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    Feb 15, 2008
    Welcome one and all to the newly revamped OC Dueling Circle! Here for your reading pleasure, our competitors shall compete for great honor!

    Here are the general Rules should you wish to step into the Dueling Circle and prove yourself:

    1) The only stories accepted either a)Are written using only OCs or b)Are stories featuring Canon characters, but primarily driven by OCs

    2) Every competitor is to be treated with utmost respect. Flaming WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

    3) If you wish to help out, let me know!

    Now, here are the rules for the Challenge:

    1) There will be a Challenge posted in this thread (timeframe TBD). Competitors will have one week to write a fic based upon that theme. You may write your response in any time period (Before/Saga/Beyond).

    2) No fics/links are to be posted on this thread. Competitors may either PM this sock with the link to their stories on their respective boards or post them here. Once the submission window closes, a post with links to that Challenge's submissions will be put up for voting. If the thread gets too cluttered with responses, this rule may be changed to PM'ing links only.

    3) The voting period will run for about five days, during which you PM the sock to cast your votes. Those running the sock will be keeping track of the votes received, and at the end of the voting period, the winner(s) will be announced.
    3b) Sock users may participate in this Challenge and can vote if they so wish. If there is a tie, SabyneAmberle and/or anyone she assigns in her stead will provide a tiebreaker vote.
    3c) In the event one winner cannot be chosen via tiebreaker vote, then those who are tied will be declared co-winners, all of whom will receive the same reward that a sole winner would.

    4) For reasons of fairness, you cannot vote for your own fic. Try to find someone else's you like, rather than voting for yours.

    5) What will the winner get? You will receive considerable you will come up with a topic for the next Challenge. Once you do, PM it to the sock and it will be ready for the next Challenge. Note that failing to do this will result in the sock users arbitrarily assigning a new Challenge.

    *Also, note that rules are subject to change as the Challenge goes which case this post shall be updated accordingly.*

    That's it. Have fun and write ferociously!
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    Feb 15, 2008
    Past Challenges post (1 of ??)

    This post details the past challenges and responses that took place at the original Dueling Circle thread. As with the old thread, winning stories are designated by a bold letter before the story title.

    I know the list is currently incomplete. As I find the time and help, this list WILL have all the Challenges, fics, and winners. SA

    Challenge #1, contributed by CommanderConrad:

    The Death Scene

    Write a fic (any length) in which at leaast one of your OCs dies. It can be natural causes, illness, or injury.


    A. [link=]In the Service of the Chancellor[/link]
    B. [link=]Whisper a Prayer[/link]
    C. [link=]Out of the Depths[/link]
    D. [link=]Birth of the Sith Vampire's Code[/link]
    E. [link=]Birth of a Rebellion[/link]
    F. [link=]Order 66[/link]

    Challenge #2, Contributed by [b]Jedi_LineWalker[/b]:

    [i]Have an OC, or group of OCs, assist a canon character in some way, big or small, without the canon character knowing they've had the help.[/i]


    [b]A. [link=]Stories They Would Never Tell[/link][/b]
    B. [link=]A Gift of Gimer[/link]
    C. [link=]All in a Day's Work[/link]
    D. [link=]The Last Command[/link]


    Challenge #3, submitted by [b]Commander_DWH[/b]:

    [b][i]First Impressions:[/b] Have your OC make a memorable first impression on someone, be it good, bad, or any reason that something would be particularly noteworthy.[/i]


    A. [link=]Seeking the Light[/link]
    B. [link=]The Bounty Hunter[/link]
    C. [link=]Meeting the Boss[/link]
    D. [link=]The Holocron of Shakkr'sh[/link]
    [b]E. [link=]Another Day at the Office[/link][/b]
    F. [link=]Weapons of Choice[/link]
    G. [link=]Yellow - An Excerpt From the Life of Lord Octavius Nyro[/link]
    H. [link=]Enigma[/link]
    I. [link=]The Rebel ARC Trooper[/link]


    Challenge #4, submitted by [b]Livi_Wan[/b]

