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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    OOC: Sorry, I forgot to include these in my original post above. *tchin=Ryl for right lekku; **tchun=Ryl for left lekku.
  2. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    OOC: hey guys just wondering when the newbies will be introduced? :)
  3. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    OOC: You'll be getting your update later today Morkai. I was just waiting to see who else I was going to be responsible for. Please be patient [face_peace]
  4. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    OOC: wow feeling like a tool lol, cheers man :),i'll calm down, looking forward to it :)
  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Supreme Chancellor Cressa
    Coruscant; Senate District, Baconies

    [blockquote]Cressa smiled at the Duchess of Kuat. She was several steps ahead of him, nudging everything along in her direction. Cressa gladly rewarded her world with warship contracts - in context, of course. Nobody need think they were more important than the other, after all. She was a marvel, nonetheless, and this dinner with the Prince was another perfect meeting. "I would love to come. I cannot speak for my wife, however."

    The situations were diffuse, but all nipping at him. Cressa sighed, letting the Duchess spoil the mood with details, but he also lapped in the information. He decided, swiftly. "The Bloody Banner must be dealt with, and the Jedi need to be kept busy, one supposes. I have no doubt that the Senate will support the spoonbenders being tasked with dealing with the pirates. Keeps them out of Senate affairs."

    Cressa mused. Also, it made sense for him to keep the Jedi weak, and distracted. They had a history of forcing democracy upon the galaxy (what a contradiction!) and they would never allow themselves to see the big picture; democracy and war do not mix. And the war was so very much still on. Just because the main enemy, the Sith, had disintegrated didn't mean that the war against Chaos was over. And to defeat Chaos, one had to apply Order to it. Democracy simply couldn't do that, without any teeth.

    Until the military was recovered, he was the teeth of democracy. The soldier, defending it from the long night.

    "And to the Prince, well, we have your delightful dinner to look forward to." Cressa smirked. "We are truly fortuitous that you happened upon him, my dear."

    He absently noticed his protocol form was losing track of itself. "Keep up, 47."[/blockquote]

    TAG: TGU, Trimaj
  6. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    ooc: Don´t worry. We all now how it feels to wait for a first post.

    Speaking of which, I think SirakRomar updates sometime from today until tomorrow. I´ll do my update on Monday.
  7. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=black]Chandrila, Grass Plains[/hl]

    The pain grew more and more intense. there were echoes in his head. Although he could not be sure if it were voices. Too many. Too many.

    The woman raised her gun and the second painful spasm went through The Man. Then everything went dark.

    Grass. Again. But this is different. Different grass. Different planet. He looks around and follows a small path through the grass. He is not alone. Someone walks behind him. And then the grass ends and white plates are the beginning of civilization. Giant white plates shielding the grass. Burying it underneath. An iron skin for the planet. They reach all the way from his feet to the miles away city that he can see. It´s only shade. But he can make out the most characteristic feature. Towers.

    The White Towers in the background are the visible signs of a giant city that rose from the ground into the sky as a monument of civilizations superiority. It must be forty of them. ?Are you sure you wanna do this?? A female voice asks him. The Man hears his own voice reply. ?No.?

    There is a speeder waiting. It waits for him.


    Reality comes back in a blurry mix of headache and thirst.

    ?You did what?? A male´s voice.
    ?I thought he wanted to attack.? The woman´s voice.
    ?Why the hell should he do that? Sis, he was wandering out there with an antique gun? What did you think he was, a psychopathic museum director??
    ?Cale, I did not think. I already told you.?
    ?And what is he doing here anyway??
    ?I brought him here. What else should I do? I stunned him. He would have died out there.?
    ?Gimme a break, Sissybear. You shoot that guy and then you pick him up and bring him here? You can´t be that desperate!?
    ?Cale, I just wanted to help him.?
    "Sure. Shoot him. Help him."
    ?Then why shoot him in the first place, Sissybear??
    ?I hate it when you call me that!?
    ?Sweet sister, better??
    ?Hey, I think he wakes up.?
    ?Yeah, looks like it. sissybear, get him something to eat.?
    "What will yo udo?"
    "I am gonna shoot him, that´s why I asked you to get him food. Getting killed makes guys always hungry. Stupid question, I´ll talk to him and apologize for you Sissybear."
    "I know, great big brother I am."

    Someone steps towards him and looks down. The Man feels a glass of water given to him into his hand.


    ?Good morning, pal. Heard you like a good walk. I am Cale. The guy whose sister shot you with a stungun. I thought if a guy likes to walk, a guy likes to drink.? He pointed towards the water. ?What is your name, pal??

    Tag: Mitth

    Trevi IV, Crashsite

    The boy looked at him and then slowly downwards to the gun. No emotion seemed to cross his face. His blue eyes seemed to hide any feelings he might have had. If there was any feelings to begin with.

