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    Kev-Mas (the character, not necessarily me) actually has an emotional attachment to the subject at hand, so I shall work on an RP post following said prompt as soon as I can. :)
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    Slave harvesting or asking permission?
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    Apr 27, 2014
    Tzenti arose from his grey sheet bed. He peered through the triangle window to see a fog had settled in the Forest. The Young Benduist exited via the trunk and breathed in the cold vapors, the Forest was clade in the cloud. Zen reached for his belt, a silver and gold Electrum hilt dangling. He took hold of it and ignites a white blade which hummed, and made an echo. The forest responded with a creak, and lowering his blade Zen wanted to make it clear he wasn’t going to cut healthy limbs, and desecrate the land with senseless violence.
    Zen took his saber and began to swing in archs and thrusts, with each strike an exhale. A wind met him, it pressed against his movement as if aiding his training, providing resistance. The Bendu Novice felt his body be pushed back, he took a lower stance bending his knees and tried to walk against it, saber in hand. Zen smiled, The Force was with Him, it was an ally not his slave, a partner.. not a prisoner of his will.

    Caretaker Polmoth @greyjedi125 I will commence the assignment about the Slavers in my next post if that is still your wish. :)
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    If the Force is leading you in that direction, then you must follow. Ultimately, the choice is yours and no one else's. This is the universal freedom of all who are self-aware. Indeed, the Force is with you Zen, for you have realized the truth of it.
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    Take it where it guides you, follow through.
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    Wanders in, having been semi summoned earlier. Looks around.

    Seems the light is here, among the grey, so would it be inappropriate that a little dark also be here, to balance it?
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    ~lights a black candle on a Zabrak skull~
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    The Light and the Dark are both welcome here. The Force is One.

    “There is no Light without the Dark.” (First Line of The Gray Code).
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    Of course, but I will await the wisdom of the Masters as well, before speaking much further, here.
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    Zen overheard the two men discuss turning locals into slaves. The Gray Jedi was moved by feelings of repulsion, compassion, and a desire to bring down this syndicate. Then Zen paused and waited on the Force, he let his feelings submit to ita Will, when he opened his eyes.

    “They are speaking to be heard, they have tagged me or someone else, its a ruse to draw me in.”

    Tzenti took a sip of his blue tonic. The two men left the cafeteria, and though the impulse to follow filled Zen, he knew it would be ill advised. The Gray Novice instead mediated in the masses of Ithorians, Rodians, Twi’leks, and Vodrans.

    “What is the path I should take?”

    He knocked on the Force for answers, when suddenly he saw a vision of an apartment. A woman in red leather with silver hair. Zen stood up and began to examine the buildings to try and make out one that the room would be in. He saw a four level one that was silver and yellow, it had the ample space to house a room he saw in the vision. Zen left the busy stands of food and boise, and came to the apartments. He entered the lobby to find several Vulkars exiting a level one apartment. He paid them no heed and sat down in a grey cushioned chair. He searched for the woman in red, perhaps she’d appear in the lobby. But his vision was of her in a room, which meant somehow he’d be guided by the Force to her. Zen tried to look inconspicuous, his short almost non-existsnt hair, his grey robes, and black boots. His lightsaber was hidden in his robe, so as not to draw unwanted attention. A Bolkar uneasy at Zen sitting in the lobby came near him and said,
    “Vulkar business, leave now!”

    Zen looked up to the Green scaley face with black pools for eyes and head covered in a red turban. He waved his hand, “It is alright, I can stay.”
    The Vulkar shook a little and teplied, “Its alright, you can stay.” Zen waved his hand again, “Ignore me.” The Vulkur then left him be. Just then a Woman in Red Leather walked into the lobby in s huff, she was followed by two Rodian like guards. Zen rose and tried to shadow her, he followed her to the fourth level. In the purple carpet hallway, she motioned to the Rodians to leave and entered a room. Zen made hus way to the door and tried to decide how to call on her. The Force had given him the vision so he had to trust it. He knocked three times and the door flung open, the Woman in Red eyed Zen with a grimace on her face, “Who are you and what do you want?” Zen tried to muster the words, and so he said, “I am interested in the slave trade.” The Silver haired vixen bid Zen come in. She then drew a blaster and demanded, “Who sent you? Who do you work for?”
    Zen knew a complicated reply was unwise when a blaster is pointed at you.

