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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by brodiew, May 10, 2018.

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    Wonderful and poignant characterizations of a special moment @};-
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    Don't mind me while I just grin like a smitten idiot at the Poldo set - there's certainly quite a bit of strong emotion tied up in their feelings for each other, even when they're at odds - and especially when those odds creep up again in the midst of a romantic relationship. I loved the theme in Truce, though - that's why a middle ground is always worth it in the end! And Friend! I loved their soft reflection on Leia - she truly is a difference maker, in so many ways. [face_love]

    The next set was just as good. I loved this look at Luke and Owen's relationship. And the rain! From the wonder of rain on Tatooine, to the casual, soft moment between uncle and nephew and the soft introspection on Luke's part that followed - I really enjoyed every word of this! A very insightful, refreshing piece, in every way. =D==D=
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    A thousand thank you's to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha and @Mira_Jade! I appreciate you both so much. Thank you for always being there. [:D]

    Week 11


    When Ansyn saw Rey with Finn, a bit of jealousy spiked. He knew it was irrational, that Finn was as much her brother as any being could be, but it chaffed to see her so expressive, so joyful, so happy with another man. He knew that such feeling were of the Dark Side and centered himself in the force immediately. When looked up, he marveled at how much fun she was having.
    He decided that next time they went ‘out’, he would try being more down to earth. Maybe he would try a couple of jokes or a spontaneous dance move.


    Rey decided to have her students play a game. The game consisted of a center net with a square boundaries on either side of the net dividing the two competing teams. What Rey wanted them to do was use the Force to pitch a ball back and forth over the net without physically touching it. Most of them got into the exercise, manipulating the back and forth with increasing pressure. Rey would later advised them that the point of the game was to put the ball in the sand of their opponent’s side.
    Rey smirked at Ansyn’s rising frustration.


    After a few weeks at the Jedi kinder-care facility, Anson was mortified to notice how he felt when Rey praised him. It was a strange warmness in his chest and a giddy trembling in his gut. He liked it. But he wasn’t supposed to. At least, that’s what he told himself. The woman had made a mess of his life, hadn’t she? He decided he wanted more of the good feelings, but less of the conversion experience. Was it even possible to keep the Lady Jedi on the hook with giving up the man he used to be? Still was.

    Mealtime at Rey’s make shift Jedi Academy had taken some getting used to. There were only five of them, with ages differing significantly, and conversation was more like parents and kids having a family meal. Other times it felt like navigating a minefield.
    From one day to the next, one meal to the next, Ansyn was never sure what issue would arise to set off his irritation. He was still learning and his old, short tempered, nature rose to the surface more than he would like. The mat mutts just laughed, which made his peace that much harder to obtain.


    “This is hardly what I would call a vacation,” Ansyn groused, less than quietly, as he and Rey stood in the far corner of Poe Dameron’s command center.

    “You’re not on Jakku, are you?” she whispered. “Now, please hush up and pay attention.”

    He grunted. “Nor am I on Tiol III sipping Tikki Tomas with a Blue-skinned Twi’lek wearing nothing but dental floss.”

    Rey folded her arms across her chest and shot him a withering look that was shocking in its effectiveness. Despite himself, Ansyn suddenly felt ashamed of his comment. The girl must throwing her mind mojo on him.
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    [face_laugh] Loved the ups and downs of Ansyn's growth as a Jedi of sorts ;) and as whatever he wants to be to or with Rey. [face_thinking] There's no denying she has an effect on him. :D
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    Oh yay! More Ansyn and Rey!! :D [face_love] [face_dancing]

    Fun: Good man! I'm glad that he tempered his inappropriate jealousy without letting it consume him. His resolve was just the proper one to reach - join in on the fun instead of sulking from the sidelines! :D [face_love]

    Play: It does my heart good to see the next generation of Jedi growing this way! Rey certainly is figuring things out as she goes, marvelously so! Even if Ansyn is having a more difficult time of it, currently. :p

    Games & Laugh: Yep, Ansyn is all a-twitter, and struggling to find both inner-peace and his place with this new Order Rey is building! But he'll get it sooner or later. [face_laugh] [face_love]

    Vacation: I just adore Rey can have him considering the more cutting edges of his personality, just that easily. o_O :p You, my dear man, are hooked, and you don't even fully realize it yet! A great moment of characterization, in just a few words. :)

    These were excellent, brodie! As always. Thanks for sharing. [face_love] =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I'm glad you enjoyed these. Nyota. I had fun. However, I'm not sure this one is working for me as well as Poldo has. We'lls ee what happens. Thank you for being so faithful a reader.
    @Mira_Jade: These two are definitely interesting together, Mira! Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments. As I said above, I may back off on the romantic angle and stick to more platonic banter with these two. I think it works better that way.

