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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    OOC - A C-c-c-c-combo with @Adalia-Durron, @Rebecca_Daniels and @I_am_Kooky
    IC - Adalia Tehanis, Beka Tiarri, Kate and Kara Leeash.
    Onboard the Ocean.


    Kara was reintroduced to Beka, and as they walked down to the brig they just idly chatted, catching up with each other’s lives for the past few years. Kara was holding on to Beka’s hand while they walked down. Kate was already feeling better being around someone she knew.

    They were stopped by the guards, Beka and Kate gave their names, and then a guard escorted them through explaining that the door would be closed behind them, they were to knock twice, and they would be let out. They had arrived at Adalia’s cell and he unlocked it and pushed the door open and motioned for them to enter.


    The cell was cold, badly lit and smelled of something gross. Sitting on the bench which she assumed served as some sort of bed as well, she had her legs bent up and her arms around them, left hand holding the central finger of the right. She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath before sharply pushing her knees outward while holding on tight and gritting her teeth, success!

    Her knuckle had been dislocated and it was clear no one was going to help her with it, so want something done? With her head down he breathed deeply to get through the subsequent pain till it subsided to a throb before lifting her head and checking it was in place. The central knuckle was a little swollen, but she’d be fine. Sighing she allowed her head to drop back against the wall behind her and close her eyes. ‘Stupid move you idiot’ she mused ‘at least 5 different ways you could have handled that, but no, you had to choose the violent stupid way.’ She wondered how long it would take till someone came to tear shreds off her, a smile touched her lips, or tell her Aden was badly hurt. That would make it worth it.

    A sound at the door alerted her to others, she could feel there were several outside the door, and someone familiar. She frowned, unsure if she was feeling right. The door slid open.


    Kara was the first to enter “AUNTY ADDIE!” she squealed and as she ran and jumped into Addie’s arms. Kate just smiled, Kara stopped hugging and was asking 5 questions a second. “Does your hand hurt? How long are you in time out for? When can we stay at your place, Mum said we going for a sleepover at your house? How Uncle Kyp? Can we have pets at your house? Do you still have my favourite cookies? Did you see the Star Trek episode where. . .”

    “Kara, let her answer your question before asking another one. Also, Addie might have some questions for you!” Kate said. “Oh, sorry Aunty Addie, I’ve missed you!”


    Adalia was winded instantly as the child was on her lap, around her neck and talking 16 to the dozen. She looked over to the door and saw Beka standing in it and Kate stepping inside speaking to her daughter. She had a soft smile, but her features were haunted, pained and exhausted. “Kate?” She tried to turn attention to the squirming girl in her arms. “Kara! Take a breath! Yes, my hand hurts! Time out, yeah, that’s it. My place? Sleepover?” She’d lost track of the questions by then…. ” Why don’t you just settle and let me see how your mum is?” she said gently looking over to Kate.


    "Hi Addie, and ah. . .yeah we have been better." Kate shifts uncomfortably as she leaned against the wall. Before she could stop herself, she slid down the wall until she was seated on the ground, she was just so tired, lack of sleep the weight of the emotional toll and complete lack of plan form here.

    “Ah, so. . .about 5 or 6 days ago, everything was great and normal then. . .” Kate sighed and looked up at Beka as well. “The Galactic Alliance aerial Bombed Kaskyyyk, setting over half the planet on fire. I was aware that there were tensions, but there was no warning for me when the attack started. . .” Kate didn't look up to see Beka's or Addie's faces, she just closed her eyes, so she could hold it together too long enough to finish her part.

    "Our Clan, . . .our Village, . .. Eak and Liam . . .all gone" Kate really didn't feel like going into the details, perhaps another day or time, when she had more sleep, or when they when not under surveillance. "All that I have with me, is all that is left". She expected that she would have cried again, but she didn't, she felt just felt so empty like skin stretched around a black hole.

    "We got a red ribbon in our hair to remember them" Kara pointed out her ribbon to Addie. Kate half smiled with her eyes still closed. by the Force was she grateful for her daughter, but now what?


    Adalia could not believe what she was hearing, she tried to hide her shock but failed horribly as she looked at Kate then to Beka and back. She took a few seconds to digest what she'd just been told and the affect it had on everyone around her. Little Liam, Eak, her first real friend, gone. Kate was in pain, she felt that but the entire situation was so much of a mess that she was struggling to comprehend it. Breathing in slowly and letting it out just a slowly. She subconsciously pulled Kara a little closer. The girls’ bouncy attitude was probably hiding the suffering she'd experienced at such a young age.

    "The GA did that, I think I know their justification, but it’s not right." she said quietly. "I'm sorry Kate, I never knew, till now." She felt blind-sided and realised her petty personality clash with Aden was immaterial at this point. Fact was she was on the wrong side of this war, and she needed to sort that out. "What do you need from me Kate, just ask." She looked around the cell, "If I can do it from here."


    Beka stayed by the door as Kate spilled her story, leaning on the wall only partially relaxed. She was certain someone would be listening in, and she wasn't sure she liked that. Nothing Kate said would be harmful, yet they might get the wrong idea about three former Shadow Sabres in one room. So, as casually as she could, she slipped a hand on her pocket and activated a small device that would blanket their voices over any recording devices that might be active. It was subsonic, so it wouldn't prevent anyone from sticking their ear to the door, but it would slow down anyone watching a holo feed.

    "I'd heard rumours," Beka admitted, "I was far enough out before Addie called, I wasn't getting quite the GA bend on the news, but they still covered it up pretty well." Eak being gone was sobering, that was for certain; how many others were left? No one would be safe as long as those like Aden were at the forefront of the GA. "I didn't come back to support actions like that." She came because Addie asked her to, because someone had to have her back. The GA could rot for all she cared: some things were more important.


    Adalia looked to Beka then to Kate who seemed to have collapsed on the floor, the implications of what she'd just heard sinking in and ripping at her soul. "Me either Bek." she said quietly before standing, holding Kara to her and bending slightly to speak to the girl. "Stay here honey, gonna give your mum a hug, thinks she needs it." She didn't push the girl away, she felt Kate's need to keep her close and bent down to her knees before Kate and leaned into her cupping her face and getting close. "We're getting out of here Kate, and we will make them pay for this, I swear on my life." she whispered to the younger woman before pulling her into her arms and caressing her hair noting the ribbon. Her heart ached, as the image of little Liam in Eak's arms flashed through her mind and she bit back bitter tears. Eak had been her first friend when she joined the Wild Knightz all those years ago. Someone was going hurt for this.


    Kate hadn’t opened her eyes yet. Her ability to hold it together was about as good as the paint holding a ship together. She didn’t even really hear what Beka or Addie had said as the sounds of the forest burning filled her ears. She flinched when she felt Addie touch her. "We're getting out of here Kate, and we will make them pay for this, I swear on my life." She opened her eyes and saw that Kara had gone to give Beka a hug and that she was resting on the chest of Addie in some sort of hug.

    “And do what Addie?” Kate asked exhaustedly. “You’re stuck here until due process has been followed. I'm technically a civilian and will be escorted off the ship shortly I suspect. I have enough credits to start a new life, not a fight! I have my kids to. . .” She heard it, she said it. . kids. . .

    She didn't have kids anymore, she had just the one. “I just . . .” she felt all the emotions rolling inside her, like an inevitable tsunami that she kept running from. Pain, grief, exhaustion, fear, panic, pride, shame, failure, love, and hate, it all rolling and mixing together as it came forward, knocking her thoughts off balance as she started to get swept up by it.

    “You can’t. . .” this isn't what she wanted, she just wanted to go home. Her plan was to get Addie’s apartment keys, rest up and start a new life somewhere, and not be a pathetic ball of uselessness on the floor in tears. “But I've come. . .”

    Wham! anger filled her, as the dominant emotion swept across her mind. // I've come so far from that emotional girl in the rafters. I was a leader! I was a mother, I was fearless!, I survived! and now here you are looking at me with pity, the same pity you had for me back then as a pathetic child crying in the rafters because I had no friends.// She shoved Addie back, probably harder than she intended. “This is NOT WHO I AM!”

    Tears falling freely, she would have to watch it or she will become dehydrated. Wham, another wave of emotion filled her, but this one was fear. //Who am I? I was a mother but now. . // Seeping in through her fingers and toes, small rivers of ice flowed up through her veins toward her heart as she felt it being to freeze over. “You’ve no idea. . .” Dozens of her fears showed up through her mind’s eye, having to beg for food on the streets, being separated from her daughter for some awful reason. Kate being helpless or trapped or useless in some way or being forced to . . . she saw Liam. . .Wham, anguish.

    “I’ve done things” A deep pain evident in every word, . . . .”things no mother should have to do.” she barely whispered, she couldn't think, she looked at her daughter and saw that she was scared again. Wham, Shame. Kate closed her eyes and tired breath, tried to calm down. //I’m not worthy to be a mother. I’ve murdered one and I am torturing the other with my very presence. You don't need me child, I needed you. This whole trip into enemy territory has been about me. You deserve someone better. // “I’m not worthy of your . . . “

    She felt a nothingness, a sort of empty blackness start to take over, her mind was shutting down to try and protect itself, it was all becoming too much for it, her mind had never done that before? ~ Force amplification ~ the voice offered. None of her feelings were ever this strong before, she always had a measure of control, but this was really like being lost in a stormy sea with waves crashing overhead as she struggled to breathe. Didn't they say the force was like an ocean?

    Nothingness closing in around her mind, as swells of panic and fear and worthlessness started to block out the light of her consciousness. Wham! another emotion hit her with such force she felt it in her body. She expected to stop breathing at this point and slip into the nothing that was so tantalizing now but although she struggled to breathe, she felt a warmth that started to thaw out the fear. Her arms automatically moved to . . . embrace? She then started to feel it; little arms wrapped around her as she rested her hands on a braided hair. //Kara// Kate sighed deeply.

    **It’s okay Mum, I love you.** she wanted to take her daughters reassurance, but how could she? how could she accept anyone's love after what she had done. . .~ Would a monster be worried that their child deserves better ~ the feelings were less intense now, but she still felt the guilt lingering //You selfish, pathetic nerf herder, your only here to satisfy your own stupid childish needs// she knew she shouldn’t have brought Kara here, she should have tried another way ~ But if you’re not functioning well, how are you to protect your child. You're here to heal you, so you can heal your daughter and be the mother she needs. ~ the voice offered.

    A bone weariness started to ache in her legs and arms. She felt the tide of emotions wash away and she was left feeling confused at their intensity and all-consuming power. Then warm rays of peace as her daughter was breathing slow and steady //was she asleep? // she felt Kara’s warmth radiate through her body, Kate was feeling so cold. The other thing, she felt in this moment a ‘safeness’ she hadn't felt in days. With another deep breath, she felt nothingness came back and she recognized it as sleep, and she felt herself slip sideways until she hit something else warm and soft and then the nothing overcame her.

    TAG - @Adalia-Durron, @Rebecca_Daniels
  2. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Bernael
    Location: Searching for the Ocean

    Bernael’s Fury continued following older or disused hyper routes so as to avoid notice as he followed the trail leading toward the two spikes he had decided to investigate first. He could feel the newest acquisition to his collection giving up even more information as the soul slowly was absorbed. He was gleaning information about day to day operations on the Ocean, about the squadron the soul had been a part of, even some of the emotional background of the people involved onboard.

    While observing the route the Fury was flying, in the cockpit, Bernael felt another mind, one obviously strong in the Force reaching out toward him. His mental defenses were enough that he just allowed the feeling of his hunger to be read, and, given the mind searching, he was not surprised that it seemed amused, or taunting. And taunting it was, with the message it left before closing off again.

    ‘Come and get me, then.’

    Bernael’s eyes darkened to black for a moment, appreciating the delicious irony of someone taunting one such as he. Especially as the message itself was an unmistakable trail leading back to the one who sent it. He let his mind follow the trail, almost to the source, holding off from touching the mind which had sent it. ‘Hmmm, that explains part of why there were such spikes in the Force from this one, this Aden Kya.’ He could sense that this was another who attempted to keep their Force abilities and their affiliation within to themselves.

    And it led him directly to the Ocean. ‘Coruscant, so the two I’m searching for are even closer to the third of four I felt so intensely.’ He gave specific instructions to the droid pilot, to have them enter the system well outside the defenses. His inbound trajectory would be longer, but would give him more time to keep himself under the sensors of the world, as well as those of all the craft surrounding it.

    Headed to the cargo bay, Bernael equipped himself with his original runeswords, his kukri, and various daggers, as well as one of his better sets of armor. He returned to the cockpit in time to see the streaking of stars come to an end as they exited hyperspace. The ship immediately activated the stealth unit and the ship vanished from view. Bernael drew in his presence in the force until he appeared just another being.

    The Fury crept through the system, having come from system North, he’d avoided most of the traffic in and outbound. However, he was sure the sensors covered every angle so he had to move slowly and deliberately. From time to time he had to alter course to avoid detection range of urgent couriers zipping around. As it moved inbound, he felt another serious spike in the Force one not associated with any of the three he’d come to study. ‘Hmmm, it seems so much is focused on these people and what they are involved in.’

    Soon enough he came close to the Ocean. One last, immediate, command to his pilot droid -Stay stealthed and keep this distance from the Ocean, should it move follow it wherever it goes.-

    He donned a helmet to survive in the vacuum, checked his weapons, and a small sack in a pocket inside his cloak.before going through the airlock, closing his eyes for a moment focusing as he reduced his lifesigns and presence in the force to almost nil, disappeared from sight, then launched himself on a trajectory that would bring him toward the open hangar bays of the Ocean. As he came around the flank of the ship, he saw that, as he’d suspected, the bays were open while in a parking orbit around Coruscant.

    He was sure the security fields would still be operable, but with the codes he’d gleaned from the pilot, that would not be an issue. Using a magnetic grapple, he swung himself in close to the shield covering one bay. As he approached, he sent the entry codes to the ship, the shields opened for a moment, and he sung through before they closed again, retracting the grapple as he did.

    Landing silently, he surveyed the hangar. ‘Typical setup’ he thought, looking around. Still invisible, he moved from ship to ship, finding hidden, out of the way spots on each, to leave a tiny, almost invisible patch, one that would let his ship track them. It took time to do so for each ship, not just in this hangar but them all, but as he was unsure which he would need to possibly follow they all had to be covered.

    A few hours later, he was done and headed deeper into the ship, to look for the two beings he had done all this work for, already. It took longer than he had planned as a silent, invisible, being couldn’t just open lift doors or press buttons for various floors without drawing some attention to potential “ghosts” onboard, which would require a security investigation he needed to avoid.

    After some fits and starts, having to get on and off whenever someone else did, staying out of the way in the lift, he managed to make it to the deck with the brig. As the guard shift changed, he slipped inside behind those entering. Moving even more carefully, certain this deck was being swept constantly, for any sign of intruders or escapees, he passed various empty cells on either side. Near the deepest end of the brig, he came upon the cell holding one of the two he’d come to investigate.

    He paused, looking inside. The one he was searching for was not alone, there were two other women and a young girl inside. Interestingly, one of the women, one passed out on the floor by the wall, was the source of the last spike he’d felt. That Adalia Tehanis had the young girl with her, and the third woman was closeby. ‘Too many extraneous people around, she I can find again later.’ He knew later may be interesting as he had skimmed her mind, seeing that she planned to escape, somehow.

    Moving on, he came to the last cell. From within he could sense power, hidden but there, and Dark, but, interestingly enough, a different flavor from the extreme flavor of Dark of Jacen Solo. This was where the beacon of a message that had pointed the way to the Ocean had come from. It was, unsurprisingly, Aden Kya. He stood, outside the cell, studying the man for a time. With how he was restrained and the security surrounding the cell he would have to wait for this one too. He was certain, even as cloaked as he was, the man could feel him. ‘You called I came, not always a smart thing, but we shall see.’ he sent directly to the man’s mind. Now that he had their signatures in his mind he could follow them anywhere.

    He slowly and carefully made his way back through the brig, taking one last look in Tehanis’s cell as he passed. He exited, as the guards he’d entered with left, at the end of their shift. Moving down the hallway he found an empty niche in the wall, pressed himself inside, and let his chameleon cloak take on the form, feel, and look of the niche, albeit slightly shallower. ‘Time to wait and see what comes of this.’

