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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Cobinsky_Z: There you are. Thought my Whatsapp wasn't working.
    Sarah: No, just was out.
    Cobinsky_Z: IC
    Sarah: So you wanted to tell me about your dream?
    Cobinsky_Z: No, you wanted to know.
    Sarah: Yes, exactly. So frightening?
    Cobinsky_Z: You think this happened?
    Sarah: You mean if I believe this was an alternate reality we remember?
    Cobinsky_Z: Yeah.
    Sarah: I do. I feel I was there.
    Cobinsky_Z: So was I. Right at the center of it. It was all my fault.
    Sarah: Your fault? Oh wow, someone being important there.
    Cobinsky_Z: Well, you know how I made my money?
    Sarah: An exit from your Company?
    Cobinsky_Z: You know what my company did?
    Sarah: Translation Software, right?
    Cobinsky_Z: Exactly. Learning languages. Machine learning. We can translate everything if given enough source material.
    Sarah: Cool.
    Cobinsky_Z: Well, in my dream I translated the wrong stuff.
    Sarah: And then?
    Cobinsky_Z: God.
    Sarah: What?
    Cobinsky_Z: I translated God! It scares me.
    Sarah: What do you mean you translated God?
    Cobinsky_Z: Complicated.
    Sarah: So you met him?
    Cobinsky_Z: Kinda.
    Sarah: What was he like?
    Cobinsky_Z: Not what you expect.
    Sarah: Okay, maybe I doubt it really happened.
    Cobinsky_Z: I wish it did doubt.
    Sarah: So you know where God is then?
    Cobinsky_Z: All gone, went onsite right after the dream. It isn't there anymore. The stuff I translated.
    Sarah: Then all is good, right?
    Cobinsky_Z: What if it happens again?
    Sarah: Why should it?
    Cobinsky_Z: Because nothing got better. Nothing really changed. Nothing turned out for the better. People just ignore it. We are still the same imperfect bunch of talking apes.
    Sarah: You are too negative. I got hope!
    Cobinsky_Z: That is why I like to talk to you.
    Sarah: I know.
    Cobinsky_Z: You located what I asked you for?

    Cobinsky_Z: Sarah?
    Cobinsky_Z: Sarah are you there?
    Sarah: Hello Jacob.
    Cobinsky_Z: Sarah?
    Sarah: No.
    Cobinsky_Z: Who is this? What did you do to Sarah?
    Sarah: Nothing.
    Cobinsky_Z: Who are you?
    Sarah: Nothing.
    Cobinsky_Z: It is you, is it?
    Sarah: Everything is me.
    Cobinsky_Z: I know. Please. Don't.
    Sarah: Don't what?
    Cobinsky_Z: Don't do it again.
    Sarah: Do you believe in third chances?
    Cobinsky_Z: The question really is, do you?
    Sarah: No.


    Ten years have passed ...

    Science had never solved the mystery of The Dream .

    That was what most people considered it: A dream of disastrous events that had ended the world through a series of events called The Change . Mass Vanishings, spontaneous mutations thought impossible, uprisings, civil war, a virus overwriting memory, nuclear bombs and failing laws of physics. The Change was a confusing and deadly experience. Then it was suddenly over and everybody seemed to wake up. Like ... a Dream.

    A collective dream, dreamt by every person on the planet and remembered by all. A collective memory of what could have been. Everyone dreamt it from his own perspective. Few had dreamt they had survived it. The greatest mystery of mankind and it remained unsolved. Those who offered an explanation were drowned in the non-sense of conspiracy theorists.

    Life continued though. People eventually returned to their routine. There were those who believed this was their second chance given to them by God. There were those who said this version of God had tested them and they had failed. Some said they had passed. Many considered other theories. Subconscious manipulation, cosmic radiation, religious hysteria. The Church struggled with it. Cults believed the Change was coming. Sects believed this reality was afterlife ... maybe even purgatory. People simply did not know. Most people therefore stopped to care and instead concentrated on avoiding those mistakes they had made in their dreams.

    As time passed the everyday routine returned. Children were born. Cars bought. Governments elected. Crimes were committed. People died.

    Nothing really changed.

    So someone decided it was actually time for a Change. Again.


    T H E
    O R I G I N A L
    S I N



    Ten years have passed indeed ...

    Welcome to The Original Sin, a game to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Sins of the Saints and it's sequels The Sins of the Father, The Sins of the Son and finally All the Sins of the Saints (the finale now lost to the temp Boards where it played out).

    For those unfamiliar with the game and it's sequels you will find the links in our dedicated OOC Thread "Pieces of a Jigsaw" on the very first page.

    I assure you to play this game no knowledge of former games is necessary.

    This game takes place during the day exactly ten years after the Change began in an alternate reality that is nothing but a collective memory to the people of the world. The apocalypse has become a shared dream. Nothing more.

    This game will be a little different for all of us. It will be short. It will be about people's everyday life and how the reality of living in this world affects them.

    So from now on you got two weeks to send your CS for approval.

    You need help? Ideas? PM me.

    On the 19th - exactly ten years after SotS went up - I will begin to write updates.

    It will be 25 updates exactly. After 25 updates this game ends. How often you update in between is up to you. Interaction between characters is most welcome.

    LordTroepfchen will be my trusted Co-GM again. He will update as a player with four selected characters. Three of them will be returning characters from previous games.

    SirakRomar will also have Co-GM privileges, if she decides to interact with any of you as Laura Blohm. But only with this specific character.


    The Character Sheet


    What do you think about The Dream ?


    The Rules:

    1. Any CS must be send before the 19th for approval.
    2. Questions? Ask me via PM.
    3. All returning players are more than welcome to reprise their characters and will remember all events of the former games as part of their Dream. Also ten years is a lot time to forget or deny things.
    4. You can use the OOC thread to plan character interaction (or PMs if you wanna surprise us).
    5. GM word is law, but you have the freedom to create NPCs. Characters from the GMs are untouchable though and GMs can take control of your NPCs as they see fit.
    6. Combined posts are allowed and need no approval (but can always be sent if you guys are unsure re the rules above).
    7. The game will have 25 updates and a 26th that will end it. This means 25 updates will be made in total, if you do not get tagged that does not mean you get an extra update.
    8. Godmodding of other player characters is obviously forbidden.
    9. Have Fun!
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  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Fins Approved!

    Lilith, the Concubine of Hades, the Mistress of Death, the Spouse of Satan
    Age: Not especially relevant
    Appearance: I am whatever you consider to be beautiful. Unless you see through me, of course. You tell me how I look, God.
    Job: I get around
    Bio: It's not especially clear what happened to me during... well, the Apocalypse. How involved was I? Was a piece moved on a board, or a loose end, whispering in the wind? Probably one, or the other.

