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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Remix11

    Remix11 Jedi Youngling

    May 24, 2011
    Cilarn; Eredeen Prime; The remains of a village

    The raiders had tricked him. As he looked at the burning remains of the village that had been so artistically been carved into the frozen surface of the planet he admited defeat. An apparent attack on the energy station had given them the opportunity to reach the heart of the colony on the northern glacier.

    Cilarn cried for his fallen friends. Sadness spawned anger. Anger lead to shame. A Jedi was not allowed to be angry, was he? He could not be hateful. Hatred lead to the Dark Side.

    It was lesson he had learned in the Praxeum. But it felt hollow and far away right now. All he wanted was finding these raiders and have his revenge. He probably never would find any hint who they had been, though. Cilarn had friends here. He had spend month in the freezing cold of Eredeen Prime. He had been given shelter and food by these people who possessed so little themselves. Then he had failed them. His inability to save them was a shocking reminder how incomplete his training still was. He was not a Jedi yet. He was a learner. And he had so much to learn. Again he felt like an angry boy.

    The fires melted the village made of ice and soon the fires would be dying, too. Then the temperature would soon fall below zero. He would freeze to death if he did not find a way to maintain the warmth. All his control over the force would not allow him to survive temperatures like this for long.

    He had been searching for warmer clothing. But the raiders had burned whatever they found. There were to few bodies here. Slavers. He pushed the thought aside. It was unbearablle.

    It was unintelligible.


    How could they do this?

    He pushed his robes tighter around his body and ignited his lightsaber. The blue blade gave him some warmth. His tears had already begun to crystallize. They were freezing. He wiped them from his face and made his way towards the energy station about a mile away. It was his best chance now. The emergenecy radio there was his only chance to be found.

    Eredeen was so unlike the Praxeum and it´s mild climate inside the sprawling forests. That had probably been why he had picked it to be his home for these past month. Now it looked like the force had other plans. The force wanted him to leave.

    "Could have told me. No need to kill so many to deliver that message." He grunted and began his long walk through the endless white fields of the planet.

    Tag: GM
  2. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man Poul
    Somewhere, Chandrila

    Neither of the siblings liked the implications of their having caused his amnesia. Perhaps if he was clearer they would see that it wasn?t them, but then again he might be able to understand things better. That and the hair-blow thing the woman was doing was somewhat. . .interesting.

    Still she explained what she had used and he just stared, definitely an indication of why he would prefer a knife than. He was given a name, to which he just shrugged his shoulders as he polished off the food and water. Security was a no-go according to them, which he halfway expected at how they didn?t want to involve them in the first place.

    Then as the woman left to get more for him Cale brought his gun out from behind his back. To which he merely released a sigh, almost of resignation to the hand that fate had dealt him. The confirmed his original thoughts on the weapon as well as added that it was worth a lot of money most likely, as if he knew what that meant.

    Cale mentioned someplace which his sister echoed as the Hanna Institute of Antiquities. From the look on Cale?s face he hadn?t wanted his sister to but in on this part of the conversation. Still the offer was made and he had to agree, ?If you think it might work. Who is this guy Morgek who?s man you mistook me for though? Should I watch out for him?? There had to be something about all this, maybe he was one of this man?s men, and the worst part of it all. To him at least, was not having a clue.

    TAG: Sirak
  3. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Culain Del Jinn
    Korriban tombs

    Culain moved in closer to Ylyria, and cast an experienced eye over the situation, "if you take the two scum to the sides i'll eliminate the zabrak and go after the mandalorian,i want answers and he will give them to me" he said with a glower. "if you can defuse that bomb i will be back by then with whats left of the mercenary", as he finished off he slide his saber smoothly into his hand, he could almost feel it twitch in anticipation of violence, he began moving towards their soon to be victims gaining speed as he began to run, the three men didnt know what hit them as the two sith moved silently into the light. Culain didnt even break stride as he flowed between the two startled guards and into the zabrak it had time to almost raise its weapon when Culain was upon it, his blade swepted out viper fast in a tight crescent and cut the blaster in half as his other hand rammed into the Zabraks throat, still moving he lifted it effortlessly off the floor,the force and his rage lending him strength, as he carried the stuggling man forward. In the instant the zabraks feet left the floor Culains blood red lightsaber blade exploded from its back, whipping his blade out to the side, nearly cutting the zabrak in two, Culain moved after the receeding mandalorian, casting the remains of the zabrak carelessly aside,the corpse rebounding against a wall before falling in a heap. He stalked down the corridor, no sound gave him away as he gained rapidly on the mandalorian, he wasnt in the least concerned over the others, with Ylyria there he considered them dead already, and she seemed capable enough to dispose of the bomb before it did any damage. He could hear the mandalorian ahead and quickened his steps, a snarl of hatred creasing his features as he moved grave robbing mercy.

    TAG: Bishomon, Sarge221 :)
  4. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: LordT broke his vow! Wow!

    Ion Taris
    The Bloody Banner

    Chak Levak entered his cabin and saluted. He could not help but grin, after such a long time these two men had known each other. They had served since their early days together. Levak was now the Captain of the second flagship. The only men Tarsis had truted nough to give him that kind of power.

