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    Dec 2, 2004
    My first posting here so would definitely like any and all kinds of feedback. Have been working with this idea for over a year now. Hope you all enjoy!

    TITLE: The Naboo Chronicles
    AUTHOR: JediMasterRev
    TIMEFRAME: End of TPM to 6 years prior to AotC
    CHARACTERS: Anakin, Padme/Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan, Sabe, Handmaidens, Count Dooku, Palpatine, Siri Tachi, the Jedi Exile and OCs.
    GENRE: Drama, Action, Romance, Adventure.
    SUMMARY: A post TPM AU. How would Anakin's destiny be altered if the Jedi intially rejected him and he stayed on Naboo? Would this keep him in the light or will the Darkside still prevail?
    DISCLAIMER: It all belongs to GL. Just borrowing the car for a little while.

    Many thanks to all my beta readers, past and present: Pokey1984, Alethia, Hansgirl1031 and Geo3

    Chapter 1: In the Beginning

    He stared at the funeral pyre for what seemed like hours. Although the boy had only known Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn for a short time, Anakin Skywalker felt as if he had lost his best friend in the galaxy. His pain was further compounded by the disapproving stares of the various Jedi Council members, as well as the saddened glances from his new friend Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin didn?t need the Force to know that the Jedi weren?t going to train him, despite his actions during Naboo?s liberation.

    While he was still saying his good-byes to the man who helped free him, a soft, melodic voice called out to him as the gentlest of hands lay upon his shoulders. ?I?m sorry Ani that this happened.?

    The boy turned around to see the troubled, painted face of Padmé Naberrie, otherwise known as Queen Amidala. Due to a twist of fate, Anakin had been able to win the parts required to repair her ship in a podrace. Though his intention was to only help the marooned Queen, his selflessness resulted in his freedom.

    ?I really miss him,? he muttered, trying to remain brave.

    ?I know, Ani.? She said, lightly touching the side of his face. ?I miss him as well.?

    Amidala knelt down to look the boy in the eyes. ?I believe though Master Qui-Gon would not want us to focus on the negative, but rather all the good that has come from this.?

    Anakin hung his head down while brushing several tears off his face. The young Queen gently pulled the boy close to her as they cried together. They solemnly embraced until the sixteen year old chief handmaiden Sabé approached.

    ?Your Majesty??

    ?Yes?? replied Amidala as she straightened up.

    ?Chancellor Palpatine is requesting an audience with you.? Sabé said before flashing a quick smile at Naboo?s new little hero.

    ?I will meet with him tomorrow. But first, I want to schedule a meeting with Masters Yoda and Windu. I want to know what their intentions towards Anakin are,? she stated tiredly. Amidala smiled at the boy as she added, ?Also, have Rabé and Eirtaé setup the dignitary suite for Anakin tonight.?

    The dutiful handmaiden left to carry out her orders. Amidala then reached down for the boy?s hand, which he was more than willing to give her. During their walk towards the palace, the thoughts of the Jedi and what they were planning to do, concerning him caused Anakin to groan aloud.

    ?Are you alright, Ani??

    ?The Jedi are not going to take me with them,? he said without any doubt in his voice.

    The young Queen stopped to look at him. ?How do you know??

    Anakin shuffled his feet, while looking down to the ground. ?I could hear their thoughts during Master Qui-Gon?s funeral. They are all afraid of me except for Obi-Wan. He?s too sad about losing his friend to be thinking about much else.?

    Amidala stood silent as she considered his words. She knew once her Royal Court resumed session, all the problems of the occupation would be revealed, including the tally of all who lost their lives. However, she would deal with that soon enough. Right now, the situation regarding her new friend?s future was cause for great concern. Surely the Jedi wouldn?t send him back
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    Feb 5, 2005
    Awww, Ani's so cute. :) Nice, AU, with him being rejected from the Order. This is will make things very interesting.
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    Feb 13, 2005
    I read this on today, but I'll respond here...

    I like this a lot. Having Anakin rejected from the Jedi Order is a different and interesting twist and I like that Padme's already planning to have something done about it. Thanks goodness for her.

    I don't want to say much more, since I've also read Chapter 2 and I don't remember exactly enough to keep the chapters apart and posting here about Chapter 2, when you still haven't posted it would be pretty pointless... But I will say that I really like this fic and am very curious to see where you're going with it. And once you post chapter 2, I can write a more thourough review...
  4. JediMasterRev

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    Dec 2, 2004
    Hi everyone. Thanks for tuning in. I will be updating fairly regularly so keep your eyes open for new posts.

