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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Kate and Kara Leeash, Cha Niathal

    Kate’s mind was spinning with all sorts of options, //it’s just me and the Admiral, I could take her down, or at least run for it, and only one guard, the decks where not that heavily patrolled, I could make good headway through the, . . .Kara. . .//, Wookiee rage? begging? passing out? nothing would protect Kara, and even if she got a head start, and Kara kept up, she couldn’t take out a whole ship by herself, even if Beka helped out, or the boys, there was no warning, no planning. . .she was too far from the hanger bay, her ship would be guarded or destroyed before she even got halfway there. Also, that would be the wrong choice, she would be sent to prison and Kara would be left alone.

    Kate sighed, she had no option, and she couldn't even be mad at Cha, because everything she listed, she had done. She felt helpless, dizzy and nauseous, or wait was that the drugs? What Cha was offering was beyond what now Kate realised she actually deserved.

    Kate tried to speak but had to clear her throat first. She looked down, she was defeated, and worst of all, she did it to herself. She had no right to ask but had to try. “Would I be able to drop Kara at the Academy? Under guard of course.” She looked at Kara who was now looking rather pale.

    “If your behaviour this week is acceptable,” Cha said sternly, but the edges of her voice conveyed a warmth. She watched the look on Kate's face as she mentally cycled through all the possibilities and was glad that Kate came to the correct conclusion, this didn’t have to be harder than it already was.

    Kate meekly nodded.

    “I want to hear you say it.” Cha said as she turned on a recording device unknown to Kate.

    “I Kate Leeash, have, this day, “voluntarily” enlisted myself in the Galactic Alliance, to serve under Admiral Cha Niathal, until the end of the war, unless sooner discharged: And I do bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules and regulations, as are, or shall be established for the government, this I will uphold as long as my daughter remains safe and taken care off as per our agreement. " Kate said remembering her first pledge back in the day. She added the part about her daughter because if even a hair on her head was damaged, she would take the Galactic Alliance down with her.

    “Thankyou” Cha understood her words, and she would do what she could, again she was no monster, but she was a practical leader. “I will have the paperwork sent to you by the end of the day, please sign and it will be returned to me, It should take no less than a week for me to get Kara into the Academy, until then, of course, she will remain by your side.”

    “Mmmuummm” Kara said weakly, Kate recognized that look, “Cha do you have a bucket?!” Kate asked urgently, Cha went to the side panels and grab something, Kate got up and knelt next to Kara, gently moving back her hair. Just as Cha produced a bucket Kara vomited straight into it and began to cry, Kate gently rubbed Karas back.

    Cha ordered for a medical transport to be brought up straight away, while getting a small towel and wetting it, and a glass of water. She offered these things to Kate as Kara vomited once again. Very quickly a small medical transport arrived and Kate carefully helped Kara on board.

    “Kate, take this with you, it is a small recording and transmitting device, should ANYONE attempt to talk to you about anything to do with a mutiny, or escape, recorded and press send, it will only go to me. I can contact you via this device as well.” Kate absently grabbed the device and placed it in her pocket as she followed Kara and the medial team out. Cha had confidence and knew that Kate would behave and play along. The medical team had taken the mess away so Cha went back and began to get Kara into the Academy as promised.


    Back at the medical bay, the doctor had put in some IV fluids in Kara’s hand and in the fluids was an anti-nausea drug, Kara had stopped vomiting and was now asleep. Kate was seated in the chair next to Kara’s bed, and was resting her upper body and head on the bed, looking up at Kara. Kate was nearly asleep, and through her near closed eyes, she suddenly saw Liam sitting on the bed gently patting Kara head and smiling, he then turned to look directly at Kate, still smiling. Kate opened her eyes more, too focus on him, but he was gone.

    A voice just behind her, startled her, “I could get you some too if you want” Dr Tarrie offered referring to the IV fluids, half in a joking tone, half-serious. Kate couldn’t even summon the strength to lift her head and so just rolled her head back to look up at the Doctor. “Yeah maybe, I’m feeling nauseous and dizzy” she weakly smiled. “Alright, I get a bed extension for you as well” he said walking out of Kate field of view.

    A few minutes later a droid and the doctor came back, they widened the bed, and added extra padding to the extension. Kate carefully took off her shoes, and got on the bed next to her daughter and settled down. The droid lifting up the blankets and placing them, as the doctor put in the line for the fluids. Kate feel the cool-ness of the liquid in her hand, but she did start to feel better within a minute. //yay for drugs!// “Thankyou” “Your welcome, rest. I’ll check on you both soon.”

    Kate closed her eyes, and felt the warmth of her daughter by her side, “I’m so sorry little one,” Kate whispered, “but this will actually be the best for you, and that’s all I have ever wanted”. Kate soon fell asleep, despite her emotions raging.

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  2. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Med Bay/Infirmary - The Ocean

    The doctor and droid had only been gone a short time and she’d not moved in the period. Staring after them as the words spoken had slowly sunken in. How could she be pregnant? How could she not have noticed that? 14 weeks? That’s well on the way, and past the loss of her previous one she thought as she slowly lifted her hand and placed it on her stomach. She had no ability to reach the baby through the Force, her head was too messed up right now. She drew a deep steadying breath and let it out slowly as she closed her eyes. They’d talked about it long ago, but not for some time now, not for years. Her bottom lip trembled as the enormity of her situation began to engulf her. She was on the wrong side of this war, was dealing what she felt was her personal enemy, had dragged Beka in, and now Kate and Kara were here, Eak and Liam were gone forever, someone had seemingly attempted to kill her somehow, she was pregnant, and had no idea where her child’s father was. She felt hopeless. As soon as she was strong enough, she needed to find away to get them all off this ship and away from Coruscant. She lay down and rolled on her side, her hand still on her ever so slight bulge whispering, “So’k little one, we’ll get out of here, and find your daddy.” She fell asleep then, exhausted.

    A sound in the corridor woke Adalia to the fact someone was being brought in, lifting her head she looked outside her door and saw Kate and Kara being guided past by two guards. At least they’re ok she thought as she put her head down again, it still had a dull ache and still felt like it was full of cotton wool. She lay there considering all her options, and they were limited, and she still had no idea what happened to her and was the most lost and confused she’d ever been in her life. just five minutes, just to talk to him, he’d clarify it all.’ She wished, but it was never going to happen. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep, that was what she needed.


    Someone was screaming. It was her. The pain was intense, NO! She could only scream to stop it, there was so much pain and her life force was draining away. NO!! She was screaming. Please stop it!! She knew him, she knew who. Stop the pain, NO!! Someone was there.

    “Get sedation!! HOLD HER DOWN!!”

    “NO!! TELL HIM TO STOP!!” Adalia screamed she opened her eyes, the pain stopped. She gasped realising it was a dream, or more so a nightmare. “No!!! I’m awake!!!” She sat up holding her head, it was throbbing.

    “Colonel Tehanis?” Dr Trelorma asked pleadingly.

    “I’m good, I’m back.” She said through heavy breathing. “Just a bad dream.” She explained, “I’m sorry…..”. Her apology was out by her mind was still racing, it was a him. She knew that now and worse; she knew him. He was a friend, at least he used to be, but who, she couldn’t say. Her stomach churned with the idea that whoever put her here knew her and used to be a friend. There was only one name that came to her with that criteria, Aden. But how?

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  3. The Real Kyp Durron

    The Real Kyp Durron Jedi Knight star 2

    May 6, 2018
    IC Kyp Durron
    Space - somewhere.
    Thank you to @adaml83 for input

    The star lines reverted to real space, it was the second stop on this particular trip, one of countless trips he’d made in his time, but the boredom never got easier. “We on target Whistler?” he asked the droid behind him as he checked the read outs in front. A soft whistle told him things were fine. He moved to the side; the seat wasn’t as comfortable as he would have thought it would be over a long distance. “Tell Corran he needs a new seat, this one’s got a spring, or something broken in it” he commented, “Ok, do you have that pre recorded message set to go, the satellite Adam mentioned, is it nearby?” he asked. This was an important transmission and he only had a minute or two for it to be sent. Whistler gave an ‘affirmative’ squawk and then a questioning whistle. “Yep, send it now.” He arched his back, it ached slightly. ‘I’m getting old’ he thought knowing his 50th Standard Year was approaching. Sitting back, he wondered what his legacy on this galaxy would be? Carida. That would be his legacy, nothing more would be remembered he realised. Letting out sigh, he asked “We done?” Another affirmative whistle, “Good.” He opened a channel to Adam. “Package sent, ready to haul out.” Whistler then began to chortle a message, Kyp frowned as he leaned forward and read the screen in front of him, a message from Tawg. ‘Adam's packages have arrived at base, we're getting close.’ “What are you going on about?” he gave his head a shake. “Sure, whatever, must be his lifeday or something. Get us ready to jump.”

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  4. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Kael Swiftflight, Briana Odan


    Kael had just set down the freighter when he heard from the back, “How many explosives did you make!? Are you trying to blow up a planet? that you think about it, I could make some more...

    Briana came forward, “I’ll go check out the base, you see if Stealth’s here, or see if he’s left anything for us to go on.

    Kael snickered, he needed to hunt down a spot for his stuff, but HQ was right, see if Adam left something for them. It looked like that he hadn’t arrived yet, but it was apparent he was on his way.

    Looking through the messages going through their usual backdoor means, it also seemed like that the person on the Ocean that Adam sent the message to hadn’t listened to it, or was maybe unable to do so.

    He walked back to the freighter and into the storage area where he had his things so they could be offloaded.

    He looked around, “HQ, Angel, where are you?” Silence answered the comm, and he sighed.

    Kael walked back to the cockpit, looked at a couple of fighters that had already arrived among others. One looked to be a StealthX waiting for a pilot, and the other looked like it was a late model Type J X-wing with a very nice purple and gold custom paint job. He muttered to himself, “She’s already on the prowl, Stealth, trouble is going to find you soon.

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  5. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Force Ghost star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    IC Beka Tiarri
    Hard at work on the Ocean

    Blast Aden and blast the GA and blast every part of this whole situation. A month ago she'd been staring down Exchange gangsters over Sabacc cards with the very real threat of a firefight breaking out, and right now that seemed far less dangerous. Even if she had to escape that card game from a tenth-storey window with blaster bolts flying after her speeder. It was simpler, easier; gangsters were predictable, easy to mess with and come out the other side still standing. GA politics, on the other hand… there was a reason she’d been away. Never mind that they didn’t like her particular brand of strategy. Ineffective and dangerous, they’d said, never mind her success rate. Now they were going to see how “ineffective” those methods were.

    A comlink tucked into her ear kept her apprised of the ship’s main channel as she worked, leaving Kate to be cared for by the ship’s doctors. She’d have to trust that no one would make any moves against them quite so quickly, but she’d still have to move fast. She had to get Addie and Kate and Kara out of here before something truly bad happened. And in her mind, it was only a matter of time before things went south.

    Her first stop was back to the hangar. Kate’s shuttle was in a different one, and likely under guard; she’d have to figure out a plausible way to check on it without drawing attention. Her own X-wing was fine, a little bit of carbon scoring from near misses but nothing serious. The droid, an R4, chirped at her from nearby.

    “No, you can head to the oil baths.” Beka leaned in closer to the X-wing. Was there something there? Was everyone tracking them? Aden putting trackers on the ships, she expected, but who else might have…? The hangar wasn’t as busy as earlier, but plenty of techs were hard at work. Anyone could have interfered with the starfighters, and until she had some idea who, she was going to leave them right there.

    “Actually, R4… I need you to do something for me.” A questioning chirp from the droid, already rolling away. “When you’re done in the oil baths, I need you to get some supplies for me.” She typed on a datapad, transmitting the list to the droid as she listened to its judgemental beeping. “Haven’t you downloaded the files about the Shadow Sabres? We’re going to have some fun.” If a droid could have rolled its eyes, this would have been it. But R4 headed off, and Beka checked one thing off her list.

    Addie’s X-wing wasn’t in quite as good shape, but a tech was already hard at work. Again, there was something attached, and Beka’s suspicions grew. Something was going on here, beyond what Aden was up to, and she didn’t trust any of this one bit. Casually, carefully, she picked some more starfighters to examine at random, those belonging to pilots not associated with their little group, and she was somewhat relieved to see whatever it was stuck to their ships as well. Ideally she wanted to examine it, but there was a possibility it might alert whoever had stuck it there. Hopefully it was only a tracker and not, say, a bomb to take them out should anyone step out of line.

    R4’s oil bath sounded like a good idea right about now, and Beka hadn’t changed since they landed, other than tossing her life support gear into the cockpit as she exited. It was still there, so she gathered it up and headed for the nearby locker room. A shower and change of clothes would clear her head and help her focus on what was to come… and a deck uniform would be far less suspicious than wandering around in a bright orange flight suit.

    Hair freshly washed and tied up, a uniform sourced, Beka was feeling far stealthier than before. Not exactly incognito, but her goal was to look so ordinary no one would give her a second glance. That in mind, she picked up a datapad and set off, sending a short message to her XO to keep the woman busy. No need to have her on my back while I have all this to deal with.

    Kate's shuttle was probably going to be a little more difficult to check up on. She could pull rank, or pull friend-of-Kate's but both might draw attention, and she wanted to get a close, uninterrupted look at the shuttle.

    Turns out, she needn't have worried: the lone guard by the shuttle had no concerns about her poking about. Rank certainly did a lot for her, it seemed. The shuttle itself looked worse from a distance than up close. Kate really was a hell of a pilot, no matter what she flew. Cosmetic damage wasn't her concern, and the shuttle appeared good to fly. So far things were looking bright.

    A quick search on a terminal loaded the Ocean's layout onto her datapad, under the guise of a search for directions by a new crewmember. Not the detailed schematics she'd like to get, but far less likely to raise any red flags. Time to scope out some key locations.

    It was a long walk to all the places she wanted to see, and hopping between ship's comms channels kept her busy as she went through miles of corridors. Through engineering and weapons systems and past communications relays. Locating and marking every key component she might need in the future, carefully encrypted in a code on her datapad. Her walk eventually brought her back to her quarters after a quick snack in the mess hall and hours of touring, where R4 was waiting for her, bleating it's annoyance at having to wait so long.

    "You could have called me, you know," she commented, tossing the datapad onto the desk. She wasn't going to risk connecting the data card to the ship's main computer; she didn't know who was listening yet.

    "Did you get what I asked for?" If a beep could translate to a sigh, this was it. "All right you joker, hand it over."

    The droid hadn't gotten everything, but it was a start. Holocam parts, a pair of comlinks and a repeater, a small container of engine grease, and some welding goggles.

    "I didn't ask for those," Beka pointed out, the goggles hanging off her fingertips. R4 cackled, and she tossed them aside. "Joker it is. Who programmed you?" She rolled her eyes, gathering the other items and slipping them under the bed. Not exactly contraband, but better if no one asked any questions.

    What she wouldn't do for some detonite.

    "So, you want in on this plan or not?" she asked the droid, who hooted a question. "Never mind, I don't trust you not to run off and blab to everyone what we're doing. It's a surprise and you seem like a tattletale." R4-- Joker-- let out a mournful whine. "That's right, I call it like I see it. Prove yourself and maybe I'll let you in on the secret. Now go do whatever astromechs do when they're not flying."

    She hadn't been able to find Sparks, and she knew the droid had some information, but at this point she'd have to wait to talk to Addie, who was presumably still stuck in the brig. Not needing the deck uniform any more, she changed into something altogether more comfortable before settling down in front of a datapad to write up some thoughts.

    "--could return to medical as Colonel Tehanis seems to be coming around--"

    She'd set her comlink to rotate through different ship's channels, and it sounded like this was in use by the infirmary. Beka barely had time to realise that before she was out the door, throwing her jacket over her shoulders as she went.

    Something had happened. And someone was going to regret it.

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  6. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Jesse Coulson, Adrian Malek, Rhoen Aquilla, Ariadne Stark(combo with @Adalia-Durron, @galactic-vagabond422, @Rebecca_Daniels)
    Mess Hall

    Jesse led the way, seemed appropriate taking his rank into consideration and as he entered the mess the smell of something unidentified assaulted his nostrils. He stopped, his appetite suddenly gone. He wondered if he could get some bread and butter? He was about to turn and tell the other two his thoughts when he saw a familiar face, Ariadne, she was sitting alone and looking like she was up to her neck in work. "What could she be working on?" he asked no one in particular. They'd done their reports.

    "Maybe she has some secret communication´s going on too?" Adrian whipsered to Jesse, quietly enough so Rohen couldn´t hear him. Louder he said, "hard to say, maybe she is writing her diary." He turned towards the offered dishes, trying to hide his disapointment that none of them looked particulary appealing. Eventually deciding for a simple soup he took a bowl and stepped close to the others again. "Where do you want to sit?"

    It wasn't like walking into the kitchen on Harvest Day Rhoen would admit that. But, it was a ship in space, it didn't have the resources to make fresh baked bread and pies every day. It had to serve a small town's worth of people every day they didn't have the luxury of taking their time. That didn't make it any more pleasing. Whatever nascent hunger he felt was quickly gone, the offerings completely unappetizing. Looking where the others were looking he saw another officer, he hadn't met her nor did he know her, though it seemed Coulson and Malek did.

    "People still write diaries?" He asked brow quirking.