    ?Must have been on the ship.? Belob shouted from behind and started to walk slowly back to Lyle. The boy looked at Belob him and then suddenly there was emotion. His eyes widened and he shook his head. In the same second a burst of dark energy send a shockwave into the force and with this burst and outcry came a fading presence of Belob.

    When Lyle turned around he only saw the upper half of Belob fall to the ground, while his legs made another three steps before realizing they were dead. Humming behind him cowered a dark figure. It had leaped from the smoke of the crashed ship and now slowly rose to full height and stared directly at Lyle. The red glowing blade in his hand hummed like a hungry predator.


    Only when the Attacker straightened his body the pain he was in radiated into the force. It mixed with the cold deadly presence of him into a cauldron of hatred. It was the presence of a Sith. The Sith robe fell to the side and Lyle coul
  8. Bishomon

    Bishomon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2011
    OOC: Oops, I forgot to add a link to Ylyria's appearance :p Sorry! Here it is-
    I hope that works. . . copy and paste to a new tab.

  9. dreven_Aarkanin

    dreven_Aarkanin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2010
    IC: Keth-Omm
    Location: Trevi chamber of commerce

    The man who called himself a prophet began to speak, but Keth didn't hear it. The man's words were lost as Keth descended into a vision.

    the stark blackness of space surrounded him. against the cold black backdrop was a small asteroid; unimportant in itself, but now elevated to a far higher purpose. He reached out a tentative hand in the asteroid's direction, and the vision shattered.

    Keth abruptly fell out of the vision. a hollow feeling was left behind, and he wondered why.

    deciding to store the vision and puzzle over its delicate intricacies later, he turned toward the prophet again, who by this time was standing. "You see?" The Prophet asked.

    Keth could see the other Jedi move his hands, onto what he didn't know.

    He slid his lightsaber out a gripped it. "What does the asteroid mean?"

    TAG: Daan, TGI
  10. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Trevi IV; Trevi-City; Chamber of Commerce

    The Prophet looked at the lightsaber of Keth-Omm and his gaze wandered of the long hilt.

    "The Asteroid itself means nothing. It is what makes this Asteroid move, what it holds within. This is not an ordinary Asteroid. This Asteroid will kill millions. This asteroid could change everything. It could end the age of peace and make it an even darker age than the one that has passed. This Asteroid is where the fate of many, many living beings will be decided. It haunts me in my dreams, it plagues my visions. This Asteroid, what is in it, what is behind it, what it means and what it stands for . . . must be stopped. And you my Jedi friends, you who wander through the galaxy looking for a sense behind it all, for a purpose . . ." The Proophet raised his hand and showed it´s palm as if anything special was about it. His disturbingly young face with the ancient eyes slowly lay to the side. "You . . . will once again be Jedi. "

    He paused. "Because of that Asteroid." He added and smiled. Then his look fell on Satale. the young man had stood there and watched the scene unfold. Now he stepped back and almost stumbled into the sitting people behind him. "And he will take you there." The Prophet sad and his hand snapped into a position where one finger pointed at Satale. "You wanted to leave, didn´t you say so, Satale? If you want to survive the trip you are about to undertake, if you want to see your child and wife once more, you will take these two Jedi with you." Satale looked aroudn as if anybody coudl help him. then he looked at each of the two Jedi.

    "Are you threatening me, Prophet?" He asked, his voice trembling.

    "Merely pointing out your fate. And showing you the only way to escape it." The Prophet hissed. Then he turned to Marcus Daan. "That is what you are meant to do. Not by my will, but because the force that shows me my visions demands it. It is the only way." The Prophet said, nodded and returned to his seat. Sitting back. It seemed he had nothing more to say.

    Tag: Daan, dreven
  11. dreven_Aarkanin

    dreven_Aarkanin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2010
    IC: Keth-Omm
    Location: Trevi chambers of commerce

    The prophet's words hit him like a thunderbolt. Millions would die. all because of one asteroid. and yet, the prophet said he and this other Jedi had the power to stop it?

    What if this so-called Prophet was lying? What if this was all a hoax, just another trap like the one that had killed his master all those years ago.

    Yet could he gamble the lives of millions?

    No. Like it or not, no matter how far from the light he had walked, he was still a Jedi. No matter how hard the decisions, how dark the choices, he was still a Jedi.

    The prophet began speaking to the man behind him. "You wanted to leave, didn´t you say so, Satale? If you want to survive the trip you are about to undertake, if you want to see your child and wife once more, you will take these two Jedi with you." Satale looked at each of the two Jedi.

    "Are you threatening me, Prophet?" The man-Satale's-voice trembled.

