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    I will tell you about my diarist OC's
    Kaagi Adin is an orphan. He was raised in the Jeditemple and became a healer. He escaped during the purge and settled on the planet of his ancestors where he found the love of his life and married. He got two children.

    Mick Kerebuy is an orphan too and has a younger brother Jim. They were raised by foster parents and became like their parents doctors in the New Holstice hospital.
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    T'lor comes from a family where Force sensitivity is common. Both she and her sister, Kel, were brought to the Temple and raised as Jedi. Kel was killed in an accident shortly after becoming a padawan. Because T'lor is Jedi, she does not have a relationship with her birth family.

    K'Tai's family is heavily Tal'shari. Her mother, Bus'cai, is on the Council of Elders. Her father is also Tal'shari, as is the one older sister we have met thus far, Dev'ona. Her uncle is Kur-Cot and head of the House of Healing where she is part of the guard, and her aunt, Jen'sai, is also a healer there. K'Tai clashes with her mother because her mother tends to make decisions regarding her family heavily influenced by what is happening on the Council of Elders and in the Tal'shari political structure. And since Bus'cai is the matriarch, what she decides is final. K'Tai's involvement with Obi-Wan is very difficult for Bus'cai because he is a) from an unknown matriarch and b) won't give her grandchildren and therefore heirs for Clan Letta. K'Tai's relationship is better with her father. As for Dev'ona, they get along reasonably well for sisters, although they are not above needling one another just to get a rise out of the other. K'Tai has a couple of older siblings in addition to Dev'ona and routinely takes care of her nieces in order to give her older siblings some time away from their children.
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    Doria Vorr and her mother Maris have a strange relationship.

    Doria Vorr is pretty torn in terms of her family, as her only immediate relative is her mother, whose default mood is passive-aggressive, hateful and downright depressed. Deaths do this to people. Maris was very close to her husband Elesandre and she feels bitter that he had such a short life and that the doctors were not able to save him, in the time and age where nearly every person can be saved. This, of course, secretly makes her hate her homeworld, especially when she thinks of the abandoned hospitals from the Clone Wars era and how great the Sacorrian doctors who emigrated were, compared to those who took up their jobs. She, however, prioritizes her dead husband over her adolescent daughter and is sometimes not able to understand how painful that can be to a person in her formative years.

    Wish I could talk about Charon Valorum's family, but that's a major spoiler, At this point, I will just say that one of the things he and his pal bond over is losing their fathers and being present in the very last moments of their lives.

    Code:Blue is a true family man. While he may be incredibly naive for a person of his age, he's got a very serious, mature and determined (slightly younger) wife to take care of everything that his rose-tinted specs may not grasp. He adores his three children and he does not have any emotional baggage to speak of, whatsoever.

    Code:Red is the polar opposite of Code Blue, which is why they worked so great as a team. His family life is a mess, though he does participate in his two children's upbringing. Sometimes, emotional turmoil may overwhelm him over how much his former wife blames him for what happened to their marriage and, when truly angry, over the fact that one of their children is disabled. Code:Red's childhood poverty may have contributed to what he is nowadays.

    Luufi and Yehan, though not biological siblings, share some traits, such as overthinking things.

    Luufi loves and appreciates her family and she's very lucky that she has two aunts and an uncle, that three out of her four grandparents are alive, that her parents love each other and her adopted brother. At the same time, she may appear that she doesn't appreciate it enough, as she is still too young to understand why her parents ditched the life they had in order to return to their simple, outdated homeworld and raise her and her brother according to what is traditional and sacred to them. Character-wise, she is pretty much a 50/50 mix of her mom and her dad, thus her inner conflicts may, to a certain extent, replicate their personal differences from their adolescence. At this point in her life, she is not sure what she wants to be, what is her purpose in this world. Her oldest aunt and her former babysitter who re-emerged after a short period of not being around may sometimes understand her better than her parents do, because they are able to pin-point where a particular trait of hers comes from.

