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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    GM Update for Trevi IV, Criton´s Point and Unknown planet (who will soon no longer be unknown).

    I´ll update the Cantina scene when BobaMatt had a fair chance to post there.

    [color=chocolate]Trevi IV; Chambers of Commerce; [b]Marketplace[/b][/color]

    [b]The Prophet[/b] stood up in a sudden move. The crowd watched in awe. Not few considered the Jedi extinct. Surely none of them had ever sat foot on Trevi. Now two of them were here. By the will of the Prophet.

    ?Summoned you? Not more then a planet summons the moons that circle him. Yet you already ask important questions. You two.? Looking from one of them to the other a smile played around the his lips. ?Although such questions ... Who are you? They can be treacherous ones. Therefore let me begin with the obvious. I am a man in a robe on market who they call a Prophet. That implies I am cursed with knowledge and believe me, my dear Jedi . . . a curse it is.To me. To you? I might offer it as a blessing. What it turns out to be you will have to decide for your own. All I can promise you is your destiny. Your fate. Your own curse. The inevitable and evitable events of the days to come. What I cannot offer you is the future. Because for both of you it is uncertain if you will have one. But let me assure you what I can give you is . . . purpose. For something is lurking in the dark. And it will be you who will seek to destroy it. If you allow me to guide you. Give your fate a little kick into the right direction. If not . . . your future is yours to write. Although many, many things will become inevitable.?

    He paused and strteched his arms away from him. ?Do I sound like a madman? Certainly, there is price for my kind of knowledge. Or what did you think??

    And suddenly both man saw an image before their eyes. It was powerful and yet only lasted a second. A single asteroid somewhere in the darkness of space.


    "You see?" The Prophet asked.

    [b]Tag: Daan, dreven[/b]


    [color=chocolate]Trevi IV,[b] Desert and Crashsite[/b][/color]

    [b]Belob[/b] hesitated a moment, then he decided his new partner was right. They had to give it a look, anyway. "Alright." He sighed and took out his commlink. "Belob to Trevi, Belob to Trevi." He called in and opened a channel to their employee in addition to keep him up-to-date. "Here is the Cadasca Security team. We spotted some ship that is about to crash. We will check it out." Then he opened the line to the Cadasca estate. "We need the swoops. Will be gone for a few hours, I suppose. Could be criminals. We should better check it out, I´d say." He nodded to Lyle. Obviously he did not like the idea, as he had given Cadasca every opportunity to order them back. Hemri Cadasca didn´t. A quarter hour later they had their swoops ready and with them in the desert. The ship had already crashed. It had vanished behind a line of hills. The only sign of it was now a black pillar of smoke spreading at the horizon. Jesal, one of the house-keepers of the family who had brought the swoops told them that the man who called the Prophet and his followers were keeping security busy. Them checking it out was highly appreciated by the officials. And therefore it was highly appreciated by the Cadasca family.

    The two men speeded away towards the pillar of black smoke.

    The sun was already setting when they arrived at the crash site. Or above it to be more precise. Between two dunes the ship had hit the sand and was now buried half under it. It burned.

    "Looks expensive." Was Belob´s only he climbed from his Swoop and began walking down to check out the crash site. Lyle´s feeling had only gone worse. Now something else had mixed into it. Something cold, remorseless and deadly. He was suddenly certain someone was alive down there.


    "I´d say we split so we can cover more ground, hm?" Belob said, looking at the sinking sun. "I take the left side, you take the ride >
  2. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=black]Unknown Planet, Somewhere[/hl]

    He walked. Yes, he could still walk, but he did not get too far before his side began to hurt. Opening his overall, he could clearly see, that he was wounded. Looked like a burn. Something very hot and long had touched his skin over the third rip and had left it´s mark. The pain grew intense. it could not have been that long ago. But he realized it was by no means a mortal wound. to some extend he knew about wounds. Another curious bit of information.

    All he could do is walk on. And not too long he walked, before something became visible at the horizon. A single speeder made it´s way right towards him. It stopped meters away from him and a white haired woman pushed herself out of the seat. She had a blaster rifle and looked like she knew how to use it.

    [image=] [image=]

    She looked at him for almost a minute. Then she shook her head. ?Okay, I don´t get it. You´re almost a day by foot away from Emita and you have no food with you. What are you? Crazy? Suicidal? A clever con?? She obviously was not one of the trusting kind. The rifle was not pointed at him, but it was only an adjustment of a few centimeters and she would have his chest on her aim. ?If you came here to die, this is my land and I would appreciate it if you would go to some place owned by the Government to die. I really don´t need the investigation.?

    A sign on her speeder gave him a first hint where he might actually be. Chandrila Farming Convention. It was written on it´s side. Besides it was an isignia of the Chandrila government. A democracy. He was probably surprised, but he remembered it was a democracy.

    "Everything okay?" The woman asked then, obviously realizing now he was confused.

    His head began to hurt.

    Tag: Mitth

    [hl=black]Tion Hegemony; Criton´s Point; The Library of Xer[/hl]

    Inside the Library with it´s many levels and it´s endless halls the tree sighed. Gnaar had guessed her intent. Little did the library tell about a Jedi. It predated their rise to power. But it held information about the Sith.

    "The Sith." The Neti said and looked at the Jedi Master in front of him. If you could call it a look. "Indeed many things about the sith can be learned from these halls, Master Atris. Not about Exar Kun and what came before him or the invasion of Naga Sadow. But this library is old. And when it tells it stories they are about the Sith of old. The Sith that predate even the arrival of the Dark Jedi on their planet. It is unknown even by many Jedi the Sith were a race using the Dark side of the Force long before they interbred with the outcast Jedi. Certainly you know such things. And it brought you here I assume."

    Gnaar remembered who he was talking to, as he had forgotten it for a moment. But the lone quest of preserving order in a place full of knowledge made him a lecturer by nature.