    Keth put his lightsaber into the sheath on his back. "I will join you, Satale. Wherever you are going, it cannot hurt to have a two Jedi escort, right?" He glanced pointedly at the other Jedi, then used an ability long since mastered by his species; telepathy. He sent a message to the Other. he could not invade others' thoughts, though, so a long conversation was not possible. no, he kept it short and to the point. "You would Gamble millions?"

    He turned to follow Satale. Destiny and the force were here, intangibly intertwined. He could feel it.

    TAG: Daan, Sirak/TGI
  12. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Crash Site

    Lyle noticed the boy glance down at his blaster and he felt his shoulders tense, expecting the child to perhaps spring into action upon sighting the weapon. However, any alarm or some kind of action - specifically a hostile one - did not cross the boy's face and form. In fact...nothing really did seem to cross his face, his blue eyes empty of emotion. That didn't exactly put Lyle at ease but it did make him pause; the previous idea of pointing his blaster at him seeming to die down. But that didn't mean he wasn't on guard. His blaster remained tight in his grip and his finger hovered over the trigger just in case the boy didn't decide to suddenly leap into action.

    ?Must have been on the ship.?

    Lyle didn't even glance over his shoulder to see Belob and instead kept his focus directly on the boy. He didn't want to turn his attention away from him, even for a moment, less the kid decided to use any moment of inattentiveness to his advantage.

    But when the boy, who did look towards the Weequay, had his emotionless blue eyes widen, Lyle felt his danger sense explode with warning right before he felt the burst of dark energy...with a life being consumed by it.

    Lyle whirled around in time to see Belob drop to the ground. Well, his top half dropped to the ground; his legs made a couple steps forward before they toppled over as well. However, the Weequay's demise was something that immediately went to the back of Lyle's mind when he faced his partner's killer. The robes, the cold presence of death, hatred, and pain, and, most importantly, the red-bladed lightsaber that he held in hand. Unable to help himself, Lyle felt a flutter of fear himself when he realized that there was no mistaking a fully-grown and trained Sith. More startling, however, was the mask as Lyle found himself imagining if it was Darth Revan that was standing before him when combined with the robes and the armor.

    He banished those thoughts. No, it couldn't be the former Dark Lord despite how similarly dressed this Sith was.


    Lyle's blaster was up at this clear and present threat. His right foot digging into the sand, Lyle's left foot slid back while his right arm held the weapon forward in this stance. His left hand remained at his side, hovering over his belt as Lyle thought as to what weapon to fill his palm with. Other then a second blaster, he had a variety of small, handheld weapons and grenades - from a vibrodagger to a vibrowhip, a thermal detonator to a CryoBan grenade - and the ex-Jedi thought over each one as he waited for the Sith to make his move. As the robe fell away from his opponent, Lyle immediately noticed the two pieces of metal that stuck out from his body, drawing blood that dripped to the sand. Wounded. While that didn't make the danger go away Lyle was willing to take any handicap he could get.

    "...cannot have...?

    Lyle's finger tightened at the trigger but held back just a bit longer from adding that pound of pressure that would fire off a deadly blaster bolt. His legs tensed, ready to move if it was needed, and finally Lyle's fingers curled around the handle of the vibrowhip. Wounded as this Sith was, perhaps that would further give Lyle the edge if he was forced to make use of the exotic weapon. Few people ever learned to handle the whip and even fewer ever went up against it, including Sith.

    A sudden jolt went through Lyle as the image of wide, blue eyes came unbidden to his mind.

    What if he's after-

    "THE BOY!"

    Instinct and the Force guided Lyle's hands. He pulled the whip from his belt, it's length unrolling as he turned his body, following the Sith's jump before he struck. Expertly lashing out with the vibrowhip, the weapon immediately sought one of the Sith's trailing legs, hoping to wrap around one of them so, with a quick tug, Lyle could stop the Sith's jump short. His other hand, the one with the blaster pistol, came up and Lyle just fired bolt after bolt into the Sith's back. There was no mercy or restraint be
  13. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Culain Del Jinn

    Culain strode across the campsite to the young woman, black boots crunching in the loose soil underfoot, he leaned down and plucked the head out of the helmet looking into its vacant dead eyes. "mercenary" he stated in his rough baritone, casting the head carelessly aside he turned to survey the recently destroyed site, errant gusts of dry breeze plucking at his matte black robes and ruffling his hair as yellow/green eyes coldly surveyed the obvious carnage. Looking across at Ylyria he continued "mercenaries and civilian contractors here to steal what doesnt belong to them...this isnt republic work, it must be a private venture". running a hand through the length of his wavy hair he looked across the valley floor to the nearest open tomb, "i'll wager the thieves have made there way inside, we cannot allow them to gain anything that is ours by right!" he finished with a angry hiss. spinning on his heel he began to stalk across the valley to the tomb, unhooking his saber as he moved, "we should move quickly to intercept them" he said over his shoulder to the young assassin, the knowledge and power in this place was too valuable to be in the hands of some weak willed mercenary or pirate, he would destroy anyone who tried to stop him gaining that knowledge and power, and bringing order back to this forsaken galaxy.