    "A great victory." Levak replied. He was a Gotal. That meant he probably felt Ion´s concern right at that moment. "Yeah and they´ll send even more after us. Which we will need our new friend to avoid. I saw where this is going. I just could not change it."

    Levak smiled but there was little humor in it now. He then sighed and took the Corellian brandy from his jacket. Ion laughed. "You think that is the solution for anything, do you?"

    Levak raised his brows.

    "We´re on duty."

    He managed to raise his brows even higher. And Ion gave in. With a laugh he turned to the only two seats right next to the viewport and took to glasses. He walked over to his friend and they poured the Brandy into th glasses. Sitting down Ion sighed and closed his eyes. He enjoyed the first sip and waited for his friend to choose the topic.

    Tag: TGI
  5. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Coruscant, Senate District, Ministry of Inner Security, The Security Council

    Many things were probably about to change but there was one thing that wouldn´t. They needed ships and they needed them soon.

    ?Consider it done.? Kat´lar responded and one could see he had already prepared for that move. But if your head of espionage did not predict you anymore, you were probably a lunatic. Datu nodded and leaned back, too. He was not familiar with hunting pirates, but he knew how to get Onasi the support to do so. And Onasi was out there because he got his job done. It was Forn Dodonna who shook her head at the Chancellor´s order. The ships. It was always about the ships.

    ?Chancellor even if I make that fleet appear from somewhere ? and I highly doubt the other Admirals will play along. They´ll make it a time consuming bureaucratic nightmare ? even if I made this happening, when they hear we send them to the rim. We could face serious trouble with the military. The rim is where the Sith supporters were. The rim is Kanz and this sect. Chancellor, we might face Admiral´s disregarding orders if we push it too far.? Forn Dodonna showed genuine concern. The military did not wanted to fight for anything but the Republic right now. And they had heard the tale of the threat from the outer rims before. It ended with Malachor. And Revan stealing one third of their fleet.

    And the Admirals had been too powerful for too long. Everybody except those who benefited saw that the emergency powers lead to a military dictatorship. And in such a government the military played the music and the others danced.

    Bron Kat´lar snorred but agreed with a nod. The Vice-Chancellor Dato looked at Forn in disbelief. ?Then we´ll drag them to a court! They serve us and not the other way round!? He hissed. It was an unusual aggressive gesture for a the Caamasi. Forn wanted to defend her Admirality, when Lyria of Byblos took the word. For the second time this day she spoke and if that would not have been surprising enough, it became even worse. She spoke to support the Chancellor.

    ?The Chancellor is right, but I agree with you, too. Dodonna your Admirals have any right to doubt our decisions. What is so important about Telos? Well we know it is a symbol. A place to heal to show we are no longer wounded. It also is a great jumping point to Tion and Hutt Space. But the Admirals know what we don´t like to admit. We are in no position to jump anywhere. If another war breaks out we will have to abandon half the Republic to even secure the core. And with Argazdan and Tion nearby, both armed to the teeth, we must ask ourselves do we need Onasi hunt pirates to protect one planet? I think we do. I think not many of your Admirals will agree. But I think I have a solution to both problems. We have a stronghold inside the Outer Rims despite Telos. We have a place to start our expansion of influence. We just need to make it our focus. Our prime objective. Chancellor, if your faction and mine would work together in the RESTORATION COUNCIL it would actually be easy to make the Gordian Reach our prime interest for RESTORATION. It is heavy damaged, not part of any of our factions and it is of the greatest inerest. And if RESTORATION goes to the Gordian Reach . . .? She smiled. She knew all hope of billions lay on that program. Her faction and the Chancellor´s had blocked each other for month now with the choice of the project´s core area of interest. ? . . . the Admirals will have to cinsider the pirates a major threat. They will have to copperate. By the Gods they might demand us to move in there!?

    She looked at her nails and finally spoke the hidden threat everybody had been waiting for. ?Otherwise this gathering of ships might need month. Considering how many of these ships might be listed as in need of repairs alone it might be nearly impossible to sort them unless we have . . . highly motivated Admirals doing so.?

    Dodonna´s jaw dropped. Bron chuckled a bit as he lay back and folded his arms. Datu loo
  6. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Near Telos, The Hammerhead-Class Justice, Admiral´s office

    Carth Onasi smiled as she announced her decision. ?You are a good soldier, Shirzan Narr. Never let anybody tell you anything else. You are a very good soldier.? He stood up and pushed the button on his console to open a channel to central command. ?Prepare the Raptor for Shirzan Narrand her squad. She will also need two pilots and Velix.? He added. Then he cut the commline without awaiting an answer. ?The Raptor is one of the new hammerhead frigates. Small but well armored and fast. I cannot give you a tech team, but I can give you something better. Velix. He is a Verpine. A brilliant mechanic. If he can´t fix a ship it´s destroyed or not damaged.? Onasi smiled. ?I worked a long time with him. You can trust him. You get the Ereesi. I´ll ask the Republic to provide a safe place to get them. Probably somewhere on the other side of the galaxy.? Onasi nodded.

    ?Good hunt, Narr. Good hunt.?

    Tag: Jedi_padawan_leigh

    [image=] The Raptor

    The Bloody Banner, Gordian Reach, Admiral´s Quarters
    Chak Levak
    took a deep mouth full of brandy and sighed in satiscation.

