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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Tracy Needa. (with Vua, Syal and a mention of Natalia)
    Location - Mawrunner

    Tracy was lost in thought while Aden gave his presentation, she was a pretty average student at school, but did master the 'I'm listening, while daydreaming look', although this time, she wasn't dreaming, she was going over the past few hours, her hands were still a bit shaky, she would need some food sooner rather than later, but her stomach was unsettled.

    She remembered back to Syal and Tiom and Rhoen going off together. Being weirdly puzzled by the situation as she saw Syal kiss Rhoen earlier. That sounded like a big bit of drama brewing. She didn't really care yet, she didn't really know any of these people. But she did recognise that she was trying to distract her self. She tried to listen in to the briefing, but once "Fleets will hold at Coruscant with the Bounty until the Megador is repaired." her brain just checked right back out, that was at least two words she didn't know, it wasn't even going to try and hold that information in.

    Instead, it bounced back to another memory.
    "Um, Vua is still looking at you, Tracy." Syal said to her. "He's kinda staring. Did something happen between you two?"
    "Ah" Tracy turned to see Vua standing off to the side, looking very normal. She turned back to answer Syal but she had moved on. She acknowledged Zueb, then went to talk to Vua.

    Tripping slightly on a cable on the ground as she got to Vua, she righted herself pretty quickly a few feet from him and gave a very sloppy salute. "Morning Chief, your looking. . . alive?" she said with a cheeky smile and tone, that didn't match her eyes, betraying her vague sense of fear looking at him again.

    Vua grinned slightly. "Of course, thanks to you."

    His smile was also not matching his tone. He seemed to be at war with something but had to say it. "I appear... to owe you. The more I ruminate on what happened, the more I feel a deficit." He held up a hand, a very human gesture that would appear more affectation than ever. "So, I shall be your wingmate." His face rippled with distaste. "The sooner I pay this debt of honour to you, the better, yes?"

    "Ahhhh. . . ." She said mouth gaping slight, trying to work through the ramifications of what he was saying."Look, you owe me nothing, I do not consider you in debt to me. What would you even, how would you even consider it paid back? like I don't even. . ."

    Tracy took a breath trying to gather her scattering thoughts "Being my wingmate would be more of a punishment for you than anything. I'm sure Da'mina would warn you against it, he was helping me today. Actually, I should find and thank him, he was great, lost track of him. But. . . thankyou for the offer, I understand where your coming from, but you owe me nothing but the promise that you would save me too, in such a circumstance" she smiled at him this time with a genuinely warm smile.

    Vua slowly nodded. "I heard about Da'mina, but that wasn't your fault. The odds were steep; impossibly so. Your successes meant the Confederation abandoned their entire offensive." The Yuuzhan Vong-in-human skin and clothing simply nodded, a short chop of his head. "You have my promise, Tracy." With that, he turned and marched away.

    Even at the memory, the fear and pain of being responsible for someone's death returned. She had run to Natalia for information, but she was distracted by her own things. Natalia was able to confirm that Da'mina had been lost. She was kind about it but very formal, then she headed off, her face in her datapad. Tracy managed to pull herself together to find a small room, and download the data from the mission. It wasn't available for access yet, but this wouldn't stop her, she got her hands on it anyway and she watched as the data streamed by, she saw just how inexperienced she was compared to the others on the field. Data doesn't lie, conclusions might, Data doesn't. She saw how Da'mina had got himself into an impossible situation to save her. It wasn't her fault, and yet it was. What might have been just for a good time when she started this, she was slapped in the face of the realities war and her place in it.

    Tracy managed to snap back to some sort of attention, enough to hear something about an X-wing. But then people started to get up and move out. Suddenly realising that she had even less of an idea than when she entered, she was going to have to continue to wing it. But this time, she wasn't going to be the reason someone else died, or so she would hope. This meant she had to suck up her pride and ask.

    "Vua!" she called out as she got up from the table. She leaned against the table for a moment to steady herself, as her legs felt weak. As she caught up to him she started in her very characteristic way of rambling, Rube. her phantom left arm hiding behind her, as if trying to avoid detection from Vua's gaze. "Look, I was thinking about what you said, and what's happened and just . . .well. . . you know, so like. . .we have to, this mission, so. . .will you, could you, should you? . . .If I have to be on this mission, you should be in the lead and I should be behind you and learning and getting better and I just . . . don't want anything else to happen and I think, you would be able to, be like not, better than . . .so yeah?" She looked up at him, feeling way more vulnerable than she liked.

    Vua blinked a few times, and then smiled. "Thank you, Tracy."

    He nodded to her. "I appreciate the opportunity to clear my debt to you as soon as possible." He looked like he wanted to salute, but clearly she was not his superior. It was then, belatedly, that he realised she needed help, and he reached to steady her. "I apologise - social cues - these are not my, um, forte?" The masqued Yuuzhan Vong smiled, sheepishly almost.

    "well it's not my best skill either, so like, we can work it out for what works for us huh?" she offered back warmly. Ruby, still hiding like a small child hiding behind its mother.

    "I need. . training, Im well, as you clearly know or see maybe. . ." a small wave of guilt washed over her. "Im not the best pilot, and I was never really trained for this kinda combat, . . .or any. . .combat. . .really" she shuffled her feet a bit. "Look I wanna help, this is not my skill set, but its where Im being put, and will you help or? like I get if you don't want to and so on." she sighed a little, and gave a sheepish smile. "I also have no idea what was going, I wasn't paying attention"

    "We're going to Commenor - to support the counter-offensive," Vua said, smiling slightly. "We're short of pilots, so you've been drafted in."

    He produced a datapad and tapped away. "There; we're permanent wingmates now. Colonel Kya will understand, so I can look out for you now." He tapped again. "Your new X-wing has also been delivered." Vua eyed her. "Aren't factory new X-wings usually a technicians dream or nightmare? You might want to have a quick once-over before you launch."

    "M...m.. me?" Tracy stuttered, "A new?. . .y'all saw what I did to the last one right? I still, it's still. . ." yet as the realisation dawned, she couldn't help herself as a smile spread across her face and her eyes twinkled. She brought both her hand up to clap quietly under her chin. "Eeeee" she quietly squeaked. She danced all little on the spot waiting to be dismissed before she could run off and play with the new toy.

    Vua’s smile grew broad. She did like new things; he could see. He belatedly realised that she was waiting to go, and he awkwardly caught on. “Go on then, dig in.” He sketched a lazy salute to send her on her way.

    Tracy headed off the second Vua said 'go' she could hear him say other words but was already yelling her "THANKS!" as she sped off down the hallway. Darting and running passed people. Her tiredness and weakness pushed to the side, she had to see the new ship.

    Bursting through the hanger, she screeched to a halt at the computer terminal and got the ship's location. She had stopped running but was breathing deeply and keep a quick pace. She kept an eye out for others as she used to get so annoyed at people bumping into her while she worked on ships. She always wondered how they could possibly miss her, she was always wearing a bright orange suit!

    She saw it a way off, it was tucked nicely away by the back so as not to be in the way. As she got closer Tracy saw that it was truly beautiful, she loved being able to be one of the first to touch new ships. "They really gonna let me fly it?" she said in respectful awe, to Ruby.

    "Apparently. I wouldn't, so who's butt did you kiss Ginger?" Tracy jumped slightly at the voice of Vanessa behind her and turned to give her a sloppy salute. Vanessa had her hands on her hips, not looking overly impressed by the situation, but knew this was all above her station.

    "I didn't kiss anyone butt!" Tracy retorted, slightly offended, she spun around and gently ran her fingers over the nose of the ship, feeling its cool smooth exterior, not a dent, not a scratch, not even dust.

    "Hey hands of Ginger," she said roughly. Gently grabbing Ruby and pulling Tracy away from the ship. "I saw the flight data, flying around like some sort of force user, you should have been dead 10 times over, yet here you stand and another, better pilot doesn't." She said coarsely.

    "That's not fair!" Tracy snapped, looking away from the ship back to Vanessa, she saw Ruby try and take a swing at her, but Vanessa held tight. "I'm no force user!" Tracy felt all that guilt smack her in the stomach and zap her of what little strength she had left. Now just self-righteous anger at Vanessa was holding her upright.

    "Your a kriffin noobie, that's surviving on luck and whatever this is," she said pulling at Tracy's phantom arm 'Ruby' which she had by the wrist, up in the air more, bring Tracy closer to Vanessa, making Tracy feel uncomfortable.

    "You shouldn't be getting a new ship, you should be fixing the one you broke. But. . ." she paused to look Tracy up and down "You look like you can bearly stand. I ain't your superior officer or your mother, but you kid," Vanessa soften her tone "You need food or rest or both." Tracy felt her legs start to wobble as Venessas disarmingly harsh comments, give way to the friendship she had kindled with this woman earlier.

    Tracy let out the breath she had been holding as her legs gave way under her. Apparently Venessa was waiting for this moment and was able to catch her before she hit the ground. Venessa helped ease Tracy to the ground, then pulled out a protein bar from one of the pouches on her jumpsuit, and offered it to Tracy, she did not let go of Ruby, however.

    Tracy leaned against the main supporting strut of the X-Wing, and expertly opened the bar with one hand and began to eat it. She felt instantly sick, but pushed through it anyway, she needed the food.

    "Look kid, I got to go and keep the rest of the slackers on the team on track. That last run did a lot of damage. Your not officially mine, but you seem like a good kid" Venessa looked back up at the new ship and back down to Tracy. She wiped away a tear from Tracy's cheek, was it exhaustion, pain, she didn't know, but she did let go of Ruby.

    "I've seen your kind before, you have a good heart, and if you're not careful it gonna get you killed with good intentions. You have been through a lot, but this isn't a game, you need to get your head, and all the rest of you working and on point. You are headed out soon, so get some rest, and eat some more." WIth the Venessa stood up and ruffled Tracy's hair. Ruby gently held on to Venessa's hand, and let go as Venessa walked away.

    Tracy closed her eyes as she felt the coolness of the metal of the ship against her head relax her. She finished the bar, but couldn't be bothered standing up again. So just lay down under the ship, and fell asleep almost before her head rested on the ground.

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  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Caregg Oldathan
    Commenor, Battle of, excerpted from Legacy of the Force: Fury

    At times like this, Lieutenant Caregg Oldathan wondered who creaked more - himself, or the ageing K-wing assault starfighter that he flew. Both of them had been recalled from honourable retirement to active duty when the civi; war had begun, and both were in dire need of maintenance and rest.

    Not that they were likely to get any today. Rising through high planetary orbit to the engagement zone, where Alliance ships were once again arriving to assault planetary defence forces, he shook his head and offered up a near-silent curse. The Alliance units being brought to bear against them were not enough to crack Commenor's defences, but were sufficient to keep them from being deployed to other theatres of war. They were enough to wear those forces down over time, and Oldathan was certain they were doing their job.

    "One minute to contact," he said. "Weapons check."

    "Lasers in the green." That was the voice of Lieutenant Danen, his bombardier-gunner for this mission. He occupied the starboard cockpit of the vehicles dual-cockpit arrangement. "Bangers report operable."

    Bangers were, in Commenori military parlance, concussion missiles, and this K-wing's hardpoint attachments were laden with them. Oldathan would have preferred boomers, or proton torpedoes - his starfighters primary mission was to prey on capital ships - but at this point in the conflict they were in short supply.

    The next voice over the comm board was not Danen's but that of their flight controller, operating from a sensor station on the ground. "Grayfeather Squadron, report."

    Oldathan frowned. "Grayfeather One here."

    "Divert to heading one-eight-oh immediately. We're picking up an intermittent blip that suggest a vessel approaching on the night side, but we can't get a fix on it. Coordinates should be on your sensor board."

    When they reached the target zone, they found it empty of airborne traffic except for one ground-based courier shuttle sprinting off into space, its crew hoping to get clear of the planet's gravity well and enter hyperspace before Alliance forces detected and intercepted it. Nothing else showing up on sensors.

    Danen's voice interrupted his musings. "I just saw a star disappear."

    "Sure you did." Oldathan checked his sensor board again. He saw nothing but the five starfighters of his squadron. "If the Alliance can make whole stars disappear, we need to surrender now."

    No, really. In the Jeweled Lizard. Second star from the end of the tail."

    Oldathan craned his neck to look upward, then brought the nose of the K-wing up so it would be easier for him to look. Sure enough, the tail of the familiar constellation had only four stars in it now, not five.

    Then the missing star reappeared.

    Almost holding his breath, Oldathan sent the K-wing into a spiralling climb toward that distant point in space, widening the pattern as he ascended. A moment later, the last star in the lizard's tail vanished, then reappeared seconds afterward.

    And there was still nothing on his sensors.

    "Grayfeather One to squadron, Grayfeather One to Starfighter Control. We have an anomaly here, spaceward from my position, distance unknown, size unknown. Suspect it may be a cloaked vessel." Starship cloaking mechanisms were rare due to the tremendous power drains they cost their host vehicles, and, depending on the design, the usually fatal price of the vehicle controllers having no ability to detect anything outside their cloaking fields. But they did exist, and had been used within living memory.

    "Grayfeather one, acknowledged."

    "Everybody, keep at it, update sightings on our sensor board. I'm heading up." Oldathan switched back to fleet frequency, then sent his K-wing on a rapid ascent straight toward the target. "Control, blip is definitely an inbound ship. We're triangulating to get its speed of approach."

    Under constant acceleration, Grayfeather One closed the distance to the target in short order. Oldathan decelerated and swung wide of the incoming vessel's approach path - not being able to see it or precisely calculate its speed made him twitchy, nervous about collision.

    But now his target was easy to detect. Sensors still not pick it up, nor could the naked eye, but there was a growing dark spot in space where stars just blanked out.

    A big dark spot in space. "Danen, can you give me an estimated size?"

    "Uhhhh... Circle it, would you?"

    Oldathan did, drawing ever closer as he manoeuvred. His own estimates made his mouth go dry. "I hope your numbers are friendlier than my guesses."

    "I don't think so. I'd hazard... thirty, forty kilometers across. At least."

    "Grayfeather One to Control Incoming blip is meteor sized. Repeat, meteor sized. Nature and identity still not known. Blip is cloaked. Request authority to fire upon it." There was a chance, a bare chance, that it was a friendly vehicle, planetoid-sized, arriving under the auspices of and with the planetary government, and refusal of authorisation would be a sign that this was the case.

