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Saga The Moments That Make Up A Life [Just some fluffy drabbles - NOT MMM]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by ThisIsMe1138, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. ThisIsMe1138

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    Jun 26, 2018
    Title: The Moments That Make Up A Life
    Author: ThisIsMe1138
    Genre: Mush, drabbles
    Characters: Depends on how my muse feels... [face_thinking] We got AU, Legends, Canon... who knows?
    Synopsis: Just the extra fluff you never knew you needed...
    Note: I'm sorry I don't know how prefixes work...
    Note 2: These are the first drabbles I've written/posted, so please let me know how I did :)

    I'm (hopefully) going to post these in "sets" of 6 or so... Here's the first :D


    Leia rolled her eyes at her husband. “Really, Han? First class tickets?” She wasn’t denying it was unbelievably beautiful, couldn’t even put into words how much the surprise cruise trip reminded her of family vacations on Alderaan, but really, this was just above and beyond. It was almost like the honeymoon she’d always dreamed of; a childhood dream that had been shattered and broken yet slowly glued back together.

    He shrugged sheepishly, a boyish grin lighting up his face as if he’d just fallen in love all over again. “What can I say, sweetheart? You just don’t deserve anything less.”

    Jacen + Jaina

    It had been an exciting and amazing celebration; Leia and Han had gone far beyond what Jacen or Jaina had expected for their thirteenth birthday. Nevertheless, they both still considered their time alone in the still darkness as the best part of the day.

    Jaina, seated on the edge of Jacen’s bed, leaned her head against her twin brother’s shoulder. “Are you happy we’re twins?”

    The question startled him. “Of course! I don’t know what I would do without you!”

    “Hmm….” Jacen felt her love and contentment through the Force. “Me either…. Happy birthday, Jaca.”

    He smiled. “Happy birthday, Jaya.”

    Han + Chewie

    “Seriously, Chewie? You’re still worried about me after years of working together?” He wasn’t about to admit that it kinda felt good to have someone care about him.

    [You know you are my responsibility now, Cub.]

    He found it hard not to roll his eyes. “Is this about that whole life debt thing?”

    To his surprise, Chewie shook his head. [No, it is more than that. You’ve become like a…. wryshr’oo’ino... to me.]

    If Han was translating right, the word meant something like “little brother; son”. Well. Awkward. If not a bit touching. He grinned, a little embarrassed.


    Luke + Leia

    “Really, Luke.” Leia would’ve chuckled if it hadn’t been for her companion’s miserable sniffles and watery eyes. “Of all the times to get sick, it had to be on a mission.”

    Luke reached for another tissue, curling up under his blanket as a shiver ran through him. “It’s not my fault!” he protested, sipping the mug of tea Leia’d brought him and relaxing slightly as it soothed his sore throat and warmed his somewhat queasy stomach.

    Leia gently brushed Luke’s hair off his forehead, checking on his fever at the same time. “I know it wasn’t, Luke. Just get better.”

    Obi-Wan + Skywalker Family (AU)

    “What? What do you mean you didn’t bring dinner?”

    Anakin stared. “You...didn’t make it? I thought you knew Obi-Wan was coming!”

    Hearing his name, the Jedi Master paused whatever wild game he was playing with Luke and Leia, unable to mask his laughter as husband and wife continued to bicker. Anakin turned to him.

    “Oh, yeah, Obi-Wan? You think this is funny? Try having a crazy family and see if you still wanna laugh.”

    Obi-Wan gestured around him, to the twins and their parents, to their home and relationships. “Now, why would I do that? I already have one.”


    “Are you sure that’s the right lever, Hera?” Said pilot sighed, almost tired of constantly hearing Kanan’s voice.

    “Yes, Kanan, I am sure I am piloting my own ship correctly, thanks for your concern.”

    He smiled, leaning in closer than necessary as he pointed out a random switch. “Oh, really?” he murmured, careful of her sensitive lekku and using their closeness as an opportunity to plant a kiss on her cheek. “I thought it was that one.”

    She slapped his arm away, albeit too affectionately to display true annoyance. “That’s called back-seat piloting, Kanan. Go back to your Jedi stuff.”


    Well, there you have it, folks ;)
  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Ahem. I loved every one! Jaina and Jacen ... aww. Luke and Leia - delightful real to life, poor Luke [:D] Han & Leia -- delicious! Han and Chewie -- wonderful closeness between friends. [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Loved seeing Obi-Wan visit the Skywalker ENTIRE FAMILY! Hera and Kanan were just too cute!
  3. Khalia Octa

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    Jun 23, 2018
    =D==D==D=:cool: Awhhhhhh!!! I LOVED reading them!! :D I loved the Leia and Luke one the best, I must say [face_dancing]:cool::cool: Can't wait for more!! [:D] [face_party]
  4. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Does not matter it is a mix of everything. The ingredients were right: love, family & sweetness. Thanks!
  5. teamhansolo

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    Jun 25, 2018
    I love these! I think my favorites are Hera and Kanan, and Obi-Wan with the Skywalkers. They would've made such a great family.... [face_love][face_love]
  6. ThisIsMe1138

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    Jun 26, 2018
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha I love how your replies always begin with some form of "Squee" :p And... I might have a fluffy AU planned with Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan and little Luke and Leia... [face_mischief]
    @Khalia Octa [:D] back! I have to say, the Luke and Leia one might be my favorite too :p And sorry it's taken so long to update! (especially since I wrote these like months ago....)
    @AzureAngel2 Thank you!!! :D
    @teamhansolo o_O What did I say about you commenting on my stuff? :p But thanks, and yeah, you're right, it should have happened like that :( (except for the fact that we'd only have 3 movies instead of 10, so no....)