    TAG: Bishomon, sarge221 :)
  14. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man
    Somewhere, Chandrila

    Voices, too many voices! It was a cacophony of sounds and voices that drowned his senses and mind from within. Or perhaps it was merely the sounds of a life forgotten blaring once more through the mind and instead of being recognized they simply trampled that which they were intended to grow. So the motes of light stayed as they were.

    A gun was raised that pain of spasming upon the air and likely the grass if his consciousness had survived such a thing was bound to have happened if not for darkness that swallowed from within to without. Yet?

    Grass, the organism of his life and only constant so far yet was here again. Though of a different breed, a different seed and world, how he knew mattered not but yet he dwelled upon this mote of light given as a gift.

    The path was set before him, and so he followed through the grass, another comes behind but he does not fear. Then the grass is subsumed and buried alive beneath the plates of white that beget their own field to stretch forth to forty towers rising from this ironed skin to jut like hair of an iron world within a spike straight up into the skies. White, as though to claim an age that in truth would yet have to yield to that of the grassy planes.

    ?Are you sure you wanna do this?? a female voice yet asks him, his own unbidden as though a memory replies it?s subdued ?No.?

    The speeder waits yet as the one he left had seemed to wait, but this one he somehow knew waited for him.

    Pain once more in head resumed, but not of noise, yet of being. So to thirst was beset upon him and so he might of moved if not for those two voice not yet overriding that spoke. So he listened.

    They said much before they noted his wakefulness, and so she who shot him left to get him a eat and the stepped closer and so he let his eyes hang open. To stare into a new face, male, man. A glass of water is pressed into his hand and he finds it pulled up to his lips were he sips. Not yet wanting to appear over eager as well as noting what sudden motions had yet gotten him.

    When his name was asked finally already he had drunk a quarter of the glass in an unending sip that yet drew the water. Brows pulled down in wonder he casted about within those motes of internal illumination. ?I-I? he paused casting about with eyes and mind he found nothing. Looking imploringly at the man that was called Cale he searched with eyes again, ?I remember grass and a speeder, a woman. Then. . .nothing.? he sat there naked, if not in clothing then in the bareness of his life. He was man with nothing of nothing from nothing for nothing. He was simply because he was with no ties to past or future, neither the concepts thereof.

    TAG: Sirak
  15. TypoCelchu

    TypoCelchu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: MARK
    The Rogue Cantina; Jaemus

    For an organic, it would have been quite the far trip from the core worlds to Jaemus simply to complete a low level assassination, but for MARK time was standing still. Organics had their eventual death and decay work as gears to their internal clock, always driving them towards impatient and impractical action, frequently leading to faulty choices. Ironically, many of those choices meant taking the "easy" route, rarely taking risks even if they meant incredible reward. This target provided this type of choice.

    Many other bounty hunters had passed this particular contract by. Rumor had it that the Zabrak was a GenoHaradan. MARK had little use for rumor. The solid facts were few. It was generally guaranteed that this mark would have support, that they would be well trained, and that the Zabrak himself was considered deadly. Though this was a verifiable fact, there was unfortunately very little visual or physical evidence to support it. The Zabrak left no video evidence, and very little physical evidence of his capabilities, meaning MARK had nothing to study in order to better understand his techniques. This was likely why others had passed by the contract.

    The Rogue Cantina itself proved to have a wealth of information available via local records easily accessible upon request. It was mediocre establishment, bringing in only moderate business. How it stayed open with the considerable amount of money it spent on building code violations was unfathomable, even with processing abilities available to MARK. The Cantina had only one verifiable exit, which was a considerable fire hazard for any patron. It also proved to be a source of ease for MARK's mission. The Zabrak was a known regular, though why someone rumored to be a GenoHaradan would frequent a business with one exit was... questionable. MARK ran through the various algorithms, and concluded that he either had a private exit available, or had become complacent. Humanoids of considerable skill often became complacent in it.

    The approach to the cantina had provided a myriad of stares, but little aggressive action. The entrance had not been. Merely steps into the door, and the firing had begun. Complacency clearly was not the case. Perhaps it was overconfidence in his abilities. Patrons were quick to hit the floor, crawling beneath tables and a few even pushing past him through the exit. He carefully monitored those who departed, determining their threat levels as low. None would return with addition support until his mission was long completed. Only a few seconds had passed, and MARK had leveled 2 armed guards in nearly flawless fashion. The third jumped for the bar, attempting to find cover. The Zabrak had managed to keep himself obscured, until he ducked out from behind a pillar to fire two quick shots. Off mark, but remarkably close for an organic, MARK judged. He marked the Zabrak as priority one, the remaining bodyguard as priority target 2, and the bartender as temporary target 3. You never knew how organics would respond to property damage.