    "Grayfeather, you are authorised to fire."

    "Somethings happening," Danen's voice sounded professionally detached. "Sensor readings - "

    On Oldathan's sensor board, a shape appeared for a moment, a huge shape, then disappeared again. Moments later, it returned... and through the forward canopy he could finally see his target.

    It was roughly oval, but very irregular, with a dark, mottled surface. There was activity on its surface, lights igniting. He increased magnification on his visual scanner and could see small craft launching from what looked like a power plant installation on the surface. One vehicle was a shuttle, there were also a dozen or more starfighters and something that looked like a small, highly modified Blockade Runner-style frigate, but with a prow shaped like a balloon instead of a sledgehammer.

    Danen no longer sounded matter-of-fact. "Nickel-iron asteroid. Millions of tons."

    "We've got to... we've got to..." Words failed Oldathan. There was nothing they could do. It would take hours, maybe days, to mount an operation that could divert or destroy such a target. Commenor had no planetbuster weapons, no Death Star main gun, nothing that could cope with this.

    As he watched, the fleeing enemy craft cleared well away from the asteroid... and then bright lines appeared on the asteroid's surface, as though a giant child were scribbling on it with a pen filled with glowing ink.

    The asteroid separated into dozens of chunks, each massing hundreds or thousands of tons. They drifted apart, moving in a slow, curiously stately fashion away from the center of the explosion that had shattered the asteroid.

    "Got to evacuate..." Helpless, Oldathan shook his head. He had to do something. By an act of will, he got his voice under control again. "Danen, transmit constant sensor feed to Control. Control, here's what coming at you."

    He engaged the K-wing's auxiliary thruster, the one used for short bursts of acceleration, and roared toward the enemy formation, "Hey, Danen."


    "Good working with you."

    "Yeah. You too."


    Aden Kya, as commander of the Blockade Runner, smiled at a successful deployment.

    He looked at his shuttle, piloted by GAG technicians, and his squadron-odd - the Wraiths and Dancers - and keyed the comlink. "Six K-wings incoming; clear them out, and we can leave the system."

    The man knew that this was the blow which would knock Commenor out of the war.

    Once their fleet was destroyed, they would have no ability to recover, and Aden intended to do that next. He watched as his fighters, including Aleph's piloted by Syal, Zueb and so on, and X-wings piloted by Rhoen, Natalia, Tracy, Vua and so forth, were deployed, and they headed to edge of the gravity well which even now was pulling the immense tide of destruction towards the surface of the planet.

    Vua didn't have much to say; he was focused on Tracy.

    Syal blinked at the approaching K-wings, the spreading mass of asteroids, and the squadron of TIE fighters in the distance.

    He knee bounced, and Zueb didn't say anything, for once.

    What had Aden done?

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @I_am_Kooky
    IC: Valin Horn, Mithric Thann, Kolir Hu'lya, Kyle Katarn, Seha Dorvald

    Coruscant Undercity, on the Jacen Mission - excerpted from Legacy of the Force: Fury

    Hours after their arrival at their destination, each Jedi was positioned beneath a different plaza-level access cover - except for Seha, who shared Master Katarn's.

    Valin shared his hands. His palms were bandaged over the scrapes he'd pick up both in getting to this spot and then from the hours of training Seha had put them through, tracing and retracing routes from their assigned stations to the exit point where Master Katarn and Seha were now situated.

    The holocam cable was not the only one that ran from him. Another ran from the earbud he wore to the wall, to which it was attached by a lump of greenish glue. It ran down the shaft and off to the station Katarn and Seha shared.

    Comlink transmissions might be detected, especially so close to the Senate Building, where security was so high. Exchanges of images or feelings through the Force might be detected by Jacen Solo. That left an antiquated but remarkably reliable standby, the intercom.

    Mithric's voice came across it now. "Kolir has got her antenna up and out, and she's receiving HoloNet news."

    Valin snorted. "What's new?"

    "Elements of the Third Fleet, attacked Commenor. In addition to hammering at military forces, they dropped asteroids onto the planet proper. They hit populations centres, like city-buster bombs."

    Valin whistled. "Had to be Colonel Solo's orders, not Admiral Niathal's."

    "That's the weird thing. Apparently it was neither. The task force commander did it on his own initiative. He's to be brought to Coruscant to face charges."

    The next voice Valin heard was Kolir's. "The Commenori are going to retaliate. I mean, beyond just a normal military response. Aren't they?"

    "Probably." That was Master Katarn. "Even if it wasn't because of orders from the Chiefs of State, the GA just violated conventions of war. How is Admiral Niathal going to persuade them that it was a rogue commander, that the Commenori should fight fair? I don't think it's going to happen."

    Valin's holocam view, a wrenching 360-degree panorama, showed distant lights inbound - a short stream of them at ground level. "Heads up, Jedi. Looks like a convoy approaching my position."

    The rear driver's-side door opened and Jacen Solo, his cape fluttering in a light breeze, stepped out.

    Katarn's voice remained maddeningly calm. "Wait until he's a few meters from the vehicle."



    Katarm ignited his lightsaber as he came to a stop a few meters away. "Care to surrender, Colonel Solo?"

    "Not to a traitor." Caedus looked at the other three as their Force-augmented sprints came to an end, leaving them in a semicircle before him. Three Jedi Knights; the younger Horn, the Falleen Mirthric, the Bothan Hu'lya. He resisted the urge to snort. Separately or collectively, these Jedi Knights were no match for him.

    Katarn, though, he was a threat. Still, the Jedi had only moments before GA reinforcements would arrive.

    He sensed Katarn's attack, threw up his blade in a block so well practised that his muscle memory could have performed it while he slept. With his free hand, he gestured at the Bothan Jedi. She was suddenly airborne, hurtling sideways to slam into the Falleen, knocking them both down.

    Katarn's blade struck his, rebounded with a snap-hiss, and came around from the other side as the Jedi master executed a lightning-fast spin. Caedus stepped back from it, not engaging the blade. He watched the blade flash harmlessly past him.

    He stepped forward again into a side kick, aimed not at Katarn but at the onrushing Valin Horn. His boot heel caught the Jedi Knight on the point of his chin, knocking Horn backward off his feet.

    Two seconds had passed since the attack began.

    Only Seha's head protruded from the pavement hatch as she watched her four companions assault Colonel Solo.

    And Seha still had one task to perform.

    In her free hand she held a patch of black cloth. It was square, five centimeters to a side, and very soft and pliant, despite the fact that its center layer consisted of circuitry embedded in a flexible polymer.

    With her own Force powers, so much less subtle than those of her allies, she sent the cloth patch flying, centimeters above ground level, toward the fight.

    But she couldn't sent it on to her target, not yet. Master Katarn had been most clear about that. She had to wait until things were at their most chaotic, their most distracting.

    So she guided the patch ever closer to the fight, but waited, waited...

    Caedus heard a siren - an oncoming GAG vehicle. No, two - maybe three.

    Ah. So they were not responding with brilliant speed to an alarm. They were chasing the Jedi escape vehicle. Caedus swng a Horn, a blow meant not to connect but to cause the young Jedi to flinch away into the path of the Falleen, which he did. While they were interfering with each other, Caedus gestured at the Bothan Jedi, hurling her toward Katarn.

    Katarn hurled his lightsaber off to the side and caught Hu'lya with both hands, preventing her from falling, prepared to pull her out of harms way if Caedus followed through.

    Caedus did not. He kept his senses on Katarn's lightsaber, and, when it vectored to fly toward him from the side, he negligently swatted it away with his own blade.

    Fifteen seconds.

    Caedus gave Katarn and Hu'lya a little smile. "You could save yourselves a lot of pain by telling me now where Luke has set up the new Jedi headquarters. I swear, when you are in my hands, you will answer that question."

    The Bothan got her feet back under her and stood at the ready.

    Katarn caught his returning lightsaber. "Meaning you will torture us to death. Are you listening to yourself, Jacen? Do you even know who you are anymore."

    "I do. It's you who have no idea who I am."

    He felt Force energy growing within Mithric and Horn. He gestured, telekinetically yanking the Bothan forward, positioning her between him and them. He felt their Force exertion as it was suddenly cut off.

    Katarn advanced, lightsaber at the ready. Caedus withdrew before him. With part of his awareness, he was keeping track of the four inbound vehicles, plotting their trajectories...

    Caedus reached out a hand as if intending to hurl Katarn away from him. The Jedi Master raised his own hand, a deflecting gesture. But Caedus exerted himself against the oncoming GAG speeder, yanking it down and toward all of them.

    A moment's inattention or focus elsewhere. That's all it ever took. By the time Katarn felt the speeding coming toward him - spinning, its stern a mere tow meters from his back - it was already too late for him to send a command even to Force-augmented nerves and muscles. His face changed with the awareness of danger.

    Then the speeder's port quarter his his back, hurling him forward to slam into Caedus. The speeder, continuing its out-of-control motion, slid through the location of the other Jedi, knocking Hu'lya to the permacrete, causing Horn and Mithric to leap to safety.

    Katarn now stood so close to Caedus that every facial feature was visible, every scar and line in his weathered face, every hair on his brow, moustache, and beard.

    Caedus felt a rush of satisfaction, enjoyment, as Katarn's expression turned from one of surprise to pain. Katarn looked down to see Caedus's lightsaber buried to its hilt in his chest.

    A noise, something halfway between a groan and a death rattle, emerged from Katarn's lips. Smiling, Caedus yanked his lightsaber free and let the stricken Jedi Master fall face-first on the pavement.

    Seha felt all breath leave her body, as though it had been her chest, not Katarn's, that had been pierced. Jacen Solo's exultation washed through the Force and over her like a wave at a beach, almost knocking her free from the rung she held.

    No, no, no... The words rang in her head and were echoed by Mithric. The Falleen Jedi howled as he charged Solo, his anguish giving him speed and strength as he threw blow and blow at his enemy.

    Things were at their most chaotic.

    She focused herself on the distant black patch. It was now only three meters from where Colonel Solo disinterestedly blocked Mithric's attacks.

    Seha's vision blurred with tears. She dashed them away and flicked a hand at the distant patch. As Colonel Solo twirled, causing his cloak to flare up and away from him, the patch flew to its lower hem and merged with it.

    Now the three Jedi Knights assailed Solo all-out, a fighter they were doomed to lose. Seha could not save them. Her tasks were accomplished. She should leave before Colonel Solo detected her.

    No, she couldn't. Not while a good man, a teacher, lay dead on the duracrete in an enemy capital, She reached out to Kyle Katarn.

    His body jerked and a slid a meter toward her.

    One of the GAG troopers fired his blaster at Mithric. Kolir, hobbling, managed to get her lightsaber blade up and caught the bolt.

    Seha saw the Jedi exchanging words. Valin spun away from the engagement with Jacen and moved toward the trooper. That man fired again and Valin deflected the bolt with his lightsaber - deflected it straight toward Jacen. The improvised attach evidently came as a surprise: the bolt grazed Jacen's right leg, sending him to his knee. Mithric redoubled his attack, hammering away at his defence like a tool-smith on a primitive world battering away at stubborn harvester droid.

    Kolir, bent over from distress more than pain, hesitated, then turned and moved at a fast hobble toward the shuttle.

    She pulled one last time and Master Katarn, shoulders-first, slid into her grasp.

    Katarn's eyes opened. His voice was little more than a wheeze. "Go!"

    "You're alive!"

    "Girl, leave me."

    Seha yanked the hatch shut. She took a few moments to patch one of her explosive charges into the holocam goggles she would be leaving behind. Then she scrambled down the ladder. "I'm going to get you out alive. Or we can blow up together."

    Caedus hadn't felt the blaster bolt coming. His concentration was slipping.

    And this madman of a Falleen Jedi was starting to beat down his parries. His strength was slipping.

    He wasn't yet recovered from his duel with Luke. And now, as more of his troopers began firing, Horn began deflecting more bolts at him. The imprecise, barely aimed nature of the attacks worked in Horn's favour. The shots were unpredictable and Caedus had to divide his attention between a mad swordsman and a growing number of half-blind snipers.

    But he was still the best lightsaber dueliest around - excepting possibly Luke, perhaps the best there had ever had been.

    Caedus waited until the timing was perfect, waited until an incoming bolt arrived at the same moemnt as one of Mithric's attacks so he could devote a single maneuver to both. He caught Mithric's blow toward th hilt of his lghtsaber. He caught the bolt near the tip, deflecting it up and straight into Mithric's chest.

    Mithric staggered back, the center of his chest blackened, as the smell of burned skin and meat filled the air. Caedus leapt up and executed a precise, lateral blow.

    Mithric's head fell from his shoulders. His body toppled down half a second later.

    Caedus gestured towards his troopers, signalling them to cease fire, They did; not the only ranged fire to be heard came from the speeders, still chewing the shuttle to pieces.

    Caedus flexed his injured leg experimentally and decided it was not too bad. It would take his weight and allow him some footwork. He gestured toward Horn. "You going to try this alone?"

    Horn shook his head.

    Caedus smiled. "You're a fraction of the man your father is."

    "Funny. That's what I was going to say to you." Horn seemed to blur as he dashed toward the shuttle, his sprinting speed augmented by the Force.

    "Don't be an idiot! That thing will never take off again."

    No matter. The shuttle would not take off; Horn or Hy'lya, or both, would be captured, and after a lengthy interrogation, Caedus would know where Luke and the Jedi were now hiding.

    He bent over to pick up Mithric's head by its ponytail. The Falleen's eye were still open, staring forward, eerily lifelike, but his skin colour had gone to gray. Caedus dropped the head and looked arond.

    Where was Katarn?

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider, as your son was mentioned, and @The Real Kyp Durron, as both of you may even feel Kyle's injury due to your connection as friends - might be relevant to the wedding!
    IC: Iella Wessiri

    Passing through the Castillon system

    Wedge looked at his comlink, and Iella could feel how glum he was. They were very much getting drawn into this, and though they had been on the edges of society for more than a month on the run - with the Confederation and GA both wanting to arrest, torture and/or kill them.

    But now Luke, the Hapans and the Wookiees were separate, let alone Tehanis and her squadrons from Rogue Wing... there was the inevitable third side forming when both factions were so unreasonable. Even the war between the Empire and Rebellion had included the third faction - the Separatists, though they had a much smaller impact on the course of the conflict outside of the Atravis Sector Massacres; a series of conflicts over twenty five years where the factions devastated the sector, even fighting three-way battles at time.