    “I am a Jedi.”

    The Woman in Red motion with her pistol for Zen to sit down on the white leather chair as she took an identical one and held her barrel aimed at Zen’s heart. “Jedi? What does a Jedi want with slaves?”

    Zen placed both hands on the arm rests to make her more at ease.

    “My mission is to bring balance.”

    The Woman lit a death stick connected to a long black cylinder shaft and puffed smoke. “Balance? What does that mean?”

    Zen lowered his head and said, “to help, but in a way that it does help, and does not cause greater harm in the future.”

    The Silver Hair Vixen took a puff and said, “do you wish to buy slaves or free them Jedi?”

    Zen reached put in the Force and tried to read her, but her aura was shrouded in shadow.

    “You tell me.”

    The Woman in Red gave s chuckle. “Cryptic for a Jedi, so you want me to answer my own question?”

    Zen nodded.

    “Very well. I represent Salran Syndicate who is moving the poor from the streets to slave in the Kissel Mines.”

    The Silverhair Vixen took another puff.

    Zen looked at the Lady in Red and said, “Good cover, but I know anything you say is a diversion.”

    The Silverhair Vixen took another puff and said, “Indeed, sharp for a Jedi, I have no reason to trust you, even if you claim to be a Keeper of the Peace.”

    Zen added, “Keeper of Balance..”

    The Woman in Red clicked a safety on her pistol. “Whatever.. I have no time for loose ends like you.. so.”

    Zen raised his hand and the blaster leapt out of her hand and levitated to his palm. The Silver Hair Vixen reached for a Vibro-knife in her sleeve, but Zen tossed the blaster on the floor, it landing at her feet.

    “I could have killed you, but I believe the Force brought us together. I want to work for you.”

    The Silverhair Vixen was aghast at the oddness of this encounter. “You don’t know what I am, or who I work for!”

    Zen shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, I trust the Force.”

    The Woman in Red took up her blaster and fired. Zen was hit by a blue burst and fell to the floor. He later awoke to the Woman in Red discussing with the Two Rodians. She held his lightsaber in her hand. Zen tried to reach out, when a Rodian stirred and drew a blaster. Zen gripped him by the neck via the Force and tossed him into the other Rodian. The Silverhair Vixen sprinted away, Zen followed her down the hallways of purple to the lyft. Zen reached out stopping her, and she taking hold of the lightsaber ignited the white blade. It crackled as she swung it wildly, cutting the walls of the hall and leaving a orange magma streaks that faded tell black.

    Zen dodged this wild swings tell he saw and opening and hit her with Force infused punch that knocked her om her back, she releasing the saber which rolled down to Zen’s feet. He picked it up and raised the Vixen in air by her throat, levitsting her, she began to choke. He then slammed her against the wall.

    “I tried diplomancy, now you will heed me!”

    Zen’s eyes flared as he released her to speak. She choked and said in broken words, “I thought.. cough.. you.. were a.. Jedi.” Zen ignited his saber and held it to her eye. “I am..but not the kind you’ve heard of. Now tell me who you really work for or learn to live with only one eye.”

    The Woman in Red coughed and said, “I am Madam Ivanna Pal, I work for the Kissel Operation. Slave operation.”

    Zen, “So you were telling the truth in your ruse before..”

    Ivanna took another breath, “You don’t understand.. the slaves are being saved. Our operation is to relocate them..”
    Zen interrupted, “To Kissel I know..” Ivanna shook her head. “No.. you don’t understand, here the poor are used in games, and worse some are grinded up into foodstuffs for vendors.” Zen moved the blade of his saber aeay from her eye. “Games what games?”
    Ivanna cleared her throat and said, “death matches.. games that the wealthy gamble for sport to watch the wretched claw themsleves to death in a cage.”
    Zen lowered his saber to his side and deacrivated it.
    “You see Kissel or anywhere else is a better world than the existance that faces them here.”
    Zen turned back to the Silver Haired Vixen, “I will need proof. Take me to these games and the plant that harvests the poor into food stuffs.”

