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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins RPF Awards Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 2, 2007
    Ion Tarsis
    Admiral´s Quarters; Bloody Banner

    Tarsis smiled, took his glass back into the hand and looked out.

    "Are you submitting for a job or just asking me a favour and I shall throw you out on a nice backwater planet. Because if it´s first, I must warn you. People will die. And if everything works as planned, it will be Republic soldiers. Nothing I can do about that."

    He emptied the glass.

    Tag: UnknownRogue

    [color=green] [b]Zariz [/b]
    [i] Jedi Centre, Telos [/i] [/color]

    Zariz sighed. The boy had no idea how well she understood him. "the Dark Side is an ever present danger to all of us. especially when it comes to facing the Sith. Who can say he does not hate them for what they did. No Padawan should do it alone, though. That is why we assign masters to Padawans." She knew the usual procedure was to send him to Coruscant. But Bastilla had enough to deal with. Zariz would solve her problems out here alone. As a Jedi should. Looking to Xelon she smiled. he gave her a strange confidence. She felt the others doubting their little reunion. But it did not matter. "We will take care of you, Cilarn. I promise."

    And with that she turned to Paladin and Telborn. "You heard Knight Tarn. One of you needs to go with him. The other will have to lead the strike force against the Sith in the Yutusk-System. Any preferences from yur side?" Cilarn, the young Jedi from nowhere would stay with her. Her Padawan? She never had one but if she had to, this was the time to take responsibility. Jolee Bindo had been far from wrong in this point.

    [b]Tag: tjace, TSG, TGI, Remix [/b]
  2. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    IC: Zurin Arctus
    Location: Bloody Banner

    Zurin Arctus considered the implications. One of the reasons he had stayed on the Sancre Tor was that he wanted to make sure Ion would take no innocent lives. Could he really follow-thru with that commitment if he signed on for this secret mission?

    Zurin turned away from Ion and stood. He walked to the viewport. There were very few moments he wished to be a Jedi, but this was one of them. Either to give him some idea what Ion's secret mission was or for the Force to grant him the wisdom to make this decision.

    Without turning from the viewport, he spoke. "I will join you Ion. If some part of the Ion Tarsis I served with is still in there, he knows what lines to cross and which to stay far away from."

    TAG: Fins
  3. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Devlesa Avilan

    [blockquote]Dev just wanted to be away from the Prophet.Far away. He was silent the whole walk back, climbed into the ship and started priming to go.

    Turning back to Donvan, he grinned. "Don't see what all the fuss is about. Don't see how I let you convince me to see the Prophet..."

    He was jittery.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Ramza
  4. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2007
    Xelon Tarn
    Jedi Centre, Telos

    The boy was afraid. Obviously scared by his own doings. Xelon had great sympathy for that. He himself had made impossible decisions and learned to live with them, before guild dragged him into darkness.

    He folded his arms and listened, as Zariz tok lead. She was a natural born leader. He was skilled in his arts and he knew he was often the smartest man in a room, but he totally lacked what she had. Finally the question was who he would take with himself. And who would wipe out these Sith.

    Xelon gave both Jedi a look and waited patiently for them to decide among themselves. He hated to make Zariz team smaller, but for now the Chancellor got what he wanted.

    Tag: Other on Telos, TGI
  5. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar RPF Vox Popoli Host star 4 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 30, 2007
    The Shrine, Vaynai, Chorlian Sector

    The flight had been unspectecular enough. The Raktan had been busy working on his wirtings he had seemingly everywhere in the ship. Atris probably began to realize, he was not from Lehon. It looked like he had been raised on Tion for reasons yet to be revealed. Only when they reached the planet itself he would disturb Atris in her doings and announce their arrival.

    The former Jedi Master had full access to the ship meanwhile. And even Kreia seemed to leave her alone. Also she seemed always to lurk in the shadows, cruely amused by Atris very steps into the unknown world . . .


    The ship entered atmsphere without contact to any authority. It seemed to be an ocean planet, but with sure hands and quick work the Raktan soon found an archipelago that seemed to be uninhabited. A single structure raised from the tropic forests on them. "Zere it iz. Ze SHRINE." Rahl said and nodded. slowly their ship set down. "Ze very Shrine Zerbel uzed. Untouched. Unexplored. Found it two monz ago." Obviously proud Rahl nodded.. "Here he zaw ze Dark!"

    The ancient structure seemed unharmed. and barely did Atris se something she could neither place nor classify. but she had never seen something like this. Even inthe force the shrine had a presence, yet and undefinable one.


