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Star Wars The Last Stand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Mirax and Corran Horn
    Location: Cabin aboard the Errant Venture

    How the projection from the holocron was triggered and why it happened was a mystery. Further more, the figure represented was unexpected as the holographic form turned to view.

    A young man. The face wad distinctly familiar and some would say he had a great nose. The tone of his voice warm and welcoming, like that of a comforting uncle.

    "Ah yes, the Corellian Jedi. Halcyon, was it? It has been quite a long time since I mt a Jedi with a child… again."

    Corran knew that voice from a lifetime ago. Back when he was in law enforcement with CorSec. Before there was a New Republic. It was the face of someone who remained forever young in holo documentaries while the true form had not faired well. The late Emperor Palpatine.

    What sent a chill down Corran's back was the recognition of his Halcyon lineage. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. What little he knew of his own grandfather, had placed him during the Clone War before he died. Of course, it was more than likely that the Supreme Chancellor at the time kept aware of the members of the Jedi Order.

    This was just a holocron, Corran reminded himself. Holographic chronicle representative of a being who had died long ago…. that happened to be the Emperor. Maybe this was a trick… a trap to ensnare a young Force User and seduce them on a corrupt path. There had been rumours of tampered holocrons deliberately left behind for such twisted schemes.

    "Isn't?" Mirax voice a whisper in his ear as she observed from behind his shoulder. Her hand him his and his thumb tapped a 'yes' against her skin. It was Palpatine.

    "Of course." Corran smiled politely back to the holographic figure. "And to what do we owe the pleasure of such esteemed company?"

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  2. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Kael Swiftflight, Briana Odan

    Middle City

    Kael and Briana were shopping in the Middle City for basic needs for the base, and some specific things in order to complete the mission while they were departing Taris. Security was going to be something of a problem and parts were being constantly updated with additional needs, and people that were among the group of escapees.

    Briana sighed, “Why do you think Stealth didn’t want us there?” While she enjoyed gathering things that would help her cause trouble, not being there when they met the group was somewhat confusing.

    Kael shrugged, “Maybe Stealth himself didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want to overwhelm them with new information. Scuttlebutt is that two of them were right there when Kashyyyk was bombarded. Besides, we need to get some electronics so we’ll be able to talk to each other.

    Briana rolled her eyes, “I can be civil...when I want to be. Besides sounds like the main instigators would have made great Wraiths had they been allowed to do so. Adam had made that complaint after they’d landed on base to Briana and Kael that they’d done things as a squadron that wouldn’t cleanly fit within Starfighter Command, but would fill a unique role within GA Intelligence. Then again it was also theorized by Adam that there was some mental agility lacking in certain parts of High Command, that there certainly had been. That said a lack of mental agility was also a problem at the beginning of the Vong War.

    Kael grinned, “Sure you can...

    Briana elbowed him hard in the ribs, “Hush you...” She looked at her comm, seeing the note about good chocolate. “Looks like we’ll have another stop at the end of this...

    Kael groaned, “The hospital?

    Quit being such a baby, you’ll heal.

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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    OOC-- posting a combo post with @Sinrebirth :cool:

    IC: Loriana Starskimmer, Lounge on Anakin Solo

    Loriana's eyes widened as she was greeted by name by the distinguished gentleman who had stepped right out of Galactic History legend! "General Loran, I am honored to meet you. Dare I say," A mischievous light came to her eyes, "your reputation precedes you?"

    Loriana was intrigued by what the General would have to say and felt a tingle of anticipation. Things were about to get incredibly fascinating.

    He smiled at her smile, shrugging innocently. “It’s always a pain to be a famous Intel Officer. Completely ruins the sneakiness when you’re a celebrity twice over...”

    But Face could riposte with the best of them. “Here I thought you’d be relaxing with a certain Sullustan - after all that fuss he made of swapping rooms with Rhoen.”

    He leaned on the bar, arms crossed and quirked an eyebrow.

    Loriana perched on one of the stools near the bar and laughed and said: "Rhoen making mooka-eyes at Syal Antilles ... that's all the romantic drama the squadron needs, and then to top it off, the dust-up between Colonels Tehanis and Kya! Although, to be frank, I do not blame her outrage in the slightest." Loriana paused and then added with all seriousness, "I left Corellia to join the war effort, and I still hope I can make a significant contribution."

    Face paused. He idly scratched his chin, producing a comlink from a pocket on the pilots uniform. “So you still want to fight the Confederation? Or is it more about doing what you perceive to be the right thing?”

    Two very different things, nowadays, but Face suspected that Loriana was getting at something - though he was hardly going to just ask outright.

    Loriana took a long moment to consider. She realized that General Loran had set forth a fight against the Confederation and doing the right thing, seemingly as potentially separate and distinct, although they might coinicide depending on the situational demands.

    She answered slowly: "I believe that fighting the Confederation is the right thing to do, as things stand, but I don't want to be boxed in either. If I discover the GA is the greater of two evils, I want to be able to stand against that, if needed."

    “Greater of two evils...” Loran trailed off. He decided to humour her discussion; if challenged, he would simply claim that he was looking to ferret out Confederation sympathisers, even if that was untrue.

    “That’s the thing isn’t it. On one side you have Corellia, which claims to represent independence, while working on secret assault fleets, attempts to assassinate small children who could succeed to government positions, and is seemingly hell-bent on repairing an ancient hundred-millennia old superweapon which blows up stars. It’s gathered a group of allies which includes the fiercely independent Commenor and Jabiim, the industrious Adumar, Bespin and Fondor, and the, well, the Bothans and Hutts.” He held up a hand, as if balancing the scales.

    “On the other you have the GA, which saved the galaxy from the Vong and just wants everyone to pool their resources into a joint defence force in-case another Vong or equivalent pops up, but is arguably doing so at gunpoint, though if the New Republic had done that the Vong would not have wrecked half the galaxy... but the GA also have Jacen Solo, who just burned down Kashyyyk to hunt a bunch of traitors, yet is a Vong War hero and recently saved Coruscant from terrorists... at least some of which were Corellian or Bothan... and that’s before we take on-board the recent military coup of the GA against Chief Omas, who planned to allow the Confederates to kill Jacen and Admiral Niathal... but now Omas is suddenly dead under unclear circumstances, killed by Luke’s son.”

    He held up the second hand, weighting the two as scales again. “It’s complicated...” but then, Face looked directly at her. “... and it really comes down to who you choose to be loyal to, and who you do not.” He spoke in a leading fashion. “Doesn’t it?”

    Loriana frowned. "Quite the rundown of a complicated muddle. I will promise to be loyal to my team leader and teammates, wherever and however that is possible, and to help provide them with a different or other perspective whenever that's called for. I guess what I want is a context where candid sharing of opinions and options is welcomed. Is that even possible," here she gave a self-deprecating shrug, "Am I being naive?" Part of her hoped she was not.

    Face paused.

    "Not in the GA, not Confederation, no. It’s war; everyone is becoming more and more of a radical the longer it goes on. If you want to put the people around you above a cause... then you’re not looking in the traditional places.”

    A shrug.

    Loriana reflected on his words, and weighed them against the convictions she had come armed with.

    "You have to start somewhere," Loriana answered. "So I figure the group I'm with pulling together is as good a place to begin as any. Abstract causes are good and all, and I certainly believe in reestablishing peace, etc., but it's all too easy to lose sight of a goal, even a laudable one, if it's vague enough." She looked at General Loran. "So, out of curiosity, how have you managed to balance this all and still keep sane and a clear conscience?" She gave a low ironic chuckle. "That is to say, if you do have one, which I hope you do..."

    Face smiled. "Of course I have. I sleep very well, even if a bit lightly."

    As to the rest... It certainly helps if you have a group which says, loudly and proudly, that they refuse to cooperate and add to the harm filling the galaxy." He shrugged. "The Jedi, the Hapans, the Wookiees... even, arguably, that little group which just fled the Ocean for 'parts unknown'. But the GA? This isn't going to last forever. The GA is based on the foundations of the Rebellion; it may allow itself to go a certain way down the same path of the Empire, but at some point it'll be easy to identify the people behind all of that and cut them out. Even the leader of the Imperial Remnant quit the GA out of protest for the formation of the Galactic Alliance Guard."

    Which was true - Gilad Pellaeon, former Head of State of the Remnant, had been Supreme Commander of the GA before Jacen's 'not-so-secret' secret police had been formed - he resigned rather than work with Jacen... which is why Niathal, a hardliner, is now Supreme Commander... but even she was reported to have her issues with Jacen's methods.

    "Of course, the longer we've the perception that we're losing this war, the more quickly and solidly those extremes will be embraced, and blowing up potentially civilian freighters will happen if they flee a war zone for enemy territory, which, in hindsight, was stupid of them to even do so." Face nodded. "I can help with the losing the war bit, but I acknowledge that sometimes people need to do what they need to do - and its my job to anticipate that." His eyes looked down, and he reached for something under Loriana's stool.

    "I think you dropped your comlink."

    She hadn't, of course.

    Loriana smiled, accepting the proffered commlink.

    "Thank you," Loriana said. "It has been a pleasure speaking with you; your words have given me much to think about. I believe we will have occasion to speak again..."

    “... or at least we shall speak via friends, I have no doubt of that.”

    Face smiled, and turned to go, checking his jammer and comms as he went. “May the Force be with you, Loriana.”


    "And you, General," She answered. As he exited, she lingered in the lounge, going over their conversation and feeling as if things for her were about to take a momentous turn.
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  4. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2004
    Thank you to @The Real Kyp Durron for the wonderful combo

    IC: Adam Lyons, Kyp Durron

    Walking down the ramp Kyp noticed Adam hadn't responded to his remark, so he stopped and spun about. "So no chocolate?" he asked with a raised eyebrow? "You willing to take that kind of risk? Taking into account all we know and that we don't?"

    Adam froze and looked at Kyp, then back to his comm unit. He had forgotten chocolate... "I...oh Sithspawn..." Adam quickly typed in sweets for the group and chocolate with citrus in some sort of combination. He looked up sheepishly. "I forgot, but that should fix it. Were you wanting something, or are you willing to let them pick?"

    Kyp smirked a little. "Nothing for me." His smile faded quickly. "Just want" he pointed the space in front of him, "Make sense?"

    Adam nodded, "Yeah, it does." A good woman tends to have a habit of fixing things like that, he then looked back at Kyp, "I mentioned to the Spaceport authority that we're meeting friends so we should be close to them. I didn't name names, but described ships."

    Turning back he started toward the door. "Dangerous, describing X Wings, I could have found them. Pretty sure the warrants for their arrest would be out already and the descriptions of what they were flying as well. We'll have to move fast."

    Adam followed, "Again the names are out, not the ships. Besides you know how many copycats some fighter designs have? How many crazy people try to pretend they're the 181st or have a paint job like the Rogues during the Bacta War?" He caught up to Kyp, "Besides, them being seen outside of the hanger is arguably more risk than having a paint job described. Trust me, Briana has been keeping track of what the GA is providing in terms of information on them."

    Kyp glanced at Adam, he trusted him and his team of course, but he knew what was at stake here. "Good to know. Although I'd hate to be caught copying the purple and gold."

    Adam grinned, "I've seen a copy of mine when we were on the run. Not the best, but I've seen worse. That said it's a calculated risk to do this." He tossed Kyp a cred card, "Just in case."

    He caught it, "Can't hurt, don't really need it though." Kyp waved his hand with a touch of amusement. "I want it, I take it, but in a discrete way of course."

    Adam raised an eyebrow, "Don't want to raise more suspicion than we have to. Then again we are giving the businesses a good amount of trade today, so they might not pay much attention to least this time." He then grinned, "Besides I don't want you and Addie to have to spend your funds on us...again." Didn't really need to mention the time where several pilots got busted and Addie had to bail them out.

    "That was mostly paid back.......mostly." They reached the door. "And you know she'd never mention it now, it was a long time ago."

    Adam shook his head, "I know, but it's not going to happen. I refuse to let it happen again, you two deserve a chance to retire happily."

    Kyp pushed the button to open the door. "Retire? Ha. I doubt that will ever happen." Being a Jedi was for life, he knew that, but he did wonder when she’d slow down, if ever. He quickened his steps to break into a run.

    Adam shrugged, "I don't know, things happen. After this, she might want to settle down for a bit. You never know sometimes with her." He was going with his thoughts as they ran currently, but he could never guess Addie sometimes. Maybe she would have wanted to settle down more if she hadn't had a miscarriage.

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  5. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Following Colonel Tehanis

    Into hyperspace Bernael’s Fury had leapt and the further from Alderaan he was the more the hunger receded. His pilot followed the trail he kept updating for it but he had retired to the main lounge of his ship to think, to consider, and to understand things.

    So far he had met both Aden Kya, who was most definitely of the Dark Side, and Adalia Tehanis, who while in her mind he found to be more oriented toward the light but willing to allow some darkness when the light was too rigid. He had yet to meet a true Light Sider, but he was sure that would change in the not too distant future.

    ‘So why does it feel important to follow this Adalia? I know there is more that I could do to help heal her mind but there are others that are quite capable at that. I know that following her will lead me to that fourth spike, the Jedi Master Kyp Durron but that’s not it, not entirely either.’ he thought, sitting there, eyes not truly looking at anything.

    He looked up, saw his holotable and with a wave of his hand activated it. He had it pull up every bit of data he could on the Colonel, her history, her service record, her friends, her allies, her acquaintances, news about her accomplishments, her failures, her squadrons records, her personal life, everything that was available through every channel that he could access legally or by slicing. Sifting through it all furthered the knowledge he had of her but there was something else alluding him. So he continued to search, to think.

    And then it came to him, he had returned to his initial thoughts and that was what began to give him an answer. The Jedi Master was not the same strength as the Skywalker scion, Jacen Solo, but between the two of them they were the poles in this situation, one situated as far as he could be toward the light, for now, the other steeped in the dark, hidden in his allegiances but dark nonetheless. Aden was of the dark as well, had much potential for darkness, not to mention his own multiple allegiances, some to powers that wanted to stay hidden for now. Adalia was nominally of the Light, most of how she lived her life was a lighter shade of grey where it fell in the spectrum. But, while she was no Jedi, and from what he had studied she too thought them too rigid, often, she most often acted toward the lighter end of the spectrum, the pendulum of balance.

    ‘Now I understand her position, but why is it vital that I follow, find her, and speak to her?’ he thought. He considered the balance itself, how things were progressing in the galaxy, the Light ascending since the fall of the Galactic Empire, until it was almost controlling the pendulum of balance. There were powers attempting to tug it back toward the dark, one that wanted to pull it completely the opposite direction, and others with varying strength that were trying to bring the dark back, but perhaps toward a more even alignment of both sides across the galaxy. But even those must be counterbalanced.