    Iella refocused. "You know this data will make it to the GAG soon enough. We should present it to Luke, so he can take advantage."

    Wedge nodded, mutely. "Which means we have to go the Jedi base directly; we can't risk a message or courier."

    "But the others?"

    He nodded again. "Get this data to Face, to Kirney, to Adam, to Goran, to Droma..."

    "Even Droma?" Iella said, surprised.

    "We trust him, don't we?"

    "We don't exactly know what he's been doing for about a decade."

    "Do it."

    Iella nodded, and sent the data across the wavelengths, and of course it would also cross the paths of the Society sooner rather than later - and thus Bernael, potentially rudderless now Ebony had cut her ties from her employee unless he wanted to head back to Adalia or Aden now. But now; the balance of the war was about to be shot, and he, Ebony and Renn would need to act on this data, and get it to the right people.

    Sadras Koyan, Corellia's Five Worlds Prime Minister, is talking to the GA about changing sides. Analysts suspect that the boost of hope he might have received when the Hapans withdrew from the war was lost when they isolated themselves from the Confederation again, and that he would much prefer to be on the winning side.

    This was pretty big, to be fair.

    It was the end of the war itself if Corellia jumped.

    Jacen would win; not after weeks or months of grinding down the Confederation with his almost even number of hulls, but instantly.

    TAG: @adaml83, @darthbernael
    IC: Admiral Rogriss

    Communication with Trec, Adumar to Eriadu

    It was a decently encrypted line, but Rogriss didn't intend to convey a great deal of data. Just a rendezvous, in the Corellian Sector. "Prime Minister Koyan has requested all your assets be redeployed to a Corellian task force headed up by the Victory-class Star Destroyer Valorum. I've a personal request from Supreme Commander Phennir that you agree to this, as it involves a delaying tactic to keep Jacen Solo busy, apparently - something we need to do. When you arrive, you'll be under a comm's blackout, so keep that in mind."

    "How much can you and the Eriaduan's rustle up on short-notice?"

    Of course, this didn't pick at the various discussions they needed to get through, but they would in due course.

    Elsewhere aboard the Eriaduan Station

    Welmo wandered, still looking, as much as Droma stopped and paused, staring at the various news updates.

    This was insanity.

    In short order, the news about Commenor would break on all their comlinks.

    TAG: @adaml83 (combo), updated TAGs for @Anedon, @Adalia-Durron, @adaml83
    IC: Admiral Babo

    Aboard the Ranger, isolated, not far from Hawkbat Base

    Still staying clear away from the festivities, Babo reflected on a message from Phennir. It was a layer on his earlier request for data about the Corellian VSD Valorum and other ships present at the skirmish at Kuat, one which the Sabaton had attended less than a few weeks ago - back when Tehanis was still leading a squadron of pilots for the GA.

    Corellian PM Koyan has requested starfighter support for a black-ops deployment to stall Solo. Request Colonel Tehanis free up what ships she can for the deployment. It's in three days time; coordinates of the Corellian rendezvous are attached.

    Babo frowned, and tapped his furred chin. Maybe it was time to lean on one of the pilots. He pulled out his comlink. "Loriana? It's Babo. I need to brush up on my flight-experience on a flight simulator... are you free to head back to the Ranger and help out an old Bothan?"

    Meanwhile, Luke, sitting in deep thought after another irritatingly insightful discussion with his son, Ben, regarded his comlink. It was a message of a message of a message, conveyed by Cilghal from all manner of go-between. It wasn't safe, which meant it was urgent.

    He smiled in-spite of himself.

    Coming with opportunity; will need your best pilots on this.

    It was from Wedge.

    Without another thought, Luke sent a message requesting Kyp and Corran head home as soon as possible. It would probably not be read until the end of their wedding, such as it was, but it was there, ready for then.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: White Eyes
    Vexed in the Shadows of Korriban

    There had been some setbacks, and most of them involved his apprentice, Darth Wyyrlok. After some seventy years of service, White Eyes was weighing up the pros and cons of keeping the man on as his Voice... notwithstanding that he was a useful barrier between himself and Darth Krayt, who White Eyes had accepted into his Grand Design - but always reluctantly.

    But at least Eriadu had been destabilised, with many of the One Sith's enemies gathered there. In short order, they would be unified by their enemy, Aden Kya, now that White Eyes had allowed a modified Corellian Corvette to fall into his hands. He wouldn't be able to help himself... and he would go too far.

    This Society though, they were proving irritating. He needed to kill them - all of them - and preferably violently. Jacen Solo was a problem enough, just like his late Master, Lumiya. But now? More and more threats were emerging from the woodwork and White Eyes didn't have absolute control over all of his assets.

    This wasn't twenty-odd years, ago, when White Eyes had handed a Sith artefact to a Dark Jedi and used her to distract the Jedi to run his more important plans by Skywalker... plans foiled by an irritating group of heroes and even villains... this was everything, potentially, that he had underway in Known Space. Centerpoint Station, the Centrist conspiracy in the Galactic Alliance, the One Sith themselves...

    He wondered how much Jacen Solo would cost him.

    He rued what damage Aden Kya could do.

    He looked forward to whatever Adalia Tehanis would eventually do to little Lord Insipid.

    One day soon, White Eyes absently hoped.

    TAG: No-One

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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Welmo Darb, Ilona Malek (combo with @Sinrebirth )

    Welmo was looking for the Malek family in the arriving pilots and Eriaduans, conscious that not everyone knew everyone and there was likely to be some confusion until someone took command.

    It wasn’t going to be him, anyway.

    Ilona felt her gaze pulled away from Droma and instead to someone else, standing in the back of the hall. Anger and shame overcame her as she recognized him. What was he doing here? Something was wrong. Hoping that Adrian and Marie could handle Droma on their own she left them and walked straight towards her ex boyfriend.

    Welmo saw her making a bee-line for her, and steeled himself. Recalling all his training, he pasted a pleasant expression on his face and waved at her. "Hi, Ilona." He managed to make it sound sheepish - embarrassed, even.

    Ilona´s hand slapped his face so hard that she felt the just reattached arm hurt. She shouldn´t have done that, she scolded herself but the rage had come over her once she had seen that smug expression on his face again, and so she had been unable to control herself for a second. "What are you doing here?" she asked him harshly but also tried to keep her voice down, not wanting Adrian to hear what was happening.

    Welmo deserved that.

    He hadn't expected it, but he'd deserved it. He managed not to stumble, and hoped the slap didn't echo all that much. There had been a part of him which had half-hoped she'd kiss him, rather than slap him... but it was a long time ago now. Or, it felt like it.

    Working his jaw, he touched the stinging cheek and set his teeth. "I returned to Eriadu when Coruscant started putting Corellians in camps. I've been working my way back up to frontline work. People knew that I had a connection to you, and I wanted back in, so I didn't disabuse them of their belief that it was a good connection. Here I am, doing my part."

    He grimaced. "I was aboard that gunboat that just saved your families backside in the jungle, if it helps."

    Ilona tried her best not to raise an eyebrow at this monologue. So you felt troubled when they began putting corellians in camps... and so you came to severe a nobility that does similar things to non humans every day? "Your part? You mean find another girl who is naive enough to fall for you?"

    Her face softened for a second as he mentioned he had been there to help her family, "Well then I think I owe you a thanks for that..." But it opened another question and her face hardened again, "then why are you here now? I´ve given Kat command of the squad, if you are a part of it shouldn´t you be there now?" Can´t believe Kat let him in, guess its my fault, should have told her what he really is.

    Welmo saluted, sarcastically. "I'm sorry. I wanted to see this - the hustle, bustle. The Malek family has been instrumental in getting Eriadu to dedicate to the Confederation at last - and a bunch of Adumari pilots coming to our aide, let alone all these rumours about a connection to rogue pilots... I wanted to be at the heart of things."

    "Sue me."

    He pushed off the wall he was leaning on. "If you don't believe me - maybe I just wanted to see you."

    Welmo went to go, but not particularly fast, so she could have the last word. He remembered her well enough to know that she'd want that. He had wanted to see her sooner rather than later so he could get on with things.

    So he actually thinks he still has a chance? Iloan couldn´t believe it, but it made sense to her, if he had played the lovesick dork he had acted as perviously Kat might have given in and allowed him to come here. She would have to have a serious word with her when this was over, so much was sure.
    "See me? Well here I am, I hope that satisfies you for the rest of your life. Cause I got no intrest in seeing you again." The words where harsh, especially when spoken towards someone she had once loved. He never loved you, she told herself. The creep just saw you as a way to advance in society, and get some sex on top of it, he never cared for you. The pain had been with her for many years but not seeing him had made it go away and she wouldn´t let it come back now. Turning away from him she walked back to the others, fighting the desire to pull around to him one last time.

    Welmo couldn't resist looking at her as she went. She was the most likely to pin him down, and it made sense to speak to her before she did. But that didn't mean he had enjoyed that. His cheek still stung, but he could handle it.

    "See ya," he muttered to himself, and trudged off.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jem Vercetti, Emaline
    Hawkbat base, Hangar deck - the love base! :p

    The celebrations had begun, he watched as they’d signed the legal documents on data pads and cut what looked to be a delicious cake hastily produced in the base kitchen. Congratulations offered and now people were starting to relax a little.

    “Dance?” Jem leaned over Emaline’s shoulder.

    She glanced back as she finished her piece of cake. “Me?” She turned. “You’ve never danced with me before.” Emaline was confused.

    Jem took her plate and put it on a nearby table. “Well I am now, what do you say Em?” he asked holding his hand out to her.

    She grinned and took it. “I would love to Good Sir, shall we?” she said with an air of grace.

    Guiding her to the small floor where Whistler and Sparks were playing soft music. “I have to warn you, I did not inherit my sisters’ sense of rhythm.” He explained as he placed his arm around her waist. “Nor her sense of commitment.” He added taking her hand and pulling her close.

    Emaline frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She allowed him to hold her, it felt nice as they began to sway to the music.

    He shrugged. “It was nice today, quickly arranged but nice, wasn’t it?” He asked, he was fishing now, something he was good at.

    She put her head on his shoulder smiling. “It was, so romantic. No song and dance, not expensive trimmings, just what was needed and what they said…….it was honest and from the heart. That’s what it should be, not the circus my cousins was a few months back, and look how long that lasted!” She rolled her eyes, “I heard my Aunt say 20,000 credits!”

    Jem smiled. “That was a display for sure.” He recalled it, “Seven bridesmaids, bit over the top.” He bit his lip for a moment. “So you’d be happy with something quiet and simple….like this was?”

    She nestled into him. “Of course, the point of a wedding is not the fan fair, it’s the joining to two into one. Oh, I do like the dressing up and being fancy a bit, but not all the ridiculous things.”

    Jem smiled. “I agree. So….” He drew a steadying breath. “What do you say?”

    Emaline was so content at this point her eyes close she muttered. “About what?”

    “Would you marry me?” He asked softly.

    Her eyes shot open as she stood up to face him. “What? What did you say?”

    Jem grinned. “Well, with all the romance going on around here and they way it’s taken Addie so damn long to get here, I started to wonder why she waited? She said herself she had regrets.” He released her hand and put both arms around her. “I don’t want regrets. I look at you and see you’ve followed me, without question, half way across the galaxy, you’ve not complained and you’ve shown nothing but support and love to me. Why would I make her mistake and wait ten years to acknowledge that I’ve found you?” He gave his head a quick shake. “I won’t. I don’t have a ring or anything like that, this was a decision from the heart. So? Will you?”

    Emaline’s heart was racing, her blood pumping so loud in her ears it was almost drowning him out, but thankfully she could hear his words. His loving honest and beautiful words. “Now? Today?” She asked in a breathless voice.

    “No, not today, and not like your silly cousin did, but soon, yeah?” he explained.

    She swallowed hard and began to nod as tears welled up in her eyes. “Yes, YES! I will marry you Jem Vercetti! And I won’t wait years for it!”

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Mirax and Corran Horn
    Location: Hawkbat Base (classified)

    The cake was somewhat of a success. It was amazing what they had done in preparation for this wedding and reception... in a former New Republic base. The aesthetics reminded Corran of his days with Rogue Squadron. Before the incident with the pirate group, the Invids.

    “This is nice.” Mirax whispered.

    “Hmm?” Corran glanced down as they both swayed. The music playing was a waltz.

    “This escape.” Mirax said as they turned. He twirled her and they came back together.

    “Takes us back, doesn’t it?” Corran murmured.

    “I suppose it does. Do you miss those days?” Mirax looked up. There was a twinkle in her eyes. “Flyboy?”

    Corran smiled and chuckled softly. “I suppose things were a bit more clear cut than they are now. The Empire was this big baddie that needed toppling and to do so was from the seat of an X-Wing.” He tilted his chin and indicated to the Jedicred, fashioned as a pendant, that nestled against her chest. “Then it became more complicated as I followed the path of my heritage.”

    “Shhh... don’t over think.” Mirax hushed and nuzzled gently. “Just enjoy the moment.”

    He nodded as he focused onto her eyes. Pretending it was just the two of them on the dance floor. “Mirax. You are a goddess. I adore you.”

    “Oh, I adore you too.” Mirax tilted her head and their lips connected in a kiss. “What would my husband say?” She flashed an impish smile.

    “I am afraid he cannot come between our... adoration.” Corran did his best to not laugh. “Run away with me, tonight.”

    “Oh...” Mirax breathed. “...yes. Why wait? Why not now?”

    “I am game if you are. Will you need to pack?”

    “I have all I need.” She whispered. “There’s only the stars...” She tugged him towards the edge of the makeshift dance floor. “...and our love.”

    “Wait...” Corran whispered seriously. “You mean now now?”

    “So close... Yes, now!” Mirax looked past his shoulder to the others and back to him. “They won’t miss us.”

    Mirax took Corran’s hand and she lead him across the hangar towards the Pulsar Skate. Corran was conscious not to trip on the hem of her deep emerald gown as they ran. Once they reached the yacht, she turned and embraced him tightly. A small thunk sound as they connected with the landing strut.


    “Sorry!” She hissed and stifled a laugh.

