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    Polls will close in a few hours. Get any last minute votes in now.


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    Ladies and gentleman, WE HAVE WINNERS!

    "Best" Awards:

    Best Roleplayer


    (Excerpt selected from The New Sith Trials...)

    The shuttle took flight.

    As the floor vibrated beneath her feet, Syren fidgeted anxiously. She had freed her sole remaining vibroblade from her cross holster and was now continuously turning the weapon about in her hands. Looking down for a moment, it occurred to her that the loss of its twin to Chaos wasn’t an issue. The one she felt a true connection with was the one still in her possession.

    A finger tenderly traced the familiar groove that ran the length of the handle and her Father flashed within her mind. Her final image of him, lying dead and bloodied, offered a small amount of comfort as it hung in her thoughts. She thought it fitting; a most defining event in her long life representing itself before she was inevitably snuffed from existence. Because it was bound to happen sooner or later, because it was very clear now. They would never escape Him.

    The vivid picture of her Father then morphed into Typhojem. All she saw was that horrifying face, pitch black and eyes alight with the flames of Hell… Syren gasped, dropping her weapon in her lap and quickly rubbing her eyes as if to force Him away.

    The Left-Handed Lord may be wounded, lessened, knocked down, but he was not gone. The apprentice could still feel Him everywhere and He was regaining strength. As he did, her mind wondered… Was it possible that He had broken something in her? Had his unending meddling while she had been in stasis or even before she had traveled to Hoth left a permanent mark on her? One that might be damaging… everlasting. Even if she were not about to return to death, Syren simply feared He would always be with her… a stain upon her soul. A brand marking her as His.

    She slowly shook her head, picking up her vibroblade to begin turning it over anew. She knew it was so, being part of the failed Key for a reason. She would never be free.

    A prickling at the back of her neck caused her to still, head slowly rising to peer around. The atmosphere within the ship crackled as if the very air was made of electricity. It darkened suddenly and that was when she heard Him, a haunting laugh echoing about.

    Her skin began to tingle and she felt… movement…

    Syren brought up an arm and yanked the sleeve back to stare at her pale skin. Squinting her eyes and examining closer, she saw the network of veins below the surface, blue and snaking… and… there! A small, raised bump slithered suddenly beneath the thin skin. She slapped a hand down immediately in reaction, her blade clattering to the floor. The anomaly didn’t stop and at her motion, it spread. Soon her entire forearm was moving and writhing as if liquid, minuscule bug-like creatures skittering just below the surface.

    Shooting to her feet, she repeatedly raked her nails over the area affected. Syren could feel each tiny body and appendage move over bone and vein, feeding, crawling and digging. What was this?! She scraped and dug at her arm until she broke through, blood seeping from the deep scratches. The vile insects leapt out and enveloped her from the outside. No matter how hard she swatted and thrashed or howled in pain, they kept coming. Her arm, her chest, her neck, and soon her face.

    Hands came up to cover her eyes but it didn’t matter. Syren felt them searching and suddenly her very hands were gone. Choking once, they flew from her mouth and nose and she could no longer breathe. They were consuming her.

    She collapsed, unable to stop the swarm.

    Best GM

    Lady Belligerent

    (Excerpt selected from New Sith Trials II: Rise of the Hand...)

    Zalen released her hold on Csapla and nudged him to stand. "I've never been told I have dead eyes, Captain, so I'll chose to take it as a compliment this time. In the future I suggest you are very careful, because the Dawn Herald won't be as forgiving."

    She stepped back and began to look closer at the rows of crew members, then glancing back at the Captain she spoke again.

    "Give me a number between one and ten," Zalen demanded in clipped words.

    "Eight, milady," Csapla answered quickly.

    Zalen pointed at the Captain, "one," she numbered off the crew and stepped down the row as she continued, "two, three, four, five, six, seven..." The echo of her voice and heels fell silent as she turned to the man in place number eight. In a flash her lightsaber was ignited and number eight's body hit the floor in two pieces.

    Without bothering to extinguish her blade, she paced on and counted off, "one, two, three..."
    Down the line until she was at number eight, who had turned visibly pale and looked as if he'd be losing his last meal any moment. Zalen sneered and continued on, "nine," and then she turned to face the next person. "Ten." Her left hand clinched swiftly and the young woman collapsed, dead before she hit the floor.