    His head tilted to one side, one thought dominant ‘Is that why? I have had partners in the past but is she to be a partner, to assist in this conflict?’ His head stayed to one side for a time while he thought, testing his own thoughts against what he knew of both the short term balance and the long. Finally he came to a conclusion, one he would have to present, to see if it was accepted. But that required that he reach the destination he was currently proceeding to.

    As if that was a cue the pilot droid announced that they were momentarily to leave hyperspace, entering the Taris system.

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  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Abroad, the Anakin Solo

    He watched over Syal for a little bit, maybe longer than he should have. He could see she was in pain, struggling with everything going on around her, he just wanted to take it all away. He climbed up to his bunk trying to put the image of her cheeks stained with tears, eyes red from crying and passed out on the floor. It felt like he could do nothing, was just a useless watching her suffer. He tried to get some rest, to reset after everything happened. Though it seemed that was denied to him. His conversation with Captain Loran had put thoughts into his head. About finding a way to keep his oath, but not lose his soul while he was at it. He wouldn't leave the GA he'd sworn his life, his mother shed her blood for it. He couldn't leave it again. Was there another way, maybe he should start asking questions...start seeking out that path.

    Deep down, he just wanted to keep Syal safe, keep his promise to Toim, even if it was for his own selfish heart.

    He got no rest, no quiet in his mind as he tossed and turned trying to sort this whole mess out. Then the message came in, to report to the hangar. He got up shaking his head hanging his legs over the side of the bunk. Looking down he saw Syal shift a little one eye opening.

    "Hey there." He said with a smile. "Doing alright?"

    Getting a reply he jumped down starting to pull on his boots. Though he kept his smile chatted friendly like with Syal underneath he was still a bundle of nerves trying to keep it all together. It felt like a weight was resting on his shoulders crushing him, like he could barely breathe. When she turned away he let the smile fall, a deep breath leaving him.

    It was all too much for either of them, this wasn't their parents' war, there was no Evil Empire dominating the galaxy, they weren't the plucky rebels fighting against a titan. They were just soldiers, pilots, following their orders, fighting against former allies and friends...families. Stopping and thinking about it was enough to make his head spin. Maybe he shouldn't think about it. Maybe he should just keep his head down and follow orders no matter how dark it is.

    Another long breath looking over to Syal. Why did everything come back to her, could he think of anything else? He made a promise, not just to Toim, but to all his squadron, he said he would watch their backs, that they were in this fight together no matter what.

    Forcing another smile on his face he got up moving with Syal to the hangar to see what fresh hell awaited him.
    IC: Natalia Keizar
    Aden's Quarters, Anakin Solo

    She arrived at his quarters, finding it still rather spartan, a few items here or there but nothing substantial. She found her things stacked just on the inside of the door. It wasn't much a few changes of clothes, some equipment for slicing, a few momentos from home. She took a few moments to herself just walking about the space getting to know it. It was a senior officier's quarters larger than most, with amenities like attached fresher all to one's self, larger furnishings, a little higher quality.

    Her fatigue got the better of her and she collapsed onto the bed. It was only for a moment, but she thought about Aden, sharing this space with her. It brought a slight blush to her cheeks, one she quickly buried her face into the pillows. She was getting ahead of herself, there was still much to do.

    A change in the roster made her the new Wraith 13, a combat pilot. She knew how to fly, knew the basic maneuvers, but did she have what it takes to be part of the Wraiths, the elite of the starfighter corps.? She didn't want to harm her squadron, to hurt their capabilities in combat. She didn't want to be a detriment. She wouldn't want to fail Aden.

    She woke up a little later, a message coming in on her datapad. A briefing...She hoped Vua would be running that. Aden needed his rest, he shouldn't be up and about now. Rubbing her eyes she made her way out to the hangar, finding the one thing she wanted, but at the same time didn't want to see.

    Aden out of bed.

    She pursed her lips giving him a bit of a frown. Quietly she sent him a message waiting for the others to arrive.

    'What are you doing out of bed?' It would be quieter than her screaming at him in front of everyone.

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  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Loriana Starskimmer, on board the Anakin Solo

    Still with her mind full of the ramifications of her talk with General Loran, Loriana was nevertheless alert enough to catch the incoming tone of a message on her datapadd. She checked it, a squad briefing in the hangar... She headed that way.

    When she arrived, she saw Rhoen and Syal, the latter looking frazzled. Loriana's heart twisted in sympathy. She nodded in greeting but did not move to join them, preferring to stay on the periphery and await whatever new orders they were going to get.
    @galactic-vagabond422 \ @Sinrebirth
  8. I_am_Kooky

    I_am_Kooky Sth Aust. Chapter Representative star 4

    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Kate, Adrian, Beka, Adalia, Jesse, Ariadne, Kara.
    - Taris - Mid Level - Private Hanger.


    Through hyperspace and landing, Ariadne got no further word from any of the others, even as Joker seemed to get updates. Being left in the dark was hardly her favourite place to be, but she was left with her own thoughts through the trip. Why had she agreed to run so quickly? The GA had been her life, but it had always felt... lacking. Maybe it was wrong to crave adventure like this, but she'd made her choice, and she'd have to live with it.

    That didn't mean she had to sit here and wallow, though. Once they landed, Ariadne spotted some of the others disembarking and went to join them. Except... she hadn't seen Beka just yet.


    As got Kate closer, she watched the strange events unfold, Addie seemed really disorientated as she walked away from Jesse's ship. When she got close enough, she put a hand on Jesse's shoulder, "What's going on with her?" her voice thick with concern.

    Jesse glanced back at Kate. "I don't know. She's confused." He looked back, "What was she in the infirmary for? Do you know?"

    "She was what? No I don't know, I last saw her in her cell" Confused, she walked on over "Hey, Addie, what happened? you were in the medbay? What's wrong?"

    She was leaning against the side of her ship, the cold steel seemed cooling on her forehead. Someone asked if she was ok. 'pull it together, Adam will be here soon'. Drawing in a deep breath she turned and smiled. "Rotten headache, been a long ....few days. I'm fine.......fine......" she turned back as whoever was asking, and there were two of them, was blurry now. "All good, do what" She just wanted them to leave her be.

    //That's not what I asked!// she wanted to say but held her tongue, Adalia really didn't look in the mood to be more 'helpful' than she was already being. She looked back a Jesse to ask him something, but she only saw the uniform first. She had changed out of her uniform because she could, but Jesse and Adrian. . . and the other guy. . .couldn't, not unless. . She turned back to Adalia, "Hey Addie, can I spend the money? get some clothing for you lot, got any preference. . .want something too eat?"

    Kate was looking at him strangely then she asked a logical question. It made sense to him to get out of their uniforms for sure, it was a dead give away to anyone looking on.

    Spend my credits? They needed to do that, she remembered telling Sparks to let them. "Take Sparks, he has access to ..........." she'd lost the train of thought. ".......The stuff." She waved her hand dismissively.

    Kate was torn now from her desire to get the things needed and to stay with Addie, even if she didn't want her too. "Alrighty then" and she backed off and walked back at Jesse, and before he knew it, she enveloped him in a huge hug "Look after her okay, somethings wrong," she said sincerely. Then she let go and cheerfully said "yep, a little bit smaller than my husband, but should be able to get you the right size? any preference in clothing?"

    Jesse was taken by surprise, it'd been a very long time since a woman had hugged him like that, any woman. He went slightly stiff as he hardly knew this one. She was asking him what he wanted to wear? "Um, blacks, greys..." he shrugged, it didn't matter that much to him, but he added honestly "not into bright colours." Colour? It was his secret that he was colour blind.

    "Fair enough" she started to walk off back to her ship, she turned to face him, while still walking away and then pointed at Jesse, then pointed at her eyes, then pointed back at him in the classic 'I got my eye on you' threat, but with her big friendly smile. She spun around again, looking for 'Sparks'. She saw a droid by Jesse's ship and she called out to it "Oi, You Sparks?, Come with me!"


    "Do you want to leave the ship?" Adrian asked Kara. If she was similar to how he had been her age she probably wanted to get up and walk a bit after the long flight. He wasn't sure if it was a good idea for them to leave the hangar but at least here they might be able to.

    "Ah, are we allowed? I thought mum said to stay?" Kara looked out the open door, bright and full of potentially interesting things, she and then look back at the man still on the floor. "Where are we again?"

    "I´ve no idea," he replied to the young girl. In truth, this question was the main reason he wanted to leave the ship. He wasn't sure but maybe the layout of the hangar and what he could see outside of it could give him at least a clue on where they were. "I think it will be okay if we stay close by the ship." Adrian said and slowly walked towards the ramp leading outside.

    Kara had already packed away her holoprojector, she had grown fond of Adrian as he had watched it with her and actually watched it instead of pretending like most Adults. "Okay, I'll come with you!" she got followed him and then held his hand. "you can deal with mum if this makes her mad."

    "Okay, I will," he assured Kara, unsure how Kate would react but he felt it was probably better to get Kara away from Beka and her prisoner, just in case. The hangar didn't give much away, which disappointed Adrian a bit. It was a smaller one, likely one for private persons to rent while they were visiting whatever planet this was. So probably not a poor colony world or something like that but a larger settled world with a at least a decent trade. That was at least an info he guessed.

    Kara was a little disappointed by the lack of interesting things to see, like it was kinda cool for a second, then it was just. . .boring. She saw her mum talking to a droid, and Aunty Addie looking over her ship. "This is Boring" she looked up at Adrian.

    Adrian only listened with half an ear. He had just spotted R7 next to Adalia's ship. He waved and gave the little droid a smile, glad he had me it through this. Rolling over to them R7 replied with a happy whistle but also something else. He wants to tell me something, alone.


    Beka crouched in the rear of the shuttle, leaning back against the wall. What they were doing was stupid, dragging the others along was even stupider, and now they had to live with their mistakes. It wasn't as if Adrian or Jesse could ever return to the GA without being branded as traitors, but they hadn't exactly agreed to the Sabre lifestyle. Beka knew what she'd been getting into-- it wasn't her first escape-- but even she'd messed up, dragging along Ariadne unexpectedly. It wasn't fair to any of them.

    Adrian and Kara left, thankfully, and Beka didn't have to say anything. Her throat was hurting more now that the adrenaline had worn off, and she wasn't exactly up to a conversation. And certainly not one about her... prisoner.


    With the droid following her, she saw that Adrain and Kara had left the ship, and another droid had overtaken her. "MUM!" Kara called and ran up to her and walked with her back as Kate was going up to Adrian "I'm bored? where are we? what are we doing now?" Kate looked at Kara, then turned back to Adrain "We are on Taris, Addie is . . .not well, and Jesse is looking after her" She then suddenly enveloped Adrian in a hug "Thank you for looking after Kara" she said sincerely.

    Then as she stood back up "Bit smaller than my Husband, should be able to get something about your size. . .I'm getting new clothing, I'm sure the uniform ain't that comfy, Any preferences?" she asked cheerfully as Kara interrupted "We are going shopping?" Kate gently brought Kara closer to her "Yes we are Kiddo"

    Adrian returned Kate's hug, a bit surprised. "You're welcome," he muttered before she brought up the question of clothing. Adrian chided himself a bit for not thinking of this himself. Excluding what he had on him and R7 he had left pretty much all his belongings on the Ocean, including his casual clothing. "Something dark blue or black, nothing special," he told Kate.

    "Excellent!, well catch ya later." she waved at Adrian, and walked on, looking for Beka "BEKS? You want any clothing or something else while I'm out shopping?


    A head peeked around the shuttle entrance, and she glanced up. Ariadne had decided to look in, then.

    "I think they're looking for you," Ariadne commented. "Something about buying clothes...?"

    Beka grunted as she stood. "I'm fine," she rasped, and winced at the pain. Yeah, definitely not talking. She pointed at her bag, hoping it would make it clear.

    "Ah, of course. I didn't exactly get to pack myself." Ariadne was in uniform, except for her dark flight jacket. "I'll let them know."

    Ariadne approached the one who'd been asking about clothes, unfamiliar with who it was, exactly. "Beka says she's good, I've got, well, this." She indicated what she was wearing. "So if you're taking requests, I would love a change."

    Kate was walking up to the ship when another woman stepped out. Kate hadn't met her yet, but she seemed friendly enough. "Yep totally am. I'm Kate an old teammate of Beks and this is Kara, my daughter. So whats your size? what do you want, I'm not getting anything more than two sets of something for now."

    "Anything's fine, really. Maybe nothing too eye-catching given our... current state." She glanced around at the others, none of whom looked thrilled to be there. "A low profile might be best for now."

    Alrighty then, she looked her up and down, she could probably guess something close for her size. "Sounds fair" although the idea of getting them all different fluro colour shirts suddenly seemed appealing. "Well, keep an on this lot" Kate waved her arms around the hanger, Jesse standing near Addie, looking unwell, Adrian talking to the droid, and Beks in her ship with, that thing. "And may the force be with you, your gonna need it," she said half-joking, but it feeling more real as she thought about it, and waved as she walked off.

    With Kara and Sparks in tow, Kate left the hanger "Now, remember where it is, I'm going to ask you later today." "No worries Mum!" with that they walked out of the small labyrinth that is all hanger docks, and out onto the plaza.


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    IC Adam, Adrian, Kyp, Adalia, Jesse.
    Private hangar- Taris

    Thanks guys, as usual, lots of fun being a drama queen!! This weeks at least! :p

    Jesse had his arms folded loosely across his chest whilst holding his arms while he stood quietly. She wasn’t well, he knew that but he wasn’t about to approach her as she’d made it clear to leave her alone. He hoped she’d call for help, he’d be the first there, then, maybe then she’d see him. Not as a pilot or Commander, but as a man, who cared about her. He still held out hope that she’d see him, notice him, take interest in him. Behind him, he heard the door to the hangar open again and he duly glanced back to see why Kate had returned but was more than a little surprised to see two men enter, it only took in milliseconds to recognize them. His research made recognizing retired Colonel Adam Lyons, and beside him, all these previous thoughts had suddenly been dashed. Any chance he had with the woman before him faded as he looked Jedi Master Kyp Durron. He turned back toward Adalia in an attempt to hide his disappointment and frustration. They approached him without any words and coming around the nose of the ship walked past him, barely acknowledging him.