    Jesse smiled. "I think so, can't say I ever have though." He picked up two pieces of soft looking bread wondering idly how many preservatives were in it to make it look this good before putting it on a plate with some butter. "She could be writing her report, we did get on ours fast." he said glancing at Adrian. "I might go see if she needs help." He said turning to face the young woman and walking over to stand beside her table. "Ariadne?" he questioned, having only heard her name a hand full of times. "You seem engrossed. Mind if I join you?"

    Ariadne glanced up at the voice, her head having dropped back down to her datapad as the men collected their food. A sly smile spread across her lips as she considered how to reply. From their meeting earlier, Jesse had struck her as someone who might enjoy her particular brand of fun.

    "Not at all," she replied, eyes dancing with amusement. "I appreciate the rescue." She indicated the datapad. "I might drown under all this paperwork."

    Adrian turned towards Rohen and gestured towards Jesse and Ariadne, "would you mind if we join her as well, see what she is writing down and if we can assist her with it?" He felt the other man´s nervousness around officers and wanted tor each out to him. After my outburst its probably better when I am a bit friendlier to him now.

    Jesse smiled as he pulled a chair on and put his plate down. "What is it that is causing you to drown? Can I help?" He glanced back at Adrian and Rhoen and indicated with a nod the table beside them. He knew Adrian was a stickler for rules and it was clear Rhoen was uncomfortable.

    "Seems my CO has decided she doesn't write reports," Ariadne chuckled. "Not sure what to write, honestly." She glanced at the other two, clearly less comfortable than Jesse at being here. Was it her, or something else? Adrian she knew, at least, but the other one was only vaguely familiar.

    "Ariadne Stark," she introduced herself to the unfamiliar one. "Twin Suns XO. I normally eat paperwork for lunch, but, well, I suppose I'd rather take you three gentlemen to lunch instead."

    Adrian raised an eyebrow at this comment, not sure how to take it but he sat down and pulled another chair for Rohen. Trying to make himself more comfortable while being unsure what to say he gave Ariadne a nod before concentrating on his soup. What had she just said? "Eating the paperwork for lunch" that was probably something people would say about him most of the time.

    Rhoen grabbed a few things that didn't look too terrible and followed the others. He gave a wan smile to Stark, great another senior officer. The young man was quickly finding himself surrounded by them. It was getting to the point that he'd rather stayed in the lounge gazing longingly at Syal. Sure it would be painful, but at least he wouldn't have to watch his words.

    "Rhoen Aquilla, Wraith 3" He replied taking a seat. "And paperwork would likely taste better than this." He gestured to the tray of 'food' he had.

    Jesse looked at his bread. "Not much better than this I'd wager!" he picked up a knife and began buttering. "So Beka's not writing her own reports now? Interesting. I think Da'mina and I need to have a chat. So where is she?" It was a fair question, he'd not seen her since she'd left with Kate and her daughter and she'd not been there when they'd seen the woman and child.

    The soup wasn´t great, far too hot to actually enjoy it and with far too little spices. But it had to do, and it was still better than protein bars. While eating Adrian listened to Jesse´s question puzzled a bit that Beka hadn´t even written a report. This is falling appart quicker than I thought, it seems. For a brief moment he wondered how his ex commander would have reacted to this happening in her squadron, and allowed himself a little smile glad to be away from her now.

    Ariadne shrugged. "Haven't the faintest. Just shot me a message asking me to do her report and disappeared." She paused, considering. "That said, I am taking suggestions for revenge. I hear her unit used to be quite the pranksters in their day and I think it's fair turnabout for leaving me with all this." And for not including me in whatever she's really up to.

    "Don't look at me," Rhoen said putting up his hands, "I've learned not to mess with senior staff, they can come down on you hard." The young man was speaking from experience. His whole career had been an uphill battle just to join, he'd had to color inside the lines and be the absolute best there was to even pass. He didn't have the luxury to play pranks or otherwise mess with his commanders in such an open fashion. The most he'd ever done was get trashed at his graduation party and end up in someone else's bed.

    "Not really my speciality either," Adrian admitted, though it wasn´t completly. His sister was a prankster and in his youth the siblings had more than once pranked each other but here? In the military it seemed out of place for him, especially in a risky situation like this. At least for me, their probably not on a ticking clock to be arrested. And yet he couldn´t stop himself from makeing a suggestion. "Maybe hack her datapad so it only speaks and accepts huttese or another even more obscure languadge?"

    Jesse gave a sideways smirk as he tilted his head to side. "What you got in mind?" His eyes almost sparkling with mischief. He'd read all about the Sabers and Knightz, he knew what sort of things they got up too and how their long suffering Leads had put up with it. Beka was now in those shoes, maybe a bit of her own medicine what was needed to lighten the mood on aboard? He also wanted to be 'part of it', always had been.

    It wasn't hard to pick up on Rhoen's reluctance, and Ariadne gave him an understanding look. "You don't have to join in, I'm not looking to get anyone into any trouble. I understand things were different back then, rank was less... formal. I just thought it might be nice to see our crew laugh for once in all of... this. Call it a morale boost." The showdown in the hangar after what had happened during battle had certainly left its mark. But she nodded at Adrian's suggestion. "Perhaps I'll submit her report in Verpine. I know someone who could translate..."

    Adrian gave her a smile. "That´s an idea, or if you want I can translate into an old Eriaduan dialect absolutley no one here could translate." The dialect was almost forgotten in the galaxy but many Eriaduan nobles still used it in private conversation to protect themselves against any attempts of spying by outsiders.

    Jesse grinned at Adrian. "That I like!" He'd not expected that level of fun from Adrian, "Go on, do it" He turned to Rhoen. "You'll see, we're not all all bad." He gave a wink of encouragement. He glanced at his chrono. "I wonder?" he muttered. "If our Wing Commander it out yet, its all a storm in a teacup, and should be over with by now."

    Adrian gestured R7 towards him, still a bit unsure about what they were doing here. "Can you help me with the translation?" He asked and the little droid gave him a confirming bleep. Turning towards Ariadne he gave her a smile. "Will leave this for you to decide but with the little guy´s help I should have it translated in a just a moment."

    Rhoen kept quiet poking at his food as the others talked. Despite Coulson's assurances and clear interest in messing with his peers, that was the problem. He plays a joke, he'll get a stern talking to or get a prank played back on him, Rhoen does that and he is out on his ear. But, he wasn't going to rain on their parade so he smiled and chuckled were appropriate. Making it so a commander couldn't read the reports was funny and not instantly harmful to anyone. Not that he was going to tell any one what was going on, he was better than that. This was harmless fun nothing anyone needed to know about.

    Jesse observed Rhoen clear discomfort, and there was no way he had any intentions of making the young man feel worse. 'it's fine Rhoen, but do me a favour?" he glanced at Adrian and Ariadne, "You saw and heard nothing? Clear?"

    "Is that an order commander?" Rhoen said with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

    Jesse chuckled. "If you want, or not. Trust is a two way street."

    "I'm not the kind to tell tales out of school. No one's getting harmed and I don't foresee it causing any issues down the line." he shrugged his shoulders,"sorry if I'm being a bit of a kill joy..." he started getting up taking his tray with him. "I can leave."

    He shook his head. "No, I think we can trust you."

    "You know, Major, I think I might make sure you take all the blame for this, as most senior officer involved." She winked at Jesse as she handed the datapad to Adrian. "Pick your favourite indecipherable language." She then let her smile fade. "This is, of course, far more enjoyable than what I'll have to do later. Two losses in the Suns."

    That´s something I´ll have to do as well, Adrian realized and his smile faded like that of Adiadne. He was, at least temporarly the squad commander and so it would be his duty to inform the families of the desceased pilots. He almost chocked at his soup as he realized he had no idea what he should say. He was only in this squadron for a handfull of days and hadn´t known the pilots beyond their names. He forced himself to smile again, one thing at a time. He took the datapad and began translating the content.

    Rhoen sat back down. He might have been uncomfortable around senior officers, but they did have jobs he would never want. They may hold his career in their hands, but they still had responsibilities he never wanted. Sending letters to families to inform them that their loved one is wasn't easy. With those few words the mood suddenly changed, or at least it felt like it. He sat back in his chair looking at the ceiling.

    "When you get done with that." he said looking to Malek with a roll of his head. "I got a trick we can do to really mess with her." He didn't know why he was doing this, but morale had taken a big enough hit as it was...might as well stave off the effects of it for a little longer. Besides what was he going to do sit in his room and brood.

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  7. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Best Roleplayer Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Natalia Keizar
    Ready Room Ocean

    Natalia took several calming breaths as she made her way out of the medbay. It had taken a lot of her focus not to break under the pressure of having a commanding officer suffering a nosebleed and amnesia in her brig cell. She needed to get herself together, she had a meeting with the Chief of State...well Co-Chief of State. She looked over her notes putting everything into place she was clear on what transpired. Aden...Colonel Kya gave an order that Colonel Tehanis disagreed with and rather than seeking disciplinary action through the chain of command she took it upon herself to hand out punishment herself.

    With another breath she opened the door expecting to see Jacen Solo projected in the center of the room dominating it. What she found was the man himself gaunt and pale sitting one leg crossed over the other at the edge of the table. Quickly in a practiced motion she snapped off a salute.

    "Sir," the word flew from her mouth before he could say anything. His mere presence made her feel small, almost insignificant. The weight of his stare oppressing her mind.

    "At ease," The man said raising his hand, one would have thought it the most important command in the galaxy as she assumed a parade rest stance with crisp motions. "I was on-board anyway, as I wanted to get a feel for morale aboard the Ocean after the incident. These kind of scuffles between officers can have a negative effect on the pilots."

    "Yes…" her words were cut off by Solo smoothy sliding into a seat and offering one to her. She felt as though she had no choice. His look was enough to send a shiver down her spine and not in the same way Kya had. This man wielded great power the blood of a Skywalker flowed in his veins.

    "In your own words, explain to me your initial findings, and your initial conclusions. If they pan out, you can submit a written report after, backdated or back-timed as applicable."

    She looked down fighting to get her thoughts back in order after they had been put into disarray. Referring to her datapad they came back to her.

    "Sir," her voice seemed a little weak, almost as if she was afraid to speak before such a man. "While I have not closed the investigation yet...the evidence it pointing towards Colonel Tehanis as being the instigator. She was motivated by actions taken over Kuat, actions she disagreed with ...and rather than taking it up with those higher than herself she took matters into her own hands." She met his eyes for only a moment before looking away. "As I said I haven't closed the investigation yet...I have not been able to talk with Colonel Tehanis as of yet. However the weight of evidence against her is, convincing."

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    IC: Jacen Solo
    Briefing with Natalia Keizar

    Without entirely listening to what Natalia said, because he was finding it increasingly annoying to be addressed as Colonel Solo, he glanced at his hands briefly and nodded. "With those recommendations in mind I think I know what the Board will say." He said I think as in, I will decide. “As you have suggested; Colonel Tehanis is guilty of striking a fellow officer and will be stripped of her rank and arrested. Once she is finished in the medbay, she will be taken to Coruscant by the Guard, convicted of treason, and executed."

    He stood, his cloak swirling. As he reached the doorway, he paused. "Colonel Kya will be released from the brig effective immediately, his rank reinstated, and overall command of Rogue Wing passed to him. All requests for transfers will be denied. The six squadrons will be expected to rotate to the Anakin Solo, where they will serve as my personal deployment for the foreseeable future."

    Solo nodded slightly. "I will leave you to deliver the good news in person to the squadrons in the lounge, Keizar. I am sure that Colonel Kya will be relieved." He stroked his chin. "You need not notify them about Colonel Tehanis. I shall direct my Guard to pick her up in due course." He eyed his chrono. "I can have soldiers from the surface within the hour."

    "Admiral Niathal and I have a meeting shortly, so any queries about my orders for Tehanis can be passed through Colonel Kya himself." The co-Chief of State didn't need to clarify if Keizar understood. Cha would agree with him; she had no choice but to. Not six months ago, Jacen had made a similar decision about a 'civilian' freighter from Atzerri, which had been trying to breach the blockade of Corellia. He had blown them up, and been applauded for it by the Coruscanti. To attack Aden now would be to attack Jacen, and Cha Niathal would not do that.

    Without anything else to say, Jacen left.

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    The tension had not entirely ebbed, and it did not help that the majority of the Wild Knights were not present. Kate was due to head there, what with the Wraith standing orders from Vua to relax and integrate with the new squadrons. Vua's view was that the pilots had needed more time to work together before the Kuat mission - if the pilots had trusted Kya to start, this issue would never have happened.

    As it was, they had been thrown into combat all too early and the cohesion of the wing had suffered for it. But, of course, they were at war, and losing it. If they had time to properly train squadrons and pilots, they would have already done so.

    Syal finally tried to break the ice and took the plunge, happy to put Rhoen and Loriana's aside out of her mind. She headed to the bar of the lounge, to Adrian and Jesse. Becka and Ariadne were nowhere to be seen, which was not good, as they were supposed to be trying to break down squadron walls.

    It looked as if they were due to head off, but Syal wanted to at least try before they did. She threw a glance to appeal to Loriana and Rhoen before the others left. Back me up, please, her expression said. But then they were gone, heading towards the mess. She was tempted to follow, but they were clearly not interested in squadron cohesion. Instead she went to the chair with its back to them, missing the bartender trying to get her attention with his eyes.

    "Hi, I'm Syal Antilles, Wedge Antilles' daughter." She held out her hand to shake to whomever was in the chair. But when it turned, it revealed a narrow and pale faced man with auburn hair. The bartender stepped away from the man, not much older than her.

    "I am Captain Shevu," the man said, crisply. "I already know who you are." Syal frowned; why was the bartender... "And you both," he said, eyeing Rhoen and Loriana. He stood, slightly opening his jacket to replace his wallet.

    He was Galactic Alliance Guard.

    Jacen's Solo's secret police was in the lounge.

    Syal flustered her words. "Nice to meet you, um, sir."

    "I am sure," he said, eyeing her and Loriana. "I have speaking to the techs about your X-wings," Shevu said, raising his voice. Syal felt her heart sink. What was he going to say...

    "Good work in repairing them mid-flight. Your astromechs corroborate your story," he said, keeping a straight face as he looked into Loriana's eyes. Vua's eyebrow raised; he was surprised of that, had been convinced that Three and Four had been faking the issue.

    Shevu shrugged. "I need to track down Rhoen and give him the good news."

    That sounded suspiciously like checking up. Syal nodded. "I don't know where he has gone. Back to his room?" Silly Syal, why would he go back to his room? He had just left his room, he was more likely to have gone to the mess, but Syal was hardly going to tell Shevu that because...

    ... because she was covering for Rhoen.

    Kark, sister. You are gonna get us in trouble.

    TAG: @Anedon (mentioned), @Adalia-Durron (mentioned), @galactic-vagabond422, @WarmAyesha_SweetNyosha (three way combo with GM Syal and Shevu), @Rebecca_Daniels (mentioned)
    , @I_am_Kooky
    IC: Sergeant Darb
    Medbay, outside

    As Tehanis was technically under arrest for assaulting a fellow officer, it didn’t matter that she was injured and indeed somewhat incoherent. A guard was posted outside the medbay doors.

    In the blue GA military police colours, Darb was in-fact a GAG officer, undercover aboard the Ocean without the knowledge of Admiral Niathal. When Jacen left Natalia, he promptly forwarded a message to Sergeant Darb for him to prevent Tehanis from leaving pending her processing for a military trial and execution. A squad was due from Coruscant to collect her within the hour.

    He read the datapad and nodded. His stomach turned at the word ‘execution’ but there was a war on, and she had struck a fellow officer. So engrossed in the moment he was unaware that his shadow was slightly larger than it should be, and technically had a pair of eyes behind a mask, peering down at the datapad also.

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    IC Kate and Kara Leeash.

    Kate stirred. . .//is that me?//. . .”NO!” . . //Nope not me//. . . opened her eyes to the dimly lit medical room, she heard screaming, . . a woman screaming, she was definitely not okay with whatever was going on. “NO!! TELL HIM TO STOP!!” Kate sighed and hoped whatever the doctors where doing would be over soon, she felt very uncomfortable with that kinda screaming.


    Some time passed, although Kate wasn't sure how much when Dr Tarrie came back. He carefully removed the IV’s from both women. He brought some food and gave Kate a bunch of holopads to look through and sign, and a uniform. Kate signed the documents that now enlisted her to the GA and she sighed as Dr Tarrie handed over the temporary key card that would give her access to wherever she needed to go until she was fully on the system.

    “When your dress Ms Leeash, you are both free to go medically speaking. Your latest bloods' are good and you should be feeling better.” “Thanks again” “Good Luck” he said taking some of the main holopad back with him and leaving. Kate began to read the holopad that had the information needed to get Kara in the Academy.

    “Mum I don’t want to go to school,” Kara said sadly. “You never want to go to school” Kate responded while still reading the fine print. “But it’s different mum. I don’t want to leave you.”
    “I know baby, but you can’t stay on a military ship either. I love having you by my side, but inside a x-wing, there isn't a second seat, and it’s no one's job here to look after you.”
    “I’ll work, I’ll clean or something,” Kara said desperately, so Kate put the holo pad down and looked back at her daughter.

