Captured~ a voice offered. . .~hurt~ it went on,. . . ~saved~ it finished. She looked at her wrists and remembered they were bound, she saw a light bandage on them both. She reached for her head and felt the Bacta patch on the side of her head. She remembered the cage, she couldn't remember the faces or how she got out of the cage. . .she remembered a Tree, but that didn't make sense.

    She wanted more answers and decided she wasn't going to get them in bed, sat up carefully, but still got a massive dizzy spell. //A concussion, Yay.// she remembered dealing with them before in the past, so knew what she was in for.

    She put her feet on the floor and noted that she was not wearing her boots as the floor was colder than she thought. She saw her whole outfit was dirty and full of cuts, and she sighed. She tried to stand, but fell back to the bed. . . //not yet// She hated this, she didn’t have time to be weak, she had to protect Kara.

    She looked again and on Kara's bed there were some larger clothes, they were black and neatly folded. She struggled up again this time and made it over there. //Thanks// she looked at the very standard and basic outfit. Black pants, Black top. She removed her damaged clothes, but kept her undergarments, and was pleasantly surprised to find that these fit her, and was actually a little loose even, are rare pleasure for someone so tall.

    Satisfied she was decent, she carefully walked out the door, squinting in the light and heading toward her daughters laughter. Using the walls of the hallway as support she slowly walked toward the common room to see a massive tree, and her daughter swinging off its outstretched branches, that appeared to be reacting to Kara's movements.

    "MUM!" Kara screamed and sudden noise made Kate dizzy again. "Hey" she said out weakly, against her own will. Kara let go of the tree and ran over and nearly knocked Kate over with a hug. "I'm so glad you're up and okay" Kate heard muffled through her top. "Of course sweetheart, but gently yet, I need more time" Kara backed off and pointed to the tree "MUM!. . .oh.. sorry, It's a talking tree, His name is Renn and he is my new best friend!" Kate looked at the creature/plant and wondered if she was really okay or not.

    "Hello Kate, I'm Renn, a Neti. And the reason Bernael rescued you."

    Neit. . . she had read about them once when she was little, she loved the idea that a tree could talk. But they were myth and legend. . . and apparently called Renn, and standing in front of her.

    "Hello Renn" she said she wanted to sit on the lounge now, very badly, so carefully started making her way across

    Renn stood up, glad Bernael had enlarged the passages and rooms of his Fury so he didn't have to duck, and led the way to the lounge. "The vampire forgot his own ways but a gentle prodding and he remembered. Your daughter is a very polite, curious girl, by the way."

    "HhhmmHmmm" Kate agreed, holding on to . . .a Neti. . .She reached for the couch and carefully sat on it, her eyes closed as it was getting bright again. She lay down on the couch and sighed, that was enough for the moment. "Mum?" Kara asked, worry thick in her voice "Its okay sweetheart, I've hurt my head, and I will be okay tomorrow. I just didn't want to miss out on being with you out here. You were sounding like you were having fun. Keep going, don't mind me"

    Renn, concerned still with how Kate was doing called out, "Vampire, get Kate some water, you owe her that much, and something for her head."

    Then turning back, "Hey Kara, you like droids?"

    Kara looked up at her new tree friend, "I don't know, we don't have droids at home", she looked at her mum, she was worried, but there wasn't anything she could do. “You can go with. . .Renn was it? If you want Kara.” her mum offered without her even needing to ask. “Ok!” Kara struggled to hold her excitement in, and with that she followed Renn to his workshop.


    Bernael suddenly appeared from thin air, a glass of water in one hand and a flask with cold water in the other. A small table rose from the floor, next to the couch and he set the items down on it.

    Kate took a deep breath, and sat up slowly. She looked at the water, but didn't feel like any yet. "Thank you for the rescue" she said earnestly, but did feel so pathetic in needing to be rescued. //Been too long since I've been in the outside galaxy// she couldn't decide if she wanted to defend herself further or not. If that would make her sound weaker than she already must look like

    "You are welcome, Renn reminded me of something and I could not leave you to disappear into slavery." He sat in a chair nearby, keeping an eye on her for further signs of wooziness. 'Renn may have reminded me, but he was right. I brought them there and I would never have been who I am if I'd left them to that fate.' he thought.

    "Next time, I will find you a ship to get you back. No questions, I'm not having you taken again while under my protection."

    "I'm not under your protection, merely a stow-away that has become more trouble than she's worth." She said being unnecessary defensive, but trying not to sound it. She felt it again, that it was probably not the right tactic to take. So attempting to change the subject, "so how did you become friends with a myth and legend?"

    Bernael let the first point slide, she did not know his code or understand that, whether a stowaway or not, she and her daughter would be under his protection until she was well away.

    To her question, a low, dark, chuckle sounded. "Myths and legends tend to gravitate toward one another."

    She looked at him confused, a weird thing to say, but then again this whole situation was weird, and this whole week had been terrible. She debated whether she should pry further now, suppose she should, her daughter was already off somewhere playing with a Neti. She would need more information to work out how to proceed, and she was stuck here, might as well make conversation.

    "Sooooo. . .Ah. . . .How did you know Colonel Tehanis?. . .if you wanna. . .I don't really know what to talk about, I've been in my own world for 10 years, it's been a bit of a culture shock to come back to the galaxy at large, especially now with my kid."

    He could feel her confusion and a tiny smile touched the corner of his mouth, he'd left the mask in his quarters while on the ship so he knew she'd see it, but didn't mind.

    "To be frank, I have been away for many years on and off, only recently returned and was there when things went south on the Ocean. I was able to help her, heal her, as much as possible, given the time allowed, and got her to the people who could get her away from what the Solo had planned."

    //What does that even mean? . . .how hard did I hit my head?// "Thank you for that, she means a lot to me." Kate remembered back to her days as a Saber, then remembered.

    "Ooooohhhh she is gonna be mad. . .at me. . .maybe. . .I feel like I have disappointed her with this . . .side trip. . .. Like she is not my mother, but . . she was my Lead when I was part of fight squadron, before I had kids. . . but when ever I see her, I revert back to the child I was when I first met her." Kate giggled. "I promise, I am not as pathetic as I look at the moment." It slipped out, she wasn't going to admit that but too late

    Bernael let her speak, he knew concussions and knew sometimes people who had tended to speak more than they intended. He could sense she was close to Adalia, and understood the bonds that connect people. He was thinking on such enough he almost missed her last words. "I do not believe you pathetic. You have been through a tough situation just now and, I'm guessing, other events recently and such events can cause anyone to feel disconnected."

    "Ha, yeah, well I did tell you I have made some bad decisions recently, but the rest of that truth was that a bad decision happened to me first, set of a chain reaction that lead to you being stuck with me." She eyed him off, how much does he know? how much should he know? //well he did save my. . our butts, so maybe he can't be all that bad, then again he did leave us on a really unsuitable planted for someone that seems to abide by an honour code of some sort. . .// she felt she should offer him at least a little back story.

    "Kara and I are from Kashyyyk, I don't know if you heard what happened. It was attacked and its nearly burnt to the ground by the Galactic Alliance apparently. I'm not all that sure, as I was on the ground when it happened. Kara and I escaped, but now, just caught in the winds of the force and . . ."

    She sighed "I like adventure, and excitement, but on my terms, . . .I’m. . .I’m lost, I have nowhere to go, and now a child that needs protection and stability and I . . .I can't, I don't know. . . ." she gazed off into the distance for a moment, and Kara's giggling could be heard far down the hallway . .

    "But she will have love, all the love I can give. . .I just want it to be enough. I need to . . .'get my head in the game'" she smiled and pointed to the bandage on her head. Suddenly it occurred that she just spilled out her heart, to a stranger, that could totally take advantage of that. She didn't even remember his name.

    Listening to her pour out her tale, Bernael suddenly realized that she and Kara must have been the two minor spikes he'd felt from that direction before he'd seen the holo news of Kashyyyk's burning. 'That explains why or perhaps how they ended up in my ship, even if they don't realize.' he thought.

    "In many species, children do need that from a parent, especially in times of distress....As to your head, it will heal, and I can feel that your experience recently was a byproduct of your not 'being in the game' as you said, for the last decade. But such skills return quickly. Renn seems to have befriended Kara so I know she will enjoy the time you and she are on board, he knows how to interact with beings of every age."

    He paused, knowing if he revealed what he was she would recoil in terror and demand immediate release so he decided to let her get to know him before she learned so she could balance the stories of his kind against who he was.

    "Shorter lived species, especially, fly through the galaxy, knowing time is short, but living every moment, so I'm sure the adventure you seek is out there. Us longer lived ones tend to take a long game, choosing the adventures that suit us."

    "I was having an amazing adventure with my husband and kids, I never even thought of . . ." //of life without them// she tried to maintain her ideal of being cool and calm and collected, but her emotions were starting to spiral again "I . . .I just want everything to stop" . . .//wait longer lived species? what is he?// she shook her head, and then regretted that move. Taking a calming breath she continued on, despite her own objections

    "I . . I know that the galaxy will spin forever regardless of what happens, but to me, right now. . .my whole world, everything I loved is gone, . . .and it feels like no one cares!. . .they just go about their day and drag me with them. I'm not ready to move. I just want everything to stop so that I can breath and gather myself . . .so I can have a chance . . .to be the woman I know I am so that I can be what Kara needs. . . .I'm not special in this regard, many other Wookiees would feel the same, and the few survivors of Alderaan as well I get that. . .I just. . ..Oh force look at me, I'm so sorry to be blabbing on like this, . . . I'm pretty sure this is not 'first date' kinda talk. . ." she wanted to ask more questions, she wanted to know more, but her head was spinning a little again, and she feared that if she kept talking she would really doom herself to being pathetic in this man's eyes. She took the glass of water and started to drink it as a distraction.

    'Husband..... And kids, plural. Hmmm, she doesn't say what happened but tragedy is written all over her. I can tell asking will only make her withdraw and it's her tale to share if she chooses.' He thought as he too shook his head, at the events that had befallen Kate in just the last few days. "To the galaxy at large we are all, even the mightiest, only insignificant specks. It cares not for us, nor do many of those residing in it. We must carve our own places in it. And what you have been through, it is, yes, something that would make you feel adrift. I know who would know exactly how you feel, if not worse, and he's currently making your daughter laugh."

    He paused, "First date talk, hmmm, it's been.....many years since I've had that experience so I'm even less versed in what to say than you may be."

    She nodded, thinking about what kind of conversation she would have with a Tree. Then as he repeated her own words back to her 'First date' she spat out her water "OH! oHh No Nnoo NOooo, oh Force, no. . ah that's not what I meant!" her cheeks blushing from embarrassment. "I just mean. . .first talk, meeting . . .arhg. . .I. . .I blame the head injury, yes,. . .Ooohhh Owww, thhhheeee ppppaiiiinn" she wailed dramatically, attempting to grasp her head dramatically, but instead actually hitting her head and caused actual pain that she winced, and she smiled through gritted teeth.

    A true smile spread over Bernael's face for a moment, "I was returning tease with teas....." He began before she hit her head. His eyes narrowed, the smile disappeared, 'Cannot have her getting hurt further.' he thought. He leaned forward, looked in her eyes, holding his will back he sent a thought to her, 'Yes I'm a Force User. I will not read your mind but I ask permission to scan the physical part to see if there is more damage.'

    "Ahh" Kate was taken aback, //is this what it feels like to be on the other side of that.// but her head was throbbing and she was feeling sick again. "Ah. . .sure?" she said being completely unsure, but then again, she wasn't really in a position to fight it.

    With permission given Bernael's mind lightly touched hers, feeling for contusions, swelling, soft spots that shouldn't be there. He ignored, blocked out surface thought, he'd promised not to read her. Finding those weaknesses in the physical matter of her brain he growled, "Damned medical droid, understated her concussion." As his mind checked he looked at her "May I heal the sections that are damaged, relieve the pressure and ache?" He could have done so but this woman had been through much and he was sure just doing so would have enraged her.

    It felt like a light pressure, a gentle tingle, like when you try and put on a hat that's just a little too tight "ahhh. . .yeah? sure? okay. .. .that would be nice" she nearly whispered

    He continued his diagnosis, with her permission he coaxed the grey matter to relax, the swelling to go down. His eyes lost a little of their silver as he healed the contusions, as he fixed minor tears. Minutes passed and finally he sighed, withdrawing from her mind. In a slightly lower tone than before "I have done all I can, but your concussion is now about 95% healed. Don't hurt it further and it should be in perfect form in a day."

    He let go, and it felt like that tight hat being taken off, even her mind felt clearer. "Thank you" she whispered deeply and sincerely. But then the questions came back "Who are you? again?"

    "I am Bernael." He said, knowing she'd asked more with the question he decided he would wait and let her ask them rather than just providing the answers right away.

    Her mind clearer she thought back through the rather embarrassing conversation on her part to the other questions she had. She took a moment to gather her thoughts.

    " You said longed lived? How old are you? What are you?" forgetting her own manners she backpedaled "Sss.. . .sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, you don't have to answer those. . . .I’m sorry. I'm really grateful for the rescue and the healing I just ah. . ." //I really want the galaxy to stop, I need to reboot so bad//

    Bernael's eyes softened for a moment, this woman had been through so much. If he told her what he was he did not remember if the legends of his kind had been passed down on Kashyyyk. But she had asked. "Yes I will answer but the answers may seem nonsensical. I am 2500 years old, 2250 of which I have roamed the galaxy. And I am an Anzat."

    He sat back waiting for what he thought would be the inevitable eruption at the admittance of what he was. Sighing internally he knew that the likely outcome was fear and revulsion, not to mention terror and an overwhelming desire to flee his ship.

    Kate was used to beings that where older than her, she was human, living with wookiees, but 2000 years? "Wow, that's really old. . .like. . .at the beginning of the republic I think. . ." Kate tried to even grasp what this meant "You would have seen SOO much, Done so much. . .No wonder you ship is soo nice!" She laughed a bit and looked around in new found awe. Looking back at him "I don't know what an Anzat is, but your okay by me," She smiled.

    A loud crash sound was heard, followed by a small voice "Ooooppps" Kate lowered her head, and took a deep breath, "I should go check that out I think" She said standing, "Can't let my daughter live out my dream of having a talking tree as a friend without me" She winked at him. She started to walk off, then she doubled back and gave him a hug as he sat in his chair. She felt him flinch under her touch then remembered some people don't like hugs. So she stood up quickly.

    "Sorry again" she grinned again through her teeth. "and thanks" with that she turned and walked to see Renn and Kara

    Bernael sat there, through it all, somewhat with a sense of shock that she hadn't reacted as he thought. That she'd said he was alright in her books, something he'd never considered as a response.

    There was a crash and she began to leave, to see what Renn and her daughter were up to, but then she hugged him. With a slight flinch he accepted the hug, unsure what to do in return, he hadn't experienced such, well as long as he could remember. He did not know the etiquette for such so he endured it. Her smile though, 'Something to think on' he thought as she walked away. Standing he headed to the medbay to have a word, with bolt cutters if necessary, with his medical droid.

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    OOC: Continuation of the wonderful combo with @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Admiral Babo, Perator Balass ke Rassa, Teren Rogriss, Loriana Starskimmer, Adam Lyons, Trec ke Mattino, Kirney Slane

    Oh, I can just imagine the effect this will have on the opinion of everyday folks, she thought. Her eyes were avid as she took in the devastation. "Anything I can do to help this get out and onto the 'Net -- I'm up for it." Her idealism and action-oriented personality were coming together.

