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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man
    Somewhere, Chandrila

    Cale spoke of him being mistaken for a thief, and for all he knew that was exactly what he was. Although he hadn?t had any motes of light concerning value. . .

    The man?s Sister came forward about the end of Cale?s recitation of a mingled apology and added her own bit about how sorry she was and thinking he was Morgek?s men? He did not know who he was but he knew he was only one man, but he wasn?t about to correct her when he couldn?t even ask the only question they had given him so far. Speaking of Cale seemed to be stuck on that point, that and not involving security.

    He turned his head about looking around at how his world had changed, from a sea of grass, to flashes of an iron skinned world, to. . .this. Part of him almost said Speeder just to stop the questions. Perhaps that would work, or grass. Something. ?I don?t remember. . . Cale. . .nothing.? he stared back his questioning eyes that sought and found nothing.

    What was harder, admission? No, for he didn?t even know if there was a risk to it. Or was it the simple fact of acknowledging that he had no more a clue about anything than what happened to flick on in his head from one moment to the next. The fact that after muttering those words all he could do was raise that proffered meat and begin the process of chewing and swallowing with water.

    Oh, meat! The fact that he knew it was meat was just another thing, but to taste it. Dry with a hint of game to it, but yet the fat mingled so about his teeth and tongue with saliva parched to be filled water that it clung cloyingly within his mouth that succulent taste even after he swallowed. In a way it was a pity to drink again, for it washed that wonderful first taste of food in his life away, leaving him bereft as the pang within his gut responded to this simple morsel. So the process began again, and he no longer could look curiously at these two people that populated his whole world but merely with rapt attention was he entwined with that dish and a glass. Lost in gaining and losing, lost in discovery.

    TAG: Sirak
  2. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Devlesa Avilan
    Outside the Crying Bird, Trevi City, Trevi IV

    [blockquote]"Wellp," Devlesa said, "can't say as I'm sure we'll be needin' to rough anybody up. Prophet's kind of a big deal. They say he's in the marketplace."

    "Still," he continued, bowing slightly and backing away in the direction of the Chambers, "can't say as a lack of necessity's ever stopped me from a good yokel-roughin'."

    He checked his knives and his blaster. Whipped his tail around, and headed off.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sirak, Ramza
  3. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: HK-47
    Meeting Room, Coruscant

    [blockquote]Information flew between the Duchess and the Supreme Chancellor. None of it was terribly interesting to HK-47, other than the bit about a group of pirates named the Bloody Banner. It was people like him that HK should really be working for, but he didn't have a choice as to who his master was. A decidedly frustrating fate, but there it was. With the Jedi being sent after the Pirates, they shouldn't be terribly long for this world unless they were a lot better equipped than HK expected them to be.

    Glancing over at the HK-24 again, Cressa addressed him, assuming he had lost track of where he needed to go and what he was doing. HK-47 was a droid, they didn't need reminding to keep up. "Apologetic Statement: Yes Master, I'm sorry Master." Sarcasm was there, but distracted as he was Cressa likely wouldn't notice it. So onward they continued, idle chatter and boredom encroaching yet again. There had been something about a dinner mentioned, which meant that he would likely be the primary security for both Cressa and his wife. Sardonic Sentiment: Lovely, another night of boredom. Does this meatbag ever do anything interesting? He knew the answer to that was most likely going to be no, most meatbags never did.

    A specter from the past walked up, and HK-47 found himself staring at Bao Dur. HK supposed there should be a sense of warm fuzzies upon seeing an old companion, one of those from his days with the Exile and the last interesting ones for far too long as far as he was concerned, but a mild sense of interest was all that he could muster. Oddly Bao Dur wanted to speak to him about... his cousins. Interested Thought: Oh my, this could get interesting. Mayhem might be in the offing. Had his metal form been capable of it he might have smiled. Slightly.

    Unable to do anything until the Chancellor gave him leave, being his bodyguard and essentially servant (the role grated so), HK-47 stood silently staring straight at the ghost from a time too long past. [/blockquote]


    Mira later.
  4. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    She listened to Bastiila´s speech. It was worthy of a Grand Master. hitting all the right strings, yet not giving her the information she really wanted to have. As bastila pasued she nodded in agreement and looked around.

    Indeed, the will of the force was that the Jedi would exist. She felt it clearly.

    As nobody spoke, she raised her voice.

    "Will there be a new Jedi Council, Bastila? Have you considered renewing the old tradition?"

    Zariz nodded and as heads began turn towards her she blushed. Attention was nothing she was good at dealing with. She felt the need to explain. "This Padawan here from Corellia wants to be elevated into the rank of a Jedi for example. If we have no Council, who would do that?" She added. Her eyes searched for support.

    If it was for her the Jedi order could not return to it´s old self fast enough. Actually she thought the many half trained Jedi needed a comittee to judge if they were fit for serving the force better yesterday than tomorrow. Looking at the men who had came down with Bastila she wondered if this already was the council. Four. Bindo, Fell, this Mical and Bastila.

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  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Supreme Chancellor Cressa
    Ministry of Inner Security

    [blockquote]It was but a passing visit, as he and the Duchess of Kuat separated, but he needed to pay homage to the Jedi envoy, and so, with a wave of his hand, he dismissed his protocol droid. He didn't need to care for cousins of droids. He knew who Bao Dur was. Who didn't know the names of those heroes who defeated the Sith?

    What self-respecting leader wouldn't keep tabs on them, having noticed the tendencies of heroes to become villains just in time to kick off the next war? He had very heavily bets on Bastila Shan, for example, running into Hutt Space and creating a Sith Empire out of all these separatist movements.

    But, he paused, and the Supreme Chancellor looked to Bao-Dur. "I will need to speak to the Jedi Council before the close of the day. Please make it so." And then he turned, and walked on.

    Bidding the Ministry adieu, he went to his next meeting; the Security Council.

    Dodonna was as grim as ever, Bore Kat'lar as irritatingly Bothan as ever. Vice Chancellor Datu was as ignorant as ever, cutting through the arguments by snoring. What an infuriating peace-lover.