    A/N: This set was inspired by the season 2 opener of one of my new favorite shows, X Company. Sadly, it only ran for three seasons. But it is so good. It feature a multi-national spy team out of Canada, operating in Nazi occupied France.

    OT AU

    Week 12


    When Lando Calrissain was thrown into the already occupied cell, he was shocked only long enough to confirm his deduction. Han Solo was not dead. However, his bruised face, blood mottled clothing, and the faraway look in his eyes, led the Rebel spy to believe death would be a preferable state. Solo was a broken man.

    Lando had never met Han Solo, but he knew Solo’s history with the cell he had recently joined, including a romantic history with the leader, Leia. Lando had few illusions of escaping Imperial custody, much less brining this shell of a man with him.


    Lando had been in custody before, but that was when he had been a righteous criminal, a label which ranked higher on the Imperial scale than rebel scum.

    As the fresh blood on his owner tunic began to congeal, he heard the opening of heavy doors down the block followed by the clakety-clack of jackboots. He prayed it was not Lord Vader, but he knew that any interrogator would make him hurt in ways he had not imagined were possible.

    Would they kill Solo in front of him? Would they make it worse for him than death? Force only knew.


    Imperial detention cells were about as Spartan as they come. The waste unit was so utilitarian and monochrome that it was almost invisible. Lando was surprised the see a steel chair, black, like most everything, sitting in one of the corners. He resisted the urge to go to it. He could imagine what it was used for.

    Instead, he went to Solo’s side on the wall bench. Up close, he looked even worse.

    “Hey, Old Buddy,” Lando said in greeting, splaying fingers in symbol of the flaming avian.

    “I don’t know you, Friend,” Solo replied, forcing the words out slowly.


    “You’re right,” Lando whispered. “But you know Leia. She sent me.”

    “Sent you?” Solo answered, skeptically. “She didn’t send you. As far as she knows, I’m dead. Which is gonna become a reality sooner than later.”

    “I can’t argue with that. But I have a feeling-”

    “A...feeling…huh,” Solo grunted through painful coughs. “None of your feeling matter in here. That fact that you’re in here means that they are going to torture me to get to you or the other way around.”

    “This isn’t a ship, Solo,” Lando reminded him. “We’re on the ground. Which means we have a chance.”


    The screams in the adjacent cells were muted, but not silenced. The smell of the electric shock stations circulated though the common ventilation. Lando wrinkled his nose at the stench of burning flesh.

    “A fat chance is all,” Solo said, his despair laced with bravado. “And, that smell. You get used it.”

    “I’m not getting used to anything,” Lando countered. “We’re getting out of here.”

    At those words, the relative quite was broken by the sound of a heavy instrument banging on the door of their cell.

    “Time’s up,” Solo breathed.

    The door slid open and two Imperial officers entered.
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    Fascinating as we get glimpses of a convoluted back-story as to how Lando, Leia, and Han are interconnected, how Han and then Lando got snared by the Imperials and if they're actually going to make good their escape.
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    Oops! I forgot to mention how this is An OT AU. I made the correction up top. ;)
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks for leaving a comment, Nyota. I know this a serious AU, but I was so affected by the X Company episodes that I wanted to write it. This follow up does not feel as good, but, hey, I got it written. [face_whistling]

    A/N: This a follow up the last set. It is OT AU. I hope you enjoy.

    Week 13


    The mission to Ocostor was a success, but the cost was a heavy blow. Han Solo, the leader of their cell, had been captured. Leia had been given express orders that he was not to be taken alive.

    Leia watched, from behind a duracrete wall as Han was placed in stun cuffs. He saw her step into view holding blaster rifle. The jackboots did not see as he nodded a final farewell to her; a gift of acknowledgement. The rifle shook in her hands and her vision blurred with emotion. She stepped back into hiding, unable to fulfill her orders.