    Loriana reflected that she had certainly picked a good side to throw her lot in with.

    Trec received a quick signal from the Perator to quickly check the videos to make sure there wasn't much in the way of deception. Surprisingly there was only a little when it came from the ship that did a good bit of the recording, there was no identity given. The rest was open for Intelligence types, like Adam and it was assumed that another one edited the video. It was almost ideal to place parts of it on the Holonet with a propaganda piece to show just how horrible the other side was.

    Trec sent the results of his quick check of the video and the other data to both the Perator and the Supreme Commander, as there only needed one question to verify the legitimacy of all this. Who flew the freighter?

    "You recorded this," said Rogriss, firmly, focused on the footage. Babo had that thought as well because he was more familiar with Intelligence surveillance and he was used to the wheels-within-wheels logic of anonymous parties sending footage in to achieve their own goals.

    "More crimes by Jacen Solo - I assume," Babo said, purring slightly. "It would play out good to the gathered worlds if we could use it..."

    Adam shook his head, "Actually no, we haven't recorded any of it. Some of the footage was from a couple of orbital satellites, and a good bit was from a ship that...essentially followed Adalia from her escape all the way to our base. It was edited by a Wraith, and my droid, who knows her methods."

    Adam looked at Babo, "From what I've heard, it's already spreading on Naboo. It might be the best way we can fight the GA, at least from my perspective."

    "Naboo?" To hear the name of the Emperor's former homeworld - a world that had been relatively isolationist since the Empire fell - was a surprise. "Allies is what the Confederation needs, after all," Babo said.

    Rogriss huffed. "You've been saying that we're essentially done."

    The Bothan smiled with his fangs, hinting that Teren should be silent. "Essentially, yes, but there is no need to turn down friends."

    "Uh-huh," the ex-Imperial snorted. "You're former Intel, no?" Rogriss said, knowing full well that the level of paranoia required to be a spook meant that you were never formerly paranoid. "So you've probably ran the numbers and know that we are not exactly sporting a massive advantage, are we? Lots of old, old hulls. If the Hapans rejoin, or the Remnant throws its full weight into things, we're massively exposed to a counteroffensive, and all that."

    Babo glared daggers at Rogriss, all pretense of a smile abandoned. "Come on. Give Wraiths some credit, Admiral."

    "Even Loriana here was at Coruscant recently, I'd wager. If you bring her to the front, she's going to figure out that we're not exactly winning." He gestured to her.

    "Perception is everything," the Perator said smoothly.

    "Exactly," Rogriss, jabbing at the footage. "Which is why we need this to make sure that everyone thinks that we're the good guys, right?" He looked to Loriana, Adam, Trec and Kirney.

    Forgotten for the moment was the question of who had made the footage.

    For the moment.

    Loriana said, "Winning by treachery and underhanded tactics ... by slaughtering innocents ... that is the perception that this footage reveals." She paused. "At Coruscant, the odds were indeed stacked. But that can change in a flash, with the right tipping point. And I think you've got that here."

    Kirney glanced at Adam when Rogriss mentioned that the Confederation should be seen as the good guys and she nodded when Adam caught her look.

    Adam cleared his throat, "Actually one of my requests is that you keep a close eye on the Corellian government. They seem to show even more of a rogue streak that Corellians normally do." he adds a grin to the last bit. "Granted they have lost a significant amount of leadership due to the GA, and forces that want to keep the war going, but I'm worried about what they'd do if they get Centerpoint Station going." He looked directly at Admiral Bao, "If they do I'd rather it be under your control, or destroyed if it isn't given to your command."

    Babo grinned. "The Corellians are months, if not years, from fixing it, at the last report from Bothan Intelligence."

    Rogriss looked at the Admiral pointedly. "Of course we spy on our allies; don't suggest that you don't. As Chief of State Leia once said; spying builds trust." Babo bristled. "And a man like Sadras Koyan practically begs we keep an eye on him," he said, referencing the present Corellian Prime Minister - the fourth since the war had begun.

    "But, I will keep attention on them, certainly - I will even have a new agent rotated out. The one we have there has been on deployment for some months, so a fresh pair of eyes may prove useful. A starkiller in the hands of Corellia alone would be quite a concern, after all."

    "Is that all you want?" Rogriss said, firmly. "We have other things we want, too."

    Adam smiled, "No, though some of it should be obvious. I want it to be understood amongst all the militaries involved that those two ships and their captains should be considered marked. I also want a shot at them, even though with our manpower we're maybe only a squadron sized outfit."

    Adam looked at the three men in turn, "Aside from allowing the company I officially work for to continue to provide some logistical aid along with the company that Kirney and her husband run, there are a couple I'd prefer to discuss more privately. I'm also curious to see what Adumar and the Confederation want from us."

    Rogriss looked to Babo, who looked at the Perator, who had a minimal stake in it. Babo considered only briefly. “We can agree with all of that.”

    The Perator glanced at Kirney. “Is Adam correct in what you want?” A shift of his gaze to Loriana and Trec. “What about you - is there something you specifically seek?”

    Loriana considered. "I'll help wherever you all think I'm needed most. I naturally have a preference for being in a squad but my ever-resourceful R7 droid, RubiJay, has been ... modified to handle all kinds of situations."

    Adam glanced at Kirney, knowing that she’d have a couple of things to say, though mainly it was directed at Adam. Kirney grinned somewhat maliciously, “On the Confederation side, there isn’t much of anything besides trying to keep the fighting away from my children and my husband…” she shook her head knowing that it wasn’t realistically possible, so she looked at Adam. “My one real request is this, Adam, do not recruit from my children.

    Adam chuckled quietly, he had expected this, “I won’t.

    I will remind you, even if I don’t have to…” giving him a mock glare. Part of it was for show, though another part was to make sure the Confederation wouldn’t try the same thing.

    I know you will Kirney,” Adam still smiling and shaking his head, “you’ll also have an interview to conduct at some point soon...and teach her some tricks.” He looked over at Loriana, the Perator and others, “ Loriana, we could use another pilot, and it’s likely we could also use another droid that likes to come up with plans to mess with people. That said, this isn’t a military unit, it’s your decision. Perator, Admiral, consider us...concerned citizens. I don’t really consider this official on any part.

    Trec was about to speak up when the Perator intervened, “I believe the young man would also like to volunteer to join along with a force of a little over a squadron, 16 to be exact. The starfighters have all been modified by a company that arrived here not too long ago, and I would like to see how well those modifications work. Adam, I believe you know the company and it pleases me that they’re teaching our home-grown companies their techniques and modifications.”

    Adam nodded, “Makes sense, they’re too small to really profit, and goodwill is important when you’re new as well. Though I’m only a consultant with them, you’d be better off talking to the bosses there. I’m sure that someone could share the results with you Admiral, I’ve heard some things about the state of repair on some of your starfighters.

    Babo lifted a claw for attention. “This is all well and good - and agreeable - but we need to know if you can bring the Jedi with you. A neutrality pact with Hapes is useful, but a true alliance and membership in the Confederation would be better - and to get to Queen Mother Tenel Ka we need he Jedi on-board.” His eyes narrowed. “Adalia Tehanis, who was co-Wing Commander before she decked Aden Kya; she is known to have walked the same circles as Jedi Council Master Kyp Durron.”

    Rogriss caught on. “We have no way to contact the Jedi - and we’ll need them to be involved in a lasting solution that deals with Jacen Solo, Tahiri Veila, Aden Kya and other Force users the GA recruits. We need a way to regularly involve them in operations against Solo until the GA surrenders.”

    “Can you deliver that,” Babo said. “Or the second or even third link in the chain to connecting us?”

    Adam considered a minute, "I can't speak for Adalia, though I'm sure she'd agree that Master Durron can be willful and disobedient from time to time. I'm probably also too far down the line to get the Jedi Order to listen to them, so you'd probably need someone that many in the order, particularly Master Skywalker would know personally, along with having someone there to communicate with them."

    Adam shrugged, "I have a couple of separate missions to find Wedge Antilles or his wife to at least get in contact with them. You could find a close friend of his, which could work..."

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    IC: Tawg

    Tawg was keeping an eye on things while Adam was meeting with members from the Confederation when a message from The Watcher came through for Adam letting him know that he would have a team keeping an eye on one of the two potential targets. He checked their data from to see what they knew, and he crafted a short message.

    "Watcher of Balance,

    We've heard some rumors to that effect, and have a team on the way to Eriadu for a couple of reasons already. Will notify a man named Kael Swiftflight to keep an eye out for members of your team. He can work with you and provide some munitions should you need them.

    Will let Adam know when he's done talking to the Confederation.

    Superior Droid Mastermind

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    IC: Paige Rivoche-Tarkin
    Eriadu, generally

    She barely had time to read the transcript of the discussion between Eris and Ethan for the doors of her apartment to be knocked down, and the masked men sweep in. Tarkin didn't struggle. The Quintad wouldn't order her death, but if she resisted, it became more likely. In short order she was carted off, hidden away.

    A few hours later, a trio of Sith arrived, vexed.

    Nyss looked at Syll, and then the twin Umbaran's looked at Irek. He grimaced. "This will complicate matters, if we have to track down the woman."

    "But if she dies in custody, it will weaken the hold of the Quintad on Eriadu..." Syll said... "The populace will be unhappy that a revered former Senator died in such a manner..." A pause. "Look at what happened when Cal Omas died mysteriously in GAG custody; the Jedi and Hapans left the Alliance out of protestation of Jacen Solo's actions."

    Nyss demurred against his sister. "Should we just hunt down Malek? He is old, and easily dispatched."

    Irek shook his head. "For those reasons killing him may have less of an impact. If he becomes more prominent, certainly." He nodded to them. "For now, we shall hunt for Tarkin until we can find her. Chaos is useful; it will drag the war on for longer."

    "Are we not aiding the Confederation?" Nyss said, playing Sith advocate.

    "If the Confederation wins they will turn on each other," Irek said with a snort. "Them winning will fulfil our Master's goals."

    At that, the three of them faded back into the night.

    Orbital security network

    There were capital ships plying the hyperlanes, but there was also a Dreadnaught here, in orbit. Word spread quickly that Ethan Malek had replaced Paige-Tarkin as Senator, though there was much doubt whether the older politician would be very active in the role. A message was sent to the Confederation, but the military had it's ways and they knew what the Quintad had asked of Supreme Commander Phennir. It was a lot; so the military saw no need to be anything but on standby; hunting pirates actively, and defending their borders with a show of force - two-thirds of the Outlands Security Force was out at the edge of the sector for that reason.

    As such there was only what hung in orbit for Tehanis' group to bypass, to make it on-world.

    A steady stream of transports and commerce trundled into the system, so as and when they reached this world, in whatever numbers they saw fit, they would have to decide how to play their arrival.

    The One Sith had merely sacrificed a handful of pirate crews to divide the Eriaduan forces, leaving a narrow avenue to sneak into the sector - those pirates were all dead now, for the most part, so the way they had created was closed.

    The team coming to Eriadu would have to be smarter than even Sith.

    While there were elements focused upon Adalia, and others on Bernael and Kate, there was plenty going on otherwise, and things to be done before the war was won - and apparently by the Confederation.

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    IC: Admiral Babo

    Adumar, Perator's Palace, Cartann, Receiving Room

    The Perator nodded to the others, as an aide stepped in to whisper into his ear. "The time is nearly at hand; Supreme Commander Phennir is communicating to find out whether or not we are ready to join the assembly." He proffered a hand to the others. "The Confederation has summoned parties from all major worlds to a discussion on how best to resolve the question at hand."

    "The question of the Galactic Alliance and it's future existence."

    Rogriss huffed. "You are welcome to join us."

    Babo nodded. "If our terms are acceptable, of course - even the chance of connecting to the Jedi Order and bringing this war to a true end is all we require of you." The Bothan glanced at Adam, Loriana, Kirney, and Tawg. "We can patch you up with a fighter squadron or two and send you to the front as soon as we are done - or now, if you wish."

    The Bothan Admiral was pleased; even a sniff of Wedge or Iella Antilles was a miracle; the two of them were among the most brilliant tactical minds in the galaxy; be it military or intelligence practices. The Bothan Spynet had made a run at finding them and had completely failed. "You can present your findings to those present, then."

    "Unless there is anything else before we accept your gracious offer of assistance?"

    The Perator stepped forward to shake Adam's hand.

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    IC - Tracy and Vua
    Between moments

    Tracy looked down at the comm, that voice sent a shiver down her spine, and she saw Ruby clutch the steering mechanism tightly. But she took a breath and tried to calm down, she wasn't in danger from him at the moment.

    "Its cool Dude, I'm sure you would have done that for me..." She shuffled a little uncomfortably, would he?... yeah, he probably would... "You sound better...your secret is safe with me" she wasn't gonna add that last bit, but it tumbled out anyway.

    "I appreciate that, and I definitely would have stepped in to save a comrade," Vua said, drawling it out. "I lost control of my faculties, in a manner that I have not for many years..."

    "But I do owe you, Tracy, and I will repay my debt. I am aware of the... eccentricities with your arm..." Vua paused, clearly anxious about his offer. "I could shape you a new one, if you wish. I have some expertise with the shaper arts, which Master Kya taught me."

    That was a loaded statement and a half. The Yuuzhan Vong and his secrets; now she had one of his secrets, would he unburden them all?

    "Ah...." Tracy was left confused and a little stunned. . .She looked back down at Ruby, she only had faint bruises on her now. She tried to actively control Ruby, just to let go, but to no avail. She had accepted that it wasn't going to change, that it was her brain, not her arm. One can't simply fix a brain. A pang of guilt hit her heart, a simple yet stupid decision had changed everything. Did she even deserve to be free from this? The comment, the gesture, the idea, sparked a small flame of hope, one that she thought she had buried in the ashes of her dreams. She clenched her jaw, as it hurt more than she expected, but she relaxed enough to say.

    "I don't know if you can. . .It's. . .more complicated than . . ." She looked back out the viewport, remembering where she was, what she was about to do. "We should talk about it another time. Good Hunting" She closed the comm channel and took a deep breath. Ruby was a part of her identity now, was her friend as much as her foe. Could she deny or kill a part of her?, what if it didn't work?, what if it made everything else worse? She didn't have enough information, and she was starting to panic. Trip whistled at her and it snapped her out of it. "Nah, nah. . it's okay, we are going to be okay" she said to her droid as much as herself. "I've got you! we are gonna be fine," she said again to Trip, but also to Ruby as she gently stroked her phantom arm.

    A slight pause, as he sat to himself. Tracy had been disconcerted by what he said, it seemed. He felt as if needed to apologise for that, but, lying in a medical bay that only Aden had access to - not even medics were allowed in - he simply let out a human-style sigh and closed his eyes.

    Trip, on the other hand, tweetled slightly but chose to believe Tracy. What Ruby could say, in her way, nobody could just but Tracy. It was a phantom answer for a phantom limb.

    A new arm? Not even a cybernetic one - one she would feel through, as an extension of herself as if a real arm?

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Preparing to fight

    Rhoen was still laughing off Tracy's last comment. It seemed to calm him down a little give him some inner peace before throwing himself into the most dangerous fight of his life. The odds were stacked against them. They were on the back foot for this one and what they were being asked to do was suicidal. While he didn't feel good about this, he did feel a little loose, a little less nervous. That was until a message came in from Syal...