    "Have you ever heard of Xerbel the Conquerer, Master Atris?" He asked. Then his wooden head shook. "Probably not. Few have. He was a warlord in the service of Xim the Despot. One of his finest for a while. Yet he fell from grace when he took an interest in a minor conquest and grew obsessed about it. the planet was called Pesegam. But the people who lived there knew it by the name of Korriban." Gnaar allowed his words to sink in. "Xerbel gave up his fleet and rank to spend time on that planet. With a small army of mighty wardroids. His journal became part of this library after his death. He died on another planet that belonged to the same people who settled Korriban then. That is the legend, at least. They were the Sith. The True Sith. The race known by that name that came before the religious organisation that made it famous. I rediscovered his journal only recently. It might serve you very well as a starting point to the Sith of Old. It might be the only remaining record of their ways and living in
  3. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Desert and Crashsite

    The acquisition of the speeders didn't take long and, in fact, they were all but given to them a quarter of an hour later. The housekeeper known as Jesal mentioned about the local authorities being distracted by some Prophet and his followers but Lyle didn't pay much attention to that; it wasn't his problem after all. He was restricted to the job that the Cadascas had hired him for and the plummeting object - a ship, apparently - was thus his only concern. So it was that he and his Weequay partner were soon speeding across the desert landscape of Trevi IV, heading directly for the crash site where the ship had already landed quite violently.

    Having kept his head - and his hat - lowered so as to protect his eyes from the sand, Lyle only now tilted his head up to examine the black pillar of smoke that rose high above the dunes, marking where he and Belob had to go. Upon ascending over one of the dunes, the ship came into sight and Lyle immediately cut power to his speeder, bringing to it a halt along with Belob.

    "Looks expensive."

    Lyle said nothing as he hopped off the speeder, his gaze focusing upon the burning ship. Despite it being half-buried in the sand, Lyle was able to make out the general appearance of the ship to make a guess as to its origins. Surprisingly enough, however, nothing came to the ex-Jedi. His eyes wandering over the hull and where he assumed the cockpit was at the front, the young man tried and failed to match a profile to it. Too big to be a fighter though its shape vaguely reminded Lyle of the Sith fighters that had been used by the forces of Revan and Malak. Obviously a transport but, again, Lyle didn't even come close to recognizing the design and he's seen a lot of transports in his time. He had boarded dozens of ships that brought him to dozens of worlds all throughout the Outer Rim and during his stay on Trevi IV he had seen possibly the same amount of different ships in the hangars of the trading colony.

    His inability to recognize the ship almost unnerved him as much as the presence that he felt. Whereas it had started as an itch, Lyle could now sense the darkness that emitted from within the ship. There was something very cold and very dark that was currently within the bowels of the ship and Lyle found one hand reaching behind his back to draw one of his two blasters that were holstered there.

    "I´d say we split so we can cover more ground, hm?"

    Lyle was hardly paying attention to his partner and only managed to nod and wave Belob off to check one side of the ship. The motion was meant to send the Weequay away from the ship for his own safety. Lyle recognized the darkness that made the air cold and heavy and he knew that this was going to be far more then what Belob could handle. Best to try and direct the guard elsewhere while Lyle started walking closer to confront the danger directly. It was only then that Lyle saw the reason for the ship's crash; a hole that had been punched through the armor at the left. Before he could start to wonder what had shot at the ship - as well as wonder who had done it -, a section of the ship was suddenly blasted open.

    The ex-Jedi made the briefest of glances towards the flying piece of the hull but quickly recognized that it would land quite a bit away from both him and Belob. Looking back at where it had been a moment ago, Lyle spotted the individual that stood before him just as he heard a loud crash behind him.

    It was a boy believe it or not. Lyle's brows raised a centimeter, surprised at the unveiling of the eight-year-old child that now stared at him, looking none the worse for wear despite how much of a ride the crash must've been as well as what had to have been a battle that took down the ship in the first place. The surprise didn't last long, however, and soon a cold sense of duty caused his eyes to narrow. A child or not, Lyle knew of the deadly implications that surrounded him. The darkness that came from the ship, the clothing that the bo
  4. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Brianna Kae
    Jedi Temple, Gates to the Grand Hall

    Brianna felt that she angered the boy. First by calling him boy, then by aksing about his Master. So much anger. He instantly reminded her of herself. How angry had she been when she went to Atris to confront her? How angry had she been at the Exile, at the galaxy?

    Another dead Master. They had stopped to count. The other Jedi had started counting the living. Brianna did not feel as if it would be so easy for her to let them go. Even though she knew few Jedi, she treasured their way of life. Their sacrifice. She would collect their names, everyone of them.

    "Three years? I am sorry to hear that." Only now she understood how old the boy was. Not much younger than her. It was just that . . . she felt old?

    Zariz stepped to them. The "full Jedi" a Zariz would consider herself was another Jedi knowing exactly how to be a proper Jedi. Especially because she knew Brianna wasn´t. She almost sighed. "Paladin Halcyon, this is Jedi Knight Zariz."

    Brianna stepped back, leaving the two "proper" Jedi their room to talk.

    As she turned to the gate, she could not help it, but feel as if there would be no more Jedi.

    Tag: Fin, tjace
  5. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man

    Pain. Ahh, not good. Stopping he opened his overall to take a look. Black. . .his skin was not black. A burn? His mind turned about as his hand gently dipped and grazed across the long blackness that was his side. Something was done or had happened over that third rib with something long and very hot, recently by the limited weeping of the wound that was now evident.

    Not a deadly wound. How do I know this? he could wonder but no answers came beyond this simple mote of light that shone upon his present condition. Lost.

    Leaving the coverall open to drape over him he walked on. Letting himself air out in simple mindedness from the pain that occupied every step. What else was there but to walk on?

    As a speeder came toward him he rolled that information around his tongue as it were. Spee-der. Wo-man. Yes, it was a woman that came up from the speeder in front of him. Another mote of light. Her white hair rustled in the breeze as she hefted a rifle as someone experienced might do so. Shrugging it off as another mote of knowledge he had no way to compare or find this odd, it simply was something he knew. One of the few things.

    So he stood, and she stood. Simply one looking at the other as time passed until one of them made the first move. She did, what did he know of moves after all? She spoke in droning ways, the symbols on her speeder were more interesting in that they seemed to give him more information than her words.

    Chandrilla, a government ruled by a democracy. I don?t know how to respond to this woman with a weapon but I know what a democracy is? And that it rules Chandrila without a clue. . .I don?t even know if her words speak true of me or not. Democracy? Really?

    Then the true pain began, behind the eyes. It brought his left hand as though by it?s own volition to rise to his temple as his eyes squinted in pain. His mouth left to part in a silent moan of simply being. . .being so much and yet so little.

    TAG: Sirak
  6. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2007
    The Mule

    He had guessed who had summoned him. Thousand of Jedi and Sith had died. And of all beings in the galaxy HE had survived.