    Ivanna nodded. “Alright, but you better change, those robes will make you look out of place.” Zen nodded, “Very well.” He returned to the room with the unconcious Rodians. Siezinf one of there blue jumpsuites, he stored his robes in a drawer.
    Ivanna had changed into a black dress with a open back, she puffed a death stick from her lomg stem filter.
    “Are you ready?” She asked.
    Zen nodded and the two went down the elevator.

    PART I of III

    To Be Continued...

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    "Welcome to our grove, I am Polmath, the Caretaker." The bearded man announced in greeting to the two new visitors, @Ava G. and @darthbernael.

    "I welcome you on behalf of the grey jedi. Stay as long as you wish, as I hope your visit helps you along your path. Tell me, what is the reason for your visit, what is your intent?"

    As Polmath spoke, friendly droids brought over chairs, tables and refreshments to the open-air receiving area among the trees. It was a very pleasant day indeed.


    @Kato Sai

    I'm enjoying the story developments thus far. Color me intrigued. :)
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    Nodding, then taking one of the offered seats he looked over at this Polmath, who seemed to be one of the leaders of this Order. A nod and he spoke, "A pleasure to meet you indeed, Polmath. I am Uzuriel and there is something intriguing about those who are the most balanced of the two. So, when I found myself called here, whether by design or by accident, I came."

    Reaching over to a glass, he poured some of the drink into a cup, lifting it and taking a sip, as he waited for his host.
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    "Well met, Uzuriel." Polmath intoned, as he too availed himself of drink and toasted his guest in return. "Speak freely and without judgement, for there will always be those to fill the role of critic; those we ignore, lest there is wisdom to impart." At that, he chuckled lightly.

    "Where to do you lean then, friend. Light or Dark?"

    Such a question was a classic conversation starter, something to get the ball rolling as it were.
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    Taking another sip, a small smile crossed Uzuriel's face. "You could say that both the light and the dark have their place in me, in equal measure."

    His slate grey eyes looked over the cup at the man. "I have travelled extensively and seen the raising up and shattering down both sides can cause."
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    Apr 29, 2002
    "Well, could you give us an example of the things you have seen? You have peaked my curiosity."
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    Notes in another reality she is familiar with this one and could tell some stories.....
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    *listens from the shadows, though giving a subtle wave in greeting, knowing he is not hidden from Polmath's senses* :)
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    Part II: The Games

    Ivanna lead the way, her silver short hair swaying in the wind as she walked in the black backless dress and heels. Zen tried his best fo concentrate, but he would be remiss if he didn’t acknowledge she was beautiful. They came to the city seayre where crowds of Ithorians, Rodians, Vodrans, and Humans walked to and fro in the green and blue lighted streets. They came to a set of stairs that descended into a courtyard. There was fountains that sent great twisters of water into the air, and lighys of green strobed with white. Great stone walls with ivy hemmed the edges of the garden that lead them to an estate, a manor that was like a great orb, with circles coming from it that made walls.

    Ivanna drew two golden tickets from her purse and said, “we are here, let me do the talking and you will see the Games.”

    Zen nodded and followed her lead. They came to two men in suites that stood like sentries outside the sphere, and Ivanna handed one the tickets and began to charm them. They took little notice of Zen once they spoke to her. They both were ushered into a world Zen had never seen. Inside the giant sphere was a labyrinth of red carpeted stairs that had men in suites with Twileks in gold dresses, everyone was chatting away when a tone sounded and suddenly the stairs shifted into seats, and in the center rose a cube shaped cage. Inside was a light and a Rodan stood outside in a black tux, he held a communciator and said, “Welcome to tonight’s event! In the right corner we have Cadros di Manta, and in the left the reigning champion Ugmar Talos! Let the battle begin!”