    Make no mistake, MARK had concluded long ago that property damage was the best way in which to complete his contract. Switching on his personal shield projector, which would provide temporary shielding from the more accurate shot coming from the Zabrak, MARK swiftly moved towards the bar. With one hand on his blaster rifle, he popped off several shots in the direction of the target, hoping to keep him behind cover. Target 2, the bodyguard, cowered behind the bar, probably waiting for a more opportune time to fire upon him. MARK did not intend to provide it. A small compartment opened in his chest, revealing a storage space for grenades and ammo. MARK reached in to produce a small scale incendiary grenade, engaged it, and threw it behind the bar. It did not produce a very large explosion, but that was not the goal. The various alcoholic beverages behind the bar absolutely were. The bar went up in flames in mere seconds, shooting flames to the ceiling and producing an acrid smo
  16. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: As I won´t be able to update until Wedensday or Thursday a quick one for the fast responders :D

    Trevi IV, Desert; Crashsite turned Battleground

    The force flew into Lyle before he could give it a thought and everything seemed to slow down. In an eternally long slash his vibrowhip made it´s way toward the Sith and his blaster bolts pased it only slightly faster. The first missed the Sith who was already in his downward movment, his blade coming down to slash the boy in two. The second energy load hit him into the back. flesh burned. Organs ceased to exist, as super heated energy hit them. Yet the Sith, who should be dead by any means continued his task. Only in the last second his leg became entangled in the whip and as Lyle pushed it he flight was stopped short and the sith crashed into the ground, instead on coming down from above right in front of the boy. His lightsaber flew away and landed in front of the boy.

    The sith coughed out and came to his feet, just as a third bolt of Lyle hit him. He kept standing. Hatred and anger raging and send waves of dark, cold energy in the force. The Sith knew he was dead. It made him only stronger for now. Reaching out with his hand, just as a forth bolt hit his chest Lyle felt the tightening grip around his throat. The Sith coughed and turned towards the boy, as his pure rage ripped Lyle into the air. He reached out with his hand for his lightsaber. The vibrowhip burned into his ankle, the blaster shots had set his cape on fire and burned his flesh beneath the armor. The Sith, who looked frightening similiar to Revan, yet not exactly like him scramed out in agony and Lyle could see the lightsaber tremble but not move. Opposite of it the boy reached out and looked at the Sith.

    Tag: Sarge

    Chanridla; Emita; The Estate of his new hosts

    Cale raised a brow. "yeah, about that. listen my sister had you mistaken for a thief. you know we had problems lately. she is actually quite sorry she shot you." Behind Cale Celina came up and lay down some meat towards The Man. Even if he had probably not realised it, his body had obviously not eaten for days. "I am, actually. I really thought you werre one of Morgek´s men." Cale gave her naohter look. "Anyway, it was an accident. We would be happy if you could take her apology and not call it in to the security." He nodded.

    "What exaclty was your name again?"

    Tag: Mitth
  17. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Bastila Shan; The Jedi Temple; Great Hall

    The doors opened and Bastila made sure to enter the halls full of Jedi first. Jolee Bindo, Mical and Karn Fell were with her. A short nod to some of the assembled acknowledged her familiarity with tem. Most of them she did not know or only by reputation though. Xelon Tarn was there. Zariz was speaking to a young Jedi. Master Desra was speaking to younglings he had saved from Dantooine. Brianna was there, another disciple of The Exile.

    They were Jedi in many more ways than she was, yet untrained and unshaped. Their raw power in the force was more of an imprint of the exile and his unique ability. she had avoided that woman and her strange powers on Telos. She had avoided her for good reason.

    But The Exile had done good. She had killed Nihilus. She had gave those who were bound to her their freedom and she had travelled after Revan to help him in this unknown task of his . . . unknown to most . . .

    Shaking her head slightly she smiled at the assembled Jedi. The here and now filled her consiousness fully again. Bao Dur was still tat the Senate. He knew what she was about to say. She would contact him later. It was time to being.

    "It is time to begin, my friends. As most of you might know I am Bastila Shan. I called you here." She sighed. "I called you here because all of you are jedi and we are the last fo the Jedi. the survivors. The victorious, for we have not ceased to exist. But as every one in this room knows: This is a bitter victory. None of us found peace of satisfaction in it. Yet, I am here to stop the mourning. I am here to assemble our order once more and make it even better, greater than it was before the war. I am here because I know the galaxy needs us. The forces wishes us to exist. And as all Jedi, I am primary here to serve this will of the force. We, my friends . . . we will be the Jedi Order."