    [i]Write an event from the Star Wars movies as if your OC was a witness to it. Say, if they were in the Outlander club when Anakin and Obi-Wan were chasing Zam, or a spectator at the Boonta Eve podrace.[/i]


    A. [link=]An Honest Clone's Work[/link]
    [b]B. [link=]Destruction[/link][/b]
    C. [link=]The Once and Future Queen[/link]
    D. [link=]Old Wounds[/link]
    E. [link=]Recollections[/link]
    F. [link=]The Battle of Geonosis[/link]


    Challenge #5, submitted by [b]the_wandering_shadow[/b]:

    [i]Your OC is to come from a long line of prestigious... somethings. Well, you fill in the blank. They can be from a family of Jedi or Sith, bounty hunters or smugglers, kings and queens or politicians. Whatev>
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    Feb 15, 2008
    Challenge #14, submitted by Winged_Jedi:

    I was thinking recently about how sometimes people don't know themselves as well as they think they do. It can be a surprise (welcome or not so welcome) to find out that you don't react to certain things like you thought you would. And so here it is:

    The OC discovers a side to their personality that they didn't know they had.


    A. [link=]Vicious Circle[/link]
    B. [link=]It wasn't me![/link]
    C. [link=]Used to Love Her[/link]
    D. [link=]The First Days of His Reign[/link]
    E. [link=]And Stand At Every Door[/link]
    F. [link=]Beyond the Portal[/link]
    G. [link=]Do Banthas Get Excited?[/link]
    H. [link=]Broken[/link]
    I. [link=]When Malicious Software Attacks[/link]

    Challenge #15, submitted by [b]Oqidaun[/b]:

    [i]Give your OC an opportunity to do something over or fix something and since I'm all about worldbuilding have the primary action occur on a place upon which you've not focused extensively (build a new world if you need it).[/i]


    A. [link=]The Penitent[/link]
    B. [link=]Black Jade[/link]
    C. [link=]Reunion of the Fallen[/link]
    D. [link=]Past Imperfect[/link]
    [b]E. [link=]On Dark Territory[/link][/b]
    F. [link=]Starting Out[/link]
    G. [link=]An Inglorious Truth[/link]
    H. [link=]A Hard Life[/link]


    Challenge #16, submitted by [b]Alley_Skywalker[/b]:

    [i]You?re gonna need your OC master/padawan team for this one.
    Grab your OC master/padawan team and write about an event that is ought to be memorable to both of them. Weather it be in a positive way or a negative way. This one is open to many possibilities so I hope you have fun with it.[/i]


    A. [link=]To You a Happy Birthday[/link]
    B. [link=]Watch the World Burn[/link]
    C. [link=]Driver's License[/link]
    D. [link=]A Knight on the Town[/link]
    E. [link=]Complete Surrender[/link]
    F. [link=]Not to be Travelled Lightly[/link]
    [b]G. [link=]Deception - The Phantom Temple[/link][/b]
    H. [link=]With Your Life[/link]
    [b]I. [link=]Dangerous Lullaby[/link][/b]


    Challenge #17, submitted by [b]Lord_Zeron[/b] and [b]dark_jedi_lover[/b]:

    [i]GFFA is an enormous galaxy, and though humans are its most common species, they're far from the only ones. It's easy to write about humans since everyone can relate to them. S>
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    Feb 15, 2008
    *****Reserved for future Challenge responses*****
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    Feb 15, 2008
    *****Reserved for future Challenge responses*****
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    Feb 15, 2008
    *****Reserved for future Challenge responses*****
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    Feb 15, 2008
    *****Reserved for future Challenge responses*****
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    Feb 15, 2008
    To kick off the new Dueling Circle thread, here is the first brand-new challenge, as issued by the original Circle Mistress herself, SabyneAmberle:

    Challenge #11:

    Valentine's Day has come and gone in our galaxy, but naturally not everyone is a fan of the holiday. Whether one has had their heart broken, is still single, or just doesn't like the sappy commercialization of the day, the reasons are endless. Write a fic in which your OC celebrates an "anti-love day" for whatever reason.

    You will have until next Saturday (2/23) to answer this challenge.
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