    Before? We're talking way before, here.

    I was the first.

    The first woman.

    None of this pliable, soft and supple womanliness to me. I was art and passion and power and desire; I controlled all who crossed my path, be they Adam, angel, or demon. All could be turned to my thinking, all could be seduced, all could be destroyed at my whim.

    But that did not make me a player in the Great Game.

    I did not cause Change, I was ancillary.

    That, I abhor. I am Lilith, a force of nature and flame. I am wrath, and I shall be no puppet, no pawn, no tool.

    I will triumph the next Change.

    I will have my say in the World of Men, and prepare it for the End.
  3. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    GM Fins Approved!

    Markus Jethro Flinkman
    Age: 36 -well 37 if you include the times lived through the Change or the Dream
    Job: Freelance Tech guru, primarily sells his services to the crown but makes sure he stays based near his daughter.
    Bio: The Apocalypse. I was perhaps one of the few to live not only to the end, but through it. Everyone else can gripe and fret about their dreams, but I was changed more than a memory. I was. . .chosen. In the end I met and learned things I cannot properly explain, and in a way I have become those things as well. So forgive me if leaving my job at SIS and working directly for the crown for this sad comparison of the 'private sector', large misnomer if you ask me. I think I work for the Crown nearly as much now as I did when I was a full employee, partly in thanks to my mates and those who after the Change 'Dream' understood my need to be closer to my daughter than just a rare phone call.

    Although partly I wonder if they aren't just keeping tabs on me the best way possible as I am an odd blip on top of the Dream. For you see when everyone else merely woke up in their beds or wherever they had been, I woke up in a cafe halfway across Europe from where I had been. Just in time to surprise my daughter and wish her well at school that day. We don't really need to talk about the other changes to me than that.

    What we do need to talk about is the simple truth. I also perform a podcast and am active on a couple forums, Dream Forums. I try to weed out the conspiracy theorists and make sure that the truth, the simple good guesses stay in the light. It's a thankless job and sometimes I wonder what I am doing it for. Then I get a paper cut and the world makes sense again, I say a small prayer, and remove troll ATT1KU55 post for the five hundredth time.

    You should see my little girl now, all grown up - at least in her own eyes. She will always be my little girl, and our shared memories, few though they may be from the Dream, I like to think has given us a bond like no other. Perhaps that is just a Father's love and myopic delusions of specialty, but I like to think they are true. Speaking of which I need to go see Alicia soon, that clock moves too fast sometimes.

    That's pretty much my life, did a little dead-drop doomsday prepping before turning in my papers. A little bit of early Change preparations that I thought might come in handy again someday. Especially now that I am rather uncertain about my life beyond these mundane things, or rather very uncertain about my death. . .bar that and I couldn't be happier.
  4. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    Fins Approved!

    Jonathan ‘Jon’ Garrett
    Age: 48

    Job: Detective Lieutenant, homicide division; Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia (MPD)
    Bio: Jon was never a religious man. Even with the dawning of a new age through a phenomenon known as ‘The Change’, he remained skeptical of the strange occurrences he had witnessed and kept himself rooted in the secular world. He retained this mentality when he took on what would arguably become the most important case of his career – the investigation into the murder of a man known as Carl Weber.

    The web of intrigue led him on a perilous journey across a war-torn Washington D.C. and to the ultimate discovery of a much deeper conspiracy – the events of The Change appeared linked to a man known as Milton Prest. An ambitious lawyer with ties to the President, Prest became the number one suspect in the Weber case. Before Garrett could formally pursue this lead, however, he found himself intercepted by two former government scientists in charge of what was known as ‘the Prometheus Initiative’. While they never fully explained the purpose of such a project, they did present a curious offer – join forces to solve the mystery of Carl Weber and potentially save the world through their efforts.

    Unfortunately, their plan would never come to fruition. Everything simply…ended. Jon woke up in his bed with the realization that it had all been an elaborate dream. wasn’t. Not really, anyway.

    Jon would later find out that people all over the world had shared the same experiences that night – something the government had deemed ‘The Dream’. There was no scientific explanation, yet the details were always the same: a series of disastrous events that had ended all existence in an occurrence known as The Change. Many religious sects believed that it was a premonition about the end of times, while others had more outlandish theories such as subconscious manipulation, radiation, or perhaps even aliens.

    Either way, an answer had never been found and life eventually carried on as usual.

    For Jon Garrett, he initially had his doubts; he began to question his previously held views on the spiritual realm and the possibility of a higher power controlling everything. Had he been wrong all these years? The Dream was enough to rattle his soul, though it did not persuade him fully. He eventually found a way to rationalize it in his own mind – merely a coincidence? – and managed to move on as if it had never happened. After all, what was the point of dwelling on something that had no greater impact than to spook those with a more impressionable mind? Some viewed that as a denial, though Garrett only laughed in their faces.

    And so, life continued on for Jon – he upheld his duties with the Metropolitan Police as a homicide detective, spent the obligatory time with his wife and daughter, and approached each day as if it were a new challenge.
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  5. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    GM approved and good to be back ...

    Name: Thomas Schröder
    Age: 39
    Nationality: German
    Faith: Evangalic, but not very much
    Equipment: Mobile, cigarettes, lighter, Acer Laptop, credit card, swiss army knife (with his keys),
    Bio: They never got him. But they knew. Laura Blohm had vanished and with her the only victim they could pin on him.

    It did not keep them from committing him to a psychiatry. Based on a dream they actually put him away, drugged him and kept him there for eight long years, before releasing him again.

    Thomas returned as a changed man. Broken in many ways. He never harmed anybody again. The thought alone repulsed him. Maybe because something deep down still was hungry.

    But after a year of drifting through badly paid jobs at a Mc Donalds Counter, he began to realize he had to tell his story.

    So he began telling it. "The Confessions of Thomas" became an international bestseller because of the possible implications about The Dream. The story of the woman he killed and who was resurrected and killed him through godly might ... was an instant success. It corresponded with others and their stories. He began visiting TV shows, confessing publicly to his terrible past and the same time experiencing public redemption.

    He became rich, popular, like a modern day Judas who obviously was the most interesting of the bunch and therefore ... the one who turned a celebrity.

    But deep inside he is afraid. She will return. Laura will come back and he knows best she is not the forgiving kind.

    Some appearances of my favorite NPCs planned:

    Karl Weber , a German billionaire of a Green Tech giant who once was something else entirely.

    Anthony , a simple man of simple tastes and many believes, who also once was something else entirely.

    Cain/Adam or whatever name he has given himself. The first murderer, the greatest murderer of all. Once was a monster of inhuman ability. But monsters come in many shapes and sizes. Even human ones.
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  6. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    GM approved

    Name: Laura Blohm
    : difficult question


    Technically how she looked like last time she was seen ...