    "Rhoen? Sorry, I couldn't reach Tiom, but I still wanted to talk to you - "

    Right away his heart beat a little faster, his chest tightening just a little. Keeping his comm muted he let out a deep breath letting it calm him.

    "Yeah, big thing they're asking of us." He mentioned. "But, it has to be done right?" There was a slight smile on his face. "I'll keep pace with you. You punch through the line, I'll cover your back."

    Syal smiled, even though he couldn't see it, he would be able to tell. "Don't let me get to far away - I like having you covering my back, Rhoen. A lot. I wish I'd met you sooner, to be honest; you would have made a brilliant partner."

    There was much being conveyed here and now. Syal was anxious about the mission, there was no doubt of that, but it took a minor nudge to bring her Aleph level with Rhoen's X-wing. If you looked behind her, you would see the X-wings of the Rogues, and behind him, the E-wings of Blackmoon Squadron, at that moment.

    The squadrons were drifting forward, crossing that point of no return, when they would jump, and the battle would begin.

    It hurt him to hear this, to listen to her admit that they could have been something. That maybe if they had met before all this, if they had the chance they could be more than just wingmates. His heart hurt in a physical way, his mind pulling up all of what could have been. A pained smile came to his lips as he considered what to say.

    "Well...If you subscribe to the many worlds theory of quantum physics...there is a world where we were, are...Partners." Right away he shook his head, what was he saying. "Though I believe this is the world we survive this fight...and carry the day." He didn't dare mention that this could just as easily be the world were they lose, where they both die in horrible flames. He wouldn't put that idea into the air. "Don't worry I'll stay close...I made a promise to watch your back. I keep my promises."

    With another breath he prepared to cross the threshold, to cross the point of no return.

    Syal smiled again, and held a hand up; thumbs up through the cockpit. "We'll see each other after, right?"

    Her knee wasn't bouncing, for once. She knew why, of course.

    Because she had Rhoen with her. Tiom wasn't here, but she knew he would be.

    "Yeah, We'll see each other after, I promise." He replied returning her thumbs up. There was a peace that washed over him. He would see Syal again...

    He'd made a promise.

    The comms pinged. Syal felt awkward for a moment. "Are you alright for me to go?"

    "Yeah...Yeah." He let out a breath letting her go. "See you later."

    Syal felt anxiety rising in her. She didn't want to leave Rhoen hanging like that; it wasn't fair. "I can patch you in? Tiom will want to hear from you, too."

    Again his heart pained him. He knew he should say no, that he should let them have their moment but he couldn't stop himself. He just wanted to hear her more, to hear her again before he threw himself into the flames of war.

    "Yeah sure," Already he was regretting his decision. He didn't need to be here, didn't want to listen to something he would never have. And it hurt...but he couldn't help himself.

    Tiom was on the line, sounding happy. "Syal! Rhoen! Sorry for missing you. We've been drilling for the Confederates launching raids to try and whittle down our numbers. Nothing special, but it's keeping us busy. As long as we have caf we'll be alright, eh?"

    Syal nodded, but that wouldn't convey across. She stammered to quickly speak and cover the gap. "We're out on patrol, keeping an eye on the system edge - we don't want another stealth equipped ship sneaking in, after all."

    "No we wouldn't." Rhoen said keeping a smile on his face. Toim seemed genuine, upbeat even. Maybe that was what they needed. Hearing Syal stammer a little to cover the silence brought a slight chuckle out of Rhoen. "You keep your eyes sharp out there. I'm trusting you not to let a single one through...don't want to come back to Alliance space and have to do some Ghost Hunting." He kept his tone light funny, even as he drifted towards oblivion. No sense worrying him over it. Not like he could do anything about it.

    Tiom laughed. "You're the one responsible for Syal." She snorted. "I can handle myself, and perhaps I need to look out for Rhoen?"

    "You can if you want to, but he's not flying a brick." Tiom teased again.

    Syal chuckled, and she could hear Zueb calling her. "We need to get going, Tiom. Love you? Stay safe?"

    Tiom answered. "Love you too, and you too." He didn't click off when she did, however, and he asked Rhoen. "If it's classified, you can keep it to yourself, but you're going into action without the Fleet, aren't you?"

    His uncharacteristically serious, for that moment. Tiom had another question as well, but this came first.

    Rhoen clenched his jaw, the jovial nature of Syal and Toim's gentle ribbing fading quickly from him. He shouldn't tell him, there was operational security to worry about. If Toim knew then that was someone else that knew where the rogues were or what was being planned. Though he couldn't just leave him in the dark. His heart ached, Toim deserved to know that Syal was being thrown into danger, into far more danger than she should be.

    "It is going to be dangerous...more dangerous than it should be, and it is our only hope." He said just skirting the line, though it felt like he'd just crossed it. "But you have my word. I'll watch her back. I won't let anything happen to her."

    Tiom paused, putting a massive weight into what he was saying. “I know, Rhoen.”

    “I know,” was all he could say, to start, them the words just began to tumble out. “We’re at war, and we’re all reaching out for someone to help us find our place in this. All Syal does is talk about you, when she’s not talking about our future, kids and getting married.” Tiom swallowed audibly. “I’m okay with that. I don’t know what Syal wants from you and we’ve not discussed it - she wouldn’t want me to think she doesn’t love me, after all, because she does, she couldn’t and make all these plans - but when you come back, maybe we can all sit down. I love her, and anyone who makes her happy - when I can’t be there for her all the time - I love that she has someone like that.”

    “I’m not jealous; I just wanted to say something because, well, I don’t want you to go into this fight feeling like you’ve done something wrong; that you’re taking advantage of Syal at my expense. Syal is smart - she’ll know how you feel, but she won’t know what to do with it, or how she feels. She probably doesn’t know how she feels about it all yet - but she knows she wants you close.”

    He’d said a lot.

    “I guess it’ll sound like I’m hurting; but I’m just lamenting that there is part of her I have lost - but it was never a part I had, and I don’t own her anyway.” Tiom became more certain, but then his voice grew quieter. “I just find myself thinking about how bad it must be for you.”

    Rhoen was silent, it was a lot to take in. Was Toim giving him a free pass? Allowing him to be close to her, as something more than a friend. No, or maybe, Rhoen was still trying to wrap his head around it. He guessed he wasn't being so low key with his feelings. This whole conversation had left him with more questions than it did answers. But he could feel some part of him letting go. Letting go of his guilt over loving her. But it still felt somehow wrong, she still loved Toim, yet she loved him?

    "You're still the one she talks about..." He said just as quietly. "You're still the one she gets a glimmer in her eye about. You're right about me...It has been painful, a torture of my own making. It was never my intent to take even a small piece of her from you." That was something of a lie, even if he didn't intend it consciously some part of him had wanted her. "I think my heart got ahead of my head here. I didn't know about you when I first met her and..well. That's not important." He shook his head. "But you're right, we'll need to talk about this. I won't be a you or me sort of thing." While he was smiling he couldn't help but feel...strange, like relived but also worried at the fact he felt relived. He still felt like it was wrong that he was still doing something terrible, but the pain was less somehow?

    "She still cares about you, and I don't think I could or should take that place from you." He let out a long breath. "It's going to be a long, long talk we're going to have."

    Tiom agreed. "But if she wants us both in her life, I want everyone to be happy. That includes you."

    "You don't need to feel bad about how you feel, Rhoen." Tiom was just as much thinking and emotionally processing as he spoke. "The principle is just that - the detail we can figure out, if we want to, and if you make Syal happy, that makes me happy for her." Tiom had sorted through the idea now, and it made sense. Syal was her own person; he couldn't expect to be her everything, and to keep her from the world was a petty, childish thought. They were separate more often than not, and it was obvious. Only because the GA had been retreating have we been able to spend as much time together at all."

    There was a beep; there time was up.

    Rhoen heard the beep. It was time to go. He needed to get ready for this fight, to face down the greatest threat he had ever faced. Syal Toim and him could wait, though it seemed they were coming to something of a understanding. If it could be called that. With a final breath he began moving into position his mind clear, his heart settled.

    "That's my cue Toim, have to go. We'll pick this up when we get back." He wasn't saying if, he wasn't going to put that idea in to existence. "Good hunting." He said finally checking his controls and his instruments. Now he was ready.

    “May the Force be with you, Rhoen. You’ve got this.” Tiom swallowed. “I know you have.”

    And he closed the channel, trembling with his anxieties and fear. He could lose Syal today.

    But he wouldn’t.

    Rhoen was with her.

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    IC: Natalia Keizar
    Still processing

    Her mind was moving a mile a minute, it was so much information coming in. She had pulled up the crew of each ship that was present and what she was seeing wasn't good. Even with the numbers on their side it was still dangerous. The crews were depleted, and overworked. It would be sloppy and that left the pilots to have to salvage the situation. She kept going over the numbers again and again they aren't adding up and she was scared. So scared she didn't notice Aden talking to her.

    "Excuse me sir..."

    "Sir?" Aden said, confused but trying not to sound offended; were her prior feelings no longer evident? Had something changed in the intervening hours? Was that why he was finding her so hard to read? His emotions wobbled and he felt his gaze redden, until he released a breath. "Understood, Keizar."

    He went to click off, his heart more sorrowful than anything.

    He had screwed up; again.

    Alone, would Darth Insipid remain.

    Which was fine.

    His weakness was insipid, and so was the rest of the galaxy.

    "Excu..." She was suddenly snapped out of her haze feeling him snap to his official tone, the voice that commanded armies. It felt cold and hard. Her own heart felt squeezed, put into a vice. Was it something she said, she didn't...This hurt, and she didn't want to feel that, not now. She needed his strength, his warmth. There was enough cold in her world...the cold numbers that told her that they would lose. "No, I mean I'm sorry...I'm Sorry Aden...I...I didn't catch what you said...I mean, I was distracted...I'm sorry." Her voice became weaker, quieter, he could hear the tears rolling down her cheek. "I'm sorry."

    Aden tuned in, a fraction away from pushing the button. "Sorry, Natalia, I thought you were -"

    Clearly, she had been distracted, and he had overreacted. He forced himself to brighten up. "It's alright, I promise. We're all a bit focused on other things, aren't we?" A smile touched his lips, already lightening the tone of his voice. "I admit to distracting myself with you, if that helps."

    A long breath left her that could be heard on the com channel. Seems they both overreacted. They were about to step into the most dangerous mission they had ever undertaken and she wasn't use to it. Usually she just saw the aftermath of battles like this, she didn't participate in them. This time was different and she wasn't ashamed to admit that she was scared.

    " does." She said letting the smile apparent in his voice make her smile too. "I think I could use a distraction right now." In the back of her mind she was still running the numbers, she tried to force them further back. "I think it would be nice, to get some rest after this...together."

    "A nice sabbatical... with bed rest, if at all possible," Aden said, pressing the distraction. "This is an important mission, and the nature of the job means the next one will be too, and the one after that - but I can't think of anyone else right now that I would prefer to spend my downtime with."

    He paused, something caught in his throat. He realised that he was scared. Aden checked himself; he was a decent Force user - his skills would carry him through most battles as long as he focused... oh.

    He was scared for Natalia.

    A wince, but he managed to keep it from sounding across the mike.

    She let out a breath smiling a little. Though as the pause dragged out longer part of her began to worry. Lacking the force she couldn't feel what he felt, she couldn't sense his state of mind. She was left with just sitting in silence waiting for him to reply.

    "You alright..." She asked once the quiet lasted too long.

    "... just want you to be safe, to be honest," Aden said. "I can't say anything else but that."

    "I have the Force, Natalia. I want to look out for you, but I want to do what I need to. Will you forgive me, if I have to put you in danger to win this thing?" Aden wanted to be able to sacrifice her in a heartbeat. He needed to be able to, surely?

    "I am an officer in the Galactic Alliance," She stated firmly, like my cousins, my uncles and aunts. My family has served in the Navy since the Old Republic. Risk comes with the territory, if it is my lot to lay down my life for the Alliance, I will." Though she said the words with conviction he could feel the waver in her voice. She wasn't quite prepared to give up everything in this fight. But, that was the oath she took when she was commissioned. That she would be willing to give her life for her government, for the galaxy. "Though..." she continued letting her insecurities take hold. "I don't want to die...And I will fight to keep that from happening." She brushed her hand over the dogtags she had hidden under her shirt. "Have I told you who my father is?"

    Aden paused, blinking. He had read her data-file, but not her fathers. This was important, he knew it. "No, you haven't," he said, quietly. "Tell me about him - if you want to, Natalia. You don't have to tell me if you're not ready."

    Suddenly his secret caught in his throat, and he couldn't talk.

    What is wrong with you? Aden chided himself.

    She took a breath it wasn't like it was a huge secret though she preferred to keep it to herself. The name could add yet more expectations upon her and her actions. But she felt like she should say it, to tell him something before they died.

    "Judder Page," She said looking down, "The famous or infamous commando, depending on who you ask..." She began to fidget a little. "He wasn't in my life much, he met my mother on a shore leave, a wild one night stand. He never denied that I was his, though he didn't advertise that he had a child. Too many old enemies from the past...He was there, at my graduation from the academy. He said he was proud of me. That was the first time I'd seen him in person in years." Tears started to form in her eyes. "I haven't had many moments were my life was in danger. Though when I do, I always feel him around me, his strong arms encircling me, and I don't feel afraid. I don't know if it's his blood in my veins or if it is just the generations of navy on my mom's side, but I don't feel I'm still afraid, but I don't want to run away. I want to stand and fight...fight beside you."

    Aden blinked at that. Judder Page. For a moment he saw a direct connection to that amorphous group of heroes that surrounded the Jedi, but he killed it.

    The Sith in him was always looking at angles.

    But the Aden in him said. “Thank you, Natalia. I will keep your secret, until my grave,” he promised. “My father, well, he was a Separatist, obsessed with revenging himself upon the Empire and Jedi for losing the war. He sold me into slavery and abandoned me, and he died in the Yuuzhan Vong War. I took my mothers surname, but it was my grandmother who saved me from slavery.” His eyes unfocused. “But my father, Traer Lin? He didn’t want me, and that’s life. My mother was dead set on helping the Empire and their brief relationship after Endor didn’t really achieve anything but create me.”

    He sighed. “We’re all the creations of our past - but this war, this moment, it’s about breaking out of that cycle and taking the future for ourselves,” he said, firmly.

    “Natalia, I want that future to be one we’re both in.” Aden was resolute on that. But, the comms chirped at that point.

    It was time.

    “We need to go, Natalia.” Unable to say ‘I love you,’ in a relationship mere days old, because what was happening here was more complicated than mere love, he said the next best thing.

    “May the Force be with you.”

    She held back her tears fighting against her want to just wrap him in a hug. His life had been pain right from the start, and now he was only causing himself more pain. She wanted to make it stop, to give him a peaceful life one that doesn't cause him more anguish. She opened her mouth to say something anything, but he cut her off. They had a mission to complete. With a breath she locked her feelings away, finding that peace inside herself to press on.

    "And with you too."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aden Kya
    Battle for Coruscant

    The signal went out, and Rogue Wing, such as it was, gunned their hyperdrives and micro-jumped to the system edge and beyond, to where the Confederate armada was gathered. Aden took a deep breath, and before he had finished it, they arrived - Wraith, Rogue, Blackmoon and Dancer Squadrons, nearly fifty fighters all.