    Cadros was a young man and Ugmar a Vodran, twice his size.Zen examined the two combatants and leaned over to Ivanna, “You sure they are fron the streets?” Ivanna shushed Zen and said softly, “after the match.” The fight began with the Vodran hammering the young man who screamed ad bones crs ked and blood flew on the air. The crowd cheered at the gore, a bizarre sight for Zen, the bloodlust. Another man was raised into the cage, of similiar build and age who was hit with the Ugmar’s spiked vembraces. Blood flew on to a front row spectator, a young man cheered as his face was painted in red drops. Another young man was raised into the cage and he was smashed against the metal bars. Ivanna pointed, “See.. the young ones.” Then a little girl entered the ring, she had golden yellow pigtails and her face was shrouded in fear. The Vodran’s fists dripped red drops, the little girl’s cheeks now shedding tears. Zen could not contain himself, he saw the Vodran walk menacing towards the little girl, raising his spike forearms to sqaush her. Zen tried to reach out his hand, and Ivanna stopped it. She looked at the Benduist and shook her head. The Vodran attacked and there was a thunderious applause. The little girl had evaded and she crawled up on the back of Vodran and used her pigtails like a noose, she choked the behemoth until he collapsed on the floor lifeless. She raised he fist in victory, her blue eyes aflame with rancor.

    Zen sat back in his seat. What he had just seen caught him by surprise, the child was a killer. Was this the fate of slaves Ivanna had spoken of?

    Then the corpses were gathered by droids and taken below ground. Ivanna motioned with her white painted finger nail. She approached a man with white coat and tux, and tan complexion, Ivanna greeted him, “Mr. Tuvar, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Tuvar took a puff of spice from a death stick and smiled. “You must be the beautiful Ivanna I have heard so much about, Davon speaks very highly of you.” Ivanna gave a smile, bearing her teeth. Zen was examining his surroundings, when Ivanna came to him. “He will give us a tour of the facility, and there you will see what became of the lucky ones tonight and the unlucky ones.”

    Zen nodded, this night had been bizarre.

    Part III of III Coming Soon...
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    Thyrsus, Soltus Peak, Summit

    As part of his morning ritual, the well seasoned Supreme Sun Guardian sat in meditation atop the highest point on his homeworld, the active volcano known as Soltus Peak. Early every morning before the twin red suns rise over the horizon, Kev-Mas makes the trek to the top, to keep in shape and commune with the living Force that thrives all around him in the inhospitable environment.

    Deep in meditation, he waits as the steaming maw directly below him vents hot air all around him, testing his resolve.

    It isn't just the rising and setting of the suns that signal the coming and ending of the day however, but also something more. Something more... Magical.

    A red hue begins to illuminate the horizon as the suns slowly creep over the volcanic peak. Eventually, they find their place high in the sky, illuminating the desert landscape and cityscape of the nearby Sun Guard stronghold, Solvorgilhyum below.

    But it's only a dim glow so far, as the magic is yet to happen. Until now.

    A shrill cry can be heard in the distance, as a crimson steak scorches the sky, traveling from the smaller, closer sun, directly down to the steaming maw of Soltus Peak.

    Creating a large splash of magma that threatens to melt Kev-Mas' black armor, a being of pure energy, the legendary Solar Dragon completes its daily migration.

    Extending luminescent, burning red wings in a triumphant display, the Force Sensitive creature spews a solar flare towards the heavens, illuminating the landscape to a full day time display of light. The flare is so large and bright, that it will last until the suns are ready to set again, and until the Solar Dragon takes flight, to rest upon the surface of the sun.

    Feeling the Force flowing in the environment around him and immersing himself in it, Kev-Mas is rejuvenated and energized. Ready to begin his day and face whatever challenges await him.

    Perhaps one challenge he'll face today is something he has foreseen and been awaiting patiently: a potential new student.