    Zalen crouched and studied the woman's face for a moment before motioning to a Csapla. "Come here Captain," Zalen tilted her head and continued, "I want to be sure you get a close look at dead eyes, because I don't have the dead eyes of a shark." She looked down again at the lifeless jade colored eyes of the Captain's lover, who later on during the postmortem, the Captain would learn that Zalen had crushed the young woman's heart like a ripe banana in her fist.

    "Count for me Captain," Zalen ordered and continued down the line to stop every 10 beings. She'd turned the exercise into a little game, deciding on a whim a different way for each one to die. After dropping the last one in the first row with a Force choke so brutal that it snapped the man's scrawny neck, she was getting bored and decided to share the fun.

    They turned to the second row and she called out to Ravenous, "this one's yours." The Chiss' blue face was practically turning green as he saw the Wookiee walking towards him. Zalen couldn't help but laugh, "isn't this fun," she asked and patted the next officer on the cheek.

    Best RPG

    New Sith Trials II: Rise of the Hand

    Best Original Character

    Darth Hesper (as portrayed by corinthia)

    (Excerpt selected from The New Sith Trials...)

    What do you see?” The voice asked from the narrow space between Hesper and Théa.

    “Mercy,” said Hesper.

    “Strength,” said Théa.

    What else?”

    Théa hesitated, but Hesper did not, looking into Théa’s eye. “I see a weak old woman who failed to protect herself and her family. I see a version of myself who harbored suffering and let it fester, rather than fed off it.” Hesper balled her hands into fists, and grit her teeth. “But I also see a person who valued the things I threw away, and who possessed the things I so desperately wanted. And I see her regret, and her resentment—it is my own, and it is my strength, and my weakness. We are the two sides of one coin.”

    Then, suddenly, Hesper felt a searing pain stretch from the middle of her forehead, blazing a fiery path to the left corner of her jaw, traveling through her eye and over her cheek. Screaming, Hesper clutched at her eye as its field of vision became clouded with red and black. She doubled over, wracked with pain. “What have you done?” She demanded of the mysterious voice in a raw wail.

    Think of this scar as a reminder. Remember what you have learned here,” it spoke, and as Hesper lifted her head, she could see Théa, the older version of herself, was crumbling into ash. It began from her stomach, where the lightsaber hole Hadrian left still smoldered, and traveled outward, consuming Théa from within. Emptiness—consuming her. “Or do not. We shall see. Mortis awaits you either way.”

    As the last of Théa dissolved into a pile of dust on the floor of the dark, starry expanse, the light from the stars became brighter, and brighter, and brighter—to the point where it was unbearable. Squeezing her eyes shut, Hesper prepared herself for another vision she didn’t want to see, but—

    Hesper jolted awake on the Chimaera, her shaking hand pressed to her bloody eye. She gasped and heaved for breath, shocked and disoriented as tears rolled, one after another after another, down Hesper's right cheek.

    All was real again.

    "Most" Awards:

    Most Long-Winded Roleplayer

    A Blind Prophet

    (Excerpt selected from The New Sith Trials...)

    After waiting for a response for several moments Teafa even more awkwardly lowered her hand, reflecting that maybe it was possible the Sith weren't into niceties. In hindsight that was perhaps a bit obvious, or maybe she had found one who was particularly belligerent. Either way she wasn't going to remain standing around in the hangar when she had some time left, and Ashala knew she needed to stretch her legs after being confined as she had been. Looking at the map again, Teafa memorized it quickly, yet again thankful for her rather extraordinary memory, she handed the datapad to the other woman, bowed her head, and made to move away from the shuttle that they had arrived on together.
    After several steps a rather damp wookiee came in and took a speederbike, one that a mechanic was working on. The wookiee was a blaze of darkness in the Force, the sight of it startling her momentarily. Is that what I'm going to turn into? Is that what my species will see me as? It was an unnerving thought, as she watched the wookiee bellow at the mechanic and race out of the hangar bay. Continuing towards the rest of the temple Teafa was nearly run down by someone else tailing after the wookiee. Even with a banquet on it's way there was apparently dangerous things happening. That was something to bear in mind about this planet perhaps, that it was always alive with danger. Shaking her head, trying to clear it, still uneasy from the sense of the Force in this place so awash with Bogan as it was, Teafa made her way into the hallways.