    The torture they were enduring came to a halt as alarm klaxons sounded and an evacuation notice was delivered. An emergency prisoner transport was ordered. Calrissian knew that if they were going to make a break this would be it. He was so tired. The savage Imps had beaten Han within an inch of his life and started cutting him with a vibrolade.

    The attack on the ground transport sudden and brutal. The Imperial convoy was only a few vehicles and they were not prepared for an ambush. Nor was Lando, but it didn’t keep him from leaping into action.


    The field of long, luscious, green grass laid out before them was like Lando imagined the heaven of the Force. When he imagined such things. Which was rare. However, he had belt the touch of beauty before; the peace of seeing something unsullied by corruption of any kind.

    His reverie was interrupted as Han, whom he was helping walk, sagged to the ground. Lando kneeled at his side as Leia, an angel of mercy, appeared out of nowhere.

    Leia’s normally stony face cracked at the sight of Solo. She cradled his battered head whispering repeated assurances. Solo passed without a word.


    The small table outside the tapcaf in Coronet City was crowded as laughter rose unabated. Solo was recounting a mission in which Antilles had had to ditch their speeder into the dressing area of an outdoor theatre. When the dust had settled, the dazed pilot was unaware of the colorful and ornate headdress he wore or the sequined dress caught in the collar of his tunic. Before the troupe or audience could become enraged, Solo took Antilles in his arms and began to dance The Spirado. He danced them right out of sight and into a dead run.


    Leia Organa had little time to grieve her former lover and leader of their Rebel cell. There was still a war on and vital missions that needed to be completed for that war to be won. Her team was strong, versatile, and adapted well on the fly. Antilles was their pilot who doubled as their demolitions expert. Calrissian was their confidence man. Skywalker was communications and worked closely with Calrissian when scavenging was necessary. Rounding out the team was Chewbacca, the Wookiee, their scout and sniper. He was one hell of shot. Failure was not an option. Death was preferred.
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    Superb details showing how small changes could lead to big differences/outcomes, and yet, the solidarity and courage are the same, familiar. [face_love]
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    Whew, what a mood you were able to convey in these two sets! One of the great things about drabbles is that it gives you an unique opportunity to explore AU ideas that you would maybe not necessarily be able to write long-fic about otherwise. This was a tough read - visceral and intense, even brutal at times. But like Nyota said, the solidarity and courage were still there. And such a love between Han and Leia! Some things remain the same, even in this world! [face_love]

    These were powerful and heavy hitting! Thanks for sharing. :) =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you for commenting on these two more intense sets, Nyota. X Company has been so compelling. I just had to write something.
    @Mira_Jade: I always appreciate your comments, Mira. Given that you, likely were not familiar with the source material, I am thankful that you went on the journey with me anyway. If you have the notion, check out X Company.

    A/N: This set has tones. The first tow are more tongue in cheek. The last three are not. I hope you enjoy.

    Week 14


    Holo novel writer Ryk Castille could not believe his luck when he was given the green light to shadow Correllian Security agent Kat Byrket. Having recently concluded a series of successful Rebel Agent novels and wanted a change of pace, yet keeping within his thriller roots. Though he had never been imbedded with a Rebel cell, Ryk had been fortunate enough to interview many who took part in the GCW. Now, he was going to be on the street with a CorSec detective, not to mention one of its best and brightest. Did he mention she was also strikingly beautiful?


    When Castille and Byrket arrived at the crime scene, there were already agents collecting evidence and interviewing residents of surrounding domiciles. Kat smiled at the sight of her friend Lani Parys who was also the medical examiner.

    “What have you got for us, Lani,” Byrket asked.

    “Omwati female. Multiple stab wounds,” Lani advised, clinically.

    “She looks blue,” Castille interjected.

    Lani shot him a serious look. “So would you if you had been stabbed in the back.”

    Ryk turned to Byrket unsure if the doctor had just made joke.

    “Relax, Castille,” she said with an eye roll. “Omwati have naturally blue skin.”


    When the war ended, Doctor Kalonia took a leave of absence. She was sure to retain her commission in the New Republic Army, but she needed a respite. It was no sabbatical; she would be making no further education. It was a time to nourish her soul. She had seen so much carnage in the war. The mutilation of bodies and minds. Her boss had jokingly told her go live in a grass hut in the jungle for a few months. Little did he know that she was thinking of just that kind of seclusion in the desert of Jakku.