    ?So what?? he suddenly said. ?What was your plan? Die in a retirement home for Pirates? Become Chancellor? We had it coming, Ion. We had it coming a long time. And I think it might be time. Let´s see. Let´s see what these reublic guys are made of.?

    He took out two cigars. He had them from the last shipment to the hutt sector.

    ?We can also go into hiding. Hell we could life a decade on our llittle secret base. The planets are paying us one fortune after another just so way keep our feet calm. Ion, the Republic can hunt us but it us who need to make a mistake so they can catch us. And with your new friend? God, we can do almost anything.?

    He lighted both cigars and handed one over to his old friend and Admiral.

    ?But we´re not the hiding kinda guys, are we??

    Tag: DarkLordoftheFins
  7. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009

    Coruscant, The Courtyard of the Ministry of Security

    Bao Dur smiled at hearing HK-47 once more speak. But the hint of humour vanished as quick as it hade come. ?I was send by Bastila. We received a lot reports about your cousins lately. The fifties. The fifty-ones. Even a lot of 24s were seen lately. The seem to spread and wait. For what we do not know. But they´re too many. They are far too many. Someone I think produces them again. And we are afraid that someone might work against the republic.? Bao Dur looked around as if he considered thmselves watched. Probably it was the force. After all he had been trained in the jedi arts by The Exile. ?We wanted to ask you, if the Chancellor agrees, if you could contact them? Any onformation on them could be most useful. Most useful.? Bao Dur asked. Soonafter HK-47´s reply he left to report to Bastila. HK-47 returned to his Chancellor. And as if Bao Dur had arranged it he saw a greyish twin of himself sorting files in one of the bureaus. The other droid looked at him with yellow glowing eyes until HK-47 had passed. Whoever had positioned the HKs. They were also in the Ministry of Security, already.

    Tag: Trimaj

    The Jedi Temple

    An hour later the Zabrak Jedi returned to the halls of the Jedi Order. He had missed Bastila´s speech. But the effect it had on the Jedi was hard to miss. The Jedi had purpose once more. They were all working on the projects given to them. Mical, another companion from the Exile´s journeys greeted him. The two man exchanged words, telling the others of rescent events while Mical took the Zabrak to the center of all this hopeful refreshment. Bastila Shan was meditating in the gardens of the Jedi Temple. Once well attended to by various Padawan´s, they had grown wild and thick by the year of absence of the Jedi.

    Tag: SirakRomar / new player of Bao Dur
  8. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Supreme Chancellor Cressa
    Coruscant, meeting

    [blockquote]Cressa was suspicious of Lyria, and his mind spun down intrigue and pitfalls. Cressa sat back, but not to disagree. He mused as she spoke, and then finished off. "Exactly as she said." With that, Cressa stood, and nodded to her. "I can rely upon you to hammer out the details. You won't need hardly any of my support base to secure this, no doubt."

    And he walked out. Let Lyria do all the messy work of unifying the Admiralty. Cressa would in the meantime cozy up with the Core, and the said Admiralty, so when Lyria isolated herself and pushed for it, as a selfish act that would clearly benefit her shipbuilding concerns, she'd then cause it all to fall apart and Cressa could take advantage and get what he really wanted. A few well-placed votes would make sure what Cressa wanted through. So, Lyria could do the hard work. He had no intention of letting Lyria manipulate him into fighting a war she wod benefit from.

    He realised he'd allotted an hour for that. What to do now?[/blockquote]

    TAG: TGI
  9. Bishomon

    Bishomon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria Skyfire
    Korriban, Sith lord's tomb.

    Ylyria nodded and flew after Culain. Her eyes were only on her targets now. Even before the two humans had time to react to their dead comrade, Ylyria was there. She gave a small sound as she jumped towards her prey. As the humans turned towards the sound, Ylyria's blade smashed through the first one's chest. Feeling the force flow through her, strong, black, and raging, Ylyria grinned as she tore the blade of blood red light through her victim. Turning, she sent a wave of vivid fire slicing through the second tomb robber, following it with her blade through his heart. A second later, both bodies fell to the floor. Sliding her lightsaber back into its hidden compartment, Ylyria brushed her hands and turned her attention to the slow, methodical blinking of the bomb. She opened yet another hidden pocket and took out some tools. 'This bomb will take at least, hm, four minutes for me to defuse it . . there are seven minutes , 50 seconds left before it goes off. That gives me only three minutes to spare if something goes wrong.' She thought quickly. The Zabrak had indeed done his work well, though little good it had done him. With theses statistics in mind, Ylyria crouched down and began work on the bomb.

    TAG: Morkai, Sarge221
  10. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Criton´s Point, The Library of Xer, Sublevels

    The creature cried out as the darkness of Atris touched it. Leaping back, it twisted and collapsed. Like waves of destruction the power of Atris swept through the hall now. The Creature tried to avoid them. Crawling back but was trapped in the Dark Side unleashed in the halls of Xer. It´s cry of agony in the force was even louder than it´s priimal scream it echoed into the halls. Then it collapsed. It´s presence that had been so powerful only a moment ago faded. It was dead.

    Another remnant of the Sith had vanished forever from the galaxy. But as it had been so often in the history of the galaxy, one darkness vanished to give painful birth to another.