    It was fascinating seeing the stonework of the place, and how it was awash in Bogan as well, blackened by the Darkside of the Force in such a way as to have become intrinsically... evil wasn't the word. Vile. Definitely vile. Wrinkling her nose at it, and the signs of battle and death, the bloodspatters that even after having been cleansed from the stone left their echoes in the Force, Teafa felt a sudden pang of homesickness. She knew that going back was out of the question at this point, it didn't seem terribly probable that the Sith would let her leave, or if they did that her own people would be particularly welcoming of one who had gone chasing after Bogan. No, she had sealed her fate be even making the journey, and she would stick with it. She would overcome. Wasn't that part of the entire point of the Sith, overcoming and breaking of chains for power? What one was specifically supposed to do with said power was another matter, but for the most part the Sith seemed rather selfish historically. She was determined to see if there was another way to use it, a way to influence the galaxy for good, but first she had to accrue some for herself. And that was never going to happen with the Luka Sene, as their focus was more academic than action.

    As she walked the halls she kept getting odd glances, and the expressions on people's faces tended towards disgust. It reached a point that she began to feel self-conscious about it to the point that she ducked into a nearby vacant room. Surely it wasn't her appearance, as there had been much more disgusting looking beings about. Were her clothes of such poor quality that everyone would look down on her? Surely the Sith weren't fashionistas. Pursing her lips, Teafa considered what it might be as she heard someone passing by comment about the stench coming from the room she was in. Had she eyes Teafa would have blinked. There was no stench in the room, and she didn't see anything that could be causing it.

    After several more moments of trying to understand what was going on she realized that it was her. Immediately feeling silly, she had completely gotten used to the stink in the room she had been left in on the ship. There had been no shower, or any way of cleaning anything. Her clothes were likely fairly rank as well, and as she held up her arm to sniff underneath it she reeled back. Yes, that was clearly the problem.

    Thinking about the map, she remembered there being some communal showers near the gym and began heading there, avoiding as many people as she possibly could, not wanting to inflict herself on anyone who was above her. Doing it to the servants and so forth was bad enough. It was not a way to endear herself to anyone, and would likely result in spat in food, among other nasty little surprises, were she not to remedy the situation.

    After many minutes of having to match the mental layout of the massive building with the actual which had some passages still blocked due to debris, Teafa finally arrived at her destination. And much to her relief there was no one inside. Heading in she quickly disrobed, and stored her belongings in a nearby cubby that seemed like it was for that purpose. Using the Force for the first time since she arrived, Teafa reached out and turned on several of the showers, wanting as much steam around as possible to help dissipate the smell should someone else enter.

    As she ducked under the water she shivered in pleasure, as the ship she had stolen hadn't been fitted for longer range trips either it had actually been closer to a week since her last cleansing. While this wasn't as nice as the shower in her old room, it would suffice. It also helped to rid her body of the chill that had been seeping into it ever since she arrived on the planet. It was surprisingly cold for a desert world, and she wondered if it had always been that way, and if not what could have caused it. Ultimately that was a question for another time, and she put the researcher in her on the back shelf of her mind to focus on the now. She would have to find a master, as she had been told when she was first “recruited”, and to do so would require impressing one of them. It seemed probable that everyone that would be worth serving under would be at the banquet, so she would have to find some good way of attracting the right kind of attention. Either that or she would have to remain as unnoticed as possible and simply observe. That seemed like the far more probable course she would take, but she wasn't making up her mind just yet.

    As she was finishing up her shower a sense of future foreboding loomed large in her mind. It was the Force warning her of danger, something that even this place of mighty Force users might not be able to handle. And it presented her with a choice, a future in which she took the safe route and went back to the shuttle to another destination, but away from the seat of power and all of the powerful beings here... and if she were to learn this was where she needed to be. But staying... staying was a very clouded path, laced with many ways that could result in her death. She knew that with the kind of certainty that she knew the feel of her own skin. What she didn't know was the when, and if that dangerous path was immediate or months in the future. That was the long standing problem with Force premonitions, and why they typically weren't looked to for direct guidance. Or so the Luka Sene taught.