    ?Hello old friend. As I assumed only one of us would survive our meeting I decided to avoid you for a little bit longer. I do not have any interest in killing you already.?

    The Mule was happy he had his mask on, as he hissed out air. The hologram flickered before his eyes. Someday he had to kill the man. To be free. Finally free.

    "Hello Teuka." The Mule spitted out the man´s name. "I hoped the Jedi had killed you by now. Or anbody." He felt the hidden thread in the very arrngment of the meeting. Teuka knew where to find him. Knew how to summon him. If teuka wanted, The Mule would never find peace.


    He needed some rest. He was so incredibl tired of all this. There was no sense in it. Fighting lost wars, or as he suspected Teuka . . . looking for new ones. What were they fighting for? what vision?

    Of course that was the differnce between Teuka and The Mule. Some men needed no vision. some men just wanted to see the galaxy burn.

    "What can I do for you." The Mule finally admitted defeat. And he sealed it with calling his old mentor by the title he dserved. "Master."

    Tag: TGI

    [color=blue][b]Xelon Tarn[/b]
    [i]The Jedi Temple[/i][/color]

    Watching Zariz was almost as much fun as talking to her. Gracefully like a wildcat she moved. The new Padawan was talking to the white haired apprentice of the Exile. Obviousl he disliked her already. Many Jedi did. Not Xelon. He had stopped judging people too fast and too early. It had amost killed him once or twice.

    He turned his head. Bastila was coming. And she would anounce the rebirth of the Jedi Order. What would the do then? Retreat for a decade or two to train? Throw themselves into the next good fight? He had no jealousy for the job to decide on that.

    He turned and slowly followed Zariz for a few steps, before staying in the spot he found most suitable to see Bastila. His eyes turned towards the doors. His mind wandered though.

    And he took in all the presence in the force. Among Jedi. After all this time, he was among Jedi after all!

    [b]Tag: SirakRomar/TGI, others[/b]>
  7. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Jedi Temple on Coruscant

    She smiled at the young man. There was pain in him. Without a doubt great pain. A loss. His Master? he was here alone. Yes, probably his Master. At least he has survived.

    "Welcome to the Jedi Temple, Paladin. As Brianna already said, I am Zariz." She bowed her head and looked backto Xelon who seemed to wait for something. "Another Jedi Knight. That is always good. We have so many Padawans and Younglings, we can use another Jedi." She gave Paladin a reassuring smile.

    He was young, but considering his age most liekly a Jedi by now. She wondered if his pain would cease. She wondered if hers ever would. Or were they scared?

    "I think that´s all who will come, Brianna. You should rest before Bastila gives her speech." Zariz added to the white haired woman. she tried to respect her. But in truth she felt Brianna did not belong there. She was too old to become a Jedi. and to untrained to be already called one.

    Tag: tjace, Draco
  8. Jedi_Corin_Daan

    Jedi_Corin_Daan Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 6, 2010
    IC: Marcus Daan
    Location: Trevi-City

    Marcus flinched as the image blazed into his mind. What it was and why it was significant were unclear, but he instantly felt both incredible fear and a sense of being draw to that image.

    Marcus's vision slowly cleared, his gaze returning to the one calling himself the Prophet. He felt anger rising up inside of him. He didn't know who this crazy old man was, or how he had lured him to this planet, but he felt sure that he wanted nothing to do with the fool. He started to turn and walk away. And yet...

    "Something is lurking in the dark. And it will be you who will seek to destroy it"

    Darkness. Always it haunted him, from the moment he had met Revan years ago; during his exile; now in his wanderings. Even after renouncing that life, he knew he had been tainted and that it would always be so. Oh yes, I know the power of darkness.. And yet when the Prophet had spoken those words, Marcus felt a power and foreboding that was greater than any he had sensed, even in the service of the Dark Lord himself. A darkness that could consume, kill, and destroy beyond anything he had yet me. Already so many lives had been lost; so many needless deaths, and some even by his own hands. He could not passively watch such another threat engulf countless worlds and lives.

    Not knowing why, he said quietly,"What would you have me do?"

    TAG: dreven_Aarkanin, GM
  9. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Trevi IV, Trevi-City, Backroom of The Crying Bird

    "Quick I can do. You're going to find, however, that the quicker I get something done the uglier it might get." The Serious Man only watched the mercenary exhale smoke.

    "So I'm not guaranteeing it'll stay on the down low. I'll try my best, naturally." Esool looked at the man who clearly was his superior. That became more obvious with every nervous check he could not resist to make.

    "But, y'know, you can only keep an explosion or a headless corpse suddenly dropping on a city street so subtle, dig?"

    The Serious Man suddenly smiled. It was a genuine smile of amusement.

    ?Naturally.? He said and nodded in agreement. Esool could be heard breathing out.

    "In exchange for that understanding, I'll be a real good sport about this one and demand over 48k from any given victim, rather than 12k. I'm just a big softie like that."

    ?How gracious of you, it is much appreciated.? Esool replied. ?Although I assume you will make that offer only to the first. The others might very well await you . . . with an aggressive attitude once they learn of the first victim. And hey . . . quick is never quiet.? The Rodian laughed. He considered himself funny. He was alone in this.

    The Serious Man gave the Ryn a long look. Then looked back to Donvan. ?Then I´d say we should no longer keep you from doing your job.? He said nad seemed to retreat into his neutral stare into the nothingness of the wall. Esool nodded.

    ?And just so people can´t say I give a littlle incentive here and there. If you two do this right, there might be more for you up the road. One of those jobs to do and retire is out there. And I consider this to be your assassment center.? Esool stood up and waved the guards to open the door.

    ?Good hunt.? That was all. The Serious Man said and they were guided out of the room.

    Once outside the first of the numbered datapads revealed their target. Including his location and habits. The man lived in the desert of Klatooine in a tent, obviously. Si-Klaata Sector. Hutt Space. A place where nobody would recognize anybody go missing. Guarded by five men of human origin according to the file. He was a strange looking alien, which one of the two men might remember to look like a Taung. Funny thing was: Taung were considered to be extinct.

    Tag: Ramza, BobaMatt
  10. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Coruscant; Senate District, Baconies

    The Duchess gave the Chancellor Cressa a sweet smile. ?I would love that, actually.?

