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Reference The Late Show with Shadowsun ~Talks with the RPF~ now interviewing Shadowsun and Bravo!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Shadowsun, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    The Late Show With Shadowsun

    Hey everybody! Welcome to the Late Show with me your humble host Shadowsun!

    *canned clapping plays*

    Thank you, thank you. What's this you may ask? Well the Shadowsun production team has been hard at work putting together an interview thread to serve as the spiritual successor to Vox Popoli I & II and @Darth Kronos's RPF interview thread.

    This is a space where we will take creators, players and all those that call the RPF home and engage in pleasant conversation, learning and discovering what happens behind the scenes of GM and player. There will be three main types of interviews:

    The 'Launch' Interview - Learning the initial thought process behind a game and how it came to be, Launch interview won't be conducted until that game has reached twenty or so posts this will give it time to truly find its footing, and lead to more interesting conversations, all provided of course if the GM wishes to be interviewed.

    The 'Full' Interview - This is where we take the deep dive into a RPFer, looking at their history on the boards, the games they are in now and any future games they may or may not have brewing away. These will be primarily done by signing up by sending the Shadowsun Outreach team a PM (which is just me), but fairly regularly I will reach out and ask people if they want to be interviewed.

    The 'Ending' Interview - Should a game come to its natural, narrative end then Shadowsun production team will reach out to the Cast, Crew and GM and conduct a special big interview with everyone involved, going over the game, reliving the memories, retelling the interplay between characters and one final who-rah.

    After each interview, regardless of type, there will be a one week window for YOU, the RPF in all its grandeur, to ask questions to the interviewee. As such the Shadowsun production team will strive to have weekly interviews, but most likely will be broken up with seasonal breaks. I will strive to make each interview a conversation, rather than a simple list of questions one responds to.

    A special thanks to our producers @Sinrebirth and @Corellian_Outrider for greenlighting this production.

    We have a great, and what might seem eternal, show for you tonight, so please take your seats and I hope you enjoy the show.
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  2. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Music plays as a single figure comes onto the screen, waving at the cheering crowd as he walks into the center of the set.

    Thank you! Thank you! Welcome to the first, ever episode of The Late Night Show, with me, your humble and grateful host Shadowsun.

    We can spend the first few episodes looking at the games that have been released in the tail end of the golden summer, starting with the games released in July and moving upward, we will, perhaps obviously, only be talking to the games that still around by the time we get to them. We have two very special guests for you tonight, looking at two wildly different games. Now sit back, get comfy, and enjoy the show.

    The first game we are going to look at is a dieselpunk, fantasy adventure, and politically thriller set in the original world of Aurelias. Released on July 5th, the game focuses on three main plotlines. The main plotline focuses on the political court and the various members' machinations, taking place mainly in the capital city of the Basileum Empire, Basileus. A second plot, taking place in the same city, follows two detectives as they uncover sinister plots, drug rings, and a wandering killer. The third and final plot leaves the capital city and looks at a group of adventurers and explorers discovering the depths of the neighboring continent Aleyas.

    If you want a little more detail on the basic premise of the game you can go check out the opening post of the game if you want even more background detail, and now without further ado help me give a warm welcome to the mastermind of this massive game @TheAdmiral!

    The audience cheers as theAdmiral comes onto the stage, the host taking his seat behind the desk, giving the appropriate elbow bump as both of them then take their seats.

    Welcome Admiral to the show I hope you are doing well.

    Sits on the couch and grins I am glad that you would have me and it is good to see the tradition being picked up again, to interview players and GMs.

    Yes been quite looking forward to bringing this little number back, thank you for agreeing to come onto the show. Leans back in his chair and takes out some stylish note cards. Alright well as I said at the beginning of the show this is quite a big game, with lots of players, and lots of little different plotlines, so what was the inspiration for this game? How did it come to be exactly?

    Well, it started when I was a kid... laughs ... Just kidding.


    Originally I was going to make an alternative history of our world game set during WW1, but then I realized that this will be a Cyclopean task as then I would have to rewrite the whole history of, at least, the major countries. It is doable but very difficult as there will be a lot of things to be taken into consideration as I will have to account for the presence of the magical races and creatures, that will reshape our reality in major ways. Besides, there will be political and cultural considerations.

    On the other hand, I love huge worlds, so I decided that it would be easier if I made my own, gave an outline of the past, then cherry-pick the elements that I would like to see in this world. I drew inspiration from works of literature from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries (penny dreadfuls, pulp fiction, silent movies), as well as more modern works of art and video games. Add to that some real-life events, ideas, and philosophies.

    I think that is a nice summation of how it came to be.

    Ah that makes sense, I myself have been toying with some alternate history stuff and yes a wise decision I think. Shuffles notecards. There are clearly a lot of influences on the game, what would you say were the main driving factors in shaping your world?

    Well I draw inspiration from varying sources, but the biggest ones are Warhammer 40k for its aesthetics, Warhammer - the fantasy for some of the ideas for the worldbuilding and names. Some of the more obvious are Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, Assassin's Creed, The Lost World, Jurassic Park, Dragon Age. Ironically also Avatar the Last Airbender and the Dragon Prince. I add some real life ideologies that were popular in the 20s and 30s. Some silent movies like Nosferatu, Metropolis. Add to that Conan the Barbarian and Malazan Book of the Fallen for the worldbuilding. Along with some Lovecraftian elements, Kaijus (spoiler alert)...

    Leans back in his chair

    Wow, that is quite a bit! I myself am quite the 40k fan, probably something to do with why I joined in the first place.

    This is your second game you are GMing here on the RPF I believe and your first non-SW game. You started with quite a sizeable cast, twelve characters before your first update with about four or so joining down the line. With such a huge swathe of characters, most of whom are in different parts of Aleyas and Basileus what would say is or was the most challenging aspect of the game?


    I was surprised myself when I saw the turnout. Back in 2004 I tried GMing, but it did not take off, though then my writing was much much worse and the story too wacky. So yeah, it is my first non-SW RP that I have GMed.

    Keeping the pace can be pretty tricky, or cram too many things into a single post. Also the size of the world, it can be both rewarding but also very tricky as you can get lost far too easily.

    Ah yes, I can only imagine.

    Now what is arguably the core focus of the game is the political intrigue and looking at the imperial court. With many characters vying for different control of different aspects of the world how was or should I say is balancing all these competing players in this vast world?

    Well, one way is to pit their characters against each other, and another is to introduce an external party, an unseen puppet master.

    Makes sense, what would say has been your favorite moment of the game?

    Oh, there are a lot of moments that I consider my favorite. I love the little things, the small details, the feel of the characters.

    Is this a game you see going hypothetically infinitely or do you have a set endpoint in mind?

    Well the original settings allow for multiple stories and times. For now I have a planned trilogy, there is potential for prequels/sequels and spin offs. It will depend on how much interest there is.

    Checks his watch. Sorry don't mean to be so rude, last question I think. If someone wanted to join the game at this point could they?

    They are always welcome! The game will remain open.

    Thank you for having me!

    Thank you for agreeing to come on to the show! Alright, we are going to have a short commercial break followed by a musical interlude and then we will be right back with our next guest!

    Are you feeling bored? Want to kick back relax and chat with your fellow RPFers? Then come on down to Hooper's Bar and Grille where we've got all the food and drink you could consume. Don't worry about the fact we have no idea how it is still standing after seven years and well over ten thousand posts, we are sure it won't spontaneously combust and collapse on all the patrons. In the event of such an action, Hooper's Bar and Grille takes no responsibility for any damages caused.