    Cressa took a seat, when the Admiral and Minister returned to their own seats, not an ounce of embarrassment on their faces for their disturbing lack of manners. They eventually sorted themselves, and of course Lyria was here, being herself.

    She immediately threw a hydrospanner into the works, no, she didn't do that. She threw it at Cressa, slapping him with the Telos debacle and the Ereesi situation.

    It did amuse him that the Bothan, from the Mid Rim, was so quick to discard the Rim, while those from the Core were forced to be compassionate. Cressa knew that he couldn't isolate his support base in the Core to assist the Outer systems, but he also knew that the Rim was where it would all begin. Colonies secession movements were one thing, but Rim movements tended to break down the borders.

    "We won't win the future by focusing inward. The threats keep emerging from the Rim. I've allowed us to focus on ourselves for now, but we need to reach outwards." He gestured to Lyria. "I'm glad you've made the Rim our topic of the day, because its where we need to look next." He raised a hand to forestall the comments of the Admiral and the Minister.

    "I know we have problems here, and I know we don't have enough ships to deal with everything." Cressa sat forward, looking to include them all. "But we do have an opportunity. A purely diplomatic one, whereby we curry favour with the Prince of Tion. If we can get the Tion on side, we'll have a strong point in the Rim, which will enable us to split the wreckage of former Imperial space and the greed of the Hutts. Telos and Taris give us territory either side of the Imperial worlds."

    "What we need is a symbol. That is three-fold. One, we need to take out these pirates. Two, we need to regain control of the Gordian, and establish ourselves with some strength in the Rim - and warn those separatists that we aren't as weak as they please. Three, we need to make sure that the Tionese bring their fleets into the Republic. Now, I'm willing to take suggestions for the third option, but I have the answer to one and two."

    Cressa looked to the Council. "We need to use the Jedi, more, before they start re-assembling enough numbers to start dictating to us again. Task them with resolving the pirate crisis, with some humanitarian mission that keeps them out of the big moves. Vice Chancellor, I'll be expecting you to do that." He looked to the Admiral. "I want one capital ship detached from every fleet-sized-deployment we have formed into an Expeditionary Force, and sent to the Gordian, by way of Taris and Telos. Give it to Admiral Onasi, I don't care who has it." He jabbed a finger at Kat'lar. "Your job is to win over the Tionese. Draw me up treaties, find us courtesans who can be bent, find out who the Queen has a paramour, start a war between the Tion and the Hutts that we have to
  6. Bishomon

    Bishomon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2011
    Ylyria tried unsuccessfully not to smile as the Sith walked towards the gloomy tomb opening. For a minute there, she had thought she would have to use her "assassin's tricks" on him.Hurrying to catch up with him ( He has this habit of walking away during a conversation, she thought) Realizing there was no convincing Culainn otherwise, and resisting the urge to mention how much more stupid it was to separate, she came up beside him again. Grinning Ylyria said, "Alright, braveheart, have it your way. I suppose we'll go in. but I'm going first. I've had proper stealth training, and I'll take them down, quickly, silently and efficiently. Whatever's in there, It's ours." Creating a small torch in the palm of her hand with her firebending technique, she walked into the dark hole looming before them.

  7. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Culain Del Jinn
    Korriban, Sith lords tomb

    Culain allowed a rare lopsided grin, as the young woman walked past him igniting a torch in the palm of her hand. shouldnt point out the irony in talking about stealth then lighting a torch he thought with wry amusement, besides he found what he saw as brash overconfidence as refreshing. The passage way was carved of a black reflective rock, sith runes lined their progress as they made their way deeper into the tomb, running a hand over the runes as he walked his flesh tingled with the latent power in the carvings, breathing deeply he could feel the darkside permiating the place, surrounding him, moving through him, and he welcomed it. He could feel his strength growing slowly the deeper they walked, lights seemed to skim across his periferal vision as he moved, this place had answers, he could feel it, and knowledge for the taking.

    TAG: Bishomon, Sarge221
  8. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2007
    The Mule
    Manaan, Secret Hangar

    A man who was disoriented and hunted by other men, too. So, someone treid to save him or Teuka had made this personal and wanted the kill to be his. The Mule nodded and killed the line. Teuke already knew he would do it. A nice little puppet that moved when someone pulled it´s strings.

    The Mule breathed out. Killing was making him tired. It made him feel like he was dying. Every single life he took seemed to make his boundaries stronger and not free him. The Sith had lied. There was no breaking of chains. The path towards the Dark Side was creating them yourself and then find you body and soul restricted by them. Looking up he stared at the three huge and bulky Selkath and their aggressive attempt to intimidate him.

    ?You are aware you were send here so he could watch me kill you, yes?? The Mule asked and both energy charged blades of his force-pike hissed out of the hilt. ?Well, I have to anyway.?

    An hour later he only remembered cutting through them. He had not used his lightsaber. The scent of burned flesh made it so much harder, often. No he had used the force-pike and on one of them the wrist laser. Only for the mercy shot, though. The Mule stared at his hand and recalled every bit of it. He stared at his hand an concentrated. Drawing deep into the force he felt the itching and then blue lightning bursted into existence. Wandering between his fingers and downwards his hand he felt it´s dark, cold touch. His concentration broke and the lightning vanished. He turned towards his computer again nad studied the news from Chandrila. Everything he could get out of the holo-network.

    The man had an old gun? Hadn´t Teuka told him something like that?

    Hanna Institute of Antiquities. It was in the capital. As good as any point to start searching for the man.

    Closing his console The Mule sat in the dark and wondered why he was hunting once more. Why had he taken the job? The truth was he wanted to get rid of Teuka. And he knew how one Sith got rid of another. Thing was, he had to find him, first.

    Teuka considered him a fool. A tool. Well, there was a weakness to be exploited in the prey. A second weakness was, The Mule knew what Teuka wanted. A trap, a bait . . . a perspective.

    Smiling he began to open the helmet to take it of. He allowed his air to breathe, as he was in the privacy of his ship.