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  3. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson
    Jesses Quarters - The Ocean

    Jesse's data pad vibrated, he'd received a message. Closing the information screens he'd been reading, he opened his official channels. It was from Vau, he wanted brief reports on 'what occurred out in the Kuat Yards' to be submitted ASAP. He bit his bottom lip and turned to Adrian. "Vau wants my take, and by that I am assuming yours as Temporary Lead on what happened out there."

    "Guess so," Adrian replied. His thoughts had become so focused on escaping from here that he had almost forgotten about the protocol they still had to follow. He wondered what he should do, mention his complaints? But wouldn't that make him even more of a target than he already was? Or give a favorable report to keep up the illusion he was just a good little by the book soldier who followed orders and never questioned his superiors?

    Jesse sat back and began typing his, he didn't care for Aden, so he didn't care about throwing mud at the man, some would stick he hoped.

    Mission parameters were clear although somewhat uneven and had it not been for Colonel Tehanis taking on a Corvette alone, things could have been a whole lot worse for our side of the wing, commendation recommended. Tehanis and Malek escorted a civilian ship to jump point, she clarified it as civilian only, orders came from Colonel Kya to have said ship destroyed, orders followed by his team. Tehanis was correct, I myself witness a mother and child, a K9 and various children's toys as the ship met it demise. Report Kya for break of codes. We don't kill innocents.

    Mission fulfilled, within the parameters. Colonel Tehanis skills and taking down of the Corvette, even if a bit unorthodox, has provided the opening we needed to achieve our goal. Briefly left the mission parameters alongside the colonel to get a neutral vessel out of the fighting. After the successful mission I temporarily stepped up as lead of the Phoenix Squadron, recommend a swift release for Colonel Tehanis and an inquiry about the aforementioned civilian vessel.

    Adrian looked over his report and asked himself if it was any good. He had tried to be as neutral as possible but in the end couldn't keep himself for requesting Adalia's release.

    Jesse looked over to Adrian and held up his data pad. "Wanna swap?" It was his way of figuring out Adrian's take on things and if they were on the same page.

    "Sure," Adrian said and showed his datapad to the other officer. If Jesse was an enemy than he had already doomed himself anyway and it didn't matter if the older man could see his report as well. Skimming over Jesse´s report Adrian noticed that it was more open and honest than his own, maybe risky even. At the same time he couldn't feel a bit ashamed that he hadn't been able to be this honest.

    He was pleased the younger man was open, so reading his report he could clearly see age and experience were not there as he was staying within the parameters and all above board. Little personal input, but that comes with age he thought. "Its good, to the point and hopefully will help to getting what we want." he said passing it back. "Going to submit mine now."

    "Okay, sending mine as well," Adrian said and typed a few things in his datapad to deliver the message. "Lets hope it will help us at getting the Colonel back."

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  4. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    Ic Kyp Durron and tell me?


    Suddenly Kyp was filled with an ominous darkness. Firstly, he saw a man on a golden throne, cloaked, their face hidden, atop an array of boulders. Hanging from his belt was a silver and golden lightsaber, a smaller hilt than not.

    But as Kyp stepped forward, his lightsaber to hand, he recognised that the throne was atop bodies; forms he recognised. Aden, Beka, Adam, Kate, Marie, Erbas, Jem, Mirax, Corran - even Adalia. Kyp saw the last generation of pilots, people he’d known for years. He saw symbolism but was too imbalanced by Adalia being there to figure it out. The Dark Man gestured, and his blood froze; his gut curdled; his skin crawled.

    Crimson lightning emerged, and Kyp screamed, forcing himself to move, to block - he managed to intersect his blade with the lightning, tears mingling with the blood in his throat. The energy refracted, clawing up his arm and the hilt, causing the saber to short out.

    As Kyp was thrown away he turned and looked back to the Dark Man, his hands raised to defend. Instead he saw, clucking over the corpses was now an Anzati, and standing at the Man’s right hand was a man of White Eyes, featureless otherwise save for his bald head. A blond woman with three jagged, dripping cuts on her forehead ignited a blue blade and stepped down the mound of bodies, rushing Kyp.

    Kyp howled as the Anzati neared Tehanis, lightning jangling on his fingers.

    Sitting bolt upright in bed, he was almost gasping for air, his body bathed in perspiration, his hands shaking. Staring into the darkness his throat was dry, sore even. Had he been screaming out loud? Pulling the covers aside he put his feet on the floor, head in his hands and attempted to think clearly, to make sense of what he’d just seen. All he could think was ‘she’s in real danger and not just from him’. Standing he began to pace, trying to understand what he’d seen and why he’d seen it.

    Kyp was well aware there were some who had the ability to ‘give' him such a vision, some who’d want him to spiral into a panic over it, and he knew that was not going to happen. The symbolism, what did it mean? They weren’t dead, those on the ‘pile’ of bodies, but near death, writhing in pain but alive. Were they being tortured? Was she……… he shook his head; no, he couldn’t think that. An Anzati? He’d never seen one, well not in person, but he knew what they did and that thought alone caused bile to rise up. Moving to the refresher he turned the water on and splashed it on his face, he needed to cool down. Leaning on the bench he noted his hair had come lose, and duly pulled it back to its tie absently thinking ‘Gonna cut it, she’ll hate that’. Going back the bed he sat on the edge, letting his hands hang lose, they were still shaking. He had to let this go, the future was always in motion and he didn’t know it this was a possible future, a warning or just a lure like the kind he would fish with as a kid. Was it bait? Was he the fish? For the first time in, well it had to be ever, he almost wished Corran was there, he could use some clarity.

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  5. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Natalia Keizar
    Brig Ocean

    It had taken sometime and a lot of conversations, but the incident was becoming clear. Colonel Tehanis had indeed stuck Colonel Kya. That was never in doubt it seemed. Though the thing that was more opaque was the reason behind the strike. The techs had no idea, the pilots said it was something with the last mission, and some others had dropped hints that maybe there was something more. It was all unclear, the edges of it fuzzy. If she sent her report as it was now, it would be laughable. Knowing that one commander stuck another means nothing if you don't know the motive.

    With eyewitnesses spent and written statements coming in from the members of Wraith squadron, she turned to the principals the Colonels involved in the incident. Colonel Tehanis was occupied talking with the woman that was hanging from the rafters of the hangar, Natalia started with Colonel Kya. She had looked up his record, serving with distinction in the Vong War, but being locked away afterwards. It was clear he had a record, however that shouldn't be held against him now. She'd dealt with plenty of prejudice herself, coming from Courlag a planet that had capitulated to the Vong, that fully supported the Empire until the very end, her own family history was littered with those that served in the Empire, that committed atrocities. One could be more than their family histories, more than their personal histories.

    As she entered a panel turned transparent revealing the officer on the other side. He looked up with a smile crossing his legs. There was a weight, a presence to his looks, his smile made her cheek twitch trying to return it. She fought it off for now, this was an interrogation.

    "Natalia Keizar." He said she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. He knew her name having never met her. He was of course pulling from personnel records, but her transfer wasn't confirmed until very recently. His memory must be incredible, an asset to the war.

    "How can I help?" She looked down putting her thoughts together.

    "Sir," she was finding it hard to talk around him his gaze judging her, almost looking through her. "I have been assigned to investigate the altercation between yourself and Colonel Tehanis." She remained standing in parade rest referring to her datapad every now and then. "The actual event of which is well documented...what I would like to know is what precipitated the attack? The written statements of your wing make mention of a freighter that was attacked during the operation at Kuat?"

    Rather than immediately respond, Aden tugged a chair behind her with the Force, and that triggered the stun cuffs, throwing him to the ground. "Ow."

    He grinned as he sat up again. "I hope that gentlemanly act was worth it, because these cuffs hurt when they punish me for using the Force." Aden Kya shrugged. "Manners are worth it."

    "But I digress," he said, sitting up a little more straighter. So it was the freighter which triggered Addie. Pity. "The freighter in question was fleeing Kuat during an Alliance operation. They confirmed that they were to jump to Commenor, without authorization or permit. There was not opportunity to discuss the matter during our withdrawal, and there was too large a risk in them being spies. They had abandoned the shipyard we had just evacuated, which increased the risk that they had compromised the Dodonna and the task force. I gave orders for them to be shot down, which, eventually, occurred."

    "The discussion over the open channel and with Colonel Tehanis is all recorded, of course." He shrugged. "I have a record. I am endeavouring to follow procedure and I genuinely believe that they were a suspect vessel. With no opportunity to capture them - and indeed shooting down the freighter risked two of my pilots and then required me to intervene with them to save a third, anything more than that would have been dangerous to attempt."

    She was a little surprised but, at the same time concerned for him as the cuffs sent electricity through him. A light blush came to her cheeks as she took the seat her so graciously, and painfully provided to her. She let out a bit of a cough looking away. This was an interview after all.

    "I see," she commented hiding a little behind her datapad. Noting down the information she nodded her head. It was a difficult situation, the freighter, most certainly had time to escape before the engagement or seek passage aboard the fleeing Alliance ships. While she still felt pity for them, and wished there was another way, they couldn't take the chance that they were enemy agents. It was cold but, with the Confederation putting the sword to the Alliance's throat, what choice did they have. They were fighting on the back foot, one mistake, one silp and the Alliance falls. It is not lost on her that her home is right in the path on an oncoming attack. Looking up she could see he had considered trying to bring them in alive, he didn't move instantly to the lethal option but, he didn't have the time. None of them had time. Not for pleasantries or for misplaced mercy. "Might I ask how is your relationship with Colonel Tehanis? In your records she is mentioned several times. She was instrumental in you trial for which you were imprisoned. Is this just a disagreement over...strategy or something more?"

    Aden would have shrugged with his hands upright, but he was bound.

    "We fought the Yuuzhan Vong. No quarter given; no mercy; no retreat allowed or given. When it was them we fought, Adalia and I didn't have a lot to disagree about. But as we started to win, and then won..." He sighed. "We fell out more often than not, and she became more... suspicious of me." He looked embarassed. "I wouldn't say that the war had made her paranoid, but I wouldn't say that it hadn't, either."

    "I appreciate why I was imprisoned and tried. I crossed many, many, many lines, in hindsight, but at the time..." He allowed his eyes to unfocus. "I never really stopped fighting the war for survival." Aden refocused. "I was a slave, you see, before the Vong arrived at Fondor. Sorry," a tight grin. "I forget that slaves don't exist in the Core and Colonies - I was an indentured worker. So every day was about survival for me. For Addie - for Adalia," he corrected himself, "the war for survival ended when the Vong surrendered. For me, it was just another day."

    "And now we're fighting another war and we're losing. Four, five, months ago we were all a happy unified galaxy. A month ago we had the advantage over the Confederation, but they had nothing to lose while we had a galaxy to defend and the Battle of Kuat to fight - or lose the war. Now we have lost Kuat and we have as many enemies as we have states unwilling to dig deep and save the galaxy." He looked unhappy. "And now I'm back, and expected to make sure that we survive."

    She looked down again a pit forming in her stomach he spoke so easily of his pain, of his past. He'd been through more than she had found in his file. He was given an opportunity to be something more and latched onto it with both hands. The Vong were for lack of a better term monsters. Taking over planets turning them to their own uses and damn the current occupants. Without men like Aden people fighting for the survival of a democratic system and freedom itself, what would they have. Despite all that he still admits that he may have made mistakes. But, one would have to put themselves into his experience. Growing up a slave, having to fight for everything he had, thrown into a war for galactic survival. Of course he was going to do everything necessary to succeed. Though he spoke easily she could almost feel the pain in his words, the slight flinch in his eye. Or maybe she was just being naive.

    "They only call when they need you." She said quietly, "And they won't trust you because of who you are." pursing her lips she brought up her eyes locking with his. "Being from Corulag, you get a lot of calls of Traitor. It isn't unwarranted, but it still stings. My family served on both sides in the last Civil War, we said nothing when our home capitulated to the Vong. We were just doing what we needed to survive..." Her blush deepened as she looked away. "Not to compare my family's trouble to your own...I was just...just..."

    Aden looked at Natalia, warmth in his eyes. “I understand, I do. I remember your homeworld from your file.” He smiled, albeit bitterly. “But sides like nations don’t really matter to real people. It’s about family, about who you trust and don’t.”

    “For me, my squadmates are the only family I will ever have. I can’t see me settling down and having children.” A short laugh. “For all I know, Jacen will be derided as a monster come tomorrow and after his term is up I’ll be treated like a leper again.”

    “But at least they’ll be alive to loath me.” Aden blinked, remembering where he was. “But we’re a bit off-topic, sorry.” Apology was written across his expression. He straightened again. “I would make the same decision I made with that freighter if I had to again. I’m not happy that Colonel Tehanis was upset about it, though I would have much preferred she express her criticism in a manner which had no impact on morale.” His voice hardened. “We saved the Dodonna and most of those ships. We did well, with no support, against two Confederate capital ships. The wing needs to know that they did brilliantly in the circumstances. We need time to mourn our losses, and prepare for the next retreat.”

    “They need that time to prepare.” He nodded to her. “So the sooner you gather your recommendations and reports, the better. If I am to be returned to my real cell, then I’d rather it happen sooner rather than later, so the squads can get ready.”

    She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear giving him a slight demure smile. Talk of squadron being family and standing by them, doing whatever is necessary, for them. He was ready to sacrifice himself to give them a chance to prepare. It was noble, and courageous. Laying down your own career for others, for the success of the mission. She looked into his eyes one final time before he gently reminded her that they were getting side tracked. He'd done what was necessary and wouldn't back down from it, what was done was done, the mission was a success, if there was a problem then there were channels for that. You do not take matters into your own hands. She continued writing up her report making sure to point out that there were other paths to reconcile, and that Aden showed some remorse for having to take their lives.

    "Yes...I believe my report should be finished soon, that is if I can get a moment to talk with Colonel Tehanis. She seems rather...on edge." She stood up tentatively reaching out before pulling back. He could feel her conflict. She needed to stay impartial, but all the evidence was pointing towards this just being a leader lashing out at another for differences of opinion. Something that could have been handled a myriad of different ways, ways that wouldn't have impacted readiness. She couldn't help feeling that he was being punished for past crimes, not for his actions in the present, that he was being judged against past actions. Though she couldn't deny the feeling in her chest, the increased heart rate when he spoke, the way she would get lost in his eyes as he laid out his pain. "You should be free soon." She tried to give him a reassuring smile as she walked away holding her datapad close to her chest.

    Once outside she took a breath, and another settling herself. She needed to stay impartial, objective. That was what she was asked to be.

    Though it was getting harder and harder to stay that way.

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    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: Thanks to @The Real Kyp Durron for the combo, it was fun!

    IC: Kyp Durron, Adam Lyons

    Adam was sitting at the table before going out to pre-flight his E-wing and saw Kyp. He seemed different and hadn't even said two words this morning. He called out, "Hey Kyp, what's wrong?"

    He'd gotten himself a glass of juice, unsure as to what had been juiced to make it as its taste was obscure at best, and was currently buttering a piece of toasted bread when he heard Adam's question. Turning he asked "What makes you think something is wrong? I mean, aside from everything?"

    Adam shrugged, "I'm not sure, you just seem... off. You weren't like this yesterday." He smiled inwardly at the everything comment that was pretty normal for this group.

    Picking the toast up he took a small bite, Adam was perceptive enough to pick up on his mood, he'd done it before, and he was level headed enough to see more clearly than himself, especially as his own emotions were so personally invested. Turning he moved to sit down opposite him sipping the juice to wash the food down. "What is this the juice of, nothing I've ever tasted before." He put the glass down and let out a deep sigh. "Had a vision last night." He let those words soak in.

    Adam's eyes narrowed at the mention of Kyp's vision, "What sort of vision? Can't be good given how you are..."

    He dropped the toast on the table, he wasn't hungry anyway. "Wasn't and hard to define. Everyone was dying, " he looked at him directly "even you. Someone dressed in black in a thone, had a lightsaber." he turned away "An Anzati was there, a man with White-eyes, a woman with horrible wounds on her face, she has a saber too. I was attacked." he lowered his eyes. "The Anzati went for Addie and I couldn't stop him." he left out the part where dark lightning was forming on his own hands, no one needed to know that.

    Adam thought for a moment, "It's not a warning for something you might do...could it be a warning for the future if we do something, a call to action? Could someone also try to manipulate a vision like that in your head?"

    "Whoa, one question at a time!" Kyp protested. "I don't know on any one of them anyway. We act, it could be the future, we don't could be the future. The Dark man isn't new, seen him before, still convinced I know who it is but no one else is seeing it. The white-eyed man, no idea, felt dark. The woman? Once again, no idea, she attacked me..." he paused for a moment "the Anzati, never seen one in action, thank the Force, but I nearly did and that I think is eating at me as that felt more........real if that makes sense. Like that might be a real threat we've not even seen let alone considered."