    Tag: Sinrebirth

    [color=chocolate]Trevi IV; Trevi City; [b]Marketplace[/b][/color]

    Ono nodded so heavy it looked like it might hurt, then he let go of lyle´s hand and leaped behind several boxes. It was just in time, as Lyle pushed to large blankets aside and saw the empty central market. No security, no customers. Only six more of the men in silver masks. And a man in a black tunica in their midst. Below the man in the black tunica lay the force-user. The nexus of the force one might have said. Even for Lyle he was burning with an incredible intensity. A blad headed man in red robes who were now torn and soaked an a darker red of his own blood.

    Bleeding, coughing, wounded. Dying. The man who had obviously done it to him smiled and then turned, as if he felt Lyle entering. Three of his six men did the same, the other three began punching the dying man in the red robes again with the ends of their energy lances.

    "The Prophet is not available, I am afraid. I guess he did not see that coming, did he?" [b]The Man in the black tunica[/b] laughed. "And you would be the man who found the boy, I guess?" the man stared at him. "I am Balazar of Argazdan. And I want this boy."


    [b]Tag: Sarge221 [/b]


    [color=chocolate]Trevi IV; Spaceport and then [b]Ambria[/b][/color]

    It wasn´t long before they reached the airport. They paid their taxes and made ready for take of when they heard the story first from two Duros from the maintaince crew. "Yes, rumor is a Sith totally slaughtered him out of it, while the Ubese m<de ashes out of the city. Nobody knows who it was, but hell they have a million on his head. A MILLION!" A Sith. Like the Prophet had mentioned one. Before they left they saw the men in masks arrive. Men in silver masks, heavy armor and armed with energy lances. If you were as long in the business as these two you smelled death when it was near and these guys had death attached to them like clue.



    Ambria had once been a planet caught in the struggle between the Jedi and Sith. Both had died. But that had been long ago. in the old wars. now it was tiny desert planet out of focus of the greater galaxy. A perfect spot to hide, so to say. no miracle therefore their first target had picked this place to do so. With a small village of tents he had settled in the midst of the calm hot >
  6. MyrialofKanz

    MyrialofKanz Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2011
    ooc: have been given the authority to do a little GMing here. Hope you don´t mind pushing you into the next scene.

    Myrial of Kanz & her son Iliac; Temple of Via; Argazdan

    Myrial nodded satisfied and her features froze again under the writings tattoed all over her face.

    "I believe you. But the Goddess will need more than words. Rest now. your travels were long and certainly exhausting. Tomorrow you shall give her proof of your dedication. The Goddess will tell me what she demands. And once you have shown you are ready, you shall meet her after all. For now . . . my servants will show the quarters we have prepared for you. If you need anything, let them know."

    The quarters were luxurious. The only luxurious rooms Ashlae had probably seen in all of the temple. She had water there, fresh robes which were needed after the explosion had ripped hers to pieces and the travel robes had been given to her.

    After she had refreshed herself and dressed she suddenly felt the presence of Iliac behind her.

    "Excuse me, the door was opened and I . . . I did not think. Usually inside our Temple we do not knock, but it was very unpolite. I . . . I am sorry." He said and bowed his head. "I wanted to see if you are alright, or if you need anything. And . . . are you fine?"

    Iliac smiled shyly. The authority he held around his man seemed to vanish once he was around ashlae. he was much softer, much more caring then, actually. A side that - obviously - he showed rarely and felt less secure with.

    [b]Tag: JediTEE [/b]>
  7. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009

    In four days we go into our summer break. There will be aslight change of plans, as I actually went a little to far with my original idea of a 30 days break. Now we have agreed we will go on hiatus from the 20th of July to the 10th of August.

    So wrap up your running scenes and prepare for the sleepy weeks. Exception will be two storylines that need to catch up and do not interact with the greater game. They will run through our break.

    After these 20 days all those who return (I certainly hope all) will be catapulted into the secoond half of Part I - Disorders.

    Thank you

  8. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Trevi City, Marketplace

    Lyle had offered the briefest of glances to Ono to know where he was hiding and, with another mental question of Why am I doing this?, Lyle pushed aside the large blankets that led into the central marketplace.

    Ah, hell.

    The silence of the marketplace had hinted to the human that there was something very, very wrong. As soon as he stepped into it, his fears were confirmed when he saw the scene that lay before him. Six men that wore the same silver masks like the one guard that Lyle passed, the man that shone with the Force with an intensity that made even Lyle's senses cringe, and what had to be the leader of the Silver Mask Gang now turning to face him.

    "The Prophet is not available, I am afraid. I guess he did not see that coming, did he?"

    That was who Lyle had thought the bleeding man was. His eyes briefly drifted to the man that was currently getting beaten with the energy lances - the Prophet -, but otherwise Lyle kept his full attention on the one that was speaking to him; Balazar of Argazdan. The name of the planet rang a bell and the words 'Kanz Disorders' and 'secession' came to mind but, other then that, Lyle found himself with little to no information about Argazdan and it's people. Not that he really cared but he supposed the information may've helped.

    But right now all he needed to know that these people were most likely the bad guys and there was little to no chance that this meeting wasn't going to end up with a few blasters drawn and a few corpses.

    "Never heard of you," Lyle replied and his hands were at his sides, positioned over the holsters of his blasters that were hidden by his long coat. He shrugged. "But then again there seems to be a bunch of nobodies that have some kind of interest in the kid. You want to be the one to enlighten me as to why that is?"

    TAG: SirakRomar
  9. Bishomon

    Bishomon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria Skyfire
    Korriban, Sith's tomb

    Out of the corner of her eye, Ylyria saw the two newcomers enter the tomb. Instantly, while she continued fighting, her mind was racing. through the Force she could tell they were force-sensitive. Not Siths. Who's side would they pick to fight? Blast! thought Ylyria, fending off another well placed blow by the leader. she decided to play it safe. If the newcomers weren't friendly, there was one option she could take. . . Ylyria changed her expression. instead of her usual expressionless face, determined to kill, she now wore a face that was scared, but concentrating. SHe widened her eyes to make them seem innocent. Then, keeping her motives quiet, she was about to bring out the second lightsaber, when,
    "It's a terentatek!" Ylyria gasped as she saw the menacing beast. She turned back to her fight just in time to see the mandalorian press the detonator. "you bastard. . " ylyria grudged him the intelligence in detonating the bombs, but pressed on with her battle. His right side was open, as he was distracted and notgaurding against her left hand anyway. Ylyria used this to her advantage, Ylyria leapt towards him, striking out with her right, then clashed in close. AS she pushed towards him, she pulled out her left lightsaber and, thumbing it to life, she drove it into his shoulder. For a moment. her innocent act, only there to trick the newcomers, vanished and her face regained its usual look. Ylyria pulled back the lightsaber and turned towards the terentatek. "Wonderful. Now we have bombs, madalorian scum, AND a terentatek to bother with." She whipped back to the mandalorian. "I'll deal with you later' Then jumping towards Culain, she said, "We have to get out of here! And we will have to work with them. "she gestured to the newcomers and remaining mandalorians. More quietly she added, "For now. "

    TAG: Sarge221, Morkai, CrystalFixation
  10. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Alema Vao
    Prince of Tion?s Penthouse, Coruscant
    [blockquote]"The Prince needs someone who understands this world and it´s games and who has contacts. He especially needs this someone to try and track down certain political shadows who operate on this planet. Whoever could help him with that would surely make the Prince, me and all of Tion most . . . grateful. And considering Lyria´s days are counted, I really assume it is a good thing to gain some gratitude."

    This offer truely intregued the Twi'lek. Alema sat contemplating the offer for a moment before she replied, "Seeing as you are the one holding all of the cards and all of the credchips at this point, I'll do it." She paused for a minute, "Who would you like me to find first?"[/blockquote]TAG: TGI
  11. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Best GM Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: I think the Sock won´t be needed anymore now. I am back in germany for a few months. So let´s have TheMaxPayne rest. LordTroepfchen returns for his extended cameo.

    Lyria of Byblos
    Lounge, Coruscant

    (combined post with TGI)

    "Certainly." The old Admiral said and activated the board. "I actually hear you are quite a player. Your father was the most worthy opponent I ever found on this board. I think I am eager to see how his daughter does." The Admiral smiled kindly. Lyria smiled back. She knew the admiral was in their debt and a man of honor. she knew she would get what she wanted to anyway. And she knew the man was a good player, but probably too used to winning.

    "I hope I won´t be too easy to defeat then." She smiled and made her opening. She made a medium complicated one. Skilled but not her preferred way of playing. She continued like this through her opening and only then began to use her ful capacity of anticipation. Taking into account twelve, sometimes fifteen moves ahead she knew where the game moved long before it did.

    As she saw her own picture flashing up in the running news, she did not give it a look. She knew what she had declared to the press already. "Therefore I have order three ships from our private stock of ships to be handed over to Admiral Dallan Morvis of the Inner Rim fleet and he assured me they would be send to the core to protect Chandrila immediately. I like everybody in the epublic try to keep our people save. I am grateful I could do my part in it." Lyria smiled. She like the humble part in the end. Basically she had just showed, that the Republic could psuh their admiral´s around and discuss matters like cressa did or they could just ask her and they would have their ships. It was but a little sting, but enough of those would have their effect. Well, obviously it was not her game. it was the game others should think she played. Just as the Admiral suddenly found her seemingly offensive play to serve as an excellent aggressive defense. And he lost two pieces inquick succession. Finally he freezed the board. "Five moves, is it?" He asked and looked at Lyria. "Yes. Five moves." She said with a smile. Then looked up. "And my father hasn´t beaten me in the game since I was twelve, Admiral."

    Orley Vanicus nodded. "I always wondered why your father threw you into this pool of sharks. I wondered if he wanted you to learn to swim. Now I begin to suspect." He nodded. indeed she could bite. "It was an honor to receive a lesson in dejaarik and humility by you, my young lady."

    Lyria nodded. "It was my honor to play with you." Lyria nodded. "To business?"

    Vanicus nodded. "Tell me what an old fleet captain can do for you?" He said and leaneed forward. "Whatever I can do to help." He added. Lyria smiled gratefully.

    "I need to find something out. Something I can trust nobody with, but you. It is dangerous and I see if you say your fighting days are over. But I am not joking when I say that the Republic might depend on it."

    Vanicus looked at her. Then he sighed. "Tell me more."

    And she did.

    Tag: TGI

    [b]Olic [/b]
    [i]Near Horzune, Swamp[/i]

    "I don´t need you to kill a Sith." He hissed and turned. With the force he reached into her. And then he feltt it. Slowly he turned back to the armored figure. "Or do I? Tell me deserter, who do you serve?"

    [b]Tag: Judis [/b] (sorry for having been away so long) >
  12. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Prince of Tion?s Penthouse, Coruscant

    Cara smiled, her red eyes gleaming a bit. ?The Hawk.? She just said. Alema knew who she was referring to. Klivon Mard. Former Chancellor of the republic and rumored mastermidn behidn several political development over the years. Considered dead, rumored to be alive and if so over 300 years old. Nobody had seen him, nobody had spoken to him fora hundred years. But the rumor had always been to hard to kill for it to be entirely untrue. ?We need him to establish contact to a veryspecial friend of his.?

    Tag: CPL

    Tower of Czerka Industries; Coruscant

    The crimson blades hummed in the dark for a second, then they died down. She would make sure nobody found the bodies. But for now she needed to have a clear view.


    Raining her macro-binoculars Lazaria almost immediately found her target. From her watchpost in the abandoned office build she had an excellent view at the two figures. Human. Noble. Robed. Chancellor Cressa and the second would be the famour Prince of Tion himself. Lev Arris. ?You´ve been right, Teuka. You have been right.? Lazaria hissed in the dark. It was impossible to reach the Chancellor there. Impossible for now. But soon. Soon.

    Tag: Nobody except Sinre might like to read it . . .

    The 442nd Tower; Appartement of Lyria of Byblos; Coruscant

    Lyria had got what she wanted and her mediia experts were already releasing her press statement in every holonews they could bribe. Her appartment was huge. And it was empty. And in the dark only several datapds awaited her with information about the day.

    The Chancellor had started an initiative to take Kuat into the republic´s property. He had also met the Prince of Tion tonight. No report from Alema. Therefore Ion Tarsis had taken a ship of Onasi. A Hammerhead-Class designated the Sancre Tor. And Corvis Minor.

    There was a report from Corvis Minor.

    Tag: LordTroepfchen
  13. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Ereesi Ship; Near Corvis Minor

    They went to work. The ship was slowly prepared for a hyperspace jump and the firefly never showed up. Instead of it Admiral Onasi soon made contact. It was secret message, recorded. Highly unusual from an superior.

    ?Lt. Narr. I sm glad you made it. But I am afraid I have little time and more bad news than good. Vice-Chancellor Datu has strictly forbidden us to support the Ereesi. He fears an intergalactic crisis and seems to be unwilling to risk a single voter for this. I was ordered neither to send you support nor allow the Ereesi to entrer republic space. But I did find a way around it. At least a temporary one. The King of corvis Minor owed me and I have agreed he will grant them asylum if you make it there. If you hear this message, make sure to establish not further contact until you got the Ereesi save. Once they are on Corvis Minor I expect a full report and Narr. Be careful who to trust. The vice-Chancellor wants to see these Ereesi dead, before they cause him trouble. We will have a rough ride keeping them alive.?

    It was all. The message broke of and left the ship, which could not go any farther than Corvis Minor anyway, with only one route to travel.

    Uncomfortably the planet Corvis Minor was as close to the Kanz Sector as possible. And from Kanz came the Argazdans.

    Tag: Leigh

    Telos; Citadel Station; Jedi Centre

    They are all left with the decision until the next morning. Then they would meet Admiral Onasi and disucss the details of the hunt. All except Xelon, who would take of to the Kanz sector with whoever accompanied them early in the morning.

    For now they had to rest. Rooms had been prepared. Droids took care of everthing. Zariz and Xelon Tarn had fatefully been put into room oppiste of each other. Everybody else was down the floor.

    It was not long into the night tough, as another figure entered the centre. It did not particulary look or feel like a Jedi, probably it was one nevertheless.

    Visas Marr approached Cilarn directly, as he was finally satisfying his hunger down there. If Paladin was present and not in his room contemplating the decision she ignroed him for now. As she seemed to ignore everything with her motionless face and her eyeless stare felt through the force.
    ?Jedi.? She said, her voice cold as always. ?I need to talk to your leader. Where do I find him??

    Tag: Remix11, tjace, Fin/Mel for combined
  14. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Vondo Vad´s Tower; Caridan



    The Inspector awaited Bao Dur as he arrived at the crime scene. It was a planet well developed and populated with spaceports and ciities to rival any other planet in the region. Yet the man whose death Bao Dur had been send to investiage he decided to build his tower amidst the ocean, near the shore. Vondo Vad, that much Bao Dur had learned had been a brilliant programmer of droids and a very rich man after having sold his company to Aratech, the galaxies largest droid manufacturer. Since then he had been sitting in this tower with a whole series of droids and had done nothing. At least nothing that had come to the attention of the republic and had found a way into their files.

    The shuttle set down and the human Inspector with his full beard covered his face from the cold wind. As Bao Dur left he nodded to him. ?Master Jedi. Welcome to the crime scene. I must say i am glad you are here. I served a few crimes in my career but this one might need . . . special talents.? He sighed and lead Bao Dur inside.

    The room Vondo had died in was huge and had served as a living room and lounge for the elder duros, obviously. The hologram from the body flickered as they entered. The hologram showed Vondo in exactly the same position he had been found in. On a seat looking at the ocean. ?His medical droid checked him routinely when his death was discovered. Autopsy says he died from a rare poison. Alacale. It comes from Ord Cestus. And even there it is rare. It destroys the brain of the ictim. We thing he took it oral with a glas of wine, but the poison can not be traced an hour after being brought into contact with air, therefore we can´t be sure. Anyway, he might have commitedd suicide. Nobody has entered the building and all his droids are programmed to protect his life under any cost. With non of their programming corrupted as far as our technicians can tell. Well, except those two. He had them here.?

    The medical droid still stood next to the body. It had been deactivated.

    [image=] [image=] Dead Vondo

    The Inspector ? he had introduced himself as Lorve by now ? pointed to containers with glass fronts hwoing the reason why Bastila had wanted Bao dur to look into it. Two HK-52 droids, like those they had last seen on Telos, were in them. Deactivated but unmistakingly two of them. ?They seem not have been activated or they deactivated themselves. But they were here when I arrived here with my team.? The room itself was modern but with few pieces of furniture. The Inspector looked at Bao Dur as if he awaited the Jedi to have already cracked the case. ?So, what do you think? Was it suicide??

    Tag: Winged
  15. CrystalFixation

    CrystalFixation Jedi Youngling

    Nov 6, 2006
    IC: Atton Rand
    Location: Korriban, Sith Tomb

    The Mandalorians were handling themselves well against the Sith duo; the dark side of the force was no pushover, but neither was the brute force of the Mandalorian warriors. Mandalorians had fought force users many times before, and many of those battles were recorded and spoken of sensitively. Atton had the honour of participating in such an event, he remembered.

    Just as Atton fixed his pistol on the dancing figures of both the Twi'lek Sith and the Mandalorian, a large crashing sound resonated within the cavern, followed by the terrifying roar that Atton could not mistake. He suddenly went cold, and his mouth could not close as he stood in awe at the hulking creature that burst through the rock. He had fought and killed one of these before, but with the Exile. Atton looked at Yuthura, she knew what to do apparently. He did too.

    ?Run!? Atton yelled.

    Just as Yuthura turned to leave, the two of them heard a blip sound. In the hands of the Mandalorian was a remote control, most likely the detonating device for every explosive rigged in this tomb. 9 minutes and 59 seconds, exactly.

    Not wanting to become a victim of the Mandalorian bombing or the neverending hunger of the Terentatek, Atton turned quickly on his heels and darted off in the same way he had came from. If he could, he would take out some of those kriffing Mandalorians also.

    His pistol let out a soft hiss as the bolt fired towards a Mandalorian, catching him on the leg. Mandalorian creed would have the rest of his clansmen stop and help him, but that wasn't happening. So much for their code of honour. He fell into a curling heap, clutching at his injured leg as his brothers continued to run.

    Atton's legs carried him fast, so much that his feet seemed to beat against the ground quicker than his heart thumped in his chest. Not long now, hopefully.

    TAG: Bishomon, Morkai, Sarge221
  16. Remix11

    Remix11 Jedi Youngling

    May 24, 2011
    Cilarn; Jedi Centre; Telos

    The decisions were postponed, but the Jedi's words had given him comfort. It was not a lonely path he walked. But one among them. Yet he knew he would have to lie to them. About the academy. About the Master. And the lies would corrupt the trust among them.

    He still was contemplating over this question, as the blind woman approached. Red robes, pale, darkness seemed to be around her. Was she a Sith? If so she had balls.

    "Our leader? Am a new arrival myself, would not know who is leading us, really." Cilarn smiled at her and only then realized she probsably saw in the force his concern, but not his faked smile. He allowed his hand to drop on his lightsaber. It was a preety good guess this Zariz was the leader around here. But if this was a Sith he had to buy her time.

    Tag: TGI, tjace?

    [b]Prince of Tion Lev Arris; Balcony; Coruscant [/b]

    Jedi? "Jedi? Sith?" Lev leaned back and looked into the sky. The smock allowec them not to see any stars, but a million light from ships were up there. "I think they won´t matter. I only met two of them in my life. Revan and Xelon Tarn. Both impressive men. No doubt. If they play along I don´t see why we shouldn´t use them, but you know them better, do you? You dealt a lot with them and you seem to assume they won´t play along a bit. So if that´s the case . . . " Lev looked as if someone told him the supper was cold and he did not care. "We both certainly agree on our path to power we will need to overcome obstacles and it will not be nice. Right? I mean, there will be blood. The common currency greatness is paid with." They did conspire to destroy the ancient Jedi Order. They also conspired to rid the Republic of democracy. He had just order indirectly the assassination of his cousin. They committed treason in so many ways. And yet they did not feel anything wrong about it.

    The discussion itself was proof the ideas discussed were actually right.

    "What we need to do is get rid of our first line of problems and then unite. I actually became aware you got great problems with a certain Ion Taris?" He sighed. "I have mine with the supporters of my Cousin. Why don´t we help out each other? I solve yours, you solve mine? What better way is there to build trust. Because trust is something we both don´t give lightly, do we? And yet we will need it. To succeed in all of this."

    [b]Tag: Sinrebirth [/b]>
  17. judis9198

    judis9198 Jedi Youngling

    Jun 19, 2011
    IC: Corser
    [hl=black]Nal Hutta; Near Hozune; Swamps[/hl]

    ?Deserter? Ha, you call me a deserter?? She laughed sarcastically. ?You might be able to read me but you have no idea of what I?ve been through.? Standing up straight and watching the hooded figure. ?My Master is no concern of yours. He shares my feeling about the Sith. They think they can use my planet as a staging ground. Their arrogance will be their undoing. We are wasting time, Jedi. The presence is getting strong.? She watched the Jedi closely to gauge his response.

    Tag: TGI, TheMaxPayne

  18. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Best GM Summer 2020 star 4 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: What a lucky coincidence, I am rarely online but I am now. Lyria later. need to read some stuff first. This is TGI approved

    Near Horzune; Nal Hutta

    Olic slowly turned and lay his head to the side. The woman lacked any kind of respect. For a Jedi unusual. But probably not for a Hutt. And latter might have been her company lately. As her Master claimed this domain, he was apparently a Hutt.

    "We got time. The Sith. He has not come to go anywhere. He came for power and power he will find enough. But he might not be the only . . . " Olic probed her mind. Oh yes, she was strong in the force. But to easy to enter. To easy to read. She had been weakened. Slowly. Constantly. Olic smirked. "One." He ended his sentence. And his hand left his ligthsaber. It made a small wave in the air, as his mind entered hers, as he melted his thoughts with hers. "You should first take me to your Master, don´t you think?" His eyes gleamed with intensity as he spoke it.

    Someone was using the girl. Someone not a Jedi. That certain someone would soon learn what a Jedi thought about one of his own used. Even if it was a deserter.

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  19. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    Paladin Halcyon
    Telos; Citadel Station; Jedi Centre

    Paladin sat cross-legged in his room, meditating. Or at least attempting to. He had not counted on Zariz sending him off on another mission. He had to make a choice: either go with Xelon to Argazdan, or by himself to attack a Sith remnant. He took a breath, and exhaled.

    He had always been told that he would know when he was calm. Achieving that, however, was proving to be no easy task. Argazdan has been causing plenty of problems, with certain tyranny and rumors of genocide. Some religious nutjobs. The Sith though? the Sith have always been a threat. Probably always will be. They need to be stamped out, whenever we get the chance. Well, if the Force lets me down, at least I can depend on the old brain. He had decided. Yutusk it was.

    A voice spoke into Paladin?s head. A chance for recognition, perhapss?

    With his mind made up, Paladin finally found his calm. With it, he sensed the presence approaching Cilarn. It was cold, and quiet, with whispers of pain.

    Paladin crept towards the two, and heard their exchange. He felt Cilarn?s anxiety, and decided to step in before he could pull out that lightsaber he was preparing to draw.

    ?Peace, Cilarn, I am sure our guest means no ill will,? Paladin said, stepping fully into view. He then turned to the newcomer. ?It is the infinite wisdom of the Jedi,? Paladin said with just the slightest hint of sarcasm, ?that we have no leaders: each is responsible for itself. I am sure that whatever you have to say can be said to myself and Cilarn here. If you wish to talk to Zariz or Xelon, I?m afraid you?ll have to wait for the morning. I believe they are,? he coughed, ?indisposed right now.?

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  20. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar RPF Vox Popoli Host star 4 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 30, 2007
    Trevi IV, Trevi City, Market

    Balazar laughed out. It was a sound of a madman. The sound of someone who enjoyed the mourning of the dying Prophet in the background. "Am I?" Balazar laughed. he snipped his fingers and three of his men turned and faced Lyle now. "I didn´t now. The Prophet just betrayed his existence to me a minute ago. A boy who will be the most powerful force user of his generation. Wow!" The head of the man lay a bit to the side. "No Jedi, hm? A merc? Can I buy you? No. No. You are a man who has to proof something to himself. Why don´t you proof you are smart? Why don´t you just make this easy for all of us and give him to me? I promise I will take much better care of him than the Jedi would." Balazar grinned. "And as a bonus I would let you life."

    He laughed again, as his men activated their long energy lances and turnned them to shooting modus. Lyle would have heard of these weapons. Blasters and melee weapons in one.

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    [color=purple]Chandrila; [b]Plains[/b]; Outside Hanna
    [i](combined with TSG)[/i][/color]

    They had escaped the city with relative ease. Indeed had Poul carried Cale all the way out to the Sith´s ship. There The Mule had taken the wouned man and vanished inside the medical bay of the transport. He returned half an hour later, reattaching his helmet. Poul had time to watch Hanna burn, as fighters raged over the city, burning it down. All because of him? The Ubese had lost their leader but not their anger. Only when The Mule returned to his side the alien warriors retreated.

    "They truly wanted you dead, did they?" The Mule said and folded his arms. "your friend is a tough guy. He´ll make it. Put him into my kolto bath. A few hours and he is as good as new." The armored figure had Pouls height but the deadly, malicing presence of a Sith. his hand never was far away from his lightsaber and the fact he had allowed poul to have his gun and sword was more a display of confidence then trust.

    Finally the Mule turned his helmet to the man he had saved. "You do not remember me, do you?"

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    [color=blue][b]Bastila Shan; Meditation Chambers, Coruscant[/b][/color]

    A nod and aaron was brought out. Then Bastila turned to her young Jedi Brianna. "What is it, Brianna?" She smiled seeing the sad and serious young woman so enthusiastic. "I am sure you got time to breathe before telling me, do you?"

    "Not. So. Sure." Brianna smiled. Then she coughhed out one word. "Teya IV. The Academy on Teya IV." Bastial raised a brow. "I never heard of it." She aditted. Brianna nodded. "It is really small compared to ours or the one on Dantooine. And they had less and less students. But it was active until Malaks attack and . . . it is gone!"

    Bastila had assumed it was destroyed. "Like Dantooine. Like . . ."

    Brianna shook her head. "No, the location. Someone has erased the Academy from the files and from the Re3public´s navigational charts. Every ship updates them monthly, to avoid running into a supernova. So the planet is erased by now from every single navcomputer in the galaxy." Brianna catched her breath. "And I know who did it. A jedi Master. Right after Katarr. She was hiding the academy from Nihilus."

    Bastila now understood the line of reasoning. "You assume she got Jedi there?"

    Brianna smiled. "I actually know she does!"

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  21. judis9198

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    Jun 19, 2011
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    IC: Corser
    [hl=black]Nal Hutta; Near Hozune; Swamps[/hl]

    ?Of course my Master will want to speak to you.? Her helmet retracted into the armor. Two reddish-blonde buns rest on either side of her head. The traditional tribal marks streamed across the smooth face. Her calculating eyes stared at the Jedi. ?I still think we are wasting time. We need to get them while their numbers are low.? She pressed a button on her wrist and a moment later, the roar of engines echoed overhead.

    Ryx navigated the swamp and opened the access port of the shuttle. The ship shook and pitched in the general area as it hovered above.

    ?I hope you can jump, Jedi.? She said as she looked over her shoulder. She knelt slightly. The force exploded from her, launching the young Kiffar to the opening of the hovering ship. ?Ryx, once the Jedi is on, take us home.? He nodded in agreement.

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  22. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Ashlae Starchaser
    Temple of Via, Argazdan

    [ul]Ashlae settled in to her quarters. The room was luxurious, everything Ashlae could want was there. After bathing in a good long relaxing sanistream, Ashlae got dressed in some fresh robes that was provided to her.

    She felt a familiar presence behind her. It was Iliac. "Excuse me, the door was opened and I . . . I did not think. Usually inside our Temple we do not knock, but it was very unpolite. I . . . I am sorry." He said and bowed his head. "I wanted to see if you are alright, or if you need anything. And . . . are you fine?" he said shyly.