    Fifty capital ships held in position - dozens of Bothan Assault Cruisers, Corellian warships, Commenori Star Destroyers and even a handful of Hutt capital ships shielded by hundreds of new Bothan light frigates, Commenori Carrack-class cruisers, Corellian Gunships and corvettes. In the center, by the egg-shaped Corellian Dreadnaught Sal-Solo, were the minelayers, and Aden commed Wraith and Dancer Squadrons.

    "Keep your speed at maximum until we breach the inner cordon," Aden said, drawing on the Force for fortitude.

    The Rogues opened their X-wings s-foils, cutting their speed immediately and savaging a squadron of mixed Bothan Howlrunners, Commenori TIE fighters, and kitbash Corellian fighters. They turned the moment the ships were dust, splitting by flight of four to tackle a Carrack and two light frigates, the latter opening firing with a display of pyrotechnics. Lensi issued a click to Aden and Da'mina and Natalia and Syal, letting them know he had their back.

    The Blackmoons were next, unloading proton torpoedoes in moments, cracking the hulls of a Corellian Blockade Runner and damaging an aged Imperial-class Star Destroyer before it's shields were raised. Already a Corellian gunship, anti-starfighter weapons active, turned on the E-wings, and began to strafe their formation a second after it split into an open flower, these later model E-wings shifting to fire their main ion cannon to disable and litter the way with hulls if possible. Saz, however, lit the Leaders Channel with swear words. Aden used the Force to click him out of the feed, conscious that nobody else would have a hand free at these speeds.

    Then they were there, and a Corellian Victory-class Star Destroyer, tagged as the Valorum, birthed two squadrons of A-10 Interceptors - fast, fragile, and perfect to, as the name suggested, intercept them. The minelayers were already turning away from the engagement, strobing their formation with fire, while the big Corellian Dreadnaught was unable to fire for fear of hitting their own ships.

    Aden juked, and tapped the comms. "Wraiths, target the A-10s. Dancers, pick a minelayer and hit it with everything you have."

    He tuned out the rest of the armada for the moment - a VSD and Corellian Dreadnaught that couldn't fire on them; the minelayers and their point-defence weapons; twenty four A-10s.

    "Save your torps for the capital ships; A-10s are fragile so you shouldn't need them."

    Aden tried not to look for Natalia, insofar as much as Syal tried not to be distracted by worrying about Rhoen, though how Ruby would react to Tracy being this deep in a Confederate armada was anyone's guess.

    Three A-10s converged on Da'mina; one of the minelayers tried to draw a bead on Rhoen with its guns, even as a second fired at the Dancers from another direction, Syal attempting to side-step out of the way even as her big quadlasers hammered away; an A-10 slotted in behind Tracy and opened fire.


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    , continuing our combo.
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    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Hawkbat Base.....never leave her alone.

    Adalia was bored, so very bored. Two groups had left, she had her old team around but they were enjoying their reunion, minus Marie who she’d noticed was quite fond of her former XO. That amused her and it hadn’t gone un noticed by Rooty and Erbas, who even now were making smart comments regarding it. Adalia had excused herself using her pregnancy as an excuse, truth was she was restless. She found herself wandering the hangar and admiring her ship knowing she was getting nowhere near it for a while. Leaning around it she caught sight of other ships, stealth X’s and very dark. She smiled, they looked boring, they looked serious. She wondered how far she could go, the decided it didn’t matter. Adam wasn’t here to stop her, no one would stop her. Backing up she headed to the store room and began searching for supplies. Once she’d found what she wanted she was grinning, it'd been a long while since she'd felt this way and she knew, this was going to be fun.

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Corran Horn, Cilghal, Kyp Durron - (thank you gentlemen)
    Endor - Jedi Base.

    Kyp accepted the hug although frowned at Corran as he did so. He felt her tension, but these were trying times. "I do have a fair bit to share." He'd not spoken to anyone at all really since his arrival, being ushered directly here. Not even had a chance to tell Corran about his ship, and that Whistler was with it.

    "Yes, there is much to discuss." Corran nodded gravely, his arms folded gently in front of his chest as he looked to Cilghal and Kyp. He held their gaze for a moment, then winked and flashed a smile. "I'm glad to see you both too."

    Kyp raised an eyebrow. "I find that difficult to believe." he said stepping back from the woman. "Sorry I'm late, had a few things to sort out before I left."

    The corner of Corran's mouth twitched at Kyp's remark. He searched the man's expression for some lost meaning behind the words. He worked his mouth though resisted responding in kind. Some things were best left unsaid and he ignored the bait that was clearly laid out. Besides, there are more critical matters to discuss with the council.

    Looking around the room Kyp decided to ask the obvious question. "Where do we stand right now?"

    Clighal allowed an eye to roll to Corran, and then back to Kyp. "Surely it would be better to get things out in the open now? We can deal with the Holocrons and Seha later - but I would rather not drag a debate to the Council if we can avoid it..."

    The Mon Calamari turned her head to Corran. She hadn't picked up the twitch of the Corellian's mouth, but it was hard to miss the folded arms, and Kyp looking around to divert the discussion to other matters.

    Cilghal was a healer, so she knew treatment would be better achieved by approaching the unspoken problem directly rather than doing a sub-par patch.

    It might become infected, after all.

    "Debate?" Kyp shook his head. "No idea what you're talking about." He wasn't even sure what he wanted to share. He had no idea where Corran and Mirax had gone after they'd parted ways. They also obviously had no idea where he'd been. He had a lot to tell but a good deal of it wasn't for everyone's ears.

    Corran sighed, then gave a small smile to Cilghal. "No ill will intended. Just a failed attempt at being stoic." He looked to Kyp and addressed him. "Kyp, I do wonder why you thought as you did when I specifically stated in the message to please come. For the record, I am glad you are here and in one piece. There are more pressing matters to discuss with our fate at stake than preening and ruffling feathers."

    Kyp smirked slightly and gave his head a shake. "So serious." He muttered. "I have something that you all might like to see." he pulled out the data card and walked over to the display table. Slotting it in, seconds later images of the attack on Talis appeared. The bombardment of the city by GA Forces.

    Cilghal blinked her bulbous eyes. "Another attack - this one hasn't leaked yet..." She smacked her lips in the Mon Calamari equivalent of musing. "Probably because Taris is a GA member world. I take it that this came from Colonel Tehanis?"

    This might have needed to be discussed in open Council, but with Mara and Tresina lost from the Council, and Kam and Tionne hospitalised, the three of them represented nearly half of the remainder membership - Kenth, Ramis, Saba, Kyle and Luke would have to catch-up. When the war was done, they would discuss replacing Mara and Tresina, but it might take years to do so.

    Masters Katarn and Sebatyne were also on-world, so Cilghal reached out to them with the Force. They responded curiously, Saba with a carnivorous edge, but they were on their way. Luke would have sensed it if he wished to, so Cilghal felt no compunctions about an impromptu meeting without him.

    "And what of the delivery? How were the apprentices with the Holocrons?" That had been a concern; transporting dangerous Holocrons - especially the so-called Telos Holocron, to Endor, at the same time as the apprentices who had helped evacuate Coruscant. They were more vulnerable than Corran, after all.

    Kyp leaned on the table watching the images play out before him. "No, Retired Colonel Lyons gave this to me." He turned to face Cilghal, "He saw it as he escaped the planet." He intentionally was remiss with the company Adam was keeping at the time. He stepped back from the table. "Corran and Mirax took that side of things. I was....." He looked to Corran. "Distracted." His personal life was just that till asked about.

    Corran nodded in understanding and unfolded his arms. "There is not much new to add since we last spoke, other than a strange conversation with one of the holocron projections. It 'knows' things." he said to Cilghal then looked to Kyp. "There had been some developments regarding the holocrons." He brought Kyp up to speed. "Mirax and I took a detour to ensure we were not tracked for the safety of the holocrons. Shortly after we left you the Pulsar Skate... Seha Dorvald, one of the students aboard the Resolve, sent a message that was addressed to me. She believes herself to be a traitor and was in emotional distress. We did not respond back for chance of compromising our position. Instead, I contacted Masters Cilghal and Katarn to brief them both of that development and also brought up the possibility of our base has been compromised."

    Corran moistened his lips. "About the holocrons. At one of waypoints, the Telos Holocron activated on its own accord. It chose the figure of a young Palpatine as its gatekeeper. It implied awareness of Dorvald's situation, of who I am and lineage. It tantalised a mystery from the past. If that wasn't unsettling enough, it announced the nature of an incoming message before I had received it."

    Corran shook his head then looked to Cilghal.

    "I'm not sure what it all means, I was hoping Master Solusar be knowledgable of such thing. For now, the holocrons are here and under lock and key. Do you know if there had been any communication with the Resolve? More importantly, if any further development with Dorvald and her wellbeing? I don't want to lose her."

    "I agree that action has to be done." Corran nodded. "But before we jump ahead and 'throw our forces' as you say, there are some steps to be taken first. We need to present our findings to the council... and since you stake a claim on this new faction, we need all that you have on them to made an informed decision. By the end, we require the complete cooperation of everyone...." Corran grimaced. "...which is easier said than done."

    Kyp frowned. "Stake a claim? What is that supposed to mean?" He was curious what Corran was implying. "I had no intentions of doing anything, yet. But I will say, we don't have a lot of time to sit and discuss this in a Committee."

    "That you already have vouched for this faction and willing to throw our assets to them. I know time is not on our side." Corran shook his head. "You must have forgotten how divisive things were during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. With how fragile we are now, if we don't go about this properly, we risk irreparable damage. The schism of the Jedi Order."

    Kyp sighed and looked away as he muttered sarcastically. "Yeah, I forgot the Vong war." He looked back. "And I only suggested our forces look at this group. I know the leaders are very capable of organising themselves and they believe the war is a no win one." Kyp went on. "From what I understand they plan to make it tough for both sides as well as spread the 'truth'. " He pointed to the holo table. "Like what we just saw. That is being shared to more than just us."

    Corran held his tongue to spare further agitation. He recognised that they were going around in circles regarding this group. At least they agree the council needs more information on the group. He looked to Cilghal then to Kyp. "It will be taken into consideration. The more you have the more informed we can be."

    Kyp agreed as this was getting them no where. "Then let's get everyone together and I'll share what I know. There is no point in repeating myself." He had no intention of sharing his knowledge twice.

    Corran nodded.

    Cilghal was conscious that this group had already acted unilaterally to damage the GA, and she would be curious to see what they intended to do to balance out the harm to the Confederation. By all reports, the GA fleets were gathered in the Coruscant system and if it was weakened much more - say by this new group - it would fall.

    That didn't strike her as very balanced, nor particularly focused on the truth, but it was what it was. Perhaps their Intelligence analysts had realised the GA was actually stronger than it was - which, with Jacen involved, was always possible that a surprise may occur.

    "Let's head to the Council, then." There was a massive burst of anxiety in the Force from what could only be Seha, and the Mon Calamari canted her head slightly. "Though it may be fairest to deal with her first."

    Getting Luke to focus for two topics may prove harder than not, but at least with Seha in-front of him it was a direct issue. There was already a plan prepared to engage Jacen floated by Kyle, but...

    She shook aside her thoughts lest they distract her further.

    "It is good to have you back, Kyp, Corran. Let's get the Order back on track."

    With that, she turned to lead them to the platform in the trees that Luke had taken as his own.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: OOC comment from @I_am_Kooky at the end, but another fun combo in the series with Kate, Kara, Renn, and Bernael

    IC Bernael, Kate, Kara
    The Fury


    Bernael was on the bridge, checking the routing, knowing they would soon be at their destination, to attempt to put Kate and Kara on a ship he knew, that would return them to Hawkbat base, or at least get them close enough that Adalia could pick them up. The comm lit with a pair of messages incoming. The first was from the Society and the second was, indirectly, from Adam. He read the first, his brows knitting together as he read. Closing the message for a moment he thought through the implications of what it meant before he read the second.

    *Watcher of Balance,

    We've heard some rumors to that effect, and have a team on the way to Eriadu for a couple of reasons already. Will notify a man named Kael Swiftflight to keep an eye out for members of your team. He can work with you and provide some munitions should you need them.

    Will let Adam know when he's done talking to the Confederation.


    Snorting slightly at the header, ‘So that’s the name they’ve given me, ok.’ he considered the information and would pass the information on to the Society, as well as his recommendations about what to do in regards to the situation with Paige Rivoche-Tarkin. But first Adalia.


    We are only an hour or so from docking with a ship I am quite familiar with, whose Captain owes me a favor. I will be leaving Kate and Kara in his care to return them to the system where Hawkbat is located, from there they will probably need assistance for the final leg, back to the base. If there are any difficulties I will make you aware and extricate them from the situation.


    Having sent an update to Adalia, he changed channels and wrote a second, for his society contact.

    *Erris Harro-Hublin

    I have received your message and have been considering what that means for us. In the custody of the Quintad she is safe from what appear to be Sith, for now, but it is not the ideal situation. See who we have in service to the Quintad and see what we can do to secure her from them and secret her away, but discreetly. Also, there is a team en-route from some associates, who will be there to assist with that and desire to protect Ethan Malek. The point of contact with that team is named Kael Swiftflight. I do not expect you yourself to contact him but use one of the smaller cells to contact him and assist their endeavors. If I receive more information I will pass it on to you. Be careful, my ‘children’, events are heating up in the galaxy.


    He frowned, still hesitant about revealing too many of his people to others, who may use them without knowing their value to him. But he had one last to send before they prepared to dock.


    I have informed my people and you can also pass on to Adam that part of my team will make contact with your person on Eriadu, when they arrive. One of the two targets is in interesting circumstances right now, but is out of reach of the Sith assassins that are coming, at least for now. So my people will do all they can to assist yours in securing Ethan Malek. The person that will contact him may be known to you, Erris Harro-Hublin, but at the worst you can ensure the Kael Swiftlight has her name. Whatever other resources or information you need in regard to this please advise and I will find out what I can for you.


    The last message sent, Bernael sat back in his command chair, contemplating all that had already happened and wondering why he had a bad feeling about dropping his two stowaways with the forthcoming ship, even if he knew the Captain wouldn’t fail him. Considering his options, he chose one and knew that was the least he could do to ensure things did not spiral into chaos.

    -----Prior to and docking-----

    "Kara? Kara where are you?" The ship was due to dock shortly, Bernael had attempted to reassure Kate that this was a slightly more suitable location, and that he had used a favour to get her passage on a small personal craft back to a location of her choosing. As grateful as she was, she was feeling a personal debt mounting that she might not be able to pay back, and one day she would be called on for a 'favour'.

    "Kara!" she found her daughter hiding between the couches in the lounge with cushions over her. "What are you doing?"

    "I don't wanna go! I wanna stay with Renn!"

    "We can't stay, they have things to be doing that we are not a part of"

    "I don't want to hang out with your friends! they are not as fun as Renn!" Kara sulked.

    Kate thought of all of the logical reasons to try and sway her daughter, but recognizing that tone, she was left the classic mum moves. "Well sometimes life isn't fun, and we have to do things that we don't want to do. This includes saying goodbye to Renn and going Aunty Addie. She was so worried about us!"

    "That's not FAIIIIR!"

    "Life's not fair, now get up, Find Renn and say your goodbyes, and get back her before we land. . .or else."