    Alright, welcome back! Our next guest is also a new GM. Tonight we will be looking at their first foray into the GM world with their tight-knit world, Things that go Bump in the Night. The game follows a ragtag crew that has been recruited for the reality TV show 'Haunted!' that goes and looks at supposedly haunted houses and places and records the group as they spend three days investigating and exploring the house.

    Without further ado, please welcome the one and only @Mistress_Renata!

    The audience applauds as a figure walks onto the set, moving towards the seat next to the host. Shadowsun gives her an elbow bump and both take their seats.

    Well, I just would like to thank you for coming onto the show it is a pleasure having you on. I hope you are doing. Alright, let's get straight into it if that's alright with you. This was the first game that you have GMed here on the RPF, which is from my understanding why you had the Halloween deadline for the game. So what made you want to GM and perhaps more specifically what made you want to make this game?

    *fumbling with her microphone*

    Uh, hi, @Shadowsun. Thanks for having me on the show. *is this thing on? Can you...? Oh.*

    Um, yeah, well, @Reynar_Tedros posted a cool photo of an old house and was saying someone should run a game for it. I'm a sucker for a good ghost story and a haunted house. In fact, if I'm traveling somewhere, I look to see if there a ghost tour that I can sign up for. So, anyway, I was hopeful, but Reynar was having an attack of life so if I wanted a haunted house game I was going to have to do it myself.

    I'd never GM'ed before, and was pretty scared to try it. I figured if the game was short with a limited amount of players, I couldn't mess up too bad. I'd figured on about 8 players, with specific roles to fill. I ended up with four, and someone else had an attack of life, so I was down to three. Which was just about right, really. And Halloween seemed a natural stopping place. I was lucky to have some very experienced players, who were patient with me. @Ktala, @Kurisan and @Imperial_Hammer were all willing to overlook my weaknesses.

    Nice, nice, yes I remember seeing this game go up I was intrigued by the Halloween end date. Reminds me of a limited series you would watch on HBO or something, and yes those are a talented trio. With such a tight-knit cast how would you say that affected the way you ran the game, with a smaller crew did it give you more time to focus in on each character and the interplay between them?

    I think so. We did a lot through direct conversations, rather than in the formal discussion thread. I told them if they had ideas or suggestions to PM me directly. And questions of course. I think having a smaller group did help with that. If there had more time, I could have implemented more of their suggestions.

    Nods, shuffling through the large notecards he has present. Alright well, you said the image of the old, spooky looking house that Reynar found was a major source of inspiration, what were other media influences as you were making the game?

    Um, nope, that was it. Coupled with watching all of those TV shows about ghost hunters and remembering all of the books by Hans Holzer. When I was younger, I was very into Victorian style, so it wasn't too hard to imagine all of those rooms with taxidermy and dusty furnishings. @Kurisan came up with a floor plan, which was great. Although everyone ended up in 2 rooms, so her efforts may have been wasted. Let me call out here to say that young woman has mad Photoshop skills!


    Indeed she does. Alright a quick question now, what was your favorite moment of the story?

    Gosh, I dunno! I really, REALLY loved the zany characters the players came up with. I did rather enjoy Saori's meltdown when she thought a monster had run between her legs. She was supposed to be playing the Skeptic, but ended up being the Screamer.

    Really, I can't say enough how much I loved those characters. Crazy Quisley and his gadgets (I feel I didn't give him enough time). And Saori, who filled two roles. And calm Ramona with ROGER, her spirit guide. I'm not sure why his name ended up being all caps, but it just seems to make sense. It was a hoot. I hope they all get another outing.

    Who knows maybe things will bump in the night again? That leads me to my next question actually, while I was not part of this game I have read over the story and I have to say I'm a fan of the more tight-knit short story form game. Any plans in the future for either a game like this or another game in general from Renata Studios?

    Not at the moment. But who knows? I think I have more to learn before I host again. I feel as if the characters didn't really get a chance to unfold and really show off, so if I do it again I might build in more time. But it was nice to have an end date, and everyone knew it and that the time commitment was finite, so they could plan.

    I see I see. My next question was going to be now that the game is done and complete what is one thing you would change? Clearly, more time is one thing so perhaps other than that.

    I'd like to have given Quisley more attention. In retrospect, he seemed more isolated from the other characters. I think the problem was that the main antagonist was a ghost who couldn't interact much with the others. If I have a second episode of Haunted!, I might involve Reva more, to make sure the characters have someone to bounce off of, besides each other.

    A small ding can be heard as the host shuffles once more through his note cards.

    Uh oh well that sound means we only have time for one more question I am afraid. Alright, my final question does not pertain to the game so much but more to you. You've been around the boards for quite some time, I wasn't even alive when you first joined, yeah let that sink in, chuckles sorry, anyway, you have only recently partaken of the RPF I gather, what took us so long to nab you?

    Well, I'd been doing fan fiction, but I was stuck on two stories. Couldn't work them out. I wanted something lighter that I could do while waiting for the Muse to return. RP is like the Round Robins we sometimes do in FanFic, and since @Bardan_Jusik dangled an X-wing game under my nose, I could hardly resist! Wedge and R2D2 are two of my favorite OT characters, so I couldn't resist a pilot game.

    And with that, this concludes the first episode of The Late Night Show with Shadowsun. I would like to give another massive thank you to our guests for agreeing to come onto the show. I now open up the floor for any questions anyone might have, keep in mind it is up to the guests whether or not they respond to questions and we have one week until the next episode. Thank you all for tuning in and see you next week!

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  3. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    *raises hand in the audience. A crew member races over with a microphone*

    “Hello. CO here.”


    “I have a question for both @Mistress_Renata and @TheAdmiral. How has your experience as GM affected the way you write? Have you notice a difference from pre-GM experience to current?”
  4. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    *scratches her nose* Um, nope, haven't noticed any difference. But my game was very short. I learned a bit, though.
  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    levitates the mike to him

    @Mistress_Renata, what would you say you learned? Is the second episode pending?

    And the @TheAdmiral, you also run the DC game and of course your own Clone Wars game. How would you say your experience of GMing has changed since you have to change gears so dramatically between the games? As someone who GMs many stories, I'm interested in the processes of others involved.
  6. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    Well I like to believe that my writing is evolving, but there is indeed a difference in the way I write as when I am a player my characters can't know certain things or direct the story too much. There is a certain veil of ignorance so to speak when I am a regular player. But in both cases I try to make the posts engaging enough for the other player(s).

    As for the second question. You might have noticed that the three games follow a similar thread and have similar themes. That makes it easier. Besides I compartmentalize, keep them separate in my mind. It also helps that they are in different universes. But the biggest help, I know it will sound like a cliche, but the biggest help are the players and their well defined and crafted characters, I try to tailor the stories in accordance to them (but also keeping in mind the bigger picture and the overall plot).
  7. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    I learned that interactions are very different as a GM than as a player. And characters go off in directions you don't expect, so you need to adapt. And that it is important to keep a goal in mind. I also think if I did this again, I'd do something longer than 4 months, I don't think the characters had a chance to really unfold. But I did think that assigning roles helped (the Skeptic, the Mystic, Gadget Guy). Maybe in the New Year I'll think of something. As I said, I love ghost stories, I've read about a lot of haunted places in the US & around the world, there are plenty of things to draw upon!
  8. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Welcome back to another episode of the Late Show with me your humble host Shadowsun. This week we have two more guests, looking at two more games. One a sequel to a long-running Star Wars franchise with its roots going all the way back to 2009 and the other a new fantasy epic released this year.