    Idrelle_Miocavani Thanks! We'll definitely see what new hoops Anakin will jumb through will all these changes.

    Alethia I like that Padme's already planning to have something done about it. Thanks goodness for her. Thank goodness, indeed. GL has said many times it's all about Vader. In my stories, it's all about Anakin and Padme. Glad that you are curious. Keep on watching :).

    Without further ado....

    Chapter 1 (part II)

    Upon returning to her quarters, the young monarch changed out of her elaborate robes and into a comfortable dress. Prior to dismissing her handmaidens for the evening, Amidala had Sabé summon Jedi Kenobi to meet with her in the sitting room. Just as she was about to relax, she heard a knock at the door.

    ?Enter,? she ordered.

    The young Jedi stepped inside, followed closely by Sabé.

    ?Your highness, I understand you wish to speak with me,? Obi-Wan declared, bowing with respect.

    ?Yes, Padawan Kenobi. Please sit down,? Amidala said, motioning to a nearby couch.

    Full of pride, Sabé interjected, ?Obi-I mean Jedi Kenobi was just granted full knight status this evening, your Majesty.?

    Padmé flashed a subtle grin at her handmaiden. She didn?t need Force sensitivity to know when her best friend was smitten. However, maintaining her royal façade, the Queen remarked; ?Well, then congratulations are in order, Master Kenobi.?

    ?I humbly thank you, your highness? he responded with a touch of sadness in his voice. A brief, awkward silence followed with the room?s occupants staring listlessly at one another.

    ?I asked you here because I wanted to gain some insight about the Council?s decision towards Anakin before I meet with them tomorrow.? Amidala said.
    Before Obi-Wan could answer, Sabé interrupted. ?With your permission, your Majesty; I will take my leave.?

    ?Please stay, my friend.? Sabé half-bowed in acknowledgement while Amidala returned her attention towards the Jedi. He exhaled loudly as he sensed that the Queen was not going to be pleased.

    ?I spoke with Master Yoda only a few hours ago and he was adamant about the Council not approving Anakin?s training.?

    Annoyed, Amidala folded her arms tightly against her chest. ?What is their rationale??

    ?They feel he is too old and possesses too many emotional attachments to ever be a Jedi. They believe to train him would be dangerous.?

    The young Queen gave him a cold, hard stare. ?And is that how you feel, Master Jedi??

    Obi-Wan contemplated her question, bothered that she was further reinforcing his lack of confidence in the Council?s decision. ?Your Majesty, I must admit that I did not initially agree with Master Qui-Gon?s bias towards the boy; and in all honesty I can understand the Council?s reservations.? Noticing that both women were now scowling at him, he quickly added, ?However, after everything that has happened, it is hard to ignore the signs that suggest that Anakin may be the Chosen One.?

    Amidala folded her hands together as she became lost in thought for several moments. ?Please
    explain to me then this prophecy of the Chosen One.?

    ?Nearly a thousand years ago, prior to the end of the last major engagement with the Sith Empire, an ancient Jedi reported that he received a vision of the future. He prophesied that the Force would become unbalanced and a Chosen One would arrive to restore equilibrium. He or she would be conceived by the Force itself and born to a woman of low station. And from those humble beginnings, the Chosen One would rise to be one of the most powerful Force adepts ever.?

    The two young women listened intently as Obi-Wan continued, ?Many of the Jedi thinkers throughout the ages believed that a great calamity would befall the galaxy prior to the arrival of the Chosen One.?.

    ?If this event is so important, then why do your Masters treat Anakin like he?s the spawn of a Sith?? Amidala asked innervated.
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    Jan 21, 2005
    This is very interesting! Please continue soon!
  6. JediMasterRev

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    Dec 2, 2004
    Thanks Jaina for checking my story out and to all the lurkers, don't be bashful. Would love to hear from ya. Now here is the next part.

    Chapter 2 (part I): Decisions

    Young Anakin felt nervous. As Amidala and her handmaidens were organizing the parade, he made his way towards the rear of the large group. Shifting about in place, he eyed the gathering of Jedi with unease. The recently freed slave had always known when others harbored negative feelings towards him. It had saved him on numerous occasions, as well as his former owner. Anakin supposed this knack was the Force guiding him and what it said was that these ?heroes? feared him somehow.