    That she would come upon another divergent moment such as this so soon after leaving the Luka Sene was jarring. Having completely frozen under the water Teafa hadn't noticed someone else enter the showers, “'ey now, who left all these showers on? Can't be wasting water like-” And as he turned several of them off he caught sight of the naked Miraluka. Time stood still for a moment as he gaped at her before recovering himself and falling onto his face on the wet floor of the shower. “I be so sorry your ladyship! I didn't realize you were in here. Thought of the masters were in their quarters. Please don't have me killed for the impertinence.” The man quivered on the ground, awaiting her response.

    It took her several seconds to realize why he would react that way and that it had nothing to do with the lack of eyes in her head, as for Miraluka not having cloths on wasn't much of an issue since they could see everyone's true being all of the time. For that reason the idea of modesty was such a foreign concept to her that it took several moments to force it's way through her surprise at the man's reaction. Not bothering to cover herself she looked at her clothes, and then back at the man, and had an idea. “Have my clothes washed, and bring me something that is fit for the banquet tonight and all will be forgiven,” Teafa said with as much confidence as she could muster. Given the man's state much wasn't necessary. She also completely neglected to mention that she really didn't care one way or the other. Now had he touched her, that would have been an entirely different matter.

    Scrambling to his feet the servant, who she was starting to realize might be a bit more enslaved than that, said “Of course your ladyship, I'll get right on that.” He reached her belongings and began removing the clothes.

    “And be sure to leave my weapons where they are,” she called after the man. A clatter as her blaster and vibroblade were shifted around in the cubby met her ears and she smiled slightly at the man's nerves. It wasn't a worthy reaction, she knew, but something about the whole situation was just so preposterous that she couldn't help it. Me? A lady? Surely he can't be that blind. But then people do tend to see what they expect to see. It was something to bear in mind as she went about finishing up her shower. It seemed that she had made her decision, as she certainly wouldn't need clothes to go to the banquet were she not going to attend. Feeling a bit of anxiety, Teafa focused on relaxing and enjoying the water and the simple feeling of being clean while she waited on the man to return with some clothing while doing her level best to suppress a giggle that wanted to bubble up in what she considered a highly inappropriate manner.

    Most Promising New Roleplayer


    (Excerpt selected from New Sith Trials II: Rise of the Hand...)

    His binds were not metal. They were thick straps, holding him firmly into place, over his forearms, legs, and chest. But, as he found, he could move his hands and feet. The numbness was disappearing too, but there was still a prickly sensation throughout his body. He began to wiggle himself more forcibly; the binds were not constricting; they were more of a preventive measure. Needed to make sure his comatose body didn’t plunge out of bed, take the whole coma-pumping apparatus with him. Whoever had captured him had had no intentions of waking him before a more proper time.

    His mouth was a bit moister, it no longer hurt to swallow, though his throat was red and parched. He continued to move his limbs, trying desperately to get a hand free. He could just barely sit up, his head rising just slightly above his chest. He saw the cell door; he saw in the distance a cell door across from him. Was he alone? No, he heard others stirring.

    It took time, and patience, but his right hand came free. He tried his best to remain quiet. Where were the guards? Where was anybody? The strap over his forearm was less of an issue, it just took some sliding and shifting to free his arm. He slowly worked on his other straps, the left arm, his chest, finally his legs and feet. His legs still felt like lead, but he swung them over the bed, his bare feet touched a cold, metallic floor.

    He needed the help of the medical machinery to stand himself up. He went to take a step forward, and the effects of two long months of zero leg activity kicked in. He collapsed to the ground. Insult to injury. Or just more injury.

    He started to crawl towards the cell door, “At least no one can see me”. He remembered a faint click, and hoped against hope it wasn’t just the machine turning off. He pressed himself up against the wall near his cell door, and slowly lifted himself into a standing position. His legs were still wobbly, but the wall helped support his weight. He still could use some water, now he was light-headed from the work. He pressed gently on the door; it swung neatly open.

    It was a good start, but now what?

    Most Sadistic GM


    (Excerpt selected from Star Wars: After the Awakening...)

    "Kodo, I need you to see what you have just done. Vincent, I need you to control yourself. Don't succumb to the dark side - you don't need to be desperate, you have strength enough to succeed," Kyle cautioned.

    "I can see it," Kodo said impassively, neglecting to even look up. There was an unnerving lack of emotion in his voice.

