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    I'm good at writing short stories but they normally fail to go anywhere. I read the OTP challenge and maybe using it, a whole bunch of short stories will turn into something more substantial. So here goes!

    P.S. If I get anything wrong (based on the EU, not the crappy new 'canon' that has already broken the laws of light speed) please let me know.
    I'm looking for names for the two chars, preferably not George but something you would expect based on their species, gender, etc.


    “We have to get off this stinking rock!” she moaned leaning forward with a small grunt.
    “You said that yesterday.” A voice floated up to her from over a shallow rise.
    “And I'll say it again tomorrow!” she snarled back, digging at the rubble more furiously.

    Taking a step sidewards she caught her lekku between two jagged rocks and fell over with a wail. A head appeared almost immediately from over the rise and looked at her worriedly.

    “Are you okay, honey?” He asked with concern in his eyes.

    She glared back at him, fury flashing in her eyes as she sat there in a cloud of dust caused by her tumble.

    “I used to be the most beautiful shade of mauve” She wailed hopelessly. “Now look at me”, she sobbed. She caught his eyes roaming over her, saw the wince on his face as he caught sight of her mangled lekku but never once hesitating in disgust or revulsion as hers did every morning when she looked at herself in the mirror.

    “I'll never get all this brown out, even my bones are stained!” she exclaimed abjectly. He walked patiently towards her with a slight smile quirking the edges of his muzzle. He offered her his paw to help her to her feet.

    “I'm covered in fur and you don't hear me complaining.” he cajoled, “Do you have any idea how itchy this gets?” he asked, kicking up a puff of dust as he approached, looking at her meaningfully.

    She cringed inwardly, he always made her realise with the slightest gesture how petty and childish her tantrums and outbursts were. She sighed, dusting herself off before taking his hand. The two of them disappeared inside the cloud of dust, the few quick brushes of her hands had excited around them.

    He lifted her easily to her feet. She sometimes felt like a child next to him, struck by how tall and strong he was, by one of his effortless displays of strength and grace. Her breath caught in her throat - okay it was mostly because of the dust she so thoughtlessly choked them with but not wholly so.

    She stared up at him, his piercing yellow eyes visible even through the veil of dust, communicating her apology without words. She loved looking up at him, as a Twi'lek – and a tall Twi'lek at that! - she was normally a head taller than anyone in the room, 'till she met him that is. As a Schenor he is over 8 feet tall and most people are positively dwarfish next to him.

    She smiled as memories of hostile warlords and pompous diplomats trying to intimidate someone almost twice their size flashed through her mind, while he just stood there passively doing nothing until the ridiculousness of their actions slowly sank in and they stumble to a halt, unsure how to continue. Tucking herself under his arm, her fit of pique forgotten, she reached down to brush more dust off her and stopped.

    Dammit, she had almost done it again! She had just finished castigating herself for almost choking the two of them to death and here she was about to do it again. She ground her teeth in frustration and let him lead her passively back to their crippled ship.

    Next Chapter ...
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    You probably want to post this in the actual subforum for fics. ^
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    Welcome to the JC borgrel!!

    Even stories that 'don't go anywhere' can be great and I really enjoyed this! I would love to see more of them.

    Your descriptions were great! I felt so bad for the Twi'lek, having her lekku mangled. Twi'lek use them for so much, it would be painful to have such an injury.

    As for names, might I suggest you check out the Writer's Desk in FanFic Resource. That's the best place to get small advice on writing here on the boards! (Not to mention people are more apt to check out a story if they've seen the writer participating in the community. :) )

    Welcome again, and thanks for sharing your story!
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    The writers desk is very useful, many thanks

    Well, one reader is enough for me.
    Enjoy some more.

    She looked up as he finished spraying the anaesthetic on her lekku, feeling bubbly and happy with the pain gone. She didn't even notice as he rubbed bacta onto it.