    Now as you may have guessed, and I hope you did, you do read the whole show right?, the first game is by yours truly as such rather than have a conversation with myself I have invited the one and only @Sinrebirth to take my place as host for our first interview and then I'll take back the reigns as we move back to Bravo.

    So please give him a warm welcome to the GM of ten billion games @Sinrebirth!

    Sinrebirth walks in, waving down the cheers and squeals and winks at a wolf-whistle.

    Well thank you for the warm invitation, and the opportunity to interview you, @Shadowsun. Now, up with you!

    He shoos the host out of his chair, and to the interview seat instead.

    Thank you.

    He adjusts Shadowsun's chair a couple times. Up, and then down, and then up.

    There we go. Alrighty, where was I? Ah yes. You and your pending Episode II. For those of our viewers in RPF City who don't follow along, can you tell us a bit more about the Saga of Ryujin Episode I?

    Clambers into the guest seat

    Huh, we should make these more comfortable.


    Well, the Saga of the Ryujin is a high fantasy epic set in the original world of Regnum. It follows a group of adventurers trying to prevent the rise of an ancient evil. There's magic, lots of magical races, and perhaps most notable there are beings known as 'ryujin' that can transform into dragons. Most of the party is made up of ryujin who are capable of some quite powerful feats. That's the very basic premise but you can read more about it in the OP.

    Of course, of course.

    A dry smile.

    The Saga wasn't your only, and indeed, first, foray into the RPF to GM. Indeed, you have had other projects on the go, and indeed, potentially relevant to come. Tell us about them, and, if I may, tell me what thoughts went into the Saga when you did take it forward.


    Well The Coldest War was my first game as a GM it is a sci-fi alternate history where the Soviets landed on the Moon first. I closed that game due to me, well, I recalled it as I had sent it out too early.

    *scratches head a little embarrassed*

    I'm relaunching the game on New Years' and making some key changes to the game. A good share players were kind enough to agree to return and I'm very excited to see where it will go.

    Ryujin was something that was simmering in my head for two, three months or so before I put it up. I rather love dragons and wanted to do a fantasy game and felt a lack of fantasy games at the time. I look through fantasy and sci-fi art on Pinterest a lot and many times I see a piece of artwork that inspires part of the world. I lost count of how many pieces of artwork I've saved, but I began to build a collection and have tons of pieces for the game.

    But yeah the very first thing that formed the game was...what if humans or other humanoid creatures could transform into dragons? From there everything else flowed and fitted very nicely.

    I do have a couple of other ideas swimming around and have had to beat off the idea of me releasing new games. I'm thinking of doing a tight-knit limited run game that would last only a couple of months, but yeah nothing directly related to Ryujin yet.

    *chuckles as he remembers something*

    Although there was this joke put forth that Vagabond started where all the characters were in a high school called "Ryujin High" and he gave little descriptions for each character on what kind of student they would be. It was quite funny and we all joked about making a parody game. I would consider doing that as a limited run game some time down the line if my players are up for it, but too soon I think. We still need to figure out the relationships between everyone before we can start parodying them.

    We'll come back to Coldest War, but comparing the processes is an interesting past-time of mine, especially for GMs finding their proverbial feet. You've played, you've gamed; what would you say is something you've learned from the models you've encountered, or, now, tried?

    lifts a finger

    You're welcome to include any of your other experiences off the forums, though I'm not sure the viewers know much about you before the forums! So share away!

    Ooo. Nice question. Well, I held off even thinking about GMing a game because I wanted to get my feet wet as it were, plus no one knew who I But yeah I think @The Jedi in the Pumas game Things we lost in the Fire taught me to go for images, music and formatting and all that as I quite like using artwork and music. I think both @Darth_Elu's Genesis Gate and @greyjedi125's Marvel game both displayed how to handle large casts and more importantly how to set up player interaction. Lol, that goes for Dark Reach too I suppose.

    The Libray thread that some games have (Notably GG, Marvel, and the insane wiki @Bravo has constructed) also taught me to have a place outside the game to dump lore so the main game doesn't get cluttered with info.

    I split the game up into chapters but they are continuous, more like chapters in a book than episodes. That was inspired a little from both @The Jedi in the Pumas 10 ABY game (that I'm not in but have looked at) and more so @Reynar_Tedros also splits his game up into chapters.

    I think reaching out to your players and interacting with them, making them feel welcome that kind of thing I just learned from the boards in general. The cast of Ryujin I could not be happier about and definitely feels like a gang of friends. (At least to me lol maybe they all secretly hate me)

    Anyway yeah so I'm an engineering student and my mind is very STEM oriented and I'm musically hopeless (as @Master Vo'Un'Var can attest to) but for quite some time I would think to myself cool worlds I wanted to make, I contemplated writing a book but wasn't quite the right medium I wanted to express my ideas.


    Part of me wanted to learn animation just so I could express the stories in my head that way since I'm so visual, but yeah too much of a time sink. So when Vo dragged back into the boards I stumbled on the perfect medium for the stories I wanted to tell. I could use music, art, etc without having to create them (and as I've said I can't draw or make music to save my life) and also write which is the one I'm somewhat arty at. Although people might notice my language can be quite technically when I write, a byproduct of most of my IRL writing being lab reports or much more detailed technical writing.

    As for me before the boards... I've never played D&D, never was able to find a group but yeah I'm like the rest of you I'm a huge nerd...


    Board games, videogames, movies you name it I've devoured a lot of media and I frequently binge shows.

    But yeah another reason I kinda love the boards is well it is lot of other hobbies I could/want to get into I just can't afford it lol so yeah.

    Oh dear did I go on a ramble again? Haha.

    When Shadowsun mentioned STEM, Sinre scribbles and holds it up while he rambles on. The small note reads Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for those who don't now what that means. When Shadowsun winds down, Sinre grins and nods.

    Yes, you did, but it was a good ramble.

    That process is hellishly interesting. We've seen a lot from you in a relatively short time, so you shouldn't knock what you have achieved, Sun (or Shadow) - not that you've told us your preferred form of address!

    Your cast comment brings us neatly back to the Coldest War - is this a sequel? A reboot? A learning curve? Are you contracting, expanding? What brought the game to an end in the first place?

    gestures for him to speak up

    *chuckles* yeah the term STEM has been beaten into me so many times I forgot that not everyone knows it.

    Shadow or sun is fine as long as I know it is me you're talking about I don't really care lol.

    Coldest War, the new version, is a rework. So while some aspects are the same a lot of things I changed. The core idea of the story, two ideologies struggling for the fate of humanity, is the same. The original game is set in 2012 while the relaunch is set in 2037. This is also to although me to do some more sci-fiy things that I couldn't justify to myself before.

    I would say I'm streamlining the game, I cut one of the major plotlines which was the early colonization of Mars.

    The original I closed because well for several factors. One, every update felt like work. Ryujin every update flows and feels organic, CW didn't feel that way. Two, you probably couldn't tell if you went back and read it but the plot was getting convoluted and I had not planned it out nearly as much as I should have. Three, to quote Howard Stark in one of the MCU movies. "I am limited by the technology of my time" I wanted to take the story places that I just simply could not after my initial set up, yeah pretty nooby GMing I know.