    “Your Dad and I really did want you to go to this school. We were going to wait another year so you and your brother could go at the same time. We would have moved from Kashyyyk to Coruscant and seen you guys on the weekends, me and your dad would have worked during the week to help pay. It really is a good school.” Kate said loving stroking Kara’s hair. “I understand with everything that’s happened, and I don’t want to leave you yet either, this is all really fast but . . .this will be the best for you, and that’s the best for me.” Kate held her daughters face in her hands and then kissed her on the forehead. “We are Wookiee’s, brave, loyal, smart and strong, and I love you more than anything in the galaxy. There is nothing you and I can’t do!” Kara smiled “I still don't want to go to school,” she said with a cheeky sparkle in her eye, and Kate broke out into laughter.

    Kate finished the required documents and sent them back to Admiral Niathal. She climbed into her provided uniform and looked in the mirror. Surprised that she still looked just as good in uniform as she did last time. Her details stated she was now in the “Wraith Squadron” she was uncomfortable with that, but she was also unconformable in the uniform. Although it was close, it was a little tight around the shoulders and a little short in the legs. She hoped she wouldn't have to fight or anything in this, and that another one could be made to better suit her height. She turned back to Kara who was still considering the uniform. “Yeah Kara, I don’t want to go to school either”

    Already her first instruction was to head to the lounge, there was going to be some kind of full squadron meeting. Kate reached out for Kara’s hand, then they both walked off to the rec-lounge. //Well, at least I’ve had some sleep and food.//

    Kate and Kara walked into the rec room Kara was excited by all the people, Kate was feeling overwhelmed by all the people, and tried to look for someone she recognised.

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    (Combo post with our glorious GM @Sinrebirth)

    IC: Natalia Keizar
    Ready Room, Ocean

    "Sir?" Natalia asked eyes wide, the Co-Chief of State didn't stop didn't even look over his shoulder. She slumped back in her chair, execution? Treason? That wasn't proportional with the crime, loss of rank and command of course were to be expected, possibly court martial for striking an officer but, death? No that wasn't just, that wasn't what she thought she was putting on the line. Guilt settled heavy in her stomach, this was all her fault, she didn't even try to defend Colonel Tehanis, she wasn't seeing it go this far. The commander might have been a headstrong and reactive individual with no regard for proper command, but she wasn't deserving of death. Her blood was on Natalia's hands. This realization slammed her in the chest taking away what breath she had. Tears formed in her eyes. She never wanted this...never expected this...and it was all her fault.

    She pulled her legs close to her, her datapad pressed against her chest. A sob left her tears rolling down her cheeks. Somehow the screen changed from her notes to the file she'd pulled up recently. Aden, his file holo looked at her with a stern gaze. Even through her watery eyes she could see it a determined look that cut right through her. She looked away blinking her eyes to clear them. Her shame and pain laid heavy in her heart, nearly strangling her. All she could think was that Colonel Tahanis's death was her fault if she'd just lied, just defended Tehanis's actions it might not have gotten this far.

    The lieutenant remained curled up in a ball holding her datapad close for far too long.

    Nothing would be accomplished with her just feeling sorry for herself, she could change nothing by falling apart. She needed to do something, something to fix her mistake. The Chief of State had made their decision, her word would do nothing to change it, though maybe just maybe someone else could.

    Taking a breath and wiping her eyes she made her way out of the ready room, heading straight towards the brig. With her head held high she talked her way past the guards.

    "I have some follow up questions for Colonel Kya." She didn't even need to catch herself as she fixed the guard with a look, one that would not take any back talk from an enlisted soldier. As she entered the false bravado caved a little. Through the cell he could see her reddened eyes, her slumped shoulders, in the force she was a storm of turmoil and guilt.

    "Aden...I need your help."

    While raging for someone to take him to see Addie, Aden could feel Natalia from rooms a way. She was a psychic wound, and for a long and terrible moment Aden wondered what had been done to her. She arrived, and the guard departed, while Aden shifted over to her, still tied up.

    She had called him Aden, and a little bit of his heart broke, which was surprising. He didn't think he had a heart left.

    Not after Addie and the others betrayed him.

    "What's happened?"

    "I...I messed up..." she croaked forcing the knot in her throat down. Looking into his eyes she could see some warmth she just hoped that he could help. "Colonel Tehanis is to be executed, for treason...and I...It's my fault. I never thought...I didn't think he would do this." She held out her hand getting close to the ray shield that kept her separate from him. "I know you two didn't like each other, but surely this...she doesn't deserve this?"

    "She doesn't, no," Aden said. He felt like a black hole had opened beneath him. "But we're at war, and..."

    Adalia... executed? He felt rage fill the gap within him.

    "Who is he?"

    It was the only question he could ask.

    "Solo, Chief of State Solo." she said fighting back a sob. Her heart pained her looking into the cell..."It's my fault."

    "How could it possibly be your fault?" Aden seethed. "He is the co-Chief of State."

    He was trying to process what he could do. He was in a cell, that was his first problem. "What about me."

    "I need to get out of this cell if I am to fix this."

    "It was my report that convinced him, that tipped him over towards that...if I had gotten to talk to her or had done anything to defend her actions maybe...maybe I could have stopped this..." His words break her out of her thoughts. "You are to be released immediately, and command restored." She turned to the panel for the door, plugging in her datapad she sliced through it dropping the ray shield. She wasn't really thinking she just wanted to fix her mistake.

    Aden stood, exerting himself in the Force to crack the stun cuffs, to break the straight jacket, to shatter the chains on his legs.


    He strode over to Natalia and took her by the shoulders. He drew her eyes to meet his. "It doesn't matter if you did or didn't make a mistake, Natalia. What matters in life, as a pilot, as a person, is what you do afterwards." Aden wanted her to understand that. "You followed orders; that is never a mistake. You did your best to provide an evenly handed view of matters; I am sure of that. The facts are what they are; I made a decision which could have been subject to review, in the heat of a battle. Tehanis chose to hit me. Not once, not twice, and hard. She didn't need to do that."

    "You are not responsible for her decision to do that."

    "You are not responsible for the actions of Co-Chief of State. He is a powerful man who can come to his own conclusions." Aden squeezed her shoulders. "He may even have already made a decision before he met you. He is Jacen Solo. Hero of the Yuuzhan Vong War; grandson of the hero Anakin Skywalker; the man who saved Coruscant from terrorism."

    Aden realised how much of an error he had made by involving himself with Jacen, even if he remained resolute that the GA needed to be tough on chaos or fall... and chaos had no bearing on the dark side or the future of the Sith. Chaos was Aden's enemy.

    "Jacen Solo is a force of nature, Natalia. It is not your fault."

    She swallowed thickly feeling a bit of warmth coming from his grip on her shoulders. The guilt was still there, it wasn't going to just disappear with a few kind words. Though it did put things into perspective. She couldn't change the past, all she could do was face the future. Her hands shook as she took his wrist.

    "Then what do we do?"

    “We go speak to Jacen, and convince him to let Adalia off with a life sentence or something.” Aden managed to hide a smirk. It would be justice if that happened - he went to go.

    “It was hardly treason, after all. She didn’t directly aid the enemy.” Aden looked to Natalia. “Where was he going? He usually announces whatever he is doing next.”

    A weak smile came to her face though her heart sank a little as he let go of her shoulders.

    "He said he was going to have a meeting with Admiral Niathal he didn't say where." She walked closer to him, but stopped before she got too close. Her emotions had past it was time for action.

    “The hangar then.” Aden went to go, but knew he had to take care of Natalia too - to protect her. “You need to tell everyone else about this. Get the order out and about.”

    Taken by an urge which was most unbecoming for him, because Natalia has exposed herself to him and asked for his help, because Aden was alone, because it had been so long -

    He stepped back to Natalia and kissed her. Aden withdrew almost immediately but met her eyes, letting her know that he meant what he had just done, and what he was about to say.

    “I’ll deal with Jacen.”

    She nodded her head the lounge, that was where everyone was, maybe the mess hall. Yes she would start with those places, word should spread from there. She was a about to move to rush to the lounge and warn the others then his lips pressed into hers. Her body went stiff her heart nearly skipped a beat. Never in her wildest dreams did she see this happening. Not that she'd known him long enough to dream of anything. Though she wouldn't deny thoughts she held in the back of her mind. Her normally sharp mind was clouded completely different emotions swirling behind her eyes.

    It was only a moment, but it felt like an eternity. There eyes met and the clouds cleared cut away by the piercing gaze. There was no hesitation, no doubt in his eyes...there never was.

    Weakly she gripped his wrist.

    "Be careful, like you said...he's a force of nature."

    Aden smiled wryly.

    “Don’t worry about me.... Worry about Becka when you tell her.”

    At that, he left, taking back his things from the guard... and his lightsaber.

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    OOC Another fun combo, this time with @Adalia-Durron

    IC: Bernael and Adalia Tehanis

    Bernael had left the brig and now was wandering deeper into the ship. He had spoken with one of those whose spikes he felt but there were two more onboard. One of them he would leave alone, only investigating closely when absolutely necessary, the other was in the medbay. So, silently and invisibly he headed in that direction.

    He saw the guard, in their GA uniform, standing by the entrance. He came up behind, preparing to enter when next the door opened. And then the datapad of the guard chimed. He felt the sudden surge of thought and emotion so he turned and looked over the shoulder of the guard, reading what was there.

    ‘This changes things, I need to accelerate my timeline.’

    Bernael set his internal chronometer for five minutes less than the deadline for the GAG to arrive. Just as he did a medic stepped through the door, so he slipped inside. Finding a shadow very close to Adalia Tehanis’s bed, he slipped into it while he studied her and the monitors. Even in her sleep her mind felt like a jagged field of broken ice, a puzzle where many of the pieces did not line up anymore or at all. Her body was mostly healed though. ‘Her sleeping will make this easier.’

    Becoming stock still, almost a statue, invisible, but immovable, Bernael reached out, and with surgical precision, entered Adalia’s mind. Inside, her mindscape was just as jagged as it had felt from the outside. Memories flashed by, some streaming pieces, some disjointed, some seemingly blank, as if she had either consciously or unconsciously suppressed the event.

    Slowly, gently, Bernael found the anchor points for the flowing memories, tying them back into order, sewing them together as a whole, those that he could.

    The most recent memories, in the cells, as he’d suspected even then were mere streamers of what they should have been. He worked as quickly as possible, time in the mind worked differently than out in the physical world, thankfully. The memories would never be completely whole but they would heal. He did, however, separate them behind a barrier, one that would weaken with time or other trauma, but would give her full access to what had happened once the barrier came down. As slowly as he had entered, Bernael retreated from her mind and overrode the narcotics of the drugs in her system, then waited for her to wake.

    Adalia was awake, well semi so. Something 'felt' wrong. The room was silent save for the sounds of nearby monitoring equipment but it felt wrong. She noted her mind seemed somewhat clearer and assumed what ever had happened hadn't been permanent. She wasn't alone, she realised that but it wasn't someone she knew. Slowly she opened her emerald green eyes and without moving she scanned what she could see, it was darkened shadows all around and a faint light near the door. She was definitely not alone. Slowly she pulled her legs up and sat up, with them under her, instinct has her ready to move if she needed too. "Who is there?" she asked evenly to the darkness.

    Deep in a nearby shadow a flat chuckle sounded. Bernael turned toward Adalia and if she looked hard enough she would see a glint of silver, his eyes reflecting the faint light from the doorway. “You may say a concerned citizen, worried about the way this war is going.” came the reply, in a level, deep tone.

    There was the sound of a couple steps and a shape became somewhat visible in the shadows. “You have been through much Adalia Tehanis, but I’m afraid this conversation must be rapid and choices made, as your options are about to become extremely limited, and not by my actions.”

    Her vision caught a slight reflection for a split second, but it was gone as a low what seemed to be an amused laugh was heard. She frowned. "How do you know what I have been through? And what options?" She had no idea what this person, she assumed male, spoke of and couldn't see them either. "Why are you hiding?" She asked, scanning what she could see of the room in search of a weapon of some kind, any kind.

    She stopped and looked back to where the shadows were darkest. "How do you know my name?" It'd taken her a few seconds to realise he'd used it.

    The lights came up some, at a gesture from Bernael, revealing a shape in a cloak that shifted as the body beneath moved, mimicking the wall behind. The mask upon its face shifted as the cloak did, revealing only the eyes in their slits. “How do I know? As I said, I am a concerned citizen, so I make it my business to know, including recent events.” He paused to let that sink in for a moment before continuing. “I am not hiding, the lights were merely down in the medbay. And as to your name, that is simple, it says so on your chart.” he said in a slight misdirection.

    “As to options, that guard outside your door is not a typical GA guard, or so it may seem from the orders they received. Your future, futures, are about to be reduced to none, if choices are not made.” Bernael took another step forward, checking the monitors by the bed as he did, seeing that her vitals and overall physical condition mirrored what he’d sensed as he delved into her mind. “My name is Bernael, and you may say the galaxy’s health is my concern.”

    She eyed him cautiously, she wanted to ask 'what are you?' but knew that would be rude. "My future?" she had missed his reference. "And if the galaxy is your concern, why are you here?"

    With a slight shake of his head, Bernael responded, “Yes your future, or lack of it, very soon. You will depart the Ocean, in..” he checked his internal chronometer, “approximately 50 minutes, to be executed, by the orders of one Jacen Solo.”

    He thought about how much he should reveal to Adalia about his purpose before he continued. “I am here because the goings on here, and in other places, are resonating across the galaxy, with several people, including yourself, causing the greatest ripples in its fabric. Since time is limited, I had to speak to you, see if your ripples are supposed to continue or not.”

    She'd been blind sided. "Executed? For striking a fellow Officer!?!" Disbelief washed over her and then sudden horror as her hand went to her stomach. "No. He can't!" she tossed the covers off. "This is insane." she muttered in disbelief before turning to him. "What do you mean supposed to continue or not?!! I have to live, I want to live......" she looked down at her hand "I can't let my baby die for my crime, and honestly, I shouldn't die for it either!" She began to look around in a panic. "I need to get out of here"

    The command whipped out, quietly, “Colonel, calm yourself before your actions summon the guard prematurely and this conversation, or anything else, ends and nothing further can be done.”

    Bernael continued in a calmer tone. “I do not know the reasoning, only the order. The GAG will be here, a squad, to retrieve you, at that time. I do know you are pregnant, but doubt that will be a reason for them to delay the order.”

    He looked on, feeling as she tried to process any of what he said, in her state. “Yes, supposed to or not. Every beings time comes to an end eventually, whether by their choice or not. However, with the current events I need to decide what must be done, and you do seem key to some of the events. Whether I get you out of here, or assist others, is yet to be determined.”

    There was no face to look at, only silver eyes, slits of them at best in the darkened room. He was right, she had to calm herself to consider her options, and they were few at best. In a hospital gown and a guard outside she had little or no hope of getting free of the room let alone the Infirmary. His words were clear but they did confuse her a little. "You need to determine? Who are you that you get to make that kind of call about others lives?" She slid backward and allowed her feet to slip to the floor, it was cold and in bare feet and little else, it sent a shiver through her body. "Ok, what do I have to do to secure your help?" She may have been in a bad place, but she was all out of options and if he'd gotten in here without the guard seeing, there was an excellent chance he knew a way out as well. "And to get some clothes?"

    "I don't make that call, people do so themselves. I just do what the balance requires. And this war, its waves in the balance are causing it to fluctuate wildly. I have already seen Colonel Kya and seen how he causes the balance to waver. You, it seems, also cause your own waves."

    Bernael slid smoothly over to a set of cabinets, opened them without turning, and retrieved her clothing. He placed them on the bed, then stepped back.

    "Clothes are here, obviously a new set after the incident in the brig. As to getting you out…" Bernael paused as he sensed a new spike in the Force. "if you desire it to happen calmly and without issues to those around you, I'd recommend getting dressed quickly."

    Adalia was reasonably proud of her level of fitness, and her own body, but to undress in front of a stranger, that was a difficult thing for any woman of any given age she'd have thought. "Um, can you turn around please?"

    Probably foolish, but she felt it necessary as she quickly pulled on the pants and frowned as they would not do up over the tiny mound that had formed there. Her previous uniform might have been a slightly bigger size, but this was supposed to fit, and didn't. Considering her options she quickly pulled the hair tie out and looped it through the button hole and around the button. It would have to suffice. A few moments later, having turned away, under garments were in place and a shirt, that should have been tucked in, hung over the pants. Sitting on the bed she pulled the boots on. "So do I have to offer you payment to help me? Or how does this work?" She asked as the second boot pulled on easily, she was glad they were her own boots still.

    When she asked for a modicum of privacy there was a snort, but Bernael turned toward the door, not that he would not have noticed any movements that meant an attack or escape on her own. He reached out and ensured all outside the medbay was still calm while she rapidly changed.

    A second snort sounded at the question of payment. "Money has no meaning in a situation such as this and leaves traceable trails."

    Bernael allowed his mind to search further afield as he spoke, judging how long it would be before things would be become more Chaotic than viable.

    "How this works is, volatile one, that you must remain as calm and as close as possible when we walk out of here, in approximately…" Bernael judged how long it would take for the medic to return, "2 minutes."

    She wanted to react to what he'd just referred to her as, but in all honesty, couldn't. She lowered her tone. "So what's in it for you, if you do this?" She still had no reading of him, her abilities had started to return, but she had no read on him. Edging around the end of the bed she glanced at the door. "And how close are we talking here?" she asked suspiciously.

    Bernael moved closer to the doorway, to one side, so that he was out of line of sight of whoever entered. "As I stated, the balance is my reward." He felt the medic only a few steps from the door when he responded again, "Not as close as you seem to think, arm's length would do."