    Adam smiled, "Sorry. The dark man could be contextual, and there's really only one man who's out there piling up the bodies, you and I both know that. A White eyed man? If he's evil, could he be Sith? The woman? If it's an associate of the dark man, then you may have the woman. Anzati? Beyond me, but I trust your opinion on them. Believe me, I believe they're a threat, and I believe we may need to take countermeasures though it's going to be a blasted pain to get them." He sighed, "It's another thing for the list."

    "The list just keeps getting longer and I kinda feel like we're going nowhere fast," Kyp confessed. "Not looking for kneejerk reactions, but I can't help but feel like I'm doing nothing and being totally useless." He was staring at the toast, it was unappetizing. His true thoughts bubbling to the surface. "She's in real trouble Adam, I can feel it."

    Adam nodded grimly, "I know, you don't need the Force to know that. Aden's a real psycho like that. I'm amazed that they thought that putting them in joint command wasn't going to be a disaster. It's why I recommended to Wedge that Aden and his squadron be reassigned from Oracle Base in the first place." He looked at Kyp, "Some things are in motion already, I just hope Addie gets a chance to look at the message soon and the information I gave her. Beyond that, we need information, maybe information only you can get Kyp."

    "What did you tell her?" he asked. It was an honest question, and he knew Adam wouldn't be totally idle.

    "That I wasn't going to join either side because of actions that both sides made." Adam looked at Kyp, "It wasn't in the message but I did leave a visual message among the information I gave them with a strong suggestion that she and people she trusts get out of there as soon as possible." He shrugged, "Not that I know if there is and who they are."

    "Where did you tell to get to? Cause honestly, if she bolts, and anyone with her, the GA will be on them, and I don't think she even knows about this place, or how to find you here." he frowned, "Erbas is Corellian yes? Is he around?"

    Adam grinned wickedly, "I've accounted for that. There's a satellite out in the Null system that will forward them to our meeting place. Also, I plan to leave some debris for any GA investigators that decide to follow. Trust me to be very sneaky when I have to." He frowned, "I don't believe I've seen Erbas since we were forced to resign, and I honestly have no idea where he is. I...lost track of most of them in the years," Adam looked down, "I shouldn't have."

    "I doubt you're alone there, pretty sure she's regretting a few things about now." He sat back. "Do you mind if I take a look for him? If he's on Corellia, he could be an asset no one counted on. Gut feeling tells me he's not the type to get into this mess either." He didn't know the man they called 'Hotshot' well, but he wasn't a mindless drone, the reason he was with Adalia in the first place back then.

    Adam shrugged, "Sure, we can always use more people, are you still leaving with me to our Headquarters?" He thought about Erbas, "I've already asked Kirney to look out for our old squadmates from the Twin Suns, and the Shadow Sabers, I don't know how much she has yet, but I'm sure she could give you whatever you need and then some."

    Kyp nodded, "Yeah, coming with you. Will talk to Kirney and get on it, I need a focus right now." He smirked. "I imagine it will be interesting if I find him. Can you see his neighbors when a Jedi Master turns up looking for him? This might be the distraction I need right now."

    He sat forward. "You might want to research Anzati, I think you might be underprepared for that."

    Adam shrugged, "More like unprepared for Anzati, but there's so much to plan. Though part of this list was for King of the Droids and some Ysalamiri, already knew we'd be dealing with Force users on that side. I would appreciate any help you could provide on that front as well, Kyp." He got up, "But we need to get ready to go, I'm packed up, and Tawg informed me that Whistler demanded that he continue with us, despite whatever Corran may have said."

    "Ysalamiri? You want me, to help with that?" He stood, "Ask me to cut my legs off why don't you?" He picked up his uneaten toast and weird juice. "Might pack my few things then talk to Kirney, sounds much more fun."

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    OOC - A C-c-c-c-combo with @Adalia-Durron, @Rebecca_Daniels and @I_am_Kooky

    IC - Adalia Tehanis, Beka Tiarri, Kate and Kara Leeash.
    Onboard the Ocean.

    Kara was worried for her mum, but when she went in for the hug, she felt that her mum was upset and full of emotions, but had relaxed at Kara's touch. She nuzzled into her mum and really felt safe when her mum put her arms around her. Kara soon realised she had let go of some of her heart emotions too, but it didn't feel or look like her mums? She still felt sad and scared and stuff but it wasn't as bad. Soon realised it was the first time since the attack that Mum had begin to feel like normal. Even in this strange and weird metal place that smelled bad. She was glad that Aunty Addie and Aunty Beka where here, they would know what to do.


    Kate had passed out, or shock had gotten her, Adalia wasn’t sure. Kara was holding her, and she leaned in to do that same glancing back at Beka. This wasn’t ideal, the entire situation was not ideal. “Kate?” she muttered cupping her cheek. She was breathing evenly and through her abilities, she could feel she was peaceful, but not in a death like way, just an escape kind of way. Leaving Kara to hold her mother Adalia stood and moved to Beka. “Sorry I dragged you into this mess, but we gotta get out of it now. Ideas?” she almost whispered knowing Beka would have this covered, she always had this kind of stuff ‘covered.’ “I think Kate needs the Infirmary, and that will give us time.”

    "Depends on how destructive you want to be," Beka commented as she watched Kate being held onto by her daughter. It was probably for the best, given everything she'd been through. They both needed some rest. "We need to let them recover first. And I think we need to talk to your droid about a ship we saw out there..."

    "Infirmary first. I need to get out of here." she murmured, glancing at Kate. "Sparks second, he might have something," she added with a knowing look. "We can get creative after that."


    When the allotted time passed, Addie gently woke Kate up. As she stood, she was greeted by a medical officer and a guard. She looked to Beka and Addie, and understood that this was okay. She allowed her self and her daughter to be lead out of the cell, and followed them to the Infirmary.

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    IC: Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson, Kate and Kara Leeash (Combo with the amazing @Adalia-Durron and @I_am_Kooky)
    Onboard the Ocean

    Kate was still feeling a little groggy, impromptu naps were not normally her thing, nor was emotional outbursts. She didn't really like the idea that she had to visit the med bay, but on the other hand, it probably wasn't a bad thing. Not only did it stall for time for her to come up with a plan to get Addie and Beka off the ship, but it also would provide a check-up, a lot had happened in the past few days and some tests would be able to confirm that everything was okay with her and her daughter.

    She was seated on a bed and her daughter on the opposite bed. Two very nice young looking professional doctors came up. The female gently talked Kara through what she was doing, and taking some blood samples and doing some measurements. The male who introduced himself as Dr Tarrie, asked Kate a bunch of questions regarding her previous health situation, any history of passing out, and anything different in the past few days that may have led up to this.

    Kate was just as honest as she felt was relevant, mentioned surviving an attack, falling a great distance, drinking unfiltered water, sleeping in the dirt, being surrounded by fire and smoke and not eating much. Kate watched as the Doctor maintained a neutral face and took down note. //Must have been a military doctor for a while then// Kate summarized. He also took a few measurements, some blood and poked a few places asking if it hurt. Then both doctors went off to complete their tests.

    Being in an open room environment, Kate looked around and saw a few more empty beds, medical equipment, and the guard standing in the doorway watching them. Kara looked around and hopped off her bed and climbed on to her mothers. Kate took the chance to lie down again and just rest, and Kara curled up in her mum's arms “We won't be here much longer will we?” Kara asked. “Probably not, but now we wait for medical clearance. Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, just feeling a little . . .out of . . . this doesn't feel like home, and it’s a little weird, but not in a bad way?” Kara tried to explain her thoughts, but not really getting across how she really felt. “Yeah that kinda sums it up really. So proud of you! You have done really well.” “Thanks Mum.”

    The reports had been sent and now all they could really do was make sure their information on Kashyyyk was as accurate as possible. Fact was there was very little they could access on the holonet. Putting his data pad down Jesse turned to the two droids who sat quietly in the room, one was Colonel Tehanis, Sparks and the other was Adrian's. "Do you think we can get these two to find out where that woman, Kate, is right now? I have a feeling she might have everything we need."

    Before Adrian could even answer R7 gave them a confirming bleep. For a brief moment Adrian wondered just how much the little guy actually knew. He knew that his father had modified the droid quite a bit later in his life and it seemed these upgrades had allowed him to move considerably above the skillset of a standard astro droid. "In the infirmary?" Adrian asked still a bit puzzled. "How do you know that?" R7 gave him a few bleeps. "You are listening in on the ship communication?" This droid truly was full of secrets it seemed.

    Jesse smiled. "Him I like." He stood, "Then the Infirmary is out next destination." Sparks chirped causing him to frown "What is it?" he asked. The droid made a few more sounds and as Jesse was not fluent in droid, he turned to Adrian. "Did you get that? Something about what is he going to do next?"

    Adrian knelt down next to Adalia's droid and gave him a little pat on the dome. "I would suggest you have an eye on our ships, we might need to leave this place soon and it’s probably better we prevent any potential sabotage."

    "Good thought" Jesse said quietly "I can't see it as obvious, but our reports may garner attention we'd not hoped for." he stopped and picked up his data pad. "Let's pay the Lady and her daughter a visit, see how she is, you know," he gave a small smile. "to be seen doing the right gentlemanly thing."
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    IC - Co Chief of State Jacen Solo - Colonel Adalia Tehanis
    Her Cell aboard The Ocean.
    Thanks @Sinrebirth - needed that.......NOT! :p

    The cell was empty now, and it still smelled. The smell reminded her of bodily waste, and that turned her stomach more than it currently was rolling. Standing above the bench, one hand extended to support she had her hand on her stomach as another wave of nausea washed over her. Adding to the particular smell was not an option, so she swallowed hard to push down whatever was trying to come up. She was trapped in this situation, and it was her own fault and she'd dragged her friends down with her. Her mind was dragged back to the E Wing, 'Why was Adam there?' she wondered, 'Was he watching, gathering intel?' She realised she'd let that part of her life slide away and she'd not noticed, he'd been so important to her, a brother, but somehow, she'd not spoken to him in years. More guilt was piled on top, soon there'd be little, or no positives left.

    The shadows in the corner parted, revealing why Natalia had been able to reach Jacen so easily; he had already been aboard the Ocean. His face was pale, with sunken chins and a dozen bruises and cuts on his face alone. The black suit and cape especially elongated his departure from the wall, as if his attire formed a bridge between him and the Dark itself.

    His brown eyes shone with intelligence, with purpose, but not with malice.

    Not yet.

    Just idle curiosity.

    "Colonel Tehanis, it has been a while... since before the Battle of Ebaq 9, was it? Back on the Ralroost, getting ready to raid Gyndine." His smile oozed condescension. If Aden was vaguely civil, Jacen definitely was not. He was haughty, and he was amused by her circumstances. "I thought I should visit - secretly, of course, because I didn't want to appear to have a preference in the inquest."

    It’d been a long time, but she’d heard that voice on public address systems recently. She drew a deep breath, this was unexpected. She turned and gave him a cold smile. “Hello Jacen, I thought you already had a preference.” She’d chosen to use his name, although the familiarity with him was in the past, a long time ago. "By releasing Aden, you made that abundantly clear." She folded her arms across her chest and popped on hip, there was no way she would allow him to intimidate her, not when she'd known him as long as she had.

    “Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that. But if he’s more trouble than he’s worth, Addie, then I’ll drop him back where I found him.” He absently tapped his chin.

    “I don’t distinguish between former and retired pilots. If anything, the latter and their codes of morality can cause me problems too,” he said, leadingly. “We’re losing. If the Confederates win, they’ll split the galaxy between them, and we’ll have war without end...” Jacen looked forlorn. “Between the Clone, Galactic Civil and Vong Wars... it’s been four Galactic wars within a century. We need to do something extreme to break the cycle of violence.”

    He began to pace. “Tackle the causes of the war, not just the war itself, before the war is over and we settle back into complacency.”

    "Desperate?" She snorted. "I'd never get that desperate." she gave her head a shake. "Us 'older' pilots tend to have better morals, maybe that's where your so-called problems come in?" She knew she was baiting him, turning she sat down on the edge of bench, noting not for the first time how firm her flight suit was across her waist and grateful for the sleeves being tied off down there. 'middle age spread' flashed through her mind but it was a mere millisecond. "If you're losing its because you've lost who you were Jacen, what happened to you? What happened to the young man I used to know?" she asked honestly. "The causes of this war," she looked away, "Freedom? Is that what they want? You're going to destroy that desire?"

    “Freedom? At the expense of everyone else? What if another Vong arrive and we’re divided?” Jacen snorted, but then took a breath. “But that’s just the principle. Look at what they’ve done to us - or planned to!”

    “Corellia planned to reactivate a superweapon and finance a secret fleet. Then Corellian’s bomb Coruscant and poison the water supply. Then they attempt to overthrow Hapes by murdering the Queen and her daughter.” He squeezed his hands into fists.

    Tenel Ka and her daughter, Allana.

    His secret child.

    Even Tenel Ka had turned on him now.

    Jacen looked back at Adalia, pleading. “What are we supposed to do against people who do things like that?”

    This was, for a moment, Jacen, rather than the manipulative Caedus, it seemed. His secret Sith face, kept from all - even Tahiri, even Ben.

    He was all alone.

    Adalia watched him carefully before responding. "We do what we always do, like family do. When the going gets tough we pull together." She looked down putting her hands either side of her legs before returning her gaze. "And when they do that, you take their toys, like the Jedi did with Centerpoint. You don't take a blaster, or in your case, a lightsaber to your family." she said gently. "Friends and family are all we have, the Jacen I knew would know that. They are the only people we can count on." For a moment she glimpsed him, but it was gone again. "I’m here because I overreacted to a situation, I regret that. Why you are where you are, is also by your own choices, good and bad."

    Although there was no way that Adalia could know about Mara, what she said set off a nerve. It didn’t occur to him that she could have known about his brutal brawl with Luke a few days ago. Just the thought of Mara triggered him.

    Jacen’s face changed.

    It was Caedus’s face now.

    For a moment he was alien to the person he had been before, and his teeth clenched. If anything, his brown eyes, which were unmistakably Jacen’s, made the face he now made even more inhuman.

    “You make a mistake and assault a fellow officer, causing a hundred pilots and techs and colleagues to worry and morale to plummet. Nobody is talking about the successful withdrawal, nor the enemies that we have killed.” He chortled sharply. “It’s all about you and Aden here, not what we’re trying to achieve!”

    “I am forced to burn a planet of traitors and save the Core, and all anyone cares about is that the Hapan’s and Jedi have left. I sacrifice my family connections and friendships to make a better galaxy, and I’m the bad guy.” He snarled, stepping to the barrier. The Force seemed to thicken, and Addie would feel her perception of self being warped by the immensity of his presence.

    “You’re wrong, Addie. We need to end this war once and for all.” Then Jacen stepped up, matter of factly changing the topic. “Tell me about your relationship with Kyp Durron, former or otherwise.”

    The words he spoke ripped to her soul. 'I am forced to burn a planet of traitors and save the Core'. He'd done it, it'd been him who'd burned Kashyyyk. Her blood ran cold and she stood slowly as the room began to feel oppressive, electric. She wanted to stay calm, but his words had brought her infamous temper to the surface. She clenched her fists and raised her chin as she watched him. He was the 'Bad Guy', Kyp had been right, another mistake she'd made. His next question hit her, and her resolve was set.

    "You sacrificed? Whatever you have sacrificed Jacen has been your choice! Life is about choices, the choices you make define the life you live......and tell you what?" she asked, her emotions barely contained. "We were living together, we had a massive fight, I told him to get out of my life, he did. There's nothing more to tell. How does my personal life fix your war?" she hoped her deflection was enough to put him off any attempt to find Kyp, the was more angry now and this meant a war with him.

    Jacen loomed, pushing her mind with the Force, but sure to make it seem as if his words were the source of the pressure, and the stress.

    "My war," he said, petulantly. "I had no choice but to respond to the terrorism, to the rearming, to the aggression, to their treachery. I didn't send a Dark Jedi to kill a four-year-old - they did."

    His voice grew tart. "But being as you asked - your ex-boyfriend is a traitor. He and the other Jedi abandoned the Alliance at Kuat. We would have won, if Luke hadn't left. The war would have been over. Every single life that is lost now is at the hands of Luke and Kyp and Corran and all the others. Every heinous act that has to happen to save the Alliance - every sin I have to take on, is the fault of Luke and your ex-boyfriend."