    The celebratory parade was a thing of wonder. The cheerful cries of thousands of freed Nubians resonated throughout the Theed Palace complex. Meanwhile, confetti fluttered in the breeze and onto the shoulders of all in attendance. The entire planet, both Naboo and Gungan were united in celebration, now that the threat to their peace had been removed. This world was so much different than where Anakin had been raised. If only his mother could see this wonderful place.

    The boy?s heart ached as he thought about her, still back in that Force forsaken desert. If he was sent back, perhaps he could strike a deal with Watto to help him obtain a new racer. Then he could enter the Galactic podracing circuit and earn the credits needed to buy his mother?s freedom. It all was perfect, too perfect when he thought about it. In reality, if he was to go back to Watto, he?d be fortunate to live through the encounter.

    Anakin?s thoughts drifted back to his friend, the Queen. As much as he cared for Padmé, trusting anyone other than his mother was something that he rarely did. However, besides being captivated with her beauty, something about her was comforting. It was almost like coming home.

    Padmé was the kindest person he had ever encountered, next to his mother. During their recent adventure, she had taken it upon herself to make sure he didn?t feel so alone. Then, once he learned that she was Amidala, her small gestures had meant all that much more. Since the moment she walked into his life, his heart desperately encouraged him to trust her.

    Despite her position and their friendship, how could she possibly oppose the Jedi? They were all powerful and if they wanted him back on Tatooine, nobody could oppose them. As much as he wanted to revel in the moment, to be celebrated as a hero, these thoughts refused him the joy he desperately sought.

    Anakin was near the point of despair when he caught the radiant smile of the angel Queen gleaming at him. When he offered his lopsided grin, Amidala?s smile grew, causing his mood to lift. A new thought then entered his consciousness, causing him to squash the mounting trepidation that was building in his heart.Trusting her is definitely worth the risk. That moment?s acceptance would irrevocably change Anakin?s life.


    After the parade, Eirtaé and Yané guided Anakin back into the Queen?s throne room. It was a spacious area with white marbled floors and several bay windows overlooking the palace?s grand entrance. In front of the windows was a large alabaster throne with a rectangular desk in front. Opposite the throne were several smaller seats, belonging to the Queen?s chief officials. To the far left hand side, several rows of wooden chairs were placed for key members of Naboo?s Parliament. In the center of the room was a large holoprojector that displayed life sized holographic images.

    As Anakin looked around the room in awe, Eirtaé joined him. ?Her majesty requests you take the seat at her right side.?

    The young boy proffered a tense smile. ?Thank you, Eirtaé.?

    The handmaiden nodded as both she and Yané departed for the antechamber. Now alone, Anakin could not sit still for more than a minute. He then stood up so he could stare out the window. He was captivated at Theed?s ornate architecture when a melodic voice called out from behind.

    ?It?s qui
  7. Alethia

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    Feb 13, 2005
    Ha! So Obi-Wan's going to train Anakin anyway. Very glad that he decided to do that. Who knows what would happen if Anakin never received any training at all. And Anakin gets to stay with Padme, thank goodness.

    I really liked the way Padme stood up to the COuncil. They needed it and it really was in character for her.

    And who's that woman with Qui Gon? I liked how you wrote that scene too, by the way. All in all, I really liked the chapter and I'm glad you updated. Great job.
  8. Jek_Windu

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    Jan 26, 2003
    Wow, this is pretty good. I really want to see what happens. PMASAP!
  9. Jaina-Solo-1

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    Jan 21, 2005
    Yayness! :)
    Awesome chapter!
  10. JediMasterRev

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    Dec 2, 2004
    Hi everybody. Thanks again for tuning in to the story. Here's a short post for ya!

    Alethia And who's that woman with Qui- Gon? Who is that, indeed? All I can say for now is that we shall see "her" again towards the end of the story. *hint hint* I'm glad you have been enjoying.

    Jek_Windu Happy to know you like. Your wish is my command :).

    Jaina-Solo-1 Glad you liked. Here's more :)

    Chapter 2 (Part II)

    When he reached the antechamber, Obi-Wan was greeted by an anxious Sabé. The two gazed upon each other affectionately until the doors to the throne room shut behind him. At that moment, the slender young woman threw herself into his arms to give him an appreciative kiss. As they pulled away she smiled, with a hint of mischief in her eyes. ?I knew you would do the right thing all along.?

