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    Instead of having multiple individual threads from writers requesting co-authors, we?ve decided to have one thread where writers can connect.

    What this thread is for: Anyone who is looking for a co-author and/or collaborator for a fan writing project.

    DO: Explain what type of writing project you are planning and what you are looking for in a co-author. Details and a story synopsis are fine, but please do not post excerpts from the story here.

    DON?T: This thread is not for discussion of individual story/project details. Once you?ve found someone to work with, we ask that you continue planning your project via PM or email.

    If you have any questions, please contact one of the Moderators.

    Thank you for your cooperation and have fun!

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    Looking for a co-writer for a small project that's connected to two previous fanfics (a one shot and a short story)

    Time Period: Its Luke and Leia reading a journal written by their mother, so its mostly during THE SAGA.

    Characters: Padmé, etc

    Co Author needs to be familiar with Padmé and have knowledge or information related to any events during the CLONE WARS series (both series of cartoons especially). Anything that can help fill in the blanks. Some events I can write in using the Queen Amidala Journal book or watching Episode 1 and 2, but there are parts I am not familiar with that I'll need help with. This is not related to the character Diary challenge. Its related to two other fics I've written.

    Contact me by PM if interested and we'll go from there.
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    Jul 31, 2005
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    Alright, I hope this is not too long...

    In '05, Shanobi left a small plot bunny in The Hutch. Four years later, it (renamed countless times, but settled on Counterbalance) has not been completed. Not for lack of trying, however. I think it is about time I tried to get a little help. A beta reader hadn't worked quite as well as I would have liked. So, I believe a co-author would be a great help. Here is the original plot bunny as posted by Shanobi:

    [blockquote]After the successful mind wipe in JA # 3 Obi is shipped off Phindar (jeez, I think that was the name of the
    planet) to parts unknown. Only Qui doesn't find him--not for lack of trying though. Eventually their paths do cross,but it's like 8 years later. When they do meet again it is when Qui is on a mission of course and his path crosses with a bounty hunter - a ginger haired bounty hunter with changeable eyes, eyes that Qui-Gon has never, will never forget. Qui is on a mission to protect the same person Obi-Wan is out to collect a bounty on. Though Obi does not remember his past, he is still basically intrinsically good. He doesn't hurt the people he captures and usually goes after those who deserve to be caught and imprisoned. Obi's had to take care of himself over the years and has used his abilities to do so. He's not very
    trusting and Qui will have to work hard to earn his trust and give him back his destiny.[/blockquote]

    Here is the current summary:

    [blockquote]On his first official assignment after his apprenticeship, Obi-Wan endures a successful mind wipe on the planet Phindar. Shipped to Nar Shadda, he must learn to survive without his Jedi training. Years later, QuiGon Jinn and Jedi Master Dooku are sent on a mission to Naboo where the prelude to war has already begun. After an attempt on King Vurena's life, Qui-Gon catches a glimpse of a ginger haired bounty hunter with familiar eyes. Little known to him, his former padawan had become the adoptive son of Jango Fett. Now known simply as Ben, he has developed into a successful mercenary. As fate ensues, both Knight and Bounty Hunter must bring about balance to the Force.[/blockquote]

    New brain matter, thoughts and suggestions would be great for this fiction. What I am hoping for in a co-author includes plot development, grammar, characterization...generally everything. The plot line and character list is flexable. A co-author would be a co-author and not just a glorified beta, I promise. I pulled a lot of stuff from books number 2 and 12 of the Jedi Apprentice series and played with a lot of the plot devices found in the series itself. So, in that respect, the co-author may possibly require some knowledge in that area. (no worries, I haven't read the entire series.)

    I love this fiction to death and my current life/writing goal is finishing it. If I have caught anyone's interest, please pm me. I have outlines, timelines, chapters, random thoughts etc, that can be seen and discussed.

    One last thing, here is a list of characters: in order of major, minor and others.

    Ben (Obi-wan)
    Jenna Zan Arbor- Antagonist
    Rou-lf (oc)
    Possible Unnamed character
    (King Vurena)

    Happy day

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    I've stated in other posts that I'm big on continuity and stories fitting into canon. Mostly I've posted about a Kenobi story idea I have, but I also have one for Padme. However, I'm more of an "idea guy" than a writer. So, I would love to find someone that would like to put my idea into an actual story. Please PM me if you are interested.

    From RotJ:
    Luke: Leia, do you remember your mother, your real mother?
    Leia: Just a little bit. She died when I was very young.
    Luke: What do you remember?
    Leia: Just images really, feelings.
    Luke: Tell me.
    Leia: She was, very beautiful, kind, but sad. Why are you asking me this?
    Luke: I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her.​
    Why? Because there is a continuity error/conflict between the end of RotS and RotJ. Leia’s answer is that she remembers her mother, but that she died when she was very young. A newborn is not going to remember a parent when they are in their 20’s and beyond, but a toddler could. So, this is an idea to “fix” that continuity error.