    Adrian gave a short nod to the two men. He wasn't sure who they were but the way they behaved told him that they where the ones who had called them here

    Having entered the hangar ‘his’ way Kyp crossed the floor toward Adalia’s distinctive faded purple and gold X Wing. Adam was close behind. They rounded the corner, he knew where she was, he could feel her so close now. There was a man watching her from what he could see and he gave him a nod of acknowledgment. Adalia stood leaning hard against her X Wing, her hands holding her head, her hair in a braid but somehow a tangled mess. This was not her, at least not the 'her' he knew. He wanted to close the distance between them but the truth was he was unsure as to how she'd react to his presence. They'd not parted on good terms. He took a few steps forward, knowing Adam was very close behind, if not beside him. "Ads?" he called out only loud enough for the few of them to hear.

    Adam joined Kyp and looked at Adalia, it was pretty clear to him she wasn’t completely...there. Something had happened to her physically, he couldn’t be sure, there’d been rumors that she’d been hospitalized on the Ocean. At the very least he could assume that it wasn’t her normal routine to get ready to deal with Aden and GA High Command onboard the Ocean or whichever ship it was. It was also clear she wasn’t entirely there mentally. Adam’s mind was running through the people who would do something like that was short, Aden and Jacen Solo. He wasn’t sure whether Aden was powerful enough or capable of doing something like that. It only required knowledge of the Kashyyyk bombardment to know that Jacen was. Adam’s temper immediately flared up, he calmed himself down, That’s another thing I’m going to do to them...

    The sounds and light around her wear blinding to her mind. Nothing was working right anymore and thought patterns were broken. It hurt to think, and it hurt so badly to hold in the feelings, the thoughts, the pain. All of it was a beacon to Force users and right now she didn't know who she could trust. Aden was out there, and what was his name? Barnael? He was clearly a Force user too, she couldn't let them know where she was, couldn't lead them to those she'd managed drag into this mess. There was so much at stake, too much and she had to hold it all in, had to control her broken mind. Why was it so broken? She could not remember how or why this had happened to her. She was trembling when she heard a familiar voice behind her. Who was that? She knew the voice, but she was struggling to connect faces to sounds now. Pushing off the ship she slowly turned around to look through blurred vision. She had to squint but there were two people, no, two men. Adam was here, he was finally here, but the other man managed in simply being there to break the dam that was holding everything in. Suddenly she couldn't breathe and began sucking gulping breaths of air whilst clutching at her throat and chest. There wasn't enough air in the hangar and in her mind, things were getting dark. Like the Senate chambers when the lights were shut down in succession, Adalia's mind was shutting down, bit by bit till it was dark. The dam had broken, her mind was not there to hold anything anymore and as she collapsed to the hangar bay floor a massive Force wave that would be felt for a good distance washed violently away from her, it all flooded outward. A wave of pain, anguish, fear, terror, frustration, despair, uncertainty. It was screaming questions of what have I done? Why am I dragging others into this mess? What did I do to deserve this? Why am I here?

    Kyp saw her gasping, now was the time to act. He began to surge forward, using the abilities to increase his speed but was stopped as she fell. A powerful wave hit him, caused him to stumble backward, he struggled to keep his balance as her discombobulated mess of emotions and passion washed over him. It was almost overpowering as he himself gasped sharply. The wave was gone in a matter of seconds and he quickly regained his balance to close the distance.

    Adam was still trying to figure out who all was here when he felt a wave of emotion, but more than that, questions, Why, why am I even here? Why… almost dozens if not hundreds of questions that had built up in the last few days, weeks or maybe even months. He wasn’t sure, but maybe something that had been shut off years ago was coming back, or maybe it was powerful enough to break through at that moment.

    Adam cleared his head and ran over to join Kyp, he looked around for people, saw a young man under the small freighter and got into his military voice, “You, get in the freighter and find any medical supplies and bring it out here!” He looked around and saw another man near Addie, “You, come here. In our bay, we have two freighters go and get the supplies from them and bring them over here, we may have others who need some help also!” Adam lowered his voice and looked at Kyp, “I think I have a who, but I need to check on the others, you have everything here?”

    "I have a name," Adrian muttered, surprised how quickly the newcomers where to give orders. For a short moment he played with the thought of refusing but that would only cause even more trouble. Whatever R7 had to tell him it would have to wait until after he had fulfilled this task. "Guess some things never change no matter which side we are on," he told the little droid who gave him an agreeing bleep. "Well lets go, the sooner we get this done the sooner we can figure out what is really going on here."

    He’d not managed to catch her, reaching her as she hit the ground. Skidding to his knees as he reached her, he scooped her up and rolled her over to face him. “ADDIE!?!” he pulled her to him, running one hand over her face. Kyp was shocked at the bruising around her temples and eyes and could ‘feel’ she was unconscious now. Bending down he instinctively kissed her forehead before putting his arm under her legs. She was heavy, not too heavy for him. Standing with her him his arms he turned. “I’ve got her, but I think moving out fast would be better, and I have a rough idea too, but I need to look inside.”

    Jesse had surged forward when she’d collapsed and now stood watching, his grey eyes wide with fear for her. What just happened and who did this to her? He got the feeling they knew.

    Adam looked back to the man near Addie, “Hey, landing bay COR 144, we have two freighters, get the medical kits from them, and bring them back. Go!”

    Jesse knew orders when he heard them, and mentally repeated the number of the hangar in his mind a few times as he nodded, turned and ran. If he could help, he would.

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    OOC: Thank you to @I_am_Kooky for the wonderful combo!

    IC: Briana Odan, Kael Swiftflight, Kate and Kara Leeash
    Location - Taris, Mid Level, Open Plaza.

    "Wow, Mum, there are so many people here, and the buildings are as taller than the trees at home... It’s all so shiny!" Kara said while gawking at everything. "Yep, and this is actually pretty normal, we were lucky living in trees," Kate said keeping an eye on all the people, taking in what seems to be the most common style of outfit, to be able to get something similar.

    After getting three standard-ish man outfits, nothing special. Kate did have a good giggle over one shirt that said "Don't look at me" on the front and back, but as they didn't actually want to be looked at, it might have been a bit inappropriate. She loved the idea of making them all wear slogan shirts "Real men Fly Y-wings", "Galaxies Greatest Farter, I mean Father" , "I wanna feel the force with you tonight" Kara didn't understand that last one, and Kate wasn't going to explain it.

    But in the end, she got boring standards colours and styles, she didn't want to piss off Addie, given her current mood... .and that it was her money. She got the other woman something dark, and flexible, while still looking badass. As she was picking up Addie's clothing, Kara's words came back to her, 'My cousin.' If she was pregnant, that might explain the mood. Kate remembered Eak cowering in fear at one of her moods while pregnant with Kara.

    So for Addie, she got her some very stretchy, soft black slacks, and a dark purple, extra oversized soft top, and a jacket for temperature fluctuations. It would be perfect to hide the child if she wanted to, but also cause its super comfortable, and everyone should be that, at all times. Kate rubbed her neck, she could still feel the scratch marks from her uniform. If anyone asked, Kate will say she just must have picked up the wrong size by accident.

    Kael and Briana had finished their list for things they needed for the base, along with something slightly more than emergency kit medical supplies and had them sent to the landing bay so they could be landing on the freighters. Kael was still occasionally grumbling, "My ribs still hurt..."

    Briana rolled her eyes, "Such a baby, the next little girl I find, I'm going to see if she'd be interested in a giant baby doll." She gave Kael the stink eye and he shut up. "Good, now let's find that bakery."

    "Mum, I'm hungry" Kara whined in that 'I've had enough' tone, Kate was really proud of how well she was handling all this. "Yeah, that's fair, what do you ..." Kate stopped as she thought she saw Beka's face on a holo. Confused she wondered over, Kara following, as they got closer the face changed "Look, Mum, that's Aunty Addie! that she in trouble?" Kate sighed, she figured something like this would happen. "Yeah, she is, they all are..." Kate got all the information, for all the ‘wanted’ holo’s downloaded into her device. She was just glad that she wasn’t on these posters.

    Kara was having a great time, just being a little normal again, and she loved Sparks, she couldn’t understand what it said, but she felt like she did, sometimes. As her mum was downloading the holos. She started to feel. . . overwhelmed. She felt a little dizzy and put her hand out to grab her mum, and as always, she was right there a comfort. “Kara?” her mum asked....but then like an explosion in her heart, she felt lost, and guilty and it was suddenly too much for her. She fell to the ground screaming in pain!

    Kate felt a bit of a wave of guilt and feeling hopeless wash over her, but nothing too far out of the ordinary, she had been dealing with pain and guilt from Kashyyyk, but when Kara cried out, she all her thoughts where on her, as her daughter fell, she could feel the anguish from her but was at a complete loss as to explain this sudden outburst.

    Kara couldn’t understand, couldn’t grasp what was going on or why she screamed out “WHAT HAVE I DONE? Why did I drag others with me? What did I do? WHY AM I HERE?” Her mum had already dropped the shopping and was trying to hold in her a hug, rocking back and forth trying to be soothing, but it wasn’t helping. She was crying but although she felt lost and guilty, she couldn’t work out why.

    Kate was at a loss to answer the questions, she didn't understand why Kara even had them. They were something similar to what was running around in her mind, but quietly and in the back and had nothing to do with what was going on, nothing she did to spark the outburst. “It's okay, Kara, your okay, I'm here, I love you,” she said soothingly as she tried to work out what the kriff was going on. Drag others with me? one was dragged anywhere...except for....the boys... Addie? her mind tried to work it out. She remembered somewhere in the back of her brain that Addie had the Force, and so did Kara? Did that connect them? Addie was acting weird, did that hurt Kara? she felt something too, but she was no force user. . .

    But as suddenly as it came, it washed away, leaving Kara feeling hollow and scared. But her mum was holding her tight and she started to feel better. She looked out from her mother's hug and saw people walking by, staring at her, she felt so embarrassed and confused.

    "Keep an eye out for a good bakery," Briana was keeping some of her attention on her comm unit, they had what Adalia would want, Briana and Kael knew what Adam would want, but nothing from the rest of the group, at least not yet. She muttered, "We may need some help with this..."

    "We were getting food to remember" trying to distract Kara from thinking too hard about it. “hmmhumm" Kara meekly said. "Ah, we can get get a sandwich or a pie or something, a bakery, perhaps, something sweet?" Kara just nodded, feeling so foolish for her outburst, but so lost as she couldn’t control it. “It's okay sweetheart, really it will be

    Kate helped Kara up, but held her close, she looked all around, some smaller food shops, she saw two bakeries. One had a huge line of people, the other really quite. Her instincts would normally go for the busy one because clearly that had better food, but after seeing the wanted posters, she was starting to feel uneasy about being out and about.

    "Namana Bakery" Kara read out aloud, as she walked in, she smiled at all the sugary food on display below, maybe I was just hungry Kara was still trying to work out what happened.


    Kael and Briana were slowly ambled down the pathway keeping an eye out for a bakery when they saw the sign for Namana Bakery. Kael looked at his comm, "Good reviews." he suggested. Briana shrugged, still keeping an eye out for any updates from Adam. Nothing.

    As they walked in Briana kept her voice low, "Not a lack of choice, but we only know what Stealth wants and she who beats bad Colonels wants. We don't even know what Jedi Boy wants."

    Kael merely shrugged, "We improvise I guess."

    Kate’s ears pricked as the two new customers walked in talking about Stealth and Jedi Boy. Kate eyed them off, did she recognize them? Not too many people she knew used code names in the real world, aside from people that had code names. Stealth... .wasn't that... .Adam? and Jedi Boy.. .that might be... Kyp? Kate started to fidgeting a bit, debating whether or not to ask or interfere...But if they knew Kyp, maybe they were on the level, or they could help get Addie back to him, or vise versa. They looked like they were deciding on what food to choose. She then got an idea, she wanted to be subtle about it, if they were what she thought, they would get it, if not...then none of this mattered.

    "Hey, Kara," Kate said, a little bit louder than normal..."Do you remember what Dad’s and My Code Name was?" . . ."No" Kara said her mouth half full of the sandwich. Undeterred Kate tried again "If you remember, I will let you pick you a second dessert" again she said a little louder than normal conversation levels. Kara stopped eating and really thought about it. . ."Ahh...I Daddies was... “Y”... .but yours was....ahhh..." Kara struggled "it starts with a 'K'" Kate offered..."K … K... Kooky! YOU’RE KOOKY!" Kara said shouted in excitement as she remembered! //Ha, that plan worked// Kate thought as she kept a side-eye on their reaction.


    Briana and Kael both heard the exclamation of the young girl and looked over at the two people sitting there. One was a young woman, very tall, and a little girl maybe no older than 10 standard years. Something in Briana's mind thought she looked familiar, not in a personal way, but in looking over information sort of way. She looked over at Kael, "Kooky was a member of one of the squadrons Stealth was in....and she's from Kashyyyk. Could that be...?"

    Kael shrugged, "You know better than I do Angel." He chose to use that callsign of Briana's rather than having to explain to a young girl what HQ meant.

    Briana sighed, "Always leaving the decisions up to others, Swift." She lowered her voice a bit more, "Should we go talk to them? Maybe we should..." Over Kael's surprised looked, Briana grinned, "Hey you said we should improvise..."

    Kate heard them, 'squadron' 'Kashyyyk' and now she had to decide if they were going to be helpful or not, she didn't get any bad vibes off them, but decided that perhaps she should go up and say hi, none the less. She stood up, and stretched, her fingers nearly reaching the ceiling. A display of power if nothing else, but she really did need the stretch. "Stay here, I’m going to get us some water" she instructed Kara.

    She walked over and grabbed a glass of water from the countertop, and turned to look down at the two of them. "Stealth huh?" she said gently, "not very stealthy saying the word Jedi these days. Who knows who might hear you, and unleash a Wookiee's' wrath." she offered casually, holding the glass, ready to do anything, should she work out she was wrong.

    Briana raised an eyebrow, Kael merely shrugged, "There were certainly worse times to say that word." He glanced at Briana, who seemed to be evaluating the woman, "If a Wookie's wrath is anything close to that of a Thakwaash, I'll pass."

    Briana nodded, "Besides, I think we might have a mutual friend between us. In fact, we're trying to get something for him, along with a few others whom we're supposed to meet soon."

    Kate raised her eyebrow and smiled "She likes chocolate, you can’t go wrong with something chocolate filled or coated... .just chocolate", She looked back at Kara, then back to them. "We are about to leave, let my daughter help you, can’t go wrong when a 10-year-old picks the food."

    Briana smiled, "Our mutual friend suggested chocolate combined with citrus, maybe orange. There's fudge with orange creme in it. We were going to get Stealth fudge with a mint creme and mint chips in it, but we don't know what to get the rest." She looked at the young girl then back at the mother, "Should we appoint her the Field Marshal of snacks and sweets? We'll pay."