    ?Were you listening the entire time?? The Jedi asked, crossing his arms with a look of mock disgust.

    Feigning innocence, Sabé answered, ?It is amazing how sound carries in this old Palace, isn?t it.?

    ?Quite amazing indeed,? Obi-Wan observed amused.

    ?So, will I be seeing you soon, Master Kenobi?? Sabé asked, with slightly teasing tone in her voice.

    ?Quite possibly, Sabé Orllize. Stranger things have occurred.? He reached over to give her a chaste kiss on the check. ?Until then, may the Force be with you.?

    ?And with you, my friend.? She replied, trying to hide her sadness.

    They embraced again before the young Jedi Knight left to board his transport. The young handmaiden sighed as she hoped that the friendship that they had forged during their little adventure would one day bring them back together.

    Meanwhile, back in the throne room, an excited but obviously tired young boy began to yawn. Sensing his fatigue and knowing fully well that her little friend would not leave her presence on his own accord, Amidala asked, ?Are you tired, Ani??

    He bobbed his head up and down in response, attempting to keep his eyes open.

    ?You?ve had a busy day. Why don?t you go to your room and relax?? She proposed. ?After my commitments are complete for the day, we can dine together.?

    The young boy politely bowed. ?It would be a pleasure, your majesty. Before Anakin could exit, Saché entered the throne room.

    ?I apologize for the interruption, your majesty.?

    ?What is it?? Amidala asked.

    ?Chancellor Palpatine and Governor Bibble are waiting to speak with you? stated Saché.

    The young monarch refocused her attention upon her little friend, giving him a slight smile. ?Until dinner then, Ani??

    ?Of course, your highness.? Quickly, he left the room, only pausing momentarily to bow before the Supreme Chancellor and the Governor. Amidala?s face immediately returned to the calm, stoic persona of the Queen upon reaching her throne.

    The two elder gentlemen bowed as she motioned for them to stand before her.

    ?What can I do for you, Chancellor??

    Palpatine smiled evilly at the mention of his new title. ?I know of the turmoil left behind by the Trade Federation; however, I wanted to remind your Majesty that my position as Senator needs to be filled until an election can be called.?

    The Queen nodded knowingly at his statement. ?I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, Chancellor. Unfortunately, with the damage done to our infrastructure, it will be some time before I can call a general election.?

    ?Might I suggest that your highness appoint somebody reputable for the interim??

    Amidala smirked as she asked amusedly, ?Who do you have in mind, Chancellor??

    Sio Bibble interrupted. ?Believe me, your majesty; I had nothing to do with this.?

    ?Even if Palpatine hadn?t interceded, I couldn?t think of anybody else I would trust in the Senate for the interim; that is, if you are willing to serve Governor?? asked the Queen.

    The elder statesman smirked. ?I am willing to serve the crown in any capacity, your highness.?

    ?Very well Sio. I?ll officially appoint you interim Senator when we reconvene the Royal Court in the next
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    Jun 3, 2003
    This is an excellent fic. I look forward to reading more. :)
  12. Vivid_Scripts

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    Jan 21, 2004
    intresting, very intresting. I wonder what it will be like for Anakin to grow up around Padme, and how anakin will be at age 16. High Protector sounds like a formidable title for Anakin. I wonder if he will ever have to protect Naboo...

    update soon?
  13. Marmida

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    Nov 22, 2004
    Wau! This is getting better all the time. Sabé and Obi together here also. Happy me! And Ani lives near Padmé, That´s very interesting.
    More, please.

  14. pokey1984

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    May 10, 2004
    Sneaky, you didn't think I'd find this here did you? Well I did! :p

    Seriously, though, this is one tickled Beta, I love the way you portray the characters in this story and I don't think I've ever seen a fic where Ani stayed on Naboo before. I'm enjoying all the Ani/Padmé interaction and It's nice to see Obi-Wan grow a backbone.

    I love this fic and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Great Job!

  15. AJ_Nejedi

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    Feb 10, 2005
    I am very interested to see where this is going. I like the story so far and i hope that it keeps the momentum going that it has already built. I love the interactions, and i know that old Palps has to have something up his sleeve for this. Interesting twist, can't wait to read more!!!
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    Dec 2, 2004
    Wow. Thanks guys for all the comments. Was beginning to worry that nobody was out there reading. But since you are, I am updating with a short post of the next chapter. :) Promise to update soon after with the remainder.