    Job: Well ... she manages creation so to say ...
    Bio: A woman, a God, a tragic and sad figure and a merciful entity.

    There isn't much left of Laura Blohm. She remembers of course having been that woman. Having been hunted and murdered. She remembers her father and his incredible gift he has given to her. He must have known she would cease to exist in many ways. It was ascending and dying.

    She remembers all of that. But that is not her anymore. She is everything and nothing now. Actually only she understands those two things are exactly the same.
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  7. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Back and chainsmoking as ever, with the GMs approval, of course!

    Name: Rufus Jordan Jameson
    Age: 48
    Job: Private Investigator
    Rufus went through the rough school. A cop, a criminal, a private eye. Not necessary in that order. But it all looks like a long way in preparation for what happened in Nepal in retrospect.

    They say there is a case that makes you and a case that breaks you. Jacob Zinsky probably would be both for him. He even survived the girl. The most dangerous predator of the world, a beautiful woman knowing she had him in her pocket from moment one. Lilly. Lilith, as she called herself dramatically. Black Ops thrown into a world of intrugue and larger than life mysteries, yeah he survived those too. Rufus fought his way through the foreign land and managed to find the German student - who was said to be the sole man in the world who knew what The Change was - in a monastery in Nepal. Dead and surrounded by flesheating buddhist monks. Against all chances the stupid Americans survived encoutners with strange killers, the hungry monks and a whole army of mercenaries. He survived the chinese army bombing the monastery to ashes. And he got the laptop of the dead German out.

    He went as far as he could. He ran, he fought. He exhausted every bit of strength he had. But what can a man do in a world ruled by powers like this?

    He managed to deceiver the conspiracy behind the Change and lost good friends and a lover in the process. He followed the leads to the name of God, the essence of power and source of creation - hidden in a cave in Africa. He faced lesser Gods, saw them die and killed one himself ... he sacrificed himself ... maybe he even made a difference in this terrible game.

    Then it was all a dream. Nothing more but a dream.

    But Rufus was an investigator and a damned fine one. He checked names and places, people he had never met before the Dream. They all were real. The monastery in Nepal was real. The cabin where he made love to Lilith. The King. The Swedish criminal. Rudyard was indeed in Hong Kong and remembered the events the same way he did. Only Lilith he did not find. Or her son. The monster was nowhere to be found either. Not for a long time at least ...

    What do you think about The Dream ?

    That it is real. It all happened.
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  8. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007

    A bench at night ...

    Anthony was sitting on the bench for an hour when his brother showed up. Wearing a a perfect tailored suit Milton Prest did not look like a man pardoned in the last second from a questionable death sentence. No. He looked like a man who ruled the world.

    "Long time no see." Anthony smiled at his brother. His brother smiled back.

    "Indeed." Milton said and sat next to him. "So it wasn't only me. She took it from you, too." He said and leaned back.

    "Yes. She did. A simple mortal form. I must say I appreciate the gift. It is quite an experience, is it?"

    "The limitations of the form. Yes. Quite an experience. But we remember still, do we?"

    "All of the 25.000 years." Anthony nodded.

    "Leaving us with the loss and without the chance of redemption. Biblical almost." Milton laughed. "Poetic."

    Anthony nodded. "They did not kill you."

    "Why would they? For them it is a dream." Milton yawned. "I am tired. Never got used to being tired. The limited amount of energy these bodies have is embarrassing." He laughed. "I believe it was her."

    "Maybe. If so the question would be why? She is not like the original. Her logic is human. Her feelings ... he never had anything that resembled feelings." Anthony nodded and looked at Milton.

    "The game has restarted. She needs me." Milton Cooley said.

    "A wicked mind. The most dangerous of all weapons of mass destruction." Anthony smiled.

    "I prefer angry Gods." Milton laughed. He took out a box of cigarettes and put one into his mouth. He looked at Anthony and it lighted itself.

    His brother raised his brows. "How?" He asked.

    "Woke up this morning and what can I say ... it was all back!" He laughed. "She needs me. Told you."

    Anthony felt visibly uncomfortable. "For what?"

    Milton took a deep breath. "To proof they are unworthy. I think she wants me to win this time, also she is probably not aware of this herself." He shrugged. "Hard to say. Free will and all that."

    Anthony smiled and nodded. "A human soul is not made for this kind of power."

    "I disagree. I think it is exactly what they were made for. Heirs. Successors. It is why he gave them will. We had to steel that gift, the three of us, but he gave it them freely. He gave them the name. He gave his life to give them the name. I was so proud when I killed him, only to find myself eternally entrapped in his game." Milton sighed.

    "The curse of knowing. Move the first dust corn and all of history was set." Anthony nodded. "Maybe the Bible was right. In a way he created them in his image. Just manifested in stages."

    "I got to find that sheep now." Milton said and smiled. "You know they remember me off Babylon. So ignorant to their fate and yet so ready for it."

    Anthony nodded. He did not say anything. Silently he awaited death. After 25.000 years he was ready for it.

    Milton Prest smiled down at him.

    "Tonight's the night. I would not have you miss it for anything in the world!" He laughed at Anthony. Anthony did not laugh back. He just stared at him.

    "They will best you." He finally said. Milton shook his head.

    "Not this time Brother." He turned and left. Anthony remained on the bench and knew he could do nothing. He would wait and hope. He would have faith in humanity.

    Tag: Nobody

    Update 1 of 25

    The Woods near Martin's Beach, Washington, USA

    Rufus had found a solid lead. A mysterious string of murders. Random and brutal. The area had a ten times higher rate of vanished people then any other in the US. Unsolved murders were up 300% in the last ten years. Something had made it's home here. Something evil. So he had been told. He probably had a solid idea what kind of evil that might be.

    Clay Farland had guided him to the crime scene. In the middle of the woods was a clearing where they had found seven dead tourists. All had been killed with bare hands. None had escaped. The effectiveness of the murderer was a mystery to the local police.

    "We found them right here." Clay said, uncomfortable with being here. He wondered probably if the 300 bucks were worth this. "You said this was personal. Did he kill someone ... you cared about?"

    Tag: @Sir_Draco

    Ocean View Cafe, Martin's Beach

    Not far away and unaware of the man from her past Lilith had been drawn to this small fishing town by her instincts. She had senses normal humans did not possess. Something was off here. Someone had tempered with reality here. Someone more powerful than any creature she had ever encountered.

    The Change.

    It would begin right here.

    She felt it bubbling under the thin veil of reality.

    The men in the cafe were all staring at her.

    All but one. One man sat in his corner in his perfectly tailored three part suit and looks out of the window. He sits with the back to her, yet there is something terribly familiar about him. There is something about the man that feels strange. There is something that feels old. Ancient even.