    She remembered Adam's love of mint, she had put mayonnaise inside some mint cookies after removing the mint and laughing so hard at the face Adam made when he took a bite. These people must be okay then....or so she hoped... "I think she would be most suited to the task, her pay is also quite reasonable." Kate chuckled. She walked back overseeing Kara wiping her hands on her shirt. "That's what napkins are for" Kate lamented seeing the greasy stain on Kara’s new top.

    "Sorry Mum,... .can I pick now?" Kate was gathering the bags. "See those two people over there" she pointed, and they waved. "They want you to pick out snacks for their friends, and they will get you one in thanks."

    Kara bounded over to the two people her mum pointed "I want a Neuvian sundae!" she said proudly.

    Briana smiled, not only at the little girl's enthusiasm but also at Kael's nervousness. He wasn't all that comfortable around kids. "Sure thing, what do you think our friends would want? You might even have met them so you'd want them to be happy." She looked back up at the mother, "Should we just stick with sweets? Looks like they have some fresh bread and other baked goods around here as well."

    Kara looked at her mum, "are we gonna meet these people?" then she looked back and started to put some thought into what random people she didn't know would like... then decided that if she was going to meet them, she would just pick what she liked, then she could eat what they didn't want.

    Kate was wandering over "Its been a long flight, and it might be another, some real food might make it better, a platter of sandwiches is good for people that you don’t know, it travels well. "

    "Yeah, as long as mum doesn't make the sandwiches everything is okay!" Kara offered, not even looking up from the cabinet. Kate rolled her eyes "Gee, set the kitchen on fire making sandwiches ONCE and no one ever lets it go..."

    Briana snickered, "It's a good idea, though it won't be as far as you've been already." She got down to the little girl’s level and smiled, "Pick something that you think most people would like and it should be fine."

    Kara took a deep breath in "We are gonna need, a Sweetmallow square, Gumbah pudding, honey stick, a Zoochberry cobbler a Namana twist, how many people was it? cause we will need the chocolate donuts, and a whole bag of Wookiee Cookies' and that one, whatever it is" Kara listed off, pointing at each treat in the span of about 15 seconds.

    "I hope you got all that" Kate laughed.

    Briana grinned at the mother, "She knows her sweets." She then looked at the attendant who had already picked out the two kinds of fudge, "To that list, add some Cardellian mints, cause I know someone who'd never forgive us if we didn't get some of those," She winked at the mother and daughter, "Any specific ideas on sandwiches? Or should we just get a platter of them?"

    "eh, platter should do," Kate said shrugging.

    "and Pizza!" Kara offered, she was now really hoping she could come to this party.

    Briana smiled and saw Kael's eyes light up at the mention of pizza. "I guess a platter of sandwiches and a pizza." She handed over her cred card, which actually an expense account that the Wraiths typically used. She grinned back at the two women, "This is probably about the nicest thing bought in quite a while with this account."

    "Mum, can I help carry the sweets?" Kara offered, she just wanted to be where they were going.

    "I don’t know, these people might be somewhere opposite us? We are Mid Level Green Terrn" Kate offered, it was narrow enough to be direct, but vague enough that they could still maintain privacy.

    Briana accepted her card back, "Actually we're going where you're going. Though we can go into more detail later." She looked at the young girl, "So, of course, you can carry the sweets, I think Stealth mentioned something about being traumatized by your mom giving him some mints, so I need you to guard them."

    Kael nodded eagerly, "I can get the platter and the pizza no problem."

    Kara looked confused, is there someone really named 'Stealth' "Mum?" She said collecting all the bags that had the desserts in them.

    Kate was opening the door with her butt and was stifling laughter. "Oh, the face he made! Has he really not forgiven me yet!?" Kate felt herself reverting back to being the rookie as past pranks were flooding back.". .Oh please let me give him the cookies, please oh please! just think of his face, it’s gonna be so funny" she was keeping the door open to let the others through.

    Briana chuckled to herself, "Oh you're going to be so much fun to work with. I really look forward to this. Yeah hand him a cookie, that should be fun." She was now convinced that High Command had truly made a massive mistake in letting these people retire, instead of bringing them to Intelligence where they could have worked with the Wraiths. Killjoys…

    Kael at the back of the group, "This stuff smells so good!"

    "Don't drool on the food!" Briana snapped, though somewhat quietly as they were walking back. "I've heard what she did with an A-wing. I'll recommend she do it to your fighter...and you know I mean it if you drool on other people's food."

    Kara was still confused, mum had told her stories of her time being pilot, but these sounded... .like mum pulled pranks... .her mum, one of the most serious, and bossy and careful people she knew. "What happened?" Kara asked out loud, to any one of the adults who seemed to know what was going on, if her mum was fun once, she wanted to know about it.

    "Did anyone ever figure out how I did that?" Kate was laughing now. "Do you wanna tell her or should I?"

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    IC: Aden Kya

    The briefing was what it was. Vua stood beside him, and they summarised what had happened so far, then dismissed the other squadrons of Rogue Wing. There was little to add. There was no mention of the Intruder; none at all. Keizar would notice that.

    As it came to an end, Aden asked for some pilots to remain. He also called in a pilot who had been conspicuously absent for more than a day; the Wild Knights XO Da'mina Shonest. He had been in the brig under suspicion for helping Adalia escape, but Aden had straightened things out and ordered his release and reinstatement. They had yet to talk, but they would soon enough.

    Also was a new recruit who had been pulled in to contribute to the new roster, though Kya intended to spring it upon the pilot; Tracy Needa. Needa was an infamous Imperial surname, though Aden had no idea as to whether there was a connection between her and Lorth Needa, the former captain of the Avenger, who had been choked to death by Darth Vader.

    He made introductions from them to Loriana, Syal and Rhoen. Aden needed to discuss something with them new. "There is a mission that I need you to undertake, and an experiment to boot. Wraith Squadron, under General Loran, was known for its innovative strategies before it was decommissioned as an Intel unit. The squadron was recreated as a starfighter one during the Vong War, and again now, much like the Wild Knights was originally a Jedi squadron until the GA continued the name."

    He adjusted the hoverchair to turn so his words could encompass them. "We have taken casualties and the remainder Wild Knights pilots have been shuffled to other squadrons, but at present I have too many pilots to run as a single squadron, and too few to create full squadrons. So, I shall be doing things a bit differently."

    He pointed at Loriana, Syal and Rhoen. "Dancer Squadron, with Antilles as Dancer One, Rhoen as Two, and Loriana as Three. You will be your own deployment, combining an Aleph and two XJ7s." He pointed to Da'mina, Tracy and Vua. "Wild Knights Squadron, deploying three XJ7s. Vua will be One, Shonest as Two, Needa as Three." He pointed to himself. "The Wraiths will adjust to be a two flight squadron, of my Blur, three Aleph's and four XJ7s." He pointed at Keizar. "Keizar, the new Wraith Two, as my co-pilot." He grinned, in-spite himself.

    Making a new Dancer Squadron would refocus the angst and drama between Loriana and Syal's Sullustan co-pilot into one group. Then, Vua could supervise the newcomers, and creating a new Wild Knights squadron would inevitably leak to Tehanis and her crew. It would annoy them, which was fine enough. The Wraith's would form the more traditional heart to the group, but Vua and Antilles would supply a solid three-man command team with Kya himself.

    "Over time I shall add pilots to each squadron, and you will have an increased deployment responsibility. I have missions for each of you, so you'll all be busy." He pointed to them.

    "Dancer Squadron; there is a Interceptor-class frigate at the edge of the Coruscant system. It is stealth equipped, but there has been recent positive ping. You are to head out, locate, and destroy the ship. The Solo will be shortly leave dry-dock, and you will have support." Vua's eyes widened, but he said nothing.

    A schematic showed up of the 150m long ship, which was well armed for its size. It would be a decent target, and they would need to be sharp.

    "Wild Knights; there is a Confederate spy by the name of Dician that GA Intelligence has reported to me. She is making enquiries of the Wookiees about a rogue Dark Jedi by the name of Alema Rar, who is rumoured to have killed Mara Jade Skywalker. She was last sighted by Commenor, which has its entire fleet at the front line right now. I shall have a ship target for you shortly." Vua's looked surprised.

    For neither target was a Confederate one.

    But Aden pressed one.

    "Keizar, you shall remain with me... at least until I recover, and sort the squadrons out. I have a Protocol Droid, Emtry, who will be placed to assist with the re-provisioning of the expanded squadron." He nodded to them.

    "Dancer Squadron, I expect you to launch immediately," he pointed to their three ships. "Your ships are ready to go. Antilles; your wingmate is en route. He had a pressing personal matter to overcome." Aden did not look at Loriana; Zan was nursing his heartbreak, it seemed. He also didn't address the rumours about Rhoen and Syal, though he imagined Syal would be both thrilled and dismayed to be in-charge of a group; Aden expected Rhoen to nudge her along.

    "Wild Knights Two," he said, addressing Shonest, " and Wraith Two," he said, addressing Keizar, "you are with me." He looked to Vua and Needa. "Wild Knights Leader and Three, I leave you to orientation."

    Vua stared at Aden, and then turned back to the woman with the droid arm. He had a firm distaste for the arm; he was still Yuuzhan Vong, under all the masque. "Come with me," he said, grumbling. Not just because of Aden pairing him with her, but also because Interceptor-class frigates were favoured tools of the secretive One Sith, and indeed Dician was a One Sith. Targeting both was well within the remit of the Galactic Alliance while at war... but Aden was putting a thumb in the eye of the Sith back on Korriban and using the others to do so... though undoubtedly the One Sith would be aiding the Confederate war effort if only to spite the Jedi.

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    OOC: Gonna have some fun with you guys.
    IC: Palpatine the Holocron

    En route to who knows. Well, the Jedi knew, obviously.

    Corran and Mirax would stare quizzically at the holocron showing young Palpatine,

    "And to what do we owe the pleasure of such esteemed company?" The Jedi Master was neutrally curious, as any former investigator did.

    'Palpatine' shrugged. "There was a stirring in the dark side of the Force, perhaps in your young girl, and of course, I responded. Nothing more or less." He was referring to Seha, for, of course, the Holocron had listened as best it could. There was no darkness to her, just fear and guilt, but Palpatine may as well dig in the knife and stir as best he could.

    "But you intrigue me more, Master Horn, was it?" There was a slight smile. "Your grandfather was a minor thorn in my side as a youth, the year before I met my Master. Would you believe that? Back when he was a Padawan." The Holocron projection chuckled slightly.

    "But look at his grandson? A Jedi Master in a New Jedi Order. Oh how proud he would be." Palpatine leaned forward. "That Force disability? Does it still run through the family? All the males being unable to use telekinesis, was it?"

    Palpatine definitely knew a lot about the Halcyon family. It was too much for him not to be telling the truth about at least some of it. But the rest? Oh the rest was not known to Corran.

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider
    IC: Clighal

    Endor, Forest Moon

    The Mon Calamari Jedi Master, for once in her lifetime, frowned. While Coruscant was a far call from Mon Calamari, Endor was even more removed. She had been able to head to the artificial oceans on Coruscant if she needed a reprieve, but on Endor she had to figure out a landscape that had not truly been mapped, and the Empire and the Death Star wreckage of nearly four decades ago had ruined even that. Eventually she had found a decent sea of water by a decent sized chunk of the old battlestation with the help of a guide, but the locals confirmed that in the last few days that the weather had been unnaturally stirred, and the water restless.

    Jed Master and healer Clighal could not help but wonder if the arrival of the Jedi had done something to the balance of the forest moon and its innumerable natives - far too many to have occurred without some kind of mass migration of species - or perhaps it was a reaction to the emotional bloodstain that Leia had mentioned in orbit about the forest moon.


    Either way, Clighal had to wait for the storm to pass before she could go any further towards the storm and the waves it had birthed, or waste more time finding a decent body of water. Grandmaster Skywalker had approved her brief departure - or, rather, he had not objected when she had gone, for Luke had spent many days since Mara's death in solitude even if you were present - but eventually someone would call her back.

    Sure enough, her comlink chimed, and Clighal sighed. Before it was even open, a gruff voice emerged. "Master Katarn here; Skywalker has requested the Council convene?"

    Clighal wondered aloud. "Grandmaster Skywalker?"

    "Apprentice Skywalker."

    "Ben," Clighal said with disbelief.

    "He has asked us to recall the other Council members so we can decide what to do next."

    Clighal pursed her lips. Ben was not in a position to dictate to the Council, but she did not disagree. Kyp and Corran were on their own missions, and Kam and Tionne were still recovering. That didn't mean they shouldn't get on; hundreds were dying every day in the war. Clighal would speak to Ben, and decide whether or not to get in contact with Kyp and Corran.

    But undoubtedly they would need to soon.

    TAG: @The_Real_Kyp_Durron, @Corellian_Outrider (mentioned only, non-TAG)
    IC: Iella Antilles

    Nowhere, quite literally

    She was nowhere.

    Specifically, Port Nowhere.


    Once an old Azalus-class Hutt dreadnaught, from back when the Hutts made warships - in the dim millennia gone, though they had half a fleet in action even now on behalf of the Confederates - Port Nowhere now was a roving space station and shadowport, and, since the Alliance attacks on Corellia and Kashyyyk, and the Confederate attacks on Balmorra and Kuat, was once more a refugee ship among the stars. It had, by virtue of said status, became a meeting point for all manner of refugee from the war. But now, with the war heating up in the Core, it was heading towards the Rim - towards Eriadu, which was neutral in the conflict at present, although it had seceded from the Galactic Alliance some months ago now.

    On one of the rare moments when Port Nowhere stopped, it did so not far from Yag'Dhul, having headed away from Corellia, Fondor and Commenor - the Confederate Triangle in the Core. Between those systems the GA had no presence at all, and indeed they were few and far between in the triangle made up by Nal Hutta, Bothawui and Corellia. At present ships were fleeing, heading Rimward, or more refugees were heading to their location to connect with those who had fled the fall of Balmorra to the Confederates.

    Iella Antilles stood here, staring into the void of space, while her husband slept. Their daughter, Myri, was with the Errant Venture, and Syal still served with the GA, but Iella and Wedge were on the move, targets of both the GA and the Confederation for betraying both factions. Which was fine by them, because it gave them some quality time, but it wasn't easy to secure transportation for both them and Wedge's X-wing, because he insisted that it come along. They were running low on credits, and they had to make planetfall before the months end.

    And so, delicately, Iella put her electronic tiptoe into the HoloNet, and began to look for allies. The Jedi had gone to ground, and Booster was usually on the move, but Talon Karrde and Face Loran still existed so she could find out things. The network of informants handed a copy of the briefing Aden Kya gave to his squadrons before they headed out to Kuat, and an update from Face himself included information about a mass desertion by pilots, location unknown. Wedge would want to know about that, as it involved Syal and her latest action.