    "So I need to know if there is a way to track him and his Jedi friends via you." Jacen leaned on her, prepared to go all the way - to break her little mind if he had to.

    She may have the Force, but he was the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    She was nothing to him.

    The room was small, but now it felt oppressive. Her head began to ache suddenly, like it did when her hair was up too tight, so instinctively she began to unravel her braid, putting her fingers into the hair and loosening it up to relieve what felt like pressure. "So, in your mind, anyone who doesn't want to fight and kill those they love, and believe me that's what its boiling down to, are traitors? It’s a narrow path you are leading us down and to you if we aren't on it, we're traitors. You sound more like Vader." She rubbed her temples.

    He was talking about her 'ex-boyfriend', but she was having trouble focusing now, then it hit her. She turned to him. "I'm not weak minded Jacen." She growled, it was a statement, a defiance, but if he was what Kyp suspected, nothing was going to stop him. "And choosing to be neutral is NOT a crime." she turned and put her back to the bulkhead, pressure was increasing, and she returned her hands to her head, her red hair tumbling forward. It was dark and fear was creeping in, 'NO' she screamed internally. He wasn't going to fill her mind with fear and pain, 'NO!'. She began to search for a memory, a bright light filled memory of pleasure, joy, happiness. A moment he knew nothing about so couldn't taint, a memory so bright the light in there would be all she remembered and found it, it was 12 years old but perfect. Sliding down the wall, her back hard against the bulkhead as there was no way she was going to her knees, she swallowed hard, but she forced her tear streamed eyes open. "Go ahead, if I knew ........where he was, I'd never....betray him.....or Luke." She could taste blood now as she realised something was streaming from her nose. The memory, she let it fill her mind, the joy, the pleasure, the day that changed it all, the hint of a smile touched her lips. "If I's .........terms..........." she began to breathe heavily, "NOT YOURS!!" she snarled through gritted teeth.

    Jacen relented. It would not do to have her die. Not now. Not yet, anyway. He ignored her discomfort, focusing elsewhere while she recovered.

    Brushing something invisible from his shoulder, an air of disaffection to her resistance, as if he truly did not care, the Co-Chief of State of the Alliance shrugged. “I define what is loyalty and treason, Colonel Tehanis.”

    His smile played out, easily. “But I’ll let the inquest decide your fate. You saw it’s my agenda, or perhaps your lovely Aden’s, pushing this violence, but I think you’ll see that several players agree with me.”

    Jacen’s eyes glittered with malice. “I hold half the galaxy in my hands. I need only snap the spine of the Confederation, and we shall have peace, and order, at long last.”

    He turned to go, but looked back, giving her the opportunity for one final barbed comment. It was important to make her think like she had won; that she had the last word.

    Jacen knew that mattered to Adalia.

    It'd come on reasonably quickly, but it was gone in a split second, the pressure released, and she slumped forward attempting to control her breathing and allow the pain to fade.

    "You....define? When ....become ......a God?" Every word hurt, but it was not in her nature to be silent. "Peace by ...your an....illusion..........and will ........elude you." She wiped the blood from her lips and bottom of her nose away with one arm and tears with the other, it was rather significant amount of blood. "I....don't care...........about should....know that.". She looked up at him, her emerald eyes flashing defiance and courage. "But you don't understand.........rebellion.........the tighter your grip,.....the will.........slip through your fingers."

    Jacen sneered.

    "I am sure." With that, he vanished.

    Adalia might even forget he was ever here, thanks to his slippery Force presence. The bruises that rose on her face, from the invasion of her mind, from his mental fingers digging into her skin... they would remind her.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC: Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson, Kate and Kara Leeash
    (Combo with the Talanted @Adalia-Durron and @Anedon )

    Onboard the Ocean

    "You are not cleared to visit our guest Sir." the Droid said in a clipped tone. "Please present me with Official Orders to speak with Madam Leeash-Schyler." Jesse groaned.

    "I don’t have anything official, we just want to make sure she is ok, that she and her daughter are ok? Is that so much to ask?" he was trying to reason with a droid, a futile act at best.

    "Can you please identify your specific reasons Sir?"

    "To say Hello!" He said, exasperated. "You can stay in there with us, record the meeting, I have nothing to hide." he stopped and thought outside the box for a moment and smirked briefly. "Ok, you want the truth? I'm a fan of hers, of her entire squadron from the Vong war. The Shadow Sabers are Legendary, and I just want to talk to one of them, I'm working with two of them, meeting a third will..." he grinned, "Make my day. Come on, Give a Fanboy a chance." It was corny, it was funny, but it was his last attempt.

    The droid assessed him and glanced at Adrian behind him. "I will allow you access, I will record the meeting, and I will report you if you do or say anything that can be misconstrued as against protocols, do you understand?"

    They were in. "Got it totally, lead the way."

    Adrian turned his head to R7 as they followed Jesse. He had rolled his eyes at the other man’s justification not believing his admission to be a fan could have worked. //Guess there are surprises everywhere these days//. "Do your best to obscure our conversation to this droid, would probably be better if he really thinks we are just here to admire a heroine of ours."

    Entering the room, Jesse observed the woman lying and holding her girl close to her. She looked to be asleep, and a part of him did not want to disturb her as she actually looked peaceful, unlike the pained expression he'd seen in the hangar. He turned to Adrian. "Should we wake her?" he asked quietly.

    "No, let’s give her some time," it was probably better not to disturb the sleep of strangers. Especially one who would climb up to the crossbeams of the hangar to get a point across.

    “As quiet as you think you are being, it’s not as quiet as you hope” Kate gently said, her voice sailing across the empty room. She hadn't put the bed down, so she was still in a semi-seated position with a pillow behind her head. She had put a blanket around Kara and her own legs and was gently relishing the comforting warmth it provided. She wasn't asleep but was feeling the gentle hum of the ship and listening to the noises of people and metallic sounds.

    “You can come over; I wouldn't mind a chat."

    Jesse turned to face her. "Sorry?" he'd not meant to wake her, but he wasn't about to ignore her invitation and duly moved toward her. "How are you feeling?" he asked gently, before turning his attention to the sleeping girl.

    "Ah, a little tired, nothing a little food wouldn't fix. . . but much better for having seen Addie. . .or Adalia. Although I would have loved a bit more time to talk and check on her, it wasn't to be apparently." Kate followed his gaze to her daughter. "Her name is Kara, she just turned 10 a month or so back."

    Adrian tried his best not to push the question they had come here for, he knew that pressuring Kate on giving them a clear answer could cause trouble, so he said: "If you want something right now we could get you some food from the mess hall, though it would just be the standard protein bar's."

    “Mmmmm, protein bars, my favourite.” her voice dripping with amused sarcasm and a big o'l smile on her face. "Just like mama used to make I bet. I love that the wrapper tastes better than the bar.", Kate giggled. “Thanks, but might wait till bubs here wakes and we’ll have something to eat together”

    Jesse instinctively ran his hand protectively over the young girl’s head, it was a gesture he realised too late that was a little intimate. He looked up to Kate and heard her tell him her name. Removing his hand, he turned to Adrian. "Or we could try find something better." He shrugged feeling a little embarrassed at his act.

    "I still have some snacks in my cabin, my mother sent me recently, Eriaduan stuff, very spicy." Adrian offered, a bit worried, Eriaduan food tended to burn the throats of those not used to it, but it was still world above a protein bar.

    Kate wanted to slap this man that dared touch Kara, but the sudden movement would have woken her, // this man better be grateful he didn't wake my child.// then Kate took a mental breath, and rationalized the action as being a paternal act //So wonder what his deal is, he ain't no army type, not with that behaviour. //

    "Thanks, but yeah, gonna wait till Kara wakes up. . .So, I am Kate, and you guys are?. . .and you want?"

    "Okay, I am Adrian Malek, Adalia's XO. This is Jesse Coulson, another squadron lead." He lowered his voice and hoped that R7 could help in shielding their conversation to any outsiders. "We have received some disturbing rumours about what happened at Kashyyyk. If they are true neither you nor I will be safe on this ship anymore."

    "Nice to meet you" Kate nodded at each of the gentlemen. "and safe is a very relative term" Kate looked around the room, looking for obvious surveillance. She wasn't sure if she should really trust them, //Well if he is Addi’es XO, he might be worthy, but then again, how long has she known him? Judging by his military stance, not very long, Addie would have beaten that out of him pretty quickly// Kate smiled at her own thoughts. "and I don't know the rumours, so what did you want me to confirm?"

    Adrian let out a sig and decided to spit it out, "we heard that the planet was assaulted by GA forces who indiscriminately bombed civilian centres. That our superiors are involved in.... another war crime."

    "Ah." Kate said. She stared for a long time into Adrian and Jesse's eyes deciding what to do. Kate was gonna tell her truth and let the men figure out whatever agender that brought them here. That's all she could do. Kara moved a bit in her sleep and Kate looked down at her. "I can't personally confirm it was the GA, I didn't see any ships close enough to know. I was too busy fleeing with my kids for our lives." Kate said quietly.

    Kate looked back up, eyes glassy with tears, but she spoke in a calm, clear and deliberate tone "Do you know anything about Kashyyyk? You know I am from Kashyyyk, you would have looked that up, that's what you're here." Kate sighed, she wondered if she shouldn't just write down her story for the amount of time, she would probably have to tell it. She wanted to tell it but didn't at the same time.

    "My children and I ended up blown to the ground. Do you know that the ground is the most sacred and the most dangerous place in all of Kashyyyk? Kara and I survived 5 days with nothing but what we hand on our person. My son didn't make it, he . . .was too injured from the fall" Kate wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

    "When we got back to my ship and above the canopy, there was nothing left of my village. Nothing but charred trees. A village of 1000 lives nothing but ashes. I can’t confirm my family is gone, but I have no contact from anyone I know, so the chances are pretty high that they are gone. As we left the planet, I could easily see to the horizon, and the forest fires . . .as far as the eye could see, there will be very little left of Kashyyyk."

    Kate carefully worded her next statement, "My home is not an isolated incident, and I am lucky I got out. But "I" didn't see any identify ships, and the news on the local holonet, "said" that it was a "GA attack" and the "Confederation" "were" assisting in putting out the fires despite the fact that Kashyyyk was neutral"

    She stayed quite to give the men a moment to digest this information.

    "I know where I am. . . If I had any insides left to be eaten, it would be killing me that I am here, but alas I have survived worse." she sighed "I came to talk to Adaila, as I let the whole ship know, and now that I have I "plan" to leave "quickly" without incident. "I" plan to cause no trouble at all, as I just want to "go on" and rebuild our life." Kate said deliberately moving her eyes and a slight tilt of her head to the droid and the guard in the corner. Hoping that these men were trustworthy and smart enough to get what she wasn't saying.

    "There is a place that is safe, where we could go. Where your daughter can be secure." He took a deep breath and asked himself if he should really say this. But it was too late to go back now, he had made his choice and he needed to trust the people around him. "My family is part of the Eriaduan nobility and after what happened on your homeworld, mine is about to secede from the GA as well. Jacen can´t reach us there, and even if he would besiege the planet, it's fortified to withstand even much stronger enemies. We could go there, rest for a while and gather news about what is going on in the rest of the galaxy."

    Jesse scowled at Adrian. "Voice down, can't be sure." He glanced back at the droid, he'd heard his counterpart ask his own droid to cover their conversation 'as best he could' but he had no idea how good that was. "I suggest you take your time recovering Mrs Schyler, you and your daughter, we stop back later and help you when the time is right." he hoped she'd understand and stall. "In the meantime, I think we have something to do." he was speaking loudly turning to Adrian. "Shall we?"

    As the men were about to leave another guard came up to the group. Kate looked at the boys and watched them stiffen up and it made her smile, but also given the current chatter. . . .

    "Orders form Admiral Niathal, Mrs, and Miss Leeash are to visit her in her office for questioning when you have medical clearance. You will be escorted." The officer side curtly and waited for an acknowledgment.

    "Thank you, Sir, acknowledged." Kate nodded. The officer glanced at the two men, and then promptly turned on his heel and left.

    Kate looked back at the two men, "Well I do hope to catch up with you guys before . . .I leave, take care."

    Jesse gave her a slow nod, "I hope you do."

    "Be safe," Adrian added with a whisper.

    Kate watched the men leave, she wanted to add //How could I be any safer, I'm in the hands of the Galactic Alliance!// but decided it wasn't worth the risk.

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    IC: Kirney Slane

    Kirney had just finished a conversation with Kyp and Adam. It was mostly informing Kyp when they were leaving and promises to give Kyp information and to continue to do so. Currently, she was compiling information to send it to Whistler so that Kyp could look it over during their trip.

    Meanwhile, she had a list to work on. Kirney sent a request to Corraidhin Inc, for a customized SteathX for Kyp and a K9 astromech for him to run the starfighter. Kyp was going to go on a mission to find Shadow Sabers to see if they were interested in joining in on this mission.

    Secondly, Adam had a concern, they were going to fight people who were able to use the Force and some were particularly strong, so he wanted to see if Kirney could find a way to bring some Ysalamiri in for protection. It would be a pain to do so, Talon Karrde was the only one that she knew that was still alive who could capture them alive. The problem was, she had no idea how to contact him, but she guessed that Mirax Horn would, or at least through her father that contact could be established.

    Contacting them would be difficult, but she’d have to try.

    Beyond that, she received a holo from Cubber showing a complete copy of several starfighters in the hanger, particularly one that looked like Adalia Tehanis’s fighter. Kirney sent that to Adam, knowing he’d like that.

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    IC Adalia Tehanis ?
    Her Cell - Alone - The Ocean

    'How long have I been here?' She had no idea, forcing her eyes open she gazed down as the small pool of blood on the floor between he legs. ‘Whose blood is that?’ she wondered as she rubbed her tickling nose. It was wet, she looked back to the pool as a drop from her nose fell into it. It was her blood. ‘Why am I bleeding?’ she wondered as the mess on her tank top was now visible. ‘That’s a lot of blood, why am I bleeding?’ Her head hurt, her whole brain, if that was possible. She began to study her arms, smeared with dried blood and some bruises, her hands, also smeared. Confusion. Lifting her head, she looked around the room. ‘Where am I?’ she wondered idly, ‘I’m in a box’. Pushing her sticky bloodied hands on the wall behind her she attempted to stand, accidentally putting a boot into the pool. The thick syrup caused her to slip back down and fall on her hip. ‘That hurt.’ She thought as she fell to the side. She was here now, ‘Sleep, that’s what I need, I will feel better then.’ She lay her head on the floor and gazed blankly at the door before curling herself into a fetal position. ‘Why am I here?’ she wondered before the final question came to her mind. ‘Who am I?’

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    (OOC: A combo post with @Sinrebirth )

    : Rhoen Aquilla
    His Quarters, the Ocean

    Rhoen was a little annoyed at having to make a 'written statement' to the Chief of State's hand picked Investigator, but orders were orders. It was an apt description of this whole mess. Rhoen 'followed' orders to the letter, if not the spirit that was behind them. Then someone else followed them in letter and spirit. The blood of that family wasn't on his hands, he'd done what he could to prevent it and keep his position. He'd spent his walk to his quarters, recently given some downtime by the XO, thinking about what to write. It was clear that Tehanis had disagreed with Kya's actions and tried to settle them. A blind man could see that. His worry was giving something away, of tipping his hand as to his own actions and that of his wingmate.

    I was given orders to destroy a freighter attempting to leave the system. I know that Colonel Tehanis was of the opinion that the freighter was of little threat, it seems that Colonel Kya didn't feel the same. Differences of opinion and actions have been known to lead to tensions between commanders, tensions that have seemed to have boiled over.

    He left out any mention of his failure to follow orders due to technical issues. They were not pertinent to the matter at hand. It might also get him out of having to answer more questions. He sent it off and put his datapad on his bunk while he took a shower, wanting to get the sweat and grime off him before heading to the lounge.

    It was still the navy so showers didn't last long and in no time he was wandering out of the fresher, small drops of water rolling down his chest. A knock resounded through his quarters. Someone at the door? He wondered who it could be, Loriana, one of the other pilots in the squadron. Though he had a shirt in his hand he didn't think to put it on before opening the door. He didn't consider that a certain person would be standing on the other side.

    The door slid open and his eyes widened, his cheeks getting just a little color as he stood before Syal Antillies without a shirt. He wasn't cut like an action holo-star, but regular PT and working on a farm in his downtime back home had kept him fit and just a little tanned.