    "Nnuuuhahhahaaa" Kara moaned and sulked off to find Renn. Kate understood, she was going to miss her new Tree friend too.

    A sudden noise behind her made Kate Jump, and reflexively and swipe at the noise, her small knife in the swinging hand

    The knife stopped as though her hand had hit a brick wall. But it was no wall, or flesh she had hit. Rather, the noise she heard was a slight cough, as if to get her attention, from Bernael who had just appeared directly behind her, now with a tiny smile curling one side of his lip. And what had stopped the knife was his hand, as he'd clasped it in his grasp.

    "We have arrived.The ship I got you passage on is slightly down the spaceport from here, but is prepared to take you on board."

    Kate immediately let go of the knife and jumped back. As he explained the situation, she just was in a bit of shock "Im sorry, you startled me!" She would have been about two inches from his neck, she wouldn't have hit him, but close enough to startle him, if he could be startled by such actions. He was even holding the knife by the blade, completely unfazed. "Ah. . . can I have that back please. . .?" she said meekly.

    The smile again touched the corner of his lip. Lifting the hand that held the blade he opened his grasp, letting the blade fall into his other, open palm, wiping the dark blood from it. He reversed it, held it by the tip, to hand it back, handle first. "Your blade, you have good reflexes."

    "Lucky yours are better," she said in an uneven tone. She took the blade, never breaking eye contact. "So. . .are you walking us to the ship, or will they just be expecting us?"

    Renn and Kara chose that exact moment to walk in to the lounge area. He saw the two of them, their position, and the look. 'Much better' he thought. Clearing his throat he began to speak, paused, thought some more at what he felt from Kate, and changed what he was about to suggest based on that feeling. "Ummm, I was going to say Kara could wait here while the vampire does that but I know you wouldn't allow it. Sooooo," his free arms spread wide, "this ship obviously is designed to have a true crew, not just Bernael or he and I, so stay with us and he'll drop you off when we return." Renn's grin broadened even more at Bernael's raised eyebrow directed at him taking charge of his ship.

    Kara's excitement at the suggestion was palpable. "MUM!! CAN WE!!" Kate glared at Renn, she was going to have to break her daughter’s heart, and after this week, it was definitely something she didn’t want to do. They couldn't stay, they needed to get back to Adalia, the team, to safety.

    "No, I'm sorry. We have ship waiting for us. We've got to go" Kara was about to protest some more, then Kate turned her 'don't you dare' look on her daughter. Kara rose to the challenge and met her mum's eyes, she didn't throw a tantrum, but glared right back to her mother.

    Renn's disappointment was written on his face. He'd tried but it was clear that Kate was set on leaving. He knelt down next to Kara, "I'll walk with the vampire, you, and your mom to the ship."

    Bernael waited until Kate turned back, "Yes we will all go to the ship, and make sure you are safely aboard and away, this time."

    Bernael disappeared into his cabin for a minute, reappearing, garbed much as he usually was, cloak and mask in place. "Renn you know this facility as well as I, take point, Bay D-5. I'll take trail and when we get there I'll introduce Kate and Kara to the captain."


    They left the ship, making their way through corridors, Renn's mass opening passage through the groups of people making their own way around the spaceport. Bernael kept his hands close to the hilts of his swords, just in case but they managed to make it through the crowds, to the bay he'd stated. Entering they came upon a converted BR-23, the captain, a Mon Calamari, standing near the boarding ramp.

    Bernael made the introductions and they boarded, following the captain as he introduced the ship and showed them the cabin the mother and daughter would use. He departed to prepare for the trip. Bernael turned to Kate "He's taken you on as the pilot for this trip and says that if you show your skills well he might offer longer term employment."

    Kate looked around, the ship was nice enough, she looked at the controls as they went through it //Yeah I can fly this// and the offer of employment was actually going to be really valuable, but would depend on the how. . everything else went.

    Renn and Kara were off to one side, him saying bye to her "Miss Curious, I'll miss you, we've had such fun, but I have a surprise that you can remember me by." He reached into a sack on his belt and pulled out a tiny droid, it's body not metal but wood, the same greenish brown wood that was his own flesh. Smiling sadly, they shared a big hug before he stood, turning to Kate. "It was a pleasure and we'll see you soon, I'm sure."

    He and Bernael turned and departed the ship, headed off on the business he had to attend to, leaving Kate and Kara to settle in.

    She watched the sweet moment between Kara and Renn, it has been a short time, but Kate was gonna really miss Renn too.

    Kate followed them back to the hatch of the ship. "Safe Travels" Bernael offered after a silent prompting from Renn, and offered his hand. "Good Hunting" Kate taking the hand in a shake, but then pulled it into a hug and whispered "Thank you for everything" in his ear.

    She waved them goodbye, as they departed.


    Back in the cockpit, the Captain took the controls and eased them out of the space port. "Where we headed Kate?" "To Naboo" "Very well" Kara was busy watching Star Trek as she wasn't talking to her mum, not after being forced to separate from her new best friend

    Heading deeper into the spaceport, following the vampire, Renn thought about the last couple days, running into Bernael again, fighting slavers, and a new best friend, who he was going to miss. He could tell Bernael's attitude toward Kate had softened, at least somewhat, but as usual the vampire was too focused on his mission. "Think their odds are any better this time?"

    Following the map he'd been provided, Bernael too had been thinking about the humans they had just left, and for some reason the sensation of that last hug from Kate, and her parting words, kept intruding on his thoughts. So when Renn asked him he paused, "I know that captain and he is very good about keeping his word, delivering what he is asked to deliver. But knowing the chaos that has plagued this trip so far, I too planted a tracker, don't think I don't know why you made that droid as you did."

    It was Renn's turn to pause, and if a tree could blush, he would have been doing so.

    "I, umm, yeah, ummm, well... I have no idea what you're talking about!" He said defensively

    Bernael reach the destination indicated by the map. It led him to a location he’d been to before, many decades ago, and had been worried was no longer there. There was a bank of storage cells and the last information on the map was the code he’d almost forgotten, to open one, and which number cell it was.

    Inputting the code, Bernael opened it and looked inside. He could feel Renn looking over his shoulder. "Vampire, it's just a small box, is that what we came here for?" Renn asked, slightly confused.

    "Yes Renn, this is exactly what we need to move on to the next stage." Bernael stated after opening the lid and observing what was inside.

    They retraced their steps and returned to the Fury. "Set course for Serenno," Bernael ordered the pilot and then went to his cabin to stow the box for the trip.


    It would be a few jumps to get back to Naboo but it seemed a simple enough trip. The Captain Dunval and Kate got along well, sharing flight stories. Kara continued to sulk, but did so while in the cockpit, keeping an eye on what her mum was up to, because she was interested too, but was sulking too hard to admit it.

    Suddenly they were pulled out of Hyperspace. "What happened?" Kate asked looking at all the instruments, but couldn't see anything wrong. "Not sure." Dunval mused.

    "Kara, Seat, restraints" Kate offered, she had a bad feeling.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis, Rooty Aran.
    Hawkbat Base, - Hangar

    Adalia lifted the cloth and smiled. The transparsteel was smashing just as she planned, into tiny sparkly cubit looking pieces and they sparkled beautifully. This was going to be epic.

    “Could you make anymore noise Addie?” Rooty was standing beside her new ship with his arms folded. “Shame on you, destruction with no purpose.”

    Adalia grinned. “Wanna help me?”

    Rooty cocked his head to the side. “What are ‘we’ doing” he asked with an eyebrow raised.

    She turned to the dark Stealth X behind her. “Making this thing ‘Shine’ like it should.”

    “Adam will kill you.” He said with a smirk as he unfolded his arms and approached her.

    Adalia turned and show her small bump. “Would he really harm a pregnant woman?”

    “You’re evil, you know that?” He stopped and looked at the broken pieces. “How do we get them on the ship?” he asked.

    “Watch an learn Rooty, watch and learn!”

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    IC: Ethan Malek, Eris Harro-Shublin (Combo with @Sinrebirth)

    Someone was calling him. After his meeting with Rivoche Ethan had thought about makeing an attempt to contact Adrian but he suspected that Rivoche would have him watched so any attempt he would make could endanger his son. He wasn't sure how much time had passed as he had dozed in on the couch. But now someone was calling him and it was for him to decide wether or not to take the call. If it was his personal choice he would just decline, he had spent many years of his life to oppose Eris Harro-Something,as he called her by himself, and her pro empire policies. But she might had informations that could be intresting, and she was a member of the Quintad and as a head of a minor noble family he should keep in contact with the rulers of his world. He let the call ring for a few minutes before he reconned he couldn't ignore it any longer and took it. "Ma'am," he greeted the imadge in front of him. "It's gotten late, you must forgive an old man when he isn't so fast at takeing a call. What can I do for you?"

    "Sir," Eris said, without preamble, not even annoyance at having been left ringing. "I have no doubt that Rivoche has been over, bullying you to support the status quo; independence without progress." It was the beginnings of a speech, but Eris cut through it. "We're thinking that its time for her to go, and Eriadu declare for the Confederation."

    "Surely you have had similar thoughts?"

    Ethan raised an eyebrow, he had expected several things but not this. Eris was suggesting declaring for the Confederation? The faction that stood against everything her precious empire had once symbolized. And why did she belive Rivoche was advokating neutrality? This seemed like a trap to him and so decided to continue carefully. "Well many people are currently trying to pull me in one direction or the other," he said it in a deliberatly weak voice. He had used this strategy before, acting as a ecentric old man who was getting a bit slower, so his opponents would underestimate him. "I for my part stand with Eriadu, like I always have and will try my best to ensure it has a safe future." It was a simple stock phrase, saying nothing of value but might provoke a reaction that could allow him to find out more about Eris´s reasons for this call.

    "The Confederation have offered us Sluis Van, if we want it, in exchange for contributing our forces - a fleet equivalent to half a GA deployment," Eris said flatly. "With every other polity committed in some shape or manner, we could make a difference here..."

    She was relatively cutting. "Surely you can see as much?"

    Sluis Van? Ethan was suprised and disgusted at the same time at this offer. Aplarently for all their talk of throwing off the GA and any overarching goverment it seemed that the Confederation had no problems pandering to the Eriaduan hegemonial ambitions. The shipyards there where an industrial center and being controlled by the Eriaduans would strenghten their hold on the galatic southwest. And yet, Sluis Van had a non human population and Ethan was worried at the thought what an Eriaduan "protectorate" over the world could mean for the locals, especially if it was organized by someone like Eris. "Sluis Van? That´s certianly a price," he said slowly. "But this will be a galaxy spanning war, could cost us everything. Can we protect our colonies in such case? When we sent our forces to aid in the war they will be open to attacks from both GA raids and pirates. And what about the imports? I don´t have to tell you that our food supply depends on imports from all over the galaxy?" He hoped that concerns like this could win them some time, time for him to figure out where his children where and to hopefully keep Eriadu out of the war as long as possible. Then while silently cursing himself for saying it Ethan decided to gamble even higher, "and all that just for Sluis Van? If they want us that bad we should ask for more, maybe a cart blanche for Sullust as well? Then we would control all three main industrial centers in the southwest?" Gods I´m sounding like the worst imperialist since Palpatine, but Ethan suspected that if he could get the Quintad to ask for too much this as well could hinder their efforts to join the Confederacy and thus keep Eriadu neutral.

    Pausing for a moment, Eris considered.

    "Good point. We are risking everything here; we do not have ample assets to defend and advance. Look at the Hapans - they had to send their Home Fleet to the front, and almost all the Confederation worlds have not a single capital ship in orbit - it's all at Alsakan or Anaxes or wherever."

    It was a very good point, and precisely the reason that she had came to Ethan. He was more seasoned than Tarkin, after all. A true patriot, clearly.

    "Sluis Van and Sullust; perfect. I shall transmit our counter-proposal, and do the necessary, yes?"

    "Or we gamble, even higher?" Ethan continued, a bit suprised how well his gamble seemed to work. "If we start with high demmands we can go lower during the negotiations. But we shouldn't do it below Sullust and Sluis, the Eriaduan army is one of the best in the galaxy, I think we should get the Confederacy pay a decent price for us." Ethan felt disgusted at himself for makeing these suggestions but he hoped if the Quintad gambled too high it could keep his homeworld neutral at least for a time. And if they did accept, well he still prefered them over the GA.

    Eris sounded jubilant. “Of course the Confederation should subsidise us for use of our armed forces! These details are perfect, Ethan. Leave it all with me, and I’ll let you know what the Confederation say.”

    Positively bubbling with excitement, Eris continued. “I can’t wait for them to say no, and we can ask for even more when they come back to us! There’s no way they’ll say yes to all this.”

    “Any final personal requests to slap as icing on top before I go?”

    "Yes there is one," Ethan said slowly. This might be the important part. "A general amnesty for my son who served in the GA navy. I don´t want to see him accused, being put on trial or otherwise attacked by the Confederation Forces."

    He allowed himself a smile at Eris´s excitement. That should give Adrian time to get back here and keep any accusations of his back, if she keeps word at least. When he had both of his children back Ethan knew they would have a sit down together and discuss the matter. Then and only then would he decide which side, if any house Malek would take in this conflict.

    His smile turned sad as he remembered how he had just been about to let Ilona know that the time was coming for her to take his place as head of the family, so he could spent as much time as possible with Tanja, be with his wife in the last months of her life. But then things had begun escalating and Ethan had decided not to burden his daughter with her new responsibility in a time of crisis and civil conflict. Its happening again. Will this dammed galaxy ever know peace? From the Clone Wars over the empire too the Vong Ethan had seen and played a role in so many galaxy shattering conflicts that the thought of another one on similiar scale frightened him more than anything he had ever experienced before.

    “Of course,” Eris said, sentimental briefly. “We are righting the wrongs of this galaxy for all our children...” Their voice picked up. “I’ll have Tarkin dealt with, and present the proposal to the Confederation.”

    Before Ethan had chance to respond further, she signed off. Of course, he’d said nothing about Tarkin, but events had just taken a life of their own, as they are want to do in politics.

    Ethan was left alone in the dark as the hologram faded away, unsure what to think of this. Eris´s last sentence worried him, he knew that "have someone dealt with" usually included an actual attack on said person. And despite their previous fight Rivoche was still a friend, and Ethan didn´t want something to happen to her. But what could he do? His communications was likley watched and even if he did managed to warn Rivoche she might not believe him after their fight.

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    IC Adrian Malek, Marie Firestone (combo with the creative @Anedon )
    On board heading out.

    They'd been in hyperspace for some hours and Marie had amused herself with some battle movements in the common area. She knew Kael and Ilona were in the cockpit and the last she saw Adrian he was too. She had her dagger and was going through practiced movements as it was not only good to hone her skills but it was exercise.

    Adrian silently watched Marie train while in his mind he was seeking for a good excuse once she noticed his presence. He had wanted to get out of the tight cockpit for a moment but that wasn't the only reason he was here now, he hoped that maybe he could get another moment with Marie before they would reach his home world, just a moment to talk.

    Thrusting the blade forward, Marie stepped back and spun to her right and the reflection of eyes caught her attention. Her abilities kicked in and she sensed he was there, watching. Turning away she straightened up as wondered if this was amusing, cute or down right creepy. Sensing his intent she smiled, it was the first two, not the latter. "Care to join me?" She asked as she slowly turned to face him in the shadows. "Do you have good hand to hand skills?"