    Rebel Medic Harter Kalonia was no stranger to blood. No stranger to field triage. No stranger to the war against the Empire. As part of a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, she was getting a heaping handful of all of it. It was hard enough treating patients in a stable environment, but in a war zone, in tents, she would be pleased not to make a patient worse than when they came to her. The young woman before her had festering blaster burns on her shoulder and side. Harter quickly tore open a Bacta gel packs and secured them with tape.


    The last round of shells had knocked out the overhead lighting system, leaving the doctors, nurses and medics to use hand held glow rods or head-rigged chemlights. Harter had been directed to recon the far tent on the south end of their interconnected maze of intake, treatment, surgery, and recovery structures. After dodging wounded, equipment, and her fellow medics, she reached the final tent flap to her destination. On throwing it aside, the young medic was shocked to be in the open air and on the precipice of an immense crater. Suddenly overcome, Harter fell to her knees and wept.
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    Great use of these prompts and riveting scenes with Ryk and Kat [face_mischief] and then Dr. Kalonia. =D=
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    This was another wonderful set! I enjoyed every word, but Castle and House, in particular had me grinning like a loon. I see what you did there. Honestly, I think you're tapping a new vein in Star Wars fan fiction with these ones, and I would love to see more from Castille and Byrket. [face_mischief] :D

    It was intense to read the remaining three drabbles from Dr. Kalonia. After Cave and Tent, I can more than understand how she's ready for some peace and healing for her soul! She's been through and seen so much; it's understandable that she too needs to see about mending her spirit, just as she's always been there for others. Beautiful work with this set, as always. [face_love] =D=
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    A huge thank you to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha and @Mira_Jade for lovely reviews. My goodness. May 31. That was a while ago. I hope you will enjoy and another Mash up Legends and New cannon. This set, barring the first, is cohesive. And, though I did not notice it until the Aunt, it gives a hug no to Auntie Mame, a book and film I adore. I hope you enjoy my return to drabbles!

    Week 15


    Luke Sykwalker stood at an observation balcony on the upper level of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It was early and the sun was just peaking over the horizon. The smell of caf rose from his mug on the bannister as a light breeze played in his hair. He reached out with the Force, a strong wave emanating outward toward the one he loved. She was a quadrant away on a diplomatic mission. A mission that could take a standard week. She had only left last night, but he missed her greatly.

    Hello there.

    Peace and love swept over him.


    “Lens and I want to go to the Market,” Ben declared.

    “And what is at the Market that you need?” Mara replied.

    “Stuff,” Ben replied.

    “Cool stuff,” Lens added.

    “That is true. There is plenty of cool stuff at the Market. But how are you going to buy any of it?”

    “With credits, Mom,” Ben retorted. “Duh.”

    Mara’s eyes narrowed and lips thinned. “Where did you get credits?”

    Ben’s eyes slid to Lens.

    “Master Durron,” Lens added. “He dared me to hide Knight Solo’s robes. He lost.”

    “Did he, indeed,” Mara said. “Then, he should accompany you to the Market.”


    “So, as a consequence for him daring the kid to take my robes, Kyp swindled me into going with them to the Market.”

    “Who are they and how were you swindled?” Leia asked, hiding her smile with a sip from her tea cup.

    “I’m sure this is very amusing to you, Mother,” Jaina said, frustrated. “But, I’d rather go shopping with you and Aunt Amilyn than spend another moment with that insufferable, self-aggrandizing, egotist-”

    “Jaina, Please,” Leia interjected. “That’s no way to talk about a Jedi Master.”

    “Not Kyp, Mother!” Jaina exclaimed. “Lens Eli!”

    “It appears your friend needs help.”


    I’m sorry, Jaina,” Jacen said. “You’re on your own with this one. Well not really on your own, you have Kyp.”

    “You mean Kyp has me and he has Ben and Lens.”

    “I think you’re overreacting about the Eli kid,” Jacen said. “He’s a little mischievous. He’s not the Holy Terror you describe.”

    “Was it your robes that ended up in the waste recycling collection unit?”