    Tag: TGI

    [color=blue][b]Xelon Tarn[/b]
    [i]The Jedi Temple on Coruscant[/i][/color]

    The question of the Council. The traditionalists demanded for one, but Xelon saw the reason behindn ot having on. They were thirty Jedi. Maybe another sixt out there, at best. 20 more would be quite nice, to be precise. It would need a generation until th reached the hundreds. It would need two until they had trained enopugh Padawans to begin building Praxeums. What need for a Council did they have in the meantime? He saw none. Bastila was good enugh at leading.

    "Zariz, obviously it is Bastila who decides. We have all followed her call. We have all waited for her word. She is obviously our leader, not by authority. But by consensus. By general agreement. We came here to follow her, didn´t we?"

    Xelon looked into the hall. Eyeing the others he awaited their response. But he had little doubt he spoke the truth. And the Jedi would always treasure the truth.

    "The question therefore is simple. Master Bastila Shan, what do you need us to do?"

    He smiled at Bastila. a woman he barely knew but held great respect for. And bowed his head.

    [b]Tag: SirakRomar, Tjace, Fin, littledawg[/b]>
  9. Remix11

    Remix11 Jedi Youngling

    May 24, 2011
    Name: Cilarn
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Lianna
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [image=]
    Rank&Affiliation: Jedi Padawan / The Jedi
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Lightsaber (bllue)

    [image=] The hilt looks like this. The blade is obviously blue

    Equipment: Robes, 5 credits
    Bio: Cilarn was born to a noble family. He was told that many years after he had been taken by the Jedi. For him it was true what the people said: All Jedi were children given up by their parents.

    Perhaps it was some unconscious knowledge from his first years or maybe it was some genetical memory, but to Cilarn the galaxy was never a welcoming place. He always felt the pain of rejection and never found a new family in the Jedi Order.

    It was that pain that brought him to the Praxeum. Here he was brought together with the other ?angry children? of the Jedi. All strong in the force but resistant to any teachings of patience and the inner peace. Indifferent was something Cilarn never was. But the Jedi Master at this specific Praxeum knew about his state of mind. And they had the right medicine against the growing cancer of darkness that infected the young man´s soul.

    This medicine was called combat. As strange as it appeared to Cilarn who had always been kept away from lightsabers and fighting lessons it was through the rigid lessons of physical training he began to understand the true nature of his feelings. He learned how destructive and powerful his frustration could be. And through this understanding he finally found his way. The Jedi way.

    When the war drained many Jedi from the Praxeum it was Cilarn who stayed behind. Still a Padawan himself, he soon was helping the master with his lessons. Then the mandaloriuan War lead to the Jedi Civil War and the Jedi Civil War to the Sith Civil War to the Dark War. One war followed the next and it almost looked like there would be no end to these wars. Cilarn could not stay behind forever. He asked his Master to leaven and he was allowed to. Taking the only hyperdrive capable ship the Praxeum had left he made his way into the galaxy. Battles weren´t hard to find but those who made a difference were impossible to tell. The lack of Jedi was disturbing. When Katarr meant the end of his order, Cilarn understood what power he held. The Praxeum had to be protected. He destroyed his ship and all traces of it. From his mind he could never find it. Therefore the Praxeum was save. And he was stranded in a galaxy that did not even know he existed.

    It was his seventeenth birthday, when he heard the Jedi were gathering on Coruscant. He was far away on Eredeen Prime. Near his birthplace Tion. Funny enough the boy who had once been obsessed by his bloodline and why he was outcast did never realize he was in the very part of space, his family came from.

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  10. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    Paladin Halcyon - Great Hall of the Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    No Council.

    Well, that was a problem. Not only could he not be knighted now, but it appeared that the Jedi were still bereft of their accustomed leadership structure. Leadership that would be needed, he knew, for there were many more enemies of the Jedi than just the Sith. ?? but it you feel you are a Jedi Knight, feel free to announce it. Solutions will be found. Solutions are what we all came here for,? Zariz said. Well. There was the problem. Paladin didn?t have that confidence in himself, not in his physical abilities, not in his mental discipline. He needed there to be a council, some authority to challenge him and guide him through the last step to knighthood. As he was now, declaring himself to be Jedi would not only be foolish, it would be a lie. He was about to reply, when the one they waited for, the one who summoned them, finally arrived.

    He ignored the words, for he had heard speeches aplenty before. Instead, he listened to the meaning. We will be the Jedi Order. We. Those gathered here would be the servants of the Force, bringing light into the darkness. And he was one of them. He knew that he had a tendency to overdramatize things sometimes, but he couldn?t help it; this was giving him goosebumps.

    He could tell that his comrades were having varying reactions. Some filled with trepidation, others with hope, some with loss, others with eagerness. Zariz was the first to speak out. "Will there be a new Jedi Council, Bastila? Have you considered renewing the old tradition?" Her question echoed his own thoughts, he was pleased to see. What she said next, however, was not as pleasant. "This Padawan here from Corellia wants to be elevated into the rank of a Jedi for example. If we have no Council, who would do that?" Paladin felt slightly embarrassed. Well, it was obvious that she didn?t want to be the sole center of attention. Neither did he, however. He would have preferred to explain his case to Bastila in more private setting. So much for that. Well, might as well make the best of it. Wasn?t it you who was so recently excited by the idea of being in this new Jedi brotherhood? Well! Ask and you shall receive, Paladin! Having straightened himself out, he gave Zariz a smile of encouragement and thanks, and hoped she hadn?t noticed his initial reaction.

    The man who she had been talking to earlier spoke up. "Zariz, obviously it is Bastila who decides. We have all followed her call. We have all waited for her word. She is obviously our leader, not by authority. But by consensus. By general agreement. We came here to follow her, didn´t we? The question therefore is simple. Master Bastila Shan, what do you need us to do?"

    Paladin frowned at that. In a single stroke, the man had given supreme authority to Bastila, who was as yet unproven, and dared the other Jedi to deny her claim. By rights, as a Padawan, his opinion shouldn?t be heard unless called upon, but it seemed that protocol was much relaxed?

    He decided to speak. He nodded to the silver-tongued Jedi. ?It is true that Bastila called us, and that we answered: she is clearly the first among us. And yet the mantle of leadership is a heavy burden, and no one can see perfectly all the time. I believe that Master Shan should have people to share that burden, to carry on where she can?t. Her accomplishments are legendary, but she is only human. No one can long stand against the darkness alone.?