    Atris felt that darkness. She could even see it, as a sigle strai of blueish energy danced between her index finger and her thumb. Then she was alone in the darkness of Xer´s sublevels.

    Xerbel´s scroll was nearby.

    Atris could feel it.

    It is after all your destiny, these ancient writings will lead you to. Your destiny and nothing less. Was it the holocron talking? Or was it in her mind? The Dark Side clouded her perception.

    But the scroll was nearby.



    Tag: Sinre (you can find the scroll, if you like)

    [color=purple]Chandrila, [b]Leaving the Estate of the Twins[/b][/color]

    ?Then let´s go.? Cale said with a smirk. The earlier we arrive there the better the chances are we find someone who knows you.? His assumption was surely right. But he also wanted to get the stranger with no memory away from his sister.At least until they found out who he was.

    ?And don´t worry you´re not one of the thungs of YZ.? Cale added as he turned around so Poul could get dressed. ?I know the kind of guy he hires. You surely don´t fit the job description. You are to human, to begin with.?

    He waited until Cale was dressed, then he turned towards him again. ?Sissybear, I take the speeder and our friend.? Celina came in. ?Shall I not come?? She asked. Cale gave her a smile. ?Don´t worry. Nothing two big grown up guys can´t take care of themselves.?

    With these words he went over to a desk in the corner of the room. He took a blaster from it which looked like an older version of his own. ?You should take this. It was my old mans. Nothing fancy, but hell it blows hole in guys who want to get funny.? He handed him the blaster. ?And it isn´t as risky as your museum piece you got.? He nodded. ?We´ll be back for dinner.? He said to Celina and she nodded. ?Good luck, Poul.? She said and gave him a smile.

    ?Yeah, yeah.? Cale only replied and dragged Poul out.

    The speeder was waitng outside. It was a farm near a big city on the horizon. Droids woorked on the fields and around the two big buildings. Cale jumped into the speeder and checked it as he waited for Poul. The usn was shining. A breathe of the ocean came over. It could not be seen but was nearby. For some reason Poul knew.

    ?Ready?? Cale asked and gave the man a long look. ?Hell, you look like my father in his better years, ya know?? He laughed then. ?Scary.?

    [b]Tag: Mitth[/b]
  11. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Trevi IV, Desert, Crashsite

    The boy stared at Lyle a little bit to long to make anybody feel comfortable. Then he opened his mouth. He shut it again as if he was not certainwhat to say. He opened it again.

    ?I am Ono. The man with the mask was a bad man. It is good you killed him.?

    He said so as if it was a natural thing to kill a man. Even with his force sensitivity the boy felt the terrible fight the man had put up was something positive. His death was something positve.

    ?There are more bad men coming. Different bad men.? Ono announced and his hand raised and pointed towards the sky. The sun made it hard to see, but after a second of adjustment Lyle could se another ship coming from orbit. It approached fast. This one did not crash though. It was just in hurry. Even from that distant he felt the danger it was. The force trembled in clear anticipation of another conflict, if they were found by this ship.

    ?We need to leave.? Ono said. Then he turned his face to Lyle. ?Who are you??

    Tag. Sarge
  12. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: HK-47
    The Courtyard of the Ministry of Security, Coruscant

    [blockquote]It wasn't explicitly stated, but knowing a little bit about the man it was apparent he didn't care what HK did. It was one of the more infuriating things about the man. Bao Dur had been told to set up a meeting with the Jedi Council, who HK was not looking forward to going to see, and then Cressa left. Turning towards Bao Dur, HK wasn't precisely happy to see the zabrak, less willing to kill than most meatbag soldiers, Disgusted Observation: Especially the one who helped with the mass shadow generator, but they had had all kinds of adventures together. "Semi-Pleased Statement: Nice to see you again meatbag. Inquiring Sentiment: How can I be of service?"

    Bao Dur explained that he had been sent by Bastila Shan, someone whom had traveled with Revan. HK-47 felt a stirring in his positrons that in a human would have been wistful remembering of good times. Apparently his "cousins" had been causing problems which caused HK to tilt his head slightly in curiosity. Normally there were few of his kind wandering about, for there to be enough that there were complaints about it was highly abnormal. Musing Thought: I wish that I could help them hunt meatbags. Alas that was not to be.

    Bao Dur looked around, as if he expected there to be someone watching them. There was no extra attention being paid to them according to his observation algorithms, but the Force was something HK-47 hadn't ever understood. He definitely appreciated it in the hands of the old Revan. Apparently the Jedi wanted HK-47's help in infiltrating the other HK droids ranks and finding out what they might be doing. If Cressa would let him, that was. "Statement: I will inquire of the Chancellor Meatbag Cressa. I will be in touch either way Meatbag." With that they both went their separate ways, HK to inquire of Cressa for permission. That was one thing he'd always hated about being a droid, always having to ask for permission to do things. Frustrated Thought: Meatbags are so inefficient. It grinds my gears. There was nothing for it.