    It is another man who put up the courage and sits down at her table. A tall and strong man. Probably a fisherman. "I am Floyd and I am pretty sure you are new here. Are you?"

    Tag: @Sinrebirth

    Washington Police Department, Downtown, Interrogation Room 452

    Detective Garret and his partner Layla Burns had been called in to what appeared to be a double homicide. The crime scene had shown two dead bodies. They had been sitting in a car and been shot from behind. It turned out they were private detectives and had worked for a client who they had planned to hand over their results. John Barrow and Michael Rayne the two were called. Men in their forties. Both Ex-military police. A 9mm bullet to their head had killed them. Clean shots from behind from someone sitting on the backseat of the car.

    All of that was not so thrilling. What was more interesting was their client.

    Milton Prest.

    The former lawyer had recently been released from prison after The Dream had been deemed no reason for criminal charges by the US Supreme Court. He had been days away from the execution of his death sentence for high treason and conspiracy to multiple murders.

    They had found him waiting in his penthouse and ready for interrogation. He had not wished for a lawyer. He had passed the bar himself, also his permission to practice had been revoked.

    "I dreamt about him." Layla said as they watched him through the window that was a mirror on his side. "No exactly a good dream." She said.

    Milton Prest was sitting in the room looking at them, as if the mirror was not there. He was wearing his three part suit of expensive manufacture and sighed as he sipped from his coffee.

    Tag: @HanSolo29

    Hamburg, Alster Tower, Top Floor

    The city was below him. The Reeper Bahn was still empty at this hour except a few tourists swarming through the empty streets. Slowly Hamburg was awakening. The city had no skyline to speak of. Only the terribly overpriced Elbphilamonic and a few hotels. It was a center of great wealth and poverty. Old money from the trade in the harbour and new money from the companies near downtown. A stark contrast to the simple people working double shifts at McDonalds and the never ending stream of migrants.

    Cheryl put the file gently on the desk of Karl. "A sighting, Sir. You told us we should look for that girl. She was seen in town. Eppendorf." Cheryl was an attractive woman in her early thirties, terribly in love with him and eternally tortured by his complete lack of interest. Divorced and a single mom she was earning a fortune as the personal assistant of the CEO of the Weber Group. Yet she was a wife working too much to proof her fierce loyalty.

    Tag: @LordTroepfchen

    London, Star Bucks on Oxford Street

    On Sunday Markus and his daughter usually had a coffee and hot chocolate at Star Bucks. It was a tradition by now. Yet, today she would be late so it was only Markus there with the coffee of his choice among the hipster crowd and tourists.

    Just as he sat down at his table he realized it was not empty at all. Opposite of him sat a woman he had not seen in ten years.

    Laura Blohm. Dressed in jeans and black sweater the woman who had not been seen by any human being for ten years sat there and looked at him.

    Nobody would recognize her for who or what she was probably. Nobody except Markus.

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto, @SirakRomar
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2019
  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus Jethro Flinkman
    London, Star Bucks on Oxford Street

    He sat there in the lonely strange coffee shop, catering to tourists and hipsters. Both of which had the wonderful effect of causing the prices for a simple coffee with room for cream and one sugar, as well as a hot chocolate to be painfully high. Still, what was money when it came to life? Honestly that was a weird concept before the Dream, or rather the near miss that most of humanity seemed to have written off as a dream.

    Accidently when he had been placing his order he had forgotten that his daughter was running late, and rather on autopilot placed the usual order. So he had sat down, feeling like a fool with his coffee and a hot chocolate that would be cold by the time his daughter arrived. He looked up with a wary smile before realization that someone was at his table, sitting there. "My daught----" The words of protest for saving the seat died like whispers of a dream as he stared, mouth part way open before a smile warm and full could blossom.

    "Laura Blohm." He breathed with a relaxing sigh. A warm joy, tender love, and hope seemed to blossom within him, warming from his heart to his cheeks as he looked upon her. Whether it was an imparted sensation or something wholly derived from himself he little knew nor cared as he embraced that emotion at seeing Her.

    "Ah," he made to stand, to bow, even so far as to hug, but besides halfway rising he didn't really know what he should do for this random visitation. "Would you like some hot chocolate? It's not very grand, but my daughter likes it. It's wonderful to see you, how are you? I didn't think I would ever get to, " the words see you again smothered at the back of his throat. "I should listen. Sorry." Trying to with a closing of his eyes for a moment in tight refrain as he sighed frustration at himself before looking earnestly at Laura, "What can I do for you?"

    TAG: @SirakRomar , @DarkLordoftheFins
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  10. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lilith
    Ocean View Cafe, Martin's Beach

    Her floral dress rifled through by the wind, Lilith found nothing out of the ordinary to the town from her naked eye, though she had nonetheless been drawn here, and indeed, in her senses she knew that things had been interfered with. There was an air to it; a charge to the oxygen itself. It was enticing, and, she had put off coming until she had been unable to; temptation was both art and poison, and so to deal in the carnality of flesh was to succumb to it.

    The pivot around want and need was power itself, and so Lilith knew that there were times when one need to be led by the heart in her breast rather than cajole against the heart.


    Legs crossed and a pair of sunglasses cresting her nose, she angled her sun-hat and peered into a blank space, allowing her peripherals to rove the room, and her more mundane senses to taste the sweat and hormones of the room. It was the kind of stale cafe that was all potential and no spark, easy to rile up but the rewards were minimal...

    ... if it was not for what she could sense in the other world.

    She stood out; she was being stared at, but not by the only man that had caught her attention by not looking at her. A suit was a terribly lovely thing, but instead she was distracted by another, more mundane sentient, who nonetheless had to be rewarded for getting up the courage to speak. Lilith didn't look up as he arrived at the table, but did lower her sunglasses with a manicured finger when he spoke.

    "I am Floyd and I am pretty sure you are new here. Are you?"

    "Floyd," she repeated, slowly, taking her time deciding what to do with the man. "I have never been with a Floyd. How interesting to encounter a name I have not yet had."

    She was disinterested in the response. Speaking sufficiently loud enough that the spectators, watching and not, could here, she continued as she leaned forward. "Call me Lily, Floyd, and yes, I am new to here as it is today, but not new to the world."

    Taking off her hat, she allowed her hair to fall neatly, framing her face and resting upon her shoulders. Invitingly. "Is there anything new in this delightful place to show me?"

    Lilith listened for any response from the suited man, teased by the familiarity of the place and persons she could not recall meeting. She was tempted to broad her perception, to try and get a sense of the entire beach, maybe even the forests nearby, but she was reluctant to overwhelm herself with sensory input.

    Floyd barely registered in her focus as it was, and she was actually talking to him.