    “We have to get off this rock, we've been here for eeeeeeh-ver.” she whined stretching out the eh sound.
    “Its only been 3 months” he commented distractedly, cleaning up the mess, throwing the used consumables into the medical incinerator.
    “You said it would be quick and easy to find replacement parts in this debris field!” she pouted at him
    “I'm not the one who cross-wired the stabilizer into the hyperdrive” he chided in response, smiling as he closed all the medical cabinets and lifted her off the examination table.

    They walk companionably out of the medical suite and headed towards the mess. Built to feed 50 people it was more than they would ever need and always felt lonely and haunting to (insert name here) except for the few occasions when they were hired to transport troops to a battle. Even though there were still more people in the mess than now, it always seemed more empty on the return flight – once the battle was over. Well, at least they never had to worry about going hungry, her thoughts groused at her.

    She wondered if she was herself inside her own head, sometimes her inner-monologue sounded disturbingly like someone far more rational and reasoned than she tended to be. Looking around the room she felt a deep seated loneliness, Twi'lek were social creatures and the ache in her heart was becoming more and more crushing. She used to chide and dismiss all the Twi'lek that went so willingly and compliantly into slavery and she was growing an uncomfortable understanding of their reasons for doing so with her sojourn from society.

    She sighed, the guilt from how she had treated those fellow Twi'lek because they were voluntary slaves, how she turned up her nose and spurned them for being so weak; was just adding to the crushing emotion weighing down her mood. She completely understood now how they felt, how they needed a connection, any connection, even if it was only callous and uncaring. Without (insert name here) by her side she would have probably shot herself after being here for only a month or so, completely alone.

    She thought about talking to him about adding another person or another couple to their little mercenary group after they got off this force-forsaken rock. They would be able to take bigger jobs and if it stopped her from ever feeling feelings like this again it would be totally worth it, even if it meant a smaller share of the profits. She could give up a few extra gadgets a year (is year correct?) to save herself from this. DEFINATELY!

    Sighing, she tucked into her food that he had prepared and put in front of her without her ever realising, in her melancholy. She peeked across at him quickly, feeling guilty that she wasn't better company at the moment; he deserved so much more from her than she was currently giving him.

    He was calmly and slowly eating his rations, not looking at her, not talking or waiting for her to talk. He always knew when she needed space and never begrudged it of her. Smiling under her breath she quickly decided to try harder, for his sake. She finished her food at a faster pace.

    Jumping to her feet she smiled at him,

    “Dance with me,” she urged, spinning; her lekku fanning out around her.

    He shook his head in amusement, used to her mood swings, “there's no music, (insert pet name)”

    “We make our own music.” she said, thumping her feet and clapping her hands to urge him on, twirling her lekku around her head in a hypnotic pattern, undulating her body to an imagined rhythm.

    He sighed and got up stiffly and walked robotically towards her. She found it unbelievably amusing when she forced him to dance. It was amazing how someone so graceful and coordinated when walking or fighting, with the reflexes of a cat at the fore and clearly predatory to anyone who cared to notice, turned into a stumbling stuttering droid with malfunctioning motivators when trying to dance. It was just completely, utterly adorable.

    She laughed delightedly and continued to twirl and spin, stomping her feet in a regular rhythm to help him dance.
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    The following morning they left their ship for another fruitless day of parts hunting. They were less than two feet from their ship's airlock when a bitter smell that sticks at the back of your throat and gentle sounds had them both moving before they processed what their senses were telling them.

    Ozone, the smell of laser fire and gentle hum of repulsor lifts had them scanning the skies. Less than a second after they started moving the droid fired off another volley of shots; pew, pew, prrrrr, pew, pew, maybe 10 maybe 12 low grade laser pulses struck their airlock, sizzling out against a military grade material too strong for such weak weaponry to affect.

    Running in a zigzagged, she drew her blaster carbine, automatically searching for threats. She noticed the scorch patterns on the airlock and realised that the little droid had been shooting for a very long time. The weapon yield hadn't even been high enough to set off the ships' attack-warning alarm.

    Seeing no other threats, she stopped confused. The droid was clearly no threat as long as it kept shooting pointlessly at the hardened hull. Steadying her weapon and aiming it in the general direction of the droid she looked to (insert name) for instructions.