    “I...Mmmm...” Corran felt her lips press to his and kissed feverishly. One hand reaching up, he hit the control to lower the boarding ramp. The hydraulics whined as the ramp lowered into position. “...m’kay..” he finished between kisses.

    Guiding each other up and into the ship, Mirax raised a foot back and undid her shoe and tossed it aside. Then the same for the other one. The shoes clattered against the decking before Corran’s jacket landed atop of them.

    Mirax stepped back to the access way to their cabin. She dipped her chin as her gaze shifted between his mesmerising green eyes and his lips and back again.

    “Just the stars... and our love.” She breathed, repeating what she said moments before.

    “From here to eternity...” Corran stepped to close the distance.

    Mirax teeth pressed against her bottom lip as she flashed one of her impish smiles. “A classic...” She said just before they kissed again.

    Corran felt her hands to his chest, undoing his shirt as he brought his arms about her. His hands glided along her back, feeling the silken smooth material of her gown as they stumbled deeper into the cabin. Reaching up, he cupped her cheeks and kissed deeply. Breathing in her scent.

    Mirax tilted her head to his touch, felt his fingers brush back a stray lock of hair. She pulled back from the kiss a fraction to whisper softly. “I love you.”

    “I love you too...” Corran whispered over her lips before connecting again

    Mirax enjoyed the warmth of his hands as they travel downward, from her cheeks to her neck, fingers brush over her clavicle, along her sternum to the pendant. She shifted her shoulder to allow the strap of her gown to slip off and drop. She freed her arm out and then felt him assist with freeing the other before wrapping her arms about his shoulders, drawing them together in a tight embrace.

    Mirax paused as she felt Corran hesitate. She leaned her head back to see his expression, their noses touching. He had this far off look in his eyes.

    “What is it?” She whispered. Feeling somewhat perplexed by the shift of behaviour.

    “It could be over thinking...” Corran started.

    She pouted. She gazed at him with concern in her eyes. “Yes?”

    Corran shook his head. “It’s a feeling... or maybe a warning... that something... happened to the Coruscant team...”

    “Valin?” Mirax breathed. “Can you tell if he is okay?”

    Corran paused, his eyes closed. His expression was serene, of meditation. “Our son is alive... he is distressed though I don’t think he was injured. Kyle on the other hand... there was pain, his presence is... flickering... faint.”

    Mirax stepped back and sat down on the edge of the bed. Relief that their son was alive but who knows what danger he now faced. There was disbelief that Kyle may have fallen. “He can’t be dead. I swear that old bastard will outlive us all.”

    “Kyle is a survivor. I wouldn’t count him out just yet. I should warn Kyp-“

    “Don’t!” Mirax shook her head and rose to her feet. “Let the couple have their moment. We need to think things out.”

    “If the mission has failed...” Corran started but his voice trailed off. “I believe in Valin’s capabilities.” He said softly. “He is resourceful. He would do-“

    “What we would do.” Mirax gave a tight smile. “I know. But that doesn’t make the worry any less.”

    “I know...” He nodded and started pacing. “I best inform the Base Commander of our departure.”

    “Here.” Mirax grabbed Corran’s shirt and tossed it to him. “You might need that.”

    “Right...” he caught it and threaded his arms through, not bothering doing it up. “I’ll be back soon...” He stepped towards her.

    She put an arm around his waist to give a quick hug and gave his chin a kiss. “I know. I best get changed.”

    “You do look like a goddess.” He whispered softly.

    “Yes, one of those priceless half naked deity statues.” She mused before gently pushing him towards the door. “Go. I’ll get set and the Skate warmed up.”

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Adalia Tehanis-Durron, Kyp Durron - Whilst gratitude to Adalia for this I am in agreeance that the above is exceptional
    Hawkbat Base - Hangar Dec

    Time, an abstract concept and one they had little of. Now that they’d signed the documents required he knew their time together was short. He’d taken her hand and led her away from the congratulations and celebrations to the Crystal Dawn’s ramp. Once on board he took her in his arms and held her close. “Can’t stay long.” He spoke before capturing her lips in a deep kiss. “Have to go soon.” He added before he nuzzled into her neck. Her scent was intoxicating.

    “I know.” She muttered, running her fingers through his hair. “I like it clean like this, wonder how hard it’d be for you to keep that up?” She closed her eyes at the feel of his breath on her neck. “Stop that………….you know……what…it does….” she sighed trailing off as tingles began to run up and down her spine.

    “I do.” He muttered as he entwined his fingers in the done-up laces of her gown. He’d noted earlier how it laced up down the back. “I also know we really don’t have time for this, but...” Gently he began to kiss her neck as he undid the gown.

    “No…….time, maybe....we…” She so wanted to surrender but the timing was wrong, or was it? “We shouldn’t….but…” She protested weakly; it was weak as she knew it’d been 6 months since…..her thoughts were distracted. She’d twisted her fingers into his locks as she leaned into him only to be kicked. “Oooh!” She pulled away suddenly, attempting to take her hands to her belly but only to have them tangled in his hair.

    “Ouch!!” She was pulling his hair hard. Kyp attempted to untangle himself in frustration. “What did I do?”

    “Not you, seems Junior isn’t fond of us getting friendly.” She grumbled in an annoyed tone. “He kicked me and really hard.” She’d finally managed to get her fingers free and now held her stomach. “He must be yours…….”

    “Oh no Ads. That’s all you.” He placed his hands over the top of hers. “You’re the one always pushing people away.”

    Adalia looked up to him, “I do not…..” She pouted before sighing loudly. “Yeah, ok, I do, but I wasn’t this time!”

    “I know.” He wrapped his arm about her again. “Where was I?” He asked playfully pulling at the lacings.

    Adalia smirked. “No, closer, you were closer.” She grabbed the front of his shirt and eased him into her. “And there was some other stuff going on.” She added as she bit her bottom lip and slipped one hand into his shirt.

    “Oh? Do I get instructions on to what that was?” This was a game now. One he planned to win.

    She lifted her free hand and pulled her hair back, exposing her neck and offering it up. “Here.” She smiled before running her fingers down from her hairline slowly.

    “Arh. An invitation?” He breathed before leaning in to resume his previous actions.

    Closing her eyes, she began to undo his shirt, one button at a time. “We really don’t have time.” She whispered.

    “I know.”

    The shivers were back, she loved them so much as she slipped her other hand under his shirt. “We shouldn’t.”

    “I know” He had no intention of stopping. It’d been so long since they’d been alone. Too long in his mind and he was going to make time. The lacings were undone as he returned to her lips. “Not here.” He muttered between kisses.

    She knew what he meant and opened one eye to attempted to get her bearings. She saw the hatchway to their main bed chamber and knew what direction she had to go so she flattened her hands on his chest and began to gently push him back into the room.

    No resistance. That was his aim as he moved backward when a sudden feeling of pain washed over him through the Force. He stepped back releasing her and frowned as his hand touched his head. Something was wrong and it was coming through the Force.

    “What is it?” Adalia knew that look, she couldn’t feel it herself but someone was hurt, someone he knew was in danger.

    He closed his eyes to concentrate and focus. The presence was Kyle and he was only inches from death. “Jacen.” He breathed as he put his hand on the nearby door frame to support himself. “I think Jacen’s struck Kyle down.”

    Adalia’s heart jumped as she bit her lip, she knew Kyle. “Can you….we….help him?” She didn’t know what to say, had no idea where Kyle was or how he’d managed to get close enough to Jacen to be hit or hurt. “Tell me, what can we do to help?” She was feeling desperate and useless all in one.

    Kyp gave his head a shake. “Nothing. We can do nothing from here.” He turned to face her just as his commlink chimed softly. Pulling it out he read the message. “Corran and I have to go.” His voice grave. “Things are changing fast. I think Luke’s ready to move.” He turned to her. “Get your gear. I’m sure you can travel on the Skate. Or take the Dawn if you want but we have to go.” He didn’t want this to end this way but he felt the choices were now taken from him.

    Adalia paused slightly and then shook her head. “No, I’m not going with you.” The words almost hurt saying them but she knew her duty.

    “What do you mean you’re not coming with me?” Kyp didn’t understand what she was saying. She was married and pregnant now and staying in a dangerous situation made no sense.

    “I mean I made a commitment to Adam and this team; they’ve come together for me; I can’t just walk away from that; you have to know that.” she was almost pleading but it was painful to her as she held her gown, as it was slipping down.

    “You can’t seriously tell me you are going into battle….like this!?” He indicated toward the swell of their child. “You want to risk this? Risk him?!”

    “Kriff no! Well not in this gown at least, and I know Adam won’t let me do anything crazy, but I have to be here.” Adalia could see he didn’t understand. “Adam got me away from Aden,….. from Jacen.” She rubbed her temple with one hand as the faint memories were still there. “I was in way over my head without you, making bad decisions on top of making bad moves. I need to fix this, and I am what they need to do this. Even if it’s just as a figure head to aim at Aden.” She stepped forward and put her hands on his chest releasing her gown. “Trust me, I would never endanger our son, but I feel like it’s my job to take Aden down and its yours to hit at Jacen. Team work.” She explained quietly. “It’s what we do best.” She kissed him gently attempting to reassure him.

    He hated this. Hated that she was right more than anything. Kyp did not like being wrong. “I’ll do what I have to do and you promise me that when you are doing what you have to that you take no stupid risks?”

    “I promise, swear on my life,… that’s wrong, you know what I mean. I swear I’ll come,” she paused and smiled, “we’ll come to you as soon as we can.” She meant her words and was sure he’d feel that.

    “I know.” He placed his hands either side of her face. “You’d better. Not even told anyone back there about this.” He kissed her before adding. “And I want to show off my bride and soon my son.”

    “Our son.” she corrected before wrapping her arms around his neck and returning the kiss before stepping back and pulling the gown up again. “Come on, we have to go…” She turned around. “Do me up?”

    Kyp looked at her gown. They were too far from Kyle to help. Luke would know coming back to Endor would take time. “You know………we may not get this chance again. We can’t help Kyle and ….” He stepped forward and loosened the ribbons holding the gown on her a little more before he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Come on Ads. Promise it won’t take too long.” He encouraged gently.

    Adalia smirked. “As opposed to any other time?” she tormented over her shoulder.

    He stepped back and took hold of the lacings. “Sure.” He pulled hard on them drawing the gown closed very tightly.

    Adalia grabbed at her chest. “Ok…KRIFF!!! I probably deserved that!” She gasped.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jesse Coulson
    Hawkbat Base - somewhere away from the Celebrations and mush of what is clearly 'THE LOVE BASE!'

    Jesse had found a quiet room with a small viewport in the form of a hole cut through the Asteroid with a transparasteel cover. He’d been staring out of it watching the debris roll past slowly for around 40 minutes. His bitterness was gone, his frustration faded, and he was left with a sad empty feeling now. She was gone from him and clearly, she was happy, the smile on her face, the words she spoke, it all pointed to it. He’d accepted it now, and it was time to rejoin the group and congratulate her. It was a fantasy, and it was over now. Taking a deep breath, he unfolded his arm and ran his hands over his head before turning and leaving the room.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    OOC: A combo with @Adalia-Durron post ceremony :)

    Ceremony was done, congratulations given and there was cake! Rooty loved cake and was happy to get a piece. He turned to Loriana "Did you want some?" he asked, "Or would you like to share mine. I can get two forks."

    Loriana smiled. "I want my own slice. It looks too delicious. Thank you for asking."

    He'd tried, but this wasn't over. Getting her a piece he passed it back to her as he glanced to the small area where some, actually a very small amount, people were dancing. "Maybe afterwards, I can interest you in a dance?"

    Loriana recalled her bantering exchange with her older brother and younger sister when they'd "practiced" dance steps for their dates. Loriana and her sister were the more graceful of the 3, able to learn and get into the natural rhythm easier. "Sure. Don't know when we'll get the chance to unwind and celebrate something heartwarming at the same time."

    Rooty was thrilled, he'd managed to get the young woman's attention, he hoped he could keep it. He ate his cake quietly watching her, she was sweet, young and probably really innocent in this whole war situation. She'd made the right choice jumping ship, that much was clear. "So, what made you want out of the GA?"

    Loriana considered, making sure to get the very last bit of buttercream icing. "This might sound overly idealistic, but I didn't want to be lined up with anyone or anything that felt the ends justify the means. I have to look in the reflector glass every morning you know? There's a fine line between being resourceful and thinking outside the box and trampling down ally and enemy alike and then still not achieve whatever you were going after. And this whole governed by a Darth behind the lines thing. I didn't want to be anywhere near that kind of thing!"

    Rooty was impressed by her words, but one caught him off guard. "Darth? You think there's a Sith behind all this? Like Palpatine?" Even as the words came out a slight shiver ran down his spine as he wondered if Addie and Adam suspected or even knew this. Suddenly his cake wasn't that interesting.

    "I don't have any way of knowing for sure," Loriana answered, "I'm sorry to spoil the mood. But do you really think Aden Kya is working alone? Doesn't everything seem to ... all the traps ... don't they feel too well-planned? When I was studying Galactic History, the Clone Wars seemed to be all driven by the Separatists. Then came Order 66," Loriana shuddered, "The Jedi Purge and coincidentally, the erstwhile Chancellor Palpatine declares himself Emperor and the Jedi's Golden Boy becomes Vader. Does give you something to think about."

    She was right although Rooty's experience with Aden told him that he was capable of large scale deception. "Kya's clever, you should know that, if Wedge hadn't seen through his charade, we'd all be in prison still. Instead he got 10 years for his crimes, not enough in my mind, tried to destroy all our lives." Rooty was still bitter about what had occurred all those years ago, but thinking back made him smile. It had bonded the Sabers like nothing else really could, water fight on Tatooine, the custom paint jobs, the way the Mandolorian had locked Adam and Addie outside the shields that night till they sorted out their differences. They could have died that night if it wasn't for them reconciling and using body heat to stay warm. His smile slipped to a grin, thinking back they had a few things to thank Aden for. "Have you told anyone else your thoughts?" He took her empty plate and put it under his before placing it on a nearby table. "Cause right now I think I am about to dance with an intelligent, clever and very beautiful lady. My lucky day." He extended his hand to her. "Tell me more."

    Loriana shrugged. "Just unloading my opinions is all. So, what about you? Where'd you come from originally and did you only fly with the Sabers?"