    Her arm entangled with the Chancellors and both climbed up a few steps to the collonade leading to the ministry. They were followed by their faithful servants. Aya and HK-47 and a handmaiden and a secretary. Actually her servants were as harmless as the Chancellor´s were. Cressa knew her handmaiden was a Mystril Shadowguard and her secrety, a Bothan, a high ranking member of the Kat´lar network. They were therefore absolutley secure. As far as people like them could ever say so.
    ?Yes and as we walk, among all those terrible news about the Bloody Banner taking down ships and the death of the heir of Tion, isn´t it great we have his cousin here with us? And that the Jedi have returned?? She was a master in giving sensual and crucial information while maaking it sound like mindless chatter. The chancellor hadn´t even heard of the Bloody Banner, but the Duchess had excellent contacts within the military. And the Heir of Tion had only be announced dead an hour ago. His sister would now rise in the lineage to be the next Queen. With the visiting Prince as a second in the line.
    ?Considering they surely kept the death of the poor Prince Calen a secret I assume our visitng Tionese knew about it all along. Such a burden must be such a secret. Did I mention I met him yesterday? Yes, it was the Opera about the young Ulic Qel Droma where I ran into him.? Surely nobody ran into a man like him, withut killing or persuading several bodyguards to stand out of the way first. Somehow the Duchess had managed to and had beaten the competition of the Chancellor himself and Lyria by a full day.

    ?Oh yes, he is such a charming young man. And very open to nnew ideas. I was surprised how well he spoke of our system. I thought that is a man the Chancellor should meet. If only to enjoy this man´s encyclopedic knowledge of galactic opera! Actually . . . ? She made a grand gesture and laughed out loud. ?I have such a spledid idea. I invited him tonight for dinner. A few friends are coming as well and why are you and your wife not joining us? Even a Chancellor must eat someday!? She laughed out loud keeping the fascade of a superficial socialite for every second so believable most peeople doubted from time to time if she wasn´t just a good natured woman with a great deal of contacts.

    Aya envied her for such a perfect fascade.

    Being Cressa´s most influential supporter these days, he knew she was far more.

    Tag: Sinre, Trimaj (the HK 24 is still in sight)

    [color=blue][b]Coruscant, Opera, The Lounge[/b][/color]

    Operas in the afternoon were not unusual for Coruscant. Many directors preferred them to the artificial light of the night. [b]The Prince of Tion [/b] had swiflty gained a reputation to visit such events. He had rented a whole tower in the midst of Coruscants most praised cultural districts and had in his few days already been to half a dozen operas. [b]Alema Vao[/b] had guessed right the one that premiered in the Grande Opera on this very day was one he could not miss.

    [b]XIM[/b] was about the infamous [i]Xim the Despot[/i] and his tragic end at the hands of a traitor. History assumed he died as slave on a Hutt planet, but legend wanted his story to end otherwise. And legend was what Opera´s were made of. The Prince was a proud descendant of this Xim who had been so notorious more than 20.000 years ago and had spend a small fortune to secure a lodge with the most excellent view on the piece.

    As the third and final act ended he wandered to the lounge for special guests as it was expected. Surrounded by his guards in black suits and in company of two bresthtaking human woman he entered the lounge opposite to Alema. He was chatting, gesturing and presenting his winning smile at every opportunity. For a noble he himself was disturbingly handsome. And his eyes seemed to wander through te room. They fell>
  11. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Near Telos, The Ereesi Ship

    It was a minute before the Admiral replied.

    ?Onasi here. The Argazdan Redoubt did this?? He had so far clearly expected it to be the work of pirates. ?Last thing we needed. These guys slaughtering civilians outside the Kanz-Sector. Secure the ship. I´ll send a team of techs over to take over and navigate it to Telos. Looks like we might have another problem at hands. The Bloody Banner attacked one of our ships. Get things tied up over there and prepare to be shipped back to the Justice. If we hurry, we might be able to catch them this time.? Onasi spoke to someone farther away, then returned. ?Good work, Narr. Good work.? He cut the line. Dead Ereesi, pirates laying siege to his fleet. The Admiral had no chance of getting reinforcments out here and they found new battles and problems to take care of almost daily.

    Craven, one of her Iktochi troopers who was not as new as the rest of her squad came running to Shirzan Narr. He looked around as if he expected spies on the ghostship. Paranioa was something hard to get rid off on a ship full of dead. ?Sir, erm Ma´am. We took the bridge. This was not the only ship of it´s fleet. We found a log that actually a second ship . . . ? He took a deep breath. ?Escaped some cataclystic event on Ereesi. They used the word fleeing. The other ships seems to have been stranded, when it´s hyperdrive core failed. The attackers seem to have overlooked it. We got the cooridnates. It is near Corvis Minor, actually.? He nodded and looked around again. ?They might still be alive.? He added catching breath.

    Her men slowly gathered around her to hear the news. Even the youngest among them nodded in silent consent. They all had joined the troops to keep people from doing things like this. None of them wanted another massacre like this to happen.

    "Maybe we should get them soemwhere save?? The youngest of them, a female Togorian called Zazza spoke out loud.

    Tag: Leigh

    ooc: Fin you got a PM for Ion Tarsis
  12. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Devlesa Avilan
    Outside the Crying Bird, Trevi City, Trevi IV

    [blockquote]The image on the datapad produced a tug deep in Devlesa Avilan's mind, a slight pull that narrowed his eyes independently of the stinging sun. It wasn't that the face looked strange, really - if you'd ever left your home planet for more than a day no type of face can surprise you, hell, you're surprised to see faces that don't. Which technically meant that those faces surprised you, too. But in different way. Because they weren't surprising in the first way. Dig? You see crazy stuff, is the point.

    The thing of it was that the face looked familiar, and not familiar like it was a guy he knew but familiar like it was a guy he should know. A face that cried out to him across accumulated centuries, a name whispered louder and louder throughout the galaxy with each passing year since until the whisper became a firm voice and a set jaw and that firm voice became a shout and that shout became a vein popping scream, a declaration of identity that indelibly left its mark upon the stars. You know, or something. Anyway, all Devlesa said was, "He looks mean." He briefly considered saying something vaguely mystical but opted against it.

    Somewhere in this bustling hub here was a man who called himself the Prophet, and since first hearing rumor of him the Ryn's tail had been twitching. Just because he employed the tricks of the trade didn't mean there weren't real clairvoyants out there. Anyway, even if he was another showman, he was a very successful one, more successful than Devlesa had been in any of his years, and the Ryn longed to know his secret - stars knew he hadn't picked up his itinerant peoples' knack for it. Of oourse, the Captain didn't know that, and Devlesa intended to keep it that way.