    But for now she did her best to ensure she was not noticed by the wrong parties, and noticed by the right ones.

    For now.

    TAG: @adaml83 (non-TAG, or, perhaps, side-TAG)
    IC: Count Dooku

    A day since his ad - Holocron: Wanted. Please take - back on Serenno

    A few waifs and strays later, and a mentally broken professor who had consulted with the Holocron of Darth Andeddu, word reached Dooku of a group that was interested. Some kind of shadowy interest, from the local stellar neighbourhood. They had assured the Count that they would have a letter of introduction, and more besides to ensure that the Holocron should be passed to them and not the Jedi Order. They were very explicit about that.

    Dooku's frown deepened as he read the message.

    A stray thought trickled to him.

    Had he hooked into some kind of organisation that collected Sith artefacts? But how? And why now, would they surface? It didn't take much to discover that Lumiya, the so-called Dark Lady of the Sith, had recently died. But what else could be said of the Sith? Defeated nearly three decades ago when the Disciples of Ragnos, a Sith cult, was destroyed at the Battle of Korriban, ten years after the Battle of Endor, there had been no Sith aside from Lumiya recorded...

    ... but if Lumiya was said to have exasperated the present conflict into a war, what was her goal save for to antagonise the Jedi one last time? Were these her emissaries, reaching out from the grave, or her rivals, if a Dark Lady of the Sith had such a thing.

    Count Dooku delicately confirmed his desire to meet, but began to tentatively enquire among his oldest contacts - ones which had served House Dooku for centuries - about any activity in the market for Sith artefacts. It had never occurred to him that he might not attract the eyes of the Jedi, but instead the Sith.

    A healthy dollop of fear dropped into his belly.

    He had to get rid of this Sith Holocron as soon as possible.

    TAG: @darthbernael (side-TAG, as his network will pick up the second enquiry too), @adaml83, if his network picks up on Serenno advertising a Sith Holocron even though its supposed to be neutral

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    IC: Loriana in the Hangar, after the Briefing

    The mission to take out the frigate sounded straightforward... She only hoped it was. Having Syal as Dancer 1 was something Loriana could deal with.

    She sent a quick message to RubiJay. "I'm now Dancer 3."

    Rubi's answer scrolled across her datapad. "Fancy title you got there, Lori. Next you'll be putting dancing couples on the S-foils."

    Loriana laughed. "Not likely."

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    Jul 11, 2009
    (A combo post between myself and our GM @Sinrebirth )

    : Rhoen Aquilla

    The young man stood at attention though he noted his commander's current state, confided to a hoverchair. The detonation much have been powerful, or he must have been very close to it to have sustained those injuries. They were missing pilots, leaving them in an odd place. Too many for a single squadron, too few for multiple squadrons. That left it up to Aden to break them apart into smaller groups, into flights more than squadrons. Again he saw fit to put him and Loriana with Syal. With Syal taking the lead role. He gave her a slight smile, his right eye winking. He had confidence in her, the daughter of Wedge Antilles she was born to lead a starfighter unit. Underneath his smile there was a knot forming, it was a disgust at taking orders from her...that might even simplify things for him, and complicate them at the same time.

    He needed to lock things away, he needed to be supportive. After the briefing he came close to her bumping her playfully with his shoulder keeping his smile on his face, even though being this close to her caused just a little pain in him.

    "Well done lieutenant, your first command." He said letting out a little laugh.

    Syal smiled tightly. "Yay, I get responsibility for my comrades, including the ones who had to save me last mission." She reached out and squeezed his arm.

    "Then I have to deal with Zan being moody over Loriana, and all the while pining for Tiom. Sounds like you drew a very short straw, Rhoen." A light tease, but it loosened her smile.

    He chuckled lightheartedly even though the light squeeze caused his heart to beat hard. "You just got surprised that time. You'll be fine...Being a leader is not about being the's about being there for those you lead...and keeping the mission in mind."

    He leaned back a bit is slight shock. "Wait Zan and Loriana? Why didn't I notice?" He didn't notice because he was wrapped up in Syal, and the vortex around her. His stomach began to sink when he was reminded of Tiom, of the man she'd sworn to live her life with, and her pain at being separated. "Well, my trainers back at the academy said I was built for punishment." With everything they threw at him, everything he went through, and all that was happening now, it was more true than ever. "I can take it."

    In that instant he just wanted to put his arm around her shoulders an pull her close to him. He started to move, but hesitated...His heart and mind were fighting again. With a smile he compromised giving her a light punch on the shoulder.

    "Built for punishment?" Syal blinked, some very interesting thoughts rising within her. She blinked them away.

    Come on, sister, sort it out.

    "I am sure you can," she said, beaming, and she playfully punched him back. "You're a good friend, Rhoen. Thank you."

    "Yeah," he was smiling though a little piece of him was dying. Friend that was all he could ever be. He knew it, everyone knew it, but why did it still kill a little part of him every time. Though his smile wasn't all a lie, the small compliment she paid him did boost his spirit.

    "Right well, Lieutenant, we have our orders. How would you like us to carry them out?"

    "We need to check over our ships. Though I know we flew them over, they may have been more obviously damaged than we thought while the others escaped the Ocean, then we can start to discuss tactics." She eyed the XJ7. "It's a good fighter, nothing like my Aleph."

    Though they had fought together, she led him towards her ship so they could check it over. "Did you know that they made these to outgun Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers? We won the war before they entered production."

    "Really?" He asked genuinely curious, he was raised on Incom craft, his mom flew X-wings and so did he. Didn't mean he wasn't interested in other fighters. And the way her eyes lit up talking about them brought a smile to his lips. He ran his hand down the fuselage looking for any breaks or leaks. It was a curious design two long tails trailing off, but it looked like it packed a punch, more so than his beloved X-Wing. As he was checking he bumped into her doing much the same, their hands touching for only a moment. He quickly recoiled like he'd been shocked. "Well, ah, it looks in good shape, fast maneuverable...packs a bunch."

    "Neither of those," Syal laughed. "It's slow and ungainly but nothing can stand-up to it. I wondered how it would do with medium starfighters like XJ7s or even E-wings, and recommended multi-role squadrons like the original Wraiths, but nobody bit. Seems Colonel Kya wants to pull us closer to what Garik Loran originally intended - he had X-wings, TIE Fighters and Interceptors in the original make-up." She shrugged at the ball-shaped cockpit. "It's kinda a TIE, I guess."

    "Oh yeah, Colonel Kya flies TIE Blurs, doesn't he?" She breezed past the mentioned of Garik Loran, but it was a relevant mention right then.

    Man did he know nothing about fighters other than the ones he flew. And the older models his mother flew with. "Sorry," he said rubbing the back of his head. "I'm not up to date on my military technology...been out of it for a bit." Then she mentioned Garik Loran, the former pilot and member of the Wraiths back when they were a fighter squadron. And something he'd been keeping to himself, or simply forgot, his mind had a tendency to fail him around her.

    "I met him recently, Loran I mean...he stopped by looking for you, you were indisposed."

    She was going to point out that Aleph's were really new so he shouldn't apologise when he mentioned Loran. Syal suddenly stood upright. "What? For me? When I was..." Her cheeks reddened. "What did he want?" She found herself whispering even now. It was more the professional and well known enmity between the GAG and GA Intelligence, but the fact that her father had told her to trust Garik 'Face' Loran. Without question. Just as much as she did Uncle's Tycho, Wes or Hobbie.

    "Uh...yeah." He looked away feeling her embarrassment. Her whisper caused him arch his brow. Then again this was a strange time to be a pilot with two chiefs of state, fighting against people they once served with speaking conspiratorially didn't seem out of place. And with what he was about to say it might be necessary. "He wanted to talk about your father."

    Syal paused. "Dad... well, if it was important Face would have hung around." She had to say that. Otherwise, she might worry, and her Dad wouldn't want that. She, Face and Tycho still served the GA, and even Hobbie was still tutoring pilots back on Coruscant. Wes was... wherever he was, of course. Only her father was on the run from the GA and Confederation out of the extended family, though Corran was just as likely to be enemies with the GA or the Confederation as a Jedi - Aunt Mirax was definitely on nobodies side.

    She wondered about that, about them being independent, but she had made an oath and had to follow it. With Rhoen, and Tiom. "Thanks for letting me know. I know GA Intel is having to keep on my eye as the rest of the family has broken away. Dad was a Corellian Admiral a few weeks back." Syal shrugged it off. "But that won't stop me doing what I need to."

    "Let's get up and running, Rhoen," she said, smiling sweetly, trying to create the impression that everything was fine. She was also conscious that Loriana had some opinions on their friendship, and she had no interest in adding to that.

    He returned her smile, his heart beating just a little faster. She was cute when she smiled like that, though he could feel something underneath. He wasn't force sensitive, he just had a feeling. She was in tears not too long ago though he had next to no idea why. Part of him wanted to reach out, to tell her that if she had anything to say she could tell him. But, that wouldn't be proper, not right before an important mission, her first in command.

    "Yes mam'," he gave a cheeky salute before turning on his heel. With his back turned to her he let out a breath, trying to calm his heart. She was just being friendly. He told himself, If she wanted to tell you anything she would have told you, besides now is not the time to pry...after the mission...after.

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    IC Bernael
    Inbound toward Taris

    As the Fury entered the Taris system Bernael’s recon program alerted him to activity regarding Serenno and Count Dooku. He studied the data given and realized he needed to establish himself as the one who was best situated to take the device off of the Count’s hands. To begin he sent a message to his contact on Serenno, a Count Malven, and then he sent a second directly to Count Dooku, along with a Letter of Introduction he had acquired many years before by another of the world’s royals.

    *Count Malven,

    I have received notification that an object has become available that belongs to Count Dooku. Considering our previous associations I am notifying you that I am headed to your world shortly to acquire said object. Given our past, a Letter of Introduction from you would do much to ensure the object ends up in my possession. Once I know the timeline of my arrival I will notify you and we can set a meeting place and time.


    The second read:

    *Count Dooku,

    You do not know me but I am acquainted with your family in many years past, as well as others of the nobility of Serenno. I am contacting you in regards to the object you have recently broadcast as being available. I am enclosing a Letter of Introduction, old that it may be as it is from your grandfather. The Count Malven is another old associate and once on Serenno will provide a secondary, more recent Letter of Introduction, and vouch for me to you, if necessary. I await your response.

    Respectfully Yours,


    Both messages, and the attached Letter of Introduction were sent as the Fury slowly, stealthily, made its way to just outside the detection range of defense craft that were around the world. There it halted as Bernael did not need to land on Taris, sure such a populated world was not the final destination of those that just fled the GA. He had brought up the holo new from Taris, to have his reconnaissance programs detect any unusual activity on the world. While he waited, he continued the study of those whose spikes in the Force that had drawn him to this conflict and those involved.

    Halfway through learning more about the Jedi Master Kyp Durron, who was less inclined to the Light than he’d thought, based on his records, his research was interrupted. A wave, an enormous spike of Force energy, passed through the Fury and himself. This close to Taris he felt the emotions, the agony, the questioning of self that was wrapped up in the wave, giving him a small moment of pain. As it passed he realized the flavor of the thoughts in the wave of energy, Colonel Adalia Tehanis. ‘Her mind must be fragmenting further, to the point it’s collapsing in on itself,’ he thought.

    He felt a secondary, smaller spike similar to one he’d felt before and realized it was the Jedi, that the man had come from wherever he’d been and was very close to Adalia Tehanis. ‘Perhaps he will be able to heal her mind, he has much more time to work on it than I did.’

    He kept the Fury on station where it was certain that the trail he was following would begin moving again very soon. He knew that, given her fugitive status, they would be able to seek medical care for her on Taris so must depart again, quickly, to reach a place where she could get such care. And he would be prepared to move as soon as they departed.

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    IC Adrian Malek, Kyp Durron, Jesse Coulson, Adalia Tehanis (Combo with @Adalia-Durron and @The Real Kyp Durron)

    Laying her down on the ground near the ramp of the ship he'd seen the younger officer go into, Kyp brushed her hair back. "What happened Addie?" he muttered. He looked to the ship and waited for the medkit. He needed to check her vital signs. He'd look into her mind on the trip back, there was something really wrong in there. Wasn't the first time, but he hoped it was the last time.

    He was following instructions now and finding the hangar nearby he was relieved to find the door open easily. Stopping he took in the freighter, it wasn't large, but it was certainly bigger than the one the woman Kate had brought with them, the ramp was down and that made it easy. Running up, he glanced around, Medkits were usually central in the ship, so he turned to his right and began to visually search. It took a few more moments but he found what looked to be a table or a medbay? Above it a Box with a red cross on it, he'd found it and was relieved. Pulling it out he took note of the table, it had a soft leather looking pillow and nearby oxygen masks and chords and cables pinned to the nearby walls. There was somewhere to bring her, he needed to tell, ........him. His rival? Was he that? She'd been with him for 10 years, but he'd been gone from her world for months. Did she want him back now? Was she about to tell him no? Only time would tell, if she didn't, Jesse saw his moment would come. Taking the handle of the box he turned and ran back to their own hangar. The sooner he did what he needed to do, the sooner they'd get where they needed to go.

    When he returned with the supplies packed in his arms Adrian was still confused over what R7 had told him during their trip. If the little droid had understand it correctly, and Adrian had little doubt in that, it seemed Adalia had gone through hell during the flight and was in great internal turmoil. Adrian wasn't sure what to make of this but it seemed her cold treatment of him and Jesse was connected to it. Coming closer he saw Adalia laying on the ground next to the ships and one of the men ordering him around kneeling beside her. Despite his anger towards her Adrian couldn't help but worry what had happened. Dumping the supplies unceremoniously close to the ships he slowly approached the two to find out what had happened.

    He sensed the man's approach and glanced around at him, looking at the medkit. "Closer here would help." he said firmly. Was the man a fool? It was obvious to him where the medical supplies were needed. Calming himself he tried to change his attitude. "Come here, can use the help." He turned to the young man. "What's your name?" he asked turning back to Adalia and brushing his fingers against her cheek, she was breathing evenly. There was no obvious distress to her.

    Opening the door, he realised he'd not locked it and that was probably a stupid move, so once inside he did so this time and not wasting time he almost jogged over to the couple. The Jedi had moved Adalia and now Adrian was standing nearby looking almost curious. He stepped around the patient and knelt down. "What do you need?" he asked, glancing at Adrian and opening the medkit. "I'm Jesse." he said simply as he rummaged through the kit and found what he suspect was needed, producing a Patch and small data pad for vitals.