    A burst of force lighting issued from Snoke's open hand, blocked deftly by Kyle, and still Kodo stared blankly down at N'Dul's mangled remains.

    "Kodo, Kodo," Snoke started. "Perhaps you could kill your master and ascend? It was his failure as a Master which allowed the massacre to take place at all. Perhaps he could have done more to stop Skywalker from trusting his nephew, perhaps he could have put aside his attachments, and had that hard conversation... And perhaps the Galaxy would have been saved, and perhaps you would not have lost years of your life on Dagobah."

    Only now did Kodo lift his gaze to regard the Sith, and a soft shadow enveloped them all. The Millennium Falcon.

    "My second body has arrived... And I've won. And there is nothing you can do anything about it," noted Snoke.

    Most Helpful GM


    Most Frightening Character

    Darth Ravenous (As portrayed by WookieeRage)

    (Excerpt selected from The New Sith Trials...)


    As quick as it came, the two bodies returned to their lifeless states and the apparition vanished, leaving just Ravenous and his Master, he had grown...So hungry... The Wookiee lumbered to the end of the table before collapsing face first on his knees, holding on to the stretcher. He righted himself, stood straight up and brought the Scotch back to his furry lips before draining the remaining booze from the bottle. He smashed it upon the head of the young man's body that lay to his right before he bellowed a roar that filled the entire temple,

    "No you kriffing witch!.... MINE!"

    Ravenous grasped the throat of Hades' lifeless body and brought his other hand over the Hades' eyes, digging two fingers into each of the eye sockets. There was a squishing before he began to separate the top of the head from the bottom; the nose was the dividing line. A disgusting, audible pop was made as the parts separated, leaving a bloody trail as he dropped the top of the head to the ground below, revealing the grey matter of his brain. At this point, Ravenous lips quivered momentarily before indulging in the brain of his Master, gorging himself in the knowledge source of the dead Zabrak. The Wookiee knew he wouldn't gain his power, but that didn't make the flesh taste any less divine.

    The Wookiee roared once again before emerging from the Morgue's bright room; his shadow enveloping the light emanating from the threshold. His jowls and cloak bloody from the carnage that took place. He walked out once again into the dimly lit corridor before turning back from which he came, the Great Hall....

    Most Humorous Character

    V-3P0 (As portrayed by dragonsith13)

    (Excerpt selected from New Sith Trials: Rise of the Hand)

    V-3PO turned after dropping the crate in the assault shuttle, for the countless time…

    Staring as if fed up with all of this. The Sith Trooper from before was in view down the loading ramp, casually standing next to another Trooper in their guard duties.
    His scornful red glaring eyes would have incinerated them both.. if he had that capability. A program of them bursting into flames and melting went through his visual processor. “Curses!” V-3PO spat as he knew his limitations…

    V-3PO began to traverse the loading ramp, a strap holding a crate in front of him.

    Without much notice a high revolution miniature circular blade protruded from his arm and began to slice through the strap. Eventually the load giving way as it buckled and began to slide down the loading ramp.

    The crate slammed into the Sith Trooper which V-3PO had had a tenuous standoff with. Clipping him and causing him to fly off away of from the shuttle. Finally! V-3PO thought. As the other guards rushed to assist their fellow Sith guard.

    V-3PO moved down the ramp and towards a control panel…

    But before he could get there he felt a bump and jolt as he began to fall back. The damn loading droid had rammed into him by accident. V-3PO fell back into a cargo net within the shuttle, entangling him almost instantly as he failed to free himself and stand back up but to no avail.

    “By the maker, that trooper will melt for this.”

    Most Accurate Portrayal of a Canon Character

    Han Solo (As portrayed by HanSolo29)

    (Excerpt selected from What's Old I
    is New - A short, post ROTJ exploration...)

    “I don’t blame ya, pal,” he surmised with a frown after they sat the Falcon down in a nondescript hangar in the heart of the marketplace. “I don’t like it either. The dives on Nar Shaddaa have greater appeal, and that’s saying something.”

    The Wookiee guffawed at the comment before issuing another set of questions. Han listened for a moment before turning to exit the cockpit, pausing briefly to rummage through a stack of storage containers just inside the connecting corridor.