    Jacen clenched his teeth and tightened his face. “Ouch. I see what you mean. It sounds like he needs a taste of his own medicine courtesy of the Sword of the Jedi.”

    “Excellent idea.”


    “Do you have everything you need?” Amilyn said. “I don’t want us getting there and you are missing something vital.”

    “Yes, Master,” droned Lens. “I have all I need. Unless a situation arises that I have not accounted for.”

    “You are as clever as Luke and Leia say you are, Young Eli,” Amilyn responded, amused. “Perhaps this will not be the punishment that Jaina intended.”

    “I said I wanted the Market and we are headed to the Galleria. I’d call this a win, Master.”

    “Let’s dispense with the Master business. Just call me Auntie Amilyn. It will drive Jaina insane.”
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    Fun drabbles! "Wife" was wonderfully tender. [face_rofl] That is exactly what Kyp would do and to whom! [face_shhh] Very happy that Amilyn is "Aunt" in this 'verse :cool:
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you for returning to the drabbles, Nyota! I like the Luke one as well. But the real fun was returning the EU and bringing Amilyn with me. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    Week 16


    “What are you doing, Luke?” Mara asked, raising her hands to Luke’s chest and applying enough pressure to keep him at bay.

    “I’m attempting to kiss you,” Luke replied, touching her cheek.

    “You should stop,” Mara said, seriously. “Right now.”

    Luke noticed her eyes harden even if her lips quivered ever so slightly.

    “I-I thought you wanted me to,” Luke said, the confidence he had mustered vanishing in an instant. “The signals…”

    “Signals?” Mara said with a snort. “Which ones were those?”

    Luke took a step back, his eyes dropping to the duracrete walkway. “It doesn’t really matter. Does it?”


    “And you just walked away?” Han said, disbelievingly. “How do you just walk away?”

    “I panicked Han,” Luke said from the couch staring at his open hands. “She pushed me away from her.”

    “Did you ask her why?” Han pressed.

    “No, Han,” the Jedi shot back. “I didn’t ask her why. I was embarrassed and wanted to get away from her as fast as possible!”

    “Is it possible you misunderstood why she stopped you?” Han said, looking a silver lining.

    “Maybe, I don’t know. I must have misread her. I said I would not use the Force. I blew it.”


    Han’s prodding about a misunderstanding had taken root in Luke’s head. This was not mind of a Jedi Knight. It was the lovesick musings of Nexu pup. Why had he walked away? Why hadn’t he talked to her? He had seen the hard eyes, but there was that tremor in her lips. He was confused. Was she nervous? Did she want the kiss as much as he did, but panicked just like he did? If she had, it was much more controlled than his sulking withdrawal. Luke knew that Mara didn’t mince words. If she said no, she meant it.


    Luke entered the commissary at the Yavin Academy. He saw Mara sitting alone at a tale a corner of the room. Their eyes met. He looked away and went to the conservator for a snack. He pulled the items he needed and placed them on the counter to make a sandwich.

    “We should talk,” he heard Mara say to his back. Her tone was inviting, friendly even. But he wasn’t feeling friendly.

    “I don’t think so,” he replied, coldly, without turning around.

    “It’s not what you think, Luke?” she tried.

    Whirling on her, Luke said: “Then where have you been?”


    “Working it out,” she said, evenly.

    “Working what out, Mara?” he asked still frustrated.

    “US!” she stressed, still keeping her voice low. “You think I can go to Karrde about my feelings for you? I don’t have Han and Leia to hash this out with. I have me. I have to judge it from every angle. I have to foresee every pitfall. I have to know if I can trust you with my most private self. I don’t have the luxury of ‘giving it a try’.

    “Why not?” Luke asked, simply. “Do you want to give it a try?”

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    Excellent back and forth/roller coaster for Luke ;) and very plausible reason for Mara seeming to push him away. =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you, Nyota. I'm glad the tension between Luke and Mara rang true. That means a lot.

    A/N: inspired by a recent J/K drabble by @mayo_durron_666.

    Week 17


    Jaina Solo had never thought of her body as a weapon. Jedi already have a weapon, a very specific one, at that. It was not until her encounter with Master Durron did Jaina realize that weapon is a subjective term. A weapon can be used to intimidate, dominate, exterminate, and exacerbate, for that matter. Jaina was sure that Kyp was indeed intimidated by her body and that his state of excitement had definitely been exacerbated. Her fear for what would happen if she left him that way for too much longer prompted her to…leave him that way for a while.