    Gina Glad to read that you are enjoying this.

    Vivid_Scripts I wonder what it will be like for Anakin to grow up around Padme
    Keep on reading to find out. However, I can say that both their lives will never be the same. :)

    I wonder if he will ever have to protect Naboo He's already done it once, so who knows? ;). Happy that you are liking. Stay tuned for more.

    Marmida Sabé and Obi together here also. Happy me!
    They're not quite together, but there are major possibilities here. :). Glad that you find this interesting.

    Pokey1984 Sneaky, you didn't think I'd find this here did you?
    I just like keeping you on your toes ;). You definitely flatter me, which of course you can always send more of it this way. :) Thanks again for all your help.

    AJ_Nejedi I'm excited to know that you are enjoying the story. About to throw some curveballs, so be ready :).

    Without further ado....

    Chapter 3 (Part I): The Bonds of Friendship

    The blond haired boy was still awestruck at what he experienced only minutes ago. Upon reaching his quarters he unceremoniously kicked off his shoes and jumped into the large, comfortable bed. As he stared up at the ceiling reflecting, he thought about how the petite angel Queen stood toe to toe with the Jedi and all for him. Nobody had ever stood up for him before. Not Watto, Kitster or even his own mother. With exhaustion taking a hold, Anakin fell into a deep sleep as the Force whispered into his ear.

    Feeling the heat of the sun, Anakin opened his eyes to find himself in the middle of a desert. Uncertain where he was, the boy walked for hours. When the desert finally ended, he entered a beautiful meadow, which stretched beyond his sight. A sudden sense of apprehension filled him when his eyes focused upon a body lying in the midst of a blooming field. He cautiously approached when he saw that it was the body of a once beautiful young girl. She lay motionless with her eyes fixed blankly towards the sky.

    The world mourned her death for not a sound could be heard. Even the brilliant wildflowers withered because of her loss. To his horror, Anakin realized the dead form was Padmé. The light that normally resided in her eyes was gone. Her soft features were ashen with the hand of death. A frigid chill ensnared his soul and terror descended upon him in the form of a grinning hooded figure. With his heart splitting in two, Anakin screamed out in bitter horror?

    As the young Queen was reviewing the day?s events, something compelled her to check on Anakin. Suddenly, an ominous feeling overwhelmed her. Now breaking into a brisk walk, she rushed towards Anakin?s room; both Sabé and Eirtaé saw her urgency and followed quickly behind her.

    ?Ani, Ani, what?s wrong?? Padmé questioned, rushing to his side.

    Trembling, Anakin buried himself against her chest. As he pulled her closer to convince himself that she was real, he sobbed, ?I wasn?t strong enough to save you.?

    Deeply concerned, Padmé held him snugly until he calmed down. After a few moments of gentle rocking, Anakin finally relaxed.

    ?I cannot ever lose you,? he said as he angrily wiped at his falling tears. ?You are my everything.?

    Never seeing him so distraught, but also sensing a passion in his voice not associated with a ten year old boy, Padmé felt herself shake. Upon finding her voice she queried, ?Do you want to talk about it??

    ?I dreamt that somebody hurt you and I wasn?t in time?.? Anakin recalled, trying to control his breathing.

    The young Queen looked up at Sabé and the others as they shared in a moment of silent concern. With all that happened with the occupation, plus Anakin?s unusual affinity with the Force, they were under
  17. Alethia

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    Feb 13, 2005
    I can't believe I missed a part! Anyway, I'll post more over the weekend (RL has had me busy these last few days) but I just wanted to say that I loved both of the chapters. I really liked that line in III,1 where Padme realizes the passion behind Anakin's voice- even when he's so young. A bit of foreshadowing, maybe? And Anakin being 'Knighted' was definitely great. I wonder if Palpatine is already planning something...
  18. pokey1984

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    May 10, 2004
    'nother great update. I also thought the "Knight" thing was cool. Very clever. :)

    Have I said recently how awesome this story is? Well, now I'm saying it again. This story is awesome!
  19. Marmida

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    Nov 22, 2004
    Still lovin´ it. This IS an interesting fic.

  20. JediMasterRev

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    My thanks to all who posted comments. I promise to reply to them specifically after this post.