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  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Experimental post!

    IC: Atris
    Library, Criton's Point, Unknown Regions

    [blockquote]Atris made her way as directed by the Librarian. The Holocron was silent, strangely, adding a note to expectation to the confrontation, as she walked towards the blackness. She could feel it, attaching themselves to the walls, flickering at the edges of enclosed candles, creeping around books as they jutted off the edge of shelves, darkness attached to the soles of her feet.

    Darkness attached to her soul.

    She turned a corner, and reached for the door, placing the key into it. Atris gathered her defenses around her, and looked around the doorway. The Force user - she didn't consider herself a Jedi, even privately. The halls where the beast supposedly roamed were huge catacombs, full of scrolls. But, it seemed, strangely, that they had all been untouched by the beast. She could, nonetheless, feel it's dark and hungry presence, which grew as she walked, carefully, into the room.

    Something wet hit her shoulder.

    Atris couldn't help herself - she looked up.


    It dropped.

    Atris rolled as the creature slammed to the floor, coming up half a second after even as it lunged for her face. Atris managed to lift a hand and used telekinesis to nudge the snout of the monster so it slammed shut just beside her face - feeling the teeth scrape her cheek and cut it, feeling her hair caught and released from its bob by its grip - and then she lunged forward, driving her hands into his neck, and pushing, ignoring the sensation of half the hair on her head being ripped from roots. She and it winced, slapping at her with its claw, knocking her back - carving a serrated gash through her robes and drawing blood with its front toe - and then it bound towards her, even though she was practically within its front legs. Old, but not out of shape in the slightest, she managed to roll and, with a bit of Force help, took the weight of the creature and used it against it.

    She looked at it as it rolled away, searching her extensive memory of all the Sithspawn ever catalogued in years of exploration of Sith Space. This was not one of them. And that caused her fear; it was something unknown to her. She had access to every report of every single warrior who entered Sith Space after the Great Hyperspace War; the scans that the Republic made of Korriban after the Jedi Civil War; the digs of the Empire, scavenged from a repository on Sernpidal; the information of two dozen Sith Holocrons, who had told her about a hundred thousand years of Sith culture, orders, wars, empires and creations.

    And this wasn't one of them.

    Atris seized upon what she did know, pushing aside the fog of despair and reaching for the creatures mind with the Force; a sure-fire way to control its actions, and to access its natural memory to discover its ancestry. Lifting her hands to reinforce the mental manipulation with her hands as a distraction, her eyes lidded as she focused her efforts. She found its mind in an instant, took it in hands formed in her minds eye, made it her own.

    It leaped for her.

    Unhindered by her efforts.

    Completely, utterly and entirely immune.


    In her shock, she barely reacted as it opened its mouth into a full blown snarl, and Atris vanished into herself, closing her eyes and reaching out to protect herself with every instinct she had. Lightning burst free from her fingertips, vanishing into the mouth and eyes of the beast, lighting it up from the inside, its skeleton visible before it slammed into her, skin sizzling, face pressed to her face and burning its impression into her unblemished cheek.

    Atris screamed.

    Not at the various wounds, but at what she had just done.

    She'd tapped into the dark side.


    TAG: SirakRomar
  12. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: This is an uncredited cameo, so TGI said I won´t need a CS. But hell, I wanted to be part of this.

    Jolee Bindo
    [i) Jedi Temple, Coruscant [/i]

    He had stood at Bastila´s side in this. And he had known it would come to this. Now he decided it was the time to speak. It wasthe moment where he could no longer stay silent. With a sigh Jolee stepped forth. he did not feel comfortable in these halls or among so many Jedi. It had been a long way from Kashyyyk all the way back to Coruscant. It had been apath full of dangers and sacrifices. But he had chosen it and never regretted it.

    Yet, now was the moment he felt he would probably regret if he stayed silent.

    "You´re wrong." He said. His voice was hard and grumpy and he looked first to the young man from Correlia and then to the diplomat. "You are both wrong, just as the Jedi have been for a far too long time. A council? A leader? You don´t need a leadership. You WANT ONE!"

    With a sigh his voice became deeper and softer and he took a look around.

    "And you know why? Because you want others to make the choices for you. Anybody else, but you. I was askedto sit in a council. I rejected that . . ." He pushed his lip up into a dry smile. " . . . honor."

    Then he turned to Bastila. "We won´t lead you so you can follow. We won´t tell you who is a Jedi Knight and who isn´t. There will be no committee to make the decisions that should be yours. we will ask for your help. We will ask you to help us rebuild this order. But about one thing the Padawan is right." He nodded to Paladin. "It cannot depend on one Jedi. It has to depend on all of us. We´re all just one wrong step away from the darkness. And we must ecide ourselves who makes this step and who doesn´t. Responsibility is something the Jedi have forgot about. Do we join the Mandalorian War or do we not? Would revan have fallen if more joined? Would he ever have longed for the knowledge of the Sith? Only when he made his own decisions he returned to the light. The past is the past. The future is what we must build together. Maybe one day some of youwill have found the wisdom to offer advice. To offer even guidance. But for now, it is us. All of us. Together we rise of fall. Together we become and order or not. And nobody wil tell you what to do. Every one of us will take responsibility here for himself. Everyone will take responsibility for all of us. Those who can offer training shall give it. Those whocan provide strength shall give it out of free will. Who does not want that, who wishes for a Council to make the decisions he fears to make himself . . . shall not call himself a JEdi. The force is our ally. The force is our guide. It is all guidance we need. It is all we need. WE. Are JEDI!" He nodded once more.

    "So I believe Bastila has some things she wishes to take care of. She will ask for help and if you do not want to give it, feel free. Listen to yourself. Listen to your own inner voice and the force will answer you. The force will guide us. The force. Not a chosen group of individuals. The force, my friends." He finally turned to Paladin.