    Finding Cressa just emerging, HK walked up to him. It was an odd moment as the Chancellor seemed to have nothing to do. "Curious Inquiry: Is the meeting over already master?" He waited for the chancellors reply before adding another question. "Serious Inquiry: The meatbag wanted to know if you would allow me to infiltrate my cousins. Observation: There have been many complaints about them, and the Jedi feel I am the best choice for." HK stood still, waiting for the reply, regardless of the answer he would be able to report the answer to Bao Dur when they went to meet the Jedi Council.[/blockquote]

  13. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    Karn Fell
    Jedi Temple

    Karn had followed Jedi Bindo and Shan to the meeting they were attending. And from what he had percieved Bastilla wanted to reform the order, and was asking for volunteers, he understood or at least thouht he understood the burden she must believe she carries, Karn would show her she didn't have to do it alone.

    As Bastilla spoke to the others assembled Karn began to feel that even though he wanted to help, he wasn't ready to lead, as a warrior and fight Karn was almost second to none, at least to his peers, however, as a force wielder, and a tactician, he was ... competant to be put lightly. Karn felt that he was much less important behind the scenes and more important in the action, especially with the Sith, Karn knew that even though they had gone, again, they would return, his vision, had made him believe that. But for now, he would wait, wait and see what there was to be offered, and leave the planning to the older, more experienced Jedi's.

    Tag: ALL involved
  14. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Alema Vao
    Grand Opera Lounge
    The Prince was already falling right into her trap, without really trying she already had him hitting on her with one of the worst pickup lines someone could utilize on a Twi?lek. And now he was offering to order an alcoholic beverage for her.

    She indicated that she would like the same as he was already enjoying. As the bartender skillfully mixed the intoxicating concoction, she sensually stroked Lev?s cheek. ?So tell me Prince, do you have any plans this evening? Because I am more apt to open up to a complete stranger in private.? The barkeep placed the mixture in a glass and silently placed it next to the Aide. ?If you know what I mean??

    She slowly sipped the drink. Then, as if she had planned it all along, she picked up the top piece of ice between three of her well manicured nails. She seductively licked off the single drop of liquor that was rolling down the cube. She gave it a gentle kiss and then ran it down the bridge of the Prince?s nose. The ice ended it journey on Arris?s lips.

    The entire time she was putting on the ice show she was thinking as loudly as she could. ?You want to take me back to your room. You want to take me back to your room. You want to??It was as if she was trying to will the Prince to drop everything and let her into his world.[/blockquote]
    TAG: TheGoodImperial
  15. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Jedi Temple

    Zariz had nodded, but not because she was convinced. She was simply ready to accept Bastila´s leadership for now because she kenw Bastila was the best choice.

    Yet, she agreed with the Padawan. Darkness was always only one step away.

    "Do not worry Paladin. There will be a Council. One day. For now, let them try whatever alternative they want to try." She put her hand on his shoulder. "You haven´t knighted yourself?" She asked him. Her eyes wandered to Xelon as he passed and returned to the boy.

    She had to get men out of her head. Especially this one. For the forces sake, she was a Jedi.

    "Why?" She asked paladin directly pulling her hand away once more.

    Tag: tjace, others
  16. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Arzazdan, City of Parzin, Market

    [ul]She arrived as fast as she could to intervene the attack from the five masked men in blue robes. Her body position now in a stance to show that she meant every word she said to them. Her double bladed lightsaber now lit on one side showing a hue of deep green.

    To Ashlae's surprise the man looked at her as if she was no threat to him. The man pointed his gun at a woman. The sound of the shot could be heard and Ashlae was too late to save the woman. Then another blast from the gun came. Ashlae was horrified and she stood there frozen unable to move. The shots kept coming until five people had died.

    The force screamed with murder and it triggered a flashback in Ashlae, one that she wished she could forget. The chaos around her was exactly the same as when her master died. Ashlae's fear consumed her, but then it turned to anger. It was a slow boil that embraced the fear inside of her. Her hands and body were shaken, her mind was racing.

    She sensed someone approaching her.


    I have to move


    ?TOOOD!? ?TOOOOOD!? was all she heard within the panic of the desert market. Ashlae paid no mind.

    The anger and fear were now one and Ashlae's body finally stopped shaking. She had to do something. She had to stop the men or everyone including her were going to die.

    Her eyes were set upon the men in the masks. One of her hands swung forward with the aid of the force raging inside her. She focused on force pushing two of the men in to the others, then pouncing on them once they were on the ground.

    There was no other choice she had to do something.[/ul]

    TAG: TGI

  17. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Desert, Crash Site

    ?I am Ono. The man with the mask was a bad man. It is good you killed him.?

    Ono, Lyle mentally repeated. Odd name, at least for a human but that was hardly the oddest thing concerning the child that he now found himself with.

    He found both his discarded blaster and vibrowhip. Holstering the former, Lyle took the latter in his hands and started to coil it back up. He thought of the discarded Sith lightsaber and that maybe he should try and search for it but, in the end, he rejected the idea. It had been too long since Lyle had even seen a lightsaber to the point where he was more comfortable with his blasters then that weapon. His Jedi teachers would probably be rolling in their graves right now but Lyle could at least honor their memory by arguing that the lightsaber had been a Sith weapon, tainted by the dark side, and thus a weapon that he did not want to possess anyway.

    "Well I don't think anyone's going to be mourning him," Lyle spoke aloud. He meant the dead Sith and Lyle found the smoking pile of cloth and flesh that had to be the corpse not too far away. Finishing coiling his whip, Lyle hung it back on his belt.