    "And it would make this easier if you were still laying in the bed when they get here, at least at the start."

    She glanced at the bed and the covers hanging off one side. "Ok......the balance.....right" She didn't quite understand, but that didn't matter. Kicking her gown to a far corner before slipping herself back on the bed, she pulled the covers up to her neck to her neck to cover the uniform. "Ok, I am guessing I will know what to do when the time comes?" she asked "And stay calm the whole time?"

    Behind the mask, a tight grin slid over his face as she did exactly as needed. "Yes, calm while all that happens happens. And yes you will know when it is time to go."

    He turned toward the door as it dilated open. The medic came through, "Colonel Tehanis, I am to prep…." was as far as they got as they looked up and into a pair of void black eyes.

    Bernael felt the medics will collapse as their eyes met and he moved them into one corner before turning back to Adalia, eyes now silver again.

    "We must now just get past the guard outside, calmly again as they're not just GA Military Police but actually GAG."

    He turned toward the door, reaching out, making anyone, or pair, who left appear as the medic who had just entered. "Let us move, we have a chance, slim though it may be."

    She watched with a curious dismay as the medic entered the room and didn't even complete a sentence before walking blindly to the corner where her previously worn gown lay, staring blankly at the wall. She wanted to ask, but knew this man, whoever he was, meant business. Following his instructions, she got out of the bed and walked to stand behind him. "This close enough?" She asked in a hushed tone.

    "That will work." He replied, "Now step when I do, quietly, so there are no second set of footsteps audible."

    The door opened as they began to move. The guard outside nodded, eyes slightly glazed, seeing what he thought was the medic exiting again. Moving at a normal walking pace, they proceeded down the corridor and around a bend before he spoke again.

    "Time is short, that guard will be suspicious soon and the medic will recover shortly. I can get you off of the ship but you must decide what you need to bring with you."

    "What? Or who?" she asked quietly, "Cause yeah, I want my holoprojector, but Beka, Kate and Kara are who. They're in this mess because of me." She glanced back. "If you get me to one of them, we can handle the rest, trust me."

    "I have no doubt of the capabilities of those you trust. But tell me, do you truly think any or all of you can get even more than a planet's diameter from this ship without being noticed? I am sure more of you must leave this place but unless you get away cleanly either there will be death or failure."

    Bernael checked his internal chronometer again, noting how little time was left.

    "I offer a chance, just a chance for all those you stated, to leave cleanly. But the GAG is already enroute so decide."

    Adalia hated being pressured. "I didn't expect to not be noticed, you get me to my team, and we swear we will get out or die trying. I know them, they would rather have it that way. I just need to get to my quarters and meet get their to their ships, oh and I need my droid." She bit her lip. "A major distraction, that's what we need, a big mess. I need Beka, and I need her now." she muttered as she tried to think on her feet.

    Under his breath, "Mayflies, unaware mayflies, why?"

    Bernael felt a presence approaching. "It seems that I need not get you to your team, they, or at least one of them, approaches."

    He felt one who had been in the brig when he'd passed the cell before round a corner. "We have changed, slightly, how the pendulum of balance is swinging, but you and yours must escape for any true change to occur. I have touched the skein of the galaxy, the reweaving is up to you and your team. But you must be swift."

    In the moment before the new being walked around the corner he stepped back into a shadow and was simply gone.

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    Thank you @The Real Kyp Durron for the combo, you got to experience the additional voices in my head this time.

    IC: Adam Lyons, Kael Swiftflight, Briana Odan, Kyp Durron

    The Starlines returned to real space and beyond, Kyp could see they'd finally reached their destination. He was grateful, he could use a trip to the refresher. "All clear Whistler?" he asked the droid as he checked his readings. Behind him, the green-domed droid let out a soft affirmative sounding toot causing Kyp to smile. He opened a channel to Adam. "Home sweet home?"

    Adam grinned, he'd received a coded signal and oriented on it so they'd get there intact, but it was a fairly obscure place, "It is, though how long we're actually here during the initial phases is a pretty good question."

    Kael noticed the signal that an X-wing and an E-wing had just appeared in the system and on approach for the base, "Must be Stealth and a guest." He keyed his comm, "HQ, looks like they're going to be here soon, Stealth is one of them for certain." All that he could hear was what sounded like laughter over the comm. This was going to be interesting, so he hurried towards the hanger.

    Kyp angled in behind Adam, staying close and mimicking his moves. He'd spent a lot of this journey considering telling Adam his true mission, the one the Jedi Council had set him. One he wasn't sure he could achieve staying with Adam and his team. One Step at a time he mentally decided. "So, are we expected?" he asked. "Or should I say 'Surprise!' when we get down?"

    Adam shrugged, "Good question, I believe Cubber's here preparing some starfighters, mostly paint jobs and routine maintenance, so he should know we're coming. I'm not sure if anyone else would." He remembered that Kirney said that there was going to be a surprise awaiting him, but he had no idea who it was. He'd even spent some time going through his record trying to figure out who would know where to go, and who would actually be able to help them with this project. Could they be Wraiths? He wasn't sure on that point.

    Angling hard to starboard on Adam's six, he could now see the clear approach vector to the hangar. He'd never been here before, but the stories had been heard around the traps and he was interested to see what this place was really like. Slowing his speed, he lifted the craft's nose slightly and entering the hangar, he moved to port to give his wingmate more room to land. A smile appeared as what came into view gave him a good reason for it to do so. Purple and gold, a shiny: and it was shiny, new XJ7 sat done up in Adalia's classic style. She'd always had a distinctive style and he was looking at it all be it in a modern fashion. Touching the craft to the deck gently, he began to shut the systems down "Whistler? Want to list off anything that needs attention? I'll get on it when I can. Oh, and take a couple of Holos of that." he pointed the ship in front of him. "I'd like them for later." He had no idea why, but who knew, might be an incentive at some point. Popping the canopy, he began to undo his crash webbing and breathe the fresher air as he was still convinced Corran wore altogether too much cologne.

    Adam grinned as he saw the waiting starfighters as he hovered to a stop, "This is more like it Tawg, we should have never been forced to leave." The response from the droid was pretty weird, "What do you mean someone not needing to read the slime trails from a Hutt?" Right as Adam landed, he looked over to a man waiting for him in the hanger, he looked very familiar, especially the goggles. Swift!? He popped the hatch and started running through the shutdown procedure, got out and hopped down before a mechanic could bring a ladder over, "Swift?"

    Kael grinned as he saw Adam, it had been 10 years since they'd seen each other in person. They had helped one time tracking down a certain person who was trying to frame a certain Jedi that looked quite familiar to the one climbing out of the X-wing just now. "Hi, Stealth! Long-time no see!"

    Looking over he saw the man greeting Adam, it was clear they knew each other and that was a relief. It'd be bad if unknowns were on base, although he'd not sensed any deception nor any malice, only goodwill and a high level of anticipation. Removing Corran's helmet and placing it on the floor, he vaulted over the side of the ship he using the Force to land safely on the hangar deck before undoing the top clips of the black flight suit, the sooner he found a refresher the happier he'd be.

    Adam trotted over Kael, "Swift, that's Jedi Master Kyp Durron, the man who's holo image you investigated years ago for legitimacy," He saw Kael look over in surprise, which caused Adam to grin, but his body told him something else, "There's more today, but he and I have been in our fighters for a long time, let's meet back around here after we visit the freshers."

    Approaching the pair, he raised an eyebrow to the newcomer and a nod of greeting. "Introductions second, refreshers first?" he stated, "Just point me in the right direction," he said undoing his zipper a little. Time was of the essence now.

    Kael grinned, "I understand." He pointed out the general direction, "Should be to the left."

    Without hesitation Kyp began to stride in the direction indicated, he'd feel a lot better in a matter of minutes, he was 100% sure. He could hear Adam behind him and glanced over his shoulder, "You too huh?"

    "Don't make me laugh, I might embarrass myself thoroughly." while heading in the same direction. Adam was mildly hoping someone would get the droids down while they were in there.

    Kael laughed as he saw the two men walk, very quickly, towards the fresher and signaled a couple of techs to come over and get the droids out of the fighters. "Might as well see if these fighters are in need of anything besides just fuel as well guys."

    It didn't take long and only minutes later, breathing a sigh of relief, Kyp emerged from the refresher feeling an awful lot better. "Damn, you never really get how hard that is till you have to hold it that long!" he remarked looking around the hangar. He'd not taken it in when landing but now saw its size and what it contained. "Nice place you got here," he said as his counterpart emerged.

    Adam grinned, happy for the fresher visit, and that this place was likely to suit his needs very well, "It's my first visit here as well. Heard about it from storytelling sessions, basically, if you ever see Wedge throw a stuffed Ewok at Wes, this place is why." He looked back over at Kael, then to Kyp, "He may have news about our friends, probably best to see if we can find out if there is any."

    "News would be good," Kyp confessed, the vision he'd had was still haunting his thoughts and weighed heavily on his mind knowing there was little or nothing he could do. The more he saw and heard around him and in his own mind, the more he was convinced Jacen had not only fallen to the Darkside but we ruling there in a Sith Lord kind of way.

    Adam nodded at Kyp, "Couldn't hurt" He walked over towards Kael, "Hey Swift, where's our old partner in crime?" Adam had heard recently that after all these years those two worked together, which would almost make it 15 years at this point, since the beginning of the Vong War those two had worked together.

    Kael sighed, "She's around."

    Adam looked a little more worried, "Around?" He thought for a second, and belatedly realized what sort of thing that Briana liked to do to Adam, "Oh..."

    Right at that second, Briana ran at and tackled Adam, they both slid a few feet on the hanger floor, they stopped with Adam laying on his back, and Briana, grinning wickedly, sitting on his stomach. All Adam could grunt out was, ""

    Kyp had sensed the approach, but not the attack, and Kyp duly stepped back to allow the woman through.

    "Hiya Stealth, you still haven't worked on your intrusions skills, have you?" She poked him in the belly, "Among other things you need to work on..."

    Adam grinned despite himself, "Hi HQ. Long-time no see."

    Kyp smirked and glanced away, the woman was amusing and blunt, although her assessment was wrong in his mind.

    Adam mentally sighed, guess he was going to do the introductions from the flat of his back, "HQ, that man you ran past was Jedi Master Kyp Durron, the Jedi who's holo image you investigated nearly years ago for its legitimacy. Kyp, this is Briana Odan, Master Troublemaker who is known for going into cantinas and insulting patrons for upwards of an hour. Peace Brigade was a particular specialty of hers."

    Briana poked Adam in the belly again, "Actually my record is two hours."

    Adam sighed, "Two hours then, how about we stand up? Even though I know you love tormenting me like this. I believe Swift has news for us all."

    Briana rolled her eyes at him, almost as if he was someone being too military, "Fine Stealth," She kissed Adam on the forehead, then helped him up, "Fair's fair I guess." She looked at Kyp, "It's nice to meet you Master Jedi." she said in a way that she hoped would mess with his head.

    Kyp raised an eyebrow but chose to play along, he'd met her type, worked with them even. "No, the pleasure is all mine." he bowed with a good deal of amusement. "Part of me almost wishes we'd known each other beforehand, that greeting" he winked.

    Briana grinned wickedly, but before she could say anything Adam said mildly, "I'll tell Adalia..."

    Kael cleared his throat, "Before HQ continues with her mind games, I do have news concerning this Adalia." He checked his datapad, "From official sources, she apparently assaulted a fellow officer. Unofficial word is that she knocked out a Colonel Kya after they landed for ordering an attack on a civilian freighter trying to escape the mess at Kuat."

    Adam grinned maliciously, "Good, make him suffer."

    Briana made a face, "I'm supposed to say that..."

    Kyp laughed, "That's my girl."

    Kael looked at Kyp and winced, "Officially both were put in the brig, and the scuttlebutt is that this Aden is supposed to be set free, while Adalia is supposed to be executed for assaulting an officer and treason, a decision by Co-Chief of State Solo himself."

    The smile slipped from Kyp's expression to be replaced by one of dismay and concern. "Executed?? For taking Aden out? She should be promoted for that kriffin' poodoo!!!" He turned away to hide his turmoil, biting his lip. "Jacen, you know her, she's been........." he drew a deep breath before turning back. "We're useless here." It was a statement, not a question. "It'll be too late by the time we get there." He was completely lost now. "Kriff it, I should have stayed at Kuat!" He was frustrated as hell now, helpless and the situation had gone from good to ugly in a matter of seconds. He looked at Adam, "What can we do?"

    As Adam took in the news his temper flared, especially at the punishment, Adam quickly tamped down on it he looked at Kyp, with a clear thought in his mind, That's one more thing I'm going to do to them... He continued thinking for a minute.

    Kael looked at Kyp sympathy plain on his features, "As you can see, we play rough, I have no idea where that decision came from." He looked at Adam who had gone from almost intently staring at Kyp, almost as if he was trying to mentally drill a thought into Kyp's mind, to reading a datapad of the squadrons currently on the Ocean and recent visitors there.

    Kyp felt the flash of temper from Adam and glanced at him frowning. He got the impression Adam's list just got longer, and that wasn't a bad thing.

    Adam quickly picked out Beka as a possibility, silently wondering if that was the same Becca who was his former XO, and Kate who had visited from Kashyyyk. He was glad that she had survived the bombardment there, but there was only mention of a daughter there which had him worried about the rest of her family on the planet. He looked up at everyone, "You're right Kyp, we're far too Rimward to be able to do anything right now, but" he tossed the datapad to Kyp, "She's not alone and has friends, we may have to trust them to cause enough trouble for them to escape that ship."

    He caught the pad and read it. "Beka?.........Kate....." He looked back to Adam "No Eak? That's disturbing." He felt the sick feeling one gets when danger is around and nothing can be done to avoid it. "We can only hope if it is the two of them, they've not lost their edges."

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    IC Jem Vercetti
    Private Residence, Mendu City – Akrian

    Staring at the name on the message, he hesitated before opening it and sitting down, first thing he noticed it was audio only. That was unusual, but not unheard of. Glancing behind him to make sure he was alone, he pushed the ‘play’ button.

    “Jem, I’ll keep this brief, Addies in trouble, need help. Hawkbat.”

    The recording when silent as Jem rubbed his bearded chin and sat back. His half sister was in trouble, not unusual, she managed to find it, or it sought her out on a weekly basis from he remembered.

    “Who’s Addie?” a female voice asked as a pair of arms slipped around his neck. The woman didn’t sound jealous, more curious.

    Jem looked down and sighed. He should have told her about his half sister before this but they’d only been dating for a few months, yet he felt he’d left it too long. “My sister” he confessed.

    She immediately released him, “Your what?” She came to stand beside him so she could read his features. “You have never mentioned a Sister!” she folded her arms over her chest.

    Jem looked up at Emiline, her shoulder length brown hair hung around her petite face and her large brown eyes glared down at him. “She’s a fighter pilot, like I used to be, she lives on Coruscant, and she’s only a half sister.”

    Emiline gave him a questioning look. “And who was that from?” she asked.

    This was more complicated. He glanced away for a moment, “You won’t believe me.” He said resignedly, “But…………Jedi Master Kyp Durron.”

    Emiline scowled. “So, not only did you not tell me you had a Sister, sorry Half sister, but you never mentioned you knew a real Jedi Master. You never mentioned this to a historian who is doing her thesis on the current Jedi Order?!?!” She was tapping her foot now.

    Jem lowered his eyes before dropping his head forward. “I don’t just know him; I’ve flown with him and…………” This was going to upset her “he lives with my sister.”

    Emiline gasped. “I cannot believe this!” she stated as she turned and began to walk away, before spinning back. “You’re telling me I could have had connections to someone who would have assisted my Thesis!?”

    Jem shook his head. “No, pretty sure Kyp’s not into being someone’s ‘show and tell’ Emiline. In fact, from memory, he’s no ones anything.” He shrugged.

    “Except your sister’s boyfriend, or did I get that wrong?” she was irritated, the information she could have gleaned from this entire situation would have been substantial.

    “No, you got that right.” Jem was defeated, she was right. “But Emi, Addie……Adalia… nothing like me, she’s tough and she’d not even allow you to start questioning him because I know him through her. She’s protective and passionate and…….. kinda dangerous.”

    Emiline was pacing now. She stopped at the name, she’d done her research and rumour abounded as to who the Jedi Master was dating, but that name had cropped up. “Wait, you’re telling me now, not sooner, that your Sister is Vong war hero Adalia Tehanis?”

    Things just got worse for Jem, and this was going to take a long time to rectify.

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    OCC - Combo Time with @Sinrebirth, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @galactic-vagabond422, and @I_am_Kooky.

    IC: Loriana, Shevu & Syal, Vau, Kate, Kara and Natalia.
    In the Lounge, on the Ocean.

    "I am sure," he said, eyeing her and Loriana. "I have been speaking to the techs about your X-wings," Shevu said, raising his voice.

    "Good work in repairing them mid-flight. Your astromechs corroborate your story," he said, keeping a straight face as he looked into Loriana's eyes.

    "Is there a reason why they wouldn't?" Loriana challenged rhetorically.

    Shevu shrugged. "I need to track down Rhoen and give him the good news."
    That sounded suspiciously like checking up. Syal nodded. "I don't know where he has gone. Back to his room?"