    When I closed it I told all my players why I'm big into being as transparent as possible with the process and how things are going, I also stated back then that it would be back at some point, just needed reworking.

    All my old players are able to rework their characters to fit the new game without too much tweaking though, something I kept in mind when I started reworking the game.

    As for 'not knocking down what I have achieved' lol I think I said this in the Game Group at one point but I'm very critical of my own work and frequently second guess myself, a trait that extends well beyond the boards and writing. I've gotten better at it, but yeah I certainly can overanalyze things lol.

    You know now that I think about it Shadow sounds better than 'sun' but I don't mind which people use.

    nods solemnly

    I can understand that over-critical thinking, though you'd likely have had some negative feedback already if there was a real problem - but foresight is a key element of GMing, as much as being flexible in your plot.

    looks rueful

    I'd say that you already have the most important qualities of a GM - a clear head and understanding of what you want the players to experience, and the sense of self to know when you have an issue with what you are writing. That awareness is fairly important, as it's quite easy to leave a trail of train-wrecks behind you! Stopping and coming back to your creation with insight is really quite impressive.

    he sounds thoughtful

    Shadow or Sun... or Shadowsun... not... Dow?

    waves it aside

    You made me think of something I probably should ask, of course - about your thoughts on GM'ing a Star Wars game. I tend to see GM's try their hand at a non-Star Wars game second, indeed, I've never GM'd a non-Star Wars game, would you believe it. It's really quite interesting (to me) that you're building universes rather than sandbox one.

    Thank you for those kind words

    *goes a little red and then refocuses on the question*

    Ah, I thought something about me being in SW games would come up as I'm currently in only one.

    *chuckles and takes a swig from his mug*

    Well, currently I simply don't have the desire to make a Star Wars game. In truth, before I came back to the boards, I didn't like SW as much as most people here. I mean I liked it just not loads.

    Although more recently having been diving deeper into the lore I've come to like the universe much much more, the Mandolarian also had a large hand in that. But yeah I've only seen the live-action stuff I haven't yet consumed the Clone Wars or Rebels...

    Ah went off on a bit of a tangent there where was I? Right, right GMing a SW game. Yeah well to me the excitement in GMing, or at least a large part of it, is in creating the world. I love worldbuilding and as I mentioned before dabbled in it before the boards just not to this degree.

    Yes, I get you can world build in SW, and yes it provides a structure so you don't have to break your back world building but it just honestly doesn't interest me or rather I don't have an idea for a story set in SW.

    Now that doesn't mean I have anything wrong with SW games, I think I'll definitely play in them if the OP grips me.

    But to put it simply in two points: I don't have a story I want to tell in SW and I don't have the lore background quite yet to make the kind of game I would make in SW.

    I wouldn't say I'll never make one but between Coldest War and Ryujin, I don't think I'll be launching anything else anytime soon.

    I like that response. The lore is a bit intimidating, considering the breadth of even post-reboot Disney Canon, so to speak.

    a slight smile

    As it is my game, I suppose I should ask what your experience has been there, as a self-plug!

    he holds up his hands as if in mock-surrender

    I couldn't help myself! Sue me. a wink


    Hey, I'm taking an interview slot in my own show, mild by comparison.

    *laughs again taking another sip*

    Well, I would be lying if I said I didn't love Dark Reach. It took me a little bit to get into to be perfectly honest but once I bit the bullet...well I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

    Part of it too is Azathoth, a young dark side apprentice that doesn't know much about the universe but loves to learn, is a variation on my favorite character I have made here: The Patriarch. Anyway, I feel myself getting pulled down another rabbit hole. Haha. Anyway yes no Dark Reach is very fun, I love the consistency of an update every Sunday, the fact that everyone does combos for basically every update I found strange to begin with but quite like although I don't think would work for most games.


    DR does have its own deep lore layered and mingled with SW lore... I'm not even close to learning all the ins and outs but it makes the game feel extremely rich. So yeah good game, steep learning curve though.

    That is mitigated greatly by the fact my character is smart but ignorant to the ways of the galaxy which sets up in-game lore explanations. Wouldn't be able to play otherwise.


    It is sometimes useful to match the character to the player, which is why having your in-universe character be in the same place as you have worked relatively well.

    a self-depreciating smile

    The obligatory plugs lead to the similarly obligatory shout-outs. You have this platform to laud your players and friends and peers. I think I’m done, it really is not easy to be a host!

    Alright, welcome back, welcome back. Our next guest is a long time veteran of the RPF, joining the same year I was born.

    The game is set two years before the battle of Yavin following the crew of the Darkest Knight, a highly decorated Imperial Star Destroyer that serves as one of the key components of Dark Saber command. And oh no the more I look into this game the more I want to join it. That one sentence really doesn't do the game justice so I encourage you if you are not familiar to take a peek into the game.

    Anyway without further ado the man of the hour @Bravo!

    Both men settle into their seats as the host toys with his stylish notecards, a little giddy but managing to reign himself in.

    Thanks so much for agreeing to come onto the show I hope you are doing well. Alright, my first question, this franchise is eleven years old at this point, right it wasn't running all eleven-year, so my first question is what inspired this game/series, how did it come to be exactly?

    [Chuckles, adjusting in his seat with a smirk]

    Well, it started with the game series Ace Combat. Heard of it? The stories on the PlayStation 2 is still one of my favorite game stories of all time. Anyways, that story started it all. What started as a mercenary starfighter game in the Star Wars universe with a group of mercenary pilots fighting the Empire turned into an 11 year game series with stories from both sides of the Galactic Civil War. My idea was 24 pages total for the first game, not 5 games!

    I have not heard of it but yes makes sense. Your game is very detailed and from the tines I've gone into peak, there are like fifty links in an update to your unique wiki.


    So clearly you spend or have spent a lot of time making this game and fleshing it out. Can you speak to what your process is when writing updates or planning out thw game?

    [Takes a sip of his drink, before putting it down and answering the question]

    Thank you for noticing the detail. I sometimes think I'm doing too much. And then I think sometimes I'm doing too little. Its hard finding a balance, especially when I have only one game to "advertise" my story style and ability to GM---players are at a premium and each post counts in that regard from a marketing point-of-view. So, yeah, finding a balance is hard. So thank you for noticing that detail.

    [Takes another sip of his drink, letting the liquid wet his throat softly for a long moment before speaking]

    You're two part question has a three-part answer. First, lets begin with planning. When I start any game, I always know the beginning and the end with key character details and plot twists mostly settled before I put pencil to paper or, more correctly, keyboard to computer screen. Its mapped out from that start point to end point with key highlights as goal posts for me to reach as I move the game along. And I keep notes of important details of the story as the game goes on. Also to note, is I'm a man of world building and to get that lived in feel in my games and the wiki drives the world building and lived in feeling. But I'll answer that part last as the last third-part answer.

    Between the edges of that sandbox---as I like to label the beginning and end---is the sandbox middle with my handful of story points---typically the wiki articles I put up on important subjects for the game---I need to reach. In that sandbox is where I let players develop the world and I, as the GM, adapt to their castle building. And the world building grows as I add articles to the wiki to flush out both my ideas as a GM and the wonderful additions of the players. Now with all that said, as GM, I may decide to build a super highway in the middle of their castle structures, but as much as I'm destroying or shifting the players' sandcastles, they're doing the same to my super highway.