    "You feel unsure. You feel you cannot say you are a Jedi now, right?" He turned to Zariz. "You, you do not see your path clearly. You fear the darkness you felt. Your own darkness." He turned to Xelon. "And you, you wish for structure. Yet you already know what you need to do. You just fear to do it, young Tarn." He finally turned to Brianna, giving her a long look then one to Mical. 2you feel the need to proof you. To someone. To be a Jedi. But you are Jedi. in your heart you have always been Jedi. You just need to accept it."

    He then returned to Bastila´s side. "No council will take these decisions from you. Time and the force. That is all you need. And we have both. We have both."

    And folding his arms he looked to Bastila and smiled. "I was asked to train the young. And i have never trained a Jedi in all my life. Yet, I will. Because I know, because I feel this is why I am here. It is my honor to serve the force in that way. Those who do not know what their
  13. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Argazdan; City of Parzin; Market

    [ul]Ashlae sensed no harm from Beq. He was genuinely nice. People seemed to respect him as well. With just one wave people made room for him. She sat down and started to eat. Oh it was so good. She forgot how hungry she was. She hadn't eaten since before she took the freighter coming here. She tried hard not eat so fast. She didn't want to look so needy. While she ate Beq continued to talk to her.

    ?My people fear you, for they do not understand why you´re here. The Jedi have not only brought good to this planet. And many of my people consider reducing the mystic powers of our Goddess to something called ´The Force` indeed a blasphemy. But I know you aren´t here to harm us. You are here, because you are lost. And I think you are here because you were meant to come here. ?

    She contemplated on what he said then smiled. "You're right I am not here to harm you or your people. All I want is to get the next flight out of here. Can you help....." before she could finish there was a tremble in the force. Just like earlier. She looked around to see where it was coming from, but all she saw was the priests in blue robes with masks, much like the rest of the people.

    Something was terribly wrong. She saw the five blue robed men coming toward the crowd. She just kept staring at them looking for the disturbance in the force.

    ?Is everything okay?? Beq asked.

    Before she could answer the leader of the five men pulled out a gun and aimed it in to the crowd. ?TOD MYRIAL!? He screamed.

    It suddenly dawned on her that the men were not targeting just anyone. They wanted bloodshed. If she didn't so something then there would be such a wound in the force, that would be devastating.

    With this intense feeling she had, Ashlae got up from her seat and dropped the plate of food to the ground. Unclipping her lightsaber she moved as fast as she could using the force as her guide. She made it toward the crowd where the robed men were.

    "STOP!" she screamed at them.

    "You make one move and you'll regret that you ever did."[/ul]

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Trevi IV; Trevi-City; The Chambers of Commerce

    Satale looked from the Prophet to the Jedi and back. His head circling between the three of them. Then he spoke and his voice sounded a bit less trembling. ?I do not know nothing about any freaking Asteroid of doom. I am on myway to Vigo for the Cadasca family. It is tradpot in the Kanz Sector near Lorrd. Yeah, it is near an asteroid belt. A big one, but I don´t know. Maybe your asteroid is in there? But they are billions of floating rocks, really.? He shrugged. The Prophet smiled and sat down.

    ?All is said. Go.? He only said and closed his eyes.

    Satale nodded. ?I´ll take you with me. But we must leave now. I am already late and my wife is on VIGO. She will have our child, soon.? He added and smiled at the Jedi.

    Half an hour later, after a tour throug hte many markets and trading halls of Trevi they arrived at the northern starport. Satalle´s ship, the Quite Knight, was fueled and ready to go. Containers with food were loaded. Yet it was comfortable in size. And would leave the three men enough room to avoid each other and enough comfort to get to know each other.


    As Satale preapred the take of the two Jedi were left alone in the central chamber. The trader was busy on the bridge and the two Jedi had their first true opportunity to get to know each other. After all, they would face the Dark Side together.

    [image=] [image=]

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    Trevi IV; Trevi-City; The Chambers of Commerce . . . and hour later . . .

    If they decided to push around some commoners or not, they could hardly miss the Prophet. He was the talk of the town. And he had taken residence in the most centered and prominent feature of the large tradeport.

    The two men arrived on the large Chamber of Commerce. Trevi City was one huge labyrinth of trade halls and markets, but all ways lead to the central chamber. Despite it´s giant size it was overcrowded with people. They sat on the ground, all looking into the one direction and awaiting another speech of their Prophet. The Prophet had said no word since the Jedi left.

    Only now he looked up. Staring at Devon and Devlesa as they approached him. They needed no force to feel the disturbing aura of the Prophet. His face was youthful and relaxed. Yet his eyes showed obsession and a feverish glow. The people parted for the two men and the Prophet stood up from the ground as they came closer.

    "Look. Look. Two men come before me who embrace chaos in many ways like I do. yet our pathes could not be anymore different." The Prophet spoke out loud. Then his voice dropped to a lower, deeper tone.

    ?Not the best way to greet those who come here with doubt in their hearts, but I must confess I expected you earlier Devon Vliet and Devlesa Avilan.? He again whispered his words. But the echo or some strange ability of him made them sound in the ears of everyone in the chamber. ?Did the Rodian needed so long to hand you the tools for your bloody deeds?? He smiled. ?Too bad he will not enjoy the fruits he seeded.? He Prophet invited them to come closer with a gesture.

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    [color=chocolate]Trevi IV, Desert, [b]Crashsite[/b][/color]

    [b]The Sith[/b] was kept between his two enemies. It was a fight to the death for him. And it was where a Sith felt most home. His grip around the throat of [b]Lyle[/b] tightened so much, it could break his neck any second. Then the shots hit him. The first missed. The lack of oxygen made it hard to aim as things got blurry. The second hit him though. In the chest. Another one in his l>
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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria Skyfire

    Allowing herself to be enveloped in the increasing darkness, the strong Ylyria lapsed into silence. She let her thoughts wander. . . she wished Culainn hadn't grinned at her like
    that. . she'd seen that smile before, on a face she'd sworn to forget. . . Old training partners, no, friends- had no place in the heart of a Sith assassin. Allowing her mind to run back from the memories of a much Younger Ylyria, still very much Aethia in those days, Ylyria continued musing. She realized She'd better be nicer to Culainn. . . She imagined those broad shoulders turning on her in one of these darkened tombs, deciding he wanted these treasure troves of power for himself. . . And himself only. 'In small, cramped rooms like these, any heavy firebending would be dangerous, and using my Ataru technique with lightsabers would be difficult' she thought. Looking over at her partner, she saw him breathing in the darkness seeping through these tunnels. . .Focusing on them herself, Ylyria felt Something almost calling to her, Something strong. . . And even more so, ylyria felt the urge to answer it. suddenly, she stiffened and stopped. Far ahead in the tunnel, she saw a light flickering from a doorway,and she thought she heard voices. Extinguishing her tunnel, she silently crept closer. . .