    Chapter 3 (Part II)
    The west area of Theed Palace contained the Queen?s residence. This wing was separated by two giant mahogany doors, beyond which was a small foyer manned by a handmaiden to receive guests. The room itself was decorated with intricate patterns of red and gold; meanwhile, several chairs were placed near the entrance for those waiting to gain entrance into the residence proper.

    A wide hallway followed the foyer, which was lined with several doors leading into guest rooms. It stretched into a circular room with a large winding staircase, which led to the Queen?s sitting room, private office and her bedchambers. To the left of the staircase, two elaborately patterned doors opened into the Queen?s private dinning area. Behind the staircase was another set of doors that led into a crescent shaped communal sitting room where the handmaidens would spend their off duty hours relaxing or could entertain visitors.

    Young Anakin had been amazed at the grandness of the palace and with each turn of the corridor there was always a new discovery. Since he no longer feared being taken away by the Jedi, perhaps soon he could do some exploring. But for now, he had a dinner date with his angel, the Queen.

    Since nobody came to escort him, Anakin wondered about until finally finding the correct wing. As he entered the ornately decorated room, Padmé was already sitting down at the head of the table. No longer burdened with her heavy robes, the young monarch wore a simple synthsilk purple dress that stretched down to her feat. Her curly hair was draped over both of her shoulders, as well as stretching down her back.

    Anakin paused briefly as he caught sight of her. She was no longer Amidala, but Padmé, the beautiful peasant girl that entered Watto?s shop. He thought she was even more alluring this way than in her regalia.

    ?Is something the matter, Ani?? Padmé asked, noticing his vacant look.

    ?Uh, no Padmé.? He retorted as he shot his gaze away from her. ?I was just um, admiring the room.?

    She chuckle softly, standing up to offer him a seat at the end of the table. ?Sit down and I?ll inform the staff that we are ready for dinner.?

    Anakin politely nodded as he promptly took his seat. The table itself was not too large; it could seat about ten people comfortably. As the Queen?s servants entered to light the candles on the table, as well as set the dishware, Anakin was mesmerized by the activity. Never before had he seen plates made of china, and silver utensils. He and his mother could have eaten for over a month with the food that had been prepared for just the two of them.

    ?Are Sabé and the other handmaidens joining us?? Anakin asked, while eyeballing the odd eating utensils.

    The Queen gave him a slight smile. ?No, I thought tonight we?d dine alone so we could talk.?

    Anakin was so thrilled to have Padmé?s undivided attention, he didn?t care that all of the dishes were completely unfamiliar. They could have served him a roasted Dug for all he knew, but that wouldn?t matter because the company he was sharing was that distracting.

    Once they finished their multi-course supper, the Queen led her young friend upstairs into her private sitting room. To Anakin, this area seemed to be the most reflective of Padmé?s tastes. Instead of the provocative reds and golds that stood out in other formal areas, this room was colored with more serene shades of blue and green. The room was oval shaped with bluish-green curtains hanging over the windows.

    There were three couches that were arranged in a U-shape in order for a quiet, intimate conversation. The paintings on the walls, while still beautiful, were not as grandiose as others in the palace. Fresh flowers were placed throughout the room, releasing a sweet fragrance that Anakin had associated with Padmé. The boy could sense that she spent much of her free time here as it had a very placid feeling
  21. Alethia

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    Feb 13, 2005
    Another great chapter.

    Does perhaps Padme's third favorite day have something to do with Anakin? And I liked the way he thought about asking her how many children she'd like to have someday. Anakin's very cute at such a young age.

    And you write both the characters well. I really like how you've characterized them. Excellent job.

  22. Jek_Windu

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    Jan 26, 2003
    You wrote more and most certainly did not disappoint. I really like how you write and Anakin and Padme having an almost-but-not-quite romantic relationship.

  23. pokey1984

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    May 10, 2004
    At the risk of becoming a broken record... I love the way you're portraying Padmé and Anakin's relationship throughout this. Somehwere between best friends, siblings, and dating. it's a very good balance.

    You've also developed Padmé some and I'm glad to see that. I thought she was so two-dimensional in the movies... :)

    Keep going, this is getting good... :)
  24. Vivid_Scripts

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    Jan 21, 2004
  25. astarael

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    Jan 8, 2005
    Just discovered this.

    I love this story, it's so sweet! I love the Ani/Padme interaction.

    Please post more soon!
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