    ? Thank you for checking on me. That is very kind of you. It looks like everything is already provided for me. Your mother is very generous. And I can see that you are as well.? She said with a smile. She looked down on to the floor shyly herself. She looked up once again. She queried look on her face. She walked over to him.

    ?Iliac, earlier, your mother mentioned about a martyr? Who is this martyr? Is he one of the Eereesi that she mentioned.?? [/ul]

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  23. MyrialofKanz

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    May 10, 2011
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    Iliac; Temple of Via; Argazdan

    Iliac looked at her. He obviously was unsure if to tell her for a moment, but then he smiled. "Your instincts are impressive, Ashlae. It has something to do with the Ereesi, indeed. But the Martyr is not a man. It is a ship. A warship under my mothers command. It was send after a freighter that has escaped one of the Ereesi's mining colonies to make sure they would not pose a threat. The Ereesi would have seeked retribution. They always have. The Martyr found them in Republic space and tried to secure the ship. But obviously the Republic has sided with our enemies and protected them. The last report just came in. The Martyr has obviously been destroyed by Admiral Onasi's fleet. I think my mother knew about it. She knew that it would happen. That is why she named the ship Martyr." Iliac sighed. "They died as heroes to our people. But they failed to do the Goddess will. The Ereesi continue to be a threat. I am afraid Via will not view their doings in life kindly. For many believers will have to pay the price for their defeat."

    Iliac looked up again and probed the young Jedi. "The Jedi have fought many wars, but they always allowed their enemies to survive. To regroup. Reform. Like the Sith. You know the Sith were once here?" Iliac nodded to himself. "Before you I have never seen a Jedi. But I saw the Sith. They were so . . . powerful."

    He opened his mouth once more, but shut it before the words escaped. Sealing the unspoken question behind his lips. In the force it was still present, though. Iliac of Argazdan wanted to know how it was to be a Jedi. Or a Sith. He wanted to know how it was to have the force as an ally. "I am sorry. We must appear to be blood-thirsty barbarians to you. But if you had seen what they did to us. To our women. To our children. You would understand."

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  24. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man Poul Criton, Master Criton
    Chandrila, Plains outside burning Hanna

    It had been an experience, of that he could be certain. Carrying a friend, one of his only in the worlds, to safety and life was a situation of complete vulnerability. The being with the red glowing blade had led the way, and he had followed, surprised that at each step Ubese did not flood out for their blood.

    The armored being had taken Cale into the ships medbay, and he found himself standing for an unknown time, simply watching Hanna burn. The plains outside of Hanna had an unusually good view of those fires started by the Ubese and strafing fighters. Who in. . .in. . .in the whatever was grand and cherished was he!? He did not know, and to warrant such death he did not know if he wanted to.

    ?They truly wanted you dead, did they?? He hung his head at those accusing words that layered upon his own thoughts so dreaded. The words that came next, of Cale being safe, were ones that he took a small modicum of comfort from. Selfish comfort, as he doubted the armored visage that now stood next to him would consent to wait a few hours and then allow Cale to walk home again.

    Finally the helmet turned to the man he had saved. "You do not remember me, do you?"

    ?I know nothing beyond this day, new and filled with tragic salvation. Of this day I know not even my name.? with that last baring of his own testimony he turned to looked into that helmet, his hands mirroring his benefactor in their hanging by his sword.

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  25. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003

    A nod is all the command that is needed.

    A world rips apart, and an endless number of sentient beings are pulled into the carnage. A vast gravitational vortex, designed to tear the fleets from orbit and drag them inexorably into the planet's crust.

    "Your command echoes still, General."


    A cold wind snaps across Bao-Dur's face, and his eyes open. Taking a deep breath, he focuses his mind with the discipline that comes from years of training. This is not Malachor. This is not even Caridan. This is all a crime scene. A single, infinitely large crime scene. Everywhere is part of the crime scene, until the crime is solved.

    Not long after he arrives, he finds himself standing in the centre of a huge and luxurious living lounge. Once this place had been home to Vondo Vad. Apparently, it was also the place of his death.

    Inspector Lorve is talking, laying out the details of the case in logical but very human fashion. His analysis is riddled with hasty assumptions and questionable emphases. The final flourish is to draw Bao-Dur's attention to the two droids in the glass cases.

    Two HK-model droids.

    ?So, what do you think?" asks the Inspector. "Was it suicide??

    Bao-Dur chuckles drily.

    "Suicide, inspector? It's possible. Allowing HK Droids to enter your home is certainly suicidal."

    He looks back toward the medical droid.

    "But before we investigate those two, I'd like to ask this one a few questions about how it found the body. If there's one thing I've learned about trusting droids, it's this: don't."

    Without further ado, he removes a set of small tools from his belt and begins trying to re-activate the droid.

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