    Now, to the second part. Updates. I hinted to it in the first part I just answered. My updates are structured---in part---by this grand sandbox and the wiki. And the players' castles drive those updates. Yes, my major updates---those story points I mentioned---are settled, but the players' actions influence the flavor and look of the updates. Tags are the same way; I respond to the players' actions and don't force my own desires on them for sake of the story---I have a story point to get to, but I don't have to have it my way all the time to get the story told. And its okay if the story point or the whole game story itself looks a little different than what I had envisioned when its all said and done. Or a lot different for that matter.

    Now, the third point I wanted to make. And that's the wiki. None of this happens---the world building between GM and player, the detail in game, the live in it and feel lived in feeling, or anything else---without the wiki. The wiki provides that sandbox structured edges and story points for me as a GM. But in order to understand where I'm coming from, I'll need to give some backstory and then it will make all sense as why I plan and update the way I do. Because world building is easy when talked about, but much, much harder when actually done.

    As for the wiki, it was an idea I had originally came up with during the first game of Intervention, which ran from 2009 through 2013. The Admins/Mods had just come out with the "Library" threads around the end of that game if memory serves right, the last year or two, around the time of the Temp Boards---so, yeah, 2012 and I think the wiki started around 2013 or maybe it was 2012? Memory is rusty! Best addition in my opinion to the RPF were those Library Threads. It was a great idea and whoever thought up of that should be given the life time achievement award for nerds---no joke!


    For the wiki itself, the Library Threads were an amazing idea. But they were also limited to the scope and abilities of their native environment: the boards. As our Library Thread grew with two games, so did my time editing it, moving posts from page to page, and---as the joke went back then from the players & staff in the game---they would complain that just when they memorized the sliding bar location on any given page, I threw them an update and it threw everything out of wack. So editing was a huge issue, especially when you had a 25 post count on each page and you wanted to keep it organized with each page being a new topic for the game. Plus, it limits how much information I can put in as a Game Master, which for big games, helps me keep track of everything in the story.

    Now, the first wiki was more an idea than a functional concept. Even by our second game, Intervention: Echoes in Eternity from 2013 through 2016, the wiki hadn't really served its intended purpose and we relied heavily on the Library Thread still. It wasn't until Paradoxical Echoes from 2017 through 2020 that the wiki concept that I first started around 2012 or 2013 finally took off. And its here where I'll go back to Echoes in Eternity for a moment, if I may please? Because this will help explain the world building and sand castles from earlier.

    Now Echoes in Eternity was a strange thing. And for all the right reasons. It still remains my favorite game of the whole series up until The Kingdom, 2020 to present. I'll admit, The Kingdom is now my favorite. And its because of Echoes in Eternity. EIE in 2013 introduced me to this problem: world building with the everyday joe. Watching the late & great @Sith-I-5 post is something amazing, if you spend the time to read the posts and track each individual NPC and PC he makes and the stories he made for them. You track their stories and you see a galaxy build before your very eyes. Its truly amazing and I'm beyond honored to have had him as my Assistant Game Master for as long as I did, from 2011 through 2020 until his passing. He did more than anyone will ever know for me, both here at the RPF and in my personal life. And we were an ocean apart! He did so much as my AGM, that I could never repay him enough---except by honoring his memory the best way I can.

    [Pauses, wipes away a tear]

    Excuse me.

    [Takes a breath and begins again]

    Great man Sith was. Now back to EIE before Sith starts kicking me from heaven! EIE and Sith presented this issue to me, like I said, world building with the everyday Joe. We have stormtroopers! We have X-Wing pilots! Don't worry, we have Jedi too! Falling out of pockets, at that! And don't worry, Jedi turned Mandalorian bounty hunters will be next. Just watch. Thanks The Mandalorian Season One & Two!


    But what about mechanic guy Jake? Or comms officer Jenny? How about---no joke---the IT tech nerds from a CSA civilian building in the Corporate Sector? Yeah, I introduced three tech nerds in EIE, who take their coffee and donuts to go save the galaxy with mercenary starfighter pilots! The point was this: how about the NPC who works in engineering on that Corellian Blockade Runner? Or the cook for that matter on a civilian passenger starliner? How do they see the story you are building and how do they interact with it? And it was that attention to detail in EIE that I loved so much, both as a player and as Game Master. It was truly enjoyable to do that step by step, post by post. We build the galaxy and it felt rich and lived in. I still remember the first 14 pages of EIE---some of the best RPing until The Kingdom for my whole---oh man---19 years now here? Everyone was engaged, invested, and we played and played hard and played fast. Amazing, simply amazing.

    [Smiles at the memory]

    Anyway, from EIE, I grew the Paradoxical Echoes Universe or PEU, out of the Intervention Universe or IU. You can find the link here to what I mean by that now, in regards to the original Intervention Universe and Paradoxical Echoes Universe. But that's a whole different topic, so lets stay focused, shall we?

    [Points to the hyperlink floating in thin air]
    ( Game Information )

    [Takes a sip of his drink before continuing on]

    The "modern" wiki has been a project since 2017. And it was the building steam since EIE in 2013 that gave birth to it. Now we have 886 pages to everything in both the Paradoxical Echoes game and The Kingdom game and I can freely create as needed---I created a page the day before last in fact, the CBS Powered Lens Boarding Helmet if we want to get specific, and have four more pages on deck to work on. And thing is this---I'll probably never use the CBS Helmet again. It was made for this post here. And that's the point about all of this! Its a page in a wiki that took me an hour to research and create and it'll be used one time, but that one time helped fill out the world. Did you know that our mysterious "bad guys" have a Mandatory Service Commitment for their people? Or that they had Operation Timber against their people? Does it really matter to the overall story?

    No. No, it doesn't.

    But it builds a world that the players in The Kingdom can interact with when they interact with a NPC or PC that has history with that. And it builds the background, fills in the cracks, and creates meaning in the seemingly meaningless interaction with a NPC that could very well die three pages later. And that meaningless interaction now has a little more meaning to affect the PC or another NPC later down the road. Ever hear of a Crewmen Rated Plus Class?


    But do you want to know what is very important in that wiki? The Darkest Night and the fact that it is not an Imperial-class Star Destroyer! Its not! In fact, its a Imperial Praetorian-class Star Destroyer. And that information is important, because its where the PC players are housed for The Kingdom game. And while we have mapped out areas of the star destroyer and even deck layouts, what may be most important from a OOG point of view is that its directly connected to Commodore Valentino Mazzanti, who took over after the death of the last commodore and is now taking the ship into the Unknown Regions for a mysterious mission with the names of Thrawn and Vader involved at the very top levels. Now that information may become handy for a PC to have on hand, if the right questions were asked in-character. Gain the trust of the commodore for your selfish gain? Find out what the secret is? Why are we headed into the Unknown Regions? And why is a highly placed Imperial scientist leading this mission and not a more traditional military officer? Information is power they say.

    To close on the wiki subject, the wiki's least important information is just as important as its most important information. At least in terms of world building and creating a in-depth, rich, and lived-in game experience. And its that wiki that allows players to take my super highway and use it to their advantage, even though I just like wrecked a quarter of their sand castle!