    Looking around, she reached into the force to see the reactions of the Jedi assemlbed here. So much depended on them, right now.

    Tag: Everybody in the temple
  18. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Crash Site

    With a tug of his whip, the Sith went down, Lyle having successfully halted the Sith's assault on the boy. The lightsaber fell out of the man's hand but Lyle didn't even try to make a grab for it. It had been a long time since he had even seen a lightsaber and he felt more confident with his blaster as he fired into the Sith again and again and again. He had already hit the Sith once during his jump and, upon falling and struggling to get back up, Lyle had hit him again. Usually this was the part where people just fell over and died but Lyle knew first hand how resilient a man could be when they had the Force at their command to strengthen them. In fact, the more he hit the Sith, the stronger Lyle felt him become.

    Obviously he kept firing. Though a third bolt hit him in the chest, Lyle was intent on the idea of shooting until the Sith was no longer moving. But that was when he found himself being lifted in the air, his throat being constricted against an invisible force. Instinctively, Lyle dropped the handle of his whip and his now empty hand clutched at his throat.

    This was not the first time he had been under the effects of the dreaded Force Choke but that didn't mean it was any less unpleasant. Nonetheless, Lyle had known techniques to help fight against it during his lessons in the Jedi Order. It was those lessons that he brought up now. Despite the strangling sensation he was undergoing - his air passageway blocked, his lungs futilely trying to draw in oxygen nonetheless -, Lyle forced himself to remain calm and gather his thoughts. He imagined a chain around his throat. A dark chain, as if it was made by the dark side itself that was the cause of this strangulation.

    With both the Force and his own bare hand, he tugged on the imagined chain. Not to break it - he did not expect his limited abilities in the Force to break a Force Choke - but to at least loosen it. To clear his mind and, more importantly, his throat so that air could be drawn into his lungs and grant him strength for a counter attack.

    Though he had dropped his whip, his blaster pistol was still clutched in his other hand. Pointing the weapon at the Sith who currently seemed distracted with recalling his lightsaber, Lyle took aim and pulled the trigger on his pistol to send another barrage of angry red bolts at the Sith's back to hopefully finish him.

    TAG: SirakRomar
  19. Bishomon

    Bishomon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria Skyfire

    Ylyria strode after the Sith, and with her usual commanding voice called out, "Wait!" Taking long strides, she quickly caught up with him. "you dolt. We can't just waltz into a tomb like we own it. if you want to get ambushed, fine, but don't expect me to drag you around if you get hurt." Mentally telling herself to stop, think, and survey the situation, Ylyria continued. ". . . If we wait either just inside the tomb, or out here, we can ambush them as they come out. It saves us the trouble of having to go look for any artifacts that may be there ourselves- They'll being carrying it with them." Her trench coat shifted in the dry breeze that began to blow ever so softly.

    TAG: Morkai, Sarge221:)
  20. CrystalFixation

    CrystalFixation Jedi Youngling

    Nov 6, 2006
    IC: Atton Rand
    Korriban, Sith Academy

    This place hadn't changed much; the cavities in the walls still visible, the ancient Sith mezzotint designs leading down the corridor looking like they were about to come alive, the stench of death and decay, and the darkness that topped it all off. The Sith that were once situated within this facility left parts of themselves within it, as if those that had perished here were forced to remain in spirit for eternal torment. It was not the sort of location Atton would come to by choice, but if something was truly happening here, the Republic could not afford to ignore it.

    As a source of strength and knowledge, Korriban would be an excellent rallying point for remnants of the Sith, not so much for theives and mercenaries who would not be able to grasp such power. The planet rinsed itself of those who were not worthy to be here though. The creatures of the Valley were an example of how this worked effectively, criminals quickly became treats for Hssiss.

    Now, Atton found himself both startled and on edge by the appearance of Yuthura. Although his hand was never far from his blaster, he couldn't help but wrap his finger around the trigger as a precaution. Bowing before him, she did not look as though she had any ulterior motives, but people like her were cunning.

    ?I just love this place so much I can't keep myself away from it,? he answered, his voice an echo in the serpentine hallways. ?The Republic don't tell me a lot, so you will understand if I'm bewildered by this... and well, by you.?