    As the cockpit on her X-wing rose, Jaina Solo removed her helmet revealing a relative mess of sweaty, tangled hairs. It happened every time. But this was not every time. This time Kyp was waiting for her and she did like the idea of being so disheveled in front of him. Not after their last encounter. It was unlike her to care one way or another what men thought of her appearance. It was unnerving for her to be tucking hair behind her ear or quickly pulling it into a ponytail just for him. She hated not being in control.


    “You’ve been avoiding me,” Kyp said in a low voice, catching Jaina outside the council chambers.

    “Avoiding is such a harsh term, Master Durron,” Jaina countered just above a whisper. “I prefer breathing room.”

    “It wasn’t Master Durron the other night,” Kyp said.

    “Wasn’t it?” Jaina retorted.

    Kyp smirked. “So what is this breathing room all about? I recall a rather emphatic willingness.”

    “I’m trying to determine whether I made a mistake.”

    “We’ve both made our share,” Kyp replied. “Perhaps further research is necessary?”

    She held his emerald eyes, arousal rising in the quickening of her heartbeat.

    “Perhaps,” she replied.


    “My name is Dirk Kesseler,” the tall, dark haired man said. He offered his hand.

    She took his hand and shook it daintily. “Stella Starkweather.”

    “Do we know each other, Stella?” the man asked, appraising her closely. “You look very familiar.”

    “Not unless you visit the libraries in Durron sector,” she replied, sheepishly. “I’m in the records division.”

    “My business doesn’t take me to that sector often,” he replied. “And, I would never go solo.”

    Cracking her formal veneer, with a quirk of her lips, she said: “Why Mr. Kesseler, I think Solo is exactly the way you should go.”


    “Have you been tested?”

    “Tested for what?”

    “Things a Jedi healing trance can’t cure.”

    “If I had any such thing, you would already know.”

    “True. Unless it was dormant, just waiting to surprise me at some point in the future.”

    “I promise you that I have had no such surprises and I’ve been through plenty of healing trances.”

    “Why so many?”

    “Obvious reasons.”

    “Clearly, not so obvious to me.”

    “Now, you’re just playing. We’ve both been through the mill.”

    “Is that a decontamination facility? I don’t recall having been there.”

    “More like an asylum from which you were recently released.”
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    Sweet and funny ... balancing banter with sizzle. ;)
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    Oh this was fun! [face_mischief]

    Thank you for the A/N & for giving us more J/K! [face_love] I’m a sucker for them.. as you can tell.

    Weapon - I like Jaina realising her body & it’s affect on a certain Master.

    Helmet - This was great, her overthinking her appearance, such a natural thing to do when relationships change or develop or just cross into territory it’s never been before.

    Shield - Love their conversation in this! And the hint to do more research. [face_laugh]

    Cloak - Haha! Mr Kessler & Miss Starkweather! [face_laugh] Fake aliases for a fake date..?

    Transmitter - Haha! [face_laugh] Asking whether or not been tested! [face_rofl] So funny!

    This was wonderful! :D Thank you @brodiew ! [:D]
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I'm so happy you enjoyed them, Nyota. I hope you enjoy the next ones as well.
    @mayo_durron_666: I am so glad you enjoyed these, mayo-durron! I had a kick just bouncing off your last drabble and used it as their 'last encounter'. Mr. Kessel-er was a reference to Kyp being found by Han on Kessel and Stella just jumped into my head at the moment. But, yes, a little role playing. [face_shhh] Nothing like a little word play on the prompt. 'Transmitter' was fun to write.

    A/N: This is a loose foll up to my one shot Sticky Situation.

    Week 18


    Zeb Orrelios took his job as older brother quite seriously. Especially when it came to mentoring Ezra in the ways of romantic courting. He was not ashamed that Sabine had unconsciously turned the tables on him at Bois by asking Ezra for a walk in the woods. The romance had not escalated since then and Zeb was sure that encouraging the boy to serenade her would be just the ticket he needed to woo her successfully. He could not recall the last time he heard Ezra sing, he was sure nothing was insurmountable with a little training. He hoped so.