    Feeling a bit guilty that he hadn't done anything to help and just looked on. Kneeling down next to the others he said, "Adrian Malek. Is there anything I can do to help?"

    He looked up at both men, he recognised them both from the vision he'd seen on the 'Skate' with Corran and Mirax. One was the man who whispered in Addie's ear, the other sat behind her. The 'uncomfortable' mistrust he'd felt then rose again. Only briefly, as he squashed it. "Kyp." he said simply as he took the patch from the older man. Pulling the collar of her shirt back he placed the patch on her neck. He then took the Data pad from the name who had identified as Jesse, booting it up. Moments later vital signs were showing on the screen, blood pressure, a little high, but not dangerous. Heart rate up, once again not dangerously so. He frowned. Removing the patch he reapplied it to her forehead and checked the read outs. Brain activity, minimal. That concerned him now. "Ok we need to get her to our ship and back to ........." he stopped, unsure as to how to proceed. Were these men on their side? Could they be trusted? He looked up to both of them. "Where do you two fit in here?"

    Adrian's eyes widened a bit when the stranger confirmed his identity. So this was Kyp Durron, the Jedi who according to Jesse had not only fought alongside the colonel many battles but was also her lover. Adrian shivered a bit he hadn't met many Jedi before and he felt how Kyp was inspecting him, was he using the force to read his thoughts? Adrian tried to keep himself calm and so he answered, "I'm her XO, well guess I was, now I am a political refugee."

    Jesse knew who the man was and with all this heart he wished he didn't. "Former Commander Jesse Coulson, Wild Knights Lead and friend to Addie." He wasn't lying, although the it was a stretch of the truth. "She was arrested, spent time in the Brig" he gave his a shake. "Don't know what happened in there." He was being as honest as he could as this was a Jedi Master and the chances of him getting away with lying were slim. "She's been, ...... off? Since she got out. Just not herself." He attempted to explain.

    Kyp frowned, a friend of hers, a new one for sure, he could sense the man's creative words. "Friend huh?" he looked back to the data pad, reading the brain activity scan. "She got the Brig? For hitting Kya?" he snorted "Deserved it" he said under his breath, "Would like a shot myself." He handed the pad back and in a swift movement scooped her up and stood. "Off? That's understatement, she's been tortured, by who, that's the next question." he turned to the door, "Both of you, come with me." It was clear Addie trusted the younger man for sure if he was her XO. She would never accept just anyone. Jesse was more of a puzzle, he didn't like the way he looked at Adalia, it was, well he didn't know what, and he could almost feel his intentions. 'Friends close, enemies closer.' He decided.

    Jesse was a little shocked. Tortured? Why? She had no secrets, at least he didn't believe she did. He stuffed the gear back into the Medkit, closed it and stood with the Jedi. As he followed it occurred to him she did have one possible secret and he was holding her right now, they wanted to know where they Jedi were. Whoever tortured her would have assumed she knew. The man who caused her pain could be the reason someone hurt her so badly. That grated against him, and he was sure the man in front of him had figured that out if it were true. He was annoyed now as in his mind, he didn't deserve her.

    As he followed Jesse and Kyp Adrian couldn't help but notice Jesse's animosity towards the other man, though he wasn't quite sure where it came from. Just annoyance at being ordered around? Or was there more to it? He couldn't say. So instead he decided to stay out of it, at least for the moment. This wasn't his business he told himself a bit half hearted.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC - Tracy Needa, Vua
    Location: The Anakin Solo

    "You could do more to pull your weight your know" Tracy grumbled, from the outside, it looked like she was talking to herself. She had her backpack slung over her right shoulder, and was holding a bit of paper in her left hand. It had her locker number on it, as she had yet been assigned to a room. All the other mechanics and technician's had their rooms.

    Just outside the main hanger onboard the Solo, she found the string of lockers she was looking for. She dropped her pack unceremoniously to the ground and tried to read the combination on the paper, but her left thumb kept obscuring the numbers. Eventually getting it open she shoved her bag inside, awkwardly forcing it all in, she closed the door with a kick "Eh, that will do" she brushed her self off, and was about to head out to see the chief technician to question about her lodgings when she heard her comm go off. "Ah Frack" she looked back at her locker, her comm was in her bag and she forgot. With a sigh, she started to struggle with the lock again.

    - - -

    She was running, lost, and now late. The message had been from Colonel Kya, requesting her attendance in the Briefing Room, and she had only 10 minutes to get there. . .where ever it was. She had asked someone, and they gave her directions, but she had forgotten the last two and was just winging it now. //Why me? Why now? was this about Salyan? I didn't know why he was in the hanger when it got blown up// she was sad about losing him, he played the most beautiful violin as well as being a good technician. She rounded the corner "Oh thank Force" she saw the Briefing room and snuck inside as she was quite late.

    She listened in, it was just a recap of the past two days events, and she noted that most of the people here were pilots. Once it was over she started to head out, but her name was called, with a few others she didn't know. She went and sat back down and Colonel Kya introduced her to the others, she was deeply confused but acknowledged them. When he pointed at her gave her a squadron name and number, she was a bit shocked, she was no pilot she was a mechanic, we at least that was she thought was on her paperwork. //I mean I can fly, but. . .no. . .what?// She struggled to comprehend what else was being said, something about a spy and Wookiees?

    "Wild Knights Leader and Three, I leave you to orientation." Then Vua turned to her "Come with me," as he got up and walked past her.

    She looked back at them all and then back at Vua and then she scrambled to get up and follow him, as he was moving off quickly. Once she got past the door of the room she had calmed her self just enough to keep trying to sound professional.

    "I'm sorry, what's going on. . .Sir?"

    Vua looked at her. He had mis-remembered. The woman had turned down a droid arm, preferring a... phantom limb. He was reading the datapad again. That was... well, he hated mechanicals, but a phantom limb. That was complicated. He also saw that she was originally transferred over as a Wraith tech, not a Wraith pilot, to replace the one who had been killed during the escape...

    ... he looked from the datapad to her, looking respectful but still confused. But, properly respectful first. So that was good. "It's a war; you've been drafted to the newly commissioned Wild Knights Squadron. Colonel Kya has the ability to do that within Rogue Wing..." He frowned. "You are a pilot, no?"

    He looked so intimidating, but he looked a little lost as well, that gave her the slighted comfort.

    "I well. . .ah. . .yes. . .I can fly!" her left hand made a 'so-so' gesture and Tracy grabbed it, and stood straight-backed, at attention, both hands clasped before her. Her 'training' such as it was, was now kicking in, and she recognised that being a pilot was a pay upgrade form a mechanic. She cleared her throat "Sir Yes, I am a pilot" //now// she wanted to add.

    Vua narrowed his eyes all the more, if at all possible. "Are you cleared to fly an XJ7 X-wing?" A Coralskipper would eat her alive, if paired with her, out of sheer indignation.

    She wasn't sure, she didn't remember what she had put down in her own paperwork. She knew she wasn't even qualified to be in the GA at all, but she had sliced into and edited her own records to be here. Her training consisted of what she saw around her and what her boyfriend had told her. She originally wanted to be with her boyfriend, but they broke up a while ago, and now he wasn't even on this ship. She would have left, but a little bit of, can't be bothered with the paperwork, a little bit that she had made a few friends with other people, and mostly she really didn't have anything better to do.

    //well I can fix one, so yeah I can fly one// but she didn't really want to be caught out in more of a lie. "Yes Sir, but I am unsure if that is in my paperwork Sir, there always seems to be errors in my paperwork"

    Vua would have gone crossed eyed if he narrowed them any more, but felt a headache rising. “We’ll straighten out your paperwork, then. The Wild Knights have a mission already, and this is the Anakin Solo; the best ship in the Navy. Expectations will be high.”

    He flicked through screens. “It says here that you have a boyfriend, what ship are they based on? Their name?” Vua felt like, between Loriana and Zan, Rhoen and Syal, he was managing his pilots relationships more often than flying.

    "Sir, You must know how hard it is to get any paperwork fixed once it's in the system! How many people and departments, how many months for a low level no one like myself!" she offered sounding flustered and annoyed, but not feeling that way at all, she would check it out later and get it sorted, subtly.

    "As proof of that of my claim. I broke up with my boyfriend 'Aarak Stine'..." Her left arm jerked a bit, she was glad she was still holding it down, she continued to explain calmly, "On the Ocean, last I heard, like 4 months ago. Paperwork was filled out and submitted. We left on good terms with each other, no further issues on my part there. Which you would have known, if the people doing paperwork whereas top-notch as the people working aborad here." she offered trying to make that sound like a compliment to the crew of the Anakin Solo. "Sir"

    Vua blinked. Now he had performed a social faux-pas, he believed the phrase was, but at the same time, he was struggling to keep a smile from his face. She was unattached. Thank the True Gods. No more hormonal messes.

    He quietly added an update file. "I appreciate the update, and apologies for making you bring that up in an interview." In the hangar. Vua suddenly realised perhaps this wasn't appropriate.

    "It's alright, what are interviews for if not to find out information" she honestly didn't mind all that much, the small part of her was just glad for the attention, she could answer questions about herself all day. When everyone you know is seemingly exceptional, it makes it's hard to stand out when you're just so ordinary.

    He also cursed how useless he was in a social circumstance. He was much better at killing things. Vua nodded. "The Wild Knights squadron was formally the Wild Knightz, as an anachronism of Barabel humour. But now the squadron had been re-founded by Colonel Kya we have righted that punctuation wrong."

    //So there was a Wild Knights team before...huh//, she knew so very little about anything much past her own nose. She would have to go look them up, see who they were, and what footsteps she was following in. She wondered if he understood she couldn't see a 'punctuation wrong' when he talked?

    Vua nodded to himself. "Do you have any family within Confederate space to concern ourselves with?" This was a new question. But since the Confederate's had only seceded only a few months ago, many families were becoming divided by the war. Syal Antilles had three-quarters of her immediate family in exile from both the GA and Confederation, so Vua, stuffy and boring as he was, had to work through that minefield of questions himself.

    Sometimes he loathed being an XO.

    "Nah, just a small family on a currently neutral world way out in the mid rim, not too worried about them, tiny planet, not worth much to anyone. . .its in the file." she wondered if he had even read the file, did he know even about her arm? she liked to play a game with herself, to see how long it would take when meeting someone before the arm came up. So far, the second conversation of a different day was her best score. It didn't matter really, just something to help her deal with it.

    "Sir, where am I staying? I haven't been assigned personal quarters yet. Is there somewhere I could get more information about our mission? Do I report to you alone Sir?" it made sense to her. Now that she was apparently a pilot and not a tech, that's why she hadn't gotten a room with the rest of the techs. She would have to meet this Wild Knights Two as well, she had forgotten his name already. As well as the others. . . and well she had forgotten 'Sir's' name as well. "Do I call you Sir or Lead?" It was something she heard the other pilots say, "do you have a preference?"

    "Sir, or Lead," Vua said, softly. "That will be fine. Never Vua, though."

    He continued to skim. Ah. She didn't have an arm, she had been offered an arm. "Does your arm impact your ability to fly...?"

    It was a fair question.

    //8 minutes// not her worst record, but given the situation, she was a little surprised it hadn't come up sooner.

    "I haven't had any issues yet, Ruby's outbursts are logical if I think hard enough why. So she has not interfered in my flying." she offered, //yet// maybe because all she had done is fly around when testing out ships she has fixed and not in any real battle, but surely it would follow the same logic.

    She saw Vua narrow his eyes again "Ruby" she lets go and points to her arm, "I call her Ruby because sometimes her actions are not what I would want, she sorta has become her own person, even if she is just an arm." Her left arm waves at Vua and Tracy smiles widely.

    Vua found he had nothing to add and just nodded, making a noise of agreement and walking off.

    Tracy giggled a little to herself, she did love some of the reactions she got. She looked around, she was in the hanger now. "Gonna have to get better at noticing my soundings huh," she said out loud again to Ruby. Then it occurred to her "Wait, sir?" she looked around for him, but he had vanished "WHERE AM I SLEEPING!?" she yelled out in frustration, her voice carried through the large hanger. She sighed "Well. . .we are gonna have to find that out ourselves. . . maybe. . .pffft, some orientation that was"

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    IC: Aden Kya
    Later, aboard the Solo, worn out

    He needed help getting to his room, and remembered that his room was their room, and Aden smiled at that. He led her to their quarters. Leaving the Wild Knightz XO to his new comrades, Aden focused on Keizar.

    But... a pang of guilt filled him. Secrets, and secrets. Aden was as happy to manipulate anyone as he was any Sith... but Keizar had made some decisions at her expense for her... and he loathed owing anyone. If he had ruled openly, he probably would have just snapped her neck for making him feel something like... guilt.

    However, Aden couldn't do that... and he was...

    Strangely grateful. Aden was no waif; he had loves before. In-fact, he had one on Korriban, doing her bit for the cause, but she was not here, and he didn't want her involved. Seemingly, she didn't want him either. So... in the meantime.

    He turned to Natalia as their room closed, and for some reason the only words that could come out his lips were to say. "Hey."

    Hey? HEY?! Where was the sophisticated Sith Lord, the one that was verbose, sneaky and, above all, artful?

    Had he actually tripped over his own tongue?

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    IC: Vua

    Wild Knights

    Tracy was an interesting case, and the former Wild Knights XO hadn't made an impression yet. But in short order their fighters were ready and running, and they were poised to launch. "Wild Knights One, all systems optimal. Please all check in."

    Vua winced at his own monotone voice. He was never going to be able to encourage an army to die on their swords. He had the charisma, of well, a Yuuzhan Vong. Coordinates were locked in for Commenor, a world behind enemy lines. He should have said something more apt. But he hadn't, so they had to check-in with his words upon their consciences.

    The XJ7 was the latest iteration of the X-wing, which had been introduced as the XJ3 during the Yuuzhan Vong War. There were various variants, but the XJ7 was the go-to X-wing for the GA Starfighter Corps now, with featured improvements to weapons and shields over the XJ6, though not as fast as the XJ5. All in all, it was a hefty brute and Vua liked it.

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    IC: Zueb Zan


    The Sullustan co-pilot snuck into their Aleph with a forlorn attitude, ignoring Loriana as much as possible. He had called the Matriarch back home to confide in his sense of loss, and had been dutifully rebuked for offering den treasure without her consent to a non-Sullustan, and clearly one Zan had known for all of a day. He had tried to argue about Syal and Tiom's whirlwind romance, but the Matriarch had none of it, and confirmed that she would be sending someone to collect the jewellery box.

    Syal settled in, and let him be. He wasn't slacking, and seemingly he had opted to keep himself busy. In short order they were ready to go. "Dancer One, ready to launch. Check in, Dancers." She felt her knee begin to bounce out of nervousness, but she grinned instead.