    He filed her comments away for another time. "Me?" He chuckled. "I've been in a few places, couple squadrons but my most memorable times were with the original Wild Knightz and the Shadow Sabers." He made a fist and patted his chest over his heart twice. "A Saber to the core. We went through so much during the Vong war and afterwards, we're bonded, like brothers and sisters." He guided her to the dance floor. "Not great at this but will try for you." He attempted to dazzle her with a smile. "I'm Corellian, sure you figure that out. If you ever get a moment, look up the records of 'The Trio' of the Wild Knightz, if you want a laugh." He wasn't going to tell her they'd been a destructive force that had gotten poor Adalia in more than one dressing down from General Antilles.

    Loriana smiled happily and basked in the melody. "Corellians make the best pilots amongst other things." She grinned as she caught sight of the Horns. "They're a legend too." She laughed. "Call me romantic but I think it's lovely to see a couple who've been together as long enjoying one another's company so obviously."

    Rooty glanced over. "Yeah, not common I have to admit." He had to confess the public show of affection was a little on the romantic side. He'd never been much of a romantic, maybe he could learn something? "So what are the 'other things' Corellian's are good at?" He raised a playful eyebrow curiously.

    Loriana replied, "Any situation that stacks the odds, they seem able to overcome."

    Rooty grinned. "You got me!" he bragged. "Never tell me the odds. Where are you from?" He asked attempting to move more than a shuffle and not stand on her toes.

    "I grew up on Selonia, went to work on Corelia; my brother and sister still live on Selonia; they are joint owners of a transport business."

    He gave a slow nod. "So are you familiar with us lot then?" He glanced over to where Erbas was talking to some of the deck officers and eating cake. "There's a few Corellians with us, I think that's why we're here." He looked back to her. "I am looking forward to working with you. Actually, I'm looking forward to working full stop. So far we've done nothing in this little endeavor, and I wanna fly again!"

    Loriana nodded. "More by reputation and hearsay. I look forward to finding out firsthand how this group of yours does in a crisis. I look forward to flying with a group that feels this cohesive and whom I can trust implicitly."

    Rooty chuckled. "Trust is our middle name!"
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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Corran Horn, Adam Lyons, Kyp Durron, Briana
    Hawkbat Base, Hangar Deck/offices. - Gratitude to @adaml83 and @Corellian_Outrider

    Corran reluctantly left the embrace of Mirax and made his way off the Pulsar Skate in search of the Base Commander Adam Lyons. Retracing his way back to the makeshift dance zone, he kept to the side and continued around to where Whistler was tending to the music selection.

    The white and green domed droid whistled a query.

    Corran knelt down and whispered. “We’re leaving soon. Probably best to wrangle a replacement and find me. I’ll be getting clearance to leave now.”

    Sparks had been lurking nearby having lost sight of both Adalia and Kyp. He'd spent the last few weeks with Kyp so he knew he should have been aware of his location as well. He was Adalia's droid and he should know her whereabouts. His spun his purple dome toward Whistler when he heard him and saw Corran. They were leaving?

    Whistler rotated its dome to Sparks, the Astromech that flew with Kyp recently and tootled a request to take over DJ duties for the dancers.

    They exchanged positions. Whistler warbled a farewell, then extended its stabilising wheel and rolled after Corran.

    Sparks took the role over easily as he faded in some of Adalia's music. It wasn't what the dancers were used to and it seemed many were confused. He was a droid and therefore did not understand the problem.

    Adam and Briana were sitting in one of the smaller rooms that tended to be used for individual debriefs, "So there's nothing left of Kirney's freighter?"

    Briana shook her head, "Nope, but did you actually expect it to survive a crash landing, a fight with some sort of Force user, and a couple of Adumari rocket-propelled bombs?"

    Adam snorted, "Nope, could you do me a favour and let her know for me?"

    There was a knock at the door.

    Kyp had left her alone as she deserved it. He was partially annoyed and partially amused. As he stepped off the ramp he scanned the hangar with both his eyes and the Force. He found Corran heading out toward the offices and rooms nearby. Moving toward him he heard the music stop and a glance told him that Whistler was about to join his owner. Sparks was beside him and he figured he’d take over the music now. Quickening his step he caught up with the Jedi Master. “Did you feel it?” He asked approaching just as the music changed. He didn’t turn around. “That’s her ‘I’m going into battle’ music. Doubt that’s going to go down well.”

    “I wasn’t expecting you anytime soon.”
    Corran glanced over to Kyp. His head turned a bit further to see Whistler approach. “That was fast.” He said to the droid then looked to Kyp. “Yes and probably not... though it is your party now.”

    It had only been a couple of minutes, and he was about to say something about Briana, when he realized that she doesn't knock, "Come in!"

    Kyp frowned. “Funny. Having trouble staying dressed?” He questioned noting his shirts undone state. “Shall we?”

    Corran glanced down and shrugged. “Eh, I’m not staying long.” Then inclined his head to the door. “After you.”

    Adam cocked his head as he began to hear the new music in the room, "Whoever's controlling the music needs to work on their selection...not great for a wedding." He glanced at both Corran and Kyp, "I take it you're both in a hurry," he grinned, "I can tell by the way you're dressed...that and Tawg told me a couple of things..."

    Kyp frowned and looked down at himself. His shirt was open and he'd not realised it. "Yeah, um..." He began to rebutton it. He looked back. "I am sure Addie will hear that music and act on it." He reassured.

    Tawg tweetled something, sent Adam a brief message of, 'Image sent to Adalia' on his main terminal which caused Adam to snicker. "I'm sure she will..." before looking at Tawg, "Don't forget about Mirax."

    “Yes, I’m sure the droid has.” Corran arched a brow as he looked to the droid, then back to Adam. “Surprise. You got us. We’re doing a beach calendar for charity. It’s the new incentive of the Jedi Order to raise funds for those affected by this conflict. I came to get clearance as we have to zip over to Zeltros to meet with one of the sponsors.”

    Kyp lowered his gaze and hid his smirk. "Put you down for two?" He asked looking up.

    To be Continued...………...

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    IC Adalia Tehanis-Durron, Jesse Coulson, Mirax Terrik
    Hangar Deck - Stop that music!!! Thanks to @Corellian_Outrider !! [:D][:D]

    Having attempted to adjust her gown and removed her veil as she didn’t need it anymore, Adalia squirmed as she pulled at the front of the gown, sure he’d done it up tight to bug her but she didn’t think he meant it to be this tight. ‘Breathing shallow wasn’t fun’ she thought she began down the ramp, she’d find Mirax to help her. At that moment she noticed the music change and looking over she saw Whistler rolling away and Sparks taking his place, playing her music. She groaned and broke into a jog, and in heels that was no mean feat! “Sparks!! NO!!! That’s my Battle Music!” She called out but had to stop, she couldn’t catch her breath!

    “Are you ok?”

    Adalia turned to the male voice to face Jesse. “Not….really….gown…done…up….too….tight.” she confessed. “Gonna…strangle…him…” she added.

    Jesse frowned. “Can I help? Want me to get someone?” he glanced over his shoulder to the group looking at the now silent droid.

    Adalia held a single finger up before calling out. “Sparks, Meditation…Music!” Moments later the droid began to play a more subtle tone that the party goers could move slowly too. She turned back to Jesse, “I need …this…loosened off.” She turned around, “Could ….you?”

    Jesse looked down, his mind racing. Deduction told him that her new husband had done her gown up too tight, which led him to why it was undone in the first place and further to a twist in his gut. “Um…maybe I’m not the best person for this, I’ll just go find…..”

    “Please? Just… loosen it.” She almost begged, it was tight and she didn’t like this feeling one bit. It occurred to her many women wear corsetry all the time and she wondered how they survived.

    He bit his lip, “Er…ok.” He didn’t want to do this, feelings only minutes ago he’d decided to bury were still too close to the surface. Gently he undid the knot and eased the lacings out. “Better?”

    “Oh Stang yes!” She breathed before sucking in more oxygen. “I and my son thank you!!” she placed her hands at her neck taking deep breaths.

    He stepped back, “Yeah, no problem.” He muttered. “I just wanted to congratulate you; you look ……beautiful……. and very happy.”

    Adalia could feel him now she could breathe again and turned to him. “Thank you, Jesse, I am happy.” She smiled ignoring his compliment on her appearance. Reaching forward she took his hands in hers. “I’m sorry.” She said quietly in a tone she hoped he understood and explained things to him through the Force with her thoughts and feelings.

    He watched her hands take his and looked into her eyes, her words were soft, told him things he didn’t expect. ‘If only’, he heard in his mind, and ‘another time, place’. He gave a slow nod and a sad smile as he released her hands. “It Is what it is.” He didn’t wait for an answer, simply turned and walked away.

    Adalia felt his sadness, but she’d been honest with him, she had no choice. Turning she went in search of her new husband and Adam. Things were a foot and she had to tell him about Senator Doe’s visit.

    It didn't take much to figure out where Kyp had gone, she could sense him and followed, looking up to see Mirax leaving the Skate having changed her clothes.

    Mirax waved Adalia down.

    “I take it you got the message.” Mirax said as she closed the distance between them. “I’m sorry you’ve been interrupted on your wedding night.”

    Adalia frowned. "Message?" She asked. "What was the message?" The topic of her private time was just that to her, private, and she intentionally ignored Mirax’s apology.

    Mirax fished out of her jacket a pocket projector. Light emitted to display what had been sent to her from Colonel Adam’s droid.

    “Time is of the essence and the boys are playing.” There was frustration in the tone of Mirax’s voice.

    Adalia's eyes widened slightly at the image. "Don't think they are playing; I think Adam and his droid are." She scowled. "Kinda typical, but I agree, you guys need to get moving."

    “Yes.” Mirax lowered her voice. “Should have brought a blaster.”

    "Let me deal with Adam........he's got a strange sense of humour." Adalia smiled recalling his Wraith training. "Timing isn't great, but he can be funny."

    Mirax’s mouth opened to respond then thought better and nodded. “Thank you... we better hurry as my feet are freezing.”

    Adalia looked the woman’s feet, they were bare, but she said nothing as they moved.

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    IC Rhoen Aqullia and Natalia Keizar

    Rhoen checked his sensors then checked them again. It couldn't be right, they were using a asteroid to break up the Commenor fleet. This was madness, this was illegal. How was the enemy supposed to fight against a threat they couldn't see, and such an indiscriminate one. An asteroid couldn't tell between civilian and combatant. It was the same reason cluster munitions and planet crackers were outlawed. They did not care if it was friend or foe, it just killed. With a sneer he looked over his shoulder to the Nightcaller, or whatever it was called now. This wasn't right, they were not engaging in good faith, or with even common decency. Aden just wanted to win, at all costs, damn what the rules of engagement said or the conventions of war. Shaking his head he forced himself to put it behind him, to look to the front, towards an enemy he could engage with, K-Wings.

    Sparing a moment he looked to the holo of his mother her flight suit tied around her waist, an old T-16 behind her. He remembered learning how to fly in that ship. Now it was paying dividends. Throttling up to attack speed he opened his s-foils.

    "Dancer One, this is Dancer Two, ready to engage on your orders."

    Natalia was much more reserved; she'd known about this plan, about what Aden intended to do. It was what must be done. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Aden took no joy in it, no pleasure in having to wholesale destroy a fleet. But it was what had to be done, to preserve the Alliance, to preserve peace. Morality could be sorted out later, right now, peace had to be restored. And she knew that deep down, that he was still a good man, that there was a kind heart underneath.

    "Wraith 13 reporting, moving to engage."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aden Kya
    Running the Commenor Cataclysm from the Ession Strike, edge of orbit

    His dark glee permeating the Force, Aden was unsurprised to received the call from Chief of State Solo. "I have succeeded in snapping the spine of Commenori resistance, Chief Solo."

    The image conveyed to the bridge was of Jacen - but also of Niathal. Both were in-touch, and Aden felt, surprisingly, his heart drop. "This was an unauthorised assault, Colonel Kya." Jacen said firmly, clearly vexed.

    "You are ordered to return to Coruscant immediately and surrender yourself to custody." Jacen's eyes, as small and beady as they seemed in his pale face, glared at Aden, but he found himself looking at Niathal.

    Ah. She isn't speaking because this is her demand, not Jacen's, and he disagrees... but he won't allow anyone to come between him and her.

    Aden quietly seethed, but he could get out of this. "I gave the orders; no one member of my crew or squadrons knew everything that was to occur."

    "Which is why the plan didn't leak, and why they're not being arrested for breaking every known convention of war," Jacen said, continuing.

    "I can explain -"

    "And you will," Niathal finally said. "At a military court. If you refuse, you will be stripped of command and placed in the brig." For some reason Aden found the Mon Calamari's words deeply frustrating; she was nothing. He was a powerful Force user - he was Darth Insipid -

    "Do you understand," said Jacen, firmly, and for the briefest moment Aden was sure he saw his eyes go golden.

    Aden swallowed. "Yes, sir."


    Syal could hardly believe what she was seeing. This was a completely unethical and illegal attack. "Rhoen..." she found herself saying, breaching all comm protocol by using his name rather than callsign. Zueb muttered something in Sullustan, which nobody in the two squadrons understood but a translator would be able to reflect was a particularly vile swear.

    Vua, as acting Wraith Leader, could only grimace at the tactic, which was even by the Yuuzhan Vong definition cowardly - especially against seasoned foes like the Commenori, who had fought and bled at Balmorra, Kuat and Kashyyyk, thereby proving their honour. It was one thing to use such indiscriminate weapons against vermin, but enemies who could give a good fight?

    Frankly unfair. He wanted to comm Wraith Thirteen - Natalia - but the enemy K-wings a lit upon them, firing concussion missiles into their midst to scatter their formation. He lost track of Tracy as he snapped an order for them to scatter. Four K-wings, with six TIEs following now as their Corellian Corvette strafed their assault line - but the K-wings were through and a rear gunner began picking at them.

    Syal kicked her engines active to avoid the missiles - which naturally advanced on her as the largest fighter present - but the entire battle was complicated by the dozens upon dozens of asteroid fragments. Syal began painting them as targets, even as enemies swarmed them, and directed the Dancer's to open fire.