    The Ryn closed his eyes and placed a hand on the Captain's shoulder, and spoke in the dreamy voice he did when he was connecting with...whatever. "I wonder," he said, "what the Prophet would have to say. Perhaps he can bless us on our way, purge us of bad luck. There's only so much I'm capable of with charms and incense, and one can never be too careful..." He fluttered his eyes as if waking from a dream, and smiled expectantly.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Ramza, Winged
  13. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Argazdan, Temple of Via, The Upper Levels
    (thanks to MyrialofKanz for input)

    Balazar followed his mother upwards to the command center. It had been integrated into the Temple only recently. A crusade needed a place to be planned and monitored and therefore the tactical center of operations, as the militray called it, was a place as sacred as all others in the temple. It was another path to the will of their Goddess.

    Long, dark and illuminated by green projections of various planets it´s dark metal interior was a clear contrast to the yellow sandstone the Temple was made of.

    Her third son Golias awaited them there. The middle son was a bulky man, bigger than both his brothers. He was wearing a simple tunic and his eyes lay on the scematics of a yet to be build ship. Many considered him to be the less intelligent of the three. His bulky appearance and simple features seemed to suggest that. His family knew his intelligence was just of another kind. He had three dregree in engineering. His mother had made it possible for him to study on Byblos and Kuat. And his untattoed face was a painful reminder he had favoured the study of cold metal to the warm embrace of his Goddess will.

    ?Mother, the fleet is ready.? He announced in his low bariton voice.

    And before their eyes a new projection appeared over the round table. Admirals and attachées were present and now turned to the center of the room. One hundred Praetorian-Class gunships appeared. All of them refitted to fit Golias ideas. And in the center of these ships ? that once the Republic had given them ? lay Golias greatest pride. The twenty warships of the Viatan-Class. Long, sleek and powerful. And in the most inner circle, like a testament of the young man´s abilities were three large shadows. The Siege-Platforms.

    Golias eyes glowed with fascination. ?Beautiful, aren´t they?? he asked. Balazar though did not allow himself to be distracted. ?One single ship is missing though. Mother. The Martyr under Captain Lod has not returned.? He said. Golias blinked and looked to his mother, as if he realized it could be expected from him zo listen. ?Yes. Yes it has not returned.? He added.

    All eyes were on their Prophet now. Again Balazar was the only one who dared to address his mother. ?Don´t you think it is about time you tell us why you send him away? And what his purpose is??

    Tag: MyrialofKanz


    [color=red][b]Argazdan, City of Parzin, The Market[/b][/color]

    The young man excused himself and took a small plate with some reeky meat and some sort of rice and slowly came towards [b]Ashlae[/b]. His way of moving had something hypnotic, yet from him no hostility radiated more something like compassion.

    ?Greetings Jedi. I am [b]Beq[/b], servant of the Mothergoddess Via and the High priest in this town called Parzin.? He bowed deeply, not allowing one piece of food to escape the plate. He was extraordinary young for a high priest, obviously. Yet when he spoke one felt a gentle authority. ?It is our way to see the needs of others and help them satisfy them. What I see in you is a lack of guidance and hunger. You might not admit it, but your body is in need of food. Therefore I humbly ask you to allow me to invite you to this simple meal. It is all I can offer, but the meat is very fresh and the coba are delicious, I promise you.? He offered her the plate. The people on the market turned towards him and her. And from the red robes guards in armour Ashlae felt a surprising intensity of guilt and shame.

    Something under the surface began to ripple, though. A slight tremble in the force, probably to subtle to be perceived yet. It came not from Beq. But it was there, more a matter of feeling than perception.

    ?You would honor my service to my Goddess.? Beq added with a smile.

    [b]Tag: JediTEE[/b]
  14. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Manaan; Altho City, Hangar

    Teuka smiled. Good man his grin said. Then it frooze on his face. He stared at the Mule

    ?A very special friend of mine failed me. I want you to finsh what he has begun, Dus . . . Mule. You call yourself Mule these days, hm? Good fit. Stubborn as you are.?

    A face appeared in the holographic display of Teuka. A man´s face.


    ?We got no name, we got no friends for you. All I have is the face and the promise you won´t be the only one hunting him. There will be competition on this one, my old friend. It´s a job for a tough guy. For a good old oneman slaughterhouse. The right job for a sith Asassin without any other friend in all the galaxy, except me.? Teuka stepped back and the face vanished.

    ?I´ll give you a head start. He was last seen on Chandrila. Should be pretty disoriented. Easy as stealing candy from a child. But probably hard to find. A good hin, friend. A good hunt.?

    Teuka vanished and left the Mule alone in the hangar. Of course he could not simply trust a former Sith. No, he had given him a much too important task. The doors opened and three Selkath came in. Huge, broad and aggressive. ?Customs control. Throw away your weapons. SITH!? The first spitted out the word Sith.

    Teuka had to test his abilites. Had to see if the Mule still had the edge. And hell, probably Teuka would simply enjoy seeing him kill.

    Tag: TSG

    Have I forgot anybody? Please pm me.
  15. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    And to make it officially . . . many of you might have heard about it . . .

    [blockquote]Sarge221 has joined that staff of GMs.


    Welcome to the show, Sarge!

    And this means, we´re open for players once more. Anybody who wants to join, send one of the thre GMs a PM with your idea or character sheet!
  16. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    GM Approved :)

    Name: Culain Del Jinn
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:medium length wavy light brown hair, 5'8, athletic build, serious yellow tinged green eyes, Black knee length boots, black pants, low slung utility belts,dark green sash around waist, black well worn high collar jacket (buttoned up the side)that falls to the knees and split up the sides to the hips, left arm sleeve missing, arm length sith tattoo down left arm, black fingerless gloves.
    Rank&Affiliation: Sith warrior
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: single red bladed lightsaber
    Equipment: utility belts, emergency rations, commlink
    Bio: Culain has no memory of his early life, all he has ever known is his life among the sith, his former master was a efficient yet brutal man who prefered to hammer Culain into the warrior he wanted rather than guide him. Since a boy Culain was indoctrinated into his masters particular form of sith teachings, his heavy emphasis on a strong, immovable warriors code setting him apart from other dark lords. As a result Culain grew into a highly skilled lightsaber duellist who though utterly ruthless, cold and goal driven, respected strength and skill, even in his enemies. He served with his master in the sith/ jedi wars proving the death of many soldiers and jedi, When his master was killed at malachor V he was cast adrift. moving into the shadows so as to avoid both the jedi and his rival sith, Several times since he has faced down both sith and jedi, vowing never to bow to another. The most startling event being when he witness a duel between a jedi knight and a sith and seeing that after the jedi one the sith struck him from behind as he turned to leave, culain leapt between them, blocking the blow and severing the siths head. The jedi turned instantly recognising another sith, Yet all that Culain would say is "you fought with honour...he didnt" before force leaping into the darkness. Culain now waits in the shadows for a sign of things to come, from the will of the force, and the time to enforce true honour on the galaxy...honour under his strength and domination.