    Shevu looked from Syal to Loriana. Well, he knew that he would never recruit Loriana as a spy, he slightly smiled. But then again, Shevu was interested in pursuing bad guys, and Rhoen was not one, as far as he could tell.

    “Thank you,” he said, politely, but neutrally. Syal sighed in relief, and Shevu made a note to never recruit her, either. The legendary daughter of Wedge was just as honest and forthright as him. Shevu twitched; Jacen would want her watched.

    He looked as Kate and her child entered the lounge, and the Captain frowned past Syal and Loriana. Syal turned and waved to her. He had seen the woman’s... um, protest, and now she was here?

    Shevu wanted to know more about Kate so he stayed put. He looked for all intents and purposes as a simple civilian, but he identified himself the newcomer. “Lon Shevu, Galactic Alliance Guard,” he said, waving Kate and her daughter over.

    Loriana gave Syal a sharp, curious look. Why would he do that? He just came from there? But no sense in giving this Captain dude more information than they had to.

    "I'm his wingmate and share his quarters. I'll be sure to pass the good news along to him when I see him." Loriana offered. She gave Syal a conspiratorial wink.


    //Oh, I am so not ready for people yet.// Kate put on her committee smile as Eak would have put it. Although Kate was now more of a people person than she had been 10 years ago, she still hadn't really had the time she would have liked to process the past week.

    Kate tilted her chin up, put her shoulders back, and took a deep breath, and smiled. Now she was ready to be the most charming social person here. Being a good head taller than everyone gave her a good view of the room, she couldn't clearly pick out anyone she recognised straight away, but surely someone would be here.

    As she strode into the room, she received a few odd glances. Whether that was the child accompanying her, the slightly ill-fitting suit, her hight, or if they just 'happened' to be in the hanger when she entered and remembered her. She couldn't decide so she just smiled and headed toward the couches. Then someone waving at her caught her eye. //Sure why not// Kate smiled and nodded back and made her way over. She thought about telling Kara to behave but decided that maybe her 10year-ness would make for interesting conversation.

    "Hi, Im Ka. .Lt Kate Leeash, and this is my daughter Kara" Kate faltered slightly but recovered. She did read in her paperwork that she was able to retain her previous rank.

    “Hi, I’m Syal Antilles,” she said, jauntily. She dutifully squatted down in front of the youngster. “And who are you?”

    "I'm Kara, Your hair is pretty, are you a pilot like my mum?" Kara was enjoying the attention on her, she straightened her back like her mum to try and seem taller. She was the tallest in her class, but these were all adults so, not quite yet. Kara continued her conversations with Syal.

    Shevu held out his hand to Kate. “A pleasure.” His eyes drifted to the girl. “A battlecruiser is no place for a child, ma’am. If the Second Fleet doesn’t hold the enemy at Wukkar, the Third Fleet is going to jump to Ixtlar. So the sooner she is of the ship the better.” His eyes circled back to Kate.

    Loriana glanced at the new arrivals. She recalled the woman from the hangar... Apparently, she had gotten her request granted; she seemed calmer. Loriana's curiosity was piqued. "Excuse me? Does all this upcoming fleet movement ... does that mean all is settled with the Colonels, already?" That was fast. "How are the squadrons arranged now, do you know?" If the Wraith pilots were taken and put in other squads, it was very likely she and Rhoen and Syal even would be in separate groups.

    Kate finished shaking Shevu's hand. He looked a little out of place, but he seemed to own it, so whatever, not like Kate was fitting in. She wanted to roll her eyes at his advice but knew better, so in her best upbeat sarcastic/joking tone, she replied. "Oh Didn't you see the memo? Its bring your Daughter to work day! Which was why I wanted to see Colonel Tehanis so baddy, she tricked me, there are no other kids here. I can't believe I feel for it!" she giggled at her own joke.

    She then dropped her voice to a more serious tone, "I'm well aware, but due to circumstances beyond our control, there is no one left but me to look after her, and I haven't had the time to finish getting everything sorted before I was needed here. She will hopefully be in school in a few days."

    Kate then turned to the other woman, "I don't know, my instructions so far was to met people here for something. . .not overly clear, or I just skimmed the note, I was doing a lot of reading this morning. I do hope everything with Colonel Tehanis is okay, she is a dear friend of mine." Kate did wonder what was going on with that, Surly there would have been some resolution by now, the whole thing wasn't 'that' bad. //Oh, wait how am I gonna explain me and all of this to Addie, she gonna be . . . back to the moment.//

    Loriana scowled. She felt a knot of ice form in the pit of her stomach, as she said with icy certainty in a low aside to Syal and Kate: "If I have to serve under that Sith-spawned Colonel Kya, I'm high-tailing it back to Corellia!"

    //Oh Kriff, . . .// it suddenly occurred to Kate that she would have to serve under Colonel Kya too if Addie was taken down a rank or something. She agreed to serve the Admiral, and now she was assigned to the Wraith Squadron, which was. .under Colonel Kya. //That little sack of . . .back to the moment// Kate had kept her face a perfect relaxed look. She had mastered her Sabbac face, and it had gotten her a really nice shuttle, that now all she really wanted to do was just climb back into and fly out of here.

    "What do you know of him? I think I might be to be serving under him, for now." Kate asked curiously, what was he up to now, what was his reputation at the moment.

    Loriana answered: "Besides making sure a civilian freighter was turned into so much space slag ... ? Luckily, my wingmate and I didn't have to have that blood on our hands, since his engine took on a sudden malfunction." Loriana grinned inwardly, that had been a very clever ruse of Rhoen's.

    Shevu spoke diplomatically. “I am sure that Chief Solo knows what he’s doing.” That was clearly a police code response for watch what you say, Loriana, Syal thought, wincing.

    “Colonel Kya and Tehanis are, as far as I am aware, still in the brig,” Shevu said, collecting himself together. “The new Wraith, Keizar, is hanging the inquest. But the co-Chief’s will decide.”


    Natalia took a deep breath settling her nerves, Aden was counting on her to get the word out. He didn't want a panic just that the rest of the squadron was made aware. That started with the XO, who was hopefully in the lounge with the rest of the Wraiths. Though she'd put on the mask of cool confidence her heart slammed against her ribcage, she worried for Aden, her mind having given up on any decorum between them, he was facing a monster more than what some portrayed himself to be. Natalia felt that power even in her brief moments with the Chief of State. As she entered she found Starskimmer and Antilles talking with Leeash and another she didn't recognize. Her eyes scanned the space looking feverishly for Vua though she did her best to look as though she was just surveying the scene.


    Vua saw her straight away, but to reach her he had to walk through the chat between Shevu, Loriana, Syal, Kate and her daughter. Which meant that he could hardly make it inconspicuous. Frowning, Vua opted to stay with Lensi, the Duros Rogue Leader keeping his expression schooled into neutrality. Other pilots were starting to notice Keizar, who seemed flustered. If only they knew.


    She'd spotted her target, though he remained on the far side of the group talking near to the bar. There was little time to weight so the logistics officer moved through. Keeping her smile she approached the group giving a nod to them as she attempted to move through them.

    "Hello," she said her voice somewhat recovered from her earlier breakdown.

    With the new arrival to their group, a striking woman who was sizing them all up as she approached, Loriana moved to the side as unobtrusively as possible--hoping to find out more of what was going to unfold. She watched the reactions of Syal and Kate Leeash, in particular.

    Vua watched the interplay and hoped Syal wouldn't be her typical awkward self. For once, the pilot wasn't, and he simply nodded. "Hello, Keizar." She held out her hand. "Welcome to the Wraiths."

    Lensi snorted slightly and went to the bar. However, Shevu reached for the woman. "You are the same Keizar handling the Tehanis-Kya Inquest? What was the result?" He produced his badge again. "Galactic Alliance Guard, Captain Shevu."

    Vua stood, and strode over, intending to tell Shevu that the pilot's lounge was not the best place to discuss such a thing.

    Keizar shied away from the extended hands of Shevu, Alliance Guard were the ones that were tasked with taking Colonel Tehanis away. Seeing Vua come closer to her she saw her opportunity.

    "Thank you, still getting used to things around here." She said with a smile towards Antilles. "Oh, Vua" she continued trying to move past the group. "I have something to discuss with you."

    //Vua? I will need to introduce my self to him// Kate turned her attention to the woman Keizar, the conversation had kinda stopped anyway as she entered it. This wouldn't deter Kara. "Hi, I'm Kara, you look sad, are you okay?" she asked Keizar, jumping right in front of her blocking her attempt to get to and talk to Vau.

    Natalia forced a smile on her face, as desperately as she wanted to just walk around this child, to avoid her on her way towards her goal. That would only cause a scene, something she was trying to avoid. "I'm fine, there's just a lot going on and I need to speak with that man over there..." she gestured with her chin towards the XO of the Wraiths. The child was incredibly perceptive, but she couldn't admit what was going on, not yet. She kept the smile as she attempted to step around the girl.

    "I'll be your friend, then you won't be sad! I'll come with you" Kara said grabbing the woman's hand and started to pull the woman to roughly where she had pointed, she didn't get exactly who she wanted to talk to. Kate wanted to stop Kara, but also wanted to meet Vau, so just excused herself from the others and walked after her daughter and Keizar.

    Natalia couldn't stop the child even if she wanted to being pulled towards her target. "That's really unnecessary," she protested weakly, arm still being jerked by the shorter being. She can only hope that she can get the XO away from the others quietly without cause more of a ruckus.

    Vua could see what was happening, and what was going to happen. His olfactory senses could all but see Keizar’s anxiety. He raised his voice. “Everyone who isn’t a Wraith! OUT!”

    He was co-Wing Commander. Everyone dispersed promptly. As the doors shut, he swung on Shevu, who had stayed put. Galactic Alliance Guard was not above him, but he knew they carried a lot of Colonel Solo’s authority.

    Syal looked tense. The rest of the Wraith’s weren’t present, so it was just Vua, Syal, and Kate from the squadron. Rhoen where are you I need you...

    Vua nodded. “Speak. You are with your squadron.” He ignored Shevu.

    It was time to hunker down and act like a squadron, Vua decided. Like a crèche. Not as distant frenemies, to coin a word that Aden used to describe Adalia that Vua had never really understood. But Basic was his second language.

    A genuine smile came to Natalia's face as Vua cleared the room. Good, less people to possibly overhear and cause problems. She stepped closer looking at the deck before bringing her gaze up to look the second in command in the eyes.

    "Colonel Tehanis is to be executed." She whispered, "Ad...Colonel Kya is going to talk with Chief of State Solo. But we need to do something."

    Loriana heard the shocking revelation, she felt as though events were spinning faster and faster out of control.

    "WHAT?!" Kate shouted, "Executed for WHAT? that's ridiculous!" Kate instinctively grabbed Kara and pulled her in from of herself. Kate then grabbed her com, and signalled for Beka behind Kara's back, trying to be subtle about it, her first reaction was to run for it but she decided to wait for more information. Last Kate knew Addie was in the brig, it would be guarded she didn't have a well thought out plan but knew Beka would have something, Beka ALWAYS had something. She left her com on so Beka could hear what was going on and could begin to work on a plan.

    Vua narrowed his eyes. Shevu simply nodded and turned to go. Syal snapped at him. “Where are you going?” Shevu looked back. “Sir,” she bit out. He could still arrest her. Shevu snorted. “Colonel Kya is about to speak to Colonel Solo. I need to be there should the Colonel need anything.” He didn’t specify which Colonel.

    The Wraith XO looked at Natalia. “We need to follow our orders for now. We have a system. Us rushing to intervene is exactly what Colonel Tehanis did; Colonel Kya is doing it properly and following the rules. Whatever we think about Tehanis, we can’t just abandon all orders and decorum.”

    He bit his lip. “The Alliance needs us. We can’t save it if we’re in the brig.” He looked to each of them. “Solo will keep. Kya is the only one he listens to.” Vua was certainty incarnate. “He will do what he can to help Tehanis.” Vua doubted he would reach all of them. Some of them might rush off. Some of them would hopefully listen. Some of them might not.

    "Understood," Keizar replied nodding her head. She would follow orders, looking to the others she knew they might not wish to. "Please, the XO makes a point, we could end up making this worse for everyone if we act now. Give Colonel Kya time."

    Kate took a deep breath, "Okay Sir, then what are our orders? what are we to do?" Kate was feeling a little torn, she would do what she could, but sadly she was now in a position to be of much use. With a metaphorical gun to her own daughters head, she had to toe to the line, it hurt to consider this, but she would give up Addie to protect her daughter, and Addie would understand, not that Kate would let it get that far of course.

    “So what are our orders, Keizar?” Vua fished out his comlink. “The inquest is over, after all.” He was already dialling for the rest of the squadron, Rhoen included. “The sooner I issue orders the quicker everyone will get on with them rather than panic about Colonel Tehanis.”

    Right, right there was more than just Colonel Tehanis being moved and executed there was more. She closed her eyes trying recall. "With Tehanis...indisposed Colonel Kya takes command of the overall wing, and we are to be transferred to the Anakin Solo, under Chief of State Solo." She shook her head. "Other than that, Colonel Kya gave no other orders."

    Loriana cringed. "Then all I have to say ... is how long will it be before we are tasked with another set of untenable orders that will stretch our consciences to the limit?!" She glanced at Syal. "I know you understand what it's like... no Corellian just goes along like a tame Porg..." Han Solo never had, and Wedge never had, either.

    Syal looked at Loriana. “I have a duty to the Galactic Alliance that I swore to uphold.”

    “My father taught me that the spirit of the order is what I should follow,” she bit out. “Loriana, I appreciate what Aden did was complicated, but he made the order in the moment. If I receive an order like that, I would interpret it for the best of the Alliance.”

    “That’s the margin I have.” She jabbed her finger at Loriana. “If you intend to refuse an order, you’ll have abandoned your duty, and your responsibility to your squad-mates. Which is worse than what Tehanis did to Aden.”

    "Ok then, how long till we move? like instantly, cause I would have to pack. Maybe we should all go do that then, so we are ready to go as soon as called." Kate offered, not that she wanted to be transferred, and not that she had anything at all to pack, all she had was already on her ship. But she needed to talk to Beka, and perhaps Cha about all of this and what that would mean for her, her daughter and their future. She didn't think Solo would take to kindly to a child on board.

    Vua nodded, looking to dismiss them. His gut feeling was that Kate would rush off, daughter in tow, as Syal was already looking to Loriana. Keizar and Vua would need to have a chat and work out where she best fit in the squadron. Wraith Thirteen was a traditional role, after all, from the original Wraiths.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Beka Tiarri, Adalia Tehanis
    Outside Infirmary, The Ocean

    Beka slowed from her half-jog as she approached the infirmary, suspecting a guard would be posted outside. She still didn't know what had happened, but whatever it was, it wasn't good. And she had a good idea who might be the cause of it all.

    To her surprise, she rounded a corner almost right into Addie, who was... not in medical any more? "Addie! I heard something happened, what are you doing out here?"

    "SHSHSH!!!" Adalia hissed, "not supposed to be, Solo has decided to execute me, I need to get the frack out of here. With you and Kate. I got you into this kriffin' mess!!" she hissed. "I need Sparks, he's got stuff from Adam, we can't let that fall into anyone else's hands, do you know where he is?" She glanced around, time was running out. "We've only got 40 minutes at best!!"

    "What?!" Beka hissed, leaning in, as if there was anyone else listening to them in the empty hall. "I think I saw Sparks with Jesse, but that was when you got hauled off to the brig in the first place." There wasn't enough time for anything she'd been preparing, except for Joker, who was somewhere on the ship. Blast Solo for all this. None of them should ever have come back, but Beka was glad that she was there to have their backs in all this. She pulled out a datapad and started typing out a message to the droid, starting the mayhem earlier than anticipated.

    "My distractions aren't ready, but I'm going to hope it'll work anyway." She sighed and shrugged her shoulders a bit, loosening up the tension that was building there. They had to find Sparks, and Kate and Kara, and then get out. This wasn't going to be easy. "Start with your quarters, in case Sparks got dropped off there? See if Kate's around."

    She knew Beka was more than capable of making a mess. "Lets go." She whispered, glancing behind here, something told her 'he' was still around she just knew it. She wanted to say thank you, but there was no one there.

    Breaking into a run they headed to the accommodation deck, avoiding all contact with others.

    They'd have to talk later about what had happened. Something bad, if it had led to Jacen Solo ordering her execution. The rest of them were probably up next, and it was a question of how far he'd go to eliminate any suspected treason. Herself and Kate, certainly, but maybe their new squadrons, their ranking officers. She wasn't sure she wanted them along for the ride, privy to secrets that could allow the GA to sink them, but Addie might want to allow those risks.

    "Once we have Sparks... is there anyone else coming on this ride?" she asked, choosing her words carefully. "Because we don't have a lot of time to... sway minds."

    Adalia hadn't thought that far ahead but Beka had a point. "I don't know, but if he's willing to do this to me, someone he's known for 12 years, he won't take any mercy on those around me." She conceded. "Anyone taking orders from me? Associated with me?" She said as they entered a turbo lift. "You, and me, Kate?......". She shrugged in despair, "Stang Beka he could shoot them all and blame me!" She put her hands to her head.

    "They made their decisions, if we run into them we can offer another option. But it's not on you to save everyone from him." They arrived at their quarters, mostly deserted at this hour. "2 minutes, no more." And Beka headed into her room, grabbing everything that might be useful or traceable into her duffel. Almost like when I left Cademimu, but I'd take pirates over Sith any day.

