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MOD The Mods will edit your story titles (with stipulations), see resource for more info!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mavjade , May 10, 2013.

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    Mod Announcements Thread

    March 2018 - Since only the mods have title editing capability at the moment, we're will to edit your titles so that you can remove old update info, or change things you don't like. There are a few stipulations, so please see the resource thread HERE for more information.

    January 2018 - We are going to be changing the prefix system! More info HERE!

    December 2017 - New tagging system to help you find the fanfics you want to read. Go HERE for more info!

    Jan 2016 - We're looking for volunteers for the awards! Go HERE for more info.

    We're also hosting a Mod challenge which means you can win color, or torture the mods with new colors and icons. See the Dare Challenge HERE.

    2/15/16 - We need volunteers for the Awards! Go HERE for more information.

    12/11/15 - There is going to be a new tagging system for the story boards. Please read about the new system HERE!

    9/21/15 - It's SW fanfic vs. NSWFF - Vote in the first FanFic Olympics!
    See the stories HERE

    1/18/15 - HERE is the thread with the new policy regarding linking in resource.

    1/3/15 - HERE is a thread Discussing the pimping and promoting policy. We would like as many participants as possible.

    1/3/15 - HERE is a thread discussing the Awards for this year(?)

    11/11/14 - Sigh ups for the 8th Annual Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange are now open until Dec. 2nd

    9/13/14 - Mod's Dare Challenge now posted in Resource. Win colors, torture fellow fanficcers. Join the fun!

    2/16/14 - Now Voting Before/Saga! See THIS thread in resource for more info!

    1/16/14 - Award nominations now going on in Resource... please participate!

    12/1/13 - Announcement/Questions from the mods in Resource. Questions regarding awards, announcement regarding challenges.

    7th Annual Fic-Gift Exchange is now going on in Resource! (12/1/13) Time is up, but you may still be able to participate

    9/8/2013 - New Mod challenge posted in Resource: Fanfic Clue! Sign up by 9/16!

    6/3/2013 - There is now an Awards Survey in Resource... we would love your participation!

    You can now find a "State of the Fanfic" thread in Resource. Please everyone take a minute and read, there is some important info we feel you should know!


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