  17. CrystalFixation

    CrystalFixation Jedi Youngling

    Nov 6, 2006
    Approved by the Co-GM!
    Name: Atton Rand
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Corellia
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5'9", dark brown hair of average length, hazel eyes
    Rank&Affiliation: Scoundrel, The Old Republic
    The Force: Sensitive, but not a Jedi
    Weapons: Modified heavy blaster pistol
    Equipment: Ribbed jacket, grey striped slacks, brown fingerless gloves, black shoes
    Bio: One of many of the notorious Exile's followers, [link=]Atton Rand[/link] is a skilled combatant, not only with a pistol, but also as a practitioner of the Echani arts. He is a competent slicer, using his technological prowess to save the Exile and her companions from sticky situations on many occasions. Once a participant of the Mandalorian Wars, Atton faced many force wielders who sought to manipulate his will, therefore Atton's mentality is comparable to a fortress of which none can easily access.
  18. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Argazdan, City of Parzin, The Market

    [ul]Ashlae looked at the young man who smiled at her previously. She smiled back in return to show respect. But now the young man was coming toward her with a plate of food. Had she given the wrong impression. Why was he coming here. Ashlae wasn't sure yet she could sense no hostility in him. Infact he had an compassionate feel to him, one could say hypnotic. Though Ashlae still had a mistrust only because she felt it earlier around the men in masks and the majority of people.

    ?Greetings Jedi. I am Beq, servant of the Mothergoddess Via and the High priest in this town called Parzin.?

    Hearing the word Jedi made her wince inside. With so much confusion in her and the wars that took a toll on the galaxy. Ashlae wasn't sure if she should represent the Jedi. Shaking off her thoughts off she instead thought it was best to greet the young and hopefully find a way off this planet. Maybe he could help her find a ship that maybe setting out.

    She now focused on the young priest. Still she couldn't believe that one so young could rise so far in rank. He must be quite extraordinary indeed.

    ?It is our way to see the needs of others and help them satisfy them. What I see in you is a lack of guidance and hunger. You might not admit it, but your body is in need of food. Therefore I humbly ask you to allow me to invite you to this simple meal. It is all I can offer, but the meat is very fresh and the coba are delicious, I promise you.? He offered her the plate.

    "Thank you Beq for kindness, I will gladly accept this. I am Ashlae by the way. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance." She said with a smile on her face.

    She could feel the people in the market including the red robed guards eyes on both of them. She also felt an intensity of guilt and shame from them. This was astonishing to her because it happened all of a sudden. She remembered her master saying to that it takes a true sense of a person to acknowledge their weaknesses and over come it with wisdom. Maybe the people in the market had a change of heart and realized that she was no threat to them.

    Something under the surface began to ripple, though. A slight tremble in the force, It came not from Beq. But it was there, more a matter of feeling than perception. Something was not right. She learned along time ago to go with her gut feelings. She had to see not with her eyes but with the force and what it was trying to tell her.

    ?You would honor my service to my Goddess.? Beq added with a smile.

    "I would be honored to do so, Beq" Ashlae smiled back as she gratefully took the plate of food.[/ul]

    TAG: TGI
  19. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    Paladin Halcyon - Entrance Hall of the Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    As Brianna introduced him to Zariz, Paladin felt a twinge of regret. She has it too. The mark of an outcast, even more so than me. I should be able to control my emotions better.

    And he would have to, he felt. Here was a full-fledged Jedi Knight, not some half-trained Force Sensitive. Find out what they want, and then give it to them. In the way that most benefits you, of course. His father?s voice echoed. It had been good to see him the last couple of years, but he was certainly no Jedi. My place is here, Paladin thought. After Zariz dismissed Brianna, he answered her, with a bit more politeness than he had just shown Brianna.

    ?Thank you for the welcome, Jedi Zariz. I, however, am no knight, it pains me to say. I had not taken the Trials before the wars took my Master and the other Jedi from us. Hopefully, whoever is on the new Council will wish to knight me as soon as possible.?

    As he said this, he thought about the person they were waiting on. Bastila Shan. The hero who stopped Darth Revan, and redeemed him. What kind of woman is she? What does she have to tell us? Is she strong enough to lead?

    TAG: Draco, Fins
  20. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Shirzan Narr
    Near Telos - The Ereesi ship

    ?Onasi here. The Argazdan Redoubt did this? Last thing we needed. These guys slaughtering civilians outside the Kanz-Sector. Secure the ship. I´ll send a team of techs over to take over and navigate it to Telos. Looks like we might have another problem at hands. The Bloody Banner attacked one of our ships??

    Shirzan sighed and shook her head, the bloody banner had been a force pike in the side of the republic for a long time. They preyed on republic space routes, ambushed republic vessels and had killed hundreds of their people. The biggest slap in the face however, was that at the head of the bloody banner, the perpetrator of these crimes, was a former republic captain. A man called Ion Tarsis. Once a dedicated and respected officer, it was said that he had worked alongside the mysterious and powerful Revan during the wars. He set off with his fleet as a hero, and returned as a criminal. Shirzan knew that war could change and affect people in different ways, weather intentionally or unintentionally. She wondered what it was that would cause this man to renounce his former ideals and callously kill former colleagues, allies and friends. And so he was out there, an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the republic fleet at his disposal. He knew the procedures, he knew the weak spots, he knew the manoeuvres, the levels of defence and of firepower. And this is what made him a dangerous adversary. She recalled one officer describing it as trying to beat up your shadow. An interesting analogy but he did have a valid point.