    He looked from the floating droid, to the scorched door, to the floating droid and then to her. He shrugged. He had no idea what what was happening either. “Go get an electronics kit so we can track its source signal.” He muttered tersely as another volley sizzled across the air between them.

    As she turned to head back inside their craft the whine changed. The droid's repulsors were receiving more juice. The droid started zipping around, obviously no longer on autopilot, its owner now aware and taking an active interest.

    Her F-12 rotary blaster carbine tracked it unconsciously as both of them watched it. Her weapon was not a low yield laser and she had no fear the droid could harm them while she had it in her sights with the cool metal of the stock against her cheek calming her. Most people would call this firearm a relic but she loved it, their vessel had about twenty of them in the weapons locker; she purchased all stock whenever they found some as production had stopped millennia ago and the life of mercenaries is hard on personal armaments.

    The advantage of carbines is their higher rate and fire and smaller size compared to rifles, the small decrease in accuracy is not often a problem at standard engagement distances. Better accuracy only really mattered when you needed to take a single shot at something far away and she had a few of those sniper rifles lying around too, but they are very heavy and a pain to lug around, not to mention how much ammo they gobbled. Because this is a rotary weapon it has multiple barrels and she had learnt a trick. If she turned the focus crystals so the beams point at each other and fire all barrels at once the resulting beam was far more accurate than even rifle fire. Making it just about the perfect weapon. All she needed was about 6 hours at the workbench per weapon to modify it and reprogram the trigger and she had a dual mode sniper/auto assault rifle. When she was pointing this at something hostile she felt very, very safe.

    The droid zoomed high into the air and dropped, gathering speed; as it got close, it starting peppering fire at (insert name), its owner apparently having decided what he intended to do. Without any hesitation she squeezed off a blast and melted the hovering toaster as (insert name) rolled nimbly out of its strafing path.

    Scanning the sky with his own heavier rifle, he twitched his head towards the airlock, indicating she needed to carry out the interrupted order and fetch the tools needed to find out where the droid had come from.
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    They lay just behind the edge of an outcropping - some part of a Victory-class hull she thought distractedly - so they weren't silhouetted against the sky; staring down at the unimposing figure of a human who seemed to be working on fixing a droid.

    “He's all yours” (insert name) whispered.
    “What!” she whispered back, shocked.
    He tapped the blaster carbine on her back. “You're the better shot,” he whispered calmly.

    She stared down at the figure below trying to work out why shooting him disturbed her so much, she had killed before and would again and didn't feel even slightly uncomfortable about killing people who threatened the two of them. So why was the thought of shooting him making her lekku twitch?

    “He looks so …...” she words trailed off, “....lonely.” She finally understood. He was all alone here; her new found greatest fear and she was empathising with him because of it.

    “Well,” (insert name) whispered, “we can either go down there to talk to him and hope he is more communicative and cooperative than he has shown himself to be so far or we can ambush him, attack with overwhelming force and hope to survive whatever traps he has waiting for us. Both options offer almost equal risk.”

    She chewed her lip staring down at him and sighed, unstrapping the carbine from her back.

    Her bolt passed right through the human's form in a flicker. “That is SO unfair.” she spat out, as the hologram flickered back into being

    (insert name)'s head whipped up as he quickly scanned the sky and started running along the edge of the outcropping. She focussed on his hand as it twitched and gyrated in military code as he fed her instructions while running. She rolled to her feet and took off at a sprint in the opposite direction to him, following his signalled instructions.

    Leaping over a small rise she found herself sliding down a relatively steep slope, the sound of pat, pat pat behind her let her know she was under fire. Slapping her hand onto the hull next to her, she flipped her body around while her other hand swung her carbine back into firing position.

    Sliding head first down the slope she lifted her carbine over her belly and fired three shots at the sensor drone hovering above the ridge above her, pelting the path she slid down with tiny little lasers that wouldn't kill easily but could easily incapacitate her if they hit, especially at that rate of fire. Her second shot bisected the drone with a orange flash and a little puff of static electricity.