    "Oh, um...Syal…" he stammered a little, trying to find his words, but none came. "Heading to the lounge?"

    Syal went crimson in spite of herself - she had seen men before - but her eyes almost immediately averted. "Oh, hi, Rhoen." It was a good thing that she wasn't seated, or her leg would have twitched away.

    Stop thinking about that chest. It was if it was burned into her mind. Shocks usually were, even good shocks. Damnit sister. Tiom. Ti-Om. Fiance. Stop transplanting emotions because you're already missing him after a couple hours.

    "I needed a break from my wingmate, and he's making googly eyes at Loriana anyway," she said, continuing to look away for far too long. "I didn't see you in the lounge so I headed here to see if you were going to join us."

    She paused. "But I guess you were showering..."

    "Oh...uhhh." He saw her reaction averting her gaze, blood rushing to her face. His heart began to beat just a little faster, out of embarrassment mostly...damn him if there wasn't just a little bit of him excited to get some reaction out of her. Throwing his shirt over his head tried to put it on quickly though he spent a moment getting stuck before pulling it down and making himself decent. "Yeah, I was planning to head to the lounge." He ran a hand through his hair looking away as well, "I guess I got a little side could head down together...or..." he let that hang, likely for too long, suggesting something else.

    "Or...?" Syal finished his sentence. "I could do with a break, and you're not leaping at Colonel Kya or Tehanis. You sounded..." She thought. "You sounded like you were thinking about something, earlier."

    Syal suddenly became aware that she sounded odd. "Can I come in?"

    They both knew who they were not talking about. Everyone was not talking about Jacen Solo. Apart from Aden, who mentioned him by name more often than not, and most of the older pilots here had known Jacen when he was the hero who returned from capture by the Vong - who led them at Ebaq 9, and at the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar.

    Nobody talked about Jacen Solo anymore.

    Not since the Galactic Alliance Guard.

    Not since the coup.

    Definitely not since Kashyyyk.

    The tension was relieved at least for now. A different weight settled across the them now. The weight of the war they were fighting, or more exactly who they were fighting for. He knew he shouldn't knew that it would only lead to more trouble if he did but, this was not a conversation to be had in a hallway.

    "Yeah, Loriana is already in the lounge so we should be good for a bit." This was a mistake and he knew it, but he couldn't turn her away or try and move to another location. This was a talk for them alone. He stepped to the side letting her inside.

    For a bit.

    For what? Syal was nonplussed, but Rhoen seemed to be tripping over his words. She was unsure if this was a good idea, now. Was she just antagonising what she had felt before? Before Tiom interrupted her with a kiss.

    "I mean," she said, lamely, realising she had frowned for a bit too long into the silence. "If you're sure..."

    She seemed hesitant, she was the one that asked to come in. Though he hadn't really been tactful with his explanation. He shook his head, what was he doing?

    "I mean...I...we should have some privacy if you want to talk about...whatever...or's your choice." Years of language class and he was turned into a blithering mess before the first pretty girl. But, he had to remind himself.This pretty girl was taken...even going this far would be untoward. On the other hand, he wanted to be there for her, to be a listening ear...The question was, was he just being a friend or was his heart being treacherous.

    Syal saw that awkwardness mirror in Rhoen and mentally shook her head. This was Rhoen. He was not like that. Even if - and that was a big if, sister - he harboured feelings for her, they were minimal, nascent, and he was an honourable sort. He had promised Tiom that he would look out for her, as irritating as the idea that she needed looking out for was...

    ... but then again she would never have survived the last battle without Rhoen and Loriana and Aden. Syal released herself from her anxiety and smiled warmly.

    “Sure,” at that, she walked in, and took up a chair she had found. Most rooms had a handful of necessities and functional pieces to make it a ‘room’ and not just ‘a place with a bunk and a refresher’ because even the simplest psychologist knew that ‘home’ meant ‘settled’. Her eyes absently robes for anything personal from Rhoen’s homeworld.

    They had holidayed on Chandrila more than once; she had fond memories of it. “Laying down roots, Rhoen?” Her mind wondered back to her first deployment aboard the Dodonna, months ago now, in an Eta-5. She smiled, freely. “Don’t forget that this is the Navy! I’ve been on the Ocean since Commenor and Bothawui joined the war, so I’m getting way too comfy. Six, seven, week’s in the same place? May as well retire here,” she said, a slight giggle.


    Let’s try something simple.

    As her eyes roamed the space she would find a holo next to his bunk. It started with on of his mother, smiling with her helmet under her arm. A few moments later it faded away replaced with a holo of the fields back home, the homestead he grew up in off in the distance, the last in the rotation was on the Sliver Sea, the last vacation he had with his mother. He had another memento, but that remained hidden in his locker under a few items.

    "Just keeping what's important in mind." He replied sitting on the lower bunk facing her. His heart thudded in his chest. She looked cute when she smiled, that little giggle ringing through the air. He can't help his smile, and warm feeling spreading through out him. "I'll set up a retirement home for you in the lounge." he joked. "Seven weeks on the same ship, going for some sort of record? I think mine was five before I was transferred." He leaned back thinking of his first deployment, it was a simpler time, before another civil war decided to rear it's head. "Since you've been here so long you got to know all the good spots, the quiet places were no one will bother you, or the technician's quarters that has an illegal they still do that? Make a still out of spare parts and whatever grains they can get their hands on?"

    A retirement home? Syal smiled slightly. "I mean, the Ocean is Admiral Niathal's personal battlecruiser. Even if she's Supreme Commander now and she doesn't spend a lot of time here, there isn't much of that kind of thing here. Flagship of the Third Fleet and all that."

    She knew what he meant though. Before she was aboard the Dodonna, as flagship of the Second Fleet, she had known about spots on the Mawrunner, where she had done her training. It's how she had initially met Tiom, heading back over for further training. It was not until later they became friends and more besides. She was smiling in spite of herself.

    "It's been a fast paced war. Only, what, three major battles so far but lots of small skirmishes..." Her eyes grew a bit vague as she thought tactically. "After we were kicked out of Corellia the Blue Diver, the ship we were assigned to after, it raided Confederate shipyards and kept the pressure on, while the Third harassed Bothan space. We didn't have much impact but it stopped them consolidating that armada for a couple of weeks more..."

    The Second Fleet hadn't been at Kuat, as it had been rotated back to Coruscant with the Third to free up the First and Sixth Fleets - both of which had been all but destroyed at the Battle of Kuat. That could easily have been. She shivered slightly. Half the Fifth was gone too - Syal had met Fifth Fleet pilots while maintaining the blockade of Corellia, back when the GA was trying to keep the peace and not start a war.

    So little time ago.

    "I suspect, now the Chief has noticed Rogue Wing, we'll end up transferred to the Anakin Solo next. That'll be... interesting." She shrugged. "So I have started packing up in-case." She eyed the photos. "Just a thought. I guess that's your Mum? I mean, everyone knows about my parents so, it's only fair you share too."

    Another grin. Not too forced, at least.

    He smiled back looking at the holo, his mother standing in front of a beaten up T-16 her flightsuit tied around her waist and helmet he now carried under her arm. Her memory brought up bittersweet feelings. He looked up to her when he was younger, had to work against her machinations against him, and finally had tears in his eyes as she passed. Taking a breath his smile deepened trying to hold on to the happy memories of his mother. It was easy to do looking into Syal's blue eyes.

    "Yeah, Valere Aquilla, well Valere Circinae when she first joined the rebellion, just a little after Yavin, fought at Hoth, Endor, Courscant, every major battle the Rebellion and Republic fought she was there. Served right up to the last of the Vong war..." He looked away remembering her death, not at the hands of any enemy or behind the controls of her fighter, but by a disease bacta couldn't kill. Now wasn't the time to bring that up.

    "I remember the Vong War... all the adults being so scared..."

    "She taught me how to fly," reaching over he plucked the holo off the shelf freezing it on the one of his mother. "See that old T-16 in the background..." he got up moving closer to her gesturing with his finger at the aged airspeeder. Handing it off to her for a closer look her fingers just brushed against his causing his heart to beat just a little faster. "That..." he coughed into his hand trying to settle his nerves a little. It was just a touch he had to get himself together, "was the first craft I ever went up in." He still remembered that day, he was six maybe seven and she was home on leave. She'd promised to take up when she got back, and he held her to it. Very forcefully if he was remembering correctly, waking her as soon as the sun came up, stomping his little feet. "I guess that's why I like X-Wings so much, Incom..." His heart was still in his throat making his words hard to speak. "She was a good teacher, maybe too good. I can't tell you the rows we would get into when I was thinking about signing up for the Academy, about becoming a pilot. She was against it, even though she taught me how to reach the stars."

    "But it's good that you've followed in her footsteps, and became a pilot. I followed in my father's footsteps, but tried to get away from X-wings. Thus, Eta-5s and the Alephs. Completely different philosophy."

    "Didn't quite expect serving to quite so complicated, mind you." She looked amused. "I tried to shoot down Dad, would you believe? Didn't even get close."

    His heart dropped hearing that she had to fight against her own father. If he had to take up arms against his mother he wouldn't be so glib. Unthinking he reached out his hand putting in on her shoulder a sign of care and concern, maybe.

    "Are you ok? I mean, that couldn't have been easy."

    "I scolded him," Syal said. "He wasn't supposed to be in the air, he was escaping Alliance custody."

    She laughed. "So I'm fine about it, honestly." Syal shrugged, but not sufficiently to break the physical connection. "It's just one of those things. I mean, Dad was Admiral and Supreme Commander of the Corellian Navy for a bit. It could have been worse."

    "Syal that doesn't change the fact that you had to fire upon your own father." He wasn't letting this go, moving just a little closer. "If it was my own mother, I...I don't think I could do it." He let out a breath maybe he was getting too deep into it, projecting his own feelings onto her. "I'm...I'm glad everything worked out. You're right it could have been worse. If you're alright then that's what matters. But, don't feel like you have to keep everything to yourself." He looked away still not moving his hand from her shoulder. "I...I just want you to know that you can tell me anything." He was leaving out that she already had someone for that. Tiom.

    Syal smiled at him, but took his hand in hers and moved it from her shoulder so she could hold it in her hands for a moment. "I know that, I've known that since I've met you, and that's not been all that long!" Another grin. She stood, breaking their connection.

    "Let's go be sociable, Rhoen. I think you're taking things too seriously."

    She laughed.

    "We're at war - it's not the end of the world."

    Rhoen's heart sank just a little as she removed his hand from her shoulder. It wasn't unwarranted he was just trying to be supportive. He didn't let it show too badly on his face, mostly because she was still holding his hand in hers. His deepened just a bit. He rose with her grinning back at her. At least he could still be someone she could turn to. He wasn't completely out of her life, though maybe that was more of a curse than a blessing.

    "Yeah, sorry, bad habit of mine." Her laugh shot straight through him sinking his stomach lower. "I can get really worked up when my friends are in danger. Or going through something." It was really just her. He led her out of his room and made his way down towards the lounge. "I know it isn't as much fun as a shot of whisky but, could I at least get you a Jawa Juice." Every moment he was with her his heart grew closer and closer, the pain growing right along with it. He hoped his easy smile could hide it.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC: Natalia Keizar and Adalia Tehanis
    Brigg – The Ocean
    Thank you to @galactic-vagabond422 - always so easy and a pleasure to work with.

    Natalia had wrapped up her interview with Aden...No Colonel Kya, some time ago, and was making her way towards the other brig were Colonel Tehanis was being held. Her delay was due to constantly checking her datapad, updating her report and double checking the witness statements. Also, she caught herself daydreaming for lack of a better term. It was like she could feel Ad... Colonel Kya's eyes watching her, with that determined stare though she thought she could see a bit of kindness and pain hidden beneath. The Officer shook her head clearing her mind, she needed to stay objective, this was an official inquest, she needed to act like it. Opening the door her eyes widened seeing Colonel Tehanis curled up on the deck, a puddle of blood underneath her. "Mam'" Keizar moved as close as she could to the ray shielding dropping to her knees. "Mam' can you hear me?" She was already reaching for her com, sending a message to someone for assistance.

    A voice, who was talking? Her eyes need to open, try to open them. Slowly she forced them open and tried to find the source of the voice. "Wha...?" she mumbled.

    A voice good she wasn't dead. "Mam' hold on," She brought the com to her lips the channel set for the bridge, hopefully they could coordinate some kind of response. "This is Lieutenant Natalia Keizar I am in Brig 2 Colonel Tehanis is in distress please send a medical team immediately." Turing to the door where guards were station, "Get the cell open now."

    It was too hard, too much pain. She closed her eyes again. Just go to sleep, it will be easier to just go to sleep. 'Hold on?' to what?

    "No mam' mam' keep your eyes open." She turned back to the guards, "Get the cell open now!" Without waiting she started slicing into door lock hoping she could crack it open before she lost the Colonel.

    'Who was that?She forced her eyes open again, the light was bright, and it hurt. "Was" she breathed. Something told her she was supposed to follow orders

    The door opened just as the rayshield dropped. "Force damn it." she said looking in the direction of the guards bursting into the room. "Yes...Yes that's an order mam'," She knelt down wrapping her arms around the Colonel's shoulder sitting her up. "Mam' sit up now," Reaching out the junior officer pinched the bridge of the other woman's nose. "Lean forward and breath through your mouth." She was running down the treatment of nosebleeds she received in basic first aid...never thought she would be using them in a place like this.

    'An order?' She was supposed to follow orders, she knew that now. "Yes Ma'am" she said although it was more a gurgle. What’s that in my mouth? It tastes horrible, metallic. "As........ordered." She lifted her hand to her head. "My head.......hurts bad."

    "Just keep your head leaned forward." Keizar ordered, it felt weird, her only a lieutenant ordering around a full colonel but, needs must. "This is Keizar ETA on medical team?" "Five minutes out Lieutenant." "Tell them to hurry." She turned back to the guards, "Either of you have NSAIDs?" They looked at each other then shook their heads. Another breath, "Mam' keep your eyes open, and apply pressure where I am." She squeezed a little harder on the bridge of her nose, hoping she could get the hint. "Do you know where you are?"

    There was pressure on her nose, why? Her hand went there, but it didn't work and fell away. "I'm.....I' a box." she wanted to go to sleep. "Permi.....ssion to sleep....”

    "No, no permission denied." She was struggling to keep her calm demeanour, to keep from cracking under pressure...Aden would be disappointed. "Do you know what day it is?"

    She applied pressure to the bridge of the Colonel's nose.

    'What day?' "No." she didn't know that. "" she didn't know that either. "Please…. Ma'am?" she almost begged weakly.

    This was getting bad, thankfully the medical team arrived. "She's suffering from nosebleed headache and acute memory loss." Keizar reported as the medics guided her out of the way. They asked the same battery of questions 'What is your name?' 'What day is it?' 'Where are you?'

    "Going to ...........sleep, tired........pain." She closed her eyes, and it all went black.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Syal Antilles
    Lounge, Ocean, lounge

    Syal didn't pay any attention to Rhoen's discomfort as she led him to the lounge. She knew the way herself, after all. When they arrived, she looked for her squadmates - for Loriana, for Zan, her wingmate, and was surprised to see Vua, their XO, sipping what appeared to be water on the sofa, exchanging noncommittal chitchat with Lensi, Rogue Leader.

    Vua actually looked relieved to see Syal and Rhoen, though his eyes also narrowed slightly at them arriving together. Syal could have blushed, and again she felt that fumbling discussion in Rhoen's room. There was something confusing between them... maybe she should go and call Tiom...

    No. She had to bond with her squadmates, and the other 'half' of the Wing, wherever they all were.

    In a strange way... Syal wondered if this was the calm before the storm.

    She also was becoming increasingly suspicious of the chair turned away from them, facing the corner.

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    IC: Jacen Solo

    Ready room, Ocean

    With little time, though probably just enough, to review the various reports she had, Natalia Keizar was called to one of the ready rooms to submit her report by holoprojector. It was not long after she had handed Adalia other to the medics, but the Chief of State already knew and didn’t necessarily care.

    She would be surprised to find Jacen Solo, black cape, sunken eyes, pale complexion and all, sitting on the table with a leg crossed. “At ease," he said, lifting a gloved hand. "I was on-board anyway, as I wanted to get a feel for morale aboard the Ocean after the incident. These kind of scuffles between officers can have a negative effect on the pilots."