    ??Get things tied up over there and prepare to be shipped back to the Justice. If we hurry, we might be able to catch them this time?Good work, Narr. Good work

    The transmission was cut and the line went dead. Shirzan took a couple of seconds to contemplate the admirals words. The bloody banner on one side, the Argazdan mystery on the other. This assignment was turning out to be far from routine. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of quick footfalls echoing through the cargo bay. Turning around, she noticed it was Craven running towards her. He was a skilled and hard working soldier, but she could read in his expressions and actions that maybe he wasn?t feeling too comfortable on the eerie ship. He was breathing heavy from running as he came to a stop in front of her.

    ?Sir, erm Ma´am. We took the bridge. This was not the only ship of it?s fleet. We found a log that actually a second ship . . . ? He took a deep breath. ?Escaped some cataclysmic event on Ereesi. They used the word fleeing. The other ships seems to have been stranded, when it?s hyperdrive core failed. The attackers seem to have overlooked it. We got the coordinates. It is near Corvis Minor, actually.? He nodded and looked around again. ?They might still be alive.?

    A flicker of surprise crossed the Zabraks face at this news. Her men listened to the news, she could tell they were all thinking the same thing.

    "Maybe we should get them somewhere safe??

    Shirzan looked at the young Togorian soldier named Zazza who spoke up. She was the youngest of the squad, but Shirzan was impressed by her potential and commitment to her job. The Ereesi may not have been the most loved species in the galaxy, but no-one deserved slaughter on this scale. Someone on that stranded ship would have to know the full extent of what was going on in the Kanz sector. If they wanted answers, that?s where they should be heading. Looking back at her men, she nodded in agreement

    ?The Ereesi don?t flee, other species flee from them. If this is true then there?s something much bigger going on in the Kanz sector then we know about. We can?t do anything until the techs get here and stabilse the ship. Once we get back to the Justice, I?ll brief admiral Onasi on your findings as a top priority. Until then we have our orders. Secure the ship, the techs will be here soon?

    Tag: TGI
  21. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    Artus Prime, Outside Nerberts Grill

    [blockquote]It was far from a clean world, and made Mira glad she had done something to her nose to block scents a long time ago. It also had the benefit of messing up a lot of gasses, although she?d never completely understood the how of that one. Looking around, she spotted her contact. Finally.

    Walking over to the Rodian, she scowled. "What took you so long. We were supposed to meet an hour ago." Mira crossed her arms just below her breasts, glaring.

    Nervously the Rodian's hands twisted around each other. "Dimial is sorry. Dimial not be late again. But-"

    "Dimial assumes there will be an again. Now have you found him?" Mira was out of patience.

    Cowering slightly Dimial pointed towards the grill. "Dimial following him was why Dimial was late. Dimial is sorry."

    Mira turned and frowned. "I didn't see him go in. Are you sure of that?" Glancing back at the Rodian she was not sure that she trusted him in the slightest. But if he wasn't good about his information, Dimial knew he wouldn't get paid. Or would get killed sooner or later.

    Dimial nodded. "Dimial is sure. Dimial knows what Dimial saw, and who Dimial was following. It was who she gave Dimial a holo of." Cringing slightly, "Dimial gets paid now?" He held out a hand hesitantly.

    Sighing, Mira reached into her pocket. "If he isn't there I will find you." Then she handed him a credit chit.

    Dimial grabbed it and ran off, leaving Mira to deal with the pirate captain who supposedly was eating inside. Heading inside Mira walked to the bar, taking note of where everyone was sitting, but not spotting Captain Halder. He was a rather easy person to miss though, not being very large or bulky. He was reportedly hell with a vibroblade and pistol though.

    Ordering a drink Mira finally spotted the weaselly looking Halder in a corner. Deciding to watch him for a moment, she remembered that timing was everything. Especially when you need someone alive.[/blockquote]


    [b][u]IC: HK-47[/b][/u]
    [i]Meeting Room, Coruscant[/i]

    [blockquote]Being part of a retinue was not precisely what HK-47 had ever wanted. To be the primary bodyguard of any meatbag was definitely not what he'd ever wanted, yet somehow he found himself in the unenviable position of both to the chancellor of the Republic, one Cressa.

    Cressa had made this walk every day since HK had been there, which while it had just been for a week seemed far longer. HK wasn't entirely sure if he could feel emotions, but the sense of loathing that went through him every time he was around this many squishy meatbags without being able to do great amounts of harm to all of them was infuriating. Ever since the Exile things had been far too boring. No more wars, no more jobs, no more anything. Really, HK didn't want any droids around him either, they might blast him in the back. Being the only one left in the galaxy would be quite nice, save for the boredom.

    HK was not fond of the layout in the Senate District, given that he was trying to protect someone. Were he going to be hunting and killing, the sheer amount of confusion that could be created here would be amazing. And quite fun to watch, all the squishy meaty parts in pieces and their blood running across the floor. It warmed the capacitors in his chassis.

    What bothered the droid the most was that he wasn't holding a blaster rifle, pistol, rocket launcher or any other particularly viable weapon. All he had was the blaster that had been incorporated into his arms, which were not anywhere near as powerful as he would have liked. Why, it could hardly go through a droids armor. Pitiful.

    While walking through the balconies, HK saw something he had not expected to find in this particular distract: another HK droid. In this case an HK-24, and older model, but still effective. [i]Questioning Observation: Most curious. I wonder who is slated to die. Mournful Remark: A shame it isn't my task.[/i] Taking note of its designation, HK decided to track it's movements as well as he could.

    Turning b>
  22. Bishomon

    Bishomon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2011

    Name: Aethia Rangeth (Alias: Ylyria Skyfire)
    Age: 20
    Species: Human/Sith
    Planet of Birth: Aadon
    Gender: Female
    Rank&Affiliation:  Sith
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: She has a ?fire bending? ability and two light sabers with maroon blades and black/silver hilts.
    Equipment: She wears a black trench coat with hidden compartment for her two light sabers.
    Bio: Born an only child to the exceedingly wealthy Governor of Aadon, Lord Rangeth, Aethia grew up with the best education that could be given to her. At age ten, she was sent away to learn to fighting arts. On the way, a Dark Master reached out to her, and turned her path aside to darkness. Around this time, she gain use of fire bending from a young slave of the Kanz Sector. It was then that Aethia took on the Alias Ylyria Skyfire, which she prefers to be called, to prevent her less liberal parents from discovering that their child was quickly beginning to follow a path of darkness. Now twenty, Ylyria has discovered her force talents and has quickly put them to use as an assassin. Skilled in the dark arts, she is one of the last surviving sith, working for a cause shrouded in mystery. . .
  23. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Alema Vao
    Coruscant, Alema?s Private Apartment
    Alema stood before a full length mirror in her private quarters, alternating holding up two distinct evening dresses in front of her near-naked body. She finally settled on a black corset style gown with a black, metallic printed mermaid skirt. Tossing it onto her bed, she strolled with the rejected back over to her extensive wardrobe.