    “You want me to do what?” Ezra replied

    “I want you to sing to her,” Zeb repeated.

    “You are crazy, you know that?” Ezra shot back. “There is no way I singing in front of Sabine, much less to her, specifically.”

    “Are you ashamed of yourself?” the Lasat jabbed. “Are you that terrible a singer?”

    “Your reverse psychology doesn’t work on me anymore, Zeb. I learned my lesson.”

    “Finally. And, it was lessons, Boy. At any rate, if you choose the right song and sell the eye contact, she will swoon into your arms. Just try not to drop her.”


    The sensitivity of Lasat ears was a well know thing. When it came to high pitches or elevated volumes, Zeb preferred a decent set of ear plugs. At the moment, that amounted to two suction cups attached to the sides of his head. His eyes were squeezed shut and he was hunch over as if in pain.

    “…Turn around, bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart-”*

    “STOP!” Zeb yelled. “For the LOVE of The High Honor Guard, STOP!”

    “What’s wrong Zeb?” Ezra asked, pulling on one of the suction cups. “You don’t like my singing?”

    “Not at all.”


    “Well, what do you think I need to work on?” Ezra asked.

    “Listen, Boy,” Zeb dodged. “We may have to approach this from a different angle.”

    “Why? What’s wrong?”

    “That list is too long. Let’s stick with what’s right. You’ve got the volume, Kid.”


    Hey, hey, hey,” Zeb interrupted. “How about we work on if you’re whispering.”

    “But Sabine won’t be able to hear me.”

    “Correct!” the Lasat answered. Then, under his breath, he said: “She won’t hear the wounded animal wishing to be put out of its misery.”

    “What was that?”

    “More whispering will help you immensely.”


    “I am such a fool,” Ezra said, dejectedly. “I let you do it to me again?”

    “Do what, Boy?” Ezra replied, unrepentant. “Help you win that colorful canary?”

    “I get that you like teasing me, Zebb. But, I really like her and you are making me look purposefully idiotic.”

    “I’d say you were doing that just fine yourself.”

    “But, at least that’s me being me. Not me listening to your maddening nonsense you can have some laughs. I thought you were my brother.”

    “I am your brother, Ezra,” Zeb said, quietly. “Just having some fun.”

    “I’m done being your fun.”

    *Turn Around by Bonnie Tyler
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    Terrific "advice" and teasing [face_mischief] =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you, Nyota. I appreciate you. Zeb and Ezra are fun, but that last one came out rather dramatic. I'm glad you had fun with them.

    A/N: This set includes prompts from the Whumptober challenge on other sites. My link for comments I made this morning in the Scribble Pad.

    Week 19
    Rogue One AU

    Conquer - Whumptober 2019 #10 Unconscious

    As he regained consciousness, Cassian Andor can taste dirt in his mouth. As he moves his arms and legs, the resistance he meets is greater than it should be. He tries to sit up, but the weight on his chest will not allow it. Turning on to one side, the pressure on his shoulder causes him to scream in pain.

    Opening his eyes, he feel the grit on them. Dirt. Closing his hands into fists, he feels it there too. Pulling his knees beneath him and raising his head, the remnants of a shallow grave fall free.

    Krennick would pay for this.

    Dictate - Whumptober 2019 #22 Hallucination

    Staggering through the rocky desert, the sun beating down, Cassian’s wounds pulsed. A blaster bolt to his shoulder was the worst of it, but his ribs ached and a small stab in his calf stung something awful. The Imperial raid had been devastating. Livestock had been slaughtered and crops burned. He had to find Jyn. The thought of her had pulled him back from Hades itself.

    Suddenly, she was there, running toward him. He opened his arms to embrace her as she faded to mist a mere step away.

    “I will pull the teeth from your head if she dies!”

    Rebel - Whumptober 2019 #6 Dragged Away

    “-ebel Scum,” said a tin voice from inside a strormtrooper helmet. “Why are we burying these traitors anyway?”

    Cassian faded in and out of consciousness. He could feel himself being dragged by his arms. The sound of his boots…grunting…

    “-tenant’s orders, 256389,” answered a deeper voice. “-what you’re told and let’s get back…”

    The Rebel felt himself dropped into a…ravine? Sudden pressure on his chest…sharp sound of digging….