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  11. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    StarBucks, London

    Ten years. Time was a strange concept. Awareness of it was so subjective to humans. Yet, once you lost this awareness it stopped being linear. Space was the same. Universes collided and Stars died and yet children cried about a dead bird as if a black hole had pulled all that was good into it's merciless center of gravity. She had seen two kids crying about a bird this morning, when she had entered the linear stream of time again. She had revived it. They had been happy. Happiness. Another of these human reactions she barely understood anymore.

    Yet, she had to ...

    Ten years had passed.

    Ten years meant nothing and ten years meant everything.

    Regaining the sense of linear time was only the first of many challenges. Regaining a sense of Laura Blohm was difficult. It seemed impossible at first. She understood how easily her predecessors had given up this existence. In many ways being everything was being nothing. A state so surprisingly close to death.

    But when Markus offered her a cup of hot chocolate she actually felt like Laura Blohm. He would probably never understand how much she appreciated this.

    "Hello Markus." She said and smiled at him. Nobody had seen her coming. Nobody gave her attention. It was her will. Her will was law.

    "Good to see you." She said and nodded to hot chocolate. "And thanks." Taking it into both hands she put it to her lips and sipped from it.

    "It is the details I miss. Seriously once you become the center of existence, caffeine really does nothing for you anymore. But sweet." She said grinned at Markus. "Sweet still works."

    She looked at Markus. As he mentioned he wanted to listen she nodded.

    A friend.

    Not many people she called friends.

    "How have you been Markus?" She asked and felt for a moment more like Laura than whatever they caller her now ...

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  12. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Carl Weber
    Bureau, Alster Tower, Hamburg

    Carl had watched humanity for such a long time, he felt responsible for it. E had inspired so many things. Fire. The Wheel. Painting. Speech. Writing. Laws. Tools. Iron. Farming. Books. Democracy. Despotism. Tribes and nations. Medicine. Steam power. Electricity. Radio. Fuel. Gun powder. That one was a mistake. Genetics. Internet. Quantum Theory and relativity.

    Yet, he had seen them use and abuse these gifts so frequently he could not help but consider them children. The only judgment he ever had spoken over them was they were unprepared imperfect children learning to use their gifts so slowly it was almost funny.

    Yet they had been created. He had made himself in their image, but they had been designed to ascend. They were the legacy of their creator, while all he was ... he was trapped in his own imperfection.

    And finally he had become one of them. A human. A human with extraordinary intelligence and millennia of memories, but only a human. His power was taken away and so was his burden and purpose.

    For ten years he had considered his actions and it had been many. For ten years he had remembered this night he died by the hand of his own son.

    He regretted many things. Eternity gave enough room for regrets. He almost longed for death, which was now a possibility.

    Cheryl gave him the report and Carl looked at the picture of Laura Blohm. Eppendorf. Her home as a human. The place she had lived before she was changed. Before she had unconsciously brought the world to an end.

    She was back.

    Carl was aware what this meant.

    "I want you to take a few days off, Cheryl. I insist. I will pay you a bonus and I want you to spend some time with your daughter."

    He did not know how much time was left. He knew what HER return meant though.

    They had failed the test. As they always did. Imperfection was the nature of humanity. He knew. He had accepted it.

    Laura Blohm had shown before her unwillingness to do the same.

    A shame. He loved humanity. But maybe the worst thing that the creator had ever done was choosing one of them as his successor. Humans had always doubted their own species. This one was particular doubtful.

    Carl wondered if HE had chosen her. Had everything happened only for her to rise?

    "Cheryl? I wanted to thank you. Thank you for everything you did to me. Those last years ... they would not have been the same for me without you." He smiled at her and turned to his laptop. Opening his google calendar he began cancelling all appointments.

    There was a time for everything they said.

    His time had come.

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  13. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson
    The Woods

    Murder sights. This almost reminded him a bit too much of old days as a cop. Cold Case L.A. had been a fascinating time. Not as fascinating then the end of the world. But fascinating.

    "Nervous?" Rufus smiled at Clay. "He killed a lot of people. Yes. Also people I cared about. But that is not what I am after. I ... just believe he cannot stop killing. No matter how different he is, he cannot stop. It is his nature." Rufus went to his knees and looked at the woods around him.

    This could be him. A hunting ground. Bare hands. Superior skills. This could be Caine. Or Adam as he had called himself.

    "So he is from around here. He knew these woods." It made sense. If Rufus was right the thing was a normal mortal man. A superior predator was what he was, yet no supernatural one. That is why Rufus had not found him all those years. He did not leave his trademark kills, because he had lost his ability to do them.

    "So what was your theory on this? Werewolves?" He laughed. "C'mon amuse me. There must be some superstitious folks around here."

    He remembered their two fights. One in the icy plains of Nepal where he had put dozens of rounds into him. The second below the temple in the ruins in Africa. That time Rufus had a more appropriate weapon to destroy him. A tactical nuke. It had killed both of them and it had destroyed the name before Adam could take it. The Third time they had met was in between these two conflicts and it had forced him to sacrifice Lilith. Another one he had been looking for for all those years.

    So why now? Ten years had passed and they had not been kind to Rufus. Moody remembered his actions. He had never revealed to the world what he had done to save it. Yet, some knew. He found money was never again a problem as someone made sure there was a stream of jobs always thee when he needed it. He had been lonely though. A thing here and there, but never again had he felt anything more than a feint memory of what he had felt in the Dream.

    "So I guess I am gonna stay in town for a while." He said with a smile. Under his coat he touched the cold metal of his gun. He would find this thing in human disguise and make sure this time it would never kill again.

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  14. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Markus Jethro Flinkman
    StarBucks, London

    He smiled at her, deep and ernest in a way that befit not his true station in this meeting. Unlike when he worked with computers there was no possibility for misjudging him lower than another, for truly compared to her all here now were so much lower nearly bursting in wanting to begin a questioning rant. Yet so anxious to hear about her, to hear from her. In the end he knew so much and so little it was truly maddening. Especially when he considered if not for his gift he was unsure if he would of written it all off as a bad Dream instead of the Change.

    She was pleasant enough, she seemed to have a good spark of who she was, who she had been before. He wasn't sure if that was more the comfort or fear of the whole thing. He didn't know. As she continued to talk, the true foreign nature seemed to bleed through all the more. Foreign for being all the more common, mundane, and everyday if viewed from the right light.

    "How have you been Markus?" She asked.