    Out of the closet she selected two knee-high black leather boots, complete with 15cm high heels. She sat down next to the table upon which the datapad that Lady Adrimar had given her laid and pulled on each boot. Next to the datapad laid the long, black, fingerless gloves that were part of the luxurious dinner dress. On top of which laid her comlink.


    She opened the drawer, pulled out her two daggers, and slid each into the concealed sheathes that had been stitched to the inside of her boots. She took a cursory glance at the datapad and confirmed the curtain time for the opera XIM, playing at the Grande Opera Hall. According to the Prince?s file he was an avid supporter of the arts, in particular operas. She knew that he would not be passing up the opportunity to attend an opera based on the life and death of Xim the Despot, whom the Prince was descendent from.

    The dress had been accessorized by a long, beaded necklace that ended at the knees of the model at the dress shop. Alema instead had a headdress created, which mimic the shop accessory, that wrapped around her tchin*. The headdress was not the only alteration that Alema had ordered for this particular outfit. On the original gown, the corset blouse and the mermaid skirt were stitched together seamlessly. But on Alema?s dress, the corset was not a blouse but actually a cat-suit without leggings and the skirt was attached with quick release hooks.

    The Senatorial Aide was always prepared for action. It was a principle that had been hammered into her by her warrior father. She did not foresee having to utilize this specific feature for its originally intended purpose, but perhaps for another is a distinct possibility. She securely tucked her comlink into her cleavage, threw on her black overcoat, and headed for her speeder.

    The trip over to the opera house was uneventful, but instead of parking with the other patrons, Alema parked in the workers hanger. She then made her way up the lounge that the Prince had rented upon arriving planetside. Alema knew that she would have to pass through several layers of security if she tried to approach the Prince within his private box. Luckily for her, Alema had a contact amongst the service staff at the opera.

    Her contact, the bartender of Prince?s lounge, granted her access through the service back areas. Now all she had to do was wait for the Prince to leave his box and cross into the lounge. The Prince had come into the lounge with two human female companions on both arm and four black suited guards. At first she thought she might have to switch to an alternate plan, but then his eyes found hers.

    The strikingly attractive aristocrat ventured across the room to the bar near her and he ordered a Corellian Sunrise. Alema coyly glanced over at the obvious playboy and noticed him glancing at his guards. She gently nudged her tchun** back over her shoulder and saw the guards stand back. She slinked over to noble and simply said, ?My name is Alem?avao and I would like to get to know you better.?[/blockquote]
    TAG: TGI
  24. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Atris
    Criton's Point, Library of Xer

    [blockquote]Atris held her breath, as Gnaar regaled her with the tale of Xerbel the Conquerer. She had never known the full extent of the Xim regime, dismissing it as another humanocentric kingdom in the Rim, as was all the rage at the time. To hear that Xerbel reached Korriban, on behalf of Xim, suggested very heavily that there was involvement between Xim and the Sith.

    She could all but guess at it all... but if Xerbel had met the original Sith species on Korriban, and then carried that back into the Tion? And this had only been discovered recently? Actually, it memory served Atris right, Criton's Point had only been discovered relatively recently, as a jump away from Dantooine, itself deep in the Unknown Regions.

    Atris began to connect dots. Perhaps Criton's Point's discovery had caused some kind of shadowy force to fear that they would be discovered, causing the recently four centuries of Sith and Dark Jedi-related conflict? The Beast Wars of Onderon, the Vultar Cataclysm, the Kunites and so forth? And because the Jedi had found Criton's Point, this shadowy theoretical foe could hardly strike, as they would draw the attention of the Order itself.

    Careful, little one.

    The Jedi Master felt the rebuke in the Holocron's tone, in voice the old woman known as Kreia, and calmed her thoughts. In her excitement, she had allowed her thoughts to leak out, and she stilled them, lest she betray herself further.

    Nodding to herself, Atris took the key reverently, and spoke. "I shall clear this beast for you, Master Librarian." And with that she made her way to the floor, not once reflecting on the fact that she'd had her lightsaber confiscated by the Jedi Exile, and was, theoretically, unarmed. But she was also a Jedi Master.

    She would find a way, for the sake of the galaxy.

    And if she found out that the Sith did lead back to Tion, then she would wipe out every last Tionese in the galaxy.

    For the sake of the galaxy.[/blockquote]

    TAG: TGI
  25. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Ion Tarsis
    Aboard the Bloody Banner

    He returned to his quarters. The tall but spartanic Captain´s quarters. Build for a Mandalorian commander a long time ago, he had made htem his own. Few people were allowed to enter here. He could be himself once in a while.

    Slowly he walked over to his bar and took the finest Socorian wine he had in the little stash. He poured a glass, then added a bit more and walked over to the viewport that was the left wall. Space lay out there. White lines before black background. Hyperspace.

    "To the men I killed today!" He toasted towards the void. "I am certain they were much finer man than I am." He took a sip and sighed again. "Sorry, pals. I am truly sorry." he added then. A beep informed him someone wanted to enter. "come in." He said. Could only be one person in the ship who dared to.

    Tag: TGI

    [i]Jedi Temple[/i]

    He wasn´t even a Jedi. Well, that was something she had not thought of. No council after Katarr meant no appointments. No trials. No official leadership.

    "There is no Council." Zariz saw no sense in talking around that critical point. "Only Bastila Shan who summoned us here and even she denied to be considered our leader." Zariz added with a sad smile. "I am afraid we have not yet reached that ammount of reorganisation. so if Bastila Shan doesnt appoint you a Jedi, I am uncertain who could. Or would." Zariz smiled. "but if you feel you are a Jedi Knight, feel free to annoucne it. Solutions will be found. Solutions is what we all came here for."

    She looked over to Brianna. "Actually there are many things that have not happened as they used to. Many unorthodox ways the force had forced people on." Zariz sighed. "Yet, we have survived, have we?" Her look retruned to the young man. With the force she reached out to him, trying to find out more. She wished Xelon had come with her. His insight in this would have been so very useful. Because Zariz felt as if it had not been a coincidence she had talked to hte boy.

    [b]Tag: tjace, GM[/b]>
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