    "Every one we destroy is another that doesn't kill a civilian. The smaller ones will burn up on re-entry - target the bigger ones." Some of the larger asteroid-bombs were kilometers across - she couldn't do much about them. But they could maybe destroy some of the middling ones -

    There were still Confederate enemies among them, however, and a Wraith X-wing exploded as the TIEs found the range -

    The group would be split between firing at asteroids without orders, or targeting Confederate fighters -

    The K-wings rushed the Corellian Corvette otherwise -

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422
    IC: Rivoche

    Aboard the orbital platform

    As information began to flow out, the Tarkin present turned to Rem and Rom and nodded. "Can you get Bernael here? I need to speak to him about what's happening on Eriadu. Clearly we've been targeted... I'd rather speak in person, if at all possible. The sooner we reorganise, the quicker we can strike back."

    Welmo noticed the Eriaduan politician but also the twins beside her, and he had no need to engage with them. Keeping his mind blank, his presence in the Force would actually be decidedly oily - slippery even - no Force user present would be able to get a very clear reading on him, for some reason.

    The Ryn continued to talk, looking for someone to step up

    TAG: @darthbernael (specific TAG), @Anedon, @Adalia-Durron, @adaml83 (continue prior TAGs)

    TAG: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @The Real Kyp Durron, @Corellian_Outrider, @adaml83, @Adalia-Durron (continue on the Hawkbat fun and love-fest)

    General shift towards Endor for the Jedi team; general pick up of the Corellian surrender plan to the Intel part of the cast

  14. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Adam Lyons, Corran Horn, Kyp Durron (Gratitude to @Corellian_Outrider and @adaml83 )
    Continued from part one. - Hawkbat base - meeting

    Adam chuckled, "Since bases like these are meant to be temporary, I suspect it could be displayed in the Council meeting room at your next base." He sobered up, "That said, you two wouldn't be here if it wasn't serious, so let me make an educated guess. The Order has decided to go after Jacen, since that would end the war the quickest. Since the two of you are here, it must be someone who is as important, but is capable of being sneakier with others that are just as capable of being sneaky...and something's happened to them..." he looked at the two Jedi Masters with a look that said, "How close?"

    Kyp raised his eyebrows and turned to Corran.

    “I agree, it would look great in the antechamber before the council room.” Corran responded, he cupped his chin, thumb stroking his bearded jaw to indicate to Kyp to be cautious. “It’ll catch the eyes of those going in and assist those having trouble with the date. Although, to bring things ‘round...” his gaze never left Adam’s. “... I am curious as to how you came by such theory.”

    Adam raised an eyebrow, "Which part? The Jedi acting, the target, or the thought that something went wrong? I can answer the first part with a question, when was the last time the Jedi refused to act when dealing with an evil like this in Galactic History? For the second part, the fastest way to end the war is to neutralize Jacen, he has the Dark Jedi or Sith vibe, which requires Jedi action. For the final part, the two of you wouldn't have shown up dressed as you are if nothing went wrong." He gazed at the two of them, "I've learned a lot from Wedge, Face, and Voort, and I read...a lot. If I'm correct we don't have a lot of time so let's get going...and I'd like to help."

    Kyp had known Adam for a long time and knew he was quite intuitive. "Not sure you can help with is one Adam." He turned to Corran to get his take on this on. Intuitive was one thing but what Adam was doing might be beyond that.

    Corran placed his hands on his hips as he glanced down and shook his head. He heard the door open and he glanced to see Mirax enter and Adalia with her. He looked back to Adam and gave a light chuckle. “That’s the crux of it, isn’t it? The Jedi have been on the backpedal and you present the theory that the Jedi have sent a strike team at the heart of the GA to put down Jacen Solo... and that Kyp and I are specifically here to ask for your help...” He related, more so for Mirax and Adalia’s sake. “My answer is that it would be wonderful if you can explain how you came to those specific points just by intuition. It is a bit of a stretch as given our purpose on this base is to assist in the binding marriage of two good friends. No, there is something more at work here. Even if such an operation is taking place... how would you know the specifics like that without prior knowledge? Which leads me to believe that if you knew of it, others would too. That someone amongst the Jedi, privy to private discussions have leaked it out into the open and that such a mission would be doomed to fail before it launched.” He gave a tight smile. “So, Colonel, I’ll ask again... How did you come by such a theory?”

    To be Continued...………...

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Two combo's in one, thansk to @Sinrebirth and @Adalia-Durron

    IC Romulus, Remus, and Rivoche
    Aboard the Station

    "Can you get Bernael here? I need to speak to him about what's happening on Eriadu. Clearly we've been targeted... I'd rather speak in person, if at all possible. The sooner we reorganise, the quicker we can strike back."

    Rem looked at Rom then back at Rivoche, ”Yes we can reach Father, and recommend he come here, but whether he does or does not is up to him. The fact that it is you requesting it may be the deciding factor as to which way he decides.”

    She looked over at Rom, still scanning the room, annoyed because he felt something but it kept slipping from his mental grasp, which only increased his irritation and belief that something was off here. He nodded to her and she pulled out her datapad with the encrypted frequency to send and receive messages to their Father. She began typing,


    Rom and I have brought Rivoche to a gathering that was called. The station it is taking place on is mostly deserted although there are a pair of aliens here that are dispensing information, currently to the Malek’s. Rivoche, however, has requested that you come here and speak with her, she wishes to speak in person. We do not know what you current plans are but if Eriadu is en route to where you plan to travel next, it may sooth Rivoche to listen to her.


    She looked back to Rivoche, ”The message has been sent, now to see if or when Father responds.”

    The message cut across the HoloNet, buried into a node, jumped and jumped, until it met the ship of Bernael, presently piloted by Ebony and with Renn aboard. Dots were connecting, and it was time to make them meet.

    The Corellian rendezvous would be, in three short days, the turning point of this epic.


    Bernael, Renn, and Ebony

    The Fury travelled, soon departing hyper to take a bearing and allow Bernael to check to see if there was pursuit. Once he was sure they were clear he had to decide where they were headed next. Renn would follow along, enjoying the chaos that always seemed to be at any destination he chose, and it seemed Ebony would join them. One benefit of exiting hyper was that any messages that had been sent would be received as soon as the Fury reconnected with the relays.

    The comm chimed and Bernael touched a stud, the message appearing. He snorted and then ran a talon along his chin, considering. A sigh and he stood from the desk in his cabin, the others had to have a choice in this decision. It was his business, but they were here as well and should know what he had in mind, if nothing else.

    He exited the cabin and moved to the main lounge, where he brought up the message again. ”Renn, Ebony, can you both join me in the main lounge, we may have our next destination.” echoed over the intercom as his finger lifted from the transmit button.

    When they arrived they would find the message hanging in the air, so that all three could read it.


    Rom and I have brought Rivoche to a gathering that was called. The station it is taking place on is mostly deserted although there are a pair of aliens here that are dispensing information, currently to the Malek’s. Rivoche, however, has requested that you come here and speak with her, she wishes to speak in person. We do not know what you current plans are but if Eriadu is en route to where you plan to travel next, it may sooth Rivoche to listen to her.


    Ebony had been laying the bed she'd been assigned, the room was small but serviceable and a good place to consider her totally messed up and confused situation. Over what appeared to be internal Comms it seemed she was being summoned. Sighing deeply she got up and made her way to the main lounge, stopping in the doorway and leaning to study the occupants. "You called?"

    Bernael looked over and nodded but did not speak yet, he was waiting for Renn to arrive. A few moment's later the Neti appeared, wiping his hands down. "This better be good, vampire, I was enjoying some time in my workshop."

    Bernael chuckled, looking at them both. "I have a message from a pair of my Society assets, my presence has been requested on Eriadu. The message is here so please read and give me your impressions before we talk about it further."

    Pushing off the frame she crossed the room and read the message before pursing her lips. "You know I have no choice in this so it really doesn't matter what I think."

    Bernael looked over at her, one eyebrow raising, "I asked for impressions not nihilism. You are part of our little group now so use those skills you have as a bounty hunter to see if there is more between the lines than the message says or if you think another path may be more appropriate."

    Ebony shrugged. "I got nothing." She looked back to the message. "Feels like a trap, I could be wrong. Who called this 'meeting' I'd be asking. Approach with severe caution."

    Renn nodded, "I know those two and they usually have good intuition. I too believe it is a trap, why does Rivoche need a face to face, the last Society contact there you had to meet with ended up with their assassination because they betrayed you, if I recall correctly."

    Bernael looked back and forth between the two others, "Yes it is most likely a trap. Unfortunately the stealth systems are still out but we can enter the system at a distance and send a retransmitter probe to contact Romulus and Remus before we travel any closer. Any objections to that?"

    "None here." Ebony said turning away. "They don't know me, might be a good starter."

    Bernael took a seat on the lounge, "Hmmm, it might work, A second level of security."

    Ebony watched him, "Second level, or a front, either way."

    Bernael nodded this time, "Ok, I will send a reply to my duo and let them know that we are en route."

    Renn chuckled, "Always so formal, so does this mean I take her over to the station while you wait?"

    Bernael glanced at Renn, "No, I will use those skills you know I have and ride with you both, I can be completely unseen, or sensed, as needed."

    Ebony raised her eyebrows. "That must be something to see.......or not...I guess."

    A dark chuckle came from Bernael's mouth as he typed out a response to Rom and Rem, "Definitely the latter."


    Shortly, the datapad in Rem’s grasp began a gentle buzz. She took it out, tapping the comm icon and read the message within, before it erased itself from the pad.


    I am en route, Keep Rivoche secure until I arrive, Remember the mantra, what I taught you those years ago.


    Rem read and reread the message, the message from Bernael written in plain sight but with a meaning to them both that was unequivocal. She reached out mentally to Rom, ’Remember the mantra, Father said.’

    Rom did not let his expression change but the fact that Father had included that meant that he was now on edge, and that Rem had said it instead of making it plainer meant that one or more of those here was a Force user that could possible read what they thought to each other, ’Got it, back to business.’

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    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: This combo was with only one of @Sinrebirth 's warned.:p

    TLS: Admiral Teren Rogriss, Trec ke Mattino

    The old ex-Imperial Admiral tapped away at his chin in thought as he booted up the heavily encrypted - to the point of slow - connection to Eriadu. They were an entire Rim away, and now the GA was back on the offensive, the overconfidence the Confederation had possessed mere days ago gave way to paranoia - in the form of a new set of passwords and keys and other irritatingly necessary Intelligence countermeasures.

    Now the Hapans had cut contact, all their prior communications could very well be compromised.

    "Well?" Rogriss said once the connection was confirmed to be secure.

    The past couple of days had been busy ones, first, it seemed that most non-Eriadians were outcast to an isolated space station and frankly Trec didn't know who exactly this Welmo onboard the station was, and finding information on him was going slowly. Secondly, information from Commenor just hit, and figuring out an appropriate response, along with the response from Eriadu wasn't clear. Finally the news from Corellia...well he knew from his forces he could at least snipe a ship or two, from Eriadu.... he opened the comm signal once it reached the ship, the new countermeasures were insane, "Sorry sir. It appears that the news from the past couple of days and the...distance from Eriadu hasn't allowed for a lot to get done from our end. Though having me act as a diplomat is a bit like having a ballet of farummes, interesting, though it would be kind of weird."

    He looked at a data screen nearby, Eriadu, "Given that the Maleks are seen as heroes, could we suggest that...Ilona lead their starfighter contingent?" he paused to make sure he got the name correct, "Maybe with the sort of tactics that Ethan flew with when he was in the Rebellion? Overall I don't know how much they can provide immediately, but if we can get starfighters with escort carriers." He glanced at his data again, "Also with Commenor, it was mentioned that an Ession Strike was there leading the mission, that used to be the Night Caller. Should that be dangled in front of Lyons and his group? He might want to take it."

    Admiral Rogriss nodded. "I did wonder if that was the Night Caller - I remember it from the Intelligence briefings at the time. A Zsinj special, no? That was an old memory." He sounded rueful. "Back in the days when I commanded Star Dreadnoughts and not Blade-32's."

    "I never managed to get an Executor-class though. Mandator III - 12,000m of brute force and lots of hangars. Nice ships." He was being wistful, entirely so, but he refocused. "Definitely dangle the Ession Strike in-front of Lyons. It has been added a cloaking device and clearly we don't Colonel Kya doing anything like this again."

    He grimaced. "The Commenori are outraged - planning their own response, and Phennir is trying to calm them down. This could get a lot messier if we don't put some breaks on it."

    "I definitely want us to have a presence at the Corellian plan. I don't trust it. If they're actually intending to surrender and hand a chunk of Confederate assets over at the same time, it's easier to sneak out in starfighters than to try and escape with a cruiser or Destroyer. I don't trust Koyan, but I have to, if the Confederation is going to survive. I'm sure the Eriaduan's can offer a starfighter squadron to the cause, but you leading part of the Wing there is what I'm aiming for." Rogriss nodded to himself.

    "You, the Perator trusts. Eriadu has only just joined the Confederation - I appreciate that Colonel Tehanis and Lyons have connections to these people, but whose to say if we wouldn't've won the Battle of Kuat if the Eriaduans had committed earlier? Or the Corporate Sector - who, scuttlebutt has it, was considering joining up but now we're on the back-foot..."

    He sounded frustrated. The Empire had it's factions, by the time he became Supreme Commander, but by and large he was given the freedom to run the war with what assets he had. Yes, he had lost all but twelve Star Destroyers by the end of his tenure - but he cost the New Republic a lot and by the time Thrawn took over what was left of his armada the two warring states were evenly matched; something Rogriss had achieved - not Thrawn. Here? Now? It was all factions, and there was no central Confederate fleet to command and coordinate... apart from the Master Stroke, the great pool of resources had been the first asset lost at Kuat two months before.

    Trec smiled, "Stealing that back would make for a very good scout." Many thoughts went through Trec's mind about the potential for surprise strikes. "Maybe Sir, you could go back to more than commanding starfighters, I believe we need more fleet commanders who also understand the power of starfighters."

    He considered the Commenori, "There were reports that the capabilities of their starfighters weren't great if that's the case we might need to send them spare parts and weapons to get their equipment up to spec. Also, it seems that the overall training is lacking overall, given how quickly we got our opponents, then again we also had numbers..." Though he did limit who engaged each other.

    Trec nodded about the Corellians, "The problem is we don't even know what they are going to do. They could be switching sides, it could be a double-cross. If they've managed to get Centerpoint working... I can't trust them either because of just how unpredictable they are. Might want to get some quick analysis done and send it to Chief of State Phennir."

    "I'll do what I can to dangle the Malek name in front of the Eriadians especially since they've been leaders for quite a while. If we can get some squadrons and an escort carrier." he considered things more, "If we can get capital ships with heavy starfighter compliments that look relatively unimportant... If we can create a task force at the very least and maybe try to use Tehanis and Lyons to rope the Jedi into at least the cause against the GA, if not directly our forces..." he was thinking out loud now, but at least in his head, it sounded positive...

    "I'll head to the space station soon, and talk to the Eriadians to see what they can offer. Given all that's happened, we need a plan."

    Rogriss nodded along. "I'm on the old side nowadays for capital ships, I would think," he said with a degree of a smile.

    "But we need to cultivate a special task force - I agree. Bothan assassins is one thing, but its not a multi-role deployment... we still have nothing to counter Jacen's core loyalists and his high-tech GAG groups, after all..."

    There was a frown. "I don't want to detract from the war effort too far though - it still needs to be part of the Confederation goals and intentions. We don't want to arm one paramilitary group and aim them at the GA only for us to have to put them down later..."

    "Chief of State Phennir is happy to work with allies, but we need members too."

    Rogriss nodded again. "Name-drop - and see what you can do."

    Trec smiled, "I'd say that the Perator trusts you with the capital ships as much as he trusts me with the new starfighters. That and from reports Babo didn't look very good at Kuat or afterward..." he offered a small shrug.

    Trec nodded in agreement, "I'll also talk to Kael Swiftflight, if the spotty Intel records are correct, he's still a part of the Wraiths, which if they're working with Lyons, they must not be friends of the GAG, if we use that to attack isolated GAG ships..." he allowed a malicious grin to creep across his face, "it might create a supernatural dread amongst them. A Blade amongst the Scythes as it were."

    "I suspect that Chief of State Phennir would be happier if the war was over and we were maintained as an independent state."

    "Poetic," Rogriss said. "If Phennir wants independence, I don't see it happening as long as Jacen Solo is around. Niathal isn't much better but she's spent all her political capital on the man who burned down Kashyyyk..."

    Trec grabbed a datapad, "I will do my best."

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    IC Adam Lyons, Briana, Adalia Tehanis-Durron, Corran Horn, Mirax Terrik-Horn, Kyp Durron,
    Hawkbat base, where the fun is!! Thanks to @Corellian_Outrider @adaml83 @The Real Kyp Durron

    Having walked into the middle of a conversation Adalia listened to what Corran was saying and friend or not, she didn't like it. "Wait up.....what exactly are you implying here?" She moved around the table to stand beside Adam in a defensive move.

    Kyp didn't like this. Why was she jumping to Adam's defence so quickly? Had he done something wrong? Had she? Folding his arms he shot her a quizzical look in an attempt to read her. Nothing. He got nothing from her except her annoyance at Corran's inference. "Ease up Addie." He spoke quietly. "He's just asking a question. You need to give Adam time to answer."

    Adam turned to look at Adalia, "Thanks for the backup. I appreciate it." he looked at both Corran and Kyp, "This isn't based on just intuition. Some of this is educated guesswork, some of this is experience, and some of this is based on something that Wedge asked me to do back when he was working for Corellia, wargame various scenarios. That said, we don't have the time. We don't have the time to discuss all this, primarily because you wouldn't be here if there wasn't some haste necessary. A good part of my experience is escaping from missions. If it's done without attracting attention then it's less of a problem, if not...well you might need backup. However, you both are in a hurry, so it may mean someone's hurt, so backup is necessary."

    He looked at both of the Jedi, "I just need your permission to talk to a senior member of the Cartann court to hand over the Ranger to you. It would be helpful and things can be set up so they won't know where your base is. If we are to go through with this, you would need to get a set of coordinates to someone on the team, and we can talk to the Captain and get him to the location. Then those of us who need to go to Eriadu will go there, and the Ranger can go to whatever drop off location you want to go to. It does have a Medbay so that at least will come in handy, but whatever we do, we have to do this now."

    Adalia frowned not focusing on the conversation, they had a leak but where? She looked up outside the room an noted the purple and gold droid, and began to scowl. It wasn't the first time she'd over looked her talkative little droids’ ability to let his circuits run over. "Sparks" she muttered looking to Kyp and interrupting the whatever they were talking about. "Was Sparks with you when whatever happened was mentioned or planned?"

    He was about to ask Adam more questions when Adalia spoke. He glanced over his shoulder the droid. "It might well have been. Kriff!" He'd forgotten what a blabber mouth Sparks could be. "Could be my mistake." He was cursing himself for trusting the droid knew about discretion.

    Mirax looked from Adam and Adalia and back to Corran. His unwavering gaze was transfixed upon Adam. She touched Corran’s forearm gently.

    Corran tilted his head and whispered. “I know.”

    “We’ll sort it out later.” She whispered and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. Then turned her focus to Adam. “What is this... Ranger? Why do you want us to have it?”

    Adam somewhat suppressed a smile, "Fortunately for everyone here, both Tawg and Whistler are better at their discretion. I imagine they could embarrass the lot of us." He then looked at Mirax, "Ranger is a Quasar Fire -class cruiser, essentially an escort carrier. It should allow the Jedi to be even more precise in their attacks. That and I know who one of Master Skywalker's oldest friends is, and he might not be able to attack from as obscure spaces as the Jedi can."

    Adalia turned to Adam and smiled. "Wedge? I mean General Antilles." She corrected.

    Adam responded with a wicked grin. All of them knew some of what is in the Antilles bag of Dirty Tricks.

    Kyp considered. "Do we need this?" He turned to Corran. "Wouldn't it be a bigger target to aim for? A Stealth X is a hell of a lot harder to hit and find in a pinch." He felt honesty was the best course of action and knew very well both he and Corran would manage to escape any detection in a Stealth X.

    Adam smiled wickedly, "As long as the Ranger isn't carrying something that doesn't have a hyperdrive, say a K-wing, you can leave her and jump in precisely where you want to."

    “Why would they loan it to us?” Corran asked. “What is the catch?”

    "The catch? The catch is that I haven't asked yet." Adam sort of stared off which lead to Tawg warbling, "Oh no, he's thinking again!"

    Adam, not paying attention to anyone else, started talking again, "Given their losses since Kuat...on the Adumari side, they may ask you to not overly risk the ship. Granted, some of that is down to a bad Admiral, but their resources aren't what they were a few weeks ago." he blinked, coming back to look at everyone evenly, "On this base's side, when the Jedi move, please let us know. Adalia could use some proper medical care when it's time. That's our catch."

    "In terms of why they'd loan it to you, who do you think is best at taking down Jacen? Certainly, it's the Jedi, which means the Jedi are the best bet for a just peace as well. That Admiral I mentioned is Admiral Babo, he isn't very good in my opinion, and I don't believe he's won a battle at least since Addie and I have been back. I believe he'd get the lot of us killed, which is why I'm trying this end-around with the Adumari." He gave Kyp a small grin, "If and when you talk to him, you have my permission to play rough."

    "Then again there's the old saying, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' and the man I'm going to talk to is Admiral Rogriss, hopefully you remember him Corran."

    Adalia had seen that look before from Adam, he claimed the droid was thinking but the truth was Adam was thinking. That always meant she needed prime weapons in the past but right now she lowered her gaze to her belly when he mentioned 'proper medical care'. 'Your timing is really off' she mused to her unborn child; the baby squirmed in response. When he spoke of Babo she snorted muttering. "That Bothan is a death trap, even I can see that." and she smirked at his suggestion that if her husband met him, he could play rough. It'd been sometime since he'd done that as far as she was aware, it was a don't ask, won't tell policy on both sides. She never asked him, he never questioned her. Ultimately this wasn't her call, so she remained silent.

    Kyp pursed his lips for a moment. "What makes you think the Jedi are going to move and not say...…. Luke alone?" He asked. "Jacen is his nephew. Maybe this isn't our fight?" He was attempting to deflect Adam. At this point Luke was still doing whatever the hell he was doing. He had sympathy for Luke with the loss of Mara despite the fact he did not subscribe to all his beliefs. The time to act was coming and he only hoped that Luke would realise it was his job to make the moves.

    “Not all Bothans are tarred with the same brush though the description you gave suggests Babu is more like an armchair Admiral; gifted by status than gained by experience.” Corran shook his head.

    “The ‘some of you will die but that is a risk I’m willing to take’ type Officer?” Mirax asked dryly.

    “Something like that.” Corran chuckled then cupped his chin. “Kyp does raise a good point. On the off chance that they do agree to gift us the carrier... will we be making the most of it or will it’s potential be best served elsewhere? That is something that needs to be discussed... prior to meeting with Rogriss”

    Adam looked at Kyp, "We've already had this discussion on Corellia. It may require someone who is nearly as strong Luke to take on Jacen, which unless there's someone that the Order is hiding from the general public means it's going to be a Skywalker or Solo. Also given the personal nature of this, and by my limited understanding, it will require someone who can do this without prejudice."

    He then brought in Corran in his gaze, "Then again both you and Kyp are on the Council, and you can't rely on Luke to make things better all the time." he smirked, "But the two of you already know that."

    Adam shook his head about Babo, "He is more like a person who's abilities don't match the things he wants to do. Addie here took out one of his corvettes pretty much by herself." He grinned at Adalia, "In a pretty creative and impressive way I must say, at least that's what I think." he then looked at the rest, "The Ranger will be wasted in his hands. I don't know if we can bring up enough forces soon enough for it to be really useful right now. In fact, the Warrior better suits us for that task. I think the Jedi might make the best use of it in the short run, at least on a ship level, but we'll need someone to run the combined force at some point. Though that might be further down the line, right now I think the greatest use will be with the Jedi, who knows, that extra hanger space will come in handy."

    Adalia shrugged. "Was that his ship? Surprised he was so polite to me.....kinda blew the crap out of it." She shot Adam an amused smirk before giving a slight thoughtful frown. "So you want the Ranger to be a portable platform to launch covid operations from?" she turned to the men opposite her. "Sounds like a sweet offer, if ..." She looked to Adam, "we can pull it off. Maybe I did impress the Admiral with my antics, maybe that's all the pull we need to get what we want and need?"

    Adam was correct about not relying on Luke to save the galaxy. That belief had become a little redundant. Somehow he knew in time it would happen though if his gut feelings rang true. "Who'd be in charge of the ship? We cannot allow anyone to know where the Jedi currently are. It would have to be taken somewhere ....central?" Kyp glanced at Corran.

    Adam grinned at Adalia, "Maybe he's forgetful... then again I'm trying this to get around Babo."

    He then looked at Kyp and Corran, "You can talk to the Captain, he's a good man. I imagine he'd be ok with working with the Jedi, especially if we get approval from Rogriss. In terms of overall command, could it be the Jedi Council until someone is found that everyone trusts? Then the Council decides where the rendezvous point is, to ask for additional support if necessary. At least that's what I'll suggest if Rogriss doesn't want to command himself." he shrugged, he didn't want to command himself, he wanted to fly.

    Adalia straightened and did what she did best, made decisions. "OK, Adam, you need to get the team out of party mode and ready to go again, I'm taking the Dawn this time, that way any extra personal are on board." She turned to the two Jedi Masters, "Corran, you need to get where ever you have to go." she said cautiously turning her attention on her new husband. "I'd like it if you could give Babo a thrill and speak with him, might be the pull we need to take the ship." She turned to Mirax. "I have two options for you, you either go with him...." she indicated Corran with a twitch of her head, "Or, come with us, cause if we take Commander of The Ranger, we're gonna need a good Captain. One that knows how to get things done." She held her hands up to silence arguments. "Adam could do it, but I have a gut feeling he has other plans and I am not going to attempt that one! We're running out of time. What do you all say?" She'd sensed the time to act was almost now and they could talk no more.

    He smiled as he watched her take over. Adalia was happiest when in control and even in a wedding dress she looked the part. "If you think my presence will sway the good Admiral?" he let out a dramatic sigh. "Then I'll drop in and flash my influence about." Kyp turned to Corran. "I'll head 'home' right after that and won't be more than an hour or two behind you."

    Mirax smiled at what Adalia had said, then felt Corran lean close.

    “Sounds like I’m being dismissed.” Corran whispered in her ear.

    She nudged him gently. “If you allow Corran and I to reconvene on the Skate for a few moments of privacy, you will have my answer shortly...”

    Kyp looked to Corran. "Try and stay dressed this time."

    Mirax poked her tongue out at Kyp. “Why? You’re boring!”

    "Am not. I've only just gotten married. I'm allowed to......." He protested.

    "Keep talking, you'll be divorced soon." Adalia threatened with a sweet smile, she did not like talking about private stuff in public.

    “That would make an impression...”

    Mirax pursed her lips at Corran’s remark and gave Adalia a look. “See you soon. Come on, Corran.”

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    IC Rhoen Aqullia and Natalia Keizar

    "I know Syal." Rhoen replied to his group leader's outburst. This was horrifying, it went against everything the Alliance stood for, everything his mother fought for. There was a burning desire to leave, to tender his resignation and leave the system. But, he couldn't do that, not with Syal still fighting, not with the promise he'd made to Tiom. There was no turning back there was no resigning on the grounds of immoral acts taken by command. He no longer wanted to serve under this command, no longer wanted to fight this fight if this was how the Alliance acted. "I know." he said again, forming up on Syal's wing. He looked to her, his resolve firm, he wouldn't leave, he'd made a promise. He would stay with Syal. Someone has to watch her back because command certainly wouldn't.

    As the missiles came flying in Rhoen cut in front of Syal's fighter heading right towards the deadly warheads before veering off away from her, hopefully dragging a few of the missiles with him. Noting the asteroids turned targets, Rhoen made a plan. It wasn't going to be easy but he believed it would work. Accelerating towards one of the larger rocks, one an X-Wing's lasers would have no chance of breaking, he could feel the missiles closing in on him. There was only a small window to act and he was going to have to be perfect.

    Taking another breath he pulled up, hard feeling the sudden shift in gravity he sucked in a breath tightened his legs, and closed his throat while trying to exhale. The blood was forced into his head keeping him conscious as he executed the deadly maneuver. Behind him the ordinance chasing him slammed into the asteroid, hopefully cracking it into smaller pieces. Green laser blasts streaked past him as the TIEs started to make their attack. He marked where Syal was and swung over towards her.

    "Got a pair on me, if I don't shake them before I get to you, scrape them off me." He pulled a corkscrew turn through two tumbling shattered shards of rock and metal before getting in close with another chunk and just accelerating through a gap between two others. Using the environment to his advantage, or trying to. He fired a few bolts into a shard shattering it and carving through the debris created, trying to both protect himself and deal with the mess created by their oh so brilliant commander.

    His heart was pounding in his chest, his breath coming in fast. All thoughts of the consequences of Aden's actions faded away, all that was left now was him, his X-Wing, the enemies trying to kill him, and Syal. That was all that mattered at that point.

    Natalia was a little more composed, though she did scatter when ordered to quickly jinking and curving out of the way in a standard evasion technique. Wraiths were being taken out by TIEs and the K-Wings were still advancing on the Corvette. She was caught in a bit of an issue, one she quickly resolved in her mind. The Asteroids were not the issue, a planet could be lost if it meant the success of the mission. Or at least that was what her mind was telling her heart. This was war losses happened. Though there was a small part of her that worried this was too far.

    None of that mattered, a key piece of the fleet was under threat and it had to end. Wheeling around she swapped her shields around to better protect her front as she closed in on the K-Wing formation. She fired her lasers with a single proton torpedo at one closest to the back of the formation. Before curving away and lining up for another. Giving the attack fighters something else to worry about, hoping that the others could keep the TIE's off for the time being.

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    OOC: *counts the voices in his head* ...Oh, that's a lot...
    IC: Briana Odan, Kirney Slane, Adam Lyons, Zindra Daine

    Briana sat in the communications room, looking over data from Eriadu before talking to Kirney. Something caught her eye, but she didn’t have the time to deal with it now. She entered her encryption and keyed the comm.

    Kirney smiled, “Encrypted?

    Briana snorted, “What do you think?” she chuckled a little bit, “Have you heard about Eriadu?

    Kirney frowned, “Which bit, the space battle, or the part where one of my freighters was brought down by something, that was exploded into many tiny bits?

    Briana laughed then shook her head, “You just repeated the punchline from a really old joke between Kael, Adam, and me. It’s about your freighter, yes it was brought down, probably wasn’t repairable before the Adumari came in to attack whatever it was that brought down that freighter. I’ve been getting some reports that it was a Sith or Dark Jedi,” she shrugged in slight confusion, “though I’m not sure to believe that. Don’t know that many Jedi to be completely honest.

    Kirney nodded, “I’ve received some holos, and it does appear something like that happened, maybe I can bribe Tyria to look at it and give me her opinion. That doesn’t explain why it’s you and not Adam...”

    Briana shrugged and shook her head, “He’s trying to convince the Jedi so he can convince an Adumari Admiral, Rogriss...I believe,” she saw Kirney’s reaction to the mention of Rogriss and smirked, “so...he’s plotting again.”

    Kirney chuckled at the last bit, “Plotting…” she looked away for a second, as if making a note, “That’s another month…” then looked back at Briana, “Do you think he’s back? Also, do you think he’s trying to do too much?

    Briana cocked her head when Kirney looked away and peered at her, “What you mean that’s another month?

    Kirney merely smiled, “Answer my questions and I’ll answer yours.

    Briana sighed and rolled her eyes, “Fine, I think he’s close, though I don’t entirely know what’s needed to bring him one hundred percent back, I suspect it has to do with his Force connection.” she saw a nod from Kirney, “And too much? Isn’t that what he usually does?

    Kirney snickered, “Maybe...he does push himself very hard…

    Briana nodded, “Though when he does that, he does tend to get more out of people around him, but with this… I almost want to say he’s trying to push very hard for a certain ending, not necessarily victory for a side, but peace.

    Kirney made another note on her screen, “Peace...maybe a fair peace...anyways to answer your question, I’ve found her…

    Her? Her…” then the realization hit Briana, “oh her! And you saying that it’d be another month…” a malevolent grin revealed itself on her face, “I’m in. Is she still current on her requirements?” She got a smile and a nod from Kirney, “Could we ask Zindra Daine to have her assigned to Ranger? As in after Adam’s left?

    Kirney smiled, “I’ll send her a message.” she looked up and could see Adam at the door, “Speak of the devil…

    Briana turned around and put her hands on her hips, “What do you want?

    They’re up to something…

    Adam first looked at Kirney, “Sorry about your freighter, but between at the very least a Dark Jedi causing a crash landing, ripping a turret out...I didn’t know you had any with turrets, and then Adumari improved Broadcaps...not to mention Swift’s explosives. I don’t think it would be cost-effective to repair it...had it survived.” he offered a shrug of apology.

    Kirney nodded, “You’re right about that, everyone ok?"

    Adam nodded, “All things considered…” he paused a bit, “Kirney, do you have anything on Admiral least anything that we wouldn’t know?

    Kirney frowned, “I’ll need to check, and that might take some time.

    Thanks,” Adam looked at Briana, “Could you possibly come up with a plan for a ship like Ranger to stage a rescue at some waypoint? You’re one of the best people I know at getting troublemakers out of trouble.”

    Briana smirked, “Not a lot to go on…” she glanced at Kirney before looking back at Adam, “For that, you’ll have to wait another month for something.

    Kirney snorted, “I’ll be going to look up that information.

    Adam merely looked at Briana, and Kirney before her signal winked out, What?


    Zindra was sitting in a room with an older man when she grinned, “Kirney’s causing some trouble,” and showed the message to him.

    The man gave a small smile, “I think I recognize someone else in that plan, she can be pretty mean like that sometimes.

    It runs in the family, you know.

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  20. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC -- Loriana & Rooty, etc.

    Thanks @Adalia-Durron for the quick, transitioning combo.

    Rooty liked her, she was honest and open and really pretty, but Adam had sent the word out they were moving out in 30 minutes. The party was over. "We'd best pack our gear and get into our flightsuits." He said quietly looking down at Loriana. "Looks like we will get to work together."

    Loriana smiled wistfully. "Looking forward to the action, but I hope the next time there's a reason for a celebration it won't be interrupted." She laughed and shrugged. "Although RubiJay will grouse for being thrown into danger with no definite guarantee for the next oil bath."

    "None of us get that, but that's the thrill of it....isn't it?" He released her. "Do you have somewhere to change?" He looked to the locker rooms nearby "I have to get my gear from my quarters, don't think we're coming back here. I think play time, and rest time is over." He turned back to her. "Gotta feeling we have to earn our new ships now."

    "Yes. I'll see you later." Loriana headed toward one of the nearby turbolift cars to head down to the temporary quarters new pilots had been assigned for however long the R&R lasted.

    He watched her go, Jay smirked as she grabbed his shoulder. "Look everyone, Rooty's got it bad."

    "Have not!" He turned to her and noted her smile. 'Maybe?"

    "Good to see you've moved on..." Jay said quietly.

    "From who? There's been no one since...." he didn't want to finish that sentence.

    "Yeah, you know. She's not even here. Glad you let go Speed."

    Rooty turned back to see Loriana disappear. "Just worried I'll grab on again and not sure I can handle another crash and burn."
  21. Sinrebirth

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    IC: Darth Caedus
    On the comms

    He was not satisfied with the response of Aden Kya, and the way Niathal's eyes bore into him, she expected him to go further. With a simple twist of his Chief of State override, Darth Caedus - as Colonel Jacen Solo and co-Chief of the Galactic Alliance - opened a channel to the next ranking commanding officer. Not Vua, no, because of his injuries he wasn't able to take full command, and Natalia Keizar had shown in the Coruscant skirmish that she was ill-prepared for the proxy command that Aden had passed her. Similarly, both of their loyalties to Aden made them suspect.

    No, he contacted Syal Antilles - Dancer One.

    Midway through a dogfight with the K-wings and arriving TIE fighters, she nearly missed the message; but she recognised the frequency. "Rhoen, be quiet; listen in to this." She had been rounding a fragment of asteroid and eyeing the GA shuttle that had just exploded; shredding an X-wing with it. The Corvette was doing better, but only by using debris to hide from a K-wing that strictly packed as much firepower as the Corvette in its smaller hull - thanks to the full rack of concussion torpedoes the bomber held.

    "Dancer One here."

    "Antilles; it is Admiral Niathal and Colonel Solo," came the dripping, oily tones of Jacen Solo."Colonel Kya has been relieved of command and ordered to withdraw to Coruscant. I shall assign a new commander to the Third. His actions against Commenor are a complete violation of any and all war protocols, and he must be returned to the capital. Can I rely upon you to escort him free?"

    In the meantime, Aden, dumbfounded and infuriated, opened a channel to Natalia, stepping into his personal office. The bridge crew had left him alone after he unleashed a bolt of lightning upon the GAG soldiers which turned on him. They were still shaking on the floor, their armour smoking. "Natalia - it's Aden. Colonel Solo has ordered me to return to Coruscant and face-trial. I have my Blur aboard; I can take it - we can go, far, far away. Will you come?"

    Of course, the battle continued. A TIE fighter tried to get underneath Rhoen in the furball, as much as another used the gravity of a small planetoid to swing around and head towards Natalia at high speed, attempting to get some free hits on her shields. The Wraiths and Dancers were on the verge of finishing off the Commenori fighters, but the tumbling and indeed accelerating debris field was elongating the engagement.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 (x2)
    IC: Rivoche

    Taking this to another hangar aboard the Eriaduan station

    The politician bequeathed all the necessary permissions to the Adumari to land, and indeed sent them on to Bernael and the others. She was unhappy that the proverbial Shadow of the Society was coming back to Eriadu on her account, but Eris was dead so what could be done. It was not serendipity that meant she called Bernael's ship to the same hangar that Trec was summoned to - as and when he was free.

    She would be waiting for Trec with the desire to thank him greatly for his support in Eriadu's time of need. She knew Rem and Rom would be tailing her, which was fine, as she imagined Bernael would want to debrief them. But even then, when the Fury arrived, she was intrigued by the Neti and the woman with them - Renn and Ebony. The latter was at a loose end, but not forever.

    TAG: @adaml83, @darthbernael

    The Malek Team

    There wasn't much else to add, save for the confirmation that the Malek's and the others had from Eriadu High Command that they had been requested for a special mission by the Corellian government. They were clearly to be commanded quicker than expected, when a Victory-class Star Destroyer - the Valorum - and a pair of very, ver, very elderly Carrack-class light cruisers arrived. A captain Hoclaw was coming down to the station to request a meeting with the squadron leaders and whomever they wanted to be present. She was here to discuss a trap for Colonel Solo.

    And she would be omitting the largest detail of it all.

    Welmo put in an immediate request to be there, which of course would pass through Ilona.

    They had a few minutes to tie up loose ends before the Corellian shuttle arrived at the station. Retirements, decisions, refusals, the like. What they needed to get off their chests, with the information from Droma and Welmo in mind, had to happen now.

    TAG: @Anedon, @adaml83, @Adalia-Durron
    IC: Luke Skywalker

    Forest Moon of Endor

    Fresh from another moment of staring into the sunset, Luke found himself wandering the Jedi camp. He could not sleep; he had paced, and wondered if it was the pending arrival of Kyp and Corran... or was it Wedge? Was he worried for Kyle, and whether he had survived the obviously failed attempt to capture Jacen? He hadn't heard from his sister and Han for days...

    No, he came standing by the Holocron's that had been recovered from the New Jedi Temple... that had been on the same ship Mirax and Corran went to meet, and that Seha had been delivered to Endor with. He knew of them, but they seemed mostly irrelevant now the Sith were gone; now Luke had killed Lumiya.

    But the war wasn't over... and Jacen... he clearly had fallen under the Sith's sway...

    So did it matter now? He gestured with the Force, and the crystal Holocron - the Telos Holocron, as it was known, for where it was found - activated. He had heard about the gatekeeper, but still he felt a strange dissonance when he stared into the eyes of a Palpatine that was younger than even Luke now. "So did the Halcyon boy die? Nejaa was so very frustrating...."

    Luke paused. Clearly the Holocron needed to be shielded more than they thought. "No. As far as we are aware, Valin did not die. I can still dimly sense him; his father would have told me if anything had happened."

    "Ah, yes." Palpatine said, wisely. "So what else do you require of little old me? You killed me, no? Many times over, I have discovered since being reactivated..."

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider, @adaml83, @Adalia-Durron, @The Real Kyp Durron (while on your way to Endor(?))

    Korriban, shadows

    White Eyes spoke along with the transmitter in his hand, gleeful. "... since being reactivated."

    He did so enjoy taking the rasping, wistful tones of his youth. Skywalker replied, unaware the Holocron was conveying all he said. "The Sith have been destroyed, but I do not believe they are gone."

    "Never are the Sith gone, my boy." He twisted his face into a smile, as did the younger simulation. "Their legacy is a hundred millennia old; their iconography has been built into the very fabric of society. The very vices that nip at the soul are those which shape the next Sith Empire."

    "And yet the Sith have rarely ruled the galaxy..." Luke managed to say.

    "... rule is different to control, surely," he said, evenly. "The Sith shape reality as they see fit. Even their perceived defeats are merely elongations of the game board itself."

    "I'm not playing," Skywalker said, stiffening. "The galaxy has new saviours."

    "Yes..." Palpatine said. "Your task is nearly one. Once your wife's killer is dead... you can join her."

    "I can join her..." Skywalker repeated, slowly.

    It was not a hypnotic suggestion using the Force; no. Such things were parlour tricks. A truly charismatic artisan did not need magic to perform his show; he need only hint, and the mind of his opponent would fill the gaps with their own inadequacies.

    Luke switched off the Holocron, and White Eyes laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

    TAG: No One
    IC: Admiral Babo

    Aboard the Ranger, isolated

    For the fifth of sixth time, Babo rued leaving the Sabaton behind at Adumar and wanted to be in the action. Commenor had taken such a beating that it was all-but out the war save the hulls it could field now, and Corellia was under attack. The Hutt deployment at Kuat had been destroyed, and the world entirely reclaimed by the Galactic Alliance - all their weeks of advancing undone in a day.

    He wanted to do something, and he didn't know what Adalia and the others were up-to at the base proper.

    TAG: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @Adalia-Durron, @adaml83