    What we know from existing "new" Canon:

    - In the AotC novel, Yoda comments to Padme that the force is strong with her (after surviving the assassination attempt on the landing pad)
    - (Speculation) Perhaps she either was never tested, or was tested and declined training. Or, was tested and found not to have a midichlorian count high enough for jedi training.
    - There is a scene in the Leia mini-series comic (set after ANH) where she sees a stained glass of Padme on Naboo, but does not recognize her.
    - (see above) by RotJ she has memories of her "real" mother, but it does not seem like she knows much about "Padme"
    - In Shattered Empire (comic), she, again, feels no familial connection to Naboo.
    - Sometime after Shattered Empire and before Bloodlines (per Bloodlines), she learns about and researches Padme.

    Plot Points:
    - Still aboard the Tantive IV, Qui-Gon convinces the living force to revive Padme (similar to how the midi’s conceived Anakin)
    - He tells Yoda.
    - OB1 has already left with Luke, so OB1 has no knowledge of what happens next.
    - Yoda shares Padme’s revival with Bail and they come up with a plan (which includes having a funeral to allow people to think that Padme is really dead (as seen at the end of RotS)).
    - Bail has the medical droids' memory of the births and Padme’s revival erased
    - At Bail’s suggestion, Padme disguises herself as an Alderaanian and returns to Alderaan with Bail and Leia.
    - (off camera) Padme watches as Bail presents Leia to Breha (as seen at the end of RotS).
    - Padme assumes a new name and is brought in by Bail to be Leia’s nanny (similar to the story of Moses).
    - Caution is taken to attempt to keep Padme as unrecognizable as possible. She doesn’t even let on to Leia that she is her mother. (I'm unsure as to if Breha knows or not)
    - Leia has a strong bond to her nanny/mother.
    - While she is glad to be able to be near her daughter, Padme is sad about not being able to see her son and sad because she believes Anakin is dead.
    - About three, or so, years later, ISB agents discover that Padme is still alive on Alderaan and report to Palpatine. They don’t know about her connection to Leia.
    - Palpatine orders the ISB to have her killed…quietly, so that Vader does not know.
    - ISB agents kill Padme and make it look like an accident.
    - Perhaps a new nanny is brought in to avoid any suspicion about Padme (Bail doesn't know about the ISB killing Padme, he believes it was an accident)
    - Leia isn’t told that the nanny was her birth mother until sometime between Ep. V and VI in the Epilogue
    (Epilogue) Leia is using some information from R2 in her search for Han. While doing so she comes across an old bit of information…her nannie, on Alderaan, was her real mother. Upon the revelation, she tries to think back to try to remember her. She can’t remember details about the nanny’s face, but does remember some good moments with her and some of the woman’s strong feelings of loss. Before she can probe further something comes up giving her what she needed to track down Han and she puts aside her thoughts of her mother to focus on finding Han.
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    Is this thread considered obsolete, being that it's been a year since somebody last posted on it? I'm in need of a co-author for a story I'm working on at the moment, but I'm wondering if I should create a new thread since this one is so old.
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    Yeah, it is a BIT old but it still works for the purpose it was created for since it is a resource and not a discussion thread. People just never really used this since co-authored fics usually stem from more social interactions, rather than specifically asking for one, but there's no harm in posting a request.
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    Thanks for the clarification, boss. :vader:

    Well then... I am seeking a potential co-writer to collaborate on a Star Wars/Metroid crossover fic I'm working on at the moment -- the prologue and 1st chapter can be found in the fanfic section. Titled "Love is a Battlefield" it focuses mainly on Captain Phasma and Metroid's Samus Aran as they go from reluctant allies to lovers as the chaos of the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance escalates around them. Antagonists include Kylo Ren, General Hux and Supreme Leader Snoke, while friendlies (or "frenemies" in Phasma's case lol) include General Organa, Poe Dameron, Finn, Maz, Chewie and Lando.

    This fic will eventually turn into a F/F romance and has an established M/M relationship, so my potential co-author MUST be comfortable (and preferably experienced) reading/writing this type of story. Also, I'm totally open to bouncing ideas back and forth concerning plot and all that good stuff, so don't be afraid to let me hear any ideas you may have should you be interested in being my co-author! :)

    I'm looking for someone who is able to work with me at least twice a week, but the more time, the better. If interested in working with me, please spend me a PM titled "co-author" and I will respond ASAP. :phasma: