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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2007
    Xelon Tarn
    Approaching the Temple

    "We got permission to land in what appears to be their high security zone, Master Jedi." The pilot reported. Xelon nodded. "Deactivate all weapons and follow their instructions ot the word. We need to be as gentle and good guests as possible. After all we will try to convince a Nexu on the hunt to become a vegetarian here." Xelon sighed and nodded and made his way to the back. Preparing for such a meeting usually included studying the opposite side. But Myrial of Kanz was a mystery. At least five Jedi had testified she had shown no sign of force sensitivity. Yet, she had become a central figure in this conflict, as if someone had guided her. and if it wasn´t the force the question was what was it? The former Governor had caught the Vianism in the core worlds and had settled to her birth world. Then suddenly she had made her believe a religion of state, called Myrialism. She had founded temples. Raised armies. Left the republic. Fought back the ancient enemies of their people. And if reports Onasi had given him were right, she had committed a genocide recently. Unseen or unheard of by the Galaxy.

    There were Sith who looked like amateurs to her, when it came to rising to power.

    The diplomatic corp had given him ancient files on her from her time with the Republic. Ambitious. Very smart. Highly intelligent. Too compassionate and empathic at times. Too soft for leadership positions in regions facing crisis. Too soft. Too soft . . .

    Xelon could not forget this. What had changed her? It was the key. The question he needed to answer. because it drove her. It made her. It pushed her into war and consumed her softness. If he wanted to have peace, he had to find out and neutralize what idea, entity or development had made the diplomat who was too soft into the most ruthless leader in the galaxy.

    Tag: TGI, TEE
  2. MyrialofKanz

    MyrialofKanz Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2011
    Iliac of Argazdan; Roof of the Temple; Argazdan

    He saw the shuttle and kept his breath. Yes, he felt the danger too. not as clearly as Ashlae. but when she pointed it out, he felt this bad feeling. "We must warn mother. And take care of whoever this Jedi is. I was afraid of this. I had a vision the Jedi owuld fight alongside the Ereesi against my people. It was just that . . . I could not believe it. I could not believe they would protect these people who had killed so many . . . "

    He turned and gave ashlae a sad smile, before he took her hand and lead her down the stairs again. the first guard he met he waved to him. the man in the golden mask and red robes followed his waving like a command. "We need to talk to mother. Immediately."

    Iliac turned to Ashlae. "It is a Jedi, if you do not want to save him I would understand. Mother would."

    Tag: JediTEE

    Myrial of Argazdan; The Cave; Temple of Via

    (with TGI's approval moving Sinre out of the storyline until he returns)

    The Goddess whispered to her and Myrial turned to her shocke,d silent opposite. "Well, whoever you are, you might know where to find me do you? You look like a woman looking for guidance. you look like a woman in way over her head." And with a short, barking laughter the Shrine on Vynael grew silent. Myrial turned her head upwards on Argazdan, as her Goddess whispered to her. Secrets. Secrets. So many of them. But the eyes of the Goddess looked through their secrets and through their flesh right into their immortal and twisted souls. "He is coming. And we can finally begin." Myrial whispered. And the voice of the Goddess echoed her words.

    With quick steps hse made her way up to the surface again. She had to prepare to meet the Jedi. And give the command. The first wave of her expansion was about to begin.

    Tag: TGI, TSG
  3. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    GM Note: I know I am overdue with my update and I am very sorry for it. the flu is ravaging our bureau and as the guy who is healthy I am overloaded with work, hunting deadlines of other people while completing their projects. I got a free afternoon tomorrow which I have to spend at my computer. I assume I will update all of you then! Thanks for having so much patience with me and sorry again.
  4. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003

    OOC: No worries TGI. Sorry for the delay on my part.

    Living Rooms/Crime Scene; Vondo Vad´s Tower, Caridan

    What did he say?

    The Gordian Reach...

    Bao-Dur searches for the memory as if it were a file on a database. He finds something that sounds about right. Is this it?

    "The Gordian Reach as a hiding place," he echoes, turning to the Inspector. "Wouldn't be the first time. The Sith Lord Naga Sadow hid out there toward the end."

    That is true. But that isn't the memory he was looking for...

    "It is difficult for anyone to take a droid seriously, much less an infrastructure droid built by the I brought 'Goto' into being, and had commands issued through him."

    G0-T0. Why does this sound familiar, wonders Bao-Dur.

    Enough, he decides. Perhaps it will come later.

    "Get me the quartermaster droid," he orders. "We'll be taking a little vacation to Atorra together. But first, I'd get your weapon at the ready, Inspector. I'm about to activate these HKs."

    And he sets about bringing the assassin droids to life.

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  5. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Corvis Minor; Camp outside the city; Desert

    The King arrived late and with a whole Squad of his guards. They were not the most professionals Lt. Narr had probably ever seen, but it was obviously all the King had. He himself was surprisingly young, maybe in his late twenties, but he had a grim look on his face as he walked through the camp. ?Narr? I am King Ondias of Corvis Minor and you can tell Onasi we´re absolutely quit with this.? He barked out almost. Orz and Aya were on her feet immediately. The King looked around. He had no great love for the Ereesi, one could see that immediately. ?I send a group of my men to secure the parameter, I have also locked down the city. Onasi said this must be kept a secret? Without my permission nobody will find them out here. But the Argazdans . . . by the Goddess. If they want them my men will hardly be able to do a thing about it, hope you know that, Narr.?

    The King realized only now he had not allowed the Republic woman to speak and he also realized his had betrayed his own anxiety about the situation. He kept silent and offered Narr his hand.

    Tag: Leigh

    Corvis Minor; City; Spaceport

    It obviously wasn´t that easy. Guarded, locked and secured the whole starport had been shut down. ?Well, they might not know who we are, but this is no coincidence.? Lorkan replied dryly. ?The Admiral had at least been right about something indeed going on here. Problem is, without our ship we can´t tell him, can we?? Lorkan sighed and folded his arms. People were running around in the city as if nothing had happened. They were not used to much traffic and therefore it would need a lot of time for them to feel any consequences of the lockdown. ?You know what, Arctus? Isn´t this the perfect planet for Carth Onasi to hide something if he wants to? They do not even care. And hardly anybody ever heard of it.? Lorkan looked around. 2so no fly, no leaving the city. We could sneak out and walk out there.? He sighed. Obviously he did not like this assignment too much. ?your former Boss knows how to keep a secret, does he??

    Tag: Unknown

    Argzdan; Outside the Temple; Landing Zone[/color][/b]

    When Ashlae and Iliac arrived Myrial had already lined up a hundred of her guards. Almost half of her elite sentinels stood guard to welcome the arrival in the mysterious shuttle. Split into two blocks who seemed to form perfect lines from their Prophetess to a marked and improvised landing field right in the middle of the desert, they were a haunting presence to see. The golden masks, the red robes, the energy pikes, all of it seemed like they were living statues, ready to do their Masters bidding any time. Which was probably exactly what they considered themselves to be. The loyalty and dedication of these elite warriors seemed to fill the force like the spreading red of blood in clear water.

    The scenery was lit by torches brought by every second of the guards. The wind of the landing shuttle made the flames dance in the darkness of the night. They gave Myrial herself an even more intimidating look. The small woman who had ever inch of her body tattooed with the holy texts of her Goddess indeed seemed to dominate this display of power with ease.

    The shuttle set down when Iliac and Ashlae reached their mother. A tall bald headed man in an armor stood next to her. Golias looked at Ashlae and grinned, as he turned forward again. Iliac most likely realized the mockery of his older brother.
    On board the shuttle Xelon Tarn prepared for the meeting so much depended on. And to his surprise he felt a presence in the force he had probably not expected here. There were many force sensitives here. He could feel it. But one had been trained. One person here . . . was a Jedi.

    Tag: TEE, MoK[/b]

    ooc: Everybody else in the evening>
  6. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Brianna Kae
    Speeder, Coruscant traffic

    "A Sith Lord?" Brianna sighed. That was rare. "At least whoever did it is dead now, right? We killed the Lords of the Sith. Well, those who did not kill each other, I mean. Which one was it?" Brianna flew a curve around one of the traffic points and started looking for a landing platform.

    There was a lot of fear in this boy. He was frightened. Dangerously frightened. She wondered if he could ever truly become a Jedi again. Then again she feared nothing and seemed to be as much of a problem.

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  7. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    ooc: Sirak will soon PM her players, so watch your PMs.

    Coruscant; Coreman Apartment, District 09567

    ?No, I want you to get into the speeder.? The woman hissed and now appeared behind Hannah. It was an alien, obviously. One never before seen by her (or anybody in the galaxy). Blue skinned, with glowing red eyes the woman in her black cat suit waved with her blaster and when Hannah turned front again, there was a speeder who had approached the building in unreasonable speed but had managed to stop just before crashing into it. ?Get in and be silent. And we might all life today.?
    The blue skinned woman smiled. ?Politcs. They´re murder, aren´t they??

    Tag: Spycoder

    Bothawui; Lev'starn; Market

    ?I would say it was to be expected. Was it, my brother?? the old man looked up and for a second the wound in his side could be seen. A burned hole in his torso. A lightsaber had stabbed him. Now it was obvious why he was so skilled in hiding and yet had been spotted. He was losing concentration.
    ?I hoped I´d make it there to warn them. But the force had other plans, hm? It send you.? He coughed. ?A Sith did this. A Sith.? He replied and nodded. ?They´re not all dead. One is still there and this stupid girl trying to unite the Jedi . . . she needs to know. They need to have a fighting chance, you know? That is the least an old Jedi as I am owes the next generation. Or a Jedi like you, who abandoned the Order.? He smiled and it was obviously hard on him. His insight felt genuine, but the force often did that when Jedi Masters were about to become one with it. ?Tell them a Sith . . . is on Argai. He is with . . .? Coughing the man had obviously a hard time to breathe. Then he looked up, his eyes burning.

    ?They are here.?

    And on the far side of the market three men in armors barely seen these days in the galaxy entered the scene. Manadlorians, proudly displaying their Neocrusader suits.

    Tag: Loocem

    Telos; Citadel; The Dirty Liar cantina

    The cantina was crowded and busy and nobody cared about another bounty hunter in an old golden armor.


    People working for money around Telos had become a common sight and some had offered him work once or twice but had easily been unmotivated when he said he waits for someone. His bounty they usually assumed and tried to stay out of Cilarn´s business. So the young Jedi had opportunity to look for their man and indeed he was not that hard to find. Hooded, left alone and isolated in the VIP area, where he seemed to be the only permanently allowed guest he looked out of the window and watched the Republic fleet.
    And as Clarn had expected, Polo was not alone. There was the Devaronian who watched everybody leaving and entering VIP. The woman who flirted with people and tried to get where they were from and the man at the table near the door who never seemed to drink from his bottle, yet acted drunk.

    And the droids serving drinks around here were obviously not meant for that job.

    Cilarn had watched them for a good quarter hour, when the doors opened and in her blue robe and blue and grey armor Zariz arrived. The crowd turned their heads immediately, as she entered and her lightsaber killed most conversations, as people recognized it.

    Tag: Remix, Fin (feel free to continue, once Remix is back)

    Caridan; Crime Scene; Vondo Vad´s Tower

    The inspector looked as Bao Dur and nodded. ?I was afraid you´d say that sooner or later. That´s why I brought one of those.? He took out an ion gun and checked it. ?Actually. You know what came to my mind? The guy works for Aratech, ri
  8. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Ashlae Starchaser
    Roof, Temple of Via, Argazdan

    [ul]Saving a Jedi. Those words sounded strange now. She couldn?t understand why the Jedi were here. Surely they couldn?t be siding with the Ereesi. Jedi were suppose to help those in need not side with the enemy.

    It was all too confusing for her, but she knew what must be done. This Jedi was more advanced than her. She needed more strength and then it donned on her.........the Goddess.

    ?Iliac, this jedi is way too strong for us, but if we can use the Goddess, somehow just maybe we can win. I know your mother is somehow connected to the Goddess I just don?t know how. Is there a way that the Goddess can give me strength to fight?? she said in a whispered voice.

    She had hoped that this day would not come but like her hero Revan, Ashlae had to go against the ideals of the Jedi to save the galaxy. It was the only way. Someday the Jedi will see her as a hero too. Until then she must prepare for the inevitable.[/ul]

    TAG: MoK, TGI, TSG
  9. Loocem

    Loocem Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 25, 2011
    OOC: With permission for TGI.

    Task Ry'los; Bothawui; Lev'Starn

    The man gave Task what he had to say, and task thought about it as he received it. So many Jedi only thought of the Force as an amplification of their physical bodies, but it influenced their mind too, if they let it. Task's mind was reeling at a thousand meters a minute.

    The man said the Sith were still alive. This was something Task already knew. When he meditated he could feel the pull of the Sith at the balance of the Force. But what he said insinuated that the girl leading the Council didn't know. Task was no Jedi Master, but he had spent the past few years practically in meditation. He knew that his connections with the force would be useful to the Council, despite the fact that he had left them because of their foolish wars.

    It was his responsibility to prevent another blood spilling war. He had to go to Coruscant, warn the Jedi. The man said there is a Sith on Argai. But he were with someone, who? Who would be working with a Sith after the bloodshed that had caused?

    Then Task saw the Mandalorians.

    Task gave the man a nod and thanked him for his help. He assured him he would carry out his wishes. Task drew his hood and walked over near the Mandalorians being as inconspicuous as possible, using the Force to draw a sort of anonymous cloak over him, making him seem like everyone else in the market. He made sure to keep his lightwhip out of sight, he wasn't strong enough to dissuade someone if they noticed that.

    He crept up, idly looking at some fish near the soldiers.

    "...get the Jedi? I don't like being hired to take care of them. I don't hate the Jedi, but I do love the benefits."

    "Keep your voice down you frakking moron, must you discuss anything we have to do in public? I never wanted to work with you, you talk too frakking much."

    The Mandalorains seem to have been hired to kill the Jedi. Did they mean THE Jedi or A Jedi? Could they be looking for him specifically or any Jedi? Either way, Task didn't want to get into a fight here. He'd get to his ship a fly to Coruscant right away.

    Task made it to his ship and to Coruscant without incident. He landed and headed straight for the temple. His news was urgent, he was heading straight for this new 'Council.' He needed to speak with them.

    [b]TAG: TGI and anyone at the Temple[/b]
  10. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Hannah Coreman
    Coruscant - Coreman Apartment - District 09567

    ?No, I want you to get into the speeder.?

    The woman finally revealed herself to Hannah. A sharp intake of breathe came from Hannah as she gazed into the red eyes. They reminded her of two suns. Burning into her. Hannah gasped in pain and closed her eyes. Her fear was almost unbearable, but Hannah managed not to flinch too much. She had already went this far. She couldn?t waste it all just by looking at this alien woman whom she had never seen before. Never even heard of.

    ?Get in and be silent. And we might all life today.?

    Hannah clenched her fists in anger. Her father hadn?t raised her to back down. She was better than this.

    ?Politics. They?re murder aren?t they??

    [i]The leaves that grew on their garden trees had begun to die. Turn different colors and snap off from the tree branches. Daddy had told her they would grow back, but Hannah wouldn?t believe it. Her trees, the ones she had played around, were dying. One afternoon her father discovered her with her arms wrapped around a tree. Her little body quivering with her sobs.


    She wouldn?t turn to look at him.


    She continued to sob.

    ?Hannah Coreman. Look at me.? Hannah raised herself from the bark. Her face was red and puffy. Something in her father?s tone told her he was not ready to play games.

    ?Listen to me and listen good. These trees, this garden,? he gestured around him, ?is not going anywhere. It is just going through a cycle. The leaves will come back, and they will come back stronger and greener than before. Now, I love you sweetie and I hate to see you sad.?

    ?But why do the leaves want to leave me? Don?t they like me?? The innocent girl moved from the tree and sat her dad?s lap.

    ?They like you. Who wouldn?t? They just have to move on.?

    ?You won?t move on, will you Daddy?? He seemed to pause at that one.

    ?No way. Not unless you move on. If you move on. . .? Hannah looked up at her dad. . .

    ?I?ll be right behind you.?

    ?I love you Daddy.?

    ?I love you too.?[/i]


    Hannah thought one more time of her father. This might be the last time she would see him. With his words on her lips and his face in her mind, Hannah pounced off of the window edge and into the speeder. Lightly, and quietly.

    [i]?I love you, Daddy.?[/i]

    She whispered.

    [b]TAG: TGI[/b]>
  11. docking_bay94

    docking_bay94 Jedi Knight star 1

    Jul 26, 2008
    Revelin Thomas
    Coruscant Sky Lanes, Speeder

    "A Sith Lord?" Master Kae sighed. Revelin sensed some apprehension about this from her. "At least whoever did it is dead now, right? We killed the Lords of the Sith. Well, those who did not kill each other, I mean. Which one was it?" Revelin tried to think back to that time, to remember. But it was too much. "He... didn't say. But I could tell he was one." Revelin looked out the window. They seemed to be nearing their destination, and he saw an open landing pad. "There's one there," he said, pointing.

    TAG: Draco
  12. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003

    Living Rooms/Crime Scene; Vondo Vad´s Tower, Caridan

    ?Actually," says the Inspector, "You know what came to my mind? The guy works for Aratech, right? Why do his droids come mostly from Czerka and other market rivals? Doesn´t he get the best he can buy for free from his firm??

    Smart. The man is good at his job. Bao-Dur takes a moment, gathers his thoughts, allows his mind a moment of complete clarity and calm...there is so much more here than there appears to be. As he considered when he arrived: the crime scene extends far beyond this simple room.

    The first HK buzzes to life. It begins speaking in that unique, somehow smug way that HK models spoke in.

    "Please don't play games," says Bao-Dur softly. "There's been a mysterious murder and you're a notoriously lethal assassin droid. Who was standing beside the victim. Take a guess who's suspect number one. Tell me: what are you doing here? What did your...master...require of you?"

    As he waits for the answer, he begins activating the other HK.

    Tag: TGI
  13. MyrialofKanz

    MyrialofKanz Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2011
    Iliac of Argazdan; Landing Area; Argazdan

    As they approached the landing area, he heard Ashlae´s plead for the Goddess power. He did not know if he felt angry or pitiful for her as he heard her suggestion. But then he reminded himself where her lack of understanding came from. the years of poisoning from the Jedi and their wrong ideas. "Ashlae, the Goddess cannot be drained or controlled. She is more powerful than you can even begin to imagine." He stopped her and put his hands on her shoulder. "She chooses you, if she feels you are the right one. that is the only connection my mother has to her. My mother was chosen." He smiled at her and then looked to the recently landed ship. "But don´t worry, if you need her she won´t let you down. If you believe in her." The shuttle the Jedi had used was small. Not more than twenty men could be in there. And ashlae had spoken of a Jedi. "Then again, look around. What Jedi could face our army? We got two thousand men here and over 50.000 on planet with almost a million above. That Jedi cannot threaten us with his blade. Which makes me wonder what it is he wants to . . . "

    And he had seen Jedi challenge their Goddess before. A view he had not forgotten. Once you were beyond the Goddess mercy, beyond her forgiveness, she could indeed be cruel. very, very cruel.

    "Mother, Ashlae felt a Jedi aboard." He said to his mother as he stepped next ot her. Then he looked at Ashlae and gave her a reassuring smile. to demonstrate she belonged to him, he took her hand, while his head turned to the shuttle. Ashlae was eager to face the Jedi, he was surprised by it. More surprised he felt by his own need to test his limits against such a foe.

    [b][color=red]Myrial of Kanz; Sameplace [/b][/color]

    The anxiety of the youth almost made he smile. But Myrial did not allow any emotion to cross her tattoed face that could even be interpreted as soft or anything but dedicated. Her body was still trembling from the touch of her Goddess. Her body was exhauusted. The contact was killing her, she was aware of it. Slowly, for month now. But it would take her. Her final sacrifice to her Goddess. With a smile she turned to her youngest son and saw him holding the girls hand. "This is a great day for us, my son." Her words were actually meant for both of them. "You remember what the Goddess told me? When we face another Jedi our time will come. And our time has come . . . " She turned her head. "Peace and the wisdom of the Goddess will soon rule."

    [b]Tag: JediTEE, TSG, TGI [/b]>
  14. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: MoK and TGI approved

    Xelon Tarn
    Argazdan, Landing Area at the Temple

    The anxiety and aggression was stunning. In the force every sense of danger he had began screaming at him, as the shuttle set down. And in the midst of it there was a strange inability to enter the Temple itself with the force. As if it was shielded. He composed himself, made sure his robes were flawlessly hiding the sight of his weapon. Showing the weapon always looked aggressive, provocation. It was usually the sign of challenge. A symbolism he tried to avoid. After all he was here as an envoi of piece. And as a spy for the Chancellor. well, that was actually now more Telborn´s part. He hoped the Bothan had made it to the planet by now.

    As the shuttle opened and the gangway extended his eyes confirmed what the force had already whispered to him. A little army was waiting outside to await him. At least they respected his power. Even though they obviously over-evaluated it.