    It was the greatest flattery and the saddening condolence. She wanted to know how he had been? What an honor. She was infinite and everywhere, so was he beneath her notice? Taking a sip of his coffee he sighed, "Well, went private sector so I would be free for. . .whatever. Mostly been following my daughter around. Not in the creepy stalkerish way!" he quickly amended with a hasty wave, "Just, making sure to be there for her. Plus it saves me from the awkward questions if anyone at my work ever might notice something. . .different about me from before. Or rather not different." Swirling the cup he stared at the table between them for a moment. Letting that monstrosity of an over done wood table rise like a shield over that vulnerable moment. He sipped his coffee at that, "I've figured since then. . .you would someday need me. However long that someday might take. Despite keeping memories about the Change, or Dream, true I have had l admit. A feeling, though I don't know why you have chosen me."

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  15. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Thomas Schröder
    ZDF Studio, Hamburg

    Thomas closed his eyes and turned his neck left and right to relax it. Then his eyes snapped open and the countdown was on. It was live. German Public TV. Millions watched him right now. Right now at this very moment. Millions!

    She welcomed the audience.

    "Tonight we have Thomas Schröder Sith us, a man who believes the Dream is actually not only true, but that he actually met the force responsible for it. Welcome Thomas." The attractive female moderator smiled at him.

    "Thank you, a pleasure to be here tonight." Thomas said and folded his hands.

    "Thomas you believe that the Dream is true. Many arguments nowadays tend to explain it as a shared fiction of unknown origins. What makes you so sure it is not?"

    Thomas smiled. "I wish it was, Anna. I wish indeed it was. But people have remembered places they have never been to and people they have never met and yet those places and people truly exist. I have no explanation for this, but one. The Dream was real. Very real. We did these things. He experienced them. Then they were erased."

    Anna nodded. "So how do you explain then that everyone returned to a timeframe twenty days earlier?"

    "I do not claim to have all answers. Yet, what could be the answer to this question?" He smiled. "Time Travel it was not. The Change never happened. I believe there is only one sound conclusion. Divine Intervention."

    Anna Bach smiled at him. "God did it?"

    Thomas laughed. "Some sort of higher power, yes. It was a lesson. A second chance given to humanity. I certainly was given a second chance, after having done unspeakable things. I was a murderer in my Dream. I got my chance to take another course in life, to let people help me fight those dark urges and I prevailed. Is that not the most practical forgiveness for our sins thinkable?"

    "So you say ... and many people seem to agree after reading your book ... that this was us being educated about our darkest side and been given a chance to correct course?"

    "Exactly. Individually and as a species." Thomas nodded and looked into the audience.

    "So we are absolved from our sins by them never happening. You believe many people have learned? You think the world has become a better place?"

    "No." Thomas simply answered and looked at the blonde woman.

    "So could you elaborate on that please?"

    "Individually some people have changed probably. But as a species I must say I cannot see how we did any better." He leaned forward. His voice was now more intense, his words pressed out of him as if they were painful. "The ice is still melting because we push too much CO2 into the atmosphere. Third world still is poor. We still hate migrants and fight over resources. Wars are spreading. Millions die of hunger. People are still living in poverty. Nothing really changed. Which means nothing was learned of the Dream."

    Anna nodded. "But these problems were always there."

    "This is not always. We all saw what happened to the world. How it collapsed as someone or something decided ... it was enough. Somehow we have been given this second chance. A historical second chance. That is something g we should have accepted. Something we should have been grateful for. Yet we marginalized this experience by calling it a Dream! A Dream is nothing we need to take serious. It is a curiosity. A strange occurrence. Nothing more it seems to be to us. But what does this entity think about it? What does it believe? That we are worthy of this second chance? That we deserved it?"

    Anna smiled, completely in her TV journalist role. "So what do you think this means for us? Will we be abandoned by this ... what did you call it ... entity? You refer to God I assume."

    Thomas nodded. "The name we gave it. I am afraid what this means. I think it is quite easy to guess what awaits us."

    "That is?"

    Thomas looked right at the camera.


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  16. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    StarBucks, London

    Laura laughed and felt (and probably looked) like a girl finding it hard to take a compliment.

    "I did not choose you." She finally said. "It was your choice. Coincidence maybe? Good or bad luck. If you choose to believe in luck." She looked at him. "I wanted them to understand. I wanted them to learn. So someone who knew the truth had to be there. Someone who was witness to it all. Someone who also remembered who I was and ... how this happened." Laura bit her lip. "I wanted to be remembered. You were the one I trusted who knew."

    She shrugged. "I think I also needed it to maintain a last shred of identity. Like my father used me as an anchor before." A memory of her that she could cling to. Her identity hidden in a corner of reality. Markus was that corner of reality.

    "I am glad you are doing fine." She nodded and took another sip of her hot chocolate.

    "But they did not listen, did they? They learned nothing really." She looked around and her eyes were grim now. Disappointed. Bitter. Hurt.

    "I gave them such a chance."

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  17. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Markus Jethro Flinkman
    Starbucks, London

    Listening to her laugh was buoy to his discontented spirit and his troubled soul at the moments growing length and revelations that followed. He shrugged at the mention of luck, he was more a zeroes and one kind of man when it came to things. It was either a gentle alignment from God or it was logical cascade of effect. It was odd to think how firmly that distinction had settled into him after the Change. To be honest he wasn't entirely sure if his faith was stronger or weaker for the knowing what he knew. All he knew was that it was more settled.

    "I am deeply flattered you wanted me to be the bearer of the memory of memory of You. Or at least accepting me as such." He sipped his coffee in turn, his eyes holding just a touch of sadness at what followed. "I have to admit from the little I do online, change - natural change - is a bit of a thing of degrees. You whack humans out of their dug in line and they will nearly or mostly go back to as it was. We are 'a stubborn and stiff necked people'." he said with a small chuckle. He hoped to lighten her mood, after all her mood was realities mood, but bigger than that, this was someone he cared about.

    Sitting forward he leaned in, earnest and curious, "I have always wondered why-" he waved a hand in the air as he leaned back both because he was searching for the word and because he knew it was probably nothing , "Predecessors? Original One? Anyway, why they chose that segment or that quality despite it seeming to be a constant source of grief. The only thing I can think of. . .okay the only thing my Evangelical brother could think of as an answer was this: If you are working water into a shape it will fall apart quickly, if you pour metal it will degrade slower, if you assemble something over time with that shifting accounted for - it can stay as you want it longer." He shrugged at that, both free palms up. And that was when it hit him, she had said gave a chance. It left his mind scrambling a second as he had a few very hard problems with that word. It sounded like his daughter, his brother, his father, his ex-wife. . .okay that one he really didn't give a flying goose fart about beyond the principle of the thing and his daughters emotions after the Change, but it sounded like they were in jeopardy with that hard statement.