    “Me? Nervous?” He scoffed with a shake of his head, seeming to be enjoying himself as he pulled out a tattered cloak and a pair of goggles. “The only thing I’m nervous about is this…Rhoswen, or whatever the kid said her name was. If she’s hanging out here, then she’s probably trouble. Luke’s too naive to know when he’s been suckered, especially when it comes to women.”

    He shrugged the cloak over his shoulders and pushed the goggles back on his head, smirking a bit at his makeshift disguise. Considering their environment, it wasn’t bad on such short notice. “Luckily for him, I always come prepared.” He pulled one corner of the cloak aside to reveal his trusty DL-44 strapped to his thigh and an assortment of other smaller weapons woven into the interior of the fabric, including a vibroblade and a second hold-out blaster.

    “Just…don’t tell Leia I’m carrying again,” he drawled a bit sheepishly, quirking his brow to emphasize his point as he turned to head down the landing lamp. Hopefully Luke would be waiting for them so they could get this over with.

    Most Unpredictable Original Character

    Darth Ravenous (As portrayed by WookieeRage)

    (Excerpt selected from New Sith Trials II: Rise of the Hand...)

    "There is a group of... Spies in our midst. Spies are a blight to this order and must be squashed. You will tell me who is a spy within your ranks or i'll make sure you suffer more than him."

    He pointed in the direction of the crumpled engineer's body. The remaining workers looked around at each other in horror until one of them finally blurted out.

    "I know who it is!! I know it, he stays up late after the commander calls for 'Lights Out'. He mumbles to himself in his bunk... I've even seen him tampering in areas of this deck where he shouldn't be. He is working out in the main reactor area."

    The worker pointed towards another section of the Engineering deck. Ravenous wasted no more time here and brooded towards the reactor, gesturing the door open with a wave of his hand. As he was leaving one of the Engineers pulled a hold out blaster from his boot and shot at the Sith-Spawn. It hit its' mark on the back of the creature. Ravenous simply turned around and continued his brooding towards the combatant. He fired five more shots into the chest area of the beast. He could've ended him after the first shot but he wanted to reveal his nature to the rest of the crew. He swiped the blaster aside and physically picked up the man by his throat showing the smoking blaster bolt wounds on his chest, it simply didn't phase the beast. He violently probed his mind revealing that he was a spy, he knew where all the devices that this particular spy planted within the engineering deck. Luckily, he operated only within this section of the Obelisk which made Ravenous' job all the easier. He dove deeper into his mind passing various life events in an effort to link other spies within his network but that too was cut short as the man had a poisoned capsule hidden within his teeth. He chomped down upon it and was instantly dead. All that was left was a lifeless shell, mouth foaming from that particular poison. Ravenous looked in disgust and threw him aside lazily as he finished his update with Hesper. As he put his comm down, he looked once again at the corpse of the spy.

    "Spoiled meat..."

    He walked back towards the Turbo-Lift passing the first engineer he killed. Using his tendrils as he passed, Ravenous grasped the corpse by the foot and dragged him within the lift as well, he would need a snack.

    Heartiest congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to everyone who nominated, voted, and participated in this great thing we call the RPF! See you all next time!


    Additionally, in my capacity as host, I would like to issue a special award to Darth Kronos, for Most Morose Original Character!
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    Congrats to all of the winners! =D=

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    Conglaturation to all winners and nominees!

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    Well **** guys, thank you! I am quite surprised and honored. [face_blush] A big congratulations to my fellow nominees and to all the other winners!

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    Thanks, guys! I'm humbled that I was even nominated with some of the best GM's around. I have to give a shout out to Darth_wanderguard and Sinrebirth, because I wouldn't even be doing this without their support. [:D][:D]
    It's an honor to be part of this amazing group of folks who keep us on our toes and are always challenging us with their creativity.
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    WookieeRage Force Ghost star 5

    Feb 3, 2016
    Do I get pretty colors?
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  21. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
  22. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    NST SWEEP!!!!!

    Congrats to all Winners!! W00T!!![face_dancing]
  23. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 19, 2016
    Congrats all.:)

  24. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005

    Cue music and champagne


    I was rewarded.
  25. theometric

    theometric Jedi Youngling

    Jan 4, 2017
    Thanks everyone, I'm glad people are enjoying my stuff!
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