    He slid to a chair, and a gestured one so that Natalia could take it. Just like Aden had, albeit more smoothly.

    "In your own words, explain to me your initial findings, and your initial conclusions. If they pan out, you can submit a written report after, backdated or back-timed as applicable." He placed his hands on the desk, interlinked, and looked at her expectantly to begin.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422
    IC: Aden Kya

    Alone, brig, cell, but not alone

    After a while, Aden felt an itch. This would have been intolerable, if it had been physical, as he had no mobility to physically reach for the itch. Though of course he had the Force, so what could he say. He would just itch it, and risk the stun cuffs kicking in and sending him flying to the floor.

    But this was a mental itch.

    Right between his eyes, an inky feeling of something, and he was at a loss to use another word to describe it. Something dark.

    Which meant it wasn't Jacen Solo; nobody could ever feel him in the Force nowadays - though Aden had felt a surge of his power by Adalia earlier, and Aden was not especially happy about that. Jacen would not play with Addie; he would break her. Aden still needed to make her see, to make her understand, that his way was the best way for everyone.

    But this itch, it was something else, altogether.

    Eventually, Aden signed. "Come on out."

    Of course, Bernael might have been intrigued by Jacen's raw power, and have moved on to see Adalia. Of course, he might have thought better of the impulse, because Jacen had inherited the awesome power of a Skywalker; Bernael had probably only met such strength in a handful of personages before since Emperor Ruin's time.

    There were not many Force users here, and the skein of fate only led Bernael to a handful, before it crossed with much more complicated threads of personality and persuasion and fate...

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    IC: Loriana, in the Lounge, Ocean

    Loriana declined the Jawa juice proffered by the Sullustan Zan and took a chair near the sofa where Vua was engaged in conversation; she wondered how things were proceding with Colonel Tehanis and hoped if or when the pilot rosters got rearranged, she'd be part of that squad.

    Loriana noticed when Rhoen and Syal entered the lounge.

    She frowned--things were in enough chaos as it was without complicating the situation with romantic angst. It was a distraction no one could afford.

    She made her way over to them and said to Syal: "I'm sorry to hear your fiance was called away so abruptly. Being apart in the midst of life-and-death battles makes forming a relationship risky, it takes courage and genuine caring to decide to do so." She winked. "Galactic history is just full of love matches formed in the heat of conflict, just in the Skywalker/Solo families alone!"

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Lounge, the Ocean

    To call Loriana's words a cold shower of reality wouldn't do them justice. They were more of a firehose, blasting the young man square in the chest. A painful reminder that whatever confused warm feelings he had inside that they were wrong. That he had no right to feel them and that he should take some time to rethink his life. Message received he guessed. A half grin came to his face hiding the shock, a little chuckle to mask the nervousness in his voice.

    He said nothing just nodded his head as he made his way to the bar. Cold reality was settling in, he'd made a mess of everything, why did everything he touch fall apart. His squadron, nearly torn apart by the actions of their commander. Said commander currently cooling their heels in the brig. Falling hard and stupidly for a girl that is already taken. It felt like everything was breaking up around him. He kept that easy smile on his face as he sat down at the bar, ordering water. If ever there was a time for a stiff drink it was now, he desperately wanted a Chandrilan malt whisky,heck he'd even take Corellian Whiskey or even whatever swill the techs could whip up, anything to dull this pain in his chest. This guilt for having these feelings, for nearly acting on them. The confusion of disobeying immoral orders that were carried out anyway. The worry of having two commanders at each other's throats.

    The smile finally faded as he hung his head….

    He should have just stayed home. Curse his heart, the stubborn, naive heart that thought they were doing good, that pulled him toward something he could never have.

    With nothing to take the edge off all he could do was stew in his own failure.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Kate and Kara Leeash.
    In the Medical Bay, Onboard the Ocean

    Kate must have fallen asleep too as her next conscious thought was that Kara was awake. Kate and Kara had a chance to chat about things and life and the past few days. Offering opinions, thoughts and feelings.

    “So mum, when do I get to meet my cousin?” Kara asked while eating some cut up fruit they were offered.

    “Your cousin?” Kate thought back to everyone Kara could possibly be referring to, seeing as most of them would be dead or at least not contactable at this stage, as well as irrelevant to the place and time there were in.

    “You know, Aunty Addie’s Baby?” Kara mentioned nonchalantly.

    “Aunty Addie’s baby?” Kate was more confused //Gosh was I so wrapped up in myself that I didn’t notice? Or ask? Or hear Addie say something?// . . .”How do you know? Did Addie say something?” Kate asked.

    “No, but I felt him when I gave Addie a hug. It felt just the same as giving Nadittsha a hug when she had a baby inside her. It felt like a small fuzzy ball made of light, gently pushing you, not away, but like curiously when you're close to it.”

    “I don’t know, we will have to ask Aunty Addie when we next see her” Kate said, considering the implication of this news. She was really excited for Addie, remembering that she did want to have kids, but had kinda given up because all of this, <her mental arms waving at the military installation around her>, was her life. But now Addie couldn’t be a Colonel for much longer, given the situation, so that at least gives her an out. That also reminded Kate that they were now possibly overdue to see Admiral Niathal.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    ooc - This was meant to be posted with the other bit, but I forgot.

    IC - Kate and Kara Leeash.
    In the Medical Bay, Onboard the Ocean

    Eventually, Dr Tarrie came back with the other lady doctor. “Ms Leeash, So to get to the point, you and your daughter, Kara? have a bacterial infection, caused by the contaminated water you had to drink. So that might account for your passing, and feeling ‘off’. Although grief does tend to have that effect as well, feeling off, however, I do not have medication to assist with grief, but I do for infections.” He said in an upbeat voice, as the Lady Doctor presented two tablets on a tray with some water.

    “These are strong dose, you will only need to take two, one now, and the other in 12 hours. So I want you and Kara to say on board for 12 hours to make sure that they are working and that you do not have any negative reactions. This won’t, however, stop you from seeing the Admiral. Should you feel any negative effects, such as, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, numb or tingling limbs, metallic tastes, or upset bowels, do come back straight away.”

    “Thankyou Doctor, that’s very kind of you” Kate said as they both took the tablet and water that was offered. He watched them take the tablet, noted it down and then walked off. Kara made an amusing disgusted face as the tablet was quite big and quite bitter. Kate motioned to the guard as she and Kara both got up and stretched. Then they followed him to go visit Admiral Cha Niathal.

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    May 11, 2016
    IC Rhoen Aquilla, Adrian Malek, Jesse Coulson (combo with @Adalia-Durron and @galactic-vagabond422)
    Pilots Lounge - The Ocean

    There was little that could be done tonight, especially with Colonel Tehanis in the Brig, so the best Jesse could do at this point was gather information. He felt that's what she'd want him to do and it's what any of the Shadow Sabers would be doing. He did wonder about Beka, he'd not seen her since she'd left with the woman Kate and her daughter. So, the best place he figured to find more intel would be in the lounge, where all the pilots would be gathering and telling stories of their 'encounters' and actions. He stood and put his data pad onto his hip. "I think we need to do a bit of 'snooping', how do feel about the lounge Adrian?"

    "Why not?" Adrian replied but he was getting more and more nervous, with every passing moment their position here became more and more dangerous. Soon Eriadu would secede and then they would come for him. Arrest him, maybe even torture him, use him as a hostage. He needed to leave.


    Entering the room it was clear they were late to the party, not that it really was a party. Somewhat subdued in Jesse's mind. No one seemed to be on good spirits. He looked to the bar, it was pretty much empty except for one pilot sitting there alone, his head down. He wondered what had gotten into him. He turned to Adrian in a lowered tone. "Bar looks empty, shall we?"

    "Okay," Adrian agreed, still trying to calm himself down. He couldn't act too rashly now, he needed allies if he wanted to have at least a chance for survival.

    Moving to the bar, the older man indicated for Adrian to sit the other sit of the current resident, and he duly took his seat, indicating to the barman he'd have whatever the man beside him was having. "Hey. You look like you lost the whole war, you good?" he asked.

    Rhoen was still stewing taking unsatisfying sips of his water using most of this focus not to look Syal's way. He needed the close the door on that. To shove those feelings into a corner and never think about them again. Easier said than done. Then an older man sat next to him, snapping him out of his thoughts. He turned with a smile on his face, no need to drag someone else down with you.

    "No, I'm fine, just a little shaken by that last mission." he rolled his shoulders wincing just a bit, "I got knocked around, just taking some time to recuperate. I'll be ready for the next mission." He was toeing the line, he needed to be ready for the next mission, he had to have no doubts moving forward. It was either than or be shown the door...or worse.

    Jesse extended his hand. "Commander Jesse Coulson, Wild Knightz." He glanced over to Adrian. "And that's Major Adrian Malek, Phoenix XO." He smiled, he'd not seen this man before and he had a feeling the smile was hiding something, he was sure it wasn't genuine.

    Rhoen's shoulders tightened a little suddenly surrounded by top brass. He kept that smile on his face taking another drink, now he really wished it was something much, much stronger. "Ahh...Pilot Officer Rhoen Aquilla, Wraith 3." He took the hand and shook it, keeping his false smile on his face.

    Adrian offered his hand as well. It seemed to him as if the other man's smile wasn't sincere, but he wasn't sure what he hid behind it. "How did you fare in the last battle?"

    "Not the best." He said with a little laugh, taking the other hand. "My X-Wing got beaten up by the 'Runners but, I came out alright."

    "I think we all took a bit of a beating out there, some of us were in it longer." Jesse commented as his water arrived, "Lost a few, probably would have been more if out Wing Commander hadn't taken matters into her own hands."

    The smile flickered he has some words to say, but these were high officers, and it seemed they traveled in packs. His glass was quickly becoming empty, as he hid his nervousness. "She's a decisive woman Colonel Tehanis. Glad she's on our side." Something no committal and hopefully nothing anyone would take offense to.

    "Without her, I feel none of us would have made it, it was a very risky mission," Adrian said, wondering what Rhoen thought about the background of the battle. Was he a potential ally or a threat?

    Jesse studied the man’s features, there was more in there but due to rank he was sure he was biting his tongue. He sipped his water. “No ranks here friend, we’re all just pilots, and yeah, decisive is one word for it.” He was baiting, he knew it.

    "This is war, right?" Those words hit him harder than he was expecting. "Risk comes with the territory. Losses happen," he looked down swirling his glass at least he didn't lose someone soon as he thought it, he hated himself for it. "Not that we will forget their sacrifices." He held up his glass in a halfhearted toast. "You'll excuse me then, most of my interactions with superiors haven't been the best. Dressing downs and threats of expulsion." He was being evasive, out of nowhere two senior officers walk up to him, start asking about the last battle, insinuate that his squadron did nothing to help the situation. This felt off.

    "Of course not." Jesse raised his own glass, "Although it’s almost disrespectful with this stuff. Relax, I don't do that stuff unless you deserve it, and from where I am sitting, not seeing that." He put his glass down, he was clearly making this man uncomfortable. "It was never my intention to make you feel that way, just trying to be friendly, it’s been a pretty tense couple of hours."

    "Really?" He said with a bit of sarcasm. "and your insinuations at I sat on my hands and watched your Wing Commander save our skins wasn't a prelude?" Again, his mouth gets ahead of his thoughts, "Sorry you're right been tense for a while." More tense for some than others.

    "That's for sure, damn war," Adrian said a bit quieter, just in case. "I doubt Jesse wanted to accuse you of anything. We both had problems with superiors as well in the past, but Colonel Tehanis is different, that's why we respect her."

    Jesse glanced at Adrian. "Not you.....per-say." he said evenly, "You're a good man, you were only following orders." he said evenly, "And I don't think the tension is really coming for us." he glanced around the room, "It's higher up."

    He let out a breath, "Outside of being a damn good pilot and loyal to those under her, I worry about her. Clocking an equal and leader of other half of the wing in front of everyone." He shook his head looking down. "There were other ways. Passion is good, but clearly it messes with her judgment. Not that Kya is helping his case."

    Jesse gave a soft snort. "Six of one and half dozen of the other. I have a feeling there is a lot more going on between those two than we are all aware of." Fishing again.

    "Kya is a criminal, nothing more," Adrian said as the memory of the incident made him angry. "But the problem already existed before he was released from prison, the GA has become too big, there is much corruption and nepotism that allows incompetent officers to rise through the ranks."

    His eye widened as he gave Adrian a cool down’ look. “Harsh words my friend.” He said firmly, ‘Pull your head in’ was what he was really thinking. “I don’t think any of us are capable of judgement.”

    Aren´t we? We are the lower officers, the promising next generation of leaders. Seeing the mistakes of our superiors is our best hope to do better one day. But he felt that Jesse was probably right not to be so open about it. He gave the others and apologizing smile. "Sorry, I sometimes say a bit too much."

    Rhoen bit back his words, he was someone elevated by nepotism in a roundabout way. The man came looking for his mother and said, 'You'll do'. Though he'd seen something of this Malek. What was this guy doing here if all he was going to do was point out the flaws in the government, he was risking his life for? Despite the 'relaxed' nature of the conversation he held his tongue before speaking further.

    "Be a little more careful with your words...they can get you into trouble." He looked across the way to Syal, hating himself for doing so before returning to the fast emptying contents of his glass.

    Jesse nodded slowly. “They can around here.” He said quietly. “Hard to be a team when we’re fractured.” He picked up his glass and finished the water, turned out he was thirsty. “But we do what we can, we don’t really have a choice, do we?”

    "We are," Adrian agreed. "We are soldiers in the end, we have a duty to fulfill." Duty, probably the most important lesson of his childhood had been to see his position as a noble not as a privilege but first and foremost a duty, a duty to the common people, both on Eriadu and the galaxy at large.

    Jesse mulled over those words, he wasn’t really a soldier first in his mind, he was a pilot, and sometimes that didn’t mean fighting. But as the elder member of this trio and the ranking officer, he chose to keep his mouth closed and ask for a second drink, “Something with flavour please?” he didn’t care what it was, he knew what he wished it was. Turning back the other two he could see their new friend was wrestling with something, and clearly, he wasn’t about to share his concerns be they personal or not, with him. He wondered. “I’ve not eaten, anyone care to head to the mess hall and see what is worth eating there?”

    Rhoen let out a long breath considering the other man's suggestion. He wasn't exactly hungry, but looking at his surroundings, he could do with a change of scenery. "Sure," he said with a slight grin, hiding his nerves.

    "Why not?" Adrian replied to Jesse's suggestion. If he wanted to flee it was probably better to have eaten a decent meal beforehand. "Let's hope that they'll have something better than protein milk there."

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC Ariadne Stark
    Mess Hall

    Unlike many of the other pilots, Ariadne made her way to the mess hall rather than the lounge after their battle. She was recently-showered and comfortable in her uniform, with the addition of her pilot's jacket over top, with rank insignia pinned on. And she was desperately hungry. Drinks never agreed with her after the come down from a mission, though the food the mess had prepared wasn't looking much better. What she wouldn't give to be allowed down to the surface for some Coruscanti street food, any vendor had to be better than this... muck.

    But she put up with it, because she had to, because she had to sit down and write up her report. And Beka's report, apparently, as the woman had sent her a message asking her to draft something up while she was otherwise occupied. With what, she hadn't said, but Ariadne could only hope she'd be looped in on her plans eventually.

    As she took a seat and laid out her datapad aside her tray of rations, Ariadne spotted a few familiar faces entering and gave the three men a small wave and a smile. She was curious herself to know what they had reported to the brass, but perhaps they were here for other reasons.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron @Anedon @galactic-vagabond422

    IC "Eclipse"
    Mess Hall

    The Wraiths had been let free to roam after the unfortunate faceoff in the hangar left them temporarily leaderless. He had every confidence Aden would be returned to them to serve Chief of State Solo's will. He would have to return, because leaving a Yuuzhan Vong in charge was a recipe for disaster. And this ship needed stability as much as the rest of the galaxy did.

    Without a task or a leader, he set himself to his higher level task: to watch. Sedition and mutiny were rampant, and had to be crushed before it spread. Pilots talked, though less freely in front of the masked cyborg among them. He would have to be careful.

    And for the moment, both cybernetically enhanced eyes were trained on the three suspects entering the mess hall. Jesse Coulson: high risk; Adrian Malek: high risk; Rhoen Aquilla: medium to low risk. Factors: relationship with confirmed dissident Adalia Tehanis, relationship with confirmed loyalist Syal Antilles. The information appeared faster than a human brain could process, and tracked the three as they entered. Coulson and Malek could be attempting to turn Aquilla to a high risk factor; this could not be permitted.