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    Smiling over the rim of the glass once more, "Hmmm, things I have seen, conflict upon conflict, as the Sith and Jedi strive to be the dominant force in the galaxy. Staying at the fringes of such conflicts assisting those who need it, no matter their loyalties, to keep the destruction wrought from overwhelming many. I witnessed the thought bomb at Ruusan, the rise and fall of Ruin. Interesting one, that time, I met an interesting being then, and we've worked together on several occasions."
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    Part III: The Facility

    Zen awoke the next morning, his mind still haunted by the Games he had seen. He washed his clean shaven face with cold water when Ivanna knocked on the door. She was in a white dress with filigee patters at her arms and at her bosom.

    “Are you ready for our tour?”

    Zen nodded. He has lost his words from the spectacle of the night before.

    Ivanna and Zen arrived at a massive white complex, with recranglular buildings and towers. Mr. Tuvur met them in a white lab coat and kissed Ivanna cheek in greeting. He took little notice if Zen, which made the Benduist wonder if he was accidently using Force Cloak. They came to the interior facility, below was droids boxing silver wrapped bars. Tuvur went on and on about the operation. Zen followed allowing Ivanna to hang on Tuvur’ arm. This was Zen’s chance. He went down some white metal stairs to the floor, and exited the building. He saw a speeder with black bags at 2 meters in length and followee it. Zen summoned the Force around himself, holing to blend into his environment. He followee the Speeder which stipped at a oval building. Inside he saw the black bags opened by droids and corpsoes thrown on a conveyor belt. One bag ipened and a man was wiggling and screaming. He was tossed on the belt as droid held him in place. Down the conveyor was choppers, large blades over twenty inches thcik and a grinder in a sqaure with turbunes, and corkscrew blades. Two more living men were tossed on the conveyer. Zen coukdn’t take it, one lifeless corpse was chopper and grinded into a pan that then was ferried through tubes to a proccessor. Zen ran to the two slaves and ignitee his white blade, decspitating one droid that was holding one down and using the Force to throw the other into a wall, smashing it to bits. The two slaves were shocked.

    “I am Zen, I am here to rescue you.”

    The Benduist chr ked the other corpse bags and found no living persons. He then led the two outside where stood twenty men in white armor, helms and blaster rifles. Tuvur stood in fromt with Ivanna.

    “So.. this is how you repay my courtsey, with stealing my slaves.”

    Zen held his saber with both hands.

    “Ivanna was good to tell me you planned to sabotage Davon’s operation. But I did not expect a Jedi.”

    Zen looked at Ivanna and said, “So this was all a trap? You betray me. I should have known.”

    Tuvur chuckled, “Trust no one is always the safest policy Jedi, but then again your sort always trusted too much.”

    Zen lowered his saber, the blade still humming.

    Tuvur smiled. “Since you are going to die anyway.. I suppose you should know there was no Kissel Mines, no taking slaves off world, what yoy see is ehat you get. Food for the masses and entertainment for the wealthy.”

    Zen looked at Ivanna whose face was painted with grief.

    Tuvur stepped forward and removed a Aldaarian rose from a lepel on his white coat. “Ivanna is a loyal one, she ferrets out potential threats to our operation. You feel right into her hands.”

    Zen looked at Ivanna and said, “You are mistaken..”

    Tuvur turned and replied, “Mistaken? How so Jedi?”

    Zen looked at Tuvur whose face had shifted from certainty to concern. “The Force led me to Ivanna.”

    Tuvur masked his concern with a chuckle. “Then it lead you to your death.”

    Zen lowered his head and said, “there is no death, there is the Force.”

    Tuvur became angered. He handed a blaster pistol to Ivanna. “I’ve had enough of this sagery, you end this.”

    Ivanna took hold of the blaster and raised it to point the barrel at Zen. The Jedi did not shake, two guards siezed his lightsaber. Ivanna held the pistol it began to shake. Zen raised his head and looked ar Ivanna, he then said, “It’s ok.. I am ready. Thank you for keeping your word, everything you said about what they do to slaves here was true. So I know even in the ruse there was truth, I can die with peace.”