    Though the boy had given him a name, Lyle would've loved to have more information then that such as where Ono came from, why his ship had been shot down, and why he was in the company of a Sith. But those questions would have to be put to the side when Ono mentioned that more were coming.

    His danger sense tingling, Lyle looked up at the sky and he had to hold back from verbally cursing upon seeing yet another ship that was coming down. This one wasn't crashing but Lyle had the same bad feeling that was warning him away from it Could this have been what shot down the ship that Ono had been on? Whether it was or not, the ship was bad news.

    "Alright, we're leaving," Lyle replied at Ono's insistence upon doing just that. The speeder bikes should've been far enough away from the ship's self-destruction to remain unharmed so that was going to be their best way out. Not exactly many good hiding places in a desert other then the crashed ship but that would certainly be what these guys may be investigating if they were in fact looking for Ono. "The name's Lyle by the way."

    Picking himself up from the desert sands, Lyle briefly dusted himself off but was soon making a run for one of the speeders, waving the kid along to catch up with him. Best to get back to Trevi, call in both the crashed ship and the approach of this new one, but they had to get out of here first.

    TAG: SirakRomar

    Unknown Sith Tomb

    Fortunately - or unfortunately, depending on how one looked at it -, Ylyria would find that the bomb was not on a timer. Upon closer inspection, she would see that while the bomb was currently armed, it required a detonator or some other remote switch in order for it to blow. Obviously it meant that someone had such a detonator and it would most likely be someone higher up in this operation as neither the Zabrak or the two human mercenaries that had been slain didn't have such a device on them. Either way, the bomb was still a clear and present danger and with the tools that Ylyria had acquired from the dead Zabrak, she had managed to disarm it and the blinking red lights of the bomb flashed once before dying, signalling that it was now useless.

    But that had just been one bomb. Considering it was going to take a lot more then one to blow up something like the tomb, it could be assumed that there were more somewhere.

    Down the corridor that Culain was currently charging through, the Sith soon saw the golden back of the Mandalorian. Though he did his best to keep silent, to take the armored warrior by surprise from behind, the Mandalorian managed to see him coming. Whether it was because he had heard the noise of Culain and Ylyria taking out the mercenaries, the humming of Culain's lightsaber, or noticed something else, the Mandalorian was nonetheless turning to face Culain.

    "I was hoping to find a live Sith here
  18. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man called Poul
    Chandrila, Leaving the Estate

    Though a part of him wanted to hurry he had to keep his movements slow with the wound in his side, removing first the top of his grey one-piece to hang from his hips, and then in slowly pulling on the new shirt. New to him at least, which even what he removed was really.

    The fact that he wasn?t an a thug of his helpers enemies was a comforting thought, although knowing human and drawing a blank on alien still made his head cock slightly to the side as he let it drop. That would be a question for after he caught to Cale and had all the clothes on.

    It felt odd in a way, stepping into another mans clothes, not awkward, he doubted he had the memories for that, but odd. Like stepping into a memory of something left behind but it wasn?t his. Only now it was. Almost numbly he took the proffered blaster turning over in his hands as he made sure to keep it pointed away from Cale and where ?sissybear? was. The final piece of a memory from another, and as though to complete it Cale remarked on his semblance to the prior bearer of it all. The memory was complete, if not for him, then them.

    Still he smelled the air in a gentle breath as he drew himself, collecting the little bit of his day of life and treasuring every jewel until the past once more set him to something. ?Near the ocean.? He muttered to himself. A statement not a question as he eased himself over side into the speeder, careful to keep the blaster hip raised.

    Yet, the past waited, and with it his future. So with ?sissybear?s? luck and Cale intervention, he was off, unsure if he had left something unsaid or undone behind him in that home. The only one he ever knew and already he was parting.

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  19. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Culain Del Jinn
    Korriban tomb

    Culain stormed towards the mandalorian, his saber one handedly sweeping out to deflect the blaster bolts into the walls as he closed the distance to his adversary "im going to enjoy killing you" he snarled as he moved forward. As he drew closer the mandalorian drew his sword and Culain leapt to the attack with a roar, Culains blade was a scarlet blur as he flowed into the attack, his strikes fluid and delivered with a strength driven by tightly controlled anger, lightsaber held in one hand his blood red blade striking high and low in a seemingly random pattern as he pushed the mandalorian back, the sound of their battle reverberating off the surrounding walls as the sith warrior launched a series of attacks any off which would end in death if they landed.

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  20. Bishomon

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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria Skyfire
    Korriban, Sith Lord Tomb

    Ylyria sighed as she stood up and watched the bomb's blinking slowly die away. She was disconcerted- there was no way they planned to blow up these thick walls with just one bomb. She searched around for more, but even if there were any, she couldn't find them.

    But there were more. she could feel them.

    Even more uneasy now, Ylyria turned her attentions to Culain and the mandalorian's fight. from, the sound of it, the mandalorian was putting up a better fight than expected. She looked out into the tunnel just in time to see Culains light saber flash in the distance. It didn't make a hit. Ylyria wondered if she should go help him, or stay here. . . In the end, she decided it would be easier to go to the fight- The mandalorian might have the detonator to the unseen bombs- bad news for her. Silently, Ylyria glided down the tunnel towards the fighters. ' Element of surprise, I need surprise' the thought. Silently, she drew out her light sabers- both of them this time- but didn't unsheathe them. not yet. Allowing the blackness of the tunnel and her trench coat to envelope her, she drew nearer.