    TAG: Sarge221
  21. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Culain Del Jinn

    Culain stopped in his tracks and turned to face the young woman slowly, tightly controlled anger building behind his eyes, "you will give me the respect due as a Sith warrior, i have fought and killed for the cause of the sith since you were a babe in your mothers arms and my master first showed me the true potential of the force", he said facing her. "You accord me this respect and i will give you no less...but insult me again and no assassins trick will protect you from me". Turning his head to look back at the tomb again "you have a valid point" he said in a slightly softer tone, "however a sith lord would never reveal his true secrets to something so pathetic as graverobbers, we will need to go in ourselves eventually to find what we seek". He began moving back up the slope "you can wait if you like, but i have found that to gain much you must be willing to risk much", he called as he moved to the entry of the tomb, the black space seeming to swallow the light around it "and i want it all" he growled and, stepped into the welcoming darkness of the tomb.

    TAG:Bishomon, Sarge221
  22. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    Donvan "Captain" Vliet
    Outside the Crying Bird, Trevi City, Trevi IV

    "Well, they are hiring us, after all," Vliet replied, chomping on the end of his cigarra. "They don't call in the big guns over small fry. Whether or not he looks mean is, ah, going to be the least of our concerns. In any case -"

    He paused. Devlesa was doing that... thing again. Speaking prophecy? Connecting to some kind of spiritual realm? Tapping into the collective unconscious? Finding a particularly significant count of four? The Captain hadn't the foggiest idea which of those it was, if indeed it was any of them, but if there was one thing he wasn't about to do, it was contradict his seer when they were about to start a job. That was bad luck. Like, only packing three detonators kind of bad luck. You were just straight-up asking for it at that point.

    "You were doing that... well, you know, you know? You mentioned some sort of a, uh... prophet fellow, dig?" He'd taken to repeating the ryn's more bizarre moments, just in case there was some kind of trans-dimensional possession going on and he didn't remember it. Saved time, less risk of confusion. "You thought he could help with our good fortune going into this. Well, they were stressing punctuality, but, ah..."

    He exhaled a cloud of smoke. "I think we can spare a couple o' standard hours to make sure this all goes safe as milk, am I right?" He let out a distinct, gravelly guffaw. "You got any idea where this bugger's at? Or are we going to have to rough up some yokel?"

    TAG: Matt, GMs
  23. Jedi_Corin_Daan

    Jedi_Corin_Daan Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 6, 2010
    IC: Marcus Daan
    Location: Trevi chambers of commerce

    Go back to being a Jedi! Marcus had not realized until that moment how much he wanted that. The life of the Jedi was the only one he had ever known, but something that he had long felt that he could never return to. Not after following Revan's fall to the darkside. But now, there was a chance to redeem himself, to prove to the Order that he had repented and returned to the light. He felt that he would do anything for a chance to become one of the Order again.

    But this evil...he started to ask the Prophet more. What was this thing? Who was controlling it? How was it so dangerous? But one look at the man, now silent and still behind his robes, and Marcus knew that no answer would come to such questions. Prophets and seers like this did not tell others how to accomplish their objectives; they merely pointed the way.

    Whatever this thing was, though, it must be stopped.

    Marcus turned to the other two men. He could sense their fear, this Jedi and the man called Satale. But he also felt that the Force was strong with the young Jedi. Knight, Padawan, runaway, he didn't know. But the power and life of the Force flowed through him in a way that Marcus had felt in few others. It would take a man like this to accomplish such a task.

    He felt the call of the Jedi, quiet, but strong.

    "I will do whatever I can" he replied. "Satale, what do you know about this astroid?"

    TAG: drevan, Sirak/TGI
  24. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Argazdan; City of Parzin; Market

    Beq smiled. It was an honest and generous smile. He stepped next to her and waved once. People made room for him. ?My people fear you, for they do not understand why you´re here. The Jedi have not only brought good to this planet. And many of my people consider reducing the mystic powers of our Goddess to something called ´The Force` indeed a blasphemy. But I know you aren´t here to harm us. You are here, because you are lost. And I think you are here because you were meant to come here. ? He smiled once more, watching her eat.

    The tremble was there again. Somewhere nearby. But all Ashlae saw was a group of priests. Blue robes, childlike masks, like all the others. Yet something seemed to be wrong with the group of five men making their way through the crowd.

    ?Is everything okay?? Beq asked, as he obviously recognized her reaction to the rising feeling that something terrible was about to happen.

    And then the leader of the five suddenly had a gun and aimed into the crowd. ?TOD MYRIAL!? He screamed and Ashlae knew he would open fire. They all would and they were not here to kill someone. They were here to kill as many as possible.

    The force screamed with the foreboding of death.

    Tag: JediTEE

    Coruscant, The Grand Opera, Lounge

    The Prince turned fully to her and gave her his most charming and broad grin. ?then we should, by nay means.? He said and his eyes wandered over her once. ?I am Lev Arris of Tion, Prince of Tion and the Allied Worlds and so on and so on. In short I am a spoiled son of a much to rich family with a weakness for the Opera. That is considered my only weakness. But seeing how beautiful your lekku fit your eyes I must wonder if that is true. Or possibly just for the lack of opportunity to develop other obsessions.? He smiled. ?Forgive me, as I said a spoiled son.? And with a charming grin he ordered the bartender to his spot. ?Can I buy you a drink??