    Yehan is unaware of who his biological parents are and sometimes, thinking of them being alive or not, of how they died if they died and if he truly belongs to the world he eventually came to be a part of. Given the diversity of settlements on Endor, he may or may not be a descendant of an important family or, on the contrary, some random outcasts, thieves, heathens. Did his parents willingly conceive him at all? Sometimes, he cannot relate to his adoptive mother's sass or his father's cloudcuckoolander traits and that is where he reaches out to his grandfather, an everyman with more or less common views on life. His uncle, who is somewhat closer in age to him than everybody else, makes for a good person to spend some time with, too. Little does he know that, as a child, that calm, well-behaved individual played a pivotal part in his adoptive parents finally getting together after years of not being able to patch their differences.

    Theesa may have been marked as a confusing one from the start, as she is technically Luufi and Yehan's aunt, yet she's only weeks older than Luufi and younger than Yehan; and therefore she is more of a sister to them than anything else. However, she does not have a problem with that, not at all. She sees everybody as one large family and she truly feels that she belongs.

    Talthuk and Grael may be brothers, but unless one knew that, it would not come across as obvious. They both like spending time with their (in)famous uncle twice-removed and acting like irresponsible guys. With his whole life being fueled by thrill and risky behaviour, with him going down in Galactic history as somebody who was metres away from killing himself in spectacular fashion this...may be of concern. :p

    Talthuk is an entitled brat in all possible senses of that word. An entitled, royal brat. He does not quite understand how his father came to be where he is and he takes up on the worst of his character traits, so easily and his two uncles are very likely to act as enablers in this case, as they still like to tease their younger brother, after all these years, as if he was still a child. Talthuk also missunderstands what his deceased grandfather was about and he may or may not go as far as criticising his own mother for having changed so many things from what he assumes was the doctrine to rule by. At the same time, he does not respect the opposite sex in general, which is a serious issue and something his idols were never doing. At this point in his life, Talthuk is like a white storm - his aggression may come out of nowhere, for no reason.

    Grael, unlike Talthuk, is calm and does not care much about being heir to the throne. He does not like the idea of succeeding his mother and he does not think he is a designated leader, by all means. He has a good relationship with his uncle, twice removed and the two of them spend a lot of time trying to grasp their shared passion: vehicles. What Grael really wants is to go where nobody, to his knowledge, has gone before and become a pilot. His uncle knows it, but he has vowed to keep the secret from his cousin, as that would not be something her rational mind could deal with. His uncle is also the only person aware of Grael's crush on the everygirl, Theesa.
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    Zebula Pavish (nicknamed "Zeb") is a native of the Coruscant lower-levels/underworld and was orphaned at a young age. He was taken in by a Lasat Quix Treelaj, a petty criminal and con-artist, and more of a friend who taught Zeb how to survive than a big brother or father figure.

    Zeb mostly had to fend for himself, scrounging and stealing what he could to survive, until he joined a local gang. They were a family, but hardly a healthy or close one, with Zeb having to prove his worth to keep his place. However Zeb does strike up a friendship with fellow gang member Maribelle and keeps in touch with Quix and his new con partner Petar Sillow.

    At the age of thirteen he attempts to rob Leia Organa Solo, but is convinced by her to give up a life of crime. She becomes his patron, and he never really considers himself part of the SkySolo family although he is close to them and expected to attend family dinners. He becomes Leia's political protege, and thinks politics isn't so different from gang life.

    He's still struggling with the concept of family given his history in needing to survive on his own, and his tendency to self-isolate. This is further complicated when he begins a romantic relationship with Jaina Solo.
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    Since I'm having trouble figuring out how to start my challenge response I'll join the discussion. lolz

    Darra's very protective of her family, especially her younger brother Danail (better known as Danny). The siblings look nothing alike as Danny takes after their father with golden hair and moss-green eyes while Darra looks like their mother. But their love for each other ensures they could never be mistaken for anything but siblings.