    Of course, what the enhanced parts of his brain could not account for was the suspicious air of someone without a visible face, not eating, in the corner of the mess hall. At least they could not see him watching...

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Med Bay - The Ocean

    The taste was worse, worse than what she wasn’t sure, but it was definitely worse. Listening she could hear the soft bleeps and chimes of equipment, and in the distance, voices talking quietly, some droid. Where was she? Training taught her to assess her situation long before acting so she lay there listening, eyes remaining closed and very still. Wherever she was, they thought she was unconscious, best to let whoever it was keep thinking that till the danger factor had been assessed. She moved her wrist ever so slightly, ‘good, not restrained’ she thought as moved her tongue in a vane attempt to rid herself of the taste. What was that, it was vaguely familiar, it took a few more seconds for the recognition of the taste to return. It’d been many years, Bacta! She’d been in it, like all in it, it was the only way the taste got into one’s mouth, and she realised, one’s nose like this. Listening she heard someone say, ‘pressure on the brain eased significantly, cause unknown’, that was a droid voice. ‘Bruising on facial features reduced, no permanent damaged caused’. Was it talking about her? There was only one way to find out, slowly she opened her eyes.

    The room was dimly lit, and a medical droid stood at the end of what she could see was a bed, that she was in. A middle-aged woman stood beside her with a data pad, seemingly reading notes. Her dark hair pulled back sharply into a bun as she scanned notes. The Infirmary, that’s where she was, but why? The last thing she recalled was the medics taking Kate and Kara here with Beka. Why was she here?

    “Excuse me Dr Trelorma, I believe your patient has awoken.” The droid said in a gentle tone. The woman looked up directly at her patient, she smiled.

    “Welcome back Colonel Tehanis, you gave us quite a scare.” She moved around the edge of the bed to stand beside her patient and took out a small torch, proceeding to flick the light into the Colonels eyes.

    “Hey!” Adalia muttered closing her eyes quickly, “that’s brigh’.”

    Good pupil reactions.” Dr Trelorma reported, “and verbal function seems to be returning well.”

    Adalia turned to the woman. “What happened? Why’m I here?” She really had no idea.

    The doctor frowned. “You have no recollection of what happened to you, in your cell?”

    Adalia rolled her neck it felt stiff, before bending her arms and putting her hands down and pushing herself up to a sitting position. “Whoa, head spin.” She muttered letting her head drop forward to get her bearings. “Last thing I ‘member was Beka…… Kate and Kara ……… wiv’ me. They were s'pposed to be here, ……….no... me.”

    “They are on board still.” The doctor explained, “But that was over 7 standard hours ago.”

    Adalia looked up. “What? …Where've I been in……..hat time?” she was very confused now, “What happened?” she demanded staring at the woman of similar age beside her.

    “We don’t know, we were hoping you’d be able to shed some light on it. You were found in your cell, covered bruises and in your own blood, and incoherent close to unconsciousness. No one was seen going in or leaving.” She explained, “The investigation officer found you, got you here…..” she trailed off.

    Reaching up she touched her face, it felt tender. “I don’t know…..” she said confused, “Can…. I get a reflector?” Her face felt, sore for want of a better description. The droid opened a panel and extended an arm with a small reflector which Dr Trelorma took and held out.

    “Before you look, you should know, this is so much better than it was when you arrived, the bacta has done a very good job.”

    Adalia took the reflector and held it up and gasped. Around her eyes, back to her temples, down her neck into her cleavage, dark bruises some turning yellow some still a bluish black with red. How had this happened? Then, without warning a memory flashed through her mind causing her to cringe slightly. “A visitor, someone came to see………” she couldn’t finish, she didn’t know. “Someone……… did this t'me.” She said painfully, “I don’t know who……… or why.”

    Dr Trelorma retrieved the reflector from the Colonel. She knew no one had been seen going in or leaving, the guards had confirmed it, but there was no point arguing with the woman. “I think you should rest now, you have recovered well, but you are going to need a few more days before you are ready for duty again, and maybe we can get to the bottom of this.” She patted her arm. “You really need to rest now.” She backed up and stopped as she handed the reflector back to the droid. “And whatever happened you will be pleased to know didn’t harm your baby; you are still happily 14 weeks pregnant.” She smiled and turned to leave, the droid following.

    Adalia stopped breathing, staring in disbelief before a whisper escaped her lips. “Baby?”

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    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Adam Lyons

    Hyperspace, in transit

    Adam had left Corellia with Kyp a couple of hours ago. Kyp had mentioned something about sending a message off to someone, so Adam asked Tawg to pick a path to a system where he knew there’d be a satellite to retransmit the message.

    That was the easy part. He hadn’t heard any indication, whether it was informal or otherwise that his message had been received, much less listened to. Then again there were quiet rumors that there had been some sort of...altercation between two senior-level wing commanders so who knows what happened there.

    Adam needed to know that something had happened, even though Kirney had added Adumar on to his list of destinations, and he wasn’t quite sure why, though knowing her...

    Either way, he had plenty of time before that would happen.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Kate and Kara Leeash, Cha Niathal


    “Mum you never said spaceships were so big. . .”
    Kara whined as they had been walking for a while. “And so. . .same-y. . .like everything looks the same!” Kara looked around wildly, then quickly walked up in front of the guard and walked backwards in front of him while still talking “Like How do you NOT get lost? This place is HUGE! I haven't even seen any signs!” Kate could feel the guard was amused at the child, but was much better trained than their previous escort, and didn’t break his stride or even look down to acknowledge Kara. “Uagh” Kara said annoyed at the lack of feedback and went back behind in step with her mother.

    Soon enough they had reached Admiral Niathal’s office. The two guards exchanged nods, and the one at the door went inside. “Now what’s going on?” Kara asked. “The guard is going in to check if the Admiral is ready to see us. Then they will transfer the responsibility of us from one to the other, then we either go in and see the Admiral, or we wait until she is ready to see us.” Kate explained. “But she wanted to see us! why do we have to wait?” Kara said with the charm of an annoyed 10-year-old.

    “Because she might be doing other things, or in another meeting, and we will wait for her to be ready to see us. Remember we are guests on her ship, it’s just like being polite at someone else’s home. This is her home so we will be good guests because we don’t want to cause any more trouble”

    “Soooooooo, . . .not like what you did earlier.”

    “Yes that was quite rude and wrong of me.” Kate said tightly, nothing like being told off by your own child. “and I am glad I will have this chance to apologise for my poor behaviour.”

    The guard came back out and motioned for Kate and Kara to come in. They were escorted past a small entertaining lounge, and into a spacious office where Admiral Niathal stood behind her desk, reading from a holonote pad. The guard pointed to the two chairs in front of the desk, and Kate and Kara dutifully took the seats offered. She heard the whoosh of the door shutting behind them as the guard left.

    So they sat in a prolonged silence, Kate was taking in the shape of the room, and any other smaller details that may not be relevant now but might be useful should something go wrong. //Really, silence intimidation?// Kate wanted to groan and roll her eyes but knew better. She relaxed and waited, she watched the stars behind the Admiral and heard Kara start to fidget in her seat.

    “Lieutenant Leeash-Schyler, Sorry, it's Just Lt Leeash now, that is being updated. . . I was reading your file, you have an, . . .interesting history.” Admiral Niathal started “Excellent pilot and mechanic, but poor human interaction skills, and an affinity for climbing up internal and external structures without proper safety equipment, training or relevant permissions. Been through many squadrons until you reached the Shadow Sabers, formally Wild Knightz.” She looked up from her datapad and looked directly at Kate.

    Taking this as her cue to speak, “As I haven't been active in the military for 10 years, that information will be out of date as I assure you have matured since my early 20’s and have at least gained better people skills.”

    “We could use some more people with your flight talents here” Cha mentioned casually.

    “I'm sure there are more people being trained as we speak and soon enough you will have that.” Kate didn’t like the idea of being a pilot again, especially for the GA, so she decided to change the subject.

    “Colonel Tehanis is an excellent leader and had earned my respect. I wish to thank you for allowing me to see her, and for the medical assistance that has been provided. I would also like to take this opportunity to genuinely apologize for my behaviour. To take your kindness and stretch it like that is quite inappropriate and a poor example to set for others.”

    “But desperate times make people do desperate things,” Cha said gently, and took her seat.
    “What are your plans from here? Did you get what you came for from Colonel Tehanis?”

    “I ahh. . .umm. . .Sort of. I did get the hug I needed, didn't get the apartment keys that I wanted, maybe because I forgot to ask about them before I passed out.”

    “Yes I have seen the doctors report and recommendations” Cha interjected.

    “So. . .with your permission, I would like to ask her if I may stay at her apartment, just for a short time while I research new life possibilities with my daughter. I'm thinking of starting a cake store on Dantooine, less trees, fewer people, good education possibilities. But of course, that will need to be researched further.” Kate said, trying not to laugh at the idea of being a baker. Last time she cooked for a squadron, they all needed serious medical attention and she was thus banned from touching any food that she wasn't personally going to eat. Eak did all the cooking at home.

    “And you have the credits for such an undertaking?”

    “Not initially, but I could work somewhere, and earn enough to start up something. Again, I haven't honestly had a moment to research or even think and work out what to do from here.”

    “You could work for us” Cha said simply, “Return to your rank, it would pay well.”

    “I didn’t see a childcare facility on board, that would make it very difficult to work here,” Kate said simply, //You know, aside from the OTHER reasons// Kate wanted to say but was starting to feel really uncomfortable, and it started to dawn on her that she was in a very vulnerable place, and it was going to be a lot harder to get out of this than she first anticipated.

    “We have an academy your daughter can attend and board at. You would know that the Academy produces some of the most brilliant personal in the galaxy for their respective career goals, and Kara is the perfect age.” Cha said in an offering tone.

    “Yes, I was aware of that, however, the cost was beyond what I and my husband could afford.” //Again, among other reasons. . .// Kate smiled sweetly, trying to figure out a way out of this whole conversation.

    “I'm sure I could pull some strings and get Kara there on a scholarship program while you're here working for us,” Cha said sweetly.

    Kate looked at Kara and really started to think about this as a real option. Her goal in life was set the moment she held Kara in her arms. She would do anything to make sure her daughter had the best in life. //Even if that means working for the people responsible for destroying our world?// She saw the curiosity in her daughter's eyes, the potential she had, her dreams of being a politician or lawyer and making ‘real change’ as she would put it. ‘They’ took these opportunities away from Liam, but they could help Kara. Kate wouldn’t be able to help that much being a single mother working as a mechanic on Tython.

    “The scholarship program would only be in effect as long as I was working for you, What if in my amazing abilities I ended the war in a year? Then what, I wouldn’t have a job, and thus not be able to afford to keep Kara at the Academy. Changing schools is difficult and I don’t want to any more than I have to.”

    “I'm sure you have the potential to for Leadership roles, they are always needed” Cha offered.

    “Oh, I'm no Leader,” Kate said declining.

    “Yes, you are Mum! You are the head of the school committee, and the self-defence training school, and . . .” Kara gleefully interjected.

    “Yes, Thank you Kara, please let me continue to talk with Admiral Niathal uninterrupted,” Kate said in a tightly controlled tone of voice.

    “See there, my instincts where correct, with a bit of training you will do just fine.” Cha said smugly.

    “Look your offer is very generous and I am humbled that you believe I am worth the effort, However, to the best of my knowledge, it was the Galactic Alliance that was responsible for the bombardment of Kashyyyk and the loss of nearly everything I have. So you must understand how exceptionally difficult it would be for me to work for the GA.” Kate took a breath to calm down, and explain her thoughts further.

    “Anyone who gets to know me will know where I’ve come from and what happened. Then EVERY single action I take will be questioned and checked and not trusted. How could anything I do at all be taken seriously? Anything bad that happens regardless of my involvement would be blamed on me and anything good I do won’t be trusted! That won’t be useful at all for me or you.” Kate said hoping that should be the end of it, logically speaking. How do you get out of that? //Check Mate Cha//.

    “Well let's see, I have you here, entering a military zone, engaging a military ship, going into restricted areas, endangering a child, disrupting normal activities, inspiring a munity, I could simply have you thrown in prison and your child taken away.” Cha listed off with ease, although it did make her feel uncomfortable, she was hoping that Kate would’ve taken the hint before this point, but now she had forced her hand.

    “Mum?” Kara asked, her voice quivering.

    “WAIT! I was let on board the ship, and I have not inspired a munity!” Kate nearly shouted as panic gripped her //oh kriff. . .this got out of hand. . .//

    “Im not stupid, and neither are you” Cha stood up and leaned on the table toward Kate.

    “Look I’m not going to defend the actions of people above my station, and my personal opinion is not relevant. But your story will affect those who hear it. I’m sure at this very moment, Colonel Tehanis, Lieutenant Tiarri, and anyone else whom has heard your story of surviving will be questioning their involvement in the GA, and will possibly be trying to leave. Now given the history of Colonel Tehanis, and her recent actions, they will try and leave quite disruptively I suspect.” Cha said plainly, she had worked hard to get to her position, and she got there by being smart and producing the desired results, this war was getting messy fast and she didn't want to lose now. If she just let Kate go, it would increase the likelihood of a mass exodus from the Ocean. However, if Kate stayed ‘willingly’ the disruption would be minimal, and with her holding Kara as a hostage, Kate would not step a single hair out of line, it might just be enough to avoid it all. This gamble was dangerous, but it was she hoped by treating the daughter well, the mother will be calm and assist in calming others.

    Kate was reeling, she honestly didn’t think it that far through when she demanded to be let on broad. I mean, of course, she was thinking of breaking Addie and the others out, and it would she did want the GA to pay for what they had done. //Oh Force, I really should have thought this through, oh force. . .I wasn't thinking at all, . . .I thought I was better than this, but I . . .oh no// the realisation of what was happening slapped her in the face harder than that explosive on Kashyyyk.

    “I was the one you were speaking to, I let you on board, so anything that happens now is on my shoulders. I trusted you. . .and now you have caused a disturbance on my ship, and given that moral was already quite low due to a pior incident with Colonel Tehanis, you just happened to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and made the situation worse.” Cha said pacing behind her desk.

    “I like to think that I am a reasonable woman, and I do have sympathy for your plight. So I offer you a choice. Tell me anything you know about any form of illegal ‘escape plan’ and work for me in whatever roll I decide you're suited for, and your daughter will be taken care off at the Academy and afforded the best chance in life. For your good behavior, you will be granted communication with her weekly, as proof of our good faith. . . Or. . . “ Cha paused and lowered her voice. . .

    “Or you force me to take you as a highly dangerous prisoner of war, and locked in near isolation until the end of the war. You will be separated from your child, and she will be taken away to some camp were the other children of war go. She will be stuck there with whatever they offer for her basic needs.”

    Kate as dumbfounded, what choice did that actually give her. She looked at Kara who was now justifiably terrified.

    “You leave this room when you have made your choice, so I suggest you choose wisely,” Admiral Niathal said.

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    IC: Bernael and Aden Kya
    Onboard the Ocean, the Brig

    Bernael had felt the larger presence, the largest spike in the Force when it revealed itself in the brig. It had felt less present in the Force than even himself, until he felt a surge. Hidden in niche as he was he knew the chances of being found, or someone even looking, were slim. But that power was extraordinary. He could tell the being, that Jacen it had to be, was barely using his strength in whatever capacity. ‘Definitely wise to have not hidden myself in the brig itself.’

    He’d felt a female enter before that episode, speak to one of the two officers, Aden, based on the emotions and thoughts that were being let loose. ‘Hmmm, she does seem skewed toward Aden, even before fully investigating. But I can tell he seems to have some effect on her.’

    She had left and only then was it that he’d felt the other being and his manipulation of the female Bernael had come to investigate, himself. He could feel her mind tearing, her blood flowing, her weakening as it continued. And then it stopped, perhaps Jacen had found what he was searching for, or it didn’t exist in the woman’s mind. He withdrew his presence even more as he felt a shadow emerge from the brig, then disappear. ‘That man is a Power to be reckoned with.’

    Time passed and he began to wonder if anyone planned to check on, or speak to either of the two in the brig again. He could feel the woman weakening further, her mind straining, cracking, breaking. ‘Cannot have her die before I get to learn what I must, about her and why I was drawn to her.’ He reached out, subtly, weaving tiny strands of soul back to her mind, slowing the bleeding a hair, giving just enough energy to her mind that it didn’t fully crack. Anything more was up to the medical facilities and he could not do more or risk his intervention being discovered.