    Tag: CPL_Macja

    Coruscant, Senate District, Ministry of Inner Security

    ?How wonderful.? The Duchess said with a smile and looked at the Senate Guards who were awaiting the Chancellor at the perimeter of the Ministry of Defense and Security.


    The woman smiled at the Chancellor one last time. ?Then I shall make arrangements, my dear Chancellor. We will see you tonight, Chancellor.? And with a smile she turned and slowly brought some distance between her and the line of guards. ?Sir, all others are present and awaiting your arrival, Sir.? The guard reported. ?There is also a man at the behest of the Jedi Order. He said he wants to speak with your . . . droid.? The guard obviously did not know how to deal with such a request. But not too far away from the defensive grid stood a muscular male Zabrak with an artificial left arm. HK-47 would immediately recognize him as Bao Dur, a former member of the Exile´s crew and the man who had actually rebuild him aboard the Ebon Hawk.

    As they approached Bao Dur straightened himself. ?May I have a word with your protocol droid, your highness? I need to talk with him about his cousins.? He said, obviously unimpressed by meeting the Chancellor.


    Tag: Sinre, Trimaj

    The Security Council

    They were actually not waiting for the Chancellor, but had already begun. When the chancellor entered the room the Supreme Commander of the Republic Military Forn Dodonna had her usual grim look as the Minister of Inner Security Bore Kat´lar handed her his ?wish-list?. ?If restoration shall be a success, there is no way around us securing the Gordian Node and it´s hyperlanes, Minister. Gie Carth Onasi a few more ships.? Dodonna hissed. The Bothan laughed. ?Tell me where to get them and he shall have ´em all. We´re underpowered, Admiral. You know that better than any of us.
  25. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Near Telos; Ereesi Ship; Command Center and Hammerhead-Class Justice

    Shirzan Narr held authority and against their wishes her men and women nodded and followed her commands. The ship was secured and ready when the team of technicians arrived. The men were not used to such a sight and needed several minutes until they got used to it and began their work. Yet, the operation went flawless, although a bit slow. The Ereesi ship was soon on it´s way to Telos to meet the protection fleet and be investigated by experts. It was not expected anything new would show up, but that was procedure when a crime happened in space.


    Shirzan reported in detail an hour later to Carth Onasi. The Admiral was obviously concerned about the ship. He eyed the energylance, while Shirzan reported. When she had finished her report and mentioned the second ship his eyes widened and he sighed in frustration.
    In the background through the huge window in Carth´s office the derelict Ereesi ship was visible like a floatiing tomb.


    ?Another ship. And the Argazdans probably out there to hunt it and do another one of their little slice and hack orgies.? That was all he said and then he shook his head. ?The Dream of Telos has been destroyed an hour ago.? He suddenly changed the subject. Or probably it was no change of subject. It sounded not like he considered the two incidents separated. ?First footage from the scene indicates the Bloody Banner found it in the mass shadow of the yellow gar-giant where I send it to spy on the Permilian Run. Only the Gods know how they did it. The Dream stood no change. It was taken apart by the fire of at least two major warships. With such firepower the Bloody Banner could threaten Telos and the Citdael itself.? Carth sighed and lay down the lance on the table in front of him. ?Therefore it is impossible I take my fleet to Corvis minor right now. I need to stay close to Telos. The question is, what do we do? Or to say it more correctly, the question is are you willing to do the job? You and your squad and no real back-up?? Cart hooked at Shirzan. ?I would never order you to against your wishes. If Argazdan turns up, that could be one nasty situation for you and your people. But I am the last who tells you to sit here and watch another ship full of refugees die. Ereesi or not. I´d say and believe me I hate to say it: it is up to you, Narr.?

    Tag: Leigh

    Jaemus; Undertown,; The Rogue Cantina

    The Zabrak stayed behind his pillar as long as he could. It was his bodyguard who came out first, firing wildly into the Cantina as he tried to make his way towards the door. Unknown to him he ran directly towards MARK.

    The Zabrak used this chance to leap from one cover to the next, now using a large computer console that was responsible for accessing the holonetwork as his cover, he fired several wild shots into the cantina. His eyes fell on a dead Iotran. The man had been his bodyguard and had fallen first. At his side was an Aratech Ion MK. An ion gun, that was especially useful against droids. The Zabrak had a few more seconds before he needed to make his charge. With the gun he had a fighting chance.

    Sometimes that was all one could ask for.

    He leaped out of his cover finally and his hand stretched away from his body to reach the Iotrans gun.

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