    Jake had an older sister named Maliha who left the family to move to the larger and more modern colony on the other side of the planet, eschewing the way she'd been raised in favor of a faster-paced world. Jake was heartbroken when his sister left, as they'd been pretty close when they were young. But he eventually moved past it with Darra's help, and by becoming an unofficial big brother to Danny. By the time the Vong attacked she'd been gone five years and fallen out of contact with Jake and the rest of the family entirely.
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    The main character that I've written is Galen Wentlas. He was born on Coruscant to Andur and Lura Wentlas in 46-47 BBY. When he was four, his father was killed in the Stark Hyperspace War and his mother remarried an Admiral Lekine around four years later. Galen and his stepfather never really along, despite serving together in the Clone Wars for a few short times. Galen has a younger half-brother, but I've never really explored him all that well.
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    I'll try one for Gahmah Raan the character.

    Gahmah Raan hails from Krishar, an underdeveloped world that - while not too primitive - has not reached its space age yet. Due to the presence of the ancient but insane Forceless Archfiend, Xixixix, the Krishari have developed some very odd mannerisms and some have come to worship the creature as the Mad God in Krishari mythology despite suspiciously being their only god that has physically made its presence. However, Gahmah's father, Jarkah Raan - the head priest of the cult of Xixixix - decided to enlighten his son at an early age by bringing him close to the grotesque creature in its Rakata-made temple. As a result of this action, Gahmah became even more eccentric and developed symptoms such as mood swings, quick temper, and alleged schizophrenia, the latter of which he exhibits through an inconsistent grasp on the flow of time and "delusions" of things that no other beings can see or hear. After a while and too many trips to the temple, Xixixix ate his father for no comprehensible reason.

    However, being self-aware of his own symptoms - and exploring the galaxy later - ironically made him saner than most of his people. Not only has he developed a somewhat sarcastic outlook on his own people and what's become of them, he also took the huntress Nazeen Dym - another surprisingly sane Krishari who somehow hasn't suffered the same madness as the rest of her ancestors - as his own wife.

    Sometime after marriage, a starship belonging to a ruthless pirate crashlanded on Krishar and Gahmah killed its owner over a misunderstanding, but unaware of the crimes the pirate committed away from Krishar. Taking this vessel for himself and naming it the Vriknash (translated from the Krishari word for "journey"), Gahmah Raan took the stars and made a career as a mercenary or bounty hunter, hoping to make enough to one day to get his own people off Krishar and their descendants away from Xixixix. He hasn't made too much progress in his goal - no doubt a result of most potential clients being put off by his eccentricities and him refusing to take jobs from crime bosses after seeing what they do to people, but he has made some significant progress by aiding the Galactic Alliance in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong and taking contracts from a man going by the alias of Maesterus - who was later revealed to be one of the most important figures in the previously-unheard-of Valkoran Empire.

    Every now and then, Gahmah returns home to visit Nazeen to keep in contact with her and the rest of his people, and one day, he hopes to take her for a ride away from Krishar in the Vriknash once he's rich enough that he doesn't have to leave solely to take dangerous jobs. However, Gahmah may just be overprotective, as ironically, not only is Nazeen one of the most proficient hunters and fighters on their island, Gahmah has suffered many injuries throughout his career that most other creatures would consider fatal (some a result of a few stupid decisions he's made), and only survived due to the Krishari's amazing regenerative abilities.
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    The only OC for whom I have a complete family history is my protagonist Ayesha Eskari -- I actually built the family relationships of my other OCs based on her family issues. Ayesha is essentially a Clone Wars orphan and she was shuffled around quite a bit before she settled in the set of relationships that she now considers family. The people who matter to her in terms of family and heritage fall in three categories:

    1. Blood relatives
    • Her birth parents, Namajib Eskari (from Corellia) and ThriyĆ© Vos (from Kiffu) -- Ayesha has a problematic relationship to them, because their choices led to her tormented childhood. They both passed away when she was very young and she has few memories of them (of her mother in particular) but they left her an important heritage: her mother's culture and language and her father's poetry. This baggage is as valuable to her as it is a burden, because it is a constant reminder of everything that went wrong in her younger years.
    • Her maternal grandfather from Kiffu -- He is Ayesha's only remaining direct blood relative and he seeks to integrate her in Kiffar society as a member of clan Vos, but the vagaries of galactic history will lead him to fail.
    2. Her adoptive family