    Concerning their respect and his status as a Republic diplomat was probably all that saved him right now, that was not necessary a bad thing, he assumed.

    He did not hesitate or show the slightest fear of the assembled men on golden masks and blood red robes. But his own hood concealing his eyes he stepped down the ramp of the shuttle and made his way towards the Queen of this reign of terror. To the spider in the center of this web of murderous things to come. Myrial of Argazdan. tattooed, looking young and the same time drain for her age. No force presence radiated from her. Not like it did from her company. but she had been touched by the Dark Side. Xelon could tell. She had been touched, twisted and she would be consumed. Saving her, would mean saving her people. But he was not here to save her. He was here to tame her.

    "High Preistess Myrial of Argazdan, my name is Xelon Tarn. I am a Jedi Knight and emissary of Supreme Chancellor Cressa himself. I was send to negotiate conditions under which your planet and the Republic can peacefully co-exist." Only now Xelon allowed distraction. he reached out to the two force users. The unshaped, yet powerful boy. and his girl friend. A Jedi? Xelon turned his head from under his hood. A Jedi at Myrial´s court? Why did they not know about it? "As I see I am not the first of my order to arrive. May I ask your name, sister?" He now addressed, against protocol the girl.

    Tag: MoK, Tee

  15. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    OOC: Sorry for not being around TGI. Now that I'm settled in at school hopefully I can post more.

    [color=green][b]IC: Paladin Halcyon
    Telos; Leaving aboard the Avenger; Bridge[/b][/color]

    Going off to fight the Sith was not at all how Paladin had imagined it. For years he had envisioned himself issuing a challenge, drawing his lightsaber, and engaging in a duel. Yet here he was, leading a naval task force against the Sith, ready to blow them apart with their cannons.

    Captain Lorvet seemed like a good man and a good captain, and he apparently trusted in his young new commander. He was about the only one. The crew obviously didn?t appreciate his presence; what did he know about space warfare anyway. [i]I?m certainly learning fast, between this and the whole Talusa mess.[/i] Anyway, there he was on the bridge of the [i]Avenger[/i] with the good captain. ?As far as the data is correct,? Lorvet began, ?we face a single Interdictor with no fuel to move. It is basically a fully operational space station and it has been used to organize raids into lesser known planets to gather resources to get the ship back functional. We got a skeleton crew there and about 500 troopers on board, plus an unknown number of Sith. But if you ask me, we should never face them. With our firepower we should be more than able to pick it apart and take care of whatever fighters they get out of that hangar.?

    [i]He obviously knows what he?s about.[/i] ?That sounds like a fine idea, Captain. As soon as we reach the interdictor?s location, deploy our ships in an optimal attacking position.? He leaned across the projector. ?I don?t want to tell you how to do your job Captain, so I?ll leave the details to you.?

    [b]Tag: TGI[/b]>
  16. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Ashlae Starchaser
    Landing Area, Argazdan

    [ul] Iliac had always been reassuring to her. She knew she had to be stronger, but his words said to believe in the Goddess. So Ashlae chose to believe and hope that the Goddess thinks she is worthy to be chosen.

    Myrial looked exhausted, yet Ashlae could sense she was still determined. She was strong in that regard. Ashlae admired that in her. Strong in mind can make one?s body stronger for a short amount of time. She wondered how long Myrial could last. She would need all the help she could get.

    Ashlae watched with Iliac and Myrial as the shuttle opened up and the Jedi came out. He approached them and first addressed Myrial, but it was Ashlae that caught his eye.

    "As I see I am not the first of my order to arrive. May I ask your name, sister?"

    Sister? she thought in surprise. She knew this Jedi was not here to help. It was a shame, but she did not believe that Tarn or any other Jedi would help, except her.

    Ashlae smiled warmly to not give away her thoughts. ?My name is Ashlae Starchaser and though I appreciate your assistance, it is not needed. I am here to keep the peace.? she replied in a kind tone hoping that the Jedi would get the hint and leave. [/ul]

    TAG: TSG, MoK, TGI,
  17. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Shirzan Narr
    Corvis Minor; Camp outside the city; Desert

    It had been a few hours since Aya and Orz?s sobering story and there had still been no sign of the king. Shirzan had just finished cleaning her rifle and storing it with her other equipment when Robard came running to inform her of the kings arrival. Hastily wiping her hands clean on a rag, she stood and made her way outside the tent she had been working in. He was accompanied by a full squad of personal guards. Shirzan studied the guards, well armed, and uniformed, but the uneasy looks exchanged between them and the nervous shifting from foot to foot from a few others betrayed them. They weren?t what you usually would expect from a royal household guard, but it looked like it was all the king had. She fought to keep a surprised look off her face when the guards parted and the king stepped forward. He was young, probably only a year or two older then herself. His face held a grim expression as he approached. Shirzan gave him a crisp salute, but it didn?t seem to matter as the king quickly went into a frustrated tirade.

    ?Narr? I am King Ondias of Corvis Minor and you can tell Onasi we?re absolutely quit with this.?

    Aya and Orz stood up immediately, worry on Aya?s face, moody uncertainly on Orz?s. Shirzan gave the two a ?just try and stay calm? look. It was obvious that Ondias was less than happy with the Ereesi presence on his world. Shirzan concluded that if Onasi did not help sweet-talk Ondias he would have flat out refused to let the Ereesi enter the system. She could half understand his hesitations. As a candidate world, if his involvement in this delicate situation was made public it could possibly jeopardize the worlds candidacy and subsequent acceptance into the new republic. As well as tarnish his reputation as a leader.