    "Two minutes, got it." Entering her quarters she quickly realised Sparks wasn't there so she bent and pulled the duffel out from under the bunk and began to stuff clothes and various things in. Reaching under the smiled as she found her blaster in its holster, it'd been strapped under the bunk as she hadn't trusted her appointment in the first place. It was fully charged still so she stood and proceeded to put it on. Zipping up the bag she turned the small bedside table and picked up the holoprojector, she may not have him in her life anymore but the life inside her would know who it's father was she thought as she put it in her pocket.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Kate and Kara Leeash, Cha Niathal

    As soon as Vau nodded, Kate was already walking out the door, Kara close in step behind her. //How? What? Cha?// Kate wondered, decided that she need another chat in person. Sure the last one didn’t go as planned, but Kate was pretty sure she couldn’t make it any worse.

    As she waited for the lift Karas curiosity was brimming “Mum?” “We are going to see Admiral Niathal.” “Again?” “It will be better this time.” Kate said in her forced kinda cheery way.

    Kara looked around the hallway. She was getting sick of being dragged behind her mum, like being a second thought or a problem. This place was weird and uncomfortable, and really cold. But try as she might, Kara couldn’t think of what else she would rather do. She didn’t want to leave her mum’s side. Without her permission, something somewhere would remind her of Laim or of Dad, and every time she would feel a rush of cold as her heart felt heavy and then all she would want is her Mum and to her delight, every time, her mum was right there, waiting for her with the love she needed.

    She missed them, more than words would be able to explain. But at the same time, she didn't miss them at all, because she was just on some kind of weird holiday with her mum, and soon enough they would go home and everything would be normal again. These two opposing thoughts and feelings were hard to reconcile. Her brain knew one thing, her heart knew another and yet her gut said something else, and none of them would agree, except on one thing, They all wanted to go home.

    Kara leaned her head on her mum's arm while waiting for this lift, just for her own reassurance that it was okay that she was there. That her mum was still thinking about her, and not about uniforms and school and all these other people that made mum feel uncomfortable. She knew she had to be strong for her mum and behave, but if her mum was just going to send her away, what was the point?

    Kate's mind was a hive of activity, escape plans, how to help plans, her next 7 moves and the consequences of each move. Then she felt Kara lean against her arm and all thoughts stopped. She just waited in this moment of peace with her daughter. Wondering what she thought about all of this, she would have asked but didn’t want to break the moment.


    The lift arrived and they both got on. When the door closed Kate sent a message to Cha asking for a short meeting, but she didn’t get a response. She decided to keep heading there anyway. When she got to Admiral Niathal’s office she noted that there was no guard there, so Kate cautiously walked in, if she had a weapon, she would have had it drawn, she kept Kara behind her, and was looking for any sign of trouble. The door was open so she entered the office to see the Admiral, leaning back in her chair looking out the window. Kate thought she looked. . .defeated? Something happened, and she was sure that Cha would not be happy about losing a squadron.

    “Admiral Niathal?” she asked in that questioning tone, that holds all the questions that each of them knew.

    “Out of my hands” She responded.

    “But?” Kate returned, and she heard Cha sigh.

    Cha turned around to face them. Seeing Kate’s ill-fitting uniform she chuckled quietly to herself, it was just so fitting for the situation. Cha had been thinking about this for quite some time, on and off as it was treasonous. But after the ‘meeting’ she just had with that Solo creature, she had made her decision. She wouldn't stand for this, she was the Joint-Chief of State and as such should have equal say and not be bossed around like that, especially as it made very little tactical or logical sense. If the war was to be lost, it wasn't going to be because of her.

    She was filling in the final documents to finalize Lt Leeash’s enlistment when Solo barged in and demanded her whole crew. She fought for it, for them, for her crew, she used logic and reason, and tactics, but these were all well beyond this man, he was going to take what he wanted, and nothing would stop him. Worst of all there was practically no one higher to take him down a peg or two for this behaviour, and nothing Cha could do to stop him, so she was left with nothing else, but to undermine him now. Nothing obvious or that would get people hurt or affect the war as a whole. But this would be her first act, and she was feeling oddly good about it, a peace even.

    “On the table edge, there is my personal recommendation for Kara for the Academy.” Kate looked at Kara and nodded, and Kara went up slowly and took the small data disk.

    “I hadn’t had the time to put through your enlistment formally yet.” Cha said holding up a data pad. Kate didn’t often do this without permission, but she opened her mind to listen in to Cha’s mind. ~Im deleting you from the system, you are no longer a pilot for the GA, get out and save yourself and your child~ Cha then she tapped it twice and there was no more information displayed. Kate closed her eyes and felt the release of tension she didn’t realise had gotten so bad.

    "We live in a world of blurred lines." Cha said as she turned back around to face the windows and looked out among the stars.

    “I’ve told what's left of my staff to not interfere at all with any pilots doing anything, as they have new orders and a strict timeline to adhere to so to stay out of their way. The hangers are not guarded, the gates are down and no one is manning the turrets, they are to busy helping the pilots get what they need done.” Cha mentioned. “Please tell Lt Tiarri not to destroy my ship.”

    Kate chucked, she knew Beka would have some explosions ready to go. “Your comm back?” Kate offered “No, you keep it. . .who knows, it might come in handy one day.” Kate was worried for a moment that all of this was some elaborate trap, but she had an overwhelming desire to trust the Admiral, she had earnt Kate’s respect back in their first meeting.

    “May the force with you” Kate said backing out of the room. “And with you” Cha absently responded, as now she was contemplating her next moves. The next few hours wouldn't go well for anyone, but she had done all in her power to give everyone the best odds of surviving this.

    Kate grabbed her com, and signalled for Beka “Hey, Save the splosions, we can leave.” Kate wondering if Beka would be disappointed by this. She stopped and look back at the backside of Cha’s seat and thanking her in her mind once again.

    She then looked down at Kara and raised her eyebrow. “Come, We have a flight to catch.” They both headed off toward the hanger to their ship. Kate figured she would catch up with the others here, Beka would have Addie. . . somehow . . . and Kate would take them all away. . .or so she hoped.

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    IC: Jesse Coulson, Rohen Aquilla, Adrian Malek, Ariadne Stark (Combo with @galactic-vagabond422, @adalia-Durro, @Rebecca_Daniels)
    The Ocean

    Jesse smiled as he scanned the translation, couldn't read it, but that was the point. Handing it back to Ariadne, "Sure point the blame on me, pretty sure I can handle it from Beka." he smirked before finishing he last piece of bread. "Submit it, and on that note, I think I might turn in, its been a hell of a day." he said standing and turning to the other two men with them. "Might be good advice to you all as well." he suggested glancing between the three pilots.

    The young pilot let out a breath watching the senior officer get up. It was finally time for to get out of this. It was just a joke right? Him locking the orientation of the of the document to 90 degrees so that no matter how she held the datapad it would always be sideways. Just a joke, Coulson was taking upon himself nothing would come back to Rhoen...he had enough he was keeping at bay. The 'Technical Difficulties', the wrestling with what he was asked to do, and of course his feelings for Syal.

    "Might take you up on that." He got up taking his tray with him to clean up, after that...didn't know what he was going to do. Though there was a small voice telling him to go back to the lounge...just to check in on Syal. A voice he was hopefully no going to listen to.
    Adrian looked at Jesse disbelieving. Was he thinking about going to sleep now? Didn't he realize that they had to leave? Or was it just an excuse to get outside. He stood up and tried his best to fake a yawn. "Yeah probably the best idea for me too." He gave Jesse a quick questioning look. "We've got the same way."

    Jesse caught Adrian's look of concern and returned a slight nod, they needed to get back to information gathering. Granted they'd planned to glean information on this trip but had ended up making friends instead and in hindsight that might not have been a smart move. "I'll say night now." He tried to be casual, but they had to figure out a way to get away from the situation they now found themselves in. He made his way to the door and glanced back to Adrian "You coming?"

    "I'll see you boys later," Ariadne called to them as they left. It wasn't quite time for her to turn in yet, she had a few more things to do first. Starting with a visit to her starfighter to test a theory.

    "Of course," Adrian replied and followed the older man outside of the mess hall. Once he was sure they were outside of everyone elses hearing distance he muttered in a low tone. "So how do we go on? I don´t know your case but for me time is running up. Especially if Jacen decides to pre emptivley arrest me to get my father to vote against secession." Glancing back at Rhoen behind them.

    "Not even sure where to start with all this Adrian. I was sure both our Wing Commanders would be out by now and we'd be well......making jokes or something about it all, well not jokes but you know?" Jesse remembered Rhoen behind them and was making bravado, but felt there was so much more going on here and he was clearly out of the loop. The turbo lift move down to crew quarters.

    "So we go looking for her?" Adrian suggested.
  18. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Rhoen Aquilla, Beka Tiarri, Adrian Malek, Adalia Tehanis, Jesse Coulson
    Crew Deck - The Ocean.

    Beka was ready and waiting in the hall as Addie returned. "No sign of Sparks?" she asked, noting the lack of droid.

    "No, no Sparks." She slung the bag over her shoulder, as nearby the turbo lift opened. Turning she put her hand on her blaster, it might come in handy now.

    The turbo lift doors opened and what Jesse saw made him stop in his tracks "Well, don't have to look far I guess. Colonel?" He stepped out of the lift. "Good to see common sense has finally prevailed." he said referring to her obvious freedom.

    The lift doors revealed her own XO, the Wild Knightz Lead and another man, she didn't recognise. At least they were making friends she thought. "No common sense here." she put her hand on her blaster. "Where's Sparks?"

    "Colonel," Adrian saluted to Adalia, surprised at running into her so suddenly. Unsure how to proceed he looked over to Jesse hoping the older man would find the right words.

    "Kriff it Malek!!! Lose the fracking salute!" he'd irritated her with that simple move after all she'd said to them, and her temper was the shortest right now. She turned her attention back to Jesse. "Again, where's Sparks, I need him now." she demanded her green eyes cold.

    Jesse could see clearly by her stance and where her hand sat, she was serious and meant business. "In my quarters, hooked into the ships comms." he said, "Follow me." He wasn't stupid, and knew better than to cross her. A few seconds later he was opening his door.

    Adalia pushed passed him and was greeted with the excited warbles and chirps of her purple domed droid. "Yeah, I'm good Sparks, he look after you?" she glanced back at the Commander as the droid made an affirmative sound. "Good, now I need you to get to my....." she paused and stood to face Jesse. "You are dismissed." she said evenly, hoping the pair of them would just 'go away'.

    "This is my room, where am I dismissed too?" Jesse asked confused with a touch of defiance. "And what did you mean by 'no common sense'? You were released weren't you?" His gut was telling him otherwise due to her urgency and the weapon she now wore.

    "Clear out, Commander," Beka warned from behind him. "You're not involved in this." She had her blaster ready, if she had to. No one was going to stop them from getting off the Ocean.

    Adrian stood in the door of Jesse´s quarters, more unsure what to do than ever but determined not to let the others see how helpless he felt. The salute had been a mistake and he cursed himself for it. "What is going on here?" he demanded to know, he saw the weapon Adalia carried with her but in this situation she seemed as the smaller threat to him than their higher command.

    Rhoen had been silently following the group as the number of pips grew exponentially he was quickly figuring out that this was not a place for him anymore. Once the order was given he backed away, turning around and making his way anywhere but, here.

    Adalia saw the third man, she'd not missed him but dismissed him, he seemed to be attempting some kind of escape. She had no idea who he was but he was not leaving here now, later maybe but not now. "Beka, our guest needs a nap!"

    "Will you make up your fracking minds." Rhoen turned no weapon at his hip his arms held out wide. "You give orders to leave then threaten me, I don't know what's going on here and I don't need to know. So if you don't mind I'm just going to go before I learn too much."

    Adrian´s gaze wandered from one to the other, unsure what to do. The officer in him wanted to step in and figure out more. But he remembered the promise he had made to Adalia, that they were in this together and he would have her back no matter what, and so he remained silent.

    She heard Addie's order, but Beka was more concerned with Coulson, active in the middle of all this. The other one she recognised as a Wraith; he probably didn't even know what was going on. He didn't know enough to stop them or share information down the road. In that brief moment, Beka decided not to draw, nodding at the pilot. "I didn't see anyone, Addie. And neither did you." And she turned back towards the other two, far more dangerous elements here. They'd both been at the meeting the other day; they knew too much to leave behind. Coulson and Malek would have to be dealt with one way or another.

    Rhoen nodded to the other senior officer before turning away and moving quickly, but not running away. Now he could really...really use a drink enough to forget whatever he saw. Instead he would make his way rightly or wrongly towards the lounge maybe catch up with Syal or Loriana, just be with someone else to get his mind off everything.

    Adalia glanced passed Jesse and saw the third man leaving after Beka's words. Internally she was angry she'd be disobeyed but there was no time for this. She knew there were holocams everywhere and someone was going to see that man go, and that someone would be interrogating him, regardless of the fact he knew nothing. She turned back to Jesse and Adrian, who stood behind the older man. "What's going on Malek is that Cheif of State Solo has decided I am a traitor and has condemned me to death, I don't like that, so I'm going. Beka is coming too, she doesn't like it either." She watched them both to gauge their reactions.

    Jesse's mouth fell open for a second. "Death? For striking a officer?" He glanced back at Beka and Adrian. "That's insane!"

    Adrian said nothing for a moment, this time his mind had won against his impulse. Could this be true? Could they have sentenced Adalia to die? For breaking someone´s nose? He knew from his sister that the ORSF had a stricter discipline than most armies but even they wouldn't impose such a sentence. "That´s more than insane," he said giving Jesse a glance. "That´s flat out against the law, a death sentence, even in war time requires a serious crime, and breaking someone´s nose isn't. Not to mention there needs to be a proper trial..." He stopped as he recognized how childish and naive his words sounded. Why did he still believe in justice, after Kashyyyk, after the incident with the freighter? Why did he still believed their superiors would treat anyone fair. And if breaking someone´s nose was already a capital crime, what would being aligned with a family of confederationists be considered as? Adrian shivered. "I..." he threw another glance at Jesse, "we've been talking about this as well. And I can´t speak for the Commander but I want, I need to leave as well."

    Jesse spun to look at Adrian, he hadn't planned to be so open, but it was out there now. He stared at Adrian for a few moments before glancing Beka then turned his attention to Adalia. "Me too." he said simply holding her gaze, she seemed somehow distant. "What's your plan?"

    Adalia stared back as she straightened up. "You come, you come on our terms. Do you get that? Do as we say and don't argue. You do, we shoot you, clear?" she felt more aggression than was necessary, she wasn't sure why. Her head pounded, but she needed to keep going, she needed to get to Adam, or at least close to him, at this stage he was the only bright light she could focus on. She pulled her blaster out and pointed it at them. "Lose all your weapons, don't care what they are, lose them now."

    For a moment Adrian stared at the blaster pointed towards him. So much for always having each others back´s its seems. But now it was too late to go back. So he slowly pulled out his officer blaster and placed it on the floor in front of him. Then he threw a quick look at R7, the droid was calm but Adrian could hear a quiet worried humming from inside his dome. He patted the little droid. "Its okay, I trust them."

    Jesse knew gaining her trust was paramount and duly bent down and removed the hold out blaster he kept in his boot, then removed his standard weapon, before dropping them on his bunk. Holding his hands up he bent to the second boot and pulled out a vibroblade, adding it to the pile, eyeing Adalia as he moved.

    "That's all?" she asked sarcastically, "Were you expecting to be attacked?" It surprised her he was so well armed. She looked to Beka. "We need to move." She said as she gathered up the arsenal.

    She had to respect someone with that much preparation. Beka herself only had a single blaster, but she planned to change that very soon. Didn't mean she trusted him, or the less-armed one, but apparently they had goals in common. Except.

    Except they didn't have the same goals, beyond leaving the GA. They didn't have Kate or Kara's safety on their minds, or anything else Beka had been factoring in. They didn't have over a decade of history between them. These two had a lot to prove.

    Adalia scooped up the cache of weapons and motioned to Sparks to follow her.

    "Get moving, we don't have a lot of time," she ordered, still not drawing her blaster. Something else was coming in, over the comlink in her ear... "Kate's going to the hangar. We'll meet her there."

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC R4-J0 "Joker"

    Joker was a pretty amazing droid, if he did say so himself. Two days and he'd already won over his pilot, which had to be some sort of record. And she trusted him with this "surprise"! This was going to be great.

    In the file of the message she'd sent, there were instructions on how to set up this "surprise". It was all going to be too easy for a droid of his caliber.

    Somewhere, in the back of Joker's processor, he was aware he had been memory wiped, or at least a suspicion he had been before being handed off to a new pilot. And within that suspicion was an inkling that he'd been deemed "troublesome", something that had led to that memory wipe.

    Joker would have to reclaim that title.

    No one looked at droids, especially if they were where they were supposed to be. Joker was definitely supposed to be hooking up to this interface panel in an empty room to communicate with the ship's computer. Droids had to communicate, after all, and perhaps he was uploading his data from the battle.

    Or maybe he was carefully setting off alarms in the ship.

    Setting the alarms off, as his pilot had requested, would be suspicious enough the ship's computer, dumb as it was, might notice and alert security. Joker was familiar with this entity-- though how, he wasn't sure, probably that nebulous memory wipe-- and he set the radiation sensors to be just a little bit more sensitive than they ought to in the hangar bays. Background radiation would be enough to set them off, though it was not so severe a catastrophe as to panic the ship, just enough to evacuate the hangars...