    Ayesha's adoptive Wookiee parents, Yakooboo and Messiri, and her adoptive brothers Rabarruk and Rumpacharet -- These are the beings Ayesha considers her nuclear family. She loves them dearly and keeps holos of them on a small holoprojector in her handbag. They took her in to look after her at Quinlan Vos's request at the end of the Clone Wars, but not only did they help her recover from her childhood trauma, they chose to adopt her as their own child instead of simply honouring their blood-debt to Quin and they gave her all the love, care and protection a child needs to develop and grow. The fic I wrote for the last challenge was about how they came to adopt her and the one I'll be writing for the next challenge will probably deal with how she began thinking of herself as part of that family.

    3. Namegiving
    Ayesha was born a slave to the Zygerrians and as such didn't have a name until she was freed, so the act of namegiving is of paramount importance to her because having a name defines you as a person. In this context, people she will describe as family also include:
    • Her distant relative Quinlan Vos and his partner Khaleen Hentz -- These are people who matter to Ayesha a great deal. Khaleen was the one who found Ayesha when she was on her own in the Coruscant Underlevels during the Clone Wars and took her in, and Quin named Ayesha after their distant common ancestor. Quin also rescued her later on when she found herself in a very dangerous situation on Kiffu.
    • Dexter Jettser is something of an avuncular figure to Ayesha, because he looked after her for a short while when Quinlan Vos had to pursue his undercover mission during the Clone Wars, and later when she returned to Coruscant as a student. He is one of the people who have a special nickname for her.
    • Her friends Kal and Mira, and most importantly their son Tam -- Ayesha is Tam's namegiver.
    So to sum it up, Ayesha's understanding of what family means is multi-layered because she combines elements of various traditions as well as her personal history to define who she considers family. She thinks of her blood family as the people who gave her life and love, but also who failed to protect her when she needed it -- as opposed to her adoptive family, who were able to keep her safe and thus allowed her to grow and bloom. She also thinks of her namegiver, Quinlan Vos, as a guardian angel of sorts, because he appears in her life every time she needs him, and therefore believes that, as Tam's namegiver, she should look out for him the way Quin looks out for her. Lastly, because of her difficult past and complex relationship to family, she will be, in time, hesitant to start her own.


    I'm glad to see you around here JadeLotus :) I'm looking forward to finding out more about Zeb -- he's one of the characters I very much enjoyed in The Shadow of Fate, particularly the scene when he returns to his old haunts in the Underlevels to investigate.


    Gahmah Raan I didn't get around to reading your fic yet, but I saw that you listed your OCs in the index thread already. May I suggest that you also write a post about Krishar in the Fanon Thread at some point? I naively looked it up on the Wook to realise that it was your creation [face_batting]
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    That is a detailed and fascinating backstory for Ayesha, Chyntuck! It reminds me that I've had your fic bookmarked for ages and I need to set some time aside to delve into it properly.
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    None of my OCs have defined family histories. My non-SW OCs came from breeders, so I guess that's as close to a family history as they're getting.
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    NEW DISCUSSION: Springtime
    Birds are singing and mating, lambs are everywhere and tulips are colouring. Yes it's springtime. Tell us about your OC and relations and children
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    I am not 100% sure what this is about, can you be more specific? Are we supposed to write about how our OCs were conceived, what their parents' romantic relationships were like or their own romances?

    Also, what does "tulips are colouring" mean?
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    Probably that they are in bloom.
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    Ewok Poet; you can write about conception, romance and offspring. And in my country - the Netherlands - tulips are on the fields and starting to bloom and colouring the fields.
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    Ok, backstory time!

    Bree Solo has had boyfriends before, but the relationships were never serious. Often she could not tell if the guys wanted to be with her because they liked her or because she came from a powerful family. Her last boyfriend before she met Blue did not view her as much more than an amusing trophy and became annoyed with her when her grief over her brother's death morphed into a deeper depression and she failed to simply snap out of it.