    Next Set: "Daddy". These are written from the point of view of a kid, so the writing is purposely on that kind of level. Imagine like a... I don't know, elementary school essay or something ;)

    Daddy, by Luke Skywalker, age 5

    I never knew my real daddy because he died when I was a little baby. Uncle Owen says that he was on a spaceship that crashed, but think something else happened. But Aunt Beru says the same thing, and I don’t think she would lie to me. I guess she is sort of like my mommy. She hugs me and teaches me and lets me sit on her lap when I’m sick. But Uncle Owen just screams at me and tells me to do more chores when I ask questions. Biggs’s biggest dream is to own a spaceship, but mine is to have a daddy. It’s not fair that mine’s impossible.

    Daddy, by Ben Solo, age 6

    Guess what? My daddy is the pilot of the Millennium Falcon. Uncle Luke is a Jedi and mommy is in charge of the galaxy but daddy is the best because he is teaching me how to fly, and he lets me sleep with him when mommy isn’t home and rides me around on his shoulders so I can see up high. Sometimes he gets mad at me, but then he says sorry. Ever since Uncle Luke said I was gonna go train with him, Daddy’s been hugging me really a lot. I think he’s going to miss me a ton, even though he says that I’m his crazy little monster.

    Daddy, by Leia Organa, age 7

    My daddy is a senator, which means that he is always talking to other people in charge and trying to make peace in the galaxy, because all the people hurting each other makes him really sad. Everyone else wants me to be like a fairy tale princess and like twirl around and stuff, but my daddy says that when I’m big, I’ll get to work hard to make the planets friends again too. He tells me every single night that he believes in me, and that he loves me so, so much. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that I’m not his real daughter because he is such an awesome daddy.

    Papa, by Jyn Erso, age 8

    Papa might be the smartest person in the entire galaxy. Even a great leader of the Empire said that Papa was a brilliant and intelligent man. He helps build things for the Empire so that they can keep everyone safe and make them listen to the rules. I like it when he picks me up if I’m scared and tells me that he’ll always protect me and when he kisses Mama. When I turned four he gave me two tooka dolls and I named them “Starrie” and “Koodie”. But my very favorite is when he calls me Stardust and promises that nothing can get in the way of his love.

    Dad, by Boba Fett, age 9

    My dad has raised me to be tough since the day I was made. Technically, I am a clone, but he always says that it doesn’t matter, that I can be whoever I decide I want to be even though I’m pretty much another version of him. He is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, and he is training me to follow in his footsteps. He has taught me to never trust without reason, never show emotions to those you don’t trust, but confide in people you do. Never to look down, but to always keep observing. He says if I will it, there is no-one I can’t beat.

    Dad, by Poe Dameron, age 10

    Ever since Mom died, Dad and me have gotten much closer together. I used to hide everything from him, to try and look tough and strong. All I wanted was to be like him, to be invincible and unshakeable like Dad. But I’ve realized since then that he’s not perfect, and having no emotion doesn’t mean having no weaknesses. Surprisingly, it was Mom who taught me to build, to fly, to find food in the wild, but it was Dad who showed me how to be strong but open, tough but loving, Dad who showed me how to be a man, and to stand up for what I believe in.

    + bonus, I guess, because this is where the whole idea came from ;) Lila Barton is the daughter of Clint Barton (Hawkeye) from Marvel.

    Daddy, by Lila Barton, age 6

    My daddy is so strong that he is an Avenger. I heard Auntie Nat say once that he could kick the butts of every alien that invaded the Earth, and I bet he could if he wasn’t already standing on roofs and shooting them with arrows. But he’s also really gentle and nice. He tucks me in at night and reads me books when I’m sleepy. He holds me when I’m sad and gives me ice-cream if I get hurt. I never thought daddy could cry, until one time his friend died, and when I hugged him he called me his princess. I guess that makes my daddy a king.
  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderful tones for each. Luke is adorable & Leia feels that Bail is her "real" Daddy because he is emotionally and he and Breha raised her like their own. :) The tone for Ben was bittersweet because Han is an awesome Daddy but Ben forgot all about that :oops: =D=
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  8. Ridley Solo

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    Aug 27, 2010
    [face_love] Aww, so sweet! Bless Luke's little heart for wishing for a Daddy...and uncle Owen not quite living up to that title. =((
    Sweet insight into little Ben's thoughts, back when he still loved his daddy.
    Leia's was perfect, as was Jyn's.

    The hard part about this is everyone ended up losing their 'daddy'. :(:_|