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  21. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Supreme Chancellor Cressa
    The Courtyard of the Ministry of Security, Coruscant

    [blockquote]Cressa arched an eyebrow at HK, but conveyed his irritation with aplomb - and sarcasm, having confirmed the meeting was indeed over. "Irritated Commentary: I do have a job for you, actually."

    The Supreme Chancellor shrugged, and waved his hand. "Keep your comlink open to me... but I have no issue with you assisting the Jedi." Cressa leaned over to the droid, whispering. "You can take a few out for me, if you like."

    And then, the Chancellor shrugged. "Encryption code 7-Cressa for my message." As he said that, he walked off, assembling said message on his PDA. as he approached the fountain, seemingly not realising what he was doing. People watched, of course, with curiosity, wondering if the Supreme Chancellor would walk into it.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Trimaj, TGI (PM Incoming)
    IC: Atris
    Criton´s Point, The Library of Xer, Sublevels

    [blockquote]It is after all your destiny, these ancient writings will lead you to. Your destiny and nothing less.

    Atris watched the spark of energy darted between her fingertips, and willed it to stop, resealing the vault on her darkness. She had to stay above it. It would do the galaxy no good if she found the source of all of this and became a tool of it, like that idiot Revan did. She could even argue that the Exile had done the same thing. The Exile had ended up Kreia's pawn, and had taken out her opponents, Jedi and Sith.

    Deciding the voice was the Holocron, Atris felt her dark perceptions, leaking into her still, divert her face to a certain scroll. Temptation filled her, and she could feel the desire to imbibe upon the knowledge within, to fill the void in her heart. The librarian felt an impulse rise within her - fear - which willed her to simply reach out and destroy the scroll, to prevent the knowledge from causing damage.

    She lifted her hand, pointed it, tapped into pyrokinesis to ignite the paper.

    But Atris knew better. Clearly these impulses belonged to the Holocron, or perhaps the scroll itself.

    Clenching her fist, Atris made a decision. She couldn't destroy the scroll, because it might hold the key to destroying the Sith, or, it might even possess her if the spirit within it was released to consume her. She knew better. So, she took the scroll.

    Because she knew better.[/blockquote]

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  22. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Xelon Tarn
    The Security Center, Ministry

    He watched the Chancellor from afar, as he entered the courtyard. Bastila had send him of all Jedi to speak to the Chancellor. An irony not lost to him. He did not wanted to disturb the Chancellor´s business with his droid, or listen to them. The vdroid had been a companion of Bastila at some point as well as of the Exile. Xelon knew him from hearsay. Actually he knew little more about the Chancellor first hand. Only what the people in Tion had known about him. But he knew the type of man. The hungers, the needs, the blind spots. His Master had trained him all to well in this. A Jedi. A diplomat. Sometimes he had to ask himself which of the two he was.

    "Watch your step, Chancellors. Or they could lead you to probably most unpleasant places." Xelon said as he approached the Chancellor from behind. "Wet places." he added and nodded towards the fountain. Laying his head to the side he allowed the force to take in the chancellor´s presence, before he spoke again.

    "I am Xelon tarn, Jedi Knight and the envoi of Bastila Shan to you. I speak on behalf of the Jedi." He said that and allowed the Chancellor to open the talks.

    His aims were clear to him, now he had to get to them.

    Tag: TGI

    PM input from TGI

    [b]The Mule[/b]
    [i]Above Chandrila[/i]

    A Spearhead. The [i]Spearhead-[/i]class had been used by a lot of mercenaries the Sith had hired within´ the war. Many of those had been destroyed. But those who remained were large and effective means to transports troops. Probably the best choice for the private sector these days, the Mule wondered how they had made it here without getting stopped. A quick scan of the atmosphere showed how. A single [i]Foray-[/i]class was the Republic´s presence. Yes, it looked like they had not expected trouble so deep in the core.

    Two of the ships were circling the planets, both had only a skeleton crew on them. Someone had taken a serious interest in this guy or some people were seriously considering doing a raid on Chandrila.

    The Republic felt too safe. It always had.

    [i] Should have known better. [/i]


    ?That would be my competition, right??

    He attached his helmet to his outfit once more and uploaded information. His computer automatically request permission to land in Hanna. Starport was not far away from the Institute. If he had to fight his way back though, it would be hell of a long ride.
    Get in. Get the man. Get out. [/i]

    And after all from all Teuka had said, this guy did not even have a lightsaber. The Mule stood up and took his from his locker. He loaded the wrist-laser and attached the double-sided energy staff in it´s smallest configuration at his side. Then he took a dark robe and pulled it over his outfit. The request was answered by the starport authority. He was permitted to land.

    The hunting season was opened.

    ?That would be my competition, would it??

    Tag: TGI[/b]
  23. tjace

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Paladin Halcyon - Great Hall of the Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    Paladin listened stiffly as the old man swayed the assembled group. Anarchist babble. No matter, eventually they?ll see the foolishness of this choice. For now, if I want there to be leadership, I must obey it, and Bastila has chosen this path.