    She pressed her hand against the durasteel beneath her to spin her around again, so she would be sliding feet first, while she swung her rifle out of the way again with her other arm. Half way through the spin she came to a sudden halt. She had reached the bottom of the slope too soon and the loud distinct pop let her know she had probably dislocated her shoulder against the unforgiving durasteel.

    Staggering to her feet she returned the carbine to its back holster since she couldn't use it with one arm; and drawing her blaster, she ran towards cover - every pounding footfall grinding her shoulder bone against its socket.

    She lay in the tiny hole, her breath ragged, her heart racing while she stared out the tiny opening with her blaster pointed, ready to shoot any threat before it could get her. She shifted slightly trying to ease the pain in her shoulder, getting her breathing and heart rate under control as her hand trembled slightly, pointing the blaster, her only current defence - a very slender line between life and death - at the entrance to her little mouse hole (what species is a mouse in star wars)

    Think, think; THINK! She bludgeoned her brain, (insert name) is acting as a decoy so I can sneak up on the target but how do I find him? Her mind raced as the considered the possibilities, her eyes darting about keeping track of everything outside her shelter without concious effort. She could return to the hologram and do a signal trace to find the source. No, she thought, that place is laced with cameras; (insert name) would not be a very good decoy if she just walked up in plain sight and stood still to do something so obvious.

    Think, think; THINK! (insert name) had noticed something, he wouldn't have ordered this action if it wasn't feasible. What had his more experienced militant mind noticed, that she hadn't? Concentrate ….. she slowed her breathing and went through the scene in her memory again. She pulled the trigger, her aim was perfect, the bolt flew through the target's head, it flickered and … pop. Wait, no pop? She wondered: replaying it again. She smiled a feral grin, her teeth showing. Now she had noticed, no sound of the blaster bolt striking the hull behind the hologram and a tell-tale flicker as the hull shimmered too.

    Hiding in plain sight! Her mind reeled, the 'ship' next to the hologram was also a hologram. That banta pudu was really pissing her off, trying to talk would have been an absolute disaster. Distantly she heard laser fire as heavier weaponry starting attacking her partner. Shaking her head to clear it, she grimaced; don't get distracted. She had no time for idle thought! Wiggling around she dropped her blaster for a second to get her shoulder back into its socket, her arm would still be useless but she would be able to run without mind searing pain.

    Pop. Sweat broke out on her forehead, her vision blurring with tears, as she snatched her blaster back up and panted, glaring out the opening, willing her body to move.

    She ran hunched over, behind what she guessed was the holoship, her hand lightly running along the surface next to her, waiting for the feel of cold smooth durasteel to vanish, praying that she had picked the right location from her completely different approach route.

    The sounds of weaponry was loud and fierce nearby, increasing in tempo as the hostile stranger brought more and more of his remote toys to bear against (insert name). She had to smile to herself, a distraction he could do, mayhem and destruction was the rhythm he danced to - effortlessly. The squeal of distorting speakers indicated another destroyed droid as (insert name) ran and dodged and shot, the warriors' dance.

    Her hand slipped through the wall she was running alongside and she stopped, grinning fiercely. Crouching down she waddled slowly and quietly forward, moving through the hologram slowly enough that it didn't ripple, giving her eyes time to adjust.

    At the end of the hall she peered through the portcullis then straightened raised her blaster and stepped briskly through; firing off two shots almost immediately. The control console sprouted holes and fire and the screens started flickering and (what do u call what old tape vids used to do? Endless marquee of static?) The sounds of weapons fire outside suddenly stopped and she kept walking forwards.

    In the silence she hissed, “Why?” pointing her gun at the stranger.
    “Why!” she put two bolts through his skull at point blank range and stared down at his crumpling body. “What did we ever do to you?” she whispered in anguish. A few sparks crackled from the ruined console and the room sank into darkness.

    (insert name) jumped though the front porthole rolling into a crouch with his eyes scanning everything. Holstering his weapon he stood slowly and walked towards her and gently pressed her