    As the emergency alarms began to blare in the hangars, Joker whistled to himself and settled on a second task. His pilot hadn't asked him to do this, but he felt he was a resourceful droid and his work might impress her enough to let him in on this "secret".

    The computer was suspicious of this terminal now, so Joker disconnected and rolled around the corner into some officers, "accidentally" running into their legs.

    [Package + engine room = suspicious. Security = investigate?] Joker suggested innocently.

    There was, of course, no package. But it might get the organics looking in the wrong direction.

    Message delivered, Joker made his way to the droid maintenance bay. One last job to do.

    [You = repaint Joker. Painting = urgent. Joker =/= red, Joker = blue.]

    The repair droid, too simple to question the orders of a superior droid, got to work disguising Joker's colour pattern.

    [Task = accomplished.] he whistled to himself happily. [Joker = best droid.]

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  20. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Mirax Terrik Horn and Corran Horn
    Location: Pulsar Skate

    ["Master Horn.... I'm a traitor"]

    What should be done?

    Seha Dorvald's confession should come as a surprise. Yet, there had been some observations and questions regarding her allegiance. What are they to do about it? Talk with her? Find out how and why she believed as she does? Isolate her? Feed her false information?

    Trust takes a long time to cultivate yet so quick to destroy. How long had she been doing this for? How compromised are the Jedi?

    Corran glanced to the eyes of the young Jedi as the holo framed her face. The playback paused. He had lost count they had played back the short message yet the years spent at CorSec kicked back in. Analysing… picking apart the message. Her expression, her delivery, her emotion…

    He wiped his hands over his eyes and looked away. "Let's keep to what we know."

    "She is distressed. Awareness? Guilt? But then we are presuming her emotions…" Mirax sighed as she shifted and leaned against him as she gazed at the hologram. "Back on track here, we do not know how she believes herself to be a traitor? From one slip up to multiple accounts of betrayal. It begs further questioning. For us to do so, if we communicate… then we risk giving away our position and jeopardising the whole reason we are doing this run if it is a ploy to lure us into the open." She pointed to the door of the storage area.

    "Right." Corran glanced back up again. "However, we cannot ignore her either…"

    "Agreed. We both know Jacen can be charismatic when he wants to be. The poor girl must be driving herself crazy." Mirax whispered. "Caught between opposing…"

    "…Forces, ideals and influences." Corran finished her sentence and nodded in agreement. "We don't want to lose her. There has to be someone connected to her to help her through… She needs a friend."

    Mirax leaned close. Chin on his shoulder as she looked him in the eye. "Are you thinking of Sella and Valin?"

    "Well…" Corran pursed his lips and glanced down. The mention of their children made him miss them. They both do. With the tensions going on about the galaxy, it felt like their family was pulled in all directions. "… maybe. They have more of a connection though I don't want to endanger them…"

    "Yet, we both know they are more than capable." Mirax whispered.

    "That's because we raised them well." Corran nudged her side gently.

    "…and because they take after me!" Mirax smirked and nudged back.

    "Ha! Just a shame they grew up too fast." Corran smiled wistfully. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion had taken away precious years that could have been spent with family. The younglings were safely hidden at The Maw while they fought for their lives against such irrational hatred. He then shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Alright… we cannot sit idle on this. Greater minds must prevail. I need to contact Masters Cilghal and Katarn before the Resolve arrives at Endor."

    "It's a start." Mirax sat up more properly and flashed a tight smile. "While I need to get the holocrons to safety. Don't wait too long otherwise we might lose Dorvald."

    Corran nodded and sighed. "Right… The sooner... Master Solusar gets the holocrons, the better."

    Mirax tilted her head and gave him a peculiar look. He was fishing for a clue of their heading. With a roll of her eyes, she shook her head and smirked. "Nice try. I'll handle our destination." She assured him. "Go contact Kyle and the others."

    The Errant Venture. An Imperial Star Destroyer MK II was still formidable hardware and not one to be trifled with. However, the destination was what not what Corran had in mind. The Errant Venture was a shadow of its former glory. Privately owned by Booster Terrik, ever since it was captured back during the fledging years of the New Republic. Mirax had talked him into her perspective that her father is a reliable businessman and could be trusted to hold onto their cargo for a few days at the most and no questions asked. Not to mention it would be a good place to learn what is going on about the galaxy.

    Mulling this over as, Corran sat at the private cabin they were given on the destroyer. It was a temporary arrangement. Booster was quick to separate Mirax from him to show off his latest venture, apparently a mobile shopping complex and gambling den, while Corran got stuck into following up on Jedi business. He glanced to the door just a fraction before it opened and smiled as he saw Mirax.

    She returned the smile as stepped inside. "How did things go with the Masters?"

    "As well as can be. Cilghal and Katarn are both centred individuals with different perspectives. Kyle can take things as far as needed and necessary... and he has been through the wringer before and knows too well what Seha might be dealing with internally. Someone she can relate to. While Cilghal has a more delicate touch to prevent things going too heavy handed. Together they can work together with Seha without making her feel like she is being shredded to pieces."

    Mirax placed her hand gently on his shoulder. "That is good. Sounds like you've made the right call. Hopefully she feels as though she had done the right thing. That she can trust us with what has been going on with her and retain that a sense of belonging at the end of the day."

    "We lost too many already..." Corran's voice trailed off as his hand reached up and cupped hers. "How did you go? All safe and secure while we go back to Kuat?"

    "Yes… and about Kuat…" Mirax paused. "… I've caught word from some of father's informants that the battle is over."

    Corran grimaced. "That good, huh? How did it fair?"

    "Only that things are a mess there. No word on Kyp but we all know how he keeps turning up."

    "Whenever we least expect it." Corran sighed, this was a long day. "I suppose in a few hours we'll find out what type of fallout we be dealing with. Whistler hasn't let us down before so hopefully we'll hear from him soon enough."

    Mirax gave his temple a kiss and pulled away. "I'll keep an ear out for what news goes our way."

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Syal, Rhoen
    Aboard the Ocean

    She had been ordered to pack her room, but instead Syal found herself looking for Rhoen. There was a clear divide between the two parts of the Wing, and Rhoen had gone off and wandered with the other half.

    “Where is he?”

    “I don’t know, Lysa,” Tiom said, for he was on the comlink in her ear. “You need to get started on your orders.”

    She found Shevu, and for the life of her she couldn’t describe what he was doing as anything but lurking.

    A long breath left him as he stared at the ceiling. Everything had gotten turned on its head, what had started as just getting out of a painful situation nearly became something much worse. Tehnais to be executed for striking an officer, where was the justice in that? He brought his head down rubbing his eyes. There was nothing he could do about that, the decision had been made and he couldn't change it. Around a corner he heard a voice, a painfully familiar one. Well he was the one that wanted to see her again.

    He came to a stop straightening his uniform and running a hand through his hair. "Put on a brave face." He muttered to himself he forced a smile on his face. As she came around the corner the smile deepened, he couldn't help himself. "Hey," he started, "I hope you aren't looking for me?"

    Syal started, and turned to face him. She was peering down the corridor, hoping Shevu wouldn't notice him, and the next Rhoen was beside her. She promptly pushed him back the way he had came, concern written all over her face. "Where have you been?"

    "Antilles?" Shevu's voice, undoubtedly noticing the commotion behind him with that secret police sixth sense, even if Rhoen had only been in the corridor for seconds.

    "I got a little tied up with..." He fought off the blush as she pushed him back, the smile faded slightly seeing her knitted brows. Turning to walk with her another voice spoke up. "Who's that?" He whispered keeping his head down.

    "Captain Shevu, Galactic Alliance Guard. Colonel Tehanis has been scheduled for execution, Colonel Kya has been reinstated to commander of the wing, and we're all being transferred to the Anakin Solo!" Syal hissed a bit. "Colonel Kya is going to speak to Chief Solo right now, and Vua ordered us to our rooms to pack." Suddenly she caught herself.

    "Tied up with...?"

    Shevu's boots came closer. "Is that Aquilla?"

    His brow quirked a little he knew about the execution, but not the transfer. It was nothing new, being switched to another ship on short notice. However this felt different, a power grab.

    "I'll tell you later." He didn't feel like explaining what he just witnessed while they were being followed. "Are we avoiding this Captain Shevu?" He pulled close accidentally brushing against her shoulder before leaning a way just a little. His eyes swept back and forth looking for a place to duck into, a place they could lose their tail if necessary.

    Syal didn't even notice their proximity, leaning into him for the moment. "No, we're not, but you need to come across as straight-laced as possible. No philosophy today, Rhoen." In that moment, she broke free, grabbing Rhoen's hand and pulling him around the corner. "Captain Shevu?"

    Shevu immediately looked at their hands, and his eyes lifted to their faces, searching for an explanation. "Antilles? Aquilla?"

    Unconsciously he gripped her hand back letting the slight warmth flow through him. "I'll be on my best behavior." He have a slight smirk, but he could sense her nervousness. Coming face to face with the man Rhoen's heart couldn't help itself giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.

    "Yes sir?" He said straightening a little bringing him to his unimpressive height. Subtly he let go of her hand fighting back the smile he wanted to give.

    “You were last seen leaving with members of Colonel Tehanis’ crew.” He looked again from Syal to him. “I know old squadrons like this well. Confidential material will spread from pilot to pilot like wildfire. Inevitably I’ll have a prisoner disappear from the medbay and that means they’ve escaped or their body has been lost during processing.”

    “I don’t want either to happen to Colonel Tehanis. Colonel Kya will convince Chief Solo to allow the board to rule on the matter and her sentence will be commuted.” He was spending like a book of ‘things he had to say’. “I fully expect Solo to turn the war around in the meantime and all sentences will be commented. But not if Tehanis and her ‘old friends’ does something stupid.”

    Syal blinked. “What does that mean for us?”

    “It means that you need to go back to your rooms and pack.” His voice grew sharp. “As ordered.”

    His eyes drifted to their hands again. “Your separate rooms.”

    Syal blushed and broke the hand-hold.

    Rhoen looked away running his hand still warm from her grip through his hair like nothing happened. "Understood." he nodded his head half wondering if he should tell Tehanis and the others not to do what he thought they were doing. However, they seemed dead set in their ways. He should at least give them a chance to change their minds.He kept his face stoic as he turned back heading towards his bunk. He fished around in her pocket for his comlink trying to remember the contact information for Coulson. He was the most level headed of that group. "Well, there goes your streak." Rhoen whispered to her, reminding her of her six months onboard.

    Syal watched as Rhoen held his comlink, and she wondered who he was going to call. She nearly missed what he said, but she tuned back in.

    “Oh? Yeah,” a slight smile. “I jinxed it, clearly.” She pointed at his comlink as they walked. “You’re going to do something, aren’t you.”

    She stooped outside her door, not yet going in, but curious to know.

    He looked to her his brow slightly arched, heart pounding slightly in his chest. "Can you keep a secret?"

    "I want to be able to, Rhoen, but I'm not great at it. I will always tell Tiom, you know that." She could hear her wingmate on the otherside of the door, and she suddenly realised they were running out of time.

    His hand gripped into a fist, the old addige, 'Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead' came to mind. He looked away his mind unsure of what to do his heart very clear. Tell her, she deserves to know. A storm maybe coming and she needs to know this.

    "I need to tell some of our friends something...I think they might be doing something rash." The door opened revealing Syal's copilot on the other side looking at them both. "Just don't worry. We'll be fine." He gave a smile to Syal and started walking away bringing his comlink to his lips. "Coulson...Coulson pick up." He whispered hopefully far enough away to not be heard.

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    IC: Adam Lyons, Kael Swiftflight

    Adam had just barely laid down just to relax in the simple luxury of being able to stretch out while wondering whether these were the quarters that Wedge had used...oh 33 years ago when someone knocked on the door.

    Adam sighed, No rest for the wicked...Come in.

    Kael walked in, “Sorry Stealth, but I sort of wanted to get this out of the way.

    Adam sat up, “Swift, you’ve always been one to go for the big explosion upfront rather than let things simmer.” He thought for a second, “Does this have to do with how you and HQ are still Wraiths?

    Kael nodded, “Yes, technically the Wraiths are still aligned with the Alliance, though there have been rumblings since Kashyyyk...

    I’ve heard, you know some of the people I regularly deal with, and if I’d thought about it as I should have I might have been...”

    Kael raised an eyebrow, “You know you can only control so much and hindsight can’t help you now, besides it’s a good thing you haven’t because you’re on the Seek and Detain list. It probably would have made you easy to find.

    Adam nodded, “I know, to both points....” He thought for a second and peered at Kael, “But that’s not why you’re here Swift, so why are you here now?

    Kael cringed it hadn’t been the best move to talk to someone not that long after they’d nearly spent a day in a starfighter, “Again sorry, this is mostly out of duty, but I suspect that sometime soon Poster Boy will ask what HQ and I are up to, along with an informal inquiry to what your position is?” He paused briefly to look at Adam,He’s been keeping track of you, you know. Ever since the Vong War ended. He’s proud of what you were able to do with your squadron, and then with the Shadow Sabers.

    Adam considered, “Yeah, makes sense.” He considered his words, “You know how when we all enlisted we had to swear an oath to the New Republic Common Charter, right?

    Kael nodded.

    Adam continued, “Those are the values I’m loyal to, the Alliance Common Charter is very similar if I remember correctly with a few regulatory checks and balances. I’m also loyal to people who believe that way, and my former squadmates, those of whom that are serving in the GA now are in a situation where they’re led by people who don’t have those values.

    Kael nodded and smiled inwardly, this was good he wouldn’t have to drag Adam back, and it didn’t seem he was wanting to go warlord or something like that, so he and Briana could help out if necessary. “Good, if he asks, I’ll tell him that, though I can’t say that I recommend you go anywhere close to wherever the GA is, even if they’re offering peace. Chief of State Solo, seems bent on unconditional surrender, it looks like and maybe even mass executions for supposed traitors.

    Adam thought for a minute, “I’ll do that, and if I’m completely honest, I’m more interested in finding out where Wedge and the Jedi are based since they’re the ones that have the values that I support right now.” He looked back at Kael, “You know that we aren’t seeing much of that from either main side right?

    Kael nodded solemnly.

    Good, well not good. Where’s HQ anyways?

    Kael smiled a bit, “She’s listening to the comms to see if she can figure out if your friends have escaped yet.

    Adam stood up and stretched, popping a few joints, “I better go check on her, oh and Kael?

    Kael looked up, “Yeah?

    We’re going to need some of those explosives you’ve been building.

    Kael’s eyes lit up and he beamed, “I was hoping you’d say that...

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    IC Adrian Malek, Kate and Kara Leeash, Jesse Coulson, Adalia Tehanis(Combo with the amazing @Adalia-Durron and @I_am_Kooky)
    Side of Hangar, The Ocean

    "Move it."
    Adalia growled under her breath. "Over there" she waved the blaster toward Kate's ship, the hangar had been darkened for the night and there was no guard anymore. Beka had told her Kate was on her craft waiting, and Adalia had a plan that needed her assistance. Moving along the corridor in the shadows, she kept Adrian and Jesse in front of her, making sure their hands could be seen. Suddenly around them, alarms began to go off, a warning of a reactor leak and that the hangar was to be evacuated. Adalia smiled.

    Jesse began to look around, his eyes wide, "We've got to get out of here, there's a leak!!"

    Adrian threw a look at Adalia and her smile confirmed his suspicion. Seems their plan of getting out of here reaches much further than I thought. The alleged reactor leak was an old trick his father had told him about, it had been used by the members of the rebellion many times during the war. "If I consider our superiors I would prefer a leak over whatever they might do to us," he muttered to Jesse and raised an eyebrow.

    Jesse looked to where his counterpart had been looking and saw her smile, and for the first time notice slight bruising around her temples. It was a ruse, he frowned, damn, they were more clever than he'd thought, and in such a short time, but the discolouration made him wonder. "You have a point," he responded under his breath. He looked to the hangar as it began to empty, techs and pilots running for exits droids following. He looked down to Maleks R7 droid, its dome spinning with confusion. "Best settle him."

    "Shut up!!" Adalia snapped, her head had developed into an even throb, the alarms weren't helping but they were essential. She touched her head briefly before turning her attention to the on ramp of Kate's ship. "Once we're clear, go up there!" she ordered as she tried to 'feel' if she was on board. She couldn't, whatever happened to her, it has messed with her abilities somewhat.

    Adrian gave R7 a calming look, though he wasn't sure if the little droid was actually worried or just faking it. He wished he could say something encouraging if it was the former but Adalia´s orders had been clear and so he kept silent. He wondered how much time they still had, how long before someone realized that it was all a trick. Again he asked himself if he shouldn't have left alone, but it was now far too late to change his mind.

    Reaching the bottom of the ramp she turned to walk up backward, keeping her weapon trained on the two men before calling in a hushed tone. "Kate? You there?"

    Kate's head popped over the wing and looked down on the group. "Up Here, just cleaning out some twigs from those trees I hit back on my last flight, Kara is inside finding space for ya," Kate said in a cheerful tone. She might have been quieter, but she did her checks of the hanger, practically no one around, and it looked like the Admiral kept her word. This didn't mean she wasn't going to be quick about it and leave before something else changed her mind. She then disappeared back on top of her ship, she then called out "although there isn't much space to be found, I'm afraid, we are all gonna be best of friends for a while," she said hurling a big-ish burnt stick over her shoulder it landed right in front of the boys.