    Ivanna looked at the two slaves beside Zen, and then back at the Jedi. She closed her eyes a moment and then discharged a shot. What happened next was a whirlwind. Tuvur collapsed to the ground, smoke coming from Ivanna’s barrel, the guards opened fire, Zen used the Force to toss five of them into the air and retrieve his saber. He stabbed one through the back and then procedded to slah another across the chest ad he deflected blaster fire. Ivanna capped off two, the teo slaves grabbed blasters to help, it was a skirmish now. One guard hid beside a building and aimed, he fired and the bolt struck Ivanna. Zen saw him ans extended his left hand to leviate the guard with the Force and snap his neck. Zen ran to Ivanna, there was no more guards, the two slaves had blown them to pieces with their blasters. Zen held Ivanna in his arms, she collapsed and coughing.

    Ivanna looked up at the Jedi’s face and said, “It’s not finished..” She removed a cylander from his belt, it had s red button. “I placed thermal detonators about the facility slowly over the years. I was waiting for the right moment.. cough and then you came.” Zen took the detonator. He kissed the Silver Haired Vixen on the cheek. “I can heal you.. there are medical droids.” Ivanna shook her head. “ I am used up.. this is the will pf the Force is it not?” Zen shed tears, and tried to lift her when she resisted. “Make it count..” With that Ivanna gave a deep exhale and the life force left her. Zen closed her eyes with a wave of his hand. He lowered his head in mourning and then lifted her. Walking with the two slaves beside him, they walked away from the Facility and with a press of detonator, the white building shroomed into balls of orange fire and great clouds of smoke.

    Zen took Ivanna to a place to lay her to rest. He held her hand a moment and then rose bowing his head. The two slaves stood beside him. “What shall we do now?,” they asked. Zen pointed to their weapons. “Fight.. fight tell Davon loses all taste for his savage operation. Break him, make him pay destly for exploiting you.. The Force is with you. Fight!” With those words Zen walked away in hus Gray Robes, carrying the memory of Ivanna with him in his heart.


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    @Kato Sai Zen,

    That was a compelling tale. I appreciate how you illustrated the fact that situations are much different than they appear to be on the surface, something that is also true of many living beings. How to discern if something should be taken at face value or intuit its complexity, is an important part of being a grey jedi. I must also add that Ivanna’s ‘grayness’ was well portrayed.

    That was a good read.

    Indeed, Devon’s dark influence must be overturned and balance restored.


    @darthbernael Uzuriel,

    “You mention Darth Ruin and the Battle of Ruusan in the same sentence, Uzuriel, how curious. Notably, there’s a millennia between these two points in time, more importantly, there is a ‘light switch’ moment as well, where a ’schism’ between the two established force orders occurs, how interesting.”

    Polmath casually strokes his beard and ponders for a moment.

    “Now I’m uncertain as to who might be older between the two of us.”

    A pleasant chuckle escapes the caretaker's lips.

    “So, if you don’t mind sharing your opinion, where would you say were are in the force at this time? Are we leaning towards light or dark?”
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    You do me great honor Caretaker Polmoth @greyjedi125

    I am in mourning for Ivanna, she is a hero.


    Darth Ruin, quite a character. Created his own creedo of egotism and narcism:

    “There is no passion…there is solely obsession.
    There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction.
    There is no purpose. There is solely will.
    There is nothing…
    Only me.”


    His creed collapses when he perished, so do all cults of personality.
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    Uzuriel sat back, a light chuckle dancing from his lips. "I mentioned those two points in history as reference. Most beings I have seen, known, cannot see past the the merest flickers of their existence, let alone to a time that many would consider ancient history."

    He took another sip of his drink. The being before him was a curious one, he could sense age surrounding him.

    "Hmmmm, the current state of affairs? The Jedi have a decent enclave but have few joining their numbers, and their masters and knights coming and going from time to time. The Sith, seem strong, have strong lords and apprentices but have the same issue with new Sith joining them. And the middle ground, your order, has been out of sight, but slowly returning to being a force to be reckoned with. The balance of forces rides a tripwire, easily falling to one side or the other, but currently the pendulum seems not to have swung one way or the other too far."

    OOC Yes, using the Orders here as reference, otherwise it would be a slightly different response.

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    Listens from the shadows
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