    TAG: Morkai, Sarge221
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    Mar 30, 2007
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    I might be on limited service until thursday or even friday, but I´ll try to respond to tags to Bastila.

    Bastila Shan , Jedi Temple, Great Hall

    Bastila had felt as uncomfortable with Xelon Tarn demanding her to hold absolute authority as she was with the idea of creating a Council just for the sake of creating one. They had no Masters among them. Jolee Bindo and Desra were the eldest and most experienced among them, but both had not been made masters whenn the Jedi still existed. To give Kinghts leadership for no reason but to give them leadership would be a bow to tradition. Nothing else.

    But making her the Queen of the Jedi, was no better. She did not have all the answers. Therefore she was not ready to take a position where she would have to give them.

    It was Jolee Bindo who had spoken the truth. The Jedi had to take responsibility. They had to do this themselves and not as servants of anyone.

    "Jolee speaks the truth. We need no Council. We all just want one. For dangerous nad important decisions lie before us. Before each and everyone of us and before the order itself. We want someone to make them for us. I won´t be that one." She stopped and looked around. "Neither will I be part of any organisation that wants to take such responsibility. We have to do this together. As one order. And when we are ready, we will know who belongs into a Council and who does not. For now, we have more important matters to attend to."

    She looked at the younglings.

    "The youngest ammong us need us. They need our knowledge. Our wisdom. I asked Master Desra and Master Bindo to take care of the training of the next generation of Jedi for us. They both agreed." Bastila nodded. "But there are other matters. We need to find our lost brothers and sisters. More important, we need to return to the galaxy and bring it peace. We need to fight darkness. Don´t believe it vanished with the Sith."

    Bastila nodded to Xelon. "Darkness has many faces." She then said. Tarn had asked her to be send to the Kanz sector. He had felt a disturbance in the force. She would not send him, but she woul encourage him to follow the force.

    "I come before you to ask for your help. I offer nothing else but the promise I will not rest nor doubt my mission. I will rebuild the Jedi Order. I will rebuild a better Jedi Order. First and foremost, I will not allow the mistakes of our past to be done again."

    Bastila gave them a sad smile.

    "Will you help me? Because I cannot do it alone."

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Shirzan Narr
    Hammerhead-Class Justice

    An hour after their grim discovery Shirzan and her squad had returned to the Justice. Now Shirzan stood at ease in front of the admiral in his office, the energy lance they had recovered lying on the desk between them. She had just finished a detailed report of their findings, and it was obvious that Carth was uneasy about the new developments.

    ?Another ship. And the Argazdans probably out there to hunt it and do another one of their little slice and hack orgies?The Dream of Telos has been destroyed an hour ago?First footage from the scene indicates the Bloody Banner found it in the mass shadow of the yellow gas-giant where I send it to spy on the Permilian Run. Only the Gods know how they did it. The Dream stood no change. It was taken apart by the fire of at least two major warships. With such firepower the Bloody Banner could threaten Telos and the Citdael itself.?

    Shirzan could fully understand the admirals concerns. Where did Tarsis manage to get ships with that much destructive firepower? A ship full of men and women had lost their lives less than an hour ago. The atmosphere onboard the Justice was a mix of anger, sadness and disbelief. Carth placed the energy lance back on the desk.

    ?Therefore it is impossible I take my fleet to Corvis minor right now. I need to stay close to Telos. The question is, what do we do? Or to say it more correctly, the question is are you willing to do the job? You and your squad and no real back-up?? Cart hooked at Shirzan. ?I would never order you to against your wishes. If Argazdan turns up, that could be one nasty situation for you and your people. But I am the last who tells you to sit here and watch another ship full of refugees die. Ereesi or not. I´d say and believe me I hate to say it: it is up to you, Narr.?

    Shirzan didn?t reply straight away, taking a minute to absorb all the information. She made a mental list of everything they currently knew. Through the window of the office the damaged ereesi ship floated in view. She paced over towards the transparisteel panel and eyed the ghost ship. To access the other ship would be tricky, but without proper back-up it would be that much more risky. She knew her squad would want to undertake the mission, the determination she had felt from them while on board the stricken ereesi ship was evidence enough of that. But she wanted to make sure they were fully aware of the risks and understood what they could be getting themselves into. She had a feeling that it was the only way to find out what the argazdan were up too. Turning back to the admiral she approached the desk with the lance.

    ?According to the intel that Craven found, the ship in corvis minor has a problem with its hyper drive systems correct? If this could be fixed we could get the refugees into the safety of the core worlds. The argazdan would have to be insane to pursue them into republic space, especially in light of recent events. The corvis minor system also has a reputation for being almost completely unremarkable?it?s often overlooked which may be an advantage for us?

    A look of concentration crossed her face.

    ?If you can authorise a transport to get us there, as well as replacement parts for their hyper drive we should be able to enter the system without drawing too much attention. Hopefully we can get the hyper drive up and running and get out of there before the Argazdan realize the ereesi ship is there??

    It wasn?t a fully polished plan, but at least it was a start. She looked at the admiral to gauge his reaction and also hear his suggestions and input.

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Desert

    Despite the aid of the Force, Lyle felt like as if his neck was about to snap. Or maybe it was because of his limited ability with the Force that he managed to save his life. He wasn't doing well either way as his vision blurred, his lungs burned, and if he didn't finish the Sith fast he was pretty sure that he was going to die in the middle of this desert. Due to the imminent suffocation, he was barely aware of him firing the blaster at the back of the dark sider. It was difficult to see if he was actually hitting the Sith but just as the darkness was creeping into his vision and he felt his grip on his blaster about to give out, he suddenly dropped into the sand.