    She was dancing.

    Syal looked around and gave Rhoen a thumbs up.

    Time to go blow up a Confederate frigate.

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    IC: Count Dooku


    His contacts were researching the possibility of a Sith cult out there, when another letter of recommendation from his grandfather was received. Count Dooku looked at the Holocron of Darth Andeddu, who was laughing with every revelation. Dooku was quite convinced that he was going mad along with it.

    Two groups interested...?

    Two Sith groups? Two Sith?

    The echoes of the Rule of Two reverberated in the Count's mind. He knew it from his own research into Lord Tyranus.

    One to embody power; one to crave it.

    Count Dooku stared, terrified, his mind aghast, at the Holocron, wondering.

    Which letter had came from which? Out of panic, the Count replied to welcome the visit. He didn't want to cause an affront to the former... and the latter might still be the second most dangerous Sith - or Sith group - in the galaxy.

    Of course...

    ... he knew nothing of Darth Caedus.

    Or how much danger he was in.

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    IC: Aboard the Solo, Launching

    Loriana checked in as Dancer III. "Wonder if this mission will stay as straightforward as the last one?" She wondered aloud.

    RubiJay's retort scrolled across the display. "Do they ever?"

    Loriana sighed. Not hardly ever.
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    IC: Adam Lyons, Beka Tiarri, Ariadne Stark

    Adam was somewhat pleased that the two men listened, though he was disappointed that it required yelling at them to respond to what could be a serious medical emergency. He shook his head in disappointment and hoped that it could be corrected.

    However, some of the people that were expected to leave with Addie hadn’t shown themselves, Beka was the primary person, though there were rumors that her XO had also left with her. Walking over towards the freighter he saw a woman sort of hiding in the shadows. Adam shrugged with the knowledge that he’d missed someone, but she’d followed the long military tradition of not making yourself obvious. “I take it, you’re the XO? Is Bec, Beka fine?

    Ariadne smirked as she caught the hitch, “I am, or at least was. What I am now, where I am, or even why I’m here might be the more important questions for me right now. Beka’s fine, though we caught a ‘guest’, he was choking her, and she’s had difficulty speaking since.

    Adam raised an eyebrow, “Choked? Follow me, I might need you to translate if I don’t get the message.” He went up the ramp with Ariadne following to take a look at the situation. The “guest” was still lying down near the entrance of the shuttle, and Beka was watching over him curiously. Adam got down to Beka’s level and looked at her, it had been years since he’d seen his former XO, she looked the same but at the same time different, something or several somethings had happened to her over the years that had changed her somewhat. He almost thought that he could recognize something in her that he knew was in himself. Tiredness, tired of being constantly on the run, of military life, of having people coming up with nonsensical rules and regulations, of the whole thing not bringing any joy to her.

    Adam then looked at Beka’s throat and winced, without turning around he spoke somewhat quietly, “X? Could you see if that one guy is back, or maybe get some pain reliever or...something?” He turned around to look at Ariadne, “Honestly I don’t know, my medical training predates the Vong War.

    Ariadne nodded, “I’ll get something for her.

    Thanks, we’ll try to get time to talk about your questions when we get a chance.

    Ariadne smirked, “Sure you will…

    Adam looked back a Beka, “She’s trouble…” he got a small knowing smile in return. He then pulled out a datapad large enough to have two different windows up, Adam smiled, “So you don’t have to talk...I need your help with something.

    Beka nodded a little bit, and typed into one of the windows, “What do you need?

    Adam grinned, “Something along the lines of your specialty. I believe you might not be able to help immediately given all...” he looked around, “this, but could your XO help out?

    Beka gave Adam a small smirk and typed, “The fighters? Sure. To the plan and my XO...her name is Ariadne you know.

    Adam looked at Beka, “Oops, yeah I also didn’t ask the names of the two younger men I yelled at. Then again Addie collapses, apparently unconscious and they’re just standing there…

    Another smirk, “You were never one to appreciate inaction.

    Adam returned the smirk, “Nope, always had someone around to crack some skulls. Could use one I used to have around.

    Beka’s smirk went away and turned into a frown, she pointed at the unconscious man, or partial man, “Can’t. I have to deal with him.

    Ok...Adam was somewhat confused, “Will he pose an immediate risk to everyone?

    I don’t think so.Beka wasn’t really sure on that count, but he was certainly out and stun settings tended to mess with electronics.

    Do you need him?

    Don’t want to get rid of him yet…” She still needed to figure out if there was any humanity left, and whether he was worth it. Then again he could be useful if she only could...change something. That said there was no reason to put her friends at risk while she was messing around with whatever was left of the man.

    Adam sighed, “That’s disappointing, I could use a troublemaker like you.” He got a small smirk in return. “But it would be game over if anyone would be able to track us to our base. This is why I want to destroy those fighters, heard that the GAG went over them before Kuat, and I don’t trust organizations that run assassinations.

    Beka looked at Adam, it was almost as if he had plans for her, things where she’d be in charge of things in the future. She could tell he was somewhat disappointed, but that he understood her mission to an extent. She typed, “Ok, what do you want to happen to the X-wings?

    Adam sighed, that was the tricky part, “Could we simulate catastrophic hyperdrive failure or engine failure towards the edge of the system from autopilot?

    Beka raised an eyebrow, “With what?

    Adam grinned, “I brought a communications and intrusions expert, along with an explosions expert, and he always has a toy chest of things that will come in handy.

    At that moment Ariadne poked her head in, “Toy chest? What kind of toys?” She looked down at the datapad, “Oh boom. They didn’t even notice me, so I managed to sneak in, grab a couple of things and sneak away.

    Adam shook his head at Beka, “She’s a lot like you.” He moved out of the way so Ariadne could take a look at Beka and give her something for her throat and something for the pain. “I’d still like you to come back to the base to have a real doctor take a look at it and see if there’s anything serious with you and Addie.” He started down the ramp, “Oh and Ariadne?

    Ariadne looked up, “Yes?

    I’ll need some help with rigging these X-wings and Beka said you were up to the job, you in?

    Ariadne grinned wickedly, “Only if you’ll answer some questions.

    Adam shook his head, “If I can, I will. I’ll be looking over the X-wings when you’re done.

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    OOC: Again thanks @Rebecca_Daniels for the combo and making sure we got everything right

    IC: Ariadne Stark, Adam Lyons

    Ariadne finally walked down the ramp of the freighter, not that it had taken all that long, but she wanted to sort some things out. She didn’t know this guy really, or at all. Some questions needed answering and she needed someone, anyone to clear the confusion with this whole situation in her mind.

    Ariadne walked over to where Adam was, she could see that he had popped the cockpit of one of the X-wings and was sitting in there doing something, maybe with the computer. She stood there looking up at the cockpit Adam was sitting in, “Who are you?

    Adam looked over, “Sorry, yeah my name is Adam Lyons, formerly a Colonel in the Galactic Alliance, currently working as a consultant and occasional test pilot for Corraidhin Inc.” He smiled a bit, “That doesn’t really answer the question that much for you does it?

    Ariadne shook her head, “No, does this mean we’re joining the Confederation?

    Adam sighed, “If there had been time to look at the message and the information that Sparks currently has, it might make more sense, but no, we’re not. I don’t believe that either side can claim the moral high ground, especially if people like Wedge Antilles or the Jedi Order as a whole tend to not to want to go along with the actions of the GA, or some of the actions of the Five World government towards the Antilles family, or the attempt on the Hapan queen’s life. Both sides at the moment seem to be moving towards more extremes I believe, where I think…” he looked at Ariadne, “I think that Jacen Solo wants a total victory on a scale where he eliminates all possible opposition. To remove the possibility of dissent.

    Ariadne thought that over for a minute, “Ok, so then who exactly are you?

    Adam grinned, “As it relates to people you know and trust?” He received a nod from Ariadne to confirm his question, “Well in terms of your CO, she was my XO when I was in charge of the Twin Suns. That’s sort of why we can read each other pretty well even though we’re not Jedi.” He paused a bit, “Back then she was Becca Daniels, or that’s how I knew her, but she’s obviously changed her name since then.

    Ariadne nodded, “I thought that Aden had the Twin Suns…

    Adam shrugged, “It was after the Vong War and before they moved to Oracle Base when he had them. Apparently he was reassigned to form a new Wraith Squadron for Starfighter Command and then placed with Colonel Tehanis' squadron the Wild Knightz. I do remember that some of the support staff didn’t think too much of him.

    Ariadne smirked, “So even back then they thought he was a smug son of a…

    Adam grinned, “Exactly. So what other questions do you have? This can’t be all of them.

    Ariadne took a deep breath, “Ok, what’s you’re relationship to the Colonel?

    Adam nodded, “That’s a long story, some would say that it could be told in six parts, and would take longer than we have right now. The short answer is that I trust her, and she trusts me.

    Ok, so why are you making your move now?

    Adam shrugged, “That’s a good question, I wasn’t approached by either side until it was decided between the two Chiefs of State to form a fighter wing under the command of Aden and Addie, and by that point, I had already formed an opinion of both sides and it wasn’t going to happen. You see before I joined Starfighter Command, I was part of Intelligence as a member of the Wraiths. I’ve kept in touch with a couple of them, maybe not as many as I should have...” he left who exactly he was referring to open to interpretation, “so through that, and Iella while she was still on Corellia, I was able to have access to more information than I would normally have.

    Ariadne shook her head, “How come few people would know that?

    Adam grinned, “Because most people who serve in Intelligence have their records heavily redacted. I think even our little adventure that was caused by Aden is redacted because the GA wouldn’t want to admit that they trusted the wrong person.

    Ok, since you may have a different opinion on this, is the Confederation really winning this war?

    Adam looked doubtful, “Depends on your opinion of winning, if you mean they may become an independent government, then maybe. That said given what I saw at Kuat, and things I’m hearing, they’re getting close to scraping the bottom of the barrel, and the only way they gain independence from the GA is if the GA manages to divide itself more and lose the will to fight.”

    Ariadne looked confused, “That’s completely opposite of what I’ve heard, but…

    Adam nodded, “Again it depends on perspective. Aden was trying to motivate relatively new squadrons to fight hard, but think about this. Those squadrons had modern fighters, whereas the Confederation had I-7s, fighters that didn’t receive a major update like X-wings did, and they had an old Corellian Corvette, something that wasn’t even used on the frontline 30 years ago. I think Aden and Jacen are looking from the perspective of total victory, and they aren’t there.

    Ariadne was still completely puzzled, “But they gained control of Fondor and Kuat…

    Adam held a finger up, “Ahh, yes. It’s one thing to gain control of a resource, it’s another thing to be able to gain use of it. That and it’s also safe to assume that the GA won’t allow that situation to last for very long either. Make sense?

    Ariadne shrugged, “Maybe? Will what you have planned for these fighters make more sense.

    Adam grinned, “Probably, first we need to pop the canopies of the other X-wings so we can start programming courses, and then open a hatch near the engines of each one so we can get access there so we can sabotage them.

    Ariadne looked slightly less confused, “How exactly were you planning to sabotage them?

    With explosives, one of the people I brought along is an explosives expert, and he always brings a ‘toy chest’ with him.Adam couldn’t help but grin at Kael’s methods.

    Ariadne shook her head in confusion.

    Adam waved her confusion away, “Don’t worry about that right now, we just need to pop the canopies and open the engine hatches, we can get more help soon after that.

    Ariadne just shook her head, things were getting stranger and stranger.

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    ~IC~ Mirax and Corran Horn
    Location: Cabin aboard the Errant Venture

    Upon original belief, it was thought that the holocrons were simply a repository of knowledge. Containing important information, archives, teachings… a chronicle of events. All presented by a curator… a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper was considered an intuitive user search interface. On the surface, a representative of a living being and by interacting with the gatekeeper, by asking questions, they impart the knowledge… up to a certain extent. Regarding the Jedi, information was gated by security measures to prevent advance lessons in the hands of the unready and the misuse of information by those with ill intentions. Only by attaining certain skills, the level of how attuned to the force the user was, would they clear specific levels of the security.

    However, understandings of the holocron has changed, as was their purposes. There was more to them than once was thought. To some, it was considered 'living'.

    Face to face with the holographic representative of a young Palpatine that was emitted form the Sith holocron, Corran furrowed his brow as he contemplate his response.

    It's activation was unexpected. How and why it activated before him? He did not know just yet… It had said there was a stirring of the dark side, and the young girl in question? Given how distraught Seha was on the transmission… her confession of being a traitor… why would she be causing ripples of the dark side? Given how there was suspicion regarding her connection with Jacen Solo, how careful they are regarding her given the situation… was it her emotion instability the holocron had picked up?

    That was food for thought.

    As for his lineage and comparison to his grandfather, he was going to chalk that up to his facial structure being very similar to his ancestor and that he wore the green garb of the Corellian Jedi. But to know that he was Horn, not a Halcyon… and his position on the Jedi Council? Was someone speaking out of class? How close did the members of the Resolve get to it? He'll have to enquire with Markre Medjev when they get a chance.

    Was it possible that it was also registering his connection to the Force and in turn, learning what it can of him? For what purpose? Suppose that would be obvious to some… and stems from the saying 'Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.' Was it trying to tempt him? To use the knowledge hiding within… and in doing so unleash something far worse upon the galaxy?

    That thought sent a chill down his spine as the holographic form of Palpatine related about how Grandfather Halcyon was a minor thorn in the real Palpatine's side back in their youth. As much as Corran wanted to know about his lineage. Given the source, how could he trust what was being said?

    "I'll take that as a compliment." Corran remarked about being intriguing to the holocron. He feigned a smile. "I suppose that it runs in the family. However, I was unaware that there had been friction between you and my grandfather."

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla
    Abroad, the Anakin Solo

    Rhoen was going through his pre-flight checks giving a few slight smiles to Syal as he caught her gaze. It was only a few times, but it was enough for him. He finished up his checks, Ace getting slotted in behind him. As he dropped into his seat, he caught sight of Zan keeping his head down almost pouting a little. He'd seen that look, he knew that look. The heart broken look of a man still holding a torch for so long that it burned. He gave a slight understanding nod, kindred spirits the pair of them.

    He finished his checks started his takeoff procedure. The last part of it sticking the holo of his mother in the corner of his fighter. A reminder of the legacy he was carrying on in this fight. Setting his course, he gave a salute and returned the thumbs up to Syal.

    "Dancer 2 Reporting, got my best shoes on, and my card is empty." He joked giving just a bit of levity to proceedings. Force knows they needed some fun.

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    (A combo post between myself and our GM @Sinrebirth Please excuse the double post.)