    *Becomes enthralled and entranced as Bravo goes on answering the question, smiling as he goes into great detail.*

    I thank you for that answer, absolutely fascinating. My current game has a slowly building wealth of lore, info, and other facts (although nowhere near to the level of your wiki) and so I was rather eager to hear how that came to be about thanks again.

    *muses for a moment shuffling the notecards once more and takes a sip from his own drink*

    A simpler question for you now, well maybe anyway.

    *grins and chuckles slightly*

    What woukd you say has been your favorite moment in the game. The current one but feel free to say your favorite moments from the other games in thw series too if you want.

    [Smiles, musing on the question]

    Well, in the current game, that would be the whole game. Its been a collection of joy, favorites, and challenges. I don't mean for the answer to come off as lip service to my own players, but I really do mean it. From a Game Master point of view, the game as a whole has been fun. A true joy to play. I enjoy responding to the players as a PC, as well as a GM, and enjoy adapting the story to their desires. I've never had a game where I've been this pleased on so many levels as a GM or as a player. And I have nearly 19 years of games to choose from!

    Is it without its stress? A course not. There's times where I feel overwhelmed with all the detail & depth. I miss that Assistant Game Master support. But I look past that and focus on the positives and the joy I'm having.

    *nods along*

    Ah, a very nice answer.

    Now let's see a somewhat sandwich of questions and then I think that will be it.

    You have, from my understanding, GMed this current universe here on the boards, never felt the urge to make something else?

    And lastly, if you are looking for new players, which I believe you always are, what roles can they fill?


    Yes, as a GM, I've only done this universe. As a player, I've done everything it seems from War of the Galaxies to The new DARK TIMES and New Jedi Outcasts RP (v 2.0 & The Adventure Continues v.6). There's a few others in there that time and a faulty memory have lost over the years.

    For the Paradoxical Echoes Universe (PEU), I don't feel the need to branch out as a GM. I feel like I get all of my "fixes" here, from Rogue Squadron & Battlefront II like action to Wraith Squadron, Rogue One, and Jedi Fallen Order like storytelling. From stormtrooper to rebel to Jedi, I feel like I can be and do anything I want in terms of story and character. I don't have a need to go Old Republic or go before Solo, while I don't feel a want to go beyond the Dark Nest Trilogy of books in terms of Legends for a timeline and in terms of "Canon" timeline, I don't feel a need to go beyond The Mandalorian (season 1 & season 2) years. So the PEU fills that timeframe of collective wants just fine. And with a series of games that has collectively stayed between 2 BBY and 4 ABY, it all fits nicely in the end.

    And I guess that above answer begs the question: where to after PEU?


    I don't know. I have one more game planned (Echoes in Eternity: Convictions) within the PEU. After that, I may have enough fuel left in the tank for one more game, maybe something a bit more "out there" as a stand alone game, but still within the PEU. Once that is completed, I'll probably seriously look at retirement as a GM, say I did the best I could for x number of years and x number of games, and call it good. Then enjoy the rest of my time on the boards here as a player in the RPF and lurker throughout the rest of the boards (I always wanted to revisit the Literature forum and get back into reading Star Wars books, while I recently started dipping my toe in the Anthology forum this past week). But I would really like to just be a player in the RPF again, have that single minded focus on one character---maybe two---and really dive deep into the character. And let someone else do the heavy lifting for GM.

    [Chuckles, looking longingly off to something off camera only he can see]

    But who am I joking? I still have a few more years until I complete those last two games and then can starting yelling for youngsters to get off my lawn!

    [Chuckles quietly]

    As for players, you are correct. We are always recruiting. Always accepting new players. DRL happens and you need to keep the rosters flowing with new players or your game can die. Plus, new ideas and new characters is always a good thing from new players. Right now we have a slot open for a TIE Fighter pilot, one Stormtrooper slot, and a Chief Hanger Master & Chief Communications Officer slot for the bridge. While I had more slots open, I think I'll keep it to those for right now until I can get an Assistant Game Master onboard or the game pulls me in an direction to reopen more slots.

    Thank you, Bravo for those answers, and with that dear RPF we open up the floor to you to ask anyway questions you like, it is up to the guests or whether or not they will answer further questions. The Shadowsun production team has episode III slotted to release this coming Monday so you have till then to ask your questions. A massive thank you to @Bravo for agreeing to come onto the show and @Sinrebirth for acting as a guest host for my own interview.
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  9. Bravo

    Bravo Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    @Shadowsun --- why fantasy games? On a Star Wars board, you seem intent to steer away from the Star Wars Galaxy. So, I guess, what's the drive for that? There's plenty of other role playing forums out there on the world wide web, so what drives you to this forum when your creative juices are elsewhere other than Star Wars?

    I ask, because in The Kingdom, I have a good sized influx of fantasy myself. But I try to mesh that with Star Wars, not keep it a separate thing.
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  10. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Indeed, isn't Star Wars indeed Space Opera, a fusion of sci-fi and fantasy?
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  11. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Ah a very good question. @Bravo

    Well I first came to these boards three years ago where I did very little, wasn't in the RPF I was on for maybe like three weeks.

    My brother who some peeps know is @Master Vo'Un'Var got me back in this year to play his game Yakuza. (Which is excellent by the way) From there I joined I think @The Jedi in the Pumas Things We Lost on the Fire a game based in the world of Avatar the Last Airbender...anyway what I'm trying to get to is that I got sucked in by the community.

    To put it simply the folks here are amazing, and the tight knit nature of knowing everyone more or less is pretty amazing to see on the modern day internet. So I never felt the need to go look elsewhere.

    Now as for why I wanted to make a pure fantasy game as opposed to one set in Star Wars...well a couple reasons.

    1) I knew a couple of peeps wanted a high fantasy game so I knew I would most likely get a couple players.

    2) As I mentioned in my interview above the world I wanted to build would not fit in SW. A lot of the background lore that will become revealed and more relevant as the game goes on is to do with the creation of the world and various gods.

    Now my other game Coldest War is not fantasy at all and is much more hard sci-fi. That stemmed more from me wanting to explore an alternate history of real world earth so again doesn't mean well with SW. That was a far more risky venture but I'm currently sitting at a comfortable seven players for the upcoming relaunch.

    When I GM my focus is two fold A) are the players having fun? And B) how do I tell a good story? Both these stories I've made simply don't fit in SW.

    Perhaps the biggest reason is I love world building and I dont have total freedom if I build it in SW

    Anyway little bit of a ramble hope that answered your question.
  12. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    I got sucked into the community myself (Star Wars Community first, actually---I think it was later renamed Your Jedi Council Community). Then the Literature Forum & Rocky Mountain Fan Force in my later high school years. Then the RPF. So I can relate. Over the years, RPF became home more & more and I drifted away from other parts of the boards. By the early 2010s, I think all I did was RPF.
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    Welcome back to another episode of the Late Night Show with me your humble host Shadowsun!

    This episode is going to be a little different as instead of looking at two games that have already been released we are taking a look at two upcoming games that will go live around the New Year. One is the continuation of the Skywalker Saga set several decades after the sequel trilogy, the other is an original fantasy world where champions fight to bring their god honor. Alright settle in and let's get this party started!

    Now without further ado welcome our first guest onto the stage the legendary, the mod-emperor, the-- we all know it is. Come on down @Sinrebirth!

    Thank you, thank you for coming onto the show, greatly appreciated and thanks again for guest hosting part of last week.