    ?I send a group of my men to secure the parameter, I have also locked down the city. Onasi said this must be kept a secret? Without my permission nobody will find them out here. But the Argazdans . . . by the Goddess. If they want them my men will hardly be able to do a thing about it, hope you know that, Narr.?

    Shirzan wasn?t really sure how to placate the concerned king. She found herself wishing that her brother Tavir was here. Tavir was four galactic standard years older than Shirzan, an Iridonian diplomat like her father. When she was younger she was encouraged to follow in their footsteps, but she refused, wanting to forge her own way in life and instead becoming a clan warrior, and eventually a republic soldier. When questioned about it she would often reply that she preferred a well fitting suit of combat armor to a well fitting bodice. Tavir could charm the ears off a gun dark and probably calm an angry rancor with his words. Years shadowing their father had gave him an edge in political and diplomatic affairs within the Zabrak clans. He was still on Iridonia, seeing to issues of the clans on behalf of their father who was on some business in the core. She wondered what he would think of her involvement in this whole thing. Would he be supportive? Angry? Would he even really care? Fighting down a sigh, she straightened up and accepted the kings hand when offered, a strong handshake.

    ?Your majesty, thank you for meeting with us, I wish it was under better circumstances. Believe me, Admiral Onasi knows of the risk you are taking, and the difficult position we have put you in, for that you have our gratitude. I am due to report into the admiral soon, to see if we can find a more suitable solution. For now all I ask is that the ereesi are treated fairly, they?ve gone through a lot and right now need time to rest and recover from their ordeal?

    She paused for a moment to let the king contemplate her words. There was still the issue of the Argazdan possibly finding them here. Corvis Minor could not get dragged into war. But if the Argazdan came with that fleet of theirs the planet would be in serious danger of ending up like the Ereesi home world.

  18. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2007
    Xelon Tarn
    Argazdan, Landing Area

    ?My name is Ashlae Starchaser and though I appreciate your assistance, it is not needed. I am here to keep the peace.?

    Xelon turned his head and stared at her for several long seconds. Then he turned his face to myrial again and spoke at her without giving her any attention.

    "Funny, what I have seen in orbit did not exactly look like you did such a great job when it came to keeping peace." He would not allow to leave any doubt he was looking through this. Otherwise he would need to fight of deceptions for hours. and a few hours was all he had. He considered pulling rank and who he considered to be a Jedi Padawan at best. But decided against it. He had a greater and less disputable status to justify immediate attention from Myrial. "Nevertheless, I am not here to serve Argazdan, but rather as the official representative of the Republic itself, empowered by the Surpeme Chancellor to enter negotiations. I would be surprised if he had forgotten to mention he gave you that same authority. I will gladly accept your advise, though, as you seem to have created such an intense . . . " He looked at her hand which was still held by the boy. "Bond with Argazdan." The boy looked like a warrior. With a warth in his head hshowing fire and a coldness that betrayed his nature as a murder. Xelon wondered if they would simply try to kill him. the hostility coming from this group was surprising. He had assumed they would be afraid, at least nervous about him. Was there some grudge they held against Jedi he did not know of? And why could he not feel the temple? He had thought lowly of the Chancellor´s suggestion to spy on them. Now he wished he had at least five Jedi out there to have his back.

    "And as I see you are very busy, I hope we can discuss my proposal in private." Xelon said to Myrial. "The situation is very tesned but as a Jedi and diplomat I hoipe we can overcome any possible differences before you ´do something than will lead to unlimited bloodshed."

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  19. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    ooc: Still got no computer, as my new one went back for repairs and check up after two days. So I will try to update as soon as possible. sorry for the wait. Meanwhile I wanted to notify Sinrebirth, Remix11 and SirakRomar are still having a break. And some players have been given GM powers over their scenes. MoK executes our plans for Argazdan, especially. Hope I solve these problems soon. I am truly sorry.
  20. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Corvis Minor; The Camp; Outside the Capital

    The King took the news with a sigh. He was now caught between two powers greater than him. After a long thought he finally turned his head towards the two Ereesi and spoke on to Shirzan Narr meanwhile. ?Hopefully their newest military endeavor will keep the Argazdan redoubt busy. From what my sources tell me they are entering the Amaltanna system now and they have secured the belt and Kol Huro by now.? Shaking his head he looked back at Shirzan Narr. Orz spoke up now, the first time the ereesi spoke since the King had arrived. ?If so they will soon be much more powerful. The asteroid belt hold the resources, the Kol Huro system the industry to grow even larger. Whatever they want, it is more ambitious than control over their planet or the genocide of mine.?
    The message was clear. As near as Corvis Minor was to Myrial of argazdan´s, the womans ambitions might include the planet anyway.