    The grip around his neck had completely vanished and valuable oxygen was brought back into his lungs. Lyle coughed and massaged his throat but did not forget about what was currently going on. His one hand still gripping his pistol, Lyle, tried to push himself up with his other hand. He stumbled yet managed to get himself up on shaky legs and, more importantly, he managed to raise his blaster towards where the Sith was standing. Had been standing, he soon corrected himself when he saw the corpse that was laying upon the ground. But the red bar of energy that he saw in front of him kept Lyle on edge and he pointed the pistol towards the source.

    His vision had cleared by then. Enough so that he could see that it was the boy that now held the Sith's lightsaber. And it was the boy that tossed it away, a look of disgust on his face. The gun having already been wavering in his hand, Lyle slowly lowered it, a frown coming to his face at this odd display. Before he could even ask a question, however, the ship that had started this whole thing by putting Lyle on this search blew up.

    With the Force Choke that had already weakened him in both mind and body with a lack of oxygen, Lyle didn't take the ship's self-destruction that well. A wave of force, heat, and light hit him and the ex-Jedi was thrown back, his consciousness slipping entirely as darkness claimed him.

    He awoke what had to be a few minutes later.


    Lyle felt a jolt of hostility upon seeing the boy...especially that smile that seemed so cold to him. However, the very fact that he was still alive stopped him from taking any hostile action against the boy. He was mostly unharmed but, most importantly, he wasn't dead. If the boy wanted to he was pretty sure that he could've killed him when he had been unconscious. So, taking calm, careful movements, Lyle pushed himself up from the desert sands so that he could sit up. The smile had left the boy's face by the time Lyle got himself comfortable and the ex-Jedi wasn't sure if that was a bad thing.

    "Want to tell me what that was all about?" Lyle questioned, facing the boy fully. "Starting with who you are?"

    Lyle did a brief scan of his surroundings, trying to see if they were still in the crater near the ship or if he had been moved. He also took a quick look for his weapons, one hand patting himself down to make sure that he was still armed while he tried to spot his vibrowhip and pistol that he remembered dropping.

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: Fin has asked me to include his response as Zariz as he might not be able to post for several days.

    Xelon Tarn & Zariz
    Jedi Temple

    The old Jedi was right. He wanted someone to make the decisions and he wanted it to be someone else. As Bastila declared her decision he nodded. Yes, he would take responsibility. There was a slight nod from the geatest of all living Jedi that seemed to tell him he should listen to his instinct. No matter what th reasoning behind it was.

    Then he needed to go to Kanz. He had felt a major diturbance in the force there and the Jedi could not ignore it. Something was happening. Looking over to Zariz and the boy who had dared to indicate Bastila could misuse her power he sighed. They had not wanted a Council. They needed it. Like good soldiers needed a chain of command. Surprised he was by finding Zariz to be the first to nod in agreement.

    "You are right, Master Bindo." Zariz said and looked at Bastila. "How can I help my Jedi Order? What do you think is the best way to make myself useful, Master Shan?"

    Xelon smiled. She was weak in many ways, but hell she had a heart full of strength. That was something he liked about Zariz. She very much kept the promise of the force freeing you. Despite her limitations, she did the right thing.

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  20. Jedi_Corin_Daan

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    Nov 6, 2010
    Trevi IV;
    On-Board Satalle's ship, Quite Knight

    Marcus was impressed with the size and comfort of the ship. Not a luxury yacht, but Satalle seemed to be doing well for himself. He could sense very little from the surrounds; they seemed ordinary enough for a transport ship this size.

    He sat down in one of the large passenger chairs in the central chamber and looked at the other Jedi. It seemed so strange that the Prophet had singled them out, two Jedi who had never met, and coerce them into flying to an unknown asteroid to avert some mysterious evil. Yes, very strange. But often strange chances worked together that way.

    "I'm Marcus Daan," he said to the young Jedi. "You're a Jedi also."

    It was a statement, not a question. He was obviously a Jedi. The Force flowed around him like few Jedi that Marcus had encountered.

    "Did you come to Trevi representing the Order in some way?"

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    Feb 5, 2011
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  22. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Valley of the Dark Lords, Tomb

    Leaving the slaughter of the camp behind them, Ylyria and Culain ventured into one of the nearby tombs.

    To the two Sith, the darkness in the air was palpable. There had been no sign or distinguishing landmark outside the tomb to tell them who, exactly, had been buried here but the two could swear that something was watching them. Within the great expanse of the dark side, something else yet lingered to watch over any intruders that may enter this resting place.

    They were not the only ones. Both Ylyria and Culain could sense the anger that charged the air. Whatever long-dead Sith Lord had been buried here, his spirit still inhabited the mortal plane and it was angry. There were intruders. Neither Sith would know how they know but they just knew that there was someone else in the tomb other then them. And their intrusion angered the dark spirit.


    The word wasn't so much spoken aloud as it was spoken into their very minds.


    The dark voice wasn't speaking about them being the traitors. But there was certainly someone in the tomb that it considered as such.

    "They come to destroy a legacy..."

    The voice didn't explain further and as it left their minds, Ylyria would be the first to hear the voices. Normal, human voices that echoed down the passage in front of her, a light flickering in the doorway. A look into the passage would reveal to her was that the light was coming from the glowrod that was held in the hand by a human. In the other, he held a blaster pistol. He wasn't alone as there was a second human standing next to him, a large blaster rifle in his hands. And bent down in front of the two humans was another humanoid creature but the horns on the top of this one's head made it obvious that it was a Zabrak. With the weapons they had and the armor pieces that they had on, it was obvious these weren't simple excavators.

    The Zabrak was crouched to one side of the passageway and seemed to be fiddling with a device that he was attaching to the wall. It was difficult to see but it was a small, blocky shape and, as the Zabrak pressed a couple buttons on it, a pair of red lights blinked to life.

    It was at that moment another figure stepped into sight and the two humans immediately gave this one space, seeming outright intimidated and frightened. Considering that the figure that now appeared possessed the golden armor of a Mandalorian, the pair's fear was understandable. There was a large, vicious-looking vibrosword at the Mandalorian's back and a pair of holsters at his waist. His hands were currently bare but that did not make him harmless in the very least.