    Adrian´s face turned red at getting caught like this but he stumbled forward. "Got some training yeah," he said just to break the silence with something. "Though I think my blade got left behind when we deserted."

    Marie smiled as she placed her blade on the nearby table. "No problem. Now I don't have one either." She gestured with her fingers for him to come forward. "Come on, we've got time to kill."

    "Okay," Adrian said trying to sound more confident than he actually was. Unarmed combat wasn't something they taught in great lengths at the pilots. Where would this lead to? He stepped closer to Marie onto the "training ground". Better wait for her first attack, try to counter if possible, he told himself while taking a ready stance.

    She stood casually, waiting, watching. It was obvious to her he was feeling cautious and unsure, so she began to circle him slowly her stance relaxed and casual whilst picking weaknesses. "Wanna move first, or me?" she smiled.

    "Ladies first," he said with a smile, fixating her movements while waiting for the strike.

    She was behind him now and she glanced down at his knees, that was all she needed. "As you wish." Turning to the side she brought her leg up and kicked at the back of his knees, hitting the right one hard. She knew that would at least unbalance him at worst collapse him.

    Feeling the impact on his knees Adrian decided to go with the movement by letting himself fall down and make a roll on the cold metal floor before getting up again outside of Marie´s range. Better not letting her get behind me again.

    She grinned down at him, "Nice recovery." she stepped forward. "Your turn."

    "Thanks," Adrian said with a smile as he made a careful step towards his opponent. Given that she was a force user it would probably be hard to surprise her with speed. So instead he opted for a more conventional attack, swinging his left fist towards her right shoulder weakly but then throwing himself against her, hoping that his greater weight and muscle mass could make the difference in a close quarters fight.

    She sensed the attack long before he moved and went with it, allowing her body to follow his movement grabbing this arm and throwing her weight with his. This brought them both to the ground but she was slightly behind him and with the arm she'd grabbed she twisted his behind him before coming up and putting her knee in the small of his back. "Pinned ya."

    Adrian tried to throw Marie of him but with her knee pressing into his back he had no chance. A part of him wanted to let out a sigh of frustration at the impossibility surprising her but he kept himself calm. "You did," he admitted struggling as good as he could in an effort to throw her off.

    She released him and stood. "I'll let you off, pretty sure I've been doing this longer than you." She said stepping back. "Didn't hurt you did I?"

    "Not really," he answered and it was true. The kick against his knee had been more painful than her pinning him down. "Guess I still have a lot to learn in that sort of combat, yeah."

    She approached him, brushed at his shirt. "Happy to teach you." she said in a sultry tone with a warm smile.

    Adrian shivered as he noticed the tone in Marie´s voice, again. What was going on with him? Why was Marie making him feel so, different, nervous even? "Thanks," he pressed through his lips when his mind had calmed again a bit.

    She smiled as she pushed her hand flat against his chest. "Happy to oblige. So tell me about your Father? He's important?"

    "Very," he said, glad to be able to talk about something else. "Was once Tarkin's protege, served in the Clone wars and later the empire, for a time at least. Once he could he deserted and survived a decade as a mercenary in the Hutt space before joining the rebellion. Fought in a suicide squadron of outcasts and undesirable and managed to survive it. He then came back to Eriadu after the emperor´s death and helped liberating it, marrying his teenage crush before becoming first and ambassador and later senator for many years. Helped organizing a safe heaven for refugees during the Vong War before he lost his position when he openly criticized the alliance with the empire." All of this came out of him in a single cascade of words, a cascade filled with admiration. Admiration for a legacy Adrian knew he couldn't even hope to match. I can´t even win a wrestling match.

    Marie was more than a little surprised as he spoke. It was abundantly clear he was immensely proud of his father. "Wow.." she breathed. "Ok, someone to be admired, that's clear." She stepped back. "And someone to be targeted." she added before retrieving her blade and returning it to its sheath. "I understand this mission a lot better now." She said with a frown, "And explains Kael's special cargo a little better."

    "We must protect him," Adrian said with determination. He would never be able to forgive himself if something happened. Especially if the trouble had in no small part been caused by his desertion.

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    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Admiral Babo, Perator Balass ke Rassa, Teren Rogriss, Loriana Starskimmer, Adam Lyons, Trec ke Mattino, Kirney Slane

    Adam froze, Wait a minute, this could be more than you bargained for...

    He thought quickly for a diplomatic response, "If it's things I can bring to the table, that's no problem. However, when it comes to the group, I believe I need to bring Adalia into this." He motioned towards Loriana, "I'm familiar with what she went through in the briefing with what happened on Oracle Base in the past, and I don't want to operate that way."

    Loriana's eyes sparkled with wry humor. "I am not sure what this says about me, hopefully the Adumarians will find it admirable in me, but I have nothing but the deepest admiration for Colonel Tehanis and her ... unconventionality."

    The Perator nodded, secretly smiling at an Intel officer caught up in politics; Adam’s pause was rather telling. “Of course, of course.”

    “But we’ll support you however you want to face the GA. Directly or otherwise,” Babo said. “We’re technically putting together a team to apprehend Solo, so if you want to help there, you’re welcome to.”

    We do need to get on with this,” Rogriss said, shortly. “The convocation is about to gather - who wants to head to the frontline; who wants to stay for the festivities; who wants to continue Intel hunting?

    He split the options so the group knew where they stood. “The sooner we can get your squad-mates in play, the better, but you’re all welcome to head onwards in advance.”

    Loriana hid a smirk at the no-nonsense/get right to the point nature of the options. She gave a sideways look at Kirney, since she herself would go wherever she was needed. She had a preference for Intel but the Convocation itself sounded like it could be full of surprises.

    Adam was shocked when Admiral Babo mentioned a team going after Jacen, he shook his head, "For that, you need the Jedi much more than you need me. If you aren't careful, you might get the entire team killed."

    He cleared his thoughts on that and grinned, "My squadmates? They're already in play. The footage on Naboo? That was a couple of people from a team Adalia and I organized. There's another team heading to Eriadu for a couple of reasons at least." He motioned towards Loriana and Kirney, "They can decide what they want to do, though I suspect there will be questions when you show that footage at the convocation, and I can be there to answer some of them."

    Kirney smiled, "While Intel gathering is necessary, a bit of time off at a party might be nice..."

    "Alright then," Babo said, filtering through the two comments and picking the one with the most information he could safely share. "The Quintad there are actually about to communicate their acceptance of Confederate terms, so perhaps your team will end up swaying their opinion. They've been particularly independently-minded about it all."

    The Perator raised an eyebrow. "Which is fine, of course."

    "Of course," Babo said, leading them onwards. "As for the team going after Jacen, it will be made up of Bothan agents, of course, but Jedi would ensure it's a success. It is our plan to field multiple teams and continue to do so. Jacen tends to involve himself in all manner of critical operation so merely distracting him will suffice."

    Rogriss snorted. "Not that we can find him, can we?"

    The Perator smiled. "Well, we can undoubtedly add his location to the wish-list, no?" He gestured to Adam, Loriana and the others. "Perhaps Colonel Tehanis and her team can assist with that too."

    "It's only been two, three, days since he was aboard the Ocean," Babo said, Bothan pride briefly eclipsing his usually tight-lipped approach. "We'll locate him, and the teams will advance. Lyons and his team need to focus on this data, what weight they can put on the front, and connecting with the Antilles'."

    "Yes?" He eyed Adam and Loriana and Kirney and Tekass relatively carnivorously.

    Trec merely cocked his head curiously, "I'm merely going to follow the orders of my Perator. If he wishes I go with them, even if just to reinforce them a so it isn't a 4 vs 30 fight, as much." He was fairly certain that the Perator would understand that reference, and hoped that Adam would get it. His reputation would indicate he might.

    Kirney looked up, "Actually they're all one team, as opposed to that mess on the Ocean. So whatever they do is generally done between Adam's and Colonel Tehanis's agreement."

    Adam nodded at Kirney's statement, "That there are two things you could do, one instead of actually trying to capture Jacen, follow him, we could forward that information to the Jedi. Second given that Jacen't been missing the past couple of days, the person who most likely ordered the attack on Taris would have been...Aden Kya. Get him instead...and spread all sorts of information about him throughout the galaxy."

    Babo nodded. "We'll see," a polite way of saying if we want to kill Jacen Solo we will, thank you. "But we need to leave, I am afraid. There will be plenty of sweets, food and beverages, and your seats."

    Rogriss and the Perator similarly had to go. The latter looked to Trec. "Escort our guests to their positions in the legislature chambers, the opposition seats are being used for unaligned states today. The food will be on the floor, but it will be cleared soon for the speeches and presentation."

    "And," the Adumari leader's eyes glittered. "The end of the Galactic Alliance."

    Loriana felt a surge of anticipatory readiness. The idea of mingling, gathering Intel in a "casual, social" setting with food sounded like a nice blend of getting something done while also gathering crucial information from those who thought you were just there to mingle. She liked the Adumarians... they were up-front and got right to the point of what needed doing.

    Kirney tried to hide her grin from the Perator as she saw Adam turn around and start rubbing his temples. It was clear to her that he didn't like that plan, and he wasn't comfortable with the situation. He was rushing things as usual and possibly trying to do too much...again.

    She glanced up at the Perator, who looked like he had a small smile, almost if he enjoyed putting pilots with little or no political skills in an uncomfortable situation. Something also had her somewhat curious, Is he playing a role?

    Trec caught a glance from the Perator and walked over to Adam, "I believe you wanted to communicate with someone?"

    Adam nodded, "Yes, I need to talk to Addie...maybe before she starts causing some damage."

    Trec looked somewhat confused, "Like a farumme running through a living area?"

    Adam shook his head mournfully, "I wouldn't say that around her if I were you."

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    OOC: Ohh Adalia is going to kill me, let Kate and Kara out of my sight twice and twice they get in trouble.

    IC Bernael, Renn, Kate, Kara
    In Confederation Space.

    "Sir," A crisp, voice called up from the crew pit of a re-purposed Immobilizer 418 cruiser, the Dragnet. The captain of the vessel turned, an Elomin, hands held behind their backs. "We pulled a vessel out of hyperspace. Looks like a courier."

    "Send the Kor Vella and Bela Vistal forward in a pincer cut off their escape routes and ready weapons." The Captain wasted no time, handing out orders. Even sent along the precise route the Carrack-class cruisers should follow to perfectly cut off escape. "Open a channel to them." He ordered walking forward to look out the viewports.

    "Unidentified Vessel, this is Rennimdius K'ra Snyffulnimatta, of the Confederation Ship Dragnet you are hereby ordered to cut engines and await inspection."

    The Mon Cal began to quickly start calculate the next jump. The only problem was the Gravity well generators, they needed to get some distance. Compounding that was the Carracks closing in at flank speed. They could keep up with an X-wing, his slower courier ship couldn't out run them. They could only try to out maneuver them, though they were perfectly paced to cover any of the routes around them and turning around would only cost them time, though maybe there was a path he hadn't considered...Maybe his new pilot had something, he was stuck trying to figure out a way out and he was failing.

    Kate eyed off the ship, Confederation, and a lot bigger than her. . .she did wonder if she would run into the other guys from this war that brought her out here. The Captain Dunval looked nervous, and indicated that Kate should respond. Confused as to why he would trust her with this, she did so anyway. "This the the Vessel "Ninx Retta", I am Kate, we are not carrying anything and are headed toward Naboo. Why have you brought us out of hyperspace?"

    Rennimdius pursed his lips hearing this "We are on an Interdiction mission stopping any vessel along this shipping lane. Looking to prevent smuggling during wartime." He left unsaid that they could also be looking for spies of the Galactic Alliance, or war material being brought across their borders. "If you have nothing to hide then stand to and we will be deploying a boarding party to check your ship, purely routine."

    Kate looked back at the Dunval, but he was keeping quiet. Kate did her own check of the ship, she didn't see anything wrong, but still had a bad feeling about all this. Then again, was it just paranoia? "Fine, let's cut the engines, but still have them primed for a fast take off. Faster we get this over with, fast we can go." Dunval just nodded meekly at the suggestion. Kate opened comms back to the Bragnet. "Alight, you may board, note there is a child on broad, please warn your personal and act accordingly."

    "Understood," Rennimdius replied, "Stand by," Off in the distance they could see shuttles being deployed from the Interdictor. They would arrive in time. Behind them a door to another cabin opened. A man Kate had heard through the door, came stumbling out rubbing his eyes, or eye given that his other one was a cybernetic, an emerald green glow coming off it. He looked like an average twenty something, by all accounts, a little disheveled, and confused, but not much more than that.

    "What's going on?" He asked.


    "Apparently it's a routine inspection from the Confederation for . . . smuggling and stuff and whatever they need to feel powerful." Kate said sounding annoyed. "They should be on a few minutes, and then off again". She looked back to Captain Dunval "You should probably go meet them and monitor them while they look around. I'll stay here."

    "Confederation?" The man asked shallowing heavy, eyes darting around. "Here?" He paused looking over his shoulder. "They aren't doing a passenger check are they?"

    "I wouldn't think so, Just looking for spice, arms, normal illegal stuff. . ." Kate watched the men's posture give clear signs of uncomfortable-ness. . . "Ya good Mate?" Kate asked the cyborg. The Captain got up quickly and went out the cabin door.

    "Raan," Another voice very quiet very soft called from the door he left. Looking to it they would find a human woman, with bright purple hair and grey eyes. Around her thin shoulders was an over-sized jacket that looked part of a uniform, a Confederation uniform. It wasn't hers, it was far too big for her. The name patch read Haelie. "What's going on?"

    "It's nothing babe." He replied moving back to his cabin.

    Kate sighed. She trusted the captain had vetted his passengers accordingly, and she had trusted Bernael in his assessment of this captain. Even Kate thought he was okay while everything was smooth. ~/Kara, I think this is going to get messy, Hold on, Be careful and watch out okay /~ she sent to her daughter. ~/Okay mum/~ Kara was feeling it to, all her sulking put aside, she would need to be ready for what her mum said to do next. She was strapped in her seat, and holding the little wooden droid tight.


    Sitting in his cabin, reassembling the last droid he and Kara had taken apart, Renn's arm began to tingle. At first it was low level enough he could ignore it.

    Twenty minutes later the tingle slowly increased to a burn. Now he was beginning to wonder. He knew he'd made the droid for Kara and that since its wood was his wood as any sensation of danger, and feelings of worry or fear would be picked up by the wood. A burn, like a sunburn could just mean that Kara was upset that her mom was away working or that something only semi out of the ordinary was going on.

    He finished rebuilding the droid and replaced it in its home station. Heading to the kitchen he made some cookies, assisting the chef, as he was out of sorts, with nothing to do during the trip to Serenno. He almost dropped a stirring ladle when the burning became a stabbing pain and he knew something extremely unusual was happening somewhere close around Kara.

    Leaving the kitchen he headed toward the bridge, cradling and rubbing his arm.

    Reentering the cockpit, "Vampire, odd question, is that tracker you mentioned giving any indications?"

    Looking down at his wrist pad, Bernael sighed. "Yes it is. Which tells me you coming in, holding onto that arm, means your toy droid you made is also telling you something."

    "Yes, it feels very wrong. Check it out, please."

    Bernael knew Renn was worried about Kara and truth be told he'd put the tracker on Kate because he knew that the odds of her getting back safely seemed very low.