    Blue had a lot of girlfriends but none of the relationships were serious. He was not in a place in his life to be a good boyfriend. He lied and manipulated, and he used people to get what he wanted. It took a major disaster in his life to humble him, and looking back at his behavior he understands what a complete jerk he had been.

    As for children, Blue would love to be a dad. He woud be quite content with little ones crawling around. Bree doesn't see that as easily, not because she doesn't care for children but because she fears for their safety. Having lived a very public childhood herself in which she and her siblings were the targets of kidnapping attempts, she hesitates to put her own kids through that stress.
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    Jake and Darra were thrown into a high-stakes situation right as they got to the age when maybe they would have been considering that sort of thing. So they haven't really had a chance to explore relationships other than their current bond to each other. And I'm still not sure whether or not I'm gonna put them together romantically.

    The only other relationship I really have planned out at all, though I'm still trying to figure out how to fly it under the radar of the site rules, is that which is forming between two members of the GA Survey team that make up the rest of my main characters. Jedi Lila Maris and Doctor Ahnix Illesar have been dancing around a deeper relationship for a while now, with quiet smiles and subtle flirting only for one another. They're both too professional to let it really become too obvious while they're working but there's definitely something there.
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    April 1 and a new discussion.
    In the GNFA we have April fool's day. Tell us about pranks involving your OC in the GFFA
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    The only story I have with my Ewok OCs, Luufi and Talthuk, involves a super-strange comical situation where they accidentally run into two ugly beasts, who are hmmm, mid-coitus. At the end of the story, Luufi's dad, a naive hippie type, tries to explain them what they actually saw, but Talthuk's mom, who's very conservative on these matters given how she's progressive about everything else, gives him this "don't even think about it" look. :D

    This doubles as the answer to your other question, as Luufi, Talthuk, Yehan, Grael, Theesa and their friends are too young to pursue a romantic relationship and actually mean it; and the characters from my other microverse have everything planned out and it's not fun to reveal it at the moment. Grael has a thing for Theesa at the point their characters are introduced, though.

    Actually, I can reveal something: Doria Vorr's love interest in the sequel to The Black Star will be...really, really interesting. I kinda want people to fall in love with him.
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    A new prompt "young"
    And 20 days to finish the challenge 'family'
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    12 days and we already have great entries for the spring challenge 'family'

    April 30 is the day
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    It's an old thing, but the only actual prank I can think of writing from the top of my head...

    I woke up screaming, and I was not alone. Other screams, more surprised than pained echoed through my
    small room. With my back pressed against the bulkhead, I tried to breathe again, while the two voices
    began to squabble.

    "I'm only half done."

    "Told you it was a bad idea."

    "Shouldn't happen, nobody ever wakes up screaming."

    "Maybe she's allergic-"

    "Jes? Sey?" I ask into the darkness. "Is that you?"

    "No!" Jes replies immediately.

    "Yes," admits Sey at the same moment.

    "Oh, Gods, you have no idea how glad I am," I hesitated staring into the blackness, "not to see you."

    "Um, yes?" Sey sounded worried. "You okay?"

    Slowly, I lay back again, pulling the blanket up to my chin. "Fine as I'm going to get. Just pretend I never
    woke up." There was some muffled discussion on the topic that I couldn't understand. "No really," I
    affirmed. "And how would I look with half a moustache later?"

    The argument became more urgent. Finally Jes said, "Okay, will do."

    A soft blue light came on, and it had just the colour the lightning in my dream had had. I closed my eyes
    and tried not to fidget as something cool tickled over my face. From the feel of it, it would be the biggest
    moustache ever...
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    My core family, within a series of fanfic, and more extensively, roleplay games on the RPF

    Agent Mitch Nifesta

    Patriarch in the core family, Mitch started out in my fanfic as a series villain in my ISB Chronicles. He was a Twi'lek Force Vampire, basically trying to survive in a post-Order 66 world.

    Affably evil and immortal, he predated any Force Sensetive of any persuasion for food, Light, Dark, didn't matter.
    With regular sentients though, he is so old, that generally treats adult beings as youngsters, so comes across as patronising. He generally would not harm non-Force users.