    After Bastila had finished, Zariz once again came to talk to him. "Do not worry Paladin. There will be a Council. One day. For now, let them try whatever alternative they want to try. You haven´t knighted yourself? Why??

    A difficult question, but a fair one, he supposed. ?I have not been tested. I haven?t proven to myself that I will not flinch when I must confront the darkness in all its power, nor seduced by its subtlety. And then there is this: in combat, I am probably the most useless Jedi ever. I can?t use telekinesis at all, not to move a pebble, or shield myself, or recall a lightsaber to my hand. I am a bit above average with illusions and such, but I?m no wizard with them, so they?re not much help. So there you have it: I am handicapped.?

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  24. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003


    Name: Bao-Dur
    Age: 30s
    Species: Zabrak
    Planet of Birth: Iridonia
    Gender: Male
    Rank & Affiliation: Jedi Knight - The Jedi Order
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Cyan-bladed lightsaber, repulsor arm
    Equipment: Remote droid

    "Your command echoes still, General. And I obey, as I did at Malachor."

    With his cybernetic arm and his remote droid at his side (a companion constructed many, many years ago), the Zabrak named Bao-Dur cuts a distinctive figure. His achievements are numerous. He is an engineer without peer, a famous Jedi Knight and an accomplished warrior. He strives to be good. He is mild-mannered for the most part, dry of wit and slow to anger.

    But still the words of the Exile linger somewhere deep inside his soul. Called by destiny to her side, not once but twice, she was the catalyst for both of the defining events of his life: the act of atrocity he committed at her command, and the redemption that she offered him when they met again, years afterward.

    She trained him in the Jedi way, and he has taken on that responsibility with composure and dedication, aligning himself with the legendary Bastila Shan and helping her to restore the Order to its former glory.

    Yet a mass of shadows sit within his heart. He is the one being whose mind Kreia was unable to read, because there is a part of his soul which he shuts off even to himself...a cold, iron darkness where the memory of Malachor rests. And it whispers to him: did you really think that your genius sprang from the light?

    [i]Gardens, Jedi Temple[/i]

    Gardeners come in many forms. Bao-Dur first realised he was one on Telos, when his shield technology was used to protect parts of the planet's recovering ecosystem. The animals who grazed beneath those energy fields were his flowers, and he nurtured them in an indirect fashion, by protecting them from the intrusions of the outside world. He watched cubs come to life, grow, and blossom, and spread seed of their own.

    Ever the engineer, he had still regarded those creatures as components within a closed system. They were no less beautiful for that, but his appreciation was detached. Dispassionate. He had a gardener's mind, but not a gardener's heart.

    That part came later.

    Now a Jedi Knight, he stands in the wild and untamed gardens of the Temple alongside his friend and erstwhile companion, Mical. He kneels down, breathing in the life around him. With his right hand he trails his fingers across the tips of the grass; and with his left he rips a weed from its roots.

    "Bastila," he says at last, addressing the Jedi Master who sits meditating in the centre of the garden. "I'm sorry I missed your speech. I only just got back from talking with our mutual assassin droid...friend."

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  25. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    OOC: combined with SirakRomar, this one was sitting on my shelf for a while so I post it quickly.

    Jedi Temple

    She felt aggression in the boy. He was unhappy about the decision of the Jedi. And that was a prime example of Bindo´s reasoning, of course. The boy needed a Jedi Council. Zariz understood. But did you grow less hungry by not eating when you needed? But if she was the only one seeing it, what kept her from helping him? Taking responsibility. If that was what the new Jedi Council was about, she needed to adapt. She had responsibility here, right before her eyes.

    Paladin seemed more than a little insecure. ?I have not been tested. I haven?t proven to myself that I will not flinch when I must confront the darkness in all its power, nor seduced by its subtlety. And then there is this: in combat, I am probably the most useless Jedi ever. I can?t use telekinesis at all, not to move a pebble, or shield myself, or recall a lightsaber to my hand. I am a bit above average with illusions and such, but I?m no wizard with them, so they?re not much help. So there you have it: I am handicapped.?

    Zariz could not help but smile a little. "We all got our special talents. And what got telekinesis to do with being a Jedi, Paladin? If you can feel the force, you can be a Jedi. My Master used to tell me, when a Jedi ignites his blade, he has actually failed. If so I failed many times." Zariz nodded. "We are not troopers trained to fight any Sith? We are Guardians. And the Sith are as good as gone and probably never return. We will need peacekeepers and wise Jedi now." she looked over to Xelon. Now she knew what kept her so distant to him. He as a new kind of Jedi. A perfect Jedi for these times. "Look at the young knight over there. He did probably more damaged to the Sith than anybody. And he did it with words and reasoning. Without him, Tion might have burned during the war. They say." Before she could say another word, she felt
    the presence of Bastila Shan behind her. The young Jedi Master smiled at her, as Zariz turned around. "Zariz, have you considered my request?" Bastial asked directly. "You mean the call for help by admiral Onasi? Yes, Master. I will follow it. Concerning my team, I would like to take Paladin here with me. If he agrees." Zariz said. And both Bastila and and Zariz looked at the young man.

    "Are you ready to hunt some pirates?" Zariz asked then, very informally.

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