    Turning to his pilot, "Stealth mode, the ID code for the ship I put the two humans on is in your database, track it, jump close but keep your distance, for now while we observe and figure out what is going on. Serenno must wait, for now."

    The Fury came out of hyper just at the edge of their own sensors, stealth systems already functioning. On the screen two smaller cruisers were arrowing to cut off the courier he'd put Kate and Kara on, and a larger one was close to coupling, which could mean a variety of things so for now Bernael kept pace with the ships, maintaining his distance, and his "invisibility" to the other ships in front of him. "Renn, be prepared to take over the weapons systems, just in case."


    "Can you at least hide that jacket, and be non-conspicuous in your rooms please." Kate said annoyed. Trouble kept finding her, and this time she wasn't even looking for it.

    "Yeah got it." Raan replied as he got back he put an arm around the woman guiding her back into their cabin.

    "They're not going to find us are they?" She whispered to him her voice just barely audible.

    "I don't think so." The door closed and the room went quiet.

    Kate tapped her fingers on the console. thinking of quick ways out of this, should anything go south. It had been a while, but maneuvers and plans were slowly falling into place. This ship wasn't the most responsive, but it would do if it had to. . . .getting agitated now, she flicked on the security screens to see and hear what was happening with the boarding party.

    The captain met the boarding party, a contingent of troopers, armed with rifles and pistols with a tech crew it looked like with a sensor box. They intended to thoroughly scan this ship before leaving. The man at the head of the group, a Twi'lek seemed to be the officer in charge, talking with the Captain of the courier. The Twi'lek gestured to the tech crew with the sensor box and they headed towards the cargo hold with half the troopers, the other half and the commander walked with the captain to the passenger quarters.

    They arrived and the Twi'lek nodded towards Kate.

    "Apologies for the wait mam', we should be done soon, I will be checking rooms, if you do not mind." He wasn't asking permission, he was informing her of what was going to happen.

    "As you need to. Note full cooperation from me and my child" she said clearly. //this will be over soon, this will be over soon// she chanted back to herself. She really hoped they weren't looking for an excuse, because if they were, they would find one, real or not, but now she had a plan and like all her other rushed and half thought through plans. . .it would have to do, or else.

    "I will," The officer said sending his troopers to sweep the rooms one by one. TheTwi'lek moved to the room the cyborg and his companion were staying. He found them, her without the jacket and him standing close to her. "Names,"

    "Logan, Logan Manx." the man said.

    "Mikia Sandin." his companion replied.


    "Anywhere really."

    "I'm just out of" 'Mikia' said, "We're taking a trip to see the galaxy, been cooped up on Carratos for too long."

    "Carratos you say?"

    "It's our home, but we're getting out a little see more than just the Namandii corridor." Around them the troopers turned the room upside down looking for contraband and the like.

    "Not a lot of bags?"

    "We travel light," 'Logan' explained.

    "I'm sure," There was a pause the officer narrowing his eyes a little at the other man. "How'd you lose the eye?"

    "Got into a fight, guy pulled a blaster took my eye...I still won." The Twi'lek hummed, one of the troopers whispered into his ear.

    "Care to explain the weapons we found." The trooper held up two blaster pistols.

    "Protection, dangerous galaxy with a war on and all. I wanted to keep us safe." He pulled 'Mikia' close an arm around her shoulder. The soldiers moved on to their luggage, two bags that was it. They opened one with a simple floral design.

    "Hey that's mine." the woman protested.

    "This is simply routine." the officer assured her.

    "Just don't rifle through my 'things'."

    "I assure you mam' we are professionals."

    They moved on to his, a simple spacer's bag, finding just some clothes and power packs for the blasters. In a drawer they found a bright red datapad with a flower on the back and other technical equipment.

    "Who's the datapad belong to?"

    "Me," the woman offered. "I studied computer science in university, built it myself."

    "Mind if we take a look?"

    "Yes I do, it is my private device with sensitive information, private information."

    "What is this all about? It's just a datapad, not contraband."

    "There's nothing dangerous on it, just private things."

    The officer seemed to relent looking over to the troopers still looking through the luggage. They look up shaking their heads.

    "Alright you look clear."


    The group moved next to Kate and Kara's quarters, asking much the same battery of questions before noticing.

    "No luggage?"

    "No, No luggage here, temporary job posting as a pilot. Didn't have time to get a babysitter so she came with me. It's not a really long flight, and then we are home so. . ." Kate offered.

    "And where is home for you?" The officer asked as the troopers again swept the room.

    "Wherever it needs to be, but in this case it will be Naboo, for now until I get a full time job." Kate offered

    "Hum...," he nodded his head, "There is a need for pilots of all craft in the Confederation, it would be steady pay, could even help pay for child care for the little one."

    "Ohh that does sound good. Can I grab your name and contacts, I will need to finish this trip as promised, otherwise what good am I" she lightly laughed. "A steady job in this time would be a good thing. We are visiting my Aunty Vixen when we hit the surface, she just found out she is pregnant, maybe I could talk her into looking after my girl, she would be a good babysitter for the baby."

    "Congratulations to her then." The officer handed over some contact info, a Holonet inbox, and comlink frequency, more than likely military issue and not his personal devices. He seemed to take a more congenial tone with Kate than he had with the other couple. Though she would note his gaze sliding over to their now closed door. Something telling her that he didn't fully buy their story. "How old is yours?" he gestured towards Kara a smile on his face.

    "Thanks," Kate dutifully glanced at the information, all seemed legit. "This is Kara, she is 10 years old, and my favourite co-pilot!" Kate said with all her charm, and letting how proud she was of her daughter through her voice. "She wants to be a politician when she is old enough, she wants to help the galaxy!" Kate said trying to distract the man from the other room, as subtle as she could.

    Kara looked warily at the man speaking, mum was using her 'super friendly voice' so she decided to keep very quiet. She was learning from her past adventures. She just clutched her wooden droid a little tighter, feeling it's comforting wood-ness, it reminding her of Renn.


    "Kara is worried, vampire, really worried." Renn said quietly as he rubbed his arm even more.


    "That's good that she has a goal." The officer smiled, "That can help guide a life especially at a young age. Though it might change as she gets older." It seemed the man was speaking from experience, children of his own perhaps.

    She wanted to seem friendly, but she also wanted them off her ship, as soon as possible. "Goals are important, like making my way home on time! I don't mean to sound rude, but it really has been a long journey and I am so close to a rest I can almost taste it. Are you finished? do we pass? Can we go? Please" she didn't have to lie, it was all truth, in a manner of speaking.

    "It shouldn't be much longer, once I get confirmation from the sensor team we should be good to go." The officer replied with a smile. "I thank you for your patience in this matter, with this war, criminals seem to think they can get away with anything. We have to show them that there is still rule of law." Again his eyes drift over to the couple's room. "And we've had some reports of GA activity in the area, can't be too careful. The Alliance is crafty, using ships like these to run weapons and move their spies about the galaxy."

    "Oh believe me, I am no friend of the GA, my family was on Kashyyyk when they burnt it to the ground" Kate said, letting her rage and pain slip through, again attempt at subtle distraction.

    The monsters." The officer agreed. "Burning down such a peaceful place, just for lending aid." He looked away. "I hope your family made it out alright."

    "No." Kate shook her head, and gestured to her daughter "She is all I have left, . . . of everything. . . so no luggage but emotional"

    "Oh...I'm sorry for your loss." He looked away, "We've all lost people we care about." His comlink chirped answering it he pursed his lips. "Alright." He turned back to the crew. "You should be clear to leave once we depart. "I look forward to hearing from you soon. As he turned to leave he saw 'Mikia' in a distinctive jacket. "Where did you get that?" he asked.

    "I found it, I was cold and needed a jacket someone was selling it."

    "Selling the coat of a Confederation pilot?"

    "I don't know." 'Mikia' shrugged her shoulders turning away. "I just found it." He pulled up his comlink again calling back to the Dragnet "I need a look up on Haelie."

    Kates heart sank, but she held on to one bit of hope, that they just take her and leave and let her go about her business. She sat still and maintained her 'I'm no threat' posture.

    The officer was quiet waiting for a reply. When he got one his brow furrowed. Without delay he opened up the room finding the pair inside eyes wide.

    "You're wearing the coat of a deserter, I would be very interested to know who sold that to you."

    "It was a shop, on at the last planet a guy was selling it."

    "What did he look like?"

    "I don't know a guy."

    "Does it really matter?" 'Logan' spoke up, "We just picked it up."

    "It matters when the man that was given that jacket is wanted for crimes against the Confederacy."

    Kate wasn't going to interrupt this. . .she could say 'take em and let me leave' or something like that but you gotta hold your nerve playing sabacc, less attention on her, the better at this point.

    The officer narrowed his eyes, a ding came in sounding from a datapad on the twi'lek hip. Checking it his expression soured. Looking up again he pointed at the man.

    "Raan Haelie you are under arrest for desertion." There was little time to react as Raan grabbed his pistol and pointed it at the officer.

    Kate held her breath. Observing the situation, three officers, one at near point blank range, 1 idiot pointing a gun near her child, some woman that may or may not be useless, and now a stand off. . .new ideas forming, now it was all about timing.


    "It's getting worse, Bernael. I can feel such anger, fear, worry all around her."

    "I know." He heard the words but hadn't heard the tone unless the vampire was in combat. He turned from the weapons console and saw Bernael's now jet black eyes staring back at him. "Focus Renn, we don't know yet if or how we may be needed." With a gulp he turned back to his station.


    "Put the weapon down!" the twi'lek commanded but wasn't reaching for his weapon.

    "Yeah so you can just present me to a firing squad no thanks."

    "That is the punishment for your crimes."

    "Running away when I couldn't stomach the things you made me do? The civilian targets destroyed, the unarmed vessels shot down? How can you stand to still serve."

    "The fight for freedom is rarely clean, but for the sake of others sacrifices must be made."

    "I refuse to sacrifice my SOUL!"

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    OOC: Another fun combo with @Anedon

    IC: Ilona Malek, Kael Swiftflight

    Kael nodded, "Do you think we could get some assistance from local forces, should this start going wrong? That and I have explosives, a good amount that could make certain people go away."

    "The noble houses on Eriadu have their own militia forces," Ilona explained. "But these guys are just workers drafted in moments of crisis, no comparison to the ORSF. They are used when some of the beasts come close to the city or if there are riots in the lower parts of the cities." Ilona made a pause, realizing how this made her homeworld look. Not that her family had ever advocated on using violence to break a workers strike but she knew most other noble thought it a viable method. "Also while we pay our workers better than most nobles they are still lower class citizens, it would be easy for anyone wanting to see my father dead to bribe some of them."

    Kael shook his head, "Nah, if you look at the information," he brought up a display on what information he had on the potential assassins, "they're going after multiple noble families...I think we need professionals. Maybe ones that could keep things quiet?"

    "Have some friends in the ORSF, maybe I can organize us a bit of help from there," there was one, in particular, she could ask but she wasn't sure if that would go over well.

    Kael grinned, "Would they like some of my explosives?"

    "Maybe, but I would prefer if we do not blow up our living environments," Ilona said with half a smile.

    Kael continued grinning, "That's why we could lure them somewhere where it'd be fine to blow them up. That and I imagine that the ORSF would like to blow up some pirate bases, assuming they're in a place where they can."

    "Well, usually we tend to take the pirates captive so we can publicly execute them as a warning to others. But how would we lure someone we don´t even know to a stash of explosives and then be far enough away ourselves?" Ilona asked, wondering whether Kael was of stable enough mind to have oversight over so many explosives.

    "It'd probably take more involvement, than what you might be used to." Kael began to count things off with his fingers, "First, we recon to find out who all is involved. Second, we try to plant bait. It could be in the form of a government announcement, remember we're dealing mostly with assassins, so that might require something other than the usual response. Third, the trap can be somewhere where the leaders won't care too terribly much if it goes boom." He grinned, "It could be a building planned for demolition...or an unstable cave. Though we need to know where it's from."

    Ilona raised an eyebrow. "So you think we can somehow lure whoever is behind these plans into our trap? Cause I think the main effect will simply be that we kill some henchguys and sooner or later the ones behind it will simply send new ones. And the game would continue until we run out of explosives or the galaxy out of mercenaries willing to murder a senator."

    Kael shrugged, "That's why I'm demolitions, but always our first step was recon and information gathering. Who is the important question."

    "Sure, and as it's my homeworld I suggest you leave most of the talking to me, at least until I taught you guys the rules of how to speak to the local nobility." Ilona said firmly while imagining the catastrophe it could cause if one of their companions would get into a fight with a noble.

    Kael grinned, "That's why you're lead." he paused for a moment, "After this, what are you going to do?"

    "After my father is safe?" Ilona made a pause, thinking. "I will seek those who are responsible and make them regret the day they targeted my family."

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    OOC: Part 2 of 3 of the run in with the Confeds

    IC Bernael, Renn, Kate, Kara
    In Confederation Space.

    Kara was starting to freak out, her mother was tense, that was never a good sign, the man had a blaster, the other men did too, and she felt trapped now in her seat by the seat belt. She squeezed the doll and suddenly it made a noise. Its eyes lit up yellow and it said "I am XR-10, Kara's emotional support droid. I have been programmed to take care of her and keep her entertained. I also perform tasks when and as she needs them done." it said in Renn’s voice.

    Kate wasn't even startled, she had been waiting for an opportunity, her something. She saw that both the idiot and the officer turned to look at Kara, Kate pounced and leaped into the air, grabbing idiot's blaster, from the side, ripping it from his hands, as she landed, she on her hands she kicked out with her feet aiming at both officer and idiot and kick em square in the chest. As she got up she held the blaster at Idiot and glared at the officer.

    "I DON'T CARE! You don't pull a blaster out when there is a CHILD!, Now, all of you, Off my ship and deal with this elsewhere. Please." Kate held her blaster without wavering and glared at them all.

    Kara undid her belt and slid to the floor so she could run if she needed to

    The troopers brought their rifles up pointing at the stand off. The officer and Raan both slowly recovered from the sudden strikes. The officer stood up first.

    "Kate, just put the weapon down. You've been nothing, but helpful, just put it down." He held out his hand in a calming motion, his troopers lowering their weapons only slightly. Raan on the other hand was still nervous, looking around for a way out.

    She lowered it slightly, matching the troopers.

    "I care for you plight Idiot, really I do, I am on the other side of what you don't want to do.. . .and you. . .I care about what you have been trying to do, I know you helped Kashyyyk put out the fires, for that I am grateful. I have one thing left now, and both of you are threatening it. . . " she said in a calm but stern tone.

    "Now no one wants to die, not here, not now. . .so" Kate said walking slowly around, so that she stood in-front of her daughter, half way between the console and the door. "I suggest you all leave."

    The officer seemed to calm, Raan on the other hand still seemed to be looking for a way out some kind of solution. He didn't want to die. He looked back into the room then back out to the officer and the troopers. He made eye contact with 'Mikia' and she nodded her head. In a flash she tossed him her blaster and he pointed right at Kara. "I don't want to die, you will be sending me to my death you understand that Lady?"

    Without even thinking, Kate pulled the trigger and shot the idiot straight in the head, and then aimed for the girls chest, and shot. She lowered her blaster, and then glared at the officers. "I've done your job, now leave"

    The pair fell, smoking holes left in their person. The troopers had raised their blasters the officer in charge put up his hands. He moved around her to check on the woman, who was unarmed, her only crime having tossed the man the only other blaster in that room. He looked down closing his eyes.