    She stood up and walked to the edge of the wing. "Yep, that will lighten the load, she's all go to go, you guys better be." With that, Kate leapt off the ship, and hit the ground into a graceful roll and stood back up, at her full height, about 20cm from Jesse. She smiled and winked at him, then headed inside, she stopped at Addie. Something was really off about her, but she couldn't put her finger on it. "Glad to see you're not dead, Let's keep it that way."

    Jesse stepped back as the branch dropped, the enormity of it kind struck home. That was from Kashyyk, what was left of it. Watching Kate was amazing, he'd never seen someone, anyone so agile and when she smiled and winked he felt a quickening in his chest. He watched as she spoke to Adalia. Seemed he was surrounded by strong women, and he liked that a lot.

    "Planning on it Kooks" Adalia said with a deep breath, "Adrian, go with her, your droid will be with me, promise I'll take care of him, if you do as you are asked." She turned to Kate and gestured for her to come close. "Cuff him somewhere, way too military for me, just not sure about him yet."

    Are they that worried about me? Adrian asked himself as he stared up the ramp of Kate's ship. It hurt him that Adalia was treating him like nothing but a prisoner who needed to be restrained and even essentially took his droid hostage against him. At least it proves she is truly serious about getting out of here. Before stepping on the ramp he turned back around to Adalia and R7, he saw how upset the droid was at this development. Kneeling down next to the droid he gave him a pat on the dome. "It's okay, I'll see you on the other side of this." Then he stood up and gave Adalia a look of disappointment before following her command and walked up into Kate's ship.

    Kate watched as Adrian got aborad and looked about, she remembered him as one of the nice guys that visited her yesterday. She was a little confused as to what he could have done to piss off Addie to this level, but then again, Addie seemed not quite right, She would just have to watch Addie's behaviour on the flight. Kara looked at Kate for confirmation to talk to him, Kate waved her hand to indicate not yet.

    Adalia saw Adrian's expression, but in her state of mind, it didn't register. She shook her head, fog was clouding her judgement. She turned toward Jesse, "Move, your ship now" she snapped as she motioned for R7 and Sparks to follow. "Both of you as well."

    Kate looked back at Addie with confusion "Wait you're not coming with us? After ALL of this, you just expect me to trust you to leave on your own?"

    Adalia heard Kates voice and spun to face her. "Yeah, I do." She knew she'd snapped, but she knew what she had to do and nothing, not even Kate was going to stop her.

    "Fine!" Kate snapped back. She wanted off and really didn't care now, who came or not, she thumped back two steps up the ramp then turned back to face Adalia. "Just don't die on me okay? or I am going to kill you." she snorted in annoyance. She said that only because she would regret not saying something to indicate that she did still care about Addie and would be upset at her loss. She had lost so much this week, she really didn't want any more, no matter how they where acting.

    Adrian sat down in one of the back seats of Kate´s ship. He knew she would probably want to keep him in the back anyway so it was better for him to do it himself rather than being ordered to. He wished R7 was here and he could send a message to his family about what was happening but now it was too late, maybe the little guy would send a message on his own but it could also be that no one would inform them. That worried him but he tried his best to suppress his concerns, instead, he turned around and watched Kate talking to Adalia, waiting for them to get started.

    Kate walked back in and looked at Adrian. She looked him up and down and then stared into his eyes for a moment. Satisfied with what she saw, she looked at Kara. "You can talk to him, he's okay."

    Kate then turned back to Adrian. "Addie told me to cuff you, buuuut. . .you don't seem like a threat," she said honestly. She saw that this man seemed a bit down, so she tried to offer him some comfort.

    "Adalia seems a bit off, so I wouldn't take it too personally," she said shrugging. "So I am going with my Judgment. . .which may or may not be any better, but mostly I just can't be bothered cuffing you. So please don't do anything that will make me regret that."

    "Do we have any cuffs Mum?" Kara asked innocently. "NoooOOooo. . .but that's beside the point" she said winking at Adrian. Kate then went back to the ship ramp. "We can't leave till Beka gets here, so . . .make yourself comfortable." she then disappeared from Adrian's view.

    Kara was suddenly in Adrain's person spaced "So, What's your name? what's your job? Why are you here? Do you know where we are going? Do you like Star Trek? What's your favourite colour?" she asked at her normal 10-yr old excited speed.

    Adrian gave Kate a thankful nod before she disappeared. He was glad at least she trusted him enough not to treat him like a prisoner and it calmed him down a bit. Now the whole thing didn´t look like a colossal mistake anymore. Or at least it didn´t until he was assaulted by Kate´s young daughter with a bombardment of questions. A different kind of interrogation then I expected, he mused, probably still better than being subjected to electroshocks or whatever Aden would have had in store for him.

    "I'm Adrian Malek," he said, still with some formality in his voice. "I am, well I guess I was Adalia's second in command, now I'm a political refugee." Oh by the fire, he scolded himself, Kara was probably around ten and he talked to her as if she was a superior officer. Softening his voice he continued, "no idea where we are heading." He hoped that wherever it was he could find a passage to Eriadu, or at least be able to contact his family. What was her next question, again? Ah yeah about that holoseries. "Used to watch it with my sister when I was younger, though I only know the original series." And his favourite colour, well that was easy: "and Dark blue," the colour of my family garb.

    Kara was bouncing a little as the man, Adrian something, rattled off answers, She was surprised, not many people ever remembered all the questions. She didn't understand some of his answers but at least he tried. She wondered why he didn't have any questions for her, adults always liked to ask questions.

    "I like you, Your Smart!" Kara said, she then ran to the front of the ship, grabbed her holo-display and a blanket, and ran back and jumped into Adrain's lap without his permission. "I will show you the new stuff, we can watch it together like your family. I like Kathryn, I want to be like her, you could be like Chkotay and we are going to explore like Voyager when we take off into the stars!" Kara said waving her arms to indicate a big area. "My brother would have been Chkotay. . .but" her excitement dropped. She carefully picked up the blanket and put it over her knees, and set up her holoprojector. She leaned back into Adrian and pressed play. Theme music started to play and she quietly said: "This is the first episode so you can catch up."

    Adrian recognized the sadness in Kara's words as she mentioned her brother. He hadn't seen anyone else with Kate and her daughter and what he had heard about Kashyyyk... Sadness overcame him and he felt pity for the young girl and her mother. He bit himself on his tongue as to not ask any further questions about it, this was neither the time nor place for things like that. But he wondered how he would feel if Ilona died, if he would be able to even process it. So instead he laid his hand comforting on her shoulder and focused on the episode in front of him, hoping it might bring both of them out of their dark thoughts, if only for a while.

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  24. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jesse Coulson
    Cockpit of his Ship and unimpressed now.

    The Hangar was empty, alarms sounding and flashing light all around, but the emptiness suited her to the ground as they reached his ship. "Get in." She ordered, turning to Sparks and bending down. "You take your orders from me and me alone, clear?" The droid gave an affirmative sound. "And I know you've got info in there." she tapped his dome, "On where to go, so when the time comes.........yes?" Another positive sound. "Good." She turned and checked Jesse was getting in only to find him standing at the base of the ladder still. "I said Get in!"

    "Or what? You're gonna shoot me?" Jesse challenged. He wanted to go, he needed to get off this ship and he didn't need the drama. "I trust you," he glanced back toward the hangar where Kate's ship was. "He does too, yet you're treating us like the enemy. I can fly without instructions, who knew?" he said with a good deal of sarcasm "So just let me will you please?"

    Under normal circumstances Adalia would be impressed when someone of his rank stood up to her, the act of defiance showed courage and the ability to think for himself, but right now, no. "I can't, it's that simple. I don't need to explain myself to you, or anyone!" she lifted the blaster, "Yeah I will shoot you, and then you'll be stuck here cause I won't kill you! Just get the frack in, I'll trust you when I'm good and ready." The words came out but somewhere in my mind she was thinking 'Who are you? He's on your side!'. She waved the blaster. "Your call Coulson, don't push me."

    Jesse held her gaze, her cold and some what crazy looking gaze. Something wasn't quite right with her, he'd seen it before but it was clearer now. He did agree to do this her way, so giving his head a shake he began to climb, but stopped after only two steps. "Flight suit, I haven't got one."

    "You don't need one, I don't, we haven't go time. So you either get in now, put your helmet and hope for the best, or I shoot you and you stay here! I'm not asking again!" She'd already decided they were doing this without flight suits, this was supposed to be fast and that meant risky.

    This was a first. He'd never flown without a suit, if something, anything went wrong, the cold of space would make short work of him but he didn't want to argue anymore. If she was doing it, he'd do it, so he completed his climb and jumped in. Sitting he reached down and got his helmet off the floor, and began to lay the straps out as he heard the R2 Unit clip into place behind.

    She watched him and pursed her lips, she didn't like him defying her, or she did, she wasn't sure. Giving her head a shake to clear it, she dumped her bag and quickly dug through it, finding what she was looking for at the bottom under his weapons. Turning quickly she climbed the ladder.

    Pulling on his helmet, he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see her at the side of his craft. "I'm in already." he said firmly.

    In a swift movement she leaned over and snapped one side of the cuffs around his right wrist, the other on to the control yoke. "I know you are." she said leaning back.

    Jesse's eyes widened as he yanked on the cuff. "WHAT THE KRIFF!?!?!" he turned to her, there was strong and then there was.....well this! "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"

    She gave him a cold smile. "Nothing! Have a good flight!"

    The canopy had closed and Jesse wasn't as impressed by Adalia anymore. Why had she done this? He thought as he pulled gently at the cuff, he didn't want to hurt himself being silly about this. He began to study it trying to find ways to get it off or undone when in his right pocket his comlink buzzed, instinctively he reached for it and failed. His right hand didn't reach anymore and he cursed under his breathe as around him the engines began to come up. He bit his lip as he twisted his left arm across and attempted to get it from his pants pocket, inching further and feeling a muscle in his back contract to breaking point as he reached it. Pulling it out he let out a groan as the muscle decided it wasn't ready to relax now and stayed in spasm. "Coulson here" he responded, he wondered who'd be after him at this particular point in his life, probably one of the worst points when he looked back. Following what he'd considered a hero was showing him a path to dishonorable discharge and worse, possible death.

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    IC: Aden Kya
    Hangar, storming into

    With his hand already on his lightsaber hilt, Aden flung aside the doors to the hangar and pointed his weapon at Jacen Solo. "Chief of State Solo! I would have a word!"

    The black-suited man paused at the bottom of the ramp of the shuttle. The hangar was, oddly, empty. Similarly, the cams would be disabled, and the shuttle not even ready to launch. It was almost as if...

    Aden felt the trap shut before he knew he was in it.

    "Oh would you, Colonel Kya," Jacen turned, and for all the sunken eyes, pale skin, and the slow gait of a severely injured man, Aden knew that he was looking at his true face.

    It was malevolent.

    Aden pressed on. "Adalia is mine." He snarled, igniting the green-blade.

    "Oh is she now," Jacen ignited his lightsaber, similarly a green blade showing, to Aden's surprise. Not yet red? Then again, his eyes weren't yellow yet either.

    "I claimed them. Adalia, Becka, Adam, Kate - any of the old pilots you managed to get back. You used me to get Addie to sign back up so you could get to Kyp." He hissed. "They belong to me."


    The hangar seemed to reverberate.

    "You sound deranged, Colonel Kya," Jacen said, idly, stepping forward, lazily holding his saber low. "Almost as if you were in solitary for a decade."

    As if? Aden grimaced. He knew. The bastard knew that Aden had been out of the prison during his term. What was this madman? Was he omnipotent? This was as bad as talking to Lumiya, or even Krayt.

    "Kark you," Aden snapped, and launched, leaping into the air and lashing down. Jacen negligently lifted his hand, and propelled him over and down into the floor - hard. The wind left Aden, and Jacen simply sighed. His fingers flexed, and a bolt of lightning emerged from his hands. Aden lifted his hand to ward it off, but Jacen just pushed through the shield and the energy burst into his chest.


    Oh yes.

    Aden knew this pain.

    Didn't do him a lot of good to know it, though. He broadcast his pain, though, to the Intruder, to Addie, to Becka, to anyone even slightly Force sensitive. Then Jacen stopped him from doing that too, blocking him access to anyone. Aden gasped, and twisted his hand to grab at Jacen's cape and wrap it around his throat.

    Jacen released Aden and swatted aside his cape, but Aden forced his body to move, convulsing as it was. He slashed out at Jacen's throat, who blocked, finally moving his lightsaber, and Aden felt a mild smirk of victory at that until Jacen's boot snapped up and caught him in the gut, folding him over. His lightsaber was plucked from his hand and by the time Aden was steady, two green blades were held around his neck in an X.

    Aden snarled, drawing the Force around him in a shield, at which point Jacen simply smirked. "I will simply cut through it, and then your neck."

    "It's not for the blades." Then he curled out a slither of his mind and ignited the grenade in the lightsaber hilt. Jacen's eyes followed the reach outward, and he had already dropped the blade and shielded himself - but it still sent them both flying. Aden was more on fire than Jacen, but he wasn't dead.

    Jacen stood, laughing, patting himself down. "Very good, Aden. Very good. It's nice to know that you can trouble a Jedi who is recovering from a fight with Luke Skywalker."

    Aden wasn't up for moving, and he weakly coughed. "You're no Jedi."

    "Neither are you," Jacen shot back. In short order he was fine, even when recovering from Luke's wounds, but Aden was still down. "Fine," Jacen said. "You can keep Adalia, as long as you don't lose her. But I won't rescind my order if she escapes."

    Aden hissed, blood dribbling from his lips, and nose, and ears. "You can't track her if you don't have her."

    "Exactly," Jacen said. "Rogue Wing is transferring to the Anakin Solo. I expect it done before I return to Coruscant."

    "Return...?" Aden said, weakly.

    Jacen swept away. "I have a play-date to keep."

    Again the tassel prophecy echoed in his mind.

    He will make a pet...

    Aden, for his part, reached out for the Intruder. I won't be able to keep your game going if I'm dead. He shortly thereafter, blacked out.

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    IC: Vua

    Lounge, slightly before Syal met Rhoen in the corridor with Shevu

    "Well then it's time to get on," Vua said, ending the chitchat in the lounge. He pulled out a comlink and switched it to the wing frequency. "All pilots to your rooms; pack up and get ready to go within an hour. Rogue Wing is transferring to the Anakin Solo at the orders of Chief of State Solo. Colonel Kya has been reinstated as head of the Wing. Acting-Wraith Leader-out."

    He looked to Syal, Keizar and Loriana. Zueb Zan, Vua realised, had cleared out with the others, and not stayed when Vua requested only Wraith's stay. Smart Sullustan. "You heard the orders. Loriana, I sorely hope your wingmate is back in your room. You will be responsible for packing him up if he's drunk somewhere."

    That was pretty unlikely to happen from Rhoen's records, but stranger things had happened. Vua had also, inadvertently, cleared the ship of milling pilots. This deck, including the pilots medbay, would now be relatively sparse. Apart from military police and any Galactic Alliance plants, of course.

    He had lost track of Kate and Rhoen, but Vua hoped they would catch up and stay out of whatever was happening aboard the Ocean. He had nearly lost too many good pilots today.

    But while Rhoen and Syal would cross paths soon enough, distracting Shevu from seeking out Solo, Loriana was left to her own devices; but in-fact ordered to clear out her room.

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    IC: Kirney


    "Huh," Kirney said. She was, however, on the open channel to their impromptu squadron. "A lot of updates from the Ocean. Kya definitely is back in-charge, and the wing is about to move to the Anakin Solo. Your guys don't have a lot of time."

    "We should pick a rendezvous as close as possible, make sure we're as near as we can be. There's not far we can get in the time Solo has given everyone, but if Rogue Wing is in the air when Becka makes her move, Kya might get tempted to send some fighters after Tehanis and the others..."

    Kirney pursed her lips. This could get messy. If Kya sent anyone after the escape team, they might end up shooting at their former wingmates if they weren't careful.

    Worse, the Anakin Solo could give chase.

    But then the channel to Lyons activated. It was an untraceable call, and there was not much else to add to it save for the fact that the voice was quite concealed. "Wraith Leader here... I gather you are looking for me."

    Face Loran.

    "... or are you looking for the Jedi secret base? I could help you with either, but not both. Unless of course that was in-fact Kyp poking the Valorum a couple hours ago and he’s with you...”

    The voice cooled, even so obscured.

    "But you need to do something for me."

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    IC: Palpatine

    The so-called Telos Holocron, Errant Venture, milling

    There was enough tumult in the Force caused by Seha that the Holocron activated, peering around the room. The gatekeeper, a young, smirking Palpatine, eyed the dodecahedron of the Great Jed Holocron with a sniff. It reached out with its senses, but there was not much to detect, right until the hologram turned his eyes and met those of Corran Horn.

    The hologram cracked a wry grin.

    "Ah yes, the Corellian Jedi. Halcyon, was it? It has been quite a long time since I met a Jedi with a child... again."

    The Palpatine holocron referenced Nejaa Halcyon, Corran's grandfather. Someone that Horn knew very little about... yet Palpatine had met the man, and seemingly, had recorded his thoughts about it - and recognised that Corran and Nejaa were related.

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