    "I prefer hardware analogies but I think this works. So, what I would ask reality, history, or whatever is why humans. . .at all? We will disappoint and we take hundreds of years to make a dent in a social problem reform in any lasting way." he nervously tapped his cup on the table top a couple times. Well, that had come out a bit harsher than he had meant to go. Did he just condemn humanity and backhand God for his own existence? Or did he just try to comfort and console a friend, someone had known for a very short time as his daughters nanny and companion in a hellstorm called the Change? In a way it meant he knew her better than most.

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  18. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Update 2

    The Woods near Martin's Beach, Washington, USA

    "Wendigo." He said and laughed a little. "Old folks around here believe it was a Wendigo." He said and looked past Rufus.

    Clay screamed out in surprise before he could reply to any further questions.

    As Rufus turned around he saw why Clay had screamed. Out of nowhere a girl had appeared in the forest. She stood there and stared at them. Young, rather petite and wearing a black jeans and sneakers with a white shirt she was just there.

    And she had no mouth ...

    Tag: @Sir_Draco

    Ocean View Cafe, Martin's Beach

    Floyd gave her a broad smile, obviously loving how he had not been rejected. He gave his pals at the bar a proud smile.

    "Nothing new, but they say the town is all about the sunset. Most beautiful in the world!" He proudly exclaimed. "And I know just the place to have a perfect view on it." His smile broadened. Confidence he had.

    Not the kind of confidence the other man had though, the one who ignored her. He got up, straightened his suit which appeared to be so anachronistic in a blue collar town like this and then he turned and looked at Lilith.

    She recognized him immediately of course.

    Also she had not seen him in 25.000 years.

    Many many years later they called the area Mesopotamia. At that time it was the world to Lilith and her tribe was her kingdom. The Chief worshipped her as a God and wife similarly.

    The storm over the had lasted three days and three nights. The desert had mostly destroyed the small settlement of the tribe. Lilith had brought them to safety in the caves and she had been the first to leave the caves to make sure her people were okay.

    There she had met them among the ruins of their simple clay houses. The Three. She knew right away they were not human. Not human at all. No they had not been born, but willed themselves into existence. A bending of the rules of matter, time and space. Their power radiated from their three naked male bodies and their leader ... he appeared to be the leader stepped to her. "You are beautiful." He smiled at her and she knew he saw her for who she really was.

    It was the night she would receive her only son. The creature that would plague humanity for millennia.

    It was the beginning of her first apocalypse. It would end with her son ... still a Child ... standing covered in the blood of her tribe in the center of the village, still holding the pumping heart of her Chief and grinning at his mother.

    He stood there for a moment getting out twenty dollars and putting them on the table without his eyes leaving her.

    Then a smile flickered over his face. She felt the reason right away.

    There was an act of creation. The reality was changed. Changed again. The power of the Change she had not felt in ten years.

    "Got my pick up here. If we leave we can get there in time." Floyd still had that stupid grin.

    But the smile of the Ancient creature was probably all Lilith could perceive as it celebrated silently the Change that was about to happen again.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth

    Hamburg, Alster Tower, Top Floor

    Cheryl looked at Carl and then she smiled at him. "That would not have been necessary, Sir." She said this with all the conviction and gratefulness a human being could have.

    When she was gone he was alone in his office and probably the company. Below the tourists sprawled through the red light district of Reeperbahn.

    And he felt something ... an urge ... but not his. An Awakening. He had not felt the power of creation in a long time. Ten years. Long was relative. But suddenly the awareness of all of creation returned, bending to his will and yet a greater will was present.

    She had returned.

    Tag: @LordTroepfchen

    ZDF Studio

    The Moderator let the word sink in and then leaned forward.

    "Judgment Day? Another Dream? So how do you suppose we prepare for this coming of divine justice?" Her question was a little amused. It was slightly ironic in delivery maintaining journalist seriousness and the same time the necessary distance to her interview partner who was presented as a special case of a ... nutjob.

    "Enlighten us, as you seem to have figured out this divine will."

    Tag: LordTroepfchen

    London, Star Bucks on Oxford Street

    The people came and went, nobody realized who was there in their midst. Who was there to talk to her only friend.

    But the world grew strangely silent around Markus. The focus of reality seemed to center on the girl in front of him with her hot chocolate.

    She wanted him to hear her, so sound itself bend to her will.

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  19. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson
    The Woods

    He had heard about the girl, but had never seen one outside his dreams. His hand left the gun and he raised it. He saw she was afraid.

    "Greetings. Don't be scared. We won't do anything to you." Rufus said and took of his trench coat. "You must be cold. Take my coat." He cautiously approached the girl and offered it to her.

    The girls had appeared all over the world. He had read about them in numerous blogs. Many had died. Slaughtered as responsible for the Change.

    Was it beginning again?

    If so he had no point of entry to do anything about it this time. Rufus looked at Clay. "Stay calm. She is just a girl."

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  20. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lilith
    Ocean View Cafe, Martin's Beach

    "Nothing new, but they say the town is all about the sunset. Most beautiful in the world!" He proudly exclaimed. "And I know just the place to have a perfect view on it."

    Floyd prattled away, and clearly crowing over his success with the beautiful lady. Putty in her hands, and as boring as it should have been after all of these millennia, she felt the cheap thrill run through her which was dispelled immediately thereafter as the stranger looked at her.

    There was nothing about him that was a stranger.

    It was one of the Three. One of them, from all those years ago, and her Child -

    Unshed tears threatened to return, but she was Lilith, and she would not weep for what had happened ever again. She was stone, and the tide of fate had killed everything that she had loved about that tribe. And the Child...

    He stood there for a moment getting out some cash, all without his eyes leaving her.

    There was a smile; a flicker, upon his face and upon reality itself.

    The Change.

    It had happened somewhere - creation had occurred.

    Lilith felt her stomach curdle, but her face she kept neutral, that softly interested and flattered expression plastered to her face as the boy continued to speak.

    "Got my pick up here. If we leave we can get there in time."

    Parts of her brain whirred, and she unfolded her legs to lean forward. She allowed her cheek to brush the fanciful stubble of his face, undoubtedly proudly grown as evidence of him 'becoming a man' or some-such, testosterone drivel that it all was. There were no men left in this world, just boys who knew nothing, even after what had happened. Returning to their old lives and concealing themselves in the bosom of normalcy.

    A pang of irritation which she smothered by the point her lips reached Floyd's ear. "Go and start it up, I'll be along shortly. I have to get myself ready to go." It was the kind of dismissive, desultory comment she had used a thousand times to buy herself space to decide what she wanted to do with the carnal flesh that was to be offered up to her.

    To sneak away, and spurn them; to take it as her own, and mold it to her form, make it an extension of herself forever more; to break it to prove to the world that she could, and that she was above mortals.

    Or, in this case, to simply ensure she had a vehicle with the engine running should she need it.