    Settles in his chair, taking a sip from his mug.

    Alright, Sinre why don't you tell us in your own words what exactly Episode X is all about, for the folks at home that haven't seen the reference teasers or the OP that may or may not exist in the void.

    chuckles softly, enjoys a red wine

    Well my friend, it is essentially the inevitable conclusion I had to reach when I finished Episode IX; that the Skywalker Saga was not in-fact over. The ending to the story was, by dint of a variety of reasons we can likely all cite, relatively rushed although something I very much enjoyed and considered a thematic ending to a trilogy of trilogies involving Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi, namely, the continued machinations of Darth Sidious.

    The entire Sequel Trilogy merely covering a year in-universe besides the other eras was also relatively unsatisfying. So what happens nine years later, I ask? Episode X: Duel of the Fates answers.

    *mouths to the production crew*

    Why don't I get any? Right right I know I'm not 21 but who's to say this is set in the US? Yeah I know it is a riff of American late-night talk shows but...but...fine whatever just get me a Coke


    Sorry about that, where were we, ah yes Episode X...

    Now you touched on a point that you felt the sequel trilogy went across too short a time span, so roughly how long a time span, in game I mean, do you plan to go over? And related to that is this the start of your own trilogy?

    The games likely timespan will cover merely a week or two in-universe, as my games tend to be very... event focused on a short-time frame. But if successful, I do intend to commit to a trilogy which will cover a more decent time-period. It largely depends how well X does! At present I have plenty of ideas to abuse for X, thanks to the abortive IX script, and similarly a vague starting point for XI if we get there. I don't tend to plan for success, just for fun. Episode IV: Twilight of the Force, for example, I did not expect to do as well as it did and spawn a sequel set fourteen years later in-universe.

    You have GMed many games during your time here on the boards. What is your process for creating all these various different games and if different Episode X as well?

    My process is by and large a single Idea and it's impact on a narrative. The game then becomes a build-up to that moment, and then the aftermath is created by the moment. Sometimes the moment spawns other moments organically, but I also have some inorganic moments to hand if need be. The greatest example of this would be Twilight of the Force; what if Palpatine died during Revenge of the Sith, how would Episode IV look, with an inorganic moment around the Death Star in essence.

    As to Episode X I had some rather details thoughts ready made, and without being too spoilerific, the title of the film gives away a fair amount of that Idea, but thereafter? All bet's are off. Which will likely sound both exciting and terrifying, what with my seeming reputation as a GM that heaps soul-shattering events upon players...

    Strokes chin in interest and then takes a sip from his drink

    So before viewers read on you should really go check out the reference thread here for the full effect. Not really a spoiler as the game isn't even out yet but anyway just in case.

    Good, you went? Now Sinre in the last teaser it was revealed that Kylo Ren lives on and is quite literally being haunted by Luke and shows a little bit more of the strong Dyad connection with Rey, and I take it some player will be taking on Rey. Will their strong bond be a strong focal point of the story, as I feel the title suggests, and will your take on it be different in any significant way than we saw in the sequel trilogy?

    Ah yes, I should have plugged the Teaser thread! DotF is certainly an anachronism in so as much as what it does seek to undo from TROS as much as what it carries forward from the same film. This is most certainly a sequel to them, as much as it will also seek to be a sequel to the prequel and original films... In many ways, Episode X is a Legacy film, to coin a term from the old continuity for the later eras.

    It's the Legacy of everything which has happened in the last three arcs.

    The Legacy Trilogy, perhaps one day, who knows.

    So yes, as to Kylo Ren -

    at that he smirks

    - and as to Rey, allow me to respond with an answer and riddle, my dear host. As you will all know by the time this airs, I do indeed have a Rey, our own @QueenSabe7, who has been hyped to the highest degree in the past few months of behind-the-scenes casting and indeed filming. ;) But more directly?

    Yes, their bond will be a focal point of the trilogy. Indeed, one of the main questions of Episode X will have to be Kylo Ren, and indeed, his relationship with Rey. The Dyad, past, present and future, as the bond all the Rule of Two of the Sith sought to emulate... it is the inevitable question of the Skywalker Saga.

    A question bound by Fate.

    *broad grin spreads over his face*

    Hence Duel of the Fates I suppose... very nice, very nice...

    So another angle of the game that caught my eye as I was viewing the teaser parts was well, what exactly is the state of the galaxy at this point in time? One of the teasers goes into the fate of Coruscant, or at least it partially does and the First Order is alive and well. Can you speak to that without giving away what you don't want to?

    I can certainly explain, and happy to do so. The First Order indeed survived the Battle of Exegol and the uprising that followed. Hux plays the traitor but plans for his escape, rolling out his master plan, a year in the making; an interplanetary communications blackout.

    For a galaxy unable to talk, utter pandemonium follows, giving rise to warlordism and chaos as opportunists strike. So to describe the situation for the common citizen; it’s bad. Oppression is one thing, but the disaster of almost no galactic government? Even the one of anger and madness that Kylo Ren led? It’s a nightmare.

    The death of civilisation is the legacy of the Star Wars.

    Ah I see, I see.

    Now clearly, and you touched on this a little earlier, the game is quite inspired from the leaked but never made alternate script for Episode IX, also called 'Duel of the Fates' written by Colin Trevorrow. While I can spot some similarities between this game and that alternate Episode IX there are some key differences as well. Can you speak to how much you are incorporating these different elements?

    How much? Well, I’m afraid, you’ll have to see overall, I must say. There are some bits I like, some that I don’t believe fit - I could mention at least one major point for example, but I shan’t. Some which can’t fit at all, for example scenes with Leia, who had her send-off in TROS.

    So there will be some interesting things afoot with certain character arcs, and of course TROS did happen, which the Episode IX: DotF script didn’t take account for either. I’m looking forward to both the weaving (if any looks mischievous), and the changes to come.

    *grins as Sinrebirth speaks*

    Alright, alright, I had to ask...


    Alright, a more general question but also related to this game specifically. Would you say your games are generally more plot or character-driven and will Episode X be more plot or character-driven?

    I am completely accepting more sheets; yes. I don’t have a Finn or a Poe, after all. But I am by and large happy to accept any character. It’s a brilliant cast already, I couldn’t be happier with the players we have. Episode X is going to be incredible fun.

    I think that's it! Thanks so much for coming onto the show, as of now the OP is up and you can go check it out if you are interested in joining. Now we have a short break and then we'll be right back with @darthbernael!

    Welcome back! I do hope you are enjoyed our last guest, now we turn to someone much newer to the forums, although not green around the ears by any means. Like our last guest, we will be looking at their upcoming game, this one titled 'The Final Game'. This non-SW fantasy adventure game takes place in the fictional world of Selenia. Seven champions have been selected by seven gods, ranging across various mythologies, to play in one last final game in which the fate of Selenia hangs in the balance. This is the part I usually say go and check out the OP if you want to find out more, but there is no public OP anymore so I guess you are going to have the read the interview to find out more!

    Without further ado welcome to the stage the one and only @darthbernael!

    A figure comes onto the stage, waving to the stage both men greet each other as they take their seats.

    Welcome Bernael to the show, thank you for coming on.

    Shuffles notecards as Bernael responds

    Alright, my first question for you tonight, yes I'm diving right in, regards how this world came about, what inspired you to make this game?