    The same officer that had interviewed Aden finally returned and then things got interesting quickly. It seemed she had come to interview the woman, Adalia, and found her as she’d been left. He saw medics rush in minutes later, and then leave with Adalia, presumably to take her to the medbay. ‘At least that should stabilize her body, her mind and spirit are a different matter.’

    With no one else present, he let some of his essence loose, flowing into the brig, just enough to stay under the threshold of discovery by either the automatic sensors or guards present. He studied Aden, doing what he could to learn about the man without actually pressing at Aden’s mind. It was examination but also a test to see what level of presence it would take for the man to notice him. It took less time than he thought, and then Aden spoke “Come on out.”

    His cloak reverting from its state of camouflaging him in the wall, he glanced up and down the corridor and then disappeared completely from sight and sense. Entering the brig behind a pair of guards, he glided down to the last cell, positioning himself so that the guards, should they walk by the cell, would not see him and then dropped his camouflage. Likewise he extended a field of distraction around himself so even if he was seen the guards would just dismiss what they saw.

    Should Aden look up, he would see a mid-height being, in a cloak and featureless mask that shifted shape and color, mostly blending into the background even now. Bernael let his presence loose again, but focused so that only Aden, immediately before him behind the cells screen, would sense him.

    A dark chuckle, “Once again, you call out and I come to see what it is you think I am here for.”

    Aden turned to the voice, peering absently over the cloak, the mask, the imposing height. He was initially nonplussed, in-spite of the straight jacket and stun cuffs.

    This was a Galactic Alliance warship; a murderer would only get so far. Assuming, of course, he didn’t simply kill the intruder. But Aden did not allow that thought to drift between them.

    He simply allowed his true face to show in the Force; not the approachable, seemingly harmless, self-effacing smile he kept on as a mask of his own - a mask that Adalia and Becka and probably Kate would peer straight through - but his malicious, disgusted and loathing visage of Insipid, his Sith name. That bile he shaped as much as the intruder did, and though he did not give a name to his dark, nor did he seek the masked man’s name.

    “So we meet at last,” Aden said lightly.

    Another chuckle at the surface thoughts Bernael felt, if he couldn’t bypass and stay out of sight of security systems on a warship he would be poor in his choice of vocations. He could feel that there was more but the man was strong enough to keep his deeper thoughts behind a shield. “Interesting” was his noncommittal reply to the vision he was shown, of the true face of the man before him.

    In return he shaped and returned vision for vision, of inverted V shaped black holes for eyes, of darkness itself billowing forth from those voids, proboscises peeking forth from their pouches, mouth creased in a grin that didn't reach higher than the swaying snake like appendages in his cheeks. As he had not received a name to accompany the face he did not share his own.

    “It was time, and you insisted.” Bernael stated in his even, emotionless voice.

    “It was time, and I insisted,” Aden repeated lightly. “I am sure. But when one prowls about hungrily, following the skein of fate...”

    Such a curious turn of phrase. Not one of his own. Aden felt the Force leaning upon him; but it did not lean with the shade of another - it simply leant. He refocused on the visitor.

    “Did the sleeping Master send you?” There was no harm in being direct; he could use the entertainment. The One Sith would be unhappy about his return to the Alliance, with Aden having not reported in.

    ‘Hmmm, something new added to the equation.’ Bernael knew he was still discovering all the players and pieces in the galactic tapestry of power and maneuvering. He stayed still a moment or two more, the comment about ‘the skein of fate’ touched close to home.

    Much had obviously changed in the last few centuries, millennia. Obviously those who served the Dark were fractured, or so the question posed him seemed to suggest. Which begged the question of what had happened to those who served the Light. But those questions would hold while he learned more here.

    The moment had dragged on for long enough. “I’m afraid you are mistaken, I know not of, or rather now, knew not of a sleeping Master. But you, and others, through your actions, have dragged me back from being away.”

    Aden was somewhat surprised that the visitor was not associated with the One Sith. "The Sleeping Master is the one whose face is concealed; it is hardly an immense clue, for someone who is himself masked." He would have shrugged, if he could.

    "But you are here of your own volition, or, rather, my volition..." He paused. "I serve a great darkness, though the galaxy knows not of him. A Dark Man, the Jedi call him, or perhaps, called him." This was the usefulness of having ostensibly two masters; Aden could obfuscate with the best.

    "But I assume you reference the destruction of the 'innocent' freighter crew." Aden brooded. "Everything else is pinwheeling around that, for no apparent reason. You blow up a bunch of suspected spies in the heat of the battle and your oldest comrade loses her mind." He arched an eyebrow. "Presumably you are sensing the conflict between her and I - she's a Force user too, and we are both pawns of my Master..."

    "I am surprised, if our conflict drew you here, that the burst of energy a moment ago did not lead you astray. That was something far beyond what little old me can achieve..." Aden would love to see how the mysterious man did against Jacen. Some mysteries were easier to resolve when the mystery was dead.

    “I felt you both before whatever events happened recently. You two, and others. Including one you reference, even obscurely. And that one, yes warrants investigation, but given its ability, can be shelved until necessary. But a decent attempt at trying to change my focus, even for a moment.”

    Bernael paused in thought, ‘This is certainly a strong Sith, even if he attempts to reveal less than he conceals. But from what I’ve seen, this galaxy is in a state of flux, the balance is a pendulum between the Light and Dark, swinging too rapidly to achieve any state of calm.’

    “There is conflict, the waves of it cross the galaxy, and a large amount of intergalactic space. The spikes I search out only add to it, and there are things in the dark of the void that hunger to have the waves disrupt everything, and allow them to return.”

    Recalling the holonet news he had read concerning the battle that Aden referred to, as well as the ongoing data being added from all the parties witness to it, in the warships database, Bernael continued. “I care very little for a single freighter, no matter the circumstances of its destruction. You, your ostensible friends, and others are playing with forces that could very well turn this galaxy irrevocably toward one end of the spectrum or the other and such cannot be countenanced so I am here, to see what must be done.”

    Knowing the man was Sith, no matter his affiliation or Master, such revelation he was sure would tell Aden that the rise of the Sith to preeminence was a distinct possibility in the near future.

    Aden allowed himself to be curious. “An agent of perpetual conflict? Is that it?” He mused. “I know not how long you have been away, as you suggest, but the Light won the last two wars, though it could be said the Light is a lot more Grey this time around. Thus someone like me being on the ostensible side of the Light, and who you sensed before being in-charge.”

    A non-shrug. “A Dark Lord of the Sith died not a month ago - Lumiya. The succession of the Rule of Two, which girdled the Force for a millennium, is admittedly in question.” He continued to entreat the visitor. “Could that be the source of the pendulum swinging one particular way?”

    Insipid had met her during the Yuuzhan Vong War when she visited Korriban. She had been nearly captured with his grandmother, Lomi Plo, and Lomi had apparently exacted a Nightsister blood pact from Lumiya in exchange for allowing it. Whether true or not, she had used him to antagonise Krayt, and Krayt had made him a Darth to secure his loyalty. Ostensibly.

    He missed her, though he had not seen her for over a decade. Another woman in his life, dead. A grin. He had terrible luck with women.

    So amused he was, that Aden nearly missed what the Shadow said next.

    Bernael tilted his head for a moment, as if considering something, or listening to someone. When his attention turned back to Aden, he could see he was lost in his own thoughts.

    “Yes, the death of one strong in the Dark Side, one who most likely began the correction of the pendulum did get my attention. The pendulum has been stuck, for far too long, in one direction, and yes that is that of the Light. The Sith, though Bane was correct in the fact that the infighting had not allowed them equality to or supremacy over those aligned with the Light, hobbled themselves by an almost religious following of the Rule of Two.”

    “I was there, in the vicinity, when that event occurred, and yes it was necessary at the time, all it took was ensuring a certain holocron was in the right place at the right time. As with now, the galaxy was tearing itself apart, the pendulum was almost off the swing with how wildly it was swinging.”

    Bernael paused, debating how much to actually share with this Sith who he was yet unsure would be able to bring enough of the Dark to the galaxy to smooth the swing of the pendulum and bring it back to where it should be. However some knowledge was required, as the other, the powerful one they had both danced around naming was already seeming to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

    “I am reminded of a conversation I had once, with a young being trying to find their way. They asked how I could follow my path, know what was right. And my answer was, right/wrong, good/bad, made up concepts by younger races, or those who cannot accept how their actions sway events, to either justify or punish their or others actions. This premise exists, whether applied to what are called ‘moral’ actions or the difference between the Light and Dark.”

    Bernael knew, if the man before him was being even remotely honest with him, that there were several pulls on Aden’s allegiance but he had to start somewhere, with someone, or he would never accomplish his mission. And he had to take chances that his intuition was correct.

    Aden found himself discussing Sith philosophy with a stranger. How... curious. “The Rule of Two has its benefits, undoubtedly. Lord Sidious would never have been created without it. His feats and power surpass all - indeed the pendulum was struck by his rise.”

    It had not escaped his notice what the stranger said about a certain holocron. That was a bold claim. Aden had no way of ascertaining whether it was true or false; not without finding the legendary world of Lehon and somehow heading back to the correct point in time to check.

    But it was an interesting thought. He would test it one day. Maybe.

    “The most animated you’ve been thus far is ridiculing the Rule of Two. I can only presume you predate it by a certain time period, thus, even without your supposed confession.” He mused. “Which makes it all the more curious that you come here now. The Sith are not numerous; if anything, they are all but extinct.”

    A lie.

    “Your inflections remind me of writings of a certain court.” Aden was baiting now. They were playing the game; to obtain as much i information about the other without revealing anything they did not wish to.

    ‘This one is very good at the game of deflection and deception. Perhaps he is the one necessary, this time.’ Bernael thought. “I took my leave shortly after that event, because I saw that the balance did not return as it should have, but that does not mean that I did not pay attention to the flow and ebb of the Force, and we both know the Rule of 2 was often seen more as a guideline than a rule, even now.”

    Thinking further on what Aden had said, “Yes I believe the Rule of 2 was a mistake, although you are correct it did lead to Palpatine and, for a short time restored a semblance of balance. Although the extreme humanocentric orientation of that time did hinder full development and restoration of the balance. As to a certain court, well, I have lived a long time and have seen many Empires and Republics, seen them rise and fall, seen the balance perpetually swing, sometimes with aid, sometimes without.”

    “But the Dark Side is stirring, and while you protest otherwise, only two Sith, no matter how strong, cannot cause the fluctuations in the pendulum that are occurring. It does aid your cause that the Jedi, those monks, are scattered and not what they once were, but that does not excuse the fact that the Sith are returning, and in numbers.”

    “But I imagine the Jedi are far more numerous at present,” Aden said, with a shrug. Some six hundred Jedi percolated, and less than fifty had died so far in the war. There were not those numbers on Korriban.

    Of course, Bernael might sense a mighty consolidation of Sith on a wayward world known as Kesh. But, he was not likely to - for such numbers had existed for so many millennia that they would be considered background noise to even Lord Sidious - even to Vitiate himself, let alone Ruin. None of them had sensed the Keshiri - so it stood that Bernael would not either.

    “Have patience then, my nonhuman friend.” Another tidbit the visitor had revealed, cutting from the list of suspects any species smaller than a traditional human, as the shadow was at least a head taller than Aden. Wookiee, perhaps? “If said numbers of Sith are increasing, then it follows that Lady Lumiya’s actions now are nothing more than a way to keep the Jedi from growing too innumerable to defeat.”

    Which was indeed her stated aim; she had believed that the One Sith plan was too slow - that by the time the sleeping Master was ready, the Jedi would be too powerful to defeat by martial strength. Thus, whatever she had caused to awaken in Jacen. Aden agreed with her, but was entirely unsure whether the woman had made the man a full apprentice, or he was just using her as a pretext to take power, as he had with the Confederates. After all - Luke killed Lumiya; not Jacen.

    Some Rule of Two, if so.


    ... it was not a question that Lumiya could have beaten Jacen. She had been defeated by Luke thrice, and it stood to reason that Jacen had recently stood toe-to-toe with Luke - so Aden wondered if Lumiya had opted to act as a guide for Jacen, and to die in such a manner to release him from suspicion.

    Wheels within wheels.

    True Sith were like that; their goals completely and utterly unfathomable to every other piece on the board. “I still don’t see what this has to do with Addie, um, Adalia, though. She’s no piece on the board; she’s too independent to even cajole.” This was true; he’d tried. “But I suspect you already fear her, in the circumstances.” He shifted. “I’m in a straight jacket; easy prey.”

    Aden frowned.

    Again, the Force suggested prey, hunt... and skein. Aden has no idea what it meant.

    “Every being that lives, that claws its way through the galaxy, the universe, is a thread in the tapestry. Even this Adalia Tehanis. On her own she may seem like a very small thread in the fabric but threads connect to others, and in that way their own importance becomes elevated. Not to mention she is Force sensitive, enhanced at the moment, and that changes the texture of her thread as well. Fear, well that’s stronger a word than I would use. She can be reached, can be investigated, but you called out to me and were available immediately, for obvious reasons.”

    As he said the last Bernael’s mind reached out and shifted a piece of metal here, a strip of cloth there. Subtle enough that it would take close examination to notice, but now Aden would, given the opportunity, be able to get loose in short order. He was sure the man would have been able to do so himself, but he was being monitored for such activity, whereas an outside stimulus would fly under the radar.

    “As to the numbers game, as you have reduced it to, in this instance, yes, the Jedi are numerous but quantity and quality are two different valuations. any case both of those valuations are changing the taste, so to speak, of the Force to those who can see. And does it do the galaxy good for both sides to begin an arms race for more power or more followers? Just one of a multitude of questions I must answer.”

    Then Bernael recalled the last few words Aden had spoken, once more. A snort and then “Prey, interesting choice of words. You have learned as much as necessary from me so far, but you believe I would end or attempt to end the continuation of your thread, which I am sure you would take pleasure in thwarting. I too have learned as much as you have shared, whether truthful or not. But I can see that your thread, among the others I must examine, has much more to come. What matters is the full picture and that does not require a sacrifice, yet.”

    Aden was displeased to be part-released. He could do it himself, and it took much of his willpower not to escape and go for the shadows throat. It would have been a violent affair, and Insipid would come out, and Jacen would, inevitably notice.

    "I think we are done here..." His tongue danced for a word, and found it. "Assassin."

    "Stay well away from Adalia, if you know what is good for you. Your Cosmic Balance matters not to me; there is a war to fight, and you are welcome to observe - but the most I would accept from you is an act to keep the players alive. If anyone dies on your watch, I shall hunt you. If you profess to care for the balance, then the longer the game continues, the better, no?"

    The slightest pause as his mind rolled across the word enhanced. It tickled at him. "What can you tell me of her now?"

    A chuckle the sound of tomb doors clashing sounded at the word Aden had used to describe him. “Your pleasure, or lack thereof, of what I have done matters little…..Dark Lord.”

    "Lord will suffice," Aden said, wanly. "One day, maybe."

    “Likewise your war matters little to me. I have already stated that I have a mission, that mission will be accomplished. I am certain one of your power could stop me, but I also never said the mission would require me to use those skills you spat out, after all I did not kill Skere Kaan, or his fellows, for example. The game is long and all the players are not known to me so whether it pleases you or not they must be investigated.” For just the briefest eyeblink of an instant the space between the entry of the cell and the field before Aden became a swirl of black, white, and every shade of grey between before it disappeared and Bernael stood there once more. “My life is the swing of the pendulum, and it must swing evenly.”

    "Evenly," Aden slightly scoffed. "Whose side are you on?"

    The final question however, caused Bernael to pause before he would have vanished and left. “What can I tell you of her, simply this, she is of two hearts currently. I am sure you are wise enough to decipher that.”

    “Yes I believe we are done here, but I doubt not that we will see each other again.”

    Aden did not have any sass. His mind clicked over those parting words. Two hearts.

    Realisation blossomed in his mind. He had to get out of here. The moment of twilight, where nobody could listen, or see, or interpret what they had to say to each other passed. Aden's whip-crack of command snapped the dozing guards. "I need to speak to someone about getting out of here. Becka - Kate - Adalia. Now."

    His voice raised.

    "RIGHT NOW."

    In the instant of Aden’s yell, Bernael vanished once more from all sight or sense, swiftly passing from the brig and headed deeper into the ship, giving just enough distance so that an immediate search of the area would turn up nothing.

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