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Lit The Original Clone Wars & Prequel Story - Both Old Drafts and EU

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Darth-Darth Binks, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Darth-Darth Binks

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    Dec 29, 2016
    There are tons of questions about the original Clone Wars - what were they supposed to be?

    Truth is, I'm asking you guys this question too! Because I made a reconstruction from what I learned from old drafts of the movies, the novelizations, and various semi-"official" material from the 90s, and also early EU material like the Thrawn trilogy, but I want to make sure that my reconstructions were accurate.

    For what Lucas actually had in mind at the time, it seems, from what little I could pick up, was this:

    So the government became corrupt, much of the Senate bribed by members of the executive branch of government and influential guilds (sounds familiar). Eventually, when electing incompetent officials takes its toll on the Republic, the government collapses, and Senator Palpatine presents himself as the solution to their problems. However, seemingly the savior and end of all problems, Palpatine starts to become more and more authoritarian. Between the corruption still in the Legislative branch and the authoritarian decisions of the Executive branch, the Jedi rebel against Palpatine, and the militaries of several planets answer with Shocktroopers, the cloned precursors of Stormtroopers (that's why they're called "the Clone Wars" by those who hate the Empire)...and Boba Fett wears the Shocktrooper armor. Perhaps he was one of them once. The Shocktroopers are effective, but not effective enough, and the Jedi wipe out most of them, even with a high toll on their own numbers. But it won't be enough to stop them...that is, it won't be enough to stop them if it weren't for the ace in the hole Palpatine had up his sleeve. Palpatine knew Anakin Skywalker for some time, and personally offered him command over the Republic fleet. By establishing a relationship involving him rewarding Anakin with power and privilege, and due to Anakin's frustration with how Jedi training generally works, Anakin is easily drawn to the Dark Side, and has already been killing off "impure" Jedi one by one. Now that the war against the Shocktroopers has left them vulnerable, Anakin can bomb the Jedi forces and them finish them off personally. Obi-Wan is present in the battle, and then fights Anakin until he's maimed, which later results in the famous Vader suit.

    ...I think that was the story by Return of the Jedi's production. Most of the pieces I found during this particular phase of Star Wars' production seem to fit that way. It's basically "Order 66, but it's an entire war instead of a quick massacre". It sounds totally Lucas, to make something similar to the final product, but some bits are toned down and others are toned up to eleven. Of course, Lucas had changed his mind significantly from ANH to RotJ, and while things became more set in stone the later and later the production went, a lot of exactly what and exactly when is difficult to determine, and even if this plan was established to be the one before the mid-90s, it's possible that this war wasn't one of the Clone Wars, and was just the Jedi Rebellion, no clones required. See, I could be totally wrong, and if there's something that's not correct or something that's missing, I'd love you guys to point it out!

    Here is what the early EU version of the Clone Wars seems to be:

    Corporations managed by Clone Masters, who I do believe were implied to be beings who came from planets not part of the Republic use cloning technology to secretly create soldiers who would attack somebody, most assume the Republic, but we don't know what the relationship between the Jedi and the Republic was like and I'm not sure if the Republic was still the Republic by this time, we only know that they were bad, dangerous, and the Jedi fought them. The Clones would go mad if grown very fast, perhaps as intended, and the Jedi step up to protect the Republic from the Clones. However, Palpatine exploits the resounding paranoia of the situation and becomes the President, and from there, becoming more and more authoritarian.

    ...I think that was the backstory Timothy Zahn was using. Most of the pieces I found during the wilderness seem to fit that way. Of course, I could be totally wrong, and if there's something that's not correct or something that's missing, I'd love you guys to point it out!

    So, what were the ideas driving the original Clone Wars story in both lines of thought and production? Am I right? What do you know? I'm dying to find out!
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    Jul 9, 2016
    For the most part you are right- early ideas for the Clone Wars involved a war against Clones ....Even early drafts of Empire Strikes Back had Lando himself be a clone -hence why Leia didn't trust him.

    The war's timeline itself was vague, some notes had Leia being around during the war while other said by the time Leia was born the war was over.

    Most things I've seen always had it that the war was what had Palpatine consolidate power -the New Hope Novelization has it that businessmen and megacoprations plaid a part of this.

    These videos might help clear up things.

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