    "Is it ready?" spoke the Mandalorian, his helmet's speakers allowing his voice to echo down the passageway. By the tone he was obviously male but when it came to his race it was impossible to tell with that armor.

    The Zabrak, glancing over his shoulder at the Mandalorian, waved a hand and muttered something that Ylyria couldn't hear. Apparently it was something that displeased the armored warrior because the Mandalorian raised a boot and pressed it into the back of the Zabrak, pushing him into the wall where he became pinned. Now the Zabrak was more motivated, waving his arms in the air while shouting, "It's done it's done!"

    Removing his boot from the Zabrak's back, the Mandalorian looked to the other two humans. "Stay here until ordered otherwise. Our client wants us all out of here in ten minutes once the other teams check in. After that, we're blowing this place and collecting our pay."

    As the Mandalorian trudged off, the three mercenaries stood and did as they were told; just standing guard and keeping a look out. It didn't take long for them into getting into some small talk.

    Behind them, the bomb - for surely that's what it had to be - patiently blinked.

    TAG: Morkai, Bishomon

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    May 10, 2011
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    Myrial; Argazdan; The Temple of Via

    Slowly, very slowly Myrial turned her head to her son. Her eyes burned with accusation as she stared at him. He kept his eyes locked with her for a few seonds, but then looked down. It seemed to calm her a little bit. But when her words came out they were incredibly sharp and thrown towards her son.

    "The Goddess will. That is what I ordered him to do? And you do not know the Goddess will, do you? You failed me Balazar. Once again you fail me and my beliefs. Such failure cannot be forgiven." Balazar looked up. "Mother, I . . ."

    "You need to atone for it." Myrial cut her sons attempt to defend himself short. Golias smiled about his elder borthers failure. His two siblings had always looked down for him for his decision not to join the priest caste. Now at least Balazar probably got why.

    Myrial stepped into the midst of her staff and looked at each one of them. When her eyes lay on Golias, his grin vanished. "The Goddess demands trust and confidence in her will. If anybody does not wish to give her the proper respect, I gladly will challenge him to meet my Goddess. And burn away all his sanity in the sacred fire of her eternal light!"

    Now everybody was silent. "What does she demand, my Prophetess." Priest Admiral Arn spoke first and Myrial turned towards him.

    "VIGO." She hissed. "We must spread her word to the Asteroid belt. So we can grow strong and spread it even further. Send a phalanx of our ships there to take the station. And you Balazar." She turned to her son. "You shall atone yourself by taking the greatest need of our Goddess and satisfy it. Maybe she will forgive your lack of trust and patience. Maybe even I can begin to forgive you. But be warned. If you fail, you shall see that I do not possess the eternal mercy of my mistress."

    Balazar only bowed deeper. She saw his confusement. He had done nothing wrong except ask about her plan. Yet, Myrial knew the ambition of her son. She knew about it and treasured it. Yet, she would use it. For her Goddess. Everything. Always. For her Goddess.

    "You will take my personal ship and ten of the finest Via Tan Crusaders. My Goddess has send me dreams of a false prophet who must be stopped from spreading his poison. He will be found on Trevi IV where he weaves his web and infects everybody finding himself trapped in it. his poison are words and they do their deed in the mind of all who come into contact with him." Balazar nodded. He knew he had no choice or say in it. Although it was madness in his eyes to allow someone as important than he was to leave Argazdan space. At least not without a fleet of warships. But he would do his mothers bidding. As long as she was the vessel of their Goddess will her word was law. A holy law for Balazar and everybody else.

    It was an hour later that five [i]Praetorian[/i]-Class frigates seperated from the armada and jumped to system MX0986678. The rich asteroid fields there had been mined for ore for many years. These systems had been held by the independant Kanz Mining Corporation. All of this was about to change. The ancient space station called VIGO would son be part of Argazdan as would the mining colonies be. About the mining coporation, Myrial knew they were secretly operating out of VIGO and her men had been instructed to find them and convert them one way or another.

    Another hour later the [i] Eye of the Prophet [/i]made it´s way into space. No sesors detected the custom made starship as it departed. [b]Balazar[/b] and his [b]Via Tan Crusaders[/b] were aboard and in deep prayer as trhe ship jumped to hyperspace.

    Everything went according to Myrial´s vision. Every detail. Every bit of the unfolding chain of events. Now she had to wait.

    The Jedi. Soon she would be here.


    She felt the ecstasy of her Goddess presence. In the perfeect dark of the cave beneath the Temple Myrial of Kanz almost cried out in joy as the powe>
  24. Bishomon

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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria skyfire
    Korriban, Sith Lord's tomb

    Ylyria put a hand on Culainn's chest to stop him from going any farther. "Hsst! There they are! " She hissed. Mentally Ylyria summed up her targets. . .Compared to her last assassination job, this wouldn't be too hard. . The humans would go first; creatures with blasters were more dangerous. Next, the Zabrak. He looked relatively harmless. The Mandalorian was far enough away that they'ed be done with his accomplices before he could get back. With her other hand, Ylyria silently reached into a hidden pocket for her lightsabers and looked at Culainn for a cue. . .

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    Jul 9, 2010
    IC: Keth-Omm
    The Quiet Knight

    Keth was glad the impromptu tour was finally over. not because he was bored. no, the city was quite exotic, and if the time hadn't been so urgent, he would have enjoyed staying. he was glad it was over because now he could talk to the Jedi.

    They both strode up the boarding ramp, and Keth went to pack what few things he had brought with him into a bunk. when he came back into the common area, he found the Jedi waiting.

    "I'm Marcus Daan," he said to the young Jedi. "You're a Jedi also."

    It was a statement, not a question.

    "And I am Keth-Omm, or Keth." He did a shallow bow, and then began to pace around the surprisingly spacious common area.

    "Did you come to Trevi representing the Order in some way?"

    "I do not represent the Order. I honestly don't think I could ever go back to the Order. And you?" Here he stopped pacing and looked at the Jedi. The force swirled around him, filled with power. He was strong.

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