    “-mind to blast his head off,” the voice rejoined. “-eror is unstoppable.”

    “-love of your beloved Emperor, shut the kriffing hell…”

    Dirt in his mouth…

    He was going to die here…


    Aftermath - Whumptober 2019 #14 Tear Stained

    Their outpost had been destroyed and the majority of their contingent killed. When Jyn saw Cassian through her macrobinoculars, she wept at the sight. The sand and dust caked on her face parted as tears streaked down her cheeks. She had taken one of the two remaining swoops to meet him. When he saw her, he staggered back, putting up his hands to keep her away. She hugged him, briefly, and put a container of water in his hand. His hands shook so badly, the container fell to the earth. She scooped it up and held it as he drank.

    Rebirth - Whumptober 2019 #30 Recovery

    Cassian’s recovery required more than simple bacta pads and bed rest. He had been buried alive, shot, stabbed, and beaten. It was a miracle that he was even alive. Jyn remained at his side, from the desert campsite to the medical frigate now in orbit above the planet Wyndis. He had described his hallucinations of her, from Scarif to Dantooine to Hoth. He recalled raging at Krennick, promising a slow and agonizing death. It grieved her to remind him that Krennick died on the Deathstar three years before. He grinned knowingly and said that Lord Vader would be fine surrogate.
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    Week 20


    “How did it go with Master Durron at the market?” Luke asked. “Was it fun?”

    “Fine, I guess,” Ben answered distractedly. “It wasn’t really what I wanted it to be at all.”

    “How so?” Luke continued, sitting next to his son on the hover couch.

    “Jaina got mad at Lens and got Aunt Amilyn to take him shopping with her.”

    “Why was Jaina mad at Lens?” Luke said, wondering why he even asked.

    “She had a good reason,” Ben admitted. “But we’re still kids, aren’t we?”

    “Kids that should be thankful they didn’t have to drag the waste recycler.”


    “Was that your fist time shopping with Aunt Amilyn?” Ben asked, excited to hear Lens’ story.

    “The first, but hopefully not the last,” Lens replied. “She bought me a top of the line Evergreen holo projector.”

    “So astral, Lens,” Ben said, taking the proffered device from his friend. “You better not let any of the Masters see this, or that Knights for that matter. It will be gone in a flash.”

    “I you ask me…”

    “-Which I didn’t. Lens let’s give the pranks a rest. If you keep doing them, it could be worse that the Galleria with Aunt Amilyn.”


    “Have you heard Ben’s morose account of his trip with Durron?”

    “Hardly morose, Farmboy,” Mara replied. “He was disappointed about being separated from Lens.”

    “I’m not sure how disappointed I am,” Luke said. “That they were separated.”

    “I know, Luke,” Mara sympathized. “But Lens has been able to give Ben something we haven’t.”

    “Which is?” Luke said, unsure.

    “A reason to engage. You may think Lens is questionable influence. I do, too. But that little mischief maker is animating our son. Tionne thinks they are good for each other.”

    “Ben might be a good influence on Lens?”

    “That’s the spirit.”


    “So, what’s the verdict and Lens and Aunt Amilyn?”

    “Don’t ask!” Jaina replied in frustration.

    “Bad time?” Jacen said.

    “I just can’t win, Jacen. Ever.”

    “That well, huh?”

    “It’s the Mandolorian Mandate! Whatever can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst possible time.”

    “You’re just mad Aunt Amilyn hit it off with Eli. By the way, where is the bad timing?”

    “Any time is a bad time for Lens to start playing his tricks. I set the bar too low with Amilyn?”

    “That’s funny, Jaina. Too low with Aunt Amilyn.”

    Jacen walked away laughing and shaking his head.


    “What is it that captures your interest, Young Eli?” Streen asked.

    “Having fun, Master,” Lens replied. “Like most initiates my age.”

    “And, how is having fun going to make you a better Jedi?”

    “Creative thinking. Adaptability. Crisis management. Strategy. The list goes on, Master.”

    Streen huffed in amusement. “Can fun be destructive, Lens?”

    “Of course it can,” Lens answered.

    “Where is line drawn between innocent fun and chaotic fun? The light and the dark?”

    Lens started, as if to make a flippant remark. He stopped and furrowed his brow, curiously vexed.

    “I will need to meditate on that one, Master.”