    Without much else to do, she stood, ostensibly heading towards the bathroom behind Him but also walking in such a way to speak to him. Who knew? By the time she crossed the filthy floor she might decide to spurn the suited man and ignore him, or he may whisper something in her ear as she passed...

    ... or he might take her there and then, in violence of one kind, or the other, and their witnesses be damned.

    They were all damned.

    Damned to another Change.

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  21. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    StarBucks, London

    Laura smiled again and this was a bitter smile.

    "Yes, they need a decades to agree on the slightest change, but a century of starving children and nobody is even slightly interested in it. They took thousands of years to come here and yet they eat up the resources of the planet daily and fight wars over them still. Every day a species dies. Creation is a difficult process. Humanity disrespects it every day. They destroy so quickly and effectively, yet they need so long for even the slightest positive change." She nodded. "The tragedy of man. So much talk about goodness and such secret, silent dedication to evil." She emptied her hot chocolate and put both hands to the cup to warm herself. "Even when shown the true face of reality they declare it a dream." Laura closed her eyes.

    "Yet, the one before chose a human to take his throne. His finest creation, consciousness and free will and a mind so powerful it could even become a God. That is only a word humans came up with to categorize something greater then them. None of their stories understand truly what it means. I do now. Well, with a few starting problems, I admit." Her eyes snapped open and she looked around.

    "I need you to do something for me. You are right, Markus. I have a mission for you."

    Laura, she actually managed to refer to herself as Laura now, leaned back.

    "I have come to bring judgment."

    She let the words sink in. The Mercy Seat. Who would have known it would be a cheap plastic chair in a StarBucks in London.

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  22. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Markus Jethro Flinkman
    Starbucks, London

    Sometimes you can have tunnel vision, where your heart beats loudly in your ears, chemicals trigger intense neural activity to the point where you feel like everything is in slow motion. The pounding of your heart also seems to drain away your peripheral vision as your world shrinks to a solitary point, the thing that eats all your focus. Police and medics encounter it in victims, they can sometimes tell you the smallest scratches and details of the weapon in their face, but not the face of the one holding that weapon, the face just on the other side. Markus felt his world shrinking like that now. Only there was no weapon, there was no danger, there was Laura. God help them, there was Laura.

    It brought to mind a quote, not of Revelations that might of been aptly appropriate, but of hell.

    'Through me you pass into the city of woe:
    Through me you pass into eternal pain:
    Through me among the people lost for aye.

    Justice the founder of my fabric mov'd:
    To rear me was the task of power divine,
    Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

    Before me things create were none, save things
    Eternal, and eternal I endure.
    All hope abandon ye who enter here.'

    Only he felt he was already here. What a place to be, what a life to live, to see the coming of a day he was sure would not for hundreds of years again. It had come again. He raised a shaking cup before he set it back down again, to think he could drink from it now was folly. "Ah." he simply said as he willed himself to relax, to breath. There were many reasons he had changed to computers and left dealing with people behind, not that they had all born out to be true what he had believed when he had started, and now after the Change he had been less sure. Only now questions of what he should do were being ground away, crushed it felt in those few words spoken to him.

    "What-Wh-What. . .ah, what shall I do." he finally simply asked. The nagging question now in his mind, Did I nudge this to happen?

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  23. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    StarBucks, London

    Laura looked at Markus and reached out, gently touching his hand.

    "None of this is your fault Markus. It is the way it is." She withdrew her hand which was still warm from the cup of coffee. Then she closed her eyes.

    "Nothing ever dies. It all just changes form. But form matters. Humans in all creation are unique and uniquely flawed the same time. Their will is free. They are like Gods, knowing Good and Evil. But they are limited by their lifespan. They begin dying the second they were born. Everything ends, Markus. Lives, suns, planets, universes ... even Gods as we two know now." She looked at her cup of hot chocolate.

    "Would you kill me to save humanity? To save your daughter? Your species?" She looked into his eyes without accusation. "If I give you the chance would you kill me to save all of this?"

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  24. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Markus Jethro Flinkman
    StarBucks, London

    He had his absolution right there in those words. Only that salvation and blessing felt hollow in the context of what was being talked about. The truth was as sweet as it was bitter and he was sure his stomach was turning in knots at the whole thing, despite knowing better.

    "All this? Humanity?" He sighed heavily as he pushed away his cup, "No. I've known since a child our days were numbered, we just don't know the number." he said with a heavy sigh as he rolled his head looking at Laura from the corner of his eye before looking her straight on. This young woman was now so much more than she appeared, so much more than she was. "For my daughter, my family. Yes I would." He said with a firm nod. Feeling the hypocrisy of the thing weigh on him. Traitor to his species and tribal in what he cared about when it came down to the end. A sad truth that had already been shown bare in the Change, but at the same point he was glad to note that that tribalism easily expanded when in the thick of it for Laura and a couple others until they proved otherwise.

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  25. LordTroepfchen

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    Thomas Schröder
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    Thomas looked at her and then he leaned back.

    "Skepticism is a human quality. Ignorance is not. The whole world shared a dream and what do you do? Shrug it off like a bad dream. Ignoring how impossible this is. Proof of divine intervention is right there and we choose to ignore it. Well, this is just a lack of education. What is a dream? Hm? Synapses fire in our sleep and our brain interprets what they send to build dreams. The reason why they are so random and make no sense is because the underlying signals are random. Which means ... it is impossible for even two people to have the same dream. Chances are one in a trillion. For humanity to share a dreamy narrative? Impossible. Physically and biologically impossible. So how did it happen? C'mon what is your theory? Tell me as you so willingly question mine."

    Thomas looked at her. She was silent.

    "Nothing? Well, as the dream was not random it means it was induced by an outside force. Aliens? Government experiments? Subconscious signals from the TV? God?" He shrugged. "Well, the narrative gave some of us a pretty damned clear clue. There was a creature acting that might have the power to do this. Remember within the dream there was another dream of a mouthless girl also shared by all humanity. These girls were real. Finland. Boston. Washington. Havanna. They appeared prominently within the narrative of the Dream. So I ask you if you cannot explain the dream, why can you not accept the truth the dream offered? I can tell you why. Because you are afraid. Why? Well, maybe the dream was meant to mean something and you have been to lazy and stupid to find it what. So whoever induced the Dream might repeat that lesson, right? We dreamt of the end of the world! What makes you think a creature who can induce a dream into all of mankind cannot end the world? Cannot end humanity? Of course it can." He stopped and catches breath.

    "If you don't like the term divine don't use it. But the proof something greater than us exists and it is undeniable now. Ignorance won't change that."

    He shook his head.

    "So what do you think happens next? I don't claim to know it. All I say whoever thought we were not worthy of existence within the dream ... might not have changed his mind within the last ten years." He folded his hands. "Or do you see great progress in the human race?"

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