    Natalia Keizar
    Shared Quarters.

    After the briefing she walked with him still unhappy with him. It wasn't the time nor the place for her to express her displeasure at him. He should still be in bed, should still be recuperating not up and about handing out orders and divvying up pilots. There were people he could delegate to, that was part of being a good leader, knowing who to hand things off to when you could not fulfil your duties. Her sour mood was made somewhat better by finding out she would be co-piloting with him...she could keep an eye on him...keep him from doing anything too reckless. And it would give her a good chance to learn, to pick up skills to the point she could fly on her own.

    Though that day was in the future. Now she had to give him a talking to.

    "Hey," He said as the door closed behind him.

    "Hey…" She responded with a bit of a pout. "That's all? You should still be in bed...the doctors haven't given you a clean bill of were in no state to be giving orders…"

    Aden smiled at her weakly. "Now you mention it..."

    He began to sag in the seat, feeling the effort draining. He was able to use the Force to refresh him, but he was a Sith at heart, and no amount of Jensaarai layering over it would remove the fact that he was not well equipped to use the Force to heal. "I was fine right up to the point you mentioned how much I was hurting."

    Giving her a weak smile, his head dipped but he managed to keep his eyes level with hers. "I am blaming you for reminding me," he said, banal humour making an effort.

    She lowered her brow a little narrowing her eyes at his attempt at humor. But, she couldn't stay mad at him not for long. Looking away she let out a huff.

    "I'm not responsible for your decisions you've made." Her blue eyed gaze turned back to him. "But, I suppose I can't change the past, I can just focus on getting you better." She moved to begin assisting him to the bed, to let him get some rest.

    “The past is not our provenance, just the future,” he said, an attempt to sound sage that seemed trite. He let her help him into bed, and ended up leaning on her enough to affect her balance; she would tip, and would have the opportunity to lay beside him, or not.

    It was not entirely purposeful, not just a suave move by Aden Kya. Who for some annoying reason would find himself falling into habits that he had thought burned away; feeling small and meek in the face of kindness and softness.

    She gave a slight smile to him as he gave his sagely wisdom, it wasn't patronizing, but she wasn't fully taken in either. Helping him into the bed it more awkward than she thought. His form making it difficult to keep her balance. As he more tumbled onto the bed, she came with him, she put out her hands to stop herself, those hands landed on either side of his head.

    Quickly she found herself on top of him, her locked arms bracing her. They were only like that for a moment her cheeks flush and eyes wide before she quickly rolled off of him taking a place beside him.

    "Sorry," she said in a soft voice looking a little away feeling like she'd crossed a line even accidentally.

    "Never say sorry," Aden said, meeting her eyes and stroking an errant hair on her face as he rolled onto his side, finally finding words that worked. "You are attracted to me; I am attracted to you. There is no inappropriateness here; we are alone, I am not taking advantage of my rank; you are not taking advantage of my relative weakness..."

    He smirked. "Though I will deny any such weakness if probed by another droid."

    Aden squeezed her arm affectionately. "You're cute when you worry, sure, but you don't need to worry so much." He laughed, shortly. "We're only at war."

    She looked down just a little before meeting his, slowly she brought her finger to his lips. Gently quieting him. They didn't need talk of war or of destruction not here, not now. The war was outside, the fighting was beyond these four walls, this would be they're safe harbor, their quiet place, away from the world.

    Putting her arms around him she gently pulled him close. "Your secret is safe with me..." She rested her head against his chest. "They'll never get it out of me."

    He kissed her head. "Thank you." He sounded wry. "I need to be the fearless bastard Colonel that Tehanis tells everyone I am, after all."

    He sighed, feeling her tense slightly. Natalia didn't want to speak of war, she had just quieted him. "Sorry... I am so used to being cast as the bad guy... it's hard to stop."

    "You don't always." She said quietly into his chest. "You're not always the bad guy. With what you've been through, what you've experienced, what you've been asked to do. But, they don't see you...they don't see the man you could be, if they didn't treat you as a monster."

    Aden felt something churn in his gut. It wasn’t pleasant. It felt like he was lying to her. But as much as he didn’t feel anything untoward, he still had to be careful.

    He tried not to stiffen and let her sense his unease, he found his eyes were wet. “Shavit, Natalia.” He reached for her chin to turn upwards and kiss her.

    But before he did he looked into her eyes. “I appreciate you saying that. I... I needed to hear that from you, right here, right now.”

    She said nothing, giving a reassuring smile as she closed the distance between them, capturing his lips with hers. It was warm and helped her forget just a little. To fully put the war and the trials that lay ahead. Pulling away she smiled again. "Anytime."

    He pulled her close, softly so, and he eyed her as he did, searching. “I’ll hold you to that.”

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  24. I_am_Kooky

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    Jun 28, 2004
    IC Tracy, Vua, and Da'mina.
    Anakin Solo - Hanger.

    "Wild Knights One, all systems optimal. Please, all check-in."


    "Wild Knight 3, Checking In" Tracy said trying to hide her fear and excitement. She had quickly re-read well, more like skimmed the full manual for the XJ7, before they got in their craft. Looking for extra information about shields and weapons and things that normally wouldn't have been relevant to her. She trusted that her teammates had the mission details in hand, she would just follow whatever they were doing.

    There was more frowning. Surely Tracy knew to wait for Two to check-in before she did? Vua felt his heart sink a chunk; what kind of pilot was this woman? Or was she just that excited and anxious?

    He clicked the channel over to a private one. "Two, are you ready to go?"

    The Twi'lek man sighed deeply, he'd sense the new woman was going to be a challenge, and he did not need a challenge. The last 30 standard hours had been a nightmare already. With Adalia taking off and dragging half the command staff from her Wing with her, he was sure he'd be given Lead. Silently he was grateful for her exit and taking the simpering Coulson with her. The man was pathetic when it came to Colonel Tehanis, gazing at her like a love sick fool. He now had this 'Tracy' to deal with and she sounded as seasoned as white bread.

    "Knights Two is lit and set" he responded to his new Lead. 'A Vong' he thought bitterly. Sure the war was over, had been for a long time, but some wounds don't heal as easily as others. He glanced over at the ship his Lead was in, dark thoughts in his mind, but he was honourable and his mission and dedication to duty were paramount. He'd see this through.

    Vua paused. There was a degree of resentment in Two’s voice, and he continued speaking on their private comms. “Two, what will you do if you find Colonel Tehanis and her Knightz under your guns.”

    It was a terribly blunt question. It didn’t deal with the mental arithmetic of whether Tehanis and the others were morally bankrupt enough to join the Confederation, it just dealt with the fact that they would inevitably run cross purposes to the GA as basic traitors.

    “I need to trust that you’ve got our back; I want to have yours.”

    He was running over his stats when the question came through. He checked, it was a private channel. "If I encounter the enemy I will blow them out of the sky, is that clear enough .....Sir?" he emphasised the 'Sir' as serving under a Vong grated him, but he would never say that. "I have your back.....Sir."

    Vua paused. "Aden told you I am a Yuuzhan Vong, then." It was not a question. It was a statement. "He should have not told someone with a distracted mind that." He was prodding Da'mina, prodding hard.

    The Yuuzhan Vong made no move to nudge his ship, or prepare the squadron any further. Tracy was prattling to someone, he could see from his cockpit, but all Vua did was fold his arms across his chest. He didn't even key his shields.

    The Twi'lek looked down at his comm, he was being baited and by a Vong. "Who would you believe has a distracted mind..Sir?" he asked cooly. He would not be led into a belittling dispute.

    "Colonel Tehanis abandoned you, Da'mina. If Colonel Kya did that to me, I would be more than a little distracted. I would be lived," Vua hissed. "I would want revenge. How dare she treat you this way?"

    He gave a slight grunt of amusement. "Sir, with all due respect, I was not abandoned and I am not you. Tehanis is a traitor, plain and simple. My focus has shifted, nothing more." He was not playing this game.

    Vua had just decided to let it go. “As you say, Two.”


    Tracy would have a quiet moment to herself, to which an R5 unit musically berated her, and identified itself as R3-33, and asked her to address itself as Trip, and then actually asking what her preferred form of address was. Because why not? Droids had nicknames, and so did lifeforms.

    "I know, I was just. . ." she tried defending herself to the R5 Unit. "Well, they were taking forever and I . ." she read out the display. "Well, what would I know!", she was checking all the systems, the ship was sound, the only problem was going to be her flying.

    "Trip Huh, thats soo cute! I love it, I'm just Tracy, you can call me that. . .hmm Trip and Trace. . .Trace, Trip and Ruby" Tracy absently muttered in a rap style beat.

    "What?" she sounded vaguely offended "We're gonna make a great team!" She said eyeing off the other ships from her vantage point, why where are they taking so long?

    Trip, for his part, beeped appreciatively. It then quipped about who was Ruby, and blatted that she had ruined their alliteration.

    "Ruby is my arm" she explained, //gee not even 3 minutes with a droid that can't even see me, well to be fair I brought it up first. . .so that won't count.// "yes, I know thats not what most humans do. I have some broken code in my system that can't be fixed, causing feedback errors with my arm, so I gave it a different name to help me explain to other humans" reading the feedback screen. "No, everything should be fine, but if you would like to help out, I would really like that"

    Trip whistled a handful of tunes, suggesting that it must be annoying to have to explain that to everyone she meets, and that the droid would make sure to treat Ruby with respect... even if she had ruined their alliteration. It was a weak joke, from a droid that clearly had appreciated her honesty and ask for help when she needed.

    "Yeah, it kinda sucks, but . . .I'll met everyone eventually, and ah, well it gives me something to talk about at least" Tracy offered "and yeah, Ruby didn't fit all that well in our naming. . .Oh we could T&T, like as in the explosions, cause we are so explosively awesome? . . .although . . given what happened recently. . .maybe not. . .Trip and Trace, I think we can keep that, Ruby would understand."

    Tracy looked back out the window and was fidgeting a bit "Do you know what we are meant to be doing Trip? why it's taking so long to take off? Surely they know ships being in idel like this for to long causes unnecessary wear on the parts and minor damage to the replusesrs" She read out the display "because Im. . . was a mechanic, and I wasn't paying attention to the mission all that well. So I figured if I just follow what they do, it should be fine right?"

    Trip liked the idea of T&T. It told her that they going to hit an Intel target in Confederate territory, and then head back. Minimal time in real space and maximum time in hyperspace. It agreed that as Three they should follow, and not do much more than that... but it suspected One and Two were chatting directly, and a quick buzz to their astromechs allowed Trip to confirm that for Tracy, but before he could add much more One came across their speakers.


    He turned back to the squadron channel. “Wild Knights, go!” He kicked his XJ7 off the deck and moved forward, leading the trio out the bay of the Star Destroyer, leaving the Dancer trio behind.

    "As ordered." Da'mina obviously had a point and himself to prove, and prove it he would.

    "Acknowledged" Tracy sent back through the channel, lifting off and following behind the other two. "Here we go Trip!" as if moving off had left a lot of her nervousness behind on deck, she was starting to relax, Trip had her back, and so did her new team, she didn't want to let them down.

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  25. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Jesse, Adrian, Kyp and Adalia (not awake)
    On Board Freighter.

    Jesse followed closely, he knew the way now. Glancing back to Adrian to make sure he was keeping up, he surged forward to open the door and allow the Jedi to carry her through. Closing it he ran up the ramp ahead to show him where the medbay was, in case he didn't know. He had a feeling this was their destination, and that he needed his gear. "Um....I don't know what's going on here, but are we leaving in this or are we taking our ships? Cause experience tells me those X Wings are screaming attention."

    Reaching the ship and entering Kyp found the medical area with Jesse's guidance and lay Adalia down on the soft covered stretcher. Pulling out a nearby blanket he flipped it open and lay it on her, she was cold. He felt helpless. One of the men behind spoke.

    "We're not taking the X Wings. You want anything in or on them, now's the time." he said simply to both men.

    Turning back to Adalia he was still awaiting Adam's arrival. He had time to do this. Moving to her head he closed his eyes and placed his hands either side of her face. It was time to look and see what had gone on in there.

    Adrian thought about Kyp's words for a moment, but of course there was nothing for him on any of the X-Wings, he had pretty much lost everything he owned back on the ocean, well not everything he remembered as he gave R7 a little pat on the dome. At least the little guy is still here. "Can you send a message to our family?" he asked the droid who gave him an unsure bleep. "Okay than lets at least try it, tell them we are safe, for now at least, hoping to see them soon."

    He'd stopped listening to the men, he needed to see how bad this was. It was dim, like a badly lit warehouse or docking bay. Flickers of light could be seen but not traced and the parts of her mind that were lit, were only dimly so. There was complete darkness, a line or trail of it. With is mind he followed it. It meandered, like it was searching, turning left and right up and down. In a few random places he found what looked to be silver threads repairing the minor breaks. They were scattered, but he could see someone had been here. Someone had made what he believed were repairs. The connections behind some of it were dark, like they'd been crushed and the areas either side of it struggled to stay lit as they clearly could not communicate. The silver felt different, they'd happened after the damage. He touched the dark, it wasn't completely broken. For want of a better term, it was bruised, squashed even. Someone had gone through here, two someones. Both Someones were Force users, and a powerful ones. One had tunneled through her mind searching for something, the other made minor repairs. His heart almost stopped as he stood and sucked in a deep breath. "Me" he murmured. "Looking for me." He knew now his suspicions about Jacen were right. How did he tell her? 'Oh, you're broken, I was right. Jacen is Sith and he broke you looking for me.' Not really a conversation he wanted to have. The identity of the repairs remained a mystery. Clearly not the same user. She was still unconscious and he was grateful for that. What he'd seen indicated she could recover fully in time, bruising healed and with his help she'd recover. Jacen didn't kill her. Then again, Jacen knew her. Maybe there was some humanity left in the man? Or? The alternative was too sinister to consider at this point. The one who'd come after had him perplexed. Who?

    He had a few things in his ship he wanted, so without hesitation he ran, full pelt back to the first Hangar. Once again he'd not locked it when they'd left, he really needed to think about his actions more as this was not a normal situation. Reaching his ship he opened the storage area and reached in. It wasn't much but the small bag at the back contained the few memories he owned and he always had them on his ship. He figured if he was going to go, he'd take everything with him, there'd be nothing left. There was no one anymore, the Empire took all he had a very long time ago, so this was just memories, distant ones at best. He then climbed the ladder and reached into the cockpit and pulled a small item off the console. Looking at it to confirm it was all there, he stuffed it in his pocket before returning to the second ship as fast as he could. He had no idea of the time frame of all this, but he was sure he'd made the right call now. How wrong could the side retired Colonel Lyons was on?

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