    Tag: Leigh

    The Avenger; Unknown system; The Sith Wreck

    Things did not work out as planned. When they arrived in system they found no activity at all. Only wreckages of burned Stih fighters that slowly slides through space. The captain requested checks immediately and the reports came in a few seconds later, as the Interdictor became visible on the backdrop of the pitch black space.
    ?Looks like someone was here before us. We pick up no more than five life signs aboard the ship and massive loss of atmosphere in over 60 percent. I think someone shot quite a few holes into it.? The Captain was relieved, obviously. Fighting Sith could have been a costly battle, even they would most likely have won. Nevertheless now they did not need to. ?Looks like this was easier than expected. Except you need to know what has happened here.? The Captain was aware that not many powers in the galaxy could do such an attack. And the Republic hadn´t been it. ?I can send a team on board, if you feel it is necessary, Jedi.?

    Tag: tjace

    Caridan; Crime Scene; Vondo Vad´s Tower

    The HK droid stared at Bao Dur with his emotionless artificial eyes and then nodded. ?Confessing: Very well, Jedi. My Master seems to have lost me. This individual you seem to mistake to be my Master has asked my about series, destination and the place I have been created on. I answered him truthfully, after he adjusted my programming. He promised to process me to Telerath after he wiped my memory, but obviously he died before he could do either of both.? The droid looked at Bao Dor again and then back to the inspector. ?Regretting: I have not assassinated him, if that is what you mean. He included in my programming the same prime objective as he included in his own droids. Protect him under any circumstances. Admiring: So if someone did kill him, he certainly was a rather skillful member of my line of work.?
    The inspector hissed out air. ?And we shall believe you? Nobody entered or left this place and only you droids were here. So a man is dead and you don´t have anything to do with it? Despite being the assassin droid in this house hold and not even considering the victim your Master??
    HK turned fully to him. ?Amused: Are you trying to play the bad cop, inspector??

    There was something like a hostile spasm in the droid. As if he wanted to attack the police man, but couldn´t. The inspector looked at Boa dur. Was the assassin droid innocent and someone else had truly assassinated the victim? for a police man thing usually were simple. And therefore his prime suspect was standing right in front of them.

    Tag: Winged
  21. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Nar Shadaa; Bounty Hunter Guild; Ruins

    Ens-Valoe Haalo had left a trail of dead Bounty hunters in his insane attempt to take control of a guild of professional hunters by threatening them. They had reacted as it had to be expected and declared war on him. Master Olic had an easy time to follow him, when he had finally arrived on Nar Shadaa, leaving behind his very own trail of death and decaying bodies. And for a planet full of outlaws they had all been incredibly helpful to make the Jedi Master find his victim.
    The Mirialan Sith had made the ruins of the House Benelex his home and he was cowering on the pile of ashes and dead flesh as Olic entered them. High above ground levels he felt Olic approaching as much as the Jedi Master felt him. Two remains of an old time. Two Masters of the force, both apprentices of greater men who had been denied their heritage.



    ?I wondered what took you so long, Jedi.? He hissed in the dark and his lightsaber hilt in his hand rotated around his fingers. ?I wondered if you were actually afraid of me.?

    Tag: LordT
  22. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Coruscant; The Looming Cantina; The less patrolled parts of the planet


    The Admiral waited inside and had a drink too many as the young woman entered the more than shady cantina alone. He watched the crowd, making sure nobody dared to get too close to her and was slightly relieved as she made it to his table without any problems. ?Lyria.? He sighed without the slightest welcome. ?You were right.?
    A hologram slowly faded into existence. It showed three hooded figures. A draethos, two who looked human. And then a dozen men in all too known armor. Sith.

    Tag: LordT

    Coruscant; Central Library; Landing Pad

    The two Jedi gently sat down their speeder, when they realized the security forces were swarming the place. One of the security inspectors ran towards them as they had sat down. ?Jedi Kae, I thought we had not yet called you? The bodies are over there!?

    Tag: Draco, docking

    Coruscant; The Jedi Temple; Entrance Area

    The security certainly hadn´t been as tough since the war. Security did not allow Task Ry´los to get even near the main gate, before five heavy armored and armed men stopped him. 2Identify yourself!? Their leader barked and it was obvious, the new Jedi Order took security more serious than anything.

    Inside the temple Jedi Master Karn Fell had recently returned from his mission. An absolute failure. Rumors of a Jedi Master on Araxes had turned out to be a PR joke of a local magician. Now he saw outside the gates a Bothan Jedi who was stopped by their ever vigilant guards. The temple was almost empty. With the missions send to Telos and Ryloth and Bastila having send most of the asters on searching missions for still living Jedi Karn Fell felt less than a dozen Jedi inside the building. Master Lohm among them, the Selkath Jedi was in charge in Bastila´s absence and reached the main floor as Karn Fell saw the Bothan. ?Jedi Fell. Do you know this man?? He asked, blunt and direct as always, as he stepped next to his fellow Jedi.

    Tag: Loocem, drev

    Coruscant; The Works; Outer Regions
    Hannah sat next to the blue skinned woman in her black catsuit and was mostly ignored, as a Weequay was flying them out of the city. The small and slim blaster of the woman pointed at Hannah at any given time. As she whispered she loved her dad, the blue skinned woman smiled. ?Hope he loves you too. If he does not do the right thing, we´ll send you back one piece at a time.? Her voice was still cold as ice. The industrial regions now began to spread beneath them. Less speeders were around here. And their ship finally set down somewhere in Sector 56 in an old abandoned factory building.


    As the speeder touched down a dozen men awaited them, all in armor and weaponed to the teeth. Their leader stepped towards the speeder, as two others dragged Hannah out and restrained her hands. ?Madam, probably not the best time to extract Mrs. Coleman. We have spotted Sith.?
    ?Sith?? The blue skinned woman seemed not to get the gravity of Sith being on Coruscant. ?How many.?