    Yes, thank you for having me on, especially so early on in the show. I chose this one, well...honestly it's not the first OP I had set to start a game and would actually have been the second game I had planned on running. But the other one was pushed back due to real world events so it gave me time to finish some of the behind the scenes work on this one as well as write the OP. I know there are several of us who have or are working on fantasy OPs but this particular format has been bouncing around my head for a while and was too good an opportunity to pass up. I know many of us take inspiration from many places and I do not know how many people here are Terry Pratchett fans but those that are may notice where I took inspiration from when the OP goes up.

    Nods along, sipping from his drink.

    Aye, I'm a big proponent of anything fantasy, so I might have a slight basis. chuckles. Anyway back to the rigorous grilling session, er... I mean interview. In your own words, what exactly is this game as I expect most people watching at home don't know much about it.


    It's set in the type of fantasy world that has both high and wood elves, dwarves, humans, drow, warriors, wizards, pirates, and fairies. Set in a time when there has been peace for long enough to bore the gods that watch over Selenia. The way the game is set it's basically on two levels. On one are the Gods, also played characters, who are playing a game whose stakes are the future or survival of Selenia. On the other level are the 'main' player characters, who, whether they know it or not, have been chosen by their patron deity as that deity's champion in the game. The objective, for the players at least, chuckles evilly, will be to end whatever the threat is to Selenia and stop the chaos that is occurring even while dealing with their various biases toward each other.

    Grins slightly then hides it.

    Would I be correct in saying this is your first time GMing a game here on the boards? I mean you had a 1x1 Dark Reach side story but that's a whole different kind of thing. Have you GMed things offline/elsewhere, I get D&D vibes of this game from what I have seen.

    Smiles slightly

    Yes, this is the first for me to GM on the boards in the fuller sense of a game. And yes I have GM'ed things offline, in the past, including D&D. I did consider including having dice rolls for battle but there are enough layers to the game already, including the Gods gambling, that adding more could muddy it and make it slightly less enjoyable.


    Makes sense I was like 99% sure but yeah anyway.

    Alright, so what was your process for creating this world? The map, the races, kingdoms whathaveyou.

    Hmmm. That's a good question. Well, as I mentioned before it started with the inspiration. I knew the "Gods Game" would be the overarching part of it. So the next question was, what or who do I want populating it?

    Humans by themselves don't really make a fantasy world, or even humans and one, maybe two other Races. So I had to think, I wanted the Humans, the High Elves, the Dwarves, and the Drow as the main races, but also have minor, and in this case NPC, Races like the orcs, goblins, and others.

    Once I knew who I wanted populating the world, I wanted to have it mapped out so that both I and the players could more easily visualize the world. I can write but drawing, definitely not my strong suit. I surfed the web for a while until I found a free program that worked well for me. Using its randomizer I was able to roughly map the world I wanted and then its editing function let me fill it as I wanted.

    I could have let the program use random place, nation, and such names on the map but I did enjoy building it myself. Once I had all of that I could flesh out the OP and some of the rules, as well as a general overview of the nations and the world it takes place on. From there, it was waiting for players and how they wanted their characters to be. In the process of that I had two who came up with some interesting ideas and the cast grew from 6 to 8 and the GM.

    And the last stage, for me, was writing the Teasers so that not just the players but perhaps others that enjoy fantasy stories might get excited for the story to get going and be written.

    Ah nice, nice.

    Well, let's see here. So going into this game how much would you say you will be drawing from GMing stuff like DnD off the boards to how you have seen other GMs run the game here?

    Hope that makes sense lol

    Lol, it does.

    I will say that I've had some good influences as GMs here on the boards so I will be drawing from some of what I've picked up from them. And yes, that does include one we both know well, so expecting 'interesting' things to happen should be expected. I will be drawing on my own experiences running off board stuff as well, because that's just hard to set aside when you have your own experience. So a nice melding of it all, I hope. And in a way that the players, as well as those who choose to read along, will enjoy.

    *eyes drink, swirling it around as he contemplates what to ask next*

    I suppose my next question is to do with this duel character god/champion idea. How exactly are tags, updates and the thread going to look like with these duel, parallel stories going on at the same time?

    Chuckles, only a little darkly

    Every player will get an individual, or if needed a combo tag, every week for their champion. To begin they will be individual as the champions are spread across the surface of Selenia. But, they will have to meet and work together to advance the story so I do foresee combo. The first update that does require a response will go up on the 1st of January, so the OP will be up sooner if the players wish to write an introduction piece for either their God or Champion. To begin, the update day will be every Friday as that's the day the first update goes up but that may be shifted as needed. Which means the players will have from when it goes up to Thursday evening to write their responses, unless they have a need otherwise, that they communicate to me.

    As to the Gods, it will be slightly more freeform. There will be an update every week for the Gods Realm, and depending on how the story goes, it may be a group tag, with everyone able to respond individually if they chose or in combo if it works. There will be some overlap as Gods attempt to aid their Champion as or how they're able to, or how they react when their Champion goes off the rails of the path the God hopes they will follow to keep Selenia from destruction.

    Ah I see, I see.

    *scratches the side of his head and chuckles*

    Let's see... well first I'm going to say to our viewers that if they have not yet checked out the reference teaser thread they can do so here. I'm going to be talking about some things that are in there, so not a spoiler per se but if you want the full effect go and read that.

    Now I myself as a future player in this game was wondering who the chief god was going to be as until the latest teaser you did not give any indication as to who it was. Now we know it is Huitzilopochtli, an Aztec god of the Sun and War, not who I was expecting at all. So my question is was it always going to be this deity or did you shift it as players selected their gods and why this god in particular?

    Grins at the question

    I hadn't pinned down the chief god for a while but I knew I wanted the pantheon to be as diverse as possible. He appealed to me with his background, especially given his role in the game. I know many might not have the chance to see the OP before this interview but he's decided to have his own fun in the God's game and has made the stakes the survival of Selenia.

    Ah makes sense, makes sense.

    I do have another world-building-related question as that is something that rather fascinates myself. With all these various gods from various real world mythologies how are you integrating that with this High Fantasy world? Like I know you have mechanics set up to do with followers and worshipers of the eight gods and that kind of thing but I mean more from a lore perspective.

    Shhhhhh, no asking questions about the next Selenia game before this one even begins. But honestly, yes, that is something that will be explored later, especially if this game does well.

    *gives a loud laugh at the response*

    Very well fair enough.

    *Takes a sip from his drink*

    Alright well it that case... *shuffles notecards*

    For those that haven't seen the OP would you say this game will lean more towards the sandbox side of things or be more story-driven? Another way to ask that question I suppose, although not quite the same, is will the game be more character-driven or more plot-driven?

    Well, I did a thing. The OP is now up for those who wish to read it. As to whether it is sandbox or story driven, I would have to say that it is mostly story driven but allowing elements of sandbox theme to it. The champions will have to explore the world around them as they are drawn together to face the obstacles in their path. The goal, of course, to be saving Selenia from destruction. But, along the way, they'll have to find ways to put aside their prejudices for other races, find ways to be able to work together and decide if they have what it takes to save the world.

    And that's it! Thanks again for coming to the show. As always the floor is now yours RPF to ask whatever questions you desire! There will not be an episode next week as the Shadowsun production will be taking a short break. After that, we will resume our launch interview schedule. One last thank you to @Sinrebirth and @darthbernael for coming onto the show!
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