    On joining the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service , thirty years prior to The Phantom Menace, he worked hard to earn their trust, and his entire sense of self revolves around being an authorised security operative for the Galactic Republic.

    Roleplay mechanics mean you can't go around eating jedi characters like you can in your own fanfic, so Mitch stopped eating Light-siders, and a blind eye was turned to what he did with Sith or Dark jedi.

    A time travel incident and attempted recovery deposited him in the past, for a crossover Star Wars / Terminator RP.

    Mitch ate a jedi, which allowed him to absorb the jedi's memories, which in turn allowed him to realise with some dismay, that the knight had been on the way to rescue a young femme trapped in a moisture farm homestead by one of those huge Harvester robots in Terminator: Salvation.

    Ewlla Iillor - Ensign, Judicial Forces

    The young woman, 22 Standard Years, newly graduated in Judicial Forces, was holidaying with a fellow cadet's family on Tatooine when Terminators invaded in force, killing the family, and trapping her in a destroyed homestead.

    She was expecting a jedi to rescue her, but this bossy, patronising Twi'lek turns up instead, insists on calling himself her 'Uncle Mitch', and rescues her, A LOT.

    Though initially concerned that this Twi'lek was a slaver or a pimp, she grew less hostile to him as time went on.

    They joined forces with Human Resistance fighters from Earth to defeat the menace, and report the matter to the Judicial Forces.

    Ewlla's own wealthy and influential parents, back on Corellia, were so grateful to Mitch for saving their daughter, that they promised him any reward, and all he asked for, to Ewlla vociferous dismay, was to be her uncle - so she legally became his neice.

    Via later games, and the EU source that I got her character from, she grows to be an Imperial interdictor cruiser captain in her own right, but on the occasions that her Uncle Mitch reconnects with her, he is intensely fond and proud of his neice, and doesn't really get that she's an adult.

    Fenlaka Zula

    From Sith-I-5 archives:
    Twelve-year-old, purple Twi'lek padawan, he had already lost two masters to Order 66 and the Jedi Purge, including the Cerean Ki-Adi Mundi; and barely two weeks before, had been a lonely, depressed and bereaved youngster, living amongst the Jedi Enclave on Dagobah.

    Then Mitch had turned up, a kind-hearted Force Vampire with a penchant for eating jedi and sith with equal abandon, who Yoda knew from their pre-Clone Wars days.

    The wily teacher had recognised that his friend had the potential to be a powerful ally to either the Light or Dark Sides of the Force, and had tried a bold, spur of the moment experiment, by permitting Mitch to adopt the lonely padawan.
    This would serve to manoeuvre the self-styled God of Cops away from thinking of the jedi as hors dourves , to thinking of them as respected warriors and teachers.
    At the same time, it was Fen's job to emotionally support the older twi'lek, who had also lost people to Order 66, and sometimes provide guidance.

    In two weeks, the two had been involved in an anti-slaving operation on Kashyyyk; helping to rescue the Alliance to Restore the Republic's General Torian Darkeyes from Bothawui; and involvement with an ARR/Jedi "hearts and minds" rescue operation on Ryloth.

    Baille Hart

    Hart was an Imperial V-Wing pilot, part of an all-female V-Wing squadron that was betrayed and slaughtered by their male counterparts, and when Baille survived the massacre and fled for her life, the story was put out that she was a Rebel operative.

    This led to her capture and impending execution at Christophsis.

    Taken in by the Rebel story, and ignoring the Rebel Alliance' protestations that she was not one of their pilots, Mitch turned up to rescue her.

    Since he had invaded the Imperial facility, sliced up all the guards, and was in her cell by time he realised his mistake, he rescued her anyway.

    This would have been the Iillor story all over again, except Hart was lost on their first mission together, during a medicine-drop to a blockaded Alliance colony world.
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    Are we to link the fic here?
    I looked on the first page and it only said to pm the link to the sock. [face_worried]
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    Huh, okay then, will do.