    One could hear the man under his armor clear his throat. ?A lot of them.?

    The blue skinned woman nodded. ?Perfect. If we have to slice her into pieces everybody will think it was a Sith.? That was all she said and with the wave of her hand Hannah Coleman was brought into the lower levels and locked into a cell.

    Tag: spycoder
  23. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Hannah Coreman
    Courscant - The Works - Outer Regions

    Hannah couldn?t stop shaking as the speeder made its way out of the city. She kept glancing behind her, hoping to see her father behind them. Even though she knew her father wouldn?t pleased with her imagining this, she kept seeing her father shooting the frightening blue woman in her sleek cat suit in the back of the head. Then the idiot Weequay who was driving got a blaster bolt in the back of his head. It was only imagination, but she savored the beauty of imagination. In imagination she had never been kidnapped. In imagination, none of this was happening. In imagination, she was always a little girl being read a good night story in her bed.

    The woman?s blaster was aimed at Hannah.

    ?Hope he loves you too. If he does not do the right thing, we?ll send you back one piece at a time.?

    Industrial manufacturing centers lay below the speeder now. Such an overwhelming feeling in Hannah made her want to lean over the side of the speeder and plunge to her death. But she didn?t The speeder landed somewhere in an old factory building. A dozen men decked out in heavy armor waited for them to land. After they did, the leader stepped towards them. Two others snatched Hannah from the speeder and held her hands back.

    ?Madam, probably not the best time to extract Mrs. Coleman. We have spotted Sith.?

    ?Sith? How many??

    ?A lot of them.?

    ?Perfect. If we have to slice her to pieces everybody will think it was a Sith.?

    Hannah gulped.

    Laying in the cold cell, heart pounding in her chest, she felt herself collapse. Tears rushed down her cheeks as she held her knees close to her. She was gonna die without saying good-bye. She was going to die.

    ?PLEASE! PLEASE!? Hannah screamed. ?Please let me GO!?

    She rose from the floor and searched along the walls. In cracks. Trying to find anyway to get out. She had to get out. Or she would die, and that wouldn?t be good at all. Wiping his eyes with her dirty hands, she crawled along the ground.


    But something new was in her eyes.


    TAG: TGI
  24. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Shirzan Narr
    Corvis Minor; The Camp; Outside the Capital

    Shirzan watched as the king sighed heavily. He looked at Aya and Orz. She would tell he was not their biggest fan right now. But they weren?t the ones commanding siege platforms and roasting planets with lasers and chemicals, the Argazdan were. Her eyes narrowed when the king mentioned something about the Argazdan currently procuring resources and facilities in the Amaltanna system. Orz then spoke up, explaining that they were probably doing that to further strengthen their fleet.

    ?If so they will soon be much more powerful. The asteroid belt hold the resources, the Kol Huro system the industry to grow even larger. Whatever they want, it is more ambitious than control over their planet or the genocide of mine.?

    Shirzan nodded in understanding, her face stoic as she took in what the Ereesi male had to say. Why were they continuing to build their fleet despite already succeeding in their quest to eradicate the Ereesi home world? There was just one possibility and it caused a feeling as cold as ice water to settle in her gut. What else could Myrial of Argazdan possibly want?

    ?Apologies your Majesty, but its critical I contact the admiral with this new information now. Please excuse me?

    She said as respectfully as she could muster, throwing a quick salute before going off alone to assemble her report. She couldn?t risk sending it in real time due to the risk of it being intercepted, so she would send it as Onasi had sent his, secure, pre-recorded, and encrypted using a special directive that only Onasi would know. She transmitted it to Craven in the raptor, who then sent it along a random path of comm buoys before it would eventually reach the admiral on his ships computer.

    ?Extraction of the surviving Ereesi has been completed. The king of corvis minor has complied with your request in providing a temporary safe haven for the refugees, but he?s anxious, and rightly so. Aside from the political implications of this good will gesture, he fears serious repercussions from the Argazdan if they discover the refugees hiding within their own star system. Advise we find a more permanent location for the refugees. However, there is more. Information from survivors indicate that the Argazdan have amassed a huge fleet. A fleet that could easily present a challenge for the republics own. This was used to completely obliterate not only the Ereesi home-world, but also their colonies elsewhere. Amongst the ex republic warships that were provided to them prior to secession, they have siege platforms in their possession and are more than willing to use them. My sources tell me that they are currently trying to further increase their military might by securing the Kol Huro asteroid belt in the Amaltanna system. This is no longer about one races sadistic revenge on another, I honestly believe the Argazdan are planning to hit other worlds. We have to make the republic high council listen! Rest assured that myself and my squad won?t stop until this threat is dealt with. Just say the word. We await further orders?and admiral, just be careful?

    TAG: TGI
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    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=black]Important GM notice:[/hl]

    With much regrets I withdraw as a GM from TORR. Personal problems have come up that make it impossible for me to GM this specific game anymore. Is this the end of my stories? Not necessary. TGI gave me "greenlight" to spin off if I want I am considering doing so. So if any of my players is interested in me continuing his story I am more than ready to talk about it. Please feel free to PM me. Otherwise this was my first GM gig and I must say it was hell of a ride.

    And my best wishes to TGI and his game, which I still consider to be one of th finest the RPF has had in many years.

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