    "Mam'," he said in an official tone, "I'm afraid I will have to take you in for homicide. Please put the weapon down."

    She lowered her blaster a little bit, She sighed "You know what they say, Nothing scarier than a mother protecting her child. . .I am sorry, really I am. . .to him, to her, to you and to my daughter."

    A wet cough sounded from the woman still laying on her back.

    "Kriff, she might still be alive." The officer shouted. "Get a medic!" He looked at Kate, eyes narrowed. "You'd best help me put pressure on this wound, you might not go down for murder.

    Kate wanted to run, but she didn't want the girl to die. . .but she didn't want to give up her blaster and be in a weaker position than she was now. //Attempted murder in self defense isn't much better// At least captured by the Confederates did mean she wouldn't be dealing with Aden. "Kara, come" Kate still holding her blaster, she walked over to the girl in the other room. "Kara, Lean on her wound where the officer tells you" she said, standing over her daughter protectively. The captain had already run off to get the medic kit.

    The officer's face soured. Head turning to the side, disbelieving what he was seeing. A mother ordering a daughter to fix a mess she created.

    "Alright, put pressure on her chest right here." He pointed to the spreading bloodstain. He grabbed some clothes that were nearby and shoved them under the body. "It's a through and through, makes this difficult."

    Kate heart was started to break, as the realization of what she did was starting to come to her mind. //Oh god, I'm a monster// but like before, she had chosen this path, now had no choice but to stick with it. Her resolve wavering, //should I just accept what I had done, but then they would take her daughter away. . .probably right full soon, I am not fit to be a mother// But she would stand her ground for now, she needed Kara or she would succumb fully to the darkness, would they even see that?

    The captain came back with the medical kit and someone that knew how to use it correctly. Kate and Kara moved back, lucky for them it was closer to the door than the wall. Kate feared what she would do if she was really trapped

    The officer didn't move away as the medic, one of his troopers, got to work pulling off the jacket, burned and stained in dark blood, and cutting away her shirt to get a better look at the wound. TheTwi'lek turned still snarling looking at Kate.

    "You'd best hope she lives." His tone was halfway between a prayer and a threat.

    "I do, I really do, with all the force I do hope she makes it" Kate said honestly, this got out of hand, she had no idea what Kara thought, there was no way out of this, no way to explain this. . . her hands started to shake as a tear rolled down her cheek

    Kara stared with a blank expression, bloodstained hands clutching tightly to the little droid. Her mind was blank, unable to grasp the extent of what was going on. She watched a man die right in front of her, watched her mother take a life. Then desperately pressed her little hands into a bloody wound her mother had caused, in a young woman that had done nothing wrong in her eyes.

    "Mum." her voice quiet and wobbling with emotion, she didn’t know what else to do.

    "I'm so sorry sweetheart, you will be okay. . ." Kate said as comforting as she could, her mind spinning. . .she needed to get out of here, but now was starting to feel paralyzed by indecision, each one, had been worse than the next. . .she just wanted to go home. . .she looked at the lights, she look at the other officers with trained blasters still. She looked at the girl who was regaining colour in her body. She looked at the Twi'lek, but she did not let go of her blaster. No knight in black armor to get her now, she had to survive this as well. She wasn't built for war, but for a home life and family, something she will never see again.

    "So, stand off still. . .what do you reckon should happen now." Kate said with all the calmness she didn't feel.

    The officer was quiet still helping the medic, he didn't step away until she nodded her head. "She's stable for now." He said, "What I should do is have you come with me and impound this ship until this girl is out of the woods. Until I know that you're not a murderer. You were reckless, even in defense of your child." He pointed back to the wounded girl the medic carrying her out. "She could still die and that would be on your head. So I ask you, if one takes another's life, what should happen?"

    "Eye for an eye makes the galaxy go blind" Kate said back. "We are at war, over something that I don't comprehend, and there's always casualties you don't want." She looked around, really thought about her options. She could even feel Kara's emotions without having to look. Kate had gone too far, but would she go further? What was her realistic chance to get out of this with just emotional baggage and not a life sentence. Kara would have no one left in the galaxy. As always, each decision was a one way street. . . it would be logical to assume that more weapons would be in here, how could have Kate known? Her primeval mind took over, she wouldn't kill . . .she was scared of herself, she didn't think that she would do that.

    She sighed again, "If you let Kara stay by my side, I will come willing, no fighting, no tricks, no kicks, no blasters" she looked back on the officer, her eye pleading, she didn't want to have to try and run.

    "She wasn't a soldier, wasn't a combatant, just a scared girl helping someone she maybe shouldn't have trusted. And I don't see a uniform on you. " He looked Kate in the eye, "By law I should separate you two, maybe look at having your child here see a therapist, but since you have shown the lengths you're willing to go to, to protect her that would be a poor idea."

    "RAAN!" The other woman cried out coming out of her shock. "RAAN!"

    Guilt was stabbing her in her stomach, a little of the girl, a little of the idiot, but most of it was what she had done to Kara, and she knew that. . .She wanted to say, 'you tell that to all the families of Kashyyyk, or Alderaan, of what ever made Idiot so scared of you he threatened my daughter' but now was probably the time to hold her tongue on that front. "She can see a therapist, I wont stop that, I might need one too."

    She heard the girl cry out, and suddenly wanted to shoot her again, then shoot him, and the other officers, and then just fly out of here. . .that scared her the most. . .so she raised one hand. . . .and put the blaster down carefully on the floor. . . and kicked it over to the head officer. She put her hands on her daughter's shoulders. . .

    "Alright," he said picking up the blaster. "I think it would be better for everyone if you and your daughter remain here, under guard, until we can confirm that the girl will survive. I'll also look as sending over someone to talk with your daughter. If you make any move to leave, we will disable the ship and take you in no questions, no negotiations. Understand?"

    "Understood. . .you can even cuff me if that makes you feel better, have us confined to our room maybe, with a guard outside." Kate was now trying to be helpful, she realized this too may backfire, but she had already shot herself in one foot and now the other, so why not keep shooting at this point. . .eventually she might not even feel her feet.

    "Do not make the situation worse Kate." The officer replied moving to the shuttle. Kara's eyes were locked onto dead man as the guards carried his body to the shuttle. She could see blood dripping out of the hole onto the deck. The shuttle broke away and was flying quickly towards the Interdictor. The guards guided them back to their room, after checking it again. They made no move to put binders on them though they seemed to be watching Kate with a wary gaze.

    Kate and Kara entered, she turned to look at her daughter's hands, covered in blood. "Come here sweetheart" Kate grasped her daughters hand and gently lead her to the fresher and washed the blood off. As Kate was drying her daughters hands with the towel she saw the look in Kara's eyes, the blank look of seeing the dead. Kate closed her eyes and felt a fresh stab of pain in her heart for that, another thing to add to her list of unforgivable sin she has committed, which now reach two, . . .which was two more than there ever should be.

    Kara stood there motionless while Kate washed the blood off the wooden doll thing Renn had given her, she was glad it didn't stain, and she handed it back to Kara. who absently took it and held it close to her chest.

    Kate sat down Kara on the edge of the bed. "Kara?" Kate asked gently, but not response. . . she looked around the room. She went off and opened doors and cupboards, then in one of them she found a small chocolate bar with "Kara" written on it. Confused at first, she thought back and realizes it must have been Renn, //gee he took a shine to her, . . . Oh force, he won't forgive me doing this to her// Kate looked back. Kara still sat motionless.

    Kate sat down, legs folded in-front of Kara. "Looks like Renn left this for you, he figured you would be curious and find it" Kate said with a smile in her voice. But Kara didn't respond at all. Kate thought back to the moment her Dad killed a beast to protect her, Kate was only 7 at the time, she remembered feeling like this.

    "Kara, . . .eat some of this, it will help you" Kate opened the chocolate bar and held it in reach for Kara.

    "You killed him" Kara said softly. "Yes" Kate responded, trying to remember what her dad had said so many years ago. "You said you don't kill innocents" Kara said. "I did, and I don't" Kate responded softly.

    "You nearly killed her, the officer said she was innocent," Kara said. Kate thought for a moment "She helped him threaten you. She helped a man threaten a child. . .I didn't know what else she was capable of, I didn't know what else she had in that room that would have harmed you. . . .I didn't shoot to kill her, I shot to disarm. . . .I shot to stop her from trying another way to hurt you. I didn't want her dead."

    "It's all my fault that they are dead" Kara whimpered, tears forming. "No" Kate responded instantly, with the deepest, authentic tone she had ever used in her life, from a place of pure certainty that it even made Kara stop and look.

    "There is absolutely, no way at all, in any possible combinations of facts and actions and realities that this is your fault as all. . .not even a half an atoms worth of this is your fault. Don't ever think that, ever" Kate said placing her hand on Kara's and the doll.

    "He made his decisions long before we were on the same ship together, that lead him to this moment, as did she, as did I, and none of those moments have anything to do with you and anything you did."

    "I bet that if Renn could hear us now, he would agree"

    "Kara" Kate paused. . .

    "I am from the bottom of my soul, so sorry you saw that, that you are here, If I could change time, I would stop this from happening . . .we would stay on Renn's ship with Bernael and we would go with him somewhere and he would drop us home safely, but that's not what happened"

    Kate put her hands on the side of her daughters face, and looked into her eyes "Kara, I promised you, from the moment you were born that I would do anything to protect you. I don't know what is going to happen next, but I will do what I can with in my power to make sure you are safe, no matter what"

    XR's eyes lit up, it's face turned toward them both, "The Maker would agree with you, Mistress Kate."

    Its head turned toward Kara, "Miss Curious, your mother cares deeply for you, Mistress Kate did as any parent would do, to protect their child."

    Kara was very quiet holding the doll close. Though everyone around her was telling her it wasn't her fault, that her mother was just trying to protect her. She still saw that man's face when she closed her eyes still her that woman's voice in the quiet moments. All the kind words in the world didn't seem to blot them out. Her body reacted tears coming to her eyes as she just held her mother.

    "Mum...I'm Scared."

    Kate scooped up her daughter into a big protective hug and just held Kara tight. There was nothing she could do to protect her from the inner voices, that was a lesson only you could learn. "I know baby, and it's okay to be scared, it was a very very scary thing to happen, and to see and to hear. But you will be okay, I promise, its something everyone goes through, I did when I was 7, and you too will make it, and I am so sad that people have to go through it at all." she rocked her back and forth, humming lullabies she used to sing to her when she was a baby

    Kate Holds Kara and thinks back to the events that unfolded. One thing seemed out of place in this now that she thought about it. She held up 'XR-10' and looked at it, Kara offering no real objections. She squinted into its 'eyes' and had a thought.

    "Renn" She brings the doll thing close to her mouth " . . . If you can hear me. . .I am extremely unhappy you gave my daughter a device that records or transmits any kind of signal, even if its just to you. . .and I will throw it into the sun, how dare you do that without my permission" . . . she waits for a moment. . ."If you didn't however, I consider this a beautiful gift, and I am thankful"

    She passes the droid doll back to Kara who gives her mother a confused look, but continues to hug the doll anyway.

    It is quiet for a while, the silence nearly deafening until there was a knock on their door, The officer they had spoken to earlier.

    "The girl pulled through," he said, "I'm not pressing any charges, though by all rights I should, however the Captain doesn't think we have the time to prosecute, an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. You are free to go." There was a bit of anger? annoyance at doing this, perhaps the man was a Seccer, a security force officer before becoming a military one. Soon the Confederation left the ship leaving Kate, Kara and the Captain of the ship all alone.

    A low voice, somehow colder than a droids, almost as cold as Bernael's when he was mad, sounded from the droid, yet distinctly Renn's. "Chaos follows you Kate, and you proved that. I was watching out for Kara."

    Kate took a deep breath and sighed, She gave Kara a squeeze. She was truly relieved to know that the girl was okay. But it didn't relieve the burden on her heart. Then doll then spoke what it had to say.

    Kate jumped a little, sighed, and then put Kara down. "I'm sorry sweetheart" she tried to take the doll from her arm, "MUM!" Kara held on tight. "NO! ITS MINE!" Kate went from annoyed to angry in a split second and with her strength being stronger than that of her daughter she ripped the doll out of her hands, causing Kara to cry out in Pain.

    "THIS," she held the doll high. "IS NOT OKAY!" she looked at her daughter crying, her heart chided her //and after everything you have just put her through// but she was too angry, too out of control of her own emotions to listen to reason. She took the doll out of the room, leaving Kara crying.

    She took it to the docking entrance of the ship, and smashed it three times against the door frame. It broke into pieces, and just to be sure poured some water on it took, its sparking and fizzing a bit.

    She stormed back up to the cockpit to see the captain cleaning up the blood off the floor. She was not even in the mood to feel bad, just sat down, re-engaged the ship and took off into hyperspace.


    The ship had jumped and Bernael, knowing Renn would want to check out Kara, make sure she was ok, followed. Based on what he knew of the course usually taken, he knew there would be an opportunity at their next stop, while they calculated the next jump.

    Sure enough, when he came out of hyperspace, the BR-23 was exactly where he expected it. Flying close he keyed the comm. "Captain, apologies but this is the second time those two I let you take have been caught up in drama when I tried to get them back where they want to be. So it is better I take them wherever they need to go, myself. Or rather, my code demands I do so myself, to ensure their safety. Prepare for docking so the transfer may be completed."

    The Captain replied to Bernael rather quickly, "Understood," He looked to Kate slight fear in his features. "I'll have them waiting for you." He turned off the comm and moved to stand next to the pilot. "Mam' I think other arraignments might be in order. I have received word from a contact that is willing to take you the rest of the way. I think the change in scenery might do the little one some good."

    Kate had heard the message, and she saw the fear in the captains face. She wanted to say many things, but was going to hold her tongue still. "Fine." she responded, at least this way she would get to yell at Renn, and Kara would have her friend back for a time, Kara needed someone that wasn't her at this stage. . .

    "Thank you Captain." was the reply.

    Turning to the pilot droid, "Engage the docking tunnel."

    Turning to Renn, "Meet them at the entrance and take them to the main lounge."

    Renn nodded and departed the cockpit, the deep yellow his eyes had turned the only indicator of the anger he was holding in.

    Kate stormed up to her quarters "Kara, Come" she said, keeping her tone flat and emotionless. But Kara sat and refused to move, refused to even acknowledge her mother was in the room. Kate holding in her anger, offered her daughter some more information. "Renn and Bernael are here, they want to take us back on board."

    Though she kept her defiant air the little girl softened just a little hearing that. She hopped off the bed looking away from her mother with a huff, little arms still crossed. Walking with stomping footsteps, louder than one would suspect for a girl of her size, to the docking port, eyes closed so she didn't even have to look at her mother.

    Kate looked up at the roof, sighed, at least she moved. As she got to the docking bay, she saw the droid parts on the floor. Kara was already picking them up and putting them in her shirt. Kate bent down and picked put the pieces too, giving them to Kara. Kara took them, but still refused to look at her mum. Once that was cleaned up, she opened the doors to see Renn standing there on the other side of the docking tunnel.

    Kara started walking across. Kate turned back to the captain and softened her gaze "I am truly sorry for what happened here today. I will find a way to make this up to you." The Captain nodded, and Kate returned the gesture and walked across. She glared at Renn as she walked past him and toward the lounge.

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